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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Location: Subway
Skills: Fire Manipulation

Things had definitely been going too well, of course their luck would run out sooner rather than later and they'd end up in big trouble. Chaos just sort of followed them around. So as everything started happening, two of the goons tried to take him out, and managed to paralyze his left arm, with something that was still stuck there, well at least he was mainly right handed. But it was a bit inconvenient to have his arm just sort of hanging limply at his side, completely useless. Well this was definitely going to be a fun fight now right? Basically fighting a bunch of Iron Man wannabes.

"Well wasn't that just rude?" he commented, before he started sending fireball after fireball at the goons. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do much damage, since he needed incredibly hot flames in order to get through the suit to injure the person inside, and he was having problems doing that. A little annoyed now, he sent one last large fireball at one of them, and that seemed to work as the guy started screaming, as if he was being burned alive. Well, guess that attack worked then.

Location: Subway
Skills: Jack of All Trades (Medical), Emergency Surgery

She had been expecting a fight to break out, just not after a few little jump arounds or whatever to get there. Sparky had honestly expected them to be fighting when they first popped up. When the chaos ensued, she was thinking about what to do. Using electricity was an idea, but that could result in the bolts of lightning either ricocheting around the train car, or just chaining between person to person, and hurting everyone else, plus could just charge the Iron Man suits too. Her thoughts were pulled away when she heard a gun go off and felt something hit her chest, and she looked down.

That's when she saw the blood and pain shot through her.

Sparky was unsteady on her feet for a moment, before she fell to the ground from the injury. Rather quickly, there was someone else by her, and she saw Matt's face trying to put pressure on the gunshot injury. She knew that he wasn't really a doctor or anything like that, so she went through her mind somewhat quickly, assessing the situation. "Matt, you need to just keep pressure on it... Okay? A-a-and don't move me unless absolutely necessary... S-s-since that would cause more damage..." she managed to stammer out, giving him some instructions, since given the fighting, there wasn't time, or the resources to deal with a serious bullet injury. She still wasn't even sure what had happened.

Location: Akademos
Skills: Sword Fighting

The chaos that was happening everywhere was just getting totally insane, as the smoke cloud person was attacking them a lot. Thankfully, one of the other kids made it rain, so that put out most of the fires, which was a good thing hopefully yay! Andy had decided to fight too, so that was a good thing, at least she wasn't really alone, despite the fact that she had told Andy to take the kids and leave or something like that. Andy had seemed to do some decent damage though, and a combined attack just might work. It definitely was better than waving her sword around at nothing.

"Alright, it's worth a shot," she said, taking a deep breath, before timing her attack with Andy's next swing and swung her sword directly at the smoke person. Both of the attacks would connect at the same time, and the combined attack seemed to do a lot of damage. The smoke person wasn't down for the count though, but it was fairly obvious that she was hurting a lot. So she at least was severely injured. "Alright, once more?" she said towards her, preparing herself for another attack, and if the second attack failed, she was prepared for getting hit by Smokey again.

Location: Outside of Magda Memorial Housing Complex
Skills: N/A

Jack rolled his eyes, "I mean I could have sort of shrunk down I suppose, but when I do that no matter what I look like I still for the most part retain my body weight. And once again, not my fault," he said to her, "Are you alright though?" he asked her, before hearing what people were saying with regards to her injuries and wincing slightly. Personally, he typically didn't have to worry about broken bones or anything, but he did figure that they were fairly painful.

Looking at the others, he wasn't too sure what all to do at this point. He wasn't the best when it came to figuring out the best way to deal with injuries, he didn't really know how to potentially help in this situation. Jack only really knew vaguely that any sort of neck or back injury were no joke and needed to be taken care of carefully since you could cause even more of an injury. "Think we should probably get her to someone that can heal her," he commented, looking at the others to hear their suggestions or something.

Location: House of M
Skills: N/A

Miranda took a few deep breaths, trying to remain calm as she saw the illusions. She was trying to ignore them, their voices just hurt, reminding her that they were all grown up now, and she hadn't been able to see them grow up. However, she was starting to get a strange feeling, besides the one she already had with regards to her kid. That someone else was there, aside from herself and Magneto. Someone who was watching her, but she wasn't sure why. Whoever it was, they likely were the ones causing this illusion or something.

