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Current "I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things." -Constance Langdon
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"They say when a new Supreme starts to flower, the old Supreme begins to fade..." -Fiona Goode
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My power grows exponentially each day as we come nearer to Halloween.
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A week from today, I begin the last semester of my college career :) #classof2019? #actuallyclassof2020?
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I have finally decided - I am going to pursue my PhD in inorganic chemistry :) Beginning the applications now! Dr. Morose, here we come


Name: Morose
Aliases: Mini Me, Major Rockstar, Mor, Wisteria22, Holmes, AliceAdler42, the Tea Thief
Age: 21
Birthday: May 15
Ethnicity: British-American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Chemistry
Occupation: Student
Languages: English (fluent), French (near fluent)
Current Bio Theme: Fiona Goode
Previous Bio Themes: Sally; Scott Lang; Felicity Smoak; Nico Minoru; The Frost Triplets; Gertrude Yorkes; Violet Harmond; Clint Barton; Lorna Dane; Selesia Upitiria; James March; Tony Stark; Olivia Moore; Harley Quinn

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Age of Ultron - After surviving the HYDRA uprising, the team still has some of its members trapped in the Quantum Realm, prompting some to go to desperate measures to bring them home... But every miracle comes with a price and this price may be too dear to pay... A sister RP to @BlueSky44's X-Men: Darkness Rising.
  • Darke Magyk - Book Three: the Last Avenger - In a world filled to the brim with Magyk, there are as many foes as there are allies. A Witch Queen sits on the throne, vigilantes plague the Castle, and world war is on the horizon...
  • The Gifted - the Mutant Underground attempts to save mutants on the run from prejudice that is often supported by Law Enforcement, but with the increased strength of the Purifiers, will they even be able to save themselves?

Rp's Currently Enjoying:
Future Projects:
  • Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Quest - Coming Soon!
  • All-New, All-Different Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Vigilante
  • StarFyre
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Devil's Night
  • Norse Mythology
  • The Avengers: Unity Squad

Continuing Projects:
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 3: the Terrigen Bomb
  • The Gifted Season 2
  • Darke Magyk Book 4: Ragnarok

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The Skyrose Multiverse began with the apocalypse RP, Abandoned Hope. This RP, which I GMed with @BlueSky44, incorporated a lot of lore from various shows and books that we liked. At first, we thought that was the biggest connection it would have. It has now expanded into a fully blown universe, with multiple GM's running connected RP, and an established continuity throughout the timeline.

Skyrose Multiverse Lore Guide
Avatar: Out of the Ashes: An Avatar the Last Airbender RP, set in 1 AG
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719
Experiment X: A Marvel Comics inspired RP about Weapon X, set in 1983
The Wolves of Red Lake: A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008
Hooked on a Feeling: A coming of age superhero RP, set in Spring 2016
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016.
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016.
The Uncanny X-Factor: A superhero RP, set in December 2017
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, beginning in January 2019
  • Brotherhood- January 2019
  • Days of Future Past - June 2020
  • Enter Mesmero - September 2020
  • House of M - December 2020
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A super powered secret agent RP, beginning in August 2020
  • hail HYDRA - August 2020
  • Age of Ultron - October 2020
The Gifted: A slice-of-life RP about mutants struggling to survive in a society that cannot accept them, set in September 2020
The Unfortunate Thirteen: A sci-fi RP, set in January 2345
Darke Magyk: A medieval fantasy RP, beginning in December 12,507
  • Witch War - December 12,507
  • Chaos Reigns - May 12,508
  • The Last Avenger - November 12,508

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Leda Storm

Location: Camp Half-Blood - the Barrier
Skills: N/A

Leda snorted, shaking her head slightly. "You're obsessed with Mr. D, Tam," she teased her sister. It wasn't all fun and games though, as one of the monsters managed to cut her with its knife and Leda hissed lightly in pain. The initial sting always felt worse than the wound itself. Kiera drove her sword through the creature, turning it to dust before Leda had a chance to get revenge for her wound. "And what exactly is it that I owe you?" Leda asked. Her cut wasn't too deep, which was good, and Leda still had a ton of adrenaline pumping through her veins. Her body was screaming for this fight.

