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Current Congrats to my X-Men peeps! 2 years and over a 1000 posts later and we are heading into our 5th story arc!
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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Janelle Gauger

Location: Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

"Bullies aren't sahmethin I care much fahr either. Same wit me brahther, and you should take what de ares keds are like wit a grain o' salt, naht everyahne frahm dere is de same... Me brahther typically isn't much like de rest o' dem, typically 'e stands up to bullies o' any sahrt, especially if 'e dinks dey are bein mean to me. 'e's gaht a bet o' a temper like dem, but I 'aven't truly seen too much o' de similarities between 'im and dem." That definitely was the truth. Thing was from what she could tell she wasn't too sure if what the other Ares kids had been doing would be considered bullying or a prank.

Everything else that was being mentioned though, he listened to as the pavilion was starting to clear out a bit. "People underestimate ahthers a laht o' de time. Dat 'as been de stahry o' me life all dings cahnsiderin. Sahmetimes it also tends to be dem naht understandin de ahther persahn, and because o' dat dey aren't fully aware o' what dey are capable o'." that was her thoughts on the matter. She did notice that the dining pavilion sounded like it was beginning to clear out. "Sounds like de place is clearin out, perhaps we should leave too..."

Jason Gauger and Marygold Isley

Location: Strawberry Fields -> the Arena
Skills: N/A

Mary smiled slightly when she saw how excited Stella seemed to get with regards to seeing the Strawberry Fields. Personally she loved spending her time there, so now she was just wondering what all was going through Stella's head. Then she started asking a million questions with regards to helping to tend to the Strawberry Fields straight away, and that got her to giggle a little bit. "After the tour I'll bring you back out here and we can see about working together or something, how about that?"

The fields were beautiful, Jason had to admit to that one, though he wasn't too sure about sticking around in the field at all times or something like some of the other campers. Just his personal preference after all. He glanced over at Kristin when she mentioned potentially walking away from the fields and going towards the arena. That was a place he definitely preferred to be in. "De arena, dat's de place I prefer to 'ang around, but dat's because fightin and everythin is kend o' easy fahr me..." he said with a bit of a shrug.

"Yeah, well that's not all too surprising to me, you are a child of Ares. You all tend to have the same sort of mindset when it comes to fighting," Mary teased him slightly with a bit of a laugh as they started heading that direction. To her it was amusing somewhat, but she said nothing else with regards to it as she glanced over once they reached the area and saw Zeke and Bryan there. She wasn't too thrilled about seeing Zeke there, but she waved slightly at Bryan there.

"Wow, lettle bet rude dere dahn't you dink? Could 'ave been a bet nicer dere, but eh whatever, I can kend o' see what you mean wit it. And I except dat, so nice dough really," he responded with a bit of a chuckle as he glanced over at Stella. He wasn't too sure about her being much of a fighter aside from basic stuff, but who knew. Maybe she'd be surprisingly good at it, you never really wanted to judge a book by its cover, she could be fairly strong or something, who really knew what was going to happen. Sounded like she did alright using her powers though in a fight. So they'd have to see how she does.

Rosalia Rider

Location: Merlin's Tower
Skills: N/A

The demon bunny was definitely hilarious, at least in her mind, considering the fact that Matt clearly had summoned it, and managed to get it pissed off at him and not actually attacking the guards in anyway. Then the situation with the bunny definitely got made to be better when the rabbit decided to rip out some of Matt's hair., leaving a bit of a bald patch. Now she couldn't help but crack up laughing at the sight, given the situation, she knew she probably shouldn't, but one of the idiots had managed to make a big ole fool of himself.

"Okay, I've seen some ridiculous things in my life, but that right there just takes the cake. You better hope that hat stays on to block out that big of a bald spot on your head," she said with a laugh, once Merlin had dealt with putting up the tower defenses and the guards were all dealt with. This was just amusing. Though she didn't very much care about Merlin saying he was going to find their parents and bring them there or whatever, personally she didn't very much care.

Jack Gold

Location: Merlin's Tower
Skills: N/A

Despite the fact that he figured magic would probably be draining on his energy or something, just an idea or whatever, he wasn't sure. But currently he actually felt perfectly fine, sure he was a little tired with regards to the situation involving his father and the chaos that had happened there, but other than that he was perfectly fine. There was a bit of chaos going on around them, what with the demon rabbit and then Merlin managing to take down the guards with the tower's defenses which honestly looked kind of cool when everything happened.

