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Word Count: 2136 (+6 exp)
Level: 5 - Total EXP: 205/50
Location: Dystopiascape - Midgar

It seemed to Pit that within one blink of an eye and the next, Nox had appeared in front of him. The swirling energy of his Palm was already headed Mephisto's way, but he cut off the flow in order to gather that power into his hand, preparing to engage Nox directly.

"You-!!" was about all the angel had time to say. As fast as his reflexes had been, Nox was faster - he had the luxury of moving in stopped time after all. Pit pulled his arm back for a strike, but Nox already had his own extended and shot a blast of energy himself. If Pit had gone for a defensive play he might have avoided his current predicament of careening backward through the air, but hindsight wasn't going to help him either.

Pit flapped his wings until he was just about right side up, landing on his feet but stumbling from the sudden impact with the ground. He could hear Midna's visceral screaming mix with Geralt's cries of berserker rage and the street fighter's technique call outs, and hoped everyone could hang in there so he could rejoin them. Sandalphon's earlier heal, which unbeknownst to the Seekers at that point would end up being her last, had shored up a lot of his health - he wasn't worried about himself until there was a great crackling sound directly above him. He looked up, his eyes going wide. The Artificial Gravity!

It came down on him with monstrous force, pressing and ripping. But when the particles of the attack dispersed, Pit was still standing. Badly battered by the full force of the magical mortar, but alive and determined to see the fight through to the end.

He had already gotten moving again when he realized that Midna's screaming must have been her death throes as he took her place against Nox, since she was little more than ash and spirit now. Pit fired upon the Watchmaker while the Breaking Palm was still equipped, just after Nox had fired energy blades of his own at Heavenly Wings. He noticed the incoming projectiles and moved out of their path, only for the rainbow bolts to curve and hit him anyway. The same happened with Pit's second volley, though the third was mostly dispersed by rough swipes of Nox's swords.

With so many Seekers gone, there was no longer an easy way to distract Nox enough to get to the enemy healer. Eventually all of the damage they'd done to Nox's crew would be neutralized and then undone, if their healing hadn't gotten to that point already. To get to Mephisto, going through Nox was the bare minimum - and the Breaking Palm wasn't the way to do it. Its tracking energy bolts could chase him down without fail, but even at maximum output how long would it take to bring him down? Way too long, not even counting the other three he had on his side interfering. Pit backed off from attacking when one of Geralt's fireballs flew toward Nox in order to switch weapons. It was then, with mounting horror, that he saw what had become of yet more of his friends. At some point Sandalphon had reverted out of her dragon form and lay bleeding on the ground. Out of the two angels, she was the healer - he couldn't do a thing for her. In another area of the battlefield the elder Travers dropped Karin over the dark void that surrounded Tycoon's platform, and all Pit could do was watch while his heart clenched. "No!" Without the Power of Flight, he didn't have any chance of saving her. He'd never felt more useless.

On top of it all, Giovanna had arrived at some point. Normally, the sight of an ally come to help would inspirit Pit, but now would she just be another casualty? He'd hate to see anyone else end up dead, but telling her to run would be the same as admitting that the battle was a lost cause. He couldn't allow that, not after all of the sacrifices that had already been made.

Everything's getting worse and worse...! he thought as he felt the grip of his bow materialize in his hand. Lady Palutena... please help us! I don't know what to do to stop this!

When he felt a surge in energy flow into him, for a split second Pit believed his prayers had been answered. He could have cried in relief, but in the next second he realized that wasn't the case. This didn't feel like the Goddess of Light's touch. He looked around only to catch Zenkichi's final moments. He couldn't hear the man's words over the ongoing battle and the lurching of Tycoon as it readied itself to bring its fist down once more, but his feelings reached the angel regardless. With Heat Riser, Zenkichi reminded him that he already knew what he had to do. He couldn't buff, or heal, or fly, so it was the only thing he could do: fight.

