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February 16th, 2021 - 6:30 PM

The Ruins of the Old Mutant Underground DC HQ...

"Ah, I am sorry," Colossus apologized, sheepishly letting go of Spark Plug. He wiped a few tears away from his eyes. They were still flowing naturally, his baby sister had died after all and he hadn't been there to do anything - and since she died of M-Pox, there really hadn't been anything he could have done. It was pure random chance that took Illyana's life. Their ride finally got there and Colossus gave Echo a kind nod. He got into the car, sitting in the passenger seat, and as he was in his metal form, the car noticeably bent down towards the right from the huge weight.


Location: Mutant Underground: Van
Skills: N/A
Veil couldn't think of something for the new girl, Kristina, to do. Ordinarily, her mind would have pulled up a mental list of the many things they needed to accomplish at the Mutant Underground, but it escaped her. All she could think about was how to help the rest of her team, the rest of her family, after the double tragedy they had experienced today. She couldn't imagine how Colossus was taking this - probably just about as well as Feedback was handling Moonwalker's death. Moonwalker and Magik. Veil couldn't help but feel responsible. M-Pox or not, she was their leader - whatever happened to her team, it was on her conscience.

"Thanks for the offer, but not at the moment. We'll need to find you a place to rest for the night. In the morning - or later this evening if you'd prefer - we can talk about where you want to go next. We're part of a group that discretely moves mutants so the law can't track them." Of course, the Washington D.C. group was becoming increasingly involved in things above their pay grade. They had tangled with Mister Sinister and the Hellfire Club, and now, they were trying to find a cure for M-Pox by "borrowing" random scientists.

Oh, and apparently, they were now no longer bound by Earthly politics, as the green haired girl claimed to be from Asgard. Veil looked at Zarina sympathetically. She must have been incredibly sheltered, not knowing what the police were and now thinking her father was from another planet. Had the atmosphere been less heavy, she would have pulled Zarina aside and had a long talk with her on the basics: what it meant to be a mutant, how mutants came into being, and of course, that they were not aliens. Her mother must have lied to her.

Watts climbed out of the van, carrying Leda. Havok had Polaris similarly in his arms, with neither woman looking particularly happy. Polaris had a scowl on her face even though she was unconscious and Leda was grumbling about how she was perfectly capable of walking on her own.

"We'll be in our room, don't bother us," Havok requested - well, more of demanded before carrying Polaris on up into the Mutant Underground proper and making a beeline for his room.

"Isn't he just charming?" Watts snipped. He had been trying his best to keep a lid on his ego with everything going on, but he just couldn't help himself. As an asshole, he couldn't help but be extra annoyed by the presence of another asshole of lesser or equal value. He then followed after Sapphire, heading into the Mutant Underground proper, where he saw a kid around Leda's age crying over a corpse.


Location: Mutant Underground: Entranceway
Skills: N/A
Sunshine's heart and soul were aching, as Magik's body slowly grew cold to her touch. She had hugged the corpse tighter in an attempt to delay the inevitable, as if she could just wish a heartbeat back into existence. She wanted to scream and lash out, to burn everything down to the ground. She hadn't even comprehended the depth of her feelings towards Illyana and now, it was too late. She would never get to hear Magik's laugh again. She would never get to stare in awe as Magik summoned her Soulsword and was a complete badass.

Her head was down, buried into Magik's chest. She heard Waverley come over and talk to her. Her roommate had been the first person to try to comfort her. Everyone else had left her. They were either dealing with Max (she hoped Max wouldn't be breathing when he came back, it wasn't right that he was alive while Magik was dead) or off doing something else. But it meant a lot to her to know that Feedback was there. "Th-thanks... I-I-I just... I-I-I can't believe she's..." Sunshine mumbled, lifting her head to look at Feedback.

But Feedback wasn't there anymore.

Sunshine's chin wobbled as she burst into tears all anew.

