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People have been asking for his retirement forever, but for me seeing Ash's journey will finally come to a close after 25 years is as sobering as it is exciting. Thanks for the fun, PokΓ©ani!
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Really wish there were more hours in the day. Or an extra day off every week...
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Just noticed my next post is # 1200. Should it be an RP post or a shit post? The eternal question.


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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I am a very slow writer, so my preferred posting pace is once per week or less. I usually post on weekends.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
Remember that fiction =/= reality.
Feel free to PM me to chat!

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Word Count: 359 (+1 exp)
Level: 9 - Total EXP: 175/90
Location: Edinburgh MagicaPolis

The flash bomb worked just as well as if he'd been back home facing down a wyvern. Considering it was a toss up on when the parts of this world follow his experiences and logic, the Cadet couldn't keep the grin from his face as Artemis dropped. The stunning light and the fall itself should keep it grounded for long enough to do deal some good damage, if not defeat it altogether.

"Kept me around for a reason right?" he joked to Big Band. The detective and Albedo followed the demon down, intent to get right to work on finishing it off. Not wanting to miss out on that, the Ace Cadet made to join in - but at the edge of the twenty-seventh floor landing he turned back to Frisk and Wonder Red.

"Now's your chance to make sure all of them stay safe," he said, nodding to the unite sword that the masked hero was still holding together. Although dropping from this height to impale the monster with that giant weapon would be pretty epic, he got the sense from Red earlier that using civilians was an emergency thing rather than the norm. Regardless as to what action he and Frisk took, the Cadet gave them both a smile and said, "see ya at the bottom floor."

The hunter pitched himself over the side of the landing to follow the action. He still had the great bow equipped, so rather than go for a melee strike he figured he would let the other two handle that. As he fell and gradually got closer to the ground, he fired the clutch claw at the building's wall a few levels below him. The chain pulled him in and he kicked off the row of bookcases to land on the floor just above the ground level. He stepped up onto the railing with the bow already drawn - it was a good angle, he could see the whole picture from there so he wouldn't be firing blindly. From his viewpoint there wasn't any trace of the weird thing he'd thought he saw in it's abdomen, just a monster writhing on the ground. He shot a couple of arrows into the demon's wings, pining it like a butterfly for good measure while the others finally got up close and personal.

Word Count: 862 (+2 exp)
Level: 8 - Total EXP: 109/80
Location: The Under - Ruins

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●

And so they went, moving through the dripstone cave to the enormous tree trunk on one side of it. As they walked, Primrose was informed of the 'blight,' a parasitic disease identified by an orange glow. Apparently it was something usually found farther down, but they'd seen (and destroyed) a bug infected with the blight in the cave. Though not a single emotion that would give her away showed on her face, Primrose seriously considered the bluggsac in the Ancestral Mound. It hadn't been that much further down, but she had descended to get to it. It had a glow about it, a soft color like a mixture of earth and fire.

Had she run into the blight? Was she carrying it with her right now in the form of that rancid egg? She didn't feel any different... in fact she felt perfectly fine. Her magic reserves were just about fully recovered again, she didn't have wounds to speak of after healing from the battle in the colorless wood, and she certainly didn't feel as if she'd contracted any illness. Concluding that it was a coincidence, she kept the second part of her trek through the Ancestral Mound to herself.

They found the false wall in short order, and a second after that. Through there the group came to a slightly more open area, extending both up and down with twisting branches crossing the space. Primrose breathed in, the air here much less stagnant than the ruins and cave tunnels they'd been in so far.

"Once we're through underground, if we find our way back here we could burn through the brambles and climb the branches to the surface," she observed, turning away from the thorny ceiling and making a mental note of it herself. That would come much later though, for now they had to go down both to find the other mask pieces and reunite with their friends. Although speaking of the latter...

"It's obvious that the others didn't come through here," she said, giving voice to what the the rest of her party were probably thinking. She glanced back at the chest, knowing that even if the other group of Seekers had passed it up for some reason that Therion would not have left any treasure un-plundered. If it's worth locking up it's worth taking, she could imagine him saying. "But perhaps we'll find a shortcut to wherever they really went."

She let some of the other Seekers descend first, following after them by floating down gently to whichever branches she thought could hold her. More than a foot taller than normal and with more muscle mass after her fusions, she had to keep in mind that she wasn't as light as she once was. The scenery in the great hollow wasa whole lot of the same: bark, branches, dreary gray light. So as she descended, she drifted towards anything that happened to catch her eye. The first of which was a small something that caught the dull light, lodged into the side of one of the massive trunks. When she approached, she found that it was just a shard of glass.

