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Nice to meet you!

I'm Yankee! I am:
  • 21+
  • In the EST/GMT-5 timezone
  • Down for anything:
    • fandom stuff, OC stuff, groups, 1-on-1s, fluffy SOL, smut, goofiness, dark themes... anything. Very little is off limits. Feel free to ask!

I work often so my posting frequency is slow-to-average, and largely at night.

Outside of RP I enjoy reading (obviously), comic books and manga, cosplay, video games and gacha games!
I'm friendly so please don't hesitate to chat with me! Have a lovely day

* if you see me online there is a good chance I just left my computer open *

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No worries, take your time!
Is this... is this an Apocalypse no Toride RP?

Jeez I could have sworn I was the only person on earth that read it. Tentative interest from me, I've got a full plate but how could I resist?
@OwO @Haruharara @Duoya @Kautalya @Karisma @crouchingbacon

Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to PM me too if you prefer.

Original Interest Check

1. persons with numbers are players
2. all players must follow the King's orders
3. all orders must be completed within 3 hours
4. players that do not follow orders will be punished
5. the game ends when a winner is decided

You wake up with a throbbing pain in both your head and your hand. When you open your eyes you see only darkness. You have been shoved into a cramped space. When you break your way out, you find yourself in a wide, dimly lit foyer. It's furnished in drab reds. You add your own red to it in the form of the blood dripping from your hand. A number has been neatly carved into it. More blood coats the foyer's walls, spelling out the rules of some sort of 'game.' You don't remember how you got here, but you aren't alone. Several other people break their way out of the wooden boxes they'd been stuffed into. Coffins. You have an awful feeling some of you may be returning to them soon.

Character Sheet

[b][u]Name[/u][/b]: (First and last!)
[b][u]Age[/u][/b]: (you character must be conceivably able to be the mastermind of this whole "adventure," so please don't go too young.)
[b][u]Gender[/u][/b]: (self-explanatory)
[b][u]Appearance[/u][/b]: (any identifying info such as hair, eye, skin colors, etc. If you choose to use a FC, please place it above the CS text instead.)
[b][u]Personality Traits[/u][/b]: (Brief positive and negative traits)
[color=limegreen][b]X[/b][/color] | [color=limegreen][b]X[/b][/color] | [color=limegreen][b]X[/b][/color] | [color=red][b]X[/b][/color] | [color=red][b]X[/b][/color] | [color=red][b]X[/b][/color]
[b][u]Relevant Info[/u][/b]: (close friends and family, current living situation, etc. Things the King can use for leverage against your character.)

[b][i][color=darkslategray]D A R K - S E C R E T[/color][/i][/b]: (please place this under a hider, a reason your character may have been chosen to play the game.)

Keep in mind:
  • You must be OKAY with your character potentially dying
  • You must be OKAY with your character potentially being the King
  • You must provide a dark secret/reason your character COULD be the King/a player
  • Bio section is not present in the CS because it will not be relevant to the RP
  • Because this is a short term RP, you must commit and be active! You don't need to worry about keeping track of a long story line! If you lose interest, let me know ASAP so the next order can be to kill your character! That we we don't have sudden disappearances!

Roleplay Rules

1. Follow the Guild Rules!
2. The King will be randomly decided after a certain point in the RP, when the chosen player will receive a PM from me.
3. Please do not reveal if you character is the King to other players, we don't want to ruin the surprise!
4. Likewise, try not to have your character completely change personalities once they remember they are the King.
5. Remember your character might die. Don't be upset! This is only a short-term RP.
6. Please post your character sheets here in the OOC under a hider until approved!
7. Orders can be interpreted in anyway. For example, "#1, stab a player," the chosen number could choose to stab themselves, in any area they wish.


The rush of wind and the weightless feeling of a body in free fall might as well have been called familiar to Orsen by now. He was angled so that his back was toward the approaching ground and his vision was enveloped by a bright blue sky. He furrowed his brows. Daylight? Maybe this was part of some strange mid-fall hallucination, same as that creepy skull-headed... thing. He sighed and closed his eyes, waiting for the impact he was sure was coming.

