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My username is Morose since a friend was trying to come up with OC's for a Hogwarts fanfic and I jokingly suggested Darren Gryffindor, Happy Hufflepuff, and Morose Slytherin.
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In less than seven weeks, I will have my bachelor's degree (:
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"They say when a new Supreme starts to flower, the old Supreme begins to fade..." -Fiona Goode
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My power grows exponentially each day as we come nearer to Halloween.


Name: Morose
Aliases: Mini Me, Major Rockstar, Mor, Wisteria22, Holmes, AliceAdler42, the Tea Thief
Age: 21
Birthday: May 15
Ethnicity: British-American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Chemistry
Occupation: Student
Languages: English (fluent), French (near fluent)
Current Bio Theme: Bernadette Rostenkowski
Previous Bio Themes: Fiona Goode; Sally; Scott Lang; Felicity Smoak; Nico Minoru; The Frost Triplets; Gertrude Yorkes; Violet Harmond; Clint Barton; Lorna Dane; Selesia Upitiria; James March; Tony Stark; Olivia Moore; Harley Quinn

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas - The Secret Warriors have been through a lot, saving the world more than once - but do they have what it takes to save Christmas, after a costumed foe crashes their holiday party...? A sister RP to @BlueSky44's X-Men: Darkness Rising.
  • Darke Magyk - Book Three: the Last Avenger - In a world filled to the brim with Magyk, there are as many foes as there are allies. A Witch Queen sits on the throne, vigilantes plague the Castle, and world war is on the horizon...
  • The Gifted - the Mutant Underground attempts to save mutants on the run from prejudice that is often supported by Law Enforcement, but with the increased strength of the Purifiers, will they even be able to save themselves?

Rp's Currently Enjoying:
Future Projects:
  • Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Quest - Coming Soon!
  • All-New, All-Different Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Vigilante
  • StarFyre
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Devil's Night
  • Norse Mythology
  • The Avengers: Unity Squad

Continuing Projects:
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 3: the Terrigen Bomb
  • The Gifted Season 2
  • Darke Magyk Book 4: Ragnarok

Theme Song:

The Skyrose Multiverse began with the apocalypse RP, Abandoned Hope. This RP, which I GMed with @BlueSky44, incorporated a lot of lore from various shows and books that we liked. At first, we thought that was the biggest connection it would have. It has now expanded into a fully blown universe, with multiple GM's running connected RP, and an established continuity throughout the timeline.

Skyrose Multiverse Lore Guide
Avatar: Out of the Ashes: An Avatar the Last Airbender RP, set in 1 AG
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719
Experiment X: A Marvel Comics inspired RP about Weapon X, set in 1983
The Wolves of Red Lake: A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008
Hooked on a Feeling: A coming of age superhero RP, set in Spring 2016
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016.
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016.
The Uncanny X-Factor: A superhero RP, set in December 2017
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, beginning in January 2019
  • Brotherhood- January 2019
  • Days of Future Past - June 2020
  • Enter Mesmero - September 2020
  • House of M - December 2020
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A super powered secret agent RP, beginning in August 2020
  • hail HYDRA - August 2020
  • Age of Ultron - October 2020
The Gifted: A slice-of-life RP about mutants struggling to survive in a society that cannot accept them, set in September 2020
The Unfortunate Thirteen: A sci-fi RP, set in January 2345
Darke Magyk: A medieval fantasy RP, beginning in December 12,507
  • Witch War - December 12,507
  • Chaos Reigns - May 12,508
  • The Last Avenger - November 12,508

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🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Zeus' Cabin
Skills: N/A

Andy was quiet, though Leda supposed that was to be expected. She had just seen something incredibly traumatic and horrific - again. It was enough to drive any normal kid insane, but Andy and Arthur were hardly that. They were the children of the gods. They would see tragedy time and time again in their lives, and all Leda could hope was that they were never numb to it like some had been today. The gust of wind signaled the arrival of one of her siblings - Tammy - and Leda relaxed slightly. The body was out of there and she was providing as much comfort as she could to these two kids in the meantime. "We can come up with a way to honor her together," she gently nudged them, hoping they would agree to help out. It would help them heal.

Arthur apologized, something Leda took as promising. The horrifying site of Ash's animated corpse must have been all he needed in order to learn his lesson. "It's alright, you're young and your powers are new... If you'd like, I could see if someone from the Hecate Cabin would be willing to help tutor you. A few of them also have abilities over the dead and they might be able to help you control yours, as well as think about how you want to use them." It was the nicest way to phrase make you realize how fucked up raising your dead sister was that Leda could think of.

✨ Rebecca Eventide ✨

Location: Camp Half-Blood - the Big House/Infirmary
Skills: Basic Medicine, Potions

Rebecca frowned slightly, hearing from Zeke that monsters had attacked the barrier. It wasn't completely unheard of, but she could hardly dismiss it as just being coincidence. The universe was not governed by games of chance in her experience - everything happened for a reason. She couldn't help but wonder if the barrier would be able to fail, if a large enough force of monsters amassed and targeted the demigods. Mr. D left quickly, the aroma of wine and grapes left behind where he had been. "We can head to the arena once we're certain Rosie is comfortable," Rebecca said.

