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Is this still active?
The classical Greek embodiment of Night + My RL name

Is also the name of a character I created many moons ago. She was a goddess of dreams who with her siblings and lovers formed a pantheon of indifferent, curious, playful, ambitious and covetous overseers in the mortal dimensions; their sense of faultlessness driving a "duty" to affect positive, productive, corrective changes. We each had an opposite or pair with whom we share and take energy from to amplify our powers. A play on duality where it was later revealed that we were fragments of a godhead. Mine was a good friend at the time, who played the God of the Sun. From our interactions came the basis of a roleplay built off of that cosmic relationship. Sometimes enemies, sometimes friends, rarely lovers. Their children were the minor deities of premonition (oracles), inspiration (muses), illusion (phantoms) and madness (mania). "Dream", her common name, also bore a child with Love who dealt in infatuation (eros). It was fun to mix up and make bastardised versions of classical Greek figures lol. The forum that hosted this is long gone, but the name of my character and those formative memories of roleplay stick with me.
Nice, you've met quota. Here's another one *throws interest*
<Snipped quote by Nyxella>

My thought is that I will present the basics of the world and the characters' situation, after which writers will create their own storylines, as you said, "sandbox" like. Of course, all storylines need to fit the narrative presented: the prehistoric world of 10,000 BCE. No one's going to meet aliens or discover a box full of laser rifles or whatever. And I would prefer (but would not demand) that writers at least PM me with a basic direction for their players, so that I will be able to see if writers/characters are going to come into conflict with one another.

I want everyone to feel free to have their characters do what they wish, while also respecting other writers.

Does that help at all?

Thank you, yes this does help. Colour me interested! A great opportunity to explore prehistory through one freaked out modern human being.
Hi there, I have interest in what this might offer, all depending on one question: will this function as a sandbox with plots primarily driven by players or will there be a central story?
Ooh still interested! Working on my girl.
<Snipped quote by Nyxella>

I'm not going to put any hard limits on villain power but try not to go too insane. Remember, don't put down anything you wouldn't want to fight. If you put instakill as a pre-redemption power there's a decent chance some version of that will come into play.

As for everyone else, I think this is good enough to get started on some actual stuff now. I'll get to posting that character guide I was talking about, then an OOC.

Right, use commonsense haha got it. Had to ask. Cool, looking forward to seeing the OOC.
Interested! Might have an illusion-weaver in the pocket. Question, are there any upper limits to the scale and extent of our villains' powers?

Edit: For example, no instakill, no immortality. Self regeneration unless decapitated. Teleportation limited by sight and memory. Etc., etc.
The Knight's role sings to me. Watching with interest.
Expressing interest. This looks promising.
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