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Current RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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  • X-Men: Darkness Rising - A superhero RP based off of the Marvel comics, though other Marvel characters, not just the X-Men, make an appearance.

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There is only one ship here now, but hopefully more will be added as time goes by in the RPs. This one is definitely an amazing one though and I love it so much!

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Demetria Clarke

Location: Serval Industries - Gardner's Office (I4 -> G4)

"What? Do you expect me to do the whole super villain monologue thing? Because I leave that to my sister, she tends to do it a bit more often then I do... Like a lot more then I do, it seriously gets annoying. So yeah, I'm not telling you what we were doing, and honestly, you all are just getting a little bit annoying," he said with an eye roll, shooting a slight glare at the three of them. Wanda! These people are being meeeeean! They keep shooting me with ice!!!!

What do you expect me to do about it? Did you find anything useful in the office?

Nope, but they are being meeeeeeeeeean!

Then come to the lab already and help me deal with this fake speedster and pesky bug!

"Sorry, but I've got to run." Pietro said with a slight smirk at the group, and looked like he was about to take off running.

"Oh no you don't!" Sapphire said, before, the entire ground around them seemed to turn to ice completely, "Damn, did not mean to do that..." she muttered under her breath, as it also started to snow. Bella would start feeling the chill from the cold now, but Evelyn was still fine at the moment.

Pietro tried to take off running, but he ended up slipping on the ice badly enough to send him flying backwards, slamming into the ground. There was a loud crack as one of Pietro's legs snapped in half, the bone sticking out of it and a pool of blood was starting to appear on the ground around him. He took a bit of a deep breath, wincing slightly from the pain, before he used his hand to effectively shove the bone back into place so it was no longer sticking out. Despite the cold slowing him down, it was already obvious that his leg was starting to heal. It wouldn't be too long until he was back on his feet again.

"Wow... Did not expect that outcome, but I am perfectly fine with the results... Now stand down and tell us what it is you were hoping to find here," she said, daggers made out of ice forming in her hands and she looked right at him.

"Not saying... No fun in that..." he responded with a slight cough. His shoulder was still hurting a bit from where Belladonna had shot him before, but even that was starting to slowly heal itself.

Andrew Rossi

Location: Serval Industries - Engineering Lab (F1 -> F3)

Thankfully for Andrew, he wasn't stuck in Wanda's nightmare for very long. Thanks to Watts providing some sort of distraction, he was able to break free from it. He shrunk down again and took off into the air, so that way Wanda hopefully wouldn't really notice him. "Speedsters, typically annoying sorts," she said with a slight eye roll, "But you aren't an actual speedster, so you probably aren't that fast in comparison."

With that, she lifted Watts off of the ground (managing to see through his clone and figure out which one was which) and slammed him down into the ground. She repeated this a few times, since she clearly was more then just a little annoyed with him. He'd end up getting his face bloodied up a little bit, and several bruises elsewhere on his body, he was definitely going to be hurting a bit after this whole situation was over with.

Now that he was in a better position, Andrew sent several blasts slamming into Wanda, enough to get her to let go of Watts and leave him on the ground. "Of course the bug is back," she muttered, trying to throw Andrew around, however it was very difficult considering he was a very small moving target.

"Don't stop the villain monologue now! Tell us what you're after!"

"Ugh humans, such a waste of time, and space really... But that is all going to change with what we're after, though I am more then a bit annoyed. This was supposed to be simple, and the security was supposed to be down because of our contact's interference... Wanda mused, partially ignoring the two of them, but she was still trying to hit Andrew who was flying around.

"Yup, never stop a villainous monologue, it is always the best way to get people to tell you what you want to know," Andrew said loud enough so that Watts heard him.

