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Current Just kicked off story arc number SEVEN in Agents of SHIELD - can't believe this is our penultimate arc!
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Both roleplays I GM just hit 1000 IC posts! Mazel Tov!!!
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It's official - accepted an offer and I am going to grad school next year! :) #DrMorose
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Congratulations to the Gifted for hitting 500 IC posts and to Darke Magyk for completing the RP! Excelsior!
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Congratulations to the cast of the Gifted - we're one year strong today! Excelsior!


Age: Mid 20's
Birthday: May 15
Ethnicity: British-American
Pronouns: She/Hers
Major/Minor: Chemistry
Occupation: Graduate Student
Languages: English, French
Current Bio Theme: Polaris
Previous Bio Themes: Sylvie Laufeydattir; Ahsoka Tano; Harley Quinn; Mood Board / Wanda Maximoff; Bernadette Rostenkowski; Fiona Goode; Sally; Scott Lang; Felicity Smoak; Nico Minoru; The Frost Triplets; Gertrude Yorkes; Violet Harmond; Clint Barton; Lorna Dane; Selesia Upitiria; James March; Tony Stark; Olivia Moore; Harley Quinn

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    Yay I'm excited too!! And take your time :)
    Okay cool! :) I'll make you a Co-GM, which gives you edit power over stuff

    Name: Lorna Rebecca Meyers
    Age: 13
    Nationality: Canadian
    Birthday: February 12th
    Birth Place: Boston, MA
    Godly Parent: Hermes
    Weapon of Choice: Sword

    Personality: Lorna is playful, clever, and relentless. Knock out her teeth and she'll get up, smiling with a mouth full of blood. She's incredibly driven and passionate, committing her all to whatever she does. She's loyal to her friends, but doesn't have any qualms with tricking those outside of her circle. Most people when looking at her see a classic tomboy and they aren't far off - she loves coming back to the cabin after a long day, covered from head to toe in mud and sweat. When nervous, she tends to ramble - sometimes uncontrollably so - and that's when her emotions will tend to get poured out, like emotional word-vomit. She can be somewhat quick to anger, especially when she feels like people are acting like she doesn't know something - she gets very defensive whenever the idea is tossed around that just because she's sporty, she's dumb.

    History: Lorna is the only child of professional ice hockey star Maxine "Max" Meyers. Her mother was the captain of the Boston Pride when she met Hermes after a competition. The two of them dated for a year or so, until Lorna's mother got an offer to coach for the Canadian Women's National Team (ever so creatively named) and she left the United States, bringing baby Lorna with her. They moved thousands of miles to Calgary, where Lorna's mom would eventually marry one of the other assistant coaches of the team, Chuck. Chuck legally adopted Lorna when she was five years old - and is a surprisingly good stepfather, despite being estranged from his biological son.

    Her childhood was filled with sports - Lorna was learning to skate almost as soon as she had learned how to walk. She played hockey, field hockey, soccer - basically any sport her parents could sign her up for, they did. She loved it - and it also helped her parents if she burned through her relentless seemingly infinite amount of energy. But while she was amazing at sports, Lorna struggled at school, eventually being diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. She was never kicked out of school, but her parents did withdraw her from a couple, always hoping that the next school would be able to support her academically better than the last one.

    When she was eleven years old, a satyr located Lorna at her fourth school in seven years. Lorna had planned to confront her mother about the truth about her birth father, only for laistrygonian giants to attack her after ice hockey practice. Lorna ended up narrowly escaping with her life (and a seriously swollen black eye) and crossing the border to the US with the satyr (a sweet kid named Alex). She sent her mother postcards to let her know that she was okay along the journey, although Lorna and Alex ran into a handful of monsters along the way.

    About a month after leaving Calgary, Lorna made it to Camp Half-blood with Alex. She was placed in the Hermes Cabin with the other unclaimed campers. She was claimed after an unruly game of Capture the Flag, where she knocked out some of the teeth of an Ares' camper with the butt of her sword. Since then, Lorna has been pretty content in the Hermes cabin. Her siblings are fun to be around and she loves all of the physical activities that Camp has to offer - the intellectual ones, not so much. She's secretly gotten into reading, ever since discovering that reading in Ancient Greek comes sooooo much easier to her than reading in English. Her mother has agreed that Lorna can stay at Camp year-round, with the condition that Lorna comes to visit during any games the team is playing in the US - something which Lorna loves to go to anyways.

    She also enjoys spending time with her half-brother, Luke - and has vowed that she'll kick his ass one day in a sword-fight.

