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Current Music is music. Nobody can shame you for your taste, no matter what you like. Even if it's country.
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Happy Birthday @Aviaire!
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Keeping an RP alive is as much the players' responsibility as it is the GM's.
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The most important period in an RP's life is when the responses start to slow after the initial honeymoon phase. This is THE deciding time for whether or not an RP dies.
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aviaire is terrible and bad
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Holy stick in the mud, it's Eliza Chayre!
The mother-lovin' polyglot himself, Laki Hirata!
time passed by in an instant. i will begin to work on the post now.
I would love more straight up horror. It's hard to write a Horror RP successfully when you don't control all the variables (players), but I would love to engage in an RP that just had triggers and revelations that were completely terrifying, surprising and disturbing.

Yeah, I think with the amount of agency people have in RP it'd be difficult to control all the variables like you can in a movie or maybe a TTRPG. I do wanna see if anyone's ever done a successful horror RP before lol
Eliza Chayre & Ori Tabel

Saying no to those eyes was just as impossible as Ori living to thirty. He wasn't one to turn down a ride regardless, after all, it was free and walking anywhere in the heat was unbearable. So he accepted the offer with a gracious smile and hopped on the back. Once more, the only thing Haydrin's Seat was good for was clients. At least he could afford to eat.

“Where are you going next, Ori?” The words startled him out of his thoughts. He was about to respond when he realised that, well, he couldn't. He was running out of rumours to chase up on. Blood magic cults were getting a little old, considering that he himself was fully qualified to join one if he wanted to. So anywhere was good.

When the older woman spoke again, he gave her a smile and said, "A little further north, I guess."

/ / /

...Those in darkness cannot see snakes for who they are...

...Woe to those bearing malice in their hearts...

...and whenceforth, the God-king ruled his realm...

Scripture flowed through Eliza's head as she took step after step under the beating Scrublands sunshine. A few groups of insects buzzed past, searching for appropriate seeds in the waist-high grass on the side of the road. Other than the bugs and the cry of a few birds soaring overhead, it seemed as if every mote of life in the area was doing the sensible thing and staying out of the heat. The only thing moving was the lady paladin in the center of the dirt path heading slowly west.

Thankfully, Eliza's armor was the best she could afford, hot off the Capitol's forges with a streamlined design meant for extended travel, the plates designed in such a way that allowed for proper ventilation and airflow. Every single breeze would circulate through bits in the plate metal, cooling her down.

Still, ventilation and airflow meant nothing to the bits where her skin was exposed directly to sunlight. Her helm was packed at the top of her knapsack, tied with a thick string for easy access, which meant her head was taking the full brunt of the midday rays. She felt a few drops of sweat make their way down her neck and into her undershirt.

Eliza set down her bag and readjusted her hair, tying it up in a fashion similar to that of a field worker in a sort of pseudo-bun. Much better. If only she had some sort of light hat for shade... She picked up her things and continued onwards, boots crunching slightly on the bits of stone mingled with the dirt path.

A light rumble made its way through the earth beneath her. Eliza turned and saw a covered wagon pulled by a single horse making its way down the path. She tensed slightly and reached for her bag, but relaxed at the sight of a scrawny boy at the reins.

The wagon didn't seem to be slowing down, so Eliza stepped out of its path and slightly into the grass. As it passed by, a young girl in the back stared at her and waved. She waved back.

It took a few moments for the implications of the existence of a wagon to sink into Eliza's heat-weary brain.

"H-hey! Hold!" She called, increasing her pace to a light jog in order to catch the wagon. Thankfully, the girl noticed, turning to someone behind her. The wagon came to a stop.

Eliza jogged up to the front of the wagon, breathing heavily. Even a quick jog under this heat was brutal.

"Hail," she said. "I am Eliza Chayre, paladin of the church. Might I join you on your journey through the Scrublands? This heat, to put it in simple terms, is terrible in armor."

An older woman with blond hair tied in a braid leaned forward from inside the carriage. "Oh my, a paladin? I've never met one of you before." Eliza caught a glimpse of a young man in the carriage as well, his face obscured by fabric, who shifted uncomfortably.

"There aren't very many of us. Paladins serve as protectors of the peace and agents of the church," Eliza said. "We usually carry out missions given by the clergy. That takes a special kind of elite. I am searching for a fabled artefact that can cure any affliction in the Highlands."

The little girl and the man in the carriage both perked up.

"Momma! Momma! Can she come with us? Pleaaaaaaaase?" she slapped the wagon boards anxiously. "Please?"

"I'm not sure," the mother replied. "We already promised Ori that we'd take him further north... Doing another detour would put us a bit off schedule..."

"The presence of a paladin is excellent deterrent for any would-be mauraders," Eliza said. "I can pay for your troubles as well."

The mother looked back at the young man with cloth over his face. "Ori?"

"It shouldn't be a problem," he said, looking thoughtful. "What direction are you headed, lady paladin?"

