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Word Count: 705 (+1 exp)
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 56/70
Location: Edge of the Blue - The Maw

The Cadet grinned, wide and boyish. He wasted no time following the king's order, hopping into the lifeboat and dutifully taking an oar. Before any rowing he stripped his garden pole of the tarp, deciding that wearing it as a cape cover like Bowser would be more practical now. BB scooted over to the both of them, peeking out from beneath their disguises every now and then. As for the makeshift weapon itself, it was leaned on one of the boy's shoulders resting against his neck. He didn't want to part with it while they were still in the Belly, just in case.

They continued in the direction Bowser had originally set the boat in: backwards, away from the exit in order to connect with the Cadet's fellow stragglers. With both of them manning an oar, the progress was a little faster. Rowing through the trash wasn't terrible. It was way more awkward than rowing through water, but hey - it was working wasn't it?

Then came the monster's tantrum. Smashing things indiscriminately, hurting itself, and then descending to spread waves out all through the sea of garbage. Ace Cadet threw a look over his shoulder, searching the far side where plenty of the others had gathered already. He was taking a headcount of everyone he could spot when the initial waves Bongo Bongo set off reached them. The lifeboat wobbled dangerously, and the Cadet's wide eyes snapped to Bowser. They stayed afloat then, but the first of the larger waves nearly capsized them.

With a tight grip and their oars jammed into the junk to hold them steady, the wave passed without throwing them overboard. But only barely.

"Bowser," he said, looking at the mini Koopa King, "we're gonna have to pick up the cara-pace."

It was especially frustrating because the monster had lowered itself, and they would have made such quick work of it if they'd all had their normal sized bodies. The Cadet was itching to poke that thing in it's ugly eye.

"So not Ya-cool!" he grumbled, little muscles straining as he put extra effort into rowing the lifeboat onward. Their current goal was to collect Bella per Bowser's suggestion. With the three of them they'd be able to move even faster, hopefully make their way to any of the others still needing help, and make it back to the exit... where Bongo Bongo waited impatiently, still slamming the ground and threatening to topple everything in the Belly, least of all them.

With perseverance they made it to the Abyssal. The Cadet grasped her arm to help her into the lifeboat, and then they were off again to pick up any that needed help, slowing only when they needed to duck and cover themselves to evade the monster's spotlight gaze. Princess Peach seemed to be okay on her own, while Link was pillow hopping even in these dangerous conditions. He couldn't even see Glenn from where he was, but he hoped the other boy was alright. The lifeboat could easily swing by the Hylian if he was of the mind to join them, and then they were finally headed back towards the vent.

Going back was rougher, the waves larger the closer the go to Bongo Bongo. If only they could interrupt the monstrosity, or distract it, or get it stop for just a little while. Then, with the extra hands on deck, the lifeboat would be able to make impressive time getting to the goal.

Just one opening... before he knew it he was standing up with the hollow metal pole held like a javelin. His form was practiced, perfect, but when he drew back to throw his stance shifted and he stumbled backwards. The makeshift weapon was unwieldy, especially in the hands of a four year old boy. He landed on his back with an oof, still holding the pole over his head.

"Ugh!" he pouted, sitting up quickly. So he couldn't throw it, he could still give Bongo Bongo I good poking if it tried to give them any trouble when they drew close to the exit. The Cadet twisted his hands around the pole, anxious and prepared to strike out if one of those hands got too close.

Word Count: 2191 (+3 exp)
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 55/70
Location: Edge of the Blue - The Maw

At first, the mini-Cadet didn't even notice that he'd been left in the dust by pretty much everyone else. He had spent a while going back and forth in his own brain, processing all of the new information and trying to decide the best way to cross the Belly. It was an uncharacteristically long while, one might add. Before, full sized and fully equipped, he would have trudged ahead confidently with the same "can-do" attitude he tackled most things with. Now, itty bitty and squishier than ever he knew that wasn't the brightest of ideas. In particular, Nadia's quip about being able to die now without her Life Gem had the Cadet going awkwardly quiet just before withdrawing into the maze-like idea factory of his mind. He didn't want her, or anyone, to die. Now that they were pint-sized it would be hard to protect themselves, let alone each other.

