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@KingOfTheSkies Never sat down and watched it, no. Regardless, the vast majority of incarnations seem to present his atomic breath as basically some kind of laser beam.
@Shoryu I've never seen Godzilla irradiate someone so that'll be the key difference here I guess.
@Lmpkio If it helps the concept, I could have him start out in a dying/weakened state, with his nuclear heart weakened and unable to generate a lot of power.

I also had a concept for him to have a humanoid form, perhaps he begins that way and is eventually able to restore his full dragon form? I think it would fit in with the "last of his kind" narrative I'm shooting for. As a "human" he'd be less nuclear devestation, and more weird space magic. I think it would be funny for something roughly human-sized to go toe to toe with the big monsters.

Up to you.
Okay I came up with a better and marginally less derivative monster idea, if this is still accepting them.

It's a radioactive dragon.

Now I know you're going to say "hey that's just Godzilla" but bear with me. I meant this thing is an active radiological monstrosity in a way that Godzilla is never really presented. Radiation seethes off of this thing in invisible toxic waves, and its heart is a burning nuclear reactor, like a stellar core. Also more emphasis on the Dragon part, as it fully resembles a winged dragon.

I think this thing is going to be an alien of some kind; a stellar parasite that lives on the surfaces of stars and feeds on their fusion-bodies.

Here's the sample art.
Boy that sure is Emrakul.

Here is my design for my Creature. What I'm conceptualizing is a psychic stealth-predator that can forcibly implant and mutate other organisms into smaller replicas of itself or more specialized monsters, which it keeps under telepathic control. So like a slow and secret corruption/infection meant to gradually subsume the native lifeforms.
Okay, cool, I'll think it over a bit more. My current concept is somewhere between a Xenomorph, the Borg, and The Shadow Over Innesmouth.
Might it be possible for me to play a human-scale monster to start that might gradually build up into a true kaiju?
Maybe an alien Kaiju? Debating if I want like a Martian walker or if I wanna go full Spacegodzilla.

Also I think playing a human is gonna be a tough sell lol.
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