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With that, the two left the abandoned school and headed back to Holden's home. He apparently lived quite a ways from Izzy, as she had barely ever been in the part of town in which he lived. Unlike on the ride there, he barely spoke except to give her directions to where he lived. It was most likely that something Riley had said to him was affecting him, or he was otherwise in rumination over something. They soon enough reached what Holden had declared to be his home, and it was... an apartment complex. Not a particularly nice one, either. It looked at least thirty years old, and there was a row of tin mailboxes lined up outside of it. A far cry from the mansion he was rumored to live in.

Izzy's surprise must have shown on her face, as without prompting Holden said, "My mother joined a cult. She handed all of our money over to them, and racked up a huge debt, too. My parents finally got divorced last year, my father got custody, and we live here. I do, anyway. All the debt is in my father's name, so he works day and night. I basically live alone, which can be convenient I suppose."

Without another word Izzy locked up her bike and they climbed the steps to his apartment. It had one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchenette that seemed almost grudgingly included. The roll-out couch that Holden presumably slept in took up the majority of the living room, along with a chest of drawers, a sort of desk one set over their lap, and a little bookshelf. A thousand dollars hadn't seemed like much to Izzy, compared to her own debt, but it was probably quite a bit to Holden.

Holden wordlessly stepped into the bathroom, and the sound of running water soon followed. Izzy couldn't help but notice that he didn't take any clothes in with him. Was it possible that despite his intelligence and his insight that he was a bit scatterbrained? It wouldn't be surprising if he had a lot on his mind. Even so, that left Izzy alone in the cramped room with nothing but her thoughts to keep her company.
Tell me what concept interests you more: a sort of wizardly character whose mom was the Necronomicon (long story), or a half-vampire.
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"It's with me," Holden echoed, intrigued. "Can you see it?"

"No, of course not." Riley said, and then laughed pleasantly. A tone that obviously rubbed Holden the wrong way. He was mocking him, Izzy realized, much the same as he had done to herself when she was in this sort of situation.

"How do you know it's there?" Holden was growing impatient.

"Gods are everywhere," Riley began, spreading his arms out for dramatic effect, "They're everywhere, and everything. You can't see them, you can't touch them, and you can't prove them scientifically. Everywhere, and nowhere. You could even say it was with you before you ever met it, but at the same time it wasn't."

"What is that? Zen? Tao?" Holden was humoring him, but in a sort of sarcastic, agitated sense.

"Actually it's Shinto. Shugendo, specifically, as taught to me by a good friend of mine. I just want you to understand that you didn't wind up like this because of something else. It was just a change of your point of view. Izzy, for instance. She didn't just meet a vampire, she was attacked by one. You need to stop acting like a victim." His last sentence came out low and steady, almost like a snarl. Izzy had almost forgotten that Riley hated people who he thought acted like they were victimized.

Izzy couldn't quite anticipate how Holden would react, but he said calmly, "Fine. I'll stop."

Riley almost seemed impressed, pursing his lips. "Well done. I guess you aren't the selfish little boy I thought you were."

"What made you think that?"

"Most people who meet the Crab of Burdens are like that. You don't meet it just by wanting to, and it isn't harmful like vampires. They don't possess you, either. They just... exist. Unless you want a change, nothing will change. I won't pry into your business; I don't want to help you, after all." Of course, he had to help himself. "But, I've talked enough. If you want your weight back, I'll do what I can. Izzy introduced you to me after all."

"So you'll help me."

"I will not." He ended the last syllable sharply, as Holden was seemingly not getting his point. "I'll just do what I can." He looked at his watch, and looked back at Holden. "Time's not right just yet, so head on home. Take a cold shower, put on some clean clothes. I'll make some preparations on my end. Will you be able to meet me back here at the stoke of midnight?"

"Yes. What do I owe you?"


"Don't play dumb," Holden said, not pleasantly but not hostile either. "You're not doing this on a volunteer basis."

