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April 9th. Speaking with:@Hero

As the chimes signaling the end of the school day rang out across the school, a near immediate sense of liveliness began to manifest. Genki sat back in his chair as he waited for the flood of students to funnel through the door. He learned his lesson last year after trying to go with the swarm. After the initial torrent of students, Genki got up, grabbed his backpack, and headed through the door.

He debated heading straight home. He didn't really have much to do today, and he could probably spend the rest of the day goofing off. But on the other hand, his grandparents would probably just have him do a bunch of chores around the house, or worse, yardwork. Mowing the lawn was already going to be a bitch and a half, the last thing he wanted to do was spend time pulling weeds or watering plants. He could think of only one way to avoid such a fate: after school activities.

Thinking back to earlier in the day, he recalled his standing on the clubs. Occult was a big no-no. The prospect of learning to play an instrument in the music club was certainly tempting, but the loud noise at school would drive him mad, and the practice at home would likely do the same to his grandparents. Sports... no. Then there was the Cooking Club. All things considered, it didn't seem that bad. It would be a nice life skill to have, and eating good food is never a bad thing. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea. He pulled out his phone and sent a quick message to his grandparents.

"Going to check out a club for after school stuff. Going to be late getting home." He received a text back from his grandfather almost immediately. "ok". Genki sighed before whispering to himself. "Not even capitalized. At least he was quick about it." Another ping alerted him to a text from his grandmother. "Be sure to tell us all about it when you get home!" At least she seemed somewhat excited about it. Probably glad that he was doing something other than lazing about.

Not knowing where the Cooking Club was, he descended the stairs to the first floor to look at the map containing the layout of the school, likely for first year students, and probably to clarify things after the renovations. Looks like the Cooking Club meets on the... third floor. Genki's shoulders slumper forward. "[Ah, fuck,] I'm going to have climb all those stairs again aren't I?" Was it really worth it? To climb the seven thousand steps to the third floor after climbing all the way down? Well, just about anything was better than menial chores and yard work back home. It was time to make the trip.

After the most arduous minute and twenty three seconds of his life, Genki's foot hit the final step, and he found himself at the third floor. "Guh... I am not looking forward to being a third year." He approached the room to the Cooking Club and looked inside. It certainly looked like a place to do cooking given all the equipment laying around. One girl looked significantly more like she knew what she was doing. She even had an apron on. He took a few quick steps towards her. "Uh... are you the Cooking Club leader? I was looking to join up. This'll be my first time joining a club, and this one seemed pretty good compared to some of the others. My name's Mori, Genki, but I usually go by Genki."
April 9th. Speaking with:

Genki slid down with his finger on the top of his phone. Looks like the assembly was about to start, he'd better get inside to find somewhere to sit in the gym. Luckily the entrance and the gymnasium were but a hop, skip, and jump away, and Genki made it there with plenty of time to spare. Striding over to the nearest seat he could find, he sat down amongst the masses, and listened to the announcement.

The beginning was exactly as you'd expect. Teachers praising the school for this and that, what their hopes would be for the school year, which Genki was pretty sure at least one of the teachers repeated word for word what they said last year. There was also the renovations to the school. Genki didn't really notice much difference, other than the occasional fresh coat of paint. But there was also a new auditorium, where gatherings like this would be taking place instead. All in all though it was just as boring as last year.

Then there was the Student Council President. Maybe she'd have something interesting to say? Some new after school clubs? A change in school codes what with all the disappearances? It took all but three sentences before Genki was rolling his eyes. It was just one of those boring speeches that was supposed to inspire the students. He'd heard speeches like this a thousand times before, all of them with the same "We'll fight the challenges ahead together!" Or "I'm so excited to start this year and see you all grow!" You want to give a speech to a bunch of students? Tell them the year is basically going to be like last year but faster. At least that way they'll know what they're in for. The one interesting thing was the talk of the disappearing students, though it was kind of old news to Genki at this point. It happened 5 months ago, not yesterday for God's sake. But, fortunately, that was the end, and they could all retreat to their classrooms.

A quick look at the board by the gym told Genki exactly where to go. The classroom wasn't too far, only being on the second floor. Next year was probably going to be a bitch and a half walking up all those stairs. But that wasna future Genki problem. Going up the stairs and around the corner, Genki found himself in his classroom. It looked... exactly the same as his first year classroom, the only difference being that the dry erase board had a smartboard in the middle of it.

