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Current RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


Name: BlueSky44
Aliases: Blue
Age: 20
Birthday: October 27
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Occupation: Nothing right now
Languages: English
Current Bio Theme: Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Years Rping: Too many
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Moderate - Low Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: God-modding, so annoying...
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Teach new RPers, not GMs though, I'm too much of a newbie GM to do that.

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • X-Men: Darkness Rising - A superhero RP based off of the Marvel comics, though other Marvel characters, not just the X-Men, make an appearance.

Rp's I'm Apart Of:

There is only one ship here now, but hopefully more will be added as time goes by in the RPs. This one is definitely an amazing one though and I love it so much!

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Queen Valda

Location: The Crypts
Skills: N/A

Valda gave the boy a slight smile when he came out of his hiding place, when the addition of a few new voices interrupted her thoughts. Turning, she looked at the new people in the area, only really recognizing Amarantha. "Uh, I don't mean to sound rude or blunt or anything. But who are you? And why do you seem to know things about the vampires or whatever?" she asked Apollodora bluntly, having no idea who the woman was at all.

She then turned to pay more attention to what it is that Amarantha was saying about keeping the head alive. "We should just get rid of the head if you ask me, the fact that we're talking about walking around with a talking head is insanity..." Valda said, shaking her head, but then she raised an eyebrow at the comment about the Eastern Snow Plains. "So, you're saying that the Eastern Snow Plains attacked us and sent those vampires here to the Palace?" With that, she considered what it was that Amarantha asked her about the Magykal chains and such, giving her something to think about.

Bruce Banner

Location: The Palace Courtyard
Skills: N/a

"Just getting my grandfather to hide or something is not going to be a simple thing, let me tell you that. No, it is not going to be as simple as that, nothing ever is... Besides, death is inevitable, even for us, so like I said, we can only really post pone this, you can't stop Ragnarok, it is the end of time as I have said before," Bruce said, shaking his head slightly at the mention of trying to get his grandfather to hide somewhere. He had almost asked if they had met his grandfather and actually knew him, but stopped himself since he realized that yes, they had never actually met Baldur.

Then, Bruce turned his head towards Myth, thinking about her words. Things were completely screwed up at the moment, and he needed to see about tracking down where his sister went. After all, the whole concept of Ragnarok happening was majorly important right now, with everything that was going on with his great-uncle, that was definitely concerning too. "...Not too sure if Tate would want to talk to me right now... You go check up on them okay? I need to see about tracking down my sister and letting her know about this. The fact that we saw that image, and we came to Midgard originally to see about dealing with Loki, that can't be ignored. That future we saw was only 3 years from now, it's something she should be aware about..."

Sylvi the Bard

Location: The Ramblings Room 847
Skills: N/A

If you say so... she muttered softly into his mind, not too thrilled at the idea of him leaving her by herself. Especially if there was a slight chance that she'd lose control of her bloodlust while he was gone. That was what mainly concerned her, is that she'd lose it or something and hurt the first person who came through that door. It was something that was on her mind a lot, especially considering she was getting hungry again right now. Sylvi was so confused, she had no idea what to do about anything.

"H-h-hurry up okay Tate? I-I-I don't know if I can handle being by myself for very long right now..." she admitted to him, looking up to meet his eyes. That was only partially true, it was a combination of that and the fact that she was getting hungry again. If Tate was in the room alone with her for much longer, what was to stop her from accidentally hurting him? Sylvi didn't want to hurt anyone, but it didn't seem like she'd have much of a choice, considering what she was now. So, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if she ended up hurting those who deserve it.

Marygold Isley

Location: Camp Half-Blood - E4 -> Medical Tent
Skills: N/A

"Of course, it is just a game after all. We could have ended up nearly killing each other or something, but no one got seriously hurt, it definitely could have been a lot worse," Mary said with a smile towards her friend as she saw Kirsten head off to the medical tent with Andy, and Eva went off in that direction with Arthur. She did hope that both of those kids were alright, all things considering, but she decided that for now she was better off heading after them. So she headed off to the medical tent after the others.

