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This weekend is shaping up to be a perfect shitstorm for me -_-
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Never been so excited to go to the doctor... eye exam tomorrow, new glasses soon so hopefully I won't have a constant stress headache!
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Will be gone Sunday to Wednesday for the most part. Mini vacation :)
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Guild's spellcheck apparently doesn't recognize "positivity" as a word, which... lol
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Trying to speed-write before these constant thunderstorms knock out my power... again!
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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I work a lot, so my preferred posting pace is at most once per week or less.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
Feel free to PM me to chat!

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I was planning on making my character a fire genasi, but I fear there might be too much overlap with Feyblue's cool tiefling so I might choose something else ^^;

Not to influence you one way or another, but since the party size is only 4-5 and there looks like there will be well over 4-5 character sheets submitted, there's gonna be some competition either way. Concepts are probably going to overlap. I think whatever your strongest idea is, go for it!

Word Count: 883 (+2 exp)
Level: 8 - Total EXP: 17/80
Location: Edge of the Blue - The Maw

The Ace Cadet slipped into the next room after Nadia and Kamek - almost literally, but seeing Nadia go down right in front of him gave the monster hunter some forewarning about the condition of the floor. Pressing a hand against the wall for balance (and giving it the same suspicious glances he'd been giving his limbs for the past few minutes), the Cadet slowly made his way further down the room's perimeter. Unsurprisingly it was another section of the huge kitchen area the Maw housed, a washing station. He eyed the various occupants in the room, more creepy-looking humanoids, koopas, and some sentient silverware - all so engrossed in their tasks that even the ones that did look at the little intruders ignored them in favor of going back to trying to make a dent in the mountains of dishes. At least they wouldn't have to sneak through the room. Though getting through it might be a bit difficult given the soapy water all over the floor.

It didn't seem to be an issue for the front runners though, as Nadia slid over the ground with her fan and Kamek used his shell to swiftly traverse the - oh, wait, he was coming back. He watched Kamek slide right back out the door, and from it the voices of the other koopas in their party. So they'd be coming through soon. Well, time to start making some headway!

Inching through while trying not to slip would be painfully slow. Instead, the Cadet braced his legs and then shoved himself away from the wall towards one of the washing stations. He slid across the floor almost like it was ice, with his arms thrown out to each side to keep himself on his feet. He slowed to a stop underneath one of the free standing sinks, and crept his way towards the sink's legs to latch onto.

"Not so bad," he said to himself, "like dealing with a Mizutsune." Except that the imminent danger was not a leviathan but several strange workers, though it still didn't seem like they cared much at the moment.

The Cadet's movement was still slower than Ms. Fortune's, so by the time he'd made it to the other side she was already up on the conveyor and out through the dish slot.

"Hey, Nadia, what's on the other side?" He tried to speak into the slot, once again balancing on the wall and standing on his toes. She didn't answer, but there also wasn't any other kind of commotion that would indicate she'd been caught. She must have continued moving on. Without a nifty boost he wouldn't be following her through the slot, though he doubted he'd be able to fit through in the first place.

The Cadet reached up to the nearby door handle, stretching his arm out for it, but it was just out of his reach. One of his feet slipped and he stumbled around dramatically until he managed to right himself. Maybe he could drag over one of those rubbery mats or something...

Once Bowser and company came through the door into the room and start shouting the Cadet looked around at those he was addressing - and those he wasn't. If this actually worked it would be awesome, but if it didn't then he'd just have to find a way to open the door up quickly. While the gleaming dish washers' attention was focused on the koopa king, the Cadet got a head start in seeking something to help him get up to the door's handle and open it. Something like... oh, one of those planks of wood might work - at least to stop the slipping!

Alright, let's go! Ace Cadet slid himself toward one of the unoccupied planks. It was heavier than expected, but he was stronger than the average... whatever-year-old he was now. Pushing the wood was slow going but it was possible! He shoved the plank against the wall, and once it sat solidly on the floor he stepped onto it. Perfect! Even slightly damp the wood wasn't slippery at all. With a little more effort the Cadet reached up to the door knob and turned it, popping the door open.

"Yes!" He pushed through the opening and arrived in a carpeted area, with the sounds of plates clattering and open mouthed slurping not far off. Before venturing on the Cadet and reached back through the door, grasping the wooden plank and propping it just inside the door frame to hold the passage open. He peeked back at the koopa troop, waving at them and mouthing this way! before going on. He followed the noise to a restaurant, filled with food and ravenous diners. Since his disturbing vision the Cadet had no desire to eat or drink anything else in Maw, but even if he had he doubted he'd have been able to swipe anything off that table. Food was gone in seconds, devoured by the restaurant's patrons. He didn't watch the buffet for long, there was a much more important task at hand. There had to be a way into the room the chefs had locked themselves into. He spotted the swishing tail of Nadia still ahead and darted after her, hoping she had a plan - she certainly looked like she did anyway.
Welcome. There are plenty of romance roleplay checks in the "1x1" section, so you shouldn't have any problem finding what you are looking for. Have fun!
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Heyo, welcome. Or should I say welcome back?
Harriette Moore

? ? cell block : ? ? hours
The seconds stretched on, long and tense, while the girls crouched and waited until the sounds of their pursuers died down. Harriette's eyes were wide open, trying to take in as much light as possible in the dim jail house. She could only hear the soft rattling of prisoners in their cells now, but were those monsters really gone? She kept her attention focused outward, looking for any little sign that they might still be being followed, but none came.

