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You either a smart fella, or a fart smella.
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My momma says alligators are so ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.
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I live in Spain but without the "a"


"No one can escape the fate given to them.
All that remains is the end, where you will all perish.
Eternal greatness exists only within myself.
Sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished."

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April 11th. Hinotori High School.

Genki watched as the pair had their eyes fixated on some sort of oven baked food, Kaito's face contorted in pure concentration. If you just paid attention to his face, you'd think the guy was performing brain surgery. Pulling out a fork, Kaito poked said pastry, and after the briefest of seconds, watched the whole thing deflate like a balloon. Genki half expected a comical fart sound effect to come out, but alas, it was not the case.

After a few consoling words towards Kaito, Rin, er -- Linda turned her attention to Genki, as if to acknowledge his presence before turning back to Kaito. "Soufflé huh? That's French, right?" He said, shifting his weight from one side or the other. "Speaking of which, are we going to be learning food from all over the world, like French, Italian, or Indian? Or is this a mostly Japanese course and we can just make whatever for fun?" He probably would've offered help at this point, but a familiar voice spoke out from behind him asking if this was the Cooking Club or the Drama Club, likely a result of Kaito's moan of anguish.

Genki let out a single "Heh," as a thump followed by a yelp of pain. He turned to see the face of Daigo, holding his arm. "What, hit your funny bone, Daigo?" A brilliant idea popped into Genki's brain, the kind that would make a 50 watt light bulb appear over a character's head in one of those old cartoons. He turned towards Linda and then back to Daigo. "Hey! Why don't you join the Cooking Club? We only need one more person to get funding." He gestured to the inside of the room.

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April 11th. Hinotori High School.

Genki felt unusually alert as the bell rang, as he and the other students poured into the hallways, the events of yesterday still not quite settling within him. And not to mention last night's dream. This "William" seemed to know more about this whole awakening and Persona thing. But he'd have to find him first. Apparently his "Door" would be in a place that's been burned to the ground, but not until everyone had Awakened. Who was "everyone", though? There were the four that were there yesterday, five, counting Mira. And he also mentioned something about Arcana. Was there a person for every Arcana? Were there another dozen random people who needed awakenings? This whole thing hurt his head. Perhaps if he ignored it for a while he'd be able to think more clearly.

For now though, there was still daylight left. He should probably go see Rin and possibly Kaito, if he was there. He felt like he was in the Mirror World for a while, but according to his phone and the wall clocks, he was only gone a few minutes. He was tired as hell upon returning, but he knew if he didn't put those posters up, he'd have some explaining to do, and he doubted that Rin would believe he and his classmates went to a mirror world where he was able to summon an ancient nigh-immortal Chinese mythological warrior to beat up a giant shadow demon. Fortunately there were some prime spots he somehow managed to find, and made it out in no time.

He was still a little sore from yesterday, but he'd rather climb a couple flights of stairs than fight for his life against more shadows, though there was a sinking feeling he had that that wasn't going to be the last time he'd have to go there, especially with William's words echoing in his mind. Maybe if he wasn't needed at the Cooking Club he'd check out the place "consumed by flames", which, if he had to guess, was likely one of the several burned down houses. But he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. For now, though, it was Cooking Club time.

He pulled out his phone, sending a text to his grandparents saying he'd be attending Cooking Club and would probably be home a little late. His grandmother responded in seconds, but it'd probably be a number of minutes before his grandfather responded.

Now for the stairs. Certainly a bit of cardio, but he was almost starting to get used to the trek. His eyes scanned the rooms, falling on the familiar open door with the Cooking equipment in the background. A few quick strides later, and Genki found himself in the doorway of the Cooking Club, his head of brown shaggy hair poking in. "Heya! You guys still hanging in there?" Need any help?

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April 10th. The "Other Side".