The Palace

Pietro just stared at Guin, a bit confused by what it was that she was saying. Wanda changing the world? He knew his sister well, and he didn't even think she could pull that off. Why would she even want to? He believed her about the whole thing of someone changing the world, but he just couldn't believe that Wanda would do that at all. "...I believe you Guina but... Someone else has to be behind it, Wanda would never do that at all! She wouldn't have a reason to!" It was obvious he was defensive and protective of his sister, and odds were that Guin wouldn't be able to tell him otherwise about her changing the world.

With the Red Guard and James finished with his conversation with Klara, they were led into a side room with a table that had a spread out of the Palace grounds on it. "Well the Palace guards were kind enough to loan us a map of the grounds, so we know where the execution will be and where the majority of the resistance group will be should they actually make an appearance. But odds are that they will. Now, we need to keep an eye on the crowd, since they might see about merging into the group in order to blend in. So if you see anyone else acting suspicious, do not hesitate to go and investigate," she said, before a door opened, and in walked Flynn.

"So, you all are planning what to do?"

"Yes, we were just mentioning where we'd need to be or where we'd likely need to keep an eye on things in case the rebels appear," she said, before giving the prince a kiss on the cheek

"Yeah, well just let us know, as there will be a few other guards around, with quite a few keeping an eye on things in the Palace should anyone actually decide to intrude during the execution. I'll be keeping an eye out on the crowd and such too, as I'll be there, as well as my brother, so we can help out in a pinch if need be."

"I thought you two wished to investigate?" October asked, a bit confused as Annie asked what they would be poking around at. "I highly doubt that someone will give you permission to investigate them for a crime - so you'll have to do it anyways if you're really keen on it..." She gave her wife another kiss. "If anyone encounters you inside the Palace, you can simply tell them you were fetching me supplies from the infirmary. Now I must go, you are welcome to come if you wish but I can't be late to an execution I need to attend!" she said, before taking each one of them by the hand and heading out the door.

Oshea gave Allison a bit of a smile, "Yeah, it definitely is better to get things over with real quick, it'll be about another 15 minutes or so before it starts, but odds are there is already a crowd of some sort there," he said, before he picked her up in his arms and gave her a kiss. With that, he raced her to the Palace. He wasn't kidding when he said that there probably would already be a crowd of sorts at the Palace. There was a large crowd already on the grounds of the Palace, and there were chairs of sorts and bleachers almost in the larger area nearby the lake of sorts on the grounds. "Let's go find some seats then I guess, we as usual get what tends to be called "the best seats in the house" but honestly I hate it, who would want to sit around and watch someone die?" he added, before leading her to the area where they'd be, and it looked like the princess Wanda was already in the area.

The Human Resistance HQ

"The uh, the other guy... He wants to snap Magneto like a toothpick," Dr. Banner said, a bit awkwardly, as he rubbed the back of his neck. "The Hulk isn't good for stealth anyways so... chaos it is."

"Let's go then," Barton said. "I'll be with assault, in order to get numbers." He didn't make any comments about the usefulness of a bow and arrow next to the Hulk, but hey, he was an Avenger and the leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team the Secret Warriors in the real world. He was capable of more than people knew.

Jade smirked slightly, seeing that her team was the most popular choice so far. "Fucking ace. Now unless Lucifer himself shows up, should be smooth sailing inside the Palace." She then looked at Alex for a moment and slapped him, then gave him a kiss. "In anticipation of you doing some dumb shit, luv," she explained.

"Why do you automatically assume I'm going to do something stupid! I've been trying to actively not do that!" he said with a slight eye roll, but he was chuckling slightly.

"Do you want me to list off all the reasons? We'd be here all day if I did."

"Wow, so nice to me Jade!" he said, shaking his head, before looking at the others, "Going with combat, and honestly, going to point out one major flaw with this plan of yours so far. Not the whole, splitting into groups thing, that's the smart idea, but the whole point of "stealth" is to have a small group go, since the larger the group, the more likely it is you'll get caught. Sure, Magneto is all for putting on a show, but do you really think he's dumb enough to leave the Palace unguarded? No, he's not that stupid, so if you all go you are likely going to get caught."

