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Current I work until I die
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Posting is gonna be slow. My hands are killing me
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15 days ago
Posting is gonna be slow. My hands are killing me
26 days ago
I finally started making art again
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I need to get better at writing


(Taken by Lucid visual photography)

I love writing to try and get out of this crazy world and act like there is no problems for a hour. I'm addicted to the hobby and will try and play as long as I can, sometimes its months other times it's years.

I am a competitive cosplayer, that also means the profile pictures are indeed me. So please ask if you want to use them and if you do give credit to Close Enough Cosplay.

I'm a sucker for romance, sci fi, fantasy and just about any modern city with a twist like monster hunting or super powers. Been writing for years, I didn't learn how to read till I was 12 so the moment I got the hang of it, I could not stop. Filling journals with stories one after the other, my younger sister eventually got me into role playing and it created a monster. I will play with you all day if you reply, post for post and will give you as much detail as I can.

If you need someone to talk to, I'm open

I'm serious, I have dealt with depression for many years. If you need a stranger to talk to without judgement than feel free to PM me and I will listen, I may not have the answers to your problems, I'm not a all knowing god, but I am a ear that will listen if you feel you have no where to go.


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I’m heading to work right now. But I’m very much interested

That doc is awesome! Also who wants to room with Gat or Mera!

And I'm liking A, the design is simple so you wouldn't have to put too much thought into what is where, and it all draws into the centre.
I'm warning you now, I wrote their back stories while on a ton of pain killers.

These characters all look so good. I’ll be working on my own soo.
Still a WIP for the both of them. But really wanted to try a pair of siblings this time. Also, Art, is it just me or is this the school of Nevermore from Variants.

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