    • Maxine Meyers - Mother
    • Hermes - Father
    • Chuck McAvoy - Step-Father
    • David McAvoy - Step-Brother (24 years old)
    • Sandra Xavier - Step-Sister (17 years old)
    • Hermes Cabin - Half-siblings
    • Anya Meyers-McAvoy - Sister (4 years old)
    I put in a random thing for the title, feel free to ask for a different one! @DragonicQueen

    Guin Stark

    Location: the Mansion
    Skills: Telepathy

    Yeah, and we need the lore dump - that's how our lives work as superheroes. Find an issue, learn the lore, save the day. Wash, rinse, and repeat, Guin replied telepathically to her husband. Rushing off and ignoring the information Strange had to offer would only make things even more of a shit show later on, Guin was certain of it. Besides, there was a decent point - they needed a way to quickly identify who was real. "I'm putting a telepathic token in everyone's mind - for quick identification," Guin said, before concentrating and placing the tokens in the back of the minds of each of their groups. "'Course, if I suddenly have no idea what these tokens are, then that probably means I've been replaced. But I'll take a sharpie mark anyways. Can't hurt to have multiple methods."

    She understood why Ed wanted a secret second mark - it was a paranoid choice, but this was a paranoia inducing situation. She didn't really consider that some of the others would've liked for her to ask first about giving them all a telepathic token. Ordinarily, she would have - but now, she was still a bit frazzled. "I'm going to go see if I can salvage my suit," Guin then said, before walking to the ship, Amidala perched on her shoulder.

    She wandered through the ship - everything was a complete mess, stuff had fallen out and hit the ground, making it look like a tornado had hit the place. Even that might've been a bit of a tame description. She finally noticed the suitcase containing her suit underneath a pile of Twinkies and other random things - Babe, your snacks are only mildly crushed and Guin tugged it on out, opening it up. The case itself was dented to hell, but the suit seemed like it didn't look too rough. "FRIDAY, how's it going in there?" Guin said, tapping her hands on the chest-plate of the suit.

    The arc reactor fizzled to life and the suit glowed.

    "Nice to see you in one piece, boss," FRIDAY answered.

    Runa Baldurdattir

    Location: the Mansion
    Skills: N/A

    Runa nodded as Edus asked if anyone had any sort of writing implement, and Guinevere used her mutant abilities to place telepathic coins into their minds. She focused her magics and suddenly, a pen with a thick black tip appeared in her hand. Runa drew an X on her hand and circled it, mimicking the design of some of the X-Men's own logos. She then lifted up the sleeve of her shirt, and drew another X on her lower shoulder, where it was then hidden by the fabric. "This quill will work," Runa said, before holding out the pen to whoever wished to use it next to mark themselves.

    She then pondered Bethenny's question. It was definitely possible. She wasn't overly familiar with Strange's spells - each sorcerer she noticed tended to have their own specialties and methods when it came to magic. Her own magic was largely Asgardian in nature of course, but she had some Midgardian influences thanks to the reality warp the Scarlet Witch had caused. She even knew a little bit of magic specific to the Olympians, as she had briefly dated the Lord Apollo some decades ago. "It is possible - and worth a try, if you would, Strange?"

    ☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

    Location: NYC
    Skills: N/A

    Nancy had genuinely had no opinion on Demetri really before this, but she was starting to form one now. He was annoying as shit. His whining about sightseeing and whatnot made Nancy want to gag him with a spoon. And then, apparently he had seen some girl across the street and suddenly couldn't control his gifts, resulting in... his hair starting to grow? Nancy didn't understand it. If he wanted attention, surely there were better ways to go after it? She also didn't understand why Zeke was infatuated with him. Men were weird. No, boys were weird.

    She raised an eyebrow as Bacchus' kid explained that Demetri hadn't been lying - that someone was working against them already. She opened her mouth, before shaking her head slightly and closing it. Whoever it was, they were gone already. If the worst thing they could do was make Demetri's hair grow a few inches, she wasn't going to be worried about it. "I can cut your hair with my knives, if that would make you feel better," Nancy offered. It wasn't clear if she was mocking Demi or actually trying to be nice and helpful.

    They then arrived at Grand Central station. The front entrance had a massive statue on top of a giant clock, and it took Nancy a moment to recognize who it was depicting - Mercury. "Tuere nos, Mercuri," Nancy whispered under her breath, a quiet prayer to the god.

    🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

    Location: NYC - Pier Area
    Skills: Superhuman Speed, Agility, Sword Fighting

    Leda groaned as Hercules called her mommy again. She had hoped that it was an accidental one time thing maybe, but now it seemed clear - he thought of her as his mother. Leda, on the other hand, thought of him as the cyclops kid whose life they had almost ruined by accident one time before sending him along to safety. "Call me Leda, LEH-da," Leda told the cyclops. If he called her mommy one more time, then she'd snap at him. But hopefully this small correction would be enough to stop this worrisome trend. "Arthur, snap out of it or get out of here!" she then shouted, as combat resumed as a gaggle of cyclopses came on out.

