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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I work a lot, so my preferred posting pace is at most once per week or less.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
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Word Count: 746 (+1 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 20/60
Location: Edge of the Blue

With everyone already in Hawker's Alley, it didn't take much time for all of the blue team to come back together again. Outside of Bulwark Hall, the heroes gathered... only to be told by an attendant that the admiral with the very complex name was currently out of her office - but also that one of their own had already set out to find her. After that news there wasn't much else to do but wait. Or keeping shopping. Yeah that second option sounded nice.

Ace Cadet had his item bag in one hand and his new companion tucked under his other arm, the little monster contented after Cadet finally picked it up a few snacks on their way to the hall. After feeding it, the baby behemoth seemed to bond with him a little... the hunter supposed he didn't have to keep carrying it and that it would follow along after him like all the other critters in town followed their masters, but he wasn't completely sure. Although if it was like a Poogie in other ways besides looks, then a good rub would get it to follow him anywhere. It was really perfect timing when Sakura took notice of the minion and came over.

"It's name is BB," Cadet told her, "I didn't check to see if it was a boy or a girl yet, probably should, but it's a baby 'Behemoth.' They grow up to be pretty dangerous so we took them off the market, Junior's keeping track of the other one."

When she asked to pet BB, the Cadet grinned brightly and handed the whole minion over to her. BB looked disgruntled at that, but to be fair it had looked disgruntled pretty much the whole time Cadet had known it. "Yeah! You're friendly for a little monster, huh, BB?"

BB let out a hard snort through it's snout, and the hunter laughed.

"Pet it all you want, it will probably help it get used to us. Plus I can organize my inventory, gimmie a sec." After saddling Sakura with an armful of piglet whether she was ready for it or not, the Cadet slung his pack up and rustled around in it. With the money he'd made from selling the fish, he'd bought some local potions. Draughts that caused ailments like paralysis, blindness, drowsiness, and poisoning... plus an antidote and an elixir. It was a pretty good array of items, enough to cover the team's bases if they needed it in a fight. Once satisfied with the interior of his bag, the Cadet motioned to Sakura that she could set BB down if she wanted.

"When that girl, Shropshire? When she said this market had everything she wasn't kidding, huh?" Because really, it had pretty much everything. The Cadet blinked at Sakura, looking for... something. "Did you get anything?"

It didn't look like she had, even with everything available. Cadet couldn't relate, buying a ton of items, weapons, and armor was the reason he was pretty much always broke back home (though he could make his zenni back pretty easily when taking quests). On that train of thought... Oh, wait, maybe...?

"Are you broke?" the hunter blurted out unceremoniously. After a beat he realized how straight up rude that sounded, and he pinched the bridge of his nose while laughing the situation off. "Uh, sorry, that was not Ya-cool of me. What I meant is, you probably didn't have any money on you when you woke up in this world, right...? I didn't either."

The Cadet reached into his pack and produced the rest of his gil - the native currency of Limsa. The small pile of gold coins totaled a meager 92 gil, but it was better than nothing, right? He held the money out to Sakura. "I already did my shopping, so here! It giggisux big time to be in a big market like this without being able to get anything. Say it's like a welcome-to-the-team present!"

She'd probably have time to pick something up before the Princess got back, that or later on.

When Peach did return to relay what she'd learned to everyone, Cadet listened diligently. A fleet of ghost ships, huh?

"Won't we need a boat for this? But there aren't any. You think they'd let us borrow that big ship, or should we go find Captain Brineybeard again?" Cadet questioned, wondering how they were supposed to go find a sailing fleet without a ship of their own.

Word Count: 531 (+1 exp)
Level: 2 - Total EXP: 3/20
Location: Sandswept Sky

As Primrose flowed out of the final steps of her dance, she was quite pleased to see that her performance had the intended effect on the queen bee. "Still got it," she murmured to herself, the shadow of a smirk on her face. It had been too long since she last danced, and like her magic she'd been worried that the ability was lost - so it was a relief to see that wasn't the case. As for the enemy in front of her, it certainly looked like it was taking a beating from Sectonia, but it was hard to tell how injured it was. It's form was twisted and grotesque, the usual signs of injury would look perfectly normal on it's body. Sectonia backed off after dealing a presumably harsh blow, but Primrose hesitated to move on. She'd only just arrived at the battle, seeing the creature for the first time she was wary and wanted to make sure it was down.

It turned out that the Thunderblight was not, in fact, down. It blinked across the back of the camel, it's blade lashing out at every person it appeared beside. When it flashed in front of Primrose, the dancer barely had time to think before the monster made it's attack. She raised her arms in feeble defense and the creature's blade bit into her skin, sending the spell she'd been preparing harmlessly up into the air. As the sword pressed towards her, Primrose let herself fall backward to save herself more pain. As she expected, even though Primrose was sat defenseless on the ground, rather than finish her off the blight flew away to harass someone else. It was running around mindlessly, which made it easy to pen in once the others finished off the warrior woman.

