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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Janelle Gauger

Location: Lotus Hotel and Casino
Skills: N/A

She wasn't entirely sure what to expect when they entered the casino. The sounds hit her really quickly as she walked in petting the cat in her arms. Sunshine seemed like a fitting name even though she couldn't see the cat from what she gathered with the cat. Though she wasn't going to really acknowledge Zeke's presence on that entire thing. Ignoring him made her life a whole lot easier right now, especially since she was focusing on being able to tell what everything around her was like. Though she did instantly hear the voice that asked about if anyone wanted a cookie.

Then there was the sound of Nancy's voice and the sound of two people hitting the ground.

Stop Zeke? Wait did he do something stupid? She wasn't sure, as everyone else hadn't said much, but if Nancy asked for something like that, she wasn't going to stand by and do nothing. "I'm on it," she said instantly as she let Sunshine go down to the ground and pulled out a glasses case, slipping the lenses on. The first thing she noticed was how bright everything was. It took a moment for her to adjust to it, considering the fact that she was used to there just being darkness instead. The noise and sights around her was a bit dizzying and overwhelming, but she had something more important to do.

Janelle didn't even look to see anyone else, since she was likely not going to be able to easily pick out who was who of everyone, plus to them they'd all be able to tell that she seemed to actually be looking around at her surroundings, and she spotted Zeke's retreating back to the rest of the group. "Comb ahn Sunshine, let's go," she said as the cat took off after him, and she took off after the cat. Eventually she was able to catch up to Zeke and put a hand on his shoulder and spun him around to face her, and now she was looking at him directly in the eye, the cat nearby still.

"Zeke you just ded sahmethin dat you weren't suppahsed to and Nancy is right now really wahrried about you, so we need to get back to everyahne else alright? Ahr I'll put you to sleep and drag you back," she said directly to him, not sure what caused him to wander off or anything like that.

Jason Gauger

Location: Taxi
Skills: N/A

Facing giants. Sounded lovely really, and hearing about all of the things that had moved in since the fall of New Rome was totally a big reassurance as to what they were doing. They still didn't have any idea how close to their goal they were, or anything like that. All they knew was that they were almost to their destination, or at least part of it to actually accomplish anything. Things were seeming further and further away, though this did seem to explain why Persephone was there, to at least help somewhat with the giants.

Jason was still staying relatively quiet since Stella was more openly talking with Persephone, and Niah had a few questions of her own. As of right now, he didn't exactly have a lot to say or even questions of his own to ask. She had answered the main one he had, which was why she was there, so right now she didn't have anything else to say. He was starting to wonder just how far from their destination they were, but figured to not ask the age old question of "Are we there yet?".

Marygold Isley

Location: The Labyrinth
Skills: N/A

Things were going wrong, very very wrong, and this wasn't going to end well. Everyone was getting tired, and they'd only be able to out run them for so long before the monsters would be able to easily catch up to them and then they'd all be dead. Madalyne was lagging behind a little, and the cry of pain caused her to glance back and see her turn it into dust, but what was more concerning was when Madalyne caught up to her and handed her a gem to give to Nancy and Niah if something happened to her.

Which meant to her that Madalyne was going to do something to result in her maybe not making it back.

Mary took if from her but shook her head slightly, "Well, you'll be able to give it to them yourself, but I'll hold onto it for you right now, okay?" she said to her, though she had a feeling not all of them were going to get out of here alive. She lead the way with the map after slipping the gem into her pocket, and they would enter a room with a large bridge across the gap, with steps at the other end that seemed to be the way out, "We're almost there, that looks to be the exit over there," she said, pointing towards the stairs.

Zelda Flynn

Location: Training Room A
Skills: Knife Throwing

She was not super thrilled with this whole thing really. Fighting each other didn't seem like the best of things (though the fact that their team was a bit dysfunctional didn't help their situation) so when others wanted superhero costumes for them to use, she happily jumped on it. Since it allowed her time to go race around and make things for everyone. Zelda's own costume was already made, her Sheik costume that she had worn during the auditions. Plus she had focused a bit on making Percy's at one point, so there was that.

