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Current Erotic Role Play (threat)
1 yr ago
Someday we will be old, and we will be calling our spouses that we have come to hate maidenless and unbased while being old
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Hello, would you like to purchase 100% legal German Austrian Estonian Luxembourgian Leichtenstein Belgian Italian Polish Icelandic driver's license passport ID card pass no test no exam legal online?
2 yrs ago
1x1s seem so popular but they all happen, like, underground... maybe there's a thriving hive of ERP underneath our very feet... I'm tempted but I will never go down there
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2 yrs ago
i will allow you to have a preference but i dont understand why almost everyone has one rule saying "i will not accept any character that is pictured with/out big eyes and a small mouth"


I still feel new here

I will always play as an anime girl. This is not a point of pride, only the tragic truth

I'm not here for anything dirty leave me alone

pfp is a work by 貓臉 (Māo liǎn, or cat face) except I took away the background and most of the detail

A summary of almost every character I've ever made, if you want to gauge me or reference something or something

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