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@Blizz: You must think yourself very clever, as you summon on the forces of your unnatural realm, of that place of shadows. The energy pulsing off of the pentagram is immense, your skin buzzing from proximity, your cells beginning to decay. It is no easy feat - the creation of the portal is trivial, the veil disintegrating more and more rapidly by the second. One more hole in it is easily made. The portal appears. The energy begins to drain, to travel into the Everdark, into the land.

The land to which you are intimately connected.

Your body spasms, suddenly beyond your control, as the demonic energies pulse into your soul. You begin to burn up, your teeth loosening, your canines falling out in your mouth, as your hair rapidly grays and then withers away, your body prematurely aged to a man of 80 years - your knees brittle, your legs weak. Each breath is agony, each breath is pain.

Your vision is dim, your hearing almost gone - but not so much that you cannot hear her.

That you cannot hear Ananym whisper, appearing next to you in a blaze - "Jackass, your meat looks... bad."

If this is what has happened to you, what has become of the Everdark?

You have seconds to live - seconds before you fade away.

Runa the Grey

Location: New York City
Skills: N/A
Spells: Elder Futhark Runes (ōþila)

Runa considered them, considered their pleas - considered Prudence's request that she make this choice for herself, that she not choose on behalf of the god she had created, of Those Who Sit Above in Shadows. They tilted their head towards the sky, even though their eyes were long since gone - they reflected on what would they want, if they were able to choose. For so long, Runa had existed, had existed for their god - had existed to prevent Ragnarok, to break all the cycles, all the chains. And in doing so, they had bound themself - had restrained themself, had accepted the curse as a curse and not as an opportunity, a chance. It was not a curse that they could shed, not one that could be transferred to another - they shook their head at Carolina's suggestion.

"Very well," Runa said, before drawing a rune and casting it. This question, they had decided, would be settled in the manners of their culture - of their people. Their companions may have forgotten it, but they were first and foremost an Asgardian goddess. Their aid could not be won lightly. There had been a time when the gods meddled in the affairs of Midgard openly, when her uncle fought to protect it - and the price had been high, the tragedy brought upon the Odinson heavy.

The rune shimmered, before a horn appeared in Runa's hand - a drinking horn. It was a familiar weight. Perhaps Klara would recognize it, if her father had told her this tale. "I will give you my portion of Stephen's mantle, of his soul - if you can drink dry this horn." The challenge was open for any.

Guin Stark

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Telepathy
~Fit Check~

Guin nodded somewhat absentmindedly at Pietro's request for her to not overdo it, right before he rushed back off into the fray. That would've been the smart play - it would've been the good thing for her to do in terms of her own health and wellbeing. She had pushed herself to her limits and a little bit beyond, drained and weak from connecting with so many minds at once. She watched as people rushed in from portals and the hallways, as they hurried onto the Blackbird, as Mira got the ship prepared to take off. Slowly, Guin rose to her feet on shaking legs, as Lance came up to her, talking about head counts.

Not everyone was there. They were missing people. And Guin felt like she would vomit up blood if she tried to reach out telepathically again, but how could she not? How could she not push herself more and more when lives were on the line? Everyone on the asteroid - well, almost everyone - deserved to live, deserved to get on the Blackbird and make their way home. None of them deserved to die for Cortez's disgusting game. Maybe Exodus. But no one else.

"Shit. I'll reach out, tell them to hurry their asses back here," Guin told Lance, before smiling slightly at Carolina and shaking her head. "Just help get people onboard."

At Max's plan though, Guin resisted the urge to roll her eyes - barely. But she couldn't help but be mildly offended, that he was acting like there were no possible telepaths around, and she was right there. Maybe it was out of compassion that he didn't ask her to do it, but she didn't care. She wasn't weak. She wiped her nose, dislodging a mixture of wet and dried blood, before taking unshaky steps forward. "I'm in." Did she trust him and his crazy plan? No. But if it saved lives... she had to try.

