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"I'm fine. I'm doing okay. Wanted to make that man taste his own balls..." Isaac threw his head back and laughed. "...but that's pretty average for me."

He went in front of her, walking backwards as he playfully pointed at his companion. "True. You are indeed a spicy one."

He found that he was enjoying her company more than anyone he'd travelled with in a long time. She was unpredictable and a bit of a trouble magnet, but that's part of what made her so fun. He thought of the song 'Atom Bomb Baby' that played on the radio a lot. It was fitting for this broad, for sure. He remained walking backwards for a little longer, before turning around and fall into step beside her once more.

"Mole rats seem to be my target practice today? Good, a moving object would be a great place to start."

"Yeah," he agreed half-hearted. "To be honest, you could do with some stationary targets first, but screw it, let's throw caution to the wind, huh."

"How are you holding up? Having to cart around a novice such as myself."

"Please," he waved away her comments. "You're a blast, cutey-pie." He chuckled as they arrived at the engine house and he knocked on the door. "Playing the lone wanderer is cool n all, but it's gets kinda boring sometimes. Nice to have some company."

The door was opened and a wiry old man was there to greet them. "What?"

"Here about the mole rats. Just wanted to take a look around."

Isaac raised his eyebrows expectantly, but the old man delayed. He thought about it with a grumpy expression, then looked outside both ways, before giving a sharp nod and disappearing inside, leaving the door open for them. "Don't touch anything," he shot at them.

Isaac shrugged at Zara and smiled, then went in. So began the lesson...

"What do you see, emerald eyes?" he asked Zara as they stood in the room with the generator. He didn't expect her to offer much, but it was worth a shot.
I gotchu @Zool My idea might change tho. Need to run something by @Teyao first
"We're getting on the road just as soon as you're ready," he replied. When she was done in the mirror, he smiled at her, then made for the door.

They went around Grasscroft, Zara got some breakfast and a few extra rations. When Isaac found out that Zara had left his knife back in the apartment block they'd stayed in the night before, he shrugged it off and they went to the weapons shop to get a replacement for him and one for her. Isaac secured his new knife onto his belt. It wasn't nearly as quality as his last one, but it would do for the time being. He'd wait to get a really good one from Katie Wensdale at Liberty Point. No doubt she'd have a few lying around at the General Store.

After that, they hit the road.

The sun beamed down on the dusty road, the wasteland vista of wreckage and dirt going on for miles. Isaac remained vigilant on the surround, his eyes constantly scanning left and right as he walked.

"Brixton's a quaint little town, if I remember right," he told Zara. "Not so far off the main trade route that they're unwelcoming of visitors. But it's not a big place, and it'll likely go by the Sheriff's law and wasteland justice, so we should be careful - stay out of trouble, ye know." He gave her a glance, then looked back on the road. "We go in, get some details on the job, get it done, get paid. Light work and we're out before sundown."

Wasteland justice meant no jails for criminals, just exile or death... usually death. People didn't usually waste time with arguments and fist fights. And town folk didn't often side with visitors or their own. It was worth explaining in advance.

They walked for an hour on the big roads before turning off the main trade routes and heading toward Brixton. They arrived in good time and went to the Sheriff's office.

"Hey," Isaac greeted as he walked in. There was an old man who was sat with his feet up on the desk. Two more younger men lounged about on chairs in the room. It was obvious which was the sheriff and which two were deputies. "We're here about the pest problem."

"Uh, good. Had my deputy post that job just yesterday. Grasscroft always sends them in good time." The Sheriff took his feet off the desk and explained the siutation. "Mole rats breeding like mutants down in god knows which sewer. Rodents keep coming up and chewing up the wires at the town generator. We ain't got the resources to keep fixing the damn thing and none of our guys can pin down the exact location of the nest to nip the problem in the bud."

"Uh huh," Isaac nodded. Seemed simple enough. He negotiated the pay without any hassle too. "Alright gentlemen, we'll get to it. Should be done by evening."

"Oh yeah," one of the deputies said, looking Isaac and Zara up and down. "You that good huh?"

Isaac smiled at the deputy, let the question hang in the air for a few moments, then looked back to the Sheriff. "By evening, Sheriff."

And with that, they left and headed for the town entrance. This would be a good lesson in tracking and shooting for Zara. "That went smoothly enough," he said to her. "How are you holding up? Y'okay?"
High up above the lands of Mytheria, even above the clouds, there was a great rift in the atomsphere. A tear of sorts, like a cosmic claw had ripped existence open. Lightning buzzed and zapped around it.

What the finest scientists and mages could not have imagined...

What the Witch Queen could not have accounted for...

-----------The opening from where came the heroes of another world had not closed------------

Nice save lol I saw what it was before. @Zapdos has the evidence!

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit... was the consistent mantra running through Zell's mind when the skeletons ascended the wall.

He lunged into a push kick, slamming his foot into the face of the first skeleton that appeared near him, sending it falling back down to the bottom of the wall. The second skelly felt the wild, panicked swing of Zell's longsword as it was halfway over the battlements, and it too was sent back where it came from. Shortly after that, he was forced to engage properly.

The skeletons were basic as hell. No real stance - no guard of the lady, no boar, no water stance, no nothing. They swung without proper use of their torso, hips and footwork to create power. They cared nothing for head movement or defense. Their swords were solidly made but maltreated. Zell noticed all of this as he parried and counter-killed his first two opponents. Amidst the constant 'holy hit!' he realised that he understood swordplay and weapons as if he'd been trained from bloody birth! It was crazy. He'd never even thought about any of this before, but it was right there in his mind, so clear, so second-nature.