She knew that Zeke ran the infirmary more or less at the moment, but she had to imagine he would agree with her. They hadn't had time to properly examine Rosie. Her fainting spell, even if it was connected to a vision, was something that needed to be attended do. Zeke had already informed her that they had herbs and such here that could be used for mortals, so Rebecca went to the supply and began to look through them for something that would help the Oracle. There were a few herbs that could be used to help Rosie regain consciousness and Rebecca fetched them, before going over to her. "Zeke, I'd like to give her these," she said calmly, asking him permission only since Rosie was technically his patient. "They'll help wake her."

Washington D.C.: September 10th, 2020 - 10:50 AM

The Amtrak Station...

It wouldn't take Anastasia too long to get Ksenia's restraints undone, but they were running out of time. If they didn't leave within the next ten minutes, it was almost certain that the authorities would notice that the train had been delayed. In order to stage this as a jail-break and not an abduction with an accompanying massacre, they'd need to move fast. The mutants Jinx freed looked around with wide eyes, as if seeing for the first time in their lives, and they quickly thanked Jinx and Anastasia before eagerly rushing the exit of the train car.

In the next car, Jinx would find another cage just as described, this one branded with the letter alpha. Inside was a petite girl with strange, glowing white eyes. She must have been David's sister and the only daughter of the famed Professor Xavier - Valentine Haller.

JFK Memorial Hospital - Gift Shop...

Vulcan was bleeding significantly from the wound Sapphire had inflicted with her ice dagger, but he wasn't down for the count just yet. He didn't seem that concerned by the wound - maybe Sapphire had damaged a nerve and he just couldn't feel it, or perhaps it was something extra that Shaw and the others had done to him. The villain was even smirking at Cayden's pain, proud of his handiwork with the energy blast. "You're going to have to do waaaay better than that," he taunted, before sending off more and more preemptive blasts. They missed all of the Mutant Underground members, with Colossus rising to his feet again.

"Really, Piotr? Back for more?" Vulcan taunted.

"Da. I could do this all day," Colossus answered, spitting at Vulcan's feet. Just as he was about to charge, a horrible, terrible idea came into Casper's mind and he rushed forward directly into the fray.

"Casper what the hell are you doing!!!!" Ben shouted.

Casper held out his hand, as if he somehow had a power that would let him blast Vulcan. "Leave him alone or I'll kill you," Casper bluffed. "You've probably heard of me - Legion, son of Professor X," he boasted.

"...You're pretending to be David. This is a horrible plan. He is going to kill you."

"So surrender or face my wrath, okay?"

The Cherry Bomb - Basement...

Sunshine pretended to brush off Jack's correction, though it truthfully bothered her slightly. She didn't know why it gave her a slight uneasy feeling, almost like she had eaten food from a trash can and gambled on its quality. However, Spark Plug ruffling her hair caused Sunshine to tense her shoulders up, like a turtle retracting its head back into its shell. "Can you please not touch my hair," she requested, phrasing it like a question but by her tone of voice it was clear she was annoyed about it. "I'm almost eighteen. I'm not five."

Veil smiled slightly at Leighton's description of her work - sure, she wasn't a fan of Leighton basically implying sexual favors in order to get what she wanted, but it was a clever tactic... and clearly an effective one at that. "Shaw and whoever else is running this operation, they know we're here by now - might as well go the more direct approach," she reasoned. Stealth had gone out of the window after Nightcrawler showed up to attack them, especially since the bar had been "closed for the day" by the owners. "But Glimpse, could you do a quick scan, see how many warm bodies we got down here?"

The young mutant's eyes narrowed as Max insulted her, turning from the secret elevator entrance to stare at the poncho wearing fool. "Why don't you go back to to your privileged, rich-ass life of fashion shows and runaways, asshole!" she screamed back at Max. Her face was scrunched up as Sunshine created a little green ball of smoke and she pegged Max with it, giving him a hearty cough. It wasn't going to really slow him down or anything, but it would make communication at the very least harder. He was lucky - she hadn't been aiming for something so mild. "So you can shut your pig mouth!"

"Hey, hey kid," Havok said instantly, putting a hand on Sunshine's shoulder. She flinched and jerked away. "He's an idiot, okay? And not worth the time or effort." Had Max not insulted him, Havok might have sided with Max on Sunshine's mannerisms - but since Max had lumped them together in that tirade, they were on the same side, the same team.

"ENOUGH!" Veil shouted, not caring that they were in enemy territory. "I get it, everyone here hates each other. But if you guys can't put aside your differences long enough to work together, then leave. This isn't some game. This isn't playing X-Men or Avengers - it's real and if you all keep on squabbling, someone is going to get killed. We all might get killed. Understood?" she snapped, looking at each person in turn.

Now, Sunshine wanted to avenge Erg's death more than she wanted to torment Max, so she nodded slightly at Veil, not answering verbally. "You got it," Havok answered, eyeing Max and wondering what he would do.

🗡️ Megan Pendragon 🗡️

Location: Orphanage
Skills: N/A

Megan slipped the photo of Isabella into her pocket, knowing that she would be there soon enough with her brother. She had to imagine one of the factors as to why Jack chose to ride with her was that Isabella was attractive - and Megan supposed that she could understand it on one level, but she had always gone more for personality and intensity of will over looks anyways. Her eyes flickered to the kids running through the lobby. It felt like a thousand years ago that she had been in this same lobby, attempting to coax a spider into her hand so she could release the poor trapped creature outside. Megan almost felt like she was in a trance as she felt someone tap her on the shoulder and she turned.

