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Current Skate fast, smoke grass, eat ass.
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What, did you find a Chuck Tingle book?
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The Russians are back.
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In other news, mowing sucks.
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@Arista - Yeah, I'd be down to clown with that, but something tells me my skills aren't quite up to snuff for High-Casual/Advanced.


Hey now.

As time goes on, I'll add random stuff to this.

We praise it up in here!

I'm 6'4. So my arms are around 3 feet long. So last time I went on the American Eagle roller-coaster, I hurt my finger.

I take hot showers to practice burning in hell.

Stay classy America!

Have you tried setting it to Wumbo?

I'm hungry.

DS1 Bonewheels haunt my dreams.

Have you been flossing?

So... You come here often?

Dragon Dance!

Canada isn't real.

My favorite band would have to be Ninja Sex Party.

Nobody pays me in gum :(

Rush B Faggots!

The speed of light's for pussies, we're going at the speed of Brian!


Remember kids, don't have kids.


Accept Ron Swanson as your one true god.

Knee deep in the doot.


My penis is so big it goes from A to Z on the keyboard. Oh yeah! Oh shit, wait...

I though my life was hard because I had no shoes... Until I met a man who had no legs...

I've met a lot of pricks in my life, but you good sir are a god damn cactus.


The Resident Evil 4 merchant is forever embedded in my heart.

If you ever feel powerless, just remember that a single one of your public hairs can shut down an entire restaurant.


Sweet dreams are made of memes, travel the world and the seven... something that rhymes with memes but isn't seas because that's the original lyric...

There's no time to explain, pull up your pants and RUN!

Don't repost in my neighborhood if you know what's good for you.

I'm not very smart, but I know quite a lot.

Ra, Ra, Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine...


If you haven't already figured it out, I like to talk. I'm just not very good at it.

Mmmmmm, Bepis.


Skate fast, eat ass.

I'm hungry. Gonna make me some Pizza Rolls.

Transformers! More than meets the eye! Transformers! Robots in disguise!

Ye hoebag!

I'm stiiill, in a dreeeaaam, Snake Eater!

"I would trade it all away, if you come back to staaaay. This kitchen's not the same, without youuuu!"

A long time ago, actually, never, and also now, nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right? Like I said, it didn't happen. Nothing was never anywhere. That's why its been everywhere. Its been so everywhere you don't need a where. You don't even need a when. That's how every it gets.

🎵We're all just assholes, lookin' at a screen.🎵

Been a while, eh?

Engrish is my favorite language.

"No one can escape the fate given to them.
All that remains is the end, where you will all perish.
Eternal greatness exists only within myself.
Sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished."

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Just chugging along. Trying out a Digimon RP in the meantime.

Interacting with:Everyone, technically.

"A digivice huh? Can't say I've ever heard of one of those. Guess I oughta give this a shot then." Seth approached the wooden table and picked up one of the strange devices, and set down the three creatures he was carrying on it."Now... how does this work? Do I just, like..." Seth pointed the digivice at the one with the tiny golden wings and pressed the button.

There was a ray of light that streaked out towards it, and in an instant, the little white blob had changed.

"Oh, that's so much better! Thanks man! I'm Kyupimon!" Seth took a step back in surprise. "Oh snap. Well... as if this couldn't get any weirder. Though, I guess now that you can talk, this'll probably clear up a number of things. Let's move on to the other two, then." Seth turned towards the blue blob with the floppy antenna on its head. He aimed it at the blob and pressed the button once more. Another streak of light appeared, striking the creature. In an instant, it's form changed.

The previous blob now had arms and legs, and a pair of what looked like horns. It spoke in a squeaky voice. "Yay, thanks! I'm Demiveemon!" It seemed rather excitable.

"Alright. Looking good so far. Now you." Seth pointed with a finger at the water droplet shaped creature. "Here goes." Seth pressed the button a third time, and the ray of light ensued. As it struck the water droplet shaped creature, not much changed. It seemed a little bigger now, and its eyes seemed more focused now.

"Did... did it not work? Do I need to recharge this thing?" Seth looked at the screen of the digivice, looking for some sort of "low battery" symbol, when a quiet, feminine voice spoke up. "No, no, it worked. I'm Moonmon. Thanks for the boost. I might not have arms or legs yet, but I promise I'll do my best." Seth looked at his three evolved companions.

