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Current RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


Name: BlueSky44
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Major/Minor: Computer Science
Occupation: Nothing right now
Languages: English
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Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: God-modding, so annoying...
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Teach new RPers, not GMs though, I'm too much of a newbie GM to do that.

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • X-Men: Darkness Rising - A superhero RP based off of the Marvel comics, though other Marvel characters, not just the X-Men, make an appearance.

Rp's I'm Apart Of:

There is only one ship here now, but hopefully more will be added as time goes by in the RPs. This one is definitely an amazing one though and I love it so much!

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Bruce Banner

Location: Asgard - Bruce and Myth's house

Bruce was glad to be on Asgard more of full time as opposed to jumping back and forth between there and Midgard. Sure, he didn't have the best of memories from his childhood or anything, what with people fearing him and his sisters, but it always was going to be his true home. He felt out of place on Midgard and only had been there because of the twins and Antonije, having wanting to try and be a better parent of sorts for them given how bad things had gone previously. Though things likely were going to be not the best all things considering, after all, most Asgardians tend to be a bit full of themselves and look down at anyone who wasn't from Asgard, or even those who were born there and were part Asgardian. It definitely made things a bit interesting to say the least.

Hearing Marya's question as well, and noticing that Myth was dealing with the baby, he looked over at Marya, "Antonije lives on Midgard, it's his home you know, as it also is kind of yours too. I don't think he really wants to come back to Asgard or anything like that, but that doesn't mean we can't see about going back there to see him anytime you want to. There isn't exactly too much to do around here once you've been here a few years, so I don't really blame him for wanting to go back. So if you and Medea want to visit Midgard and see Antonije, then I'll take you there, okay?"

Queen Valda

Location: The Palace - The Queen's Room -> Outside Luna's Room

Valda was currently by herself at the moment, but she was contemplating leaving her room to go check on her sister. Her mind going back to all of the different problems that they were caught up in because of the two warring countries around them. There wasn't much that she could do about it, odds were that the Castle would be dragged into the war one way or the other no matter how hard she tried to prevent it. Not to mention one nation was kidnapping sailors from the Port and the other was threatening to cut off trade if they didn't join their side. It gave her a bit of a headache, so she walked out of her room and started down the hallway to see about finding Luna.

It didn't take her long to reach her sister's room, and she saw that her sister was walking out of it. She was glad that Luna was walking around and not just staying off by herself all of the time, that likely wouldn't be a good thing if she did. "Hey there Luna, how are you doing?" she asked her sister with a bit of a smile. Valda wasn't too sure what else to say to start the conversation, but decided to just go with it.

Sylvi the Bard

Location: The Palace Courtyard

Sylvi always did prefer nights like this one, nights of celebration of sorts when they'd be able to just forget about any sort of worries that were troubling them and just move on with life. The one thing that did concern her was the fact that she knew that Antonije was keeping things from her, and it was bugging her to no end. She knew that maybe she could use her bardic magyk on him again to try and get him to tell her, but she didn't want for that to happen at all. Sylvi trusted him, and she didn't like using her powers to control others either, so she wasn't going to until she saw a reason that she should.

She walked around, not sure what to do, or who to really talk to, but she did eventually find her way over to where Antonije and Amarantha were. It still puzzled her slightly what it is that Amarantha had Tate building for her, but she figured it was none of her concern. "Hey there Tate, how are you doing?" she asked him somewhat softly, sort of hoping that she wasn't really interrupting what it was that Amarantha was saying or something.

"I'm going to go after those who harmed my mother, you I think would be better off going to see if she is alright..." Wanda said to Annie, before she took off at a run of sorts towards the direction Max had gone.

October had gone over to where Carolina and Flynn both were. "Do not worry, my Queen. I'm a mortician - and while you would make a lovely corpse, it is not yet time for your new adventure." she said, before she managed to use her power to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding.

"Thank you... I would have tried that but my powers are known to go a bit crazy at times..." Flynn commented, letting out a bit of a sigh of relief that October had stopped the bleeding.

Alex had a hold on Jade's arm as he was quickly dragging her along a bit to get to the nearest exit in order to make their get away, however, there was one major problem that managed to stop them in their tracks. Specifically, a certain speedster was in front of the closest exit, and he was looking right at them. "Yeah, wrong way," he muttered under his breath as he dragged her towards a different exit.

"Alex, we should split up," Jade recommended. She figured that they had a chance of one of them getting away from this, but likely not both. The speedster was staring them down and others were chasing after them as well.

