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Word Count: 620 (+1 exp)
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 17/70
Location: Edge of the Blue

The creature ahead was a little funny looking. It was brightly colored, the exact opposite of the vicious living vessels they'd just been fighting. That was a good sign, right? A sign that they were definitely leaving the abyssals behind them. From Shippy's deck the Cadet watched Bowser disembark to speak with the guy on shore. He didn't really expect Bowser to be the diplomacy type, but he was a king... Ace Cadet watched the conversation until Kamek brought his attention back to the felyne rescuers.

"They bring people back to base. Or, ah, the base camp that's set up in the field before a quest. They patch them up too, like alakazamtrios, you're all healed. Usually it's something set up ahead of time..." The Cadet scratched the back of his head. With Blazermate and Sakura getting hopeful that Brineybeard was saved by the felynes, he'd hate to dash that hope. It was a bit hard to try and explain something he was so familiar with to people that might not get it too, but if Kamek was going to go check then he'd do his best to try. "Not to send you on a wild Gargwa chase, but since the first time they took Link and Euden back to Lumbridge, that's where I'd guess the felynes would go. It might be their base. If they're not there, then they might have taken him back to Limsa - or even all the way to the Alcamoth. Those are the closest to bases I can think of."

If it turned out that the felynes made it all the way out to the middle of the black bay and saved their captain, he owed them a gastronome tuna. Each.

About the time that someone splashed into the lake ahead, Geralt approached with a thank you. The Cadet nodded, giving the witcher a smile. He was about to return the favor and thank Geralt for the aerial assist (plus tell him how cool he looked riding that giant bird), but Geralt had a request.

"Fusion?" he asked, a little dumbfounded. Geralt wanted to fuse with that thing? For a few seconds the Cadet just stared at the other man. It wasn't hard to grasp Geralt's reasoning. He wanted, needed more power and range, and as he said the demon's spirit was more than capable of providing it. Cadet had fused with Jamaica for the same reasons, at the time he felt he needed to ability to get across the bay fast, and that was the best way. That being said, he once again found his thoughts drifting to the old hunter stories about spirits trapped in armor that took control of the wearer. Now that he'd actually fused himself, those stories really didn't seem too far-fetched anymore. He could still feel Jamaica's spirit somewhere in his body, though more subdued outside of battle, thrumming with proud energy. If Geralt fused with the demon, he'd still be the same man but... the demon's influence would be there. Was she evil? Would she hold a grudge?

It was clear the Cadet was unsure. He glanced back at Link, who'd also fused with at least one abyssal by his appearance. He hadn't seemed to change, but it was hard to tell when they'd all just been in the middle of and then escaped a literal war zone. He turned back to Geralt, his face serious.

"I thought it might make a nice piece of equipment, but... you can have it. Just tell someone if you start feeling weird or evil." The hunter produced the harbor demon's spirit from his bag and handed it over, and after accepting it the witcher wasted no time in fusing with it.

Word Count: 336 (+1 exp)
Level: 4 - Total EXP: 7/40
Location: Sandswept Sky

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●
To Primrose's relief it seemed like the group was leaning towards continuing on to Al Mamoon. It really just made the most sense. She nodded with Tora and Red's words in a silent show of solidarity, and though the latter's thoughts were harsh she wasn't wrong. The chances of failure were high if they went to look for the others, and losing even more of their group would be a worst case scenario. Though some problems with the search plan were addressed such as two-way communication - and that is only if Fox decided to join the search party, Primrose thought - overall it didn't look feasible. Most of them recognized that.

However, it seemed the queen bee of their little team came up with a second plan, one that was easier to accept. No one could object to her using her own little insect minions to look around the area. It made sense, and even seemed satisfactory to those that already volunteered to stay behind and search.

Sectonia didn't need Primrose's approval, but the dancer gave it anyway. "A good compromise."

Primrose figured that the matter was more or less decided. A good portion of the Yellow Team had already returned to the train, and Primrose intended to be right behind them. Matter settled, she signaled to Braum for the man to re-board.

