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It's so fun to make random OCs for an RP I will probably never run
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"As usual, I've been doing online roleplay, and having a blast with women in their 30's exhausted from working too much."
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Went to an fan convention yesterday after a three year break from them. I forgot how much I love seeing people's creativity, and how fun making even a simple costume is!
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Worse: partner into a mahjong gacha game
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Being bullied into learning how to play mahjong
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Therion & Pit

Level: 5 - Total EXP: 236/50
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 256/70
𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●
Word Count: 1111 (+2 exp)
Location: Carnival Town, Sandswept Sky

After spending days in The Under, going through the cat-majority metro, and ending up in a town full of walking skeletons and cacti all while being with a group half made of monsters, suddenly adding a bunch of humans (and one robot) to the ensemble seemed almost novel. Though some might have extra limbs, or a horn or a halo, they were pretty much all fundamentally human. Even so, Therion didn't feel any more or less comfortable with such a big group. At least he knew that everyone was on the same side.

The same thought, about everyone being on the same side, emboldened Pit. He already knew that Bowser and his family were part of the crew, but seeing that they'd picked up Ganondorf while underground was both good (?) news and kind of funny. The funny part being that it brought the whole Subspace thing to mind, which just meant the villains were not only working together again, but also they'd teamed up against a greater threat. Again. The good part being Pit knew how strong Ganondorf was, and it was always nice to see a fellow Smasher... though when your whole thing is being "the ultimate evil that can't be killed," it kind of puts into question whether it was a good idea to have him on your side. And like with Bowser, at one time Pit might have been nervous around the King of Evil - especially when he was disconnected to Lady Palutena. But the past was the past, and right now Ganondorf was one of the good guys!

If only we could have kept everybody with us, he thought, as the addition of new members brought to attention the disappearance of old ones. But people came and went, and there was no use for negativity, especially right now. Once everyone talked enough at decided to head to the giant circus tent, Pit ran ahead toward the front of the group.

When Midna came over to reconnect with Primrose and Sectonia while the group made their way to the big top, Therion picked up his pace in order to let the three of them converse on their own. There were conversations of all kinds going on around him, but the thief was content not to participate in any of them. He maintained that he didn't really know these people; it was enough that he was with them and willing to do this game-based team building. He was actually pretty good at games - darts and cards and things of that nature. Although he couldn't help but think that given the venue, the hosts, and the lack of actual explanation that these games weren't going to be the kind he was used to.

As Ballyhoo disappeared behind the curtain, Therion made this observation aloud. "No one's explained what a 'mini' game even is."

Maybe someone was explaining it somewhere on the other side of the room, but with the large group in the loud, jovial atmosphere Therion hadn't heard it. Since he had found himself toward the front of said group going in, he was around some of the more eager members who were all too happy to explain.

"It's a game within a game!" Pit said, turning to give Therion his attention after marveling at the inside of the place. "Like when you're playing a fighting game and there's suddenly a crypt maze, or when they add fishing into a game for no reason."

Therion stared at him blankly, clearly not grasping the explanation. The angel didn't seem to notice though, as he went on. "It feels like its been a while since I've played any! Oh, but... hm... how exactly is it gonna work if we aren't already playing a game?"

Pit's expression morphed into a thoughtful one. He tucked his fist under his chin, considering if there was maybe an arcade behind those curtains or if the minigames would be more like the stuff they used to do between exhibition matches as Smash tournaments. If they had Target Smash he was so gonna win.

Taking the chance to slip out of the boy's attention radius, Therion moved to the outside edge of the group. There he could better see the prize counters, and nothing really drew his notice besides the giant sphere. Ballyhoo had described it as getting "character orbs," but now that he was close enough Therion could see that inside were spirits. Or what really looked like spirits. He blinked in surprise.

The implications of this are kinda grim, he thought. Of course it seemed normal for everyone still gleaming, but it meant someone must have been filling this daily with the remains of the deceased. Maybe the minigames were actually some kind of death game, and losers get put in the machine? That would be seriously macabre. He was already feeling less enthusiastic about this whole thing.