So, the young hunter had a hand fisted under his chin as he thought and thought, putting every little piece of information into his head like a peculiar puzzle: there were useful items buried in the junk around here somewhere, Mirage's dart gun the proof of that. There was apparently an extra person in their group now - oh, no, wait that was... Frog? His speech patterns matched even if his voice was different. Their best bet at escape the garbage collection was a vent that Princess Peach had spotted, but the Cadet couldn't see it from where he was no matter how hard he squinted. After they made it out their next course of action was finding a way to take down those hypno-monsters so they could get back to their present day bodies, a plan the Cadet wholeheartedly approved. Speaking of monsters, there were apparently a couple lurking around the area they were in as well, one above and one below. Like the vent, Ace Cadet could not see either at the moment. So then, what was the best route to get across? Try and go carefully, leaping from surface to surface...? Maybe try and make some kind of rope line...? Or just dash across really fast and hope nothing caught him?

As the Cadet stood with smoke practically billowing from his ears due to how hard the gears in his head were working, BB walked around him in a lazy circle. The size difference between master and minion was comical now. The behemoth piglet reached about halfway up the Cadet's torso now, instead of barely to his knee as before. As time passed the little monster began growing restless, it's ears flicking. It nudged the Cadet rather hard, causing the red haired boy to stumble in place and effectively knocking him out of his thought process.

"Hey! Rude." He tutted at the minion, then looked up and around him. The group had really thinned out. He hadn't been that long, had it? Either way, the Cadet was one of a few who were left behind. He didn't plan to let it stay that way, though.

"I'm going ahead," he said, nodding at Link and Frog - or, Glenn was it? "Frog" didn't exactly seem to apply at the moment. He gave the two boys a loose salute and then bounced across a few large pieces of floating junk, away from the starting point.

He didn't make it very far at all when a great crash resounded throughout the Maw's belly. The Cadet halted mid-step, peeking out around the hill of trashed knickknacks and household items he currently found himself behind. Monster number one, he thought, looking up at the massive, dark blue body dangling from the dark ceiling. It had a single particularly nasty looking eyeball right where it's head should be, and it's hands were severed at the wrists. It was these hands that had made the sound, smashing something up then retreating back to the main body.

That thing... was scary. The Cadet could feel his knees knocking together the longer he stared at it. When it's spotlight drew close the boy pulled his head back behind the junk pile and reached down to hold onto his own legs, as if the tiny noise would somehow carry to the creature. The red light glowed to either side of the trash heap and then moved on. The Cadet let out the breathe he hadn't realized he was holding.

"Stop shaking!" he whispered harshly to himself, glaring at where his hands still gripped his knees. "You've fought way bigger and badder things than this... solo!"

Of course, he'd had a bowgun nearly larger than he was at the time, but that detail wasn't needed in the little pep talk he was giving himself. He forced his body to still with sheer willpower, then peeked out again. The monster's gaze was focused elsewhere for now. Ahead, he tried to see if he could spot any of the others. With everyone spread out and taking cover themselves, he couldn't tell where exactly anyone was. The only thing he could do was focus on moving forward. A little ways away he spotted a scuffed up desk with piles of torn up paper and books in loose stacks sitting on top and against it. The space underneath would be a nice for the next hiding spot after he shoved some of garbage out.

He sent BB on ahead, with some trouble. At first the little behemoth dug it's hoof-paws into the mound, refusing to leave the shadow of safety cast by the junk pile. With much coaxing and promises of come on, it will be fine! the minion took off and made it underneath the desk in seconds. It started kicking away some of the clutter, but the Cadet did not immediately follow. He was rummaging through the heap, looking for anything remotely useful. He pulled out a decent size dartboard, and though it had a literal bullseye printed on it would make for a decent shield... he hoped. Not wanting to spend too much time there, he tucked the board and a few other items under his arm and dashed to the desk, sliding in beside BB.

