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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Demetria Clarke and Andrew Rossi

Location: Unknown
Skills: N/A

"You don't get a hold of Spiral, she gets in contact with you," Longshot responded instantly to Arthur as he ducked into the alleyway. The instant the group was out of the main road and in the alley, a spotlight shone above them, right where they had been moments before. "Yeah, I'll help you all out, just we've got to get completely off the streets, we can only stay in the alley for so long before they catch up. I might have managed a few escapes of my own over the years, just kept getting caught since getting off the planet is the hard part, not necessarily getting out of Mojo's messed up TV shows."

"Oh, great, so we can't see about talking with Spiral until she decides to show up. Not to mention you just said that the hardest part about escaping from here is the thing ahead of us, called actually getting off of this planet. So any idea how the hell we're supposed to do that?"

"Actually you aren't just on another planet, the Mojoverse resides in it's own dimension, but there are wormholes that lead back to the main universe that you're from. Trust me, I've had a lot of run ins with people like yourselves, heroes dragged here by Mojo, but they were able to get back to Earth. I've even gotten off this planet more then once and found my way to Earth."

"Wait... You're telling me you've gotten out of this place and to Earth? So why are you here? I mean, no offense, but shouldn't you be on Earth as opposed to here if you think about it..."

"Because there are a lot of people like me stuck here as slaves to Mojo and his goons. I could never stay on Earth with the knowledge of what everyone else here has to deal with on a daily basis..."

"Okay, going to be blunt, this guy is kind of weird," Sapphire muttered under her breath as she looked over at Longshot. This guy was definitely a strange one, and she still wasn't even sure if they could trust him or believe a thing that he said, since he had tried to kill them as Elara had pointed out. Though they were stuck some place that none of them knew how to navigate, so they were kind of stuck with Longshot.

"So... Any idea where we should go while we wait for Spiral to decide to actually show up?" Andrew asked, as there were suddenly the sound of footsteps coming nearby, as a group of about 10 soldier looking people (actually they looked almost like Storm Troopers ironically) came into view, and they instantly saw the group. Longshot instantly pulled out a blaster of sorts from his side and fired it off, slamming into a few of them.

"We get out of here and hopefully somewhat stall for Spiral to eventually show up, or get out of here entirely and hope for the best," he responded, firing off a few more shots at the Storm Trooper wannabes that seemed to knock them back.

"...Well I wish I actually had something to shoot them back with..." Andrew muttered. There were about 25 soldiers in total, and Longshot managed to knock down 5 of them, leaving 20 left to deal with at the moment. Or of course running was always an option, and just hoping you can out run them.


Location: Mutant Underground HQ - Training Room
Skills N/A

Sapphire was in the training room, leaning up against the wall as she blinked, her mind registering what had happened, and a surge of adrenaline seemed to take over as she raced out of the room, hearing Havok take off, more or less ignoring Veil and Spark Plug as she went. "Havok wait!" she called after him, but by then he was already in a car driving off. That wasn't all too surprising, she figured he'd goof and talk to Polaris, but one thing was clear, they really needed to have a long conversation about everything.

The surge of adrenaline she had suddenly disappeared, leaving her somewhat tired, and shivering almost as went back into the training room, still ignoring Veil and Spark Plug as the typical aura of cold that was typically around her to the point where Veil and Spark Plug would feel a slight chill as her hair and eyes darkened as she leaned against the wall and slid to the ground. Her mind was racing, and she put her hands to her head as everything that had happened went running through her mind, she was panicking slightly about it. This sort of thing didn't happen to her very often, where she'd have a full blown panic attack of sorts, and definitely never in front of other people.

Jack Theriot

Location: Mutant Underground HQ - Jack and Casper's Room
Skills N/A

Jack was sitting on his bed in the room that he shared with Casper. It took a moment, but it finally registered in his mind what exactly had happened over the course of the past few days. He was glad to be by himself at the moment, since at least it meant he could have a few moments to clear his head before he went out to where the others were. Not too sure, but he figured that not everyone would remember that world considering he would have expected some sort of commotion to happen if that was the case.

Lexi... Jack's mind wandered to the little 6 year old little girl he'd had in the other reality. One thing stuck out in his mind, and it was a promise he had made to her. The promise that he would find her again, even if it took him to the ends of the Earth and back again, he would find her. No matter the cost, or how long, he owed her to at least try and find her. The last conversation they had was still fresh in his mind, and no matter what it wasn't going away, but he was kind of glad it didn't. Since it was the last time he'd likely talk to her for a while. Jack couldn't stop himself from putting his head in his hands as a few tears came to his eyes,as the conversation kept playing out in his mind over and over again.

Theresa Sparks and Frederick Flynn

Location: Quinjet -> Cardiff Castle
Skills: N/A

Flynn glanced over at Raynor as the Asgardian of all people decided to come up with a plan and spoke up about what to do once they landed. He had expected Tinley to say a plan, after all she was supposedly the leader of the team. The fact that she didn't ensured that he still didn't care much for her leadership and gave him one more reason why he shouldn't listen to her all the time. This was getting to be more then a little bit ridiculous in his mind. If you are the leader, then lead the team, don't just make a few comments and then go off to the sidelines or something.

