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Life is short, but also like, insufferably long.
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I don't think I want to say where my name is from.
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That hasn't stopped people before.


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Haunted by the ghost of Donny

Annie grabbed a bowl and delved into the stew ignoring the conversation the rest of the party seemed to be having. Being on the road so often, Annie could eat just about anything. She's even eaten rattlesnake once. The warmth from the stew was probably the most noticeable thing about it to Annie. Her body slowly getting warmer to combat the cold desert sands. After finishing her bowl, she sat back a little, and resumed listening in on the conversation. That's when she heard the news.

They had lost Donny.

"Ah, shit. Uh..." she turned back towards Neon, and the tent, which appeared to be mostly set up now. "Hey Neon! Ya almost done with that there tent? We might need yer help." "Give me, maybe, two more minutes, and I'll be all done. What's all this about Donny I heard?" "We uh... we sorta... lost 'im." There was a rustling of metal on metal as Neon's plated palm hit his visor. "How in the actual hell did you manage to lose a person?! He was unconscious!"

"Well, I don't think he's very far, I was wonderin' if you'd go look for him, and I'd finish the tent." "Fine. But I'm not going too far. If he's not within a couple hundred feet of here, he's gone for good." With that, Neon got up, and pulled out his longsword, before twirling it a few times. Each twirl the sword became progressively shorter, until eventually, it was reduced to a small lantern, and mysteriously lit itself. "Huh. I didn't know you could do that. Neat." Annie's quiet voice was mostly obstructed by the clinking of armor as Neon walked past her, going in the direction the came from.

Annie got up and dusted herself off, and began walking towards the mostly complete tent. "Well, that's about all I can do. I'll get working on the tent. Should be ready in a few."

Starring: @Ambra

There it was. The sound that every person in existence emotionally resonated with. Granted, that emotion was usually a mixture of anger and sadness. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE-- There was a soft clicking sound as the snooze button was pressed. Waking up at 7 AM never got any easier. Annie ripped off her blanket and sat up for a moment, taking in the reality of her situation. It was a school day again. She eventually got off of her bed and walked towards the shower, her joints popping loudly along the way.


Dryed and dressed in her signature green sweater, Annie headed towards the kitchen, with one thing on her mind: Food. Annie didn't quite know how to use everything in the kitchen, but she knew how to use the most important thing: the Waffle Iron. Two waffles and a big glass of milk later, Annie hopped on her bike to school.

But not before one critical stop. The Eastside Café. Annie's go-to coffee shop, about a block away from the school. As soon as Annie walked in, the young blonde woman behind the counter immediately recognized Annie, and gave her a quick nod, before disappearing for a moment, and reappearing with a large coffee in her hand. The life-giving liquid that Annie ran on in the mornings. That, and it tasted pretty good, too.

Homeroom was as monotonous as ever, and seemed to drag on for hours. That's when the teacher reminded them about the field trip. "Oh right. That's today." Annie fished around in her bag, pulling out a salmon colored slip with her mother's signature on it. Annie considered this a day off from school more than anything. Her father used to take her to various places as a young child. Water parks, movie theaters, but very rarely did they go to museums. For someone who relied on old stuff, her father didn't really seem to care about history.

One bus ride later, Annie and the rest of her class arrived at the museum. "Dinosaurs, huh? How fitting." The teacher said roll call and some other stuff Annie didn't really care about, because like any good museum, there was a gift shop. And this particular gift shop, sold coffee. She had finished her coffee in homeroom, and was wide awake now, but another cup might be needed later on. Keeping a mental note of its location, Annie turned her attention back to the museum's other attractions.

Annie had already read the paper that was handed to her about the trip a few days prior. They'd reconvene here in a couple hours, and then leave a couple more hours after that. The students began to disperse, and Annie wondered what to do next, as she walked and wandered around, looking at the various displays. That's when she heard someone ask "How much glue did they have to use to keep it from falling apart?" And without thinking, Annie responded with "Probably not as much as you'd think. They use a sort of super adhesive and expanding foam to hold them together. Or, so I was told." The dinosaur was pretty impressive, all things considered. Though there were all kinds. Big, small, even ones that flew in the sky.