With the battle over, Primrose sighed and rubbed at the cuts on her arms, her hands coming away with blood. Her injuries weren't grievous or life threatening, but... well, is possible she'd like to avoid any scarring. She herself only had the most basic medical knowledge, and the rest of the group didn't quite look like healers, but Primrose wasn't on to judge a book by it's cover.

"I don't suppose any of you are versed in healing?" she asked of them. "If not, we may want to try and find some medical supplies... especially if we're going to be taking on more enemies once we get to the mountain."

Speaking of the mountain, taking this contraption there was a pretty interesting idea. It would probably be a lot safer too, in addition to being faster. Primrose looked over at the floating spirits, recalling what the Master of Masters taught.

"That shouldn't be a problem, Mona," the dancer said. Curiously she walked over to the two spirits and picked them up, one in each hand, and held them out to the group for anyone to claim. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but if one of these people knew how to run this machine, we can still learn from them."

Well, maybe not this one... she thought, eyeing the Thunderblight spirit warily. That one would probably do more harm than good to learn from.


HP: 510/510 - MP: 500/500 - SP: 450/450
_________________ with @OwO
What was "the four of us" quickly became just two - Ames and Magpie. Two DPS. At least Ames had a few potions, and Mags had Lew's talisman. If this is gonna keep happening I really need to change up my class, Ames thought, hand touched to her chin as she and Mags made their way deeper into the fog. That wasn't to say that Ames disliked being a front line fighter - she liked it very much in fact, at least so far. Was she going to stay a warrior forever? Hell no, there were so many classes, niches, and roles to try out. If anything, the groups repeated splits just made it easier for Ames to choose which classes to try out next.

A scream that sounded suspiciously like the missing Klein cut through the air. Ames startled, half tripping over herself. "Jesus, it's like a haunted house in here."

The two teammates continued on. It was hard to see anything in detail through the mist, but sounds seemed to carry well. Eventually the duo followed their ears to the site of a monsters' feast. Three huge, colorful skinned creatures sat on the ground eating and laughing together. They were ugly. And a little intimidating. Ames whispered at Mags from behind a tree's trunk.

"Oh I think I actually know this one. They're like, uh, onis? Right?" She squinted at the trio of monsters, studying their bodies, weapons, and dinner. "Aw, I think some other player had one of those bears as a pet. Poor thing."

It also registered in the warrior's brain that there must be electric bears around here. Tamable electric bears. Maybe she could get a cool bear too. Mental note: find bear.

"Wanna find out if they're friendly?" Despite the question, Ames' hand drifted down the hilt of her sword.

West Çanakkale, Mansion's Courtyard
Collab with @Enkryption

It was a pleasant surprise when Hektor Bahadir turned out to be a most gracious host. The trip to Turkey would have been well worth it just to speak to the man alone, to learn whatever the man would teach, and yet he'd offered his home to Farren. Further, he'd given Farren a very unique opportunity.

I'm getting quite the chill of anticipation, the Irishman thought to himself as he watched the others in his "team" go about summoning the thralls they would command to battle. Teams and servants... war and wishes... that little competition to seize a grail, inflated to twice it's size. It was dramatic; maybe even a little romantic. When Farren first caught wind of the Bahadir's plans, he thought it would not only be interesting, but invaluable to get up close and study the phenomenon. Taking part in it himself though, well...

First hand accounts make excellent resources. That being said, Farren had never been part of any true battle, large or small. Hell, he'd never even bothered with familiars beyond the spiders he personally cultivated. He'd studied up on mundane wars, their flimsy reasoning and results. He'd visited the sites of battles between magi, brief and bloody. He knew the process of summoning a heroic spirit, or the servant that passed as one at least, and even if he was a complete stranger to it, there were perfectly good examples right in front of him. Some of their team, dubbed "blue," had summoned early. Others like himself were collected there in the courtyard, summoning the last of their classes.

Farren blinked down at his circle. It was perfect. Textbook. He'd drawn it slowly and leisurely, not in any rush despite being one of the last of their team to perform the ritual. He'd taken a lap around the manor, checking up on his precious arachnids and the webs they'd woven around the base. While technically he had no need to physically visit the nests, it was nice to do so every now and then. Of course, his familiars were spread in the courtyard as well, sitting comfortable in the dark corners where grass met stone. It would have been cute if the spiders were curious or eager to meet their future companion, a familiar on a different scale from them yet contracted to Farren all the same, but alas. They were perfectly bred to weave, scribe, and breed. Beyond their master's instruction, they were little more than animals.

"Well, I ought not stall anymore," Farren chuckled to the courtyard group at large. "It's been enlightening to see the ritual. Now to try it for myself. Sláinte."

Farren raised a few fingers to his forehead, a dismissive salute to the blue team before he closed his eyes and inhaled. He channeled mana through the circle before him, recited the spell, and in the back of his mind he idly wondered what kind of servant would answer his summons.

"Come forth."

There was a skittering that crawled through Farren’s mind, like an army -- no, a sea -- of spiders. From his control, the spiders that were task to serve him were ripped away, and they drew to the circle, as they crept into the circle, and, en masse, weaved from the floor to the ceiling to cocoon the entirety of the circle, and fell to the floor in a strange pose that bespoke a sort of... reverence?

