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Chinami Nadakai


Chinami's jaw almost dropped in disbelief. Did she just hear the blonde right? So blunt! Holy shit! Or... was he? She raised a single brow, as she processed his words. He seemed a little... distracted for fairly obvious reasons, not that those reasons were anyone's fault but his own, she decided. Honestly, either there was some sort of serious disconnect here, or she needed to refresh her knowledge on Vauquelin culture fucking yesterday.

She had been joking... mostly. Well, okay, it's not as though she was opposed to this guy giving courting her a shot, even if he seemed like he might have some oddities that would require investigation before anything serious happened. She certainly didn't dislike him, but this really didn't seem like the time or place, right?! She just hadn't expected him to take her words at face-value with that disturbingly open expression plastered on his face. Wasn't this a little fast?!

Wait. She was only here to return a damn coat! Why the hell had she stepped inside?!

A towel flew through the air.

It... flew...

Chinami's brain refused to comprehend what had just happened. Her expression remained flat, unseeing, until the bathroom door finally shut behind the even less decent blonde. It was only once the click of the door sounded in her ears that her eyebrow twitched violently in irritation, and a luminescent angry blush rippled up her face. "Motherfucker," she hissed under her breath, squeezing her eyes closed, as she did her best to quell the ugly instinctive spurt of rage. That... All of that- It- ('Damn you, Suzakura.') She couldn't even enjoy it. She wasn't sure if she even should enjoy it. The crass boy had poisoned that tree badly if this was her automatic reaction to what might have been -and hopefully was- an accident on Rev's part. But she'd been burned far too often by "accidents" of the lurid kind to just respond like she felt she... should have?

Honestly, they were all lucky she'd been lucid enough of who was before her to not have her Spirit react the way it might to more of Suzakura's bullshit. If she accidentally punched anyone with half the force she leveled against Suzakura, well... it would hardly be pretty. And without her ability to heal anymore, if she slipped up...?

Chinami worried the tip of one thumb with her teeth. The angry flush was dying from her face. Her libido was... if not dead, then tempered by the reality check... for now anyway. 'Sweet mother of mercy, get a fucking grip!' She couldn't afford to keep spacing out like this! She knew at least part of the problem was the fucking hormones that she could currently do nothing about, but what if...? The blood drained from her face at a damning thought. What if her soul being cracked had more constant effects? Was she just emotionally unstable now? Or was something far more sinister at play?

She needed to be careful going forward. She clearly wasn't acting in her right mind. Emotions and whims could not be afforded such careless leniency in this delicate time. What this situation called for was cold rationality, reason and common sense. She needed to approach everything with the assumption that she was being compelled to act one way, dissect the situation and then assess her true desires and the actions needed to carry them out.

Reverio... she didn't think he was doing this to her on purpose... not yet anyway. However, it was clear just from a rational, objective assessment that she was visiting favoritism upon him... for various reasons. On the one hand, he had healed her, fought beside her and been a perfect gentleman... nakedness aside. But she wasn't treating him like someone she was simply grateful to... No, there was a fixation on every insignificant thing he did... an obsession. Whatever it was, whatever she wanted out of him, she couldn't allow herself to continue on this path... not like this.

Was she really about to throw her Pride away so easily?! To simper and sigh over a pretty face?! Was she such easy prey?! No! Never!

A sneer twisted her lips. She refused to be some hapless, brainless damsel! She was pretty desperate, sure, starved for options in the romantic sense. She knew it perfectly well. After all, one of her primary sub-goals to obtaining the peaceful life she wanted was a worthy life partner. She couldn't allow herself to settle for anything but the best. Just because this "Rev" had all but dropped into her lap like an unsolicited miracle from above, just because he happened to be the best she'd gotten so far... That didn't mean he was the right one. She knew little to nothing about him, and before anything else, that needed to change. One step at a time. Patience. Abstinence. Caution.

Just think of him like Suzakura, she nodded to herself. Paint his intentions with that brush. Not all the way, just a little... just enough to invoke that instinctive disdain... for the time being. Exhaling calmingly, she steadied her nerves, crimson eyes panning over thoughtfully to the so-called "phoenix-pigeon".

She resisted the urge to approach or otherwise physically interact with the creature. For all she knew, it was exceedingly more dangerous than it looked. And even if it wasn't, the little thing had just received a bit of a fright. She had no idea how to read such a foreign creature's body language, but she could imagine it might be stressed enough right now to not entertain the attention of strangers well... assuming that it was friendly even when it wasn't stressed.

Sighing, Chinami readjusted her hold on Rev's folded coat. What was she even doing... She could probably just set it down somewhere and leave, even if that would be a bit rude... No, she'd at least wait long enough for her impromptu host to dress, so she could say a proper farewell. She couldn't recall Rev making any sort of arrangements with Ken the night before, but he told them both his address, so maybe he was expecting more company? Would the implicit invitation even be taken? And did she even want to stick around to find out?

Such were the musings that passed through her mind, as Chinami waited quietly for Rev's return.

Chinami Nadakai


As the door's lock was disengaged, Chinami straightened up a bit and plastered on a pleasant neutral expression, one that immediately threatened to falter at the dripping sight that appeared before her. "Wha-?" Admittedly, her crimson eyes may have glazed over a bit while her brain tried to process the absurdity in front of her. Squeezing her eyes shut to cut off the visual stimuli and taking a slow, steadying inhale, she tried to purge the sudden surge of sensation she needed to not be having right this second and ignore the pleasant, freshly-bathed scent wafting off the individual across from her!

For a moment, she could have almost sworn she heard a muffled voice screeching, "Take him now, gi-!" before her rational mind caught up with her obvious imagination. As she tried to pacify the intrusive... and annoyingly lurid images that wanted to play out in her mind shortly thereafter ('Damn you, Suzakura!'), she managed to listen with half an ear to what Reverio was actually even saying... which didn't help her settle the fucking hormones.

Was... he actually serious? Sure, she appreciated the fucking legendary vie- No, wait, that wasn't the point! Did he have any sense of modesty?!

