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24 May 2017 16:44
Current Fishing is relaxing to me. It's like yoga, except I still get to kill something.
16 May 2017 21:59
I like your hat.
16 May 2017 2:47
Don't touch me, I'm fabulous.
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15 May 2017 12:14
I'm being an idiot and nobody can stop me!
10 May 2017 2:27
I don't need sleep. I need answers.


Hey now.

As time goes on, I'll add random stuff to this.

We praise it up in here!

I'm 6'2. So my arms are around 3 feet long. So last time I went on the American Eagle roller-coaster, I hurt my finger.

I take hot showers to practice burning in hell.

Stay classy America!

Have you tried setting it to Wumbo?

I'm hungry.

DS1 Bonewheels haunt my dreams.

Have you been flossing?

So... You come here often?

Dragon Dance!

Canada isn't real.

My favorite band would have to be Ninja Sex Party.

Nobody pays me in gum :(

Rush B Faggots!

The speed of light's for pussies, we're going at the speed of Brian!


Remember kids, don't have kids.


Accept Ron Swanson as your one true god.

Knee deep in the doot.


My penis is so big it goes from A to Z on the keyboard. Oh yeah! Oh shit, wait...

I though my life was hard because I had no shoes... Until I met a man who had no legs...

I've met a lot of pricks in my life, but you good sir are a god damn cactus.


The Resident Evil 4 merchant is forever embedded in my heart.

If you ever feel powerless, just remember that a single one of your public hairs can shut down an entire restaurant.


Sweet dreams are made of memes, travel the world and the seven... something that rhymes with memes but isn't seas because that's the original lyric...

There's no time to explain, pull up your pants and RUN!

Don't repost in my neighborhood if you know what's good for you.

I'm not very smart, but I know quite a lot.

Ra, Ra, Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine...


If you haven't already figured it out, I like to talk. I'm just not very good at it.

Mmmmmm, Bepis.


Skate fast, eat ass.

I'm hungry. Gonna make me some Pizza Rolls.

Transformers! More than meets the eye! Transformers! Robots in disguise!

Ye hoebag!

I'm stiiill, in a dreeeaaam, Snake Eater!

"I would trade it all away, if you come back to staaaay. This kitchen's not the same, without youuuu!"

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In Book of Aeos 28 May 2017 2:22 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Aquanthe@Lord Orgasmo@dereken

Couldn't we just be "Bag of Oranges" Colors green and orange?

That gives me an idea. We could all have code names. @Aquanthe can be Sgt. Orange.
I'll be dropping out. Sorry. Couldn't really keep up with all the madness, and then lost most of my interest afterwards.
In Book of Aeos 28 May 2017 2:01 Forum: Casual Roleplay

I'm thinking, maybe lighter colors to offset the "Dark" Lord?

Wait. Does he even have a flag? Ha! I bet his bitch ass doesn't even have a flag!
In Book of Aeos 28 May 2017 0:56 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Lord Orgasmo>

I'm gonna have to go with the Sunbros. I been rocking with the Warriors since game one.

I'm quite honestly stuck between the Sunbros and the Abusement Park.
In Book of Aeos 28 May 2017 0:32 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Ideas for team names:

The Sunbros

The Abusement Park

The French Toast Mafia

Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad

Crack-Smoking Monkeys

The Razzle Dazzlers of Fantazzmagazzles

The Salted Pretzels

Dumbasses United/Unanimous

Frizzle Fry

The American Gods

Strawberry Lumps

Sweet Ginger Beans

The Laughing Knives

The California Cucks

Your thoughts?
In Book of Aeos 27 May 2017 1:29 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Oh god, he's been found out! Everyone will know Caractacus is a social reject! They'll laugh at him, and pelt him with oranges! And the pretty cheerleader won't go with him to prom!

Hang on, I think I'm mixing something up...

Not to worry. If all else fails, my Shambler will be your friend. Or pelt you with oranges. Whichever you deserve at the moment.
The year had flown by for Lance. Perhaps it was his age? They do say time flies when you're older. Nevertheless, Lance tirelessly worked as Veronica's protector. The days went by, and in his spare time, Lance continued to work on his swordsmanship, (or rather, lancemanship) and potion making. At first the whole concept was foreign to him. However he quickly learned that is was simply a process of remembering combonations. Some, were of course fairly easy, like Antivenom. While others, like healing potions were much mor complicated. On the upside, however, he has managed to increase his understanding of identification. With a much bigger variety now learned, he hoped this would help to protect Veronica in some way. He had gotten attached to the child.

Lance also began to notice something odd. Lance kept his weapons in a very particular order, not to mention sheathed and buckled. Sword, Shield, Lance, and then a collection of other miscellaneous weapons. One of which was a case of knives. Serrated, like the one he gave Lucky. It also held smaller daggers, used for throwing. Over the past few months Lance noticed that they had been tampered with. Some went missing, while others were turned around, facing a different direction than what they were originally. Lance worried for Veronica's safety. Had some assassin taken them? Or used them in some plot?

Lance kept a much closer eye on Veronica for the time he was around. Lance eventually went to see some of the others. He had gotten bored and decided to socialize. Lucky seemed like a good start. Heading to the stables, he was nowhere to be found. How odd. Where else could he be? The barn seemed like the next best choice. Upon getting closer, Lance's elven ears perked up as he heard grunting and the sound of something slashing against wood. Peeking through a crack in the wall, Lance saw Lucky slashing against... something. Lucky then pulled out throwing knife, and threw it at, presumably, a target. Then he got another. Lance quickly recognized the knives as his own. While he would like them back, he decided that Lucky would make better use of them for now. Even if he told Lucky to return them, he'd likely take them while Lance wasn't around. Lance Walked back to the castle. "Keep trainin' kid. One day, the world's gonna need ya."
Banned for being a tree hugger.
As Code began to explain the next area, Ysran noticed Rockin' run through the portal. Ysran became increasingly worried as the seconds ticked by, and he ran through the portal after Rockin'.

Stepping through, Rockin' was already under attack. A group of what looked like Samurai were slashing at Rockin's magic shield. Ysran had an idea. "Oi! Over here! Come get some!" the group turned towards Ysran, losing interest in the seemingly invincible pony. Charging at him. Ysran Closed his eyes. Thought back to the horrors he had seen in that vision just a moment ago.

Ysran opened his eyes and gave an evil grin. Shoving his hands forward he shouted:"Hoxmarch!" A large black shadow flew forth from Ysran's hands. As it engulfed the area in front of him, there was a rapid succession of Clang! as the Samurai all dropped their weapons and ran off in different directions, seemingly shoving each other out of the way, trying to run from the shadows. All but one. Although he quickly realized the situation, and ran off with the others. Looking around, Ysran seemed to be on a mountain, or plateau of sorts. Somewhere rocky. "Well, that was fun. Maybe wait next time though. I don't want you dying on me. If you are going to run ahead, at least take Chuckles with you. When I decide to re-summon him, of course."
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