"Wait. You all said 'mon' at the end of your names. Is this one of those things where your name is your species? I've played those games before, and I always gave them a nickname. So let's give you guys some, too." Seth rubbed his chin and tapped his foot for a moment before pointing at the one that called itself Demiveemon. "You can be... Superfly. It might now make sense now, but if you have more of these evolution things, then it'll make more sense later." Next, he pointed to Moonmon. "For you, I'm feeling... Killer Queen. Don't know why, but I do." Lastly, he looked towards the angel-like digimon, Kyupimon. "And you'll be Holy Diver. I can't think of many other holy or light based songs or bands, so that'll have to do."

It was at this time Seth noticed a fourth person had arrived. He paid him little mind, however. The girl seemed to he squealing excitement over her new friends. She also had a Kyupimon. Guess it's good he gave them nicknames to tell them apart. He looked back towards Nathan, and saw that his companions had evolved, too. Seth turned to the others. "So this is all well and good, but, uh... now what? We should probably find a way out of here. Maybe find a road or something to follow that'll lead us towards some sort of civilization."
Or do it in bold text, to emphasize that it's a digimon talking, and it doesn't get lost in the text.

Not to mention, it looks like @DankDutch is using white text as their speaking color, so there's that, too.

You should also probably consider finishing up your CS and getting approved before posting my dude.

Interacting with:@KhKj

It was another day for Seth. But today was a good day, for he had no classes, nor did he have work. He'd actually be able to have fun today!

Seth let out a sharp inhale as he sat up and opened his eyes. This... wasn't his room, it was some sort of beach by a forest. The hell? Did he get kidnapped and left for dead? Seth scrambled to his feet, taking in his surroundings. The only way forward seemed to be into the forest, though there was beach behind him. He turned around, only to feel his foot tap something. He looked down to see three tiny, round creatures at his feet.

Seth let out a surprised "Ah!" as the creatures bounced around, looking at Seth endearingly. Was this one of those lucid dreams he'd heard about? The creatures made little in the way of noise, but bounced up and down happily. They seemed to be staring off in the direction of the woods behind him occasionally. Seth looked behind him. "What is it? Is there something in the woods? What are you trying to tell me?" This was one freaky encounter. Maybe these creatures are some weird science experiment, and he's being studied to see how they interact with humans? Before he knew it, the three creatures bounced off towards the treeline. Seth, having nothing better to do, followed suit.

The forest seemed kind of eerie, all things considered, but it wasn't all bad, at least he still had his clothes on. As Seth walked behind the bouncing creatures, he took the time to look them over a little more. The one leading the other two was blue in color, and looked like a water drop... if you squinted. It also had this stem-like antenna coming out of the top of its head. Freaky. The other two were just as strange, however. One was a blue ball with a floppy antenna at the top, much like the one leading them. The last one was a bright white, and had these little golden wings that didn't seem to do much. The other weird part was that they all had faces. What were these things even supposed to be? Hopefully this was all just a big prank. Ashton Kutcher would jump out of the bushes and point out all the hidden cameras.

At last, they came to a clearing in the forest. Seth looked forward, and his eyes fell on a sturdy looking wooden table. Not only that, but there was another human! At least he wasn't alone. As Seth stepped forward, he noticed more movement. Three little creatures bounced around this new person. Looks like he was in the same situation as Seth. Seth scooped up his little weird animal friends and held them in his arms as he approached the table. They were just as light as he expected, and it felt like they had skin rather than hair or scales. This was weird.

The guy at the table had blue hair, and sported a hoodie. He seemed to have some sort of book in his hand and was muttering to himself. Seth clutched his cross necklace as he spoke, shifting his small companions around somewhat."Uh, hi there. Name's Seth. You know what's going on here? I seem to be a little lost. And uh..." he looked down at the strange creatures he held. "You know what these things are? It looks like you have a couple of them, too."
I'll try to get my post out after work.
For those who have missed it, you can choose 3 (Fresh) starters instead of 2.

Guess I'll take this dudebro then

Guess I'll also give all these guys names, too.

If you want anything changed, let me know.
I'll see where this goes. Consider me interested.
Minor thing, but @fer1323, Eevee has base 55 attack, so you would start off at 195 XP. That is, assuming we're rounding up, as the table only counts by tens, and the link we were given doesn't help.

Also, there isn't a place to add what your ability is, so I'll just add it to the bottom of my sheet, and remove the pizza part, since
-If you actually read through all this please include your favorite food in your character creation.
didn't seem to matter. Same with Held Items. Though one would think that since it's constantly changing it doesn't need one.

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