'Mama likes~'

Begone, foul THOT!

Shaking her head, Chinami braved opening her eyes- Yep, still half-naked. Still with that guileless expression on his dumb, way-too-unfairly-pretty- 'Shut. UP!' He was doing this on purpose, wasn't he? Surely, he couldn't be-

"Are you trying to seduce me?" a voice asked flatly.

A moment later, Chinami's brain caught up with what her mouth had instinctively blurted out after dealing with Suzakura's bullshit for so long, and she barely managed to restrain the mortified(?) flush that was struggling to do more than redden her ears. 'Fuck it, in for a penny, in for a pound. Own your words! Show no weakness!' Sucking in a sharp inhale, she soldiered on through and strutted boldly through Rev's doorway with a flick of her hair, striding to the center of the room and running a long, searching glance over the premises.

When her crimson eyes turned to Rev next, one might have almost sworn there was a predatory air to them, the pupils narrowed into reptilian slits, the vibrant border around them almost seeming to glow. Then, she blinked, and the moment was over, eyes as normal as ever. "Well, if you are, better do it with pants on. Dunno how they do it in Vauquelin, but I'm a little traditional that way. Hope you don't mind."

Chinami Nadakai


Daylight came with the unpleasant realization that she'd barely slept a wink and still managed to have her body loyally wake her at the usual time. Glaring groggily at the 7:04 AM searing out at her from her phone's screen, Chinami sighed and resigned herself to the day ahead. At least her body was still somewhat refreshed from Reverio's healing, so it's not like she had gone to bed completely physically wasted or anything.

Habitually, she ran through her morning stretches and mild martial exercises, barely thinking about them, before recalling that she had laundry to handle. A quick trip to the washroom to retrieve the coat from the washing machine and toss it in the dryer, and it was back to the daily grind. Perhaps spurred by the inklings of an actual plan of what the hell to do with herself today, her return to physical exertions was filled with notably more enthusiasm, enough to feel less emotionally deadened.

After working up a sweat and riding high on the endorphins such a completed task elicited in her, Chinami knew another shower was in order despite just taking one the night before. The event itself, however, was briefly waylaid by the sight of her ruined clothes still lying openly on the floor, eliciting a palm being smacked to her forehead and a groan of self-recrimination. Luckily, her mother obviously hadn't been in here since Chinami had last night. Otherwise... Well, there were questions she really didn't feel like answering right now. "I'm losing my fucking touch," the ravenette sighed, before setting about disposing of the evidence of last night's... indiscretions. A several-layered garbage bag was soon thereafter deposited none to gently into the garbage bin outside. In the end, the pants had gone in with the rest. She didn't have the patience to consider repairing them.

The shower itself didn't make her feel much cleaner, but it did make her feel more human. "Not that being human is really much of a compliment, eh?" she muttered, scrubbing the suds deep into her scalp. Snorting, she cupped a small puddle of water in her hands from the showerhead above and splashed her face, clearing the soapy water drifting down her forehead before it could get into her eyes. Leaning back, a final deep rinse cleared her head of floral goodness, and she set about her body.

Not feeling like running up the hot water bill unnecessarily again, Chinami reluctantly called things off far more quickly than the night before, luxuriating only a glorious twenty minutes under the hot spray instead of nearly an hour. Steaming satisfactorily, and after squeezing as much humidity from her hair as she could without using her Spirit, Chinami padded from the shower onto a preprepared towel on the floor and snagged another from the wide sink counter, humming lightly as she dried off. As was her habit, plain undergarments were pulled on first, and the addition of an autonomous pair of hands made securing the bra trivial.

Pulling on fresh jeans, she frowned at a light chafing sensation and rolled her shoulders till the bra straps seemingly got over themselves. Buttoning her pants up, she fiddled with the upper underwear, before scowling in annoyance. "Bigger again? What the hell?" She clucked her tongue, resigned to going shopping far sooner than she'd expected... again. "When in doubt, blame Mina, I guess. I really need to learn to say no when she offers..." Shaking her head, Chinami shoved down the familiar flush and donned a dark grey sweater, humming in satisfaction at cutting off the chill of bare skin against air.

Hair dried and combed, Chinami scrubbed and rinsed her breakfast dishes before sliding them into the dishwasher. Her mother was already bustling about, preparing for the house party. Thankfully, she seemed to have actually opted for the caution of using her wheelchair to move the food to the car. Of course, Chinami didn't see any reason not to help with that and expedite things. The sooner her mother was out of the house, the less likely she would have to deal with annoying questions about where she was going today. A less than full-hearted farewell from Chinami half an hour later, and Harumi was on her way.

Chinami, for her part, retrieved Reverio's coat from the dryer and gave it a once over, frowning thoughtfully. It was hard to tell if the treatment of the washing machine and dryer had been too rough for the swanky-looking article. Her memory was good, but not exactly photographic, and she'd not bothered to use her Spirit's eyesight to really inspect it in excruciating detail the night before. She halfway considered trying to repair it but dismissed the thought. She was no seamstress. Not even close. Life on the road had taught her how to do field repairs and roughly patch and sew things up... including broken skin, but there was nothing she could do here that wouldn't tarnish the coat's splendor almost worse than the holes already did.

That settled, she neatly folded the sleeves and tucked the coat up, glancing at her distinctly empty wrist and then the kitchen clock. It was a little past 8 AM now. Briefly squeezing her crimson eyes shut, Chinami tallied up yet another thing to add to her list of needs. Her watch had been lost in the battle, incinerated by the light beams breaking from her skin most likely. She hadn't really noticed until now, to be honest, but she suddenly distinctly recalled never placing it on her bedside table.

Pinching her nose, Chinami sighed and grumbled, tucking the folded coat under one arm. New bras... again. New watch. Oh, and new shoes too for that matter. Her pair from the night before were as much a lost cause as anything else she'd been wearing, and it was only fortunate that she had a slightly too-tight older pair to fall back on for now. Her personal funds were going to be hurting... Especially over the shoes and bras. Fucking bra prices could roast in the pits.