Casper Theriot

Location: Mutant Underground: ???
Skills: Mediumship
Up the stairs, Andy would find herself in a hallway with about ten doors going off of it. Of course, far less interesting than the doors are the variety of people. Negasonic Teenage Warhead looked at her, raising a slight eyebrow. "Who let Emo Barbie in here?" she asked in her usual monotone. Every now and then, there would be a flicker of pain in her eyes. Negasonic was doing a fairly decent job at keeping her emotions under check, but it was largely since she had a plan in mind to bring Magik back.

"Bold of you to assume I don't have at least ten phones on me at any given moment," Negasonic then told Glimpse frankly, unlocking her phone and handing it over to her. She was watching her movements like a hawk, almost daring Glimpse to try to look through her text messages instead of placing a call.

Havok then rushed up the stairs, carrying Polaris. He opened the door to his room, went inside, and slammed it behind him.

Meanwhile, poor Casper was still stuck! He had no clue at all how to get back into his body, since from what he could tell, he was a ghost - just a living ghost and not a dead one. Luckily, his bod seemed to be able to breathe on its own without him telling it to do that, especially since Nurse James Extraordinaire was there to keep him from dying. A lightbulb went off above Casper's head! "James!!! I'm trapped!! I need you to get Negasonic's phone and look up the WikiHow for when you're trapped as a ghost! Or the Wikipedia plot summary of any movie with something similar, just you have to make sure I've already seen it or I don't want to see it since I cannot stand spoilers! Unless I'm the one telling them, then I love spoilers!"

"This is a fantastic strategy - except for one thing," Ben reminded him. "James can't hear you."

"What about the power of love? Doesn't that count for something? I know that I love James a lot, and even if in Wanda's vision he didn't want to be with me, I'm sure that isn't the case here!" Casper said, but his words faltered a bit at the end despite his rise in volume. "...What if James doesn't love me, Ben?" he asked, his words slowing.

Runa Johansson

Location: Hotel Valhalla - Floor 472 -> Feast Hall of the Slain
Skills: N/A

Runa's eyes widened as Klara grabbed her and threw her over her shoulder like a sack of laundry. A large part of her surprise was from how strong Klara was, but really, she was mostly shocked from suddenly being grabbed and thrown around like that. Klara's mention of how it would be better if she came quietly only further unnerved her. She didn't want to know the sort of punishments dolled out in this afterlife. And if they were this serious about having to attend dinner, how would they react to finding out all of the information Runa had withheld from them? Her only real option was to lie and claim she didn't know, but then her own conscience might eat her alive.

She hadn't been lying about hating crowds. She was always freaked out in them. While she liked the idea of being able to vanish and not be noticed, she felt like all the eyes were on her as they went into the massive feast hall. And to make matters worse, apparently they were going to be sitting at the front table. Runa gulped, wishing that something would conveniently get her out of this. Her anxiety levels were going through the roof.

Megan Pendragon

Location: Camelot
Skills: N/A

"You look like Edward from Twilight," Megan teased her brother. His dark colors really did remind her of the color scheme for the vampire focused movie and book series. Had her brother been a bit paler, he probably would have been easily mistaken for a vampire. She tilted her head slightly, trying to recall if vampires had ever shown up in fairy tales. A lot of fairy tales were much tamer in the modern versions than their historical ones. She couldn't help but secretly hope they'd run into one - and a werewolf as well. A ghost would be spectacular too. If anything, she wanted horror stories to be reality over fairy tales. "Also, of course I had to jab at you over your lack of knowledge when it comes to guns. It's my solemn duty."

She listened intently to what Merlin had to say. While they were going to his tower, their parents were not there. She felt a twinge of disappointment, despite what she had said about her birth parents meaning nothing to her. She had no idea how far they were from Merlin's tower, though she felt a bit of pride seeing she had been right about there being a road nearby. She glanced around, taking in the scenery. Life was weird - and wonderful.