"Come on. You may yet see them again," she said. It seemed Braum had a flair for the dramatic that rivaled Primrose's stage performances given his statement. Still, if nothing else the search would most likely be in good hands. A wolf and ants... they seemed an unlikely team, but both animals had a penchant for finding things with their strong senses of smell.

Primrose turned back to the locomotive. She glanced up at the roof of the middle car where the giant fake kiwi was torn and damaged from the storm. Though the rest of the trip seemed to be smooth sailing from there, she decided to ride inside the car this time.

HP: 810/810 - MP: 660/660 - SP: 690/690
_________________ []
Although she did a bit of a mental double take at being referred to as "sir" (Amelia was getting pretty used to the alternate gender body by now, and the deeper tone of her own voice, but sometimes she was caught off guard by mentions of it still), Ames was listening intently. Oh that thing, the snake-people... that sounds kind of familiar. Though the name of the creature hadn't initially rung any bells, it's description was common enough in media that Ames got a good picture of it. Poison, hypnotism, shape-shifting... honestly that sounded super annoying to deal with, but in a group like they were it shouldn't be too bad. If one of them got hypnotized the others could snap them out of it. They'd need to get some antidotes or something first though.

"Thank you Karan," Ames returned her bow, though it was a bit awkward and not even half as deep. "That really helps, now we can prepare before we go rescue Lugh and the others."

As for if Lugh would have left them clues? To be honest Ames wasn't really sure. She wasn't the closest to Lew but she felt that wasn't really his style... he seemed to go back and forth between playing together and solo, but he never tried to get them to follow him when he left. Maybe clues left for the other members of the temple? It was surprising to hear that he'd become such an influential person in this short a time. Was he going all in on that role-playing stuff? Maybe that's why he was going solo?

"So we need some antidotes or... something like that. And..." she glanced at Raime, still missing an arm, while the man whispered something to their mage. "I guess there's not really time to fix that. Unless you can get a robot arm on credit?" Who knew, maybe it was possible.

Ames figured that as long as they could find the lamia's hideout during the day time they'd probably be fine, even if the sun barely penetrated the constant fog in the grove. They could get everything they needed right there in town then set off.

Word Count: 956 (+2 exp)
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 16/70
Location: Edge of the Blue

The monster hunter was honed in on the demon, nearly oblivious to everything around him. Nearly. He recognized that at some point during his dash he'd been joined by a couple of Kamek's kin as they enchanted his weapon, and that there was a very daring Witcher riding a giant bird coming in from the sky to pelt the demon with explosives. The Cadet was grateful to both of them, but none more than Nadia who'd decided to follow him into the thick of it. Although just a piece of him, Jamaica's righteous spirit was driving him to focus only on defeating the enemy at hand, and so combined with his natural affinity for rushing towards the biggest, baddest enemies he could find the Cadet all but ignored any obstacles that weren't abyssals. With Nadia's help his path was more or less clear, and he felt a distinct satisfaction when his blade connected with the Harbor Demon. He fell to the ocean once she started disappearing, flicking the sword once or twice before slipping it back into it's sheathe with a showy click. He felt the urge to declare that the evil had been vanquished or that justice had prevailed, but what he said instead was: "Quest clear."

Of course, there were still plenty of enemies left, so in the grand scheme of things it wasn't quite clear just yet. That being said, there was a sense of accomplishment when the Cadet scooped the demon's spirit up and skated over to Nadia, giving the woman a wide smile before Heinrich sailed towards them. The Cadet shared his smile with her as well before she was interrupted by the other larger abyssal. His hand went again to the hilt of his longsword, but Heinrich waved them off. Ace Cadet looked back towards Shippy to see the team's progress, spotting them nearly at the river's mouth already. He hesitated, battling Jamaica's hunger to deliver more justice in the form of swift defeat to the princess. Ultimately he nodded at Heinrich and followed after Geralt, the man's ride, and Nadia - a few seconds behind them.

When they reunited with rest of the team, the Cadet hung back and skated along the water behind Shippy while the others boarded. The water inland was about a million times more peaceful than that of the sea behind them, so the hunter peered straight down into the river's surface to inspect his new appearance. As far he could tell most of the changes were to his armor itself, meanwhile it seemed he'd gotten a deep tan and a new haircut. Or reverse haircut. He let out a puff of breath, blowing his new bangs out of his face.

