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Current I sneer at thee, ye gods of writing. I see you point and laugh at me, my every sentence littered with foul bane known as the "typo!" Go on, laugh!
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Playing the MH demo and whew. Hunting Horn mains Rise up. It's our time.
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The number of RPs I am in has gone down quite a lot, but I feel like I'm having more fun than ever. Still, I am a glutton, so thinking about making a 1x1 check of my own...
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@LittleMouse - "are you about to throw up?!"
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Man I am just not in a writing mood right now. I am in a reading mood though. Don't be surprised to see me viewing your random RP threads.


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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I work a lot, so my preferred posting pace is at most once per week or less.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
Feel free to PM me to chat!

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Word Count: 501 (+1 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 37/60
Location: Edge of the Blue: The Bismarck

It was no surprise that the rescue operation couldn't be as simple as interrupting the date. With Link now as still as a statue and just about as easy to move (as in, not at all), the Cadet turned his eyes onto Cia. Pretenses were dropped, and a sharp frown sat on the hunter's face.

"I'm his friend!" Ace Cadet answered the sorceress' most likely rhetorical question. Despite not knowing the Hylian for very long, the Cadet did consider everyone he'd traveled with so far to be a friend. Every one of them were good people and definitely didn't deserve this kind of "special occasion." The scepter Cia revealed was as sinister looking as her words sounded, but the hunter didn't back down.

"Over your -?!" He did falter slightly at her wording, maybe his cheeks even reddened slightly, but he stayed put. "You can't go around kidnapping people," he hissed at her, "Just stop this before somebody really does get hurt!"

Completely focused on Cia, Cadet didn't notice at all how strange Link's shadow appeared. He was concerned about the Hylian and the rest of the restaurant's patrons, he didn't even consider that the 'somebody' that gets hurt could have very easily been himself if not for Hat Kid and Frog's quick thinking. He barely felt the cart as it rolled into him. When he mirrored Cia's confused glance towards it, the amphibian burst into action, his tactic knocking the scepter from the mage's hand and freeing Link from the enchantment.

"Frog!" Cadet did have much time for anything besides acknowledging there newest comrade and providing a name for Link before Cia retaliated, drawing a deadly shadow from the ground. What is that?! The living shadow was quick and Link-shaped, and it was quickly joined by a second. With one sword shield user on his left and another on his right, the Cadet's hands instinctively went for the handle of his own Master Bang - however, he didn't draw it. Another weapon on his back practically sang to be unsheathed, and the hunter's hand drifted over to that one's hilt instead.

The Bismarck was in a flurry as customers and staff fled the scene of violence, and what appeared to be a random do-gooder jumped into the fray as well. The Cadet didn't see Hat Kid, but knew she must be nearby, and with the new arrival engaging one shadow and it's master herself, Cadet focused on the remaining enemy quickly spinning towards them. The Nightsky Ripper was not to be outdone by the long haired swordman's blade, and so the monster hunter unleashed it.

He took a step towards the initial Dark Link, pulling the long sword's sheathe around to his hip before wrenching the blade from it's resting spot, swinging it in an upward arc at the shadow in one motion. He hoped to use the blade's superior range and his own punishing draw to stop the shadow's assault and leave it open for his comrades to take advantage of.

Word Count: 294 (+1 exp)
Level: 3 - Total EXP: 8/30
Location: Sandswept Sky: Crown of Sand

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●
Tora and the stranger came flying in her direction, and Primrose brought a hand up to begin channeling her magic, knowing the monsters would be close behind them. She spared the stranger a quick glance to make sure he was alright, trusting Tora was fine if not because of his own bulkiness but because she knew the benefits of her dancing. Plus, the nopon was up in no time, moving forward to taunt the creature again.

"You don't think it's angry enough?" She quipped with a sidelong look at Tora. She backed up a few steps, giving the nopon and their new friend room to engage. She didn't have any idea what a "Nue" was, but apparently the man was confident enough to take on the horned creature. That was fine enough. With Sectonia overhead and a pair of thieves nearby, Primrose thought they were in good shape. One of the snake monsters was even reduced to a spirit. Mona blew the reinforcements on wheels away, but when they landed they just came speeding back towards the group once more.

