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Lol how does one know that hey I'm this Class and gets a feel of their abilities?

The Adventurer Class knowledge will be laid out properly when the party find an Adventurers Guildhouse and scan their crystals. By way of the Gift of the Crystal, they will also get access to a magical emailing service too known as Source Comm, aswell as access to the Contract Network. It's kind of a mix of Source magic plus technology.

As far reasoning regarding dicovering skills and abilities @Zool's explaination is as good as any other. The Source crystal in each adventurers hand links them to The Wellsprings, which connects them with Source; the energy that makes up all of existence. It would make sense somewhat that they could dig deep and figure out their powers through instinct.

@Zapdos has cleverly set up discovery of Adam's abilities in advance of the fighting. If your powers/character are more methodical and cerebral, I would suggest taking his posts as an example of how to figure things out.

Arthur is... unique lol, I'll just say that. @Goblinguy's set up is a lot different from anyone elses.

@Teyao posts of James' discoveries was a mix of instinct and accident, then logical processing. Maybe try something like that?

There's a lot you can do, it just takes imagination and stretching of the rules. I know you'll do just fine.

Also, I would accept 'Isekai magic' as an answer lol

The raiding party's advance was steady and unwavering, even as the dozen townsguard on the walls fired arrows that arched down upon them.

"Fire at will!" yelled Commander Vadim, chopping the air as he gave the command.

Stood at the town gate was the bulk of the townsguard, in a simple box formation, waiting for the flimsy wooden barrier to be breached. It had withstood relentless attacks from the fury of the wild. Giant spiders, direwolves, boars and all sorts of other blood-lusted creatures... it seemed that The Witch Queen had woken up all the beasts of the world, and sent them mad with the desire to kill. And now, with the gate on it's last legs - with the Hommas garrsion on it's last legs - the raiding party came to finish the job.

"Focus on that ogre!" was another command form Vadim.

The archers turned their bows on the Beserker Ogre who barrelled forward, ignoring the arrows that hit it. With a roar it ran and hit the gate with a thunderous shoulder-tackle. The gate cracked, almost buckled completely.

Skeleton warriors began climbing the palisade, like bugs crawling up a wall, swords held by their teeth as they ascended.

The Armoured Ogre came thundering in after the Beserker Ogre retreated for another turn. Most of the arrows bounced off it's metal plates and it charged the gate and smashed it open...............................................

The raiding party charged in through the gate to meet townsguard in the courtyard. The leader stayed at the rear, commanding proceedings. Both ogres led the charge, swinging their massive clubs, crushing armour and sending townsguard flying as they did. The skeletons fanned out and met the defenders with lethal intent.........................................

Meanwhile, the climbing skeletons jumped onto the wall and started fighting Vadim and the archers. The arrived onto the battlements in waves, meaning to overwhelm the archers, commander, and anyone else in their way.....................................

@Calle@Dark Cloud
"You two," Sergeant Harold shouted towards Fenna and Clive. Seeing they were helping with the citizens, he hoped they would heed his call. "We're moving out. Guard the rear of the column."

"Selica! Selica" a woman stumbled upon them, crying and shouting, looking this way and that. Harold tried to get her to follow him but she wouldn't have any of it. "No! My daughter. I can't find her. I won't leave without her." The woman saw Clive and Fenna and pleaded with them. "Please, help me find her." She pointed in the direction of her house, which happened to be near the fighting. "She was playing in the gardens behind our house. She must have heard the shouting and hid near there. Help me!"


Near the gate, a dozen skeleton warriors peeled off from the fighting and went running through the alleys and gardens looking to slaughter. Unfortunately for the young girl, Selica, who was hiding in up in a tree behind her house, they were heading in that direction........................
@IndrajitaGlad your back online bro!
@Dark Cloud@ZapdosI was saying earlier in the thread to someone else, I had a discord set up and ready to go, but the first person I sent the link to doesn't have discord. I'd rather not split us all up, so I abandoned the discord idea. Sorry.

If you guys want to chat in discord, I love that please do. Any OOC chemistry and comraderie will only boost the IC chemistry and comraderie. But I'll stay on the forum. And all updates will be here or in PM.
@Indrajita Once you've posted, I'll start the action
Oh I see lol I didn't know what you meant at first.
@Calle@Dark Cloud Copy. Whatever you want to do. I'll get my GM hat on and provide something meaningful for your characters, once I see your 'pre-fight round' posts.
@xenon Nah I don't think Clive's just gonna go off and fight something he doesn't know. He's gonna prolly say 'Ya'll must've hit your heads I reckon' how can Jarim expect a man (who just said he's a fucking farmer who obviously isn't carrying a conventional weapon) to fight? Clive'll help the people but he ain't fighting right this moment lol.