"I mean... I guess if you put it that way..." Sparky muttered under her breath, looking over at Raynor, and she nodded her head slightly towards Maria for a moment to acknowledge her words. She understood why he was panicking like that, but he was freaking out about this way more then she was. Sure, she had somewhat come to terms with how bad things were from M-Pox, and how bad things could be for her, that's why she had waited a little bit to tell him. However, he really needed to calm down regarding all of this, there wasn't any use worrying about it, since they couldn't do anything about it at all.

"Just going to say this now, that isn't much of a plan. Like at all," he commented as he looked around at the group. He was already to go, it didn't make sense for anyone to have taken off their special suits or whatever in the short jump. Though at least in his mind, Raynor was being way more helpful than Tinley was at the moment. At least Raynor gave somewhat a solution, while Tinley was just saying Lay low, don't do anything stupid! Honestly, it was like she was patronizing everyone.

Thinking for a moment at Matt's words, Sparky thought back to what Crystal had said about the attack on Attilan. "Based on what we were told, I'm guessing he's between the ages of 26 and 30, since according to what Crystal said, that is the age group in particular that the Black Order was after... And we know he's obviously a man. It's not much, but at the very least that gives us a starting point. We can see what we can find out based on that information, since for the moment, it is all we have regarding who Thane is..."

Sapphire and Sunshine

Sapphire went to see about going to look for Sunshine. The kid was amusing in her mind, but she could see some similarities between her and Sunshine, now would she ever admit that out loud? Never, but that didn't mean it wasn't true. "Hey Sunshine? Want to learn something that might also involve injuring Havok potentially in some way?" Sapphire asked her when she eventually found her.

Sunshine had been in the training room of sorts, throwing knives. She always hit her target, thankfully, due to her mutant powers. She glanced up from her amusement and raised an eyebrow at Sapphire. "Did you used to date him or something?" she asked. Sapphire seemed to really enjoy hurting Havok, and she figured it was the most likely explanation for it. "You seem to really hate him and want him dead."

"Hell no, just he gets on my nerves and it's fun to torment him in retaliation. And I would never want anyone dead Sunshine, no matter what. Even the ever annoying Havok. So, you up for it? Or should I just walk away now and probably torment him on my own out of boredom?"

The young mutant narrowed her eyes slightly. She may not have been the most educated person around, but she had street smarts and a general sense for people and relationships. "So you want to date him then," she concluded, pulling her hair into a ponytail. She then tucked her ponytail out through the back of her Yankee's Cap, looking a little bit like the image of Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series. "But alright, what do you want me to do? And will there be pretzels? I want a pretzel."

"No way!" she said, shaking her head at Sunshine. "And we have bags of pretzels or whatever that you can munch on afterwards okay? Right now we're going to see about teaching you actual fighting that doesn't rely on your powers, okay? Since there is a chance that you might come across a situation where your powers won't help you. I hate to admit it, but it can happen more often then you think. So we're going to see what we can do to help you out with that."

"...I can hit anything as long as I throw hard enough, I think I'm fine," Sunshine pointed out, raising an eyebrow. "And if they get near me, I just give them the plague. Easy."

"But what if you end up in a situation where your powers don't work? Where your powers are surpressed? There are easy ways to do it, there are collars that can be used, or just hit with a dart that has a power inhibitor, boom, instant powers gone. Relying on your powers all the time will probably end up getting killed. I used to rely on my powers a lot when I first got into this sort of life style of playing hero, someone I knew years ago once told me about using my powers "They can be a handicap if you rely on them too much". She knew a lot more than I did about combat despite being younger then me, and despite what she might have thought at the time, I did actually pay attention to her words. Relying too much on your powers will likely get you killed... And I don't want that sort of thing to happen, okay? Plus it gives you an excuse to punch someone, so what's wrong with that?"

Sunshine let out an irritated sigh. She really wanted to protest that she never would get in a situation like that, but Sapphire had promised her pretzels. And she didn't want to listen to more of a lecture, which she had the feeling she would end up getting if she continued to argue against learning to fight without her powers. "Okay, but you do realize even in normal fights and all, I can't turn off my perfect aim," she pointed out. "I can't be bad like everyone else - like you and Havok - at aiming even if I tried."

"You'd be surprised, perfect aim, and being able to hit your target every time are two different things. What I mean by that is someone could still block your fists whether you believe that or not. Say you try to punch me in the face, and I instantly lift my arm up to block you, meaning you hit my arm as opposed to my face. Big difference, anyway, let's find Havok. Come on Sunshine, let's go," she said, before she started heading off to see about finding Havok for some sparring.

