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“...Hey.. Hey now…” He stopped any movement forward, instead turning his body and attention back towards her. His voice lightened up at the sight of her and the feelings it provoked within him. He now, with what seemed to be somewhat instinctual, he wanted to back up on the tension and instead reassure her. She seemed younger than him though he was ignorant of the truth. He felt the need to now explain himself.

“Hey I just.. Look. You just can’t be comin’ up on someone like that. Someone like me, ya’ know? I just.. Okay I just can’t handle it.” He admitted to the now seemingly timid and dissociated woman before him.

He noticed her attention focused on the tavern instead of him. He felt the need to check over his shoulder to confirm, but he was confident. There was something going on with her.

She did not seem to want trouble any more than him. She came to him and certainly could have owned him without any struggle. She was willing to leave him instead, for the sake of avoiding confrontation at such an extent? She seemed as though her skeleton had buckled.. as though she had nothing strong enough to stand on.

"Hey." His voice far more stern and direct to get her attention again. "What's... what's going on..."


With the feeling of awkwardness after this unequal exchange between them, Czelsc could not help but look above to search for Rhae, the small kestrel falcon hunting the skies. His attention was above with his focus on Rhae for just a moment.

Just one moment.

He brought his tired, dark brown eyes back down to view the woman again but instead was only looking at where she had been.

Where she had been…just one moment ago.

His face kept flat as he looked forward. Sure he was shocked, he was surprised. Somehow he even found himself a bit disappointed. Though the years of him showing free emotions faded long ago. His face would stay still as did his body while merely trying to have any guess, any understanding as to what just happened.

Where did she go?

He stood still with his attention straight forward. He had this moment of not knowing exactly what to do. That was not common for him. He brought his hands to his hips, bracing himself some while handling his confusion.

He forced his attention to return above once more in search of Rhae. He finally saw her hovering rather than circling. This was a good sign. This showed she was calmer and must have gotten some insects. That she had finally gotten a proper meal for herself.

He let out a loud whistle to call the bird to return. There had been a significant amount of training between them and it showed. Rhae circled a turn to dive right for Czelsc who held his hand out. With a dive then a swoop, she tossed her wings back for resistance to land on his hand carefully. Her little talons dug into his skin to perch. With his same dirty left hand he reached for another piece of the raw chicken and held it out for her in case she still needed it. Thankfully she was full at last. He tossed the chicken back into a small satchel he kept just for her. Then he brought the small falcon up closer to his face. His brown eyes locked with the dark eyes of the falcon as he stared.

Hunting was over.

It was time to work.

Certainly there was no actual communication going on between the two, but Czelsc took this moment. He wanted all the training to show for this moment. All the time spent together. His look at Rhae seemed to resonate along the lines of; “Don’t let me down, not this time. Or else.” to the small thing who merely looked back at him cluelessly.

He wrapped his hand around the bird again as he had done before. His fingers met around her body at her breast bone.

As he prepared to launch the bird again, the clueless bird, Czelsc recognized that he paused for a moment.

He looked once more to where she had stood not long ago. His face had the same demeanor besides a little more depth to the wrinkles. Signs of concern and of guilt that he could not hide.

His gaze returned to Rhae as he tossed the bird into the air once more. She took off with her wings flapping immediately to gain height. Czelsc waited until she began to stabilize before he let out a loud whistle that pierced differently than the one he used to call her back. The small falcon now seemed to steer sharply after hearing the whistle and began to soar.

She was hunting with him now.

Czelsc picked up his pack from the ground once more then fluidly swung it over his shoulder, then the other. Good to go.

He looked up again and watched Rhae; where she was, where she was facing, where her focus turned. This companionship between human and falcon was one of the oldest in human history. The benefits from this wild partnership were insurmountable.

And these two were about to prove it.

At least Czelsc hoped. He needed to be confident in Rhae. He needed to trust her.