Neil Spellman

Location: the Asteroid
Skills: N/A
~Fit Check~

They felt ill as Pietro whisked them to the hangar, as they made it to the Blackbird, dragging Anne Cortez along. She hadn't woken up yet thankfully, just a silent shell that Neil made sure made it onto the plane, even as they would have shed no tears over leaving her behind. And even though the world was still spinning a bit, Neil did their best to help others - to usher people onto the Blackbird, helping those who needed assistance, and trying to find seats for everyone. The ship hadn't been intended for a hundred mutants - but it would have to do.

Then Max suggested an ancient ritual, and Neil's chest filled with hope. Of course Max knew some deep magic! He must know how to save everyone at once on the ship, probably even safely teleport them down to Earth through some pocket dimension lost to time. They grinned slightly at the thought, at the realization that they could do this - that the X-Men would save everyone that day.

9:30 PM - Sun. October 31st, 2038 - Margaret Carter Institute

@Nallore@BlueSky44: "Yeah, don't mention it," Kate said, breathing a little bit heavily from the adrenaline. She blushed ever so slightly, before turning her attention back to their current problems. "So... we are still down one Cassie. And I've no idea where America and Link went off to. And the dog is gone." She frowned, feeling particularly betrayed by Buttons. Lucky the Pizza Dog would never have done something to her like that.

A moment later though, a portal was punched open and America, with Zelda in tow and a jar, fell on through.

"Hey babes!" America said with a grin. "We found Cassie. Making a quick exit."

She then punched open another portal - this one leading to the school gym, and motioned for everyone to go on through. "Emphasis on quick. I don't think the King likes us."

Kate raised an eyebrow, before jumping on through the portal. "Don't tell me you got us banned from freaking Camelot!"

@Forsythe: While her external communications had been disabled, that didn't prevent Vicky from monitoring her surroundings. She would notice that Cassie's phone was once again pinging the cell towers in their area - that whatever had happened to her that night, it seemed she had returned. Or at least, her device had.

@Blizz@PatientBean: Everything happened incredibly quickly. Leah moved to strike, to kill the beast and save her girlfriend. Sabine managed to calm Marrok, showing Marrok happy moments for the first time in their existence. Leah's strike with the sword was perfection, as if the blade was an extension of herself, the strange metal resonating with her fury. She speared Marrok through the mouth, the blade traveling upwards and through Marrok's skull, killing the werewolf.

Their surroundings then dissipated around them like smoke, yet what felt like grief would cling to them, would infect their minds, as they would find themselves back at the Monster Mash - back at the dance, with a werewolf's carcass at their feet.

April Flynn & Percy Novikov

Location: Stark Hall - Fourth Floor / Stark Hall - Fifth Floor
Skills: N/A
Costume: Perfuma from She-Ra | the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who

Percy's face wrinkled up into a snarl as Danni booped him on the nose. "Don't," he hissed, looking almost like a cat about to bite if touched once more. Perhaps if he had felt less exhausted, less like shit, it would be easier to be on good behavior - to remember that Danni was very dear to Dorian. But right now, all Percy could think about was how he desperately needed to lie down, to curl himself around a water bottle and sip very slowly, to not be perceived by any other living souls. Teddy wasn't around today thankfully, so he'd have the dorm room to himself.

He had no interest in a cuddle pile - the thought made him want to rip off his skin. He didn't like physical contact. He didn't understand it, didn't know why Dorian's friends all liked to pile into a giant writhing heap of bodies. Percy valued his personal space to an extreme. He turned to look at Dorian, and Percy shook his head. "I can't... I can't do that. All those people..." he murmured, using all his willpower to be gentle, to not snap and take out his exhaustion on his boyfriend. Dorian was suffering too - he couldn't even walk much, just as exhausted as Percy felt.

Meanwhile, April had the cup of water from the communal bathrooms cupped in her hands, the water shaking choppily not from the movement of her body but from her powers, like a small sea storm was happening within the paper cup. The next thing she knew, Danni was there - beautiful, sweet, brilliant Danni. He wrapped around her almost like a snake, like a protector. And something loosened her lips, something made her body connect through the tears, enough for her to say the word - to say what it was she'd seen.

