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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Location: the Triskelion - The Hallway
Skills: N/A

Yup, he definitely was feeling like he was surrounded by idiots considering how everyone else seemed perfectly fine with all of this still. Just why? Why were people just perfectly fine following orders blindly? He'd been that sort of person once, listening without a problem, going head first into whatever sort of situation he was told to without question. Then of course everything more or less went horribly wrong with that and he learned the hard way how things like that tended to end. It never was going to end well, and he knew it.

He didn't even acknowledge when it seemed like what was going on in the conference room was over. Flynn was still annoyed and just flat out wanting to ignore everyone else's existence in general. That definitely was a lot easier said then done when Maria walked over to him and he just shrugged her hand off of him, "Get the hell away from me if you don't want to end up with a horrible burn on your hand," he grumbled towards her, before he started walking away from her in general, really not wanting to talk to anyone. Everyone seemed perfectly fine with this, so why should he be nice with anyone else at the moment?

Location: the Triskelion - Conference Room -> The Hallway
Skills: N/A

Sparky wasn't too sure what to really say towards everyone else. She felt somewhat bad for Bonnie given the current situation, since her boyfriend just snapped at them all about everything. "Might I point out that Rogers is probably a lot faster then the rest of us, and had a head start... Odds are he already beat us there and is long gone, that's just my take on it..." she said towards Matt mainly, since he suggested they might be able to get there before Rogers did. "We can at least see if we can find anything there that could help us find him..."

That was all she really said about it, since odds were that Rogers was already long gone and probably heading out of the city if he was smart about it. Though who really knew what was going through the mind of Captain America, anything could happen. A typical person on the run would skip town quickly, but this was a national hero, so who was to say that he'd do the normal thing when he's fought aliens and such before? Sparky headed out into the hallway, seeing that Flynn was still there and at least hadn't immediately ran off to go do something reckless, which was probably a good thing.

Location: Outside Garden
Skills: N/A

"You are talking to someone whose mom was a botanist, been around gardens and flowerbeds since before I even started school," Mary said towards Elizabeth with a bit of a laugh, "So pretty sure I'd still win, I only ever use my powers really if a plant looks like it's really about to die or if I want to show off and make the flowers bloom even if they are out of season. I prefer to do a lot of the work myself, it's kind of what I've done around the mansion since I showed up here around 10 years ago now that I think about it. But eh, who really knows, it would depend on conditions, the flowers and plants in the gardens, the weather as well as the locations for the flowerbeds. Since even a little bit of sunlight can make all of the difference."

She did know that she went on a bit of a ramble when it came to it, but it definitely was something she cared a lot about. Her mind wandered a bit more, before she noticed Bethany appear as if out of nowhere, figuring that odds were that she used her powers to pop up like that. "Wait what?" she said, going over and taking the letter from her and reading it over. "Well hell our lives can't ever be simple can they? Alright, get everyone you can find and get into the living room, and bring whatever that present was. You didn't exactly say what it was but knowing what I do know about Loki, odds are it is very dangerous especially since he quite clearly wants to just seriously mess with us or actually kill us based on this letter."

"So wait a second, Loki sent us a present that likely wants to kill us? Why does Loki want to kill us? Or is it just because he's bored?" Pietro said, snatching the letter and reading it, before showing it to Guin. "And to think that for once the day had been going so well without someone trying to kill us."

Location: Outside
Skills: N/A

"I mean, this is certainly better then where I grew up initially," she responded quietly, thinking for a moment, "Ek het in Wakanda grootgeword," she said, switching to her native tongue before realizing what she said, "That is to say, I grew up in Wakanda, and for a while at least, they were not too kind to mutants or people really with abilities, though that has gotten better in recent years, which is nice. Though pretty sure some people still don't care too much for people with abilities... I mean when I first showed signs of my powers I might have seriously injured someone by accident."

"The chaos is nice, though sometimes it makes things difficult to actually do anything aside from deal with what's going on, nothing is ever so simple," she added with a shrug, before looking back towards her computer, "Also here you can learn just how dangerous your powers can be... If you don't have complete control over them. For instance I'm sure you know Neil, did you know that he has a hearing aid and I'm the one who made it so that he needed it in the first place?" she said, not looking over at him. Mira figured that it would probably be best not to mention the over a hundred OMEN agents that her screech had killed during that incident.