"Poor distancing," Zell muttered as a skeleton lunged at him. He merely stepped back and to the right, before thrusting forward, the tip of his sword peircing under the chin of the enemy. With a flick of his wrist, he decapitated the skeleton.

He suddenly met eyes with MacKensie, but was shocked to see her take aim at... him? She can't be for real, he thought, wide eyed. Jesus Christ, how mad did I make her!?

She fired. Zell was frozen. He felt the wind of the bolt breeze his face. With a gasp, he looked over his shoulder to see the skeleton right behind him - one he'd not realised was even there - drop dead. She'd saved him. With a grin he looked back at her. "Ppreciate it," he called out.

"This doesn't mean I like you."

Just her presence alone was keeping him on a level, if only for the fact that he couldn't crumble and cower in front a pretty woman. He had to play it off like he didn't care - pretend to be a badass. But now she was talking trash in the middle of the battle?

No one out-did Zell when it came to trash talking on the football field. He wouldn't let it happen on a battlefield either. "Ha! You like me. Admit it."

As she ran toward him, leading a chasing skeleton his way, he ran forward and with a hop-skip-jump. They crossed paths in mid air, Zell superman-punching his sword right through the chasing enemy. More followed and backed up with a parry and a slash. As he cleared the immediate danger zone in front of him, he fell back-to-back with MacKensie, regarding her over his shoulder as she commented on her powers. Seeing skeletons were closer on her side than on his, he pushed one shoulder-blade into hers to rotate them both around while staying back-to-back.

"Something incredible alright," he shot back as he blocked two strikes and ended another skeleton with a thrust. "I feel like I'm in a damn video-game."

He saw down at the gate, that the real fight was with the ogres and they might need help down there. But there were too many skellies on the wall to get to the ladder and he was currently pinned down, his attention demanded by the flow of swords swinging in to take his life.

"Hey, you ugly motherfucker! Come and get me! Cucksucker! Stupid moron! Fuking swine! Rotting hog! Dungloving shithead! Fuckwhit i-"

Zell spotted James and laughed as he fought off another boney brute in front of him. Looks like he'd have even more competition for the trash-talking challenge.

"I need to get down there and help," he told MacKensie behind him as they rotated again where she could now see the problems being created by the ogres and the skeleton captain. He caught an enemy blade on his swords cross-hilt, grabbed the skeleton by the wrist and snapped it before kicking it off the wall. He was a pretty strong athlete, but he felt decidedly stronger in this world. "I'm gonna do something really fucking stupid. Cover me, kay."
I'm on it! Give me a chance to catch up with IC & OOC and I'll start writing. Battle time, let's goo!
@Indrajita Hatboy?

Kay, I'll give it a round on the walls and then have Zell join the main fight on the ground. Gonna be up late tonight catching up on RPs so I'll have a post done later tomorrow lol.
shia labeouf.gif

Two. Hundred. Fucking. Skeletons.

Was this dude for real?

Zell turned and looked around as the shouted proclamations began. Citizens began emptying out of their homes with sacks of their most precious belongings. Hasty. Scared. Crying. Atop the din was the ever-ringing alarm bell. Zell drew the sword off his back once again, this time with a sudden urge to test the edge of the blade, or more pertinently, test the integrity of his flesh. With one finger caressed the keen edge of his sword and recoiled with the slight pain. A little blood dripped where the blade had cut him.

"Holy shit," he said aloud.

This was real. This whole entire clusterfuck was real. All the mounting questions he had - dozens of questions - whatever the answers were... they'd be real. Inhaling a big breath, he turned back to the young guy who spoke up first about the request (The 'Contract' - another mystery.)

He spoke bravely, Zell was impressed. And too the French girl was in agreeance. He caught her eye for a second and his trademark, cocky one-sided grin appeared as she scowled at him. Jerk. That made him chuckle. He was a bit of a jerk, he could admit that about himself. And she was even cuter when she was flustered.

The American farmer and the European woman went the opposite way to the rest of the group. Zell assumed they were evacuating with the citizenry. Smart move really. What business did they have fighting god-damn skeletons and ogres. Still, Zell's pride would not allow him to flee while the others were going to help, and so he twirled his sword around him like something one'd see in a movie, gained confidence from his confirmation that he had the skill to do it, then sheathed his weapon and ran after the others toward the eastern gate.

He was close enough to hear them introducing themselves. "You can call me Zell," he offered as he ran past them and jumped the first eight rungs of the palisade ladder and started climbing up top. "Cheers James! Much appreciated!" he shouted down after the man explained his sudden rush of energy and mental fortitude. One mystery down, ninety-nine to go.

Atop the palisade he finally saw the reason for the evacuation and fear coursed through his veins amongst the adrenaline. Terror, in fact. It was all he could do not to show it. He walked slowly along the palisade wall, past a few townguard posted with bows, looking out across the vista at the slowly approaching horde. The ogres were huge! Zell's heart was racing. His teeth were clenched. There was no more 'cocky frat boy.' Just a man with a sword who's pride wouldn't let him run even though his brain was screaming FLEE - A man who's mind was racing with thoughts of what these monsters would do if they caught those citizens. Those children. He had to steel himself. He had to stop them.

"You were right Commander," he said loudly to the Commander in earshot. "Seems no one knows how we got here..." it was really an effort to keep the tremble out of his voice. "...but we're here now, and there's innocent lives on the line." The rest of his words seemed like they were more for himself than anyone else. "I've spent my life being a selfish asshole, tee-bee-hache... time to do something worth my time! Wooo!"

The Ric Flair sound-off was unnecessarily loud but Zell didn't care. He had to let off some steam before he burst into bloody flames. He drew the sword off his back and pointed it at the coming horde. "Let's go motherfuckers!"
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