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Current RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


Name: BlueSky44
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Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Teach new RPers, not GMs though, I'm too much of a newbie GM to do that.

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • X-Men: Darkness Rising - A superhero RP based off of the Marvel comics, though other Marvel characters, not just the X-Men, make an appearance.

Rp's I'm Apart Of:

There is only one ship here now, but hopefully more will be added as time goes by in the RPs. This one is definitely an amazing one though and I love it so much!

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Jack Gold

Location: the Morgue
Skills: N/A

Jack didn't really say anything much to Megan right off the bat, more of taking inventory of what it was that was in the victim's possession when he died. He made note of the burned shirt, and started going through it to find something that he could potentially use to ID him, or at least make his life somewhat easier. Finding the wallet, he started flipping through it, looking to see what else there was within it. To his surprise, there wasn't any sort of license or ID, or any sort of credit cards, just some bills and coins. "...That's odd, no credit card, no driver's license, either he lived off of the grid or someone tried to cover up who he was so it couldn't be traced back to them..."

Hearing Megan's words, he was a little surprised that she wanted to jump out of the morgue and head off to go on an investigation. Though he probably shouldn't be too surprised, after all, this investigation led straight back to the orphanage where they'd been at so many years ago. It seemed like forever ago since they were there, he didn't really remember too much about those early days there, but he remembered when he and Megan were adopted. That was around like, 15 years ago or something now. "Look at you trying to play detective. Alright, let's get out of here and head out," he said, heading out the door of the Morgue.

Rosalia Rider

Location: the Streets
Skills: Hand to Hand Combat, Pick Pocketing

Rosalia essentially ignored the girl who came up to her in the restaurant, her attention was solely on Pandora, who in her mind was a bit of a stuck up prick, just because she had managed to catch up to her. She wasn't going to make the same mistake, and she was going to teach Pandora a thing or two. With someone who walked up to talk to Pandora and the other thief, this was her chance at a bit of redemption. She stepped out of the building, pulling her hood back up, and instantly turned somewhat towards Pandora and them.

"No one makes a fool out of me," she muttered somewhat, before she instantly went over, whirled around, and managed to grab Pandora's purse once more, snatching it from her. Rosalia instantly started taking off running, swiping somewhat at the other thief who made a grab to try and stop her, but she managed to avoid her. Instead she just kept running, figuring that it was better off for her to just keep running and hope to lose them somewhere else. That was her mistake last time, going too quickly into a nearby hiding spot. She wasn't going to do that again.

Serval Industries - Conference Room
Gardner nodded her head at Casey, "Yes, if need be incapacitate them, but hopefully it won't come to that. Psylocke here is going to be in charge for the most part, she tends to accept ideas, but in the end it is she that will be making the final call on things, got it?" Psylocke just nodded her head, having expected it. Hearing the other question that Casey had, she turned to look at her.

"Luckily, there is, it's a bit smaller then the other one, and not quite as nice, but it should be able to get us from point a to point b without crashing down in a fireball. And don't worry," she added, looking over at Daryn, "They won't try to kill you, they would more likely try to knock you out if they feel like you are threatening them for some reason. We are to go there, and try to talk them into coming back here kindly. If that doesn't work then we switch to force. Now, let's get going."

With those last words, Psylocke left the room and headed towards the hanger bay, figuring that the others would follow after her so that they could deal with the situation quickly as opposed to sitting around talking all day.

Base - Elevator to Lower Levels
When Arthur reaches the bottom level in the elevator, he'll hear voices farther along the hallway, long before he sees the owners. However, having done some research on the Sisterhood, he'd recognize the voices as those belonging to Yuriko Oyama and Martinique Wyngarde,

"Any idea when your sister will show up and join us? Madelyn seemed determined to try and do things quickly, and without her if need be."

"I don't know, she might have gotten caught up in dealing with that team of hers... Why did we ever want to keep X-Factor around again?"

"If I remember correctly, it was because no one would easily suspect that your sister was connected to an organization like our own if she was the one calling the shots for a superhero team. Made it a bit more easy for her to blend in. However I will say this, she was rather careless wasn't she? Madelyn was not too thrilled with her at one point."

"Yeah I know that, but we bounced back, and that is all that matters really."

"What was that?" Yuriko asked, listening, and Arthur would be able to hear it as well, it was the sounds of Watts' voice a few floors up from them, screaming out loud. It was muffled, but they'd still be able to make out what it was that he was saying.