Barton nodded. "Magic the Gathering, you're on the assault team."

Lance wasn't even paying much attention to what was going on around him. He seemed to be tunnel visioning on Runa, and he could tell that she wasn't telling the full truth it would seem. "Runa... It'll be okay... Don't worry," he said to her, before he gave her a hug, something that he didn't really do ever for anyone. Even if she didn't want a hug, he felt like she needed one, so he was totally expecting her to push him away. "I'm sure you're cousin is fine..."

Gambit smirked at Rogue slightly, ignoring Casper's question about Ayita and Richard - though the phrase Incest Twins did give him a bit of a chuckle. It was an apt description of those two and he was honestly glad that a family emergency had come up, preventing them from coming. "Ma colombe," he whispered in Rogue's ear, before gently biting down on her earlobe slightly, fully expecting to get smacked over the head. "Oh, mes amis... I forgot ta mention... We ain't gonna land the plane - we're jumpin' out of it," he said, grabbing a parachute for Rogue and then one for himself.

True to expectations, Rogue smacked him across the face with a bit of an eye roll, before looking at the parachute he had handed her and let out a laugh. "Remy, ya forgot, I don' need no parachute!" she said with another laugh, before handing the parachute over to Mary and opening the door of the jet and just jumping out already.

"....Whatever mon amie!"

"Are you sure this is even a good idea Remy?" Mary asked him, looking at the parachute now. To her this was insane, but it did help her to keep her mind off of the fact that she was paired up with Ana of all people.

Gambit smiled at his sister, looking carefree as he winked at her in response and then jumped out of the plane.

"...Guess that answers that question... This still seems dumb to me, but whatever..." she said with a shrug, putting the parachute on and jumping out of the plane as well.

Jack was a little less sure of this entire thing, and there is one thing Casper would definitely remember from growing up with his little brother; Jack had a major fear of heights. Maybe that was why he sort of gravitated towards the underground life with the Morlocks? Who knows, what really mattered was that at the moment, he was somewhat panicking about everything that was going on. "...I'm not so sure about this..." he muttered under his breath, glancing over at the others. There were definitely plenty of parachutes for the group to use.

Marygold Isley

Location: Camp Half-Blood - 6E

"It is nice to meet you Andy," she said, giving her a kind smile, before she rolled her eyes slightly at what Jace had essentially called her and the other children of Demeter. After she finished helping Andy out with her armor, she turned and looked over at him. "Call us hippy plant girls again and you'll find out just how much we can make life horrible for you. So either you actually be somewhat nice to us and not call us that, or you'll see just what we can do to humiliate you, got it?"

With that being said, she turned back towards Andy, "Sorry about that honestly, the Ares kids can be more then a bit annoying, and just between us, I honestly would have rather us be on the other team," she said, dropping her voice to more of a whisper with the last sentence she had said. "Anyway, don't worry, you'll be fine, so, let's see what sort of traps we can come up with. Let's get going then," she said with a slight smile, heading towards the creek somewhat, trying to think of what sort of traps they should create.


Location: Outside Hellfire Club HQ
Skills N/A

"I am on your side Havok, honestly I do not trust either one of them, but that just goes to show we've got to watch our backs, but honestly it sounds like there is an actual chance that they are sticking around because Veil seems to trust them for who knows what reason. We might be stuck with them, but that doesn't mean we have to like them!" she said instantly in response to Havok, looking over at him again as they pulled up to the Hellfire Club HQ. She did not like this entire situation at all, but it would seem like they were stuck with it at the moment.

Sapphire nodded her head at her friend when she got out of the car, she was used to all of this, used to Veil just making them invisible for a stealth job. However, she hated the fact that she wanted Glimpse to be the one leading them inside, figuring that if the woman was going to betray them (something she was almost certain was going to happen) now would be the time. Especially since she was leading them around back to a different entrance, how could they know she wouldn't do something to turn them all in to Shaw?

