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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Location: Mansion - Outside
Skills: N/A

"Not sure if there is mead around here, but we can probably find something that works," Lance commented. Either that or figured that Runa would then just snap her fingers and they'd suddenly have the stuff. That wouldn't surprise him at all either way. He was just glad that Runa had come back to visit, even if the time difference between how they each viewed a year made things a little odd.

That thought was stuck in his head for a moment, since hew knew when he started a relationship with Runa if it went beyond dating and all, he knew she'd outlive him. Asgardians lived forever practically it seemed like, whereas humans obviously didn't. The thought left his head though, figuring not to dwell on that, before looking at the other two. "Let's head in then and see what we can find in the kitchen to drink or something. We can catch up a bit more and not just be standing around out here," he didn't mind that Bethany was there too, he didn't overly care about that sort of thing too much.

Pietro glanced over at Guin when she said her comment. He didn't say anything out loud, but he did respond to Guin mentally. Are you sure you're okay? Doesn't seem like it based on that comment...

Location: Mansion - Hallway
Skills: N/A

Mira had to think for a moment on the different characters or well, more of colors, the characters themselves weren't exactly people or anything, she just remembered their names since at the end of the game you had to say which person you were making the final accusation for. Personally she would have preferred blue, which would have been Ms. Peacock, namely since blue was probably her favorite color. Max was obviously Colonel Mustard, so she had to think a bit on it. "I guess I'll go with green then, since I don't really like the colors too much of most of the other characters typical designs or whatever." With that, and Max's magic, she shifted into a green pantsuit and she sort of shrugged a bit.

Hearing Jaclyn make the comment asking about the other characters, she had to think about it. "Well. Depends on what version of the game you're playing. But let's start with currently whose who, Perry is Mrs. Peacock based with her outfit, Max clearly went for something based around Colonel Mustard. I've got Mr. Green, partially as stated I just went with a color I actually liked. Now there are a few others, however depends on which version of the game. So, the two unchanged characters that are still around are Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet. Now, the other two are a bit weird. If you played older versions of the game you have Mrs. White, however I think a few years back she got replaced with Dr. Orchid though. Plum, Scarlet and White, it is obvious what colors they are, Orchid not sure, think she's technically pink or something like that," she explained with a shrug.

"If you say so," Klara said, a little bit uncertain cause she very much was wondering why Avery took off like that. She did take to following along after Ed towards the kitchen. Though as they went along, they would see the group of Mira, Perry, Jaclyn and Max talking about something in the hall area nearby.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Lotus Hotel and Casino
Skills: N/A

Janelle wasn't too sure what the whole plan for them was at this point. The walk out of the hotel, at least they didn't seem to be too much stuck there anymore, no one seemed to bug them at all as they left, so that was something at the least right? No more going around, dragging everyone back and all to stick together. Which had definitely been getting incredibly annoying before they had even been seen heading into the basement or something.

Stepping back out of the hotel was nice, definitely nice to have some fresh air, but then Kristin mentioned just how long it had been since they had gone into the hotel. The fact that they had been in there for so long when it definitely hadn't felt like it was insane to her. At least it wasn't a super long amount of time like several months or a year or something like that, so that was the sort of silver lining to everything. It seemed like they were going to be going back to camp one way or another, then figure out when they'd find the doors of death again.

Zelda Flynn

Location: Zelda
Skills: Emotion Construct

Well, it was a good thing that Victoria was now no longer actively trying to kill them, kind of anyway. Actually she hadn't been entirely sure that would have worked in the first place. However she decided to answer April's questions despite her own confusion over everything. "Yeah, something like that, Shadow Link is basically an actual mirror image copy of Link and has all of the same moves and weaponry as him for the most part by that point in the game," Zelda explained, as Link decided to start attacking Victoria, which wasn't too surprising, considering the fact that she was the character he was the shadow of. Then Victoria basically decided to insult gaming and all in the absolute worst way possible.

She screwed up the whole different game companies thing!