However, there were still things that surprised her - namely, someone turned into a bloody elephant. "Fucking hell..." she murmured in astonishment. The new blind girl from the Hecate Cabin appeared out of nowhere, using flames to destroy monsters. Leda couldn't help but be impressed with that. They had gotten yet another blind newbie, a fact that amused Leda as she managed to kill another monster after a few tries. Were they the newest trend in demigods? Had their issues finally advanced from ADHD and dyslexia to blindness? What were the odds of them getting two blind demigods within a week? And of course, she was a little bit haughty in English superiority over the Irish newbies, but Leda wasn't about to open up that geographic pickle just yet.

Washington D.C.: September 10th, 2020 - 9:20 AM

No one moved a muscle to prevent Requiem from leaving, but perhaps the implications of his course of action would give him pause. In regime changes, those who stood idly by were very rarely treated kindly - in fact, they tended to be lumped in with those who had opposed the new order. And to add to the concern, leaving the room now essentially ended his chances of being elevated to a higher status in the Hellfire Club. At least one member of the Inner Circle would be out by this time tomorrow. Shaw shook his head, clicking his tongue at Jinx. "I adore the bravado there, Jinx, but you and I both know that was only a warning shot on account of your poor aim. And to think, you thought you could be elevated above the rest of mutantdom?"

Unfortunately, Shaw was unable to clear his head from Anastasia's mental manipulations. "Quiet, little girl. The adults are talking," he chastised her. Emma's eyes darted over towards the Three-in-One and she nodded her head slightly. The triplets' eyes began to glow a strange, almost alien blue and the shade then appeared in Shaw's eyes as they fell under his control. Emma Frost rose to her feet, the same blue shade in her eyes as she joined in on the Three-in-One's hive mind.

"Sit down, Sebastian," the Three-in-One ordered in unison, their voices joined with Emma's. "And be quiet."

All four of them then looked at Anastasia and she would hear their combined voice in her mind, informing her that it was time. They had Shaw pinned mentally. Now, it was up to the melee players to take him out. It certainly wasn't how Emma had expected this day to go - she had imagined that the Mutant Underground would go and take out Shaw, having even seen Mystique to ensure they would be recruited.

"Sie haben uns unterschätzt - die Kraft der Mutanten, die als eine Einheit zusammenarbeiten. Was wirst du zuerst vergießen - Blut oder Ehre?" Magneto asked, a sinister edge to his voice as the metal in the room began to clammer and shake.

"Father, for those of us who didn't grow up in a concentration camp, translation?" Polaris asked. Her knives were hovering around her, ready to strike.

Magneto smirked slightly. "I think a demonstration would be more effective," he said, before clenching his fist and knives flew at Shaw. Thanks to the mental hold of Frost and her girls, combined with Jinx's jinx, the Nazi scientist couldn't defend himself. Magneto's knives pierced his chest and the man was unable to move a muscle, to even scream in pain.

"How Shakespearean," Polaris murmured, before her knives flew at Shaw as well. The man was bleeding horribly and would like die a slow but painful death. The mutant masters of magnetism were aiming for the most cruel injuries they could inflict, yet non-fatal ones.

The Mutant Underground Old HQ...

The teams had been divided as evenly as they could. Magik was currently fast asleep, her forehead burning up and every so often, she would kick and twitch. It was probably for the best that she wasn't awake to be aware of what was happening - detoxing was a particularly nasty process. Withdrawal messed with the mind, turning friends into foes and destructive behaviors into enticing choices. "I'd say she's been on this stuff for about... four months," Casper mused, making this estimation just by looking at Magik. The skin around her eyes was red.

"No, she's closer to three," Ben corrected.

"Fair enough - Ben thinks three months," Casper announced. He knew that no one else here could see Ben and since Max was off with the other group, it was going a long way to helping him relax. He hated ghosts, having a childhood fear of them thanks to his father's idea of training him to use his powers. His carefree innocence had just been replaced with trauma.

"What do you need us to do?" Colossus asked Sapphire. This was her mission, after all. She was the one with the medical knowledge to help heal his baby sister. The Mutant Underground didn't really have what they needed, so their main options would be to either try to find natural remedies (which rarely worked), hope that the Purifiers hadn't surrounded the mutant friendly clinic, or find some way to smuggle the supplies from a hospital or pharmacy. Either way, there was an element of risk involved and they would need to work together to pull this off.

