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@Monkeypants Sounds fine.
Lemme know how you feel about this. Pretty basic but I think it works.

@Aristo Yeah I think I got the idea, indentured soldiers and what have you. Good to know it'll be workable. I look forward to continued development.
Hello, I'm quite interested.

Curious about the presence of slavery in the setting; I feel like it's a given what with the material we're working with, but what states would be most likely to engage in it.

Currently formulating a former slave-soldier turned famous mercenary. Epithet I'm considering at the moment is "the War Hound."
I could be interested, I'll keep an eye on it.
Hrmm. Your decision obviously but it's for certain one of the worst chapter names I've heard.
Brazen Minotaurs seems like a relatively obvious choice. Perhaps them or the Brotherhood of a Thousand, the Gorgons, the Golden Gryphons, or the Warmongers?
Considering our homeworld is generally sort of Hellenic, would slavery be a feature among their culture? I'm considering my character having been a slave-soldier.

Also, is it too late to change the chapter name? Not to protest too much, but it's a mouthful, and doesn't really spark the imagination.

Edit: Didn't realize they were a "Canon" chapter but we could pick any other "literally who" chapter for about the same effect.
I'd be pretty interested. I think we'd have to nail down some specifics about their homeworld, or if nothing else their recruiting tactics, before we got into this wholeheartedly.
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