She vaguely remembered her - this woman must have been working there around the time Megan was dropped off and later adopted. Had she just entered an emotional labyrinth? "Yes, I'm Dr. Pendragon with the Witchita Medical Examiner's Office... I'm here about the body," she explained, her tone cool and steady. There was a part of her that wanted to mention the letter, but she wasn't about to show her hand there just yet. If she and her brother had both gotten letters, then this old lady could easily have been the one to send them out. "Could you take me to where it was found, please?"

The Small Wet Country Across the Sea: November 6th, 12,508 - 1:00 AM

Myrus Silvers

Location: Outside the Vault - the Palace
Skills: N/A
Myrus nodded slightly, liking Luna's suggestion that they all take shelter in the Queen's Room that evening. It was the safest location in the Palace, perhaps even within the entire Castle and extending beyond into the Small Wet Country. It wouldn't be appropriate for the guards to sleep in the Queen's Room with them, but Myrus was no stranger to sharing a bed with his siblings. He used to have sleepovers with Luna all the time growing up. "If you don't mind, I think us three should stay in the Queen's Room tonight," he asked the Queen.

Of course that wasn't the only thing Luna was right about - they also needed to increase the security for the evening. There were a lot of individuals who slept in the Palace, since it was their place of business. He bit his lip slightly, thinking on what they could do. "Ahote, could you go ask Titan to gather all of the servants into the barracks and have them sleep there for the night?" he requested. He would have let Valda do that, but she seemed so stressed and he really hoped she wouldn't mind him making a few decisions. "And then we should send a message rat to Rowland before we go to bed, let him know to expect us at first light..." Myrus doubted he would be able to sleep much beyond that anyways. They had a lot to discuss with the ExtraOrdinary.
Asgard: November 6th, 12,508 - 2:00 AM

The Palace Entrance Hall...

Antonije grinned slightly at his girlfriend, noticing something huge - her fangs weren't there anymore. The little witch child had really done it, she had accomplished the impossible and turned Sylvi human again. "Come on, Silvija, we can go crash at their place... Though knowing my sisters, they're probably off with the speedster..." he mused. There was a speedster on Asgard, so naturally his sisters were obsessed with the man, trying to learn to get faster from him. They were never satisfied with their speed.

Given how tired she looked and how happy he was, Antonije swept Sylvi off of her feet, carrying her bridal style. "This okay?" he asked her, giving her a slight kiss as he started to leave the Palace. It wasn't too far of a walk to get to Bruce and Myth's place, from what he could remember. And then if he couldn't find that house, there was Runa and Lance's home - and then the speedster's home - and worst case scenario, they could just find a tree or something to sleep underneath. "How are you feeling?"

The Rainbow Bridge...

Sága gave Arnora a bit of an exasperated look. She had always assumed that over the ages, demigods would gradually become more and more intelligent - but yet, they still asked her simple questions with simple answers. "If he isn't worthy, then he will die in the vacuum of space," Sága explained. "A mercy killing compared to the fate that awaits him if Ragnarok should come to pass... Let me show you, child," Sága said, before she reached forward and touched Arnora's forehead.

A horrible vision would then play out in front of her. The Nine Realms were on fire. Asgard was crumbling into dust. In the midst of it, a figure shrouded in purple was wielding Darke Magyk against Cuyler and while he fought valiantly, he was no match for the sorceress. He died honorably, his body falling to the already bloodied ground, surrounded by fallen gods.

The Well of Mimir...

As Cuyler fell from the Rainbow Bridge, the horrifying sensation of free-fall would only be matched by the joy of seeing the cosmos. The starlight and gaseous nebula were a tapestry of wonder, enough to enchant the mind and ensnare the senses of any who saw them. Falling from the bridge like this was a death sentence, a cruel fate of drifting off into the cosmos, freezing and turning to ice in the harsh vacuum of space.

During what felt like an eternity of drifting, reaching out for one of the roots of Yggdrasil, whispers like music floated and tickled his ears. "Kom min kjære, hjemme igjen, der alt går tapt og alt er funnet..." the voice sang, speaking the tongue of the Land of Long Nights. "Der nordvinden møter havet..." He would know the voice singing so softly - it was Arya's voice. And yet, before he would have a minute to contemplate this, Cuyler's feet would slam into solid ground... Well, not so much ground as a pool of water with a hazy orange sky.

"Cuyler, son of Eystein," a hooded figure greeted, water rippling around their feet.

Novikova, Maria, Allison, Sapphire, Jack, Casper, James
Featuring: Magneto, Polaris, Havok, Miranda, Oshea

Location: Ballroom - the Palace
Skills: Power Absorption (Novikova's Metal Manipulation), Regenerative Healing Factor, Telekinesis, Kickboxing, Accelerated Healing Factor, Cryokinesis, Earth Manipulation, Metal Bending, Mediumship

Through the portal, the group emerged in the ballroom - the very place where King Erik had hosted the Hanukkah party not too long ago. Novikova's muscles tensed. She had never tried going toe to toe with another metal manipulator before, but there was no time like the present. Either she would succeed and be able to help hold back Magneto or she would die trying. However, she hadn't been counting on Magneto's daughter, Princess Lorna, to be there as well. "Maria... Mind helping me with the metal?" she muttered.