Neil Spellman

Location: the Danger Room
Skills: Telekinetic Combat
It was difficult to see through the flames, but at least they matched his internal fury at having Carolina ripped away from them. She was his best friend and he couldn't imagine X-Mansion without her. He got along well with Annie, and had even started opening up to her, but Carolina had seen his artwork - he had let her catch a glimpse at his soul. And with all of the trauma of the breakup, Neil was maddeningly clinging to Carolina's friendship like a life preserver, turning it into the most important facet of his life.

Mary's words melted the flames of ice in his heart. He could tell that she actually meant it - that they weren't going to just leave Carolina and Elizabeth behind. Some people might have just said that to be nice. A single tear cascaded down his face and he nodded at her, sniffling a bit. "Thanks, Mary - that helps." He didn't say it to be sarcastic, bitter, or cruel. If there was one thing his breakup had done for him that was positive, it made him a lot more aware of his emotions - and a little bit more comfortable expressing them.

Lance, however, annoyed the hell out of Neil. How was being trapped inside of a game for 20 years a positive thing? His hearing was selective - whether it was willful or a result of his hearing aids - and he chose to ignore the parts of Banner's statement that were nice. He instead zeroed in on everything that could annoy him, with Neil making an ugly face at his forced partner. What he wouldn't give to punch Banner in the jaw...

He blinked, doing a double take after Mary committed an unspeakable act of animal cruelty. Hyenas looked too similar to household pets. It might have been from her fear of fire causing it. It reminded him a bit of when she yelled at Allison at Stark Tower. "Uh...." he trailed off, before swallowing. Neil focused on as many of the hyenas as he could, before waving his arm and causing most of them to go flying backwards, hitting the wall as gently as he could.

Guin Stark

Location: the Danger Room
Skills: Telepathy (Mental Link)
Shit. I keep forgetting she's afraid of fire, Guin grimaced. She didn't blame Iris for the situation though. Fire went hand in hand with the life of a superhero, though it usually came in the form of deadly explosions. Mary chose this life, so she would have to work on through her fear - they couldn't ban people from the team with pyrokinesis after all. It would be like forbidding Iris from using weed while at the X-Mansion because of Guin's sobriety. Everyone had to handle their own stuff.

Like right now, they had a bunch of crazy hyenas to deal with. "F.R.I.D.A.Y., do me a favor and enact the Awesome Mix Protocol," Guin requested.

"That's definitely a priority right now, boss," F.R.I.D.A.Y. quipped in response.

"Did I ask for commentary on my life choices? What are you, Pepper?" Guin complained. The A.I. didn't say anything in reply, but the speakers in the Danger Room roared to life as music began to play - one song in particular on loop. Guin tilted her head slightly, before she snickered. "Jokes on you, F.R.I.D.A.Y., I can kick ass to this." She banged her head a little bit to the beat of the music, transported to a simpler time briefly - a world where the biggest problem was whether or not there would be a new episode of Avatar that week. She fired off a rapid round of repulsor blasts, knocking out six of the hyenas. She didn't feel right about firing to kill. Loki or not, animals were better than people and essentially innocents.

Any suggestions on how to deal with someone having a psychotic break? Guin whispered to Pietro. With his sister, he was somewhat of an expert on it.

Having anti-psychotics on hand would probably help, but restraining her would probably cause more problems for us...

Do you happen to have some on you? Like maybe you ran through a hospital today and grabbed some? Just for fun? It was no secret that Pietro was a bit of a kleptomaniac. When he had been hypnotized by Mesmero, he still had brought her a stolen hat from the Pentagon. And early on in their relationship, he had stolen her watch, P.H.I.L.

Uh no, sorry.

"Uh, hey Mare, you wanna break out some sock puppets and talk about our feelings?"

The Triskelion - Washington D.C.: May 17th, 2021 - 2:30 P.M.










Agent 13's Apartment...

Agent 13 nodded at Matt in response to his thank you. She was a little bit rough around the edges, but she had a good head on her shoulders and a strong moral compass. It would only take one more push for her to disavow S.H.I.E.L.D. and go off to help Captain America with whatever his next move was. The more people who defected, the more would ultimately feel emboldened enough to do so themselves. Her belief in S.H.I.E.L.D. was what held Agent 13 back so far. It was hard to reconcile her emotions.