Jack Theriot

Location: Morlock Tunnels (F1 -> F2)
Skills: Hand to Hand Combat, Endurance

Jack stumbled backwards slightly from the pain caused by the Sentinel's latest shot that had slammed into him. He wasn't entirely sure just how much longer he'd still be standing, but he did know one thing, and that was that Casper was bleeding out at the moment! Glancing over and hearing Ward's words, and knowing that Sentinels were not things he could fight against very easily, he sent his fist flying at Ward, hitting him in the jaw, bruising him, before he turned around and raced over to where Casper was. As he took off towards him (well, more of limping somewhat really) a gunshot rang off, and it hit him in the face. The teeth more specifically, and he ended up spitting a tooth out of his mouth, before the bullet sort of bounces off because of his elasticity.

"Hey there Casper, I need you to stay conscious alright?" Jack said instantly to his brother, before he started glancing around to see if there was anything that he could use to stop the bleeding. He was currently positioning himself so that the Purifiers hopefully wouldn't be able to hit Casper to easily with any sort of bullets, but he wasn't having much luck finding anything to use to help Casper. Without having any better ideas, he pulled off the shirt he was wearing in an attempt to stop the bleeding, but he wasn't having too much luck in doing so.

Frederick Flynn

Location: Serval Industries R&D Floor (B7 -> D6)
Skills: Fire Manipulation

Flynn nodded his head when Tinley essentially gave the orders to take Vision down. He saw that Wanda and Raynor were basically pissed off and were attacking him. Preparing to attack Vision himself, his blood ran cold when he heard Maria's words. Bonnie? Dead? That was not possible, could it be? Internally, he was screaming, and it would seem his powers wanted to show that he was not the happiest person in the world at the moment either, as he instantly caught fire, his body surrounded by the flames now, and he stepped towards Vision and the others now, ignoring what Maria had said about him phasing now.

"I'm with them," he said, a bit coldly, nodding his head towards Raynor and Wanda, "I don't care if I survive." With those last words, he sent a blast of flame flying at Vision, and it was clear that he was definitely wanting to hurt Vision as badly as possible. It would seem that his anger was being useful, as he managed to slam the flames into Vision before he was able to phase and avoid them. Now Vision was starting to spark a bit from the damage that he had caused, but Flynn was not calming down. He did stop blasting at Vision completely, but he essentially was still a big ball of fire walking around at the moment.

Queen Valda

Location: The Marram Marshes
Skills: N/A

"Well... Guess we can't just sit around here all day, we have to get back, and quickly. Especially since the way we cam is kind of destroyed... I'm sure Ahote is fine... He knows how to take care of himself," Valda said, though she wasn't too sure about that. She didn't know how well he'd be able to stand up to the vampires that were in the Palace, and she had said that last part mainly to reassure herself of everything. It didn't stop the fact that they needed to get back, especially since her brother was still there, and she was not going to let anyone hurt him.

"So... Anyone know what exactly I should say to the boat or whatever?" Valda said, making her way somewhat to the front of the boat so that she was by the dragon's head. "Uh... Hey Dragon Boat? Mind taking us back to the Palace as quickly as possible please?" she asked the boat, before the boat started moving. She hadn't expected the boat to instantly listen to her words, but now the boat was heading off towards the Palace. It would still take a while to get there, but it was definitely faster then the normal way.

Bruce Banner

Location: The Palace - The Entrance Hall (E5 -> F5)
Skills: Cosmic Manipulation

"I'm no wizard of any sorts," Bruce responded, before he turned when one of the vamps had made a comment about someone else joining them. "Prince Myrus, my recommendation is you get out of here right now!" he said in his direction, glancing over at him before he instantly moved to be standing in front of him. Flames were still dancing along the staff in his hands. "They haven't found your sisters yet from the sounds of it," he muttered under his breath, before he decided to go back to attacking the creatures.