With spell already in hand, Primrose spun around with the intent to take on the roaders. She raised her arm towards the group, and bolstered by Mona's display of sweeping them all away at once, dark magic began to curl around all three of them. The hand wreathed in magic flickered slightly, empowered a boost from the caster, before the shadows began converging on the group of roaders with a whoosh and a roar.

"Night Ode, bring your shade," Primrose said as the attack crashed into the group of them, dark damage powered up. Even the brilliant sun didn't pierce the shadowy spell, the darkness only fading once the spell came to a close.

HP: 610/610 - MP: 610/610 - SP: 610/610
_________________ []
The very first thing Ames did when logging in for the day was to touch her hand against the Keystone in Nyu-Taro's plaza. She refreshed herself on which of the many prerequisites she'd been looking to clear were completed, and which still needed doing. She knew that spreading herself thin like this wasn't ... "optimal," as her friends put it. Pretty much everyone she talked to during her death lock out, besides the ones that repeated "as long as you're having fun who cares what happens," advised her to choose a path and stick with it. As well as to consider what the other fellows in her party were working towards. Well, that had proven a problem so far, but hey. Third time's the charm.

"Okay, Animist is done... Ascetic needs to find a spring or something... Kegare... Kegare?!"

Ames had started off muttering to herself, but her pitch increased with the discovery that Kegare's prerequisites still weren't completed. Seriously? Killing myself didn't count? I locked myself out for nothing?! The warrior stood there fuming for a few moments. She'd really thought she could make a couple shortcuts and get everything done, but that wasn't the case. She supposed she wasn't the first to think of these kinds of strategies, and the developers accounted for them. Oh well... at least my Sunday was pretty relaxing. Plus, after chatting with Sean and a couple of his friends, even she had it drilled into her thick head to get her act together and just choose one or two goals, rather than as many as possible.

...then again. Maybe she hadn't learned her lesson. That last requirement seemed pretty easy. She'd just keep an eye on it, sure that sooner or later it would be fulfilled.

It was a shame about Bard and Exorcist. Still the later intrigued her though, so perhaps she would pick up another class in the mean time and work towards it. "Keystone, can you tell me more about..." She asked after a few different classes, getting a little description of each. You could have a couple different low rank classes at once, right? Ames nodded to herself and placed her hand on the Keystone again, claiming the [Animist] class. Her new goal was to go find the spring and pick up Acestic, then bully Lew into introducing her at the temple to work on Exorcist.

"Okay!" Ames smiled to herself and left to go pawn a couple of items from the haul last time and meet up with the others.

"Hey!" Ames approached Raime, waving a hand in the air. Today when the warrior walked, there was no jingling to accompany her steps. The already worn bells she'd bought yesterday were pocketed, for use at another time. She sported a new class in addition to a spiffy new pair of bracelets that turned from deep purple to flaming red to warm yellow depending on the way you looked at them.

Once close enough, Ames fished a particular item out from the hammerspace of her pouch and presented it to their Scout. It was a fine quality bow.

"It's not a crossbow, but do you want this? We picked it up last time. If not I'll see if Ari wants it, I know she wants to be a ninja or something but ninjas can use bows... probably. Got a couple other things for people too."

Speaking of Ari, the cat girl must have logged in recently because Ames spotted her across the plaza. She waved her arms over head to catch Ari's attention, beckoning the girl over. She looked pretty down for some reason. In fact so did Raime. Curious, Ames checked the chat.

"...seriously." She sighed and sent a message to one of their resident troublemakers.

[Ames] to [Lugh Dysphoria]: (°ㅂ°╬) cut it out and come back!

It was looking to be another session with their party split apart, but if luck was with them maybe they could avoid that.

"What's on the agenda today anyway?" Ames asked the others, "Something going on in town about an invasion? I didn't really look that much into it, asked around about the Blooming Springs instead."
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Location: District V - River Bank

(Moments Ago)

Ah, was this why the pair of women were stationed by the Danube? The stream of water pushed at his spear, and Rider brought an arm up to break the flow as it came at him. Bleh, his face puckered lightly when the splash caught him. The freezing temperature of the water was no issue, but the taste? Even water was different now, hundreds of years in the future huh?

