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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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  • X-Men: Darkness Rising - A superhero RP based off of the Marvel comics, though other Marvel characters, not just the X-Men, make an appearance.

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There is only one ship here now, but hopefully more will be added as time goes by in the RPs. This one is definitely an amazing one though and I love it so much!

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Marygold Isley

Location: Galacus' Ship
Skills: N/A

They know that you're crazy, the voice in the back of her head said, almost like it was taunting her. Mary let out a bit of a sigh, figuring that at this point she might as well tell people. Most people wouldn't be able to tell if a telepath entered their mind, but Mary wasn't like typical people. Ever since she joined the team, Xavier had taught her how to keep telepaths out, or how to detect their presence in her mind, it was something she didn't typically try to do. However with another voice in the back of her head, that made it more of near impossible not to notice.

"I know you are talking about me... I could feel you poking at my head Guin... It wasn't that hard to figure out," Mary said simply, before turning to look at the group. "You don't have anything to worry about though... What happened earlier was partially me myself getting more then a little annoyed with Sara... I shouldn't have snapped like that... And for what it's worth... Xavier knows and has known about um... The voice in my head for a while... First popped up after Mesmero, it's a bit of a long story... Look now is not the time to talk about this..."

As they moved along, they'd find what looked like an observation glass window. With one major problem with it though, and that there was a big hole in it, as if something broke through from the otherside. Broken glass littered the floor nearby. "So... As I said, now is not really the time to talk about this sort of thing, considering the fact that we might have to deal with aliens that might want to kill us or something..."

The area around them darkened slightly, and there was the sound of something further down the hallway, and from the shadows, they'd be able to see the creature. The creature loomed from the shadows, and Pietro's face sort of paled. "So... Anyone ever seen the 80s sci-fi horror movie Alien? Cause that looks like a Xenomorph... And they are not easy to fight..."

Lance Banner

Location: Galacus' Ship
Skills: Light Manipulation

"Well things seem to be going well..." he said, seeing that Annie had taken out one of the Phalanx, Elizabeth had managed to shoot one with her arm. Though that wasn't really surprising, after all, the suits had been massed produce essentially in a rush, so they didn't have weapons, but Tony built the robotic arm himself, meaning it probably had a bunch of toys that they didn't know about. Carolina also possessed one and caused it to shoot one of the others. However, something else concerned him, and it was mainly the fact that there was movement nearby, as 10 more showed up, making their way out of the shadows

Lance's eyes glowed with a bright light as he sent a giant blast of light flying, and once again, the light seemed to have a greenish tint to it for the moment, as it slammed and seemingly vaporized 3 of the Phalanx. "For Asgard!" Thor said, with a bit of a smirk and a wink as he sent lightning soaring through the air, managing to electrocute 2 of the aliens. Things certainly were going well for them as long as no other aliens showed up that is.

Now it seemed things were shifting, as several of the Phalanx instantly started attacking the group. Several of the newcomers shifted their arms into blades, and they charged at the group. One sliced it's arm at Annie, managing to hit her arm, causing it to bleed a bit. Another sword rammed it's way into the Phalanx that Carolina was possessing. It wasn't enough to kick her out, but it was enough to hurt like hell. A few shot at Elizabeth, but because of her having hidden herself behind a console for cover, she was unharmed.

Lance unfortunately got blasted backwards with enough force to find the wall that seemed buried beneath the tech everywhere. However, he did see something that might be useful for an escape route, also known as the door out. "I found the door! Don't know about you all, but we might want to get out of here!" he said as he managed to reach the door.

Mirembe Adebayo

Location: Galacus' Ship
Skills: N/A

Mira rolled her eyes slightly, since if there was any sort of alarm on the door, odds were that Neil by ripping the lock off to open it likely triggered it. "...Going to be slightly blunt... If there was an alarm on that door, taking into account a potential silent alarm... Well ripping off the lock might have just triggered it..." she said softly, looking over towards the doorway and peering her head into the room.

"Op geen manier lyk dit of dele van my huis regtig is nie... Afrika-oerwoud suid van die Sahara is duidelik..." she said, looking around the jungle area, and having switched to her native language without really even thinking about it. It reminded her somewhat of some areas near her home back in Wakanda. Areas south of the Sahara Desert had terrain and such similar to this, and her mind instantly started going through any sort of creature from Earth that would find this sort of place as home. She instantly started thinking of more dangerous creatures, as the sound of the rustling got closer and closer to them, but it did not prepare her for what actually was the creature.