"Magneto," she whispered, like speaking a curse. "I was him.... I became... I became him..." April confessed, the water in the cup shooting upwards towards the ceiling, hitting it, and then crashing back down onto them, dousing them on the bed. She hated herself for being so weak. She hated herself.

She hated herself.

☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

Location: Lotus Hotel and Casino
Skills: Audiokinesis

Nancy's rage increased exponentially, as Leandra dared to accuse her of being a bad friend to Mads, as if she wasn't doing everything she could to help Mads, to get her back. She disarmed Leandra quickly - Leandra had always been a shitty fighter, and it helped that Demetri, having come to his senses, had turned into a snake and partially constricted her. "I'm done listening to you," Nancy spat, before grabbing Leandra's tongue in her hand, and severing it with her dagger. "You're never going to dirty her name with your disgusting mouth, you goddamn mega bitch."

She held the tongue in her hand, even as the blood trickled from it, and she turned her attention to the monsters. She whistled, trying to find the right pitch, the right frequency. She tried to build that resonance, to explode their brains from the sound - and at first, she was struggling to focus, struggling to find the right note for violence, but then she found it. Three of the remaining five monsters exploded into dust and gore.

🌈👻 Leda Storm 👻🌈

Location: Tartarus
Skills: Rainbow Manipulation

"Normal, I think?" Leda said with a shrug. She wasn't really sure how being dead was supposed to feel like - she felt pretty much the same, although she assumed that she didn't need to breathe or eat or drink or anything anymore. She probably didn't need to sleep either. She was free to just sorta vibe for the rest of time. It had sounded nice in life, the idea that she could just chill like a hero in Elysium, that she could have parties and all the food and drink she wanted and rest on her laurels. But now, in Tartarus, it all seemed empty - faded and lackluster.

"Yeah, I can give Mum a ring," Leda said, before immediately settling on a person to call. She held her hand out in front of her, summoning up a soft beam of rainbow light. She didn't have a drachma or anything on her, nothing to offer Iris as an offering, but hopefully... Hopefully her mother would be kind. Hopefully she'd do this much for her. She had just died after all.

"Mum, I owe you a drachma," Leda said. "Would you mind putting Kiera on? She's probably at her dad's place right now."

She waited, anxious for a moment, before the rainbow rippled - and a grainy image of Kiera came on through. "Kiera! Luv, it's me! It's Leda! Can you hear me? I didn't have any change to offer Mum, hopefully the quality's not too bad..."

@Blizz: You rack your mind for ways to kill immortals, to slay the undying, but all that comes to mind is a wooden stake through the heart, and wreaths of garlic around the corpse. The treatment for a vampire. But given Runa's lack of heart (and fangs), this may not be the most effective approach.

@Nallore: You move to leave, to summon the winds beneath you and ascend to the sky with the Cloak of Levitation. But the fabric is suddenly unwilling, your feet remaining firmly rooted on the ground. Perhaps it is because of your change - that you are no longer the same Madalyne, the same girl that became Sorcerer Supreme. Or perhaps it is the cloak insisting that you remain, that you witness the newfound civil war. Or maybe it is simply your own anxiety, your own fear that grounds you - that keeps you from ascending.

@Nallore: As you peer into the future, you find it hazy, shifting. There are some eventualities where you win the goddess to your side - others where she abandons you, where she is another foe that you must face. Each time you grasp for more detail, for more information as to how a future may come to be, it slips between your fingers like water, distorting the greater image. But you know this - it is possible. There is a way to get the end you desire.

@Trainerblue192: You attempt to grab onto the babes, onto the infants powering the sigil, but they elude you. The magic of the pentagram locks them in place, strong enough as to disrupt your teleportation, to disrupt your spells. They must be removed physically - but a disruption to the circuit could unleash an explosive amount of energy. Enough that the odds of survival, for you or the babes, seem grim...