In the blink of an eye, Flynn had shot at her and the other agents in the room. Pain exploded in her kneecap, but she was a seasoned combat veteran, staying on her feet despite the massive source of agony. Dropping down to the ground would just be a death sentence. Asokho hit Flynn with a dart - a paralytic, if she had to guess - but not before he pressed an ominous red button.

She hated red buttons.

She also hated traitors. Agent 13 kicked her good leg up into the air, bending down to use her hand to briefly support herself as she kicked him in the head. She broke his nose but unfortunately didn't knock him unconscious as intended. There was then a knock at the door.

Bonnie Chase

Location: the Roof - Quinjet
Skills: Blessing of Athena, Perception, Intuition
"I jammed the doorknob," Bonnie admitted to Cass, smiling a little bit like an imp. Unlike her boyfriend - or rather, ex-boyfriend most likely - she wasn't the sort to get up into people's face and scream about emotions. She liked to deal with things a bit more coldly and remotely, preferring to keep a door from being able to open over yelling at Flynn about how much she hated his hostile treatment of her earlier in the conference room.

Bonnie held up a finger suddenly, listening intently. At first, the sound had been muffled, barely able to make out. But it was quickly repeated in rapid succession, the blood draining from her face. Gunfire. While it was possible to have been completely unrelated to their quest for information on Captain America, her gut told her otherwise. The sound had to have been coming from the top floor of the apartment complex. "Something's happening," she quickly explained to Cass. The smile had faded from her face. "Gunfire," Bonnie added. She pulled two of her knives, holding them each by the handle, as she sprinted off of the quinjet. She hurried down the staircase, finding an odd group of six standing outside the door to Agent 13's apartment - (the Daughter,the Younger Son,the Older Son,the Father,the Uncle,the Aunt,).

Her eyes narrowed slightly, looking at them. There was something about the group that just rubbed her entirely the wrong way. It was like looking at the TV cast of a family, where the actors just needed to vaguely resemble one another. "You should leave - it's not safe here," she warned them, hoping she was just being paranoid.

The Aunt smiled at Bonnie and within a flash, she was right in front of the agent. The Aunt pressed her hand to Bonnie's forehead and Bonnie's eyes widened, unable to form a coherent thought. She couldn't remember who she was or where she was or what she was doing. She had no knowledge of anything, an immense terror creeping into her heart. Even language faded away from her.

The Uncle cracked his knuckles and summoned a small controlled tornado, blowing the door off of its hinges. "Spare a cup of sugar?" he asked, looking in at Flynn, Agent 13, Asokho, and Matt.

Amelia Baptiste

Location: the Skies Over Levittown - 2:50 PM
Skills: Aerokinesis
"Oh, right on!" Amelia enthused. They were traveling rather quickly, flying faster than most commercial airplanes were able to. They would end up in New York City in another twenty or so minutes at this pace. The wind was coming at them from behind, helping to speed them along - and it didn't hurt that Amelia was doing her part to manipulate the air around her glider, which only helped Maria and Sparky fly faster as well. "But there's nothing left you want to achieve? No other dreams?" she asked, surprised. She couldn't imagine a life without further goals. Her achievements were just stepping stones to get to the next set of them. They'd never be done.

Sparky's life was positively wild. It made so much sense that she was from Florida. Amelia may have been from Australia, but even she knew that everything weird in the United States originated from there. The only good thing about it was Disney World - although she heard that Miami was pretty fun as well. "The Quantum Realm? What the fuck is that? And really, crikey, you must have met Thor then! Are his abs as real as they look on the news?"

✨ Rebecca Eventide ✨

Location: Argo III - Upper Deck
Skills: Basic Medicine and Trivia Knowledge

"The poor thing is wounded and means us no harm, Jason," Rebecca chided him softly. It was understandable for him to be extraordinarily cautious, he hadn't learned that not all monsters wished to harm demigods. Some cyclopses wished to feast on their bones, yet others served in the forges under the ocean in Poseidon's dominion. Gryphons were multifaceted creatures and until proven otherwise, Rebecca was determined to treat the poor thing as a wounded ally and not as an injured foe. Alannah came back up with a variety of supplies for tending to the gryphon, as Rebecca did her best to examine the wound cautiously without disturbing the spear.

