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I don't really have any gripes about the initial choices being GM/plot dependent, so long as those choices are fairly permanent. After all, it's not like they room randomly every day (unless today is a strange/special circumstance?). I'm assuming they'd have their own rooms/dorms where they actually keep their own belongings, and whoever they're with is who they've been with for a long while now. That just seems like the most reasonable thing for a place I can only assume is run more like a school than a training camp.

My final contribution on Chinami's end is that, despite getting along with her, she's probably not rooming with Wilhelmina purely for continuity reasons, since the two of us (the players) decided they met in the library more by happenstance than anything.
@Lewascan2 OK, I like the sheet. I just feel that she's a little too strong for the very start. Being a small universe is something I may have expected further down the road. I won't ask that you change anything for now. Would you accept a temporary nerf slapped on her for the start of the RP?

Sure. I wasn't certain where the line exactly was, but you seemed to want "anime character in the final fight of the last episode with the OP playing behind them" (with Simon from Gurren Lagann as the example in the post with said quote), so I aimed a bit high. What sort of nerf? The "being a universe" bit?

I will say that her being effectively a very very small universe was the idea (literally human-sized at the start), one that is slowly growing in power (and bigger on the inside), as her new state of being grows into its own, sort of like how Superman had to grow into his powers after absorbing years of sunlight. But that's slightly digressing.

Assuming we leave everything mostly as-is, an initial nerf would work. Perhaps gradually loosening power-constraints? Basically, most of her mana generation is tied up with maintaining and stabilizing her new exotic body while expanding its energy production, so she's a bit limited in when and where she should be expending her mana. Going anywhere near lightspeed for any significant period right now is something that's too energy intensive, and time travel is both mana-expensive and also extremely dangerous (or so she believes), since her body is rather experimental and its limits unknown should she put it up against more time shenanigans.

If we go this way, I could use a sort of escalating progression system to keep track of how her limits raise IC, perhaps something like her maximum "safe speed" (the speed she can maintain continuously without surpassing her mana regen rate much -if any-) starting at speed of sound and then increasing daily (or at some other time period) at an escalating rate. This is not to say that she can't go faster in emergencies, but her mana regen won't be able to keep up, and she'd be severely limited.

Doubling rate system(?):
767 mph + 2 mph, 4 mph, 8 mph, 16 mph, 32 mph, 64 mph, 128 mph, 256 mph, 512 mph, 1,024 mph, 2,048 mph,
(Day 11 total: 4,861 mph/Mach 6-ish -slightly faster than supersonic), 4,096 mph, 8,192 mph, 16,384 mph, 32,768 mph, 65,536 mph, 131,072 mph,
(Day 17 total: 262,909 mph -just barely 8k short of lightning strike speed), 262,144 mph, 524,288 mph, 1,048,576 mph, 2,097,152 mph, 4,194,304 mph, 8,388,608 mph, 16,777,216 mph, 33,554,432 mph, 67,108,864 mph, 134,217,728 mph,
(Day 27 total: 268,436,221 mph -slightly faster than return stroke of lightning, the speed most people think of, being 1/3rd of lightspeed), 268,435,456 mph, 536,870,912 mph,
(Day 29 total: 1,073,742,589 mph -1.6 times lightspeed), 1,073,741,824 mph,
(Day 30 total: 2,147,484,413 mph -3.2 times the speed of light and casual time travel capable)

With this system, she once more reaches her prime and then surpasses in about a month. It's a bit of a slow start (heh), but the ramp-up later down the line is as appropriately powerful as one would expect from the characters in this story.

As a major point of note and sort of self-imposed nerf: I do want to say that despite time travel being the keystone of her ascension, it was always the plan to make all the IC justifications I can to ensure she doesn't use it except as the most absolute of last resorts. After all, only reason she ever tried it to begin with was when the alternative was her planet's genocide, and her method to stave off a paradox still cost her literally everything but her mind and soul. It's an extremely powerful tool... and an often double-edged sword, and I intend to treat it as such, especially since Jen went through a fair amount of trauma the first and last time she used it.
And also, from an OOC story-telling perspective, I know very well how careful one must be with its utilization in order to not kill all sense of tension, so I've been planning on how to nerf it (a large part being Jen's inexperience with it), especially given that I'm sure its regular use would be quite annoying to both the GM and my fellow players.
Honestly, I only needed to hear "wizard of Oz" to stop asking questions. XD I'm halfway convinced that her Grimoire's powers rely on people knowing little about her, like a memetic thing.
Somehow, I don't feel Camelot rooming with Lumiere would be the best of ideas. They'd just grate at each-other if stuck in close quarters for long periods of time. XD

If there's anyone she's likely sharing a dorm with long term, it's Captain Goodhope.
Runner up would be Lilac Shimmer.
@Dead Cruiser
Full character sheet is still ever so slightly in progress, but here's the general summarized character pitch.