"...It would seem that X-Factor has come, Regan warned me that they would come, she was attempting to keep them occupied, but it didn't seem to work all too well."

"Another reason why we cannot delay any longer. They are here, and from the sounds of it, they are determined more or less to find their friend. Though I thought they thought he was dead. You know, that explosion that occurred that Regan kept mentioning. It does not matter, we need to get a move on, now," she said, as she started walking along the corridor.

Martinique let out a bit of a sigh, "Yeah, I know, guess we can't wait for Rae any longer," she said, before their voices disappeared and there was the sound of a door opening and closing farther along the hallway, leaving Arthur alone.

Demetria Clarke

Location: Bad guy base
Skills: N/A

Spiral just nodded her head slightly at the group as they went inside. "The stairs only go down one level however. If your friend is not in that room, I suggest looking for the elevator that is hidden on that level, it'll take you down to the bottom floor, hard part will likely be finding it, but good luck to you," she said simply, before she disappeared in a sort of puff of smoke, using magic to teleport away.

"Well that was definitely an interesting encounter that I honestly expected to go south, whatever, let's catch up to the others," Sapphire said simply towards Bella, before she raced down the hallway after Watts and Evelyn. She found this entire situation somewhat amusing, as Watts usually wasn't one to race off head first into a situation. Maybe he did care about people other then himself.

She heard Watts before she could see him, he wasn't exactly quiet, even if he was in another room of sorts. Walking down the stairs after Evelyn and Watts, she wouldn't be surprised if anyone else in the building would hear him and now probably knew that they were there. Walking up to the door that Spiral had indicated, she knocked slightly on the door so he knew that she was there. "You raced off too quickly, Spiral also said that there were no other stairs to the next level down and we have to find some hidden elevator, as that would be the other place to look in case you care."

Sapphire then turned to look at Evelyn, shaking her head slightly, "I'll be honest, did not expect that reaction from him. And now everyone in the building probably knows we're here."

Jack Theriot

Location: The Bar
Skills N/A

"Now who might this be?" Essex asked Jack, seeing that Sunshine had joined them.

"No one important," he said instantly, getting more then a little annoyed that Sunshine had come over to them and sat down. It took a lot to get Jack to potentially snap, he usually kept calm and was fine with dealing with everything else. But no, he was getting a little close to just shoving Sunshine away from the table. Far far away, since the teenager clearly didn't get how "blending in" worked, since otherwise she would not have been here.

"What's your name?"

"Don't answer that," Jack said instantly, before putting his hands to the side of Sunshine's head to cover her ears. This was not the sort of conversation he was wanting to have, though truth be told he didn't really want to be having a conversation with Essex at all.

"You need to learn to lighten up Jacques, why does it seem like you always assume that I am up to something?"

"Because half the time you are... And why do I feel like you already know the answer to the question of who she is? Knowing you, you know everyone in the room already, since that''s just the type of person that you are. You still aren't going to tell me the actual reason you are here?"

"No, especially not if you keep asking."

"I can try you know..."


Location: The Hospital
Skills N/A

James' words didn't exactly sit well with her, giving their current circumstances, and she turned to look at him. So, here they were, on a mission to get medication for someone which they were essentially stealing, and he just said that he couldn't lie to really save his life. That was a big hell no in her book. Since it was part of their job description practically. Mutant Underground looking for new members, must be able to lie your way out of a cardboard box! This was going to be a major problem, what had the guy been expecting from this job anyway? To do nothing?

"...So let me get this straight... You are here, on a job that people likely are going to ask questions about things, and you what, expected to just sit there and do nothing? Hope that no one asks you questions? That is just being naive and continues to prove my point about how most of you newbies don't have a freaking clue what you are doing and yet are still here," she said with an eye roll, before she listened to what Casper was doing. At least someone out of the newbies was competent somewhat, heading towards the elevator, she glanced back at the other two, "So, you two coming?"

Queen Valda

Location: Outside of The Vaults
Skills: N/A

Valda had no idea what the hell that Apollodora was going on about. Fixing the timeline and what not just sounded insane, considering the fact that time travel wasn't exactly a thing she'd think was around. Not to mention her going on about goodwill? Considering how screwed up most things were for the royal family at this rate, most of the goodwill that Valda had towards people was gone. Especially considering how the hell Amarantha had been treating them recently. There was no reason why Valda would trust anyone.

