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Remember kids: The early bird gets to cry in their car for a few extra minutes before work!
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It's officially that annoying time of year where I get to scrape frost off of my windshield every morning.
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I can't say that I do, but I have based a number of my rp's on songs, including the one I'm working on now.
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"No one can escape the fate given to them.
All that remains is the end, where you will all perish.
Eternal greatness exists only within myself.
Sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished."

My 1x1 thread, because I'm a shameless hack.

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Isaac stifled a laugh as he watched the angelic figure thwack the two on the head. Though he listened rather intently as the two angelic forms spoke. Digimon? Digital World? So this was... a parallel universe created by the internet? Maybe that Hawking guy wasn't smoking crack after all. Or did somebody stick a VR headset on him while he was blinded? Judging by the fact that he could still adjust his beanie and hair, probably not.

So some guy named Yggdrasil was the God of this place, and needs humans to help these guys reach their full potential? That just sounds like every monster catching game ever made.

"So say we do go along with this. How ecactly do we go about this whole 'unlocked potential' thing? The power of friendship? Do we fuse our souls together to make some kind of new creature? Or does our mere presence just magically somehow make you more capable?"

While Isaac was completely genuine, his face was almost completely expressionless, aside from the slight scowl he normally wore. Most of his emotion seemed to come from his tone and gestures as he talked.

"And also, even if we can unlock these potentials, what exactly are we supposed to be doing? Going town to town recruiting an army? Do you have an army we're supposed to train? Are we supposed go find monsters in the woods to capture and use? We need more details, man." Isaac lifted his arms out as he spoke eventually dropping them back to his side as he finished speaking with a thud, his voice getting ever so slightly more exasperated.
Talk about a real partycrasher.

And yes, I did spend an entire paragraph talking about my suit, something that is almost certainly bound to come up maybe once, and then never referred to again.

The first day of the boat ride was spent almost entirely creating references. Jimmy's eyes would dart around, soaking in every detail of every spectacle, from battles to babes, from Pokémon to partygoers. Each would get immortalized in Jimmy's sketchbook, full of drawings of dresses, suits, pants, ties, even hats could be found with its pages of artistry. As soon as he got home, he would surely create his Magnum Opus, inspired by the whole world, no less! And as the night came, Jimmy's energy didn't let up, mingling amongst the various people on the boat, whether they be the lowliest servant or the most professional of trainers. Buying drinks, exchanging business cards, placing custom orders, the night was as full as could be for Jimmy.

The second day was his chance to really shine! Jimmy busted out his secret weapon for the trip: a custom, tailored suit made by him specifically for this event. A deep, navy blue jacket and pants, accompanied by a black vest and white undershirt, all held together with golden buttons, a silver handkerchief, polished leather dress shoes, and a scarlet red tie. The jacket and pants were adorned with expertly placed tiny white stars, to capture the essence of the endless night sky. And on the shoulders and sides of the jacket were depictions of the two legendary Pokémon, Ho-oh and Lugia. On the right shoulder was a golden image of the rainbow bird Pokémon, while the left depicted a silvery image of Lugia, the guardian of the sea.

And as the night set, Jimmy's suit glimmered in the twilight rays as he entered the Lucky Catch. Sure the food was good, and one could even say the decor was exquisite. But that's not why Jimmy was here. He was here for what was in the back of the restaurant, behind closed doors: The dance floor. What better way to stand out and attract new friends than to show your moves? Pushing open the heavy wooden doors, he enacted his master plan. Cocktails were bought, and passed around, as he began to attract his own little crowd. The place was absolutely abound with energy as Jimmy continued to work his magic, riling up the dancers, and taking pictures for social media.

At last he was ready for his final act, complete domination of the dance floor. He had a secret trick up his sleeve: he was a master at the art of breakdancing. Or at least, the time he had spent training, accompanied by the alcohol in his system told him he was. He began with several sweeping motions, followed by twists and turns of his legs, as he continued to twirl himself around. At last he ended with a glorious pose, one leg extended to the side, and the other bent inwards as Jimmy held himself up with his waining strength. Righting his position, Jimmy staggered a bit as the room began to spin, the alcohol and inertia hitting him. "Well, I hope everybody saw that because I will not be doing that again! Hahaha!"

Jimmy put his hands on his hips as he reveled with the rest of the dancers. Deciding enough was enough, however, Jimmy decided now would be a good time to end the night. If he stayed up too late, he might miss tomorrow's events. He couldn't afford to do that! He shuddered at the thought of so much missed inspiration and excitement. That and the creeping exhaustion. Stepping out the doors and back into the restaurant, Jimmy looked out at the various foods on display. Surely one meal couldn't hurt?

Unfortunately, Jimmy would not get his wish, as the ship would violently shudder, followed by the sounds of cracking, and screaming. People began rushing towards the exits, pushing past him, as a massive pillar began to tumble, being held up by a lone Machamp. As Jimmy began to run towards the exit with the rest of the patrons, a combination of inebriation, shoving, and fatigue from his previous endeavors, ended with him tackling the Machamp with his full weight, knocking them both down, the collapsed pillar falling behind them with a rumble. Jimmy climbed up to his feet, and thankfully, through either, luck, skill, or divine intervention, his suit had remained completely spotless.

He offered a hand to the Pokémon he had tackled. "Come on big guy, let's..." He stumbled once more. "...get out of here!"
So we've got three coordinators, a steward, a fasion designer, and one actual trainer.

Hopefully there's not much combat lol.
Here is my delirious creation, if you want anything changed, specified, or re-done, hit me up.

Yeah sure why why not, I'll jump in.
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