Pit either hadn't noticed or didn't care that the weird cat guy he explained minigames to had moved somewhere else. He was just excited to play with everyone. This kind of reward after last few hard days was sure to be a blast, and after everyone relaxed they could go back to the Avenger, catch up more, and then he'd convince everyone to plot a course to Skyworld. Good things were ahead for the Seekers - and much sooner than expected, because yet another surprise made himself known. Captain Falcon announced his presence and his intent, making Pit swivel to look at him with wide eyes. Seriously, just how many strokes of good luck could happen in one day?!

The man strode boldly through the curtains to follow after Ballyhoo, and the only reason Pit didn't go right after him was because he wanted to stick with the group. It wasn't like he was going anywhere, plus when he head Roxas ask about the man, Pit felt the need to add on to Ganondorf's explanation.

"He's also a famous racer!" he said, coming up on Roxas' other side. "You should see an F-Zero race sometime, they go crazy fast. Maybe they have them here if Captain Falcon is here!"

The angel did agree with Ganondorf though, they definitely had to recruit him! The sooner the better, though maybe they could save the whole friend heart thing for after the games were done. It would be unfair if they shattered the pilot's world view in the middle of competing.

Eager to get started, Pit hopped up above the crowd and stayed airborne for as long as his wing flapping allowed. "Is everybody ready? Come on, let's play!" he said, practically holding the curtain open for everyone once he landed.

Level: 10 - Total EXP: 212/100 ------ Level: 7 - Total EXP: 254/70
𝙱𝙿 ●●●●● ---------------------------- 𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●
Word Count: 1574 (+3 exp)
Location: Carnival Town, Sandswept Sky

Though whether the high energy of the town would infect their gloomiest and grouchiest Seekers remained to be seen, the rest were having a nice time just looking around and taking in the vibe. Of course, suddenly stepping into a city-wide party with so many avenues of entertainment available to them, it was hard to know where to start. So when Ms. Fortune bid everyone to follow her, the Travelers were quick to oblige. This seemed like the kind of place it would be easy to get lost in, what with all of the colors and crowds. Luckily they could just follow the largest members of their group, and if even they were obscured by the various shapes of people around they could always get a glimpse of Ms. Fortune and a few others bouncing around up above. Primrose and Therion themselves stuck to the ground, the latter trailing a little behind. He wanted to get a feel for the area and its streets just in case there was a sudden stampede of people after them. It had happened twice in the last few days, first at the Metro and then in the Home of Tears, so it wasn't impossible to think it might happen again. He was sure to get ahead of the parade though, turning back once to watch the procession and its giant skeleton curiously. Primrose stuck behind the Koopa King, letting him drive a wedge through the crowd that she could easily follow. All the while keeping an eye out for any koopalings or the man Ganondorf had described to them.

Eventually they'd made it to the city's center, where their acting tour guide pointed out the floating rings of colorful fire. From outside the plaza the rings didn't seem all that special when compared to many other sights the world had to offer, but once stepping beneath them there was an instant change that plunged the colorful daylight into high contrast purple. It was quite the breath taking change, and it was only within the boundary of the plaza and the ring overhead. The flame clock inside of the ring's center was not as welcomed a surprise though.

It wasn't the last of the day's surprises though, as everyone's attention was draw to the sky where a group of uniform objects were falling down from the sky. It didn't seem like a natural phenomenon to Primrose, but besides that she had no idea what it could be. Something normal for the area? Some kind of action taken by a Consul, given there was a flame clock right above them? Therion shared the sentiment that it could be bad news, as did Ganondorf, but they all agreed to investigate. It would be nice if it ended up being something harmless, but if it wasn't then the sooner they knew, the better.