He hurtled towards Karen with a battle cry just as the psychic's sclerokinesis ran out. Made all the faster thanks to Heat Riser, Pit made it to him before he could move to engage the angel on his own terms. A heavy cross slash delivered inside of his guard opened Karen up for Roland or any quick opportunist to take advantage of, but it wouldn't be Pit - he kicked off the psychic on his way to his previous target, Nox.

Nox had to be the lynchpin of the enemy's plans. He was the one that had demonstrated he could manipulate time. If they could just deal with him, maybe their entire plan would fall apart. The Xelor had turned his attention to Geralt when Sam called out, but when he noticed Pit making a beeline for him he held a hand out toward the angel. The energy blades that had cut through Sandalphon shot out just as Tycoon's arm came down, inadvertently protecting Pit from the blades even as he dodged the slam. He hopped up and over the machine god's limb, executing another emergency evade - having anticipated where Pit would pop up from, Nox had sent a few more blades flying. They'd nicked his leg, but Pit was undeterred.

He rolled to his feet and moved in, meeting Nox in melee. Honestly Pit had no idea how long the buff Zenkichi had granted him lasted, he only knew it couldn't be permanent. He had to make the most of it.

"I'm not about to let you have your way! Not after everything you've done!" He said, referring not just to the deaths the battle here had resulted in but all of the unnamed evil Nox had already confessed to. The man remained silent beneath his mask as his dual swords clashed with Pit's. "That all of you have done!"

Pit might be small, but he was strong. And now, empowered, he had an advantage. Nox's blades couldn't make any fatal wounds, if they got through Pit's blocking and parrying in the first place. At the same time, Nox also prevented any decisive blows - but he was slowly being driven back with each punishing swing of Pit's swords. The damage was mounting. This was doable!

"Evil doesn't deserve to prevail!" One of the blue and gold blades slid against the edge of Nox's where it sliced across his armored chest before Pit snapped it back together with its twin. He stepped forward just to give the next outward slash with the entire bow more force as he cut Nox and pushed him back.

He didn't intend to let up his assault, but when the Watchmaker raised his left arm it set off alarm bells in Pit's head. Nox hadn't been using that shield during their entire exchange - he must have been biding his time, waiting for the best time to use it. Now was a good one, with Pit's weapon extended and already in motion. The shield formed silently and ominously. The angel had to backpedal something fierce to avoid it, using his wings to catch and blow air in order to stop himself. Nox lunged forward with his remaining sword and sliced through Pit's bracer as he leapt away, swapping to peppering Nox with arrows from a slightly safer distance.

But out of nowhere he felt something strange in his wing. He flexed it unconsciously while he kept Nox under fire, stretching it out only for it practically try twisting itself inward. The limb was delicate enough that he could pinpoint where the prickly, weird feeling was radiating from - the impact point from Mephisto's bullet. It was also important enough that when he noticed this and felt a flicker of fear that something was happening to his wing, he directed nearly all of his attention to it. A deadly mistake for most to make in the heat of battle.

When Nox teleported in front of him again Pit's honed instincts kicked in. He performed a back-dash, narrowly dodging the Watchmaker's Minute Hand and drawing another light arrow back in the same motion. Then he felt another pull on his wing, unbalancing him and making his arrow sail right by Nox's head instead of into it. With a quick glance he saw Mephisto looking his way with a smirk on his face, so Pit willed the stray arrow to turn and strike the former Reunion member instead.

So this was how it was, he couldn't get to Mephisto without getting to Nox and couldn't get to Nox without getting to Mephisto? Something had to give, even if Pit had to force it to.

He felt a more painful wrenching in his wing, making him grimace and bite his lip to avoid crying out. They probably didn't know that his wings were part of his lifeline, and he didn't want to alert them to that fact either. Nox came at him again, this time making contact since Pit tried to dodged one way while his infected limb pulled him in another. The first swing bit into his shoulder, the second he parried with his bow. He jumped up high, pointing the bow at Nox and already expecting the tug that would throw off his aim. He did the same curving of the arrow to hit Mephisto once more. Their party's defender caught on quick though.

