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Current Just kicked off story arc number SEVEN in Agents of SHIELD - can't believe this is our penultimate arc!
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Both roleplays I GM just hit 1000 IC posts! Mazel Tov!!!
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It's official - accepted an offer and I am going to grad school next year! :) #DrMorose
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Congratulations to the Gifted for hitting 500 IC posts and to Darke Magyk for completing the RP! Excelsior!
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Congratulations to the cast of the Gifted - we're one year strong today! Excelsior!


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    Runa Baldurdattir & Guin Stark

    Location: New York City Defenders HQ
    Skills: N/A

    Runa nodded, listening to Mary's story about this sentient AI - Runa found Midgardian science rather strange, but she was quickly learning that Midgardians had a special affinity for designing killer robots. It wasn't really surprising to learn that the X-Men had one - in fact, Runa would have been more surprised if there actually weren't any robots that called the X-Mansion home. "Yes, I can help with the ship - that shouldn't be a problem," Runa said, as the conversation turned from Danger and towards their next steps.

    "Damn, poor Danger," Guin lamented. It always sucked when an AI started getting weird - and Guin had some firsthand experience with this. She used to use an AI named PHIL, but he had had an unfortunate tendency to threaten to kill Pietro, so Guin had replaced him with FRIDAY. FRIDAY was sassy, but at least she wasn't murderous.

    "Speak of the devil and he shall appear," Runa murmured with curiosity, as what looked to be Tony Stark appeared before them out of shimmering red light. She had never seen anything like this before - Runa didn't know what Stark was at this point, although Strange's term of entity seemed to be a good enough label for the moment. At any rate, it was somewhat convenient, as they had just been discussing the possibility of turning Stark Tower into a momentary base of operations - Stark ought to be familiar with whatever security systems had been left in place. "What is a Force ghost?" Runa asked Bethany, unfamiliar with the term.

    No one stays dead in Star Wars, so... Maybe he is a Force ghost, Guin whispered telepathically to Pietro. She felt strangely sad but also happy, seeing the ghostly looking form of her father - it had been months since she had seen her dad, and even though this Tony Stark was from another world, Guin couldn't help but see her dad there. Her eyes teared up slightly and she blinked the tears away. "Dad?" Guin said hesitantly. She could feel telepathically that he was there, but also not quite - it was something she had never sensed before, a strange feeling.

    ☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

    Location: Camp Half-blood: Big House
    Skills: N/A

    Nancy made her way on over to Danielle, Joanie resting on her shoulders. She shook her head slightly as Danielle offered to fill her in on what she had missed - "I'm good. I don't need to hear the details," she told Danielle. She had seen the future already, Nancy knew what this was going to entail - but she had also been clear with Zeke. She wasn't going to go inside of the hotel - she would answer their questions, maybe even accompany them to Vegas, but that was it. That was Nancy's limit. She then paused, seeing that Zeke was on the floor, looking like he was having a horrific panic attack.

    "Okay, that's enough," Nancy said, finding her voice again. She stepped forward, feeling herself ease back into the roll as a leader. "Everyone go to the room next door, leave him alone - now,. I won't ask nicely again," Nancy said sternly. If they didn't listen to her, she was willing to use her voice a little more assertively and blast them all out of there. Whatever had happened to Zeke since she last saw him was clearly weighing on him heavily and Nancy knew that in those situations, the last thing she wanted was an audience.

    🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

    Location: Camp Half-blood: the Van
    Skills: N/A

    "You might even find out you like this stuff - quests are sorta the highlight of our lives as demigods, they're what we're built for," Leda told Arthur - that had been her experience, at least. She always felt her most alive when her back was up against the wall, her sword in her hand, as she faced down a countless number of enemies. She loved being a Greek hero - even though she knew that their stories had tragic ends. She just hoped she hadn't reached that part yet. And on this quest, she was thrilled to get to share it all with Kiera - and Arthur was an alright quest partner as well, if not a little gloomy, but could the kids of Hades really help themselves there?

    "And pff, it's not cheating - I'm just that fast," Leda insisted. She kept an arm around Kiera, enjoying having her close - even though the van was extremely crowded at this point. "Well, we're the water world quest, so I think we make our way to the harbor, see if we can get a boat, and then sail out into the Atlantic. This underwater quest isn't going to have much time on dry land," Leda said with a shrug. She rolled her eyes slightly as the last Roman got inside, asking how they were all doing. "Bit annoyed, luv - we've been sitting here for an eternity waiting."