"This giggisux," he whispered to the minion, "staying up there looking for us... if only that thing would come down here, I'd really show it a thing or two."

BB just snorted in reply. Together they searched for the next safe haven they could make their way too while the Cadet fiddled with his makeshift shield. His eyes went from the project to the Belly to the ceiling, sweeping the area. In his hands were the handle ripped from a suitcase and some nails he'd managed to loosen from the desk they were under. When he was finished the dartboard had a rudimentary grip, but it was good enough. Even in his adult state he was no smith, so this was about as much as he could accomplish as a kid.

"Okay, all done." The boy showed off his work to his companion who was less than impressed. "Where's the next spot?"

Their next goal, the Cadet decided, was a huge area of various big items. Machinery pieces that were totally foreign to him, and stuffed between them more familiar things like the canvas of tents, poles, and what might have been a chunk from a tin chimney. The piles strewn about were big enough to hide behind, but there were also hollow space and tarps strewn about that might make a decent cover. There was a dip in the landscape just before the target area, but it shouldn't prove too much of a problem.

"Same plan, you go first BB."

This time the baby behemoth didn't hesitate. It drew one leg back a few times in preparation to charge, then it ran out and down the slope, easily making it up the other side where it skidded to a stop tucked into the shadow of a large piece of metal. The Cadet gave it a thumbs up and began crawling out from under the desk when another big smash came from the other side of the room. He paused, worried for the others, but he didn't hear anything else. If someone'd been grabbed or crushed someone would cry out... at the very least, the victim would. He reasoned that since he heard no such thing, everyone was still safe - and, since the sound was a distance away it was the best time to cross to his next hiding spot. The Cadet scrambled to his feet and ran down the slope.

When he got to the bottom his feet sank into the ground layer of garbage a little. He blinked, confused, but continued on. It was a little slow going, but the other side was right there——


The future monster hunter's head snapped up, his locking onto BB. He expected to find the minion stuck or hurt, but it was jumping in place and focused on a spot somewhere off to the Cadet's side. He followed it's gaze and saw something traveling under the junk, random items flying from the piles as it moved right towards him.

Monster number two?!

How could he forget! With as much strength as his little legs could muster he sprinted through there rest of the way, dragging himself up the other slope. He continued pushing himself until he dove under the cover where BB was waiting, knowing that the red spotlight would be making it's way over to him if it wasn't there already. As soon as he cleared the the overhang the evil gaze swept over it, finding nothing. Another noise drew it's attention from somewhere (somewhere closer by, the Cadet noted) and it moved on.

"What in the wulg," he breathed, flopping onto his back beneath the metal canopy. Yeah, this giggisucked big time.

The boy closed his eyes and sighed, deep and drawn out. After a few moments he caught his breathe and got to his feet, rattled but not despairing yet. He would feel so much better with a weapon to along with his shield though. Sharp or blunt, anything would be fine. Cautiously the Cadet left the safety of the overhang and made his way around one of the mounds of stuff. He threw a glance back at where he'd last seen "monster number two," but there was no trace of it now.

After a short investigation the Cadet determined that he was on an "island" of sorts. It was a big pile up of metals, cogs, fabrics, and random other things - and all around it was the bottom layer of junk where the mystery monster was lurking. Gargwawesome, he thought to himself sarcastically. How was he going to get off? Maybe he could do something like Sakura had been doing, when he'd caught a brief glimpse of her after first setting off. Man, he really wish he could spot any of the others now. Maybe he should climb up and get a better view? He looked up. I can definitely climb that. The only problem was not getting seen by that bruise-colored jerk.

The Cadet collected a bundle of tarps, planning to hide himself under it if the red eyed gaze came his way. He also yanked a thin pole out from the pile. The pole was longer than he was tall, thin and lightweight - in fact it seemed hollow. There were even thinner branches sticking out of it near the top, some snapped off, with little swirls at the end. From one of the branches a broken bird feeder hung (and was promptly discarded). This thing was a bit unwieldy, but it had a sharp point. If his tarp plan failed the Cadet's brilliant back up plan was to just start stabbing. He looked ridiculous with his dartboard "shield" and garden accessory "lance," but just having a crude facsimile of a weapon made him all the more confident.

