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Hello there!

I'm BlueSky44, or Blue if you want to shorten it. I'm living in the state of Washington, and studying Computer Science. I love role-playing, and started it 7-8 years ago! Then again, that was just simple paper and pencil role-playing. I love fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes just to name a few things.

My first ever RP was 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons (the best version if you ask me), and I'm still playing it to this day. A friend of my practically dragged me onto this site, and I have enjoyed my time here!

I love writing, mainly science fiction stories. Everyone that I have met on this site has been really nice to me, it probably helped that I had a RL friend who joined at the same time I did!

There are several RPs that I am either participating in, Co-GM for, or am the GM for!

I also really like penguins! This originally was a just a joke between Morose and I, mainly to bug someone we know on another site. Yet I generally find cute penguin gifs!

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She'll be able to smell Oshea.
Daphne Pender

Location: Docks

Atticus continued to annoy her, and that was not a good thing. He kept giving her death looks, and she did not enjoy that. When Anisa showed up, she froze for a moment as she asked where Dorothy was. This surprised her a little, as she expected the woman to start going off on her about leaving the ship. She respected the captain, but she did not like the woman's temper, and it made her slightly paranoid to know that the woman wasn't yelling at her about anything.

She felt Anisa's eyes on her as Atticus whispered a few things to her. Eventually, she watched as Anisa started walking off again, telling Harper to go with her. Well, she was stuck with the cargo, but then again, she had left several people in that position earlier, so she didn't much care about it. That old saying what goes around comes around instantly came to mind when she thought about it, so she didn't say anything as she continued moving things around.

Elissa Isley

Location: The Faithful Bride

Elissa waited for Anastasia's leg to get patched up before her own. The woman was something else, that was for sure, and she did have some respect for her after that brawl. Aravis had seemed to be bent on heading off to sea, even though she was mainly a thief. Though there wasn't much difference between piracy and basic thievery. She herself had made the transition pretty quickly, so maybe her friend was ready to head off and try something different. That didn't stop it as being a surprise to her though.

"Zank you fery much," she said as she walked over to let the woman patch up her own leg injury. Catalina was nice, unlike Virginia. She was not a nice person, especially considering the fact that she was talking of infection and things like that. The woman didn't seem to know really what she was talking about in her opinion. She was excited though, to have Aravis experience life at sea with her. It was going to be fun, and she couldn't wait for their new adventure.
Thalia Maehers

Location: Temporal Screwup -> Circus
Interacting With: Hallucination

Thalia's head was spinning again, and it was not the best thing in the world. She could tell that something was going to happen, and she only knew that it involved time somehow. When she started falling, she thought that she had seen the last of her knew friend, than it turned out that he was falling too. This was just what she needed, another problem. He waved at her as the started falling, and he seemed to be having the time of his life.

"Ooh, this probably isn't the best time to pass by old friends. See ya later plant lady and, wait what did she call him again. Oh, right, see ya later Silver Balls," he said, waving as they fell past the hospital room scene. Thalia had no idea what he was talking about, as he was a figment of her imagination after all. "Hey, she looks like someone else I know!" he continued as Cecily came through with them too. Whoever this guy was, he seemed to think he knew everyone.

""Hey, that looks kind of like Wolverine? Wow, that's weird. Hey Silver Balls again, man I love that nickname," this guy clearly was not going to shut up and leave her to her major headache that just seemed to be getting worse. "Who the heck is that? Wow, that's a new one. Wonder who the princess is. Ok, looks like we got a new kid with us. Wonder what his story is. Ooh, why do I feel like I just saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer in real life? That was awesome! Ok, usually I'm fine with barging in on people having a moment like that, but this is just not the way I envisioned doing that. Sheesh, kissing someone after an exorcism, nice job dude. Ooh, too bad I couldn't help that guy, what the heck ripped him apart like that. Just insane. Wow, hot chick alert. Interesting time to be pulled from if you ask me. Ooh, an angel. Wow, that's interesting. Looks like you guys are in for some trouble back in Coventry. What the heck is with the kids outside of a school? That is just weird. Oh look, and now to finish our tour, we are back at the circus. Thank you for joining us on the Temporal Screw up Tour, watch your step as you land back in the present".

This guy was annoying her, and she didn't even know his name. He was a pain in the ass, but her head was still hurting as she looked around the room to see who all was with them. She had no idea who the heck anyone was, except for those who she had seen show up to the circus. "What the hell just happened?" she asked as she kinda got a little dizzy and sat down on the ground to avoid passing out.