She stopped outside of the tent when she saw a familiar blonde nearby, sounding a bit more than a little bit out of breath. Mary walked over towards Leda, giving her a bit of a smile. "You alright there Leda? You sound more then a little bit tired," she said, walking over. "Guess your team won though... Good game over all, though I'll admit you should have seen Eva trip Jace over, it was hilarious. Anyway... Hope you enjoyed the game."

Outside the Palace -> Outside the Baxter Building
"We can race everyone who wants to go there really quick," Pietro said with a shrug, looking over towards the others now. They probably would want to get as far away from the Palace as possible, and he didn't really want to get caught in the middle of Guin and Wanda fighting again. Actually, that was a good question, what would he do if they had to fight Wanda? Sure, he was against her changing the world and all, but he didn't know if he'd be able to fight her, as he didn't want to hurt her ever unless she provokes him.

"Well if we're going to the Baxter Building, then I say let's get going now," Oshea said, before he grabbed Allison, and Annie, and took off for the Baxter Building. Pietro picked up the others and raced there as well. When they arrived, they'd see a bright red convertible pull up along the curb near them.

Someone got out of the car, and looked right over at the group, before pulling his sunglasses off and they'd see that it was the one and only Johnny Storm, also known as the Human Torch. "So, what is it that brings a few royals and their friends here? Let me guess, you want to go talk to my know it all brother-in-law, or my bit of a genius sister. Top floor, where I'm headed, you can tag along if you want," he said with a bit of a smirk towards them, before he walked inside of the building and went to the elevator inside.

Human Resistance HQ
Lance just listened quietly to what Runa said, and thought about what to really say to her in response to her words. "You want to know the truth Runa? First of all, I understand why Wanda would want to do something like this in the first place, I mean, I think a lot of people if given the option to would try to have their own happy endings, I could see just about anyone doing that. Hell I probably would have to be honest... And if I'm going to be truthful, in the real world I'm not exactly the best person. Take my relationship with my dad for instance... Here, in this world, we get along great, we don't have any problems or stuff like that whatsoever, but in the real world, well... I got mad at him, a lot... And blamed him for people constantly asking if I'd turn into a version of the Hulk like him, and things have been going downhill like that for years... But here's the thing Runa... Give me the chance to know you in the real world, before you decide that I should stay away from you," he said, giving her a smile, before he walked back towards where the others were talking.

"Okay, but there are six infinity stones.... How do we even know he's looking at the reality stone? It could easily be something practically useless to us, like the space stone..." Banner pointed out.

"It better not be the mind stone - fucking hate that thing," Barton muttered.

"Are you referring to the Aether?" Klara asked the group a bit curiously. "At least I believe that is one of the many forms that the reality stone has taken over the years... My great grandfather Bor sealed it away eons ago, after a war with the Dark Elves on Svartalfheim. Though what really became of it afterwards isn't really known, especially since at the moment we are no longer in the main reality. However if by some miracle one was able to find the reality stone, and use it without potentially being killed or destroyed by it, then perhaps it could be used to revert everything back to the way it once was."

Meanwhile with Max, he'd receive a response from Dr. Strange. "Maximillian Gray.... What master do you serve?"

"So, you got ahold somehow of Max? That's a good thing, it means that someone else knows that things are kind of crazy and not how they should be right now," Jack said, nodding his head slightly at his brother. However he frowned when Casper mentioned Captain America. "...Casper there is one major flaw with that idea... Captain America is an old war veteran, he's an old man, not the person that you tend to see in the real world... He's not a superhero here or anything like that."

"Alright, if you say so Bobbi... But let's just get out of here, otherwise who knows what'll happen..." the words were barely out of her mouth, before there was a loud clang coming from somewhere, and then something else happened. The lights went out, aside from what obviously was a siren's light that was flashing along the hallway, illuminating it bright red. An alarm started blaring out loud, and there was the sounds of thundering footsteps that were clearly heading right for them.

"Alright, we have got to go right now, otherwise we'll have to fight our way through!" Mary said, barely audible over the sound of the alarm, before she took off towards the way that she and Ana had come.

The Lab
Remember only Watts can see and hear the hallucination.