    Megan Pendragon

    Location: Atlantica
    Skills: N/A

    "You don't know the differences until you find them - and if the dungeons were identical, that in itself has interesting ramifications - completely different societies, yet the same dungeon? Fascinating," Megan argued to her brother. She always liked world building in novels and TV shows, and since arriving in this place, she had been thinking about the differences between this fairytale world and their home. She nodded slightly at her father's answer about Lancelot. She remembered liking Lancelot as a small child. And now knowing the story of Guinevere and Lancelot from the stories, Megan wondered whether Lancelot was her actual father and not Arthur.

    The medical ward was interesting - dated, but not as dated as Megan had been expecting. It was very much giving her black-and-white horror movie vibes, with the 1930s technology mixed with witchcraft. Her eyes widened with a mixture of astonishment or glee as a marine leech was applied to a patient. "So cool," Megan said.

    Genosha: August 3rd, 2021 - 12:40 PM

    Veil & Casper & Sunshine

    Location: Various
    Skills: Mediumship

    Outside the Hospital...

    Casper made a horrified face - there was a name for when people's feet got moldy?! He had the sudden urge to take off his shoes and check each of his toes individually, just to be safe. He made a silent vow that he would never go swimming again - well, unless there was a pool party, he had to have realistic expectations for himself. He LOVED pool parties. "Oh my god that's terrible. If I ever get that, I'm cutting my feet off. That's so gross!" Casper then winced, realizing he might have been a bit too loud for the baby, so he then whispered, "sorry, I mean - that's so gross."

    Casper then titled his head, confused as Ben mentioned they might not supply bottles. "But... what's the formula in, then? Doesn't it come in a bottle? Or is there like a synthetic boob?" He was still confused when they made it back to Bee, and Bee glanced up from her desk.

    "Oh! I started making little kits for parents with babies on the island, I think they should all be fine in storage, that room made it out okay..." Bee said, before getting up and leading them through a small maze of hallways, before opening the door to a storage room. "One second," she said, entering and coming out a few minutes later, holding out an orange backpack. "Last one we had, should be enough to get you boys started. Some formula in there for you too, pulled it from the freezer, so it'll need to thaw."

    The Rebuilt House of M...

    Magneto didn't intend to have Thundering Champion leave - he still considered her to be one of his children. Valkyrie he had let go of that tie to purely based on her attitude - the way she brushed off the mass death event on Genosha, and then acted as if the halls of Valhalla made her faith the one true faith... It was too much for the old Holocaust survivor. His temper got the best of him. "If that is what you think happened here, then you are truly lost, child," Magneto scolded Zarina. "Andy, you are always welcome here, but I will not force you to stay if you wish to leave - although I will miss you dearly if you do go."

    "Oookay then..." Polaris said, after Valkyrie finished her unhinged rant and finally left. Polaris felt like she had been dropped into an episode of the Real Housewives of Genosha - and she definitely was extremely uncomfortable with this entire plot line. "That prophecy sounds terrible, but I think it's time we go and get coffee, okay Dad?" she said, locking eyes with Magneto.

    The token on the floor Zari had dropped crumbled, as Magneto closed his trembling fist. "I'm fine," he snarled at Polaris. "I don't need you to babysit me and wait in terror that the villain inside of me will reemerge."

    "Oh yeah? Then prove it, by taking a deep breath, counting to fucking ten, and coming with me to get a goddamn coffee!" Polaris insisted.


    "Unless you need to be fitted for a corset too, then no," Selene told Jack. "I'll summon you at some point before the Gala. Don't go out of town - or leave the island or whatever. I wouldn't want you to miss the fireworks." She waved him off with the back of her hand, leaving the witch's lair and going back into the house proper, presumably to resume her fitting session with Jumbo Carnation.

    Hellfire Bay...

    It was a moment before Renegade had caught her breath, the coughing subsiding. "Just peachy, mon amie," Renegade said, her voice sounding hoarse. She forced a smile, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. Despite being roughly the same age, Renegade looked older than Moneta - she had aged rougher, mostly due to the activities she had started in her youth and continued throughout the years. Her body had been through hell. "An entire island of mutants and not one of them can say what's wrong with me - or fix what's broken," Renegade admitted. "Doc says I have months."
    "Well, not all species have the same number of appendages - or any at all, really," Raynor explained. "It would be good if a pilot from any species could fly one of these readily, without having to rely on the Force to move all of the controls." Of course any Jedi worth their salt ought to be able to do that, but Raynor could envision scenarios where there were much more important tasks to focus on with the Force than simply piloting the craft.