Runa the Grey

Location: New York City
Skills: N/A
Spells: N/A

The detail's of Jack's facial expression were lost on Runa. "Mm, yes. Another time - one not too distant." That had been the name they had introduced themself with to this crowd, to this group - Gullveig. It was not a name they had born as a maiden, when the universe was still bright and filled with hope. No, the moniker had come later. Runa was not the first Gullveig - yet she would be the last, she would see to it that it was so.

"Klara will not suffer - because she has already ascended," Runa said, their voice steady and strong. "Klara died long ago - died in the war alongside her father."

Yet Prudence's words Runa considered, considered her request to be selfish, to not take action at the behest of another. Everything she had done for millennia had been because of Ragnarok, had been for her family - for the god she had birthed from their collective consciousness, from their souls she had ascended. And that action had cursed her, had cursed her to forever walk the Nine Realms - to know no salvation, no peace, no death. Her god had made every being swear to continue her life, to spare her from death - just as her grandmother had done long ago for her father Baldur. There was no punishment great enough for her sin, for those she had slaughtered to power the spell. And her god made sure that Runa knew that - knew that even as she had saved them, they had forsaken her.

So Runa considered for a moment, just a brief moment, whether Prudence was right - whether she ought to forsake them in turn, ought to allow the cycle to continue on again in countless realities, for more pain, more suffering, more agony.

Klara defended her, forcing Jack to heel - and the corners of Runa's lips twitched ever so slightly.

Then came Max's appeal to the past, to a conflict almost long since forgotten - a bewitchment, an enchantment, where a sorceress had made Runa believe that she was human - believe that she was loved. The memory of it ached as much as it comforted.

"What would you bid me do?" Runa asked Prudence, asked Klara.

They were on a precipice now, dancing between shatter points, between choices.

But in their heart, they knew the path they must pursue - they knew that everything they had ever wanted was forever beyond their reach, and the only comfort could be found in oblivion's embrace.

☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

Location: Lotus Hotel and Casino
Skills: N/A

Nancy's eyes widened, in a mixture of horror and rage and a tiny fraction of relief as Leandra's body knit itself back together, as the corpse rose, filled with life once more. Her blood boiled as Leandra gained the upper hand, their positions reversed as the zombie held a knife to her throat, as the monsters shoved Cassian - fucking grody ass Cassian - through the Doors of Death. She hated the way that Leandra smiled at her, briefly imagining knocking out all of her teeth, or better yet, prying them out. She would find new ways to make Leandra suffer.

Especially as Leandra held Mads before her like a bait, like temptation.

Especially as Zeke softly said her name.

Nancy inhaled deeply.

"Nothing you can say is worth shit to me," Nancy snapped. "Nothing you can do is worth shit to me. You're just a sad little powerless puppet doing your best to make other people miserable - but guess what? You're nothing. To anyone. No one is going to remember you, no one is going to sing little songs about Cupid's fucked up daughter, no one. Not even the rats that will eat your spleen as you rot in a dumpster like the trash you care."

"So you can go fuck yourself." Nancy then spit in Leandra's face.

🌈👻 Leda Storm 👻🌈

Location: Tartarus
Skills: N/A

Leda let out a slight sigh of relief as the drakon wandered away, its movement shaking the ground. They were safe - for now, at least. But she was still plagued by questions, by worries about what would happen if they were to be hurt here, if she could die a second time. As a demigod, she had always been comforted by the fact that she knew what would happen when she died - she knew that she would end up here in the Underworld, that she could be given the rewards heroes deserved. She didn't know what would happen now though, that safety, that security was gone. In its place was fear.

"Can ghosts even rest, y'know?" Leda said, as they made their way into a cave of sorts, not too large and clearly disused. It'd be an okay spot to take shelter, and it didn't seem like any other monsters lived there. Well. She supposed monsters weren't in a huge habit of living in Tartarus anyways, likely shambling along to try to reform, to come back to the mortal realm to find more demigods to terrorize. "Or what's to happen if you die, eh? Do you vanish? Or... will you just stay right where you are, since monsters respawn here?"