Word Count: 1574 (+3 exp)
Level: 5 - Total EXP: 234/50
Location: Carnival Town, Sandswept Sky

In the end Pit didn't end up making it up to the bridge. His method of taking the time to look into every little area and hallway he passed instead of head directly to a destination slowed him down considerably. Neither did he find the vessel's jail or anything that resembled one before Dawn's voice came through speakers around the Avenger, letting everyone know to meet back up - they were quickly approaching Carnival Town. Though still pretty curious what kind of prisoner was being kept on the ship, Pit spun on his heel and headed back the way he'd come when he heard the announcement. It wasn't like said prisoner was going anywhere anytime soon.

The angel spotted familiar faces on his way back down and joined up with the Seekers currently congregating in the deployment bay. While they waited for everyone to assemble, Pit mentioned the Spirit Chamber and its demonic shop keep to anyone who would listen. "There were all kinds of machines and runes and stuff," he said, going on to vaguely describe the central pod. "And then that Vulgrim guy said he trades items and 'secrets.' About the world. But he only takes spirits. Which I'm pretty sure he eats by the way."

If anyone were to visit it and actually get something from Vulgrim, Pit would be curious to know what. That would be something for later though, just added to the big pile of stuff "for later." For now, once everyone was ready, Dawn explained how the Lost Numbers usually got to and from the Avenger: the Fulton and Hellpods.

Honestly neither of them were too different from what Pit usually experienced back in Angel Land. When he was under the effects of the Power of Flight, his course was charted out for him ahead of time. He was basically yanked around by Lady Palutena (or on the rare occasion Viridi) while in the sky. As for plummeting inside the 'death traps' as Goldlewis put it, well, "I dunno, it sounds kind of fun."

Way better than plummeting without a big metal case to safely ride in at least. To make sure it actually was safe, Sandalphon volunteered to go first - and as soon as she was fired Pit turned his eyes on the view of the pod rapidly descending toward the ground. After she made it, and her report, the archangel teleported right back for another go. So it was safe - and it must have actually been fun too. And since more fun awaited them on the ground, Pit stepped right up to get in a pod himself.

By the time the Seekers already on the ground arrived to the scene of impact, they found a group of people already emerged from their pods. And those that had been in said pods found themselves quickly greeted with friendly, familiar faces. For the most part.

Primrose and Therion hardly recognized any of the Seekers that had been part of the other team. For one, none of them (save Midna, who didn't appear to be with them at first) had been on the 'yellow' team that had traversed the Sandswept Sky with them. For two, any they had briefly met at Twilight Town had gone through some big changes, except for the winged boy who appeared the same but neither of them knew very well. There was no time to treat them warily however, because those who did recognize each other called out immediately.

As usual, Bowser was unmistakable. His silhouette alone was pretty famous, so even the changes to his face didn't keep him from being recognized. The same was true for the other Koopas, though to a lesser extent. It was pretty fair to guess that a mini-Bowser could only be the Koopa prince though. At the same time that Blazermate flew over to the king, Pit noticed them and flitted forward.

"It's Bowser! And Bowser Jr.!" he exclaimed. And with them was their grandpa, that girl (who Bowser then introduced as his daughter), the two humans... wait, two humans, two cat people? Sectonia...

"Halo! Pretty much everybody we told you about before is right here!" Pit said, knowing Sandalphon would hear him even if she wasn't around at the moment. Wow, how lucky were they today?! Finding the Victory, the Lost Numbers (though technically that group had found them), and now the rest of the Seekers? All after two successful boss battles, since it seemed the other team had prevailed as well.

Primrose caught on quickly. "The other group of us," she said, echoing Roxas' correct assessment. She folded her arms, both she and Therion studying the faces and forms of the newcomers and veterans of the other team to re-familiarize themselves with them. The thief shoved his hands into his pockets, his feline ears flicking at all the noise.

