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Current He has no friends, but he gets a lot of mail. I'll bet he spent a little time in jail.
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jesse i have no money for fuckijg bills and steam sales
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i was born in a petri dish / the product of a doctor’s wish / through hubris and arrogance / he killed god to see his son again
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Wait is the shore under attack already? Are we establishing a beachhead like D-Day or something? I'm so confused.
I guess I'll wait for more people to show up then, I figure my faction never left the mainland.
<Snipped quote by Dead Cruiser>

We're coming from the northern tip of the south western continent moving towards the coast where Moon Man and his people would be. This way we can all move as one against the darkness.

I just meant more specifically like, what the place where we're meeting up is like. Are we just landing on the shore and immediately marching off, is there a meeting, etc.

Tasteful Bump/Update

Interested in stories about backstabbing nobility, vampire covens, superhero drama, wizards, etc etc.
Could we maybe get another post indicating where we're supposed to be meeting, or something like that. So we can all do our intro posts and end up in the same place.
I would post but I don't understand where we are or what we're doing?
I could be interested in this if you're still taking applicants.
I had a pretty specific appearance in my mind's eye for Jagannath, and while this is not a representation of what he looks like, this is similar/an inspiration toward it. Same vibe of a huge, elephantine warrior, with a bizarre, one-eyed headpiece that's an abstract representation of an elephant head.

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