Fire swirled around even more, before flying out towards the vampires, burning two of them without him batting an eye. Horatio and Jett were the two that burned, the two that had spoken out loud towards them. "Let me tell you this, leave this place now, or the rest of you will burn just like the other ones did. This is your last warning," he said to them, the flames still there in hopes of scaring them away, though he seriously doubted that he would be able to.

Sylvi the Bard

Location: The Palace Courtyard - D5 -> E6
Skills: N/A

Sylvi was confused, and she looked over at Myth and Antonije. She wasn't really sure what to do about everything, and she wasn't sure if she should just run off or stay. However that decision ended up being made for her, as she heard Tate's voice in her mind, telling her to stay with him, well, more of commanding her to stay. No matter what she did, or what she thought, she felt compelled to stay with him and not taken off. Part of her had been thinking that if he hadn't done that, she just might have raced off, but there was no way to really know what would have happened now.

"Yeah, going there might be for the best..." she said softly about the idea of going to their home. It might help her out a bit, just being at their little home in the Ramblings. Just to be in a more familiar setting of sorts would help her in the long run probably. She walked over to Tate and took his hand in hers, saying nothing more to Myth or him, just listening to the order that Tate had given her telepathically, and she was just going to stick with him for the moment.

The Palace

Guin would be able to figure out some things about the energy blast, despite not being able to pinpoint where in the city the energy had been centered around. She was able to determine what likely caused the blast however, and it likely wasn't a good thing all things considering. The energy ripple had been caused by Chaos Magic and Reality Warping, so it only could have really been a mutant who caused this, and there was one other problem Guin would realize. There was only one mutant in the entire world who could have had even close to the amount of power that was required in order to potentially rewrite reality, and that was Pietro's sister Wanda.

The next morning, Pietro raced into the lab, and ran right up to Guin, and he was looking at her. He also clearly did not look too happy at the moment. "Really Guina? You had to ditch your guard and such? Plus spend all night here? What the hell is going on Guina? Tell me right now! Oh, and we have to get moving, there is going to be a execution in half an hour that we have to go to, and if you are tired it's your own fault."

October walked into the art studio and gave both Carolina and Annie a kiss on the cheek. "I have work today, loves, but it might be in line with your plans," she said with a slight smile. "I've been asked to attend the execution as a mortician, confirm the deaths and all since physicians can't be a part of it due to the hippocratic oath. I can get you into the Palace, maybe you could poke around while I poke at corpses?"

Meanwhile, Allison would be back at her penthouse apartment with Oshea. He was already dressed and ready for the day, and he looked over at her. "Hey Ally, this whole thing sucks but we really should get going... The King tends to want an audience you know for executions, so we really need to get going back to the Palace for it... Despite the fact that I honestly hate going to these things, it can't be helped," he told her with a slight shrug, giving her a bit of a smile.

The Human Resistance HQ

The night before, Novikova had gone around and restored the memories of just about everyone else in the Resistance group. The instant Klara had her memories returned, she walked over to Max, before using magic to heal him somewhat, repairing his broken nose. "I am sorry..." she said softly to Max, but from her tone of voice, it was obvious that she had heard Max's words about her father, and it was clear that it hurt her a lot. She sheathed her sword once more, and simply walked away, except she didn't walk to another part of the building, she walked straight outside into the night.

"...Even though I've never met her, I've heard Thor talk about her, pretty sure the two of them are fairly close, so you probably shouldn't have said that... I know that she wasn't exactly being the nicest person around and didn't really know about the real world, but still... Just goes to show how things can be different," Lance said to Max with a shrug, before walking over to where Runa was passed out.

The group would have places to sleep, they definitely weren't the best accommodations, but they were the best that they had available. Klara still hadn't returned to the base at all, and no one would really be able to tell where she had went off to.