"Tu te crois malin." Nox raised his palm. It glowed blue and released a blast of energy at Pit - the same kind that had sent him flying earlier. It pulled a small, cheeky grin out of the boy even in these dire circumstances. He quick summoned his Guardian Orbitar, showing off its reflect function and bouncing the attack right back. This time it was Nox who was sent flying. Then, the pain in his wing subsided. If Pit had to guess, Mephisto couldn't heal and control at the same time. Or maybe he'd just changed focus entirely to healing as he started to raise his cane. Regardless, with Nox out of the way for now Pit had to strike fast.

The light arrows that smashed against Mephisto's frame were stronger than the energy bolts he'd been assailed by earlier - and now more were raining down on him. They too could home in on their target, preventing any easy escapes. When Pit landed he dashed toward Mephisto, using the momentum to fire the even more powerful dash shots at him. He had to overwhelm the other boy during the small window of opportunity.

A frail being in the first place, Mephisto couldn't withstand the concentrated barrage for long. He died with a gasp of surprise at his end when the final arrow punched into him, unable to heal through it all. When his body crumbled to ash, his staff crumbled with it - dashing any hopes Pit had of possibly using it for the Seeker's benefit.

Breathing hard after the exchanges with Nox and the rapid shooting, the angel whirled around to confront the Watchmaker once more... but the man wasn't where Pit had expected him to be. After calculating that he wouldn't be able to save Mephisto, Nox had started on his main objective instead of re-engaging Pit: the Guardian, Tycoon.

Pit didn't have time to feel foolish for not anticipating that Nox would all but abandon the battle. The Xelor's win condition wasn't defeating them in the first place, it was defeating it. Heat Riser had worn off a while ago, and without the speed boost Nox had a good head start on him. Still Pit had to do all he could to catch up and intercept him, even with his stamina beginning to flag.

"Stop!" he shouted, heart thudding in his chest as he gave chase while Nox got closer to his goal.
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Welcome again! If you're looking for romance, you can find it mostly in the 1x1 section. You can peruse other people's idea threads or post your own there! And if you have any questions about the site feel free to ask, most people are friendly and will answer. Cheers!

Level: 10 - Total EXP: 181/100 ------ Level: 7 - Total EXP: 232/70
𝙱𝙿 ●●●●● ---------------------------- 𝙱𝙿 ●●●
Word Count: 804 (+4 exp)
Location: The Under

The more damage the Hollow Knight took, the more aggressive it became - but at the very least it was easy to see that they were making progress. The collective efforts of the team were wearing the vessel down, after which point it would be up to Kamek to make sense of the Dreamcatcher and let them in to face the Under's true Guardian.

After suffering the knight's parry, Therion largely stuck to ranged attacks. His mobile cover in the form of Sectonia's antlers was compromised not long after the initial infectious rain, forcing the thief to abandon them and stay on the move - though with everyone else present and taking the knight's attention he avoided danger. Primrose was among those fighting up close and personal, her Berserker triggering and empowering her strength and speed. Normally she would enjoy the extra space and reach that her lance afforded her, but the Hollow Knight's nail might as well have been a polearm too for how large it was compared to the average person. She clashed with it, or managed to dance out of the way of lethal wounds only to take advantage of it going after someone else to land more hits, however glancing they were.

Then it all came to a head. Their often unseen helper from the Organization zipped into the depths of the temple, restraining the vessel just long enough for the Dreamcatcher to do its thing. Suddenly, the Seekers were back inside of a dream.

With no idea what they were up against just yet, Primrose had to choose her next dance more strategically. She performed a second Sealticge's Seduction, this time bestowing its effect on Bowser Jr. so that his healing or status purging would benefit the entire group at once. That was all she had the time for, as an angelic alien descended in a blaze of light and began its assault just as swiftly as its prison vessel had.