"I don't think she can see me Watts," Andrew said, and suddenly he wasn't where he had been before when he had gotten hit by the wrench. Instead he was standing off to the side, leaning against a table, and there wasn't any sign that he had been injured at all. "So, you want to know what happened huh? Well, it's a bit of a long story, so let's see, oh right, the explosion! So everything went kaboom and I completely blacked out so not sure what happened after that. Oh, yeah, I am alive, but guess what? This version of me you see right now? It's a hallucination created by Gardner, or well, more of Regan Wyngarde, that's her actual name by the way in case you care... Uhh... Oh that weird device thing that you two mentioned, guess what, apparently when the Brotherhood attacked here they literally destroyed the only copy of the plans for it, so that's something too, not really sure what else to tell you... Oh, wait, there is one more thing you should know. Odds are I'm not going to be alive much longer, just saying you have probably a few hours tops before I do end up actually dead dead... Now, the question remains of whether or not you believe what I'm saying or not."

Wesley would manage to make his way through the ceiling and such down to the lab, however, a slight problem would pop up once he was right above the lab. Namely, the fact that Wesley isn't the smallest person around and weighs over 200 pounds. Watts and Evelyn would hear a cracking sound coming from somewhere above them, before there was a loud crash as Wesley went falling through the ceiling and landed right next to them.

"...Well that was a bit unexpected, weird things are going on around here clearly."

Demetria Clarke

Location: Serval Industries - Training Room
Skills: Cryokinesis

"Who said anything about relying on them all the time?" she asked with a slight laugh, even when Belladonna knocked her to the ground. She ended up using that to her advantage, using the momentum from hitting the ground in combination with her powers to almost slide more then anything onto the ground and slam her foot into Bella's knee, knocking her to the floor as well, before she jumped up onto her feet again.

"Though I definitely can say that using them to enhance your combat can definitely be more then a little bit helpful." With those last words, Sapphire created what looked almost like a full staff of solid ice. "Like for instance my powers are good at crafting weapons of any sort, in a pinch of course," she said with a slight smile now. "Anyway, let's see what else you've got, it's no fun if this sparring match ends so quickly," Sapphire continued, stepping back slightly to allow Belladonna to stand up again, and she stood ready for her next attack.

Frederick Flynn

Location: The Hub
Skills: N/A

He rolled his eyes slightly at Raynor again. "Well that kind of was obvious, though what the hell the cat is is an excellent question," he said simply, before Nick Fury of all people came up to them to grab the small red kitten. It was a bit strange seeing Fury with both eyes, that much was just an observation. He partially was wondering now what Raynor was going to do, since with what their idea was, they'd have to kill Fury too, and Fury had literally just walked up to them.

He thought for a moment about what the best possible course of action would be right now, and it wasn't exactly the best idea to just shoot Fury or something, especially in the middle of a somewhat crowded area. Thinking about it, he figured it would probably be best to just introduce himself, and maybe make a comment about the cat. "I'm Flynn... And you might want to keep a better eye on that guy, he could get lost pretty easily, this is a big place and he's pretty small." he said with a slight shrug, giving Fury a slight smile. It was more of a fake smile, since he definitely was not in the mood for being too nice in any capacity, but he figured he might as well fake being nice or something for the moment.


Location: Outside of the Underground
Skills N/A

"Was that really the moment to make a joke about something like that?" Sapphire asked, snapping slightly at Glimpse when they got to the Underground. That in her mind was not the time to make a joke about something like that. In her mind it more of went along with Glimpse being a bit stuck up or something. "I mean seriously talk about being a bit of an insensitive prick!" They were already having to deal with a lot of problems, a few other things came to mind as she got out of the car. She instantly whirled to face Glimpse though.

"So, if we are going to go on about major problems today, you Miss "Oh I know what I'm doing" didn't think to mention that we'd be going up against freaking EMMA FROST!!!!! She's a powerful telepath so us being invisible probably would have lasted maybe another two seconds tops and things probably would have ended up a lot worse then they already did," she snapped at her, getting more then a little annoyed with her. Hearing Havok get up, she calmed down a little bit, figuring that she might as well apologize to him for kind of knocking him out, "Sorry for knocking you out, not sorry for punching you, since you kind of deserved it."