Before Farren could truly question anything, there was a glint of silver, as a blade punched through the cocoon. Had he mistakenly summoned a second Sabre, or a Rider, or even a sword-wielding Archer, because Archer Class was full of Archers. In spite of the sword, something told him there was magic beyond his own at play, as the cocoon split open, and splayed out -- in something of nightmare.

Hundreds of thousands of eyes, crimson and beady, stared back at him, before eight opened; uniformly split, two across and four down, in a gentle V, before they closed, two at a time, until only the largest, topmost pair were open. From a dimension beyond him, both them all, the approached with a slow, firmness; the sword drawing ever-closer, until Farren could see the crossguard, and the hilt of the weapon, held firm in an undeniably female hand.

So, you are the one to summon the Careless Broodmother, the First Spider, she that bested Athena in the art of weaving,” asks a somberly expressions woman with strangely European attire for the credentials she listed, as she lifted her sword high. For a long moment, the air was tense and heavy with the power of persona on display -- before that shattered, as she surged forward, and glomped the Irishman. “Oh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m human again! Centuries of being a spider, and I get to be human again!” she, seemingly, could not have been happier.

Although, she was hugging him with a sword pressed “Danger, Will Robinson!” close to his neck.

"Ah... Your blade..." Sorting his thoughts about the summoning was enough of an ordeal without the looming threat of death at his throat, accidental or not. The powerful shift in his familiars' behavior nearly sent him reeling, even the spiderlings literally in his head were affected. Once he'd calmed them down he was left with his apparently very friendly servant.

Blade? My blade? Oh, this!?” the woman retreated but one step, and hefted the blade. “It doesn’t cut. No edge,” she confesses, as she held it to his sight. “It’s a tooth -- well, a fang.” Elaborating, she hooked the right side of her mouth, and drew her lips to the side; true to her word, her right upper canine was gone -- evidently, fashioned into the edgeless sword she held. “Shee?” she asks, lips still drawn. “Ah kan eet mah whebs li’k dis.

The woman before him... she was silly. Even so, she was enchanting. She commanded his attention with just her aura. Despite her antics, she was also darkly beautiful. Was this the power of summoning a servant with no catalyst, one that instead resonated with him?

Farren's eyes moved from her body to the fang to her face. Her goofy face, with a finger hooked into her mouth and saliva threatening to spill out of it.

He snorted, then chuckled into his hand.

Her identity was clear. Even without her little speech upon first exiting out of the cocoon, Farren thought he'd be able to tell. He didn't expect her to be so cute though.

"Say that last part again?" he laughed.

My webs, I can eat them with this,” says the woman, before turning on her heel, and slicing through the cocoon that she was summoned through. No trace of web remained as she settled at the end of her graceful flurry. “URP!~” she belched, before whirling around on Farren with her cheeks ruddy-red, “Did you hear that?

There were two answers, and one was CLEARLY the right one...

"Who, me? Of course not." Really, the difference between the woman's appearance and her actions were interesting. Perhaps some men or magi would find them unappealing, but it just made Farren curious. When she'd hugged him she mentioned being human again. He wanted to ask about that, but before that question...

Farren placed a hand over his chest and smiled at his servant. "My name is Farren Mac Rohard. It's my pleasure to make your acquaintance. So, miss First Spider," Farren's single visible eye sparkled as he spoke the title, "You... are Caster, aren't you? I've been told it's safer to call you by your class, but if you have another name in mind I am all ears."

Miss First Spider... oh, I like that... Miss Spider is much nicer than Caster. Who would wanna be called “Caster” anyways? So bland,” she says. “Farren...” Suspiciously, the woman leaned forward, and her hair cast around her face; darkening it in shadow, and she opened all her eyes in that darkness. “Are you betrothed?

"Ah... what? Betrothed?" Farren stared at her. His brows furrowed and he searched all the scarlet lights of her many eyes. "Can't say I've ever been asked that. I'm not."

Good,” Farren would find nothing within, beyond years, all but infinite, of magic and a deep-seated power, before she drew back; shadows gone, and eyes normal. Bashfully, she rubbed her left forearm, as she murmured, “I don't want to share my human, is all.

'My human', hm? Farren tilted his head curiously. How intriguing it was, the way his servant's mind must work. Both human and animal.

"Of course." As Caster - Arachne - moved away, Farren spread his arms out to finish up his welcome. "I am your master I suppose, and I am also your human." The man turned the back of his hand outward, showing off the crimson symbols emblazoned there. "Proof of the threads that weave us together."

There was a hint of warm humor in his voice when he next spoke. "Honestly Miss Spider, I don't mind if you continue to call me Farren. That whole master-servant relationship is a bit stuffy for me. I'd prefer to get to know you a little more personally. We'll be as partners here on the ah... I believe we've been designated the 'blue team.' "

Very well, Master Farren,” Miss Spider says, keeping her True Name to herself. Even if Farren could suss it out, as long as it wasn’t asked for, she would keep to her new moniker. “Pray tell, what do you need to know about me for this... blue team...?