"Alright..." he said, letting go of her arm, before making a split second decision to head back towards where Pietro was standing, after giving Jade a smile as he turned away from her. Soon, he disappeared into the crowd, and to the point where he could see Pietro, and he knew that Pietro could see him.

"Good luck," Jade told him plainly. He was a good friend of hers as she headed in the opposite direction of him. She couldn't help but wonder why he had decided to go towards the exit the speedster was at. That was suicide.

"Your grandmother is resting currently, likely watching a movie or something in our room," Howard responded with a bit of a shrug.

I don't know, Flynn is by her right now, I went after the ones responsible for hurting her, came Pietro's response to Guin.

"...My bets is that assassination attempt was orchestrated by the Human Resistance, I don't think anyone else would even attempt that right under the king's nose. So, what do you want to do Guin? We have everything here to do the scans of sorts to see what can be done, or see what your friend Allison here remembers. Unless you want to go back to the Palace, I'd suggest we get started. The Palace is likely in a bit of chaos right now..." he said, nodding his head slightly at what she said, before he pulled out a few pieces of equipment that would let them scan Allison's brain to determine what was going on with her head.

Currently, Howard believed what Allison said, and it wouldn't surprise him if someone actually managed to do something like that. He was wondering how it was that she remembered this "other" reality, and why it didn't seem like anyone else did.

Rogue smirked slightly at Ana, clearly enjoying the sort of fight. "Good, thought this would be a bit one sided all things considerin'. This'll be fun, that I do know, so let's go, talkin' durin' a fight is not how you do things round here." With that last comment she charged at her again, and this time managed to land a punch in Ana's face, knocking her backwards and down onto the ground.

"This definitely will be fun," she added as she started hovering above the ground.

“Ya know mes amis, come to think of it, Ayita can spar with her frère. I’ll take on Bobbi, think that’ll make things a bit more interesting n’est-ce pas?” Gambit said, looking over at Bobbi now. Ayita nodded her head simply, before she and Richard started sparring against one another, leaving Bobbi to go up against Gambit.

"Uh, hey Casper? Or I guess kind of Ben really, mind letting go of me?" Jack asked, clearly not at all surprised by what his brother was doing. He was trying to get free a bit from Ben's grip, but it was not very easy, even with him trying to use his powers to get free.

Mary wasn't really trying to get free, more of just managing to free her arms from Ben's grip so that she was able to at least apply some pressure to her arm, but the hand that she had covering the injury was covered in blood. The bleeding didn't seem to be slowing down or stopping either.

"Another reason to at least let the two of us go and not the psychopath is because she needs some bandages for that arm Casper..."

"Let go of me you drug addict!" Chrysi snapped, fighting to get out of Ben's grip as well. Unlike the other two, she was actually having some slight success at it, and was nearly free, and right now, she was glaring at Casper, her eyes flashing with anger and the ground around them started shaking. Vines shot up from the ground, breaking through the pavement as it went charging at Casper.

They stopped only about an inch from Casper, as Mary was using her own powers to stop Chrysi, but in doing so she ended up removing her hand that had been applying pressure to her injury, holding it out to stop the vines, just barely. They'd twitch every now and then as the two were fighting over who was controlling them. "That's enough Chrysi..."

"Shut up Goldilocks, no one asked you."

"What part of put my goddamn son on the phone NOW do you NOT understand?!" Banner snapped at James, and it was clear that he was not calming down or relaxing at all. It also was becoming even more apparent that he was not in the mood to talk to James at all, considering this is the third time he's asked to talk to Lance, and hasn't said much of anything to James.

Lance flinched slightly when James pointed his weapon at him. This definitely was not something he was used to dealing with. His eyes flickered over towards Maria, a hint of confusion evident on his face from the words she had spoken about Banner. What in the world were they talking about? Hulk out? What did that mean? None of this was making sense, but he did hear his father's voice on the phone, as he was basically shouting, so others would be able to hear it as well. This was new to him too, he'd never heard him that angry ever in his life. "W-W-What are you talking about? What's going on?" he sort of stammered out in response to what Tinley had said.

"Thought we established that we don't want him to Hulk out?" Sapphire commented, looking over at James, having heard Banner's words on the other end. "At this rate he'll Hulk out and probably be able to rip us to shreds or something."

"Relax Clarke, not like we can do too much right now about it," Mystique responded with a shrug.