Casper took the little washcloth by Magik's side and dipped it in a bowl of water, before lying it on her forehead softly.

On Route to the Dive Bar...

Veil motioned for her group to follow her to the garage, where Callie would have already gotten a van ready to go for this mission. "I'm going to be honest - I'm not sure what we're going to find here. I can keep us invisible if needed, but the more I do it the more taxing it'll be. I'd rather we see if we can get away with just blending in with the crowd," Veil instructed, climbing into the shotgun seat. Havok took the seat directly behind her. "Whatever we're looking for, it'll probably be hidden and concealed - I'm imagining a secret basement or a side room or something. If we have to separate, everyone stays in pairs. No one gets left behind. If you need to defend yourself, do it - but try not to cause any unneeded casualties. We're doing this to try to rescue those poor souls being made into Hounds and hopefully get some answers about these attacks. Civilians don't need to get hurt."

"What to look for - again, basically things that strike you as odd, things that shouldn't be there. If you notice anyone that looks shifty in the bar, go and talk to them. Leighton's right - the stealthier we can be, the better... Which is why Spark Plug, park the van a few blocks away from the bar. We'll then split into pairs and head on inside, it won't be as alarming as the huge group of us going."

"If we find the Nazis behind this... We kill them, right?" Sunshine asked. She had been mostly listening to what Veil said, taking a seat next to Havok in the van. He seemed to be a little bit moody, but in a cute angry puppy sort of way. "Or do we capture them and torture them?" she then asked. Havok shook his head slightly.

"Kid... We aren't murderers. We're going to capture them."

Sunshine rolled her eyes slightly. "As long as they pay for what they did to Erg, then that's fine by me." Of course, she had no intention of letting them live without a great deal of suffering. Erg hadn't deserved to die - but whoever was responsible more than deserved the hell that was coming their way.

"Yeah, no killing. We take them alive if we can. And be careful, Purifiers and cops alike are going to be extra jumpy today... Anymore questions?" Veil asked. It wouldn't be too long of a drive to get to the Cherry Bomb.
I'm fine with having a half-sibling - but I'm honestly not okay with the idea of killing Arthur off just to get that sibling into existence. Like if you want Guinevere to have had an affair or whatnot, fine by me. I made Megan since I wanted to play the daughter of King Arthur and killing him off robs a lot of that creative potential (of course, this assumes he didn't die after the kids went to the real world).


>Senior year of undergrad...

Guin Stark, Dominika Novikova, and Runa Blake

Location: the Baxter Building - New York
Skills: Telepathy
To say Guin's nerves were beginning to feel a bit shot was an understatement. Pietro had insisted to her that he was fine, but his actions suggested anything but that. Her hair flew into her face and Guin had to push it back, due to the tornado that he had created - luckily, it didn't hurt anyone. A fall from this height would be more than fatal. Her heart stopped for a moment and her ears started to ring as Pietro promised Novikova that he could be a murderer. Those weren't the words of the man she loved - those seemed like the words of a monster. "I know you're staring at me," she muttered, her eyes darting over to Carolina. "Look, Pietro doesn't remember the other world. He's dangerous here. So why don't you all shut the hell up and let me fix things?"

Guin then flipped off Cass and Novikova, even the newcomer Sapphire, as she walked over to a corner of the lab by the windows and took a deep breath, placing her index finger to her temple as she focused. She never had telepathy in the real world and while she did have the mental link to Pietro there, it could be difficult to use - especially when it really counted. Softly, she reached out to him. Pietro.... Come back please?

His reply was quick but crushing: No. Guin bit her lip slightly, remembering something her Aunt Nat had once told her - when people were out of their mind, you needed to approach them from their worldview. And there was one thing constant about Pietro regardless of the reality, no matter how irritating at times it could be - he always seemed to believe that he needed to protect Guin and that without him, she was in peril. I need you, Pietro... No way, not with that person around! That's my point, Piet - I can't defend myself against her and she's pretty powerful. ...You'll be fine...