Jen is a black-souled/Perceiver human, whose mostly White Arts based magic is focused on the manipulation of the forces of Speed, which allows her to also perform some connected space-time techniques. She had dipped somewhat into Red applications but didn't fully take the plunge until it was literally a matter of saving her world. At that point, she attempted (and succeeded at) the fabled speedster time travel ability with a twist, accidentally apotheosizing herself in the process and basically becoming a veritable elemental of Speed in a humanoid form.

She lost a great amount of her mortality, as her "perfect time travel" technique relied upon her sacrificing her history/past existence in order to avoid a paradox. In order to not fall apart and defeat the opponent that prompted such a risky maneuver in the meantime, she crafted a new body from the fundament of Speed itself to act as a preservatory pocket for her memories and soul. As a result of this body, she now exists as a self-sustained island of existence within the normal timestream, allowing her to explore the more exotic applications of her magic at far less personal risk going forward.

She is unequivocally known as the "fastest woman alive" and is post-ascension practically a living embodiment of Speed, a hero forgotten by those she saved due to her time reversal. If there's a feat of speed in fiction or that can be conceptualized and pitched to her, it's feasible that she can pull it off or figure it out given time and experimentation.

Her motivations can be summed up as "I want to retire from war, dammit!" And in the short-ish term, she's willing to get into pissing matches with gods and far worse to finally have a lasting peace and quiet after spending most her life in a fight for her world's survival. (Un)fortunately, she has practically ingrained the urge to oppose evil when she sees it and finds she won't be morally satisfied with her own peace without ensuring prosperity for everyone.

Current CS:
@Lewascan2 I'm gonna have an easier time with Ascent than I am with everything else.

For me, it's not that the Ascent itself is a difficult concept to explain, merely that it feels like it is the part that MUST be given due detail. It's the most significant and recent event for the character, and it just feels wrong to gloss over the details. Honestly, I've stripped away about as much detail as I can stomach by this point. All that's left is to figure out more efficient wording.
By this point, comparing my CS to other sheets that have had no complaints on length, I think I'm good now.
Oof I'm getting carried away with the World section of my sheet lol.

Honestly, hardest part for me is the Ascent, since that seems to be the bit that requires the most context and is thus the hardest to compress while getting the idea across. I've been constantly editing the original version of my sheet and slowly whittling things down to something that looks closer to what Dead Cruiser wants, based on his example CS.
@Lewascan2 I mean yeah I guess.

From the initial interest check post/thread, I didn't really get the vibe that this was intended to be a PvP-fest. I can definitely see PvP being allowed, and there's hints that it will be with agreement from both players, but I do get the vibe of there being an actual plot with an overarching threat that these characters will have to unite against.

To quote Dead Cruiser on the literal first page:

"PvP will probably occur at some point, but the rest of the RP will involve the characters encountering and dealing with that which exists outside of space and time, which should be a robust challenge even for the powerful characters we'll be playing.

However, it won't be all new frontiers. There is more to ruling than conquering, after all. As they say, enjoy the war, the peace will be terrible."

So yeah, definitely not intended to be PvP based. Allowed, yes, but there will absolutely be a "greater evil" it seems to unite them.
@Lewascan2 Yes, he's more likely to be the one to opt to work alone.

Honestly, we still don't really have an idea of what the main plot is. Despite all the innately powerful personalities of the characters, there's every possibility of them being initially confronted with a threat enough to actually keep them united... at least temporarily.
@Lewascan2 He can't enlighten her therefore either he doesn't see a reason to engage with her, speed is chaotic not orderly or understandable.

*Enlighten as in rip her soul from her flesh to be free of her prison.

I can already see we're off to a lovely start. So much team cohesion. XD

I'd imagine that would be quite the task for him. After all, he would be basically trying to rip a universe apart (though a small one, granted), which is essentially what her body is. In order to exist the way she does, she had to become her own sort of self-contained universe that contains and emits nothing but Speed, allowing her to operate as a sort of island in the normal timestream. It's the only way she can exist after literally purging her own past/history. Her body acts as a shell/shield from the effects of her own time travel paradox.
Which is to say nothing of the difficulty of actually hurting someone that is... well, she ascended by time traveling after all. Light speed is a thing she can and casually does now.
Basically, assume that if there is a speedster feat in comics, she can probably pull it off too, because "Speed given form".
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