Curious. She glanced around but found no other pieces. Perhaps a part of some implement dropped by someone while traversing the hollow, shattered once it connected with the tree? Primrose pulled the shard from the wood, tossing it down below her where a large lizard creature was in her path. The glass clinked against the branch before falling farther down, drawing the attention of the reptile. She floated down by it while it was distracted, then kept going.

There was still a long way down. The dancer's next stop, after avoiding a few more of the basilisks, was another shiny thing she spotted from the corner of her eye. She floated over to it, half-expecting it to be the same glass shard that she flung down there. Instead she found a beetle, one that looked more or less normal save for its shimmering shell. It crawled slowly over the face of some carved helm, resting in a nook where branch met tree trunk. Even more curious, she thought to herself, running her hand gently along the helmet's features. It was a little rusted, but not too bad. That wide bowl on its head... a ritual mask, perhaps? Not wanting to discount anything they found as mere coincidence, she lifted the helm and stashed it with the rest her pack, along with the little beetle that had stowed away inside the helmet's face.

Continuing down, she didn't spot much more of interest on her chosen route. At some point she got a bit tired of avoiding enemies, and so she swapped to a more direct route. She still kept to the stronger looked branches, but ambushed any unsuspecting mushroom creatures with dagger and magic from above. Any that had been caught alone were quickly defeated, and she left their spirits where they came to rest. Those fungal humanoids that traveled in pairs saw one or both of them shoved from the branches if they dared get too close the dancer while she waited for her scarf to recharge. This way was faster going, if only slightly, and eventually she made it to the ground to regroup with her comrades.
Yesterday I watched Bullet Train.

What a fun fucking movie. It's no masterpiece but I liked it, the choreography was good, humor was good, the "fate" theme came together while watching it (some of it pointed out with a heavy hand and some just subtle things you have to find yourself). Worth a watch if you're into silly action movies.

Word Count: 675 (+1 exp)
Level: 9 - Total EXP: 174/90
Location: Edinburgh MagicaPolis

"For now!" the Ace Cadet called back as Wonder Red appeared on the scene to join the battle.

As it turned out, ranged offense was not this team's strong point. It was as the Cadet expected, so since he actually had the means to deal consistent damage to the demon he put all the effort he could muster into his bow. Draw, shoot, draw, shoot, draw, shoot. With Artemis floating still in the air between bouts of movement it made an easier target than expected, but it was also tougher than it looked.

Gonna have to drag it down, he thought, leaping over the horizontal laser spread. If he was successful then once it crashed the melee fighters could move right in and pummel it, since at the moment they were reduced to throwing whatever they could at the thing. To that end the Cadet made to pop the paralysis arrow coatings in. Seeing as Artemis would rather block than dodge, it would make applying the status that much easier. Unfortunately while he was in the middle of getting the coatings set up, Artemis' body segments split off and started shooting. He dove out of the line of fire of one of the makeshift turrets, but the other caught him while he was mid roll. He let out a soft oof as he fell the rest of the short way to the ground.

"Wasn't expecting that," he grumbled, jumping back up and into action. The shot was painful but not debilitating, even without his regular armor. He could probably afford to get a little reckless then. The Cadet grinned.

A few well placed great arrows took care of the 'turrets.' A few more peppered the demon's body until Band and Albedo made their move. At that point the Cadet pulled a device from his bag, and the metal pieces of his slinger popped out into their half-claw, half-anchor shape. He didn't need to rely on a chance for paralysis to take the demon down, he had a few other tricks up his sleeve.

He didn't get the chance to try them just yet. Artemis smashed through a walkway on its way to get to Band, then kept on going until there were two bridges destroyed. The Cadet sucked in a sharp breath, managing to keep steady while the floor shook and threatened to give way. This thing was not playing fair.

After that Red stated his intention to evacuate the people trapped up there with them. "Got it!" the Cadet called back to him. His eyes flickered over to Frisk and her shield, then to where Albedo had been flung and where Big Band was buried. He didn't know the former at all, and though he hardly knew the latter much more he did know the detective was made of tougher stuff, so he wouldn't be out of the fight just yet. "I think I'm starting to get a read on it anyway. Let's see if we can bring it down to earth!"

Of course right after he'd said that, Artemis unleashed a new attack. This laser looked stronger than the others, so the Cadet steered well clear of it. The clutch claw was already primed, so when it swept close to him he fired the grappling hook above to one of the few remaining chandeliers, taking him above the danger. While he dangled there, he chucked the device he'd withdrawn earlier in the demon's direction.