The whole parents thing made him feel a bit out of place considering the fact that his father tried to kill everyone, or at least catch everyone, while everyone elses' hopefully wouldn't end that horribly. He ended up nearly burning his father to death too, which honestly he wasn't too sure would actually be a bad thing. Glancing over at his sister though when she made her comment that was directed towards him, "I'm fine Meg, really, don't worry," he said to her with a bit of a smile.

Location: The White House
]Skills: N/A

He couldn't help but chuckle slightly when the kids didn't seem to recognize him. Actually, it was kind of nice, it meant that he might be able to wander around more easily without people knowing what's going on. Alex was going to tell them who he was, when Ricky showed up to tell them who he was himself. Giving Ricky a bit of a smile, which honestly he was really glad to see Ricky, well see Ricky in the instance of him actually knowing that he is him and all. "A leader only is as good as the people who put in the effort to create their vision. Alright Ricky, let's go," he said, before waving goodbye to the kids, then grabbing Ricky's arm and dragging him over to the office door, before opening it again and dragging him inside. "So Ricky, crazy day, but let's start with the introductions. Everyone, this is my second in command of sorts Ricky Goldsworth, Ricky, these are a few SHIELD agents I've met in the past few days, oh, and don't mind the alien bodies lying on the floor.

"....What?" Ricky hissed. "Alex, what the hell is going on?!?!"

"...What's going on more specifically around here? I don't know, I actually got kidnapped by a shapeshifting alien a few days ago and crashed their ship instead, and currently don't know where my wife and kid are since they clearly aren't here. Currently any info that I tell you, you can't tell a single person outside of the group in this room, got it? This is a very serious situation..."

"....Uhh.,... How do I know you're not an alien? Or HYDRA?"

"I mean, fair point. But apparently there are alien cats that can detect them and one became my friend somehow... And to be fair, I don't know that you're not one, of by the way, they are called Skrulls and have been invading Earth and replacing various people around the world, including world leaders, since they're wanting to just, take over the world, so that's fun."

".... And... you aren't high right now?"

"Hell no I'm not! Anyway we're going to see about stopping the alien invasion... Also seriously is this really the craziest thing you've ever seen or heard? Let's be honest, we've seen some crazy things that most people wouldn't believe."

"....I.... This is just a lot to process, Alex...." Ricky said quietly, looking a bit pale - he had serious PTSD from his encounter with Hel.

"Hey, it's okay Ricky," he said before dragging Ricky over to a chair that was still around and made Ricky sit in it. "I know it's crazy and chaos and a lot to take in, considering all of the insane things that have happened in our lives since I met you, but it isn't outside of the realm of possibility... Just take a few deep breaths alright?" He knew where Ricky's mind was likely going. Hell his brain went straight into survival mode when he woke up on that Skrull ship, and his brain also had flashback moments to that day back at OMEN HQ, which also was really the day that Alex had actually met Ricky. Getting his head out of the clouds he walked back over to the others, "He'll be fine, just needs a little time to process everything... So now what?"

Location: The Van
Skills: N/A

It was really only at this moment that Sparky truly realized something, namely the fact that Raynor had been blasted out of the office. She'd been trying to keep from acknowledging that fact. Denying that he might have gotten himself seriously injured, but it was lingering in the back of her mind and not disappearing or going away anytime soon. Now her brain was starting to go a bit into overdrive as she mentally started freaking out. "Is Ray okay?" she said instantly over the comms, clearly super concerned about him now, and to Niah it would be obvious she was trying to not freak out.

When she heard Bonnie's words about trying to figure out what they could do to blend in with the rest of the Secret Service agents in the building. Sparky started tapping away at a keyboard in the van, before she eventually found something that they would need to probably do. "Alright, if you don't want to draw attention and follow protocol, you need to radio to alert the other agents in the building, and if I had to guess mention that there is a group of agents in the office itself and that it is secure. Then put the entire White House on lockdown because of the incident."

Location: Skrull Ship
Skills: N/A

"Alright, that's a good thing," he said, nodding his head slightly at her as he started glancing around the water, trying to find anyone else. His eyes eventually settled on a figure that he saw unconscious in the water, and he started moving the boat a little closer, eventually seeing that it was Tony Stark, who clearly seemed to be drowning. "Okay, I'll be back in a minute, since I'm about to go diving for someone, be back in a minute or so, try to keep the boat at least in this general area, okay?"