"Alright Raven, how about we actually think to do something at the moment. We've got a normally unused facility here in Australia, we can move the pair there and keep an eye on them or find a way to talk with Banner there, so we aren't just sitting around doing nothing," Wolverine cut in, looking over at the others. He was coming up with at least an idea, and this way those who do have some memory of the real world could see about talking about what to do now.

Then, on the other end of the phone, James would be able to hear what sounded like a scream of sorts, the phone hitting the ground, and then the line going dead. Sounds like the thing they feared happening just happened. The Hulk was loose and heading straight for them.

Marygold Isley

Location: Camp Half-Blood

Mary just rolled her eyes slightly at the long sort of explanation as to who the kids' father was. She thought given the fact that they were children of gods that based on the little display that just occurred it would have been a bit more obvious than what they seemed to think. She was glad that someone decided to announce it, she certainly didn't really care too much for anyone related to Hades considering her mother's history with him. That was certainly a long story, but it didn't really matter right now.

She glanced over at Leda, wondering what was going through the speedster's mind of sorts (or sometimes as she referred to her Princess Rainbow Unicorn which is the best nickname ever), but decided not to just straight up ask her about it. Hearing Kirsten's question, she shrugged her shoulders slightly at her, "I don't really know honestly. Might go wander around a little bit maybe..." she responded, before once more looking over at Leda, wondering what she'd be doing.
Sister Penance
Location: Shadowell Manor: State Dining Room (3rd Floor)
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

Penance was still quiet, not saying much of anything to anyone, when she noticed the commotion by where Lord Bardolf was, a bit confused as to what seemed to be going on, or what was happening for a moment. Then she heard what was being said, and she felt a bit sorry for the other woman there, Lady Analia as the one man called her. The words that the Lord of the Manor was dead was a bit concerning, and now she was wondering how on earth the man came to die? After all, it likely is not a very common for someone to just drop dead like that or something, and she couldn't help but agree with Moss and Blush. It was better safe then sorry and not touch any food or something if possible.

Now she saw that everyone seemed to be in one place, all of the people labelled as the "uninvited guests" at least. It made for an interesting time to say the least. Thinking about why they were all there again, and for all she knew, it could also involve the Lord of the Manor's death. It wasn't something to happen out of the blue, so there was always that. She noticed the woman she had spoken to before enter the room and ask what happened. However, now that she got a look at her, she noticed that Walnut's hands seemed injured, and she was curious as to what had happened. "Excuse me for the slight interruption, but might I inquire what happened to your hands?" she asked Walnut.


Location: The Mutant Underground - Washington D.C. Station
Skills N/A

"Nice to see you too Spark Plug, and don't call me Elsa again would you?" she said towards Callie with a bit of an eye roll. Sapphire didn't care much for that nickname at all, since it wasn't actually the name she went by. At least she wasn't being called by her actual name, that would have made her punch Spark Plug, since she hated her first name. She looked over at the others, not too sure what they were thinking of, and even though Psylocke had confirmed who Glimpse was, she still didn't trust her.

"Even though you were telling the truth about who you are, doesn't mean we can trust you completely, not sure if that's just me or if anyone else feels that way," Sapphire said, shaking her head at Luna. She never hid the fact that it was kind of difficult to gain her trust, she just wasn't too trusting of anyone, no matter who they were or where they came from. Trust was something that was earned and not given immediately, that was just the way things were.

Jack Theriot

Location: The Warehouse (I9 -> C4)
Skills: Elasticity

Jack glanced over at Sunshine messing around with the dead rat and he frowned slightly. Why did that kid like to mess around with dead things or something? "Rookie, stop messing with the dead rat!" he said, looking over at Sunshine and shaking his head. It was a bit on the disgusting side that she was messing with the rat at all, even if for some reason it wasn't dead. He then heard what James was saying about where things were, thinking for a moment. "How about we grab some of the stuff in here since we already started messing with things so that we'll have some spare parts for if the generators break down again."

With that, he walked around and past his brother, rolling his eyes slightly, but saying nothing to him as he walked a few aisles down to where one of the shelves were that James had indicated for parts. It seemed like he'd be the one responsible for hitting the top shelves for this run, per the usual, and so he stretched upwards once more, reaching the box that had the volt regulators, and bringing it back down to the ground. He hadn't been lying, they were probably better off in the long run grabbing anything that might be useful in repairing the generators as well as new ones if possible. Since otherwise they'd have to go on another run to get the parts anyway later on.