Just as the hand he had previously hit was blown away, the remainder of them retreated, back towards the well. Turning to follow them, he saw that Mira had fortunately survived the onslaught of elemental attacks, and was now standing, calling out to the others. Genki watched as the hands seemed to coagulate into some sort of pillar, only to fall away, revealing some sort of big theater-esque mask, which was apparently its weak point. Good. Now he could hurt it. And boy did that idea sound good.

Hoshino was the first to strike, jumping up to strike out and stabbing said mask. He then turned to the rest of the party, commanding them to "Stab it". Well that was certainly something that Genki could do. Tightening the grip on his axe, he rushed towards the mask. "Coming right up!" As he approached, he called out to Xing Tian, who still stood behind him. "Xing Tian, let's go!" Genki lifted his axe and swung it towards the mask from a short distance away. Xing Tian did the same, sinking his massive axe into the enemy. The crunch from the impact, the knockback from the attack, God did it feel cathartic. He could feel his rage begin to focus, not as a wild, mindless rage, but as a source of strength he could draw upon.

Genki felt a more tired after that, almost as if he had swung Xing Tian's axe, and not his own. He shoved his shield in front of him as his persona disappeared, taking a defensive stance, now that he was here, he could act as a distraction, allowing the others gain a chance to strike, it was the least he could do, being so slow to awaken. "Come on you ugly son of a bitch! Come and get me! I dare you!" Hopefully this thing understood what he was saying, and if not, hopefully the loud noise from him yelling would be enough to get the thing's attention.

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April 10th. The "Other Side".

The hand continued taking swipes at Genki, each time getting closer and closer to landing an actual hit, but whether through luck, skill, or divine intervention, somehow Genki kept himself away. Fortunately, this game wouldn't have to continue much longer, as a combination of efforts from the group of Awakened seemed to draw the hand away, and as Mira went towards the well, presumably to go after the source.

And what a source it was! Almost as if the well was erupting with ooze, more and more of the monster began to appear. Well, now that more of it was exposed, they could start hitting the main thing, right? Though as if on cue, more problems began arising. First, Mira seemed to be stuck in the goo, as if trapped in sticky slime, though she only seemed slightly concerned about this. Perhaps she had a way out, or had been in this situation before. Then, there were more hands. Several of them. Just one was hard enough to dodge, how was he going to deal with three or even four more hands.

Well, now what? He could stay near the Awakened, but that just puts them in more danger. Running away might make him safer, if the hands choose to go after just the ones fighting. But if they didn't... he was toast. Just then, a shout from Diago caught his attention, telling him to get behind him. Well, if he was so sure, then the decision on where to go next was practically chosen for him. He dashed off towards Diago, hoping him and his beetle man ghost thing would be able to defend him. If anything, he at least try and offer moral support. He watched as Diago fumbled over his words, trying to get another ray of light to be fired, this time at the black mass near the well. All these lights, and monsters, and running... all of these butterflies and talks of responsibility, and this whole mirror world debacle... it was really starting to take its toll. He could feel the beginnings of a headache come on. And to-- wait... where was Sasaki?

He looked over just in time to see a burst of blue light, and after a brief moment, Sasaki stood, Awakened. She had some sort of crown, and a flowing silver robe, albeit sleevless, and boots that looked like she was getting ready for winter. Was she supposed to be some sort of... ice princess? The colors certainly matched that theme. He then saw her persona. Some sort of silver deer unicorn looking thing. She was riding it. You could do that? Just then he had also noticed the hands it had blown away when she had Awakened. Though, now it was likely she could fight back.

There was a sound behind him as Diago fired off his light ray, and he heard Sasaki follow up with her own attack, as a bolt of lightning rained from the blackness above. Okay, that one definitely hit Mira. Well, that made four persona users. The only one left was...

