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Hello! I'm Yankee. I like to think I'm a friendly person with almost no limits when it comes to writing fiction.
I'm usually down for pretty much anything: action, adventure, romance, horror, taboo, comedy, smut, SOL, etc.
I like comic books, cartoons, and videogames. I'm also very into cosplay and art.

I work a lot, so my preferred posting pace is at most once per week or less.
I like to have fun while writing, so I prefer relaxed partners who don't take things too seriously.
Feel free to PM me to chat!

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@Goose and thanks for your answer! The PvP aspect seems intriguing, a more light-hearted setting like this would be good for it I think. If the RP concept manages to catch enough interest I'll probably throw my hat into the ring whether it leans PvP or not, so long as I have the time for it.
This sounds like it could be fun. Question for ya, just to make sure I'm understanding correctly. Would players be forming teams to compete against each other, or against NPC teams?
Ace Cadet & Ms. Fortune
Word Count: 2811 (+3 exp)
Level 9 Ace Cadet @Yankee: 146/90 -> 149/90
Level 9 Nadia Fortune @Lugubrious: 107/90 -> 110/90
Location: Sea of Serendipity

A few minutes after the living ship got underway, bound due south on its journey to Twilight Town, Nadia Fortune could be found at the very end of its stern. happy to be about as far away as she could get from the gigantic mollusk's snaggle-toothed maw without taking to the ocean waves below, she sat on the railing with her arms propped up to either side of her, staring back at Port O' Panic and the seaside mountains as they gradually receded into the distance. Though the rain had subsided to a drizzle by the time of the pirates' ambush, the sky remained dismally overcast, and it didn't look like things would clear up anytime soon. She took long, slow breaths of the cool, salty sea air, a million miles away from this rueful sea as she sought to clear her head.

Her apology to Peach did not achieve what she hoped. It wasn't that the princess hadn't accepted it--she had, and quickly, too. Too quickly. Almost out of politeness, just as a matter of course, rather than a heartfelt admission that all was well. Such superficial forgiveness did not exonerate Nadia from her feelings of guilt. Could she have taken more time to find better words? Maybe, but she wanted to smooth things over quickly to try and stop any ill will before it could fester, and besides, overthinking things would mean it didn't come from the heart, wouldn't it? In the end, however, nobody felt any better, so Nadia drifted off to think. Physical pain didn't trouble her a whole lot; years of literally pulling herself apart in order to fight, maneuver, and infiltrate left her nerves deadened and resistant to hurt. But the same couldn't be said for everyone. What Peach went through was, from the average person's perspective, horrific and appalling. Of course the blame belonged to that fishman, Rip Ass or whatever his name was, but it was Nadia -and by extension Blazermate- who left Peach alone to go off and do their own thing. Did she really think that Peach would be fine all on her own, or did she just want to go after a spirit that suited her?

Maybe it was both. Or maybe one made her believe the other. Nadia knew that in reality, she hadn't been thinking about anyone but herself, same as ever. Ever since the fateful night that she came to know both pain and loss, leaving her numb and alone. The clever, fun-loving Ms Fortune was a friend to all, but a confidante to none. Did she really have what it takes to be a teammate, or a friend, or a partner? Maybe, maybe not. She was probably just getting worked up over nothing, and uncharacteristically so, at that. Self-pity wasn't a word in the feral's repertoire, and she knew that everyone was just trying their best, in the end. The real question was, did she really care to try? Maybe just being an ally, an acquaintance, and a flirt was enough.

"There you are."

It was a familiar voice, one that the Ace Cadet hoped Nadia would find welcome at the moment. After everything had settled down for the most part and people had split up for the remainder of the trek, the Cadet had looked for her. He managed to miss her on the small deck until now.

He trusted Blazermate to heal everyone up to their top shape, but after seeing the condition that Peach was in, and her seemingly still damaged eye, the Cadet wanted to make sure that Nadia was okay. Things had escalated quickly once the other Seekers boarded the Tinkerslug, so he hadn't been able to get a good look at her before. She was alive, which was the most important thing, but was she alright? That wasn't the only reason he wanted sought her out. Checking in on her health included both the physical and mental. Sure he wasn't the most perceptive guy at times, but the bodily changes due to a spirit fusion were obvious - and the argument surrounding killing their enemies had effected her, that much he could tell. And, maybe, there was yet another reason tucked into the back of his mind. Once it was clear that the other groups of Seekers had a much rougher go of things than he and the street fighters had, he'd been kicking himself for ditching the Adrian. He probably could have been of much more help back there than where he'd ended up. If he was looking for some justification for his decision, well, he probably didn't even know it himself.