It was a gorilla... A really really really big gorilla.

The gorilla broke through the tree line, and instantly took a swipe at them through the doorway. Iris would get thrown backwards by the gorilla, and the creature started looking like it was breaking the doorway entirely, so that it could more easily move in and out of the room if need be.

"Wel, ons is so gedoem," Mira said instantly. "This is definitely a bit more complicated then we thought..."


Location: Mutant Underground HQ
Skills N/A

To say the least they were in an interesting sort of predicament, and it seemed like everything was catching up to Veil now as she started to realize what exactly was going on. Though a small part of her really wanted to say that she told her so when it came to trusting Leighton and Max. A part of her also wouldn't be surprised if Glimpse joined the Hellfire Club at this rate too, but she kept that sort of thought to herself. Veil was freaking out clearly, and right now she was more of wanting to be there for her friend.

"We'll figure it out Veil, don't you worry about it," Sapphire said, giving her a slight smile as she returned Veil's hug. She wasn't one to typically give hugs to anyone, but she knew that right now, Veil needed her, so she was going to be there for her. "I mean... Yeah, we aren't a team... We're a group of people who don't typically deal with this sort of thing but... Well obviously we need to see about stopping Sinister, we can't just let him keep doing what he's doing... But we can fight him off, just have faith in that, we aren't that bad of fighters, and we can do this if we try... It'll be okay, whether you think it will be or not..."

Jack Theriot

Location: Mutant Underground HQ
Skills N/A

There were a million different things going through Jack's head right now, and it was starting to get to him at this point.

After leaving Sinister's lair, his mind was still going over the different things that seemingly was messed up about his life. Namely the fact that his father was literally the one person he associated with evil most in the world. He was someone who tried to help people for a living, to the best of his abilities, and that was how he had ended up with the Morlocks in the first place. Now he was discovering that his father was the one who had caused the first Morlock Massacre and might have had a hand in the second one. Add that to the fact that Jack had a kid who he hadn't known about, and his father seemed to know where she was, that made a lot of things even worse.

Then came the fun little thing he had been told by James about once they had gotten back to the Mutant Underground HQ before moving to the new one. Namely the fact that James had given Casper drugs thinking that it was a prescription or some sort of medication. That was not a good thing at all, and Jack blamed himself for it more then anyone else. He should have warned James about Casper's drug addiction problems, and that odds were that he'd try to steal something from the hospital. That led to a bit of a conversation where Jack calmly told James about the problem, and everything revolving around it, including what it was that caused the whole thing. He had remained as calm as possible, but internally he had wanted to essentially snap at James and walk away.

Now closer to the present, Jack barely had had time to process all of that, when he had gotten a call from of all organizations, SHIELD. This was not something he had expected, and when he heard what was going on, that was what definitely caused him mentally to spiral and essentially break at this point. The call had been regarding his other half-siblings, David and Val, both who were in a mental hospital for the most part, since they did need some help. He learned that his brother had been kidnapped, and his sister was currently in SHIELD custody and since he was their emergency contact, that is how he had gotten the call. He managed to stay calm long enough to arrange for her to be moved to a different mental hospital, one with better security hopefully, and he hung up the phone.

By now he was off in an empty room by himself, and hit his head against the wall more then once. Right now, he was perfectly fine with knocking himself out. Currently only one person seemed to know that his father was Sinister, and that was Sunshine, who hadn't seemed to tell anyone else about that, yet. He still had the notebook from before, but he was distracted a bit, so he wasn't really going to look through it any time soon. "...My family is so screwed up," he muttered under his breath, still hitting his head against the wall a few times.

Marygold Isley

Location: Camp Half-Blood - The Arena
Skills: N/A

Mary caught on quickly that Leda was wanting her to not make a comment or anything about her and Rebecca's relationship, especially not at the moment. She understood that sort of thing, considering the fact that now they seemed to be talking about the funeral for Ash. Personally, she hadn't really understood much about Ash, the girl had seemed somewhat annoying, constantly asking random questions that didn't seem to matter all too much. Sure, there was nothing wrong with that, and she hadn't really gotten to know the kid, but she probably shouldn't voice those sort of things.

