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I'm curious what the justification is for us to be starting as C Rank, sonce you're normally put in the rank that seemingly befits your aptitude. Saitama got put in C Rank because he flunked the written exam, which counted for half the grade; it isn't standard practice, as Genos got a near-perfect score and was immediately S Ranked.
Would we be permitted to play Aztec gods or only Mayans? Seems unfair that Europe gets 3 distinct Pantheons but all of the Americas only get the one.
I have something kind of weird planned, OK if I PM about it?
What does the status of being a Communicator actually confer? What level of autonomy are communicators actually allowed?
Interesting, though I'd like to know more about these Communicators.
Yeah I didn't really have any other ideas that were clicking so much. I'll think it over but I don't know if I have any other material I feel as good about.
If need be I can omit the concept of different types of 'plasm to keep his powerset more constrained, but I would power it up considerably to compensate.
Yep hello I'm very interested, this looks great. Let me get home to give it a thorough read through and devise a character.
I think it bears mentioning that his powers are very subtle. Like unless he gets access to a really absurd amount of ectoplasm (like say, someone fights him in a graveyard, or where a lot of people just died) he's not going to be doing anything particularly earth-shaking. As I said, his powers amount to lots of weird stuff.
@HaleyTheRandom Eh, not exactly. His powers are set, but they're very diverse. There are a set number of specific types of ectoplasm (10 to be specific), and he won't have access to all of them at any given time. And their effects are not as straightforward as you might think. Pyre Flame ectoplasm does produce a fire attack, but unless he has access to a lot of ectoplasm the flames are only psychosomatic.

If this seems very specific and complex, it's because I've been sitting on this idea for a while.
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