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9 days ago
Current Back when Europe put a 75% tax on chickens raised in America, French scientists claimed consuming such meat caused sterility. This study was conducted around the time of the baby-boom.
20 days ago
When in doubt, swat T-rex tail and run.
1 mo ago
So I get the deck of the small lawn mower fixed, only for trouble to start with the riding lawn mower... again. Although to be fair, it already ate its wieght in rocks and gravel.
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1 mo ago
Tried welding one of the rear mower axles back on... didn't hold for very long... gonna have to purchase/cobble together a replacement part over the course of the week.
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1 mo ago
Currently patch-welding a badly torn-up mower-deck... Then giving it "improvements", and painting that resaulting monstrosity, and several old snow-shovels.
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-There will be delays in replies. Largely due to working overtime, voluntary obligations; other RPs and online-things may compete for my attention.

'Bout me:
Started RPing (badly) back in '05, mostly doing nation-RPs with an emphasis on technology and strategy, later edging out to character-espionage and military-tactics before doing "less serious" character roleplays that were outside of the 2005-2008 continuity.

That's when I went to Dead-Frontier, and found the RP community there, joined a clan, did some pretty good roleplays and pretty much loosened-up my online-personality. When the clan-leader decided to move her RPs here, most of the clan followed.

Took a course in technical-writing back in '08, so now I may sometimes use the semicolon correctly.

In 2010 I dusted off the old nation-RP continuity I had, doing a few hetelia-esque RP-shenanigans there..

RP-Habbits: I tend to geek-out on little technical-details, and sometimes infer how those details would impact the background of the roleplay. Great for world-building, not so great when you had a perfectly good plotline and I just MacGyver it off the rails (though I usually er to the side of amusement, sometimes it creates very grim side-stories).

Most Recent Posts

Well, I was considering that extreme environments such as rain and freezing cold, or desert heat would also drain stamina.
-As would holding a pair of 20 pound firearms at-ready for prolonged periods.
-I was under the impression that she'd be detected if she fired under almost any circumstance, considering her loadout.
-The main point was she couldn't activate it while people are looking at her. [Mystery-Men: Mr. Invisible]

So those are agreeable.

-re-words weapon skills for machine-guns and grenade-launchers

-Working on sample-post (setting up an ambush in an alleyway), just as soon as I finished getting packed... kinda have ideas for remote-placed grenade launchers involving a slip-hitch and some rubber-bands...

Edit: sample post up. Usually my posts span 15 to 30 seconds of action each, the sample had to cover an entire 5 minute firefight.
~It is remarkable how much could happen in as little as fifteen seconds.
If the RP is half as entertaining as this OOC then I'll happily stay subscribed even if there's never an opening.

Pull up a chair and have some popcorn.

Get drawn in by the RP-premise, stick around for the shitposting.

We're a lively bunch.

And I'll get a CS for the player up just as soon as I figure out how to make the word "normal" and "japanese" synonomous without breaking my brain. The internet is not helping.
-But then again, this'd probably be the only normal person I've RP'd, ever. Even my normal characters are quirky with a capital K.

Anyways, Wanjiku "Charlie" Wong seems about done. Just need to get that sample post finished and added.

Sample-post is a bit rambley... I feel as though I should trim it down... like a large run-on sentance for a running play-by-play gun-battle.
If the JSDF deployed anything like the US military, then her brother wouldn't really have a whole lot of time to actually play online (making teaming with him something of a cherished rarity).

But then again, it's the JSDF.

Speaking of-which, I'll probably be AFK until the 22nd.
Do I smell some les yay cooking up?

Pretty sure the in-game lewdness/profanity filter will prevent anything serious from happening.
Banned because I'm too cheap to hire you you're too expensive to hire as their nanny.
Banned for not being adult enough to supervise Searat for me.
Was mostly in regards to the balance of my character's stats. She may be wicked-strong for her size to wield nearly sixty pounds of guns and ammo like they were hollow plastic toys, but she can't swing them around like that indefinately.

Which ofc, means gun-wobble from muscle fatigue is a thing for her, which she tried to compensate for with luck (which also helped with stealth and rare loot) and more dakka.

Now I just need to figure out who the player behind the character is.
<Snipped quote by Foster>
That gun looks like the child of an AK and a Thompson.
Love it.

Well, the picture for appearance was Rin Kazuma from Immortal Hounds. Her signature weapon being two drum fed RPKs (which is about five pounds lighter, due to not being belt-fed).

If the RPD were deemed too heavy to be viable, the RPK-74 (with RPK-16's new 96 rd drums) would be second choice.
So far, things I'm fully set about my character is that she'll favor dual-wielding large support weapons (well, lightened ones, but still "large"), although this may be more just so she can new-york reload a beltfed MG while the other one cools-down.

Standing shot was picked because, well... sometimes you just gotta lay down overwhelming suppressive fire on the move, m'kay?

Hopefully Lurk is a valid spec, since endurance was likely a dump-stat. Plus, belt-box rattle... I'd like to have that as a plausable means of eliminating it.

>Checks Hime's GBO character... glances at @Massasauga.
This could have been awkward had I not been so insistant on dual wielding machineguns.
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