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Current Multivariable midterm tomorrow. Forecast for next week is organic midterm. And then physics. Will be dying kthxbye.
1 mo ago
Congratulations to the players of Strange New Waters - that's a wrap on that RP!
1 mo ago
Congratulations to the Horrors of Coventry - we just hit the one year mark!
3 mos ago
What’s my special skill, you ask? Sinking ships by having my character have an incompatible sexuality
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Name: Morose
Aliases: Mini Me, Major Rockstar, Mor, Wisteria22, Holmes, AliceAdler42, the Tea Thief
Age: 19
Birthday: May 15
Ethnicity: British-American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Chemistry/French
Occupation: Lab Assistant/Student
Languages: English (fluent), French (near fluent)
Current Bio Theme: Polaris (Lorna Dane)
Previous Bio Themes: Selesia Upitiria; James March; Tony Stark; Olivia Moore; Harley Quinn
Years Rping: 6
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Moderate - Low Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Spelling and grammar errors - though I make a fair amount myself
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Yes - though I am still learning ^^

When I joined the guild, I didn't expect to have any close relationships with my fellow roleplayers. I figured that we'd maybe have one or two roleplays together, have a general awareness of someone else's username, and that would be that. Instead, I ended up finding myself with a close knit circle of friends. There'll all deserving of a shout out, so here goes nothing!

@BlueSky44: The Watson to my Holmes, we've been friends for ages. Like any pair of friends, we've had our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we're there for each other. Thank you for supporting me in all of these crazy endeavors, as well as introducing me properly to comics. I can't wait to see what horrible nonsense we get up to each day.

@Nallore: I still remember thinking of you as "the weird chick who likes to grope people!" Oh, Nally, you have to be one of the strangest people the guild has to offer, but you're also one of the kindest. (Except for when you're throwing limbs at everyone...Wonder if you'll ever run out of ones to chuck?) I won't lie, I was a bit nervous about taking on a new Co-GM, but you've been amazing. Thank you so much for helping me try my hand at different story lines, especially the ones that don't make much sense.

@FantasyChic: I considered writing this in pink just for you. We weren't always friends, but I've seen you around for ages. Remember the good old days of superhero roleplays? Yeah. We go back. You're incredibly spunky and I'm glad that I've gotten to know you. Your characters are becoming my favorites lately and I cannot wait to read what you come up with next.

@Charnobylisk: It's been ages since I've gotten to chat with Char and I cannot wait to see her on the site again. We came up with conspiracy theories together about Lady A's various roleplays, as well as the crack ship Édlana. She's never failed to put a smile on my face.

@Lady Amalthea: There aren't very many people who can GM simultaneously six or seven roleplays and make it look almost effortless. Lady A brings amazing dedication to each thing she does and while she's a hardass, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. She's my favorite GM on the site, as her roleplays are always thrilling and they last for over a year. There's never a dull moment with Lady A.

@mnkee: Ships Ahoy! If there's anyone who ships more than me, it's got to be mnkee. Shipping tendencies aside, she's a phenomenal writer and (in my opinion) needs to give herself more credit. She's incredibly creative, as well as brilliant at writing evocatively. You cannot help but feel for her characters and their motivations always come through.

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • The Horrors of Coventry - Chapter 4 - A supernatural mystery story, serving as a direct sequel to Abandoned Hope
  • Darke Magyk - In a world filled to the brim with Magyk, there are as many foes as there are allies. The Queen has died and a Witch Princess may very well be crowned, as Darkenesse looms over the Castle...

Rp's Currently Enjoying:
Favorite Posts:
Other Places Of Interest:
Upcoming Works:
  • Devil's Night - A spiritual sequel to the Horrors of Coventry and Abandoned Hope, residents in Boston's Cromwell House find themselves being hunted by a succession of serial killers, each more harrowing than the last...
  • First Judgment - Young gods and goddesses are sent to Aesir Academy in the ruins of Altsoba, in which they must successfully get away with murder if they wish to escape...
  • Sword Art Online: the Last Chapter - Individuals trapped in the popular game Sword Art Online are nearing the end, but with rising tensions and the ever prominent specter of death, not everyone will be able to escape with their lives...

Theme Song:

Behold, my collection of ships. Some of these sailed. Some of these never had a chance. Others are serious, some cute, and some are plain old crack ships.

