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Take a look at my interest check! A fantasy with focus on character goals:…
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Fighting through more kappas was the exact opposite of what Ames wanted to do, but it was still fun now that they all got into the groove of battle. Leveling up and watching the party get stronger bit by bit was pretty cool. Except.

Why the hell am I still level one??

As the group continued on, it was clear that Ames was getting more and more desperate. Their attacks were quick and clumsy, and she'd jump in front of everyone to deliver the final blow to as many enemies as she could, but the pitiful damage she was doing only last so long. By the time they all came upon a small waterfall, Ames was pouting but stubbornly refusing to cry about it.

It was a near thing though.

So far CaCo has been a lot of highs and lows. Well, not lows per se... the graphics were incredible, and it really felt like she was present in this manufactured fantasy world. Seeing all the characters, including those of her own party, was really interesting. Even moving her own body was fun, the novelty not yet worn off. All of the "lows" really weren't that bad in comparison. Some of them even stemmed from her own actions, so she couldn't really blame the game for it.


Ames let out a deep sigh, lost in thought, before promptly bumping into the person ahead of her. "Huh? Why'd we stop?" She peered around the bodies of her friends, trying to get a glimpse of whatever obstacle was in the way. The croak from the opposite direction drew her attention, and there stood a massive frogman. The red haired warrior actually had the audacity to think finally, a frog guy, before Magpie and the frog took battle stances. This thing was big, but surely it wouldn't stand a chance against the entire group at once. Or at least, the entire group minus Ames. If this is gonna be a pattern I should invest in some support skills.

Then, everyone moved all at once. Everyone present was much quicker to act than Ames, even if she was still pretty speedy herself, and by the time she got her bearings the frogman had attacked. "Holy crap!"

Ames wasn't exactly keen on being the first one to find out what happened when you died in the game, but she was fairly sure if that thing struck her she'd be doing just that. Then again if she did nothing she'd feel like a major jerk given the trouble the frog was already giving them. If if she could only deal one point of damage, that was one point closer to the creature's defeat, right? As the frogman advanced on Raime, Ames ran to it and used the momentum to throw a high kick at the monster's head.
???, Singularity F

As awkward as all of the big personalities made him feel in the relatively small canteen, Rider wouldn't say he preferred this over it. Intensely hot flames devoured everything around them, and polluted the sky with dark, thick smoke. During Rider's life, the smell of a burning fire was almost soothing. The burning city was entirely different. The harsh creak of sagging metal replaced what would normally be crackling logs, and the stench of gasoline was not only deeply unpleasant, but it added fuel to the flames. Out of the gate this was an incredibly dangerous situation for their young masters... but even separated, with three servants at their of the children's sides, Rider was confident that they could keep them safe.

Rider nodded along with both Saber and Daniel, but in his full battle dress the motion might have been difficult to see, so he spoke up soon afterward. "Stay focused, Master... if your guess is correct, the situation could get much more dangerous. And quickly."

Rider moved away from the others a little, straining his eyes to see around them as far as possible. It seemed like the flames went on for miles. This kind of devastation was uniquely human. However, now wasn't the time to think about that kind of thing - first they had to make sure their master was safe, then they could wax poetic about mankind's love of war and wanton destruction. Looking back at Saber and Assassin, Rider said, "I will go North, then. Please, do not hesitate to call me back to your side. I can be back here in a flash if needed."

Before leaving to investigate the area, Rider gave his master a kind smile, though it was all but hidden to human eyes between the smoke and the man's hood. "Not to worry, Master. I will save anyone I find."

...of course, Rider never found any living beings.

As promised, he traveled North from their arrival site. Although the heat and debris were little more than inconveniences for servants to move through, Rider was uniquely capable of traversing the area quickly and easily... but he didn't use this power. With Daniel out of contact with Chaldea, he didn't want to burden the boy with any particular mana-draining abilities. At least not until he was in a safer area. Going through area over ground had it's advantages though. He could plainly see the ruined city, the scope of the fire and the damage. He could easily tell that no human beings survived in this hell, at least not in this area. There was no sign of Charlotte in this direction, but Rider took that as a blessing. When the masters were shifted into the singularity, they must have landed in completely different areas. Perhaps their firebrand had escaped the literal fire.