The realization hit him like a ton bricks. He was the only one left. He was useless. Defenseless. A liability. His headache only seemed to grow out of frustration as he balled his hands. He looked towards where the hands previously going after Sasaki were going. They were trying to sneak up on him. All of the others were busy and the hands saw the opportunity. He wanted nothing more than to be able to do something. Anything. But all he could do now was cry for help. He usually had no problem relying on friends or family before, so why was he feeling this way now? Was it the absurdity of it all? The pain, slowly turning into anger? Or were these his true feelings all along? Just then, it felt like a sledgehammer hit him on the back of his head.

You. You're pathetic.

Was that... the shadow? Was it taunting him? Genki gripped his head and tried to keep his eyes open as searing pain ran through his head. He'd never hurt so bad. The pain was maddening.

You should be ashamed. Every one of your comrades is out there fighting. But you, you hide behind them like a rat. You should have been the first one on the field, ready to die for your allies. But no, you've chosen the path of cowardice. Your life of luxury has made you weak. It has made you into target practice for the shadows. Your anger is your strength, yet you choose to actively avoid it. You choose every day to be weak, and never to stand with others. What would Zhao have to say?

The searing pain only increased as the speech went on. Zhao. That name only brought bad memories and anger. He way he singled out Genki and made his time at the orphanage hell. He fell to a knee, the impact of the stone ground sending a familiar jolt of pain through him. The voice continued to speak over the pain.

You think he singled you out for no reason? He could see your anger. He could see what you could have been. He made you stronger. Your strength lies in adversity, Genki. Do not run from trouble. Run towards it! From difficulty and adversity, you will find opportunities. Take yours now, and use it to fight back!

From the corner of his vision, a now all too recognizable blue glow appeared. The butterfly. Was this damn thing the source of all his woes? It didn't matter. Genki felt only rage against it. Genki reached out and slammed the butterfly towards the stone floor. But there was no satisfying crunch. No blood. No insect guts. Just a key. Genki let out a frustrated grunt at the resolution.

And so you have taken your first step. Your first opportunity. Let us create our contract, and continue to thrive in the face of adversity.
I am thou, thou art I.
Let your fury be your weapon, and your tenacity your shield.
Rise to the challenge!
Destroy all of those who would oppose you and your allies!

And just like that, the pain was over. But the anger wasn't. His rage still bubbled and swirled like a magma in his chest. So much so that the key in his hand had become a match. The perfect vessel for the fire of his metaphorical magma. He looked to his other hand. Inside he was clutching a card. It depicted an old man in armor atop a throne, wielding a golden scepter. As if instinctually, he struck the match against his pant leg, and began burning the card. The blue fire sat in his hand, yet did not burn him. A single name swirled in his mind. The only person he knew of who could be as indescribably infuriated as he was. And the same person who fought until his death -and even after it- for those who would call him their brother in arms.

Genki clenched his fist around the fire and raised it towards the infinite darkness of the ceiling as he stood up. He looked up shouting: ["Give me your power! Xing Tain!"] The deep blue flame exploded out of Genki's hand, covering his entire body in its light. As the flames enveloped him, burning brighter and taller, Genki let out a nearly inhuman roar in unison with an actual, inhuman roar, causing the flames to disperse.

Genki now stood, covered in interlocking plates of a glittering dark yellow metal, resembling the scales of a fish. Many were a dark crimson, though it was hard to tell from what. All the way from his neck to his knees the metal scales clanked and jingled. A pair of metal greaves that shone like gold adorned his legs, matching the color of his scalemail-like armor. A deep red cape the color of blood flowed behind him, its edges frayed as if it had seen countless battles. And in the middle of Genki's chest was a circular breastplate, depicting the face of a monstrous creature, its mouth agape in a defiant roar.

And behind Genki stood the source of the inhuman shout: A monster of a man, a head, shoulders, and most of a torso taller than Genki stood Xing Tian. His wide chest still burning in eternal rage. His fiery eyes and sharp teeth leaked blazing flames with every breath, and his helmet shone like a kiln, with fire pouring out of every direction. His mighty axe and shield, nearly the size of Sasaki stood ready for slaughter.