"Fiiiine...." Sunshine huffed, following off after Sapphire. She had to notice that no one else was being forced into a training session, but at least it wasn't one of Colossus'. His were always pretty weird. He had made her do the one with the rope line with a few others and it had been painful and annoying. She'd much rather train with Magik anyways. "Let's go find your not boyfriend." It wasn't particularly hard or challenging. Havok was pacing the hallway on the second story, talking to someone on the phone.

"I'm not mad at you, babe - I was just worried sick... Yes, of course I know," Havok was saying softly. "I'll be there, I promise. You're my magnet girl... I love you too... Be safe... Bye."

Sapphire couldn't stop herself from snickering at Havok when he got off the phone. "Magnet girl? You two are sooooo nauseating sometimes! Guessing that was Polaris you were talking to?" she asked him.

"GueSsINg thAT wAs PolARiS YoU wERe TaLKinG tO?" Havok mocked, curling his lips back to expose his teeth as he talked, with both of his hands on his hips. While the Mutant Underground didn't have much, Havok had a phone. He wasted his free time like anyone else on the planet - looking at memes. "Yes, I was talking to Lorna - she's fine, we're going on a date at Olive Garden with the money Scott gave me."

"Okay, now that was flat our rude Havok!" she instantly snapped at him, before she swung her fist and hit him in the head, before pulling her fist back. "Wonder how Lorna will feel about you suddenly having a bruise on your face," she said with an eye roll before turning to look at Sunshine. "If you ever do need to punch someone just make sure you do it properly since otherwise you could hurt your hand and that would not be good."

Sunshine rolled her eyes, contemplating just leaving Sapphire and Havok alone to do whatever this was. "Right, got it, hurt other people when punching..." she mumbled. "Seems advanced." Her stomach growled and her mind was instantly flooded with thoughts of pretzels again. She had giggled a little bit when Sapphire punched Havok though - it was slightly amusing.

"I was rude?" Havok protested. "You're the one that came up laughing at me because of my relationship, I think that was rude!"

"Yeah, you were rude, and you always will be in my mind. And why can't I make fun of you being in a relationship? I find it amusing," Sapphire commented with an eye roll. Though, to be fair she had never actually been in a relationship with anyone before. She had left home at 14, and didn't really interact with too many people until she joined X-Factor, and after that the Underground, but not like it really mattered to her at all. "Anyway, come on, I need help teaching Sunshine basic hand to hand combat since she seems to think just using her powers all the time would result in her never losing a fight."

He threw his hands up into the air. "I can't win," Havok said with a sigh. "And why me? Can't you get Colossus? He likes training people."

"Because... It's more fun? I mean seriously, Colossus is okay, but he can sometimes get on my nerves more then you do."

"I'll help you, but I'm not going to be a punching bag."

"Who said anything about you being a punching bag?"

Sunshine huffed slightly, looking really disappointed. "If he's not going to be a punching bag, then what's the point of asking him?" she asked Sapphire point blank. She had come to understand that these little sessions of Sapphire were mostly in order to torment Havok. She didn't like the idea of changing the game. No one in the Underground deserved to be beat on repeatedly except for Havok. He had ruffled her hair and called her a kid once, meaning the only logical option was to hold a grudge.

"Eh good point, kind of would be implied I guess wouldn't it? Come on Havok, let's go," Sapphire said, laughing slightly at Sunshine's words.

Havok sighed. "Seriously? Why am I supposed to agree to this again?"

"Because Sunshine could actually use help in the combat department and if you don't I'll start calling you a wuss or a chicken for not doing it?"

"Oh, right, your charming personality and the magic of friendship has convinced me," Havok quipped, rolling his eyes before he headed down the staircase and into the training room.

Sapphire laughed slightly, before glancing over at Sunshine, and then turning to follow him downstairs. "This is going to be soooooo much fun. It's been a little bit since I've gotten a chance to beat up Havok anyway..."

Sunshine followed the two downstairs and into the training room, a bit annoyed since that had been where she was practicing her throwing knives beforehand. She knew that Sapphire seemed to have a strong opinion about her hand to hand combat skills, but from what she could tell, it was just an excuse to spend time with Havok and inflict physical pain on him. That was fine with her, she just wished that Sapphire would admit it.

"Ready to go Sunshine?" Sapphire asked, turning to look at her when they entered the training room. She wondered how exactly she'd do with this whole thing. Since all she had seen Sunshine do was use her powers, she never really saw her try her hand at fist fighting, and that was somewhat concerning in her mind.

She shrugged. "I guess so?"

"Alright then, let's get started... We're going to keep things somewhat simple to see how well you are at fighting before we do anything else... So go see about punching Havok. And no Havok, I'm not saying you can't defend yourself. Afterall how would Polaris react if she saw you with a few black eyes? You can block her attempts to hit you if you want to. Or not. It doesn't matter to me."

"I'm pretty sure Lorna wouldn't care if I had a few black eyes - she'd mostly be concerned if I had more than two," Havok quipped. Sunshine walked up to him and threw a punch, which Havok then promptly blocked. She threw another punch, which he blocked and Havok then started to yawn.