"This isn't Gradius or Contra for the NES! Konami didn't make this series!" Zelda said, clearly annoyed at the whole situation now. "Not to mention clearly I need to probably be prepared for the inevitable failure of whatever the hell she's doing," Zelda ended up saying under her breath, so only April really could hear her. The bow she still had in her hand started to morph and change shape, instead choosing to manipulate it into a hammer that she leaned against her shoulder. The only weapon that Shadow Link didn't have access to (which she never could understand why that was) and it did just as much damage as the Master Sword in the game, so why not try using it herself?

Zarina Raynordattir

Location: Basement
Skills: N/A

Zari had no idea what was going on, all she really seemed to know was that she was insanely tired, and she could vaguely make out voices around her. Had something gone wrong with the Framework or something? What was going on? She remembered going into the tank and closing her eyes, but after that? Nothing. Just darkness. Something had to have gone wrong, that was the only explanation she had at the moment. Or something like that. Though the voices were starting to become clearer a little bit, before disappear and she could tell that someone was right by her now.

Eventually, she managed to sort of will her eyes open and the world came into focus, and she had absolutely no real idea where she was, but she saw that Andy was there. "Hey Andy, what's going on?" she asked, as she eventually sat up from where she was, though when she did that her head started to spin. She looked over and saw where Usagi was, and was definitely very very confused. Since this was really really weird. "And where are we?" Zari was a bit dizzy and was fine just sitting there for a few moments in an attempt to regain her balance or whatever for a moment.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Lotus Hotel and Casino
Skills: N/A

Janelle was unsure what all was going on really, as Nancy seemed to be talking about joining the hunt and all, at least at first. What that even was, she wasn't entirely sure what it was honestly. The idea of it always seemed a bit odd to her, at least in her opinion. She wasn't super sure why it was such a big deal or anything, but she said nothing with regards to it at the moment.

Zeke was saying how they needed to leave, and Nancy decided at the last moment to not join the hunt at the moment, so she'd be heading back to camp with them. Personally she agreed that they should get out of there as soon as possible, since it sounded like they'd be stuck there for a long time if they didn't leave soon, since who knew how long it had actually been since they had entered the hotel to begin with.

Location: Mansion - Outside
Skills: N/A

Right, time for Asgardians worked a bit differently. For them it had been a decent amount of time, but for Runa and Klara, it probably felt like the equivalent of a few days or something like that. The time difference is a bit weird at times to think about, "Well it is still good to see you," he said to her as she was starting to explain fully how Klara was doing now.

At least she didn't seem to have any permanent damage done to her head, so there was that anyway. That would have been the biggest concern, but if it is just her more recent memories that are having issues than that could probably work out for the most part. He'd have been more concerned about it if she was missing a larger chunk of time, or moments from a few hundred years ago, that sort of thing. So at least there was that bit of silver lining.

Pietro basically followed along after Guin and Annie, to him it felt like he was walking, to Annie and Guin he seemed to rather easily be keeping up with them. "Yeah, we'll hear if it is anything important, and figure the Asgardians would have insisted on saying something already if it was that bad. So there is that reasoning. But hey, not everything has to blow up or go wrong right?"

Location: Mansion - Hallway
Skills: N/A

"Yeah, she can control oceans and water too, but she tends to prefer to lean more towards the love aspect of her powers that sort of thing," Mira explained towards Max with a bit of a shrug. That was the few things she managed to gather from Klara the few interactions she had truly had with her. Klara was a bit odd and seemingly overly chipper at times, the glitter comment made her laugh a bit though.

"You should have seen her interactions with Thor, she tackled him in a hug and there was pink glitter everywhere. As for which one just walked into the library, that was Klara herself. Runa I take it is still outside or something like that," she added, before glancing back in the direction of the library and seeing Avery leaving it now. "Let's go downstairs though and play Clue though, that seems like the better option right now."

