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Current Going to have to use the status bar to motivate someone to post; Elite Beat Agents style!
5 days ago
So that is what Sodium Pentothol tastes like.
16 days ago
Speaking of non-gritty post-apocalyptic RPs...
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26 days ago
More spider-man core would be the death of your first girlfriend, dumped by your second, and your third one and wife retconned out of existance.
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29 days ago
So for christmas I purchased myself a $30 SSD to upgrade my PC for the first quarter of the 21st century.


-There will be delays in replies. Largely due to working overtime, voluntary obligations; other RPs and online-things may compete for my attention.

'Bout me:
Started RPing (badly) back in '05, mostly doing nation-RPs with an emphasis on technology and strategy, later edging out to character-espionage and military-tactics before doing "less serious" character roleplays that were outside of the 2005-2008 continuity.

That's when I went to Dead-Frontier, and found the RP community there, joined a clan, did some pretty good roleplays and pretty much loosened-up my online-personality. When the clan-leader decided to move her RPs here, most of the clan followed.

Took a course in technical-writing back in '08, so now I may sometimes use the semicolon correctly.

In 2010 I dusted off the old nation-RP continuity I had, doing a few hetelia-esque RP-shenanigans there..

RP-Habbits: I tend to geek-out on little technical-details, and sometimes infer how those details would impact the background of the roleplay. Great for world-building, not so great when you had a perfectly good plotline and I just MacGyver it off the rails (though I usually er to the side of amusement, sometimes it creates very grim side-stories).

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Banned because you don't like the bittersweet taste of horseraddish, so wha makes you think you'll enjoy revenge any better?

Cool it off, first.
Banned for falsely advertising that you stalk my nightmares.

They've already placed a restraing order on you so you can only stalk my nightmares from 3 good nights of sleep away.
@The Harbinger of Ferocity Mine was a bit of a cold-hearted dick. Wouldn't say I was in much of a mood to hold a conversation as ram a tank through the doors he'd barricaded and ram that darn pellet-rifle down his throat.

Getting shot in the ass by your own dream by a pellet rifle isn't fun. It's that one that punishes you for being a nice person.

In short, I ran into Mal/Glass.
-P. sure it's a chunk of my brain that doesn't like my self-awareness from derrailling a nightmare with logic.

The good news is it only manifests when I 'beat' a nightmare, starting the "nightmare +1" difficulty.
-Which is kinda the difference between DooM 2 on nightmare, vs DooM 2 suddenly switching to Team Deathmatch in a Coop map.
I have become so accustomed to nightmares and or disquieting imagery that when I would be afflicted with one, I haven't much a reaction. It has become so common place and desensitized me to the stimuli that I find myself consciously rebuking the horror. For some reason or another, this works and I am left finding myself suddenly awake, free of the grips of the scenario. That has come to work with what would be sleep paralysis as well and I seem to retain an sizable amount of autonomy over myself.

Unironicly this reasaults in nightmares turning into inception-esque action movies with that one self-aware antagonist sabatoging your 'get out of the shit free' cards.

Then I wake up and be like "fuck this, GO BACK"

It's like I got server-banned from my own nightmare for hax.
Banned for having an OC avatar nobody is supposed to steal.
K, last futurama one I'll do for this page:
I'm surprised is still a meme after 18 years.

And yes, that is all the website is. Always has been. That was kinda the point.

Also, I suspect ye an NPC... a very advanced NPC. It's the only way you can consistantly ninja the entire clone-army.
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