Before all that though, it was time to fulfill her word.

The lock tumbler clattered and clicked to her Spirit's senses, as Chinami withdrew her house key and tucked it into the appropriate pocket of her jeans. Withdrawing her phone, she flipped to her notes and muttered, "Alto Road... 34 C..." She inputted the address into the GPS, definitely not thinking about the moment she had first received it. 'In and out, or extended visit?' she mused, before shaking her head. 'Don't be ridiculous, girl. The coat was imposing on him enough, and as much as that 'fire pigeon' or whatever sounds neat, he surely has more pressing things to do than entertain guests this early.'

As she briefly zoomed out the GPS map and mentally adjusted her view of the world to approximate its position from her physically, Chinami considered taking the rooftops to expedite things and then shook her head. It was broad daylight, and she wasn't looking to make a scene. And besides, she was already likely making a nuisance of herself coming this early. Any extra time she provided him to recover from the day before would surely be appreciated. Nodding to herself, Chinami set out for a good long walk and inhaled the outdoors air with a relaxed sigh.

It was the weekend, so really, there was hardly any rush. Regardless of keeping her word, she had the luxury to be able take her time.

Nearly an hour later, as she languidly approached the designated place of residence, Chinami found herself blinking in surprise and then shooting a curious glance at the coat tucked under her arm. For someone dressed like Reverio... she genuinely hadn't been expecting a bog-standard apartment complex. Raising a single brow, Chinami crossed the parking lot and began her search. Thankfully, it didn't take all that long, given the place she was looking for was apparently on the first floor. Honestly, in hindsight, his address had seemed a little off to her before, but now that she realized it was the address for an apartment room, questions she didn't know she had were well and truly answered.

Tucking her long raven hair behind one ear, Chinami fidgeted, making one final check of the address, before knocking on the door and waiting.

Chinami Nadakai

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Silently, she watched through the holes in the wall and curtain of rain, watched from inside the room that had become a battleground, as Ken and Reverio went on their way. As the downpour continued overhead and drowned out the retreating wheels of the Ikari family’s car, Chinami’s face slowly drained of even faux happiness and relief… into something far more ominous.

A cold glance was turned towards the prone, unconscious Nightman, eyes like dull rubies almost seeming to briefly gain an inhuman glow, as they narrowed minutely. Glancing at the brown cloak in her hands, Chinami frowned at its already sullied state. The streaks of blood and ash on her arms had already dirtied it beyond reason even from only being shuffled around in her grasp. Wearing it now could hardly make things much worse. And besides, she would sort of be breaking a not-exactly-promise to Reverio if she didn’t.

Exhaling, she smoothly slung the coat over her shoulders, threaded her arms through the sleeves with a light flourish and strode back towards Kiburi and Nightman, broken glass, wood and other debrii noisily tracing her footsteps, as she stopped just short of the expanding puddle of blood around the mauled, yet still breathing Nightman. Glancing at the undead Man in the Suit and then to Kiburi, she asked, “What will happen to Nightman?” There was an almost feigned disinterest in her tone. Feigned, in that she only cared about one answer.

“I’m unsure what to do with him. I could steal his powers, but they require a lot of set-up from what I am able to sense. I could just let him go as a cripple, a lesson for those who would think to assault my students in such a lame way.” Kiburi begins, before he looks over to Chinami. “Would you like to kill him?” He asks, flatly.

“Yes,” Chinami answered bluntly. She was emotionally drained, cracked. And furthermore, what was there to hide from someone like Kiburi at the end of the day? It occurred to her that, for better or worse, in this matter at least, she might have found a disturbingly kindred spirit. “But… I don’t just want him to die. I suppose it might be considered ‘cruel and unusual’, but I would very much like to make him suffer for the trouble he put me through.” Her eyes narrowed at Nightman, her lips working thoughtfully. “Headmaster, I wonder… what sort of afterlife awaits him…” She cupped her chin with one hand. “Are his actions venerated by the god that gave him his Gift, or did he misuse it? Did they intend for him to take this route? After all, such a power… would surely drive corruption into the heart of all but the stoutest man.”

“Corruption, veneration by gods, these things are for those who worry about the repercussions of their actions after death. The gods arm us for their own protection, and for some their own amusement. Many do honestly care for humanity but enough just tolerate us until we prove ourselves to them.” Kiburi begins, as he waved his hand in the air conjuring what looked like a baseball bat lined with thin razor blades, the blades peeking out just enough to split and peel skin rather than properly cleave flesh.

“In this world we must do as we believe, not the gods, not others. Our own paths are carved from the grime and dirt of this rotting mud ball. Here I now gift you a choice, a fork in your path. If you wanna kill him, beat him to death with this. It’ll hurt for the both of you, seeing how you are still a little injured but it will show your conviction for the kill. That you want it. Do you want it?” Kiburi asks, flipping the bat over in his hand to offer it to Chinami all the while smiling.

A small chuff escaped Chinami’s lips in something close to disbelief. Her eyes ran across Kiburi’s form with a look of almost wonder in them. This man… was speaking her language. She almost couldn’t believe it, believe that he -the head of one of the greatest academies in the nation- was being serious. But excessive violence or no, the core of the values he expressed… Yes, that was exactly what humanity needed to be, arbiters of their own destiny. Gifts or no, what right did any higher being have to determine humanity’s destiny? It’s not like the current gods were responsible for their creation. That was the mythical Overdiety’s domain alone. So, in what universe did humanity need the gods or owe them veneration? Wasn’t it the other way around even?