BB waited in safety while the Cadet strung up his tarp on the pole and climbed his way up the metal pile. When he got to the top and stopped moving, he resembled a strange, skinny, grease stained tipi. He wasn't very high up, but he could see a few of the others! His heart instantly felt lighter just seeing them in one piece, even if they were all still technically in danger. Of particular interest was the sight of a boat rowing through the junk on the ground layer. The person manning it was draped in a cloth so he couldn't tell exactly who it was, but it was going the wrong way. Or... maybe on purpose?

He made his way back down, letting out a low whistle to summon BB to him. The baby behemoth ran over to him and slipped beneath the tarps, looking a little spooked. The Cadet looked suspiciously at their hiding spot, but there was nothing there save for a stationary little triangle hat. They moved carefully to edge of their "island," and the hunter waved a hand at the ferryman to get their attention. "Permission to board?" the boy asked, peeking his face out from his disguise.

HP: 760/860 - MP: 561/660 - SP: 602/710
_________________ []
There was that high pitched whine again as Ames watched Magpie be enveloped in darkness. Raime's warning would have been great had the girl not already disappeared. On top of that, they had a wild axe-wielding flaming mud man bearing down on them - and fast. Though she wasn't the guy's current target, Ames stood and backed away slightly, preparing to draw her sword. When she did the shield that was still out there pulled back with her, and the animist froze. She probably shouldn't take the light source too far, what if Mags got stuck in the dark? She at least needed to keep the fiery shield out there until their knucklehead returned.

While Raime struck out, Ames took her blade in both hands in a [Combat Stance]. She raised her endurance in preparation to defend the crew from counterattacks. With the way the mud man spoke he seemed more like a fellow player than a monster. At least she couldn't imagine any monsters designed to speak that way. Did he pick it up from some Immortal? Or maybe this dude was just a human - but then why was he skulking around in a place like this?!

Word Count: 751 (+2 exp)
Level: 4 - Total EXP: 30/40
Location: Sandswept Sky - Al Mamoon: Museum of Vanity

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●
Primrose was surprised at the easy acceptance from the spirit. More than acceptance even, it seemed to push for a bond and in no time it's wish was granted, becoming the dancer's second Striker. She learned it's name and that it was not a dog per se, but a wolf. Noble creature indeed. She smiled softly, though the expression faded when her gaze flickered to Joker.

A more surefire way? She thought, her eyes then drifting over to Mona. It clicked after a moment that they must mean the vehicle he could turn into. Primrose nodded. Though it would be immediately suspicious if any of the guards caught sight of the Mona-mobile, hopefully it would be small and quick enough to avoid detection. Though she could feel the Makami's eagerness, it would have to wait. Primrose would much rather everyone stay together than go off alone at this point. Another time, she promised it.

With everyone else she boarded the car. Looking out of the windows was routine by now, but the view was completely strange. Being so small was certainly a unique experience. She wondered who would appreciate this story most between her Orsteran companions. She didn't ponder for long, before she knew it they were through the door, resized and moving on.

Once they reached the next floor, Joker had looked inside and reported some troubling news. A cursed gallery. Primrose's face tightened subtly, imagining the worst kind of things that could befall them with the a strong curse. Going right through without looking at anything probably wouldn't be difficult for her, so she nodded at the boy's plan and rushed right in along with the others. A single guard, which would make for a single monster stood in their way.

Primrose prepared to brandish her magic as soon as it's true form was revealed, but it's ghastly appearance on the scene chilled her blood. She was frozen to the spot until it roared, and then plunged into darkness the dancer knew if she didn't run she'd be dead. So she ran, overtaken by dreadful fright she didn't even know where she'd gone to within the room until after a few moments she seemed to regain her senses.