The superficial inspection wasn't the only reason he'd decided not to board immediately. There was also the... awkwardness. He could hear Sakura mourning, and the sad sounds Shippy herself was making. Brineybeard... he hadn't seen any sign of the man on his way back from confronting the demon. The Cadet remembered how cool he'd thought it would be to go into battle on a living ship and how he'd helped Peach convince the captain to lend a hand, and now the captain was gone. It was painful. But the Cadet wasn't one to shirk responsibility, so he did end up climbing up Shippy's side and back onto the deck eventually. When he did, he found himself nodding along to Sakura's impromptu speech about no pain, no gain. The girl was surprisingly wise for someone her age. It didn't really feel right to respond to her after that, especially with Rika already there comforting her, so instead the Cadet found his way to the bow where Ms. Fortune was laying.

"Thanks for the assist," he said to her quietly, "are you alright?" She looked as tuckered out as the rest of them, or maybe even more so.

After the brief chat with her, the Cadet took to leaning over the side of the ship and getting a good look at their surroundings. Now that the coast was clear, BB peeked it's head out from the Cadet's bag as well. Then Link brought up the possibility that Brineybeard had been rescued by cats, a thought the Cadet himself had had while they were still at sea.

"The felynes," he replied, as though what Link was saying made complete and total sense to him - because it did. "They carry wounded hunters back from the field before they..." before they die, but to avoid any sort of curse or prophecy the Cadet caught himself before he said the word. "Well, you know. They've got rafts they use for water rescues but I didn't see them this time." This far out at sea, he wasn't sure if they could make it. He wasn't even sure how they found the group in the black dragon's lair or why they were working for free either, but he was immensely glad they were around. If there was anyway that a friend-at-arms could be saved, the felynes would figure out a way to do it. "They're pretty quick though, so it's not impossible!" Without any evidence, optimism was really all they had at this point.

As Shippy slowly came to a stop, there was a voice yelling at them from the shore. The Cadet and his minion looked over the railing at the man, who was telling them about another living ship-like creature ahead. Huh. A local? Interest piqued, the hunter looked ahead to see if he could spot the mentioned lake or creature... or scalding streams of water apparently. "We should probably go check it out if we have to go that way to make it to the other side of the island."

Word Count: 624 (+1 exp)
Level: 4 - Total EXP: 6/40
Location: Sandswept Sky

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●
The storm was brutal, but like all things it eventually came to an end. Even when the train reached the outer edge of the cyclone and the winds started to die down, Primrose didn't release her white-knuckled grip on the seat. The seat itself had been rattling something fierce like the rest of them, but thankfully it held to the train floor as tightly as Primrose held on to it. When the wind died completely, Primrose began to relax her shoulders very slowly. Only when the Gnorbu brought the train to a complete halt did Primrose let go. Spending only a moment to take a breathe after feeling like she'd been holding her breath for hours, before standing as fluidly as possible. Like many of the others she left the train, glad to be on relatively solid ground.

The dancer's eyes flitted between the party as they came together, everyone doing their own head count. A lot of them had chosen to sit on top pf the train cars just as Primrose had initially, something that ended up being extremely dangerous. The members that Primrose weren't seeing... it seemed like they were flung off with the wind. Joker confirmed that with Blue Poison and Scout, so it wasn't a far leap in logic to assume the same could be said for the Heavy and Medic. Losing only one of their members would have been rough, but four? That was a heavy blow. Primrose looked back out over the canyon they'd crossed, wrapping her arms around her chest. If they fell into the canyon, no matter how strong they were, they probably didn't survive.

Not everyone shared that thought though. She listened to Tora, Poppi, and Yoshitsune list the reasons they thought the others could have survived, the later even laying out a plan to search for them. Personally, Primrose thought it was futile. Not only were the chances of finding them slim, but that would split the party up significantly. If it was a little earlier into their adventure, Primrose might not have spoken up. However, a day and several hundred miles later, she sighed and voiced her thoughts.

"Do you think splitting up is wise?" she asked, tilting her head slightly. "We'll be isolated from each other... even the two search teams. I'm not sure if there is a way for those going on to Al Mamoon to communicate with the rest of you either."

