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[ work in progress ]
Hmm, now you guys are starting to make me think... 💭

Hope you come around to making that RP though, it sounds neat!


I guess if we want to see something done, we really should try to do it ourselves and maybe see where it goes.

I actually have been brainstorming ideas and reading these articles, so we'll see what happens.
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Test Title

Writing text here because I want to see what it looks like. This is a second sentence. This is another sentence but not as short as the other one.

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<Snipped quote by Pyrrhic>

You don't get GMing experience by not GMing. Everyone starts somewhere, just be honest and transparent with your players, state what you want to get out of the RP, where you want it to go and stand by your guns where necessary but don't suffocate your players either. There are plenty of articles, guides and general examples scattered throughout the site to help you get started.

Hey, thanks for that, I'll have to check those out sometime!

I have been considering making this kind of RP but it's my nerves that get the best of me, and other times, my attention span, hah.

Also, if there's anyone else wanting to share their wishlist ideas, feel free to comment. It's fun reading about everyone's different tastes.
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Nice responses from everyone.

For me, I think it'd be cool to see something where different canon characters and OCs can exist within the same universe, which I think someone else here was referring to too. Like something that doesn't take itself too seriously where characters like Kratos, Raiden, Solid Snake, and Master Chief exist, as an example.

I would like to create something like this but I don't have GMing experience tbh, I'm better off as a player.

Here's to hoping that a kind soul will make our dreams come true. But with the lack of activity on the site, it's tough to say.
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