There were introductions and re-introductions, and swapping war stories. Pit happily gave his spiel about being a goddess' bodyguard, while Primrose and Therion kept it simple with just their names and some cordial enough greetings. For anyone that had known Pit, they'd find he hadn't changed at all. The same couldn't be said for the Orsterrans, though they were still recognizable. Primrose had shrunk and lost some muscle mass but retained her looks. The outfit she wore was well tailored and fit her perfectly. She was still very much human looking, and a beautiful one at that. Therion had more noticeable changes, being that he now sported cat ears and a tail. His skin, too, had a blueish hue to it and he appeared to have lost weight enough that his bones were nearly visible in some places. Both of his eyes, and his facial scar, were now visible - though his eyes had a glassy, milky sheen over them.

Around that time Midna and Ganondorf showed back up. Seeing the former, Primrose perked up and nodded at the princess. It was nice to see her safe and sound, in any form. At the later, Pit's eyes widened when recognition hit him after a few moments, distracting him enough not to ask more about Jr.'s comment about Omori. "Oh man, is that...? Ganondorf?!"

Hopefully working on the good guy's side. Since no one on the 'purple' team batted an eye at him, he probably was.

While catching up was all well and good, there was the question of just where all of the other Seekers had come from. Therion squinted up at the sky, though he didn't see anything but a cloud or two. "Where'd you all even come from?" he asked.
Welcome back!

Word Count: 1360 (+3 exp)
Level: 5 - Total EXP: 231/50
Location: Dystopiascape

Pit was idly shifting his weight from one foot to the other while everyone talked and deliberated about whether to join up with the Lost Numbers or not. For him it was a no brainer, but it couldn't be the case with everyone. The decision ultimately didn't take long to come to (and wound up being an agreement), but while he waited Pit glanced up at the sky. Many of the things being casually explained were going over his head, and he wished Lady Palutena was around to make it make more sense. He didn't fret though - he figured he got the general idea, and anything super important he'd figure out sooner or later. Plus with a flying ship like this... reaching Skyworld would be a piece of cake! Palutena would get a kick out of seeing Cloud's kids, on top of getting the lowdown on everything else.

Once it was decided that the Lost Numbers were officially allies, a wide grin split Pit's face. He was always eager to make potential new friends, and the thought of exploring such a cool ship was exciting. And they were apparently headed to a carnival now too? That sounded like an awesome way to celebrate taking out a Guardian! Of course Pit still wanted to visit Skyworld, but since he believed Palutena to be fine (she just had to be!), they could make that stop number two.

Once they were properly on board the ship, Dawn was enthusiastic about getting everyone feeling comfortable and showing them around. She took them to one of many maps of the Avenger's interior, one which Pit squinted at. He took in all the little pictures of the rooms, looking for anything interesting.

"Which one's the engine room? And where are we in here?" he asked. Once both were pointed out to him, he could pretty much figure out the layout. If they were in the back of the ship now, and the off limits engine room was in the front then it would be easy to avoid. The ship's bridge must be toward the top, so he should be able to find that - and he definitely wanted to check it out. Between here and there he'd just explore naturally. "Got it, thanks!"

The angel ran off once everyone started splitting up. Everybody had different interests in mind, but Pit himself didn't have anything in mind. He just wanted to check out the ship itself. So he moved from the bay deeper into its interior, curiously peeking into any and all rooms he passed by.

It didn't take Pit long at all to find something that looked cool--not to mention ominous. One of the first rooms he poked his head into turned out to be a rather foreboding arrangement of terminals, screens, instruments, and apparatuses arranged around a central chamber almost like obelisks in a dark rite. The eerie purple light that cast dark shadows around the place didn't exactly help this first impression, either. The most curious machine of all, a bizarre mishmash of occult artifact and rather old-fashioned technology, seemed to be attached to that eerie central cell, but offline and inoperable. It looked like a component might be missing from its central port, but it would take a more technical -or perhaps arcane- mind than Pit's to make heads or tails of such a contraption.

