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Helping a friend with their resume. There's such a fine line between impressive sounding and utter bullshitery.


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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I work a lot, so my preferred posting pace is at most once per week or less.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
Feel free to PM me to chat!

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What are your hobbies?

Xavier Price, aspiring doctor [x]:

"I've been trying out a lot of new things, actually. When I'm not studying, I've been learning to sew and cook... with, ah, limited success, haha. I've got a little garden I've been tending to as well, and it's going... well, let's just say it's going."

- If you suddenly came into a lot of money, what would you spend it on?
I've completed my servant sheet. I also added the usage limit to my master's magecraft. I hope it's alright, I tried using the other three sheets to base it off of. Because Chabi is a younger magus closer to amateur than master, it seemed like decent balance to give her more usages of her magecraft, since she has less options and they aren't super powerful or anything. I'm open to suggestions or requests for clarification on anything.
Do they accept Pokedollars in the World of Light?

He could probably trade in pokedollars for gold, or whatever other currency is trading in the area he is in. Or some places might accept more "modern" currency like that. Also just as a suggestion while I'm here in the OOC tab, probably could expand something like "caring for Pokemon" into "caring for animals." After all maybe he could expand into yokai, or tamagotchi, or tem tems, or any other such creature. Sky's the limit!
@Crimson Flame (psst, consider giving Bede some starting money. You'll thank yourself later!)
I've completed the master sheet, hopefully it's acceptable. Servant sheet is about 50% done, so won't be too much longer.

Edit: made some wording changes to master sheet, added charges for magecraft, added Saber's sheet.

Word Count: 2603 (+3 exp)
Level: 9 - Total EXP: 93/90
Location: Edge of the Blue - Limsa Lominscuttle Town

The trading guild was amazing. It was far and away the biggest ship the Cadet had ever seen, and the inside of it was even bigger than some towns he'd been to! He was sure it must have functioned like a town itself if it traveled over sea, with living quarters and dining that they just couldn't see - as the ship extended up quite a ways. Still even here just on the merchant level, it was huge. Shops and goods as far as the eye could see, all in a colorful rustic aesthetic with lights strung throughout. The Cadet sighed dreamily. It was a beautiful sight, and he actually had money to spend thanks to the successful sale of the buried treasure, plus a generous donation from the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom herself. At the same place they'd traded the pearls for gold, he'd also sold the pretty pearl-inlaid shell for some extra funds for himself. Once everyone got their share, it was time to hit the shops. Almost immediately the Seekers split up from each other, all headed in different directions. Some wandered, some had specific goals in mind. Cadet was, mostly, of the latter group. He had some ideas, and with a selection this big he was confident he would find something he liked.

His goal for the trip was this: acquire some clothes, acquire some additional, portable storage, and then look into whatever else caught his eye. Predictably his preference was in gear, specifically weapons and armor. He passed armorers and blacksmiths peddling their creations, and general merchants flipping arms they'd happen to come across. All the Cadet took in with wide, shiny eyes. There were plenty of blades and mini bowguns, and even some weapons more to his taste in size, but he didn't buy any yet. Good quality stuff was expensive, and he wanted to focus on what he really needed at the moment. If he really wanted some great craftsmanship he knew just where to find three skilled blacksmith sisters anyway.

There was no lack of options when it came to clothing sold here. There were shops and stalls of all kinds, with clothes suited for pretty much any size and shape. There were plains outfits and intricate ones, ones that were gaudy and some that were minimalist. The Cadet considered what he'd buy - a more familiar style, or something else? Maybe something like what the more 'modern' people wore? Or... maybe something that would impress a certain cat burglar?

The shop keepers, mostly Nopons like Tora, assured him that he'd look good in anything - though the hunter knew that was just a sales tactic. Still, the Nopons were friendly and their energy was infectious, so he let himself be talked into a couple of different items. They claimed to expert on "Hom fashion" and hooked him up with a pair of boots, some khaki colored shorts, a pair of red sweats, and a light pink colored button down. He hadn't needed persuading at all for a certain sweater once they'd explained the pattern on it was supposed to be "Aces," he got a good kick out of that. Neither could he resist a somewhat over the top ensemble that just screamed "Radalos" to him.