Cutting through the air, Rhae gave out a loud call claiming she had spotted something. Czeslc peered up again as he followed by footstep through the forest which began to hug him tighter and tighter. He heard Rhae call again as he heard another bird call against her. Czelsc’s focus turned ahead with a flinch of his eye, subconsciously, to quickly think and determine what bird he just heard. A nightingale. Beautiful birds.

Silent moments passed as Czelsc continued to look up to try and find Rhae again. The canopy grew thicker as he followed where he thought she went.

Then another call, an echo. He quickly turned over his shoulder to face around to where he heard this new call from Rhae. Czelsc gave out a unique whistle very loudly to respond to her. His direction of travel now turned toward Rhae as he picked up pace. She had narrowed down on something. Then he heard another call of the nightingale. Rhae was telling Czelsc she had found something, or had gotten interested in something. Since she had followed this bird and had not attacked it meant Rhae was trying to relay something to Czelsc. She had not attacked it which they would do even if hungry to store a meal for later.

Czelsc tried to continue his travels through the forest, but where he began and where he was now seemed to be two different worlds. He had gotten so wrapped up in keeping his directions straight with Rhae and so focused on the smaller scale details of this forest that he had not realized how very different this place had seemed when compared to his entrance from the tavern.

He began to look up and around a lot more now. He knew which direction to follow Rhae so he took this opportunity to absorb this area. It was unlike anything he had seen before in all the travels of the world that one human could achieve. How could that be?

There was so much to take in. So much to get lost in. His focus kept upward as he traveled. It was difficult to set aside his bewilderment at what he was now walking through. There were faint lights, new smells so strong, there was something so different that he could not begin to fully understand yet. If he would ever be able to as a human.

Then he was finally through the thick. Through into some incredible open clearing, covered by the forest which could have felt like armor protecting the spot. It was a secret. It felt like one at least. A hidden gem that only the deserving could ever view. He did not feel like one of them.

As he was absorbing these new surroundings, these mystical feelings, he did all he could to maintain his focus. Czelsc viewed the tree line surrounding the area of which he had just emerged from. He followed the natural barriers to the shores and scanned along the soft banks. The signs of nature holding her own dear to her; the moss, the stones, the water, the flora. The smells of each were strong and earth-rich. There was so much beauty for him to take in, and just as he had that thought, he saw something.

A mound, no maybe not. But it was not natural to this spot. From the distance and darkness, his human eyes could not make the object out well enough at first. He continued to look around the area as he approached this unusual spot.

Then it moved.

He stopped and immediately crouched down what he could. There was not much to available to help him hide along. His body instantly pinched some pain at the sudden snap to crouch. He saw the, well, what he thought was just a mound of earth, seen it uncurled and sit back. This was the best he could describe what he saw until approaching.

Czelsc slowly stood back up and crept along, his body slowly adjusting to being up again. He moved slowly until he realized what it was. What she was.

There she was.

He kept silent, unknowing what to do next. He wanted to find her, but hadn’t thought of the “then what?”

His thoughts were short. Though they were deep, considered, they were also short. He jumped to action.

Czelsc stood as straight as he could. His right leg stood out a little ahead of him to brace. The bag, the rifle, everything was packed away. His right hand hung along his side while his left hand braced the straps in his grip. He was intentionally showing no signs of wanting trouble. Of any risk to her. That he had no motive. No interest in danger.

He was still naïve to her truth. He knew she was different but nothing beyond that.
The swaying, flickering lights bringing some reflections to the water, blurry to him. Seeing this soft glow coming off her hands held underwater. His attention came to her.

He gripped the straps in his left hand one more time before speaking.

“...Hey-you..." The lower voice, the accent and the haste caused this greeting to easily be mistaken for only one word.

He stood still in the clearing, looking ahead to the woman who left him not long ago.

Name: Czeslc, only known as.

Powers: Human.
He is a doctor but does not disclose this [often, if at all].

Medically, naturally, environmentally & scientifically educated. Able to fight hand to hand or weapons, but a last resort. His body hurts. He would rather use his mind.

Occupation: Biologist, wildlife and a falconer.

