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I've been around a while but I still feel new and that means I'll be using proper grammar and obsessively carefully worded posts and treading carefully everywhere, sorry about that

I will always play as an anime girl. This is not a point of pride, it's the tragic truth

pfp is a work by 貓臉 (Māo liǎn, or cat face) except I took away the background and most of the detail

A summary of almost every character I've ever made, if you want to gauge me or reference something or something

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<Snipped quote by Sniblet>

>I think we could do with an elf. Maybe one who can't be remembered because she randomly shifts between her dark and light forms, possibly with a personality change in the process?

I was leaning toward catgirl-chan but I have just been told by a friend that imouto characters are lame and I have to agree
I didn't really know where I was going with the elf - this helps
I'll spend maybe two hours mostly looking for good pictures and get back to you with something more coherent
Two ideas

-Comically mysterious raven-haired/white-haired woman from the ancient race of plot devices- I mean elves ("comically" might mean no one can remember her name, no one can read her handwriting, and/or the adventurer's guild she works for doesn't remember hiring her, much to her elegantly concealed annoyance)

-The chuuni catgirl little sister who actually does have powers but they just never go her way (she poses and yells a spell name and something unrelated in the background explodes)
Sunrise came too fast. Cherry scans her surroundings and edges toward an alley for cover.
"What I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is... a lot. The agenda is a lot. I was just going to paint today. With you? With the faith that you're real?"

She brings John into the alley. Her demeanor is changing again. She seems to be growing agitated, her eyes widening and her voice picking up pace as she looks into him.
"I- If you've been around like you say, you know- you know Taygete has an, an infestation, don't you? I'd almost want to call them leeches, but no, leeches can be satisfied. It- it's a-a different kind of parasite, a cancer. They grow and eat and drown out the body because all they know is grow and eat and kill everything they depend on until it's all desolation. They're all over the city center, they're all over history, Rome, Venice, France..."

She's gotten very animated. She stops in the middle of counting out locations on her fingers, and visibly makes an effort to untense.
"I could do this for hours. I can go on nonstop about how this city's been trembling on its knees in front of Miss Vermillion since its conception, but I can't right now. Not right here. Not at you, who has to have seen it. What I'm looking for?"

Cherry leans back against the filthy brick wall behind her. She fidgets with her braid. Her eyes smoulder.
"I don't have anything, and they've stolen the world. I'm looking for anything. A single-injection cure. A team of oncologists. At least an MRI scan to start with. This poor goddamn city was born to die. The symptoms are all around us, and nobody has the strength to move."
Cherry is silent for a moment. She takes a step back and stares, or glares at John up and down through narrowed eyes.
It wouldn't be the first time she spent days in pursuit of a complete delusion, but everything's pointing... well, it sure is pointing. This isn't a hallucination - from that assumption, what then?
Living in Herse trains one to pay closer attention to transactions than Arche or Chaldene would allow most to muster. Calculations that take an average Taygete drone tens of minutes might take a businessman just one, and they can go by as fast or faster along the well-worn thought-tracks of someone who needs to make deals and friends to survive, and can never afford to be cheated.

"Nothing to lose," she echoes. Her expression doesn't say she believes it. Her expression says she's probably never believed anything she hasn't seen, and rarely what she's seen either.
Then her eyes dart aside, almost as if regarding someone who's come up next to John.

Everything is quiet more often than not at this time of morning. Noises as subtle as taking a breath to speak are audible from feet away. In the right wind and the right echo, hushed voices could carry for a block or more. Experience can teach a woman anything. Cherry answers in less than a whisper.
"We'll see."
Her eyes flick back to John. Over the course of a few seconds, the tension and suspicion in her demeanor have gradually dried up as if by miracle. She's only a little louder as she says, "We both know I have no idea where to start for my end, but it sounds like you'll let me use you until I find something. So - fine. You have my commitment if I have yours."

" can call me Cherry."
She offers her hand.

feeling bad today for medical reasons. if i'm not making any sense, oh well
Checking every word, every movement, every... there are no facial expressions... checking everything for any sign of a threat. It just wouldn't make sense for him to be genuine - in any sense - but everything's saying that he is. Cherry doesn't move, doesn't speak, hardly seems to breathe for a long time, staring intensely at "John Doe."
Taking him at his word is Plan Z, but by now she's getting there. What was it that he said exactly? He's some kind of ghost? She hasn't been listening as closely as what might be polite.

"Why do I see you?" she echoes, and she's aware now that she's probably talking to herself - something she'd been able to avoid doing in public for months straight.
"Why do I see anything?" she adds, quieter.
Well. She's already started.
"I see a lot that no one else does. Omens, and hints, and..." She tries prodding the apparition's shin with her foot, to see if she can. "...a lot of nonsense. You're different. I don't like that."

If she was right from the start, if he is a threat
If there are more like him
What does he want
Will spraypaint to the eyes work

Relax. Relax. Any thug she's ever met would've started something already. But what else would he want?
Circles and circles, the same thoughts again and again and again-

"I don't like this at all. No jokes. Tell me what you want."
She should really get herself a gun.
Either method works fine, though I don't imagine Cherry would respond usefully to an interview if she weren't compensated or coerced
Flavor is good, and so is fleshing out a character early. I'm not all the way sure yet about how Cherry should talk to people, and a chance to help lock that in might be nice.
Sorry about the late post, I can go faster from here.
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