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i was born in a petri dish / the product of a doctor’s wish / through hubris and arrogance / he killed god to see his son again
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ham cucumber
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Don't @ me I'm chillin
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Life is just death in drag


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@SilverPaw I wouldn't really describe this as Slice of Life but you do you.

Quick ping to everyone that expressed interest that I haven't gotten a (finished) CS from yet. I think we have enough players but I want to make sure nobody who wants to play gets left behind.
@Obscene Symphony Sure, that sounds like something that would happen. I can imagine any number of public amphitheaters having scheduled discourses as a weekly entertainment/civil engagement events.
@Obscene Symphony Trying to scroll up through discord to find specific information is a nightmare, and the search function is pretty hit or miss depending on how much you know about what you're looking for.

I cannot literally stop you from making a discord if you feel so inclined, but I won't be participating in it.
@Obscene Symphony Just the same. It tends to kill OOC thread activity, makes discussions more difficult to read after they've taken place, is more difficult to search through, and would require me to monitor and moderate an entirely separate platform. No thank you.
@Achronum I'm not a fan of using discord for RPs for a number of reasons.
Yes, hello, I had a busy couple of days, and I'll probably be occupied for much of tonight as well. Nothing to be concerned about, just usual life stuff. Let's take a look at what we've got, shall we?

@Theyra Changes meet my approval. Move it to the Character tab at your leisure.

@Crusader Lord Overall fine. Needs cleaning up, there are still some remnants of the CS template left in it. I found it kind of difficult to follow at times, so I'd advise giving your future contributions a more thorough look-over.

@Hero I like it, accepted.

I can try and have the IC up sometime in the next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Need to work out who is going into what Cults, and what your masters will be like.
@Scribe of Thoth Yeah it's fine.
@Zardoric Countermagic is a tenet of basic/general magical study. Essentially how to undo a spell that goes wrong, or defend oneself against magical attack. There are a variety of different ways to skin that particular cat, such as using Telepathy to disrupt the spell structure, or just literally deflecting or destroying it with Telekinesis. Different problems require different solutions, which is why the most effective Sorcerers have well-rounded foundations in the fundamentals of each major Discipline.

Adding more energy to a spell that you're trying to counter... It could make it blow up in someone's face. But nothing would stop it from blowing you up as well.

Sensing magic is another fundamental skill that varies depending on the individual. It requires training your senses to detect the presence of the Aether. What this means for everyone is different, and not due to preference, literally everyone "feels" magic a different way.

@Theyra A couple of things... It's important to remember that the civil aspect of the Red Order is as important as the martial aspect. Unless the Nouzari were also reputable civil engineers, I don't think they would be inordinately recruited for their fighting skills. Also, those already within the Order would know very well that one cannot will their way into the Order, they have to be selected. The other thing is that Geomancy is a Minor Discipline that would not be taught at a pre-vocational level.
@Zardoric Using Biomancy to extend one's lifespan is a relatively common practice among Sorcerers. The most obvious practitioner being the Crimson King himself, who is at least as old as Photep.

Most Sorcery involves a positive influx of energy. It's exponentially more difficult to remove energy than it is to introduce more. That said, what one might describe as "Cryomancy" falls under the umbrella of the unsanctioned Discipline of Aeromancy.

Telekinesis covers teleportation, and could reasonably be used to achieve the other ends you describe.
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