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Current RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


Name: BlueSky44
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Ethnicity: American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Computer Science
Occupation: Nothing right now
Languages: English
Current Bio Theme: Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Years Rping: Too many
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Moderate - Low Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: God-modding, so annoying...
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Teach new RPers, not GMs though, I'm too much of a newbie GM to do that.

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • X-Men: Darkness Rising - A superhero RP based off of the Marvel comics, though other Marvel characters, not just the X-Men, make an appearance.

Rp's I'm Apart Of:

There is only one ship here now, but hopefully more will be added as time goes by in the RPs. This one is definitely an amazing one though and I love it so much!

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • RPed with @Morose in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • I love this pairing, and they just sort of happened. It started with Pietro using his height to keep something out of Guin's reach, before she accidentally knocked him over so he landed on top of her. They both have been living in the shadow of their father's, but for very different reasons. Pietro's life is the opposite of Guin's, but that doesn't seem to matter to them, as their bond just keeps on getting stronger. Their love for 80's music is great and allows for some interesting conversations between them.

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Sister Penance
Location: Shadowell Manor: Lunar Ballroom
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

So, it would appear that they would be stuck there for quite some time, which definitely was not something that she'd care too much for. Of course they couldn't leave the manor, that would make things too simple. Now, what were they going to do with the place they were in, and the group that they were with. Moss clearly was going on to Lord Bardolf about being blackmailed, and she wasn't too sure how she felt about him making comments about that out loud right now. Why would anyone openly admit to that sort of thing? It made absolutely no sense in her mind, as to it was strange, and if you admitted it, then people were likely to become suspicious of you.

Then there was the other bit of business that seemed to be going around, and that was the whole business about people removing their masks. She was a little hesitant to do so herself, but there was something else to think about when it came to hat sort of thing. If just about everyone else in the room removed their masks, and she didn't, then wouldn't they have a reason to not trust her? The argument that the others were making to remove their masks did make sense, and she pulled her own mask off. "This mask is getting a bit stuffy anyway, might as well get to know one another better without it," she said simply to the others, more of purposefully ignoring Lord Bardolf's question, since she did not very much want to answer that sort of question.

Marygold Isley

Location: Dining Pavilion

Mary nodded her head as Chiron spoke, glancing over at Ezekiel. Not that she really cared much to go out on a quest with him, she was fine with it. She figured that he'd probably be a useful person to have around, and hopefully won't get too much on her nerves. The guy really needed to know when it was okay to sit there and crack jokes or annoy people, and when it wasn't. If he didn't know that, then he likely was not going to last too long in the world. That sort of thinking likely would get you killed.

She was glad at the thought that Leda might be going along, and was a bit thankful that Ezekiel had asked for her to go, or at least invited her along. Mary didn't care too much if Kristin tagged along, but she'd be glad to have her friend there to have her back. She'd trust Leda to back her up in a fight, or maybe help them to get out of a pinch. It was useful to have others there, but too big of a crowd could also cause some problems.

@LadyRunic@KazAlkemi@Morose@Nallore "Unfortunately Ms. McCarthy, you are unable to act as a blood donor even if you are the same blood type as him, as it would be detrimental to your own well being. Any sort of injury that causes even a little bit of blood loss can prove problematic if that person ends up going to be a blood donor. Ms. Stark called someone who she knew had the same blood type. Hopefully they should be here shortly, as I do not think there are very many people here who would be able to be a blood donor at this rate..."

Storm looked at Carolina, knowing that odds were that she had a severe head injury, hopefully there wasn't going to be any serious problems long term because of this, but from what she could tell it wasn't very likely. She was mostly carrying Carolina at this point, but eventually she managed to get Carolina into the medical area, and over onto a bed. Beast instantly went over to Carolina, starting to set to work bandaging up her head, but he knew that she likely would need a blood transfusion too at this rate.

Over in his bed, Lance's eyes opened, but they looked to be seriously unfocused, they were almost twitching in different directions, but he wasn't really seeing anything. "What happened?" he managed to mutter out, before his eyes closed again.

@FantasyChic@Nallore@Morose@eclecticwitch@LadyRunic@ColouredCyan "Scott, stand down, she's back to normal now..." Jean said softly, putting a hand on his shoulder and nodding her head towards Ayita.

