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Sorry for the slow posting speed, struggling with some things including this FUCKING SEWING MACHINE TANGLED BOBBIN DSJFKUIRWELJFKEJKJFKLEJW
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Trying to get up my motivation to write, strange day, feeling off
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I'm gonna second Mario Odyssey and BOTW. I also really enjoyed Octopath if JRPGs are your thing.
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Breeds of music are hard


Nice to meet you!

I'm Yankee! I am:
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    • fandom stuff, OC stuff, groups, 1-on-1s, fluffy SOL, smut, goofiness, dark themes... anything. Very little is off limits. Feel free to ask!

I work often so my posting frequency is slow-to-average, and largely at night.

Outside of RP I enjoy reading (obviously), comic books and manga, cosplay, video games and gacha games! (talk to me about F/GO please)
I'm friendly so please don't hesitate to chat with me! Have a lovely day

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Going pretty well?
Drunk with power.
♦ Wèi Lái ~ Project Attacus ♦

"Hee hee~"

Wèi Lái's voice drifted out from the interior of the craft - light voice; beautiful, haunting. The Zasshu emerged, floating past the humans and the other Projects and out to the edge of the ramp. Only the rain stopped her from going further. With a twirl she landed on the metal floor and turned to face the group, a smile on her face.

"Eeeeeh~? Are these really my fellow Zasshu~?" her question was posed as curious, when in reality it was incredulous. The beings born from Archon DNA were clumsy and meek? She didn't want to believe it, but their unique appearances were really all the evidence needed. She really wanted to pout, but instead she smiled wider. At the moment, Wèi Lái was dressed in the most simple of clothes - a white toga-like cloth draped over her body that didn't interfere with her wings. She curled her fingers into loose fists and put them proudly on her hips, beaming at the group.

"I'm Wèi Lái~! If you want, call me a nickname! Nice to meet you, Mitsu and Zasshu~ and..."

The winged girl tipped her head to the side, noticing the other human. "...curly-head!"

Banquet of Kings
Homurahara Academy

Jigen and Saber made it over to the Miyama side with little issue. They didn't run into any other masters or servants during the trek - apparently, having two beacons to draw enemies into made getting around the city pretty easy. Jigen had taken Saber's words to heart of course, the nature of the war, it's dangers... but on only the first night, he was feeling kind of good about it all things considered. He happily chatted to his partner about this and that, some of his own life and how extra cool Theseus was now that Jigen had learned all that Google had to say about the man. As they got closer to the source of the far fireworks, it became clear that they were, indeed, coming from the Academy.

"Well, we're here! This is kinda like my home turf," the boy observed as they stood outside of the school. Technically all of Fuyuki could be considered his "home turf," but being a student of course he was very familiar with the Academy itself. It gave him a little boost in confidence, knowing where everything was in the area, quickest escape routes... should that knowledge be needed. He'd hate to run, especially when he was supposed to be a partner to an epic hero, but he also had to survive so they could get Saber his wish - and mine too, once I think of one. That said, he was very much looking forward to everything Saber had to teach him, he wanted to be a partner the man could be proud of.

In the courtyard there were a handful of people already gathered. Various masters and servants... Jigen rubbed his eyes with one hand as his master's clairvoyance came into view on some of the 'party's' patrons. For him, it seemed to take the form of an advertisement - kind of weird, but it was useful. The other servants were strong, even compared to Saber - at least, according to their parameters. It made sense of course, weren't they all great heroes too?

He spotted one familiar face in the group, that of Zoe, and he gave the girl a smile and little wave. Saber said I was right to turn her down, but to really think about future offers, he thought to himself, looking over the other masters gathered and considering. The Greek hero was right, if the terms of the alliance were laid out ahead of time it shouldn't pose a problem, but still...

Pushing those thoughts out of his mind, Jigen focused on the magus he'd met earlier that day again. She had a guitar, that was so cool. Then, that music playing servant might also be hers? She said he was Greek as well. Could he be a 'familiar face' for Theseus? The internet had told him that Saber was part of a large crew of awesome heroes, and there was an amazing musician among them.

"Someone you know, Saber?" Jigen questioned.