Glancing over at Andy, she could tell that the girl seemed to be having some troubles coming to terms with this. The sad thing was that this sort of thing, well it wasn't entirely uncommon. Demigods died just like everyone else, just a lot of the times those deaths involved monsters in some shape or form. She walked over to stand by Andy, as she saw the girl as sort of a little sister, and decided to just ask her one question. "...Are you going to be okay Andy?" she asked. Part of her wondered if she should ask Arthur something similar, but he seemed to be handling it a lot better then she was.

Jason and Janelle Gauger

Location: Camp Half-Blood - The Arena
Skills: N/A

Jason was not thrilled still, despite the reassurances everyone else seemed to be trying to give him. Sure, the fact that he trusted Kristen to make sure Janelle didn't end up dead or something. That only made him feel slightly better, but for the most part, internally at the least, he was freaking out. However he stayed somewhat silent, figuring the fact that Janelle would probably see about smacking him or something with her new cane which looked like it would probably hurt a lot more then the old one.

"Training now would be probably a good idea..." she said with a small laugh towards Kristen, giving her another smile. Though she didn't need to be a mind reader to know what was going through her brother's mind, and part of that made her want to laugh even more. He could be so ridiculous in her mind sometimes, but she did know that he meant well over all. "Hey, don't worry so much Jason, it'll be fine. Lighten up a little bit."

"Wow Janey, so nice to me aren't you? Alright fine, whatever you say," he said with a bit of an eye roll now. He looked over at Zeke when he made a comment about Lauryn being a metalhead. Okay, he had known this guy really for a whole 5 minutes and he was already getting on his nerves somewhat. From the looks on just about everyone else's faces, he wasn't the only one slightly annoyed by it. Though the fact that Kristen didn't seem to care for the guy did not make him feel better about Janelle going on the quest.

Janelle just listened to the voices of everyone else quietly, figuring they all knew more about this sort of thing then she did, considering the fact that it sounded like they'd been on a quest before. A small part of her still was questioning why she had volunteered in the first place, but there wasn't really any going back now. She had volunteered for it, and now she was going to follow through with it. Of course, she hoped for the best, that nothing bad happened while they were off on the quest, but odds were something might happen. It was all about waiting to see what would happen.

Theresa Sparks and Frederick Flynn

Location: The Park
Skills: Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation

Deadpool was really starting to get on Flynn's nerves a little bit. The guy never knew when to shut up, at all, no matter how many opportunities he was given in order to do that. Tinley seemed to somewhat agree with that, considering the fact that she then proceeded to kick the guy a lot. He was mad somewhat that Deadpool had kicked Bonnie in the head, in a bit of retaliation for him doing that, Flynn sent a small fireball of sorts that hit him. It was not really meant to actually hurt him, it was more of meant to be annoyance than anything.

With that, he went over to Bonnie, looking at her now. "Hey... Are you okay Bonnie?" he asked her softly, giving her a slight smile at her now. He was glad that things seemed to be calming down now slightly, as Deadpool was down and they had gotten back the presents and whatever that had been stolen by the Merc with the Mouth. Right now he was more concerned then anything with Bonnie and if she needed medical attention or something. He knew next to nothing about medicine or first aid really, so he couldn't really tell all too well.

Sparky somewhat was just trying to pay attention to what was going on in front of her, and the chaos that resulted in Deadpool getting kicked by Tinley a lot. She mentally made a note not to piss Tinley off, but she was more of focusing on that sort of thing, and not the little thought in the back of her mind agreeing with Deadpool on Raynor's abs. It was getting a little difficult for her to really focus on what was going on because of it. Instead, she decided to focus on something, like trying to make sure that Deadpool stayed down, at least for now.

This caused her to have electricity creeping along her arm as she walked over towards Deadpool, and she sent electricity surging through her arm that then hit Deadpool. Her first attempt to shock him didn't really seem to work, but her second attempt seemed to do the trick and knock Deadpool out. Smiling slightly at that, she walked over to Raynor and looked at him and the others. "So... He's unconscious now... We should see about heading back..." she said, almost asking Raynor the question in the back of her mind about why he suddenly had a change of heart when it came to the Christmas presents. Why did he suddenly want to go after them and whatever?

Jack Theriot

Location: Sinister's Lab
Skills N/A

Jack was wondering what the hell was going through the groups mind, especially considering the conversations that were going on around him. To say the fact that Jack was definitely getting fairly close to a mental breakdown was definitely something. However, he didn't say anything right away, as everyone else was more or less talking all at once about it. The fact that these two, who were people that he actually thought were nice enough and he actually liked hanging around the pair for the most part, were just perfectly fine with this.