The ride out of town was mostly uneventful. Slow Ride took its time, trotting along as Annie and Neon Knight guided him along with the others. Annie took the lead this time, letting Neon Knight watch as they rode. The sum beat down on Annie and Slow Ride as they rode, eventually leading to Annie taking off her jacket, and stuffing it into one of her saddlebags. Neon, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind the heat. The light that reflected off of his armor would prove to be somewhat annoying everytime she looked back, and eventually just deciding to stop after a while. Annie and Neon rode in relative silence, the occasional sound of Neon's armor jingling around or a huff from Slow Ride was most of the sound they heard.

Eventually, however, night sat upon them soon enough, and the party was forced to stop. Annie put back on her jacket as the temperature dropped, but Neon and Slow Ride didn't seem to care about the lower temperature. As the fire burned, Annie watched the flames flicker as she let her mind wander along her previous adventures. There was the time she went to India, and the Pyramids in Egypt, she even once went to an old Indian Burial site. But that was besides the point.

Annie sat in Neon's imposing shadow as Jojo began working on some sort of stew after fishing yet another convenient item out of somewhere. Fortunately, she had her own convenient item. Annie tapped on Neon's plated shoulder, and pointed towards Slow Ride. Rolled up on the back of Slow Ride was a green tent. Annie brought it with as she usually traveled with one or two others while working. Though this time she was traveling with four others. Neon got the idea, and walked over to Slow Ride and began putting the tent together. Mostly because Annie would take an hour to get it set up. The tent could hold four people comfortably, but could probably hold all five of them if they made the most of the available space. Neon didn't sleep as far as Annie knew, so she didn't really count him.

As Neon began working on the tent, Annie heard Joseppi talk about not being the only one following the girl. Presumably, he meant Jules. Well, seeing as she was a wanted criminal, it didn't surprise Annie much. It was probably some bounty hunter or otherwise person after her head. Annie didn't worry too much about it though. They had a lawman on their side. And if it was just one or two others, they probably wouldn't try to fight all five of them. Annie laid back on the cold sand, used to the grainy texture from all the deserts she'd been in, and waited for the presumed stew to be done. She was starting to get kinda hungry.
You've made a terrible mistake, posting this while I'm alive.


Strangely feeling a little better, Jules lifted her head from the sink and glanced over at Joseppi. Huh, what do you know-- he did follow her into the women’s bathroom. This day was getting more and more bizarre; she had manure thrown at her earlier, had been in an excruciating amount of pain only a few moments before and her breathing had been off only to have it fade away moments after, and now had to deal with a man in her private space-- the same man that had almost caved her face in a few minutes before. What was his deal?

”Hold on now,” Jules remained calm as she wiped the water from her face, careful not to blemish her bruised features any further, ”you can’t just waltz in here all nonchalant and crack a wise joke. Tell me what you want or get the hell away from me.”

The consternation was clear on her face and he couldn’t really blame her given the situation. His smile faded as his composure grew more serious. ”Now thats no way to be talking to a man of the law now is it? Seems to me you’re a bit famous round here parts.”

Annie half wanted to leave, half wanted to stay, if only to interact with someone that wasn't Neon. Besides, Neon did most of the talking for her. "Famous huh? What for?" Annie thought about what this oh so popular woman could be know for? She didn't exactly seem like the person to be a chef, so, a musician maybe? She didn't have an instrument on her, though she could guess why with all the tumbling about she's been doing. But then Annie briefly remembered something: those green balls she had on her. They didn't exactly seem like they were used in any sport she knew of. They looked pretty heavy, probably not ideal for baseball or tennis. "Oh wait lemme guess… uh, an athlete, right? That's what those green balls are for right? Some kinda sport?" Annie's southern accent got slightly thicker as she grew more excited. She never really got to meet a famous person so… up close. She's been to concerts before with famous musicians, and her father even once knew a renowned cook at one point, but they haven't spoken in a while. But now she gets to meet a famous athlete!

”Man of law?” Jules stood stalwart in Joseppi’s presence and focused on not letting her fear trace her expression. If she looked guilty, she might as well be giving a confession right there and then. For a moment, her eyes wavered towards the girl as she spoke. Did she really think that she was an athlete? Damn, did she lie? Did she tell the truth? Or… ”Oh? I didn’t know I was famous, especially for something sports-related. Tell me Mr. Man of the Law, what exactly am I famous for?”

His gaze shifted to Annie in her childlike wonder in his mention of infamy. While she did have reason to believe Jules was one due to those balls strapped to her body, he knew they were something more. His knowledge in stands was limited, but he most likely knew more than any of the party in question. “Well Annie I’ll tell you what, it’s kind of like a sport. She’s a real good runner, so good she ran all the way to the other side of the world to escape her family. Have you ever heard of the sport called TREASON?”

