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Current Erotic Role Play (threat)
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Someday we will be old, and we will be calling our spouses that we have come to hate maidenless and unbased while being old
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1x1s seem so popular but they all happen, like, underground... maybe there's a thriving hive of ERP underneath our very feet... I'm tempted but I will never go down there
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i will allow you to have a preference but i dont understand why almost everyone has one rule saying "i will not accept any character that is pictured with/out big eyes and a small mouth"


I still feel new here

I will always play as an anime girl. This is not a point of pride, only the tragic truth

I'm not here for anything dirty leave me alone

pfp is a work by 貓臉 (Māo liǎn, or cat face) except I took away the background and most of the detail

A summary of almost every character I've ever made, if you want to gauge me or reference something or something

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Hierophant is holy-themed too...
It's a whole big concept I've had for a while, reskinning it is gonna feel like work. I don't have a second backup character lined up. I guess I'll think of something.
The alternative I was considering to Ophanim was going to be an evil AI, actually. If that sort of archetype is a better fit than whatever niche I'm in now, I'm happy to pivot while the pivoting's good. Writing sheets is fun.

Inflation gone. I cut it to ~2000 because hehe bible.
@Dead Cruiser
Uhhh, point by point I guess:
I was pretty much fine with your character until you pointed out that you ported it from a video game.

Ophanim in-game is mostly mechanics and theme, with exactly one lore blurb, shown in the picture. Everything that makes it more than that was me.

I would ask that you personalize them a bit more? Maybe introduce more of a personality to help them interact with their fellow Archons? Otherwise they may have difficulty cooperating with your 40-million-year-old "elder spirit."

I think its inhumanity is pretty core to the character I want to play. Its age and origin are just aesthetic (it's spent the overwhelming majority of those 40 million years in an unchanging world devoid of unique experiences to develop from, so practically speaking the extra zeroes are only there to sell the Lovecraft look), but I'm not willing to make this character into the sort of entity you can have a normal conversation with. Not to say that it can't talk to another Archon, but it wouldn't be very charismatic.
The "(very alien being) obsessed with the trappings of divinity" thing is The point. If that won't work, I have other ideas I can try to put to a sheet, no issue.

Have you considered maybe that they might have been human to start, until learning the "truth" within the Book of Light?

I could make that change, or something similar, but I wouldn't want anything to be left of that human.

Right now I'm listening to: something to keep my head on straight. It doesn't feel appropriate at all.
Jitters. Bad jitters. Really bad jitters. They were bad when she woke up. They got better when she went practice flying. Now they're back. And they're bad. But Indra's been taught to act against her feelings from time to time; she nods at the simple order, clings desperately to the directions, and looks to Myron... speaking of acting against her feelings. But, shit, she's one of the leads - she has to be seen volunteering herself to him fast. She doesn't wait to see if Noel moves. Should she?

"Let's go, then," she tells him, apparently calm and trusting. As she approaches her transport, she conjures Dís. She doesn't spread her wings wide like the photos, but those who know of the Valkyrie would recognize her now if ever. She sighs, and tries to keep it under her breath.

On the other side, what comes first? - assess the surroundings. Next? - find her team.

Hannie is watching. Hannie is a little nervous. Hannie is passing this turn, staying close to Kaitlyn and far from... you know, the other woman.
A piece of writing from Thrasybulus

And a collab

Right now I'm listening to: something kinda tense.

Indra nods to Noel's response to her, and catches a stranger's eyes as they send her a wave. She replies with a little bow of her fingers, a-
Is she...
The- that woman. Her surprise is probably showing. Noel had said Qingshe and all, but she'd kind of...
(holy shit that really is Lei Qingshe isn't it?)
No- she's the kind of woman who'll make her regret staring like that. She drops her hand and overwrites whatever limp expression she'd had with a friendly smile, before turning back to watch the questions. This is going to be something to think about later.

The questions turn out to be kind of wacky. Starting with some Greek boy saying the Seven Virtues want him to lead them (they have a hierarchy?) and Noel's prompt reveal that Alan Turing is - what, like - the father of magic? - and then some woman with what appears to be a preteen in her lap and a private's badge starts questioning Noel's (admittedly weird, but) command and-
And fuckingLeiQingshe stands up for about three minutes of sarcastic-sounding monologue?