The Library
Klara was a bit confused as to why Avery had taken off like that so quickly, "Did I say something wrong or do something before?" she asked, looking at the other two, before answering Carolina's question. "Alright, aside from that not sure what to say since I mainly was having people helping me recover some memories and healing and all, though sense of time is a bit odd and sometimes I still mess up with that..." She wasn't exactly sure what to really say regarding anything else. To her, what had been going on the past while since she had seen them (somewhat, she doesn't even know when she met most of the people here still) is a bit of a blur still. Hearing of a tour though, that sounded like it might be fun. "Some introductions might be a good thing, so sure, let's do that then thank you."

Zelda Flynn

Location: Zelda
Skills: Emotion Manipulation

She was a little confused as to what was going on with Victoria, since she wasn't seemingly attacking them or anything like that anymore? Maybe she was trying to fight off whatever was going on? This led to another problem though, and that was that they had to potentially deal with the fact that they really shouldn't be trying to kill Vicki. That would not end well, and that was not something that she would want to have to deal with back in the real world. There had to be something that they could do in order to prevent Victoria from killing them, though if she attacked again, she was perfectly willing to fight back in order to defend herself and April, but she'd prefer not to have to go through with anything like that. An idea crossed her mind though that might help.

Why not try to calm her emotions? That might help.

"Just keep the shield up in case we need it, I'm going to try something..." she said to her sister, before she started trying to calm down Vicki in order to hopefully stop this situation. Her first attempt resulted in her getting not very far with it, holding it for a second before getting kicked out of it. Her second attempt was more successful, but she could tell it was a weak hold as she tried to shift everything, and she tried to get a stronger hold, when suddenly the game seemingly glitched out. Looking to see what was going on, she was a bit stunned at what she saw.

The first was she saw Victoria as herself, except she was in the typical green tunic for Link now. But that wasn't the only thing she saw there. Not too far away, there was another version of Victoria, in the same out, appearance wise, except the clothing was all colored black. So now there were two Victoria's, and based on what she knew about the game series? She was betting the one in the darker clothing was probably not going to help them out at all.

"...I mean we are technically in a version of the Water Temple... But pretty sure Dark Link isn't in this game, or not supposed to be," she commented, glancing towards her sister very confused as to what she might have accidentally done.

Location: Mansion - Outside
Skills: N/A

Lance didn't even really get much of a chance to respond to Bethany about the whole Mary thing, just sort of nodding his head about it. He wasn't too sure they'd be able to get Mary to spill about what was going on with her. They just would have to see how things went with it. Though it was a bit weird that she sort of was making herself a bit scarce around the mansion in general. However now he was more paying attention to what Runa was saying, and he shook his head slightly with a bit of a laugh.

"I meant not amplifying your voice with magic to yell through the entire mansion, you could have walked into the mansion and found me pretty easily without shouting," he responded with a bit of a shrug. "Been a while since I last saw you Runa." he wasn't too sure what else to say with regards to that. He was glad to see her again though, it had been a bit weird not having her around the mansion, though he understood why she had head off back to Asgard to get some help for Klara. He was definitely glad to see that things seemed to be going well for them though.

Pietro sort of laughed a bit at the conversation, "I mean I can jog at a normal speed when I want to, but you are right, definitely seems like more of a walk to me, but sure, why not? Might be fun to take it easy a little bit."

Location: Mansion - Hallway
Skills: N/A

"I only vaguely know what happened, something about how she got knocked through a reality rift or something and kind of messed with her head, that's about all I know about it, they went back to Asgard after everyone got back to Earth, you'd have to ask them for more specifics on what happened, or I guess anyone else. I stayed on Earth with Carolina and Avery instead," Mira explained with a bit of a shrug, before looking over at the other two in the group who were questioning things. She kind of felt bad that she didn't really explain anything to them at all or something.

"Uh, yeah, sorry about that. Actually you know how I mentioned that Jumanji game or whatever we got stuck playing? That was were I first met Runa and Klara, though I think others met them before hand from something else, not sure what that was still either. Anyway well. Klara is Thor's daughter, whereas Runa, her cousin, is the daughter of Baldur in the Norse mythology pantheon. Runa is the Goddess of I think lies? Whereas Klara is the goddess of love and the ocean. Will say the one downside to those of us who chose to stay on Earth instead of going to space? Yeah, the rest of the team got to go visit Asgard which must have been interesting to say the least. The reason why they are here? I don't know, probably not anything horrible. I imagine Runa's just here to see Lance, and Klara decided to tag along for whatever reason that she has. Glad to see she seems to be doing better now than when everyone else last saw her." The explanation was a bit long, but it needed to be said. Klara and Runa sort of tagged along every so often, but it had been a while since she last had seen the pair.

