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Current ... the top of my head feels... chilly.
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Make America Adorable Again 2017
20 Feb 2017 22:38
61 degrees, time to bust out the shorts, for it is finally summer.
13 Feb 2017 21:06
Is officially spring. I can see the grass on my nieghbor's front lawn.
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That feeling you get when you go to the kitchen at midnight only to get a chunk of shattered glass in your toe because you thought it was warm enough this winter to resume going barefoot.


-There will be delays in replies. Largely due to working overtime, voluntary obligations; other RPs and online-things may compete for my attention.

'Bout me:
Started RPing (badly) back in '05, mostly doing nation-RPs with an emphasis on technology and strategy, later edging out to character-espionage and military-tactics before doing "less serious" character roleplays that were outside of the 2005-2008 continuity.

That's when I went to Dead-Frontier, and found the RP community there, joined a clan, did some pretty good roleplays and pretty much loosened-up my online-personality. When the clan-leader decided to move her RPs here, most of the clan followed.

Took a course in technical-writing back in '08, so now I may sometimes use the semicolon correctly.

In 2010 I dusted off the old nation-RP continuity I had, doing a few hetelia-esque RP-shenanigans there..

RP-Habbits: I tend to geek-out on little technical-details, and sometimes infer how those details would impact the background of the roleplay. Great for world-building, not so great when you had a perfectly good plotline and I just MacGyver it off the rails (though I usually er to the side of amusement, sometimes it creates very grim side-stories).

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"Clem" Yuril grunted with a hint of aggitation as he felt his last self-defense missile leaving him under Xi's launch-authority. Thankfully, the kid managed to use it wisely enough to get a solid follow-up hit, and followed it up with a solid from one of the MiG-31's own, more advanced missiles.

He then took a quick survey of the landscape, knowing the F-16 had been sent to perform a run on some unidentified ground-targets to the southeast... but saw nothing indicating a successful run. "Four. Two is blind, get wizard on standby. Rogue; Low angle strafe on creek, coming in from the Northwest." Captain Greggor keyed to inform the rest of the flight and the ground-team as he finished his wingover-turn and began a run before re-engaging full-afterburner. Ground-fire was hard enough to necessitate a series of jinks and lag-rolls as he strained to line-up for a solid run down the dried-up waterway choked into a soft-target rich environment. Now all he had to do was hit it...

He held down a full-unload of his remaining 62,000 40mm long flechettes, punctuated by a few bursts of 23mm cannon-fire against anything that looked substantial enough to resist the anti-personel rockets that served a secondary duty of defoliating the edges of the creek for any follow-up attacks.

However, the MiG-23, despite it multi-role prowess, was not a dedicated mud-hen, and enough directed energy hits managed to slag chunks off Clem's wings, and his plane began to trail vape, likely a combination of hydraulic-fluid and fuel.

"Four, bugging out." Was all he managed to say as the Bulgarian went into a violent lag-roll, pitched and lurched violently as the wings were desprately unfurled for more lift, the pilot struggling to maintain control with an unresponsive stick and full power to the engines as it fell back on itself in a dive only to lurch back into something resembling a badly trimmed level flight to compensate for a large portion of its starboard-wing being gone when the rudder had suddenly gone missing.

"See you at the Dungeo--"
In Another World's War 19 May 2017 20:27 Forum: Casual Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Foster>
That was supposed to imply that yes, they can pull a lot more G's that us, and corner a lot more sharply and unpredictably. I.e., they are dangerous.
So, how do you suggest I show that instead?

Although a bit time-consuming to write, a case-by-case summary of how each of the surviving fighters respond, in order to give emphasis on why they're behaving this way, and what they're trying to do in the process would have painted a clearer picture of what is happening.
-Suitability: Just because they can behave this way, doesn't mean they get a free-pass to do-so whenever. Most people don't Rockford their cars out of the driveway... Although TBH it is frigg'n cool to watch on TV.

Whether this was a clue to their (specific) piloting ability, or some quirk of alien engineering was just an OOC speculation.

I suppose it's even to presume their ground-vehicles are of similar capabilities?
"More graceful than 23,000 tons of flintsteel has any right to be" ~Bolo.