She was still for some time, until the girl she'd been dragging around stirred and bid them to enter one of the empty cells. It was a lot less open than their current hiding place. Alina stood, and ended up pulling Harriette with her. At that point the grip Harriette had not realized she'd still had on Alina shifted, and with their hands linked the two slipped into a large open cell.

"I'm sorry for dragging you around," she whispered to the other girl, finally releasing her. Then she fumbled in fishing her phone out while Alina greeted their runaway. At some point they should really all introduce themselves.

"Are you alright?" Harriette asked of Jin. She flicked the phone's flashlight on, sweeping it over to them, but the device clattered to the ground soon after Harriette's exclamation of "Oh my God!"

Were those bodies? Harriette backed up quickly, but her back hit the cell's bars. The door was closed! Fear was growing again in her chest. Harriette pressed herself against the unyielding iron, breathing deeply and trying to force herself to calm down. Her phone had fallen face down, so the flashlight was pointed straight up and casting a weak light over the area. She could see that these bodies weren't human, they looked more like the faceless guards outside. She just had to keep repeating that to herself, that these weren't dead people they were... were dead monsters, they must be. Long dead, by the way they crumbled to ash, Harriette reasoned. Nothing to be afraid of...

And then their were the eyes. When the light flickered and died, Harriette held her breath and waited for whatever fresh new Hell they would be subjected to. When the glowing red lights appeared, the only thing she could think was that it was another demon like the ones they'd seen in the courthouse. Even if this cell was larger than the others, they were still trapped in this confining area with a monster - they had no where to go, and Harriette didn't have any makeshift projectiles left. She raised her fists up against her chest as if they could shield her, staring at the ominous red. It was hard to see anything else, to know if it had wings or claws or anything else that could hurt them. She only had a vague sense of where Alina and Jin were as well. Harriette could only wait and see how the creature would move, try and defend herself if it went for her - and find a way to help the others if it went for them.
Harriette Moore

? ? ? : ? ? hours
It was probably the fastest Harriette had ever run in her life. Her fingers were clamped tightly around Alina's hand even after they both were out of immediate danger. She didn't look back, not sparing the insanity behind nor their oddly familiar looking savior any last glances. Harriette rushed through the door, focusing too much on escaping to even breathe a thank you to Barney for holding it. Only when she heard the door slam closed did she slow to a halt, pressing her free hand to her chest as she fought to catch her breath. Her hair and clothes were mussed, but at the moment she could care less.

They needed to get out of the prison's campus. Harriette's eyes flickered wildly around the area, noting the different buildings, the wall, the guard towers - trying to determine how they could get out. Heading back to the water was tantamount to giving themselves up she was sure. So where could they go? Scaling the wall was out of the question. Maybe there was some kind of hole in the perimeter they could find? Once Harriette's attention was brought to the spotlight she looked up at it. Indeed, it looked broken - or at the very least malfunctioning. That woman really bought them a lot of time that they couldn't afford to waste!

"This is our chance," Harriette said, a harsh whisper drawn from her throat as she nodded, agreeing with the two young men. "If we stick together, we... we can escape."

And she believed it too. Now they just had to avoid the guards closing in.

Everyone dashed off towards the left, save for one person. One of the people Harriette didn't recognize as a student. While the others went one way, they went the other - and the red head was consumed with a feeling of dread that if that person went off alone, they would be caught. Beaten like that giant was, or maybe even worse, now. There was strength in numbers, if any of them were cornered while on their own... She was frozen in place for a split second, and then her feet carried her in the direction Jin had run.

"Wait, we should all stay together!" She said, but Jin was farther ahead of her and so panicked that they couldn't hear her words. They slipped into a cell block, their clothes blending in with the dark shadows. Harriette lost sight of them, but they had to be close by. The sound of heavy footsteps reached her ears and Harriette ducked down, pressing herself against the cold concrete wall as a patrol passed by. This was dangerous. She wanted to find the runaway quickly, group up and decide how they could meet up with the others without being spotted and figure a way out of this hell.

The whole time, with her head buzzing with fear and adrenaline, Harriette hadn't noticed that she was still unwittingly dragging Alina around with her.
Welcome to RPG! Make yourself at home. For fandom RPs, most of the group RPs focus on OCs, though I have seen some 1-on-1 checks mention playing canon characters. Noticed you had a check up of your own, good luck finding a partner!
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