When it came to the day of, she switched into her costume, and made sure that she had her sling of knives that she carried around to throw. The key thing was to go attack people where it wouldn't kill and would only seemingly result in an injury. Since that was not the sort of situation she wanted to find herself in. However in her costume, she was definitely a bit more confident in what she was doing. That was the thing, pretending to be someone else made her feel better. It made her feel like if she messed up then it wasn't necessarily her messing up, just the persona that she had adopted for the fight.

As the fighting began, the siren person's voice was a bit odd to her, but it didn't necessarily stop her from being able to do anything. Though the corny song that Dorian had decided to start up when he was clearly taking control of that girl was a bit weird to him. Her attention turned towards the light manipulator person, and she threw her first knife. Aiming a bit too high the person had managed to throw up a shield to defend against something that would have not been what she had been aiming for. Her next two shots were mixed, one the person had managed to dodge, though the other had managed to lodge itself in the upper shoulder stuck there. At least that was something for her to have accomplished to say the least.

Zarina Raynordattir

Location: Training Room B
Skills: Sword Fighting, Technopathy

Zari was super excited for this whole fighting thing. Sounded like a whole lot of fun in her mind, though she also didn't think having an actual team leader was a good idea. So for the most part she still kind of ignored Vicki's stuff for things. Not to mention she had decided to try to make comms for everyone. By herself. She does realize that Zari literally is great with any for of tech and electronics right? That literally is her entire thing, but nope, decided to do it all on her own. There was the issue of having to prevent herself from giggling a little bit at the fact that she had sort of failed in that mission.

Anyway when it came time to join up with her team, she had armored up in her own armor, her sword was at her side and a horn was hooked at her waist as well. She was wearing her Valkyrie helm as well, and so she was prepared for just about anything. Then as the battle begun, the lights decided to go out because of someone, and with Leah's wall she couldn't exactly see. Now that was annoying. Zari used her powers (or attempted to) to at least get it so that there was some light as one flickered back on overhead, but was weak. That was better then nothing she figured. After another moment of thinking though, she facepalmed as she realized how much of a moron she was.

"I am such an idiot, who needs lights when my sword is literally called Glowstick for a reason," she said with a bit of a laugh as she unsheathed her sword, and it began emanating with a bright bit of light. Sure, made her a bit of an easy target, but now she could at least see everything around her. Zari shook her head a bit at Victoria though, "You'll be fine, plus think the fact that we are in a bowl of sorts means let's attack the aerial ones first, since you know, arrows can hurt. Plus some of us can fly you know," she said, the first part of her sentence was a bit more firmly directed towards Victoria in more ways then one a bit.

Without so much as a second thought though, she unhooked her horn and blew on it very loudly, the sound echoing throughout the room as a portal opened up next to her, and out walked Mr. Sparkles the Pegasus. Hoping on board, she giggled a bit, "Mr. Sparkles, let's go!" she said happily as they took off into the air, her sword still glowing to light the way for her. It didn't take long for her to get up and find the bird guy, and with one swing, making sure to aim for using the hilt of her sword as opposed to fully the blade, and slammed it into him, resulting in the guy dropping like a fly and hitting the ground out cold.

Klara, Daughter of Thor

Location: Limbo - Maze
Skills: N/A
Spells: Helbredende Vann

"No, though I do know them. My grandfather is Odin the All-Father, grandmother is Frigga who also has begun teaching me some magic, well, learning from both her and my uncle Loki. Though sword play is a rather simple thing, not to mention I can use my other arm. People do have two arms you know. What's the whole point of having another arm if I can't use it to fight with my sword. I've been training with the weapon since I could hold one in my hand," she snapped at him, completely ignoring the whole fact that what Carolina was saying how they needed to help each other out.