She found herself crouched and shaking behind a statue's pedestal, eyes wide and staring at the ground. Carefully she roused herself, slowly placing her knees and palms on the gallery's tile floor and crawling forward. She breathed in, breathed out, and repeated. That thing... what was it? It couldn't have been a normal monster, more like a demon ripped straight from the pages of some accursed tome. But Primrose had faced her fair share of evils, she could overcome whatever terrifying spell had come over her. She peeked around the marble base she'd taken cover behind, taking in what she could of Jesse's battle with the thing. Right now while the abomination was focused on her would be the best time for Primrose to put her supporting skills to use.

As quietly as possible she stood, forcing her wobbly legs to hold her weight. She backed away from her cover until she had enough room to move, and then she danced.

Primrose twisted and dipped, her outfit moving with her as she performed. She didn't know what that monster was capable of, but from the brief glances she'd had during the flashes of light from Jesse's gun it looked bulky. She could only judge that it would attack with it's body, and so Primrose ended her dance with a low spin and a quiet utterance of "The mole dance," granting Jesse a boost to her defense.

Next, she heeded the Director's earlier words and produced light in the form of the fire orb. She willed the flames into existence with a wave of her hand, lighting up more and more of the area as it grew larger.

If she threw it, it might set the whole cursed gallery aflame. Actually that didn't sound like such a horrible idea, if it could be contained to just this room. Still, she would need a clear shot at the Shambler or else Jesse would be caught in the orb's explosion. Primrose couldn't see the Phantom Thieves, just she knew they could see her just fine and would know to stay out of the way if the orb went sailing. Until then she let it glow and shed light on the area, planting her feet and preparing to let it fly with the right opening.

HP: 760/860 - MP: 594/660 - SP: 638/710
_________________ []
Although it wouldn't matter at that point, Ames still instinctively clamped her teeth together to drown the dumbfounded screech that she produced when Mags just barreled ahead. The noise made it out as an even, high-pitched whine. Ames stayed rooted to her spot, any good feeling she might have had after splitting her soul and successfully lighting a small portion of the area instantly dashed and consumed by the constant "wrongness" she still felt from the area at large. She did not want to enter the cavern proper. So, she stayed put right where she was beside their ranged party members, even though she was currently a melee fighter.

Her hypocrisy didn't stop her from reaching out and slapping Klein a few times, aiming for his back but with the size difference getting his behind more often than not. "Go, go, go help her!" Ames hissed at him, keeping her eyes peeled and looking into the darkness.

She really didn't know why she was still being quiet when their position was given away, if not when Magpie and her own shield rushed out then definitely when Amulak shot his spell out. Primal fear, maybe? She swallowed thickly and pushed at whatever mental block was in her brain at the moment, and then she shouted out at Mags.

"Don't go any deeper in!" Ames warned. If she did go further, then she'd be outside the light and probably get killed - or it would make Ames have to go in herself and she was putting that off as long as possible. The flaming shield that acted as an extension of the red head herself danced around Magpie's vision as a physical reminder not to go outside of her range. It spun in place with the anxious energy of Ames and prepared to defend the headstrong brawler from anything that might leap from the darkness.
Ugh, time to catch up. I'm not certain to what group Frog went with.

All the Blue Team is together right now, or at least in the same general area. Everybody got baby-fied save a few.

Word Count: 861 (+2 exp)
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 52/70
Location: Edge of the Blue

When he came to, the first sensation the Cadet realized was something pointy digging in his side. He opened his eyes to mostly blackness, but a few patchy light sources made it clear that he was underneath something, or a pile of somethings. He wiggled and felt something smooth, something else soft, and the hard angled edge of whatever was poking him shift away. He thought his rigging might be tangled up in the mysterious pile he found himself in, but that wasn't the case - in fact he couldn't feel or even sense the rigging at all. Likewise, he didn't feel anything snagging onto the ridges of his armor, and suddenly that armor felt really light as if he wasn't wearing any at all.

