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Current Someday we will be old, and we will be calling our spouses that we have come to hate maidenless and unbased while being old
3 mos ago
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3 mos ago
ay, this plague of apathy. ive been thinking that i COULD be the difference i want to see on this site, try to run something my damnself and whip people into staying active, but... ehhhh...
4 mos ago
1x1s seem so popular but they all happen, like, underground... maybe there's a thriving hive of ERP underneath our very feet... I'm tempted but I will never go down there
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5 mos ago
i will allow you to have a preference but i dont understand why almost everyone has one rule saying "i will not accept any character that is pictured with/out big eyes and a small mouth"


I still feel new here

I will always play as an anime girl. This is not a point of pride, only the tragic truth

I'm not here for anything dirty; you have my permission and request to remove me from the situation by any force necessary if anyone, including myself, ever I slowly begin to remove your clothing in my RPs

I like writing at all opportunities and I keep a free schedule, call the police if you ever don't hear from me for 48 hours

pfp is a work by 貓臉 (Māo liǎn, or cat face) except I took away the background and most of the detail

A summary of almost every character I've ever made, if you want to gauge me or reference something or something

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@KaiserElectric Approval 2/3
@Senhara Approval 3/3, clear for Char tab
@MagusDream Approval 2/3
I don't think I'm enjoying this enough to warrant keeping up with the pace, even as forgiving as it is. I'm dropping out. I say either melt Astreya to raise the stakes, or just have her get called home after this.
@Landaus Five-One I forgot that reviews on this weren't moving
I think Ayahime is in a good enough place for me now, approval 1/3

First kill! Astreya hurries back for her gun-
wait, so demons can be killed?-
Anyway, she goes back for her gun and reassesses her list of problems. There's the dead demon, the other dead demons, and this demon that's not dead. Right! Point the gun at it! Aaaand- a tank falls on it.
Well. Hey, that'll keep it still. She points and holds the trigger.

She can't hear Leoniya over the sound of her gun, but her disappointed searching speaks clearly enough. She kind of tries to gesture at it with her eyes. She mouths, "Это под тобой."

Astreya drops her gun as she falls over. It goes off with a wild shot blasted in some direction she doesn't bother to check up on, preferring to quickly crawl out of the Greater Beast's vicinity. If it's a pain even to touch, who would want to be anywhere close to-
As she gets up, Astreya reaches for her war-slash-smithing-hammer.
The hair on one side of her face is visibly smoldering, but she doesn't seem to notice. Even the smell is pretty well covered up by everything else.

She rotates the hammer in her grip, figuring the flat end isn't going to do much good to bleed the monster, and instead presenting the wedge on the opposite side of its head for imminent use. With its back gushing lava and her uniform featuring fire-resistant shoes rather than fire-resistant boots, she decides to go for its flank. She doesn't really want to get close to its arms.
She swings hard overhead, hoping to embed the spike and tear open a new wound.
@The Man Emperor
I mean like this

Noble Arm Rank:

Provided you do that,
Approval 2/4
@The Man Emperor
Approval 0/4

Firstly I'm gonna draw a line at three whole un-hider-ed sheets, please stop making me scrollllll
Doesn't matter what you call it, as long as it's easy for me to guess who the hider's for.


Power: C (3)
+Speed: E (1)
+Range: C-B (3-4)
+Persistence: C (3)
+Precision: B (4)
+Potential: C (3)
= 16-17
= 2.66-2.833
Overall rank = D

Where the hider says "insert NA rank here," you put your overall rank decided by this calculation. If you feel like he warrants a higher or lower rank than the math says, you can make him a C or an E accordingly.

With that said, third:

Are these grades reflective of what you're trying to do?
Power C is iffy for easily piercing tank armor. That might be a B. Given that, a divine shield that's stronger than tank armor is definitely a B.

Speed doesn't reflect the Master's movement speed, it reflects the responsiveness of the NA.
E-Rank: Comparative to walking underwater. Notable ramp-up/charge time. Abilities take a disadvantageously long time to fully "stick". Recommended against using them in the open or in sight of any hostile, at least initially.
#Power Classification System

I don't see any notes about charge-up or ramp-up in any of Carroman's abilities. If you are using Speed in the sense dictated above, specify the charge-up times/mechanisms/etc. If you misunderstood what Speed meant, reassess.

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