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i was born in a petri dish / the product of a doctor’s wish / through hubris and arrogance / he killed god to see his son again
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Life is just death in drag


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I'll try and put up the OOC sometime this weekend, have some classwork to catch up on in the meantime. I encourage those of you still kicking around to start on character sheets so we can get rolling pretty quickly from there.
@ShwiggityShwah You can PM me if you want but you seem to have written motivations for each of these characters?
@Scribe of Thoth That's essentially accurate. The correlation is more due to the fact that several of the most prominent Lions are members of the Red Orders, and likewise for the Eagles and Cults.
@Scribe of Thoth Aeromancy is unsanctioned for two main reasons: it's the magical discipline used by a particular tribe of unruly savages that descend from the northern mountains every so often (the tribe themselves call their magic Hrideki), and for reasons still unknown Photepi Sorcerers can't seem to get it to work the way they can.

Pyromancy is a sure bet. As for the Sekhmet aspirations, remember that the Red Orders choose who they want, not the other way around. Maybe your character has family in the Sekhmet, or is generally positive/ambivalent in attitude toward them. Remember also that most Sorcerers are distrustful at best of the Red Orders. Sorcerers that join their number are treated with pity, as most think turning their gifts towards warfare cheapens them. Sorcerers that try to maintain their status in their Cult alongside their membership in the Red Orders are treated much more contemptuously, and are generally black sheep in the Cults.
Alright so here is the CS as promised, and I'll edit this into the OP as well.

Here is a sample CS, I may or may not actually play this character, but still feel free to use it as a reference point for what I generally want to see.

@blackdragon I posted it in the OP, that's all the lore I have basically.
@Valentine I can post an initial CS template if you want to start working on that?
@Scribe of Thoth@Scallop@Valentine@canaryrose@ShepherdOfHope@ShwiggityShwah@Le Fay

Quick roundup of interested parties, just trying to check in with y'all and see how you're feeling and what you're thinking.
@Stitches@Yankee@Ghost Note@Red Alice@Kafka Komedy@chaosmaiden

Just a quick check-in with those I haven't heard from in a while. OOC will go up soon, assuming you all are still interested.
I can see that I've caused some struggles/difficulty by being a bit too tight-fisted with lore, so I've transcribed my lore doc into something that's hopefully digestible and easy to access for reference purposes. I'll post this in the OP as well. If people feel like this gives them enough to work with, I can post a preliminary CS.

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