Then came the question about what they were wanting to do now, go see the Asgardians, or go play the game of clue. "I'm all for playing Clue instead right now. If it is something important pretty sure we'll hear about it soon anyway."

The Library
She looked over at Carolina, a slight hint of confusion before there was some recognition, "Uh, hey there, You're... Um..." she started to say, as she was trying to focus a bit on the name, "Carina? Wait no, that's not right is it? I'm sorry," she said, before looking at Avery, "And sorry... I don't know your name either... I swear I know who you are, just well... A few things sort of caused things to get jumbled a bit..." she apologized, before turning her attention back towards Ed. "You know, better. Some things aren't exactly super clear on a few things memory wise, and sometimes it is hard to remember something even if it was more recent. But overall doing a lot better... Anyway I wanted to come see you, I have something for you. Consider it a gift from both me and my mother. As I suppose as a bit of a thank you from the two of us."

With that, she pulled out a box and handed it over to Ed. Even just from touching it, he would be able to feel fairly strong magic coming from the box itself. Upon opening it, he'd see a circular amulet made of some unknown metal with a symbol engraved into it, and a few gems were along the rim of it, and it sparkled a bit in the lighting. "If you're wondering, the symbol on it is technically mine, well one of mine, there are quite a few runes that indicate the same thing honestly. But it seemed fitting, considering the magic you tend to use, and my own powers over oceans and the waves, tend to be linked, as water magic tends to lean more defensive, healing and shields, but also can be used if needed for offensive magic... The amulet should help you with your defensive spells and healing magic and boost their power, sort of a protection amulet if you will, and should also potentially shield you from harm, should that need potentially arise. Trust me, protection items can be fairly invaluable," she added the last sentence as almost a bit of an after thought, before tapping the pink circlet that was on her head.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Lotus Hotel and Casino
Skills: N/A

"I wouldn't say I really ded anythin, all I said was dat we'd fend de doors and end up dere eventually. No idea when or 'ow or what. Dat's naht exactly much to go ahff o'," Janelle responded to Kristin with a bit of a shrug. Sure, there was hope and all, which was what she had intended to say in the first place. There was the small glimmer of hope, they didn't have a time table or anything, but there was at least that small amount of it for the most part.

Sounded like they were going to end up getting the help of the Hunters of Artemis in locating the doors at least, that would make things a lot better for them and hopefully they'd be able to find the door quicker. There wasn't much they could do about anything right now, not until they found those doors again, and who new fully how long that would be. However she was hoping they found it soon, that was at least her thinking with it anyway.

Location: Mansion - Kitchen
Skills: N/A

He laughed slightly at the talk about things being quiet for the moment, "Yeah, some people might get bored, but honestly I prefer it a little bit," he responded, before he thought for a moment about her next question about Mary. "Um. No, I haven't. Actually she seems to try and stay a little ways away from everyone else for the most part, at least for the past month. I'd say ask Guin since usually she tends to talk to Mary the most I'd think, but well, she's kind of been fighting her own demons at the moment, so not sure if she actually has recently."

He got up to see about walking out to see who was there, when he heard Runa's voice calling out, and he sort of face palmed. He loved Runa, but Asgardians just tended to be a bit on the dramatic side, "Guess that answers that question as to who is here," he said to Bethany, before he headed outside, walking out of the mansion and looking over to see Runa and Klara there, with Annie, Guin and Pietro nearby.

"Hey there Runa, you know you could have walked inside and called, didn't have to yell for it, I wasn't too far from the entrance," he said to her, walking up.