She grinned slyly. It wasn’t a nice smile. “Oh, well, I didn’t ask about the afterlife for some reason as banal as concern over Nightman’s guilt. You see… I’ve wondered for a while now, but I’ve never really been able to test.” Her jaw worked musingly. “What do you suppose happens if… a soul were to be torn apart?” Her eyes gleamed with interest. “It’s a little too high-concept for me, the answer. And really, what chance does a mortal have of witnessing the results, but as a thought experiment…”

She crouched down next to Nightman. “Suppose that when he dies, I were to… take hold of that fleeing soul… just for a moment… and tear it to pieces... Would it even matter where he’s going? Would such a tattered wretch even be able to go anywhere? Would he be cast into oblivion?” She hummed. “Normally, I don’t think of myself as a sadistic person, but…” She laughed lightly. “I’m certainly not doing this for justice, and if there’s even the slightest possibility that I can ensure his suffering truly is eternal… Well, why pass up the opportunity?”

“Ah,” she chuckled. “I don’t suppose you mind healing him enough to be conscious? I can’t imagine this would be very satisfying otherwise.”

“Killing his soul? What a horrifying thought. I like your style, but from my experience there’s very few things that will keep a soul shattered forever. Some gods are bleeding hearts and look down on that as it could deprive a so-called good person from eternity, and deprive their families of ever seeing them again. Imagine, for example, if some nutjob did that to a doctor for shits and giggles. Maybe they’d do it to a father of twelve….or maybe to a spirit wielding girl who did it to their father, meaning you’d be on the receiving end of it depriving your parents of ever seeing you again even if you became a shitter.” Kiburi begins. “...But I do have one of those things in my arsenal. I can heal him, let you beat him, and obliterate him…but it’ll come with a cost.”

“Hah…” Chinami sighed. “Perhaps I was being a little too greedy.” She shrugged. Most people would have settled for death, but her paranoia screamed at her. Resurrection wasn’t unheard of entirely as far as she knew, and even the idea of this man having a route back by the slimmest margin was enough to drive a cold sweat down her spine. She wanted him gone for good, but even getting this far had cost her dearly… If there was a price to be paid, was she really willing to pay any more this day? Shaking her head, she answered, “Like I said, I’m not usually all that sadistic. And really… I’m just pissed off, not stupid. Really truly killing a soul… If there’s a cost for that, then it’s one that I like to think I’m not unwise enough to pay. However…”

Her Spirit reached down, taking hold of the unconscious Nightman’s lower jaw and levering his entire body up till he hung limply before her, supported only by his knees. “Even if I can’t destroy his soul entirely, I think I can do it temporarily.” She smiled almost pleasantly. “An eye for an eye, one cracked soul to another. Both of us will heal… in time, and neither of us will have it pleasant. I think that -making things even- will satisfy me. As for killing him to begin with? Why, that’s just a matter of course.” She glanced back at Kiburi. “So, unless there’s anything in particular you’d like to add to his karmic tab personally, healing him enough to hear should be plenty. I’d at least like to afford him a send-off, and somehow, I doubt loose souls have the best hearing.”

Kiburi laughs a bit. “The cost was more to me than karmic, my girl, but it’s good to see one of my favorite students is frugal. You’re gonna go far, kid.” He declares, before stabbing Nightman with his fingers, the flesh around the injection point pulsating as soon Nightman would groan, barely conscious and still unable to move.

Nightman's eyes opened slowly. Mostly he was just confused. He was still there. Kiburi was still there. Chinami was still there. Finally his faculties returned just enough.

"What more could you possibly desire from me?" he rasped weakly.

Chinami’s ruby eyes closed briefly in thought, as she tilted her head. Her brows scrunched lightly in thought, before jumping in remembrance. “This situation looks familiar, right, Nightman?” she asked lightly. “If I recall, this is just the way it looked… when you shattered my power. And you know? You said something to me then.” One finger tapped her lips in consideration, her human arms folded atop one another. “What was it…? Oh yeah! Something like: ‘I will not lie… You gave me no end of grief. You stand as living proof of why I must do this… The world cannot be trusted to people like you. But, despite what it cost me, I suppose I do have to thank you in a way… One cannot grow without first overcoming obstacles… and you were an obstacle like no other.’ That’s how it went… right?”

There was a sharp, wet crunch, as without fanfare, the razor, bladed baseball bat was shoved through the area that once contained Nightman’s heart by her Spirit’s other hand.

As the instrument pierced through the man’s heart, the room seemed to freeze. The walls around them faded to black and Kiburi vanished from her sight. A moment later Chinami would find herself standing next to… herself, watching herself impale the man. A moment later, another Nightman appeared standing next to himself.

“Not a pretty sight, is it?” he asked, then held up his hand. “Fret not, child. My power will fade soon. More than likely, even before then Kiburi will notice something. Should give us a few uninterrupted moments. The mind can work quickly, after all.” He put his hands into his pockets. “This is hardly what my power is meant for, but I can make do. Would that I could, I’d have done this before you cut me down yourself, but… you are a quick girl, after all.”

Glancing at it all from an outside perspective, Chinami felt remarkably unworried… enough to even surprise herself, despite the situation. Striding forward (was it really striding in what was clearly some sort of mental landscape? It was hard to say), she circled the gruesome scene, feeling little more than a vague, disconnected relief. She knew this was it, that it was over. She’d evened the score. The battle had cost her dearly, but…

“No,” she agreed verbally, snorting. “It isn’t pretty. I told Kiburi, and I’ll tell you as well. I’m not a… Well, okay, I’m a little sadistic, I guess, but not for no reason.” She sighed, running one hand through her hair. “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. An old parable or something I heard once.”

“Yes,” Nightman interrupted. “And an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. We can trade idioms and justifications all day, but it will lead us nowhere.”

She shrugged. “True enough.” Working her jaw, despite herself, she felt curious. “Why do this? I get that people like Kiburi exist… that they make use of their power selfishly… But people like Rev… He doesn’t seem the sort. He didn’t deserve to be attacked for no reason. He didn’t do anything to you.” At the core of it, that was what really pissed her off. She had been living quietly, responsibly. She had all this power, and yet, despite all odds, she had actually been responsible enough to… almost pretend like the Spirit was all there was to it. She didn’t go around tyrannically imposing her will on others, hadn’t allowed it to go to her head… Or, at least, she didn’t think so… hoped so.

