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"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

In June of 2016, the above quote inspired the start of the horror roleplay, Abandoned Hope. It spawned the start of a multi-RP universe, originally named the Abandoned Hope Universe, which included stories from different times, different genres, and different themes. From superhero action oriented roleplays to hauntingly deadly pirate tales, the Abandoned Hope Universe was similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet this experimental and thrilling process eventually gave way to a full blown multiverse.

This guide is designed to give you a glimpse into the status quo of each established multiverse. Their timelines and characters stem from both established roleplays and films that have been made cannon within the universe, allowing for one's imagination to run wild. Not all roleplays have to connect, but there will always be subtle little easter eggs and the potential to meet characters once more. There are always more stories to tell and more universes to explore.

Below are the established roleplays in this multiverse, with their universe designation noted next to them. Primarily, these roleplays are run by @Morose and @BlueSky44, as well as @Nallore. At the moment, no other GMs can run a RP that can be considered Skyrose Multiverse cannon.

Established Roleplays
Avatar: Out of the Ashes: An Avatar the Last Airbender RP, set in 1 AG (Earth-4)
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719 (Earth-666)
Experiment X: A Marvel Comics inspired RP about Weapon X, set in 1983 (Earth-666)
The Wolves of Red Lake: A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008 (Earth-666)
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016 (Earth-666)
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016 (Earth-666)
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016 (Earth-666)
Hooked on a Feeling: A coming of age superhero RP, set in Spring 2017 (Earth-666)
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, beginning in January 2019 (Earth-666)
  • Brotherhood- January 2019
  • Days of Future Past - June 2020
  • Enter Mesmero - September 2020
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A super powered secret agent RP, beginning in August 2020 (Earth-666)
  • hail HYDRA - August 2020
  • Age of Ultron - October 2020
The Gifted: A slice-of-life RP about mutants struggling to survive in a society that cannot accept them, set in September 2020 (Earth-666)
The Unfortunate Thirteen: A sci-fi RP, set in January 2345 (Earth-6)
Darke Magyk: A medieval fantasy RP, beginning in December 12,507 (Earth-412)
  • Witch War - December 12,507
  • Chaos Reigns - May 12,508

This is the universe that started it all. More commonly known as the Abandoned Hope Universe, Earth-666 is a harrowing world filled with strange creatures, magic, and individuals with extraordinary abilities. The lines between good and evil are no longer distinct, with the majority of characters doing just about everything they can in order to survive. Yet while the death tolls are great and the foes are formidable, humanity has managed to persevere when up against incredible odds...so far.

The majority of Skyrose Multiverse RPs are set within this reality. These include:

This universe is a brighter one than Earth-666 or Earth-6. Rather than filled with the stuff of nightmares, it's a world of hope and wonder. There is a mostly clear divide between the light and the dark. Yet while there is this seeming peace and balance, there are still plenty of threats to be found in a world brimming with magyk. It's the result of a schism from Earth-666, in roughly the year 3470 after an unknown climate disaster ravaged the Earth. It is also known as the Darke Magyk Universe.

There is currently only one RP in this 'verse:

Darker than its parent universe, Earth-6 stems from Earth-666. In the year 2020, a critical event caused this timeline to splinter off from its parent timeline. The only RP currently hosted in this timeline takes place in the distant future. In general, while this RP is dark in tone, it also is an example of true sci-fi in the Skyrose Multiverse.

There is currently only one RP in this 'verse:

A world torn apart by war between the Four Nations - Nations that had once lived in harmony. This Earth brings Avatar: the Last Airbender to life and does not have a concrete connection to any of the other universes listed so far. It only contains one roleplay so far: Avatar: Out of the Ashes.

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