But of Ms. Fortune's well-being he was genuinely concerned, so once he'd found her he joined the Feral at the railing, leaning his elbows onto it only about a foot away from where she sat.

"Fin-ally found you," he started with, looking her way. "Are you alright?"

"Hm? Oh!"

At the familiar, most welcome voice, Nadia turned to treat Ace to a friendly smile. She maneuvered around so that her body was facing toward the Tinkerslug's prow rather than the see. "Yeah, I'm just a-boat good. How 'bout you? It's good to see you in one piece! As for me, it looks like I ended up with a two piece." Leaning sideways on the railing with one shoulder up, she posed in a way that showed off the outfit she'd gained from her fusion with Massachusetts. The swimsuit beneath the hoodie and spats her jumpsuit turned into would serve her a lot better than what she had before if she got soaked again, but that wasn't all it was good for. "Whatcha think? 'Knot' too shabby, eh?" With the feral's attitude so lighthearted, it'd be down to Ace's own powers of observation to determine if anything was amiss with the Miss.

At first the Cadet took her at face value. She was a pretty good actor, and he wanted to believe that she was completely okay anyway. Emboldened by her playfulness the Cadet grinned at her, and unabashedly he took in her latest look. He noted all of the changes; the giant ponytail (which funnily enough reminded him of another Nadia he knew), her eyes, the new tattoo-like markings that crossed through the faded swirl patterns, and if he wasn't mistaken a more shapely figure. Overall, pretty sexy.

"Ms. Fortune, you look pawsitively clawdacious," he said warmly.

His eyes roamed from the bikini top, tracing the new geometric lines on her skin down to the scar that ran across her stomach. They lingered on there, and his brows gradually furrowed while his smile dimmed. That hadn't always been there, had it? He thought back to all the times he'd seen her bare abdomen over the last couple of days, which had been plenty of times. He didn't remember there being a scar there, nor did he remember her ever splitting herself up in the midsection.

He reached out and brushed his hand over the new scar, his expression growing more serious.

"What happened?" he asked, looking back up at Nadia's face.

"Aww, you're too kind~" For a few moments Nadia felt very pleased with all the attention, and validated to boot. But like all good things, her moment of admiration in the spotlight came to an end. Ah. Nadia realized she'd kind of walked into that one. Well, no beating around the bush, I guess. With a sigh she stopped posing, and slouched down, a confident grin turned into a thin, resigned smile. "We were up against a couple of super tough customers. One shipgirl in particular. Parrot said her name was Massachusetts, but I swear I heard someone call her Mamie? Either way, she hull of a fighter, puttin' it lightly. When she wasn't poundin' away with her cannons, she was swingin' around her anchors like chain axes."

She pulled out one of the anchors she inherited from the drum on the back of her waist to show Ace. "Bigger than these, though. After fightin' a while, I was gettin' tired, so I tried to...well, 'assassinate' sounds bad, but I can't really think of anythin' else. Just end it fast, I guess. The other shipgirl saved her from death's door, but Blazermate wasted her, I think. All that made Big Mamie got purr-etty damn mad. I'd say she wanted a piece of me, but it looks like she wanted two."

The feral ran her fingers along the giant new scar on her belly. It tickled, but it twinged a little, too. She gave a laugh that was more breath than humor. "Hurt like hell, of course, but I'm fine. Can't die, remember? Goin' to pieces is literally what I do. At this point, I don't feel stuff as bad as anyone else. Blazermate patched me up, so in the end, it's just another scar. Better me than anyone else, right?" Shrugging, Nadia leaned back again.

Technically her logic was sound. An injury like that would be lethal to anyone else. It didn't sit right with him regardless. Throughout her story the Cadet's expression tightened. Imagining her being forcibly torn apart, in contrast to how she usually separated herself, was not a pleasant picture.


Ace Cadet ran a hand over his face, buying time for himself as he thought about what he wanted to say. The first words that came to mind almost sounded like an admonishment, which was not what anyone wanted to hear after something like that. An apology seemed wrong too, even though a loud part of his brain was thinking I should have been there. He decided to just go with his gut.