"Yeah, but she's not," he said, knowing perfectly well what Bethany had tried to do and he blasted her with his powers. With the injuries she had gotten before, it was enough to finally knock Bethany down for the count.

Jean glanced over at Sara, having recognized what she had been attempting to do, and she couldn't help but smile at her niece attempting to use her own powers to help out. "Allow me Sara," she said simply, before she knelt down next to Neil, putting a hand to her head and looking right at him. Feeling the resistance that was Mesmero's control, she wasn't surprised that Sara had been having trouble. Mesmero was a powerful telepath, and he could mess with the heads of a lot of people. After a moment, between the two of them, Neil was freed from Mesmero's control. "We'll need to get everyone down to medical... Looks like a lot of you took a bit of a beating, aside from you two, probably in better shape than just about everyone here if there was more fighting going around elsewhere..." she said, looking over at Allison and Bobbi.

Marygold Isley

Location: Mansion Front Garden (Outside)

Pietro took the inhibitors from Guin, and took off towards Mary, figuring that if he went fast enough, she couldn't hit him. How wrong he was about that. The instant he got within a few feet of Mary, she managed to have a vine wrap around his ankle and he tripped, falling head first into the ground. "Too slow there Speedy," Mary said with a smirk. It was a bit pathetic in her mind, what idiot thought that just charging in was a good idea?

"Damn it that hurt..." Pietro muttered as he stood up off of the ground, even with his accelerated healing, his body was not doing the best from injuries he obtained before from the fighting in the sitting room. He definitely was not having the best of times when it came to fighting it would seem.

Wolverine charged at Mary now, as did Danger, but she was keeping them back with her powers, there was one person she hadn't been paying much attention to, and that was Rogue. She'd been fairly quiet up until that point, but now she swooped in from the air, and landed right next to Mary and grabbed her arm. "Let go of me!" Mary snapped, trying to break free.

"Yeah, that ain't happening," Rogue said as she grabbed Mary's arm with her other hand, which just so happened to not have a glove on at the moment. After a moment, Mary collapsed completely and Rogue caught her easily.

"Nice catch mon amie!"

"Yeah, well hopefully now we can figure out what the hell is goin' on round here."

"Danger, are there any other fights goin' on that we should know about?"

"There was one out in the backyard, and another that was in the central room, however both seem to have concluded now."

"Thank ya, chère. Ma colombe.... We oughta get Goldie down to medical." Rogue nodded her head, before she carried Mary inside of the mansion, the others followed along behind her.

Pietro wandered over to where Guin was, before he looked over as a car pulled up to the mansion, and Guin would easily be able to identify it as her father's car. Tony stepped out and walked over to Guin, "Guin, what the hell happened to you?" he asked instantly, noticing the bandage on her head.

"Where the hell is my son?!" Banner snapped, looking a little green. Pietro jumped back slightly at his sudden snapping at her.


Location: Jail
Skills N/A

"Hey, you never know until you meet the guy, he's seriously works out," Sapphire said with a laugh, smiling at Veil slightly. She probably sounded ridiculous about things, but it was kind of hard to describe Flynn without mentioning his muscles, it just was a fact and it couldn't be helped! Not her fault that was the way things were. Hearing Veil's other comment, she just rolled her eyes at that. "Yeah, no way in hell would you catch me dead dating one of them, those guys are honestly a bunch of idiots if you ask me."

The other thing she said was something she hadn't thought about too much, but she didn't think they likely would. She had left X-Factor a few years ago, she doubted that they'd help her at all now, wouldn't surprise her if some of them had completely forgotten who she was. "I don't think they would, it's been a while since I've been with X-Factor, doubt they'd help me out now..." she said, shaking her head slight at that.

Jack Theriot

Location: The Morlock Tunnels
Skills: N/A

Jack gave a slight smile to Max, not sure what to say to him, before he turned to address Sunshine, "No need to be rude there, I can take a hint, just thought you'd get a little lonely over here by yourself, but alright, talk to you later then," he said as he walked away from her and Max. He headed back towards the other group, figuring that he might want to see about helping out over there. He was kind of the one normal looking person among the Morlocks, aside from the Newbies who showed up, so he might as well see about talking with Leighton to try and calm the situation.