    One of the cyclopses charged at Leda, swinging a gigantic club that she deftly ducked underneath to dodge. In the blink of an eye, Leda was off running at superspeed again, breathing a bit hard due to all of the stamina she was burning through. She slashed through the cyclops that had attacked her, turning him into monster dust - and then repeated this trick four more times, taking out more than half of the cyclopses who appeared. When she came to a stop, sweat was pouring down her forehead, and her sword arm felt like it was on fire. She badly needed a rest - hopefully they'd make short work of this and then they could chill out for a while.
    In What If? 3 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

    Jade & Guin

    Somedays, Guin wondered how Mary had ever lost to the Brotherhood - her powers were so incredibly unique and powerful, she wouldn't have been able to imagine someone beating her if she had not witnessed it herself. Mary confirmed for them that voices were nearby, meaning potential people for Guin to switch with, but also potential people that they'd have to fight off. As much as Guin felt a little bit antsy to hop into a body that would let her contribute more, now wasn't the time for that.

    Cass took the lead, and Guin followed along after her quietly. She'd find someone to body hop with later. All that really mattered was that she got to have vengeance for her family - that she got to kill the man who had taken them away from her. Cass then asked Mary what she needed them to do once they entered a new room, and Guin didn't say a word - mostly because she figured it was best to be as quiet as possible, just in case people got a little too close and overheard them, ruining any element of surprise they had.

    Meanwhile, Jade's readied action had been interrupted by Thalia suddenly stopping time, freezing the goons into place. Edus cast a spell, creating a sort of bubble, though it then vanished. And seconds later, the goon Edus had been attacking dropped dead. Jade didn't know what exactly Edus had done, but she knew magic when she saw it - dark magic particularly. But now wasn't the time to judge or ask questions, there were more goons that they had to deal with, and Jade had brought her angel blade with her for a reason.

    She then attempted to stab the remaining two people in the doorway, using her angel blade. The blade was powerful enough to kill the Devil, she hoped that it would be enough to kill these two quickly and quietly. It didn't matter who they were either - they needed to be dealt with, so they could achieve their goal.
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    EARTH 257 - 9:40 PM Nov. 14th, 2021 - Genosha

    Bob Banner's Home -

    "Are we sure that Doom and Luminous caused the anomaly?" Bonnie posed. They didn't know anything about what had caused the anomaly - they had only been called in to investigate it. Maybe Doom and Luminous had orchestrated it all, but maybe they had simply been in the right place at the right time to escape. They just didn't know. Bonnie knew the raft had measures to prevent the use of powers and magic, but it was possible that Doom or Luminous could've found some way to disable those protective measures. There was just still so much they didn't know. "And if they did do this on purpose, why this reality? What do they stand to gain here that they wouldn't in another world, perhaps one that their alternate selves already control?"

    "I don't really see why it matters - if we have to drag them back, then we drag them back," Raynor said with a shrug. He wasn't going to argue more with his opinion that they ought to just leave without Doom and Luminous. Everyone seemed strongly against letting those two roam free in this world. But if what was happening to the others was any indication, the Doom and Luminous they knew would be overwritten eventually and cease to exist. Problem solved right? "Who cares if they were the ones behind it - or if it was some crazy thing like the Phoenix?"

    "It matters because the ability to hop universes is dangerous," Bonnie stressed. "If we don't understand how the anomaly formed, then we don't know how to counteract it. This time it was Doom and Luminous - what if next time it's a group of children, lost in the multiverse? Someone is going to get seriously hurt - someone might die if we don't figure out what's going on here."

    Raynor shrugged, putting more food into his mouth. He trusted that they'd figure it out - but once again, his main priority was making sure that he got Sparky on home to their daughter. The universe may be in danger, but as always, his thoughts were reflected somewhat inward, focusing on his tiny family. As soon as Bob's machine was repaired, he was going to make sure that he and Sparky used it to get back to Zarina. The rest of the group could be martyrs without them.

    "Wecanfigureitoutwhenwefindthem," Amelia said, her mouth full of food as to make her words hardly intelligible. She then swallowed, allowing her speech to be clearer. "Like, there's so many telepaths on Genosha that if you throw a bleeding rock, you'll probs hit one. They can take a peak inside Doom and Lumey and tell us what they did and how they did it - and if it wasn't them... Well, that's what you science-y types are here for," Amelia finished with a shrug.

    "Well... I think we just eat some food, and then we drink some beer, and go to bed," Darcy said. "And then I think I'll stay here with Bob. I've got some know how when it comes to weird machines. Can't be that different from astrophysics right?"

    Bob chuckled a bit. "It runs on tachyon particles, so.... sure. I have to harvest some more, but I can get one of the island's time manipulators to help me with that, so won't be a problem. And I'd appreciate your help with fixing the machine, Darcy. At least so it won't be such a lonely process."
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