Rider continued until he was a ways out of the burning wreckage, and the smoke wasn't as strong. The sky was smeared black, but without the smoke and flame it was much easier to see. Rider leapt up to the top of a half collapsed concrete structure that seemed stable enough to get a better view of the city as a whole. He still couldn't see the entire thing from this short a perch, but it was enough. To the South where he'd come from was the inferno, and as fierce as it'd been on the inside, from the outside it looked even more hellish. To the East was more ruined city, and it seemed if he traveled further North he would soon hit water. Dutifully, he reported everything to his master in as few words as possible. Ocean far North. Rubble to East. No survivors found.


And something...?

Upon being summoned, Rider was equipped with all the knowledge of the modern world he'd need to get by, but that wasn't helping him here. What he was looking at now was something he wasn't remotely familiar with. To the far West, there was a large, wriggling tower. It seemed to be alive somehow, squirming like a spire of larvae or tentacles. Rider didn't know much about 'Japan,' but he was fairly sure that kind of thing wasn't normal. Besides the tower, movement in the sky quickly caught Rider's eye. From this distance it appeared to be a plane, flying their direction.

An unnatural pillar of some kind in the West, and a flying-plane approaching. Stilted report aside, if his master was to peek into Rider's vision he would see just what the servant was talking about. From where the boy was, it was probably impossible to see the craft through the smoke. It would probably be wise for Daniel to seek shelter before they attempted to regroup with Charlotte and her team with that thing about. The fire engulfed a huge area, but if they traveled enough in one direction they'd make it out.
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Another CS for fun:

Word Count: 750 (collab: 1407) (+3 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 11/60
Location: Smash City Alcamoth

Cadet was still in the middle of marveling, and listening to the rest of the crew do some marveling of their own, when their latest addition made her way towards him. The girl introduced herself again, which was good because when she'd initially arrived there was a lot going on, and he might have missed her name the first time around. Sakura was cute, but despite her student's clothes she looked like she could give nearly anyone a good beat down. That, and... somehow she looked a little familiar, but the hunter couldn't quite place where he might have seen her before.

Lumbridge got a lot of travelers, must have been there, he dismissed easily.

"You mean the felynes? Aw man, girls are always more interested in the cats," Cadet laughed. "I'm the Ace Cadet! Nice to officially meet you!" The young man raised his hand to greet her, but quickly changed tactics when he noticed her posture. Instead, he tipped his head Yukumo-style.

"Yeah, the felynes are friendly. And soft, if you were wondering. When we get back to Lumbridge I can introdu--"

Speak of the Deviljho, the koopa prince stated his intent to go back to Lumbridge and slipped out of the building. Not to be left behind, Cadet snapped his mouth shut comically and turned to follow, only to spin again back towards Sakura.

"Sorry, let's put that on hold. I'm gonna head back there right now before the meeting!"

He hurried out of the building after Jr. and the Courier, warping through the painted portal last. He was started to get used to the feeling of teleporting. Once everyone got back to their own worlds, he'd have to see if that kind of thing would be possible in his own world. Back in Lumbridge, the trio made a beeline to the Guild Hall. It was great to see the Courier's robot safe and sound, but after reuniting with Euden - even before - the Cadet had little doubt that the palico recovered persons were still in one piece. More importantly, the Guildmarm was waiting at her desk as she normally did. The marm's smile was reward enough for the Cadet, and he was a grinning fool the whole time she explained that the town was indebted to them.

"Hellblade yeah, top adventurers!" he echoed. By now Lumbridge was the Cadet's home away from home, and it felt good to be part of the team that accomplished so much rather than mindlessly taking quests day after day. Now they just had to go through that kind of battle eleven more times and the whole fake-world would basically be saved!

"You should have seen it! First there was this giant canyon we had to cross, and the princess just..." the Cadet launched himself into a detailed explanation of how the final guild quest had gone, sparing no detail. By the end of it anyone listening would feel like they were right there with the party. The Guildmarm's patient smile was in danger of wearing thin, but just as Ace Cadet was wrapping up she was surprised by the final note in his story: "Next time I'll bring you a great souvenir!"

The Guildmarm blinked slowly, and then her smile softened. "I'd like that."

The Cadet's heart melted, then re-hardened with determination. He slapped his hands on the counter and set off, calling over his shoulder, "I'll find something perfect! Now I've gotta get going and resupply! See you guys back at the city!" He blew past the dark haired boy and Link without a second glance - after all, Lumbridge had no shortage of Links. His first stop was the smithy, where he dumped both massive tails in his possession and all the Tzitzi and fish scales in his pouch onto the flustered sister's table. With three woman as talented as they were, surely they could make something amazing out of the various pieces of monsters. New equipment always excited the Cadet, even if he wasn't the one to use it - whatever they could cook up he'd offer to whoever could get the most use out of it. Next was restocking his items. Herbs and other devices, whatever he could find. As usual the area around Lumbridge was lush with resources - and the locals were more than willing to give what they had to a "top adventurer."