Location: The Kitchen
Skills: N/A

"When most people think of Jumanji, they think about the movie that came out in the 90s, great movie by the way... I first think of the book though, which I read before watching the movie... Actually it was a pretty decent adaptation of the book... Anyway that's besides the point, the way it typically works is you roll the dice, your game piece moves on it's own, the crystal orb in the center of the board has a riddle appear in and then whatever the answer to the riddle was is the thing you face. Since everything that appears in that orb comes to life, it is a dangerous game and you can most definitely be killed playing it..." Lance explained, before he walked over, grabbed Annie's arm and pulled her away from the board.

"I'm with Bethany, do not touch the damn thing until everyone else is here," he said instantly to her, before letting her arm go. "The instant those dice are rolled, the instant those pieces end up in play, you can't stop until someone's piece reaches the center of the board, only then can everything go back to normal. But since this is sent by Loki and we have super powers I seriously doubt it's going to follow all of the conditional rules that it did in the book and movie. That's just my guess, but no, no one touch a damn thing before everyone else gets here, alright?"

Though there was a slight tint of green the was starting to creep up a little bit on his hand and arm that the others would be able to see. He had gotten better about controlling the emotions that triggered his transformation, but considering how horrible the past few months had been for him, it was pretty hard for him to keep his emotions fully in check. Lance was taking deep breaths trying to remain calm.

Jason Gauger and Marygold Isley

Location: The Ground
Skills: Sword Fighting, Chlorokinesis

"Naht me fault if you were a bet slow to join de party or whatever, learn to keep oehp and naht just stay in de back o' de group ahr whatever. Chargin in first sometimes ends poorly, but it also tends to be de mahst fun," he called towards Demetri in response to his words. Jason wasn't too sure what else to really say regarding the entire situation, especially considering everything was still a bit chaotic around them. There were so many different things going on that made it difficult to really pay attention.

He instantly charged towards a few more of the Venti, swinging his sword at them. His sword connected with one, and the storm spirit was killed rather quickly. However, when he tried to slash at the other one he stumbled somewhat, almost falling but barely managing to catch himself. "I really 'ate dese sahrt o' dings..." he muttered to himself before he used the vacuum thing to vacuum the Venti that he had managed to kill up. "Anythin wahrks fahr me, 'ow about less talkin and mahre dealin wit dese dings."

Mary was watching the storm spirits around them as they seemed to get more then a little bit pissed off over their friends dying and getting stuck in glorified vacuum cleaners. She got thrown backwards and hit the ground, seeing Rebecca had as well. "Well, guessing they are more then a little annoyed with us, but damn that one hurt," she said towards her as she stood up off of the ground, looking at the venti that were still in the area. This was definitely going to be a fun fight that was for certain.

"Okay, let's try this again and maybe not get smacked around again," she muttered under her breath, before she started using her abilities to once more see about wrapping up a few of the storm spirits. Vines shot up and wrapped around two of them, and she smirked slightly, glad that she had managed to grab two more as she then switched to using the vacuum cleaner thing and managed to get them into the vacuum. "Alright, how many of these things do we need to nab anyway?"

Janelle Gauger

Location: Washington DC
Skills: Heightened Hearing

"Who wooehld want to eat scorpion? Dat joehst sounds insane to me," she said with a bit of a giggle in agreement, "And o' cooehrse you wouldn't want to eat de tail, de stenger would prahbably get you pretty good." Janelle was giggling quite a bit now at the thought of it. She was perfectly fine with getting away from the area that they were in. She heard the sounds again, and she fell silent, just listening as she went along with Zeke and Kristin away. Something was a bit unsettling though as she listened to the sounds around her.

"We should mahve a bet quicker... De sounds, it's gettin closer, and louder, so we should prahbably get de 'ell ooeht o' 'ere. Like right now, please?" she said, listening to the sounds of whatever it was nearby behind them. A cyclops likely would not end well if they ended up having to fight one based on what most stories involving them said about them. Though she did feel a little bit better regarding the fact that both Zeke and Kristin seemed to have fought them before, hopefully they could avoid it if they could.

Jack Gold and Rosalia Rider

Location: Trails
Skills: N/A

"I know how to use pepper spray Meg, and do you really think pepper spray would be helpful against someone who is clearly throwing fire around without any trouble? If she got that close I'd be better off just punching her in the face," Jack said towards Megan, but he kept the pepper spray. Figuring that it was better then having absolutely nothing which is what he typically had with him in a fight. Typically he didn't fight or whatever, choosing to avoid it and go a completely different route and talk his way out of it if possible.