As if to mock him a little bit, she reached down by her side and opened up the flask of water that she had there. Manipulating the water with her powers, a stream swirled around and started to glow as it wrapped around her broken arm. It took a little bit of her trying to cast the magic and to get it to work, but after a little while, the arm mended a bit. So it wasn't super broken, at least that it had been healing for a few weeks. The water swirled around in her hand again and went back into the flask at her side as she shut the lid. "Remind me why I should help him? Not to mention you aren't exactly one to talk," she said towards Carolina now, "By Asgardian standards, and I'm guessing Midgard standards I'm fairly young, so when against some really bad thing why would instead of choosing to do something to help and instead decided to just not do something when it had been made apparent to literally everyone that the Green Eyed One wasn't going to hurt you. So no, I'm not healing him. Plus you say everyone should work together when you didn't really do anything and then the other guy who was with us abandoned us completely." Yup, she was not in the mood to deal with everyone around her right now. The feeling and emptiness was a bit overwhelming at the moment, and she had no idea what to even seemingly do at the moment to fix it. So lashing out at people instead for having not actually been helpful was what she had settled on doing.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Las Vegas
Skills: N/A

She just sort of listened to what Kristin was saying with regards to the hotel, and at least giving them some information to go off of, though she still wasn't too sure what this place would be like. They had to move quickly, but the problem was they weren't even positive as to where in the hotel they had to go to in order to reach their goal. This wasn't exactly going to be a simple thing.

Her attention was drawn away by the feeling of something small and fuzzy rubbing up against her legs, followed by a meow. Janelle couldn't help but giggle a little bit at the appearance of the cat, as she reached down to say hello. "Well where ded you come frahm lettle one," she said as she picked the cat up into her arms, petting it. Of course then her happy little bubble with the cat got interrupted and popped by Zeke popping up with Nancy finally. The cat apparently belonged to them, but she was just sort of ignoring Zeke's words at this point, deciding to focus once more only on the cat in her arms.

Jason Gauger

Location: The Train Station
Skills: N/A

The cab did not seem like it should be designed for this many people to be in it. Well, at least comfortably really. Since there were now four of them plus the driver in the car. Oh well, he wasn't entirely sure where they were going still, but he figured at this point he'd listen more to what the others were saying rather then add to the conversation himself. Since so many voices were already talking.

Well, aside from answering Persephone's question, "I'm alright," he said with a shrug as he listened to the others. Niah was mentioning someone he hadn't heard about at all, a bit odd that she was mentioning it, but he figured it better not to ask or whatever. The conversation seemed to be shifting though as both Stella and Niah seemed to be thinking the same question, and he was wondering too, namely how was Persephone going to help them out.

Marygold Isley

Location: The Labyrinth
Skills: N/A

Mary was pretty sure this was going to be the part where they all died trying to get out of the Labyrinth. They were being chased by monsters, and who knew how far it would be to get to one of the exits of the place. Which meant they could find themselves on the run for a very long time trying to get out for all they knew. That would spell out disaster since the monsters likely could run for a hell of a lot longer then they could.

The bridge was definitely a fun thing to cross. She didn't exactly say much with regards to Madalyne using her magic to seemingly get them across, and then there was the issue of the giant. "We've got to keep going... Though I hope we get to an exit or at least lose these guys soon. Otherwise this is not going to end well for us," she said as they kept running along. She really was hoping this would stop with the chaos soon enough, but she didn't say anything else as she followed the arrow on the map, hoping things would work out.

Rosalia Rider

Location: Rapunzel's Tower
Skills: N/A

She was still not thrilled that people wanted Colby or Matthew to end up in any of the groups since they were walking disasters. However if she did have to choose one, she'd prefer to have Matt with whatever group she was in. But she'd prefer to actually have neither of them, but the world couldn't be perfect at all. Oh well, nothing that could be done about it for the most part, they just had to get going with this whole thing already.

Rosalia turned to look at Flynn when he came over to her and handed her a dagger to hold onto. She looked at it for a moment, not super thrilled at being handed it, but also fully understanding why she now had it. "Thanks, I think, though as mentioned, hopefully won't have to use it or anything," she said with a shrug, more then ready for them to see about heading off on their mission.

Jack Gold

Location: Rapunzel's Tower
Skills: N/A

People were starting to head out and everything with regards to the plan, which wasn't really a plan just sort of seemed like a lot of it at this point was coming down to luck or something like that. There wasn't a whole lot that they really could do at this point besides head in and hope for the best. So that was something to say the least. His attention shifted towards his mother now as she came up to talk to him.

