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Name: BlueSky44
Aliases: Blue
Age: 20
Birthday: October 27
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Occupation: Nothing right now
Languages: English
Current Bio Theme: Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Years Rping: Too many
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Moderate - Low Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: God-modding, so annoying...
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Teach new RPers, not GMs though, I'm too much of a newbie GM to do that.

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • X-Men: Darkness Rising - A superhero RP based off of the Marvel comics, though other Marvel characters, not just the X-Men, make an appearance.

Rp's I'm Apart Of:

There is only one ship here now, but hopefully more will be added as time goes by in the RPs. This one is definitely an amazing one though and I love it so much!

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Lydia Weaver

Location: Her house
Interacting With: Robert, Jenna and Siegfried

Lydia was not too thrilled with the way that this conversation was going, and somehow Jenna was not freaking out at all about this. She was just standing there, asking a few questions calmly, when this guy could probably kill them in an instant. Lydia was starting to wonder just how long it would be for the guy to break free and come after them. She was starting to back away a little more, towards the door, away from the demon guy, since she did not know what to do.

"Uh, Jenna? I'm with Robert on this one, maybe we should get out of here," she said, sticking real close to Robert still. This was not going to end well, and she had no idea what she was doing in this situation still. Jenna had asked her questions, gotten some answers, now it was time for them to leave, but Lydia didn't know if she should leave Jenna alone, though she really didn't want to. She was starting to panic even more, but she remained somewhat in control of her emotions, trying not to go crazy or anything by how freaked out she was. She hated being in this situation.

Jason and Janelle Gauger

Location: Seattle, Washington
Interacting With: Gideon, Scott, Isley, Cynthia

"Shut your mouth," he snapped at Scott, before he took a breath, and looked back at Cynthia. At least he wasn't completely surrounded by idiotic people, like Scott, who had no idea what they were doing all of the time, but this was something that bugged him slightly. Sure, they were all together in one place, but what exactly were they supposed to do now? They didn't have any sort of plan beyond this, so they were just working sort of on the fly about this.

Janelle thought about Cynthia's question, it was something that she was thinking about a lot as well. They needed to do something, that much was obvious, but they didn't really know what yet, and that was a fact. "Well, we don't really have any sort of plan at the moment, at least from what I can tell based on the conversation. We just sort of met up here, and haven't really talked about much of a course of action," she said quietly.

Jason nodded in agreement, "Yeah, we kind of have no real clue what we're doing, and why we all had the same weirdo dream or whatever..." he added, his sister was basically stating the facts, they didn't really have any idea what the hell they were doing, or what they should do. All they really knew was what they had in common, and even that wasn't that much to go off of.

She started twisting her hair slightly, trying to come up with some sort of solution, but she was finding it difficult to come up with something. It didn't help that from what she knew, Scott wasn't exactly the type to come up with ideas, and it was mainly her and her brother that were thinking about this at all. It bugged her slightly, that no one else was really thinking that way, but it couldn't really be helped, so she continued twisting her hair as she tried to think of a solution.

Lance Banner

Lance pulled out his phone when he heard it go off because of Guin's message, and he froze as he read the words. His dad had ran tests on his blood, and didn't tell him that? Why? Well, at least he wasn't going to become the Hulk, but he had a pretty strong natural immunity to radiation without even trying. The fact that his dad hadn't told him is what bugged him the most, and his hands started glowing ever so slightly, despite him trying to calm himself down. Thanks for telling me, doubt he ever was going to... Lance responded to Guin, his hands still had a slight glow, but he didn't care.

"Are we really going to have this conversation and or argument again Banner?" Tony said, shaking his head at him, "I think Guin is still better, but that's my opinion." Lance heard their comments, and glanced over, but his eyes did flash slightly with anger at his dad, his hands still glowing as he went back to looking out the window. He wasn't too happy with Banner right then, he doubted they'd ever have a non-yelling conversation or something again.
Daphne Pender

Location: Prometheus: Lower Deck: Single Top (7)
Skills: None

Daphne nodded in agreement, he was definitely out of it or something when it came to being unconscious, and she wasn't too sure how to react to his mumblings. They made absolutely no sense, but of course, he was passed out or whatever, so it did make sense for him to not be making any sense. Now she was starting to wish that she had paid more attention to her sister when she was talking about medical things or whatever, so it would make more sense to her. She picked up Fitz on the other side, and started heading to medical.

"Well... We were doing a job, got attacked by Reavers after crashing onto Whitefall... Nearly got killed a bunch of times, a few members of the crew did die, one of them being the Captain's friend or whatever... So the whole thing at Lady Luck, not to mention I had wandered away for not too long or whatever, kind of pissed the Captain off. Pretty sure the only reason I'm not dead is because my sister is her friend and second in command, that answer your question?" Daphne responded.

@LadyRunic@Peridot@FantasyChic A voice suddenly came on in the home theater room. Excuse me, but I need to remind you that you do not have access to any part of Stark Tower aside from the Home Theater and Main Central room. As well as I am only authorized to play the Care Bears Movie in here at the moment, JARVIS said through the speakers as the large television turned on, and the Care Bears appeared on the screen.

Lance Banner, Marygold Isley, and Mirembe Adebayo

Location: Stark Tower

She was debating about how best to answer Sara's comment about everyone else sitting around doing nothing. "I know it isn't the best idea, just having everyone else sitting around, but it there isn't much else we can do at this point..." Mary then looked over at Bethany when she asked about what the plan was. "A small group of us are going to head off to see about talking to Jakobsen..." she said, before she turned to look at the others. This was actually a bigger percentage of people who were still in the room after her outburst than she had expected. The thought had crossed her mind that everyone would leave or yell at her to get the hell out of the room or something. She had expected Allison to leave, and Ayita wasn't too surprising, and she didn't know Charlie well enough to form an opinion about what he'd do.