"Flash bomb!" he called out, giving the others a heads up about what was about to happen. He didn't know if the eyes on Artemis' wings were actually functional, but it had to see somehow - maybe if they were lucky it would blind the demon, or at least take out a chunk of its sight. The bomb went off in a flash of light.

The Cadet dropped back to the floor, already preparing to get his clutch claw into Artemis itself if that didn't bring it down - or its own laser courtesy of Wonder Red didn't do the job.

Word Count: 1787 (+3 exp)
Level: 8 - Total EXP: 107/80
Location: The Under - Ruins

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●

Primrose was glad to see that the shaman was indeed as friendly as he'd appeared to be. Perhaps 'appeared' isn't the right word, she thought to herself, given his scarce attire seemed to be made of insectoid skulls, or maybe masks resembling skulls. It was hard to tell. Either way, he was chatty and answered her questions with no qualms, which she appreciated.

It turned out that he hadn't seen the other group come by. That didn't mean that they hadn't taken this route, but it was looking a lot less likely. Primrose figured that there would have been some trace of them by now. A clue deliberately left, the coincidental signs of a scuffle, or even foot prints in the dirt. But there was nothing, and no witnesses.

How odd, the dancer mused. Have we missed something? I doubt that map maker would try fooling us, but then again...

After a moment the shaman spoke up again, informing her of a secret passageway. Honestly, she doubted that if their friends came by this way that they would have found and taken such a route, but it was something.

Primrose smiled at the shaman. "Is that so? Thank you for the heads up."

On the topic of the food that the Confessor wanted, the helpful stranger suggested she venture further. His description was the exact opposite of what Jiji had said, but seeing as she didn't have any leads on that subject either she figured she could give it a look. Maybe something 'putrid' is what she should be looking for, if Jiji was the kind of bug that fed on that type of thing.

As the shaman himself had said, a friendly face was rare. Primrose was grateful to run into him, and she thanked him again before turning to leave. As she did, the diminutive stranger caught her eye. It seemed he had one last thing to impart to her. She raised a brow at his words. Intuitive fellow. The magic he held out to her she regarded curiously.

"I have nothing to give you in return," she told the shaman honestly. He didn't mind at all, and it didn't take much more prompting for Primrose to accept the offer. She reached out to take hold of the spell.

When she touched it, she got a sense of the kind of magic it was. It felt almost as though it was a kindred spirit, an avenger of some sort. She smiled, small and dark. Then the magic seeped into her, overwhelming her. She stumbled, shadows filling her vision as she felt her consciousness go. She was halfway to sinking to the ground when she caught herself, shaking her head and standing upright.

"Potent," she said, bringing a hand to her forehead. The Snail Shaman chuckled, though he seemed pleased.

After bidding him farewell, Primrose continued on into the deeper parts of the Ancestral Mound that he'd indicated. It would, hopefully, be only a quick detour. Then she could return to the Troop and Rubick with news of a safe shortcut. As she ventured on, the dim tunnels did not become anymore welcoming. The sounds of scuttling and wings buzzing echoing told her that there were insects ahead, but she wouldn't have been surprised to find them either way. There were a few flies with long mandibles that looked a lot more dangerous than they actually were, which she dispatched with a flick of her wrist and a burst of flame. Smaller, more harmless bugs crawled along the walls and the floor, though they left Primrose alone and were easily side stepped otherwise.

Soon enough she dropped down into a slightly more spacious area. There was a distinct odor, coming from somewhere still further ahead that Primrose guessed would be the creature the shaman told her about. In her way was a large creature with chitin like plate armor and a mean look in its eye. It stood as tall as a human, at the only other exit to the room than the one above her.

The dancer did not immediately assume that this bug was hostile, though she remained wary nonetheless. Would it be too much to hope for two friendly strangers in the Ancestral Mound? She called out to the Elder Baldur, "I don't suppose you would let me pass?"

The reply came as a spray of poison. The Baldur reared back and then spit up globs of amber liquid, which Primrose was quick to get out of the way of. They splashed against the ground, bubbling ominously. I suppose that answers my question, she thought. She raised her hand, conjuring a flame orb and throwing it back at her attacker. The Baldur curled up tight, becoming an armored ball. The flames struck it and exploded, but besides a slight singe to its chitin shell it appeared no worse for wear.

Primrose hummed, rethinking her strategy. Perhaps the weakened pyromancy wasn't enough, and she should Boost it? Or maybe swap spells altogether. If her magic didn't get through the shell, her dagger wouldn't either - and from there she could see no gaps in the plating to exploit.