9:20 PM - Sun. October 31st, 2038 - Margaret Carter Institute

As Leah and Sabine left, off to complete their hero's mission, Darius placed a cautioning hand on his husband's shoulder. "You cannot change things, Percy," he murmured in Nemo's ear. "Remember that."

Nemo nodded slightly, drawing up his weariness around him like a cloak. "How could I forget?" He still saw their graves when he closed his eyes - he still saw the ashes he had scooped by hand into those empty caskets, the stones he had carved by hand to mark their resting place.

Darius pulled him closer, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "The White Witch is watching, lover."

"Let her watch, then. I have nothing to hide."

@Nallore: A haunted young man with shock white hair and pointed ears was currently feasting on Diana, his mouth soaked with her blood. The more he fed, the more intoxicating and relaxing the sensation became - her logical mind would realize that this was likely some sort of chemical reaction from the bite, a mechanism to keep the victims from struggling, to allow them to resign themselves to the fate. There were runes on the wall, scratched into the wood by hand - runes that Diana didn't recognize, but would fill her with a sense of dread.

Then the door was kicked down.

Then an arrow landed in the face of her attacker, of the vampire spawn Astarion, forcing him to retract his fangs and pounce at Kate, hissing.

But she shot another arrow and another, cool in the face of death, in the face of danger - in the face of the twenty other vampires in the room.

Needless to say, Cassie wasn't there. And Buttons was mysteriously gone.

@Forsythe: Vicky's messages had gone unanswered, the admins not responding to her pleas, to her requests for help. Unbeknownst to her, Hope wasn't in this plane of reality at the moment, off on an adventure in the Microverse. And Rhodey, Rhodey was in a top security intelligence debriefing, one where all electronics had to be removed from the room. They would see her messages later. But the teenage rebellion had already begun.

@BlueSky44: America grimaced, struggling against the vines that were ensnaring her, crushing her, but the only became tighter and tighter the more she fought. There was no mercy to be found in King Arthur's court, certainly not from Merlin. And it was then, ironically, that Zelda would notice something - would notice a small jar on a stone table in the back, about the size of the jar the rose was in in Beauty and the Beast. Within the jar, pounding her hands, was a miniature Cassie Lang - her voice soft and muffled as she screamed, trying to get their attention.

"A child of the false gods," Merlin murmured. "And a being of magic."

"It's true - I'm from the Utopian Parallel, it's this, like, lesbian magic dimension," America explained. She did cast a bit of a side eye at Zelda, since the entire goddess explanation seemed a bit confident, and with the skunk streak in her hair, she couldn't help but be reminded of the famous mutant Rogue.

King Arthur stared at Merlin for a moment, before nodding, a dark smile on his face. "My apologies. Release them."

Merlin snapped his fingers, the vines vanishing.

"As for your friend... I am afraid the only ones I know of who travel through portals are Morgan's witchbreed spies."

@Blizz@PatientBean: This time, they were not separated.

This time, they found themselves in what appeared to be a hedge maze in the dead of night, their breath fogging up before them from the bitter chill. An owl cried from somewhere near by, the moon lighting up their otherwise dim surroundings. And then, there it was. The cry of the shadow, of the other. The cry of fear, of terror.

The howl of the wolf.

The scream of Marrok.

Something was coming.

Something was chasing them, the size of a small house, with vicious claws and gnashing teeth.

A wolf, a werewolf, a beast - just names, nothing that truly did justice to their opponent, to the heart of Nimue's magic. It towered over them, its eyes glowing bright red. Rather than attack Leah, it went for Sabine - it snatched her up in its claws, opening its jaw wide, clearly ready to devour the princess whole.

April Flynn & Percy Novikov

Location: Stark Hall - Fourth Floor
Skills: N/A
Costume: Perfuma from She-Ra | the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who

April's body was numb, as Mads helped her to her feet - as Mads asked her if she was alright. She wanted to say that she was fine, that everything was fine, that no one needed to worry about her and they could all go back to having a good time - that it was the best night of their lives and she had ruined it, yes, but it wasn't completely ruined. Gods, she had ruined it though, hadn't she? Leah had gone through so much trouble to come out and have a good time, and April had made a fool of herself, had had a complete meltdown. Her fear and panic and terror was mixed now with a vicious undercurrent of shame, of embarrassment - of a wish that she could bundle up the emotions she didn't want and toss them all away, to control her mind and her body and her soul completely.