Stepping in, he picked the first desk he saw and hopped in its seat. It was right in the front corner of the room, closest to the door. Not quite his first choice, but at least here he'd likely be first to leave, and being so close to the door meant he had another thirty seconds or so to screw around before class. And he wouldn't have to walk through rows of people every time he wanted to get up. This did also mean that he couldn't exactly slack off in class, unless he got to be really good friends with his teachers. He learned back in his chair and stared up at the ceiling. This was going to be a long adjustment after all the time off.
April 9th. Speaking with:

6:30 A.M.

It was a bit earlier than what poor old Genki was used to when waking up. Not for his grandparents, however. They'd already been up for over half an hour. It it was those same grandparents who had just woken up Genki, to get him ready for school. There was no alarm clock per se, but a polite knock at the door telling him to wake up, and that breakfast would be ready by the time he was done showering. Guess it was shower time.

Like most people in the morning, Genki spent very little time actually getting clean and more or less spent fifteen minutes enjoying the hot water before taking the time to wash up.

As soon as he stepped out of the shower, his nose could immediately detect what was for breakfast: Egg fried rice, and his favorite: Hotate. Seared Scallops have always been a favorite of his, but there's something about the way his grandfather made them that made them stand out. Genki's best guess is what he fried it in, but his grandparents wouldn't ever tell him. Maybe it was something weird like orange juice. Probably not though.

After getting dressed, eating, and getting everything all packed up for school, he checked the clock one last time before heading out. 7:30. If all went well he would only need about twenty minutes to actually walk to school, leaving him plenty of time to screw around before school started. Maybe he'd stand around awkwardly for half an hour, maybe he'd get harassed by someone for no good reason, or, maybe he'd actually find somebody decent to talk to.

Heading out the door and down the street, Genki let his mind wander concerning the future school year. There's all sorts of sports teams he could join. Or maybe of the other clubs that required much less physical activity. Yeah, that sounded way better. He didn't exactly pay attention to the clubs last year, but he remembered a few that stuck out. First was the Culinary Club, or was it the Cooking Club? Whatever. But he distinctly remembered it always smelled real good every time he passed by. Learning how to cook is certainly a useful skill, and maybe he could help his grandparents with dinner, and figure out the secrets behind his grandfather's Seared Scallops. Then there was the Music Club. Genki remembered this not because he was interested in music, but because they had a big brass section and were loud as hell. And that's from a distance away, he couldn't imagine just how loud it would be actually *being in there*. So that was probably a no-go. Lastly, he could remember an Occult Club, but the only reason he even knew about it was because of a *very* attractive purple haired girl. She had a few tattoos and kinda freaked him out, but it was also kinda hot. Though there might not even be an Occult Club this year, and Genki didn't know what year she was. She could've graduated for all he knew.

But before he knew it, he had arrived at the gates of the school. It was the start of the new year, so they'd probably have some sort of assembly at the beginning of the day, much like last year. For now though, there wasn't much left to do, but to sit back and wait for the day to start. He didn't see any of his friends around, so maybe if he stood around long enough, one of them would recognize him. Either that or somebody else would try to talk to him. Genki pulled out his phone and began playing a new game he recently downloaded: Crusader's Quest. It was a fairly simple MMORPG that involved matching blocks as they appeared at the bottom of the screen, and the community seemed pretty active, too. Time to waste some time.

For future reference, here's how I'll be handling Genki's languages.
Something like "Hello, my name is Mori, Genki, but I go by my first name, Genki." is all in Japanese.
However, text in [brackets] are meant to signify speaking in Chinese. So "[Hello, my name is Mori, Genki, but I go by my first name, Genki.]" would be him speaking entirely in Chinese.
Though more often than not, it would just be a word or two, such as
"[Hello], my name is Mori, Genki, but I go by my first name, Genki." Common words like [Hello], which is Ni Hao some characters probably could recognize.
@Hero I'm assuming our personas are going to start out pretty weak, so for skills should we just do like one physical and one magical to start off with?
Consider this my claim.

Damn, I was going for Devil Arcana. Guess I'll try Emperor then.
Well, I think I've got everything down, now I just need a picture for me, and to type everything out.

Also, the code is broken
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