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Current You'd think my joints were made out of bubble wrap with how much they pop.
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I took a 5 hour energy to try and keep awake for work. I'm equally tired, but my heart is beating hella fast and I feel like I'm about to have a stroke.
3 mos ago
If we're asked "Table or Booth?" And you say Table, I don't think we can be friends.
6 mos ago
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. Because I can't fucking sleep.
7 mos ago
"Inspiring quote I found on Google"


Hey now.

As time goes on, I'll add random stuff to this.

We praise it up in here!

I'm 6'2. So my arms are around 3 feet long. So last time I went on the American Eagle roller-coaster, I hurt my finger.

I take hot showers to practice burning in hell.

Stay classy America!

Have you tried setting it to Wumbo?

I'm hungry.

DS1 Bonewheels haunt my dreams.

Have you been flossing?

So... You come here often?

Dragon Dance!

Canada isn't real.

My favorite band would have to be Ninja Sex Party.

Nobody pays me in gum :(

Rush B Faggots!

The speed of light's for pussies, we're going at the speed of Brian!


Remember kids, don't have kids.


Accept Ron Swanson as your one true god.

Knee deep in the doot.


My penis is so big it goes from A to Z on the keyboard. Oh yeah! Oh shit, wait...

I though my life was hard because I had no shoes... Until I met a man who had no legs...

I've met a lot of pricks in my life, but you good sir are a god damn cactus.


The Resident Evil 4 merchant is forever embedded in my heart.

If you ever feel powerless, just remember that a single one of your public hairs can shut down an entire restaurant.


Sweet dreams are made of memes, travel the world and the seven... something that rhymes with memes but isn't seas because that's the original lyric...

There's no time to explain, pull up your pants and RUN!

Don't repost in my neighborhood if you know what's good for you.

I'm not very smart, but I know quite a lot.

Ra, Ra, Rasputin, Russia's greatest love machine...


If you haven't already figured it out, I like to talk. I'm just not very good at it.

Mmmmmm, Bepis.


Skate fast, eat ass.

I'm hungry. Gonna make me some Pizza Rolls.

Transformers! More than meets the eye! Transformers! Robots in disguise!

Ye hoebag!

I'm stiiill, in a dreeeaaam, Snake Eater!

"I would trade it all away, if you come back to staaaay. This kitchen's not the same, without youuuu!"

A long time ago, actually, never, and also now, nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right? Like I said, it didn't happen. Nothing was never anywhere. That's why its been everywhere. Its been so everywhere you don't need a where. You don't even need a when. That's how every it gets.

🎵We're all just assholes, lookin' at a screen.🎵

Been a while, eh?

Engrish is my favorite language.

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@Arkitektit will be mostly story based, but there will be occasional rolling, and there really isn't going to be any "skill points" per se, but you can pick up on a few skills throughout the journey.

As for regional info, that won't matter very much. You'll find out why soon enough. For Lore, I'll make a small lore dump when the time comes. And another one about the city and people in a day or so. If you want more lore for post reasons, let me know.

If you have any other questions, let me know
@Arkitekt Alright, looks good to me. Move it on over.
@Arkitekt Well, this isn't going to be exactly following pathfinder rules, it's just based on it. And as for your class, there is actually a Swashbuckler Class. Whether or not this is what you're looking for is all up to you though.
@dereken Looks good, go ahead and send it over to the Char tab.
@Arkitekt Absolutely. Go on ahead.
@dereken There is indeed room for more. You are welcome to join.

@Tybalt Capulet That's a shame. Good luck on your tests!

As for the first IC post, it'll likely be after everyone has made a CS.

Here's another link to the Discord, for those of you who may join in later.
If the fontmeme stuff is broken, and you can't get it to copy, let me know and I'll try to fix it.
Reserved for story characters

The Prince of Heston needs your help! A handful of adventurers are needed to help solve the mystery of the Saltaire disappearances! Enlist today!

The story goes something like this:

This is the City of Heston. The City of Heston is divided into several wards, or districts. These Districts hold certain facilities, social classes, that Kind of stuff. One holds most of the Schooling, another holds most of the Fishing and dock stuff, while another is responsible for central government. Each District is "Governed" by a noble or other such person with considerable political power. These people would handle petitions, small time court hearings, and if need be, would talk directly to the King or Prince in the Central Ward.

As of now, the King of Heston is currently away on a diplomatic mission and the Prince is left to run the city for a short while.

For this story, we are going to be focusing on the Saltaire District, as the title says. This district is home to many small businesses, commoners, and artisans. About a day after the King left people started disappearing en masse from the district, and within just a couple of days, nearly the entire district had disappeared, and was sectioned off. Nobody was allowed in, and those that came out were frothing madmen.

This is where you come in. You, a moderately experienced adventurer are wanted by the Prince to investigate the district, as well as a few others that had been sent in before you. A select few will be chosen to go in the district, and report any and all findings back to the Prince.

Welcome to my RP. This will be based off of a Pathfinder adventure that I created a year or so prior. Now, you don't need to necessarily know anything about Pathfinder or D&D, just have a basic understanding of fantasy elements, which isn't really a whole lot. Elves, magic, gods, the usual.

I myself will not be playing a specific character, but rather, several throughout the story, like the guys sent in before you, the prince, the antagonist, etc.

You can play multiple characters if you just can't decide on a concept, or if you like playing multiple characters.

As for guns, there will be early guns. Flintlock pistols, muskets, that sort of thing. Most are expensive and hard to acquire, and will take a while to reload, however, they can be quite powerful is used correctly. They can tear through leather, seriously injure those is chainmail, and can put a dent in Platemail. Just know that most people aren't going to have a firearm.

You may play as any non-monster race. I don't mean Centaurs or Minotaurs, but races like Bog Creepers, Beholders, or Chuuls. No, you can't play as a Sandworm either.

As you may have noticed, I have reserved spot in the CS section. As you meet other key characters throughout the adventure, I will post their character sheets there.

Here is the BBCode. Remember to remove the periods in the image brackets

heres the font link: The font is not necessary, you may use any font you choose.

A picture and a few details. Do you have any scars or tattoos, that sort of stuff. Alternatively, you may make a detailed description if you don't want/can't find a picture

"You may put a quote here, if you like.


What sound do I make to get your attention?

How old are you and are you a man or woman.

Are you an Elf? A Human? Or perhaps something in between.

Are you a Ranger? Alchemist? Cleric? This does not need to be an "official" class. Like you can be "Plague Doctor" instead of alchemist if that's what you feel would be better

How do you act, or how do others perceive you?

Where did you come from? Why are you here in Heston? What is your history?


What weapons armor and items do you have on you, whether magical or mundane

What sort of Special skills and physical abilities do you have? Are you good at picking locks? Do you have a wide array of knowledge? Can you throw things great distances?

What spells and spell like abilities do you possess? For spells, you need only to list a few prominent spells. As a cleric, it isn't that hard to guess you have a healing spell, or a wizard having some sort of fireball or telekinesis.


Stick anything else here you think we should know.

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