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Current Erotic Role Play (threat)
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Someday we will be old, and we will be calling our spouses that we have come to hate maidenless and unbased while being old
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Hello, would you like to purchase 100% legal German Austrian Estonian Luxembourgian Leichtenstein Belgian Italian Polish Icelandic driver's license passport ID card pass no test no exam legal online?
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1x1s seem so popular but they all happen, like, underground... maybe there's a thriving hive of ERP underneath our very feet... I'm tempted but I will never go down there
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i will allow you to have a preference but i dont understand why almost everyone has one rule saying "i will not accept any character that is pictured with/out big eyes and a small mouth"


I still feel new here

I will always play as an anime girl. This is not a point of pride, only the tragic truth

I'm not here for anything dirty leave me alone

pfp is a work by 貓臉 (Māo liǎn, or cat face) except I took away the background and most of the detail

A summary of almost every character I've ever made, if you want to gauge me or reference something or something

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I'm now out of the RP.
For posterity, the reasons my characters left should be pretty clear: Hannie was in no way cut out for this and the Australian government finally caught wind that she was a liability, while I've retconned that Indra was only meant to stay for Mischief Reef.

I might continue watching the ASEAN War. I might continue editing my hypothetical characters, because creating people in this system is fun. I might not. Enjoy the rest of the story.

Right now I'm listening to: the sort of thing that levels me out. It's working, surprisingly.
So that was it.
That was it.
That was it?
She did get shot. And she did have that embarrassing episode. But that was all. They won while she wasn't looking. Indra could scream. And she will, of course, later - after she's left.
The plan was never to stay for the whole campaign. The idea was to show, in a way that on a national scale was almost superficial but on her personal scale was about as impactful as a handgun round through the femur, which side Sweden would take if they didn't have their own problems some 600 kilometers of Baltic sea away.
While waiting to return to Lingayen, she makes herself fairly scarce, seeking out no one in particular - resting, as one aught to after being shot in the femur. It's kind of hard to get that off her mind. It still aches. She tells herself it's a good thing she's not walking home, and makes a face.
I'm retiring Indra soon, as I'm withdrawing from the game as soon as convenient.

The wretched Hannie, adrift aboard the HMAS Supply after everyone left her alone to handle captives-or-whatever, has heard at least enough from her surroundings that it's not a terrible surprise to see that they're now docking. Now, perhaps more than ever, the ship comes alive. It seems that she's in the way no matter where she goes. This familiar sensation calls up a practiced response: Hannie deftly vanishes from this mortal plane.
She slips into a closet, actually, but most anyone who noticed, in all the rush, wouldn't remember.
It's dark in here, and it's quieter. And lonelier. And there's not much more to be said, but that these are all nice things right now.
She closes her eyes and reminds herself, not for the first time but nearly for the last, that she wants to go home.
I'm retiring Hannie soon, as I'm withdrawing from the game as soon as convenient.

Right now I'm listening to: hey, my earbuds still work?
The - man, less than one minute - following the breach and leading up to the sparks stopping are a blur. Indra doesn't really recall how the surrender order went, or how cleanly she beat the shock trap. Something happened, something hurt for a short while, and then Nico threw his sword in and it was just her and Noel standing inside. She finds herself moving on from it smoothly. The bridge is clear, and ruined.

"Okay, okay," she says - again, the layering, as there's never been a more perfectly meaningful "okay, okay" - and she looks around as Nil, also, joins them. Lot of Ns around.

She tests her radio, shakes her head, and quickly reports the complication out loud but apparently unassisted:
"Larsdottir, Boarding team. Electronics in the bridge under remote, likely occult control. WOs got zapped, everything's inoperable, my radio's dead. Not sure whether to expect more of this, on this boat or others. Over."
Callie @Nimbus, if she's not moved far from where Indra last saw her, hears her voices clearly, as if she was shouting from somewhere close by.

She adds, to those near, "Whatever was in here is fried, but we want fire control. Callie thinks that's deeper in. Nico's entry door should be the way, let's be fast but more careful." She tamps down her frazzled hair with a huff, raising an eyebrow at Noel for the last word.
Here, standing in the ozone-smelling, wet slaughterhouse of the former bridge, holding Dís loosely in one hand; wings a touch limp, hair and BDU soaked and frazzled; grouped with three other variously disoriented Arms Masters; is a pretty tragic-looking Valkyrie. But she's still standing straight.

Hannie is doing the "this is fine" meme but with marmalade toast instead of a coffee mug, and the HMAS Supply isn't on fire. But it could be soon.

Right now I'm minutes away from realizing that this, what I’m doing, right now, is my first ever actual CQC engagement. Oh - what am I listening to? Well, probably not my first pick for this moment, but it’ll pass.
Jumping through the portal is easy. Indra has drilled all kinds of breaches, and her particular equipment means they all work about the same. Run through, overlap wings in front of her upper body, throw the spear at the biggest rank patch in sight, and…
This voice is not the voice her teammates might have noticed in briefing. It’s - layered. The dominant part of it sounds like her, speaking something odd and north-Germanic-ish, something even Nil probably wouldn’t even recognize. Another part of the voice, on some - higher? Lower? Parallel level? - is completely crystal clear meaning without need for sound, something that skips the ear and makes room for itself right in the brain.
The “the fuck” in particular comes through very plain. It’s a riveting, vividly visceral threat of violence like words themselves should never be able to convey.
Here, stepping through a wall into the bridge and pulling Dís to fly back to her hand, whether impaled through someone’s torso or not; covered from waist to face by fluffy golden shining wings; coupled with a further two aggressive Arms Masters; is a Valkyrie, and a furiously imminent threat of violence.

Hannie is slice-of-lifing in a war zone, as depicted in an upcoming collab post.
Hierophant is holy-themed too...
It's a whole big concept I've had for a while, reskinning it is gonna feel like work. I don't have a second backup character lined up. I guess I'll think of something.
The alternative I was considering to Ophanim was going to be an evil AI, actually. If that sort of archetype is a better fit than whatever niche I'm in now, I'm happy to pivot while the pivoting's good. Writing sheets is fun.

Inflation gone. I cut it to ~2000 because hehe bible.
@Dead Cruiser
Uhhh, point by point I guess:
I was pretty much fine with your character until you pointed out that you ported it from a video game.

Ophanim in-game is mostly mechanics and theme, with exactly one lore blurb, shown in the picture. Everything that makes it more than that was me.

I would ask that you personalize them a bit more? Maybe introduce more of a personality to help them interact with their fellow Archons? Otherwise they may have difficulty cooperating with your 40-million-year-old "elder spirit."

I think its inhumanity is pretty core to the character I want to play. Its age and origin are just aesthetic (it's spent the overwhelming majority of those 40 million years in an unchanging world devoid of unique experiences to develop from, so practically speaking the extra zeroes are only there to sell the Lovecraft look), but I'm not willing to make this character into the sort of entity you can have a normal conversation with. Not to say that it can't talk to another Archon, but it wouldn't be very charismatic.
The "(very alien being) obsessed with the trappings of divinity" thing is The point. If that won't work, I have other ideas I can try to put to a sheet, no issue.

Have you considered maybe that they might have been human to start, until learning the "truth" within the Book of Light?

I could make that change, or something similar, but I wouldn't want anything to be left of that human.
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