She had done nothing to earn this sort of assault either… at least initially. Once negotiations -if they could even be called that- had broken down, it was hard to say who had really struck first between them. “And somehow, I doubt he was the only one… the only person who was -if not innocent- at least not actively abusive of the power they possessed.”

“I did not attack him, at least not in the way you attacked me…” Nightman scowled, but then paused, and raised his hands slightly in capitulation. He sighed and waved away the gruesome display next to them. It was replaced by a pair of chairs, like the ones in his treatment rooms. He took one and motioned for Chinami to take the other if she wished, but did not wait for her to do so before speaking further. “My motivations are no longer relevant. You’ve seen to that yourself, and because of that you no longer get to know them. Pry them from my head yourself if you wish, or I’m sure somewhere in Kiburi’s endless closet of stolen powers he has the ability to do so. Do the work yourself, for I shall not.”

And yet, he furrowed his brow, going on further, “I did used to do this the right way, you know. Or at least the acceptable way. But I failed too many times. Either my own inadequacy, or simply the fact that my words could not protect them from the outside world. So, with my work at an end, allow me to try it the old way one last time. Let me leave you with a bit of advice,” he told her, giving her a granule of the story she’d asked for in spite of himself.

Seeing little harm in it, Chinami sat across from him. “That’s true… but I’m starting to think I may see the disconnect here.” Closing her eyes, she sighed and nodded. “With this display, it’s obvious now. Your mental power was never one you stole. It’s part of your core set, potentially integral to how it functions. Of course that would shape how you view its use, even if it were to be used entirely altruistically. On the other hand…” She gestured to herself with a humorless smile. “I am what you might call a free will absolutist. To me, there is no difference between memory manipulation and murder. The sanctity of the mind, soul and core self is paramount, necessary to the civility of humanity itself. In some ways, I see such things as worse than murder, distinctly so, which made your power and methods… even if they may have been intended altruistically at the start…”

She sighed and shared bluntly with him as well. “So, I overreacted. Of course I did. I was terrified beyond what I can put into words. Maybe if I had just given into cowardice and run away… that would have been the right thing.” Her jaw worked. “But I stayed. Some glimmer of altruism saw me concerned enough about those boys to not prioritize my own well being alone… Though, admittedly, I was all but looking for a fight at that point… Two sides of the same coin.. Fight or flight… And look how that turned out.” She shook her head. “But I’m digressing and wasting our time. I apologize. Say what you must.”

“Look indeed. You, damaged, but with all three of you your minds your own,” he chuckled. “Isn’t that what you value so dearly? You chose the harder path, but upheld what matters to you, sloppily undertaken as it was.” He shook his head. “But that is a conversation I cannot continue to entertain right now, because I saw something else in this moment.”

He stared her in the eyes, “I saw a dog, thrown into a pit and spurred on by its master to kill. You’re a child. If that man saw fit to ensure my end he should have done so himself. But you are much more than a dog, Chinami, and in all the ways that matter, great and terrible. And even a dog can come back from such violence. Look at him, Kiburi, and ask yourself… do you really want to be anything like him?” He gave a long sigh. “It’s easy to slip. With my work threatened I pulled the trigger on that poor boy. I can say it was the heat of the moment, or even that it wasn’t really me with my mind split into three, but that means little in the end. It was something my actions alone led to. In my desperation I became what I was trying to put an end to.

But… I think you have a long way to go before you risk becoming like him. And yet, it can happen in the blink of an eye. For better or worse, my work is at an end, and thus this world is left to you. So, in the meantime, just… don’t become like me.” He closed his eyes, sinking back into his chair as if enjoying one last moment of relaxation. “You’re a smart girl, Chinami. Smart enough to know what that means. At least… I hope so.”

As he spoke his last words, the darkness around them began to rush in, blowing everything away like a puff of smoke until she found herself back where she’d been before, her hand once more wrapped around the handle of the bat.

It was almost like coming down from an adrenaline high, yet strangely muted. The intoxicating sensation of channeling the will to kill had almost entirely drained from her, as to her eyes, the faint spiritual whisps that she knew comprised Nightman’s soul began to rise from the fading body. There was no saving him now, even if she were to decide to have a last-minute change of heart. Even then, she doubted Kiburi would have spared him. No, at the end of the day, Nightman had lost his way, and she wasn’t sure if he could have been brought back from that.

As Nightman’s corpse slumped back bonelessly with a sound Chinami didn’t particularly want to acknowledge, her Spirit cradled the whisps far more gently than she might have been inclined prior. She didn’t know if Kiburi could see souls… but the fact that he claimed he had something that could destroy them… and the fact that he was apparently a Gift stealer as well… and leagues beyond Nightman for that matter… She wouldn’t put it past his capabilities.

There were many things she’d have liked to do with that soul, questions she’d have liked to ask him. If possible, maybe… she could have taken him to a scenic place to release… or taken a last message to whatever family he might be willing to tell her of, but she couldn’t see that going through Kiburi. The flood of sadism and spite that had practically strangled her thoughts moments prior was absent, and she… somehow, didn’t want to let the Headmaster play his own hand.

Reluctantly, Chinami released and watched quietly, as the soul flowed into the ether and the great beyond outside her perception. Whether she liked it or not, Nightman had given her something at the end of it all, evened the scales a little. She’d repay that with this much mercy. “Now we’re square, Nightman.”

Good luck. Maybe the afterlife will be kinder to you than this world.

Outwardly, she stretched, popping her back a bit and displaying a bright smile of satisfaction that she suddenly felt not at all. “Well, I’m off!” she declared jovially to Kiburi, waving lightly, as she hop-skipped over the various pieces of rubble strewn across the room towards the blown open wall. “Barring anything pressing, I shouldn’t miss classes this week. I got healed by that generous blondie, after all. It’d be pretty lame to be absent after that.”