"Uh…, No, I can't say I have. Is it new? Or some kinda Italian sport?" Annie emphasized the "I" in Italian, in an attempt to play stupid. Annie was of course, fully aware of what treason was, and the consequences it could bring. Not wanting get herself mixed up in all this criminal activity, she decided to just play dumb. After all, Lawman here could probably arrest her for something stupid, like Obstruction of Justice or something. That wouldn't be good. This is probably why Neon does all the talking, to keep her out of messes like this.

Crap, so he did know about it. Had Jules finally been caught? It was bound to happen eventually, wasn’t it? There wasn’t anything that she could do, just hope that the officer would turn a blind eye. Then again, if she was for some reason famous, that probably meant that there would be other people after her. At least this other woman was trying to play it off in a smart-but-stupid way. ”Treason? Is that what they call it?” she muttered, shrugging. Turning to Annie, she answered her. ”Apparently, standing up for what’s right is considered treasonous behavior.”

Denying it would only make things harder. ”Now, officer,” she turned back to Joseppi, ”I’d greatly appreciate it if you could turn a blind eye. I can’t really afford getting arrested, especially since I still have to win the race. Tell you what. Once I get the prize money, I’ll pay you whatever bounty they put on my head. Deal?”

Joseppi wished people were more oblivious to how the world worked, much like Annie was. Whether or not it was a clever ruse she was putting on, Neon was definitely the smarter of the two. “Definitely a European sport that we perfected in the revolution” he said before turning his attention back to Jules. “I’m not in the market on why you chose to turn coat and hide out here. I’m only interested in turning you in.” He pressed on while airbag continued to funnel air into jules lungs, giving Joseppi a look with when head cocked to the side. “Did you just try to bribe me? A bounty hunter of the law?!” He guffawed in response while Airbag rolled her eyes. “I’ll tell you what, you got grit I’ll give you that. I don’t want your money or even the money on the bounty. Now why don’t you do me a favor and turn around.”

She didn't know why, but Annie didn't quite trust Joseppi. Maybe not having Neon around was getting to her, but considering he had just attacked two people, she sensed that he wasn't entirely truthful, and things might turn violent quickly, and she didn't stand a chance without Neon around. It was time to pull out her secret weapon. "Actually, I have an idea. What if- now hear me out on this one- I paid off her bounty?" Annie reached into her back pocket, revealing a black leather checkbook. She looked directly into Joseppi's eyes."I have the money. Take me down to wherever you need me to, and I'll pay it off. And you, she turned to Jules. "I'll have you work it off. Hope ya like dusty old tombs and getting your hands dirty." Annie leaned forward and placed a hand on both Jules and Joseppi's shoulders. "I think we've all had a lot going on for us today. Let's all try to end this on a good note, yeah?"

Despite her condition steadily becoming better, Jules didn’t like the direction this was going. That ghost that the officer had looked less than amused, unlike Joseppi, who had laughed at her proposal. Oh, so he was one of those “goody-two-shoes” officers. Those types of people that don’t work for the money, only for righteousness. That was something she admired, though it wasn’t currently working out for her. Jesus Almighty, did she really have to submit to this guy? She only hoped that she would be able to escape him before he had the chance of turning her into one of his higher-ups. She blinked when the other woman spoke up, once again offering to pay off her bounty-- at the expense of her labor. Tombs? Dirty hands? It was certainly better than rotting away in a jail cell… or worse. ”Clever girl, this one! I have no problem with paying my sins off with hard labor! And,” she gave Joseppi a sly glance. ”If you really want to be sure I won’t get into more trouble, officer, you can accompany us through the desert. That way, you can keep a close eye on me. I promise I’ll be a good girl~”

Annie looked quizzically at Jules as she spoke that last sentence. Gross. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Maybe bringing her to the females bathroom hadn’t been such a great idea. What Annie lacked in awareness she made up for in persistence. It was quite charming, it’s probably why she was the first one he met once he joined the race. And while they’re story was still left unfinished, he had to pause it for now. His eyes deviated from her gaze for a second capturing Airbags instead. Her eyes burning her will into his, shaking her head knowing what he was planning. His word was bond and he planned on keeping it that way. So with a snap of his fingers small blades of wind sliced up the leather checkbook. “I’ll make that one up to you later, Hell I’ll even dust off those tombs with you.”