Theresa Sparks
and Frederick Flynn

Location: Pym's Lab
Skills: N/A

Now Sparky seemed to snap out of it a bit, whatever sort of mental place she had just been in, or whatever was going through her head, all of that was gone right now. Hearing Bonnie's voice about Novikova had snapped her out of it, and she glanced over at her friend's body. She hadn't even been conscious for too long from what Sparky was able to tell, and she hadn't gotten to talk to her friend at all. Setting Goose down by Raynor, electricity started crackling along her arms as she sort of walked around towards Ultron.

Her eyes were staring blankly ahead almost, to the point where she didn't even really hear what Harry had said to her, or paying much attention to the others around her. Sparky sent a bolt of lightning into Ultron, not really causing much damage to his arc reactor at all. This seemed to annoy her more than anything, as she instantly sent another bolt of electricity slamming into him, this time the reactor started sparking, as she had managed to damage it this time around. Then came another bolt, and it damaged the arc reactor even further, but she wasn't really paying attention. She was pissed off more than anything right now.

Flynn seeing Bonnie race over to Novikova, and he went over to her as well. "It'll be okay Bonnie, we can't help her now, but we can see about helping everyone else who is still here, okay?" he said softly to her, before he glanced over at the rest of the group, seeing that they were not in the best of shape, well, more of that Ultron was a pretty powerful robot despite them damaging him, it didn't seem like it effected him too much at all, and there wasn't much he could do about it.

He stood up fully now, and was essentially standing in between Bonnie and Ultron, he didn't want Bonnie to get hurt at all, so he was more then willing to stand between her and the killer robot. Not to mention this way he could hopefully protect her so that she could help the injured while he tried to do something useful. His arms swirling with fire, he sent another blast of flame at Ultron, this time not really having to worry about the robot holding onto Pym or anything, but he didn't even seem to damage him or set him on fire, and he had no idea what else to do really now.

Theresa Sparks
and Frederick Flynn

Location: Pym's Lab
Skills: N/A

Flynn was a little taken aback by the teenager giving him a kiss on the cheek. That was way too weird all things considering, especially since the girl was definitely way too young for him, it weirded him out in more ways then one. Glancing over at Bonnie helping out Raynor, and he was not too thrilled by the idea of her giving the guy mouth to mouth. Now he partially wanted to strangle Raynor before he woke up or something, it was not a nice thought, but he didn't care about that.

Sparky was still holding onto Goose, crying slightly as she managed to get up off of the floor and went over to where Raynor was. She was freaking out a bit, hoping that he was going to be okay after all of that. There hadn't been much that she could have done to help him out where they were, and she hoped that he was going to be okay. In her arms, Goose was still purring, as if he was trying to soothe her and make her feel better, but there was only so much a cat could really do to help with that sort of thing.

After a moment, and hearing what Bonnie said about Novikova, he walked over and picked her up rather easily. It was the second time in the past 24 hours he had to carry her because she was unconscious, she really needed to stop doing stuff like that, it would make things a whole lot easier. He carried her over to Bonnie and set her down on another makeshift bed of sorts, and he gave Bonnie a slight smile before he turned to see what was going on with Ultron.

She was just tuning out everything that was going on around her, her mind wasn't exactly wanting to register what was happening, or that she was even really out of the Quantum Realm. At the moment, Sparky was more concerned at the thought that Raynor wasn't going to survive or something, despite the fact that Bonnie had gotten him breathing normally again. There wasn't much she could do to help him at the moment, and she was freaking out about it at the moment.

Flynn took a moment, looking at the situation with Ultron, and knowing that odds were that Pym was going to get caught in the crossfire no matter what he did. This sort of situation was not an ideal one, and knew that whatever happened Pym was likely going to get hurt, well, the guy had been a bit of an asshole earlier, and he was trying to get him away from the killer robot, so... His hands surrounded with fire, and listening somewhat to what Niah had said, he took some aim and fired flames off at Ultron. It looked like he had badly damaged Ultron (but might have set Pym on fire in the process, oops.) However the robot adapted quickly and put out the flames, so now Pym looked to be a bit on the crispy side. "Damn it, sorry about that..." he muttered somewhat more of towards Pym and his family.

Lance Banner

"Honestly, I don't know, but we can't just sit around here doing nothing, we're here aren't we? Might as well try and this way they won't be able to see us to stop us," Lance said, shaking his head slightly, despite the fact that Guin couldn't see him. "If they can't see us or see where we are, they can't try and stop us. Not to mention, with the Avengers fighting Sterns, we could see if there might be a way to stop him... Since no offense to them, but honestly what are the odds they'll notice a lot about the guy as they are fighting him aside from how hard he punches?"