"Oh there's a lot I'd love to know about you," Farren replied suavely. "And I hope you'll share with me soon. For the team however, I suppose it would be strengths, weakness, that sort of thing."

He glanced over at the few others gathered in the courtyard, the first time he'd looked away from Caster since she'd manifested. "It will help to get to know everyone, but we can discuss it privately if you like."

If you feel that is necessary, Master Farren,” Miss Spider says, her expression returning to that somber beauty, as if something unknown was bothering her immensely, but she was too shy to speak of it. “We may do so immediately, if preferred.

The area around Farren's eyes crinkled as Caster's face transformed. Ah, the wistful look of a maiden now.

"I'm in no rush," he told her. "You mentioned something about being human again. Why don't you take some time to get used to it again first. I can show you around, introduce you too."

Oh? I would appreciate that,” Miss Spider says, “That sounds much more enjoyable than not.
So I've been reading and rereading the handbook, but honestly I don't think I have the mental fortitude to handle another game that uses stats at the moment, especially on top of learning everything I need to with a new job. Sorry to come in just to bow out... still, I'll be popping in now and then 'cause I do think the premise and way it works is pretty cool.

HP: 510/510 - MP: 500/500 - SP: 450/450
Ames continued chatting her party's ears off as they walked toward the Grove. All of the other players they passed caught her attention, and she'd pause her speech to turn her head and watch them come and go before carrying right back on where she left off. Now that she'd sort of gotten the hang of battle from last night's grinding, the game's potential was that much more exciting for her.

When they'd made it to their destination, Ames squinted her eyes at the murky expanse. "Kinda spooky, huh?"

Now, what should they do first? Explore? Search for some bounties? Go after Ari and Lugh? ...wait.

"Wow. Again? Deja vu much." Ames sighed, crossing her arms over her chest. She glanced at the rest of the party as they deliberated about whether to chase after them or not, when a certain mountain man sized absence registered in her brain. "What the hell, Klein is gone too!"

The warrior's tone took on an annoyed edge and she frowned. "I'm with Mags. They know how to find us... or they could just send a message when they're ready to meet up again. Everything's more fun in a group but if they're gonna keep ditching us, we might as well just wait until they're done doing whatever and are ready to actually stick around."

She looked out across the Grove again. "There's still the four of us, if we take it slow we should be good, I think." Actually, weren't the four of them actually pretty balanced? They had a mage, a ranger, a swordsman and a bulky brawler. With some healing potions in place of an actual healer, maybe they had a chance.

Word Count: 345 (collab: 2739) (+3 exp)
Level: 6 - Total EXP: 19/60
Location: Edge of the Blue

Maybe the man handling customs took pity on the Cadet's meager sack of fish, but he managed to get into town proper without much trouble. He wasn't a merchant after all, just a visitor. It was lucky that most of their crew was interested in Hawker's Alley, because it was stretched out in front of them, a sight to behold. "So groovios," the Cadet commented, immediately diving into the area. Seeing the unusual populace was no longer, well, unusual, so the hunter was quick to mingle. In particular he was very curious about all the spinning wheels and anvils that people seemed to just carry around. I need to find out where I can pick one of those up, it would be super handy!

First things first though. Offloading the bass. After gifting two to Brineybeard, Cadet had only a few left. With some observation of the buyers and sellers, Ace Cadet discovered that though there were plenty of people visiting stalls and making purchases, no one seemed to be selling anything back to shop keeps. Instead, people were pawning items at a nearby market board, and pretty fast at that. Stepping closer to it, he could see that there were listings for items of all kinds. Clothes, weapons, armor... raw ores, needles, hammers, pets, and food. Even fish! The Cadet wasted no time writing up a listing of his own for about the same going price as similarly named fish, and almost immediately several well dressed men and women of all kinds approached.

They all said some variation of, "I am purchasing this on behalf of my employer," to which the Cadet replied, "Oh, uh, sure!" He came away 200 gil richer, which judging by some of the board asking prices, wasn't a lot. The hunter judged gil to be of similar worth to zenni, and it was enough for a little shopping at the very least. The market board was crowded, so with his selling done the Cadet wandered back towards the merchants in their booths to pick up anything useful or interesting.
wordcount: 2,907 (+3)
Bowser Jr: Level 6 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (107/60)
Kamek: Level 6 EXP: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// (42/70)
Location: Edge of the Blue – Seaward Bay

After having derided the young heroes’ naive Kamek did his best to prevent his own growing horror at the things Geralt had seen and done from showing on his beaked face as the man spoke. It was a dark place the man had come from, or so it seemed to Kamek

”Well, you're certainly a lot more spry than i was at your age,” Kamek said in an attempt to lighten the mood, before sighing and suggesting that ”I’m not sure if you’ll take envy or solace in this fact, but it may be that some worlds are simply,” he paused, looking for the right word ”Kinder than others. Theirs. Mine. I am old. I've seen much and persuaded the darkest corners of my world in search of power and it thinks its deepest shadows might pale in comparison to those in yours. Now that all worlds are one, I fear we’ll be thankful for your hard earned experience before too long.”

He left it at that.