Havok was chewing a piece of gum, blowing bubbles as he stood with Polaris a few feet behind Magneto. He looked at the group with little to no recognition in his eyes. "Wait, so these are the people that have been giving you so much trouble, Your Majesty?" he asked Magneto.

Casper swallowed thickly, his hands shaking slightly with nerves. He hadn't really fought before. Sure, he had been in fights but they never had been for something as pressing as the fate of reality. They were for smaller scale problems, things they could handle like stealing medicine to help Colossus' sister, Magik, recover from what Sebastian Shaw had done to her. "...I guess it's showtime, then."

"Let's do this," Ben agreed.

"I can take care of the rebels, Father."

Maria looked towards Novikova and smiled towards her girlfriend and nodded. "Sure thing love." She said as she leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss, feeling bad if Novikova felt any ill effects from it. Feeling her getting the power again, Maria took off her bow and quiver of arrows, she didn't want a repeat of their last encounter. Maria focused on something metal nearby as it broke free and then flew straight towards Havok impaling it onto his side.

Allison followed alongside the others. If they had any hopes of stopping this, these three needed to be taken care of and prevented. "Good luck then," she told Polaris before she picked up two tables with her telekinesis, launching them at the girl and knocking her to the ground. She then focused her sights on Magneto, who she felt was a bigger threat (or at least the threat that no one was taking care of at that moment). She pushed him back, but he only moved so far. She kept on him though, hoping the others would handle the other two. She knew Magneto could manipulate metal, so she would watch out for him trying that.

James waited as the others sprung into action. Unlike the others, James was at the disadvantage from the start. He had no way to monopolize the space between themselves and their targets and that was quite an issue when two of their enemies could fling metal around with their minds and the last one could blast lasers across the space. So he waited until those who could dominate that stretch did so and left an opening for him. Polaris hitting the ground provided the perfect opportunity and James pressed a chaste kiss to Caspar's hand and a soft "Stay safe, babes." before he took off, finding the downed Princess and slamming his foot into her exposed throat-repeatedly-before she could recover. Even if he didn't down her, hopefully the pain would keep her off center.

Sapphire shook her head slightly at Maria, "Really? You had to attack Havok? I mean yeah, the guy is an idiot and from time to time deserves to be smacked around in the face, but that's it. A shard of metal to the side is a bit much," she said as she glanced over at Havok. An idea started forming in her mind, not so much a good idea, but it was worth a shot. Who knows, maybe it would result in him remembering the real world? She wasn't sure, but if all else failed Havok was going to end up with a serious case of brain freeze. Sapphire raced over instantly to Havok, and did something she only had done once before and it wasn't exactly when she was in control of her own actions. She kissed him. Frost emanated from her mouth, and Havok would look a little blue in the face as she pulled away from him, and then she proceeded to smack him across the face. "Tell anyone I kissed you again and you'll have worse problems then brain freeze."

Jack did not understand at all what the hell Sapphire was doing, but he figured she probably had Havok handled, however she did that anyway. It was a bit strange, but he figured he was better off not asking any specific questions about it. Instead, he looked at the others that they were fighting, and saw that at the moment, the only person that they really needed to deal with at the moment was Magneto, as Polaris was down as well. "So... Magneto it is then," he said, before he sent his fist flying out, and it slammed into Magneto with enough force to send him flying into the wall.

"It would seem you are having some difficulties Lorna, perhaps they should see how a real master of magnetism deals with problems," he said, before metal shards started flying around him, and he sent them flying at of all people Casper. However, the shards never hit him. Jack had been about to move to protect Casper from the metal, but someone else stepped in front of Casper and stopped the metal. It was Miranda, her eyes having a bit of a pinkish purple glow to them as what looked like a wall appeared in front of them, protecting them from the metal.

"That isn't going to last forever, actually, it probably will go away fairly quickly depending on how hard they hit it... My hard-light holograms don't last nearly as long as the soft-light ones... I'm a bit out of practice with that ability..." Miranda explained simply to the others, before as if right on cue, the wall disappeared once more. "...Like that..."

Polaris glared slightly at James, scrambling to get back to her feet under her own power, but she was not going to be taken down so easily. He might have gotten the jump on her, but it would be his mistake. "Maybe we need a Mistress of Magnetism, Father," Polaris suggested, a little glad to see that Miranda had foiled her father's attacks. Polaris hated to be outdone. She sent metal shards of her own into James, hitting him in the portions of the human body where she figured she would cause the most pain and damage: the arteries. However, fire began to burn in her eyes as she witnessed Sapphire kiss her boyfriend, Havok. "That was a mistake," Polaris threatened. "Alex, whatever spell she placed on you..."

Havok blinked slightly, his face a soft shade of blue as his memories came rushing back to him. "Lorna... Lorna she didn't do anything to me..." he told her softly, but he didn't have time to explain things to his girlfriend. He knew it was only a matter of moments before Magneto did something else and he rocked his hips a bit, trying to send off a gigantic blast of energy at Magneto but he missed. A blush colored Havok's face - he was a bit out of practice in this world. Fortunately, Casper's eyes and hands were glowing an eerie blue as the phantom of Ben came into focus. Everyone would be able to see the dead mutant as tentacles sprouted from his stomach and latched onto Magneto, tossing the master of magnetism around like a rag doll.

