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Current I went Imperials because they seemed more polite at the start of the game.
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I'd been waiting for maintenance to get a move on with RP posts but now I have to farm gems for my mobage.
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Weird coincidence, I was about to start Kuuga 🤔
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I'm sure you've heard it all before but it picks up pretty quickly a few episodes into season 1 and finds it's stride by the end of said season.
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Anyone else develop feelings for the woman in Alty's avatar only for her to be brutally ripped away from you after only a few days?


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Location: Land of Adventure - Spiral Mountain

With the final blow struck, the giant slumped over and released his hold on his weapon. Cadet quickly found himself falling onto his back now that there was no resistance from Gough. His scythe was still holding onto the wood of the Hawkeye's greatbow, and as he sat up he pulled both weapons towards himself. The bow was finely made, and though it was a weapon truly fit for a giant, it was only slightly larger than the bows Cadet himself was used to wielding. "Rad-alos," he said aloud, intent on taking the weapon with him. He added arrows to his mental list of things to make or buy, along with sonic bombs - those would have really helped out, but in the end they'd succeeded either way.

After a little difficulty stowing the bow and longsword on his person along with his sword and shield, Ace Cadet made his way over to the group. Personally, he wasn't too put out by Gough's parting words. Obviously if he wanted this outcome, then they all did a good thing. Better to focus on the positives after all, and to that effect he threw an arm on around Donnie and Blazermate.

"Woo, good job team! It's kind of nice getting all healed up in the middle of fighting," he laughed, "and the Koopa combo was pretty cool!"

Said Koopas moved over to the tower's edge, looking down over it. None of them turned into a trophy, nor was there any shouting or panicking to be heard from down below. The Cadet took that to mean the battle was over, and the ground team had taken care of the remaining sniper. Excellent news! When the tower team began to make their way back down with various methods Cadet was no exception. While it was very tempting to just leap off the tower's edge and take a tumble once hitting the ground, the hunter found his way down into the tower's interior for a more leisurely descent. As he'd thought, there were no longer any enemies on the inside of it. Once down the mountain, Cadet wasted no time regrouping with the rest of the squad. Seemed like most everyone was together, no one needed reviving, although... there was one extra person.

"So this is Linkle 2?" The red headed hunter looked the Hero of the Wilds over, crossing his arms in consideration. He supposed they looked similar, though the second Linkle didn't share her rabbit ears. Both of them looked pretty close to the other blonde Wyverian-like eared kids back in Lumbridge. He'd have to remember to ask what was going on with that. Some extended family? Wasn't really important at the moment, especially when they were preparing to go into the dark void.

"A maze huh? Well I'm pretty much good to go!" Cadet stretched his arms over his head and rolled his shoulders in a circle as if proving his point, not that anyone was contesting it. He figured it was better to get a move on, but if the group needed a break after that battle it would be understandable - and maybe he could even find some neat ingredients around.
Intriguing. I won't lie and say I have a ton of free time to participate, but I'd at least like to see this story get off the ground.
Going pretty well.

___________________ Class: Warrior Funds: 20s
Whew, that kid was quite something. At least he was actually helpful! As he waddled off, Ames made her way over to the Keystone like the rest of them. The big rock turned out to be very helpful too, beyond it's class granting abilities. I wonder how it searches? Is it basically like a computer? A big... boulder-like computer? Her thoughts didn't stop her from placing a hand on the stone's surface, and it's welcome message quickly appeared.

Without any hesitation she chose the very first class listed, Warrior. Pretty basic, but hey, she was still a newbie! Before moving away, Ames looked up towards the top of the Keystone and considered testing it with some questions. Could it do math? Was it only limited to searching things within CaCo? ...wait, of course it wouldn't only search stuff in game. It's supposed to be immersive or whatever. Hm.

The red haired avatar gently placed a hand over the rock again. "Keystone, can you search for items too? Or mark things on a map? ...wait I don't have a map. Can you tell us where to get stuff like that?" After a brief moment Ames quickly added, "Any half martial, half magic classes? I always thought that was cool."