"Still... I mean, you shouldn't have to go through that even if you are kinda immortal. Just 'cause you won't die from it doesn't make it more okay, y'know?"

He wrapped his hands around the ship's railing, clenching and unclenching his fingers as he tried to get his feelings across.

"Earlier, when that argument was going on, you looked upset. Was it about this? 'Cause it really didn't seem like you had a choice."

Nadia half-expected Ace to launch into a lecture about how she should be more careful, but when it came his response was a lot more composed. She appreciated him taking the time to try to look at things from her perspective. Amongst other things, it meant that when he did say something it wasn't something she could refute. "Yeah, I get it," she sighed, her tone making it clear that she wasn't just blowing off his concern. "It's not like I want to or anythin'. Guess I'm just a li'l desensitized."

When the monster hunter continued, Nadia took a moment to think about his question. She couldn't say with absolute certainty what he meant by 'this'. Was he referring to her injury? Or did he mean her decision to take out Massachusetts? Probably the latter, she decided. "That's what I told myself," the feral replied, resting her chin in her palm as she slouched. "That sorta thing's easy to say. Probably 'cause it's true. But is it the whole truth?" Straightening up and leaning back, she turned her gaze to the distance. "When it comes to fightin', I've got a lot goin' for me, but there's one thing missin'. If I don't have a weak point to slice, my damage is purr-etty low. Barely scratched that stinkin' Orphan monster. So when I looked at Massachusetts, I thought...she looks strong. And pretty. And I was tired of fallin' in the water. I figured I'd found the perfect spirit. And sure enough, it fit me to a T." She glanced at Ace. "But it's wrong thinkin' of people that way. Ain't it? I mean, even if we need power to do this, and we don't wanna become freaks, they're still people. Killin' 'em for reasons like that ain't somethin' a hero should do. If I wasn't thinkin' about myself, maybe I coulda found another way."

Nadia sighed again, shrugging. "I'm tellin' ya this 'cause I wanna be honest. And 'cause I don't like keepin' stuff bottled up. But also 'cause it kinda doesn't seem like that big a deal. Like, it's somethin' I'm dumb for even worryin' about. She woulda killed me, after all. We've all been usin' stuff from enemies we took out. It's not like I'm gonna stroll through town like it's a greengrocer, lookin' through the aisles for the best people to eat. I guess...if anythin', what's eatin' me is: should I care more?"

The Cadet stayed quiet while he listened to Ms. Fortune. He could see where she was coming from. It wasn't like they were facing off against objectively, cartoonishly evil people, just people in general. But when those people were always gunning for your life whether they knew it or not, it was hard not to respond in kind - even if potential 'usefulness' wasn't in play. It was a lot to think about, and the kind of thinking that he usually never made time for. Once she was finished, she posed a question that caught the Cadet off guard.

"Hm." He appeared pensive, giving it serious thought. Should she care more? Should he? Should any of the Seekers? All of them? "Damn, that's... a tough question."

He wanted to give her an actual answer though, since she'd been so open with him.

"...honesty for honesty though, I never really thought about it," he said after a while. "Don't like to either. It's a lot easier that way, and since I got de-mindfunked I've been rolling with the assumption that once we save the world everything will just go back to normal. Like, normal-normal. And everyone that died here will just come back like none of it even happened.

"'Cause the whole spirit thing is weird to begin with, almost doesn't seem real, right? That doesn't happen when people usually die."
He paused briefly, as if suddenly remembering the nature of the world they were actually in. "Well maybe it does work like that somewhere. In any case..."

The Cadet shifted his posture, taking a breath before turning to fully face Nadia again. "Don't get 'tide' down in what other people think, even me. We're all on a mission to set things right, and we've gotta do what we gotta do. If that means taking someone out before they can take us out, for any reason, then... well, it's just part of that mission."