Genki looked towards the hands that were previously attempting to go around for the flank. They were closer now. Close enough to hit. Close enough to hurt. The perfect chance to release his rage. ["I WILL RAIN HELLFIRE UPON YOU!"] He let out a battle cry as Xing Tain did the same, difference being that Xing Tian's thunderous uproar was enough to send a torrent of black and red flames towards the hands, incinerating most of the fingers off of one of them, and the rest of the same hand shortly after. Genki reached out his hand, subconsciously reaching for something. "Come and get me..." An axe appeared in his hand, it was hefty, but in all the right ways. It looked just like Xing Tian's. Similarly, a rectangular shield manifested in his left hand, strapped to his arm. The time for running was over. It was time to fight.

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April 10th. The "Other Side".

As the slaughter of the shadows continued, Genki heard a shout from Mira telling the group to push forward into the room ahead. Seeing as staying here and potentially getting eaten didn't exactly seem like the brightest idea at the time, he followed Mira's motions and ran towards the curtains along with the others.

Practically tumbling into the room, Genki head a slam behind him as a pair of doors shut behind him. Well, if there were doors, then what was the point of the curtains? Whatever, that didn't matter now. What did matter, however, was the new room he found himself in. It almost looked like the entrance to some sort of overgrown temple. There were stones at his feet, with sprouts of grass coming out from the spots between, and vines on the walls that seemed to stretch on forever. There was also a suspiciously nice looking well in the room. It even had a nice little pagoda.

As Genki observered the room, Mira mentioned that she couldn't sense the shadow that dragged them here in the first place, unless it was hiding in the well. "Well, either that or..." Genki's voice trailed off as he looked straight up at the ceiling, which seemed like less of a ceiling and more of a darkened hallway. "...Up there." With any luck, it'd be the well, as that would be significantly easier to see.

Hoshino, as usual, seemed very angry, though this time at the shadow and not Mira. The last thing the party needed was another argument. Unsure of what to do next, Genki's train of thought was broken by the sound of Mira telling him and Sasaki to stay put. Well, that was kind of the plan anyways. The two of them probably couldn't do much to something that could only be killed by a persona user.

There was a shout from Hoshino, and as Genki turned to see what the commotion was, he saw that Mira had grabbed ahold of him, as a black glob rose from well, before turning into four black hands as they had seen before. Not good. Since he couldn't fight, flight was his only option, except, he couldn't fly, either, so running would have to do in this scenario. As long as he stayed near the persona users, maybe the hands wouldn't go after him, since he was near something that could hurt it.

One of the hands dove towards Genki, and he put his plan into action. He took off, running near the others. That was step one. Step two was evasive maneuvers. Dip, dodge, and duck. Don't stay in the same place for long. Ready... Steady... Go! As the hand grew closer and took a swipe at him, Genki had already lept to his left in what he thought was a cool dodge roll. As his knees hit the stone floor, however, the jolt of pain reminded him that this was not, in fact, a movie or a game. It also caused his knuckles to whiten as he clenched his fists in anger. No, now wasn't the time for that, getting angry would just get him killed. He just needed to keep dodging, and hope one of his companions might help when they got the chance.

Yeah, Unite has been in the works for a while now. It's being made by the Chinese conglomerate that is Tencent, so there's that. A lot of people really didn't like this idea, so much so that the YouTube announcement video for it got taken down and re-uploaded to get rid of all the dislikes. (Presumably)

I personally don't think it'll work very well. If it's like any other pokemon game, it'll be geared towards kids, and when older fans come to play, they'll probably completely mollywop the young kids that think the game looks cool, completely alienating them. The only thing I can hope for is maybe something like different "leagues" for younger players, and older players. Though even then, there's no telling how many older folks would just join the younger league just for free wins. I just don't really see it working out very well, all things considered. Though it's entirely possible that there's an easy solution, and I'm just really stupid.
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