Of course, Polaris didn't care that Havok had attacked her father - she was seeing green and she flicked her wrist, flinging metal shards at Sapphire's face. One of them embedded itself in her neck. "You'll die for that transgression."

Novikova meanwhile was listening to the earth around her, trying to rip up a boulder but it was proving far more difficult than she would have cared for.

Maria was grateful for Miranda to step in and protect them with those hard light holograms she had made, she looked at Sapphire for a moment at her comment and shrugged slightly. Even if he was a good guy in their reality right now he was a threat anyway, as she started to focus on the metal around her, seeing Casper and Ben doing their thing as well. She then sent shards of metal flying to both Polaris and Magneto only for the two of them to stop the metal from hitting them.

Allison looked over at Sapphire, the girl already looked pale but she couldn't be sure if she needed help. The shard seemed to be holding the blood in place for now. She'd see to her later. For now, Allison tried to force the shards forward more to aid Maria, but no go. Then she got an idea. Allison quickly ran over to Oshea and whispered, "Get me behind them please." Oshea obliged and she was facing their backs. She used her telekinesis to pick up more shards, sending them flying at Polaris and Magneto from behind. Polaris caught on, catching them, but Magneto seemed distracted and Allison managed to knick him some. She kept her resolve, aware she'd have to retaliate.

James crumpled to the ground as Polaris' metal shards shredded his arteries. He bit his tongue in the effort not to scream,an unnecessary distraction right now, as his inside felt like they'd been set on fire. He waited a beat for the wounds to start healing only to realize the pieces were still in him. He'd didn't have an specialized equipment so he'd have to do it the old fashioned way. Hopefully, he could handle the further aggravation to the wounds afterwards but he didn't really have a choice. He shoved his fingers inside each cut, blunt nails digging in further as he dragged out the little shards. His breathing picked up and the lightheartedness of blood loss started kicking in, dulling the pain response. Clearing the wounds helped a bit, the blood flow trickling a bit slower, so he refocused on his original target and lashed out at her feet, hoping to knock her down again but blood loss made it hard to focus past the pain and the slowly spinning room.

Sapphire was managing to push through dealing with the fact that there was a piece of metal sticking out of her neck. One thing was for certain though. She was more then just a little bit pissed off. Sure, she knew that Havok cared a lot for Polaris, but at this point that didn't seem to matter. "You'll pay for that bitch," she snapped at Polaris, before there seemed to be a bit of an ice storm swirling around her. Sapphire was just glaring at Polaris, before giant shards of ice went flying at the Mistress of Magnetism, one of them slammed into her side, causing enough damage to result in there being a lot of blood. "I'm not planning on dying anytime soon."

"Erik, stop this already, you shouldn't be doing this," Miranda said, as Magneto had sent out another blast of metal shards, and once more she was able to create a barrier in order to prevent it.

"Do you really dare to defy me Miranda? Why turn against me now? We've accomplished so much, so why go against me now, why join these rebels? Come back my queen," he said instantly, before he started sending metal shards more sporadically, making it much more difficult for Miranda to defend the group. One fragment slammed into Maria's stomach, sending her backwards.

"Erik stop this!" she said again, attempting to defend everyone still, but now it was becoming more difficult for her to. One rather large metal shard once more was headed for Casper, probably in retaliation for what he had had Ben do, but the shard never hit him. Instead, as if he was making up for Miranda having stepped in to protect Casper before, Jack had stepped in front of Casper to take the blow for him. The metal went straight through him, it had been fairly sharp, making it difficult for him to reflect it back and have it bounce off of him.

Casper instantly went into a panic, noticing the extensive injuries that James and Jack had both sustained. Abandoning all thoughts of fighting Magneto and his daughter, Casper made a mad dash over to James. Ben was still corporeal and he used his tentacles as a sort of shield, making sure that no one could get to them. "James? Baby?" Casper asked, incredibly panicked. His brother wasn't doing so well either and he didn't know what he would do without them - but James looked far more injured and hurt. He didn't know what to do, but Casper tried his best to manually stop the bleeding and somehow, it worked. "Ben, help Jackie!" Casper pleaded, tears in his eyes.

"I got you," Ben told Jack, wrapping a tentacle around Jack's wound and he gently applied pressure, managing to slow the bleeding.

Novikova saw red as Magneto sent metal shards slamming into Maria's stomach, letting out a scream as she threw metal shards back at him - they all hit, but it hardly seemed to phase the Master of Magnetism. "You coward!" she shouted at Magneto. "Fight me like a man!" She knew it was likely suicide, but she didn't care. No one was allowed to hurt Maria and live.

Polaris was still focused on Sapphire, especially with the wound the Ice Witch had caused her. She flexed her hand and the metal shard in Sapphire's neck flew on out, the very thing that had been stopping the massive amount of blood flow. Havok looked at his girlfriend with horror and he tried something incredibly stupid, but maybe just stupid enough to work - he kissed Lorna, hoping it would restore her memories as it had with him. Yet as he pulled away, there was no realization in her face - she wasn't his Lorna. Havok's eyes welled up with tears as he blasted Polaris, sending the Mistress of Magnetism flying backwards, and while he was so certain it would knock her out, Polaris managed to stay on her feet despite her wounds.