"Arthur, if you go into the cargo hold, there should be some healing herbs in the barrels. We'll need those," she directed. "As long as we show the gryphon we mean no harm and behave as non-threateningly as possible, all should be well," she instructed. If she could take those herbs and apply them as a salve of sorts to the wound, then bandaging it up ought to be sufficient. The poor creature would likely need a few days to rest, but there was plenty of space on the Argo so she doubted that would pose an issue. "We should then set up a space for the gryphon to rest. It should have a place to sleep and recover."

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Argo III - Galley
Skills: N/A

Needless to say, Leda hadn't exactly approved of Demetri using his own spit to send an Iris Message. He could have asked her to summon a rainbow for him or at least done something more sanitary than asking a goddess to carry a message via spit. She shuddered on her mother's behalf. It was probably for the best that Iris was a peaceful goddess, as some of the other gods probably would have cursed Demetri for using spit to summon them. "If you mean we call football football, then yes. It's you yanks that got cross eyed and decided to call it soccer. What you call football hardly even involves feet!"

"And I'll take a dare. Can't have you learning all of my secrets on day one, luv," she said with a smirk. Besides, dares were infinitely more entertaining. Truth questions tended to lead to tearful confessions and drama, both of which she loved, but Leda had a lot of pent up energy that she wanted to let out. She was moving her knee up and down rapidly, enough to be felt through the table by the others. For a demigod, Leda had an extraordinarily hard time keeping still. For a normal person, her attention span was basically zero.

β˜€οΈ Nancy Parker β˜€οΈ

Location: New Rome - Senate Building
Skills: N/A

Nancy raised her hand as well, voting in favor of the quest. There was no way she was going to vote against it. Her eyes narrowed as she saw Leandra stupidly clinging to open defiance. She made no sense at all to her. The vision Nancy had indicated Leandra was going to be there when this all went down - so why wouldn't she want more information? She was jeopardizing her own safety. She opened her mouth to chew out Leandra, but decided against it. She had wasted too much time on her today anyways. "How very," she instead said brightly to Niah. It was no secret that Nancy loved Niah's armor - it was like having their own personal Peter Pan around.

"I'm so excited to change out of this," Nancy then added, pulling a bit at her purple praetor's cloak. She didn't wear it when she went out on quests and whatnot. It was fun to have a purple cape, but it got in the way. She had watched the Incredibles while at the Lotus Hotel and had come to agree pretty strongly with Edna Mode - capes were a recipe for disaster when it came to actual combat. She knew that there were some magical threads or something in them, but she preferred to wear her own clothes. She felt more like herself anyways.

Location: Catwalk
Skills: N/A
So many works of art recommended against using anger as a motivator. It was a cheap fuel, only allowing you to go so far. It often resulted in suffering and tragedy. The protagonists were constantly being directed towards more positive emotions to use for their battles, such as love and never hatred. But in this moment, Vinnie had to disagree with popular culture. Anger was a great source for getting things done. It filled her like an intense fire, hearing Greenie insult her. Tessa grabbed onto her and Vinnie nearly jumped, although she realized a second later that Tessa was just helping to make sure she didn't fall from the catwalk.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Vinnie screeched a loud war cry, running at top speed towards the strange being. She didn't care that it was asking questions. Her anger was pumping through her system and she was going to put that rage to good use. Whatever They were up to, it was clearly nothing good as they had all been abducted - and hopefully not anally probed. Her butt felt normal though, so she figured the odds of that happening were low. She slammed into the creature with her entire body, knocking them back down. Vinnie then pinned them expertly, her body so used to this sort of violence, as if she had done this on a daily basis before. Roller Derby. She wished she had a pair of skates.

