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Well darn, I was really hoping to join in on this
Made some minor edits to my own page
Man, you all make your pages look so fancy. I don't know shit about whatever format this site uses @_@
That's one hell of a land dispute
I have been working on my sheet, but I need abit more time to flesh all the details out. Don't wanna leave it too bland, but on the other hand don't want to spoil too much neither. Tricky path to walk, that line inbetween the black and white magic. I may finish the sheet later tonight or early tomorrow. So bear with me abit longer.

Why don't we have Grey Mages?
So everybody has played FF14 then XD

It is pretty accessible. I started my first game in the desert as a cheerful cat girl. Immidiately beelined for that delicious destructive potential as a Black Mage, and blew monsters up with fireballs and lightning until I became a Red Mage.

The game gets a bit samey after some time, though, especially if you don't have anyone to play with. I don't think I even really started the first of the DLC. Heavensward, I think it was called?
While we're here, I'm curious, who here has played an FF game, and which one(s)?
So how is what I've got?
Okay, I found something that works
Yeah, but I can't find a description of what they do. What am I supposed to put under limit break?
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