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Current "modernized ATLA roleplay." - Avatar the Last Gunbender. featuring a guy who really likes shooting things.


Damn chief this place is empty you should turn back

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👀 sorry lads been meaning to post but you know how busy this time of year gets, but I'm getting time to myself in a few days time- so don't wait on me if you're doing that, sorry thanks
I just want everyone to know that my character is the continent of Thel, that's right baby this is a nation rp now

Of all the things he expected, the words "my best friend" parting across the lips of his late father was nowhere near one of them, it was unheard of for the man to attached to people so fondly as to name them a close friend, let alone his best. However, there was a time to research that man later as James continued about the creature outside, or the "Tripple Goddess" as he called it.

"If we were being tested, I say we all failed and got by on luck more than skill."

He had to give it to his sister. She was right, his siblings had performed abysmally considering the circumstances, and personally inviting a glamoured witch inside the house at that. Junior slouched back into his chair as the spirit began to drone on, he'd have to talk sternly to his siblings after this is over, at the next chance they get- they need to be prepared for the next time some busybody decided to storm their house.

"We're all a lot better than what you think we are. Everyone survived, correct?"

... Apparently something his father disagreed with. Junior squinted at Alexander, besides sharing his middle name, they had nothing in common. That man was far from perfect and supposed he summoned an imperfect copy of their father. Now that would explain his poor advice.

He thought about bringing it up now, but who knew how long his brother could maintain their father. Ghosts always disappeared before they could finish the important stuff in movies, and the boy wasn't feeling particularly lucky after the confrontation earlier; So he held it in, patting his knees as the conversation carried on...
one.. one.. two.. one.. one.. one.. two.. one.. one.. one.. two.
left.. left.. right.. left.. left.. left... right.

"Is there anything else you all need? I guess I don't have any obligations anymore here in the afterlife!" He chuckled.

"Why yes father" Junoir retorted, he shot up with all the energy you expect of a child all too happy to get his turn to talk.

Frankly, he thought, their father had to provide more information than that. If he wasn't going to do it without prompt; Junior supposed he had to do it himself.

"It would be great if you could tell us exactly what objects in the manor hold power.." He continued, only to pause as his sister spoke up, blew a kiss and strolled casually out the room. She probably thought that would impress someone. It was a shame; she was rather pleasant to be around when he was a child, and Junior wondered where her personality had gone. Junior's eyes darted back to his father once more. "..its all well and good you explained what they hold.. but where are they?" Junior pouts, their father was always like this- forgetting the smaller details and getting exacerbated when his children did a poor job, though he couldn't hold it against the man. Sometimes it really was like talking to a brick wall with this family.
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Somebody's been playing videogames

Trying to play while talking to you is hard enough on a good day
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I actually want this rp to be good. Thank you very much.

so you're calling your own roleplays garbage?
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You would have brought the rp down.

I didn't want to give you hope
@TGM sorry mate, gonna have to drop out as well before I join too many rps then struggle to keep up with any of 'em.
So its just us people now...

*Western showdown music*

See y'all in the rp

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