"Listen, Gabriel, you're going to tell us what's going on here or I'm going to rename you Flapjacks because your face will be a pancake!" Vinnie declared. "So it's your move, talk or be a delicious vital component of a balanced breakfast!"
"Fuck!" Raynor cursed, dropping the radio down to his side. He walked over to the entrance, as if somehow that might make the signal better. He kicked at the wall in anger, wishing that he hadn't let the tiny ones go after Zarina. He hoped that Odin was watching over her if no one else could.

The Triskelion - Washington D.C.: May 17th, 2021 - 2:20 P.M.










Agent 13's Apartment...

Agent 13 stared at Matt for a moment. She was sick of men questioning her credibility or her effectiveness to do her job. Yet instead of telling him everything in an effort to get validation, she just smiled. She didn't have anything to prove to him. "I guess I don't have anything that can help you then." She had told them how to find Rogers, she wasn't about to do their job for them, especially when she didn't know if S.H.I.E.L.D. going after Captain America was the right call.

Her eyes narrowed at Flynn and Agent 13 shifted her weight slightly, her muscles tensed and ready for a fight. She didn't disagree with him, but he was a hostile white man screaming about morals in her apartment who used to work for a fascist, racist organization.

"I can speak for myself, thanks," Agent 13 snapped at Asokho. She didn't appreciate him mansplaining her emotions. "I also can hear everything you're saying, I'm not a piece of furniture. Steve isn't going to stop. You won't be able to convince him this is right - you either need to accept that or deal with the fact that Captain America's mighty shield can give you a wicked concussion and several broken ribs if you aren't careful. And that's on one of his off days."

Bonnie Chase

Location: Steve Rogers' Apartment -> the Roof - Quinjet
Skills: Blessing of Athena, Perception, Intuition
Bonnie frowned slightly as Niah left the room. There was definitely something going on there, but she couldn't be sure what it was. Her thoughts were a little bit clouded still, but it was coming in intermittent blasts - like a pair of old headphones cutting the music in and out at random times. She had to focus on the task at hand though, not the oddities in Niah's behavior or the cruelness of Flynn's earlier outburst. "We should take the quinjet in stealth mode, wouldn't want the Avengers and the Fantastic Four freaking out - or god forbid, the Daily Bugle getting more 'evidence' of UFO's." She missed having Doctor Strange around to sling them around the world via magic, but c'est la vie.

Bonnie left the apartment, glancing at the closed door across the hall. Flynn must have been on the other side talking to Agent 13. Her eyes darted over towards the door for the staircase access. "I'll catch up in a sec," she told Cass. Bonnie pulled the scalpel from her medical kit and quietly walked over to Agent 13's door. The rational part of her was fuming, but her inner Slytherin was feeling vindictive and petty. She carefully inserted the scalpel into the lock - and then used all of her upper body strength to forcibly bend it, jamming the scalpel into place and preventing the doorknob from turning.

She smirked a bit, before turning around, her blonde hair bouncing slightly, as she rushed to catch up with the others. She got onboard the quinjet and took the co-pilot's seat so that way she could be next to Cass during the trip. Bonnie was biting back a smile, trying her best not to giggle at the thought of Flynn being trapped inside of the apartment, unable to leave. His outburst earlier still hurt, but this was a nice reprieve.

Oliver's phone would buzz, with a familiar voice on the other end of the line: "So, mind telling me why exactly you are poking into Cap's stuff? Or are you going to try and pretend that it was an accident or something? Oh, when you leave don't forget to say hi to the camera in the hallway."

Amelia Baptiste

Location: the Skies Over Philadelphia - 2:40 PM
Skills: Aerokinesis, Perception
About thirty minutes into the flight Maria flew in the air with Amelia and Sparky, feeling the air moving through her hair and then she started to lag behind Amelia and Sparky by a couple of feet. She stared at Amelia a little bit longer than she should have, then she could've sworn she saw a goose that was flying way to close to Amelia, and sent a bolt of lightning at it but it looked like it was more aimed at Amelia who easily dodged it. "Sorry, there was a bird that was coming a little bit too close to you."