"Goddamnit," Guin cursed. This approach didn't seem to be working, but at the very least he was calmer. She wanted to get him back here before he did something he would regret - or before Wanda would get to him. Are you willing to take that chance? You'll be fine...Wanda's probably going to try to kill me. I'm alone with the girl who tried to hurt you. And you know I never was taught to fight - so odds are, if something happens, I'm the one who dies. No you won't. I need you Pietro - please, if you love me, come back....Not right now... I need to clear my head for a bit without someone sitting there trying to mess with it. Where are you Pietro? Not at the Baxter Building anymore that's for sure. Please come back, Pietro....Not right now. ....Okay.... Guin replied quietly, sounding sad. There was no further response.

"Great, he's not coming back - so thank you for all of your help, but you know, I think we've got it covered here so you guys can kiss my ass and then go to hell."

Novikova gritted her teeth through the pain. "He is a murderer and we're better off without him here. I don't know who you are or what you can do, but I can see everyone's lives - all of them, no matter the timeline - and when I see that much death and pain, it's a defining characteristic of his soul. If he hasn't started killing yet, it's only a matter of time - and given the tree that fruit came from, I'd say it's already begun."

She managed to get to her feet, her knee badly bruised and already swelling some, but she wasn't about to stay down for long. "As for you, Ms. Stark, I've met a lot of assholes in my day - and sure, I'm one myself - but you take the cake. I've never met someone so deluded before that they make Belle from Beauty in the Beast look reasonable and sane for falling in love with her captor. So sit down while the grown ups talk." She never liked Guin Stark that much. She had the potential to be an Avenger, but instead she was running around playing damsel in distress with criminals. It was pathetic. "As for how we fix everything, we need to get enough people to go take on the Scarlet Witch."

Runa couldn't help but be alarmed at all of the fighting and shouting. She wasn't the type to initiate confrontation - unless it was to get revenge against those who had wronged her, of course - so she decided to hang back. There was so much screaming going on that adding her voice to the mixture she felt would just make it worse. Her eyes darted over towards Lance and then towards the others she had come here with, especially Niah, and she wondered if they would be able to soothe the building tension.

"Who let the knock off Black Widow in here?" Guin growled.

Casper Theriot

Location: the LeBeau Casino - New Orleans
Skills: Mediumship
"Why wouldn't that be a thing you could do?" Casper asked his boyfriend, a goofy grin on his face. James' story though about fighting a witch and her trying to chop off his hand made Casper worried though - and on some level, he definitely wanted to go I told you so! to Jack about his witch idea. "I don't even remember this world, so your guess is as good as mine... Hopefully this me isn't dating Jinx or anything, he makes me look independent." He still had questions as to why James wasn't in this fairytale life of his, but they could wait for now. His boyfriend was being adorably nervous and Casper gave him a kiss on the cheek - maybe that would reassure him as to how he felt.

Ben waved his hand at James, though he wasn't visible. "Yeah, it does suck being dead - thanks for noticing."

"Ben's here - he says he missed you."

"Did not!" Ben chuckled, shaking his head.

Max then turned the topic of conversation to one of Casper's least favorite groups - the X-Men. The first letter of their name was an ever present reminder of his father's involvement, inspiring only discomfort in the young mutant. "Well, my dad is dead here so... At least he can't be a part of this," Casper reasoned with a sigh. "Alright, Ben and I are in. Definitely agree with Jack on avoiding the ginger twins - they're crazy and honestly the sane one isn't worth the trouble of the other one. Oh, and Jack has a cute little girl he kidnapped!"

Pym Technologies - San Fransisco: October 25th, 2020 - 3:00 A.M.

The clock struck three in Pym's lab, located at Pym Technologies in San Fransisco. For some of those gathered there, everything was brand new - they had never seen the helmet looking device to Pym's right, with numerous wires hooked up to an enormous circuit board. They knew very little of the gigantic device, lined with copper wile and looking almost like a gateway across the room. Maybe they were shocked by the various ants and other bugs crawled all over the floor, moving whenever someone took a step in order to clear space - or maybe they were just disgusted.

Others would notice the little differences - changes from their meddling with the timeline. Scott Lang, the current Ant-Man, stood by the Quantum Tunnel, looking eager as he finally got to put his engineering degree to use and he helped to get things set up. Hope van Dyne, the current Wasp, was busy at work calibrating all of the machines and equipment. Everything was right - it was cosmic, written in the stars that if they were to rescue her mother and the stranded agents, it would have to be within the next few hours or the probability fields would go out of alignment. The red-pink synthezoid was lifeless on the slab, a hole in his forehead awaiting his power source - a mini arc reactor stolen from Stark Industries by Agent Novikova.