Dorian would struggle to become corporeal, managing it only on the second attempt, and feeling drained.

April visualized the words, visualized saying them - saying I'm fine - but her tongue felt thick, felt swollen. The most she could manage to do in this fugue state was to squeeze Mads' hand - a sign to let her know that she was okay, that she was still in there, that she was just... April didn't know what she was. Terror then struck her suddenly. Magneto was inside her. Her family's illness then was inside her. Perhaps this was it. Perhaps this was the beginning of the end for her sanity.

Then Danni came down, sweet, gentle, kind Danni.

And something about seeing him made the tears flow once more - made her sobs start off again, racking her entire body, as she almost collapsed on herself, as she almost fractured, almost shattered, almost died a little bit one more time.

Percy was luckier. His unconsciousness was brief, his body stirring as his eyes flickered, before opening once more, straining against the sudden light. The last thing he remembered, he'd been teleporting April back to her dorm room - probably a farther distance than what was really needed, but he'd been wanting to do the right thing, been wanting to do right by Dorian, really, to show his boyfriend that he was dependable and able.

Slowly, Percy rose to his feet - his body felt like it had gone through an entire marathon he hadn't been prepared for, every muscle, every joint, every bone aching. He felt like he'd been hit by a bus, like he'd been drowned on the Titanic, like he'd been stranded on the Moon and left for dead. And above all else, he was hungry - his stomach constricted, crying. But he'd tend to that later - he could find some snacks for his hunger.

@Blizz: Your prayers go unanswered, as there is no one to hear them. The veil must be restored. Its spell is complex, linked to the soul of the Sorcerer Supreme. Without that office being whole, without you all acting in unity, it is impossible to perform. A fractured veil will not stop Ananym. It must be repaired in its entirety.

@KazAlkemi: You attempt to work the deep magics, but it slips through your grasp like water. The portion of the veil you had attempted to restore shatters, and in fact, it is not just that piece - but another. More damage is done than repair.

@Trainerblue192: You piece together a fragment of it, restoring one small portion of the barrier, yet you feel in your bones that it will not be enough. The spell must be completed as intended, or your efforts will be futile. Your attentions would be better spent on the pentagram fueling the infernal assault.

@BlueSky44: Young one, the magicks respond to you this time - as you recite the incantation correctly. It is fortunate that the All-Tongue works for text. A small fragment of the veil is repaired, but it is not enough. It cannot be enough.

Runa the Grey

Location: New York City
Skills: N/A
Spells: N/A

The incredulous cries, the pleas for help, the threats of violence - none of this was new to Runa.

They had heard all these things before, from travelers who had reached the Wastes, had jumped to the End and saw in horror that only they remained, that every other creature was gone, that the promise of Ragnarok had not been fulfilled. They were the breaker of cycles, the breaker of chains. Not everyone could see the vision, could see the necessity of her actions. So she had killed those travelers, had refused to allow them to alter events, to create another stream in time, another reality where her loved ones would have to suffer once more.

Life was suffering.

Life was pain.

Life was agony.

She would break these chains.

Ananym was gathering the power to bring the Elder Gods to Midgard, to use the weakened veil to allow them to escape their prison. Yet the same power could be used to destroy, to end - to cease this narrative, this story that refused to end. It would spare them all. It would be painless, quick, fast.

"I cannot do that either," Runa said, as she was asking to stop Ananym's pentagram. "I will have need of those magicks."

She did not answer Carolina, nor Max, nor Jack. They had killed a hundred Max's. They knew what he would say to them, they knew how his screams would sound upon their ears. Yet Klara, Klara was their kin. Klara was a child, an innocent.

They had not killed very many children.