If something happened, the search teams could stay in contact - but what about those remaining on the train? If things went wrong and their comrades needed help, they would be miles away and oblivious. The search parties would also be stuck out there until the train came back for them. There were plenty of ways things could get very bad for them, very quickly. Plus if the four missing members had survived, they knew where the rest of the team was heading and they could try and make their own way there, or wait by the tracks for the train to pass again and get a ride back to Parnasse. Staying to search for them just didn't seem like the best idea to Primrose, but then again she wasn't the leader nor did she want to be. Midna had already volunteered, so if others decided to join her that would be their choice.

Primrose gave the Twilight Princess a funny look at her comment about becoming a victim of the desert, but otherwise the dancer said no more. In Yoshitsune's plan she'd be relegated to staying on the train, which was what she preferred anyway. Instead of boarding immediately she decided to stay outside and see what decision each of the Yellow Team members came to.

HP: 810/810 - MP: 660/660 - SP: 690/690
_________________ []
Ames was fairly relieved to hear that none of them planned to break up the party. Even Klein, with his want to "PvP" them meant he wasn't actually looking to leave the party. Or at least, Ames was pretty sure that's what it meant. Besides, as a team they could always just battle some other players... not that Ames was particularly looking forward to that. Now that she felt sort of accomplished with a maxed out beginner class under her belt, she was more looking forward to questing and exploring.

"I think we made a pretty good team," she replied offhandedly to Mags' mention of sticking close to her personally. The red headed warrior was smiling brightly, glad to still be surrounded by cooperative friends, when someone came through the plaza shouting weird and vaguely familiar phrases. Actually, she thought she heard her real name being called a couple times...

Ames looked around curiously, and spotted a woman making her way toward them in a hurry. She brought the bad news that Lugh was in some kind of trouble, but despite that Ames couldn't help but laugh a little when Karan said "honorable," covering her mouth with a hand as she did so.

The details weren't quite as funny. Kids being napped? That sounded serious.

"Vote? Come on, even though he's a ditcher Lew is still our friend, right? If he's really in trouble we should go help him, we don't need to vote on it..." Honestly Ames thought that Klein was probably right and he was fine (although she didn't follow quite the same thought process), but besides Lew there were apparently a bunch of missing people that would also need help. "Let's gear up and do it!"

Magpie just had to bring up the worms again. Ames' determined face twisted with disgust and she privately agreed with the brawler. Trying to suppress the thought of more worms, Ames questioned the priestess. "Karan, how much do you know about the lamias? It's kind of hard to find your way in the grove, do you know about where they live or what they look like...?" Not the detective type at all, Ames didn't really know the right questions to ask, but any info would be useful, right?

Word Count: 1232 (+2 exp)
Level: 7 - Total EXP: 14/70
Location: Edge of the Blue: Black Bay

With the way the demon cried out in pain, it seemed safe to say that Kamek's spell was a success. "Nice one!" Even though it recovered quickly and tossed a bunch of abyssals their way, it had still been pretty satisfying to watch. Just as before, the Cadet pulled back the drawstring of his bow and shot down as many airborne enemies as he could, though due to the sheer number many splashed onto the deck and into the water around them. The ladies were doing a fine job keeping those that landed on the ship at bay, and they were even joined by another lady returning. Princess Peach had made it back safely, and with her she'd brought a bunch of fallen navy spirits - some that were apparently familiar. Using them... it might be awkward, but it also might end up being necessary. Ace Cadet started to thank Peach for her gambit that ended up paying off when the princess spoke up about them being the demon's new target.

Moments later the shot was fired, the force of it shoving waves at Shippy so hard it felt like the entire boat was going to flip over. The Cadet reached out to steady the princess and himself, making sure neither of them were sent flying. He saw Nadia fall from the deck, but a flash of light shone from where she fell and he figured she must have fused with the spirit of the girl she'd been lamenting over. Once the ship was more or less righted again he poked his head over the side to make sure Ms. Fortune was really alright, and thankfully it seemed she was.

Man, they really needed to get out of the bay.