"...I loved you..." she told Havok quietly, before she sent metal shards slamming into his body. Havok fell to the ground, bleeding extensively from the injuries his true love had inflicted on him. If he didn't get medical attention, he would likely die.

Maria fell to the ground the moment the metal shard hit her stomach, groaning out in pain as she looked down at her stomach seeing the blood coming out of her shirt. She slowly rolled over onto her side, having a really dumb idea that would probably make Bonnie have a major fit about. She dug her hand into the wound until she felt it and yelled out as the shard was pulled out, and the pain was gone right away as Maria slowly stood back up to her feet.

"Let's try popping their heads like a can." Maria said to her girlfriend, turning her attention to Polaris who had really injured Sapphire and Havok as well. She focused on the tiara headband thing, and started to attempt to crush it, seeing that it was starting to hurt her a little bit.

Allison watched as her team was hit harder and harder with each blow to them. Havok was out, but Polaris and Magneto stood their ground. Though, Magneto seemed preoccupied with Miranda. That could be used to their advantage, but Polaris was making it hard. To make matters worse, Allison couldn't get a vision that showed her how to handle this. She whispered to Oshea, "We need to take them out quickly before we lose any more. The injured need to be looked at." She wasn't a healer, by nature, but she could do her best.

James wanted to respond to Casper, he really did. He looked so worried and Casper had been through enough in his life. He didn’t need another reason to frown. James groaned as he righted himself, sitting up to lean a little on Casper. Everything still stung like a bitch but at least he wasn’t in danger of dying anymore. James still stared past Casper for a few moments with a blank look and cupped Casper’s face with his hands, rubbing circles with his thumbs. “I just want you to know, I love you and I’m not judging you but why the actual fuck is Ben an eldritch nightmare? On second thought, questions after this mess. Thanks for saving me, babes. Always knew you had magic hands.” He pressed a quick kiss to Casper’s cheek. “Okay, okay. Gotta get everyone back on their feet.” He bolted, sliding to his knees next to Havok and sighing in relief as the wounds closed. One down. Sapphire was next, helping steady her as he closed the gash on her neck. And it took a second longer, the slightest bit of hesitation at approaching… Ben, but nonetheless he hit his knees next to Jack. “Never thought this is how I’d meet my boyfriend’s best friend but weirder shit has happened. I’ve just never seen it.” James muttered as he unsuccessfully tried to shut Jack’s wound.

"You get used to this sort of thing James, trust me on that one," Jack said, coughing ever so slightly still, his injury was starting to really hurt a bit now too. "So how have you been Ben? We haven't exactly gotten a chance to actually talk or anything because usually you've only popped up when fighting someone so far since we've been here in this reality anyway." Sure, he knew that now was not the time to be having a conversation, but it did help somewhat to distract from the fact that he was really hurting.

"I'm still single, if that's what you're asking," Ben informed Jack, one of his tentacles wrapped around the man to keep his wound tight. "And why do you look like Kid Flash?" he then asked James, a bit annoyed at the eldritch horror comment. It wasn't his fault that his mutation wasn't the most visually appealing one.

Sapphire stood up fully now, glad that James had managed to heal her, and she was glad that Havok seemed to be okay now too. She was really wanting to just knock Lorna down, that's all she had been trying to do, but sometimes the way things work is not how they play out. "How about you just stay down!" she snapped at Lorna, before the air seemed to freeze around her, and she sent a dagger of ice flying at Polaris, hoping to knock her down to the ground or something.

However she watched everything happen in slow motion, as the dagger headed towards her target.

She hadn't meant to aim that high, she had been trying to hit her leg or something, nothing vital, just trying to knock her down. That wasn't what happened though, as her dagger ended up slamming straight through Polaris' chest, right through her heart, and it pierced out of her back on the other side, the dagger of ice completely covered in blood. Seeing what happened as Lorna's body fell to the ground, Sapphire just sort of edged away now, shaking somewhat as she realized what exactly just happened. Sure, she had known that they needed to take out Magneto and Polaris, or at least keep them busy, but she had never planned on killing either one of them.

"I-I-I didn't m-m-mean to," she managed to stammer out, looking at where Polaris had fallen, blood was starting to pool around her body.

To say that Magneto was pissed off at the death of his favored child was an understatement. In retaliation he sent metal shards slamming into literally everyone else in the room. Casper and Maria got somewhat lucky, only getting hit in the arm and such. Behind him Allison and Oshea would get a shard to the leg (a bad thing for a speedster to say the least, but hey, he can heal quickly). James also got a shard into the arm, Jack luckily didn't get hit at all. Sapphire meanwhile got a shard to the stomach. If she had been paying attention, she probably could have avoided it, but she was more or less panicking still over what had just happened.

"LORNA.... LORNA!!!" Havok screamed, running over to her as best as he could. It helped that James had healed his wounds and he sank to the ground, sobbing as he cradled Polaris' body in his arms. "... How could you do this?!" he then screamed, looking at Sapphire. "Y-you killed her! You freaking killed her!"