I'll admit Commander Vadim is not the nicest or brightest of them lol. He's just a townguard captain of a backwater town, probably hates adventurers because they run around with source crystal that makes them OP, makes them rich, makes above the law in a lot of cases. Probably bitter against bigger cities that were built on trade routes, that the rest of the Empire actually gives a shit about. As for Clive; Well, Clive just fell out of the sky in a stone sarcophagus, along with 7 others who are all blatantly carrying Source crystals. Just because he has gloves on (and a bunch of weird-ass foreign clothes, not to mention) doesn't mean Vadim's gonna believe 'he's just a farmer.'

That was my reasoning.

If Clive isn't fighting, that's perfectly fine. I'll try to think of something for you to do, once I've read your post. The potential shounen protagonist will be just dandy once he punches a few things, sees he can parry a sword with his magic gloves. Until then, I can be patient lol
@ZapdosLol yeah I'm not the best at making this any kinda realistic. But still, a lot of innocent lives on the line now. Property damage from unruly OP adventurers kinda has to fall off the priority list.

Any players who want to have their character scram, or go with the escort... well, I'm not prepared for it, but I will cook something meaningful up for yall lol

Commander Vadim walked up to Fenna.

"Once a man tried to claim amnesia when he was caught breaking into a victim's home. Another time, a criminal tried to pretend he had the sleep-walking sickness," he told the woman. "If I had a copper for every time I'd heard a thief claim that 'they didn't know how that stolen item ended up in their home.' The predictability of excuses."

When Clive tried to reason with him, Vadim regarded the man over his shoulder, listening but unmoved.

"A misunderstanding you say. Then how do explain that house!?" he ended his question turning to Clive and pointing back at the destroyed building. "Property damage of that magnitude is no misunderstanding. And comes with a hefty fine, I might add."

" Is that how you address someone with heavenly mandate and of high-esteemed position of a Noble & what more of an Actress..."

He didn't even let Kyouka finish her flowery soliliquy.

"Quiet! I've heard enough of your excuses!"

Suddenly there was loud shouting coming from the eastern gate, at the end of Main Street. Vadim knew the sounds of his own men. Then the town bell began ringing. It wasn't long before guards from the eastern gate came running.

"Commander!" the guard came through. "A traveller flown in on horseback to report an a raiding force of The Witch Queen heading our way. We see them on the horizon."

Why would she come for us. What strategic importance comes with such a small town so far off the main trade routes. Will she leave no stone unturned? "How many?"

"200 strong, at least. Skeletons, with two ogres in tow."

Our garrsion is worn thin, Vadim thought to himself. They'd been whittled down over the last two months from 140 men to a mere 62. And 20 of them had been loaned to Bridgeton to help with the sudden activity of goblin caves. That left a garrison that could not handle this attack.

"Your orders, Commander."

Vadim could not take any chances with his citizens. He had to protect them above all else. "Order an evacuation of the town. All citizens must leave by the west road and make for Bridgeton."

"But Commander, theres no time. The enemy will catch us on the road."

"Not if we hold the gate. Do not question me, soldier. You have your orders. All citizens are to leave immediately. Harold. Farkner. Take 5 men with you to provide escort, promote any citizen with courage to help. The rest will stay of us will stay and hold off the raiding force."



Vadim turned to the group of adventurers. "However and whyever you are here is no longer of any consequence. The citizens of Hommas need your help. I need your help. Of course, as adventurers, you have no obligation to stay, but I'm asking you... please, take this contract: Hold the gate with our men, so that these folk may live to see another day."

It was a quick and messy contract. Not official - stamped by the Adventurers Guild. There wasn't even a reward worked out. Such a contract would be rejected by most adventurers probably. He looked over all of them as his men rushed off to the gate. There were calls for his attention and so he half-turned away from them. "Follow if you will."

He wouldn't beg. He was too proud. 35 men to hold against 200 skeleton warriors and 2 ogres. It was a death sentence without the adventurers. But if they could just hold long enough then he would happily give his life for that.

Finally he turned his back on them and ran east. When he arrived at the gate, he climbed the palisade and looked to the horizon where he saw the raiding force. He did his best to look stern, to hide his fears, and then started barking orders.

The men closed the flimsy wooden gate. It wouldn't hold long. All those with archery skill stood on the palisade for the time being, but the real fight would be on the ground and they need everyone there when the gate was breached.
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