By the time Cadet stepped back through the painting and arrived in Smash City again, he'd made plenty of room for items and arrows.

and Cuphead!

Level 4 - (32/40) (+3)
Location: Smash City
Word Count: 1407

The Cadet stood amongst the crowd with his arms folded behind his head and a wide smile on his face. Smash City’s atmosphere was practically electrified with excitement and anticipation. For the hunter’s own part, the princess’ speech reenergized him more than any drink or pill could. Well, maybe metaphorically, but still!

”So radalos!” he remarked, ”It’s gonna be like a whole new research commission. I’m feeling more at home already!”

Nearby Cuphead was enamored with the speech himself, hanging onto every word. Oh. Oh. Now things were clicking and made a lot more sense! Wait, didn’t everyone try to tell him about the Lord of Light before and he didn’t believe them? Why was that? Oh wait, was he under Galeem’s spell then? Wowzers! This was a big deal!

Then Cuphead heard the Cadet nearby with his exclamation of excitement. ”Radalos? Hot dog, I like the sound of that!” he slapped his knee and ran up the Cadet’s back to sit on his shoulders.

"Ha! If you like that one I've got a bunch more!" The little cup-headed fellow had great taste it seemed! Without much more than a nod, the Cadet started pushing his way through the crowd towards the secretary, with Cuphead along for the ride.

"C'mon Cuphead, let's sign up!" he told his passenger. "Never saw a map of the whole fake world before, I'd been hanging out in the Land of Adventure for as long as I can remember after waking up. Where should we go next?"

The prospect of going anywhere new never failed to be exciting. Now to choose between an ocean of sand or sea... or the "Dead Zone" he'd only heard about in passing.

Cuphead’s eyes got rather big. Like, really really big. Like big ol’ balloons that were being inflated. He looked over the map with his eyes having grown so large they were physically touching the paper, darting all around, then shrinking back into his face. ”Golly, it all looks so swell! I could blow my wig over any of it. Hmm…” He started tapping his chin in a thoughtful expression, then snapped his fingers.

”I’ve got it! Why not let that special dame, Lady Luck, decide for us?” Cuphead closed his eyes and pointed his finger at the map. Was he… Was he about to randomly shoot the map?!

"Hold it," Peach extended her hand, obviously with some inkling of Cuphead's intention. A map with a hole in it was no good. "I understand the excitement, but please, now is not the time to destroy our map."

Isabelle looked between Cuphead and the princess for a few moments, but after she caught on she piped up with her best encouraging voice. "Um! If you're planning to shoot, the arenas might be better!"

"Aw," Cadet shrugged, jostling his rider a little. "I thought it was a good idea."

"We should think about where each of our strengths are best utilized..." Peach went on.

"Then what about all of them?" the Cadet questioned, "Not to toot my own hunting horn, but I'm kind of an A-lister. And I've seen this little guy in action close up, he's tougher than he looks! I'm sure we'd fit in with all the missions!"

”I agree!” Cuphead cheered. ”I’ve gone all over Inkwell Isle and taken on all kinds of meanies! There’s nowhere I can’t be useful! Dead Zone? I walloped a whole ghost train, the passengers AND the train itself! Ocean stuff? Cala Maria and Captain Briney Beard are A+ water acts I took down. Sandy place? Djimmi the Great is an actual magical genie that I knocked around!”

"Impressive!" Isabelle clapped her paws together earnestly, but the princess only sighed. "I have no doubt of both of your abilities, but unless you can split yourselves, that would be impossible. Ideally, we would scout multiple locations at once."

Yeah, that makes sense, the Cadet thought. He mirrored Cuphead's thoughtful expression from just before, scrutinizing the map as he did. "Hmm, then which would be best... maybe we should really leave it up to luck to blow our wigs after all..." Even as he expressed his desire for an easier way to choose, the hunter's eyes slid over to the opposite end of the map. The "Eryth Sea" - it was on the edge of the Land of Adventure and that great desert. On the far edge of the continent was the Edge of the Blue, where a portal in Lumbridge had taken them too briefly. It was there that the Cadet found himself staring.

"...actually, I'm kind of interested in where we met up with you for the first time, Cuphead. That casino was so not Ya-cool, but we never got a chance to explore the area."