"Goodwill? Ha! Clearly you've never met anything or whatever that tends to happen around here, since no idiot who did would say something like that. You need to give me a reason to believe a word that is coming out of your mouth. Things haven't exactly been the best here recently, so just blindly trusting a stranger is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Not to mention fixing the timeline? That just sounds weird or whatever!"

Sylvi the Bard and Bruce Banner

Location: The Ramblings Room 847 -> Asgard
Skills: N/A

Sylvi's eyes grew wide when the roof of their room came off. Unlike Tate, she still wasn't entirely sure what to think about everything involving the gods that she grew up hearing stories of. She huddled close to Tate, unsure of really what else to say, considering she was just told that they were going to Asgard again. Having gone there once before back at Myth's and Bruce's wedding, but that was about it. This, this was something that she would never get used to.

"I wouldn't call Nova a witch Tate, especially if you want her help... Remember, she's essentially got the temperament of a child, so if you insult her she might not help sadly... It's a little weird trying to understand how her mind works sometimes," Bruce said to Tate, shaking his head slightly at him. He knew that Tate didn't care much for him or his family on Asgard, but if he wanted their help he might want to try actually being a bit nicer to them in general.

When Heimdall opened up the Bifrost, Sylvi was not sure what to really do. As last time she had been to Asgard, she hadn't exactly traveled via the Bifrost, so the rainbow colors and rush of light was a bit new to her. Once they landed in Asgard, and Heimdall welcomed them, she turned to look over at Tate. "So... Where is this person who might be able to help us or whatever?" she asked softly, looking over at Bruce. One thing was for sure, she was definitely glad that they didn't have to deal with the ghost yelling constantly in her ears.

"She's in the palace," Bruce responded simply, "And knowing her, odds are that she's still awake. Sometimes I wonder if she gets any sort of sleep at all. Thanks Heimdall," he then said, addressing the gatekeeper before he started heading towards the palace in the middle of Asgard. He wondered who else likely would be awake at this time of night, but knew that at the least Nova probably would be. Sometimes he wondered if her abilities gave her a lot of extra energy. It wouldn't surprise him if they did.

Frederick Flynn and Theresa Sparks

Location: Pym Tech
Skills: N/A

Flynn was still not too thrilled that Vision was in the room, and the words that he was saying were starting to annoy him. He rolled his eyes slightly, deciding that it was better to just ignore his existence then actually talk to him. Since he still didn't want to trust him, and likely never would. He still blamed Vision for everything that had happened in the other timeline, considering the fact that Vision in that timeline was created by Ultron to essentially kill everyone. So who was to say that this Vision was any different?

Sparky let out a sigh of relief when she heard Raynor starting to stir, and she threw her arms around him, smiling. They had made it out of the Quantum Realm. She had no idea what he had said, but she recognized what he called her, since that was the name that he constantly would call her, though she still wasn't sure whether he tended to do it on accident or on purpose. Considering how often he said it it was getting a bit hard to tell in general. "I've told you before Ray... My name isn't Lana," she said with a slight laugh.

Glancing over at Cass, Flynn was trying to figure out the best way to tell her exactly why it was that he didn't like Vision. He was still not too thrilled that Hank Pym was still alive in this timeline, but they ended up with the same result. "Well let me tell you, my reasoning for hating the android is a lot more complicated and would take a long time to explain it all," he settled with saying, not really wanting to go into it at the moment.

There was the sound of something hiss and growling nearby, and Sparky turned to look over at Goose, who was not too far away from them, staring at Raynor. The cat's fur was standing on end, and his mouth was open, a few tentacles lashing out ever so slightly, but not enough to try and hurt anyone. Goose was staring right at Raynor, clearly not too happy to have the cat around. "...I wonder why the cat doesn't like you or something, since that's a bit strange..." she muttered.

Only problem I can see is that her age is off by one year (the RP is in the beginning of 2018, she would have just turned 23 at the end of 2017)

Fix that by either switching her birthday to be in 1993 or switch her age to 23.

Other then that you are good to move her over and you can bring her in since I just updated (she'll be with the group in the conference room)

Serval Industries - Conference Room
A small group had been called together, those who were still within Serval as opposed to the group that had taken off somewhere else. They had all been called there by Gardner for a mission of sorts, though she didn't say right off the bat what that mission was. Once everyone had gathered within the room, Gardner turned to address the group that had gather, with Psylocke standing next to her waiting to hear the plan. "As you might have noticed, it has become eerily quite around here. That is because the rest of the team took off somewhere, and stole the jet, not saying a word about where they were going or why." Gardner said, as she looked at the people in the room. "It is your job to go after them and bring them back here. We tracked the jet down, and it is not too far from here, but see if you can bring the renegades back here so that we might figure out why they decided to do something such as this."