Stepping out the gap, Chinami closed her eyes briefly, as she allowed herself to be soaked to the bone by the ongoing downpour. With any luck, by the time she got home, most of the blood and ash would be rinsed away.

The front door of a modest, single-story house creaked open quietly, as Chinami padded inside, water sloughing off her as she went and landing cleanly on the porch, thanks to her Spirit’s selective intangibility. The door slipped closed far louder than she’d had quite preferred this particular late evening, and the lock flicking into place with a habitual motion sounded no less conspicuous to her ears.

“Chinami?” came the voice off an older woman from the kitchen.

“Yeah, Mum?” The girl in question winced but padded forward, slipping past the open arch between the main foyer and said occupied room as casually as she could. Her Spirit flickered out briefly to fret over her appearance, super-speed fingers combing through her hair and checking for any remaining semblance of the night's filth on her skin. Her pants were all but a lost cause, but the coat covered the worst of things if kept closed. Satisfied with her preparations, she stepped back into view, glancing over a counter of sorts and the kitchen sink set into the other side of it to see her mother hopping about with kitchenware in hand.

Chinami frowned, her Spirit itching to lunge forward to quell any chance of accidents, as her mother, Harumi, set glassware on the island counter and glanced at the running oven. “You should be using your wheelchair. You’re going to make a mess of things.”

“Nonsense,” Harumi waved her off, precariously twisting on her single leg to slide a large platter of finger-foods into the fridge. “See?” She sounded far too smug... and far too confident and capable for Chinami's liking.

“It only takes one slip up,” Chinami snorted, eyeing the timer on the over judgingly. One hour… What the hell was she making at this time of night? Well, at least that gave her time to handle her own affairs and then intercede in the nonsense idea of her mother getting that out alone. “You lose nothing by not being reckless. I’m not always going to be around to save you.”

“Chinami, I-” Harumi’s voice trailed off to the sound of footsteps already padding down the hall out of sight. After a quiet moment, she added, almost to herself, “The new coat looks nice…”

Chinami almost slung her filthy, ruined clothes into a hamper, before reconsidering and tossing them to the floor. The garbage was the only place they were bound. Although… perhaps the pants could be salvaged in some manner. Her thankfully intact phone and lighter had been left by her bedside, and preparations done, she proceeded with her best attempt to drain the house’s entire hot water supply.

The hard scrubbing her skin received didn’t quite manage to make her feel clean.

Next on the agenda, after donning a fresh set of garments and wringing out her hair to dry, was to get the coat washed. While the rain and her Spirit’s selective intangibility had done a good deal of the work, there was no substitute for a good cleansing… especially for the smell. After double-checking the coat’s tag for care instructions, she eventually settled on a gentler setting for the wash, wary of worsening the hole damage with a truly thorough deep-clean.

A timely break from that to help her mother in the kitchen and handle the oven nonsense soon informed her that the reason for all this recklessness was a party Harumi would be attending early tomorrow. Hence, her own overeager contributions to the collective buffet. After mildly wishing Harumi the best with that and concealing her own anxiety over her mother driving anywhere alone, Chinami otherwise wordlessly fixed herself some leftover stew, handled her dishes and went to bed.

She’d have liked to say she was asleep the moment her head hit the pillow… but that would have been a bold-faced lie. Between being unable to stand sleeping with wet hair and her overall wired and physically refreshed body, Chinami wouldn’t find herself drifting into the land of slumber till some hours later. Instead, she could only lie awake, half-heartedly flicking through her phone, her head clouded with thoughts of the day… what she could have done better… what she should have…

No-! She had survived! She was a survivor! Her caution had paid off! And by alerting Kiburi beforehand and provoking his intervention, she had indirectly saved them all! Rather, in the end, did that not mean that this really and truly was her victory, despite everything? That despite failing on a direct level, she had still pulled out a win by ripping the rug out from under her opponent and flipping the game board?! She… had definitely won…

But she sure didn’t feel victorious.

Chinami dreamed restlessly.
Yo! With Rofls having dropped the go-ahead, you should be good to move that CS of yours over to the CS tab!
I'll be shooting you a discord invite to the server. If anything more may or may not need to be done with the character, it'll be easier to discuss it there anyway.

You will have a lot of homework due when you return.

Lmfao. I know, and it scares me. XD
Ah, geez, sorry about the long absence, everyone. Abruptly found myself too busy to participate, and somehow it kept slipping my mind to poke back in. So, just wanted to mention that I love this RP and am overall still interested in it, but I'm too occupied to stay active right now.

Luckily, from an IC standpoint, Camelot had pretty good reason to step out of the way for a while, what with her powers being so blatantly on the fritz. Hopefully, I'll be able to hook back up with this once I regain some mojo and spare time.
<Snipped quote by Spin The Wheel>

lol. I think I will go with what was recommended.

@Lewascan2 Thank you for the suggestions and assistance on this. Is the above what you were thinking? I mean copy paste but still.

Yeah, copy/paste was the intention. And you're welcome. It was clear that things weren't going anywhere fast or good. from player to player, I want you to be able to actually play something you like without have your entire concept nerfed into the ground and ripped to shreds, but it's clear that either we weren't conveying the power-scale well enough or that you just weren't able to grasp it. So, a direct intervention was needed. I would have included a second gravity power in the mix, but you seem to want that "Apex Humanity"-type power extremely badly (given your absolute refusal to eject it from his backstory), so that ended up taking the third slot.

Other than that copy/paste, you still need to add what school he's going to in his basic information.

Also, since he's no longer inflicted with those brutal mental flaws, his backstory now needs some edits to at least the last two paragraphs, particularly the second to last paragraph. The final paragraph of the backstory just needs to be deleted outright. There's probably a couple more spots that might provoke edits too, but I'll leave it up to you how much you want to do on that end.

Also, honestly, I have to ask, because I'm getting a bit curious. But why is his nickname "Greed"? I realize there's no personality section for this RP's CSs, but nothing in his backstory really hints that he's the sort to seek and hoard wealth and such for the sake of it. I mean, he's rich, but that doesn't inherently mean anything when it comes down to it.
I did look at all the current character's abilities. Most have multiple functions from what I could see. So, I'm unsure what I can and cannot do.