"Mission one, clear! On to the next," the Cadet said to himself. Being able to hold more stuff! His item pouch was pretty spacious all things considered, but the more bulky stuff he picked up the more he needed something else to carry it with. Or some kind of... portable portal technology to a supply room. He could probably find something like that here, or somewhere in the world, but it was also probably really expensive. So he set his sights on something more mundane.

One of the stalls had a particularly loud hawker that peddled all kinds of bags, purses, and packs. One of the most expensive items in the shop was a square backpack, which the shopkeeper boasted was able to carry near anything, and even included space to store liquids. Plus it came in multiple colors! But...

"Five hundred? That's kind of much for a backpack, isn't it?"

"Not at all, meh! This best bag on market!" The Nopon slapped one of the backpacks, though nothing happened to it other than it turning slightly in place. "It hold so many items!"

When his potential buyer didn't look convinced, the Nopon held out one of his wing-arms toward the hunter and made a 'gimmie' gesture. "Friend need demonstration, meh."

Sure enough the bag held all of the recently purchased clothes just fine, plus the extra armor pieces. Despite it's size (which was pretty much on par with any normal backpack) and it's shape (which was all angles), it managed to hold anything placed into it with no issue. And, seeing as his things were already packed into it, the Cadet told the shopkeeper he'd just made a sale. Just to really test it, the Cadet tried putting the greatbow inside - and cracked a grin from ear to ear when it actually fit. The quiver of great arrows followed. The bag he'd bought happened to be turquoise in color, and he slipped his arms into the straps once he'd sorted his inventory out. To his great surprise it wasn't awkward to wear.

Mission two, clear!

It felt great to go shopping with a goal in mind and actually accomplish it. And he had plenty of gold left! He counted about 2340 pieces of varying denominations. He wasn't exactly sure about the conversion rate, as he tried to imagine how much it would be in zenny. Probably enough to get something good. He was on his way back toward the stand where he'd seen those shiny appropriately sized bowguns when something else quickly caught his ear.

It was the sound of people, simply put. Laughing, screaming, cheering, and crying. Such a ruckus might have been hard to hear from elsewhere in the bazaar, especially closer to the Grand Exchange where similar voices could be heard, but being on the other side of the ship the Cadet could hear this cacophony loud and clear. Curious he followed the voices and came upon a robust storefront of dark brick and iron. There were dozens of people pushing towards the front, and dozens more loitering around the fringes of the shop. It's overhead sign read "Immortal Core Store," and the people at the forefront were so fervent in their dealings that they didn't seem to notice money flying everywhere when they slammed their payment down on the counter. The loiterers hurried to snatch the coins out of the air and add it to their own. One such person cried out, "I've got another hundred!" and went to squeeze themselves through the crowd to make another purchase. After only a few moments of watching, another anguished scream echoed from one of the customers, followed up a string of cursing. It was followed by a similar reaction from someone else, and a loud kick to the brick wall. It seemed that most of the wall below knee-level was chipped from many an indignant customer.

"Uh... what's going on here?" The Cadet questioned. He'd joined a small crowd of bystanders, and one man dressed in white garments and stylized keffiyeh obliged him with an answer.

"Something incredible," the man said, with a somewhat wry smile. "This shop has an inventory of gemstones. They are all imbued with some power, though most of them offer only weak boons."

He produced one such stone, a glimmering blue beauty only a few inches long. He rolled it around in the palm of his hand, twirled it between his fingers, and even made it float and dance in the air before he returned it to his sleeve.

"Some, however, are much more powerful. It's these that most of the people here are looking to procure."

The man nodded his chin toward the shop's window, sitting wide beside the counter. The glass was so thick that it blurred the items behind it slightly, but it was still clear to see that there were gems of multiple different shapes arranged in rows, with plaques beneath them displaying their names, the power they granted, and... a percentage.

The Ace Cadet scratched his head. "So they're buying a gem, but they don't know which one?"

"Sort of," the man chuckled. "For most of them, it's more like they're buying a chance."