Then she made the mistake of turning around.

She turned to look behind her, and the figure was staring right at her, not too far away from her face. Miranda let out a small scream, startled by the thing, before she took a few steps back away from whatever it was. "...Who the hell are you?" she managed to say, still looking right at the creature. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to see him again if she looked away, since he might just disappear and mess with her head again, then where exactly would she be with everything? Probably be in a worse spot and all.
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Outside of New York City

"The thought never even crossed my mind Jade," Alex said with a bit of a laugh, looking at the group. "Try to check in once every hour or two, just so we know you aren't dead or something and that the world isn't screwed or anything."

"Let's get going then... No point in sticking around right?"

"Keep out of sight as much as possible, and be careful. One last chance at this, and there are no do overs."

"I mean maybe really minor do overs..." she muttered under her breath, heading off now. There were a few different ways that they could get into the city, and all of the paths required them to break off from the sort of frontline that has been sort of declared, and sneak around the side and past it. So they did have a little bit of a walk to get there. Thalia currently had her hands sort of shoved in her pockets, walking along now. However she wasn't exactly alone with her thoughts, nope, since ever since Coventry, she had a little friend that no one else could see, that followed her along everywhere.

"You know, you could just fly in right? Or maybe freeze time and just slip in? You can do that right? Wonder what the other two can do, think they can do anything fun? You've met Jade, but what about this other guy? Maybe he'll stab you in the back or something. Can you even get stabbed in the back? How does the whole dragon thing work? Since after all this time I am still confused." the Merc with the Mouth commented, popping up next to her, but only she was able to see him of course, that's how hallucinations worked.

She ignored him entirely, but his question about what the others did was an interesting thought. Turning, she looked at Ed, since he was the person she knew the least about, "Alright, since I'm new to this whole group thing, what exactly is your specialty or something? Since you don't seem to carry a weapon, and based on what Jakobsen said, you obviously have powers... So what exactly are they?" she asked him.

New York City

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet," Boom Boom said with a smirk, before she went to work, living up to her name as her small explosives started getting tossed everywhere, not necessarily just towards them. The explosions started going off, and the first one was big. A crater appeared in the street from it and everyone ended up getting thrown backwards from the blast. Luckily it wasn't too close to people, so people only got a few bruises from it, and she was just cackling with glee at that. "Well this is fun."

Mary instantly jumped back onto her feet, and sent a wave of vines directly towards Boom Boom, but more explosions started burning them rather easily. Her attention was yanked away from the demolitions expert and back to Masque, who used the explosion as a distraction and was now getting a little too close for comfort. "And how about you get away from me?" she commented, before vines wrapped around him and threw him a bit of a ways down the street.

The ground began to shake again, causing just about everyone to be a bit unsteady on their feet thanks to Avalanche, the one with the electrified claws instantly went after Cass, sending a blast of energy right at her. It would hurt a bit, but wouldn't do much of anything physical damage wise.

The cat looking woman instantly jumped up and looked at Boom Boom as an explosive narrowly missed her, "Watch what you're aiming! You're trying to hit them not us!" she snapped, sounding a bit annoyed.

"How about you watch where you're going and get out of the way of my bombs!" came Boom Boom's gleeful response.

Meanwhile, the group would be able to find an entrance into the building along the side, away from the chaos that was occurring. When they entered the building, it would be obvious that the building was very unstable, as in it could collapse in on them at any moment, the vibrations from the earthquakes and explosions definitely weren't helping, debris was starting to come from the ceiling every so often from the chaos outside. The building was clearly abandoned, not too many people lived in it, and there was the smell of decaying bodies everywhere, then again, a lot of buildings still had that sort of smell.

"..Ok, let's see if we can find anyone..." he commented to the other two, as he went to the nearest door, opening it up and looking around inside of it. The main floor of the place was fairly large, so it might take a little while to go around to all of the rooms. "We can either stick together to search the place, or split up, not sure which we should do, so what do you two think?" he asked them. Splitting up would allow them to search much more quickly, but each of them would have problems if they just so happened to run into any trouble or anyone else in the building.