Walls of light, rain of swords, searing sunlit lasers - it certainly wasted no time in putting the Seekers through their paces. Its very presence was discomforting, and it rained hell on the group like an avenging angel or a demon disguised as something divine. Both of the Travelers were thrown into evasive maneuvers, heeding Ganondorf's warning as the the second part of the battle began in earnest.

With evasion being one of Therion's specialties, he fared better than most. Only the wall of light was trouble; when he realized he couldn't easily get out of its way since it covered the entire platform they stood on, he crossed his arms defensively and hoped for the best. The same was true for Primrose, though the falling swords had come too many and too quickly for her to get out of unscathed.

"Ugh..." the dancer let out a small noise of pain, resisting the urge to clutch at her cuts. Instead she thrust her lance toward the Radiance, pointing her striker towards it while she summoned it. "Makami!"

The wolf demon howled its understanding and rushed through the air towards it prey. It easily weaved through the swords with its paper thin body, delivering its Double Fang attack directly to the Guardian. At the same time Primrose was hurrying to catch up to it herself, giving her mana time to regenerate and using her Ravaging Confession to appear behind the Radiance after it teleported. Seeing as the Guardian preferred to stay airborne above the Seekers, it ended up with Primrose only able to get one or two slashes in before having to catch herself mid-fall. After floating back to the ground she huffed, and relied on her Devout Beads to contribute to the offensive. The ring of magatama spun as though charing before firing off their rapid projectiles.

Looking at the radiant being, Therion didn't get the sense that this would be a contest of stamina. It hardly looked like a living creature, rather made up of light or sickness or something else entirely - so it was better to assume it could conjure its swords and lights indefinitely without tiring. Going by that logic, offensive would be the best defense. He took the first opportunity he saw, using the King of Evil as a springboard to get up close to the Radiance. His own body began to glow as his Boost activated, empowering the point blank Wildfire he let loose onto it. The force of the spell pushed him away and he flew back through the air, just managing to right himself not take too hard of a landing.

Beneath him a section of the platform they were on began to light up. Taking that as his signal to get out of the way Therion sprinted to the other end. Swords sprouted out of the ground, restricting the fighting area for now.
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Welcome to RPG! I don't think you'll have much trouble finding a sci-fi plot for your robos. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Every single manga you listed runs or ran in Shounen Jump. That makes it real easy for you: just use the Shounen Jump app through Viz. I've used it a little before and found it to be simple to use.


Masato's stomach was growling something fierce during the prep and cooking phases of the evening. There was going to be a ton of food, but between everyone including the gluttonous Awakened? They could probably eat through most of it. Masato himself felt like he could take out a good chunk of the stock alone.

He sat with his knees drawn up close to his chest to futilely muffle the sounds of his stomach. Many a time he'd reached out to lend a helping hand to the dissection, only to be all but pushed back to "rest" beside Kanamori. It felt good that he'd actually been helpful, there was no arguing about decisions or the like this time, but he hardly felt he deserved to kick back while everyone else was working. At the very least they still came to him when they needed a steady hand. He still had his dexterity, despite everything.

He'd noticed a while ago that Kanamori was feigning sleep. She probably still blamed him, in part, for Higasa's death. Maybe she expected a lecture. But he wasn't going to take responsibility for that, so he let her pretend to be unconscious. When Todokawa had unexpectedly showed up with her, it had fucked with Masato's emotions. Firstly he was shocked to see the both of them, and glad they were still alive of course - even Oros, though she may have thought otherwise. Kanamori had been in a bad state and might have died if Todokawa hadn't found her. Maybe it was the same for Kogen, and they were too late now? Or maybe his armor was doing a much better job of protecting him and he was doing fine on his own.