After a brief trip through the city’s customs and an incredibly quickly aborted explanation of what taxes where Jr and Kamek stepped through into the Hawker's Alley. Convenient for those who wished to visit, and even the troop couldn’t resist taking the time to examine the wares on display as the small pair slowly moved their way through the crowds, as was likely part of the intention of having the alley in the entrance. Initially the need to weave through the herd of tall people prevented the worst of the window shopping, but after roen to many traffic incidents jr took off in his clown car to hover above the crowd, with Kamek following after him via his broomstick so he wouldn't lose the young prince in the bustling city.

There was a brief unnerving moment where the pair’s liftoff became the focus of dozens of pairs of glowing red eyes, but after a moment of curiosity the shoppers returned to their business. Most of them had seen stranger things than a pair of flying turtles after all. For above the pair could see all of the items on sale with ease, and there certainly was a lot to see. There were things from a hundred or maybe even a thousand worlds on display: trinkets, food, potions, weapons, furniture, pets and more could be seen. It was all rather overwhelming in Kamek’s opinion, at least from up near the ceiling. Jr was much better at getting into it, swerving back and forth in a meandering path, leaning over the side of his clowncar as he ooed, and ahhed, at all the neat things on offer.

”Please do recall, young master, that we don't have the largest amount of gold and rupees on hand at the moment” Kamek reminded Jr as the boy looked over a rack of colorful weapons ”So we will need to be picky, if we do indeed get anything at all”

”yeah yeah I know” the boy replied dismissively. Despite that he left the interesting display behind at the prompting and floated upwards to take it all in thoughtfully. His eyes drifted across the crowd, catching on what the other members of the blue team were looking over till he spotted the Cadet and the pet stall he was looking over and his eyes lit up ”Oh oh, what are those!”

"Oh, hey guys!" the hunter greeted. He swept an arm out over the booth like he owned it, a little shop where little critters of all shapes and colors waited patiently for new homes. "Man here says these little guys are called minions."

"Indeed," the shop keeper said with a wide toothy smile. "And these minions here are the finest in all Eorzea! They make excellent companions. They follow you wherever you go, and are smart enough to avoid trouble when you get into a scrap."

"Pretty neat, huh?"

”Yeah they are,” Jr agreed, as he landed next to the Ace and looked at the assortment of minions for sale, ”aren't they Mimi?”

The equally small pokemon was not quite as impressed as she examined the, to her mind at least, lesser minions on display. Jr brushed off her non verbal dismissal and started asking about the creatures individually.

A small ghost-like flame floated close to the Pokemon and snapped it's mouth open and shut a few times. The shop keeper gentle moved the minion away and turned his bright smile on the young koopa.

"See any you're more interested in? I'd be happy to tell you all about them!"

Among the more normal looking animals like birds and rats, there were some strange creatures like puddles of slime, some bricks with legs, and evil looking purple pigs. There was even a very tiny man which the Cadet was eyeing with curiosity.

While the brick with legs was about as impossible to ignore as the tiny human wah really caught Jr’s eye was the purple pigs. Their regal horns, great manes and general villinouse aesthetic spoke directly to Jr’s tastes in style, ”Oh those are cool! What are they?” he asked, pointing out said swine.

The Cadet looked over at Junior's exclamation, and he followed where the prince was pointing. The red head's face broke into a grin at the site of the piglets, though for different reasons.

"Oh, poogies!" Cadet cooed, crowding closer to the koopas and the shop keep. "They look like weird little feral poogies."

The salesman coughed into his fist. "You must be quite the adventurer if you've heard of poogies. Unfortunately they aren't for sale here in Limsa. Not to worry though, these little ones are called Behemoths! Baby Behemoths, specifically. 'A sleek violet hide, hungry eyes, and two polished horns;' quite adorable, no? And exclusive!"

The man scooped up the pair of wriggling minions in order for his potential customers to get a better look.

”These things must get way bigger to get called Behemoths huh?” jr said as he moved a claw over to scratch the fur of one that was having a fiery eyed staring contest with Mimikyu…’s fake head. This ment it completely missed the spook’s long shadowy apetnage till it booped the Baby Behemoths on the snoot, much to its outrage. ”How big we talking?” Jr asked as the pig got into a sparring match with Mimikyu’s long arm, which it lost by being snoot booped several times over.

“Uh, yes, very big,” the shopkeeper answered. Clearly he was perturbed that his prospective customer’s tone seemed to imply that getting “way bigger” was a good thing. Clearly the little turtle was unfamiliar with what exactly a Behemoth was, outside of being big. “Yes they grow quite large, though it takes a while. Not to worry though, our baby Behemoths are mostly docile.”

They certainly were not docile, given how one was giving Mimi the evil eye and the other was struggling it’s hardest to escape the shopkeeper’s grasp. Ace Cadet, who’d been trying to calm the minion by petting it and failing, suddenly blinked and stood up straight when the repeated word “Behemoth” finally jogged his memory.

”Wait, Behemoth? Really, really big, mean, giant horns and can summon meteors?”