Across the water the demon was taking aim at them again while one of their own raced to beat her to the punch and strike with an attack of her own. The Cadet dutifully gave Sakura a wide berth as she made her way to the bow. "Go for it Sakura!" he encouraged, and while she did her thing the Cadet refocused on the smaller abyssals that never seemed to stop swarming around them. If they could just clear a path for a moment, get a good burst of speed maybe they could make a break away.

There was a loud booming sound, swiftly followed by an incredible crack. The ship shook again and the Cadet snapped his head up, following the path that Sakura's impressive fireball traveled. At the end of it there was the harbor demon, alive but suffering. Her cannon was smoking, and Shippy... the Cadet turned, seeing that the rear of the ship was completely gone, what little was left of it scattered to pieces in the water. If that cannon ever hit them dead on, they'd... well, they'd be dead.

Maybe one of them already was. Sakura ran over the wounded, ripped area in search of their vessel's captain. Brineybeard had been right there, and now he was gone. Was it possible he'd survived somehow? Ace Cadet hadn't heard the tell-tale yowl of felynes on their raft, but... maybe the captain was thrown earlier when the missed shot almost capsized them.

"He... he might still be fine," the Cadet said, struggling to believe his own words. "Frog is right though, we have to get out of the area fast."

Of course that was easier said than done. With Shippy in the state she was in, he didn't know how long it would take to heal her. The Cadet's attention moved from the wrecked part of the boat back towards the demon. It seemed to be on it's last legs, but if that cannon was still operational... if she tried to take them down with her, a last ditch act of vengeance...

"I'm gonna go make sure that thing is down for the count." He had to, because if there was even a chance she could still fire at them then that had to be prevented. "It's weak thanks to you guys doing the hard part, I'll finish it off and make sure that cannon is gone for good." Cadet returned to Peach's side carefully taking a spirit from her. He looked a little skeptical, a little hesitant. As someone who much preferred items and equipment for increasing his strength, the thought of fusing was a strange one. However, he realized that for what he had in mind this would be the best way to reach the harbor demon - and so he pressed the spirit into his chest.

With the battle still raging, there wasn't much opportunity for a thorough inspection of his new look. That was alright, the Cadet knew he'd gotten everything he really needed. The rigging at his waist extended out slightly as he briefly tested the motion of his new 'limbs.' Watching Sakura, now Nadia, and many of the Navy members themselves the hunter felt he had a pretty good grasp on how they worked. He could definitely move over water now too, he could feel it. More than the physical changes though, the Cadet could feel the burning spirit of Jamaica in his core, crying out with the need to fight the monstrous evil that had claimed so many of her compatriot's lives so far. That intense urge pushed him into action immediately.

Ace Cadet vaulted over the side of their vessel, landing on the water's surface with a splash. "I'll meet you all at the river! I'm gonna bring that thing to justice!" he said aloud, pointing out his prey. Then he was off. With the speed-enhancing effects of the haste rain still active he sped over the ocean's surface towards the harbor demon. His rigging was extended, and with it he fired from the miniature cannons at any small fry in his way, the blades on the ends finishing them off as he passed them by.

Having weapons like the rigging attached to him made it much easier to protect himself while we swapped his hand held equipment. While we would have loved to test the dragon piercer against the metal of the giant abyssal, the wind up alone made that a dangerous gamble. Instead, a decisive weapon for an all out attack was needed. Away went the bow, and the longsword was brought to bear. As the Cadet skated over the water getting closer, he draw the sword while a deep maroon energy swirled around his body. Was using the Devouring Demon technique risky? Quite so, but hey - it was all in the name. His attack power would go up and his health would steadily decrease, but he was confident that if nothing else, he could survive. Besides his health focused armor skills, his heart felt clear and ready to take action. Maybe Jamaica was cheering him on, imbuing the blade with her righteous wrath.

Ace Cadet zipped by a few Navy girls and more abyssals, the guns on his rigging still flashing to keep the enemies at bay. He had to zig and zag a few times to avoid attack from below water, and he'd been grazed more than once in his charge, but it was way too late to stop now. When he was upon the Harbor Demon he glared up at it - and let loose, the Nightsky Ripper looking to bite into the flesh of her torso and rend it.