"Yeah, as ready as possible anyway," he told her. He had the sword that he found a while back, even though he wasn't exactly the best when it came to sword fighting. But he did have access to magic naturally, so all else fails he throws a fireball and hope that he doesn't burn everyone in sight. That's what he had for skills that would be useful in this situation, so here was hoping it worked out in the end for them.

Lance Banner

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Advanced First Aid

Riiiiiiiiiiight, him going to therapy? I'd lean more to the trap thing if he hadn't put together the hallway again so you didn't die... Also still weirded out by him defending me. Pietro responded to Guin. Still very much uneasy about the entire situation in front of them.

Magneto seemed to be thinking of what was being said, and looked around at the group. "That is not how anything is supposed to work unless someone has been giving out orders of sorts behind my back with regards to it. Potentially fighting for the right to be up here is correct, however, it was supposed to be a fully voluntary thing. The combats are meant to determine the strongest in order to ensure this place is well defended before it is even fully operational. Once it is defended it's meant to be able to house any mutant who wants to be here. However as mentioned, it is entirely volunteer based." he eventually explained, though he did look over at Exodus, since he did seem to know a bit more then what he had initially said about it.

Lance was a bit weirded out by the entire situation. Though right now he was getting a bit dizzy from his own head injury, plus his broken leg which he only now actually took a look at it. His leg was at a bit of an odd angle, and now looking at it he saw that a piece of bone was sticking out a bit. That was going to cause problems when it came to moving. Actually, he didn't know what would happen fully if he shifted and shifted back. Whether it would heal entirely or only heal when he was shifted and then not be when he shifted back.

"...Well this isn't going to be fun..." he muttered under his breath, before he put his hands on either side of his leg, and both Guin and Jaclyn would hear a bit of a crack as he basically just snapped his leg back into place.

Mira ended up being able to reach the area that they were in. Though she was a bit tired from the run, at least she had a bit of endurance to make it so she was less worn out. However the situation they were visibly in now definitely seemed interesting. This looked to be the place where the explosion had likely occurred, and everything seemed a bit weird in general for them. Magneto wasn't attacking them, though she wasn't sure if Exodus was going to try something soon. That guy was insanely unpredictable, and kind of dangerous from what she knew. They had no real way to successfully fight him off easily if they had to. But at least it just seemed to be a friendly, if awkward, conversation that was going on right now.

"Still find it hard to believe you had no knowledge of what your guys were doing when they decided to attack us, and we had no idea what was going on with it or why."

"You might think that, but it is the truth Pietro."

Marygold Isley

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: N/A

Mary was not entirely sure what to do at this point, the others were still kind of preoccupied with everything else. Though at least Perry seemed to be able to get into the computer system. Her mind was wandering and having a bit of a hard time focusing on what was going on around her. There wasn't much more in a response from Guin aside from her explaining the whole situation. Well kind of explaining the whole situation, was still kind of vague, but it was being made apparent that Guin and them likely weren't going to be catching up with them anytime soon.

Flynn walked over to the computer system that Perry had booted up and gotten into. "Well, how about we see what sort of files are on here... Actually wonder if there are files on people here that might be interesting to say the least," he commented as he went to another console that was part of the same computer, just with a different screen. He started flipping through various things, until he found some of the files on people on the asteroid, and he out of curiosity pulled up the one on Cortez.

"...So looks like you might have lucked out majorly so with what Cortez did. His powers? He basically can act as a battery for the powers of others. And in a way makes it seem like he's healing them since he boosts people in general... But there is one big downside where you very much want to be careful of. He can overcharge powers and make people burn out, essentially killing them... Just think, that could have probably been a whole lot worse, at least he seemed like he was somewhat "helping". Though as we know not really helping. That guy just gets a whole lot worse now doesn't he?"

"Well yeah things could have gotten worse... Like a lot worse. You do not want to see my powers go completely out of control. Any of the abilities I have really. Though at least some of them are kind of useless since we're in space and not on really any ground that can grow plant life," Mary ended up saying, though not fully stating all the other things she could do to potentially cause them problems. One thing would be a bit obvious though, namely that she seemed to almost be half paying attention to what even was going on at the moment.

Hearing what was being said about pulling up cameras, she just nodded her head, "I don't know exactly where the others are, but if there is a camera system I'd say yeah pull it up. Especially since from what little I got told Magneto's over there and they were kind of at the center of that explosion."