"Dr. Bautista... Huh," Pym chuckled, recognizing the time traveler in the room. "If this doesn't free Janet, I'm going to kill you for not telling me what would happen to her."

"Calibrations are complete, Dad," Hope interrupted, while Scott flashed a thumbs up to Dr. Pym.

Barton was watching silently from the distance, his arms crossed. He claimed that he could observe things better that way, when he had a bit of space separating him and his targets. Of course, Dr. Pym and the other scientists in the room had more or less asked him to back off. There were so many expensive pieces of equipment in this room, it was enough to make anyone from Sci-Tech swoon and keel over in absolute happiness and joy.

"Dr. Chase, how are her vitals?" Pym then asked. Bonnie had lowered the helmet onto Novikova's head, standing by with a variety of medical tools at her disposal. She was essentially the go-to person in the room when it came to keeping people alive and she had some experience when it came to working with the enhanced.

"...Brainwave activity is heightening," Bonnie murmured. "We're not in the danger zone, however, so I believe you can proceed." The blonde scientist then gently removed Novikova's glasses, in order to allow her natural abilities to kick in and help guide the Vision through the Quantum Realm.

"...Maria, no matter what happens... I love you," Novikova whispered.

"Initiating Vision's Quantum Realm retrieval program in three... two... one..." Hank screwed in the arc reactor into the Vision's forehead and then pressed the return button on his keyboard. The synthezoid started to spark, its limbs twitching slightly as Novikova began to scream. Her body instantly began to convulse as she started to have a seizure.

"She's seizing!" Bonnie announced. The gateway was sparking as well, but the portal had failed to open yet.

"Hope, increase the power," Pym instructed, a bit of worry in his voice. "Full throttle."

"We're at full power," Hope confirmed as Novikova's screams finally hit a plateau, but her pain did not. Every fiber of her being felt like it was imploding and exploding at once, a million little supernovas throughout her body. The Quantum Tunnel roared to life, a gigantic yellow glow emanating from it as the Vision opened his eyes and rose.

"... This is strange," the Vision stated, before gliding over to the portal. The synthezoid reached inside and began the extraction process. As he pulled his arm back out of the tunnel, he was holding a teenage girl with blonde hair, dressed in a white and blue and pink outfit reminiscent of Spider-Man.

"...What universe is this?"

The Vision repeated the process three more times, retrieving Agent Sparks. He then pulled out Agent Raynor and the Asgardian looked like he had an acute case of scurvy. His skin was the color of ash and he was covered in sweat, hardly drawing breath. "He requires urgent medical attention," Vision explained, before pulling out an older woman with long, elegant white hair.

"Janet!" Hank cried out, racing across the room and embracing her. Hope joined in on the hug as well and the family was reunited at last. Novikova's screams ceased as she passed out from the pain, the Quantum Tunnel powering down yet the Vision remained active, observing the scene around him with interest.

He had, after all, just been born.

The Triskelion - Washington D.C.: October 25th, 2020 - 6:00 A.M.

Roman had been stationed at the Triskelion following the tragedy of his team and the HYDRA mole. It was incredibly early in the morning, the sun having scarcely risen, but he had been called here for a debriefing on the entire situation. It had been scheduled to happen at five in the morning, but with the entire fiasco of Director Fury being fired and the appointment of Maria Hill as Acting Director, things were more chaotic than normal at S.H.I.E.L.D.'s base of operations.

Eventually, a woman with short curly red hair, dressed in a black leather suit came up to him. Her eyes were striking - intense and almost divine, yet similarly calculating. "Agent Carter?" the Black Widow asked, giving him a slight smile. "I'm Agent Romanoff - I'm here to debrief you on what happened yesterday." She then motioned for him to follow her, leading him down the hallway and through a series of doors until they reached an interrogation room. "Please, sit," she added, sitting down at one of the seats across the table. There was a box of Dunkin Donuts with a variety of choices and two cups of coffee as well. "S.H.I.E.L.D. thanks you for your service - but we need to understand exactly what happened... Can you start at the beginning?"
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