The man, who eventually introduced himself as Naveed, explained the process with the crests, geodes, and chances in more depth. It seemed as a lover of stones and gems and practitioner of lithomancy, he was a frequent customer at the Immortal Core Store. The more they talked about it, the more sense the idea made to the Cadet. It wasn't too different from digging up relic weapons or mysterious stones while in the field back home and bring them back to an appraiser. He easily recalled the despair at bringing home an armful of charms that he was so sure would make gargwawesome decorations, and then all of them turning out to be "worse than duds," as the Ace Lancer had put it. Ah, those were the days.

"I'm gonna give it a try," the Cadet declared. The crowd at the counter had lessened somewhat, giving the poor haggard-looking Nopon who ran the shop a little bit of breathing room. Naveed glanced at his new acquaintance from the corner of his eye while he faced the shop itself. His smile turned friendly. "Oho, it's always a pleasure to see beginner's luck in action."

They stepped up to the front, where Mamalu raised an arm in weak greeting. His fur was ruffled and there were dark bags under his eyes. He looked almost displeased to see an unfamiliar face, but the Cadet countered with a grin.

"A rare crest, please."

" hair friend know rare crest only chance for legendary gem, yes? Only chance." Mamalu stressed this as he pulled an icebag from under the counter and placed it on top of his head, nursing a headache. The Cadet nodded, and so he quickly passed one over to the hunter - who then brought it over the crest redeeming machine, which rumbled and produced a plain looking geode. The geode was moved on a sort of conveyor into another device that meticulously broken open the rock's face to reveal...!!

"Aw, just a normal gem!"

"Nothing special."

"Do another one!"

The Cadet blinked, taking his new shiny yellow gem and looking over his shoulder at the peanut gallery. Indeed, there were hecklers and customers-to-be that waited in the store and eagerly watched people try and fail at getting what they were after. As the crowd turned their harsh words on Mamalu and accused him of being a crook, the Cadet looked to Naveed who shook his head with a shrug.

"The most common result. If you are planning to go with rare crests, I suggest buying ten at once. It improves your odds of something good."

Another gentleman spoke up then, stepping toward Naveed. He was dressed extravagantly, and seemed confident in his statement of, "That has not been proven."

As the two men discussed, the Cadet went back to the counter. "Two more!" He said, and Mamalu passed them over with shaking wing after receiving the payment. The result was much the same, small stones in the colors of red and blue. Maybe Naveed is on to something, the Cadet considered. Or maybe not. The chances were pretty low, from what he'd been told. Although, he did have enough for a legendary crest...

Once more he approached the Nopon. He put a thousand down and slid it over to Mamalu. "Okay, let's go with a legendary crest!" he said, and was met with both whoops of excitement and jeers from the crowd. Mamalu didn't look any happier at the purchase. He knew from experience that the ones that shelled out the most were also the ones that got the most upset when they didn't get exactly what they wanted. Still, it was his job, and he passed the crest over to the Cadet. When it went through the machine, the geode it produced was the same as the previous: featureless and unremarkable. Then, it went through it's breaking process.

The gem it produced was perfectly spherical, and of a rich dark honey color. It did seem to give off some kind of energy, and it looked like it would fit perfectly in the slot on his sword. He picked up the gem and turned around, and when the crowd go a look of it they went wild. Some screamed in general excitement, here for the entertainment of random elements. Most just screamed in general though, cursing the new face for his luck at getting a higher rarity stone, at Mamalu for rigging the store, at the world for the unfairness of it all. Before it became a riot the Cadet felt hands at his back as Naveed pushed him out of the shop.

"Good work," the lithomancer laughed, "I'd get going if I were you though. The regulars frenzy almost daily, but it can get to be a lot."

"I can see that," the Cadet said, looking back at the people trying to jump over the counter and the poor Nopon flapping his arms and wings-arms wildly to try and calm them down. The hunter did manage to note which of the stones he'd gotten, finding it's plaque among the others behind the window. After that though, he jogged away from the area. There was a grin on his face and the thrum of excitement in his veins. Gambling was fun, but as he made his way toward where he'd expected to meet his friends and the thrill of it filtered out of his body, he started to become tired. It had been a long day. A fun day for sure, but a long one. He drew the Master Bang and just as he'd hoped, the Fervent Fang Gem fit snugly in the niche of it's hilt.