"Wow so nice regarding everything, but you have given no actual reason for why we should go off with you to some fantasy world or whatever," Rosalia commented with a bit of an eye roll towards the Disney villain. This whole situation still seemed a bit weird, and currently she mainly had a frying pan for a weapon. That wasn't going to do all too well for this sort of thing, they really needed to deal with this whole situation, or get the hell out of there and run far far away.

He glanced over to see everyone else starting to throw weapons or whatever they had towards Maleficent, and he totally understood the idea of trying to defend themselves from the witch, but well. It was hard to fight back against someone as strong as that when Merlin (their certified wizard) was clearly having problems holding back her attacks with his shield. "I'm all for the let's get the hell out of here idea, since you know, pretty sure we'd lose in a fight against her, but that's just my opinion regarding the whole thing."

"I'm all for the whole let's get the hell out of here," she responded, looking over at Merlin who had said that he couldn't keep the shield up much longer. "If you can get a portal open the shield doesn't have to hold, just long enough for us to get out of here and hopefully not die in the process." Rosalia really was with the whole idea of not dying, it was kind of important to stay alive as long as possible. She hadn't been surviving that long on the streets to just die from some Disney creep.

"...Wait a minute are you carrying a freaking frying pan?" Jack couldn't help but ask Rosalia.

"Yeah? So what? Better then nothing and I hate swords and stuff like that."

Location: The Galley -> The Atrium
Skills: N/A

"I guess that is one way to look at everything... I just don't know..." she said, before she stopped talking all together and her eyes went wide. Setting the space Roomba down on the ground, she slowly stood up from the ground, not even really looking at Raynor, or the Roomba, or anything really in particular as the gears started turning in her brain. After a few moments, everything seemed to click, and she started to freak out a little bit. More then a few memories came rushing back to her, as quite literally all of her memories returned to her in a rush, as if they couldn't wait to come back.

"I-I-I-" she stammered out, looking a bit confused as she set her mug of hot cocoa on a table in the galley as she looked right at Raynor now, "I remember everything."

With those last words, she raced past him and instantly headed for the Atrium where everyone else was again. Seeing the chaos that was going on around Luke, she couldn't help but instantly be concerned for him, "Hey, is he okay?" she asked, not too sure what else to say as she glanced around and her eyes eventually rested on Cal for a moment, before she looked away, pulled the blanket off of her and held it towards Luke, "Here, looks like he needs it more then I do..." her mind was still wandering, and she didn't even look towards Cal before she spoke again. "You're a drug dealer, before I really knew that I thought you were my friend. Instead you manipulated me into helping you more then once in several of your damn plans since all you cared about was the fact that I was a hacker. So how about you and I stay far away from one another and that will make things so much damn easier for me in the long run."

She wanted nothing to do with Cal, as her memories were coming back to her, the memories of feeling alone after her parents' deaths and her older brothers trying to always make her feel better about it. Something else stuck out in her mind, and that was the very last thing she remembered before waking up in that room. She had been walking home, when there was a bright light, and suddenly, there was nothing. Just waking up in the room in the strange station or wherever it was that they were.

Location: Hotel Valhalla: Floor Five - Floor 167
Skills: N/A

Klara wasn't too thrilled at the idea of Elizabeth following along since she probably would scare Runa even more then before, no matter what she really just wanted to keep her away from Runa. You couldn't overwhelm a new person, and pulling pranks that could easily be considered freaky on someone's first day was ridiculous. "Let's just try to find Arnora already, so that we can then hopefully find where Runa wandered off to," she said to Nadia, stepping into the elevator as she waited for it to hopefully open up on whatever floor Nadia seemingly had pushed the button for.

When the door opened up, she stepped out and looked around to get her bearings, seeing that they were on the leather-working floor. Klara wasn't really too interested in the making of armor or other leather goods or something. She preferred to spend her time training with her sword or maybe playing pranks on more then a few people. Though sometimes it was always hilarious in her mind to unleash an army of goats on unsuspecting people. Oh the fun that was, to just unleash a mob of animals on some random people. "So... Now what?" she commented, looking at Nadia again.

Location: Outside Garden
Skills: N/A

"So nice Guin, I mean... That sort of thing would be amusing, but I would definitely win," Mary said with a bit of a smile in regards to a sort of competition revolving around gardening and such. She meant it for fun, since she had been raised around gardening and botany, even before she had discovered her powers, she had always been interested in plants and flowers. "I've been just messing with the garden, what I typically do generally... But over all I'm doing alright, I'm also hoping that next time you decide to fall from the sky try to do so away from the flower beds, I really do not want to have to fix things if you crash into them."