What did immediately catch Pit's attention, though, was the room's other occupant, for the angel was not alone. In a corner of the room converted into some manner of mystical market stall with the aid of tapestries and cushions lounged a demon of impressive stature, with huge horns, vestigial wings bound in bandages, fine baubles, and a noseless, skull-like face full of enormous teeth and poison-green eyes. "Oh, someone new, is it?" He spoke like a smug snake might, in a venom-dripping drawl. His eyes settled on Pit's wings. "Oho, and an angel, to boot? Isn't that something." He tented his claws. "Well, welcome, welcome! I am but a humble merchant. Vulgrim is my name, and this is my shop. I have a deal with the Lost Numbers, you see. They offer me spirits, and I sell them all manner of trinkets and baubles in return. And some rather juicy details, too. But this little sales pitch is all you'll get for free." Vulgrim wiggled his claws greedily. "Feed my hunger, and I'll feed your curiosity."

Pit's nose wrinkled. He pretty much immediately got what this guy was saying; he ate souls. Or spirits, whatever. Actually he probably ate regular souls too. It wasn't like soul eaters were unnatural or anything, but it still weirded Pit out. He found it distasteful, pun fully intended. If he were completely alone, he might have even been a little nervous (not that he'd admit that), but seeing as the ship was full of allies and he was fresh from battle the angel stepped fully into the room. The juxtaposition was pretty neat - the whole place looked both high and low tech. Magitechnical or something. He peered at the monitors, recognizing some numbers displayed but nothing else he could make out. With no clue how the machines worked or what they even did, it made the demonic shopkeeper the most interesting thing in there by default.

"Details about what?" Pit asked, basically disregarding what Vulgrim had said about only the pitch being free. As he spoke he curiously prodded at the panel beside the central device.

Vulgrim snickered. "Secrets, of course. I'm not locked up here like a certain someone, you know. Thanks to the Serpent Holes, I come and go as I please. This world is full of rumors and curiosities, but it's such a jumbled mess that it takes quite a thresher to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I'm privy to all sorts of interesting things." Idly he inspected the golden claws worn across his right hand. "So if you or your friends want a taste, you know where to bring your extra spirits, hmm?"

He's a glorified hint system! Personally, Pit was the type that preferred finding that kind of stuff himself... or else being directly fed the information by the Goddess of Light. But knowing that the demon was technically the helpful sort made him sort of less creepy. Only sort of, because what the heck was a "serpent hole"? And it wasn't the only weird thing he'd casually mentioned. Did the Lost Numbers have some kind of captive?

"Okay, sure," Pit agreed. Then quickly followed up with, "but what was that about someone being locked up?"

If Vulgrim had an eyebrow to raise, he might have directed it at Pit right then. "If your wallet's a little light, you'll just have to find out for yourself."

"That counts as a secret? Come on!" Pit complained. Vulgrim was not the charitable type, and any further prodding was met with the unwavering refusal of a seasoned merchant. Pit almost never thought to take spirits along with him after battle, so suffice to say wouldn't be able to pay the demon even if he really wanted to. But he was pretty sure most of the other Seekers were different, and some even meticulous in their spirit collecting. He'd definitely seen Princess Midna put a bunch of spirits and other stuff in her portals before. They'd be the ones to benefit most from Vulgrim's weird little 'shop,' so he would actually pass the message along to them.

Since he wasn't really a customer, Pit wore out his welcome sooner rather than later. He at least had the dignity to usher himself out of the room, continuing down the hall soon after.

I guess I should look for the brig next? he thought. If this group was on the run, wasn't it strange to keep a prisoner? ...maybe it was some kind of mutiny situation. But if that was the case, why would that unaffiliated demon even mention it? It was all pretty mysterious, though not nefarious in Pit's opinion. He would just ask about later after he got to the brig, or the bridge, wherever he made it to first.