"Ah, hmm." Riley looked at Izzy, examining her as though he was appraising her. "If it makes you feel better, let's call it at a thousand dollars."

"One thousand." Holden repeated back, as though confirming it.

"That's a month or two working part-time at minimum wage I figure. Good enough, right? Can you pay?"

"Of course."
Yeah, okay, this is cool. Gimme a bit to come up with something.
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Seeing Izzy begin to flounder for an answer, Riley piped in, "A child without a shadow or a shape. No existence, and -until yesterday- no name." Having caught Izzy's attention with the last part of his explanation, he elaborated, "Yeah I was sitting around yesterday and figured I'd give him a name finally. It'll make him more stable as an aberration, plus we won't have to keep saying 'him,' or 'that,' or 'you over there.'" Riley grinned proudly and puffed out his chest, obviously patting himself on the back for being so clever. "I name him Damien. Damien Riley, specifically. It sounds sort of like Damocles, and sort of like 'demon,' as well. And if I gotta name a kid, the kid ought to have my name after all. I think it works pretty well."

"Well, if it's unimportant, I'll ignore it." Holden said, cutting through Riley's nonsense. For being so tightly-wound, he seemed pretty unconcerned by what would normally be rather perturbing circumstances. "More importantly, Mister Riley, I've been told that you can help me."

"First, Mister Riley is my father. Just Riley, please. And second, I can't help you. Impossible. You can only help yourself."

Holden's eyes narrowed and he glared daggers at Riley upon hearing this. "Five people have said that to me before, and they were all cons. You're the sixth, so are you among their number?"

Riley laughed obliviously. "You sure are energetic. Did something good happen to you?"

Holden's brow furrowed deeper and his lips pursed in a sneer as Riley exacerbated his suspicions with his usual nonsense. Izzy groaned internally, as Riley was making the situation worse by being so dense. There are people that his usual cheap lines worked on, like Trevor, and those that didn't, which clearly included Holden.

In contrast to the tense situation, Riley clicked his tongue and said offhandedly, "Well, in any case, we won't get anything done if we don't know the situation. I'm not much good at reading minds, so why don't you explain to us the heart of the problem. I'm good at keeping secrets, so don't worry."

Holden sat, and as the sun set over the abandoned school, he told Riley his story.

As he concluded, Riley nodded in what was probably supposed to be a sage manner. "Sounds like a folk legend I once heard in the mountains of Kyushu, when I was studying abroad. Some called it the Crab of Burden, others the Heavy Crab, or the Deadweight Crab. In some places it's a god instead of a crab, too. 'Kami' is god and 'kani' is crab, so it's an easy mix-up. Either way, the common thread is that they take away your weight. People that meet them -the wrong way I should say- don't exist the same way they used to."

"Exist?" Holden questioned.

"They become... fragile. More delicate. Perhaps more beautiful in cases. Some cease to exist entirely."

"A crab legend from the mountains?" He still seemed skeptical.

"Well, there's something called the Rock of Burdens in other places, but that's a rock, not a crab. The way I see it, it's easier to make shit up about things you don't know about. So mountain folk made a legend about a crab. The place doesn't really matter, just that the conditions are met. There are other forms it may have taken, maybe a rabbit or a woman or something. But if you say it was a crab, we'll assume it was a crab."

Holden groaned, growing impatient with Riley's rambling. "I really don't give a damn what you call it."

"You should. Because the 'kani' was once a 'kami,' at least according to my theory. The God of Burden became a Crab of Burden, but was still no less a god for it. Most would assume it went the other way around, or the two became one, but not I, sir."

"I don't think I met a god." Holden said flatly.

"Oh but you have," Riley said, and his sly smile spread on his face. "And it's still with you."
Timeskip when
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As Izzy and Riley bantered, Holden's gaze seemed to have slipped somewhere else in the room. Eventually he made this apparent, and brought his findings to the attention of the other two people in the room. He pointed at the corner of the room opposite from the door they entered in, and nudged Izzy to get her attention.