"Anyone who is fine with what happened to the Morlocks, or who has ever worked with someone who is fine with that," he said towards Leighton and Max, for once his voice sounded slightly distant. His mind clearly was on something else as he spoke, but it was clear that he wanted nothing to do with the Hellfire Club at all. "If you want to go there, fine, if these guys are fine with you all hanging around still, fun. But just know that most of the time there is no going back from that sort of thing no matter what you may think. Do you really think they'll let you leave if you want to? You clearly don't know people like them then."


Location: Mutant Underground HQ
Skills N/A

Sapphire rolled her eyes slightly at Negasonic, but she laughed slightly at the image she showed her. "Honestly, kind of yeah. We managed to avoid too much chaos or whatever, but no one clearly knows not to piss the driver of the car off, otherwise they would have quieted down when I had asked them to. And cool, I'm all for heading to this new lair, it sounds cool to me. And no offense to this old place, but the new one sounds really cool. A bunker of sorts? Sounds like fun..." she said, before she pulled out her cell phone to see about calling Veil. She rolled her eyes slightly at Waverly asking about the others phone numbers.

"Hey Veil, mind telling me where you all are and what's taking so long?"

“Saph? Yeah, you’ll never believe it. We’re in Mister Sinister’s lair.”

"...Please tell me you're joking."

“Sadly no. We’re heading back now. Well most of us are.”

"What do you mean by most of you?" she asked a bit warily, somewhat worried that someone had been killed or something.

“Max and Leighton went with Emma Frost.”

"...Well that's not surprising you do realize that right?"

“Listen I gotta go. Talk to you soon.”

"Oh, tell Havok that apparently the guy who attacked the Underground with Magik apparently is his brother supposedly," she added as a bit of an after thought before she hung up the phone and turned to look at everyone else ow. "They're on their way back, and can I definitely say when it comes to people I told you so? Because apparently two of the newbies decided to go join the Hellfire Club, so yay for being right about not trusting them. Since unless you give me a reason to trust you, I won't, and those two just gave me a really big reason to never trust a thing they say even more so."

Queen Valda

Location: The Throne Room
Skills: Injury Transference, Queenling Magyk

To say everything was going to hell was an understatement, and now she was getting more then a little mad. Glancing over at Empress Astris, Valda nodded her head slightly, showing that she understood, however right now, she was getting more and more annoyed. "...There is one thing you all seem to constantly do, and that I find annoying," she said as she boosted the Injury Transference around her to Fleur so that it would protect her from more powerful attacks. "You underestimate just what it is that I am capable of... Everyone underestimates what I can do, and remember, I do not like being ordered around!"

With those last words, she threw the chains with ease, almost as if her frustrations were fueling her strength, and they wrapped skillfully around Arya, preventing her from being able to use her Magyk, and she turned to look at Fleur, pulling something out of her pocket, holding a ring in her hand. "No one, hurts my family, and if you think you can be here and attack us expecting to win so easily, you are vastly mistaken. You will not do anything to harm anyone ever again!" Then she started using her Queenling Magyk, Magyk that Fleur didn't have access to, and what exactly was the ring in her hand? It was the two-faced ring, and the spell she was attempting? The Committal.

Sylvi the Bard and Bruce Banner

Location: The Palace Grounds
Skills: Bardic Music, Sword Fighting, Cosmic Manipulation

Sylvi nodded her head slightly at Tate when he mentioned the idea of using her music to put them to sleep. "So essentially play a lullaby or something like that," she muttered under her breath as she noticed Tate trying to do something to a few of the soldiers. However, she became concerned slightly when he said that he had somehow managed to hurt himself doing whatever it was that he had done, but she figured he knew what he was doing. "Don't hurt yourself Tate..." she said softly to him, before turning her attention towards the fighting once again.

Looking around, she changed her song ever so slightly, now aiming to put a few of the Hellfire group to sleep, and thankfully, she seemed to be able to do so. The sound of her music barely seemed to be out, before 3 of the Hellfire Mages had collapsed to the ground, falling fast asleep. With her sword in hand, she instantly charged at another, before slashing at them and striking them down completely. "There has to be a faster way to take out this sort of chaos... There has to be a better way to deal with all of them..." she called over to Tate.