Level: 10 - Total EXP: 209/100 ------ Level: 7 - Total EXP: 251/70
𝙱𝙿 ●●●●● ---------------------------- 𝙱𝙿 ●●●●●
Word Count: 1069 (+2 exp)
Location: Gerudo Town ➜ Carnival Town, Sandswept Sky

There was really nothing better than a relaxing soak. The weariness of the morning, of the last few days, of the entire world just fell right off your shoulders. Primrose intended to let her time in the bathhouse last a little longer even after Ms. Fortune got out. That had been her plan anyway.

She watched Nadia leave. Then her eyes flickered to Eliza before finally she turned to Sectonia.

"...we'd better get going as well," she said, gracefully pulling herself out of the water and wringing her hair out. It was clear Ms. Fortune had been put off by the interaction to say the least. And who could blame her? It had taken a while to really get used to the all the blood spilled and regained from the feral herself - someone eating it was just too far. Primrose put on her own smile as she gathered her own things. Once Sectonia was ready they could head out.

While the strange bath owner's appearance had put a bit of a damper on the end of the spa experience, the day itself was still far from over. Redressed and relaxed, they met Ms. Fortune briefly outside of the Bath of Tefnut. Primrose intended to come along to Carnival Town, and she'd meet everyone at the station, but first she had to make a quick stop. The palace wasn't very far from the station, and she had told Ganondorf that she'd bring him a linkpearl for Lady Riju.

Their meeting was unceremonious. Trusting that the king of evil had heard Ms. Fortune's message through his own pearl, Primrose didn't make mention of it besides to say she'd be heading back toward the metro entrance. If Ganondorf planned to head there as well, they probably would end up going together anyway.

As for the other Orsterran, just as he'd expected the voice in his ear from the linkpearl had woken him up. The weird follow up from Kamek kept him up. Therion's nap hadn't been anything more than light dozing anyway, but it served its purpose. He stretched himself out on the sand, satisfied by the quick pop of joint bones before he stood up and dusted himself off. No one had tried messing with him or his things, so it took no time at all to set back out from Kara Kara Bazaar towards the public train station.

He greeted those already gathered with a short raise of his hand. Therion had always looked sort of disheveled even at the best of times, but the warm desert wind and lingering sand didn't do him any favors. However, he didn't really care.

Once Primrose and everyone else that wanted to come with assembled, the group was on its way. Since Carnival Town was on the same line, no one needed to bother with buying another metro pass. They just boarded, disembarked, then immediately reboarded another yellow bound train. The rides themselves were short enough that it felt hardly any time had passed at all. When they arrived, they found even the area's train station to be lively. There was music playing inside, attempting to drown out the sounds from outside while keeping passengers - and racers apparently - entertained.

Yes, the subway they'd arrived to was energetic. But it was nothing compared to the city itself. As soon as they stepped out into town proper, they were greeted with an infectious party environment. If anything, Ms. Fortune had undersold it. There were colorful flags and string lights hung absolutely everywhere, music and the aroma of food was inescapable, and there were people in the streets dancing, singing, and overall just having a good time.

"Doesn't look like any carnival I've seen," Therion observed, drawing the wrong conclusion from the town's name. Though truth be told, he hadn't exactly seen many. And though she was in a similar boat in regards to carnival visits, Primrose agreed.

What an atmosphere, she thought. There was so much going on already that it was hard to know where to look first. She could see what looked like a queue nearby, with people of all kinds lining up to get their fortunes told. And while racing appeared to be a huge pastime in this town, it wasn't the only popular entertainment on offer. Beside the race leader boards was an equally huge billboard that featured a 'Star of the Stage' clad in beautiful and showy attire, the name Dolcinaea written neatly just above the address of the avenue where she performed. Yet another large sign showed a flamboyantly dressed man advertising something called The Masked Carnivale, open to both participants and spectators.

It was a lot to take in at once. Surprisingly, Therion didn't seem to be put off by the place. Tostarena Town was subdued compared to this, but the vibe was a little similar - and besides, he actually didn't mind lively places. When people were focused on themselves and having a good time, it was a lot easier to blend into a crowd and go unnoticed. It was a pickpocket's paradise (though Therion hadn't been a mere pickpocket for a long time). Plus, there were all kinds of interesting pieces of information that people let slip when their inhibitions were loosed. That was part of the reason why the thief liked to hang around in taverns so much too.

