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to pray is to accept defeat. power pisses on the weak.


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Mikey seemed to think on Izzy's question for a moment, before simply saying, "It's... it's a house. Just a regular house, I think. I haven't been there in a pretty long time. I don't really recognize the area."

Not particularly helpful information, and Holden didn't seem to have any reaction to it. Rather, he continued walking for a while longer, before stopping suddenly and saying. "I overshot it again. This isn't right, I shouldn't be getting lost like this." He seemed frustrated, more visibly so than he had before. He glanced at Izzy, saying, "What is it? You look like you have a complaint. Go on, out with it. I'll prostrate myself nude in the streets if I must."
In MONSTORY 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Holden didn't say anything, just continuing back down the road that they had come from. The silence was kind of awkward. Something was obviously bothering Holden, keeping from making his usual razor-tongued comments and retorts, and Mikey seemed scared speechless by him. He continued to hold onto Izzy's leg as the two walked along, showing no signs of letting go. Maybe she could try and dissuade his fears somehow to ease the tension? Or otherwise distract at least one of them. Perhaps if they knew what they were actually looking for it would be easier to find the address.
In MONSTORY 4 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
"No idea," Holden said, almost curtly. "But let's keep going. I'd like to not spend too much time on this." Hmm, his mood seemed to have taken a downturn. Was he more upset about his house than he let on?

Mikey didn't say anything, perhaps trying to to speak and reveal his location to Holden. Rather, he continued to cling to Izzy's leg, which made walking rather difficult as they tried to move forward. Was Holden really that frightening? Surely he couldn't hate kids enough to warrant this kind of reaction.

Suddenly, after a few more minutes of walking, Holden said, "Izzy, what was that address again?" After hearing it once more, he rubbed his chin and said, "I think I overshot it. We need to head in the opposite direction now; I apologize for wasting your time. Admonish me if you feel the need to."
In MONSTORY 6 days ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Holden shrugged saying, "Yeah, it's not much further past where I used to live, I think."

Mikey didn't say much, but as Holden began to make his way in the direction of the address, he urged Izzy on to follow him. The walked in silence for some time, with Mikey more or less hiding behind Izzy to keep her between him and Holden. Honestly him being so close on her heels made it difficult to walk, but she didn't want to spook him and have him run off.

Eventually Holden spoke up, pointing out to his left, "I used to live right about there." He happened to be pointing at a freshly-paved road. It was nice, but it definitely wasn't a house. "They've rezoned this area, I had no idea. All this in less than a year. Hmm." He said this all in a particularly calm matter, as though he was blasé about the whole matter. He had walked around the area to break in his new clothes, and now that he was done with that, he had no interest in the area. "The house was sold, so I didn't entirely expect it to still be there, but I hadn't expected it to be a road. That leaves me a little melancholy, I think."
@Lmpkio I can make the pitch a bit clearer. Cthulhu would not be as physically powerful as other monsters, but would be far more subversive. Inducing madness in humans, raising armies of cultists, birthing lesser monsters, and subtly altering reality to suit her needs.
@Lmpkio I'm not what the impediment to just calling my kaiju cthulhu is, if she's able to be all but her in name. Like I said before, the "cthulhu" kaiju that's been posted (and not yet accepted iirc) has tentacles, uses the word "eldritch" once or twice... and that's about all that makes it like cthulhu.

Long and short: that's my pitch, you can take it or you can leave it, doesn't matter to me.
@Lmpkio I tried to work with you on both of those points but, alright then, have a nice day.
Still here offering Great Cthulhu.
@The 42nd Gecko Yeah you've essentially described my intentions, obviously I'm not here to break the balance of the game.

@Lmpkio Yeah I read the character and really the only thing it has in common with literal Cthulhu is that it has tentacles. I'm basically planning a psychic sort of madness/dream based kaiju if that's workable.
<Snipped quote by shagranoz>

Just don't make an actual Cthulu if thats alright.

Hmm I was going to express interest but this was my exact idea. It works pretty well if you use the right framing for it.
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