"I still find her extremely annoying why do we keep her around again?"

"Shut the hell up."

Suddenly there was a gust of wind nearby and Pietro appeared right by Guin and took a look at her armor, "Hey there Guina, what exactly are you up to? And what did Mary mean when she said falling from the sky?" he asked her, raising a bit of an eyebrow at her as he pulled a Twinkie out of his pocket, unwrapped it, and started eating it while he waited for her to answer his question.

"She was just testing out her armor Pietro, she really just needs to work a bit on her flying that's all, practice makes perfect," Mary told him with a bit of a shrug as she walked over to the main path and out of the flower bed, thinking about what sort of thing to do now.

Location: Outside
Skills: N/A

Mira looked up when she heard Ed's voice and shrugged slightly in response. "Don't worry, you're fine, I mean, at least you think to go outside to smoke. You can always tell when Wolverine is around since the air inside the mansion smells of cigar smoke. The Professor typically argues with him over it, as does Hank, but he still does it anyway, sadly you kind of get used to it though. Since no one wants to get into a fight with Wolverine let me tell you... Or have to deal with a training session with him for that matter," she commented quietly towards him.

She had never really talked to Ed before about anything, he had only really been at the mansion for the past few weeks really, and since she typically spent time in the electronics lab, in her room, or maybe in the library playing D&D, she had never really talked much to him. "You get used to a lot of things around here, not sure how much stuff you were told about what goes on around here before you decided to come to the mansion. You get used to everything, from cigarette smoke, having downtime, getting to know people, and the mansion potentially blowing up around you, I mean... Everything is just sort of crazy, and you get used to everything."

Location: The Kitchen
Skills: N/A

He just shrugged slightly when several people asked how he had been doing lately. This was one of the main reasons why he hadn't really wanted to leave his room and just wanted to hide in there and maybe no one would notice that he was back at the mansion, however it was impossible, that much was obvious. Especially when you had Guin for a friend, since she didn't really tend to want to leave people alone and he figured she probably thought something was wrong with her. Well in truth she probably wouldn't be too far off with that, but he never was going to admit that to her, or anyone else for that matter.

"I'm fine, just sort of tired, but that's about it," he commented, saying nothing else in response to her when he watched Bethany read a letter or something that had been with the game, and her response to it. "What's wrong?" he asked her, before she held out the letter for everyone else to examine and look at it. "...Wait a minute... Loki? What the hell does Loki gain out of this whole thing? Also way too many people, I thought Jumanji was a 4 player game, so why are there six pairings? I mean, guess he could make it have more players or something... But this is just... Really really weird on so many levels..."

Location: George Washington University
Skills: Cryokinesis,Ice Attacks, Ice Slide,Technopathy

"Hey! No one throws Mr. Jaws around!" Zarina yelled out at Polaris, glaring at the metal manipulator after she threw the robotic head and slammed him into the side of the auditorium. "Mr. Eyeball, maybe I should give you a laser or something, you probably would be great to have in a fight if you were a laser robotic eye. Oooooh that would be sooooo cool maybe I should tinker a bit with your wiring later! That would be awesome!" Zari giggled, clearly once again a bit distracted from what it was that was going on around her.

"01011010 01100001 01110010 01101001 01101110 01100001 00100000 01010010 01100001 01111001 01101110 01101111 01110010 01100100 01100001 01110100 01110100 01101001 01110010 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100111 01100101 01110100 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100100 01101001 01110011 01110100 01110010 01100001 01100011 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100001 01100111 01100001 01101001 01101110 00100001." the eyeball beeped in response, to everyone else, the loud beeping would sound like the robotic eye might be scolding her.

"Ugh, sometimes you can be so laaaaaaaaaaaaaame!" she complained, before she looked over at the chaos that was going on around her and the whole Polaris holding the car up in the air like that with Waverly inside of it. "Soooooo... This sucks, but I can't fly, however I do know one thing, and that is falling from that height sucks horrrribly. 10 out of 10 would not recommend, it hurts, a lot, I know, it has happened to me more then once. Mr. Eyeball got any suggestions for how I can get up there?" she said, before she used her powers to call the robotic head back over to her.

"01001110 01101111 00100000 01101001 01100100 01100101 01100001 00100000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100001 01101100 01101100," the eyeball beeped in response.