“...yeeees?” The man hesitated in his answer, unsure which of the two potential customers he should appeal to for a sale: the kid who wanted a cool monster, or the man who seemed to be concerned about it.

”I knew it!” The Cadet shouted, although it wasn’t with excitement. The normally cheery hunter was glaring at the seller, his earlier smile replaced by a firm frown. ”It’s that monster that came with the crystal to the New World! That thing was really dangerous, plus it’s a monster. It’s illegal to buy or sell live monsters!”

Clearly this was not the way the shopkeeper expected his afternoon to go. He stared at Cadet, speechless at first, but as the hunter went on he quickly scrambled to defend himself and his business.

”I might not be a Guild Knight right now but I can’t just ignore poaching!”

“P-poaching?! Sir I am no poa-”

”Then you got them from a poacher! Right? You’re a smuggler! What if the adult Behemoths came to find their babies? The whole place would be in danger!”

Well I don’t think that would-”

”Poaching is a capital offense where I’m from and-”

“C-c-capital offense?” The shopkeeper’s face paled, and as more and more curious eyes turned toward the shouting it only paled all the more. “Enough, stop, stop!” He hissed. He leaned forward and ushered the Cadet closer. The hunter obliged, though obviously disgruntled.

“You can’t slander my shop like that! You’re going to hurt my business,” the man pleaded, “The Behemoths aren’t often sold but I’ve never heard it was illegal!”

”It’s a giant monster, why wouldn’t it be??” the Cadet countered, completely unwilling - or maybe even unable - to entertain the thought that selling baby monsters was not only legal but encouraged here in Limsa Lominscuttle. He didn’t look like he was backing down anytime soon either. The shop keep looked between the red head, his turtle companion, the nosy crowd and the two wriggling pigs in his arms. He pursed his lips and considered his options. Finally, he shoved both of the baby Behemoths toward Cadet and Junior, figuring that both the piglets and the newcomers were more trouble than they were worth.

“I don’t want any trouble, okay? I’m a law-abiding citizen,” the shopkeeper said, emphasizing the ‘law abiding’ part loudly. After a moment he daringly lied, “I don’t have any other baby monsters or anything, so just take these and leave, please!”

”Score!” Jr cheered, before picking up his latest minion in both hands and tacitly accepting the bribe for the two of them. The pint sized behemoth wiggled in his arms, its trotters going wild, as he turned and showed it to Kamek, who had arrived a little bit after jr but hadn’t had a reason to input anything to the discussion as of yet, ”Look what I just got! For free! A giant monster!”

”It might take quite a while to get larger young master” Kamek warned him, ”creatures don’t grow up overnight”

”Well i mean yeah.. But I’m tough, Mimikyu’s tough” the pokemon puffed up with pride at this compliment ”and this little guy’s got alota fire so I bet he’s tough too! If not, i’ll make him tough!”

The baby looked fierce and prideful when it was praised, and then distinctly nervous at the prospect of benign made tough.

"They really shouldn't be pets," the Cadet said to Bowser Jr. He looked at the little Behemoth more closely now that it was in the koopaling's arms. "But at least they aren't gonna be traded around anymore. Normally I'd bring them to the Guild, but we can look after them for now I guess."

”Hang on let me juuuuuust” Jr was saying as the cadet collected his own. The boy put his pig down inside his clown car for a moment where it immediately began running circles around the car’s seat as the prince rummaged in the vehicles hammer space storage compartment. Mimikyu frowned at this, and then spooled out her long noodly arms, grabbing the behemoth around the waist and hauling it up into the air. The pig squealed and wriggled before coming face to face with a bright purple pokepuff jr had gotten for it. It sniffed the puff suspiciously and then took a little bite. Its eyes litt up, its wiggling stopped and a single blissful tear rolled down its cheeks for one singular moment of clam before it voraciously devoured the rest of the irresistible pastry.

Mimikyu looked at this with both horror and betrayal for a few moments as the pig devoured one of her snacks, before she too was offered a puff by the prince and all was forgiven. The Cadet had the second Behemoth tucked under one arm, where it soon gave up struggling against his strong grip. It snorted multiple times, glaring jealously at its fellow piglet as it was being fed. "Hey, calm down, I'll feed you something soon too."

Watching this, Kamek nodded approvingly, and put aside his worries about this impromptu pig-acquisition for the time being and instead asking ”So, have either of you thought of any names?”

"Hmmm," Cadet blinked down at the Behemoth, and the little guy blinked back up at him expectantly. "Maybe like... Ace Behemoth...? No, wait, Ace Minion?" he suggested, showing off the less than creative naming conventions of his world.

”What no your’s can’t be the ace-whatever! No way they can be better than my behemoth or minions. You should give it a different name! Mine’s is gonna be called… uh... um… wow this is actually kinda hard,” Jr said as Mimikyu put down the now much calmer pig again, who trotted around for a bit before plopping itself on jr’s lap

“Mimi!” Mimikyu squeaked, a little afonted that she hadn’t gotten a name when caught

”What? No that’s your name”


”Yeah that. Uhhhh. Hmmm. how about Baco-, no thats dumb.” Jr continued on missing Mimikyu, no, Mimi’s delight at her new name.