Though she did not like what he had said about needing the others, they didn't need the older team, they had basically left this life far behind them, she wasn't going to drag them back unless they absolutely had to. She knew they'd happily come out of retirement if she asked, but she felt like they needed to try to pull this off on their own before they asked that of them. It was just the way it was going to be, and they hadn't exactly tried to fight OMEN yet, so they might not even need them.

Pietro said nothing, before he reached into his pockets, pulling out Twinkies, and handing them out to everyone who had asked for one. He carried around a lot of junk food, since he needed to keep his metabolism up constantly due to the speeds he ran at and the calories he burned. He stood a little closer to Guin, shooting a glare at Richard when he ruffled her hair, but he said nothing about it, he still didn't like the idea of Guin going off somewhere without him.

"The rest of us heading south already or wherever we'd be going doesn't make much sense, at least without a solid plan of where we're going, or how we'd get there. The Blackbird is shot, at least right now, and whose to say those robots won't try to shoot us out of the sky if we're in a Quinjet? They know we're here, and they know that we're going to try and leave, why don't we just stick around and at least try to come up with a better way for us to leave..." Lance said, speaking kind of softly, his hands shoved in his pockets as his father walked into the room.

"He's right..." the older speedster said. "Not to mention I don't think everyone would be able to move, at least immediately... Beast lost a lot of blood, and Thalia took a major beating as well... They probably won't be able to go much of anywhere right now..."

"...That makes sense... They know we're here, we can't do much about that... So we might as well get as much done here, before we even think about going elsewhere..." Mira added, speaking up. This was something that made sense, try to get as much done as possible without leaving, and possibly prepare to have to fight the robots or something before they had to fight them again.

Mary nodded her head, "Try and figure out a way to fight those Sentinels, as our powers are virtually useless against them, and if we are planning on moving to another facility, it would probably be best if we could come up with a solution to combat them, without using our powers unless we knew of a way to get them to damage those things... They could attack on transit, so we need to be careful..."

"I'll call Rhodey, see if he can get you a meeting with Jakobsen as a favor," Tony said, before he pulled out his cell phone, dialed Rhodey, and walked away, it would probably be at least an hour or so before they could talk to Jakobsen, maybe even longer than that. Mary looked over at the others, and she still felt like she should apologize again for her outburst, she had given in to stress, and she didn't know what else to do, but now was not the time to be freaking out. She was a lot calmer now, and that was about all she could hope for.

"So, Rhodey said he'll call back soon with word on that meeting with Jakobsen, said it shouldn't be more than an hour or so until he can get us more information, and tell us when that meeting is," Tony said, returning a few minutes later, holding his phone in his hand.

Queen Valda amd Thalia Maehers

Location: The Palace - Lawn

Valda was just looking at the two, edging a little closer to her younger brother. Lyra seemed to know where the child was that they were looking for, so she hoped that the problem with the dragon was resolved rather quickly. She did not know what else to do regarding that situation, and she hoped that the Young Army and Wendron Witches would be able to rescue her younger sister, she was worried about Luna, and she hoped that they returned soon with good news. She glanced at Myrus for a moment, listening to his words, unsure of what to say about them.

Thalia looked at Atkin, shaking her head slightly. The boy knew absolutely nothing about what he was doing, or who he was talking to, so she didn't make a comment about how Richard spoke to him. Someone needed to teach him a few manners or something from the sounds of it. She turned to face Lyra, glad that someone knew something about their child, the woman seemed to have better manners than the boy did, and she was starting to debate about whether or not she'd swallow Atkin or not.

"...Before you go anywhere Lyra, there is something that should be done first," Valda said, looking over at her. It was something she had been thinking about, especially because of how much Lyra tended to try and protect her. "I know that this is sort of sudden... But I'm going to make you a Knight Lyra, so congrats..." she said, twisting her curls slightly, she didn't really know what she was doing, and it was the best that she could do now.

Thalia smiled slightly at the woman, glad that Lyra seemed to be a kind person, and she was glad that it was her that had found the egg. The woman seemed like a trustworthy person, especially if the newly crowned Queen was deciding to make her a Knight right now. "Thank you Miss Laurek, I would be grateful if you could take us there," she said, her tone of voice even and steady, calming almost. Lyra was not someone that Thalia actually wanted to scare, unless she threatened the child of course.

Theresa Sparks

Location: Sci-Tech Building 4 - Phase Three HQ: Medical Ward -> The Framework
Skills: N/A

Sparky nodded at what Fury told them about their powers. Of course it made sense for him not to tell them the others' powers, they had rushed in head first, not thinking about asking first. Then, when she heard what her powers were, she had to fight back the urge to laugh. Of course her powers were electrical based, her last name was Sparks, and she was an Electrical Engineer, it made perfect sense, let's just hope she doesn't fry any circuits or something that she was working on, as that could end badly.

With one last nod, she put on the headset and dove into the Framework, and listened to everyone else bicker about what to do. "...I could try something, no guarantees that it'll work, I'm still new to the whole having powers thing..." she said softly, before she held her hands up to get a few sparks flying, but she wasn't able to get much going to hit the guards with. "Sorry, guess that won't work..." she muttered, before she started hovering slightly a few inches off the ground.
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