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9 days ago
Current The meme of the month appears to be "Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan"
12 days ago
Why make it hard for your stalkers? What if I wanna make them feel like they're following Willy Wonka through their candy factory?
19 days ago
GM tip: Protagonists not edgy enough? Make them edgy in realtime with your villainous player-character!
21 days ago
So a side-show to memorial-day is remembering the POWs that died in captivity, right?
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27 days ago
TFW you've been so hyper-focused on modern fortification that you forget what a castle is for an RP.


-There will be delays in replies. Largely due to working overtime, voluntary obligations; other RPs and online-things may compete for my attention.

'Bout me:
Started RPing (badly) back in '05, mostly doing nation-RPs with an emphasis on technology and strategy, later edging out to character-espionage and military-tactics before doing "less serious" character roleplays that were outside of the 2005-2008 continuity.

That's when I went to Dead-Frontier, and found the RP community there, joined a clan, did some pretty good roleplays and pretty much loosened-up my online-personality. When the clan-leader decided to move her RPs here, most of the clan followed.

Took a course in technical-writing back in '08, so now I may sometimes use the semicolon correctly.

In 2010 I dusted off the old nation-RP continuity I had, doing a few hetelia-esque RP-shenanigans there..

RP-Habbits: I tend to geek-out on little technical-details, and sometimes infer how those details would impact the background of the roleplay. Great for world-building, not so great when you had a perfectly good plotline and I just MacGyver it off the rails (though I usually er to the side of amusement, sometimes it creates very grim side-stories).

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Banned because I know that

Banned because we know you know that. That's why you were banned.

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Blinky's eye stops twitching
Banned because nah, I'd win.
GOD I'm bored, and why is it that EVERY 1x1 interest check is 18+???
I'd play almost any thing at all there if it wasn't 18+
Being 1x1 is easier for me to comprehend and manage bc I get verrry overwhelmed by large groups :(

Unpopular opinion of treating a group RP like a 1x1

Embrace the chaos.

Become the chaos.

Now they aren't your problem, you are theirs.
~ Clem, probably.

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