Jules wasn’t so useless after all, her tongue might have served to work on weaker men, but Joseppi was above carnal desires. He unstrapped the button attaching the rope to his waist, slowly he unbundled the rope in his hand waiting for another sly reply. “Now why should I accompany you in the desert and finish the race instead of tying you up and taking you in right now?”

It seemed like no matter what they did or what they offered, the officer wouldn't back down. The checkbook that Annie held was sliced up by some invisible source within seconds, leaving Jules more bitter than before. This guy had a stick up his ass that was for sure. She watched him with an annoyed glower, clenching and unclenching her hand. Should she do this?

”Because once the race is over, I'll gladly let you take me in," Jules retorted. ”Just give me a chance, officer. You know, God said that even the most vile of people can be redeemed! Hopefully you'll see the good person I am by the end of the race. If you're not convinced by then, I'll gladly let you arrest me!"

Annie was slightly annoyed at the fact this monster on a leash sliced up her checkbook, but wasn't exactly worried. "Well, good thing I have a spare." she emphasized by reaching into her pocket and pulling out a second, identical checkbook, but quickly putting it away for fear of it being sliced up. "Well, since we all seem to be going to the same place, if you're really considering watching 9ver her for the time being, I could come along, too. Neon's real good at keeping an eye out for things, if it weren't for him, who knows how many pits I would've fallen in, or how many people would've tried to mug me. And besides... Annie leaned closer to Joseppi's ear and put her hand up to the side of her mouth, before whispering "She's also probably more inclined to listen to what another woman has to say. Especially one who just tried to pay off her bounty." Annie stepped back to her original position and put her hand back down. "But if not, there's not a whole lot I can do to stop you.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. A heavy knock. One that could only be made by someone wearing some heavy metal gauntlets. "Hey Annie, you've been in there for a little while now, you alright?" Annie tensed up slightly at the sound of Neon's voice. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just uh… discussing some things." Neon's voice came from the other side of the door once more. "Well, alright. I'll wait by the door for you if you need me."

Annoyance was being to manifest inside of JoJo, he was wrong about whatever preconceived notions he held about this broad. There was something so fake about her that she wasn't letting permeate to the surface. Perhaps if she was genuine and told the truth instead of trap herself in a corner Joseppi would have been more lenient to listen. Just before he could press harder and break jules’ facade Annie presses herself against him. Remember when he wasn’t a man of carnal desires? Well Annie sure was testing his limits. She was right and maybe what he thought of Annie originally was wrong too. The idea wrestled in his mind when a knock was heard on the door, Neon.

Nodding to Airbag she vanished before reappearing by neons side. “Your master is safe with me you big tin can. Let’s just keep what happened outside between you and me, JoJo doesn’t need to know he lost his grip. It would kill him you know? Anyways they’re just powdering their noses so it shouldn’t be too much longer.” With airbag dealing with Neon he bought just enough time to finish his transaction. The rope going back onto his belt clip. “I guess you’re right, you’ll be coming with me after the race but your head is mine no questions asked. For now I’ll be your guardian but don’t forget I’ll cancel our contract the moment I feel you turning tail again.”

“Oh and one more thing thank Airbag for helping you breathe. But I’ll leave you breathless” he said turning off his powers which inevitably would bring her pain back. “For you madam” retrieving the flower from inside his vest and turning it over to Annie.

There was something strange going on between the two. Jules could see that from a mile away. She watched as Annie pressed against the officer, raising a brow in response. She couldn't hear what she said, but there was nothing else she could do but wait until they were done. Until the ghost suddenly disappeared and left the three by themselves. Finally, the officer agreed; at least she'd have enough time to change his mind before the end of the race. Before she could speak, whatever comfort that had been enveloping her disappeared and left her breathless-- just as the officer said. Gasping with newfound pain, she leaned against the sink a slight amount, still fighting to stay on her feet as she watched the two.

”Since we're to be traveling together, I might as well introduce myself. My name's Jules," her features were strained with pain as she glanced between them. ”And you two are..?"

Annie gracefully plucked the flower from Joseppi's hand, which he magically pulled out of his ass, or vest, in this case, much like the sack of coins earlier. She then turned to Jules. "Jules, huh? Well my name's Annie. And just like lawman over here, I got a spirit feller too." Annie turned her head to the door. "Hey Neon, come on in and introduce yerself!"