"Hey, babes?" Novikova called out to Maria, ignoring the soap opera of Havok, Polaris, and Sapphire. Gritting her teeth, Novikova let out a bit of a feral scream as she reached her hands out, trying to crush Magneto's helmet by sheer force of will. Her metal bending was nowhere as advanced as her earth bending skills, but she was able to get it started. "Everyone with either a TK or metal ability - concentrate on crushing his helmet!" Novikova shouted. No one had really taken charge of the group, so she figured she would give them some direction. And if anyone was going to pull the entire heroes don't kill card it was a bit late for that anyways.

"Uh... Ben, do what the Russian lady said with one of your other tentacles?" Casper requested.

"It'd be my pleasure," Ben replied, sending another one of his tentacles out and he wrapped it around Magneto's head. He then started to squeeze, the helmet starting to give way underneath his mighty grip. Blood was coming from Magneto's head and while he was still a threat, the tide was changing in their favor.

"Oh and Maria - I know this is probably a bad time, but we never seem to have good timing so... Will you marry me?" Novikova asked, opening one of her palms to reveal an engagement ring. She was still focusing on trying to crush Magneto, but it was always a good thing to make time for romance.

Maria winced slightly getting a cut from the shard that Magneto had thrown at her, but it wasn't as bad as the one she had gotten to the gut earlier. She watched as Sapphire managed to kill Polaris wincing slightly at the kill shot when Novikova got her attention turning to look over at her girlfriend as she told everyone to continue to crush his helmet. Maria held out her hand using Novi's power and started to crush his helmet even further managing to bring him down to his knees. "Stand down now Magneto." Maria said, when Novikova held out an engagement ring to her, eyes going wide now and couldn't help but smile. "Yes, of course I will marry you." Maria said and leaned to give her a loving kiss.

Allison fought the urge to delight in the cuteness of a proposal versus the fact that one of the people they were tasked with distracting was dead. Sapphire, for all she acted, seemed genuinely shocked and horrified. The others managed to hold Magneto at bay, though she knew the man was still dangerous if her injury was anything to go by. Despite that, the tide seemed to favor them. "It's over. We can save her, but the other team needs to finish their work for us to be able to. She'll be alive again. Also congrats you two!" she called over to Novi and Maria. What? She couldn't help the cuteness.

"I-I-I didn't mean to do it! I'm so sorry Havok," Sapphire said, his words towards her were echoing throughout her mind as she backed away from him. It had been an accident, every time she attacked someone, she never once meant to actually kill them, it always was an accident. Ever since she first accidentally killed someone, she had been trying to better herself, to prove that she didn't just hurt people, it was one of the reasons she got a degree in medicine. She had wanted to prove that she could help others, but now it just seemed like she was going backwards.

Jack was doing a bit better now then before, and was just watching what was going on around him unfold. Looked like to him Sapphire was more or less panicking over what she did, and odds were that Havok wasn't exactly helping matters. "Alright, we need to finish this already," he said, he tried to send his fist flying, but ended up failing at it because of his injury. "Damn it..." he muttered under his breath.

Miranda meanwhile looked somewhat sad at the whole situation that had unfolded so far. She created what looked like the image of a javelin over her hand, and it became solid, appearing to be real. "I remember when Charles first got the idea for the Danger Room, from my powers creating holograms, though back then I only could create the soft-light ones that couldn't actually hurt people, but not any more... I am sorry Erik... And I'm so glad that you aren't going to remember this, but this world, it can't exist, this world isn't real, and never should have been real... When Wanda fixes things, you'll be brought back, and won't remember this... I truly am sorry... I love you, but truthfully I love my children even more, " she said softly, it sounded like she might somewhat cry as she threw the javelin and it slammed into Magneto, running right through him and having him essentially lying there bleeding out on the ground. He wasn't going to be getting up and causing any problems anytime soon.

🏹 Arthur Twist 🏹

Location: Big Bad HQ - Lowest Level: the Final Room -> Hallway -> New Room
Skills: Stealth
He wasn't always the most elegant problem solver - case in point, Arthur kicked at the cabinet and managed to bash it open. Grimacing slightly, he checked through the folders but they were mostly empty, all except for one. His heart began to pound with anger as he read through the file, learning that the dying man he had seen - the corpse, really - was the Mastermind. His children were directly implicated for the death of his father. There wasn't any sign of what the test was, but Arthur took the file, folded it up, and slid it inside of one of the pockets of his suit. And while he was certain that the file could prove important, he was more of wondering where exactly the Red Queen was. There were a few more rooms back towards where he had caused the explosion, so Arthur figured that would be the next place to go look.

Arthur moved back into the hallway stealthily and entered the first room he found that he hadn't checked yet. The room contained a gigantic computer and he couldn't help but roll his eyes slightly. He wasn't a fan of technology. It only caused more problems than it solved at the end of the day, in his opinion at the very least. Moving over towards it, Arthur was able to make out that it seemed to be some sort of digitized data storage. It was password protected though and he bit her lip slightly, before typing in his first guess:


"...What..." Arthur murmured, as the computer unlocked. He sat down in front of the computer, frowning as he searched for Jason Wyngarde - Mastermind. What he found was stranger than he could have possibly expected. The Sisterhood was trying to raise the dead - to bring Mastermind back to life. There were plans for some strange machine too and he wasn't too sure what it was meant to do, but it seemed to have something to do with brains?