...okay, he wasn't stupid. As soon as the initial fogginess of waking up from hypnotism wore off, the Cadet could tell that he was without his equipment. No weapons, no armor, and even his field bag was gone. He could hear muffled voices from somewhere nearby, panicked and reassuring both, and they sounded vaguely familiar. Figuring it must have been the rest of the blue team, the Cadet started pushing things off of him. Someone called out to speak up for roll call and the hunter shoved his hand through one of the openings he could see, waving it around.

"I'm here!" his own voice accompanied his arm, sticking out of a pile of trashed toys. Soundless rattles, deflated balls, ripped teddy bears and more junk were falling from the small mountain until half of a rocking horse was shoved out of the way and a boy emerged. As he'd expected, he was no longer in the altered green scale armor but a tough cream and brown cloth ensemble... but there were other changes too. His skin was back to it's lighter shade from before he'd fused with Jamaica's spirit, there were small cuts and scrapes on his face, hands and elbows, and he was a lot shorter. Suspiciously child-sized even. The bright orange mop of hair on his head was a giveaway for his identity should the others not recognize him, but if there was any confusion then his next words cleared it right up. "Oh my Wrog. You're all... and I'm...?!"

He looked down at himself and found that yes, almost their entire crew had been turned into children, including himself. He blinked, dumbfounded, because this was probably one of the weirdest thing that'd happened to them so far - or to him at least. Beyond the strangeness of it all, there was an underlying worry too. Most of them were probably defenseless like this, stuck in a deadly soul consuming submarine.

"Ha... if anyone felt like, y'know, you had to Pukei right now I definitely wouldn't blame you," he said. A squeal and a small purple body made a beeline for the red haired boy as soon as he emerged - it seemed BB was unaffected (probably because it was already a literal baby) and still as loyal a follower as that crooked salesmen had advertised.

The mini-Cadet rubbed the top of his minion's head and took some deep breathes, trying to calm down and think. His mind was still intact, he still remembered everything that had happened over the last couple days. Freshest of course was seeing Shippy off, seeing some huge hulking metal thing coming right for the island, booking it into the Maw and then looking directly at the hypnotizing vortex that was those monsters' faces, proving once again that the Cadet found it difficult to not look at something when advised against looking.

So, only his body was altered. He was just a tyke now... or, again technically. If memory served he was pretty dang young, around the age when he spent most of his days running through Dundorma's reconstruction zones and yapping at the heels of passing Guild Knights. When he'd sneak into the canteen and listen to the stories and banter passed around by seasoned and novice hunters alike, then go home and emulate their tales with makeshift weapons in the form of tree branches, pillows, or silverware. It would be a couple years until he took up training for real, and a couple more until he would earn his "Ace Cadet" title - though he didn't plan on having the others call him by anything else even while he was all miniature, of course.

"Everyone's still got their brains, right?" he asked the group when talk of forming a plan came up. "I think we should see who's still normal, and what we can still do. You guys look pretty much the same." He pointed out Blazermate, Hat Kid, and after a moment's hesitation Bowser Jr., identified by the face on his handkerchief. Many of them already voiced concerns about their lack of power, so establishing a base line might help them get a sense of... Well, what they should do, and how.

"Obviously I don't have any of my gear or items so..." he let out a near-desperate chuckle, considering the stock he put into his equipment and how much of his usefulness was tied to it. "Um. Oh! I'm still strong. Well, uh, not as strong as regular me, but... pint-size me has at least quart-size strength!"

Though he didn't move to prove it, he sounded pretty confident. The humans of his world were a different stock than the ones that could usually be found across the multiverse after all.

Word Count: 504 (+1 exp)
Level: 4 - Total EXP: 28/40
Location: Sandswept Sky - Al Mamoon: Museum of Vanity

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●
It was a simple thing to dispatch the little yellow oni where it slumped against the gallery's wall. With a concentrated blast of magic it was reduced to ash, and it's spirit waited there until Primrose made sure that the battle was over and came to scoop it up. Thankfully the battle didn't last long, and what ill effects they suffered were quickly taken care of. Poor Joker, he'd looked mortified - Primrose was sure she would have been too. The rage that had taken Jesse didn't seem any more pleasant. The perks of being a back lines supporter, the dancer supposed.