Between then and the dinner bell he'd had time to tangle with those thoughts and ultimately let them sink down into the depths of his brain where they hopefully wouldn't disturb him. He couldn't keep worrying about the other boy when there was the entire rest of the class to look after. Speaking of, at some point he'd gotten up to disturb the blood and scent trails that he and Todokawa had dragged in. The less chances of leading something to camp, the better. After dinner, he resolved to have a chat with her.

When it was time to eat he ended up close to where he started, next to Kanamori and Kondo. He was ravenous at that point, with no qualms about eating more than his share. They had a mountain of meat still to go through anyway. It was kind of a miracle to be eating hotpot in a place like this, and the taste compared to the stuff they'd been eating the last two days? Sublime.

"S'good," he said, and though he was much too busy eating to put his hands together he did managed a quick "thanks for the meal." As far as their time in the Otherside so far, things were going good at the moment. Until, "I got something to say."

Masato glanced up at Asahi. A speech? That was unusual for him. Or was it? After connecting via the pink haired boy's threads, Masato knew that much of Asahi's personality was actually just a persona he put on. He listened curiously to what his fellow councilman had to say, but by the end of it he hadn't liked what he heard. A familiar frown and crinkle in his brow appeared on Masato's face.


Once again he found himself of the same mind as Stewart, but unlike him Masato did at least swallow his food before speaking. He nodded his head at Stewart's words and then chimed in himself.

"You already saw what can happen if one of us Awakened goes off alone," he said, a bit coldly, indicating Kanamori beside him. He knew she was awake, if she had a problem with his using her as an example of a bad idea then she could sit up and say something about it. Masato looked up at the mountain Asahi pointed to. "If you're seriously worried, then you're taking someone else with you when you go to check it out."

Word Count: 1301 (+6 exp)
Level: 5 - Total EXP: 199/50
Location: Dystopiascape

Ultimately Pit didn't concern himself with the Moebius' dying words. At best the man was misguidedly evil, but if there was any meaning to parse from those words he'd leave it to the smarter members of the group. Though he did briefly wonder what Palutena would make of all this, that train of thought was forgotten as soon as they found Giovanna safe. Pit waved to the martial artist, then she was quickly out of sight as the Seekers proceeded into the Guardian's chamber.

The arena was an incredible blend of sci-fi and magic, but nothing drew Pit's attention more than the hulking machine sitting in the center of the room. It was a huge winged robot! Its shiny chrome and gold bits combined with the white and blue paint job further enhanced its appeal, giving it a cooler, almost divine look. And the lights on its front that resembled a face...

"I think it looks really cool!" Pit said, refuting Sakura's comment that it was ugly. Not that his opinion was going to stop them from destroying it.

I wonder how this thing measures up to the Great Sacred Treasure? the angel thought to himself, hopping onto the platform it stood on. There was no way something artificial like this could stand up to the work of Dyntos, right? But if it was even comparable, then the Seekers were in for yet another hard fight. At least this one was expected, rather than sprung onto them.

Little did they know how much harder it was about to get. The area's other Consul sped into the arena, delivering yet another surprise.

"How come they got a free ride?" he mumbled. Upon learning just who it was that joined them in the Guardian's chamber, and what their goal was, Pit grew more serious. So Luka's brother really had something like this in mind the whole time? And Nox, the person they'd been warned about...

He would have told Nox off for his actions (if he knew what he was doing was evil, why do it in the first place?), but as soon as the robot had goaded them into trying to stop him the former Secretary of Absolute Defense had charged in - meeting a shockingly quick end. Pit gaped for a split second as his mind rushed to catch up with what had just happened. "Goldlewis!!"