”You know what. You're gonna be big and scary one day, so you deserve a big and scary name. So I’m gunna name you Tyrant!” Jr decided after a fair bit more contemplation, poking the newly named Tyrant on the forehead as if he could push the new name into its brain. Instead he got an “oink” of confusion ”That’s your name. Tyrant. Got it?”

It wasn't particularly clear if Tyrant got it, but as he gave no resistance Jr considered the matter settled.

”a worthy name young master,” Kamek said, before asking ”had any thoughts yourself Ace… I’m sorry but I have to ask but is Ace Cadet actually your name? Or is it just a title and you don’t want to say your real one? I don't much mind if that is the case, but i am curious.”

"Uh, well, it's just what I've always been called. The other Ace Hunters all got called the same. Plus the Commander, the Field Team Leader, the Caravaneer, the Seeker..." He listed them off with a shrug. "Honestly I don't really think about it. It's kind of a radalos name anyway, right? As for this little guy..." With the prince's proclamation that he couldn't put "ace" in the name of the baby monster, the Ace Cadet was currently at a loss. "Not really, but that's okay, I'll come up with something to call it. Like Hungry, or Grouchy..." The behemoth didn't seem to appreciate either, so the hunter quickly followed up with, "...or not. Uh... baby behemoth... BB?" This suggestion seemed to placate the minion at least.

”I see,” Kamek replied. The fact that he lived in a world where lots of people just went by species names, like Toad or Bob-omb, ment he didn’t think about this bizarre set of affairs particularly hard either. There where more important things to worry about.

”Now that that is in order, I suppose we’ll be on our way,” he suggested, glancing back at the increasingly irate shopkeeper.

”Oh. Yeah sure. Seen anything else cool looking yet Ace?” Jr asked as he rolled his increasingly overcrowded clown car forward, Mimi balancing casually on its rim while Tyrant poked his snout up from Jr’s lap and over the side, sniffing anything and everything that passed them by.

"Yeah! There's tons of crafting stuff and potions and food, I'll show you what I bought later. Oh and there's a bunch of cool armor and clothes everywhere," Cadet replied, shuffling off after the Koopas. He was quickly getting back into a good mood after, from his perspective, rescuing some poor little monsters from a smuggler. Hopefully Tyrant and BB saw it that way too. "Not all of the clothes are human sized either, some would fit you guys, and the bigger stuff miiiight even fit your dad.

Oh! And the rest of us are..."
The Cadet lifted a hand to shield his eyes from the sun, looking out over the crowd. ”Right over there!”

”ehhhh. Nahhh. Clothes are for Toads” Jr replied dismissively as they shuffled their way through the crowds and rejoined the party

”Something to look into when we’re better funded. I wouldn’t argue against replacing these old robes if there's something justifiably useful on offer,” Kamek replied, considering the prospect with an eye both for utility and as an excuse to get something more fashionable than his magikoopa uniform.

As they talked, the masses of people and stalls began to come to an end as they approached the courtyard on the other side of the ally. Here was where the city actually started to branch out into the many other locations mentioned by the ship girl, including lifts leading directly to the admiral’s office.

”Ah, I see the layout of this place has somewhat foil my plans,” Kamek noted as he read the local signage ”Unless those of you who wanted to go shoppers have anywhere else they wish to go, I suppose we could head straight for the admiral? If she’ll see us?”

”Well we’re important aren't we? No way she won’t,” Jr replied, with childish self assurance.

"Agreed! Here, lemme go grab everyone else and we can get going."

Kamek wasn’t quite so sure, but there was only one way to know for sure.

Word Count: 634 (+1 exp)
Level: 2 - Total EXP: 2/20
Location: Sandswept Sky

It was impressive, the speed with which the ground team took care of the massive camel-like construct. Turned out those on team yellow were quite competent after all. The machine began crashing down, it's legs lighting up and buckling beneath it, and Primrose deftly stepped aside as the Morgana mobile flew over the sand and morphed to catch the daring Fox. They continued on, riding alongside the length of the beast until it came to a stop and settled in the sand. Now that it's height was so drastically reduced, they could get a better look at the body of this thing. There were ramps, hallways and doorways all on the outside, strengthening Primrose's theory that this was a place people lived - or at the very least spend some time inside. It also made boarding the beast that much easier.

Primrose stepped out of the car, lifting her gaze skyward and shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand.

"I don't see them from here," she said, speaking of those that went on ahead. It was probably a good idea to hurry on and find them. There was a brief moment of hesitation as Primrose stepped onto one of the ramps. The material was hard and smooth, yet unlike any she'd ever seen. It didn't appear to be metallic. Primrose had seen a lot in her twenty three years of life, including deadly monsters, but she was still relatively new to the whole "hero" thing. So she paused on the incline, paralyzed between one heart beat and the next.

...I hope this thing doesn't come back to life, she thought and continued forward, a bit uneasy with the prospect of riding it as it moved.