Edit done.

Okay, so, how best to put this...? I guess the problem we're running into is expectations of scale? You're doing two things wrong either individually or together.
A: You either make the powers they do have absurdly broad in capability and sheer power, or...
B: You try to spread out his specializations to much. You try to grab too many powers and refuse to commit to a theme.

For example:

"Because of his training his body transcends the normal limitations of his species. A few things he can do due to this is flight, jumping really far quickly, running really fast, and taking hits from things that would kill someone."

This bullshit right here is one of the biggest annoyances. You can't slide extra powers in solely through the background. You need to have them actually take up a power slot. If it allows them to perform superhuman feats, then it's a power and needs to count towards your total, regardless of anything else. You can't just slap it in the background as an offhand mention and pretend like that works. And another thing, I'd mentioned it before, but without a specific Gift/Power for it, Dragon Ball training doesn't work in this setting. He can only get regular human child abilities out of that sort of gravity training, not Dragon Ball power. Humans in this setting only get power from either Gods or magic, and the capacity for magic doesn't provide that sort of passive "anime training" enhancement to humans. Bottom line, humans are stuck with IRL Earth Human limits on their physical abilities without a specific power for it.

So if you want "Dragon Ball Training: the power", literally make it full power. That's the only way this gets allowed. Oh, and it should be noted, but in the past version of this RP, "super-genius" also counted as a power against the total.

That said, this time, I hesitate to say it, but you actually overcompensated in the opposite direction this time with the main powers. When I referred to "flaws" for his powers, I meant actual flaws for the powers themselves, not crippling the character mentally as some sort of "compensation". Honestly, unless you really like the idea, you can just scrap the mental afflictions. So, let's go through what we have left.

Let me try and give you a hand here. So, I'll strip everything down to what you want and show some options, even do a bit of helpful rewording here and there.

Firstly, removed the totally pointless flaws for now, so...:

Big Family:
His family is wealthy. Thus, he has no concerns over needing money. "I'm rich." would be an understatement.

This really isn't a power, just a passive. You should have left this in his background and put the feckin' Dragon Ball training bullshit in his power section.

Core Ability:
Singularity Transcendence, the Divine Entertainment
Val survived within a black hole for thousands if not tens of thousands of years. Due to this The Goddess of Chaos took pity on him and bestowed a blessing and curse upon him. Singularity Transcendence has forked abilities based on the Black Hole and quantum. Manipulation of gravity, portals, time, and space. Telekinesis due to the manipulation of gravity fields. Black hole space is a special space that only he has access to. However, he has yet to unlock most of these abilities. This is probably due to the Goddess of Chaos wanting to see what he can do with one of the abilities. Furthermore, these abilities seem to have several levels. The Deities can “tune in” and watch him every now and again. The Goddess of Chaos set up a voting system in order for him to unlock his abilities. However, there is also a down vote system. This causes the Goddess to send “bad things” his way. Some of the bad things are nightmares of his previous life, chaos creatures that hunt him and don’t let him sleep. Even if he slept he would have nightmares.

There was no real need for the "divine watchers" aspect to be kept separate from this ability, so I combined them. Far less confusion. They're literally directly connected, so I dunno why it wasn't this way before.

Sub-Power 1 - Gravity Control:
Basic (Growth)
He can manipulate gravity within 2 meters of himself. The force that can be applied can go up to 5 times the planet's normal gravity. Alternatively, he can do the reverse and lower gravity in the area around him, inducing a moon-walk zone of effect. This power can be utilized long term as a makeshift training tool, and over time, it is expected that it may grow stronger after sufficiently entertaining the gods.
This ability was unlocked or allowed by the Goddess of Chaos

Okay, this looks okay overall. Just added a little tweak that I think would make this more viable and encourage creative use. After trimming the fat, it's been broadly summarized down to a single actual Core ability and one Sub power. Time to fill up those empty slots.

Sub-Power 2 - Artificer of the Stars:
Raised in his past life by a family known to be foremost in the arts of quantum computing, engineering, physics, mechanics and theory, Val is (at least in this area of study) what can only be described as a super-genius and technological savant. To compare his potential to the likes of Tony Stark might not be far off. However, there's just a couple small issues. Firstly, this new world simply lacks the bleeding-edge high-tech industry to access the advancements rolling through his mind. He'll need to build the tools to make the tools first, but once that's done? Well, the world is his oyster. A second notable caveat is that this knowledge is purely science-based. His world had no magic. As such, he is a rank amateur in the mystic side of tech, and magitech is completely outside his area of expertise or proper comprehension at this time, especially given that he can't even cast magic.

With this, you now have an actual verbalization of his technological marvel creation capacity. The reason this "power" works, despite clashing with his "theme" is that it's based entirely on High-Mundane capabilities, something that anyone could learn in theory. I could go on, but suffice it to say: "It just works." And, with this version keeping magitech shut out of Val's grasp (for now), he won't innately infringe on the domains of all the other crafters that do use magic in turn.

Sub-Power 3 - Apex Humanity:
One of the first powers granted to him by the Goddess of Chaos to keep his reckless ass from accidentally murdering himself as a child through ignorance and excessive gravity power usage on an undeveloped, infant body. Anything a regular human can do, he can do better, assuming he's put in the same amount of effort. His constitution is highly robust, making illnesses and some poisons less effective on him and letting him endure harm and keep fighting with the kind of grit an anime protagonist would only thumbs-up at. He can run as fast as a peak human, despite being merely a child. His strength carries the weight of a trained martial artist behind it, despite receiving no formal training. His agility and hand-eye coordination make him a master of parkour and deflecting or using thrown projectiles. His 5 senses are practically bestial in how refined they are. The natural human limiters on his body are released, allowing him to manually utilize 100% percent of his actual strength instead of 60% in an emergency... at the cost of inflicting self-damage on his muscules from the strain. That aside, a further effect of these broken limiters is that he is no longer constrained by the normal human maximum in terms of physical refinement. While his feats aren't quite outright superhuman compared to a peak human yet, given his young age, as he grows and continues to train, he will rapidly come to surpass the best of humanity's natural stock, solidly stepping into a realm only other Gifts can challenge... But such things are for the future...