Next they all found themselves squeezing into the vent now that they didn't have anyone to stop them. Primrose gestured for them all to go ahead, volunteering to collect and keep any spirits they ran into to bring back to the others outside. She was last in, and gently pulled the vent's slotted metal opening back into place should any more wandering guards make their way over.

The vent was cramped but they wouldn't be spending time in it for much longer, as they reached another room and prepared their next move.

"Paranatural?" Primrose repeated the word mostly to herself, vaguely understanding what it meant (Para, beyond, outside of; Natural, innate, from nature) but only hearing the term for the first time. "I suppose you mean our magic. No, I don't think being shrunken will stop us from using it." She glanced at the Thieves, confirming that her statement held true for them as well.

Primrose watched as the woman shrank herself down, glad that she was willing to take the plunge first and show there didn't seem to be any pain or side-effects of to go along with the size change. Jesse also made a good point that at that size, it might take quite a while to reach the other side. Especially if they stuck to the edges to avoid being seen. The dancer was confident in her sprint but would rather not do anymore extended running after the monster spurred marathon of yesterday.

"Hm... what about this?" She presented the spirit of the Makami, it's light papery form easy to see. "One of those guards turned into this. Do you think it's strong enough to fly with a few shrunken passengers - and do you think the guards in this room will ignore it as one of them?"

Surely with it's thin and flexible body it could make it's way easily through the light beams. The thought of riding on the creature as it twisted through the air was enchanting, almost like a fantasy even, and so Primrose lowered the spirit after a moment's consideration. "Wishful thinking perhaps," she said, "though it may be useful regardless."

She looked down at the Makami's colorful orb and spoke softly to it, the same way she had the Hippowdon in the pyramid. "You... you are a dog, aren't you? You seem noble. Good dog, come with us and let's get you a new home."

Word Count: 471 (+1 exp)
Level: 4 - Total EXP: 27/40
Location: Sandswept Sky - Al Mamoon: Museum of Vanity

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●
"Garish," the dancer murmured once everyone had stepped into the gallery. That was really the only word that came to mind when Primrose took in the decor. There also seemed to be portraits of who she assumed to be the curator hanging everywhere. Primrose had no doubt that this must be the same man that Panther had advised her not to be afraid to beat up. Though she doubted that she'd somehow stumble upon him alone, she committed his face to memory all the same.

While they hadn't been there long, Primrose got the impression that the space didn't have many guests, if any at all. That would be perfect if it was the case, so that they could get through with as few run-ins as possible. After all, Primrose was a dancer and really wasn't suited for traditional stealth. It was a good thing too that even though the gallery was a part of the museum outside, it did seem like a separate space altogether. 'Cut loose,' Skull said. They didn't need to try and conceal their actions from the citizens outside.

She hunkered down with the group, surveying the area. Although Mona mentioned it might be different than what he and the other Thieves might expect, they all would still have a much better idea as to the layout and which direction they should head. As it was, Primrose only watched for signs of movement. She kept careful eyes on the monsters she could see while Joker ventured forward. Unfortunately they didn't so much as spot the crew as they did hear Joker's attempt to pry the metal grate from the wall. Now they all approached. Primrose stepped back, putting enough distance between herself and the monsters that she'd have time to perform a dance if she needed.

A group of enemies all at once called for a wide-range spell however, especially when they took the time to taunt first. Primrose wasted no time conjuring her magic, though Jesse was the faster of the two women. When the furniture was ripped from it's spot and hurtling towards Jesse only to stop in midair beside her, Primrose held her breath to make sure that it was the other woman's doing. She had no idea what kind of abilities Jesse really had, but with her clothing and that weapon from earlier Primrose hadn't assumed she had power like that. She breathed out once the couch flung back out. With her usual flare Primrose swept her hand out towards the monsters, focusing on getting as many within the scope of her spell as she could. A deep purple circle formed around the crowd of enemies.

