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i was born in a petri dish / the product of a doctor’s wish / through hubris and arrogance / he killed god to see his son again
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Yeah, I wanted to play Invincible, but Terra Grayson, not Mark.
Could I play a character that's from a non-Marvel property if they're still a superhero? Historically her universe and 616 has seen some crossover.
I want to be interested in this... but you have basically an entire RP's worth of plot written out already, as well as six characters. I feel like you're probably better off writing fanfiction at this point.
This does look really cool, but my knowledge of fighter operations is... far from comprehensive. You think a turn in the Air Force would enlighten me but you'd be surprised!

Horus' plan to keep the larger robot contained whilst the others finished it off seemed to have succeeded. The machine died around him as Horus was shoulder-deep in its mechanical guts. He emerged from its ruined underside, his armor scorched and scratched, and stained with chemical lubricants. What's more, a huge, bipedal war machine of some kind seemed to have joined them. His auspex was still functional, and revealed no biological components to the machine. Its construction was surprisingly sophisticated, but the rudimentary materials which it was composed of revealed how primitive its creators were. Horus regarded it appreciatively; it was a fascinating toy.

His interest was even further piqued as it seemed to obey Driscoll's commands. Horus accessed his tactical systems as the others filed out through the portal. His command tether with the Vengeful Spirit was severed, cutting him off from his usual command cogitator links. He wondered, though, if he could use the command tether directly on the robotic dinosaur; using it in lieu of the Vengeful Spirit. He wasn't sure if the primitive cogitators it was imbued with could accept or process his armor's data tether, but he tried none the less. A wireless command link was directed toward the dinosaur's processors; nothing aggressive, yet. Just a simple command handshake request. Horus could afford to take his time, for now it seemed.

Horus was one of the last to follow through the portal, its shape changing to accommodate the terrifying bulk of his armor. His footsteps turned from dull impacts against grass to the gong-ring of metal tile as he stepped from the field into a crowded chamber. A long hall, all with doors identical to the one that Horus himself had just stepped through. And there were others, waiting for them. A boy with a sword, and a girl floating off the floor. Horus' gut instinct was to check for signs of psychic or alien interference, but it felt futile. He was at the mercy of... whoever was here. Now was not the time to make enemies.

"I am Horus Lupercal, Primarch of the Sixteenth Astartes Legion, and Warmaster of the Imperium of Mankind." He proclaimed proudly as he stepped through the portal. "Does any of that... mean anything to you?" He asked, his tone softening as he registered the vacant looks the others were giving him.

Asta prattled on as the device seemed to be scanning Terra's hand. After all of his explanations and demonstrations she surmised from it, "So everything on your world is magic, except for you, but you actually do have magic, because you have the book and the sword, except you do anti-magic, and so you fight wizards? If I'm following?" Wizards and magic were not really her expertise, but she had seen weirder stuff in space.

The door recognized Terra by name and seemingly by universe, and then opened with a gust of air pressure. A kaleidoscopic portal laid within, and Terra had a brief moment of disappointment as she had been hoping that there would be something other than a portal. Her mild disappointment was replaced with actual surprise as someone immediately began to emerge from the portal. Armored hands, then the rest of a tall, armored humanoid stepped through. He stared at them, expecting them to perhaps cower from him, but Terra instead rose into the air to hover eye to visor with the armored stranger.

He addressed himself as the Forever King, a title that didn't exactly give Terra any good impressions. "Greetings." She replied back, bowing as he had done. "I'm Terra. You're trapped outside of time and space with the rest of us, Mister King. This is a space station designed to abduct people from their universes." She looked behind him, at the portal he had just stepped through. She drifted slightly closer to the Forever King, floating at chest height where he could not step past her, and his bulk blocked the portal behind him. Terra had no apprehension for this man at all; she didn't find his size threatening, and severely doubted he would be able to move her. "Are there more with you? Where did you just come from?"

Data was still attempting to take medical readings with his tricorder as an armored hand shot out of the casket and grabbed him about the neck. The rest of the individual emerged from the coffin, brandishing a wrist-mounted blade. Data's hand went to his phaser, but he saw and was able to partially interpret the stream of data flashing across the stranger's visor. He was... analyzing Data, from what the android could inference from the HUD readout. All the while his expression remained passive, unaffected; he was not actually being choked, and Data knew that a human grip, surprisingly powerful as this one was, would be incapable of significantly damaging his internal frame.