Age: 48

Personality: In his thoughts he finds himself going through life never fully settling down. His intentions seem self focused even though in actuality they border altruism. He isn't seeking anything, not even a meaning. He believes in having or needing a drive or a purpose but that sometimes, in the end, we may not have one after all. He seems to be just trying to see, explore and learn what he can before he dies.

Since he is older he has to pick his battles wiser though he can hold his own still just fine. He is a traveler; not to be confused with an adventurer. He is an intellect. He would rather observe and respond rather than react. This is not to say he has not held his own, or adventured through this wild life.

His attachment to Aren is a history they share. Through their comradery they have gotten onto a relationship of symbiotic value. Aren uses Czelsc to help learn about the shadows and to keep at bay. They have helped each other in ways that they may not recognize yet. He feels bad for Aren. Once they got to know each other more, Czelsc decided to try and help more. Of coure there is still a motive for his own purposes, later to discover.

Name: Aren Acheron

Age: None.

Enigmatic, stoic. In his own world while keeping observant of the outside. He wasn't able to expose what he actually was unless he found himself in the appropriate company, or if unintentionally discovered.

He cannot allow others to know what he is, what is he from, or what his family is. Their type has been many; feared, hunted, sought after. Too many reasons to avoid and to stay hidden from.

Powers: The touch and influence of death, decay, destruction. A single touch either physical or by-proxy, one concentrated interaction of any layer.

These powers run through his family. His father & brother have decided to go along with the powers born with. To dive deeper and embrace. Aren is avoiding the suggested expectation. He is avoiding the dive into what may be considered evil. They use this possible gift for their own gain, their advantage. Aren tries to find alternate ways.


Summary; this was my first day off. I just worked 15 shifts in 13 days so apologies, I did need a moment. I'm not usually so delayed with my responses.
The main story [from the game]:
The game's premise as you caught is basically surviving the intense cold, surviving against each other within our own built society. There are settlements outside of ours which we can reach in time. In the game London is actually standing (barely) and is a theme of one of the missions. We can choose to have a larger city near by or just keep it limited to size. These satellite settlements are small. The game begins with 30-40 people, so we would aim for that. Specialists and laborers alike. Engineering, developing and adapting to survive the winters, to help our settlement explore further, to bring back survivors, goods, robotics. Every person in the settlement has a crucial role or is to be removed.

The main story we could run:
We find an enclosed space with tall natural barriers [cliffs, petrified trees], or we are assigned to the area and finally arrive. We know we need heat. We know we need to establish a settlement immediately to get goods to us and back to whatever settlement we came from. I like the idea that we would come to a minimally built settlement where we need to repair the reactor, that way it would stretch it out some in a challenging way, then create an impactful, celebratory reason for when we finally get the reactor up. A lot can and would happen in that meantime.

The game is very Steam-Punk. It has automatons in the game. Large spider-like machines that we can fix and design to work for us. We don't want our people constantly working in -70F, -90F, good days, bad days.

We need to adapt, survive, fight, venture out.

Definitely needed roles:
Protection/Security [police, guards]
Administration [good or bad]
Medical persons
Bartenders [mead & moonshine helps a lot of the society to be happier. So we would have a public house or two]
Funeral persons [...lots of death...]
Hunters, foragers, gatherers, cooks.
Scouts to explore the world. To endure the world. To find survivors, other settlements, goods, or other.
Rebels, revolutionaries

Some specific roles. Again free to choose multiples. Free to build your own families. Free to interact with anyone in the world. As long as it does not screw up the RP. But bad actions and decisions most likely will remain in the RP. If the decision messes things up, that just what happens. Then we, the society needs to adjust and repair, simulating real life. Every action & decision may have or definitely will have a reaction, a consequence, an impact. Just like in any video game, just like in life. I'll still be managing if anything gets out of control, but I'd really like to see a very free-range RP with a direct plot as well.

Yes Snowpiercer is another excellent example of this. That is a great movie.

