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No Xenoblade... i'm gonna cry
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In the end, everyone RPs for the character interaction. The most intricate plots will lose out to strong character-driven narratives- and that's a good thing!
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Keeping an RP alive is as much the players' responsibility as it is the GM's.


read helck. that is all.


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I think I'll drop as well, sorry... Best of luck on y'all's RPing journey!
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Vivian laughed, much to AJ's dismay. "Young woman, you radiate a most curious energy. Are you one of those 'saints' I have heard about? If so, I look forward to seeing how you deal with my son. Beware! You will soon find youself succumbing to his charming wiles! Ahahahaha!"

With that, she vanished in a puff of lavender smoke. AJ stood alone, blushing. "Erm, yes... Would you like to go for tea sometime...?" he asked.
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𝚁𝚊𝚢 𝙷𝚘𝚙𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚜

Ray laughed. It was a good day. The Sun was out, the air wasn’t too hot, and his friends were all enjoying themselves. His laughter was cut short when the truck hit another bump and gave a stomach-turning bounce, sending his less-massive compatriots flying.

“Whoa now! Hold onto yourselves, ‘cause we’re in for a rough ride. If anyone needs a cushion, my arms are ready and waiting.” He sprawled outwards in the truck bed, leaning against the side and taking up a majority of the surface area with his legs and torso. Asa handed him a bottle of Heorot Whiskey.

“And what do you expect me to do with this, eh?” He laughed again, the booming sound overpowering the rumble of the engine.

“Drink all of it, pussy.”

“Watch that mouth of yours, Asa! If you’re any more hostile, I just might retaliate with force!” Ray threw back his head and downed the rest of the bottle. “Good stuff. A bit weak, but it’ll do for now.” Being big had its advantages. Sure, he always got the lowest marks on stealth exercises, but winning drinking contests was far more important. He burped and leaned past Asa to talk to the cabin’s inhabitants, dodging shards of glass as Sam broke his bottle on the roof of the truck.

“Hey, Sabrina, borrow me a bit of that stuff you got there. I need a chaser real quick.” Ray held out the empty bottle.
𝔽ort 𝔹raemur

“Oh, good, you’re here.” The clerk sighed with relief as the Captain stepped into the room. “Please, sit down.” He gestured to one of the chairs.

“Sadly, General Felt was unable to attend due to a slight stomach bug. I am his secretary, and will be briefing you in his stead.” He ran his fingers through his thinning red hair and adjusted his spectacles. “Ahem. As part of the newly instated Project Plover, you two will be transferred to the Infantry Corps. West Division. I have here your papers of transfer as well as your travel documents. Ms. Sid, your pay stubs for the job are also contained within this packet. Once you arrive at the West Division’s base, you can hand them the one for next week as well as a small report of your developments.”

“Oh, of course, you need to know what your job is.”
The clerk set down a packet of papers on the desk in front of the two. “More specific terms are outlined within, but the general idea is thus: Ms. Sid, regardless of your past and… interesting physique, you are an accomplished inventor and an asset to Northern Croania. We would like you to travel with Captain Holdt here, learn the ins and outs of a Kothlin power suit, and work on enhancing and developing it in any way you can. To further this task, the two of your will head to the Dalris front and engage in direct combat.”

He nodded. “Be grateful. This will be the first large-scale combat Croania has seen in centuries. It is the prime time to enhance and develop our technology. Of course, there will be benefits. Captain, your stipend will increase by 50%, sent directly to your immediate family. Your wife, I believe.”

“You two have… one day to prepare and make goodbyes. I would not recommend dallying. The train from here to West Blackston leaves once a week- the day after tomorrow for you two. Pack for a longer journey, I’d say a couple months. Any questions?”

I hate to say it, but I think I'm the same. Sorry ;-;
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