Seeing that Leighton was freaking out a bit, and it wasn't like he could blame her. Most people probably would be freaking out in her shoes. "Alright, how about you take a deep breath, alright? I get that this whole thing is super scary, that you are freaking out over it, but if you don't try and relax a little, things might start feeling hopeless, and trust me that is not a situation you want to find yourself in. You are still the same person that you were before, your powers don't take who you are away from you. You are safe here, but if you don't want to stay here in the tunnels, you are welcome to crash at my place. It's not much, I don't spend too many nights there anyway, but you are welcome to stay there until you get control over you powers, the world isn't exactly safe for people like us right now..." he said softly to her. Jack knew that this sort of thing could be pretty freaky for anyone who wasn't used to it. He'd grown up knowing a fair bit about the world and how most people viewed mutants, but some people weren't used to that sort of thing.

Hikaru and Ryuu

Ryuu caught on what Jia Li was doing, he knew better than to basically ignore that, not to mention he had expected them to more of agree with him, not necessarily repeat what he said almost word for word like it was rehearsed. That was a really bad idea, he could figure that one out. "Well I didn't know what to believe, you know that right?" he said with a slight smile at Jia Li, trying to be as convincing as possible to go along with her ruse. He turned to look back at the guards, hoping that they'd fall for it.

"A few prisoners escaped from the prison just up the road from here, likely a dangerous sort. If you see anyone suspicious or anything, be sure to let us know."

"Escaped prisoners? In the village? Well we'll be sure to let you know if we see anyone like that, won't we?" he said, glancing at Jia Li again. He wasn't too sure how he felt about this whole, pretend to be a married couple thing. However, he knew better than to try and argue, not to mention it would seem oddly weird, but no, this is how things were going, so he just had to hope that the guard wasn't too bad or anything and would just go along with everything.

"Thank you for your cooperation," the guard said, before he started leading his group away. Somehow it seemed like they had gotten away with it.

Hikaru was a bit shocked that the guards had been so willing to believe them, it was definitely a strange one. A second ago they had looked like they were going to attack them. This was all too easy it would seem, well, now that she thought of it only one of the soldiers had looked like he was going to try and kill them or something, but who knew what was up with him? Though honestly it seemed like based on the fact that they were the escaped prisoners, it seemed very much so that he was the smart one of the group.

As the guards walked away, the last one who had been the one about to attack stopped and turned back around, his eyes scanning over the group as he did. Ignoring what the rest were doing, he walked right back up to them, and he walked right up to Yumiko. "Have I seen you somewhere before?" he asked her, and both she and Jia Li would recognize the guard. It was the one who had led them to the main courtyard at the prison, the one who had basically hit Jia Li in the face just because he could.

Valda, Bruce, Sylvi, Thalia and Zekarra

Location: Wizard Tower - Great Hall

Valda, hearing both Antonije and Luna's words, she turned to see what they were talking about. She had been more concerned with her own family, she hadn't even noticed what was going on with everyone else. There was one thing that she did know, and that was that the little puppy he was holding had once been a person, and clearly at the moment was not. So she figured that it would only be the right thing to do to remedy that problem, and hopefully turn Sylvi back into a normal person.

She focused her Magyk on Sylvi, before she managed to pull it off, and now Sylvi was standing there once again. That was when she noticed that while using her powers, she hadn't felt weakened, or anything that was caused by the Sicknesse. What could have possibly caused that to happen? She was feeling better suddenly, and it wasn't like she could easily explain things like that. She did wish that her brother would actually go back to where it was safer, but she didn't exactly want to argue with him.

Sylvi had been getting really annoyed with being stuck as a puppy, like really annoying. No one was able to understand her at all, aside from maybe Tate, and that was because she was able to talk telepathically to him. It also was a little annoying when the twins started petting her, that sort of thing was annoying and she had no clue how any sort of dog was able to deal with it and seem happy about it! The experience certainly made her question a few things about the world.

"Thank you..." Sylvi muttered in thanks to Valda, before looking over at Tate. "...That was a really weird experience, not going to lie about that... Not wanting to repeat that experience any time soon..." That was an understatement, it was ridiculous, being stuck as a dog, though she did like puppies, she did not want to be stuck being a puppy.

"Halley, be a bit nicer okay?" he said, shaking his head a bit at his older sister. She was being a bit rude, that was obvious, why couldn't she just get along with people? To think that he usually was one of the ones who had problems being around people, though at also was because he inherited a few other issues, like anger. He was currently wishing that things could calm down at least somewhat anyway.