"Excuse me," Data's free hand went from his phaser to where the hand gripped his throat, and using his freakish machine strength, he carefully and firmly pried the man's fingers off of his neck. Once he was out of the man's grasp, he stepped back with his hands raised in a display of passivity. "I apologize if I caused you alarm; I do not mean you any harm."

Others arrived, one brandishing what appeared to be a 20th century Earth chemical-propellant projectile weapon. "Demons?" He echoed the man's question, in obvious confusion. After a moment of consideration, he shook his head. "I am not aware of any demons. My name is Lieutenant Commander Data, of the Federation starship Enterprise. I have been abducted against my will by forces as of yet unknown to me. Are any of you aware of what or whom may be responsible?"

The Warmaster had little time to celebrate his victory, as the final Techadon descended. It was a much larger and more powerful variant of the foes they had been fighting earlier, and the blast of its landing sent Horus sprawling to the ground. He dug his claws into the earth so as not to be blown away completely, and so he held on, barely. Immediately after landing the robot spun up a new energy attack, and Horus barely had time to make it to his feet again before the barrage ensued.

Where he had noted before that the energy yield of the lasers on the robots he had battled thus far had been surprisingly low, this was not the case for this new, enlarged model. Clearly its internal reactor had enough power to intensify these laser blasts, as the first shot to his Horus nearly buckled his shields. As he took off running, the second shot to hit him overloaded his shield generator, and foul-smelling black smoke began to pour out of his armor's heating vents as his shields stuttered, and finally died. Horus swore in Cthonian, this was not a good situation. There was basically no cover to speak of, he was completely exposed to this thing's barrage. He tried to lay down covering fire with his bolter, but as he activated his firing mechanism, the weapon jammed, and a malfunction rune flashed to life on his HUD next to the one indicating his fried shield reactor.

Still running, trying to evade fire, Horus stole glances at the Techadon as laser fire cratered the battlefield. It was a robot, its firing pattern couldn't truly be random. It was probably optimized for efficiency. Horus did his best to study the dispersal pattern of its lasers, looking for gaps in its targeting algorithm that he could exploit. After a few tense seconds, he thought he had it figured out. He moved with the robot's firing pattern, trying to close the gap between them. He ducked, dived, and slid around laser fire as best he could in his gargantuan terminator plate, but was still unable to avoid two more glancing hits due to his bulk. Each shot ripped a hunk of ceramite out of the Serpent's Scales, leaving a glowing crater behind, but so far the laser fire had not fully penetrated his armor.

As he danced and weaved toward the greater Techadon, others on the battlefield had created a sort of makeshift acid cannon, and used it to melt clean through the giant robot. Horus strafed away to avoid being caught in the caustic deluge himself, but pounced on the robot as soon as it fell. "Advance!" Horus barked at the others reflexively; he was not commanding his Legion, but Horus was master of any battlefield.

He was the wrong way around the Techadon to strike at its head, but Horus did not bother to circle around it, knowing how fast they could repair and adapt. Rather, he stayed focused on the melted torso that was attempting to grow new legs. Horus slashed and smashed at the bleeding end of the Techadon, drawing its attention and keeping it from returning to its feet. Hopefully the others had the means to finish it off while Horus kept it weak and vulnerable.

Twin suns hung in a green sky over a barren, wind-swept rock face. A few figures in color-coded uniforms milled about, collecting information with complex instruments. Data studied his tricorder, and tapped at its display fastidiously as it scanned the smooth, lifeless stone under them. His readings seemed to be skewed, so he compensated for the atmospheric radiation and composition, and resumed his scans.

"Any luck, Mister Data?" Asked the commanding officer of their away team, Commander Riker.

"Negative, Commander," Data replied, "The intensity of the binary star system's radiation is interfering with my instruments."

Riker nodded, looking between the officers that had joined him on the planetary surface. "It's interfering with me, too. Any more of this double sunlight and I'm gonna have a permanent sunburn. We'll have to keep looking for the energy traces with the Enterprise's instruments."

Data folded away his tricorder and rejoined Riker. "Aye, sir. I will be able to make use of the readings I have made thus far to recalibrate our sensors. We should then be able to track the crystalline entity."

"Excellent. Four to beam up."