Flynn instantly dove into the water, before he swam for where Tony was sinking. It didn't take him long to catch up to him, and he managed to grab him by the arm, and he started swimming back up to the surface. Flynn was definitely glad that he had a lot of upper body strength considering he was pulling what was essentially dead weight up to the surface of the water that was also trying to push him back down to sink. Breaking the surface of the water, he fought to keep Stark's head above the water and managed to drag him over to the small boat and toss him up and over into the boat, before he managed to drag himself in as well. This was definitely fun, being soaking wet and all, drifting in the middle of the ocean.

"Hey don't you dare smack talk the Walkman!" Quill snapped at Bethany, more than a little annoyed it would seem with her words. Though it did sound like somewhat that the walkman was fairly important to him.

Mary looked over at Bethany when she more specifically asked what the plan was, "Plan? Well mainly get the hell out of here, that's the first thing we need to do for sure... Afterwards? We might want to see about figuring out what the hell is going on here... Since otherwise we might just get arrested again for no reason... Not safe for us to really be traveling around after escaping prison unless we can prove we didn't do a damn thing and figure out what's really happening."

Hearing Ed's question, she shrugged slightly, I have a better ship, though I didn't see the one you all were traveling in when I showed up, so that one might not even be docked here anymore or something... And the info I've got for you would likely be better spent being told elsewhere," she said, before heading after where Rocket, Groot and Drax were headed. "I'm going to head with them and see about getting the ship or whatever all set for a quick getaway. I'll see if the ship is there, though it is possible that they took all of your things off of the ship and then the ship got towed away or maybe scrapped entirely for spare parts."

"They better not have done that to my ship!" Quill called in that direction.

"What does your ship look like?"

"It's an M-Class that's mainly orange with blue as an accenting color."

"Oh that ugly thing. Yeah it's there, kind of hard to miss it, it is a bit of an eye sore."

"Don't insult my ship."

"Whatever, I'll see you in a little while," she called, before heading off.

"Beyond rude..."

"To be fair, the color scheme could be better," Gamora pointed out.

"Oh come on it is not that bad!"

"Just saying it could be better," she said as she continued down the hallway.

Quill let out a huffy breath and followed along after her, the others who were tagging along (which seemed to be just about everyone) they'd eventually come to the room that Rocket had mention. And sure enough, just as Peter predicted, there were a few guards in the room (only three) and one of them looked like he was holding something and had headphones on. Quill looked beyond pissed off.

"Screw this," he said, before taking the gun he had, before he started firing off the gun into the room, easily taking them out. He raced over and grabbed the headphones and Walkman, looking them over as if trying to determine if anything had been damaged. Popping open the compartment, anyone nearby would be able to notice an old worn out tape cassette that he pulled out, making sure it was alright, before popping it back into the compartment.

Everyone's gear and things from their ship were there, so that was something. Though looked like some of the guards had found Pietro's Twinkie stash as a few wrappers were lying around, but most of it was there. Gamora instantly grabbed her things, before grabbing the objects that belonged to the rest of her group, and Peter did the exact same thing.

Pietro instantly found his stash of food, as well as his normal clothes and he began zipping around, before he was suddenly back into his normal clothes, his goggles propped up on his head and he was eating a Twinkie (though there were more wrappers suddenly on the ground than there had been before). "Thank god I was about to go into sugar withdrawal and just completely collapse from hunger again..."

"Alright, let's get going and meet up with the other group in the hanger and hopefully get out of here."

Location: Hotel Valhalla
Skills: N/A

Who knew all that was seemingly going to happen. After all, some of the inhabitants of Valhalla hadn't resurrected or anything like that once they died that one day, though personally she wasn't too sure about whether or not it was a bad thing that Helgi wasn't back yet. He could really get on one's nerves after a while, but she didn't very much wish that sort of thing on anyone. Actually, Klara wasn't entirely sure how he had died, just that he had been found dead. Though people staying dead in Valhalla when most of them were already dead anyway was concerning.

She entered the feast hall, and noticed Dalisy sitting off by herself, along with Arnora, Nadia and Runa sitting together. Walking over to the trio, she spoke to them, "Well this is going to be fun, I'll see you guys after this, going to go find a place to sit now," she commented, before she went over and took a seat next to Dalisy, knowing that she was a bit of a loner, "Hey there Dalisy," she said to her, before she looked at what was seemingly going on, waiting to hear more about the situation.