Sorry that I was asking for specifics, got a splitting headache because turns out there's a guy on this station who apparently kind of supercharges the powers of others, but if used too much he can basically burn you out and kill you, he used his powers briefly on us, that could have ended really badly...

Percy and Zelda

Zelda had been sort of bored so she had begun tinkering a bit with the design of sorts for at least a prototype suit for Percy. It was a basic one since the main function was to get it so that at least the clothes appeared to change appearance for the time era it was in. And she was making it with a fabric she had found that was a bit more adaptable to different environments and more resistant and durable in general. Of course, it had served as a nice project to get her mind off of the rest of the team that they both had gotten stuck with. Eventually, she did find Percy after she had finished the project and basically had just sent him a message to come to meet up with her at her dorm room since she had something to give him. Of course she kind of had kept her little mini project hidden from her roommate, figuring it best to not potentially have to explain the full thing to her or something.

Percy had been watching reality television in his room when Zelda texted him, asking him to come on by. He visited Zelda's dorm room somewhat often, mostly because her roommate was his older sister, Diana. There was another dorm room besides his own that he tended to visit, although he had been keeping that development somewhat private. He didn't need his personal affairs to be the talk of the entire school. Although he wouldn't have been surprised if the other person in the budding relationship had already told most of the junior class. He made his way on over to Zelda's dorm - it wasn't too far, just on another floor of Stark Hall, and he knocked three times. "Zelda? It's Percy."

She walked over and opened up the door, giving him a slight smile, "Hey there Percy..." she said, before stepping aside to let him in the room. Once he entered, Percy would see what looked to be a mannequin of sorts with a costume on it. It looked identical to the outfit that he was wearing currently for the most part. "Remember how we spoke about what sort of costume or whatever we'd do for you? Well I kind of decided to try making it. The crest on the suit is what hides the thing meant to shift your outfit depending on what period you're in... But obviously not entirely sure that it works or anything for what it's meant to do without actually testing it out or something..."

Percy blinked, looking at the mannequin. He hadn't actually expected for Zelda to be able to make a costume that would fit his specific needs. He had watched a few video series on designing clothing for superpowers, and it wasn't an easy job, even for the simpler powers. Percy, somewhat haughtily, figured that his would never be called simple. "How'd you make it?" Percy asked, incredibly curious. He reached out and gently touched the fabric, as if too hard a contact would cause it to unravel and fall to pieces.

"Well I already had a lot of the sort of materials. I typically tend to keep on hand fabrics and materials that are fairly durable... Though I did go on a bit of a scavenger hunt to find something that would be better for just in general durability in the fight... Now for the tech part well... I did have to ask someone for help with that... But thankfully we both know someone whose good with tech and electronics, and Zari essentially squealed with excitement at the challenge that I gave to her and we figured out a way to make it so that it, well hopefully, works correctly... I have my own little costume I've sort of been working on for me, but yours was a bit more interesting to work on in general..." she said, still not entirely sure about his reaction, "So do you like it?" Zelda then asked, waiting to hear his response.

That made sense to him, Zelda involving Zari - Zari hopped between universes, she had access to the sort of text that could make clothing change to fit a time period. In fact, Percy wouldn't have been surprised if Zari's mother had even invented a device that would similarly help her daughter blend in. Clearly Zari wasn't using it though, as her style looked as alien and awkward as always.

It was also the most he had heard Zelda talk in a while. Or ever, really. She was always so shy and withdrawn. Percy nodded. "Yeah, I love it - thank you," he said, giving her a smile. "Can I try it on?" He hoped that it fit. He didn't know how Zelda would've gotten his measurements, but maybe Diana had given them to her... Although he didn't know how Diana would have gotten them either. But he didn't worry about it. Not yet. It wasn't creepy yet.

"Sure, figured that probably would need to happen," she said with a slight smile, before she gently pulled the the outfit off the mannequin and handed it to him. Zelda had only been able to get more of just a general sizing for the outfit, so she was wondering how it'd fit him. Having kept what exactly she was making from Diana, she had basically asked her what it was and only saying it was for something she was making for Percy. It would be easier if it was a little big on him or something, since either he could potentially grow into it, or she could just easily adjust it to fit him better. Fixing it if it was too small would be a bit more of a challenge for her, but not super impossible.