A defensive tactic of the woman's, the wave served it's purpose in giving her cover while she fled into the river. As the fog rolled in from the water onto the bank accompanied by his opponent's coy words, Rider clicked his tongue. What could she have possibly learned that was so extraordinary? So strange that it warranted questioning those that would attempt to take her life about it? He was curious, but it was obvious she wasn't inclined to share many details at the moment.

"What type of experimentation would that be?" he questioned. He was unconcerned about the little spires of water that searched him out, in fact he'd only barely moved from his initial position. Raising a mist like this would be stupid if the woman didn't have some way of seeing through it, so it was better to assume she had just that - in which case, using the dog as cover to reposition would be meaningless. Instead he stayed put, a force separating the other servant from both of their masters now. Any tendrils that got near were splashed apart with a flick of his spear while Rider focused his other senses. If he tried he might be able to see through the mist, but when his ears and nose were available to him there was no need. The water that the white clad woman controlled sounded different than the river, one moving steadily and the others unnaturally. The soft noise of a humanoid body shifting, making ripples on the water's surface. Her scent, distinct from the humans behind him and the rest of the city around them. Could he pinpoint where she was hidden...? And if he did, what was the best course of action?

She asked him a question, her voice reverberating in the area. He was no bat-like creature with supersonic hearing, however... "About you? Well...

You're not the assertive type,"
he said. "You watch things play out. And..."

There was a moment of silence and stillness, when even the snowfall seemed to slow. Rider inhaled deeply, his nostrils flaring. To chase her into the river would be unwise. To draw her out - well, that may work. But wouldn't the fastest way to defeat his opponent be to attack her from right here?

And... And you are... right there! Like a rubber band Rider snapped his arm forward, launching the spear in Caster's direction, parting the mist with the force of his throw. The stab he'd made at her earlier was downright playful compared to this, the weapon flying towards her like an archaic missile.


As the carriage came to a stop Dular lifted herself out of her seat, but having been tucked away in the interior she waited for the smaller folk to get out before she did herself. The whole vehicle swayed with her steps until she exited, setting her feet in the snow and her arms into the air. The orc woman stretched up high and rolled her neck, letting her head sag on her shoulders until there was a satisfying pop. After that she settled into a more natural pose, hands resting loosely on her hips. She surveyed the city from there, seeing what, if anything, had changed while the others spoke.

It was funny, the way Chip and Ludith were apprehensive. The same feelings expressed in different wants. One stemmed from isolation from other people, the other from exposure... or so Dular thought. She didn't know them that well - any of them in fact - but she liked to speculate. She continued speculating while the other of them said their pieces, nodding along with everything. Her tusks poked out of the faint smile on her face. The ride in the wagon had been quiet and uneventful, but now the group was chatting and the sounds of people moving and working filled the air. This was much preferable to the half-orc, who had always lived and worked closely with others.

"Mm. Do not underestimate a person's nosiness," Dular pointed out. She pulled her coin purse from her hip, untying it and fiddling with the contents inside. For now, she had plenty of funds to buy a plate at the tavern. There were many who preferred to chat over food and drink, even strangers could loosen up over a meal. Dular glanced over at the other women before following up her thought. "People that live in communities, even small one like this, always looking at things that come and go. Want to know everything."

She chuckled. "I am like this too. Never left the traders brave enough to come visit alone."
Welcome to the guild! I love cosplay and crafts, you'll have to share some time! Hope you enjoy your stay

She woke up. Not literally, but standing on her feet the sorrowful future witch quivered and her eyes flung themselves open, as if awakening from a stupor. She found that she'd awoken into yet another dream though. Gone from falling, flying, to standing there in the dreary gray room. The space was upside down like a fun house, ironic considering everything about it shouted that this place was the exact opposite of fun.

At first she didn't even notice the other people standing around her. When she did, her wide eyes focusing on each of them in turn before narrowing in thought, she wondered if they were even people. "Beings" seemed more correct. A ghost, a ghoul, a life-size haunted doll, and... C̷y̵n̸t̶h̶i̴a̸ focused on the last being the most. He looked like a normal boy. When compared with the rest of them, that made him the most suspicious. Until a more classical looking ghost appeared that was much more suspicious.