Jack, Miranda, and Zari

Location: Carousel
Skills: N/A

"Oh what me? Yeah I'm fine, just was looking at something else Magneto gave me when he showed up to the Underground or whatever right before they left with Havok's ex or whatever... Not sure what it is or anything like that..." she said to Andy with a slight shrug, before slightly showing her the strange red thing that was in her hands. It was a weird thing, and Magneto's words about it when he gave it to her initially stuck out to her. Especially since it made her think more about her prophecy or whatever it was that she was trying to do.

Of course, to Jack, leave it to his brother to cause problems and everything, especially with Magneto. That wasn't all to surprising considering the fact that Casper had never really cared or whatever with regards to his father, so why the hell would he be careful when it came to being around his father's worst enemy? "Casper maybe you should be a bit more careful don't you think? At least at the moment?" he couldn't help but comment to his brother with a bit of an eye roll as everyone headed backstage now.

Miranda meanwhile when the crowd started to disperse decided to head towards the backstage area to perhaps catch up with the group, though they might obviously be guided by James, Jack and Sunshine, but she might as well catch up with them, and then she might head back to where she herself stayed, which was also in the same home as Magneto, big surprise with that when you think about it. She was heading backstage, when she saw the bit of commotion with Casper running into Magneto, and she rolled her eyes slightly at Magneto clearly needing to prove he was better or something like that.

Turning to look at Casper and Magneto, Zari listened to the commotion, before Magneto commented to her before he flew off, after for some strange reason he had taken off his helmet to address her. "Tea time? Ooooh that sounds like fun," she said, not too sure what to think with regards to that invitation. It might prove interesting, that would be a fun experience, then again where she came from they were Asgardians and tended to drink a lot, not like her mother ever really let her do that though. Tea would be a new experience for her. Glancing at Sunshine, she rolled her eyes before heading to where everyone else was now.

She heard what Erik had said to Valkyrie, and walked over after the girl had walked backstage. "Well that is an interesting thing, he doesn't typically give out those sort of invitations lightly, I'm a little curious as to what that is about myself," Miranda said to the girl, once again giving her a kind smile. This was an interesting situation to say the least, so she was curious as to what Erik was thinking, or how the entire thing would likely play out.

Glancing around at everyone else, Jack figured that they probably should get moving, at least others seemed to be in agreement with regards to that sort of thing. Sunshine mentioned the Academy sort of thing that they had on he island, so that was something at least. Though really it was only something useful that might interest the younger members of the group as far as he knew (vaguely), that being mainly Andy and Zari. It was still a little strange to him to hear everyone else say what they wanted to be called or whatever being different than what he was used to.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

She listened as Jace (and Cassian too) both explained more or less what had happened with regards to the commotion that had been caused at the Ares table. "Ahh, dat doesn't sooehnd like it was very nice at all..." she said rather softly, just listening to the words that were being exchanged between Cassian and Jace. It was beyond weird, not really being able to see the sort of commotion that was being caused by them. Things were beyond strange, since she couldn't witness and see what was going on, so she just waited to hear what was going to happen next.

Janelle was somewhat glad to hear that everything was calming down, and she listened to Jace's warning with regards to what was going on and to be wary of any Dionysus kids. "I dink I can take care o' myself dank you..." she responded to him as he left the two of them, and she glanced her head to face the direction of Cassian's words, "It might be best to naht mess wit dem too moehch. As fahr me brahther, 'is name is Jasahn, we 'ave de same mahther but defferent gahdly fathers. We were raised tahgether befahre we ended oehp combing 'ere." She explained simply.

Jason Gauger and Marygold Isley

Location: By the Cabins -> Strawberry Fields
Skills: N/A

"I dahn't actually dink I've really been arooehnd de strawberry fields all dat moehch... I dink I might 'ave been sahmewhat avoidin dem ahr sahmethin... Fahr no particular reasahn ahr anythin, joehst never 'eaded over dere..." he said to them as that appeared to be discussed as their next destination. Of course, he didn't typically hang around or visit the Strawberry Fields, but that was kind of because he was either hanging around his sister or wandering around the rest of the camp, sparring or something like that, that sort of thing interested him more than the fields.

"Not all too surprised, that's just my thoughts. Mainly our siblings from the Demeter cabin hang around there. Not all too surprising when you think about it. They are open for everyone to go to and visit whenever they really want. Essentially as Kristin said. We just tend to work in the fields, to me personally it is really relaxing to work with the plant life... But that's just me, though from what I know it's something similar for most of our siblings," Mary commented as they more or less headed away from the cabins. She waved slightly at Eva, before following after Kristin.

