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Are Medusa's body hairs actually just tiny snakes?


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I love writing to try and get out of this crazy world and act like there is no problems for a hour. I'm addicted to the hobby and will try and play as long as I can, sometimes its months other times it's years.

I am a competitive cosplayer, that also means the profile pictures are indeed me. So please ask if you want to use them and if you do give credit to Close Enough Cosplay.

I'm a sucker for romance, sci fi, fantasy and just about any modern city with a twist like monster hunting or super powers. Been writing for years, I didn't learn how to read till I was 12 so the moment I got the hang of it, I could not stop. Filling journals with stories one after the other, my younger sister eventually got me into role playing and it created a monster. I will play with you all day if you reply, post for post and will give you as much detail as I can.

If you need someone to talk to, I'm open

I'm serious, I have dealt with depression for many years. If you need a stranger to talk to without judgement than feel free to PM me and I will listen, I may not have the answers to your problems, I'm not a all knowing god, but I am a ear that will listen if you feel you have no where to go.


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Oh wow, I just came back from getting treatments for a medical issue, to see this. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!
Close Enough's art stuff

Welcome to my art page! Well, art thread I guess? I just have a bunch of art for my OCs that I made over the years and thought I'd share cause it's fun. So open up, enjoy and remember that each of the canvass are large so they take up a lot of space. Sadly I am not doing commissions at this time, I just don't have enough days off at the moment.

Welcome to my interest check

Hello there! I am Close Enough, I'm a 23 year old person, that's been roleplaying for the better part of about 8 years now. I enjoy world and character building, and role play is the best place to do it, so here I am. At the moment I have a new character, who at the moment was placed in a group rp. But the more I used him the more I fell for this little guy and I just really wanted to flesh him out more in his own story so he can build himself up some more, ya know?
I post as much as I can. Life happens a lot however, and I will update you whenever that happens. But I will try to get a post up either once a day, or once every other day. I'm also in the US if you wanted to know more for time zones.

Things I'm okay with:
Smut so long as it's story related.
Light torture

Things I am not okay with:
god modding
Ya know, the usual stuff.

Hero x Hero:
Self explanatory, Beo is a vigilanty outside of the law enforcemnt. You would be another hero to some degree, weather it be another vigilant, someone in the MCT, police etc.

Beo x Civilian:
The most slice of life pairing. You could have any profession, a powerful CEO or just a local artist that crosses paths. A slow burn romance that is honestly one of my favorites since it could be very cute and a relaxing casual style.

Beo x criminal:
You are a criminal of some capacity. Crime lord, assassin, someone extremely dangerous or just petty crime. Your pick, Beo is charged with hunting you down. Weather it be your story or charm that keeps you out of his grasp if all up to you.

Beo Unin Dottor

Name: Beo Unin Dottor
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Personality: Beo has facial agnosia, a mental illness that makes it difficult to replicate facial expression. While he almost always looks board, or even uncaring. He's actually a socially anxious bean who overthinks everything cause he has had so little experience with other people. He has the tag of being a rude person when in realty he's actually quite kind and and a little snarky when you push him. He's also known to blush over the smallest of things.

Likes: Cars, combat training, sweets, pictures of loved ones, music, puzzles.
Dislikes: Social interaction, loud fans, salty foods.

Beo is the son of the world's greatest hero. Xathina Unin Dottor. The woman had saved the world as though it were a simple job. The ability to control earth and stone, she became a image of protection and peace. Though only a few years ago, did she bring her son to the public eye and announced that she did indeed have a child. Before that, Xathina was fiercely protective of Beo, not allowing the media to know of him for fear of his safety. He was home schooled and almost isolated from others his age in the hopes he could have a somewhat normal life under the guise of play dates and family gatherings. He was 16 when she announced him to the public, only for the media to realize that Beo was not only the sole child of the hero, but already a very skilled and highly trained vigilante.

During his off hours he runs a shop called the copper wire. Wanting to stay as far away from fans as possible as he treats hero work as nothing more then the family business. An expectation to do on the side as he works on his own thing. You can see him working with Xathina, taking down crime lords or ranglining people who have gone drunk with power, only for him to quietly go back to his work, no longer seeking fame like so many thought he would.

The city of Troit
Troit is very much like Seattle city, with the towering sky scrapers and bustling streets. Everyone having something to do and somewhere to be. The population of Troit having the unique trait of having powers due to the ground work in which it was built. A chemical compound causing mutations to anyone born within the territory. Elemental control, changing sizes, even changes in appearance or godly abilities such as the control of gravity itself. Due to this, there are strict rules for power usage. Those who experience signs of going rouge, using their mutation for harm or in negligence, will be hunted down by the MCT the mutation control team. Xathina Unin Dottor being the highest ranking team member, who will be dispatched in high volumes of distress or cries for war, while other users will take down smaller things, such as small gangs or organized crime.