Mitsukuri Katsumi

Location: A park April 16th, 2016 -> The Circus

Kat felt accomplished. She had just taken out another vampire. She was starting to get the hang of the whole hunter thing, getting better and better as she went. When a group of people came sliding through, and it was not the best thing in the world, especially since she herself went falling through with them. This was not something she knew about, and she was quite knowledgeable in a lot of supernatural things. Though usually that knowledge was about how to kill things, instead of magic, so she had no idea what was happening.

Her first thought was to fight. However she found that she was unable to while falling, since she couldn't get her bearings very well. She kept falling, only catching glimpses of everything as she fell. When she landed, she saw that there were a lot of other people in the room. She jumped away from the group, confused, and keeping her guard up. She had a policy to not trust anyone, unless all hell was breaking loose, and this wasn't one of those times, not yet anyway. "Who the hell are all you people, and where am I?" she asked, continuing to step away from the group.

Cassandra Reed
Beast's head injury seems to be the worst of it. The slash on his arms isn't too horrible, but that head injury is not the best. The first aid kit is well stocked luckily. Cassandra will be able to stabilize his injury with what she's got in the kit, and she'll also be able to patch up her arm as well.

Damon Fawkes and Oshea Jackson
Damon gets back to the power plant, the sounds of Wolverine and Sabretooth can be heard off to the side. Once inside, Damon can see the others with Scarlet Witch, but Starkette, Quicksilver, and Oshea aren't visible when he first enters. He'll be able to see a hallway, and finds Oshea there, barely able to move with a horribly broken leg and his face all bloody.

Guinevere Stark
Quicksilver groans slightly, "Usually you don't meet the parents until after the first date," he manages to say, and Tony glares at him. He turns back to Guin, "Don't think that we are finished here, we'll continue this conversation after this". He moves over to look at what she has done with the console so far, popping open the front of his mask as he did so. He frowned slightly, looking it over carefully. "Your going to need more than just tape and the wires that were already in the console to fix that. Those wires are completely useless, your going to need new ones and solder them together, not using electrical tape. Though that would be good for after their together to keep anyone from getting zapped". Quicksilver can be seen out of the corner of her eye, getting up onto his feet again.

Marygold Isley

Marygold watched as Ayita bit into Scarlet Witch's arm, and was glad for something good to happen, but that small little bit of happiness disappeared when she saw that she had no intentions of letting go. The woman was looking around frantically for something to throw at her when Allison's crate came flying at her, causing her to finish falling backwards and landing on the ground.

Scarlet Witch managed to send another crate at Ayita, and hit her in the head, causing her to let go. She was clearly hurting, and was starting to get up. Marygold wasn't going to have that. There was no way since it had taken forever to get her down in the first place. As the woman struggled to get up. Marygold walked over and kicked her in the head. This was the final blow, as her already weak arms that she was using to support herself gave out and she completely collapsed to the ground, uncouncious.

"Wow, that was anticlimactic. Now, where is her brother," Marygold said, the sounds of what was going on outside coming through the window. She had no idea what to expect from Quicksilver, and she hopped that Guin was having some sort of luck with getting the power back up and running. Her friend was probably going to get chewed out about it later, but her dad actually could probably be useful in this situation.


Last I checked, in AH didn't you have like 3 characters die in the very first bit of action for the RP? Well, Sutton died before, the Reverend was killed by his demon possessed daughter, and Vivian was killed right after the demon left and she was killed by someone who was late getting in on the action.

I'll just be blunt, I have no idea who Riley is.
Daphne Pender

Location: Docks

"Yeah yeah, I got that already!" she said as she continued on with what she was doing. The preacher was really starting to get on her nerves, in more than one way. Why couldn't he just shut up about it, what mattered was that she was there now, so why couldn't he leave her alone. She still doesn't like the preacher, and just because her sister had put him in charge for a few minutes doesn't mean anything. She had to listen to him for now, but that didn't mean that she had to like it.

She hadn't really heard Harper until Atticus started talking to him. Daphne heard Atticus and him talking, and it made her even more curious about what had happened before she had shown up. She had seen her sister head off with Foy, but that was about it. Anything before that she had no idea about. She kept thinking about this as she continued to move crates, hoping that someone around here would be able to answer the question as to what the hell had happened. Clearly Atticus wasn't that guy, since he doesn't know if he is allowed to. Looks like she might have to wait until her sister returned to find out.
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