Pit dashed into battle toward Nox's group a beat behind the others, but a beat was all it took - with Tycoon activated it swung its massive arm across the area and caught Pit in its path. He turned to see the metal coming toward him, his head buzzing with thoughts of how to deal with imminent impact. With his recent gambles not entirely paying off, Pit hedged his bets and leapt up as high as he could, using his wings to go farther while he quick summoned the Orbitar for as much defense as possible. But the shield wasn't strong enough to completely stop Tycoon's swing, and Pit was about a second too late to completely clear it either. The Orbitar mitigated some damage before it disappeared but otherwise was unable to stop its wielder from being flung across the arena. He slammed into the wall and fell, landing dazed on a pump. He struggled to clear his head at first; he hadn't taken a hit like that since fighting literal gods! When he did pick himself up, shaking off the pain and leaping the gap back to Tycoon's platform to rejoin the fight, he found the battle evolving quickly and lethally.

From the robotic parts that had flown off from the Guardian, lasers seemingly frozen in place were finally released. They crisscrossed over the arena all of a sudden, forcing Pit to throw himself to the side to avoid one of them. For once he cleanly recovered, rolling through the impromptu earthquake Karen released then popping back up onto his feet to finish speeding into battle.

Everyone - the Seekers, Tycoon, Nox and his allies - was engaged in the fight. It was a chaotic tangle, everything from fist fights to exchanges of magic going off in a relatively small section of the arena all while Tycoon bared down on the two teams fighting over the chance to take its spirit. Pit didn't even have a spare moment to admire the draconic form Sandalphon had mentioned to him before, if he didn't want to be struck with a stray projectile or another swipe of Tycoon's arm.

It was the Guardian that Pit chose to focus on at the moment, firing upon it constantly. Light arrows flew as fast as he could fire them, striking all over the machine and searching for any place that Pit guessed might be a weak spot. Maybe it didn't even have one, as armored as it was. Still, this was their mission. On the off chance they could take it down before overcoming their opposition, one of them could snag its spirit and the fight would be all but won. Pit had been bouncing around while firing to avoid what he could when he could, and was doing a good job of it until he felt something strike his right shoulder. It wasn't very painful until the second hit, which hit his right wing. Instinctively Pit jerked away and pulled his wing in, spinning around to see what was hitting him. Only then did he note some very important changes: Nox's party size had apparently increased, as their were three extra copies of the boy with them... and Blazermate and Roxas were nowhere to be seen.

No way! Did they...?! After everything this group had survived through just today, was it actually possible they'd lost three members in such quick succession? Pit's heart was sinking, but he steeled himself before despair could even threaten to take him.

It was Mephisto firing into the Seekers that had struck him. Pit thought he might have heard their archangel call the boy out as the enemy healer, and right now he was running unchecked around the battle. It was time to switch priorities - clearly Nox and his team were way too dangerous to leave for after the Guardian, even with the disadvantage they had in numbers.

Pit dismissed his bow, replacing it with the rainbow orb that would becoming his Breaking Palm. He closed his fist around it as soon as it appeared, willing it to adhere to his skin as quickly as possible. As soon as it did and the chromatic marks traced their way up his arm, he opened his hand back up and unleashed his assault. Much faster and more homing than his arrows, the energy shots from his Palm could chase down even the slipperiest of foes. Since Pit couldn't tell the difference between the real Mephisto and the fakes he targeted them all - shimmery rainbow energy blasts spreading out and driving toward their targets at speed. They zipped through the arena and struck each copy of Mephisto, and then kept coming. Each of the four grunted upon being hit and attempted to outrun the rest, but it was a veritable barrage of light which they were unable to escape.

Without much of a health pool, the shots from Pit's Breaking Palm chewed through the copies with sheer numbers despite their relatively low damage individually. And with the original revealed, all of that fire could be focused on him.

"There's no way we'll lose!" Pit shouted to the room at large. They couldn't if they wanted to free the world, and avenge the sacrifice of their friends. Reaffirming himself, Pit fired everything at Mephisto. He could still move about the battlefield and dodge Tycoon as he did, using dashes to send larger, more powerful dash shots along with the rapid fire.
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