Cuphead put up his right hand in a big “ok” gesture. ”I gotcha! That’s where I came from, so I can be a bit of a guide.” He hopped off of the Cadet’s back and leaned up against the counter. ”Put us down for the Edge of the Blue, canary.”

"Actually it's Isabelle," the furry secretary corrected, though she didn't look at all insulted by the slang. "Two for The Edge of the Blue!"

Ace Cadet give the little cartoon a thumbs up. "Countin' on you then! Feels good to be the first ones signed up! Bring it on, giant light bulb!" He thrust one fist into the air.

”Woo!” Cuphead cheered with the Cadet. He then pinched his nose closed with his fingers and blew hard, like one would do when popping their ears. Instead this sent bubbles blowing out the top of his straw in a long stream. After this unorthodox method of celebration he put his hands on his hips. ”With that out of the way, I’m feeling a bit peckish. Is there a burger joint around these parts?”

"Mm. Good idea!" The group's tiniest member was full of good ideas. Although after eating Bowser Jr. out of his hotdog supply it was hard to imagine Cuphead could pack anymore in, but regardless the Cadet whole heartedly agreed that it was time to grab some grub. After a rousing speech like that, what else was there to do beside eat and prepare for a mission?

"There are plenty of places to eat here in the Alcamoth!" Isabelle said.

"I guess that's our cue to explore." Ace Cadet shifted out of the crowd, giving those behind him the chance to give Isabelle their decision. Smash City was huge, but it was well organized for what it was. Although most were gathered in the lobby, there were still a few that milled in and out of the bright plant-lined halls. Some looked roughed up, and the hunter supposed that was the "smash" part of Smash City... but that wasn't important right now! As far as food went, Cadet would eat anything. He nodded to Cuphead and set off directly down a hall, wherever his nose would take them. It so happened that his nose took them passed a few rooms with various odd inhabitants, leading to various odd places, but Cuphead was definitely the one leading the way. The little, spry and wiry cup practically danced down the halls. He dashed between and around various people wandering the halls, clinging to walls and sniffing deep and big. Finally he came to a stop in front of a storefront that read, Mona’s Pizza and Pasta. ”Mmm! This smells like the cat’s pajamas! Come on, Acey!”

Cuphead darted in and popped up at a table from down below. He had a knife in one hand and a fork in the other and began to excitedly bang them on the table cheering, ”Pi-zza! Pi-zza!” That’s when he noticed the kitchen window and saw there was, in fact, a cat working in there! And it wore some kind of ninja outfit with a mask. ”Well whaddya know, Acey. The cat’s pajamas! Hahahahahahaha!”
If anyone didn't catch it in the discord, I was without power for over 50 hours this week due to a tropical storm. It's pushed back our start date. I'm really sorry about that! I had planned to start this week but can't do much about a force of nature.

We'll be running with the nine characters currently in the character tab. I have already begun writing the opening post for the IC, but there's still time to get your piece in - if you've got strong feelings about a character's story and want them known, post it in their character channel!

Again, thank you so much for your patience everyone.

Ashley from the Wario series (Assist Trophy).
Primrose Azelhart from Octopath Traveler (one of Ace's Kindred Spirits).

Just gonna post my current picks before I get indecisive again. Perhaps these two magic ladies bonded a bit in Smash City before Primrose inevitably joins the party.
Happy one year anniversary to me! With today, August 1st, it's been exactly one year since I joined RPG! Somehow it feels longer than that. I'd like to extend my thanks to all of the people I've met and all of the players and GMs that have worked with me in various RPs this past year. Thank you! It's been a lot of fun. I hope I've loosened up a little since my early days on this forum.

Although, I'm grateful for everyone that's written and chatted with me, there are some specific people I'd like to take the time to thank as well.

@Aviaire, @Haha, @stone, and @Cu Chulainn - for becoming good friends with me. You're all wonderful writers (and artists!) and I love seeing what you all jump into next. Chatting outside of RPs has been a lot of fun, you guys are also hilarious and it's nice to just talk with people that have similar interests. Thank you!
@Savo - believe it or not you're pretty much the first person that reached out to me here, and that one act of kindness went a long way for me. It helped me open up a bit and now I try and reach out to others too! Thank you
@Candelabra - Last but not least, thank you for pretty much everything! You've been an amazing writing partner for almost the entire time I've been on the Guild. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and really great replies. I always look forward to a post from you, you've got a great grasp of characters, your writing makes me laugh as well as makes me feel! I hope we can continue for a while longer!
Ah this is exactly the kind of story I love. If I wasn't busy I'd join in a heartbeat! All the luck to you!
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