Sapphire rolled her eyes slightly at Havok's response, before she just watched what unfolded, letting out a bit of a sigh. Clearly Havok was getting a little bored with Sunshine's attempts at hitting him, and in her mind it was somewhat sad. "Alright, going to be blunt, you need to swing a bit harder then that. Actually, it doesn't matter how hard you hit if you can't even land a punch okay? So why not try something a little different to try and swing at him in an unexpected way. To be perfectly honest, shouldn't be too difficult to outsmart Havok."

"I REALLY take offense to that!" Havok protested. Sunshine ducked down and tried to punch him in the nuts, only for Havok to block in the nick of time. "And that's just rude - and cheating!"

"What? It's true. And actually I wouldn't consider that cheating, especially since we never actually set any rules, so how is what she did cheating Havok?" Sapphire said with a bit of a laugh as she looked over at Sunshine. "For the record, tactics that cause your opponent to get distracted so you can retaliate against them I personally encourage, since sometimes pissing your opponent off will cause them to slip up in someway allowing you to actually hit them."

A wicked smile then came across Sunshine's face. "We haven't set any rules," she echoed, a devious idea coming to mind. Being so young, she didn't properly weigh the consequences of her actions, instead just thinking about the immediate satisfaction and payoff. There was no rule that said who she had to punch. Sapphire just wanted her to learn how to punch. "Sneak attack!" Sunshine shouted, before swinging a punch at Sapphire's face.

Sapphire had been at the least somewhat expecting someone to take a swing at her. Though to be honest she had more of expected it to be Havok as opposed to Sunshine, but when she heard Sunshine's words, she instantly brought her arm up, blocking the attack. "Word of advice? Don't yell out what you intend to be doing, this isn't a D&D campaign where the rogue has to tell the person controlling the monsters what they are doing. You do that, as was just shown, you let your opponent know what you were doing."

She wrinkled her nose slightly, looking at her in confusion. While she knew most things in pop culture, she didn't know a lot of nerdy, geek culture. That hadn't been a high priority for discussion in juvi or on the streets. "What's D&D? Is that a sex thing?"

"It's a board game, it stands for Dungeons and Dragons," she said with an eye roll towards Sunshine. Yup, this girl clearly knew absolutely nothing. Sure, Sapphire technically didn't even have a high school diploma, but it was kind of hard to avoid Dungeons and Dragons since it was kind of a big game of sorts. "Maybe I'll teach it to you later."

Seeing Sapphire's eye roll instantly put Sunshine on the defensive. She crossed her arms, her eyes narrowing slightly. "I have to go. I told the Pandabutt that I'd help him clean his office," she lied, before she walked briskly out of the training room and headed for the exit to emerge aboveground.

"Yup, going to call BS on that one," she commented, before she raced after Sunshine. "Hey Sunshine wait up!" she called after her. Once she caught up to her, she spoke again, "Okay... What's wrong?"

"The Hufflepuff ate too many doughnuts and puked them everywhere all over his files, he needs my help to clean them up," Sunshine fibbed, not looking Sapphire in the eye as she continued to walk. "Can you go away? Doesn't someone need to go torment Havok?"

"...As someone who typically tends to not talk to many people when something bugs me? I can tell that you are lying... So how about you actually tell me what's wrong."

She rolled her eyes. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Elsa."

"Don't push your luck kid, tell me, since trust me when I tell you, it may seem like the world is always out to get you, but sometimes there are people who just want to help you out... Here, how about we play a little game, we take turns telling something about ourselves to the other, deal? You can tell me what's up with I'll even start... I'm from Hawaii, which given my power set seems a bit weird when you think about it. But I never cared much for the heat down south for obvious reasons."

Sunshine raised an eyebrow suspiciously. She had been made to play these sort of games in juvi with the counselor in group sessions. She never particularly cared for them. But at the same time, she didn't want to deal with Sapphire lecturing her and hoped to just get rid of her as quickly as possible. "I'm from New York."

"No need to give me that sort of look, I've given that look to more then a few people!" Sapphire said with a slight laugh. "In order to go through college despite never finishing school I ended up working for a corporate superhero team known as X-Factor. The friend I quoted earlier during our little training session? Her name's Belladonna and worked with me on the team."

"Sounds great for you, you got to be a superhero," Sunshine muttered dryly. "My mother abandoned me when I was just five or six years old."

"...I'd have rather been abandoned then what my parents did to me. They didn't really abandon me... They tried to have me killed. I was scared, wanted nothing more then to forget what... Happened..." she said, her voice sort of trailing off as she got sort of lost in what would be evident by her facial expression as a painful memory. She had been scared of her powers, and wanted nothing more then for her parents to understand what she could do, or to comfort her for what she had done by accident. But no, they locked her up and tried to have her killed. "My father was a Purifier sympathizer, same with my mother, they locked me up and tried to turn me over to the Purifiers."