Alright, that was enough for now. She didn't want to bombard the thing with questions. Finally Ames stepped away and turned back to the group only to find Mags in the middle of a chicken dance, Lugh straight up T-posing, and the rest of them in various states of embarrassment or dismay. Personally, she didn't take any offense to the insulting dance.

"What the hell," she laughed, "wouldn't a fight right now be super boring? We just started, some of us can barely even do anything. Speaking of!"

Ames went over to the poor guy still struggling to catch his breath. "Hey, if you give me the silver you got I'll run over to the shop and bring back a talisman for you, so you don't have to struggle over there." Her words were bright and honest, with a smile to match. "Same for you guys, Calace, Amulak. I don't mind. I'll take Ari with me." The cat-eared girl was clearly bummed about the rude response she got from the other player, even if he did actually give them information. Hopefully getting a move on would cheer her up.
Can I ask exactly how the keystone relays information? A screen that appears seemed to be the consensus, is that also true for the "search results" in your most recent post, ERode?

"Raiman and ... hm... Oh, then you're that -" kind of good looking older guy, Amelia's brain supplied, "- dude with the brother," her mouth said. Yikes. She inwardly cringed, but her avatar forced a smile onto his face. As Calace approached and Raime offered her a hand, Amelia considered her own stats. They were also pretty evenly spread out. If she'd neglected some of them, would she have ended up the same way? What the hell, isn't that a little too realistic?

Theresa spoke up and she looked over at the cat-girl. Gosh she was super cute, Amelia kind of wished she went that route with her own character.

"I think that's everyone! Calace, Mags, Ray, Kriz, Lew..." she counted each user off, pointing to them in turn. She hesitated at Amulak, but from his accent she figured he was that ex-pro gamer, "...Stanis, you, and me! Or... no, there a few missing...? Oh well, this many is pretty great for the first time logging in." The red head's smile morphed into a much larger grin. "Ari it is! It's probably cooler to go by in-game names anyway... so I guess everyone can call me Ames! ...oh wait, duh, I'm Amelia by the way! As for my avatar... uh, well, it is what it is!"

Amelia - or, Ames - laughed at her own fumbled words. It was strange, her first foray into the game with this loose group of friends was going less than swimmingly, but she was still having fun. With the introduction out of the way, she offered her own game insights. "I thought it would be more fun to dive in head first, so I didn't read up on anything... if I knew it might hurt my character I definitely would of. My stats are pretty much the same as Raime's and I feel fine." To demonstrate she did a few jumping jacks in place before shrugging. Once Ari grabbed a random person to question, Ames turned back to the less fortunate players.

"Don't worry, we won't leave you guys behind or use you as clubs."
I pretty much agree with everyone above saying "no" but I also think there is something to be said about the RPs with massive world building. Now obviously I am not a site vet, only been here for ten months according to my profile. Even still I can easily see what Roach means when they mention a certain vibe to each section. Just by looking through the section what I took away from it is they mostly have very involved world building, whether they are advanced fandom RPs or original settings. It's really cool to look through someone's world building document! In the casual section, there are also a few RPs with world building so massive it's linked to a separate google doc. When I see that even though I enjoy reading and at time being a part of stories like that, I also think "wouldn't something this involved have a better home in the advanced section?"

I also disagree that the RPs with pages and pages of lore to read through would make casual a fandom-only section. There are fandom RPs in all the sections, and for original RPs there are a bunch in casual that don't have extremely in-depth info docs. If post length is the only factor, then the section split seems fine as it is... but if you take lore and required reading into account, I agree that there are many RPs in casual that would fit well into advanced! For RPs that have been running for months to years, and have multiple story arcs completed, that's obviously a different story though. If those started in casual it's probably better for them to remain there.

I don't have a problem with the way the sections are separated now. The suggestion that Kuro linked seems nice if there ever were to be changes to the sections. Post speed linked with dedication to the world building project. So yeah, overall I agree with the above but I do think some RPs with very in-depth world building could consider advertising in the advanced section should they want to.
Oh my girl definitely did not read the guide.
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