He just watched as his sister left the area, letting out a sigh, before he turned to look at the others in the area. He was glad that Marya had been nice enough to go find clothes for his grandfather, so that was appreciated. Turning, Bruce looked over at Myth, about to say something, when her water broke. Thinking about how stressful this entire situation was, it shouldn't have been too surprising that it had happened, but he had no idea what to say at all now, or react really.

Thalia followed after Richard, wanting to see where exactly he was heading off to. Though the fact that it seemed like he was picking fights with someone who could probably easily take him out without too much difficulty. "She does have a point, you shouldn't be picking fights with everyone, this entire situation is likely not an easy one for her, so you need to learn to be nicer Richard," she said softly to him, following along with him. Sure, Cuyler shouldn't be picking a fight with Halley either, but odds were that he wasn't going to listen to her, so she'd have to make do just with telling Richard off.

Zekarra glanced over at Rainbrook, still a little bit concerned, but not too thrilled when he basically just brushed her off as if it was nothing. Why wasn't she allowed to worry about him? Of course, she also couldn't help but notice the fact that people seemed to be falling from the sky for no reason. She had been able to help the other one of course, the one that they hadn't expected to calm down, but at least Rainbrook had managed to make it so that the man's descent was slowed down, but not enough to make it so that he wasn't hurting at all.

She decided that she might as well try to heal him, but when she pulled up the clock again on her hand again, it flickered before going out. "Damn it..." she muttered under her breath, looking at Grimspound. "Sorry, but um... My powers don't seem to want to work to let me heal you at the moment... Do you mind telling us what happened to get you knocked down out of the tower?"

Lance was perfectly fine with Runa knocking Grimspound out of the tower. He was not too thrilled at what exactly the man had been saying to Runa, so he deserved it in his opinion. Hearing Runa's words about Chthon made him look over at Rhys, he was not going to heal the man, or even try to, as he had basically threatened and attacked his family, so the man deserved to die in his opinion.

"Runa, you shouldn't knock people off of buildings just because you feel like it," Klara said, shaking her head before her hand surrounded with water and she went over to try to help Rhys. Unlike those two, she felt a sort of sympathy for him, so she might as well try and heal him. However it was too late, Rhys was dead. Letting out a sigh, she stood up fully again and looked at Runa, "We need to find where he has went..." she commented, referring to Chthon.

Theresa Sparks

Location: The Quantum Realm
Skills: N/A

"She started it, not to mention she was just being a bit of a bitch," Sparky muttered, her anger still rising somewhat, however it dissipated somewhat when Raynor coughed. If what the Wasp said was true, then was he really dying just by being there? "Ray, are you okay?" she asked him softly, going back to completely ignoring the Wasp's existence there, she was really concerned about his well being, and didn't even care that odds were that they were never leaving the Quantum Realm.

Hearing Janet suddenly yell out to run made Sparky turn to look and see what it was that she was yelling about. Now she was definitely wishing that she hadn't, as there were a whole bunch of those spider things! "And you people probably think my fear of spiders is unfounded..." she said, staring at the things. Suddenly she was running with Raynor, since he had grabbed her and took off, but that still didn't make her worry, as he didn't seem to be doing the best while they had been standing there. She tried not to think too much about the large spiders.

Frederick Flynn

Location: The Playground - Bio-Engineering and Research
Skills: N/A

Flynn smiled at Bonnie, having to suppress the urge to chuckle slightly at her words. He hadn't actually had a serious girlfriend really in his life, he had one or two that could be considered serious, but that was it. Usually he had a relationship that lasted for a year tops, more like 6 months, so it would be interesting to say the least. Though there was something about Bonnie, and he actually wanted to make a relationship potentially last with her, try to make it work out no matter what it took, though he didn't know how well it was going to go yet.

"Figured that would answer your question. My brain basically said it was probably easier to act as opposed to just say sure, but that's just how things seemed to me. Though I will say this, should we really be in here? Honestly, wonder how Harry would react if he walked in on us, but honestly, I don't really care what he thinks if he did show up," he said with a grin, before kissing her again.

Goose the Cat

Location: The Playground - Meeting Room
Skills: N/A

Yay! People are petting me! Who says that people can't be trained to pet me on command? Oh, wait, pretty sure I thought that at one point, doesn't really matter though. These people are paying attention to me! That one guy sitting there, whoever the hell he is, he isn't petting me and is ignoring me! Now why the hell would he do that? I am adorable and everyone should pet me! Screw that guy, hes an evil thing and I'm going to tell Fury about him ignoring me! "Meow!" I yelled, directly at him.