Location: Subway
Skills: N/A

The Iron or whatever country that they were in did not sound like a fun place. Actually it reminded him a bit of a book he read once in high school, but he figured that now wasn't a good time to really talk about that. Raynor clearly didn't like it here, and as much as he really didn't like the guy, based on the fact that he knew next to nothing about this world he was willing to trust him on it. There was a strange sound on the roof of the subway, almost like rain? That made no sense, since the train wasn't outside or anything, it was in a tunnel, so that sort of sound effect wouldn't make any sense. At least it didn't make sense until he saw what all was happening next.

When a group of people showed up in Iron Man suits, that was setting off red flags, not to mention the fact that the leader looked exactly like Cass. Uh oh, this was not good. However, it was the words out of her mouth that caused him to panic more than a bit. Based on the three names that she said, it was obvious that Frederick Lensherr referred to him. Lensherr was far from his last name, but it was the last name of Magneto. Who no one on the team (aside from Bonnie of course) knew was related to him. Sure, in HoM they were related and shown to be a part of the same family, but a lot of what happened there wasn't real. So there was only one person aside from him who knew, and he was remaining fairly silent, as his brain started racing along, and kind of panicking for once.

Location: Subway
Skills: N/A

"Doesn't seem like you are... But okay..." she said softly to him, giving him a bit of a smile. He was a bit on edge, and based on the fact that he was back home for the first time in years, that wasn't all too surprising to her. Oliver seemed to be able to hold onto staying solid though, for the moment anyway, so that was also a good thing. The sounds of something on the top of the train distracted her from her mental thoughts though, and she was wondering what exactly was going on. The subway car made another sound, and she looked up at the hatch that opened as the group entered the train car right in front of them.

This was not good, and her eyes went a bit wide when the supposed leader of the group popped her mask off and revealed the familiar face of Cass. Uh, okay, they were in an alternate reality, so running into doppelgangers was a real possibility, but still, it was really weird to see one right in front of them. And she was one who clearly was wanting to arrest the others, and that annoyed her, and she glared at the other Cass, "I think you don't get what's going on here..." she muttered, and she was fighting off the urge to just fire off electricity already at her.

Bifrost Bridge
"Perhaps..." Sif commented towards Bethany as the three of them caught up to the others.

"Learned to fly? Oh that's easy, always was going off and sneaking on board to go off on a joy ride," Klara commented with a bit of a laugh. "I mean, best way to learn something is to do it anyway despite people clearly telling you not to," she added, giggling a bit as she glanced over at Sif who had caught up.

"I swear you have a better knack for getting in trouble than your father sometimes," Sif commented with a bit of an eye roll. "Of course Fandral and Volstagg aren't exactly role models either."

"Actually if I recall they kind of encouraged it."

"Yes they did," she added, shooting a bit of a glare at the pair, both of them were chuckling a bit at the memory. "Though I do agree in asking the question, what happened to you Klara?"

"Oh, that... Well it's a bit complicated... So good news, that flash of light that shot off into the sky was caused by whoever is causing all of the chaos in the universe. So yay for that! Bad news, kind of got knocked around a bit, and then the rest is a bit of a blur and don't remember exactly who... But they definitely were somewhere very close to Baldur's Hall, which was beyond odd..." she said with a bit of a shrug, answering the question, before turning to look at Fandral, "And don't you dare instantly suggest that Runa did anything cause she didn't!"

"I wasn't going to!" Fandral instantly protested, "Others likely yes, you know that by now. Seriously no faith!"

"Yeah, well everything is all screwy, kind of hard to tell who would do that around here... And a bit on edge, so... Sorry..." she apologized somewhat sadly. The Warriors Three typically weren't too horrible towards Runa despite everything that was said about her, typically more indifferent than anything else towards her, especially considering the fact that Klara dragged her along everywhere.