"West, to the Highlands. I seek a holy artefact that can cure any affliction for the Church."

Ori's face scrunched up like he was narrowing his eyes. "Any affliction, you say?"

"That is what is rumored, yes. Anything from plagues to curses to mental afflictions."

"That sounds incredible," the mother said. "And, Ori, if you could move over there... we can get right along..."

Eliza climbed into the wagon and dropped her bags into the corner next to a few boxes of packed goods. The light shade provided by the cover of the wagon was incredible. Her armor clanked as she sat down, leaning on the side, and she sighed in relief.

"That's some heat," Eliza murmured.

"It certainly is," the mother said. She pulled out a waterskin and offered it to her. "You look right parched."

"It's alright, I have one of my own." Eliza pulled hers out of her pack and took a sip. Lukewarm. Fantastic. "I never caught your names?"

"Ooh! Ooh! I'm Jessie, and that's Gray up there in the front," the daughter said. "Momma's name is Donna. We're the bestest family around!"

"I see," Eliza said. "What do you all do for a living?"

"We run boxes and grow food and eat carrots and beat up rats and go around the whole wide world," Jessie said in one breath. "It's not as cool as you though, Miss Eliza. It must be super amazing to go around and beat up bad guys and save princesses and fight monsters-" she stopped, out of breath.

"We all have our own roles in this world," Eliza smiled. "It is the duty of the gifted to help those without boons from the Lord, such as yourselves."

Donna's expression flickered slightly. "We receive plenty of blessings. The fields, the rain, the food, it's all for us."

"Yes, that is true. We are all loved by our Lord in different ways." She turned her attention to the young man next to her. He hadn't spoken a word since she'd stepped on the cart. "Tell me, traveler, why do you hide your eyes like so? It makes you look rather suspicious."

He turned to face Eliza, staring in her direction for a bit before he began to speak. "Oh, I'm plenty suspicious. But if you must know, I'm blind."

"Well-" Jessie began.

"Sadly, the lord must've used all his blessings on you, because there weren't many left for me," Ori cut in quickly. "If you're headed West, I'll gladly come with, so not to delay Donna too much. I just remembered I have some... business to take care of there, anyway."

"Oh, really? Excellent." Eliza turned to Donna. "As I said, I will reimburse you for the trouble-"

"There's no need, really," Donna made a strained smile. "Our next destination is in that direction anyways."

"I insist on it. No matter your origin, you have done your duty as a governed citizen to support your superiors in their time of need. That demands recompense."

Donna pursed her lips, then nodded slowly.

Eliza was about to continue when Jessie cut her off.

"Can I ask you a question? How did you become a paladin? How did you train? Can I try on your armor? How heavy is your axe? Can you use magic? Do you have a horse?"

Donna tousled Jessie's hair, stopping the stream of inquiries. "We'll have plenty of time for you to ask the oh-so-holy woman questions, alright? Let her rest a bit. I'm sure she's tired from walking."

"It's no bother, really, but I suppose I could shut my eyes a bit... Wake me up if any trouble occurs." Eliza closed her eyes and recited scripture until darkness overtook her.
hey what's good it's me, stone, here to try and bring activity to the roleplaying disc. subforum

Personally, I really just wanna see more technofantasy stuff. I want dragons but also guns but also swords and magic and steam engines and shit bro. Like steampunk but with magic!!

I do think sci-fi as a genre is relatively small compared to the other types we see on the guild tho

“But don’t worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of excitement to be found this year. I’ll just have to keep tipping over the right stones and see what turns up.”

"Heh. Yeah, I suppose you do." Laki's mouth was moving independently of his brain at this point. There was still a chance that Seiho was just fooling around, but it seemed to be dwindling faster than an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. He didn't hold it against Seiho, though. The guy just wanted to know more about the Plague–which was totally understandable. Everyone wanted to know more about the Plague. It just so happened that Laki was one of the best people to ask about it. Nothing but circumstance had led them to this point. But what if it wasn't?

Gotta get it together. Stay composed. Think it through.

Seiho had been asking people all morning about the Plague. Laki just happened to be one of those people. It was a little weird that Seiho had just approached Laki right out of nowhere, but it seemd to follow his modus operandi–Seiho likely already had any information he could get from people he knew. Of course he'd have to pester those he didn't. He was just chasing the unknown.

Unless, of course, he was lying about asking people all morning and had only approached Laki specifically because he knew something about Laki's situation.

No, no, that line of thinking won't get me anywhere.

Laki had never heard anything about Seiho being anything less than a little bit annoying with his questions. He wouldn't lie like that to get information. Probably.

I'm reading into it too much. Just gotta have faith in my classmates.

Laki sighed and leaned back in his seat. It'd be best to just act normally for now. "I hope you find something out soon. Seems like the whole town is looking for information at this point."

@Sarcelle Renard

please stop you're making me sound more competent than i actually am
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