"For those of you who don't know, we'll have an interesting time dealing with the group, if it comes to having to fight them. Hopefully we don't have to though, as that group has several skilled fighters among them. We need to move quickly and see if they will come in quietly, if not then we'll have to wait and see what happens."

Demetria Clarke

Location: Bad guy base
Skills: N/A

Sapphire and the others followed along after Belladonna and Evelyn, before they came across the whole situation with Watts and Spiral. Though when she heard the words out of Bella's mouth, Sapphire figured that odds were that was not the right thing to say. And based on what happened next? Seems like she was completely correct in that assumption.

Spiral stared at Watts for a moment, contemplating his words, before Belladonna showed up and had the nerve to pick a fight with her. With only one of her swords being used out of four, she spun around and whirled her arm around with a flick of her wrist, and Bella's sword went flying from her hand. "You really need to learn a thing or two about how the world works darling. If you take that sort of approach to things, Yuriko will tear you apart with ease. Now that would be an interesting thing to witness. Acting like you know what you are doing, when in reality you don't... Beginner's error. You have no idea who it is you are dealing with. It would do you some good to learn just who it is that you are dealing with."

"If that's the case, then maybe you would be so kind as to who you are for the rest of us who don't know right off the bat who you are?" Sapphire said a bit sarcastically towards Spiral, who turned her attention towards her.

"I am known as Spiral. I had a different name at one point, but I don't remember what exactly it was. Though I will say this, where I am from, in the Mojoverse, free will was something that not many people had, myself included. Slavery is still very real there. I can help you, however as I told you John Watts, you might already be too late to save your friend, but you might be able to potentially stop them completely, barely anyway. The group you are up against is not a group to be taken lightly. Yuriko can easily rip the lot of you to shreds if you don't keep her at a distance at the least. The Sisters Mastermind, well, they you would want to fight in a close combat scenario. Then there is Madelyn... She's a bit of a wild card."

"I've heard rumors about three of those people, but who is Madelyn?"

"Her name is Madelyn Pryor, and she's a clone of Jean Grey, which means she has the same powers as Jean Grey. Like I said, a bit of a wild card, though she likely won't come out to play until after the others are dealt with. Since her resemblance to Ms. Grey is uncanny, people likely would question her and wonder what was going on and who she was. Your CEO? Rae Gardner? I know her by another name, Regan Wyngarde, or Lady Mastermind. I heard she was thinking of messing with your minds in some way, so if you hallucinated something, odds are she caused it. Don't take her illusions lightly though. She has caused a person to drown on dry land with those illusions, and so has her sister Martinique."

"Cool, sounds like fun!"

"I can lead you inside, and direct you to where you likely want to go, but that is it. You will be on your own after that, as I would prefer to keep on living thank you very much."

"So, you can get us inside? Sweet, then lead the way if you ask me, we have nothing left to lose, so I'm all for going along with this."

"If you wish to follow me, then feel free to," Spiral said, heading towards the building. They weren't too far from one of the entrances, and using one of her hands, spiral placed it on a scanner and the door opened up, and she waved one of her hands for them, "After you. From this part of the building, your friend is located, or was last I saw him, is down this hallway to the left. First door on your left will lead you to a staircase, one goes up, the other down. Go down the stairs, first door on your right, that's where he was when I last saw him about half an hour ago."

Sapphire heard Niah's words, and for just a split second, Sapphire showed some emotion to someone who she didn't really know. Niah for a moment, would see that Sapphire was fighting back tears, so it was clear that she understood fully what it was that Niah had meant, regarding the part with Flynn at least. Sapphire plucked what looked like a frozen tear off of her face and tossed it aside. "It's not your fault, no need to apologize," was all she said as she headed through the portal, with Johnny carrying Niah and walking on through to the Human Resistance HQ. "Set her down over there on one of the places meant for sleeping or whatever and stay by her. In another few minutes should be able to stop the transfusion."

Johnny nodded his head in response, carrying Niah rather easily over to a makeshift bed and setting her down, before sitting down next to her. "So... Guess we just sit here or whatever for a few moments, feeling any better or whatever? Since a bullet to the side is never a fun thing. Sapphire had walked away from the group, choosing to be off by herself for the moment it would seem.