As she thought about it, the Baldur uncurled itself and began another poison assault. It stubbornly refused to move from its post, so the dancer weaved her way forward while dodging the blobs it spit at her. When she got close, the Elder Baldur did not swipe or bite at her as she expected it might. Instead, it curled into a ball again. It was confident in its armor, and still large enough to block the passage like this. Even after a few seconds of awaiting a sneak attack, the Baldur didn't budge.

Really? Primrose sighed. Maybe it was less confident, and more cowardly. Even up close she saw no openings for a blade to capitalize on, so she'd stick to her magic. Sooner or later she'd get through the shell, and she hoped it would be sooner. While it wasn't doing anything, this would be a perfect opportunity to test the gift the shaman had given her.

After a brief moment spent focusing, she called the spell to her hand. It looked much the same as it did when the shaman had held it out to her, distinctly different from the way the pyromancy or her native dark magic looked. Primrose thrust her hand forward towards the Baldur, conjuring a spirit that shot forward. It passed completely through the monster, and if the muffled noises of pain were anything to go by it had damaged the Baldur as it went. If the poor thing didn't move it would die just like this, but it only curled up tighter. The dancer decided not to waste any more time and conjuring the vengeful spirit once more, Boosting it's power. This time when it burned through the Baldur it wreaked havoc, destroying it from the inside of its shell. When it crumbled away Primrose picked up its spirit and moved on.

There wasn't much more to the Ancestral Mound's depths. However, if there had been a labyrinth awaiting her Primrose was fairly certain she could have found her way to the center by following her nose alone. The closer she got to whatever it was, the strong the smell grew. It was definitely the stench of carrion, so not 'nice' at all - she only continued because she'd come this far anyway.

The source of the smell was not a corpse as might be expected, but a strange cluster that subtly undulated. It did nothing as Primrose approached, an arm curled over her face in a futile effort to lessen the odor. This must be the 'putrid yet placid creature.'

Well whatever these are, they are round... Gingerly, Primrose poked one of the sacs. And they are soft. They seem to be filled with something, so they must burst too. But the smell... I'm close to gagging. Could this really be what she wants?

There was no harm in taking it even if it wasn't. Besides the smell, which she hoped to find a solution for eventually. She reached out and took hold of one of the fluid sacs, trying to gently pull it from the creature. It remained firmly lodged in its host, even after she put more force into it. So the comment about carving it was literal.

Primrose withdrew her dagger. She raised it up, but hesitated a moment and cast her gaze at the blade. The Azelhart family motto stared back at her. She felt a little guilty about dirtying the blade like this, digging out some monster's guts... but it would be worth it if Jiji was the real deal.

When she plunged the dagger into the Bluggsac's flesh, it shivered and spit something out from the top of it. Then to the dancer's surprise it simply died, deflating until it rested completely the cave floor and disintegrated. Primrose turned her attention to the thing it spit up, taking it in her hands. It looked like one of the sacs on its body, but more egg-shaped a little denser. Still rounded, still soft, and a bit squishy.

Hopefully this egg would do. Primrose set her pack in front of her and dug through it, withdrawing the water resistant robe she'd gotten at that temple oasis in the desert. She wiped the dagger clean with it and then wrapped the egg up tightly, half for protection and half to try and staunch its stink. With her little side quest done, it was time to be getting back. On her way out Primrose decided to take the spirit of the strange sac creature, hoping that if it was this egg that the Confessor wanted in return for her service, perhaps she could get a second one by crushing its spirit.

Primrose picked her way back through the tunnels, ending up back at the shaman's shack. He was no where to be seen, no longer standing on its steps, so Primrose moved on. She made her way back to the fork, and then back to the wide cavern's entrance. She caught the very tail end of some commotion and figured that more bugs had wandered too close to them, or them to the bugs. Either way it appeared to be handled. Primrose walked over to the other Seekers, giving a nod of greeting to the little furry warrior Teemo.

"I have some news," she said to group at large. "Not about the others, but a safer passageway through this area."

And while she went over her meeting with the Snail Shaman and the secret path he'd told her about, they could fill her in on what she'd missed.
Welcome to RPG!

I fully intend to reinstall that as soon as I get somewhere long enough to get internet going again. I kind of want to try Rise, but mostly I want to play more MHW/IB and prepare my mind/soul/body/butthole for MH6 whenever it comes out

Rise. I don't think World is on Gamepass or maybe it is and I missed it, I am pretty new to using Gamepass.

I actually just bought a new PS4 dualshock to replay World though (and RDR).
Welcome to RPG!
Welcome Cinnamon! I hope you have fun writing here!
I could be playing anything on Gamepass, but instead I'm installing Monster Hunter and just replaying that again
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