Bruce meanwhile, noticed something quite odd that made his blood run cold, despite the fire that swirled around him, and it concerned Halley, as well as Hodr and Baldur. Namely, the fact that Halley hadn't flat out said no, considering her powers would be more useful, and the fact that despite what was going on she wasn't seemingly using them, or trying to get Baldur out of there any quicker. "...This day just keeps getting worse and worse," he muttered under his breath before in a streak of flame he charged straight into the area, not hesitating to snatch the bow and arrow away from Hodr.

"Sorry, but that's not Halley, and she is not someone you'd want to trust to aim where you want to... Hello Loki," he said towards "Halley" before he sent a streak of flame at her. However, the image disappeared, resulting in him glancing around and seeing Loki appear over by his grandfather. "Grandfather look out!" he called out, before sending a blast of flame slamming into Loki, however it didn't seem to do much to phase him. "Arnora, stop Loki!" he called out to her, he wasn't able to really get over there at the moment.

Demetria Clarke

Location: Sisterhood Base - Unknown Room
Skills: Cryokinesis

To say that everything was somewhat chaotic around them would be a bit of an understatement. Things were going just a bit crazy, with the dinosaurs clearly trying to kill people, and people randomly starting to shoot things off aiming at the ceiling. However, she got the idea, they needed to take out the ones above them in order to hopefully get the illusions to go away. The T-Rex seemed to still be somewhat frozen in place for the moment, so it wasn't going to be causing too much more damage hopefully. However a few things irked her slightly, involving Jolene, who didn't look to be moving anymore and she wasn't sure if she was alive or dead, and Elara who seemed to just be frozen in place. Well things were certainly looking interesting.

The raptors were still moving around, as if they almost didn't fade out of existence or something. They charged at Watts now, but they missed him entirely, and they were having difficulties hitting anyone at the moment it would seem. However, Sapphire got an idea seeing where Bella had supposedly hit someone up above them. "Hey Watts, hope you don't mind heights too much," she said towards him, before she sent ice flying towards him, and whirled around, creating a ramp that led straight towards where Belladonna had shot through the illusion.

The T-Rex started thrashing around now, and managed to smash itself free from the ice that encased it with a loud roar, and it charged right towards Belladonna. It didn't actually manage to hit Bella, but it's tail whirled around and hit Elara, which threw her backwards and managed to snap her out of her frozen state.

Jack Gold

Location: the Orphanage
Skills: N/A

Jack nodded his head slightly at his sister as she had mentioned heading back to the lab and whatnot and see if the tech people could find anything on the tape from the orphanage. "Alright, we'll see you later then Meg," he said with a slight wave towards her as she headed off. It made some sense for her to go off and do that, then again he left all of the science stuff to her, and he tended to do most of the leg work. It was somewhat weird that Meg had decided to go to the orphanage still all things considering, but eh, who really was paying attention.

Hearing Isabella mention heading back to the station, he nodded his head slightly and followed along after her back to the car. The problems that came with deciding to hitch a ride to a place. Then there was the call going out about a kidnapping attempt as he got into the passenger seat. "I'm game to head off there if you are. Let's go see what's going on. This day just keeps getting even more interesting doesn't it? First a murder caused by a Disney villain wannabe and now something else, this'll be fun."

Rosalia Rider

Location: the Streets
Skills: N/A

Rosalia knew that odds were that this was a really bad idea. She just did something insane on a bit of a whim, getting into the car of a complete stranger, despite the fact that for all she knew the guy could be a serial killer or something. It was like everything she usually did and knew just flew out the window. The images she had seen before made her wonder what it was that he had to say. The instant she felt like she was in danger she was more then prepared to open the door of the moving vehicle and jump out. "Can you just tell me about my parents and everything in general?" she asked Merlin.

Then she heard the sound of something in the backseat of the car, and turning back to look she saw a little puppy sitting in the backseat. Rosalia never had really been one to be around animals. She never really had too much of a stable living situation, so she never could have any sort of animal. Not to mention she tended to not be home a lot, however she loved animals all the same, and reached her hand back to see about petting the puppy, but the poor thing growled slightly and backed away. "The little guy seems scared."

Marygold Isley

Location: Stark Tower -> Galacus' Ship
Skills: N/A

For a split second, Mary looked like she was about to deck Neil across the face for slapping her like that, but it was almost like something stopped her, her eyes flickered for a moment, before going back to their standard green color and she backed away from the two, "...I'm sorry,"[ she said somewhat softly, before she more or less headed off to get in one of the suits. Before she went to get into one of the suits, she walked over to a nearby wall and seemingly smacked her head against it a few times. After that, she got into one of the suits, saying nothing to anyone else really.