Sapphire looked up at Waverly being trapped in that car, and she knew that Polaris could easily knock most anyone out of the sky if they weren't careful, meaning someone would have to pull off a distraction. Glancing over at Veil, she thought for a moment about how bad the idea in her mind was, but she didn't really care. If she could distract Polaris long enough for someone to get Waverly out of that car, then that was a risk she was going to take. She really did not want anyone else to really get hurt today if she couldn't help. "Havok, I know you care about Polaris, but you definitely don't sound convinced. I'm going to go see if I can provide a slight distraction so that someone can get Waverly out of that car hopefully... Just well... Not going to lie this is probably going to end horribly for me. And this also might be the one time you hear me actually joking about potentially killing someone, but don't worry I'm not actually going to do anything like that."

Taking a deep breath, she ran before creating a slide of ice and zipping up it, the slide curled around instead of being a straight shot upwards since that typically was a bad idea. Eventually, she reached the same height as Polaris, though she quite literally was standing on thin ice, as the ice at the top of her slide was fairly thin. "You know... Last time I met you, you probably don't even remember it, was when we were stuck in a world that your sister created. Not sure if Havok told you how exactly that ended, for you anyway," she said, as a javelin of ice appeared in her hand and she pointed it towards her. "Do you want to find out what happened?"

Location: Mutant Friendly Clinic -> Outside
Skills N/A

"I'll take that into advisement Rookie, but why would I be leaving you behind to get the hell out of there? Nope, that was not going to happen anytime soon," he said to Sunshine with her few arguments regarding what was going on around them. He heard his brother making comments about wanting to go off into a fight already and whatnot caused Jack to roll his eyes at his older brother, "Casper, you probably wouldn't have been much help, the situation was dealt with when Doctor Chan decided that the hallway right on top of Purifiers was the best place to park a car," he said to him with a slight laugh as he remembered the surprise at the doctor driving through the wall.

Looking at Sunshine, he heard her words about the gun and he rolled his eyes slightly. "Was actually thinking about keeping a hold on it for now. Also I would not shoot out my eye. The bullet would probably bounce off my eye and out of my head. So thanks so much for the vote of confidence, you are so nice to me aren't you," he said, shaking his head at her, before looking over at the others, and following the group out the back to get hopefully the hell out of the area before more Purifiers showed up. He was feeling better then he had earlier, but still not a hundred percent at all. Stupid M-Pox, he really needed to get rid of it or something, since he hated being sick in anyway.

Location: the Triskelion - Conference Room -> The Hallway
Skills: N/A

Yup, to say that he was beyond pissed off when it comes to everyone else seemingly being okay with this. How the hell could they think this was perfectly fine? How the hell was this okay? What the hell was even wrong with people? There had to be more to the story then what Hill was telling them, any idiot could figure that one out within minutes. "Okay, so let me get this straight, you all are perfectly fine with going after Captain America, which might I remind you is a majorly bad idea, you also are all a bunch of hypocrites!" he snapped out loud, it was clear that he was more then a bit pissed off.

"Like seriously, think about it, you are all mad that there are heroes out there who you consider are fighting above the law, or don't answer to the laws of any country, but what the hell do you think SHIELD does? You can't technically enact anything since no country seems to be behind it, and no laws have passed in any country, or in the UN or anything like that, so what do you think the damn agency is now? Essentially a bunch of vigilantes who think they are above the law. You know the last agency that was like that? OMEN. Do you remember how that ended? Well guess what, SHIELD is heading the same way so screw you and everyone who is fine with this," he said directly to Hill, before glancing around at everyone else before he proceeded to leave the room and head back out into the hallway.

Why did people never listen? Why did it seem like everyone was perfectly fine with repeating history or the past? It was stupid! This sort of thing was never going to end well so why does everyone think it was going to? He completely agreed with the whole idea that the mandate and everything was stupid and not necessary, he was in total agreement with Rogers on that one. Flynn was beyond pissed off, punching the wall nearby in the hallway, glaring more or less, since he could tell this whole thing wasn't going to end well.

Location: the Triskelion - Conference Room
Skills: N/A

Sparky wasn't too sure what to think about everything regarding the whole, they needed to go chase after Captain America. A part of her was a bit uneasy regarding this whole thing, not to mention she really wanted to just not really go on any missions. She really just wanted to spend most of her time at least trying to find Raynor, but she knew that odds were against her for being able to do that. The best that she could do right now was to try and focus on the mission at hand, even if it seemed more then a bit strange, and probably a really bad idea completely. Nothing really made much sense to her, but she didn't really care at all.