**** Alright now to get back to this. Apologies. This was my first day off after 15 shifts in 13 days. Normally my response would not be this delayed just to note ****

Benzaiten - Great questions and thank you for them. I know what you're getting at & why you're asking for sure. I feel the same I want to keep this going.

1] Events to keep this going:
- First would be that I'm toward the idea that our population has made it to an abandoned settlement with a broken heating core. We have the need to get that up and running or face death in soon time. This way we can get right into a somewhat established place; already has homes, factories, a core. But we would just need to repair anything.
- Second would be needing to locate other resources by venturing out into the world. Also the hope of finding other settlements, either good or bad. This would give a side story to anyone wanting to be a scout/wanderer in the world.
- Overall we need to get the core running, we need to find ways to keep surviving, we need to find other settlements. We have to also keep our society in check. Whatever else you can think of or wish to include also.

2] "Can our PCs die------"
Yes. The idea is that decision would be partly your call as well as mine if the RP has a major event. There would be times where I would/the RP would have to make the call of a lethal accident. This wouldn't happen without informing and discussing 1x1 with the player first of course. I don't want to kill off a character mercilessly.

Here is an example;
We are working on the heating reactor core still trying to get it going. Safety is needed of course. In the game they have foremen in charge of the workers and safety on these projects. They relay to administration that they need better safety in place, i.e. support beams & structures to avoid a collapse. Say that the safety is ignored in this RP which causes a devastating collapse. This is where we would figure out the decision; would your character be caught in the collapse? Would they have been crushed or killed? Are they able to be considered just trapped and retrievable? Sorts like that. With the factories we have in our settlement, they also make prosthetics for these reasons. Any amputee would/could just be fitted for one. So if you wanted to become a ice-pirate I suppose, there you go!

Say another;
Going back to the scouts idea. Say they come across wildlife that would be hungry and dangerous like polar bears. Say they are freezing and unable to get a fire going. Or food rations are running out and they haven't found anything, anywhere. That would be another decision of, what outcome would make most sense? Would the group/character pull off surviving? It won't be savagely merciless decisions or situations, but that idea of more realistic playing I suppose.

Syben with the magic questions:

I hadn't thought about magic in this until you asked, but the more I've thought of it the more I'm liking the idea, subtly. I don't want it to be a main focus but I honestly like the idea of including magic afterall. If you know Skyrim, which I'm sure most of us on here do, how about similar to the group that hides secret society, The Theives guild from Riften. The people in the settlement are already on edge with everything; facing death at any moment, lacking food, societal differences & turmoil. So those with magic would just be a massive target, hence the idea of staying hidden. That would help add some meat to the story I feel like. I keep thinking of the Deatheaters from Harry Potter also. What would help that in this story would be, again say it were too cold for a fire, or needing a way to make food [your imagination as I won't limit unless it is seriously meta-gaming], a way to hide. Pretty much however you can think of using your magic and what it would be worth. Using it to survive, but exposing yourself. If the scenario again, with it being too cold for a fire, and you happen to be the only one with a fire, that would certainly put the spotlight on you to become a target. This may and most possibly would impact your story, however.

All of this is all constructive brainstorming. I am liking how things are seeming to come together here, and all is open to discuss or question. I'm not some hard-ass roleplayer or overseer. I want everyone to feel apart of it and have an input.

I've included a few photos from one of my own current gameplays. Just examples of what the world would be based off of.

Really hope any of this helps. Feel free to ask anything further, if I need to detail anything better, if you have any input or suggestions. I'm all open.

Thank you again for your patience there.
Hello there! I had not expected any interest to this after a while and figured it sank to the bottom. Also you seen I hadn't been on in a moment there.

I am still very much up for putting this together. Feel free to have any brainstorming to contribute. Regardless, give me a little bit to put something more solid together here. This will be open, such as you can interact with characters or NPCs you decide on. Your decisions and actions will be yours alone, though, possible to disrupt the society, story should it be an impactful enough of action.

Great. Hopefully I'll have something put up by tomorrow morning. Cheers

I take the Y


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