Sunshine's expression hardened even more. She didn't need to hear that her life could have been worse, that someone else saw what she had gone through as easy. "Αφήστε μόνο μου την κόλαση μόνο!" she cursed, before taking off at a run, hoping the ice witch didn't follow her.

Sapphire let out a bit of a sigh, before she took off after Sunshine. The kid definitely reminded her of herself, which meant that things probably weren't going to end well if she was left alone like that. "Sunshine wait!" Sapphire called after her, racing to catch up with her.

"Πηγαίνετε στο Tartarus!" Sunshine screamed. She instinctively started to form a ball of deadly disease, but only managed to conjure up the common cold. She then threw it back at Sapphire, hitting the other mutant in the shin - though it could have been far worse, since the only real symptoms Sapphire would experience would be a sore throat and some sniffles.

"Sunshine wait, I'm sorry if I said something to upset you... I'm not exactly a people person, and am really horrible with how I word things, literally ask anyone in the Underground, I'm horrible with words since I'm like you and don't trust a lot of people, they have to earn my trust which is not something you can easily get without really trying to not get on my nerves. So how about, we start over okay?"

Sunshine hesitated. "...Fine," she told Sapphire warily.

"The last thing I said to you came out wrong... I didn't mean that what happened to you wasn't bad... Actually, being abandoned at 6 years old... That sort of thing shouldn't happen to anyone, no matter what... Hell I was 14 when my parents tried to kill me, but at least I wasn't that young... I'm sorry if it sounded like I thought it was better then what happened to me, since honestly, for most kids being abandoned at that age would probably be a death sentence... You're a survivor, which is how you're still here, and honestly that is an amazing thing."

She shifted uncomfortably, not really accustomed to being praised. In fact, Sunshine couldn't recall ever being praised in her life. "Whatever..."

"You also had it right, that I had it somewhat easy, was kind of lucky getting a chance to be a superhero, because what happened for me, doesn't happen for everyone, and I know that... If the CEO of Serval Industries hadn't found me on the boat I was working on, I'd probably still be there doing emergency repairs on the hull if the boat got a hole in it... And let me tell you, life never gets easier... You just have to roll with the punches, or do the best that you can... Actually ever heard of an organization called OMEN? Up until a few months ago they were still a thing, before being disbanded, and a lot of them ended up joining the Purifiers. Not too many people paid much attention to what that organization was doing... And damn so glad at least that organization kind of imploded and disappeared, even if some members of the group are now Purifiers..."

Her eyes narrowed again at the mention of the Purifiers. She hated them. They had taken so much from her, though in that moment, something started to bother her, to nag away at her. That night in the Morlock Tunnels, Erg sacrificed himself against the Sentinel - but there had been Purifiers there too. She knew that Shaw and Sinister had been responsible for the Sentinel. But were they controlling the Purifiers too? It troubled her and just raised more questions, as well as painting a more sinister light on Max, since he had run off to join them. Max must have not cared that Erg died. "Okay..."

"It's okay not to trust people. But you seriously need to learn that not everyone is out to get you... Yeah, a lot of people in the place we live in right now probably are, but that's something that will never go away. There are people who want to help you, it just sometimes is hard to tell who wants to help you, and who doesn't. But over time, you'll be able to tell the difference. Look, I know that you probably don't trust me, but whether you trust me or not is irrelevant, since I trust you. Actually I have told you more about me then I've told most people here... Actually Veil is the only one I have told a lot about me."

Sunshine stared at Sapphire in silence for a few minutes, weighing her options. "When I look at words on paper, the letters move around," she finally said.

"Well, you don't have to learn to read if you don't want to... But believe it or not there are a lot of people in the world who have that sort of problem, it's more common then you think."

"English is really hard to read," Sunshine told her quietly.

"That's okay too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that."

"And I know that I don't know a lot of stuff, okay? The only time I really went to school was in juvi and the teachers hated me, mostly because I'm a mutie."

"School is boring anyway! They don't teach you anything important most of the time anyway! How about this, I'll teach you things that you actually should probably know, and some of the stuff is things they probably don't teach you in school. Okay? And I'm sorry if I made you feel bad about not knowing a lot..."

She shrugged her arms. "It's whatever. You were too busy making googlie eyes at Havok anyways."

"No I wasn't! How many times do I have to tell you, I don't have a thing for Havok."

Janelle Gauger

Location: Manhattan Bus Depot
Skills: N/A

"So wait... No matter what, normal people can't tell that there are mythological monsters running around attacking people randomly... That's a bit messed up, since they can't really defend themselves if monsters attack for whatever, since they don't really know what's attacking them or how best to run away... Demigods can't really be around all the time to protect normal people from monsters can they? Or do monsters not really attack normal people when Demigods aren't around, since that doesn't sound believable since they are monsters after all... Sorry for the bunch of questions, just trying to figure out what's going on..."

"Thank you," she said, giving a slight smile towards Zeke, before giggling slightly at his comment about not eating it all at once, which made some sense she supposed. However, she got an odd feeling that wasn't disappearing, and it was really bugging her. She shifted slightly, hearing Kristin say how the bus was leaving in 10 minutes. "...Wish it would hurry up a bit... Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we're being watched..."