    "What sort of astromechs are compatible?" Raynor asked next. These were all details that the Republic would really be interested in, and he wasn't going to come out and ask Shocky straight up if she was being held against her will and if Jarothe was corrupt. No, for now he had to play the part of the Jedi rep, not the investigator.
    In What If? 4 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

    Jade Cornish

    Jade raised an eyebrow at the near forest of plant life formed in the tunnels - and she didn't need to be a genius to figure out who had been responsible for it. She didn't know very many mutants who were attuned to plant life and lived in the sewers beneath New York City - just one rather annoying ginger met the description. And speak of the devil, that one ginger then appeared, coming from the opposite direction. "Creative," Jade said simply, looking at the plants as Mary explained their purpose.

    "I imagine the others should return shortly," she added. "We should plan to move quickly once they have come back, before any major changes occur to Magneto's defenses - that weak point may not always be there," Jade said. It was possible that it was a temporary opening, one that could be eliminated at any moment - be it that same day or later that week or months from now, it was hard to say.

    Guinevere Stark

    "I know, hence the failing rather spectacularly," Guin pointed out to Edus. She squinted, watching as a gigantic wall of orange light appeared and then solidified, forming a barrier between them and their attackers. Thalia confirmed that the coast was clear, concurring with Edus that the best course of action was to run. "Feel a bit like a Doctor Who character now, but yes, running sounds good," Guin said, before taking off at a run with Edus and Thalia. As they ran, her thoughts drifted briefly towards Pietro - running was kinda his thing, after all - had he made it out okay? Had Lance and Carolina? It felt like ages since they had split up into their separate missions.

    "This way, quick!" Guin urged. There was a sewer access point a few blocks away that they should be able to go through. She managed to lead the others to it, sliding the grate open and then hopping down the service ladder, motioning for them to follow her. "Close up behind you," she said to the last person. "We aren't too far from the main area, c'mon," she added, her heart pounding from the adrenaline of the run - and the stinging pain of the deep cuts Sabretooth had given her, as she guided them through the tunnel network and back to the main headquarters.

    Thank the Force, Raynor thought to himself, as it seemed Jarothe really did have something else to attend to. He knew that it was unlikely Jarothe would leave the pair of them entirely unattended in the hangar, but perhaps he could still coax some information out of Shocky - if she really accompanied Jarothe more or less everywhere as Raynor suspected, she likely would know about Jarothe selling ships to the Separatists. "Of course," Raynor said, bowing his head to Jarothe as Jarothe made his excuses and left.

    Raynor followed Shocky in the direction of the Delta-7. He wasn't lying when it came to his interest in this ship - if this was was going to last as long as Raynor's old master suspected, then he'd rather be piloting a ship in combat that was suited for a Jedi, rather than some standard issue operation that Jedi and Clones alike could use. "Can I look inside?" Raynor asked, when they reached the ship. "I'm curious how the controls are set up - not all Jedi are humanoid, so having something more accessible for all sentient species would be nice."


    EARTH 257 - 9:10 AM Nov. 14th, 2021 - the Blue

    Angel's Aerie

    Wolverine's claws shot out - two for each hand, rather than three - in warning. "What's your problem with clones?" she asked, looking directly at Niah. To those paying attention, something would then click into place - Raynor had mentioned that Wolverine had been on the team back when he ran things, and he hadn't recognized this girl as Wolverine, despite her using the mantle. From her reaction, it wouldn't be hard to guess that she was a female clone of the original Wolverine. Wolverine's eyes narrowed at Niah's comment of her gender being strange. "So what if I'm a girl?" she then added. She did not like Niah - not one bit.

    "A - a mutant psychic might be able to help, perhaps by putting up some sort of mental partitions," Bonnie said, even as her stomach filled with a strange mixture of fear and hatred at the thought of a mutant messing around with her mind. She knew that those feelings weren't really hers - that they belonged to the Bonnie of this world - but it didn't make them feel any less real. For a brief second, she wished she could hear that strange ethereal voice in her head - surely a goddess would have the power to do what a god (i.e., Raynor) could not. "But until we figure out the mechanism that this is happening by, I don't know what can be done..."