After that, she headed back out to where Richards was and walked over to him. "So... Mind sending us up there now or whatever? We need to hurry up already..."

"Right, once you're ready we can send you up," Richards said, firing up a machine of some kind.

Mary nodded slightly, waiting slightly for the rest of her group to suit up and come over. Once they were there, Richards activated the device and the 5 of them (herself, Guin, Pietro, Bethany and Allison) would find themselves up on Galactus' ship. They were in a hallway of sorts, but the hallway stretched thousands of feet up above them. They would be able to see bright lights zipping around the wall, and that the area stretched out for what looked like miles in either direction. The tracker for the device seemed to indicate it was somewhere to their right at the moment. "...Alright, here we are, let's get going then..." she said, before she essentially started zipping off in that direction. The suits were fairly simple in design when it came to flying them, so no one would have any sort of problems flying them.

I hate these things, Pietro muttered mentally to Guin as he started heading off in that direction, however, Guin would be able to tell that something else was on his mind. "Hey uh, Guina, I have a question for you...

Lance Banner

Location: Stark Tower -> Galacus' Ship
Skills: N/A

Lance was not too sure what to think about all of the fighting that seemed to be going on around him. It wasn't like he wasn't completely used to people constantly arguing, he was usually the one doing the yelling and arguing. However now was not the time for this sort of thing, and he went to go see about getting suited up and ready to go. He walked back out to essentially see the first group take off on this little space adventure. "So... Let's get going and get this all over with already, the longer we stand around the less time we actually have to go off and find this thing..." he pointed out, walking over. Once everyone in the group was ready (Lance, Thor, Annie, Carolina, Elizabeth) the device was once more activated and they ended up on board of the ship.

They ended up in a room of sorts, one that looked like it was covered in wires, or plant life that looked to be made out of technology. "Well this is certainly a weird room to end up in..." he muttered under his breath, before there was the sound of movement nearby. The signal for the device they were hunting for seemed to be coming from above them. However that was the least of their concerns now as there was the sound of something moving towards them. Several creatures came out of the shadows, looking right at them. There were what looked to be 8 in total in the room, 3 of them had swords that started shifting from their hands, and the other 5 had their arms shift into guns of some sort.

"...Clearly we ended up in an occupied room... Hey Thor, you wouldn't by chance know what these things are would you?" Lance asked.

"Aye, these are the Phalanx. I recommend not touching them, as they can absorb you and make you part of them."

"...Okay, good to know, don't touch them, fun, and they definitely do not look friendly," Lance said as his hands started glowing. The suits that the groups had as Tony had mentioned before would easily allow them to use their powers, so he didn't exactly have any problems with that. Though the light that emanated from his hands seemed to have almost a slight greenish tint to it as opposed to it's typical bright yellow and white light.

Mirembe Adebayo

Location: Stark Tower -> Galacus' Ship
Skills: N/A

Mira went over to see what exactly the suits were that they were going to be wearing, somewhat confused as to why Mary had decided randomly to go smack her head against the wall before she ended up taking off to go up onto the ship. It made her curious as to what was going through her head, but she didn't think too much about it, or more of at the least she pushed that curiosity out of her mind. Right now they had a million other things that they needed to deal with. Namely the giant purple thing that was trying to eat the planet.

"Everyone ready?" she asked after a few moments, glancing around at those who were left in order to see if everyone else was ready to go. Once the remaining members of the team were all suited up and ready to go, (Mira, Akane, Iris, Sara, Neil) the transporter fired off one last time, sending the remaining team up onto the ship, so now everyone who was going was up on the ship, the groups were just somewhat scattered as to where their locations were.

This group also ended up in a bit of a hallway, but it seemed more like an observation area or something, as there was a giant window that looked into another room, as well as wires of sorts that seemed to lead off to no where in this large area. They wouldn't be able to see into the room, however they would be able to see a nearby door that sort of led into that room. If they tried the door, they'd find that it appeared to have a complicated electronic lock of sorts on it.

"...So, guess we need to get going..." Mira said, waiting for someone else to lead on. The signal for the device seemed to be coming from straight past the room in front of them. Maybe there was a door that led to another hallway on the other side?
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