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A vast, dry desert distinguished by two opposing forces: The Jewel of The Desert, and The Dragon Kingdoms. The West, too, possesses their own ethereal power, dominated by the long march of camel Caravans and their vaunted exotic trade.

Hi guys! Still alive and well, but I'm using a different Discord now.

Just a heads up, if anybody approaches you, acts funny, then asks you to try out their new game, be VERY cautious.

For context, I got hacked. They're very real, and very dangerous

Power: C; Endurance: D; Agility: C; Intellect: D; Honkai: D; Burst: D
Health: 3/3
Honkai Corruption: 0/3
Burst Charge: 0/5
Time Fracture: 1/1

You're in a new place

You're in a new country

You're surrounded by new people

You can make this work

Hinode brought a hand up to her neck, grazing the ivory charm suspended there with a pale, trembling finger. She couldn't help but think about the people occupying the transport. Would they be... ? Balling her hand into a fist, she gripped the shattered claw, hard eyes taking in her companions. There was Jessica, their supposed leader. There was something so... What's the word? Fake about her. The smile, the confidence. Ni-sama would frown and point and say she's putting on an act. A 'brave face' when really, she didn't want to be here. Ni-sama's smile would be real, it'd smack her and the crew in the face with raw positivity and the sheer force of 'go get 'em' she remembers so fondly.

Moving her gaze to the next in line, a pretty blonde woman. Hinode recalled what she'd read on her profile, and offered her a nod of respect. She felt an instant kinship with her fellow tragic figure, and idly considered if she'd have come out any different were she sworn to a Kaslana-adjacent family. 'Thou shalt live by this oath: Purge the vile Honkai.'

Liliana Lehtinen... She'll remember this name.

Next, the Faramont girl. She'd actually encountered her, briefly, in the corridors of World Serpent. After she'd come begging and screaming for revenge against the monsters that took her family. Her friends. It was only later that she learned of the possibility of some kind of fusion, a method to her means of Honkai's eradication. Of course, it wasn't available to rookies such as herself...

... The kind of rookie who gets her friends killed, because she was so overeager- so overconfident, that she ignored rule one fighting the Honkai: expect the unexpected.

Neither Faramont nor the Isa lady really held her attention, that's when her attention shifted to the third techy in their bandwagon-

"... Hinode."

She blinked, and unclasped the claw, staring the outspoken lady up and down. She was Chinese- A culture similar enough to her own to be comfortable with- and evidently one to take the initiative. Ni-sama would approve.

Furrowing her brows, she listened. Something stirred within her, a dread that only deepened her frown. She was perhaps too outspoken. Too friendly. But Hinode could hardly fault her with how dead silent the ride has been.

"In Normandy, France, yeah." She had surface-level knowledge on the topic, but she was more concerned with the layout of their destination. A Honkai Outbreak... When she'd received the briefing, some small part of her had hoped- foolishly- that her monster may make an appearance. But after reading 'No elemental variations detected', her enthusiasm drastically waned. It was still an opportunity to prove her mettle, and one step closer to receiving the power she needed to exact her revenge. Besides, stragglers or not, she will still be putting a blade to Honkai. That's good enough for her. "There's a river. River Seine."

She pulls out her phone, brings up Google Maps, and leans over to show her, and anyone else who may want a look.

"It'll be roughly East of us when we land."

She zooms in on Sottevile, tapping the screen.

"There are three main roads that all lead towards the perimeter. If we split up, we could clear a path to our destination and hopefully spread a wide enough net to catch the stragglers."

She pauses, glancing towards Jessica... Then slowly leaning back and pocketing her phone. Splitting up was probably a bad idea- they were brought together as a team for a reason, after all, even if she didn't know what that reason was.

Tapping her fingers on her thigh, she looked to Liliana again.

That dread built up, bubbling to the surface in a haze of frost and lightning- "You wanna be my wingman?"

The words just spilled out. She couldn't lose another friend. She couldn't afford to make another friend, but out of all the people here she was the only one she suspected she'd get along with. Well enough to perform her duties without worrying about friction.

She composed herself, distracting her racing mind with the gleam of her hair and the odd getup that reminded her of the word 'eskimo'.

"As in... Pair up. I'm actually used to working with someone with cryonic powers. We liked to joke and call it magic... Eheh..."

Oh... She's already making a fool of herself.

I'm sorry... I tried using a hider, but it wouldn't work...

Also WIP

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