~goes back to double-check how to format a proper 9-line.

(kind used to British Hurricanes vs Daleks types of severe-overmatch, anything less is a welcome surprise)

Since Ranger 2 is down/out, may try and re-introducing a Chinese contingent. Due to the alt-timeline, JF-17s and whatnot aren't available yet. But J-7L and J-7G2s would be. As would the similar Bangladeshi F-7BGI. Would give Xi something to think about.
Nonetheless, the Yerill had not fought Earth's forces and put them on the ropes through idleness. With manoeuvers the were near gravity-defying and certainly beyond the limits of human physiology and engineering, the remaining fighters regrouped with near right-angle turns and surged back in at their attackers, splitting evenly into leading and trailing groups and keeping separation as they closed in, sensors already scouring the skies for the MiGs that had hurt their numbers. Warbling lock-on warnings sounded for Clem, Xi and Lonnie.

Quite a few G's need to be pulled to manage those sorts of manuvers to make ejection-seat sized course-corrections.
-IE: the Yerrill fighters are manuvering less like planes and more like a series of ejection-seats firing in L-shaped doglegs.

An ICBM composed entirely of obsolete ejection-seats, if you would.
Also I want to apologize ahead of time due to my lack of understanding in.... To put it bluntly I guess planes in general. Everyone else seems to know a lot more then I do here. So I will do some more research in hopes I can at least keep up a bit but it may not be great.

Tempting as it is for me to chalk it up to 20+ years of fanboyism on the subject(s), most of what I know came from roughly a dozen books at the local public library and trying to consistantly apply that to roleplays.
-One of which was kind enough to go over how to read a vintage 1950's era radar-scope (and later improvements of the PPI).
-Other supplements were US Army training videos of old (obsolete) technology, like audio-only frequency-modulated ground survaillence radar (stuff currently fielded is significantly better, and automated*)

So far, the only "flaw" I'm seeing in the Yerrill fighter planes is that the controls appear to be a tad... "twerky". Which is no-doubt super-abusive to their pilots.

*Still... SICON ftw.
In Another World's War 14 May 2017 14:33 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Dibbs on placing an Cuban MiG-23BN as ranger 2.

<Snipped quote by Foster>

No issue with redundant targeting then. It's just fortunate for the MiG-31 (and the rest of the squad for that matter) that the situation presented, as written, made for a VERY favorable target set for the MiG-31. This aircraft has the ability to hit targets at a far greater range than any other platform presently in the squadron and as stated in my OOC post it was simply best practice to fire them on very high percentage shots. Anyone was welcome to speak up then, but did not do so and the post has hung out there uncontested for seventeen days up until now. I would have rewritten back then if someone had an issue and a better method with which to move the plot and fight the enemy IC.

CAP = Combat Air Patrol = Fighters = those things that are fast and nimble enough to utterly murder us all

1st salvo, using russian long-range lock-on after launch missiles are well suited for such head-on "ambushes" due to their tiny launch signature (no radar-lock ping needed until about 1 sec from merge). Making them the cheapest and easist way to whittle them down.

Is why Clem burned all four of his R-27s on fighters, and on first read, I was assuming you had done the same with R-33s.
Resault: Nearly complete squad-wipe of all enemy fighters in a single pass.
-Which is why these sorts of engagements are called "Fox One Cheapshot" in brevity (also "Mad-dog" because they [the IR guided missiles launched w/o any lock] can accidentally lock onto friendlies or outgoing missiles).

But if you really want to try your luck against an infitiy-gen alien fighter in a turn & burn fest, by all means.

The bomber-sized stuff can probably even be targeted by air-to-ground ordnance. Such as JDAMs and rocket-pods.
Edit for Doug: the uncommon super-ability to think.

Super Power: To make anyone on Earth laugh utilising referential and meme based humour. Only works once per person.

To be fair, this is p. much my super-power, and Shynet can confirm.
@Foster Be a therapist. AND HELLO THERE! *glomps*

Hm. The ability to change the color of your eyes. ...originally I thought about changing a different thing's color, but I, better keep it away from the toilet.