Suddenly, they'd be able to hear a rather loud howl coming from the palace, and the sound of a crash of some sort near there as well, and Klara instantly drew her sword. "Alright, what the hell was that?" she said instantly, before racing off that way. The group would eventually reach the palace, and eventually find the chaos in the throne room. (they will see the aftermath of it at the end of the section for the other group)

The Palace
Pietro seemed to be more or less in a bit of a daze, and seemed to just sort of be ignoring everything that was going on around him now. The red glow that was surrounding the werewolf was starting to get... Brighter? Frigga had her sword at the ready, and the wolf, well, it suddenly was starting to get bigger. It was now three times its original size, and any sort of injuries that it had received were seemingly gone, as if they had never happened at all. "So... Remember the whole reality warping thing? Pretty sure that just happened... Again..." Lance commented, and somehow the werewolf now had armor or something? This was not good, at all.

The wolf let out a rather loud howl, one that was large enough that it seemingly shook the room. Something was really weird about the wolf, aside from the obvious, at least in Lance's mind. The wolf not only looked stronger, but something was telling him that that wasn't the only thing about it that was different, he just couldn't figure out what it was. Then again, a giant werewolf that now had some weird armor protecting it was just insane, but that was what happened when someone could warp reality on a whim.

Letting out another howl, the wolf suddenly charged, right at him.

"Uh oh..." he managed to say, right before he got thrown backwards and slammed into a pillar, which immediately crumbled to the ground. "Why do I feel like this thing really hates me?" he commented, taking deep breaths now, as he managed to get the rubble off of him from the pillar, luckily only getting bruises from it, partially because he had barely managed to create a small bubble that more or less protected him a bit at the last moment. The wolf roared again, before it slashed towards Annie since she was the closest and seemingly missed her. Standing up, Lance managed to send off a rather powerful blast of light again, and once again it had a greenish tint to it, but it was a slightly darker color now. His annoyance was building a bit, and the attack managed to hit the wolf, knocking it back slightly, though not really seemingly doing much otherwise.

Jason and Janelle Gauger

Location: Arena
Skills: N/A

"Just a rá Janey, ní mór duit a fhoghlaim i ndáiríre a bheith le beagán de aghaidh poker agus gan a bheith chomh follasach faoi. Ansin arís b’fhéidir go bhfuil sé mar gheall go bhfuil aithne agam ar do shaol ar fad agus gur féidir liom a rá cathain a bhíonn tú i do luí nó ar a laghad iarracht a dhéanamh," he said, nudging her a bit and chuckling as she yet again gave him a bit of a face. Jason was mainly just teasing her currently, but also he was just stating the facts of how things were. She was a bit obvious about what went through her mind, at least to him.

"Oh dún suas Jason! Is féidir leat a bheith chomh mean dom uaireanta ach cén fáth?" Janelle responded, rolling her eyes with his comments. He could be so annoying sometimes, that was for sure, and sometimes she did wish that she could see his face and just as easily read his facial expressions as easily as he seemingly could read hers. All she had to rely on was the words and how people spoke in order to figure out what might be going through their heads. Janelle jumped slightly when she heard Jace's voice suddenly pop up out of nowhere and start talking to them.

Jason turned to look at Jace when he started talking to them, asking what they were talking about. "Ahh, you know, just givin Janelle a 'ard time, but dat's nahthin new," he responded to him with a laugh, and Janelle shook her head slightly at him yet again. "Messin around wit dem 'ow?" he couldn't help but smile a bit, figuring that messing with a few of the kids or something would definitely be amusing in some way to him, he looked over towards his sister, wondering what her response would be. He might still go if she wanted to stay behind though.

It took a moment for her to grasp fully what was being said, since she had been startled a bit by Jace's sudden appearance, at least it was sudden to her anyway since she hadn't seen him walk over of course. "I dahn't really want to... but danks fahr de invite. Jasahn, if you want to go and 'ave fun, feel free to, dahn't wahrry about me," she responded calmly, saying the last part more directly towards her brother. Besides, she likely wouldn't be much help in whatever they were likely going to go off and do anyway, so she was better off staying off to the side.

Marygold Isley

Location: The Arena
Skills: N/A

Mary smiled slightly at Stella when she said that she was going to go off and send the message right now since there was plenty of time for it as opposed to later. "We'll see you in a little bit then," she said with a wave as the girl walked off to go send her message. Looking towards Kristin with her question, she shrugged in response, "I honestly don't know what to do now. Things aren't exactly moving along since the Romans are taking their sweet time getting over here and all to get the party started." Yup, the Romans really need to get there already to make things go faster.