Now what is this? Why did this person think that she had permission, the privilege to pick me up? Humans are harder to train than I thought! The nerve of some people! So of course, not being too thrilled at her holding me, I started twisting to try to get put down. Only a select few people can hold me! And this woman is not quite one of them! I declare when I go on people's laps, I declare when I am fine with someone holding me! She is NOT one of those people!


Location: Jail
Skills N/A

Sapphire was not too thrilled at the whole, being thrown in a jail cell thing, but she knew that it likely couldn't be helped. They were going to be there for a while, at least overnight it would seem at the least. The best that she could hope for would be the ability to get a call out while they were in the prison, see if her friend over at SHIELD could come by and lend her a hand. Speaking of him, Veil decided that now was the time to bring up that whole ordeal, while they were sitting in a jail cell. Glancing over at her friend, she thought about what could be the best way to answer that question.

"Freddie, well... He's not exactly no scientist, I will tell you that for a fact. He's literally the muscle, and honestly his arms I swear are the size of a person's head. They are that big, and how did I know I could trust him? I don't really know how to answer that, he was kind of nice to me, and actually seemed to care about how the other guards treated me, so we just kind of started talking. Still though, the guy definitely works out..." she said, thinking about how Flynn looked as a person.

Jack Theriot

Location: The Morlock Tunnels
Skills: N/A

This conversation was getting really really bad, and now he didn't even wait for Leighton to respond to what he had said. He leaned his head over to Max and James, dropping his voice low enough so that they were the only ones who could really hear him. "Look... It might seem like I joke around, and I'll admit, I do that, a lot, even cracking the occasional joke about Erg while standing next to him, but I'm going to give you a bit of advice, be very careful with your word choice. Everyone here knows what I do, that I make people laugh, and stuff like that, but still... I've also been here for a while now, so they know that I'm good to my word, just, until people know that they can trust you, be very very careful..."

He straightened himself back up, and looked around at the others, "As for supply runs, those I generally like to help out with, since who knows what sort of problems we could get into and helps if you can look like any person you really want to," he said with a smile, before Jack noticed Sunshine off by herself, glancing back at the others, he gave a smile at Leighton again, "I apologize for the slight delay to making your acquaintance, but I must excuse myself for the moment."

After he said that, Jack wandered over to Sunshine and stood by her. "So, looks like you could use another player, mind if I join you?"
Sister Penance
Location: Shadowell Manor: Lunar Ballroom
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4

"That is quite true Rave, everything that has happened tonight has been a bit... Interesting to say the least, but perhaps things will calm down somewhat from now on. One can only hope," she said with a smile. It was true, that one could only hope that nothing more interesting or concerning could happen this evening, but it felt to her that the odds of that are slim. Guns normally weren't fired within a building without a need or reason, so what had happened before was still in the back of her mind.

Penance turned when Lord Bardolf spoke and addressed them. So, it would appear that they were trapped within the manor for the time being. It would give her some time to get to know the other guests perhaps, though whether that was a good thing or not she could not yet say. "Conversing with those by the piano might be beneficial, since it would seem that we are going to be stuck with each other for a while," she said to Moss, turning back to look at him.

Marygold Isley

Location: Dining Pavilion

"True... They might..." she said, nodding her head at Eva's words. That definitely was something she might go and do a little later, would be better than sitting around doing nothing after all. She fell silent, finishing up her own food, not too sure what she was going to do now. It could be a good time for her to go talk to a few of the other counselors, since a lot of people were currently in the Dining Pavilion. When she suddenly heard her friend call out to her, and she had to duck slightly to try and dodge the food that had been thrown at her.

"Hey there Leda," Mary said with a slight wave, smiling at her friend, before she heard Chiron's voice as he spoke to the entire room. They needed volunteers to go out and help at some school. That certainly was an interesting sort of task, having to deal with monsters and the like, who knew what could happen out there, though the idea of leaving camp even for a little while was a good one. She was a little hesitant to volunteer, as currently only one person has so far, but after a moment, she raised her hand, volunteering to go as well. It definitely was going to be a bit of an adventure.
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