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Current Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. Because I can't fucking sleep.
17 days ago
"Inspiring quote I found on Google"
2 mos ago
Tomorrow. Noun. The place where all human motivation and energy is stored.
2 mos ago
Bathtubs are just reverse boats
3 mos ago
Currently suffering from the sickness known as Food Fatigue.
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Hey now.

As time goes on, I'll add random stuff to this.

We praise it up in here!

I'm 6'2. So my arms are around 3 feet long. So last time I went on the American Eagle roller-coaster, I hurt my finger.

I take hot showers to practice burning in hell.

Stay classy America!

Have you tried setting it to Wumbo?

I'm hungry.

DS1 Bonewheels haunt my dreams.

Have you been flossing?

So... You come here often?

Dragon Dance!

Canada isn't real.

My favorite band would have to be Ninja Sex Party.

Nobody pays me in gum :(

Rush B Faggots!

The speed of light's for pussies, we're going at the speed of Brian!


Remember kids, don't have kids.


Accept Ron Swanson as your one true god.

Knee deep in the doot.


My penis is so big it goes from A to Z on the keyboard. Oh yeah! Oh shit, wait...

I though my life was hard because I had no shoes... Until I met a man who had no legs...

I've met a lot of pricks in my life, but you good sir are a god damn cactus.


The Resident Evil 4 merchant is forever embedded in my heart.

If you ever feel powerless, just remember that a single one of your public hairs can shut down an entire restaurant.


Sweet dreams are made of memes, travel the world and the seven... something that rhymes with memes but isn't seas because that's the original lyric...

There's no time to explain, pull up your pants and RUN!

Don't repost in my neighborhood if you know what's good for you.

I'm not very smart, but I know quite a lot.

Ra, Ra, Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine...


If you haven't already figured it out, I like to talk. I'm just not very good at it.

Mmmmmm, Bepis.


Skate fast, eat ass.

I'm hungry. Gonna make me some Pizza Rolls.

Transformers! More than meets the eye! Transformers! Robots in disguise!

Ye hoebag!

I'm stiiill, in a dreeeaaam, Snake Eater!

"I would trade it all away, if you come back to staaaay. This kitchen's not the same, without youuuu!"

A long time ago, actually, never, and also now, nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right? Like I said, it didn't happen. Nothing was never anywhere. That's why its been everywhere. Its been so everywhere you don't need a where. You don't even need a when. That's how every it gets.

🎵We're all just assholes, lookin' at a screen.🎵

Been a while, eh?

Engrish is my favorite language.

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This is actually just a meme, dont count it.

Seth reached out for the "Electronic Journal" and held it in both hands. Apparently this was also a pokedex, so maybe it could do other stuff? He looked to his Scyther and returned it to its pokéball. It'd probably end up doing something it shouldn't. He also need a nickname for it. Like "Ace", or maybe "Blade". Nah, to edgy. He'll think of something later.

He opened the Journal and pulled up the map. Where to go first? Should they just explore, or head to a city or town? He though of what he would do if this were an rpg game. He'd usually go to the next town to buy better equipment and potions. The starting town usually didn't have much, so he decided to trust his instinct.

"Right. Since we're just starting out, we should probably head to the nearest place. That would be...Houstank. Then again, we could just head wherever.
What do you guys want to do?"

So, the perfect plan for him would be to head to Houstank, then to New Pork. By then they would need to head likely to Eyescraper, or the could risk exploring the wasteland. With a city so close, they could retreat if things went south. But on the way to Eyescraper, one direct trip would likely be to much, so they'd probably have to stop back here again, and then go from there. Lastly would be to Drain.

Unfortunately, the world is full of chance and anarchy, and with the filth as it is now, it's only worse. So it was likely that this play wasn't going to go very well, but Seth hopes they could follow at least some sort of structured plan.


"Brawns" has been chosen.
I completely forgot to post in the cs tab. I think I'll go with Lance since we have a magic user.
I'm having a hard time picking out a character, what would you like to see?


Whoops, wrong thread.
I'll get a cs up in a bit hopefully. Gonna try out an elven fighter.

But at the same time I do love to play as an occultist.
I'll hop on

Seth watched as the other two picked their pokemon. He thought they looked pretty cool, or at the very least matched the trainers in some way. Scraggy had baggy... pants? Skin? Like his trainer, and the Shroomish was a grass type, matching the very... natural feeling of the other.

But what would he get? And would it suit him? Only one way to find out. He closed his eyes and stuck out his hand and grabbed the first pokeball he touched. He sent out the pokemon and opened his eyes.

"Oh hell to the yes."

Before him stood a Scyther, a very powerful pokemon from what he knew. Whether it was just a stroke of luck or fate itself, this was going to be his partner. He looked up and down at the Scyther. It seemed to be in relatively good shape. Its "Claws" looked a little dull, but that was to be expected. Other than that, he was in great shape.

He noticed the Scyther looking back at him, curiously. He seemed relieved, yet slightly annoyed. Was he relieved to finally be leaving? Was he annoyed that Seth picked him? Seth didn't know. But what he did know, was that his adventure just got a whole lot better.

Then Seth thought of how it matched him. Well, he wasn't quite a Mantis scythe wielding monster. Perhaps it could be his catalyst for being a reckless adventurer or something. Yeah that's it! Its gotta be. Or maybe... there's a side to this Scyther he doesn't know yet?
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