Speaking of interesting information, apparently the Koopa King and Prince were familiar with some of the racers listed on the boards overhead. The story that the former launched into after that went from 'interesting' to 'unbelievable' fairly quickly, so it was the first part about people they knew that most focused on.

"...'koopalings'?" If they were what they sounded like, young koopas, then it wouldn't be hard to recognize them. The Captain they spoke of would need a description though. If they were the people Bowser and Jr. knew in the first place, that is. Primrose doubted it was some trick like in the prison underground, but it could always be a case of mistaken identity. Even so, "We can keep an eye out for them."

"At least we'll know where to look," Therion pointed out, indicating the leader boards. If they were competitors, they'd likely be at the next race.

Then again, they'd have to find out both when and where that would be - and there were plenty of other distractions in town to check out.

Eli waited just long enough to see that the bear wasn't going to stand back up anytime soon, then he hooked an arm around Noah's shoulders and let out a celebratory whoop. The bird on his head squeezed its talons a little tighter to avoid being thrown off by the sudden movement. Now that the action was over, the little pinpricks of pain from her claws was the final confirmation Eli needed to really, really realize this wasn't some shared dreamscape or alien illusion. Well, it still could be alien, but it wasn't an illusion.

"You guys did it!" He was glad everyone was alright. And if any of them was acting a little weird, it could be chalked up to the completely crazy experience, right? Eli felt Chesi's annoyed glare on him, which only compounded the slight guilt he felt at being unable to really help. But what could he have really done? Pushing a small grin to his face, Eli said, "I've got the next one. Miss... uh, Fenghuang will help me out."

In response to that Fenghuang huffed. Her feathers poofed out a little but she didn't argue. A little respect showed to her was a good first step to getting her charge ready for the power of fire. Although truthfully, Eli hoped there wouldn't be a next one... at least anytime soon.

He dislodged himself from Noah as soon as he heard the telltale signs of retching. Poor Gray, that was never fun. That had almost been Eli earlier, though he'd managed to keep it down. It might still be if Gray started a chain reaction. Even so he crossed the distance toward Gray and put a hand on the other boy's back, a gesture that had always made himself feel better when he was sick. As soon as he recovered, Gray went on to summarize the situation for everyone - which was great because Eli had understood about half of what was explained so far.

Sensing his apprehension, Fenghuang sighed and shook her head. If she was going to be stuck with this one, she might as well help out a little. Especially if he was going to make an effort as well. She leaned froward, spreading out one of her wings to cover the faces of herself and her charge. "I'll answer any questions you have later on," she whispered. "Do as I say and you'll be fine."

She didn't mention his friends. The other mages could handle their own boys. It was unfortunate she ended up with this boy, but it was lucky for him that he'd ended up with her - the best option, surely. Fenghuang hopped into the air, gliding down to the ground and preparing to head into the city with the everyone else.

Eli blinked. He didn't know what to make of Fenghuang and the other animals, but if they had called everyone here to save their world they were probably trying to help, in a weird way. There wasn't really any reason not to trust them. Eli looked at his friends with a shrug and a small smile. Might as well follow them, right? his expression said. Although his smile started to slip when Milo finally spoke up.

It always sucked when Milo got into this state, though for none more than the the boy himself of course. Honestly it was surprising that more of them weren't freaking out. Eli was just letting everything wash over him, letting what was happening filter into his brain then right back out of it like he usually did to stay calm. Pushing stuff off and thinking about it later was kind of his specialty. So at least he was good to try and calm Milo and anyone else down. Thank god they had the whole crew though, since there were much better people among them for this kind of thing.

"Go on ahead," Eli said to the former sorcerers. The animals might be mad (they didn't all seem like the most patient bunch), but the boys could follow at a distance for something.
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