Word Count: 448 (+1 exp)
Level: 4 - Total EXP: 5/40
Location: Sandswept Sky

𝙱𝙿 ●●●●
Perhaps needless to say, Primrose preferred an uneventful ride to one fraught with danger. Although the first part of their journey across the tracks had been nice and boring, sooner or later it figured that something would come up. Nothing was ever easy when the very universe conspired against you - or the creator of the world you found yourself in, anyway.

When the howl of wind first reached her ears, Primrose thought it was just another strong gust racing against the train. Then there was a strange crackling sound from nearby, and a voice sounded through it. It sounded like that person that led them to the train, and he was warning them all of an oncoming sand storm. Primrose looked ahead, and sure enough the storm was already close enough - or large enough - to see. The dancer had been enjoying the ride atop the kiwi car, but now it was time to get inside of it. She didn't want to even attempt to try and keep her grip on something out there in the storm's full force.

She slid to the edge of the car, looking down to the windows on it's sides. None were open, would she have to break one? Quickly she peered over the other adjacent side, finding an opening. The roar of wind was getting very loud, and her hair and clothing was getting tussled. Wasting no time Primrose dropped from the roof of the passenger car, maneuvering her body in through the window Midna had opened earlier.

She huffed a sigh of relief, but then immediately turned back to the window and stuck her head out of it. The storm was bearing down on them, it was practically already here, but - "If you are not yet safe try making your way to the passenger car!"

Primrose's call was a little too late for a few of them, but she could still just barely hear their fearful shouting from the back of the train. It sounded like they hadn't been flung off completely or else their screams would have grown faint and been swallowed up by the storm. Primrose herself ducked as the train charged right into the storm, holding onto the seats attached to the wall. Even inside the car the wind was intense, blowing open a few of the other windows and rattling those that remained closed. Eventually she did stop hearing the yelling from the back of the train and a pit began to form in her stomach. With luck they'd still be there, holding on somewhere, and not lost in the deep ravine. A head count would definitely be needed once they were out of the torrent of sand.
Something dark, dramatic, and maybe gory...
"Here, something warm for you. Looks like the rain won't be letting up any time soon."

Lilian accepted the offering, a small loaf of honeyed bread fresh from the sister's oven.

"You're too kind," she said. The sister smiled and waved Lilian off. The small doorway provided little protection from the water and wind, but once the sister closed the door with a soft thump and Lilian stepped out into the rain it seemed to grow worse by twofold. Or maybe that was her nerves, warning her against going on this expedition. What else could she do, though? Where else could she go? She couldn't keep hopping from church to church, showing her broken pendant and depending on the graciousness of those willing to help a fellow member of the cloth, not knowing she was a deserter. She'd cringed the first time she'd visited one, feeling like she was taking advantage of people's kindness. With every one she visited the feeling got a little worse.

Now that she'd finally made it here to the Grussocaean capital, she could travel with the protection of a caravan. As crazy as their goal was, Lilian thought this would be best for her. A new start somewhere. Reinvigorate herself... sort of.

She stood in the rain for a few moments, listless. The city had been dark and sullen when she'd first arrived two days ago, but now it seemed nearly abandoned. If she hadn't just spoken with someone a few moments ago, she would have thought that the dim light in various windows were just for show.

Soon enough the Lilian felt the bread in her hands rapidly cooling down, and so she picked up her feet and started walking, nibbling at the food as she did so. If she recalled, she could probably catch the caravan as it left the city through it's main gate... and sure enough, approaching the gate she came upon a train of wagons pulled tightly together. Must be it, she thought.

The clanging of a bell startled Lilian, and she fumbled her poor loaf of bread a few times before snatching it and shoving what remained of it into her mouth. She chewed with a peculiar expression on her face, stuck between alarmed and annoyed. At least the food hadn't gone to waste.

Last call... she saw some people milling about now, making their way to the caravan and in between the wagons. There was still time to back out, something deep inside informed her. Lilian stared at the caravan, her eyes searching the area. When she found what seemed to be the lead wagon, large and rough looking, she steeled herself and headed for it. To report in, or see what she could help with, or something. She hoped for some kind of busywork to keep from slipping too far into her thoughts.
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