"Stand back. Night Ode!" She called, a brief warning for her allies to avoid the dark ring of magic as it exploded upward in the interior space.

Word Count: 846 (+2 exp)
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 50/70
Location: Edge of the Blue

The princess concurred with freeing those still under Galeem's spell onboard, but mentioned waiting for a safer location. The Cadet nodded but wondered where exactly could be considered safe in the area. Maybe the place with the beacon they were sailing to was was like a weird lighthouse, calling out safety to those trapped on the dark ocean.

As Shippy cut through the water towards their destination, the conversation about monsters carried on. There were a lot of good points brought up, most of all Link's mention that they all seemed to have different definitions of the word. The Ace Cadet let out a long hmmmm sound as he considered that. Of course he didn't think that Rika, Bella or the Bowser family were monsters, since they could talk and think. The others mentioned, Blanka and that wolf man, more than likely the same went for them. Even back in his own world there were plenty of Lynians that no one would consider to monsters, even the more violent and primitive ones. So did other worlds have a much more loose definition? Maybe because most of the population of their worlds didn't have to deal with giant, dangerous, actual monsters on a near daily basis? Even the herbivore monsters could cause some massive damage if they were left unchecked. He didn't voice this thought, though when Link countered that if BB was a monster it would eat his leg, the Cadet laughed.

"If it was big enough it'd definitely try," he said, reaching down to ruffle the tuft of hair on BB's head. The minion snorted and bucked it's horns, shuffling away a little. "This one's a baby. I've seen the adult version and it's straight up vicious."

They seemed to make it to the beacon's source in good time, and the red haired hunter had long ago finished his work of stripping the tentacles when they landed and found basically no opposition on the rainy little rock. While Bowser berated the watchmen outside, Cadet ventured in with the rest of them, not wanting to miss whatever it was they found there. Inside he was completely out of his element but at this point taking it in stride and just looking around at the architecture, technology and especially the map that was pulled up. At some point someone activate the lift - or maybe it activated on it's own - and whatever threat the Blue Team thought would emerge turned out to be a group of harmless, sad-looking people.

"Weird place," he muttered. Of course soon after a face appeared on a screen and things got more strange. So there was a labyrinth under the water with a bunch of people, 'bosses,' that they could fight their way through to get to the eye of the storm apparently... or, they could test their luck with the vehicles they had now, Shippy and the Atomos. Shippy did mention she could dive under now, but would that be enough? Or... would they have to take the third option just happened to dock on shore?

As soon as it appeared and Tyl disappeared, the group gathered and launched into a discussion. What should they do? Which way should they go? Finding a way to take down the evil ship from the inside as a few mentioned doing did appeal to the Cadet, even if it was dangerous. Like Nadia though, he wasn't about to try and split the group up. That was probably the worst thing they could do here. It was also probably wishful thinking that they could all make it through on the Atomos. Even with Kamek's offer to shrink them all solving the space issue, what if they were struck down and all stuck tiny? Then they would definitely die.

The hunter scratched at the back of his head, perplexed on what would be best, but he did offer his opinion to the group at large.

"We can't just leave people that are right in front of us, can we? I mean, focusing on what's just best for a few definitely leads to the path of evil. And didn't that lady mention that it came inland sometimes too or something? What if there are people besides those tube guys stuck onboard?" The recent focus on justice the Cadet recently acquired was showing that his opinion had flipped from the day before as well. Where before he was all for finding an alternative route, now he was thinking that the Maw might be the path they should take - if just to try and help those trapped in it. "If we invade the Maw we might be able to save anyone still in there, and bring the captain to justice... plus it's probably the fastest way to get to the storm's center."

He sighed, realizing something while he was speaking. "But we won't be able to help anyone if we all get hurt. I think we can do it if we keep working together! But if everyone thinks it's too dangerous then we'll find another way." He didn't even entertain what might happen if they died on the ship, what with Sakura's eerie comment about the thing running on souls lingering in the air.
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