"Okay, so we know this reality isn't real - but we have to assume deaths here are still real. Erik is executing humans at random to try to draw us out - so we're going to be walking into a trap. Has anyone seen Klara?"

"No, she took off last night after Novikova over there fixed everyone's memories about well, everything really... Just kind of took off," Alex responded, glancing around at the group a bit. "Not to mention to continue with what you were saying about this reality not actually existing, we still have no idea who caused this or what even happened."

"Well," Jade said, polishing off a bit of whiskey. "Good thing you have London's Actual Finest here on the case."

"So, do you have any ideas then? Or are you just wanting to get out and see about investigating and figuring it out?"

"If you can get me into the Palace, I'll know who did it within minutes," she boasted. However, she really was that good. In the real world, her father was a Sherlock Holmes type and Jade had inherited his deductive skills. Her husband was the President-elect but she still took on cases that interested her, competing with Jack Theriot in D.C. as a private investigator. Most in the superhero community though know her as the woman who killed the devil in the Altsoba Massacre.

"Well we'll have to see about that Jade," Alex said with a slight laugh, "We'll see what we can do about getting there. The Palace is where that execution is taking place, so we need to head over there anyway."

"Alright. One team is going to stop the execution and do a full out assault on Erik's forces. A smaller group can go with Shirley Holmes here and investigate the Palace during the chaos," Hawkeye decided. Alex nodded his head in response to that, figuring it would probably be better doing that, since hopefully Magneto wouldn't expect them to just go into the Palace either.

Lance meanwhile was standing by Runa, still not really caring that he didn't know her in the real world, and he was still wondering if she was alright. "Are you okay Runa?" he asked her, giving her a slight smile.

The Red Guard

Luckily for those still back in Australia, Cass hadn't done the best programming job on the quinjet, so the group was able to fly back rather easily to the US and report what all had happened to the Director of SHIELD Sebastian Shaw, and now they were currently in a vehicle heading towards the Palace, as the King had requested SHIELD agents to attend the executions that morning, as it was almost a guarantee that the Human Resistance group would be in attendance. They had managed to get some back up anyway, that being Agent Waverly Watts, better known as Feedback.

"Well this will definitely be an interesting event won't it?" Sapphire said simply to James with a shrug as the vehicle pulled up to the Palace. She knew her way around the place, both inside the building and the surrounding grounds and area. They still had about half an hour or so until the execution was set to take place, so anyone who wasn't used to the area could make their way around and see where they should be placed.

"Oh, Kingston, something you should probably know I feel like you should know," Mystique said, glancing over at him. "I did a bit of research on the flight back from Australia, and turns out that that girl, Runa Blake? Her cousin is apparently with the Human Resistance, and I believe is the one responsible for keeping you from entering that portal. Other agents found her wandering the streets, apparently she had decided to go visit her father's grave. She's one of the ones who are being executed today. You probably would be allowed to try and question her about the Resistance before the execution."

With that, she got out of the car and headed into the Palace, with Sapphire right behind her. The dungeons were down in the basement area of the Palace. The group could head down there, split up and do whatever, or just survey the area that the execution was going to take place to get an idea of where they should be stationed, that was an option too.

The Thieves Guild

With Chrysi dealt with, everything was situated for the group to go to Baton Rouge in order to try and steal the Diadem of Athena. It seemed like no matter what Casper may argue about things, they were going after the crown. Mary had only been released from the hospital about 10 minutes before they left for the Red Guard facility, staying somewhat quiet about everything. The group had their own transportation there, having a small jet of sorts that easily could fly under the radar and not draw suspicion. Currently they were getting fairly close to Baton Rouge, and from there it wouldn't be too far to the SHIELD facility.

"Okay mes amis, how many of you have had an encounter with SHIELD?" Gambit asked the group as the plane flew them towards their destination. Mary raised her hand at that, having encountered them out on a job before, not to mention they generally hung around the Palace in New York, where if she ever went up the east coast she'd go to visit her best friend. Rogue raised her hand at that as well, but Jack just simply shook his head, not really encountering SHIELD until probably somewhat soon.