Data held out a hand, "Just a moment, Commander. I may still be able-"

Data could not finish his sentence, as a beam of light overcame him; a force possibly confused for, but utterly distinct from the transporter beam of the Enterprise.

"-to increase sensitivity... to the..." Data realized that he was no longer on the planet surface, and the away team he had been on was nowhere to be found. Immediately he set about trying to gain his bearings. His internal chronometer had detected no interruptions; he had been on the barren surface of New Ibiza moments ago, and he had been instantly transported here. Curious.

Data tapped his communicator badge, and it clicked to life. "Data to Enterprise." Silence answered him. "Enterprise, do you read me?" More silence. It seemed that he was on his own. Data looked about, trying to use reason and evidence to determine what had happened to him. He was in a structure, the aesthetics of which he did not recognize, and could not attribute to any known human or alien construction methods. Still, it held to various basic engineering principles, and the proportions of the walls, ceilings, doors, and other fixtures suggested that it was built to accommodate humanoids. Data could detect the ultrasonic hum of a reactor through the walls and floors, and the chemical makeup of the air suggested that it was being artificially scrubbed and purified. He seemed to be on a ship, or possibly a space station, but one belonging to an unknown alien race that had transported him outside of the Enterprise's communication range.

He took a closer look at some of the furniture and miscellany that were in the room with him. He opened his tricorder and took readings of the electronics and instruments around him. Based on what they seemed capable of monitoring or performing, as well as the large number of reclining beds in this area, Data reasoned that he was in the ship's medbay or infirmary. For the time being, he seemed to be alone. That was what he thought, until his tricorder alerted him to a human life-sign at the furthest end of the infirmary. Data hustled over, following his instrument's signal, until he was greeted with the sight of a massive stone coffin that had seemingly been dropped on top of a destroyed medical bed. Data continued to scan the object, finding a man within, encased in a form of body armor that Data was unfamiliar with.

Readings indicated that he was regaining consciousness, and Data attempted to communicate with him, "Excuse me sir, can you hear me? Are you in need of medical attention?" After a moment of consideration, he figured it would be safe to ask, "Are you aware of how you arrived here? Do you know who may have brought you or myself to this facility?"

More arrivals poured in, and Terra's anxiety that something hostile would drop in grew. She wanted to get out of there, but one of the new arrivals tagged along directly behind her. She gave him a quick look over, trying her best to discern if he presented any sort of threat. It didn't seem that way, at least to her. Seemed like a decent kid, strong, but human.

"I'm Terra." She said, taking his hand. She gripped his fingers as gently as she could; humans were very delicate. She listed to him rant at her a little more, and replied, "Uh, I can't speak for anybody else for certain, but I'm basically from space. I was born on Earth though. Not your Earth, I mean. Well," Terra sighed and crossed her arms. She was just making this more confusing for him. "I'm from a planet called Earth. There are lots of planets called Earth, but they're really far apart from each other, because they exist in different universes. They can be really similar, or different. I hope this makes things easy for you, I don't think I know anything about the world you come from. Anyway, needless to say, we're all very far from home right now, so let's work together, yeah?" She smiled at Asta, and stepped through the transporter.

While she wasn't sure what she was expecting, it wasn't quite this. She peered down the hall, but it was too dark to clearly see what was all the way at the end of it. She looked to Asta and said, "Just a sec," before taking off down the hall. It took slightly less than one second for Terra to fly down to the end of the hall and back, returning to Asta's side in a gust of displaced air. Terra lowered to the ground slowly, and looked at what seemed to be the sole activated doorway.

Asta offered to activate the panel at the door's side, and Terra stepped forward to caution him. "I wouldn't if I were you." She briefly entertained an ideation of the booby-trapped panel blowing off Asta's arm. "Let me check it, maybe stand back a bit. Even if this isn't a trap, it could still be dangerous. These might be cages, or portals."

Testing grounds... What could they be testing? Obviously the answers were behind these doors, but she didn't want to open one with no idea what might be behind. What evidence did she have? They had seemingly been pulled from different universes, possibly at random, but there were a few common themes among the people that had been brought so far. The word "hero" seemed to get passed around a lot. The name, "Paradox Engine," could it be that simple, a machine designed to create paradoxes? She had a feeling she was beginning to understand what tests might be going on behind the doors. Terra stepped forward and pressed her hand against the panel. Only one way to find out.

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