Marygold Isley

Location: Flying Ship
Skills: N/A

Mary wandered around somewhat, kind of exploring the ship a little bit to see what everyone else was getting up to. Knowing some people on board, probably trouble to say the least. She just hoped that there would be no real trouble from the group. If something happened, they needed to work together as opposed to argue or fight while trying to fight off some sort of monster. There were so many things that could go wrong with this, just flying off and around in the open, but she could hope she supposed. That was the best she could do.

As she wandered, she eventually found her way to the Galley to see if there was anyone else in the room. Looking over, she saw that Andy was in the room, as was Lauryn and Alannah. Walking over she looked at what Lauryn and Alannah were looking at. "Is that the path we're taking to get to Camp Jupiter?" she asked them, peering at the paper, before she turned to look at Andy, giving her a smile. "Hey there Andy, what do you think of the flying ship we've found ourselves on?"

Jason Gauger

Location: Flying Ship
Skills: N/A

"A shape shifter? That's got to be fun," Jason commented to Demetri. Of course, this sort of thing was probably common place, demigods had weird powers. He wasn't even sure if he could do anything special so far, since most things that have happened to him seemed to be more or less something he naturally had a talent for it. He had no idea what sort of powers a child of Ares typically had, but he figured that it probably involved fighting in some way, and considering the fact that that was one of the things he was good at, maybe his abilities had shown themselves already.

"...Also, I have absolutely no idea what you are really talking about, but considering what my limited knowledge of Greek Mythology has taught me, more of what my sister has told me, is that just about every single god is related to one another. But anyway, pretty sure I'll get to know everyone in time, since we are going to be stuck on board this ship for a little while... Might as well make the most of it." With those last words, he headed off and stepped into an empty cabin, glancing around at the color scheme of the room, and not caring all too much for it. Yup, this certainly was going to be a long ride.

Jack Gold

Location: Merlin's Warehouse
Skills: N/A

"I know that you don't like Isabella, but you have to deal with her whether you like her or not," Jack said with a bit of an eye roll directed towards his sister as she got out of the car as well. "And why do you get to tell me to be careful? You know that I usually am. I feel like I should be the one to tell you to be careful... But if you want to know she was telling me that she found the Maleficent cosplayer or whatever on a traffic camera at an address not too far from here..."

With those last words, he finally took a good look at the building they had arrived at. It certainly wasn't really one that he would have thought he'd be going to that didn't involve some shady business going on within it's walls. He didn't like the fact that it felt like they were being watched, and he glanced over at the man who came walking up to them. Jack wasn't too sure what to think about the man who talked about knowing them. He followed along after Megan as she spoke to Merlin and walked inside of the warehouse. "Am I the only one whose slightly confused here? Since from what Meg told me, you're a wizard, and Maleficent, as in the real villain, is probably the one responsible for a dead body that was found at the orphanage here in town... None of that makes sense and essentially throws what I know about how things work out the window."

Rosalia Rider

Location: The Streets
Skills: N/A

"That I can definitely agree with... Staying away from shelters is always a nice thing, and one of the reasons I pooled together my money in order to never have to stay in one ever again. It's not the best of places, a small little one that has running water and power, that's about all I can guarantee with it," she said to Taylor with a bit of a shrug as she kept walking, it wouldn't be too far, after all, it was a bit of a hole in the wall sort of apartment building, had the cheapest rents in town after all.

"As to how you get an apartment, you have to apply for a lease and a bunch of stupid stuff like that. And you have to actually have money, which I mainly got from pick pocketing people and doing a few con jobs here and there. Honestly, it's really stupid and way more complicated then it should be. Then again pretty sure I got the place since practically no one else would want to live there, so that's definitely something." To her, getting apartments was dumb and definitely overly complicated, she just lucked out that the apartment she got wasn't in the best shape so no one else wanted it.

Demetria Clarke and Andrew Rossi

Location: Unknown
Skills: N/A

"Hey you never know, he might not actually be all that bad," Andrew commented as he more or less followed along after the others, eventually through the portal or whatever it was. He hadn't really been able to see it for the most part, but he did smash the watch or whatever before he went through the portal of sorts in the trees, finding himself in the city of sorts. "Whoa... This is really weird... Where the hell are we?"

"I have no idea, but this is definitely a very different place from where we just were..." Sapphire muttered, glancing around at the area that they were in, before she turned to look over at Longshot.

Arthur would no longer have a grip on Longshot, who shook his head slightly once they passed through the portal, and stood up, a shuriken in his hand as he cut the ropes that surrounded him, however the instant he was up, he put the weapon away and looked at the kids nearby. "I'm for not killing me... Sorry about that, I have no control of what I do in one of those situations, and for that I apologize, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Longshot." With those words he glanced over at the illusion that Elara had created. "You mean Rita?"

"...Who the hell is Rita?"

