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Hello there!

I'm BlueSky44, or Blue if you want to shorten it. I'm living in the state of Washington, and studying Computer Science. I love role-playing, and started it 7-8 years ago! Then again, that was just simple paper and pencil role-playing. I love fantasy, science fiction, and superheroes just to name a few things.

My first ever RP was 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons (the best version if you ask me), and I'm still playing it to this day. A friend of my practically dragged me onto this site, and I have enjoyed my time here!

I love writing, mainly science fiction stories. Everyone that I have met on this site has been really nice to me, it probably helped that I had a RL friend who joined at the same time I did!

There are several RPs that I am either participating in, Co-GM for, or am the GM for!

I also really like penguins! This originally was a just a joke between Morose and I, mainly to bug someone we know on another site. Yet I generally find cute penguin gifs!

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Elissa Isley

Location: Tortuga

Elissa was surprised when she noticed Aravis. Her friend, it had felt like a lifetime ago that the two of them helped out Anastasia in a bar fight. She was glad to see her old friend, but now wasn't the time to explain things, even if she was really able to. Though Septima's statement about her insults, that just made her even more angry than she was before. "Nun, klar, du weißt nichts, wenn du es uns nicht einfach sagst," she said to Septima.

She took another deep breath, before turning back to address her friend."Ve kot killed py zomething, und now ve're here pecauze of zee flask zing. I sdill don't really get how zis all habened". That was the only explanation she could give at the moment, since time was of the essence. The English navy had shown up, and that would spell out problems for them. They had to do something, otherwise everyone could wind up permanently dead, and not just some creepy ghosts.
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Daphne Pender

Location: Lady Luck

Daphne had no idea how Anisa would react to her apology, but two thoughts crossed her mind after she said it. Either she was going to get shot, or somehow Anisa would let her live. She heard the shot, and expected for everything to go black, but the Captain surprised her. Instead of a bullet, she felt wood splinter up, hitting her face. The bullet had hit right next to her, and that was way too close for comfort. She had expected to die, but was glad to be proven wrong.

She was alive, for the moment anyway, but it wasn't the end of it yet. Daphne knew that she deserved some sort of punishment for that, especially since the Captain hadn't killed her. Her words sank in, and it made her glance down slightly. She had lost her job, but she hadn't really said anything about her leaving the ship, so she probably was still allowed to be around, which was probably better than she deserved.

When she looked up again, she saw that two people held their hands out to her. One was a woman that she hadn't seen before, the other was Harper. Even though she still didn't really care much for Harper, he was at least someone that she knew. So she reached up and took his hand, getting up off the ground. She didn't say anything, deciding to keep her mouth shut again, thinking that it would probably be better for her in the long run. Since the last thing she truly said, aside from her apology, resulted in this whole situation.

The pods open up, and looking out, you can see that you are in some underground facility. A lab or something, your not too sure what exactly, but it doesn't feel like a place you want to be. That, is when you realize something, you don't know who you are, or where you come from. Your memories, are completely gone. Though it seems you are not alone. There are other pods that are open, with others inside. The question is, how did you all get there? What caused this? What happened to you memories?

There wasn't time for anyone to ask these allowed, since soon, footsteps could be heard, and they were coming towards the group. A man comes into the room, carrying a weapon, and several others follow him in. He smirks at the lot of you. "So, this them then? Don't look like much do they. Here I thought they were actually going to be a problem when they woke up. Grab the lot, let's get this job over with so we can go home".

When he said this, instinct told you not to trust him, but could you trust each other? There were so many questions, none of which any of you know the answers to. There has to be something, but what? At the moment, you all have nothing but the clothes your wearing. There had to be more to the facility, so maybe you could find gear somewhere else.

There was just one other problem, and that was the men who were staring at all of you. "Come on, let's go!" the leader said, motioning for everyone to get out of their pods. A few of the other men went over to each of the pods, grabbing each one by the arm, and pulling them out.


Huh? What's going on. Where am I? How did I get here? 7 thought as she looked at the group of men. One of them came over, and grabbed her by the arm, yanking her out of the pod she was in. She glanced back, and saw others getting pulled out as well. Who were they and why were they all in the same area. She managed to count them, and in total there were 13 of them.

The leader of the group looked over at her, and since she was the first one out, he spoke to her. "So, what's your name kid?" he asked as he gave another glance around the room. This guy was not to be trusted, but she was afraid of what would happen if she didn't respond. It really wasn't a problem though, she had no idea what her name was, so she didn't have to lie about that. "I-I don't remember," she said, speaking in a voice that was barely more than a whisper.

He rose an eyebrow after she spoke, and turned away. "Well, that'll make our job easier if none of them remember anything". He walked back to the opening, and started talking on a radio. The last words he spoke to everyone else made her worry, about what was their job, and why it would be easier if they couldn't remember who they were.