"Mhm." For a guy that admitted to not doing a whole lot of thinking, Ace offered some pretty good advice. He more or less echoed what Nadia herself thought, and this time she didn't waste any brain juice wondering about whether she thought or heard just what she wanted to. "Golden rule it is, then," she agreed. She put on a smile as she focused on the sea in front of the Tinkerslug, rather than behind it. In the distance a sliver of land could be seen, shrouded in twilight. All this self-reflection was unusual for her, and she'd be happy to put it behind her, consigned like Port O' Panic to drift away into the reaches of her rear-view mirror. One last detail that Ace brought to mind ate at her, though. Something that felt too important to ignore. "Once we save the world..." she echoed, her voice low. "If everythin' goes back, will we even remember what happened here?" Would they all snap back to reality, as if waking up from a dream? Or would they keep in mind everything and everyone they encountered during this time, who they'd never meet again? "Then again,'d hurt less if we didn't."

Though he'd been the one to mention it, that too was something the hunter didn't want to think about too hard. In his mind, it was the only way that fixing things made sense; resetting everything back to the way it was before the light invaded. Otherwise how could anyone cope with what had happened?

"I dunno. We'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it, I guess. There's some things I wouldn't mind not remembering," he told her honestly. Learned horrors, both large and small. The kind of danger he would never have been able to even dream up before. Though in between were incredible experiences, and good friends too.

"Then again, there's also people I hope I never forget." He shot her a cheesy smile then, hoping to bring the mood up a least a little. His words were true though. If he were to forget any of his comrades, let alone Nadia herself, it would be way too sad. But none of them would know what would happen once they won until it happened.

Nadia smiled back. "You betcha. Guess we'll just take it one day at a time 'til then."
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Hello, welcome to the guild!

Level: 7 - Total EXP: 132/70 (-5 friend heart) ------ Level: 4 - Total EXP: 47/40
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Word Count: 1127 (+2 exp)
Location: The Land of Adventure - Twilight Town

Primrose explained much to Bede as they leisurely made their way back to the group. The Seekers' campaign against Galeem, it's Guardians, the nature of the world at large... the tell-tale signs of the Gleaming, what spirits were and the uses they had... and of course, about Smash City Alcamoth and the organization themselves. From time to time it was good to go over information like this, to collect her own thoughts and rationalize the current world again. Truth be told she may have abbreviated some things, though not without the promise that once they got back to the Alcamoth there would be a wealth of more information to learn.

Their return had been pleasant, but not boring - through Market Street there was no shortage of shopkeepers and merchants, through whose wares Primrose was happy to browse. She ended up making a purchase, figuring since she was already there she might as well. It was a sturdy cloth that apparently boosted the wearer's defense, the maroon and copper colors matching her aesthetic well.

When they arrived back at the train station where the group had initially split apart, she found that there were no familiar faces waiting for them. Save for one.

Therion was leaning against a lamppost, examining a shard of something in one hand. The other was tucked under his shawl as usual. When he noticed Primrose and Bede approach he tucked that away too and pushed off from his resting spot to meet them halfway.

"Done with the cars?" the dancer asked. Her thief friend nodded once. "More or less."

While Tora tinkered with Band and Jessie, Midna, and that local kid worked on building vehicles and driving them, Therion had taken an approach similar to Poppi's - just observing. It wasn't all he intending on doing, but for a while he stood off to one side, obscured by the shade of the garage's overhang. He'd heard that moose woman deliver some kind of song a few times, giving out licenses to drive. The thought of getting a license for anything himself made Therion scoff, but he paid attention nevertheless. After a while he thought he had the gist of things, from making one of the weird cars to operating them.

He joined in late, steadily working on the most simple build he could think of. It looked more like a mini wagon than anything else, but it had four wheels, a steering mechanism, and it could go. That was all he needed. He brought his cart out to the track, unphased as racers zoomed by. The raceway was wide since it was intended for people to be able to pass each other, so Therion stuck to the outside edge of it. He started the engine and he was off - at a much slower pace than the others.

The first lap was meant to get used to driving. He suppressed a smile once he'd completed it, pleased with himself that he'd gotten the hang of it so quickly. It was way easier than riding a horse.

The second lap he moved even slower, because now he wanted to actually take in the town. It was an almost leisurely drive, disturbed only by a few near collisions when racers sharing the track streaked by him. The route didn't go too far into the city's heart, but he got a good impression of it. He also spotted quite a few interesting things, the kind that instantly drew his eye - chests, sitting in lonely spots of the town just waiting for someone to find them.