"They likely won't hesitate to use deadly force if they catch us trying to steal the crown, so we need to be careful no matter what we do..."

"Bien sûr. Be prepared to use deadly force in turn. Split into pairs and we'll comb the facility."

"Who wants to be paired up with who then? I don't care either way," Rogue said with a shrug, looking over at the group who was there.

"...I'll stick with Casper if that's alright with you... There is an odd number of us, so one group would have to be a group of three," Jack commented, glancing over at Casper. He was concerned about his brother, especially considering what he was saying the night before, so now seemed like the time to be keeping an eye on him.

In the Ballroom
"Mr. Martin, is there a problem of sorts that I should be aware of?" Rae Gardner asked him as she walked up, giving him a slight smile. Wesley would be able to tell that something seemed off about her, more of something off with her smile. Almost as if she knew completely that something was going on, but he couldn't figure out really how, so it might not be anything at all.

"Martin, what are you doing? Get going to deal with the other two, we can handle keeping things from moving up here, but you need to get going right now. Even if they are able to slow down a speedster, he still can cause problems, not to mention the fact that the Scarlet Witch is powerful in her own right. Reason why the pair of them are a dangerous combination, so get out of the Ballroom and to where one of the two are," Psylocke's voice crackled over the comms in response to what he had been saying.

So currently he had a choice, keep talking with the CEO of Serval Industries, or go help deal with the break in problem.

Demetria Clarke

Location: Serval Industries - Ballroom -> Gardner's Office (I4)

"I was definitely thinking along the same lines, I'll meet up with you at Gardner's office and let's see if we can slow down a speedster. Warning never actually attempted to deal with one before as Watts wouldn't let me test out how much cold is needed to slow one down, so bear with me a little bit," Sapphire responded over the comms, as she headed out of the ballroom. She was all too happy to get out of the crowd and into something a bit more interesting then watching a bunch of rich people sitting there talking to each other about how much money they have or something.

Sapphire easily met up with Belladonna and Evelyn, giving them a slight smirk, before she glanced into the room and saw the streak of silver that signaled that the speedster was around. "Warning to you two, it's going to get a little bit cold in here," she said to them, before the air in and around the room started to get quite a bit colder, to the point where there were bits of ice starting to appear on the floor underneath her. Bella and Evelyn would be fine from the cold thankfully, and the best part about this was that now it was clear that the speedster was slowing down a bit.

And he definitely noticed.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Rude!" Pietro said, stopping in his tracks with a rush of wind and papers went flying everywhere, but he was staring right at them.

Andrew Rossi

Location: Serval Industries - Vents -> Engineering Lab (F1)

Andrew was making his way through the vents of Serval fairly quickly, and to him it definitely was a better way to get around places quickly for someone without super speed. Otherwise he'd have to go deal with crowds or something, and considering the fact that they kind of had somewhat of a time limit, this definitely was the best way to move around Serval.

Eventually he found his way into the lab, around the time that Watts showed up as well with Bobbi a little ways behind him. However, Andrew didn't have any problems slipping out of the vent into the room, while Wanda was looking through various things. Watts on the other hand, would slam straight into a barrier that Wanda had created around the doorways of the room. Scarlet Witch chuckled slightly, before looking over at him, "Do you really think I'm that stupid? Honestly, I knew we'd trigger the alarms and you all would be heading down here in minutes. However I do not have time to deal with you, I'm a bit busy at the moment. Oh, and one more thing, do you really think I don't know how to deal with speedsters of any sort?" she said with another laugh before she went back to going through various devices that were lying around nearby.

Andrew had to hold in his laughter at seeing Watts hit the barrier, and that wasn't just a bump on the head. When Watts hit the barrier, he got thrown backwards and onto the ground, so he likely was going to have more then a few bruises. Now though was not the time for Andrew to crack jokes about Watts looking a bit like a fool, now he needed to see about getting Wanda distracted enough so that the barrier went down.