I know, just wanted to check up on you, Pietro responded mentally to her, before rolling his eyes at Guin's comment about him usually just picking her up and zipping off. "Wow, so nice to me aren't you Guina."

Klara more or less nodded her head slightly. She had decided to sort of tag along with Runa to this visit to Midgard, partially because she wanted to talk to someone who she knew was here. A small bubble of water appeared in her hands, and she casted a spell of her own. As the bubble sort of started heading towards the mansion, "I'll see you in a little while Runa, need to go talk to someone," she said as she headed inside, waving slightly at Bethany as she went along and passed her by.

Location: Mansion - Hallway
Skills: N/A

Mira gave Jaclyn a bit of a funny look, before it took her a moment for her to realize what it was with the miscommunication with regards to that. "Well... I guess you could say that, remind me to introduce you to someone later though," she ended up saying to her. Attention shifting to Max again, and she was about to say something else with regards to the clue game, when he started going off about Runa not answering his calls or something stupid like that. He really thought the world revolved around him now didn't he?

"Wait a second Max, what are you talking about trying to get a hold of Runa and her ignoring you? From what I've been told, she's kind of been really busy with a few things, more recently the fact that her cousin's brain got scrambled and messed with by something. And she went with the others on the team into space and were out traveling there for a while, so not sure if she would have had time to answer a seeming phone call from you or anything," Mira said to him, as she followed along after him.

As if on cue to the conversation about the Asgardians, they'd spot Klara walking along, following a little bubble or orb or something that was floating along ahead of her, and she seemed to be heading towards the library. She didn't seem to even notice the little group or anything at all as she walked that way.

The Library
Aside from the obvious booming voice that had happened from outside of the mansion, nothing seemed to be happening to indicate an attack. However after a few moments, a small bubble of some sort came floating into the library and it floated over and landed on the ground right in front of Ed onto the ground, before it disappeared. A moment later, Klara walked over, and gave those in the area a smile and a wave. "Hello, how are all of you doing?"

Zelda Flynn

Location: Super Mario -> Zelda
Skills: N/A

She was actually really hurt that her sister said something like that, but she didn't even give her a response, and just more or less looked away from her sister before everything shifted around her. Instead of being in the world of Mario, they were now in a game series she knew waaaay too well. They were in one of the Legend of Zelda games, against a boss she'd only really fought once since she preferred the older games in the series. Well this was not going to end well at all, especially when it became apparent that Vicki was the villain.

The villain known as Mucktorok, and Octorock sort of boss in a way really, but a lot nastier of a fight.

Her attention shifted as they all got knocked around by the attacks, and that's when she saw that Andy was just gone. That couldn't be right? No way was this over, Andy couldn't have just died like that right? This was not going to end well, and currently Zelda was a bit annoyed that she was dressed up as Princess Zelda herself, when usually if she was any Zelda character it was obviously Sheik.

Right, going through this fight, not so simple, prefer the boss from Breath of the Wild more than this one, but can't change things. Need water attacks to stun... But crap I don't have access to water attacks, April does, she thought to herself, before she decided to check out what might be in her game character's inventory. Low and behold, there was the item she'd need to do a water attack, Chuchu Jelly.

Zelda held up her hand, fueling her anger into creating a bright red bow and a matching quiver full of arrows on her back. Grabbing an arrow, she basically attached a glob of the stuff onto it, before taking aim and letting it fly, her shot hitting her target head on, and a burst of water sprung up from the shot. She instantly started firing off a few different arrows now that Vicki the shark was kind of stuck on the ground stunned (this was a video game boss after all) but only managed to land one hit before Vicki would be able to move again normally, but at least she had done some damage.

"April, listen to me, water based attacks stun, normal attacks do damage. However you can do one better, be prepared to maybe do a shield of water to protect us, since in the game that was the only true safe way to avoid the mud attacks, and any mud that appears on the ground needs to get washed away or it slows us down, okay?" she was completely ignoring what April had said earlier (that actually was helping to fuel the anger she had used to create her bow and arrows) and was only keeping with talking about the combat situation they were having to deal with without Andy now.
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