Indra is feeling... um.
Yeah, that about sums it up. She's also feeling the beginnings of a headache. Half of these words have slipped right past her and she doesn't know where to begin with processing. What she's sure of is that if this team is always like this there's going to be a problem.
She's not the first in command right now and hardly the most experienced with this team or the circumstances out here, but she's got a brass badge and she's thinking about that fight 12 hours away, which might make her unique in this room.

Second Lieutenant Larsdottir stands up.
"With respect to everyone here - I think it would be most productive right now to discuss the mission that's right in front of us. I don't know... what all this Disabler-shit means, besides that Makaraig needs to sit some time before I'd put anyone's life in his hands, and I don't think that's up for debate."
She takes a breath. The swear kind of slipped out. Everybody at home said that Arms Master officers are even worse than the "real thing" when they didn't think she was listening...
"What I'm thinking is, do we have any command structure outside of this room, or any way to coordinate right now with the rest of the force that'll be at Mischief Reef? It sounds like we're going into this seriously underpowered and on very short notice, so every second spent not planning is very probably a lot of lost lives."
She glances back to Noel, and directly addresses him.
"First thing I want to say in terms of concrete strategizing - I'm not much of an air-to-air asset. I don't throw guided missiles, so I'm not likely to even scare an aircraft unless I get very close. I'm artillery first. Thank you, though, for the, ah... affable personality comment."

She watches her immediate superior's expression for any sign that she's spoken out of turn. Everybody's doing that anyway, but it feels like a time for bad first impressions, and she'd rather not be one of them.

Hannie is withdrawing again. This back-and-forth and here-and-there all feels very complicated and ultimately seems to be about nothing at all. Kaitlyn seems to have it handled, though, so she settles in on one of the only other people who appear to have no interest in this discussion.
Is Nil making a new friend?

Kaitlyn's chin drops onto her head. She blinks.
Well. She can't go see Nil like this. She just watches from a distance, and hopes the strange man talking to her is being nice. He looks Chinese, but like in a real way, not like whatever the snake is...

Oh, look. Another strange woman stands up and starts talking.
She huffs. She's kind of used to sitting through long silly talks, but they never got fun at home, and they aren't any better here.

Hannie takes a moment to process the fact that she'd just been called "Private Calvert," and then quietly but visibly relaxes in her seat. While there's nothing fun about being here at all, what she's getting is that she's staying away from...
The images don't come to mind anymore when she calls for them. She's not sure why, but she's not mad.
This will be okay. It'll be like those shows, some tall guy in a mask says "scalpel" and she'll be right there with a scalpel. And she'll save people. Maybe give them lollipops after.
She follows Noel's attention to find Kaitlyn, and gives a little smile when she catches Kaitlyn's eyes already seeking her.

A few hours ago
A dark shape on the horizon soon proves not to be a bird, or a plane. Soldiers at their stations recoil and check their weapons as a woman dives from the sky, wings spread and spear in-hand. She flips herself and slows just short of the ground with a single, heavy wingbeat, and drops on her feet. She greets the men with a smile, going for a breast pocket on her tiny pink leather jacket.

"Halt," says one, stepping forward. "Identify yourself."

This proves a touch unnecessary, as the woman extracts and presents an ID card in the middle of his sentence.

"Indra Larsdottir, second lieutenant, B-B-A-B-C-C, just assigned to Obsidian, someone should've told you I was coming. I have no transportation and I'm alone, here's my bag."
She runs down her points quickly and matter-of-factly, in a somewhat dense Swedish accent that doesn't glaze the "i" in lieutenant.

Her wings quiver and wink out together with the spear, and she unstraps a duffelbag from her back. Weapons are lowered a bit. "Valkyrie" doesn't translate in Tagalog, so she knows what one of the men in the back says to the rest, and she flashes a brighter smile at him. Being recognized by strangers is... something she's getting used to, at least. But she didn't think it would happen away from home.

There hasn't been time to make friends yet. Indra, out of her favorite outfit and into something more standard-military - though she got her way with a custom pin depicting spread fluffy silver wings, just under the rank pin - sits anywhere for the briefing, tracking Noel as he addresses his audience, making mental notes of names and faces. After lingering a bit on Lotus Squadron to internalize all of them in one go, she raises an eyebrow at Noel, to find he's already moved on.

She raises her hand. When she gets her turn...
"First Lieutenant, right? Second Lieutenant Larsdottir. We should step aside later to get to know each other, and perhaps discuss where I'm best used."
She lets her hand drop, casting quickly over the audience around her before settling to watch for the reply.
Very stiff. Very professional. Maybe she can be more herself in private.
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