"I'm in, I guess," Sparky said softly, glancing around at everyone else in the room before Flynn seemingly went a bit crazy, yelling a bit about the whole idea being idiotic. She shifted a bit uncomfortably at the whole thing as Flynn stormed out of the room and back out into the hallway. "Can we just get going if we are going to please?" Sparky added quietly, looking over at a few of the others, not too sure how they were going to react to Flynn's outburst. It probably was going to hit Bonnie somewhat hard if she had to guess, but she wasn't going to say anything about it.

Location: George Washington University
Skills Cryokinesis,Ice Attacks

"Right, yeah, I know them, have had more then a few run ins with them, they sometimes tend to have a bit of a superiority complex. Imagine like Magneto and his Brotherhood, but really really rich, and a bit stuck up to go along with it, they aren't nice at all," she said to Watts, before turning her attention slightly towards Andy when she came over and spoke to her, and she had a bit of a confused look on her face with her words. "Uh okay then, well I'm Sapphire, and not dying is a great past time and something I don't do very well at since I've ended up nearly dead more then a few times. Actually if it wasn't for him," she added, nodding towards Watts, "I probably already would be."

She glanced over as Kristina went out the doors already and started firing off her laser blasts. "Welp, definitely can say that is cool. And kid, going to be blunt, odds are you aren't going to get anywhere near them easily without probably getting hit a few times, or worse," she told Andy bluntly, her hands balling up into fists as her hair turned white and she headed for the door, "If you want to help, just be careful, I don't need another death on my conscience today..." With those last words she stepped outside, frost emanating from her hands before she sent a blast of ice flying at Pyro.

He retaliated by sending a blast of flames directly into it, creating a blinding bright light effect as the fire and ice seemed to swirl and crowd together before disappearing. Her next attack missed him entirely, before a blast of flames in the shape of a bird hit her, causing her hair to start smoking. "Okay, this is getting annoying," she said, before her last blast of frost destroyed his phoenix creation and hit him, knocking him backwards a little bit.

Location: George Washington University
Skills Technopathy

"Oh, okay, bad people, probably need to deal with them, that's fun and apparently there is probably a long story as to why you all seem to know the other person in the area with green hair. This is really weird, but also kind of cool, and wow did you just totally annihilate her brains or whatever you did to the blonde chick cause I really want to know what it looks like when someone's brains are fried or scrambled or something. Then again I really want to know what a brain looks like anyway think I'd be able to look at that later or what? But that was so coooooooooooooool!!!!! Okay, rant over, these people are just plain weird in my mind wonder what else can happen."

"01011010 01100001 01110010 01101001 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110010 01100001 01101101 01100010 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100001 01100111 01100001 01101001 01101110."

"What? No I'm not!" she said, instantly turning to look at the floating eye near her.

"01011001 01100101 01110011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101."

"No I'm not!"

"01001000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01100001 01100010 01101111 01110101 01110100 00100000 01101100 01100101 01110011 01110011 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100111 01110101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100111." the eye beeped out, bobbing up and down.

"Ugh fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine you party pooper!" she yelled at the eye, before she simply picked up the robotic head again and glanced over at the others in the area. "Well this should be fun, Mr. Jaws, bite!" she commented before she threw Mr. Jaws straight at Polaris, who then proceeded to bite her on the head. "Bullseye!" she cheered, before pulling out the flashlight again and turning it back into a sword.

Location: Mutant Friendly Clinic
Skills N/A

"Okay Max, going to be blunt, doubt you've actually fired a gun off before either really but eh, whatever," he commented, before he kept the guns pointed directly towards the Purifiers more then prepared to fire it off again, when something suddenly came crashing through the wall. The person who came barreling through the wall with her car was the last person he would have expected to see, it was Dr. Chan, who seemed to think that the hallway in front of them with Purifiers in it was the perfect parking spot. "Alright, did not see that one coming, but nice parking job!" Jack commented towards the Doctor as she instructed them to get out of there.

"Okay Rookie, no time to dawdle, and no dying allowed, so let's get going!" he said towards Sunshine, grabbing her arm and helping her to her feet, before he proceeded to drag her along. She fought against him, but he didn't really care and was easily stronger then her as he dragged her back to where the others were. "How about everyone does less dying and more let's get the hell out of here sort of thing. Also what is Casper talking about? Anyone able to tell or has his symptoms gotten worse?" he asked, still dragging Sunshine with one hand, and still carrying the gun in his other hand.
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