She then turned to look over at Veil. "I get that you are acting somewhat tough or whatever Veil, but let me help you out. Let me put that medical degree I got a few years back to use alright?" she said as she walked over to her friend.

Jack Theriot

Location: Mutant Underground First Floor
Skills: N/A

"Just saying, it isn't going to be fun," Jack responded to Colossus, shaking his head slightly before turning his attention back towards the others who were still in the room. His brother was being a bit ridiculous when it came to the drugs, and he rolled his eyes at him. The truth was that he trusted his brother around pills of any kind about as far as he could throw him, so he wasn't going to even really respond to what he had said about that. It wasn't really a secret or something.

He raised an eyebrow at Vulcan making a comment about Shaw making the drug in Auschwitz. That was a somewhat oddly specific thing to mention in his opinion. He heard Sunshine sound all too thrilled at the idea of killing Shaw if they went after him, and he shook his head at her. "I'm with Colossus on this one Sunshine, killing him is not exactly going to fix anything... And it probably won't make you feel any better about everything either..."

Queen Valda

Location: Inside the Palace
Skills: Lyte Witch Magyk

"I don't recommend us really asking him too many questions... As something tells me that just the head of it can be violent and probably hurt us or something..." Valda said towards her sister when she suggested asking the head of the vampire questions. It might be a good idea in the long run, but also what were the odds that they'd be able to get it to answer any of their questions? If the vampire had come to attack them, then it wouldn't really answer any questions most likely.

When Titan asked about her potentially lighting a torch for them, she nodded her head slightly, before she felt the Magyk in her hands, and there was a spark of fire, and after another moment the torch was lit. Hearing Luna's words, she walked over slightly to see just who it was that she was talking to, and saw that it was one of the servants around. "It is alright, we won't hurt you... Are you okay?"

Bruce Banner

Location: Ruins of the Palace (3 years in the Future) -> The Palace (the present)
Skills: Cosmic Manipulation

Bruce didn't say anything right off the bat once the Frost Giant put Mona down. This whole situation was a bit on the messed up side, since he had hoped that Ragnarok would never really happen, at least in his lifetime. The problem is that they couldn't stop it, at least not in the way that most people would consider stopping it. All they could do was post pone the inevitable and hope that they don't die in the attempt. Knowing that, they were going to have an uphill battle stopping this from happening so soon.

"Yeah, let's get out of here and hope that we can actually manage to post pone this from happening," Bruce said, shaking his head slightly as the fire started swirling around them. He made sure that he had everyone before he went to work taking them back to the present. After a few minutes of the fire swirling all around them, they would find themselves back in the Palace. Now the question is, what were they going to do?

Sylvi the Bard

Location: The Ramblings Room 847
Skills: N/A

Sylvi felt the hunger starting to get to her once again, and she wasn't so sure what to really do about things. It wasn't an uncontrollable hunger yet, but she knew that sooner or later it would become almost unbearable and she worried that she'd hurt Antonije if she lost control of it. Her mind went to how close she had come earlier to biting him in the midst of the chaos. She had lucked out on the fact that there was already someone who was dead near them, so she didn't have to worry about hurting him, but now that fear was back again.

I-I-I don't really know what to think... she said, hearing his words about everything, and she didn't really think too much about what was going on. His words did ring in her mind, and she thought about what it was that he had said. They had to worry about what they were going to do at some point. Considering the fact that she'd need to drink blood in order to survive. She glanced towards the front door for a moment now, when he mentioned their neighbor, and she nodded her head slightly. O-O-Okay...

Marygold Isley

Location: Camp Half-Blood - 5E
Skills: Chlorokinesis

Mary's eyes grew wide slightly, seeing Andy send a bolt of lightning at Arthur. In her mind, the kid did sort of deserve it, he had kind of shoved her out of a tree. What else was she supposed to do to retaliate? Sit there and yell at him? Sure, there were probably a few people around the camp who would have done that, but she certainly was on Andy's side. Though considering how young Andy was, she could also understand why she would be crying in this sort of situation. Mary dropped down out of the tree and went over to Andy, "Hey, it'll be alright Andy," she said, giving her a smile.