That he abandoned the garage and race track after that shouldn't have come as a shock. He'd completed his goal of learning how to passably drive one of those "car" things, so he had no qualms about moving on. He practically made a beeline to where he'd remembered seeing one of the chests, by some bushes to the right of a path near the roadway. It wasn't locked, which was a bit of a disappointment. It's only been a day and I already feel like my skills are rusting, Therion thought as he popped it open, finding only a single health potion inside.

"..." he dropped his head low where he was crouching in front of the chest. Too much to ask for some real valuables, huh? He pocketed the potion, and as he moved to stand he noticed something else hidden in the brush nearby. It was a slim golden shard, faintly glowing in the twilight. He had no hesitation when reaching out to grab it. Guess this wasn't a total waste of time.

He moved on to the other spots he'd taken note of, finding two more identical looking shards and one more treasure chest with some other ore looking thing inside. It was hard to tell how much time had passed when the sky was stuck in perpetual sunset. Satisfied for now, Therion decided he'd better regroup with the others before he missed the whole 'meeting the other half of the team and going back to base' thing.

Which finally brought him back here, awaiting Primrose's return. He eyed the boy with her, noting that he no longer sported the ashen and red eyed look.

"Far as I know, the rest of them are headed to the shore to wait," Therion informed them both.

Primrose nodded. "Thank you for letting us know," she said, and wasn't surprised when she didn't get a response from him. With little else to do they began making their way to the docks together, giving Bede the choice to either tag along or do something else in town. The dock area was expansive, but once they arrived it was hard to miss the silhouette of Big Band and Sectonia. When they got close and met back up with them the Travelers found that Tora, Poppi, and Raz were there as well. In particular Big Band, Sectonia and Tora seemed to be spruced up, so Primrose thought their time in town must have been well spent. Therion did raise an eyebrow at the nude Nopon though.

"While Bede and I were sight-seeing, I spotted some hills that would be nice for a picnic lunch," Primrose said, offering some light conversation. She stood with one hand resting on her hip, overlooking the water with some degree of curiosity. When she initially set out from the Alcamoth she hadn't known any of the Seekers, and over the last few days of getting to know the Yellow Team and those it had picked up, she could only imagine what kind of people they were about to meet. As for Therion who just assumed it would be more clowns for their circus, he only wondered what was taking them so long.
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Location: Dante's Run - Fito's Ferry // Evening

Accompanying Yrga's glare was a light chuckle sent the imp's way. Barbatos waved at him dismissively.

"I'll pay it," he told the barkeep. It was not an offer so much as a statement, and he didn't look to Yrga to see if she would argue. Instead he turned his attention back to the table where the unsavory patrons had emptied their pockets before fleeing. It was a decent sum. It would cover the debt. He told her as much.

"It's enough, yes." He had memorized the contents of his family's ledger long ago, and didn't feel the need to check it now. And besides, he knew better than to insult her by counting it coin for coin. Barbatos took the severed finger between two of his own, spinning it in his hand slowly. "And so generous too. I'll give it to Zagan."

He couldn't imagine his brother was in the mood to appreciate a gift like this particular item, but honestly that made it all the funnier. Barbatos had been leaning back in his seat with one arm thrown over the backrest and the chair balanced on two legs, but he let the chair fall back onto all four and leaned forward slightly over the table.

"Yrga, you make my job so much easier," he began, catching her gaze. "That's what I appreciate about you. But c'mon. You know this isn't why I came here, don't you?"

The collections was just a bonus, really. It hadn't been pressing, though he was happy to have it all the same. No, he'd come for a different reason. While Farfa had gone to the Stonehill District to fulfill his escort mission (which Barbatos was sure he would hear all about later, in great detail, which he was looking forward to), the youngest Comoita was here in this dingy shack suffering in the rain he hated for one reason.

Barbatos smiled slightly and lowered his voice, his eyes glowing brightly in the dim light. "The Don. I know he's not that busy, but he keeps dodging my attempts to meet with him lately."

There was a brief moment of silence as he let Yrga begin to process what he was asking. He sat back up straight, erasing the image of a conspirator he'd briefly donned. While brightening his placid smile, he continued idly spinning the severed finger between his own.

"He's avoiding me. And you can tell him I said that. You're my last hope Yrga."

That was, of course, a lie. Yrga probably knew it too, though he hoped she wouldn't call him on it just yet. He hadn't exhausted all of his avenues just yet, but the others were much less pleasant than enlisting the help of the orc in front of him.
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