...and waiting. Waiting. What the hell? Was he dead yet? Or maybe 'again' was the right word? He cracked an eye open when he didn't quite feel the pull of gravity anymore and found the same blue sky filled his vision - but instead of the sound of air rushing past, his ears were filled with the high-pitched squeals of girls panicking.

He sat up abruptly, his speed and mass flinging dirt and flowers around as he rose. He could feel something catch in his hair, and he was sure it was already a rat's nest of earth and plants. He looked over to the source of the noise, indeed finding two young women, a young man... and another man on a horse. He had barely heard the rider's question over the other noise, and he really didn't feel the need to answer. Obviously they had just fallen from the sky. Wait... all of them? Orsender rubbed his head, further tangling the fluffy hair atop it. Maybe the giant skull-head wasn't a hallucination? That seemed really unlikely, but... well, at any rate he should probably help out that girl screaming about having weeds for eyes.

Orsender got a leg under him and stood to his full height. He was struck with momentary vertigo. Why the hell was he so tall? He looked down at his body and found it completely and totally different from the one he was used to. A puff of air escaped him, surprised. Reborn, that thing had said, if he remembered right. Did he... was he really...?!

"Here," Orsender said, he couldn't stop the laugh that bubbled up at the sound of his new, deeper voice. He grasped the small brunette's head, his hand nearly large enough to engulf the whole thing, and brushed the the plants out of her face as gingerly as possible before stepping away. He looked down at his hands and arms, took a few more steps with his long legs and just... walked around with a stupid, toothy grin on his face. Very toothy, as his mouth sported some fangs. He didn't mind that his skin was some kind of non-human color. He raised his arms high into the sky and stretched. Reborn indeed!
Nope, not too late! I'm in the process of getting the OOC up today!
Perfect! I'll get started on putting up the OOC proper!
Mid-Morning | Temporary Camp | Reynes Kingdom

The calling of her name was unexpected considering she hadn't spoken to... well, almost anyone since the march over. Still, Bel was well past startling (or at least, she hoped). She brought the water skin she was currently drinking from away from her lips and broke into a small smile when she realized it was Einar, the mercenary she'd met in Garleton, who was approaching.

"Oh, Einar, hello," she said. She was pleased to see he looked fine. The sense of normalcy he seemed to bring along with him was as calming a balm on her nerves now as it was when they'd met last week. She had appreciated him then, and now just the chance to casually chat would be more than welcome.

"And what would that be?" she asked. Lately her sleeping schedule was more messed up than even during the first days away from home, but she was getting used to it and the cycle of being awoken by a nightmare and choosing to wake up early to train was starting to become a completely new schedule on it's own.

Bel's eyes caught the sight of movement in the near distance, a black steed making it's way back. Upon it... I-it's that knight! The one from the-- the one who helped me! She shouldn't be surprised to see him, after all she had no doubts that he would have made it out of the city. Still, it was another unexpected turn of events. It was strange, as if Einar had come to dispel her brooding thoughts, but the knight now was threatening to bring them back in full force. Come on Bel, you need to get over it eventually, she thought and with a quick glance back at Einar she pointed the knight out to him.

"That kind knight approaching helped me in Garleton. I'd like to thank him again and properly introduce myself," she said. Her tone was inviting, and she actually nodded her head in the knight's direction as a silent wish for Einar to come along. With that, she made her way back through the camp and to the edge, waving the young knight over.

"I'm not sure if you remember me, but you helped out during... w-well, we met in Garleton either way," she could have kicked herself for botching her introduction, but she rolled through it. "I've wanted to learn your name so I could thank you again. My name is Bel, and this is Einar."

Status: Alive
Currently: Relaxing a little
Class: Squire
EXP: 35
  • Iron Bow (3/3)
  • Vulnerary (3/3)

With: Einar, Kyran
Yessss! If we have just one more person we can have the minimum I think we need, so if anyone is out there on the fence then jump in!
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