Jason looked at Stella as they walked along, "So are you ahverwhelmed yet? Ahr joehst 'appily takin it all in wethout a care in de wahrld?" he decided to ask her as they headed along. He figured that some people would likely get overwhelmed or freak out from everything that was seemingly going on. That was just how things seemed to go. For him, he had kind of been more towards thee overwhelmed side, while his sister seemingly took everything in stride and seem perfectly fine with everything that was happening around them at the time.

She saw a few of her half siblings in the fields, and waved slightly at them, before looking at Stella as she seemed fairly excited with regards to visiting this place. "It really is great here, my personal favorite place in camp as I mentioned, since I find it calming, it is truly a fairly beautiful place to be..." she said with a smile at Stella. It was going to be interesting to see completely what her reactions were going to be like with regards to being in this area that she clearly wanted to see so much.

Rosalia Rider

Location: Merlin's Tower
Skills: N/A

Well all sorts of chaos was happening, at least at the moment. She was staying back a little bit, in this case she was standing back to try and maybe find the best moment to strike out at the guards that had broken into the tower. Merlin was saying that they needed to buy him some time, so right now she was just trying to figure out what was going on. Everyone was sort of doing their own thing, at least when it came to the fact that no one was actively working together or anything like that. Colby was still being as annoying as ever with his continued existence.

Him talking to his cats was weird too, "Well aren't you a bit of a crazy cat lady huh? And in what reality do cats actually listen to their owners?" she couldn't help but comment with regards to the situation. Then she got sight of Matt with his demonic bunny friend, and she couldn't help but laugh at him as he started trying to get the rabbit away from him. That was definitely something entertaining to watch. "Wow aren't you a walking disaster too."

Jack Gold

Location: Merlin's Tower
Skills: Magic

Jack wasn't too sure what was going on, the explanation about the guards outside made sense, how come the guards decided to knock down their door or whatever wasn't. Since how could they have really known that someone was there unless the guards had actually seen the group and all when they were outside. If that was the case then technically it would be their fault. Right now though, he wasn't sure what to do as those guards broke down the door to the tower, and Merlin was telling them to stall as everyone sort of started doing their own thing.

He saw his sister more or less spring into action with her sword, a few others doing things, and someone fighting a demonic rabbit or something like that, he wasn't sure what that was about. Deciding to do something, he figured he might as well try to cast another fireball at the guards. Unfortunately his first attempt at doing so fizzled out and did absolutely nothing! His second attempt went a whole lot better, as the fire slammed into one guard, lighting him on fire and killing him, and the second one that he sent out severely burned and injured another one.

Location: The White House
]Skills: N/A

Well things had ended in the blink of an eye it would seem. Both Skrulls were down for the count, which was a good thing, and Alex set the gun that was in his hand on the desk as he went over to the Skrull wo had pretended to be him and started going through his pockets, before finding his cellphone from it. He wanted to use it to call Jade, but now wasn't the time for that, no. Right now there were bigger things to be concerned about. "Right, the window breaking is going to draw attention, so might as well jump ahead of this. Be prepared in case we get attacked by more Skrulls because of what I'm about to do, I have an idea but there is some logic behind everything.... And we don't have to pretend about anything, since all you've got to do is somewhat stretch the truth, tell enough to not be lying, but not enough to reveal the full story."

Unlocking the phone and flipping through his contacts, he eventually found the one that he was looking for, Ricky. Of course there were Secret Service agent walkie talkies in the area, but calling one person as opposed to alerting a whole bunch was probably the better choice. "Hey Ricky it's me, listen very carefully okay? There was a bit of an incident, don't worry it's been dealt with, but I need you to very calmly come back to the office, there is some stuff we need to discuss. Can you do that?"

"... I swear to god Alex, if you're going to throw a pie in my face again, I'll hit you."

"No I am dead serious. You heard the glass breaking or whatever I'm sure. And sure if that happens feel free you'd earn it. Reason you need to be as calm as possible is because there is a group of kids nearby, and I don't want to freak them out if they see people scrambling and racing around."

"....Fine," Ricky huffed. "I'm on my way."