    Bonnie trailed off, frowning for a moment as she thought. It would have been easier with a whiteboard to write everything down on. Cass hadn't been replaced by her counterpart despite going face to face with her earlier. Amelia and Flynn had been overwritten upon meeting theirs. Everyone in the group except for Sparky and Raynor were experiencing memory bleed and replacement. They were the only two without counterparts, the ones native to this world - the why had to be that for whatever reason, those not native to this reality were being overwritten. The how still eluded her; and she didn't know why nothing like this had happened to Raynor and Sparky back on Earth-666.

    "You're not taking us to Genosha," Amelia said. "We're staying here, in the Blue." "Only bad guys would drag us back against our will," "so if you do that, then you're just proving yourself as the villains we thought you were." "Plus we aren't nearly dumb enough to go to Genosha with a group of strangers to have someone mess with our heads," "Not that we're dumb," "Not at all. And if one of us is from another world," "it's her," "no, it's her!"

    "That one's our Amelia," Raynor said, pointing at their Amelia. "No one change their clothes, please," he then added. The more counterparts they ran into, the harder it was going to be to tell people apart. Hopefully the next counterpart they met would look clearly different - like an entirely different person or at least a drastically different haircut or something.

    Manifold shrugged - he didn't really care what these people wanted, it all seemed confusing and honestly not something he wanted to worry about. Someone else could sort out what was going on here - he wasn't interested in figuring it out himself. He closed his eyes for a brief moment, speaking to the universe and asking it for a favor -

    And suddenly, space-time distorted and everyone vanished.
    EARTH 257 - 7:10 PM Nov. 14th, 2021 - Genosha

    The Healing Gardens -

    Raynor recognized where they were instantly. It was a secluded garden of sorts, with mossy platforms like operating tables dotted around in various locations. He didn't recognize the woman with dreadlocks in a blue jumpsuit who stood at what looked like a holographic console, similar to what would be found in Star Wars, but made out of plants rather than metal. Back in his day, the Healing Gardens had been run by Miss Sinister.

    "Doctor Reyes, do you mind?" Nightcrawler asked, BAMF-ing to appear on a tree branch, his tail curled around it to keep him hanging there. "Our new friends are a bit roughed up."

    Cecilia raised an eyebrow, seeing a few duplicates in the group. "I'm on it," she said, before looking at Cerebella. "Can you fetch Sage and Prodigy for me? I'll need some extra pairs of hands," she requested. "The rest of you, get them onto tables for me, please." She then instantly went up to Flynn, as he was one of the most visibly injured with his broken legs.

    "Anyone who isn't wounded needs to leave," Reyes then added. "Now."

    Raynor wished for a moment that he hadn't referred to Shocky as Jarothe's assistant - it would have been nice now to ask Jarothe to define the nature of her employment specifically, just to force him to admit what he had done. But pressing this further could jeopardize the investigation. Raynor knew that he would see Shocky freed, but he had to be careful as well. If Jarothe knew his intentions, it was possible he would send the Twi'lek far away from the Republic Core, making it all the more difficult to help her and dooming her to a lifetime of slavery.

    "I see. You must be very pleased then that she's such a quick learner - perhaps enough to even consider one day promoting her. You are very lucky to have such talented staff," Raynor said graciously. "I understand you're a very busy man, so if it would be helpful, I would not mind if she shows me the ships - the Delta 7 in particular - as to allow you to handle any other business before we dine tonight."
    "It's definitely alive, you must have a screw loose or something!" Raynor shouted back, perhaps a bit more angrily than he should have. He knew what the Force was telling him - whatever thing he was fighting, it wasn't a machine - not in the way that droids like Emzie were or 110 units were. It wasn't an ordinary form of sentient life either, but it was alive nonetheless, and Raynor couldn't explain it.

    He continued to fight, blade hitting blade. He pressed forward, attempting to back the creature into a corner - he swung, going for decapitating blows, but there was no gap in its defenses. Raynor's frustration was mounting, especially with Emzie explaining that they weren't capable of taking out the Destroyers (Raynor knew it wasn't reasonable to expect them to do that, but still, he would've liked some help, rather than everything falling on him). But his frustration worked to enhance his power, allowing Raynor to thrust his lightsaber blade forward, skewering the odd creature and sending it limp - just a brief opening in their defenses had allowed his victory.

    Raynor was panting, dripping with sweat. He stabbed his lightsaber into one of the shields of the Destroyer's, breaking the shield with just one blow in a stroke of luck. "There, now you can handle one."
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