He grabbed onto her arm so he wouldn't lose where she was, and there was a slight glow of light around her that resulted in her becoming invisible as well. Sure, he knew that this was likely a bad idea, and honestly he didn't really care about that, he'd listened to what everyone told him to, and now he really wanted to not listen to people. Not to mention they were already in England, they might as well try to help out anyway. "Now, let's get going," his voice said, he was still holding onto her arm and started leading to a stairway that lead towards the roof.

"I do not know what it is that you are talking about. Other reality? False worlds? Sounds like you belong in the loony bin," came Wanda's response to Max, but no one else seemed to have heard her speaking that to him.

She glanced over at Annie when she went to follow the red ribbon of sorts, and she couldn't help but chuckle, who in their right mind would make that sort of thing if they only wanted to converse with one person? It made no sense to her, but that didn't matter all too much, as she decided to go along with what Annie was doing and followed along the ribbon. "It certainly is an interesting way to get someone's attention, though you can't help but wonder if they were only trying to get one person's attention."

There were two figures at the party who blended in with the crowd rather easily, but unlike those around them, they were uninvited guests who had snuck inside of the palace. The Human Resistance had their resources, so it wasn't too difficult for them to slip on through. Now, that they were there, who was going to be their target? "So, we can't target the king, that would be suicide straight off the bat, and both of the princes could easily kill us in seconds too..." Alexander Jakobsen said, his voice barely above a whisper as he spoke to the woman who was with him.

Jade Cornish shook her head slightly at him. She had her arm hooked around his as she surveyed the scene at the party, knowing what had to be done. They had already thoroughly discussed this. Unfortunately, the ideal target was nowhere to be seen. "She isn't here," she whispered quietly, as she picked up a glass of champagne from one of the waiters and smiled at him, before taking a sip.

"Well then sounds like we'll have to improvise a bit then..." he responded, his eyes scanning around the room, trying to pick out a new target. His gaze instantly went to two people, Princess Wanda and Queen Miranda. "So best targets look to be Princess Wanda or the Queen... At least at the first glance... Wanda is surrounded by a group of people it would seem at the moment..."

Jade turned, giving him a kiss on the cheek and lingering for a moment. "Don't use names. Telepaths could be anywhere," she whispered to him. It was a good thing that he was cute. However, she checked the box marked single and she intended for things to stay that way. She didn't need a man to hold her back. She then took his hand. "Let's get out of the crowd, dear?" she asked, tugging him over towards the edges of the party.

"True, very true. Let's get out of the crowd," he said, giving her a smile as he followed her to the edge of the party. He was still scanning the room as he walked with her towards the edge of the crowd, and he saw someone else who wasn't too far away from them. Miranda was still by the wall, where Max had essentially left her to go wander off and do who knows what in her mind. She was just leaning against the wall, watching the party.

She spotted the Queen and gave Alex a bit of a nod. They had discussed how exactly to do this before, so she imagined that he would be fine with the routine. She would distract the target and he would execute the plan from behind, following the pair of them fleeing. "I'd like to go greet our Queen - excuse me," Jade said, before approaching Queen Miranda and giving her a curtsey, only to intentionally trip and fall forward onto the woman.

"Oh, don't worry, it's fine, are you alright?" Miranda asked her, catching her slightly. Alex moved slightly around her, looking at Jade with a slight smile as he pulled a knife that was specifically designed for this sort of thing, as it had a plastic handle and a glass shard for the blade. He kept it hidden in his sleeve as he moved to the other side, and as Miranda had turned to see if Jade was alright, he stabbed the blade into Miranda's back, twisting it slightly to cause more damage, before yanking it back out again, and Miranda fell to the ground.

"I would recommend we leave now," he said simply, grabbing Jade's arm and pulling her away from where Miranda was now.

However, any hope for a clean getaway that they may have had was quickly thwarted, as someone noticed what had happened and yelled out, "The Human Resistance is here!"

This caught Magneto's attention as he saw Miranda on the ground bleeding out and barely breathing. "After them!" he yelled out, his eyes flashing with anger as several people took off after Jade and Alex now. A few others from the crowd had gone over to where Miranda was and were attempting to stop the bleeding, but the knife had cut deep into her body, and it wasn't stopping any time soon.

