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15 days ago
Current does anyone want to play overwatch 2 with me


i just found my old account.. roleplayerguild.com/users/lsj-rose
who let me say this stuff dude 😭 its making me cringe so bad

i LOVE red dead redemption (1 and 2), OVERWATCH 2, destiny 2, any assassin's creed game, MK (obv), elden ring, far cry (primal, 5 n 6), the texas chainsaw massacre game (?), jujutsu kaisen, dragon ball z, and roblox..
ask me anything (about hanzo and lifeweaver) and i will provide

this is me

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banned because i love pandas😭
banned because what's wrong with hatemongering?
banned because..... your pfp looks cool
banned because your pfp looks ai sort of
banned because it's been 4 days
banned because that's a nice thing to do
banned for banning someone for blocking the light of the moon
banned for banning someone for having a dragon (dragons are cool)
banned because his profile picture IS cool
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