"Crikey, thanks!" Amelia exclaimed. She had her hands gripping her glider, with her feet tuck into the foot holds on the back. It was way easier to maintain the air currents she was using to fly like this than she could have done without the glider to assist. She dipped down slightly and then pulled up rapidly, going a loop-de-loop. She frowned slightly, not spotting any birds nearby. It also was a bit concerning to her that Maria's first instinct was to electrify a bird instead of letting it be.

"Y'know actually, cunt, the sky belongs to everyone. I don't mind if a bird gets a bit close to me, just a new mate, eh?" Amelia shouted at Maria, trying to be heard over the noisy wind. They were above Philadelphia now, halfway to New York City. The metropolis was gleaming underneath them. The trio were about 10,000 feet up in the air - not high enough to run into airplanes, as those tended to be at 36,000 feet. "So I want to get to know both of you more! What did you want to be when you were little kids? I've always wanted to be a pilot. I had posters of Amelia Earhart on my ceiling."

February 16th, 2021 - 6:20 PM

The Ruins of the Old Mutant Underground DC HQ...

"You are good friend," Colossus mumbled to Spark Plug gratefully. He returned her hug, still in his organic steel form. He was ordinarily incredibly careful with others while like this, but his grief had clouded his mind. He forgot his own strength and as he hugged Spark Plug, he used so much pressure that he accidentally snapped one of her ribs. She was suffocating, unable to breathe. Both boys would be feeling rather chilly from the snow, while Spark Plug apparently was immune to Jack Frost.


Location: Transit
Skills: N/A
Veil was a little bit surprised to hear one of the new mutants - the one with the leather jacket - explain stealing. She was so used to living below the poverty line, stealing supplies for the Mutant Underground, it was just strange to think of it as immoral. She never considered whether or not their actions hurt other people. It always felt like a victimless crime. And if there were any victims, surely it would be the rich people who owned the warehouses and stores they raided for food, right?

Her phone buzzed, distracting her from her thoughts. She read the second message before she saw the first. Her bottom lip trembled and Veil bit down on it, hard, in an attempt to keep the tears at bay. They lost Moonwalker and Magik that day. Death was part of being a mutant, but it didn't make it hurt any less. She cleared her throat slightly. The others needed to know as well. "Magik died of M-Pox." Her fingers felt cold as ice as she tapped out a reply to Spark Plug -

We need to make a drop off at HQ, got some injured. We'll come by ASAP. Almost there.
We lost Moonwalker. Picked up some lost girls.
And Polaris

There was so much going on that Veil didn't even know how to process the information that one of the kids they picked up had a sibling working for S.H.I.E.L.D. It wasn't unheard of for mutants to go into law enforcement - or to have human family members who were part of the force. But in Veil's opinion, all law enforcement was corrupt and anti-mutant. Anyone who wore the badge was either guilty of hate crimes or complicit in abiding them. The other girl in the back was chattering a lot, seemingly a Thor fangirl from what Veil could tell. That also wasn't uncommon. He had nice abs.

Watts was protectively holding onto his daughter, Leda sitting in his lap since there wasn't enough room in the van. Both of them were quiet, knowing that this wasn't the time for snide comments. People were processing and grieving, especially with the announcement of another death. Watts could hold his ego back - at least for a little while.

"Fuck," Havok said. He didn't elaborate. There wasn't really anything else that could be said. Magik had died because of a disease they had been powerless to stop. At least Moonwalker had died for a cause - Magik's death had been for nothing.

The van pulled up into the garage of the Mutant Underground Headquarters. It had a small staircase that led up into the entranceway, where anyone going on up would see Sunshine cradling Magik's corpse on one of the couches.

"Echo... Would you mind picking up Colossus, Spark Plug, and Stretch? They're at the old HQ."