Lance edged over towards Runa, giving her a slight smile. "I'll stay with you until we all head back to the Resistance HQ okay Runa?" he said, figuring it probably wasn't a good idea for her to stay there by herself.

"So, the world got screwed up then? Couldn't you have come up with a nicer way to wake up someone who has a major hangover then pushing them off of the couch?" Tony asked Novikova, shooting her a slight glare as he picked up a glass off of the end table by the couch and took a drink. However, what he muttered under his breath was barely audible, but they could still hear it. "Damn Mandy you really need to dump the boyfriend if his daughter was willing to change the world for him..."

"Alright, so let's get going then, anyone got a full plan? Or are we doing this on the fly," he said out loud, tapping away at something on his watch. "We can't stand around here all day doing nothing now can we?"

Pietro walked up, instead of racing around, and was sticking closely next to Guin, and Tony raised an eyebrow, seeing that Pietro was covered in blood. "So... Guessing you all ran into trouble? Sounds like this'll be fun, so what are we waiting for? Let's get going. I would prefer to hurry this up, so that the world hopefully goes back to normal..." Tony said with a shrug towards the group.

Mary looked over at the pair of them, Rogue shook her head slightly as the memories came flooding back and Mary just decided to ask them one question, "Hey, you two okay? We've got a bit of a job to do and kind of in a rush to get to it."

"...Oui, chère, I's fine."

"Really Remy? Because you do not sound like it at all. Or does it have something to do with the fact that one of Magneto's kids screwed with reality or something?"

"Are we really that surprised that one of Magneto's freaky brats did this chère?"

"Well, depends on things, Pietro isn't that bad, but whatever, doesn't really matter," she said with a shrug, sort of glad to be ignoring the fact that Tinley had said any other psychos, and her mind instantly went to her "twin" sister that was currently unconscious upstairs.

"Quicksilver? He's the worst Goldie!"

"No he isn't once you get used to him Remy, so deal with it. You are still mad I convinced people to let Pietro on the team aren't you?"

"He tried to kill ya!"

"Around 6 years ago! You can't hold it against him forever! Not to mention we should not argue about this right now, we've got to deal with his twin sister instead Remy, not Pietro."

"Ya sure he ain't the one who told Wanda ta do this?"

"Because Pietro isn't like that! Can't you damn well give him the benefit of the doubt for once in your life?" she asked, clearly starting to get annoyed.

"No, ya don't get it mon amie, villains nevah change!!!"

Now Mary snapped completely, and it was probably a good thing that she was wearing gloves on her hands, as her eyes shifted to red and she smacked him across the face. "I told you to drop the subject about it, so how about you shut up about whether or not you trust Pietro, since I do and shouldn't that be enough? We've got bigger things to deal with then you holding some damn grudge!"

"Ya don't get to boss me around, Goldie!"

"No, you probably think that, but she has a point Remy. Just drop it, and argue later once the whole damn world gets fixed back ta normal alright?" Rogue interjected.

"I've got to give the kid props, she's seem to have gotten a mean bite being around here," Wolverine commented. Gambit huffed, knowing better than to argue with Rogue.

"So let's get going already," Mary said, heading back upstairs now.

"Why does it matter how long I've known? Trust me, I've met a lot of people like you in my life, so why the hell would I tell you anything, like seriously? You are probably the least trustworthy person I have ever met, and I've only known you for a few days. So why the hell, do you think, you deserve any sort of info from me? And those words coming from me, is definitely saying something," Jack said towards Ana.

"I didn't mean to insult, sorry, sometimes my mouth tends to run without me really thinking! It usually gets me in trouble with my parents, and just about everyone else really, a lot. Though Midgard certainly is an interesting place... I guess I can see why my father tends to spend a lot of time here as opposed to being on Asgard," she said, giving Casper a bit of an apologetic smile, but there was a tinge of sadness to the last sentence that she said.

"Looks like they are coming back upstairs," Jack said in response to Max saying they needed to find Gambit and them. He pointed and they'd be able to see Mary coming back upstairs. "So, mission accomplished then? So let's get out of here and head off then."

He's good to go, move him on over

Hi there, I'm glad to see that you are interested!
However, I don't think this RP would be a good fit for you, considering your application to one of our RPs in the past.
Not to mention someone with multiple personalities just would not fit in this RP and likely never would have gotten hired by a corporation who created the team for publicity. Someone like that is way to unpredictable for this sort of thing at all.
Best of luck to you in the future though!
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