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Your username reminds me of a character an old friend of mine made for a group RP that was a lot like Remy LeBeau from X-Men — those were good times. ♥️
Have the objective of your narrative already plotted out -- chapters, episodes, etc. It doesn't have to be written out from beginning to end, but I suggest having little blurbs or concepts written to yourself for reference.

You don't need the fanciest interest check or ooc, but players like looking at aesthetically pleasing things. Details matter.

Thank you for sharing your input!

I especially love this piece of advice because it can be such a pain for me at times organizing all these ideas that I want to write and try out. Before I know it, I've already gone into the deep end of daydreaming, to the point of no return, and I've made zero progress on what I was working on.

It was also definitely in my plans to make my game as aesthetically pleasing as I can without it being potentially overwhelming for my players. There's just so much more I can do on a forum as opposed to Discord where I'm very limited — even more so without Nitro.

Plus, I have a huge backlog of images and other graphics that I've been meaning to use for something like this; I'm excited to try them out and hope others will enjoy them too in the foreseeable future. ♥️
Wow, I wasn't really expecting to receive such detailed and thoughtful responses, so thank you, everyone!

I will absolutely be keeping these tips in mind as I work more on this. 📓🖋️

I really wanted to ask this question because I'm mostly used to making games for friends in a super casual setting like Discord and other stuff, but it's been on my mind for awhile to try something different like this.

The last time I tried to do this on a forum (which was awhile back), it didn't go so well, so I'm a bit nervous to try again, but I'm hoping it'll be different this time around.
Thanks so much, guys!

You two have given me a lot of inspiration and I'm excited to think more about how I want to approach this. It may take me some time, but I hope to eventually create something amazing that will make my future players happy.
For some time now, I've been interested in creating and managing a roleplay of my own on a forum, but I wanted to know if there were any helpful tips for someone like me who wants to make this into a small group size of 3-4 players, including myself?

Is there anything I should know beforehand about holding a roleplay this size? Is it more challenging, does it put more pressure on the players to post more frequently? Anything important that I should know?

Additionally, what can I do to gain the trust of potential players who aren't familiar with my writing style and personality? Will a simple introduction and writing sample do?

The reason I want to make a group roleplay of this size some day is because of my lack of experience and I feel like it might be easier to maintain due to IRL business and work.

I also have been reading some articles from here, and I do have ideas for stories, I'm just curious to see if anyone on here has some good advice to share.

Thanks for your help in advance. ♥️
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