So they decided to answer - to speak to her the words that had fallen only upon dead ears before.

"It is a long tale, so listen well," Runa began, breathing in deeply.

"When I was not yet old in the way I am old, and not young in the way you are young, I prepared to let my husband go. He was of Midgard, a people not built to last, not built to remain. Yet when Loki presented me his severed head, I realized I could not allow it - I could not bear to be separated from him. I tried to raise him, to free him from Hel's clutches, but I could not restore him - could not restore his soul."

"I witnessed Ragnarok - I saw my father slain by his brother, saw my husband's murderer escape his bonds, saw the dead sail, the giants revolt, the Midgard serpent thrash. I gave my eyes to Mimir's well, I paid the price for the deepest of magicks, to learn Himmelfartsdag."

"I ascended my family, my people - they became a collective god, a Dominion outside of space and time, no longer vulnerable to the ravages of Ragnarok. I paved the way in blood and tears, fueling the magicks with ritual sacrifice. I gave my heart. I gave my dying breath. I gave my future, my past, my present to break the cycles, to break the chain."

"And so I cannot aid you. When this universe dies, your souls will be at peace. And perhaps then, I may rest."

Guin Stark

Location: Asteroid M
Skills: Telepathy
~Fit Check~

Guin's head was spinning, the pain pounding from her over-extension. She really needed to practice more. Other telepaths probably would've been able to connect to every mind on this station without doing the mental equivalent of pulling a muscle and twisting an ankle simultaneously. The headache was terrible and she kept her eyes closed in order to block out the light - a trick she'd learned ages ago for dealing with migraines and she hoped it applied here. "I'm... fine," Guin mumbled, as Pietro asked her after having set her down next to the Blackbird. "Just... overdid it."

But with so many lives on the line, how could she do anything but?

Even with the pain, even with the headache, Guin reached out once more. She felt like she was on fire, her mind burning as she connected with as many minds on the station as she could - as she instructed them to run to the hangar as fast as they could, that time was running out, that they needed to escape. And as she let go, as she ended the psychic rapport, she felt the blood flowing freely from her nose once more, and she felt faint, she felt exhausted and weary - able to move, able to think, but sluggish, like her body was buffering from the strain.

Neil Spellman

Location: the Asteroid
Skills: N/A
~Fit Check~

Neil grimaced slightly as they helped to tug the floating Anne Cortez along, as Perry mentioned her feelings of worthlessness. They could understand - especially now, when there wasn't much that they could do. They couldn't reach into people's minds, they couldn't forcibly evacuate everyone from the station. There was no threat to fight, just a clock that was slowly but surely running out of time. They were running out of time. All their mutant powers and they had no way to turn back the clock, no way to give them a chance to get every single person off of this station.

But that wasn't comforting, that wasn't going to make Perry feel better. And they did want to help her - did want to encourage her, to help her feel valuable and like a member of the team. Truthfully, they liked her - she felt like a friend already, someone they wanted to get to know more, someone they'd love to invite to the D&D table. "All we can do is help out where we can," Neil said. "I know it's not a lot but... Every little bit helps." They had to believe that - had to believe that even the smallest actions mattered.

9:10 PM - Sun. October 31st, 2038 - Margaret Carter Institute

@Nallore: Kate nodded, heading off with Diana - and grinning a bit at the dog. When she looked at it, Buttons was a Chihuahua. "I wonder if he likes pizza," she mused - her own dog, Lucky, loved pizza. It was probably bad for him, but the vet said he was perfectly healthy, so she wasn't too concerned about trying to change his diet. She knelt down, offering Buttons some pets, and he turned into a corgi, so she played a bit with his ears. "I don't suppose you know where Cassie is, do you buddy?"

Buttons woofed and took off at a run.

"Well... Shit. Maybe he does?" Kate said, before sprinting off after the pooch.

@BlueSky44: America nodded, less surprised than others might have been to come face to face with Merlin - she was well traveled, after all. The bigger issue really was that they had just suddenly appeared within the Throne Room. King Arthur rose in defense of his wife, pulling his sword - drawing Excalibur and aiming it at the two of them as a threat. Merlin snapped his hand and vines appeared, ensnaring them.