Casper Theriot

Location: Mutant Underground: ???
Skills: Mediumship
Casper's body was on a bed in medical. His veins were extraordinarily prominent and his breaths were infrequent and harsh. He had ended up face down on the pillow, making breathing even more challenging. Of course, his spirit was completely unaware of the mortal peril his body was in, instead trying to come to terms with his fear and conquer it as he stared at the ghost of Waverley's mom in Max's bedroom.

"You got this, Casper," Ben encouraged. Sometimes he felt optimistic about Casper's chances to become a better person. This was not one of these times. Ben was a liar.

"I'm f-fine, Ben, you act like I'm as competent as Honey Boo Boo on Toddlers in Tiaras or whatever that white trash show was called," Casper complained. He was partially transfixed by the ghost of Mrs. Watts, looking at the blood that covered her. Her lips had a definite blue tint to them and her eyes looked like they were rotting, as if her hatred was causing her soul to decompose in the afterlife.

"HOW THE FUCK DOES THIS WHITE BOY GET TO BE ALIVE AND I'M DEAD?!?!?!?! IS THERE NO JUSTICE ANYMORE?!?!?! THE FUCKING COP KILLER NEEDS TO PAY!" Mrs. Watts raged. She tried to claw Max's eyeballs out, but her ghostly hand just went on through him.

Something clicked. As Casper stared at Mrs. Watts, he started to laugh. It was quiet at first, before expanding into a full belly chuckle. He had no idea why he was suddenly a spirit too, since he was pretty sure he wasn't dead - his body had been breathing last he checked. But there was just something so funny about Mrs. Watts trying to hurt Max but failing. And while Casper didn't realize it, he had faced his fears. (Well, more of Max had faced them for him). Mrs. Watts couldn't hurt Max. She couldn't do anything unless Casper let her.

He had the power here - wait, did he? He didn't know if he could channel things like this. He didn't feel like trying though. No, instead he wanted to do what he did best - talk.

"Hey, I'm not scared of you! You can't hurt me! You can't even hurt Max and everyone likes to do that! In fact, while I'm talking to you, you reeeeaally need to get a haircut. Like is there a ghost barber? Maybe after Hitler gets his stache trimmed, you can hop into the chair and take it for a spin, huh? Also newsflash, revenge doesn't work when you're dead and all you're doing is giving me a headache. And messing up your daughter emotionally, she's going to grow up to be an action star, probably will have some Swan Song type of a movie where she dies for the next generation... Maybe set near the Mexican border. And end near the Canadian one."

Ben smiled proudly, beaming like a father watching their kid take their first - extremely awkward and scatterbrained - steps.

"And oi, Max, no feeling up my boyfriend!!"

Outside in the hallway - "Britney Spears," Negasonic deadpanned. "Oh no, you're having a complete meltdown... No one could have predicted that an unhealthy obsession with a gay man with a boyfriend could end this way..." She didn't know what was going on between James and Glimpse, but whatever it was, it was weird. "Wow, James, you're back. Shocking."

Runa Johansson

Location: Hotel Valhalla - Floor 472
Skills: Amokinesis

Runa looked right into Klara's eyes, wishing that her problems just stemmed from being unable to accept her death. Truthfully, she hadn't had much time to really contemplate whether she had really died or not. She had a lot on her mind, with the knowledge that her father was a captive god and if she didn't do anything with the information she had, the universe could die. But it had been too long since she had arrived here, she couldn't exactly just casually mention what she had seen. No, she needed to fix this mess alone without anyone else in order to save face. What if they thought she was evil or something? The blood drained from her face, wondering how her meeting with Loki would come off to them. She hadn't mentioned it. It was also definitely too late to bring it up now.

She stiffened as Nadia put a hand on her, before delicately removing Nadia's hand from her person. She didn't mean it to be rude or anything, but her anxiety was skyrocketing. She kept alternating between a deep sense of shame for not speaking up and saying anything about the end of the world, fear that no one would believe her, and anxiety that there wasn't anything she could do to fix anything. "Leave me alone!" Runa demanded, but there was something different about her words. It was like they had a bit of extra spice to them, entrancing Arnora and Nadia to follow her instructions. Klara was immune.
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