"...Sorry, that's just what her name was originally, she doesn't remember that though, not after Mojo was through with her. I don't even remember too much of who she was before or whatever because Mojo wiped much of my memories... But she was originally Ricochet Rita Wayword, and she originally was from Earth, like I'm guessing you were or something..."

"...Okay, that is kind of funny, that Spiral is actually named Rita... Like woooooooow that is just a little bit unexpected given who she is," Sapphire said, not really being able to keep a hold of her laughter as she giggled slightly.

"Oh, Mojo drove her insane and essentially tortured her, and created Spiral that way... If you all aren't careful you could end up like her. No memories of who you are and essentially turned into one of Mojo's bodyguards. Though... Guessing you all aren't actually kids are you? Mojo's pulled that sort of trick before a long time ago, turning people into kids again..."

"Yeah, we aren't supposed to," she commented, before some sort of vehicle flew over head, it had almost a spotlight of sorts as it started moving around nearby.

"Look, we need to get off the streets, now, before Mojo catches up. Look you all don't have to trust me, but right now that thing up above? It is meant to catch us, yeah, we just got out of Mojo's little game, but trust me when I tell you that the world we were all stuck in is absolutely nothing compared to the real Mojo World."

"...So we need to get out of this area in order to hopefully not end up dead... And I'm guessing that Spiral isn't going to show up and help out if we are just out here in the open considering the fact that she still works for Mojo I'm guessing?" Andrew asked, looking over at him.

"Exactly. So if you want Spiral's help in anyway, then I'd suggest we get off the streets, now."

Zelda Flynn

Location: Compartment 13
Magic: N/A

Zelda wasn't all too sure what else to really say to her mother. She let out a bit of a sigh directed towards Hestia as the cat seemed to want a lot of attention, and Paige had for the most part abandoned the cat to go off somewhere else in the train. Rolling her eyes slightly at the cat, she scratched the cat that had decided to jump up into her lap behind the ears as she looked over at her mother as she answered Andre's question about what the mist stuff was. She only really had a basic idea of what it was that the mist stuff did, so she was somewhat glad for the explanation.

Hearing her mother comment about potentially stopping by Hogsmeade at some point, and she just more or less nodded her head at her. "It's okay, don't worry about it. You two are always off doing something, so it makes some sense. Though did you really have to have April drop me off or whatever? April? She's way too perky sometimes or whatever," she commented, just shrugging slightly. She would have preferred to have gone by herself to the train station then have to have April drop her off. Actually she would have preferred to be by herself then to really have her parents drop her off either.

Marygold Isley and Lance Banner

Location: Galactus' Ship - Central Room -> Back to Earth
Skills: Chlorokinesis, ???

Mira unfortunately was still unconscious, Guin had managed to stabilize her for the moment, but the problems with someone who has heart issues is that could change in an instant no matter what you did. So she wasn't out of the woods yet when it came to that. Thor took the hint from Elizabeth, and sent his hammer flying at the Silver Surfer, his leg smashing as Mjolnir collided with the metal and smash it apart. Lance meanwhile sent his fist slamming into the Silver Surfer as well, knocking him backwards before he more or less stumbled back and away, and started shrinking down somehow back to normal.

"...You don't even know how to use that, you have no idea how much power you hold in your hand. Perhaps that is for the best... However... I will not stop you... You think this combat was difficult, you have not seen anything yet," the Silver Surfer responded to the comments that everyone else said, almost like he was sad about something. "In reality, I have never been here. I am truthfully on Earth, right now. There are better ways to die then how you almost did, suffocating in a box, however you might be able to have a better death against me on Earth, or perhaps you will be able to save your planet." When he spoke, he looked at Sara, before his form more or less shimmered slightly, and he disappeared from the room.

"Wait a minute..." Mary muttered, her mind racing as she thought about what he had just said. "...If he was never really here then... Crap we have to get that thing back now!" she said quickly, before she went to try and establish a connection with someone, anyone really back on Earth. They had been fighting the Silver Surfer in a smaller room, with no way to easily move around. But on Earth? He'd have the run of the entire world to fly around and wreck havoc. Based on how hard of a time they had fighting him here? She didn't even want to think about what the Silver Surfer could do on Earth.

"Ow my head hurts... So what's going on? Where'd he go?" Lance asked, a bit dazed from the whole Hulking out thing. It made his head spin, and he wasn't too sure what to really think about the Surfer suddenly disappearing, it took a moment for his head to clear somewhat so that he could hopefully pay some attention to what actually was going on.

"Surfer man disappeared, he's on Earth!" Warlock spoke up, entering the room, he had not been too sure about potentially fighting against the Surfer here, but to him Earth was a beautiful planet, so he was not going to stand by all too much when it actually came to protecting the planet.

"Hey can anyone hear me? What's going on down there, cause we have the Nullifier!" Mary instantly said into the communications. There was a bit of static from some sort of interference, and everyone would be able to hear the person who spoke in response, as Mary had set it so that everyone would be able to hear whoever answered it.