With the rest of the ground team surely close behind, Primrose entered Naboris. The inside was maze-like, alluring to treasure hunters no doubt. Primrose was not a treasure hunter, because the things she wanted most couldn't be sated or bought with trinkets. Rather than navigate the interior of the beast, she climbed up the ledges on it's outer layer. It appeared to be designed with the idea of people moving and working on the outside of it in mind, which made getting onto it's back smooth sailing for the most part.

It was there, in the camels humps that their missing companions were found. They didn't seem to be faring too well.

One the one side, Tora, Joker, and Midna faced town a tanned woman of imposing stature. Beside them lay Poppi, unconscious. On the other, Sectonia faced down a ghastly looking creature wielding the power of lightning. Quickly Primrose had to decide where her own strengths would be best utilized. With a deep breath, she decided...

"Sectonia!" Primrose ran in the direct of the giantess and her opponent, leaving the warrior woman to the stronger combatants in their party. However, rather than attack the demonic looking creature with her magic, Primrose beckoned the queen bee to notice her. Even just a glance would do.

For you, the Peacock Strut. With impossible grace, Primrose transitioned from running into a twirl. The cloak she wore billowed outward, showing off glimpses of her rich red dance clothes underneath it. The coins sewn in jingled as she moved, and she stopped her moment in one smooth motion by extending her leg, letting it rest on the ground in front of her pointing in the queen's direction. The dancer had already seen demonstrations of Sectonia's magic, and so with a flourish Primrose raised both of her hands high over hear head and brought them down in an arc on either side of her body, completing her dance and empowering Sectonia's magical capabilities. Hopefully it would be enough to overwhelm the ghoul and let the queen join forces with the rest of them.

Once Lilliane returned and the agents were all reunited, their surprise host made the smart decision to lead them away from the makeshift battle ground. It came as no surprise to Taras that she was suspicious of him in particular, nor did it surprise him that Till was as well - but he hadn't expected the man to voice it aloud so soon after being rescued by the group Taras was currently a part of. "Allies of convenience", was it?

"Hn." Taras lifted his chin high, stared at Till from the corner of his eyes, and smirked. "I assure you we are even less than that."

Soon after the group swept out of the ruined cage and across town. The woman brought them a modest little safe room. As she spoke, rattling on about not trusting them, Taras moseyed around the small space. He appeared casual, though he was looking for any sign that the room might be less safe than the woman thought. Besides, it was clear when Lilliane used「Future History」's ability that the woman wasn't a stand user. Anything she had to say about the "ghouls" was probably less than what the agents already knew. Unless, of course, she knew where they were coming from specifically. The Russian man glanced over at her. I doubt that.

He kept his thoughts to himself for now. That some in the room didn't trust them - didn't trust him - didn't bother him at all. Honestly it was probably in their best interest not to blindly put their trust in people they'd just met. Taras himself certainly didn't trust any of them fully. After all, some of them were spies. Still, for now, perhaps it would be better for the more... personable people among them to handle the talking, while he went about double checking the room.

HP: 510/510 - MP: 500/500 - SP: 450/450
Making her way back to the Keystone after picking up a couple of potions, Ames was glad to see a few of their group had already returned. She wanted to run her ideas past them anyway, seeing as most were much more familiar with MMOs that she was (and games in general, if she was being honest). In particular, the gigantic Klein who'd been surprisingly elusive today was nearby.

"Hey!" Ames approached the man, waving at him. "What the heck, you been ignoring us? Oh well, you made it anyway. I got that halberd for you." Ames was grinning, joking about the whole 'ignoring' thing and completely oblivious that Klein probably was actually ignoring them. They were quite the dysfunctional group after all.

Once the crew gathered together, Ames spoke up again. "So we're heading to the Thunder, ah... Split? Grove, right? Do some quests, unlock some classes?" The wiggled her eyesbrows at those present before continuing. "I kind of have a plan to unlock some stuff too. The ones that need training at monasteries or gyms can wait for now but... some I think I can kinda do pretty fast. Or at least some of them."

She counted off some of the requirements on her hands as she continued talking, rattling on with nearly no space for others to jump in. "So the Animist one sounds pretty easy. I just wish I looked it up before setting my points. Shouldn't be too hard to just make them even with a few level ups though. Ari said dying wasn't that bad, and one of these other classes says I need to kill an Immortal or NPC with a melee weapon, so I'll probably just kill myself once we're done for the day. That should count right? Oh I also need to kill some animals for that one, I hope it's not to hard to find normal animals instead of monsters. Speaking of monsters I need to use a spell casting weapon as a melee weapon for exorcist? So I bought these ankle bells for becoming a bard because stylish mode doesn't make you good at playing instruments and I can't play any in real life. I figure technically it must be a spell casting weapon, right? 'Cause it's for bards. It might be tricky to use them to kill monsters but I figure I can equip them and just start kicking. That way I'll also get some experience with them and maybe I can make some money to fulfill the other bard requirements, though I dunno if that will be today or not. Uh what else... holding my head underwater for 300 seconds should be fun, I've got good lungs. Well I do, I hope fake-me does too. Then I'll find the specific places I need some other time I guess."

Phew. Ames looked up at the others after her long winded plan. "That all makes sense, right?"
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