Rooster teeth had that for "Million Dollars, but" except it glowed, stupidly-brightly... Awesome for hosting NSFW rave-parties...

Add wigs, and now 10th best spy ever.

Ability: To change hairstyle to match whatever you're thinking, BUuuuuuut, there is no 'hold' or 'pause', meaning easy-come, easy-go and a bunch of bad hair days.

Alternately, a sentient shadow that only you can see, oh, and it talks... but again only you can hear it.
>Sides with Massa on this one, because sticking to designated targets from flight-lead prevents redundant targeting.

Like spamming 20 missiles at once for a target that only needs one hit.
-which'd kinda demonstrate that pilot's faith in that particular missile.

Also, iirc, USAF wrote something about bomber-sized target-drones (QB-52 FTW) being able to take an AIM-7 sparrow hit and keep chugging to their target like a boss.

I mean, y'all know the punishment an A-10 can take [it'll buff]... lets assume the big things can take that and scale it.
-Sometimes those pesky SA-2s jumped up and bit the pilot/co-pilot, just to make the flight home more challenging.

I remember seeing a photo of the one TBM Avenger that made it back at the battle of Midway (pilot was blind [eyes blown out by flak]). Swiss-cheese and a box of purple-hearts.
All Twombly felt was a shudder, something brushing up against the back of his leg, and a shout. Gripping the pilfered dart, he swiveled around expecting to meet the ferret trying to land a haymaker, only instead to see Charlie knocked off his barstool and sitting dumb on his ass. He hadn't so much seen or heard the shove as much as felt the uncerimonious landing. There was also a small woman with a large instrument-case nearly as big as herself. After this assesment, he managed to pick out something about something throwing duds and managed to piece-together while fienting deep contemplation that she had something that needed to be fixed, that probably could've been fixed by anyone... but this girl chose him. His reputation had spread quickly, it seemed.

"I could look at it here, if you'd like. But I doubt I'd be able to fix it until I swing back to my workshop." He then looked at the impatient little timber-wolf with a warm smile, and the ferret with a frown, and then to Sully with an enquiring expression (to which he got nothing but an amused shrug). He sighed, pulling a few dollar bills from his pocket and placing them on the counter along with the dart.

He then started walking for the door, "Sully, make sure Charlie gets a cab-ride home in one piece. You can't let your best customer get himself into more trouble than he can mooch his way out of." He said, pausing expectantly. "Speaking of wich; Miss, if we're both going to be in a hurry to meet up in the same place, I see no reason why I can't split a cab-fare with you."
I still don't know how I am going to get my character into things at this point in?

You've got a jump-jet.

There's an A-6 that'll need an escort.

We'll assume you were inoffensive at the briefing.

Didn't peg, just scared.

I saw brevity-codes for hits and descriptions of bandits trailing smoke.

The big ships are probably right-rattled by now, but right now I'm more worried about the two completely unmolested fighters that could be doing anything.
In Another World's War 11 May 2017 21:25 Forum: Casual Roleplay
M'kay. So just a tl;dr recap:

MiG-31 went in high and fast, pegged each of the four big ones with a bloody huge missile each, zoooooom-cliiiiiiiiimb, used sun to blind their weapons-fire before doing a cropduster-turn to re-engage two more with missiles.

MiG-23 went in low fast and hot, pegging a few fighters along the way (some with unguided rockets) and dragging most of them down into the weebs. Creative use of the R-60 ensues.

Dalcon finally shows-up, pegs a big one with a super-sidewinder, then an AIM-120 to finish.

So... this pretty much means fighters engaged:
MiG-31: Engaged two fighter craft. Probably still has an R-73 and guns (260 rds / 1.75 sec).

MiG-23: Aggro'd everything. Packing two rocket-pods, guns (200 rds / 3.4 sec), and a single R-60 pointed aft. That's it.

Dalcon: Searching for targets. Short a sidewinder and AMRAAM (presumes has one of each still). Also has a JDANM. Oh, and guns (500 rds / 5 sec)

There were 8 of them. And the most Clem got was 5.

So there's at least two more bandits up my tailpipe, pls declog. kthxbye.
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