"I have a question," he said, in his normal, dry, and unconcerned tone, "What is that?"

The object of his attention was, of course, the vampire child slumped into the corner of the room. A thin, pale boy clad in a ripped and dirty dress shirt, and a vintage football helmet that slumped down over his face. Small curls of soft, blond hair peeked out under the edges of the helmet, and his eyes were barely visible from the angle Holden and Izzy could see him from. He stared blankly into space, one of his default expressions in a list that included glaring hollowly at Izzy and hypnotically staring at Riley.

Izzy couldn't help but notice that Holden had asked "what" the child was, and not "who." He was alarmingly perceptive, Izzy realized at that moment. A less perceptive person might not have noticed the child at all, but Holden did, and ascertained that it was something supernatural almost immediately. Just like Trevor, he had a dangerous intelligence to him. Not dangerous for other so much, but more for himself, as he knew and understood too much for his own good. She could only hope that this issue would have as few complications as possible despite that, unlike how the issue with Trevor a month back had developed.
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Holden looked at Izzy pensively, and said only, "Regardless, I have people waiting on my word if I do not return. As do you, I'm sure. Two little brothers if I recall correctly." It wasn't a threat, but it wasn't a joke, either. Holden clearly was far from trusting her entirely.

The two continued into the building. At this point, Izzy had visited so many times to feed the vampire child that she had worked out something like an algorithm for determining where Riley was at any given time. It was basically a route she took through the first and second floors that allowed her to scope out his most common hiding places without any unnecessary backtracking.

Holden piped up, "He sure lives in a dump. Are you even sure he's here? Maybe we should have called ahead."

Despite his doubts, Izzy was able to find him on the second floor. Riley sat cross-legged on an assortment of desks that had been pushed together, with even more stacked behind him in a rough, teetering pile. That hadn't been there when Izzy had last visited, so she could only assume he assembled it out of boredom. It was strange though, as the large backdrop of desks framing him made it almost look like he was sitting on some sort of throne.

"Ah, Izzy, good to see you." He greeted her pleasantly as she walked in. Eyeing Holden as he entered after her, a mischievous look crossed his face. "Oho, you've brought a new boy with you today. It's odd that I never see you with the same one twice." He looked to Holden with his usual enigmatic smile as he introduced himself. "I'm Mohe Riley, but just call me Riley."

Unperturbed by Riley's appearance and his sleazy jokes, Holden boldly strode up to the man and shook his hand. "Holden Sandstrom. It's a pleasure to meet you." He spoke courteously, but stiffly, like he was meeting his father's boss or something. "I'm Izzy's classmate, she told me about you."

Not saying anything to Holden at this point, he looked at Izzy and plainly asked, "Izzy, do you have a thing for tall boys with dark hair? I can dye mine if you want." He chuckled to himself, obviously having fun at her expense.
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Izzy's request for Holden to turn over any knives he may still have on him wasn't met with any sort of haste. He looked at her warily, perhaps studying her expression for any signs of intent. His gaze was as oppressive as ever, almost accusatory. Finally he glanced away, sighing deeply and seemingly settling into oblige her request. Izzy couldn't help but sense a distinct note of hurt in his sigh. Had she offended him in some way?

"Very well." He said, below his breath.

Holden emptied his pockets, rolled down his sleeves, unhooked a few items from the inside of his waistband, and even pulled something out from his sock. After having collected several Swiss army knives, pen knives, multitools, and even a spring-loaded comb, he dumped them all into Izzy's hands. He didn't complain as he did this, but his expression was still quite sour.

"There, are you satisfied?" He said, that strange tone of unhappiness still in his voice. "Look after them, I'll expect them back." He glanced up toward the building for a moment, before looking back at Izzy and saying, "I don't know what you've heard, but I'm my family isn't as wealthy as you might think. I'm really not worth committing a crime over."
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