  • Quickette
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • The OTP
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • Guin and Pietro are an interesting pairing, to say the very least. Both of them have uncertain motivations driving their actions, as well as the tall shadow of an infamous father. They both adore 80's music and outdated tech, but they haven't had a lot of time in game to connect with each other on an emotional level. At first, it seemed like they may fizzle out, but their relationship is growing stronger with each and every post. I'm not usually one for shipping, but they're my RP OTP. Let's just hope neither of them die!
  • Jati:
    • Jack Hudson and Tatiana Korvo
    • The Sweetheart Ship
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in the Walking Dead
    • Perhaps the most romantic ship, it's also one of the most difficult ones for me to write for. Slipping into the utter kindness and empathy of Jati, the two of them holding on fiercely no matter the odds, can be a bit of a challenge. They're pure and sweet, a definite contrast to the easy grittiness found in the apocalypse. Of course, with Tatiana missing and carrying their unborn child, things aren't looking too great for them.... <.>
  • Scallum:
    • Scarleth Pevensey and Callum Bowman
    • The Hateful Ship
    • RPed with @Heat in Freedom in the Stars: Deathbound
    • This ship never got much of a chance to sail, beyond speculation in the chat. Scallum ended up becoming a synonym for hateful relationships, due to the incredibly angry and violent natures of these two individuals. Both of them hardened criminals, they were a perfect, angry match for each other. Had the roleplay lasted longer, perhaps Scallum could have been more than just an idea.
  • Ricily:
    • Cecily Ashworth and Riley Ridgeway
    • The Awkward Ship
    • RPed with @Nallore in Darker Than Black
    • Perhaps one of my favorite ships, it's also one of the saddest ones. It also may potentially not even exist. Cecily and Riley work extremely well together, but the thing is, Cecily's asexual. The two of them are awkwardly fumbling around each other, hesitant and uncertain. Does Cecily like romance? Time will tell, but for now, this ship seems doomed to sink.
  • Trarx:
    • Tryke Lockley and Marx Rouen
    • The Ship That Never Was
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in The Walking Dead and Alteian Nexus
    • Aggghhh! Of all the ships that never sailed, the Arm Ship has to come to mind. They started off as a joke in the Altenian Nexus, one that never got to be seen through due to the RP ending. And when given a chance to meet each other again in the Walking Dead, LLA reared her head and took both of them hardly a moment later. Maybe third time's a charm?
  • Sutiam:
    • Sutton Smith and Liam Matthews
    • The Ghost Ship
    • RPed with @Pundii in Abandoned Hope
    • Ah, this ship will always have a special place in my heart! Sutton died before anything could come of it, but both Pundii and I had been shipping them without saying a word to the other. They both wanted to travel and to see the world. It's incredibly sad that they never got the chance to explore their passion together, or to even properly know the other person.

The Morose Multiverse began with the apocalypse RP, Abandoned Hope. This RP, which I GMed with @BlueSky44, incorporated a lot of lore from various shows and books that we liked. At first, we thought that was the biggest connection it would have. It has now expanded into a fully blown universe, with multiple GM's running connected RP, and an established continuity throughout the timeline.

Morose Multiverse Lore Guide
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719
The Wolves of Red Lake - A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016.
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016.
The Unfortunate Thirteen: A sci-fi RP, set in January 2345
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, set in January 2019
Darke Magyk: A medieval fantasy RP, set in December 12,507

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Yup! Got this on the list of places to post tonight. Been taking a bit of a personal day.

Beatrice Decker

Location: Tank on Bridge Road
Skills: Tracking/Stalking, Tank Gunner Amateur

With the tank already reloaded, there wasn't much for Beatrice to do beyond check out their surroundings from the scope and wait for the next volley she needed to fire off. She noticed that they were moving a bit more slowly and imagined it was likely to help out the Cowboy. They were functioning as both a giant target and a giant shield - one of the more versatile features of this rolling hunk of metal, she imagined. She couldn't help but wonder what the gangs in Justice would've given to have a tank. Though come to think of it, she wouldn't have been that surprised if one of the gangs did have one. It seemed right up their alley.

"Thanks," Beatrice said curtly, giving a small smile to Lola. "For what it's worth, your special brand of crazy reminds me of home - so thanks for that." While some people would have meant your crazy ass reminds me of Justice as an insult, it was a compliment to Beatrice. The only other person she had met during the outbreak that met that profile had been Ryan - and he was six feet (or more) under. She was keeping a vague eye on what was going on through the scope, but it'd be a bit until it was time to unleash the next wave of violence.