Mutations are also seen in categories of threats. Xathina being a class S while someone who just has glowing skin would be class E and so on.
E: Borderline useless ability, no threats of the MCT will be given to this mutation.
F: Mutations that are a little more flashy, but still prove to be no threat. Healers are often in this class.
D: Mutations that allow some alterations to physical abilities, but not by much. Slightly faster running, or higher defense.
c: Mutations that could be used in small crime and shows. Basic control of physical abilities.
B: Mutations that are already on the watch list. These are controlled, and these mutations qualify for law enforcement in crime.

A: Mutations that are always under watch, these people are hunted by MTC if they experience even low level crime, as they have the ability to create massive amounts of destruction.

S: God teir ability, Xathina Unin Dottor and a handful of others in the world are even considered to have this class.


This is unexpected! And this rp is really special to me. It created raven tale (who was later named Nevermore) and really set me off into the world of rp, yo the point of working on a costume for her.

You guys really helped me out with a lot. So it’s actually warming my heart to see you commenting again zap!!!
In the middle cart of a train, coming back to New Haven from the city of York New, things were quiet. Soft chatter from passengers on their phones, calling loved ones or work, all with plans on their mind. The turning pages of a book as the paper creased under calloused hands, the muffled sound of someone's music as it blared through their headphones and turning their ear drums to mush. A packed cart, of people having the horror of sitting next to silent strangers.

Aurora herself wasn't paying much mind to the person on her left. A pod cast of various incidents in New Haven updated while she was waiting to get home. Her interest sparked a while ago, only to give way to mute irritation as the voices in her head phones went back and forth, explaining a robbery who just had to be Variants as well.

"With the variants Flea and Noxia detained, the city is once again left with a disturbing question. The building behind me is still up in flames, the damage done only by two people with no casualties as of yet."

"Tom, I'd just like to ask, why we haven't cracked down on Variants yet. I myself just reading about Flea to see he doesn't seem too dangerous, but the footage is saying something else. Imagine if there was someone worse in that little team up to act out crimes for something that could have an actual body count?"

"My own opinion is to just let Variants take care of Variants, it's time to have more officers be aloud to use and train with their abilities to hunt these people dow-

She turned off the podcast, the words humming in her ears, leaving a foul taste in her mouth. She hasn't even set foot back home yet, and she was already listening in on the war in the streets. It didn't take much to find out that Manny was in the fray, it would honestly be surprising if he wasn't in the heart of any and all vigilante work since she left. Still, she couldn't help but sigh, air passing her lips as she felt Goliath shift on her feet.
How were the others doing? The vigilantes? The masked faces and bare voices were more of her family then she could have called her mother and father. Her phone still buzzing none stop as it tried to catch up on the messages that was sent to her over the last six months. One after the other, voice mail after voice mail of angry cries and threats of her coming back home only to give way to quiet whispers of apologies and begging words to get her to come home. She stopped listening after the first few hours, only so much guilt she could take in one day after all.

Fingers running absently over the buttons on her coat as she leaned against her seat and allowed the world to move past her in the rocking train car. The albino wasn't doing much, just pressing the buttons on a simple mp3 player that wrapped around her head, before closing her cloudy eyes. Even then, she could still feel the eyes of the girl in the seat next to her own. The smell of a freshly brewed coffee steaming to her side, making her only slightly jealous. She been drinking the stuff pretty much none stop for the last few months cause of her job, and even now she'd probably kill for another one just to keep her brighter eyed.

It was a long train ride, a boring one after a long job, a terrible one. Her hands were bandaged, arm finally out of it's cast. Bags under her eyes, while a sleepy smile played on her lips as the automatic voice binged in the car. "New Haven Train station" The shift in her mood causing Goliath to sit up, her hand finding his head with her perked ears. "Almost home boy, You'll be able to sleep in your bed soon." She could almost feel the stubby tail wiggle as her train buddy wordlessly reached up and ruffled through their hanging luggage. A quiet "here ya go" only for her to feel her duffel bag dwarf her lap as she let out a yelp.

Feeling the train groan to a halt. Aurora couldn't wait much longer as she collected herself and her dog before the beast began to drag her off. She never wanted to visit that city again, never wanted to do that again. The smell of garbage and smoke, with the sounds of tired groans and rude remarks, was still better then the six months of hell she just had to deal with. Her boots clicking on the station's tile floor, she fished for her phone again, holding it to her lips as she spoke with a grin. "Text Mop Top....I'm home."

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