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29, he/him, thoroughly average and enjoy RP'ing not-average people.

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About Me

After quite a while, I'm back to dust off my old 1x1 interest check and give it a fresh coat of paint! If you enjoy either fantasy or fantastical/supernatural events in a modern setting, then this check may be for you - so please, read on!

The main points to know about me are that I'm 29 years old, he/him, and my main interest is - surprise surprise - writing. When writing for an RP, I prefer to play male main characters opposite female main characters, but I'm not averse to playing whatever gender suits a particular role when it comes to things like secondary and side characters.

As for the important nitty-gritty that you're looking for in an interest check, here's what I've got: I'm searching for someone that enjoys adventure, fantasy, romance - maybe some sprinklings of lighter, slice-of-life bits - and interesting, naturally-developing relationships between characters. If any of that sounds like something that you may be interested in, then please continue on to read a few rules that I adhere to.

1) As mentioned in the title, I prefer RP's in a mid-to-high Casual range. To me that means averaging two or three decent paragraphs per post, but also tends not to extend beyond four or five except in hectic or crowded circumstances. The bottom line for me is that every post should be interactive: please don't write an entire post without actually reacting to anything that happened in mine, and please try to progress the scene meaningfully with your posts - at least enough that I have something to bounce off of. That's all I'm really asking!

2) I'm looking for somebody who is able to post fairly consistently - at least once every couple of days or so - or give some OOC heads-up if they won't be able to. Speaking of which, I'd also prefer a partner who is communicative in the OOC, at least as far as planning out the events of the RP goes - though I'll never say no to a bit of friendly chit chat!

3) As far as mature themes and scenes go, I don't personally have any hard limits, and I do enjoy including them as payoff to a good naturally-developing relationship between characters. For that reason I ask that any potential partners please be 18+ - and of course, please let me know any limits that you might have.

4) I only RP over PM's on RPG. It's just what I've gotten used to, and in my opinion it's better for the purposes of a 1x1 anyways.

5) Finally, and something that I really want to stress: I've been RP'ing long enough now that I know very well it can take a bit to realize that an RP idea isn't quite working out, or an RP partner just doesn't quite mesh how you'd hoped. If that happens to come up, while I understand the impulse to ghost, I promise there would be no hurt feelings if you let me know - whether it was to communicate an issue with writing style that you think could be addressed, say you wanted to try something different, or just to pull the plug completely. This is all a totally normal part of the hobby, and I promise to be up-front about it if you do!

Now, on to the real meat of the interest check!

Mutant x Civilian
Mutant x Mutant
Good Mutant x Villainous Mutant
Fallen/Lost Angel x Mortal
Demon x Mortal

Adventuring Companions (Mages, Healers, Warriors - Mix and match!)
Knight/Knight in Training x Runaway/Fugitive Princess
Mercenary/Adventurer x Runaway Slave

And I'm always open to hear your ideas, too!

There you have it! If anything you've seen interests you, you have any questions, or you'd like to pitch something of your own to me, feel free to shoot me a PM! I promise to respond one way or another.
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