And besides, there was no point in wasting ammo - that was Eden's specialty, after all. "Hmm... I think at least one of them would have by now. Logistically speaking, my money's on Navy Blue," Beatrice said. She used to stalk and track people for a living. Getting a rough idea of how much ground they could cover in a given area was one of her specialties. And to her, Thana was the obvious choice to get through the wall, if any of them did. Cowboy would probably fall into more of a support position. Thalia would be faster than the old man she imagined - age was a bitch when it came to physical condition.

"How long do you think it'll be till they stop firing bullets at us?" Beatrice mused. The people of Eden may have been cruel - but from what she could see, they were idiots. No wonder Ryan left.

Jack Hudson

Location: Duncan Street ---> Parking Lot Behind the Mt. Zion Methodist Church
Skills: Survival

Jack nodded for a moment, pausing as he did a double take at the church to his left. There was a walker behind them, as well as a few in front. Thankfully, they weren't close enough to be a problem just yet. They had a clear path to their left - one that would allow them to get to the church parking lot. If they were lucky, there'd be a car there with a working engine and keys. If not, they could continue up what looked like a side street - maybe they'd hit a residential area. At any rate, he wanted to get off of Duncan Street. Too many walkers for his tastes.

"C'mon, there's a pahkin' lot back there," Jack pointed out. He motioned towards the Methodist Church and began to carefully make his way in that direction. There was a little bit of ice that hadn't melted yet, but he kept it safe, moving slowly yet methodically. By the time he got through the ice and made it to the parking lot, he let out a slight sigh of relief. He really didn't want to fall on his ass again today.

"Hopefully one of the cahs look goods to ya," Jack said as he rounded the corner, coming into view of the small lot. If they were lucky, there'd be a car there - and one that wasn't horrible at that.
@FantasyChic I had a feeling you'd like him lol

{"I'll just...I'll just be over here, doing my best, while the world tries to blow itself up...Go team!"}

X-Men: Darkness Rising

Morose Multiverse Record:
Born October 18th, 2001

Lawful Good


@LadyRunic: Day 6!
@jdh97: Day 5!

@FantasyChic: Day 6 - I will be updating tonight so please do get a post in today

Nancy Parker & Andromeda Aldrich

Location: Ville au Camp: Road Heading Towards Servants Quarters
Skills: None

Nancy shot Giouse a bit of a look - she wasn't the most socially adept of the Emendators nor the most observant, but was this really the time and place? And of course, she did feel slightly irritated to have Giouse point out her absentmindedness. She had been more focused on making sure that her friend was alright and the thought that the cuff keys had been left with her had escaped her mind. And while normally the ribbing wouldn't bother her too much, she felt her forgetfulness was justified in this situation. "Mm, you know how I am, Gio. It shouldn't be surprising you anymore," Nancy said.

She then nodded at George. There was a lot they'd need to take care of - and not only would George need to go back to Egypt, but someone would need to accompany him. "I'll go with you - it'll be fun. Proper holiday. I can pose as your cousin or fiancé or something," Nancy suggested, trying to lighten the mood. Her fake identities usually ended up having the most success when she traveled with someone, anyways. With the proper attire and make-up, she could pass for early twenties - maybe even mid on a good day - but it kept her limited in identities to claim. When out with Giouse, if the subject ever came up she usually said that she was his granddaughter.

Andromeda recognized Giouse from the description that Alicia had given her earlier - he was one of the pranksters. There was something odd going on between him and the young looking Emendator, but she didn't feel like it was her place to judge. Mythology usually had some pretty weird family dynamics and relationships - this place didn't seem to be much of an exception. "Andromeda," she replied, extending a hand. She was still a bit shaken from everything - her own death, her abilities, and now the gruesome scene in front of her. She wasn't acting quite like herself - not yet, anyways. Maybe the next day, but for now, she had hidden inside a bit of a protective outer exterior.

She hesitated slightly at Eve's offer. While she could remain with Giouse or go with Eve, she felt that she'd be imposing on them either way. Eve needed to change and clean up - having a Paradox around her asking questions likely wouldn't help there. And with the death that had just occurred, she was fairly certain that Giouse had things to attend to as well. "I can help you, if you need it...I don't really mind who I stay with either way."
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