"What... is going on?" C̷y̵n̸t̶h̶i̴a̸ said. Her voice cracked on use as though she hadn't used it in a long time, but that shouldn't be true. She raised a hand to her throat, confused. Around that time the other four began sitting around the table. The woman in her tattered clothes narrowed her eyes even further, dark irises peeking out from horizontal slits. Why were these beings just... doing exactly what the weird ghost-creature told them to? And did the transparent boy just retch at her? C̷y̵n̸t̶h̶i̴a̸ wrapped her arms around herself, squeezing tight. Her mind felt sluggish, but she forced the gears in her head to turn. She had suddenly turned up here in this confusing place. The others - were they natives of sorts, or did they appear just like she did? What was that floating creature, what was it's goal here? What were any of their goal's? Where was this and why was she here...?

“Is this hell?”

C̷y̵n̸t̶h̶i̴a̸'s head snapped toward the doll. She stared at it - him? - for a few long drawn out moments before she burst into laughter. It sounded like a flattened, broken melody crawling out from her throat. The laughter went on for a minute or two, and when the woman calmed down she cracked a harsh smile and drifted over to the table, roughly pulling out the chair beside the pale and drawn being in the lab coat and dropping herself into the seat.

"Is this hell," she repeated, shaking her head incredulously. Reaching out, she drummed her fingers against the table, her pale hand and split nails standing out against the dark wood. It didn't feel like hell, but then again how would she know. She murmured, mostly to herself, "that would be my luck," before she waited for the final person to take their seat and see what the devil had in store for them.
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1st Pick: Hiro I'm sorry Suki
2nd Pick: Onyx
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That cats were the hardest they were all so amazing well all the animals were but the cats were the toughest to pick!

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Location: District V - River Bank

(Moments Ago)

These women dressed in unfamiliar garb were congenial, or at the very least not ones to attack on sight. That was nice. It didn't last very long. Of the four of them gathered there on river's edge, there was one eager to kick up a fuss: his own master. Dismissing pleasantries as pointless and having the gall to command his servant to win. Of course he was going to win. It didn't even need to be said. It was what heroes like him did.

You don't need to tell me twice.

Lauchme moved away from him then, intent on drawing the other master away. He barely watched the two of them start towards each other before his eyes slid to the servant still by the water. Her face was shrouded from sight and snow by her umbrella, otherwise Rider might have offered her a look that said something like 'well, what can you do.' The woman guessed that he might be the archer class servant. Rider assumed nothing of her, other than that she seemed... level headed.

"Not impatient, no." Eager, perhaps, to get to know another servant through battle where truth was easily found, or eager to get through the war a little quicker with such a master by his side, but not impatient. He shrugged one shoulder, awaiting what the other servant had to say. A question she wanted to ask every other servant. Anything... unusual?

"What isn't unusual about this?" he mused. He was far from a philosopher though, so he answered her question proper - but not before leaping, crossing the distance between them in the blink of an eye, exchanging his bow for a spear. Servant of the bow not so much, and even if it gave the woman a little more information about him, Rider was not the type to try and maintain a deceitful ploy. He landed softly in the snow. From this close, a few meters separating them and eyes locked, Rider smelt that early scent all the stronger. "Truthfully, no. I haven't been gifted any unusual knowledge. Not so far as I could tell."

Like his actions, his words were genuine. That much was obvious to anyone, even mundane humans. Rider quirked his head again, golden eyes searching his opponent's face. Not human. The smell was pleasant in a way. It intrigued him. All the same though, he readied his weapon.

"I won't apologize, but I've been given a job to do. Perhaps we can do introductions at a later time, though I've been told the best way to get to know someone is through battle," he said. The long and storied history of heroism and machismo proved as much. This was as much of a warning as his opponent would get before Rider moved, stabbing his spear at the woman's midsection. The attack was quick and forceful, not a killing blow but far from a pulled punch.

"Why do you ask? Have you learned something unusual?" He braced his body, ready to pull the weapon back and drive it forward again. Even while he struck, he carried on with the woman's topic.
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