"Good, we have a bit of a situation down here, but I should be able to transport you back, give me a moment!" Mr. Fantastic's voice responded, but he sounded a bit rushed and a little bit out of breath.

"Once again, mind telling us what's going on so we know what to expect when we get down there?"

"The Silver Surfer is here and is not going down very easily, but I also assure you that Galactus likely is not going to stand by much longer. So you all have impeccable timing regarding the Nullifier!" The group would be able to hear a rather large boom coming from somewhere nearby where he was.

"So, the Surfer we were fighting was just a distraction, stalling us from getting the Nullifier and returning to Earth quickly..."

"Just get us back there already! Oh, and we might be bringing someone else back with us, a Technarch named Warlock," she said these last words as a bit of an after thought.

"I have a lock on your signals, taking into account that Lance no longer has one of the suits and your friend there. No guarantees that you'll land at Stark Tower because of some interference, but I'll get you as close as possible!" with those last words, the communication cut out.

"...Based on what he just said, I'm guessing New York is probably not in one piece anymore..."

"Yeah, that is a bit concerning..."

"We either need to get that thing to someone who actually knows how to use it once we're down there, or hope someone in our group here can actually bluff and is brave enough to actually go right up to Galactus."

I veto you volunteering to potentially do that.

Warlock wandered over to where people were over by Mira and picked her up, looking at them. "There are medical facilities on Earth if self remembers correctly that can help her correct?" he said simply, before there was suddenly a flash of something that enveloped the group, and they instantly were transported down to Earth yet again, with Neil still able to hold onto the Nullifier.

They ended up actually landing pretty close to their intended destination, right outside of Stark Tower, but considering the chaos around them, that was a small miracle. There was bits of burning rubble from broken buildings scattering the streets, people were running for cover to try and get out of the city's tall buildings. Glancing over at the building that they were by, Stark Tower hadn't escaped everything unscathed, as there were large gaping holes in the building, and a few floors of the building had smoke coming from them. There was glass that scattered the streets, and they'd be able to hear a loud booming sound coming from somewhere off not too far from where they were, but there also was the sounds of fighting coming from up above them in Stark Tower itself.

"...So, this is pretty bad... Alright, we need to get that device to someone, or find out where the best vantage point in the city is for potentially threatening a giant purple planet thing with a device that is fairly small. Some of us need to head inside Stark Tower see what's going on up top, others need to go see what's going on off in the rest of the city... And maybe we should see about making sure that the civilians who are still on the ground get off the streets," Mary said instantly, before she pulled her mask and helmet off of her head as she looked at the chaos. This was insane, it looked almost like a war zone in the area that they were in at the moment, and she was more or less panicking, however they had to do something since this time, they literally were saving the entire world, but then again, they had done some pretty big things in their time as a team.

They managed to stop Magneto from killing all humans on Earth, averted an apocalyptic future that would have destroyed the world, managed to not kill each other and stop a powerful telepath, and managed to get a reality to switch back when most of them hadn't even remembered who they were. They had a long list of accomplishments, so why not add actually saving the world to it? She just hoped that they actually lived to potentially add more things to that list of things that they have done.

Theresa Sparks and Frederick Flynn

Location: Quinjet
Skills: N/A

"Just calm down already Blake," Flynn said to him with a bit of an eye roll. Of course, he could understand where Raynor was coming from with this sort of explosion, but they didn't have time for this. After all, they had a few more pressing issues to deal with besides whether or not they should kill Oliver. "We need to hurry up and do this already so we can help everyone, since otherwise, either Thanos will start murdering people more then he already has, or a lot of people on Earth are going to die from M-Pox. So anyone got any bright ideas as to what we should do?"

His thoughts wandered to wherever Bonnie and Cass had been sent off too. He hoped that at the least, Cass would be able to get stabilized as opposed to getting worse. Flynn knew that if anyone would be able to help her, it would be Bonnie, she wouldn't just let Cass die without a major fight. Though, he wasn't too sure what exactly she could do to help her, but he knew that the two of them were close, and he considered Cass to be his friend, so he hoped that at the least they'd be able to slow the disease enough to actually find a cure.

Sparky let out a bit of a sigh at Raynor's freak out, since he sounded like he was more of in the mind set of continuing to argue with her about being on the mission still. To say the least that she was a bit annoyed by that was a bit of an understatement. "...Why do you think the Quantum Realm would have anything to do with it? And why would you want to call in Dr. Banner? Since last I checked his specialty was more of nuclear physics," Sparky asked him, clearly a little bit confused by that.

Her attention then turned to what Maria said to her, and she thought for a moment about what to say. Sure, she knew that odds were that she could potentially die from M-Pox, but she wasn't all too sure about whether or not she'd want to tell Novikova that. Especially since she wasn't all too sure how Novikova would react to that sort of thing. That one of her best friends might die. No, she would prefer not to tell Novikova about that yet. "...Actually, not right now, there will be time to talk to her later, okay?" Sparky said with a slight smile towards Maria.
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