As the evening wore on, the Seekers naturally began to congregate. They showed off their purchases to each other, the most amazing of those being Sakura's bicycle. Sure the machines the Koopas had were cool, Rubick's dagger seemed great and Geralt's bow looked awesome and was a close second, but the bicycle was beyond them. He'd seen cars in this world, and even his own world had wagons and wheelbarrows... plus they had airships, submarines, and more even if primitive compared to those he'd seen here... but how had no one back home thought of a bicycle before?! It looked so swift and simple! "Oh my wrog, that's radalos Sakura!" The Cadet said earnestly. He was definitely going to pay someone to invent one when he got back to his own world, or maybe even give it a shot himself.

He was glad everyone managed to get something they were happy with. Himself included. He awaited the rest of the group to see what they'd bought. The odd square backpack was easy to spot on the Cadet's back, and if questioned he'd tell of the core shop, but since none of his items could compare to cool weapons or a bicycle, he didn't feel the need to show them off. Well, except the gem - he did happily show it to the other weapons-users where it sat in the handle of the Master Bang's sword, increasing the simple weapons' overall destructive power. All in all, it was a great trip!


The Masters in mind are pretty much like Ritsuka - freshman with unusual talent - however, you can be upperclassmen; so, juniors, sophomores, and seniors are the optimal choices for aesthetic.

Please, however, avoid being any kind of adult that wouldn't fit in CHALDEAS, if you don't wanna be a teen.

Gotcha, that helps a lot thank you. I'm currently writing a sheet for a female master and female Saber-class, but if someone beats me to it then no worries~
@ERode @Yankee

Let's see some sheets! CS in the IC post.

I'll see what I can whip up for you, though it won't be finished tonight. Do you mind if I ask what kind of Masters your are looking for, or if there a preference at all? The opening has me thinking these might be hand-selected people, so my mind goes to veteran magi.

EE 87, May 9 | Afternoon

The trial of Jeanne du Bordeaux had come to an end. It's verdict was unsurprising.

Few remained of Jeanne's defense team, though their little group would have come to an end either way once the trial was settled. After that night that Inti had ventured into the fog, he'd finally learned what had happened to the others. Nazca had been hospitalized after an encounter with some unseen 'monster' within the fog. Inti thought it was just was possible the monster was a person, but whatever was the truth didn't change the outcome. Bang had tended to her and watched over Jeanne, while Ryuuko and Franz took part in investigations of their own - which eventually led to the former leaving the island, and the later giving up the trial without a fight. If there was anything surprising about the events, it was that. Although Inti had foreseen the verdict, the lack of any fight was frustrating. After giving them all the information he'd learned after his meeting with the mysterious Mislava, he'd hoped to learn something during the debate, even if it was something minor.

Inti had spent the majority of the last two nights alone with himself, thinking. When he slept he didn't dream. Whenever Inti didn't feel like chatting with those he knew best, he'd taken to sitting outside Kalil's door and talking his thoughts aloud. Whether the shut-in was listening or not wasn't as important as just getting the words out there into the world. Had he accomplished much of anything since arriving in Bermuda? Was he actually fulfilling his purpose, or did he have to start working harder? Now with Jeanne gone, he'd have to shift his short term goals.

He wanted to connect with people, that much as for certain. And the fog... he was even more curious about it now that he'd seen it firsthand. Especially since he couldn't manipulate it, which made it all the more curious. A bit dangerous too, but what boy - even lab-grown - didn't enjoy a bit of danger?

Whether Inti would stay in Bermuda or return to Tawantinsuyu was not his decision to make. As of now there was no reason that he would be recalled, and so he for the foreseeable future he would remain there. If he had any say in it though, he would choose to stay as well. There was still so much to learn to discover after all, there was too much he wanted to look into to leave. Today he'd seen Jeanne off, like so many other students. Tomorrow, it would be the start of the next chapter of his experience.
This seems like it will be fun, if you'll have me.
I'd be fine with any of the Knight-classes, since I see a list in the OP.
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