<what is a king to a Pharaoh?>
Fruz Estate, Western Farms


"Hm," the noise was noncommittal as Berserker stood beside the larger servant with his arms crossed in front of him. They'd talked a little while their masters were busy. Markansas was skilled, Berserker saw that immediately though his personality had left the servant confused at first. Still, he had no doubt that Hercules' master would come out stronger than before, especially if the boy was really in as poor shape as he looked. Regardless, Berserker's eyes flicked over to Hercules at his single word, "perhaps," and he raised a brow.

For his own part, Berserker had little to no interest in a gathering of heroes other than the one they were already a part of, even if it was a so-called "banquet of kings." Berserker was a king during life, but he had also been more than that. Although he hadn't chosen his path as his ally had earlier surmised, he was still a Pharaoh - an existence beyond a king, commanding both mortals and spirits, a divinity made flesh passed down through his father whether he'd wanted it or not. The young servant would have guessed that "Hercules," a hero who ascended to godhood, would not be so interested in that group of kings either - wouldn't he have wanted to test his might against the bold Berserker in the park instead? And yet...

Trying to reconcile the servant beside him and the thought of "Hercules" was a bit of a headache, but Berserker hadn't known the man personally of course. He accepted this "Hercules" as he was now, and though the Pharaoh was a little standoffish, he found he didn't really mind the man at all.

"Does it matter?" was Berserker's reply, a genuine question. "Whether I want to be rid of something I hate, or to save something I may love. The result will be the same either way."

He sighed and cast his gaze back outside. "What of you? That fate you want to overturn... would you tell me?"
I'm interested~ but I do have a lot going on so it's tentative for now!
Daybreak | Inside, Southern Entrance

As the melee units dashed in, Belisendé too advanced. It didn't take more than the barest flick of the reins for Sunbeam to gallop inside. The horse's hooves fell heavy on the fortress' stone floor and he gnashed his teeth - surely if he were a wyvern he would take to biting in a direct challenge to Mors. Hells, he looked ready to bite even as a horse, but though painful it wouldn't have quite the same deadly effect.

The animal squeezed through the entrance and stamped proudly into the large open room as Bel took quick stock of the situation in the interior. There were bandits to either side of the group, and dead ahead. She couldn't see the other half of their forces, but she trusted they were alright.

Before the young archer could even think about selecting a target, Trace had whirred from the axeman on their left to the group in front of them. On the opposite side she could only assume that their other lancer was doing the same thing. However, he'd left the man wounded but alive. Had he made a mistake, thinking his blow to be a killing one and moved on? Or... maybe a skilled solider trusted their allies to cover for them?

The thought made a little spark of pride well in Bel's chest. She lined up her arrow, letting it loose to swiftly finish off the axe bandit before looking for another target.

Status: Alive
Currently: Attacking
Class: Squire
EXP: 60

  • Iron Bow (2/3)
  • Vulnerary (3/3)

Taras couldn't help but snort in amusement at their liaison's comment. While he trusted - to some extent at least - that the women he'd been crammed into the plane with were competent and more or less chosen for said competency, it was more than a little relieving that someone else pointed out their absurdity. He was still very curious to see the girls' abilities, especially the girl with the two-toned hair. He'd seen her abrupt change in attitude and was intrigued.

"Agreed," the Russian man drawled in response to Kiara's words. He let his gaze linger on the disfigured face of the French farmhand, letting his eyes trace every sag of flesh and pucker of past burns, before it flickered over to the "foreign agent." She was small, about the same height as Oscuro, and a woman of course. Which meant the agent he had the most in common with on the surface level was Yonaka. He could shudder at the mere thought. Still, the agent leading them through the French countryside was a bit hard to place. It was hard to tell her age or origin, not that that was a bad thing - he surmised she was a spy, which only made sense. Briefly, Taras considered giving the woman his name, but he didn't know how long she'd be sticking with them. A working relationship was needed between himself, Yonaka and Oscuro - but if she'd only be leading them part of the way, there was no reason to introduce himself formally. Besides, he wasn't sure the name he'd get back would even be real.

The side of his mouth curled up into an imitation of a smirk. Somehow, he was getting a little excited. Just a little though.

He looked over at the "drop coordinator" again. "Would you be in charge of this, then?" Taras gestured to the pallet in his grip.
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