When she heard the horn, she just rolled her eyes before looking over at Kirsten. "No hard feelings right? Anyway, since the game is over, might as well let you go," she said, before waving her hand a bit and the vines retreated, letting go of Kirsten. Once more she turned her attention back towards Andy. "You did a great job, especially since you haven't been here for very long and are still learning how things are. You did really well."

Inside the Palace
"A Flerken is just like your typical house cat silly!" Klara responded to Niah with a bit of a giggle. "Except for a few key differences that is. The tentacles that shoot out of their mouth is one thing, like think about it, where does all of that stuff they swallow go? They actually have almost a little bit of a pocket dimension inside their stomach, so they also tend to be bottomless pits when they actually are eating food."

"I don't think we have time to check out the other rooms, luv. We best get going."

"Yeah, with all the chaos outside gone, then we've got to get out of here now," Klara agreed, before she used her sling ring opening up a portal that led to bright where everyone was in the Human Resistance group. When Niah took another look around the room, she wouldn't find anything else out of the ordinary or strange, seemed like the picture was the only thing that

Outside the Palace
"...Yeah, Guina already told me that much..." Pietro said, looking over at Allison for a moment before turning to look at everyone else. "...Also my head kind of feels like a ping pong ball or something, going back and forth and whatever..."

Flynn had made his way over to the group now, not really sure what to say about everything that was going on. He felt more then just a bit out of place, "Yeah, any place would likely be better than here, since otherwise who knows what could happen."

"The question is where would we go? I mean the trying to find the resistance group's headquarters is one idea, see if they could help, or we could do something else and hope that Wanda doesn't try and kill us all or wipe us from existence, since that would suck if you ask me."

Human Resistance HQ
Things were winding down here for the most part. Lance just glanced over at Cass, shaking his head, "I don't think anyone truly knows what goes through the mind of Wanda Maximoff, doubt her brother would even know. Sure, maybe she had help, but that's just it, no one knows how powerful she is, but what we do know is that she was able to easily hold her own against a lot of people all at once. That says something about her power level, and probably shouldn't be ignored at all. I don't know much about her powers either, but over estimating her would probably be better over all still..." he said, before looking over at Runa. "Alright, we can talk now if you want to," Lance said to her, nodding his head at her.

There was then the swirling sound of someone using a sling ring, and a portal opened up nearby, showing a what looked to be a bedroom at the Palace, as well as the stealth team that had been inside of the Palace when everyone else had teleported away from the chaos outside.

"Well if the crown isn't here for whatever reason, there isn't really a point in us actually sticking around here, we are better off getting out of here and hope we don't run into any others, otherwise we might be stuck fighting it out and probably drawing even more attention to us," Mary said, looking at the others. "We've already spent a lot of time here, so I think we need to see about getting out of here now before they catch on that we are here."

"You sure? We could look around in a few other rooms or something," Jack commented.

"We can look through a few other rooms on our way out of here if you guys want to," she said with a shrug, before she turned to look at Bobbi. "Bobbi? Are you okay? You kind of seem oddly quiet..."

Jack followed his brother out into the hallway, before whispering to him, "So, any ideas of what to do with this thing once we get out of here?" Jack asked him quietly. After all, it wasn't really the easiest thing in the world to get rid of an infinity stone. Even more difficult to get it far away from the hands of a group of thieves.

Frederick Flynn

Location: The Hub
Skills: N/A

Flynn rolled his eyes at Raynor, not really sure what to really respond to him with. He really needed to think of a good comeback or something. However that might have to wait until later, when they weren't having to deal with this whole situation of them being in the past to go stop Ultron's whole creation thing. More of to him, he was still all for just killing Pym (and Fury since otherwise he was sure that Raynor would kind of be pissed off at him or something for backing out on it) and he was still sure that everyone else would try and stop them. He didn't care anymore though.

"So, we're just going to wait for Niah to call them? Or are we actually going to go and find them. Since just standing around here, fairly certain we'll stand out like a sore thumb." Flynn then heard Raynor questioning the kitten that had run up to Niah, and he just looked at the kitten, incredibly confused. "Ok, I know that Goose isn't your typical cat, but how the hell could he possibly be here? Like, seriously? The cat would be almost 40 years old in our time!"
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