"What business brings you here, witchbreed?" King Arthur said darkly.

It would then dawn upon Zelda that in not all stories was King Arthur the hero...

In some, he was the villain.

@Blizz@PatientBean: Lady Nimue considered Leah's words carefully, although her features were scrunched up in confusion. "Was it not horrifying enough?" she asked. "I was told that these things are supposed to be terrifying. What is more terrifying than to face one's shadow?" she posed. Yet when Leah asked about what Nimue would do when someone was killed in there, it did not seem to bother Nimue in the slightest. She came from a world of stories, where death just meant one version was dead and another would revive to take its place. She was an immortal being, a goddess. What does death mean to someone who can never die? What does death mean to a person who sees everyone as just characters, fated by the rules of narrative?

Nimue then considered Sabine's demand that she fix this - but what was there to be fixed? Her enchantment had fulfilled its requested purpose, she had partaken in this ritual, this means of celebration for the people of this realm. Far be it from her to judge them for their odd customs, but she prided herself on being able to understand, to adapt to them.

But more than anything else, her magic was bound to the rules of story. The enchantment had been set to expire at midnight. To end it all sooner, it would require heroes - heroes to rise to the challenge.

"I cannot fix this," Nimue said calmly. "The spell is bound to the rules of narrative. Heroes must prevail to break it."

She then produced a shimmering sword, offering it not to Sabine but to Leah. "But I may arm you for the battle you will face. With this sword, you must go to the heart of the enchantment - and you must destroy it."

"I don't suppose we could do it?" Darius, Ser Nemo's husband, asked.

Lady Nimue shook her head. "You are not chosen."

Ser Nemo frowned, before addressing Leah and Sabine. "You don't have to do this, girls. I can block off anyone else from entering tonight. Go, enjoy yourselves. Comfort your girlfriend. You can be heroes another night."

April Flynn & Percy Novikov

Location: Stark Hall - Third Floor -> Fourth Floor
Skills: N/A | Temporal Teleportation
Costume: Perfuma from She-Ra | the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who

Being away from the crowds, from all the questions and stares and glances, it did help - somewhat. With how shattered April felt after that experience, so untethered from reality, so unmoored, even a small improvement wasn't too noticeable. Her tears had dried up, her body shaking as it tried to produce more but failed to do so - and her eyes felt so wet, so uncomfortably wet, she wanted to dry them but her body felt unresponsive, like it wasn't hers to control - like she was someone else, like the software running her body just was outdated, uninstalled maybe. She was somewhere else, just watching the scene, watching this Homecoming Queen try to piece herself back together.

So when Dorian came on up to them, asking if they were okay, saying that he was going to call for help - April wanted to answer him. She really did. She wanted to tell him that she was okay, that he didn't need to worry about her, that he shouldn't worry about her. But her lips felt too heavy and she couldn't quite remember how they worked, couldn't quite recall how to exist in her body. She couldn't move her head, all she could do was stare melancholically, all she could do was be trapped in this body.

Percy, however, was in a better state - marginally. He was dizzy and exhausted, and his legs felt like they were made of Jell-O as he tried to rise to a standing position, only to immediately regret it, the ringing in his ears increasing. He didn't want to look weak or incompetent, especially not in front of Dorian. He wanted to be able to meet his boyfriend's expectations - to exceed them, really. "I'm fine," Percy insisted. "I just need a moment, then I can get her upstairs."

He could do this.

Yes, teleporting with another person was incredibly difficult and yes, he was traversing a long (to him) distance that required multiple jumps - but Percy was as prideful as he was stubborn. He took a breath, placed a hand on April, closed his eyes, focused against the pounding headache, and... They teleported a floor up, making it to the fourth floor. He could feel bile pooling at the base of his throat. He tried to summon his power, to get them to the fifth floor, but his body couldn't take it.

He fainted, hitting the floor with a thump.
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