The instant his father had yelled about going after the Resistance members, Pietro had taken off after them in hopes of catching them, though the odds of the pair out racing him were slim. Flynn had gone over to his mother in order to try and stop the bleeding until more help could potentially arrive. Out of everyone in the room, not a single person could just transfer regenerative healing or something to another person, and it was not going to make things any better.

Howard listened to what the two were saying, nodding his head slightly at their words. "Nice to meet you, Howard Stark. As for what you are describing, it does seem to be a bit far fetched, however, there could be some truth in your words. Either you are going insane in some form, or what you are describing is the truth. And based on how you appear, I am more inclined to believe the latter. Let's see what we can find out about this situation," he said as he stood up from where he was and headed down to the lab area. "Your parents went to a restaurant not too long ago, it'll be a little while until they return Guin."

Guin however would receive a telepathic message in the meantime from Pietro. Guina, someone just tried to kill my mother...

Rogue chuckled slightly, looking at Anastasia, "Ya sure do talk a lot don't ya? Anything goes is perfectly fine with me, unless ya want to do hand to hand, cause warning, I can't stop my super strength very easily when I throw a punch, so ya could just end up being thrown across the room by accident or somethin'."

“Less talking, fille.” Gambit said instantly, before he pulled a pack of cards out of his pocket. He then proceeded to throw three cards at Ayita right off the bat, and two of them hit her with enough force to send her stumbling backwards, while the last one missed her.

"What he said about it, let's get this started," she said to Anastasia, before she started hovering in the air, and charged right at her.

Chrysi shot a glare at Casper, her eyes shifting to red as she smirked at him. Something moved in her jacket sleeve, and suddenly she had a knife in her hand, "Killing people with knives is a bit on the messy side, but... It also is a lot more fun," she said simply, twirling the blade a bit. Hearing her words, Jack whirled around, and was about to charge at her when someone else came outside and shoved past him.

"I've got this," Mary said softly to him as she moved, and right before Chrysi was able to even try and stab Casper, she had gone over and blocked her arm when she had raised the blade. "You really should learn not to do anything to anger her Casper..."

"Hey there Goldilocks. What? Did you get kicked out of the room too? Thought you were the good one who always did what you were told to?" Chrysi said, and Casper was close enough to see Chrysi's eyes flash with anger, that was directed not towards him any more, but towards Mary instead. She flipped her arm around and slashed Mary's arm, causing her to stumble backwards, and it was bleeding fairly badly. "You and I also know which one of us would win in a fight, honestly I can't help but wonder why you are even around, you are way too nice to even be around and you know it!"

Jack glanced over at his brother, before he raced over to Chrysi as well, who looked like she was going to stab Mary again. He had no clue what his brother had been going on about, but he did know that Chrysi was a certified serial killer, and Casper had just been defending him. Managing to avoid Chrysi slashing at him, and being really glad that he was wearing long sleeves, and wrapped his arms around her, knocking the knife out of her hand and restraining her.

"Let go of me if you want to live," she grumbled, glaring at him.

"Yeah, not happening."

Mary took the moment to knock the blade further away from Chrysi and she stood up off of the ground, her arm was still bleeding pretty badly and she was using her other hand in a futile attempt to stop the bleeding.

"You need to watch your mouth Novikova," she snapped in response, glaring at her. She didn't care much for her, but thought nothing of it really now, they had more important things to deal with.

"Put my goddamn son on the phone, NOW." Banner snapped instantly at James, virtually ignoring what he had said. Though it was obvious that Banner was definitely not in the mood to talk about anything at all.

Tinley would be able to notice one thing, and that was that Lance was starting to try and fight back against her control. He wasn't able to break free from it, but it was becoming a bit more difficult to keep the control going. When Niah led him to the quinjet, he didn't say anything, just going along with her onboard of the ship. Since Shelly was looking around, somewhat, she wouldn't be able to see anyone coming, though that could be a good or bad thing.

However, there was one person who had broken free from Tinley's control, and that was Runa. Tinley would be able to feel Runa fighting her and eventually break free from her mind control.

"You can talk to him over on the jet, since we need to see about getting out of here," Mystique said simply towards James, before she left the house and headed onto the quinjet.

"You know, it would be interesting to have to fight the Hulk..." Sapphire mused, keeping a bubble of cold air around her as she walked outside as well.

"That might sound like a fun thing, but trust me Clarke, it definitely isn't." Wolverine grumbled as he exited the house and went into the jet.
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