She fell silent, but she did catch a glimpse of Stella wandering off towards Zeke and Demi after a few moments, and it seemed like something was going on over there. "Okay... What's going on over there?" she couldn't help but ask, "I think I'll tag along with you," she added, before getting up and following after Kristin to see that Stella had seemingly tied Lauryn up. "Are you guys okay? What exactly happened here?" Mary couldn't help but ask, and based on what she saw, it was probably going to be an interesting explanation as to what was going on.

Rosalia Rider

Location: The Moors
Skills: N/A

She rolled her eyes ever so slightly when Merlin spoke to her about potentially staying behind and asking her mother questions. Honestly, what sort of questions would she possibly have for her at all? Sure, they were blood related and all, but that didn't really mean anything to her. Honestly, Rosalia wondered why everyone else seemed to be all too happy to run into them. From what she gathered, most of them seemed to have had decent lives back in the real world, yet they seemed perfectly fine to throw that all away rather quickly.

"Staying here would probably be preferable to me," she commented with a shrug, still keeping her voice sort of quiet, but made a bit of a face when he commented about talking to her mother more specifically, "Really? I don't have any questions for her... And probably never will," Rosalia added. Currently, she had nothing to really say to her mother, at least at the moment. There was some talk or whatever with regards to food or something, but she wasn't really hungry currently and didn't really feel like anything.

Jack Gold

Location: Atlantica
Skills: N/A

"Well that was a little weird," he muttered under his breath after seeing the captain of the pirate crew walk by. Of course, the hook the guy had kind of was a dead giveaway as to who he was. Also the crocodile was beyond strange, and a ticking noise, for a crocodile? Yeah, that had to be Captain Hook, no one else could easily tick off all of those check boxes in trying to identify someone as a fairy tale or story character. He kind of was a well known figure, and kind of the first sort of character in old fairy tales and stories that would pop up when pirates were mentioned.

He let out a bit of a sigh when Sierra more or less started taking off and heading straight for the crates and all that the pirates were messing with. Oh great, she literally had been told that they shouldn't mess with the pirates and was heading off to go do something. This likely wasn't going to end well. "...Think we should follow after them?" he asked his sister, referring to following after Sierra and Hansel who had chased after her. This likely if he had to guess was not going to end well.

Location: Elevator -> Elevator Shaft
Skills: N/A

Klara wasn't too sure what all was really going on, or why certain the elevator seemed to be having problems. Dalisy seemed to have been making a fool of herself almost, as she first fell onto Astrid when trying to pry open the hatch, and then proceeded to get the hatch open, before she fell to the ground again. Arnora had handed her her axe, but seeing the hatch open made her instantly think about climbing up to see what was going on there first. So she handed the axe right back, "I'll see about trying to get up the hatch and have a look around, you guys can try the door if you want to."

After saying that, Klara went to try and climb up into the elevator shaft, managing to pull herself up so that now she was in the shaft itself. She glanced around the area, before looking straight up and seeing a pair of yellow eyes staring right back at her, and she instantly reached for her sword. "...Guys, you might want to stay in the elevator and try the door..." she said softly down to them, trying really hard to not make any sudden movements as she slowly drew her sword out of its sheath, keeping her eyes on whatever it was that was above her.

Location: Subway
Skills: N/A

Flynn sort of just shrugged a bit in response to Oliver's suggestion. Truthfully they were drawing attention to themselves no matter what they were doing, and so the idea of literally just holding hands and hoping that Oliver didn't screw things up and lead them through the scanners was probably not the strangest thing that they could be doing. Actually them literally standing there and doing nothing or messing with the scanners probably was something that likely would cause there to be more problems for them, so hopefully they could just move past this.

Of course, then Oliver ended up more or less stuck in his sort of phasing form, which meant that he probably would draw way more attention, well this was going swell. After a few moments, Oliver seemed to more or less get a handle on it, hopefully at least. "Just be careful about it," he commented with a bit of a shrug to Oliver. Of course, he was someone who for a while would randomly burst into flames which is why he more or less had clothes that were designed to be as fireproof as possible so that it didn't happen. When he saw that the train was there, he followed after the others and stepped on board of it.