Percy grabbed the outfit from Zelda, and went into the closet. It was the only spot in the room where he could change without being seen. He wasn't keen on changing in front of Zelda, and the bathrooms were communal in Stark Hall, meaning he'd have to leave and come back. He got dressed pretty quickly, and when he came out, it was pretty clear that the outfit was slightly too big on him - he looked almost like a little kid playing dress-up in their parents clothes. "Well, I'm relieved to know you didn't have my exact measurements after all," Percy quipped, smirking at her.

"I mean that would have been impossible to get without asking you, and that would have ruined the surprise, but I can pin it so I can just hem it to make it a little smaller for you. Fixing from too big is harder than going up in sizing anyway... Not sure how you'd want to test out whether or not it can shift appearances where you are though..."

"It wouldn't have been impossible," Percy said, somewhat without thinking. Zelda could have snuck into his room while he was asleep and taken his measurements. That was what he had been mildly concerned that she may have done. Only mildly concerned though - it didn't seem like her. He hesitated for a moment though, as she suggested trying it out. His moms had always warned him to not try to time travel without an instructor, that using his powers to time travel rather than just spatially hop would be too dangerous. One was like sliding along the ice, the other was like descending blindly into the depths of the freezing water and reappearing as an acorn.

It was stupid and reckless and risky. He didn't even have perfect control over just a spatial jump.

But he cared that Zelda thought he was cool and impressive with his powers - he wanted everyone at the school to think that. "Sure, I can give it a try - did you want to come with?" he offered. He wasn't going to try anything too big. Maybe a day or so. Then a month. Maybe a year. Nothing crazy. Nothing massive.

She was a bit surprised that he fully went with the trying his powers thing. Personally she would have been fine to just wait a little while for the season to change or something and they just wouldn't be sure until then "Uh sure, sounds like it might be interesting to see what happens."

Percy nodded. This was a stupid and reckless idea. But he was going to start small and work his way up to it. He took Zelda's hand and concentrated. It was different from when he jumped from location to location, but somehow exactly the same. His plan was to take them back five minutes. Nice and small. Then he'd go further. And further. The air shimmered around his hands a strange blue, and there was a POP, as Percy and Zelda were flung back in time...

Exactly one hour. The dorm room was empty, thankfully, so they didn't need to worry about running into past!Zelda - or even past!Diana. Percy frowned. "I think I overshot it," he admitted. It probably was a bad idea to try going even further back. Probably. Maybe.

"Well that was interesting to say the least... I do think the idea of you being able to time travel no matter how small is kind of cool... Especially when you consider how useful even a small jump back could be..." she said, looking around the room a bit, "Hopefully we don't run into anyone since that might not end well though..."

"I could try to get us back an hour forward, but it might be easiest to just hide somewhere," Percy admitted. "I think as long as you don't run into yourself, it should be fine." His moms had warned him against running into versions of himself - they had said that it was likely nothing good could come from it. His mother, Dominika, had even gone on a long explanation of the quantum mechanics and physics involved in such an event that summed up to not great.

"Probably for the best, though... We need to hide somewhere else other then in here... Since I'm probably heading back this way soon. And running into myself for whatever reason would be weird to have happen... So let's find someplace else to wait it out..."

Klara, Daughter of Thor

Location: Limbo - Maze
Skills: N/A
Spells: N/A

The universe seemed to be not too thrilled at the moment, and she rolled her eyes a bit, "If you actually gave a damn about anyone other then your own skin since you only got a few scratches then you wouldn't have done that. But whose to say anything else at the moment," she commented, as she was standing there, holding her sword in her hand, before without too much effort, she instantly pointed it directly at Jack. "Those injuries are nothing compared to what can potentially happen, especially since you and the other one who sort of abandoned us here are probably going to have all of Asgard coming after you."