Outside the door, Neon looked at Airbag, then the door, then back at Airbag. "So long as no rash decisions are made, I think we'll be fine." Annie's muffled voice came from behind the door. Something about introducing himself. He glanced over at Airbag one more time as he opened the door. Ducking his head, his large red plume off of the back of his helm still brushed the top of the door's frame. Annie gestured ambiguously at Jules in a "this is who you need to introduce yourself to" manner. Neon's large plated form approached the new woman. "Greetings. I am Neon Knight, and I serve as Annie's protector as a Stand. I'm going to assume you can see and hear me if Annie is going to have me introduce myself to you." Neon stuck out an enormous plate gauntlet covered hand towards Jules.

Spirit feller was one odd way to describe the nomenclature behind them. That did remind him though, that many of them might have only just recently obtained their stands. “As for myself the names Joestar. Joseppi Joestar, but you can call me JoJo for short if you want. Airbag over there is my stand, that’s what you call them there ‘spirit fellers’ and I reckon that big dufus outside has one too. You might have one yourself missy lest my eyes are mistaken with them balls of yours” Joseppi said in Jules direction.

Airbag nodded at Neon before evaporating once more and reappeared beside Joseppi, she noticed immediately that jules was having difficulty breathing again so she slapped him in the back of the head. Wincing in pain joseppi sighed, “Yare Yare Daze….Anyways good to have you here Neon now what?”

So the other woman was named Annie, the sheriff was named Jojo, and the two spirits-- called Stands, apparently-- were named Neon Knight and Airbag respectively? The fact that the spirits could actually speak to her was interesting, and for a moment she wondered if she was truly going crazy. But when she reached out to shake Neon’s hand, she was surprised to discover that he certainly did feel real. And cold, too. ”Pleasure,” she grumbled before shooting a glance at Jojo’s Stand. Airbag-- wasn’t that the one that had been helping her out before? ”Yes, it’s a pleasure to meet both of you ghos… I mean, Stands.”

Finally, Jojo asked the important question. ”I think we should get back on the road. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re already behind,” she suggested. Jules really didn’t feel like getting on Greasy Sand, but she had no other choice. The pain would fade away eventually, anyway.

"Right, well, you're probably right, we should probably get going. I'm sure there's a penalty or something for starting late. I'll meet you guys by the exit of town. Neon and I shouldn't be too hard to miss." With a small bow, Annie opened the door to the bathroom, and Neon followed closely behind. Annie took one last look behind her at the people around the bar, before walking through the doorway and off towards Slow Ride.

Joseppi was of the mind of rigging Jules to his horse right there and then before they took off just so she couldn’t escape. While they spoke their pleasantries he was more concerned with something else. “You two go on I’ll be outside shortly I just need to take care of something first…” he said making his way out of the powder room and once more emerging into the bar. Joseppi took a glass of water off from the side and poured it on top of Donny’s head. “Wake up jackass you’re gonna walk with me to my horse.”


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Neon did what he did best. That being standing nearly perfectly still unless Annie began going somewhere. Except when she went into the bathroom. He didn't need to see that, and she probably didn't want him there anyways. So he did as he does, standing nearly motionless, and occasionally bringing his glass up to his visor.

Then however, Neon's attention was turned to one of the most indescribable sounds he had ever heard. It was like if someone was trying to inhale really, really hard, but they had something stuck in their mouth. There was a knock at his chest as when he turned, a man with a large moustache had bumped into him in what appeared to be a panic. A panic from what? Joseppi? Neon looked down at the man, who began apologizing profusely, and at one point even referred to him as "Ghost Pardner". "You're fine. It's going to take a lot more than that to put me down." Neon extended his big and plated left hand towards the man with the extra large moustache. "I'm Neon. Neon Knight. I serve under Annie. She's right over..." he pointed with his pinky finger on his right hand, still holding the glass, towards Annie. Or rather, Annie's seat, as she was now gone. His eyes scanned the room, but Annie was nowhere to be found."Ah, shit." Well, she couldn't have gone far, and she usually tells him if she's going somewhere far away, mostly because he gets physically dragged there. If she didn't show up within the next few minutes, he'd go looking for her.

Annie was a bit of a drinker in her younger days. She once even got taken in by the police by running around topless. After that night, she made the decision to cut back on the alcohol. Just one or two drinks is all she would usually have. She had just finished her first drink and would've probably had another, had she not suddenly had the overwhelming urge to pee.

Annie looked around for the bathroom, and found a pair of wooden doors, one labeled "MEN" and the other "WOMEN". Annie headed into the women's bathroom, which was... surprisingly clean for being out in the middle of nowhere. It even had a nice circular mirror. She quickly ran into one of the stalls, and answered the call to nature.