She is not being effected by the character, so she isn't feeling any effects.

Richard Laine, Lizzie Roswell and Team 2

Lizzie is hurting pretty badly. She has deep gashes on her chest from the wolf landing on top of her. She is going to need medical attention for that, otherwise she might bleed out. Ayita, somehow, still seems to be unaffected by Lizzie's powers, but it is only a matter of time before she starts feeling the effects. Pietro manages to dodge Richard's attack, moving out of the way. Instead, he manages to swirl around and jumped onto him, landing on the snake with both feet. this'll hurt, a lot, but not enough to stop Richard from doing anything else.

Team 3

Well, looks like luck is not your friend today, and it looks like someone else wants a rematch with you Cassandra. When she poked her head around, someone who has amazing senses all around saw her. He was up there since many believed he would get in the way with the delicate work on the lower floors. That person, is the one and only, Sabretooth. He roars when he sees Cassandra, and launches up over a desk, but missed landing on anyone. Problem is, he is standing in front of them, glaring. Doesn't look like Wolverine is going to get you out this time around.

Othello Boyavard

As he walks, he'll notice that the door that leads up to the next floor is open. He'll hear a roar, sounds like Sabretooth is in an unhappy mood, but he might have found something, or someone. With him, it was a fifty-fifty shot as to whether he was roaring or growling at anything important. You can either continue walking, or check to see what all of the commotion is about upstairs.

Team 1

Guin: Well, Tony does not seem to be wanting to stop his rant anytime soon. However, looks like she is saved when a guard walks over to her. "Stark, you can make your one phone call for the day now, or later. Take your pick". Guin could call one person, and maybe that person could help her figure out what was going on. The question is, who would she call if she took this opportunity.

Allison: Oh Allison, your making me feel bad. The spiders seem to stop, and are all looking at you. They aren't moving, but they aren't exactly leaving a path for her. This looks like it might have the top spot on the list of Worse Day Ever. Through her tears, Allison will see a door that is partially open down the hallway. It was not there before, so it might lead out. Problem is, the spiders are between her and the door.

Marygold Isley

The fire was spreading around her, and the room seemed smaller than it had when she first popped up in it. There was something that topped her list of things that she wasn't expecting. That thing, was Carolina popping up. Looks like instead of taking control of Marygold's body entirely, she landed in her nightmare too. Marygold looked up at the girl, a look of confusion on her face.

"Carolina? How did you get here? Or am I just imagining that someone is here and I'm going crazy," she said as she looked at Carolina. This was not something that she expected, and it was not something that could be helpful, at least at the moment. They both were stuck now, or were they?

Carolina could potentially get out of her nightmare pretty easily, but how could she wake up Marygold too? Her mind was not working correctly, and Carolina might not even really be there. She can't think about what to do right now, the room was filling with smoke, and she let out a few coughs. This was not going to be easy.
Thalia Maehers and Mitsukuri Katsumi

Location: Circus
Interacting With: People

"Ooh, why don't you talk about how your all going to die soon. That'll definitely get things going in a conversation. Or is that more of something that'll kill it, not to sure which," Deadpool said with a smirk, looking at Thalia. She stopped herself from saying something in response, knowing that it would probably make people think that she was even crazier than she appeared.

When they started doing introductions, she felt that she might as well get it over with it. She knew Folly and Lilith, but she didn't know Fairfax, or the Japanese girl who was with them. "I'm Thalia," she said as she looked at the group.

This whole thing seemed pointless to Katsumi. She planned on getting back to her own time quickly, however that was going to happen. She wasn't too sure that she could handle fighting a goddess, the idea itself was crazy. Though, from the sounds of things, there were a few people here who seemed to actually be crazy. That was not very reassuring.

"Kore wa muimidesuga, watashitachiha subete o yubi de tomete, subete o yori yoku suru koto wa dekinai to omoimasu," Katsumi mumbled slightly. She looked at the group, and let out a sigh. "My name is Katsumi, and I don't belong in this time era either".
Lydia Weaver

Location: The Creepy House (again)
Interacting With: Sheriff Bradley

She looked out the window as they drove over to the house. Why did I have to come here again... Why did I come here in the first place? Maybe they can find out what was up with the cellar, since that definitely was not normal, she thought to herself as she watched them pull up outside of the house. Lydia tried to calm down, and petted the little kitten that she still had with her. She didn't know why she was still carrying it around, but she found that the little creature's presence was some what comforting. It had seen a lot in its short life, so she wasn't going to leave it now.

She noticed that the kitten growled at the house, and she watched as Sheriff Bradley walked towards it. This was not going to end well, he shouldn't be going up there by himself, at least in her mind anyway. The kitten freaking out was a dead giveaway that something was definitely wrong. It had started to growl right before James died, and now it growled again when they got near it. This was horrible, and she wasn't really able to do much about it.

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