"I'm Klara, daughter of Thor and princess of Asgard, and Goddess of Love and the Ocean. Ironically I could help heal you at least to take the pain away and some of the injuries, but why would I? Personally there's no reason for me to actually help you. You just randomly show up, then the instant you got scratched you suddenly decided the fight wasn't worth attempting to continue even though usually you probably could figure out a way to kill that thing. Especially since everything can technically be killed, well sort of. And death and destruction can only be postponed, not completely stopped. So there probably is a way, to me nothing actually is impossible so everything is worth trying." she commented with a shrug, still pointing her sword at him. Though it seemed to have a very faint glow of a black color to it.

Rosalia Rider

Location: Rapunzel's Tower
Skills: N/A

Well people seemed to at least agree that Matthew and Colby shouldn't be together on this run. She didn't seem to have much of an opinion on Matthew yet aside from the fact that he was constantly with Colby. Which in her mind gave him about as many brain cells as Colby did, so she had decided that she didn't like him either. Oh well, not a whole lot that they could do about it at this point, she just hoped that Matthew would choose to ignore Merlin's suggestion and actually go with Colby on the non-stealth group. Would make her life easier.

Everyone was taking too long to make their choices, which meant that they had a whole lot more issues. The longer they sat around doing nothing, the longer everything would take and the better chance that they'd be prevented from achieving their goals. Rosalia rolled her eyes at Megan, "It wouldn't be a contest I'm not much of an actual fighter but pretty sure he'd lose still," she commented to her.

Jack Gold

Location: Rapunzel's Tower
Skills: N/A

The arguments were definitely interesting to listen to to say the least. A few of them seemed to be arguing over who was in what group and someone bringing up the whole skeleton incident again (which was a fun memory to look back on). He was just sort of leaning bac to watch all of this unfold. Of course, it didn't surprise him that Megan had decided to comment on the ensuing shenanigans and the idea of a fight between the trio that were at the center of all of this.

Jack thought that while that might be a bit of an entertaining sort of scuffle, they didn't exactly have time for that sort of thing to happen. They really needed to get moving so that they hopefully would stop Maleficent before she got to the other world to wreck havoc there. Which meant that those three sitting there bickering the entire time was only going to cause more issues for them in the long run.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Las Vegas
Skills: N/A

Janelle still wasn't a hundred percent sure on what the whole big deal was with the hotel. No one had really fully explained it, only truly mentioning that it was a really bad place to wind up. Otherwise not much had really been explained, but she figured it wasn't such a good idea to ask for more info on the place. Though now they were just sitting around waiting for the other two to show up.

"Dey better show up soon, waitin around 'ere fahr too lahng might make people wahnder what de 'ell we're doin 'ere ahr sahmethin," she said with a shrug, not entirely sure what else to really say or do. Waiting for the other two to show up was going to be a bit of a while. If they didn't show up soon she was going to suggest just going in already.

Jason Gauger

Location: The Train Station
Skills: N/A

This was not something that he had expected to see happen on their way to the mountain that they needed to. Seeing Persephone deciding to join them for a little while on their cab ride was definitely unexpected, but it certainly would make things a bit more interesting. There had to be a reason or something for her to just show up right? Almost like when his own father Ares had shown up on the train to give him something. That had definitely been weird.

"Yeah, she's definitely with us," he also said to the cab driver as everyone piled into the car. He wasn't entirely sure where they were going aside from the name of it. Right now the question of Persephone being there still was there, and he didn't really want to interrupt and ask, especially considering the fact that Stella had just asked that sort of thing. So he was waiting to hear what her answer was.

Marygold Isley

Location: The Labyrinth
Skills: N/A

The escape was definitely a lot harder than getting there, as now they had a lot more monsters coming after them. Especially since all of them knew for certain that they were in the area, since it's kind of hard to hide the fact that they just stole the sword back from them. Would have maybe gone better if their luck wasn't super horrible, but that was just how everything went for them. Here was hoping that things would get better, maybe anyway.

She nodded her head towards Madalyne, staying fairly quiet when she spoke, since talking right now was probably the last thing they really wanted to do. Since that could alert the monsters to their location more directly. Unfortunately where they needed to go was almost as directly towards the monsters as you could get at this point. Yup, just another day as a demigod, running from monsters and the horrible luck to go with it. Works out great for them doesn't it?
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