After finishing up, Annie walked over to the sink and mirror and began to wash her hands. Annie looked deep into the mirror, back at herself. Her hair seemed a little... frizzy. And she noticed one of her buttons on her tanned jacket had come undone again. Maybe it was time for a new jacket? This one was about a year old now, and had seen some abuse, crawling over rocks, through sand, getting covered in ancient stagnant water, perhaps it was time to put the jacket to rest.

She looked over the rest of herself. Her white collared shirt was mostly pristine. It had a little sand on it, which was quickly brushed off, and a mark from dirt on her left side. She gave her finger a lick and tried wiping away the dirt, but it wasn't the most effective method. She looked down at her jeans. They were a lighter blue, almost white on the front part of her legs, but still a darker blue in the back. The knees and shins were a little torn up, mostly from her being on her hands and knees digging through sand, rocks, and whatever other horrors waited in ancient ruins. She had an extra couple pairs of clothes back in ther pack that was on Slow Ride, just in case. She had a hard time finding jeans that fit, and more often than not had them tailored to her. Given the kind of hard work she did, she needed something sturdy to wear, and these, she found, were a good choice. Lastly, she looked down at her brown leather boots. They were... pretty dirty, all things considered, but considering how much she walked and how often she'd use her foot to kick away things while digging, it was to be expected, she usually went through two or three pairs of shoes a year. These boots were relatively new, and had a while to go, but the leather was beginning to crack, and the laces were starting to get frayed in some places. Good thing she brought another pair, though given her average foot size, she could probably find more in a town if she really needed more.

Annie let out a sigh as she ran her hands through her hair, trying to calm the frizzles that her hair had began creating, when she noticed the glint from her finger. She was wearing a silver band with a small Amethyst on it. It was a ring she had found once while digging out in the west. It wasn't ancient, and was probably made within the last 20 years or so. She yawned, giving a big stretch as she held her arms upward. This was going to be a long journey. Better get back to Neon.


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In a strange turn of events, not only has Joseppi gotten the bartender out of the bar but he also pulled a magic sack of money out of his ass, so that was a thing. The bartender had already poured her a glass of Brandy while everyone else was scrambling around and Joseppi was bribing the bartender.

Annie tipped the glass back and admired the flavor of her brandy. Fruity, not too strong, a little citrus. Annie wasn't a professional taster by any means, but could identify flavors pretty well. She wasn't one of those people who, with just a sip, could tell the exact amount of years it was aged, the barrel wood that was used, the fruits in it, or anything like that. Those people were freaky.

Annie pulled her bag of sweets and set it on the bar in front of her. She put her hand in and pulled out a random piece of candy. A small sphere of what looked like dark chocolate. With an expert (right) hand, she set the sphere on the back of her thumb, which was tucked slightly under her pointer finder and flipped the sphere like you'd flip a coin, and the sphere arced into her mouth flawlessly. Dark Chocolate. It was... pretty bitter to say the least, but it was far from the worst she's had. The chocolate melted quickly, and was gone in a flash. She left the bag on the table, totally unguarded from young blonde boys with a candy addiction, and crossed her arms behind her head, leaning backwards. Her lean was stopped short as she made contact with Neon Knight's cold metal exterior. Perhaps a drink or two would warm him up? "Say, Neon, why don't you go get a drink? It'll be good for ya. Here." Annie reached into her pocket and pulled out an assortment of nickels, dimes, pennies and quarters, before counting out four dimes and putting them into Neon's enormous, heavy metal hand.


"Very well, if you insist." Neon leaned off of Annie's chair and took a few steps before going behind the bar. Each step of Neon's steel-like greaves made the wood creak, and the sound of heavy metal to wood could be heard nearly all throughout the bar. Upon reaching the back of the bar, Neon looked at the various bottles of alcoholic drinks. Dark liquids swirled in glass bottles, as well as the lighter brown ones. But what to get?

His eyes(?) scanned the bottles, before falling on a bottle that read "Sun Zaoh Brandy". Asain Brandy? It looked like what Annie was drinking so he decided to give it a shot. He set his four dimes on the wooden shelves before grabbing the mysterious asain brandy. Grabbing one of several short glasses and filling it with ice, he dumped in some of the brandy. He flipped up his visor, exposing the inky black darkness underneath. He brought up the glass to the edge of the opening and poured in some of the liquid. "Hmmm... Fruity. And... cold."
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