Location: Subway
Skills: N/A

"Uh, okay Niah, if you think that it is important we can talk about it in a little bit... Still not sure what Novi has to do with anything though," she commented to her with a shrug as Oliver came up with a plan to more or less get everyone else through. Sparky wasn't too sure what sort of data that the scanners tracked aside from probably hooking into a criminal database or something, and probably being able to tell if someone was a mutant or not. That was all she could guess at this point, though Oliver not being able to become solid was beyond a bit strange, but he seemed to have a handle on it, for now.

She stuck close to Raynor though as everything started to move along and walked onto the train near him, waiting for the others to more or less all get on board at this point. "...Are you okay Ray?" she asked him softly, figuring that he probably wasn't and likely wouldn't really want to talk about it out loud with everyone else around. She didn't know what he had done or anything like that, but she didn't really care, since everyone deserved another chance, so if it was bad, it seemed like for the most part he had been trying to make up for it. At least for as long as she had known him.

Location: Akademos
Skills: Sword Fighting

She really didn't want to get up off of the ground. It was so comfortable, and she was a little tired at this point, not to mention the major electrical attack she had been hit with initially with regards to Cadena and her whip made of electricity. Zari glanced up at Andy and nodded her head slightly, "Yeah, I can... Just give me a moment okay?" she said rather calmly. One thing stuck out to her, and that was that out of her, Andy, and the other kids from the Akademos, she seemed to be the one with the most actual combat experience. The perks clearly of growing up in a place where people tended to fight a lot to solve all of their problems and disagreements really.

Zari snapped up to a sitting position though when she heard the words of someone else coming nearby and attacking them. Jumping to her feet, she picked up her sword just in time to see the newbie attacking the group of students. "Andy, I can take a bit more of a beating, so don't worry about it, get them out of here, okay?" she said to her, nodding her head towards the group that had just gotten attacked, before racing towards the person and swinging her sword at her, "That would be me," she commented, as her sword went right through the cloud of smoke person. Thinking a bit, she decided to change up her strategy, and instantly started whirling her sword around in a big circle, creating a gust of wind that caused the smoke person to start wavering, so it clearly was doing something, just not too much. Now she was wishing that she had super speed or something.

Location: The Roof -> The ground waaaaaaaay too quickly
Skills: N/A

Jack wasn't too sure what to make of everything, especially considering his very uncomfortable experience as little more than a puddle. At least they had some breathing room, for the moment anyway, as everyone else was more or less dealt with as Veil took out the last one. The building was a bit unstable though currently, and them staying on top of the building was likely not a good option. It had taken more than a bit of a beating during all of the chaos. When Kris more or less offered to fly him to the ground, he sort of shrugged, alright, that would get them to the ground quickly right?

He regretted this decision the instant they were off the rooftop.

Instead of Kris flying them along, they plummeted instantly, and to say that he was more or less really glad to essentially be made of rubber as he escaped the fall unscathed. Of course, unfortunately Kristina didn't exactly have that luxury and ended up getting hurt a bit. "...You also do realize I am literally a foot taller than you right? So not sure how much you expected me to weigh," he said to her with an eye roll as he got up off of the ground, dusting himself off. "Though not sure if falling to my death would be a fun way to die," he mused a bit.

Location: House of M
Skills: N/A

The thing with the entire situation, was that Miranda had more or less grown up knowing how to craft illusions, that's more or less how her powers worked after all, she essentially was in a way an illusionist. So she knew that voices she was hearing weren't real. Her mind wasn't exactly paying much attention to what Magneto was doing, as she started trying to focus on actually getting her mind to clear, breaking out of whatever it was that was going on. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to, the best that she got to was causing the voices to fade a little bit, which wasn't much.

"Alright new plan... Let's play along with this and see where it goes..." she muttered to herself, as she headed towards the rubble, walking over and looking into any sort of opening in the rubble that she might be able to find. Eventually, she saw her children down below, though they looked to be trapped and both of their legs were broken. "Are you alright? How did you even get here?" she asked them, even though a part of her knew for certain that all of this wasn't real, but a small part of her brain did believe in it.
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