Just saying this now, but he's not reasonably getting flight out of this last power. He'll need to earn the ability to do that with his gravity powers. And besides, given his weight manipulation, he should be able to just make himself lighter instead of heavier and do super-leaps right out the gate. It's not flight, but it's still pretty good and provides a shitton of mobility till he can actually fly. Also, I've now provided reasonable context behind why the Goddess would actually give him this last power. Quite simply, he was being a dumbass and assuming his new world worked on anime logic... when it didn't. So, she saved his life before he could become a complete waste of her time and attention.

So, yeah, that about covers the major alterations I see that could be implemented. Hope this helps.
I may make a future isekai character if possible. Someone who is in quantum stuff. same looks and name because I'm lazy. Listed in character below.

I would like to point out that he has a Max weight and height listed for when he grows up. Assuming he doesn't die.

Okay, uh... Wow, so... this character is a thing that exists.
Somehow, the blacksmith build from before looks way more reasonable now.

Right out the gate then, the Singularity Transcendence power is broken as shit and just ggez claps pretty much everything in the setting. Like, that power "slot" (for an apparent definition of the word with this... being) alone contains everything that a single character could possibly need. If you took that and spread it out into a couple sub-powers, then we might be cooking with gas here. Stronk as fukk, but not "God on Earth" broken... maybe. It doesn't seem to have a whole lot of limits (which you better believe would be required as well).

Which, of course, is ignoring that fact that your reasoning for having it doesn't really work with the RP setting at all, since it's completely separate from the "Gift" system. And on that note, humans may be "built different", but they don't manifest supernatural abilities under basically any circumstance outside a "Gift/Blessing" scenario. So, this guy will not, in fact, suddenly spontaneously gain powers from that whole black hole thing. He's only going to get powers from Gods. Also, humans in this setting can't really go full "Dragon Ball" in terms of training. As in, if he's going to be training from birth, he better be real dang careful not to murderize himself through overtraining at too young an age. Further, it's been said by Rofls that his "muscle gains" max out with his age. So, he can be a peak physical strength 13 year old, but he'll lose to a well-trained 16 year old in turn. And he's not going to be able to actually train to superhuman levels. Without a Gift that specifically removes such limiters, he's hard-capped at normal human capabilities.

Vortex: "..."
So, basically Uno Reverse Card: The Power. Never mind that he needs "permission" from the other players to actually copy powers after negating them, the fact that this can just eat and no-sell anything that comes his way is uh... something. Oh, and then it also lets him regenerate as an extra screw everything. I'll just put it out there that power copiers have been... problems in this RP series, so there's some general bias against having another around, especially one that can farm permanent powers with seemingly no downsides that actually matter.

Black Hole Space:
Obito Uchiha's Kamui on steroids but minus the teleportation... maybe. Narrows eyes. Free get out of jail card any time anywhere and also instant nigh-inescapable perma-prison for anyone he doesn't like. This is just getting noped by the GMs for sure. It's literally an insta-win against anyone that can't perform outright dimensional travel to escape (which consists of, I think, literally just Chinami presently... and maybe Andras if her power rolls decide to be lucky).

Core of the First Spark:
At this point, it's both unnecessary and not even thematic to the rest of the powerset, despite the apparent attempts to reach for the literal stars. And honestly, it's easy to overlook after getting slapped in the face with everything before it, but yeah, that "hottest flame in existence" thing... Holy shit, that alone is just... there are no words for how much bullshit that could cause. As written, that's just not going to fly... you know, unless you mean he only controls actual fire that can feasibly exist. But I doubt that's what you mean.

AND THEN, of course, let us not forget that this guy is born into a wealthy family and is supposedly a hyper genius when it comes to technology, which effectively gives him another power slot outside the power system. He has a lot of freaking assets just being born. He hardly needs any more in the form of actual powers, because honestly, someone could literally just run a character like this as a no-powers normie that is basically just Iron Man and relies entirely on their own smarts and "Humanity Fuck Yeah" to win the day against all the chaos.

So, as Killa essentially said, literally just scrap everything except the Core power and then split up several of the core power's abilities into being his sub-powers. It's pretty clear now that you don't understand the power scaling level of this RP. So, to clarify:

Think of any anime tournament arc. Then discard basically all the Dragon Ball examples. Think more like Naruto Chunin exams, Hunter x Hunter. The works. We aren't making outright gods on earth here. These are mostly a bunch of teenagers going to super school (while having spicy adventures on the side, as they slowly root out the sus things happening in the setting's plot).

And by the way, since Erisse is the only CS I'm fairly certain you've read, you should realize that she qualifies as a High Tier by this RP's standards. Combat-wise, she may lag behind, so she's easy to underestimate. But her support power long term is relatively unrivaled in potential and flexibility. So, when you make a character that isn't just stronger than her, but so much stronger than her in every conceivable manner that it's egregious, I think you might be able to see why it would get shot down.

Honestly, as a thought exercise, you should probably ask yourself, "How can my character be defeated?" If you can't answer the question easily or definitively, then he's too strong. A badass "protagonist-kun" or whatever is fine, but he's not going to be one of those "world's strongest" korean manga types. Have some limits; include a relatively accessible "kyptonite" and/or workaround to his abilities. Also, maybe read the powersets of the other characters for a better idea of power scaling. You'll likely quickly see that while there are a few that are somewhat "cheaters", they are by no means invincible and tend to have a counter or three amongst the rest of the cast... and they also all pretty much pale in comparison to this guy as things are.

Oh, and again, you need to rework the source of his powers.
They should come from Gods or something local and god-derived. Not a black hole.
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