"I'd say you probably are a bit on the dumb side if you ask me," he called out to her, before he flew up and punched her in the face, knocking her backwards now. It wasn't enough really to cause much damage to her, however he did accomplish his goal in causing Wanda to lose focus, lowering the barrier and allowing Watts to now enter the room.

"You little pest!" Wanda snapped back, not even noticing that the barrier was lowered, and she had her back turned to the doorway now. Andrew went back to his normal size and sent blasts flying at her, but she easily deflected them away. Her hands were glowing red as she then sent him flying backwards slamming into the wall. "Just stay out of my way and there won't be any other issues."

"Yeah right..." Andrew said as he picked himself up off the ground. Wanda's eyes flashed red, her hands still glowing, and suddenly Andrew fell to the ground again, and he'd find that he wasn't really in the lab anymore, as Wanda had trapped him in his own head.

Marygold Isley

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Demeter Cabin -> 6E

Mary nodded her head at Eva, "I'll be right behind you in a minute," she said to her, before going back to making sure she had what she needed. She had her sword with her, and grabbed a packet of plant seeds that she usually had left lying around. Never knew when you'd need them, especially since they could be used to trip any opponents over. After glancing around again somewhat, she grabbed what she had and headed off after Eva towards where they were going to be playing Capture the Flag.

Eventually she'd find her way over there, and she saw that there already were more then a few people there ready to get going. She was fine with potentially being last to show up, but then again there was going to be a lot of other kids participating in it, so she doubted she actually was the last person. Glancing over, she noticed Andy there trying to figure out her armor, and she didn't hesitate to walk on over. "I'll help you out," she said, giving her a smile before she went to see about helping her put on the armor. "My name is Marygold."


Location: On the Road
Skills N/A

"I know that all things considering this is a bit ironic coming from me, but calm down a little bit Havok, I still don't trust them either, I still don't like them at all, but we are still going to be stuck in a car with them for a little bit..." Sapphire whispered to him when he got into the passenger's seat. She wasn't any happier about this arrangement then he was, and Tome who didn't know them at all was making comments about things he probably shouldn't be. This was definitely going to be a long day no matter what they did.

As Tome questioned what their abilities were, she was mainly glad he seemed to be ignoring her and not questioning her abilities, instead choosing to ask Glimpse and Veil. Since that meant that at the moment for the most part she could just ignore his existence for the time being and just focus on driving the vehicle. Though him calling his powers of sorts "tricks" made her want to laugh, since from the sound of it that seemed to be all he really could do with his powers at the moment, do tricks. He probably should have stayed behind with Colossus and the rest.

Jack Theriot

Location: Morlock Tunnels
Skills: N/A

Jack still wasn't too thrilled by everything that was going on, and he looked between Erg, Blink and Sunshine, and sure, he knew that he shouldn't say anything to basically upset Erg or show that he didn't agree with him all of the time, but he thought he should say something to Sunshine. "...Remember Rookie, this whole thing is your choice... You don't have to do this if you don't want to," he said, giving her a slight smile, before he looked around a little bit and noticed that Casper had wandered off again. "Damn it Casper... I'll be back in a few minutes," he said, before he took off after Casper.

When he saw Casper, he almost froze right in his tracks, seeing the giant sentinel that was right in front of them. He lucked out and the thing didn't immediately see him. He hurried over to his brother, "Casper, we need to get out of here now!" he said to him, before he went to try and pull him away. That's when the Sentinel decided to fire a shot at them, noticing them there. Casper was lucky, it missed hitting him, however, a ruby red energy blast slammed into Jack. It hit him in the stomach and sent him stumbling backwards, he was badly burned but in a lot of pain from the Sentinel's attack.

"Casper, get out of here," Jack said, he didn't exactly have the strength to drag his brother back now.
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