"Great, just remember, remain calm, don't alert anyone, and meet me right outside the office," he said as he hung up the phone and looked at the others. "And since the rest of you don't know what to do with kids, let me," he continued, before he made sure his clothes weren't obviously out of place to hopefully not arouse suspicion, and he simply walked out the door and closed it somewhat quickly behind him, and he headed straight for the group of kids. "Well what do we have here? Looks like you all are having fun," he said, giving them a bit of a smile.

Location: The Van
Skills: N/A

"Doesn't matter, you could have applied the same principles in theory to manipulating and messing with the air currents and such around you, just saying," Sparky responded to Amelia, a little annoyed that she didn't seem to pick up on what she had been suggesting really. Of course now it didn't really matter, since Bonnie had taken out the last Skrull rather quickly, so that was a good thing. Of course the problem was still there that the kids were still heading their way, and currently no one was actively heading to cross paths with them, only going to block the doors which would arouse more suspicion.

"Someone really should block the kids..." she said to Niah, watching everything on the cameras. Including the fact that the president was apparently doing, which was talking on the phone to someone. And him also heading out of the office and going to interact with the kids himself since no one else seemingly did. "Well at least someone had the brains to maybe do something, no one else would... And really Kwassi? Saying you have "no training"? That is the dumbest way to say you suck at interacting with kids..." she said specifically to Niah and not on the comms so no one else could hear her.

Location: Skrull Ship
Skills: Fire Manipulation

This was bad, this was really really really bad. One minute he was on the side of the ship, on fire and trying to be a makeshift spaceship engine, the next thing he knew he was thrown off in the commotion and directly into the water, with the flames being put out as he was shoved into the ocean. It didn't take too long for him to reach the surface of the water. It helped that he was fairly strong, and he kept kicking upwards to try and reach the surface. Eventually he managed to, and that's when he saw the carnage all around him that they had caused.

Now came thee concern of trying to find everyone else, and get onto a surface that might be useful so he was at least out of the water. The first thing that he came across that could float was a Skrull corpse, so not very useful. The next thing though, that was useful, as he found a small lifeboat that was floating in the water, and he pulled himself onboard. Using his arms to steer, he started going through the water trying to find anyone else, and managed to eventually find Sue. She was one of the two people he was most concerned about with how things were going. Her since she was pregnant, or Anelle since she probably wasn't used to this sort of thing. Managing to pull Sue out of the water, he started looking around. "Are you okay?" he asked her as he glanced out at the waves, "We need to find the others or anyone really... Let's try to find anyone we can."

"Usually Rocket isn't the one flying anything!"

"Hey! This has different controls from our ship anyway so cut me some slack! Not to mention anyone could have done that by accident so just shut up!"

"Make me! You forgot to open the thing originally so we could even leave!"

"Shut up!"

"I am Groot."

"Agreed, they are both children." Gamora responded.

"This group is so much more dysfunctional than we are at times it is actually amazing to see... Since that's kind of been our department most of the time," Mary couldn't help but comment.

"I know what I'm doing!" Rocket protested again.

"No you don't, since we almost crashed."

"She almost made us crash too!" Rocket added, pointing towards Bethany.

"She's also not the one who initially grabbed the controls Rocket."

"You are a strange one aren't you? Well all of you are a bit strange to me, but watching you all argue without at least throwing one punch is intriguing." Klara mused.

"Now might not be the best time to be talking about hopefully not throwing punches or anything like that Klara," Lance responded, shaking his head as he looked at the group they were with. Everything was going horribly wrong, but then again what was he supposed to expect from them escaping from a galactic prison.

Guin would manage to actually somewhat fly the little pod up through the opening in the roof that Rocket had created with a few button presses. They'd end up outside in space! But after a little bit longer (with Rocket giving some direction and pointing) they'd dock by another part of the station. This portion still had it's gravity and everything, as Rocket only had switched it off in the one area. They'd be able to get out of the small ship, and into a different hallway, and there didn't seem to be any guards around.

"Number one reason for causing chaos, less guards out here. If you've got gear from your ship they likely took it and placed it in a room not too far from here, down the left hallway. The hangar bay is to the right all the way down, so if you have nothing to get, feel free to head that way." Rocket said, before he instantly headed straight for the right hallway towards the hangar.

"Well at least I get to get away from you for a while," Quill said, heading to the left. "Have to get my helmet, a better gun and how much do you want to bet one of those guards are messing with my walkman again?"" he said, racing down that way now.

"I will go with Rocket," Drax said, before following Rocket, with Groot not far behind.

"Guess I get to babysit the big child," Gamora commented, before taking off after Peter.
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