Sometimes, things were simpler on Krakoa.

⚡John Watts⚡

Location: Big Bad HQ - Lowest Level: Machine Room
Skills: N/A
Watts didn't have any sympathy for Andrew's pain, though he did note that Andrew swore - which was unlike the cupcake eater. "Language," he warned Andrew, just as he would scold his son or daughter when they decided to use colorful words in their speech. That wasn't the only thing he noticed that was off - if the machine had been damaged by an EMP blast, Andrew was the only one here that Sisterhood had who could fix it. Sure, his engineering skills were not the best, but he would do in a pinch Watts supposed. He forced a smile onto his face.

Of course, Watts knew what this machine was designed to do - to take someone's consciousness and place it into the body of another. Had someone replaced Andrew's mind? Was this really the cupcake eater he was talking to? There was one easy and plain way to test that. "Of course, I can take care of the machine," Watts said, moving on over to it. He touched it delicately, having no intention of smashing or destroying it at all. "I'm sure you're relieved to have been rescued - I'd offer to dash and grab you a celebratory cupcake, but I know you don't care for them. Perhaps a cookie instead."

The Hub - San Fransisco: December 24th, 2020 - 5:30 P.M.

Merry fucking Christmas from the other guy in the red suit!

What's that? You thought I just took over things in X-Men? HA! I've become a world wide sensation, an orgasmic prince of storytelling, comedy, and crime. I even worked on Frozen 2 - yeah, let's just say that little sweet innocent Anna isn't as innocent as she wants you to think... And damn, Kristoff is flex-i-ble! Like damn! I'm not really sure if reindeers are better than people!

But my newfound success and fame aside, I'm doing bigger and better things now than temporarily running an update or two when that annoying GM in X-Men is busy (psst, Blue, I love you boo... I'm totally not winking now either. Or crossing my fingers behind my back). I decided that the next thing worthy of my talents was to take over an entire fucking storyline. And with my jovial manner and love of the yuletide season, what better than to take the pesky little S.H.I.E.L.D. monkeys through a Christmas extravaganza?

It's got heart, it's got pop culture references, hell if I can convince Parker it'll even have true loves kiss! And if we end up with some extra time, I'm catfishing Wolverine - he thinks I'm Jean Grey and that I am H.O.T. for him - so I guess you guys can join in!

Now where were we? Oh right, the agents had decided to play just about the most boring drinking game they could come up with - there's no stripping involved, it's a tragedy, a real crime against humanity, I'm sure the Geneva Convention outlawed it. Some of those gifts people brought were real interesting too... Do I spy a wedding ring in the pile?

Dominika Novikova, Bonnie Chase, and Raynor Blake

Location: the Common Room - the Hub
Skills: N/A
Novikova groaned as Maria started off the game. "I feel targeted already," she told her girlfriend - well, fiancée really. They had gotten engaged during the entire House of M fiasco. She raised her glass and took a drink, enjoying the burning sensation of the vodka as it trickled down her throat. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Raynor took a drink to that question as well, nursing a bottle of rum. And Bonnie, Little Miss Perfect, just sat there patiently waiting for the next question to be posed.

"Really? You never had sex in a friend's room, Sparks? You sure about that?" Raynor teased slightly. The game was helping slightly to take his mind off of his parents' tragic fates. He didn't drink for Tempest's turn, the one detailing sending nude photos to someone - neither did Novikova or Bonnie. Novikova had never been much interested in sending nudes, preferring to see the naked physique in person... and Bonnie just wasn't into that sort of thing at all. It wasn't her area of interest.

"Aww, Niah you shouldn't have," Bonnie whispered back, giving her friend a quick hug. She then patted the seat next to her. "But I got you something too," she then whispered again with a slight smirk. Bonnie wasn't about to be outdone or out surprised, after all - she was too competitive for that.

With Oliver's turn, both Novikova and Raynor took a drink but once more Bonnie didn't. She was feeling a little bit self conscious, seeing how wild everyone else present was. She never had been much of a party girl. "Alright, my turn," Bonnie began, before she got an evil grin on her face. "Never have I ever remembered an alternate reality," she said, certain that she would pretty much get everyone in the room - with the exception of Matt and Oliver.

"Oh fuck you, blondie!" Novikova complained. Her power revolved around seeing alternate lives - if Novikova hadn't felt targeted before, she certainly did now. She didn't even bother to just take a drink, instead downing two shots for good measure. Raynor came from an alternate reality, but he also remembered the Ultron timeline so he rolled his eyes and took a chug of his rum as well.

"Watch out, Chase, I'll get you," Raynor warned, chuckling lightheartedly. "Never have I ever... slept with Flynn!"

Meanwhile, Tinley would hear soft thumps coming from the ceiling - it easily could have been her imagination, they were so faint it was hard to tell if they were real or not. Maybe it was just a mild symptom of PTSD, after everything she had been through... was her mind looking for trouble now on Christmas Eve?
@Eviledd1984 I'm afraid we don't have room at the moment.

Washington D.C.: September 10th, 2020 - 10:40 AM

The preparations were almost finished for the helicopter. Magneto and Polaris were conversing on the balcony, leaving Emma alone in the main room of the penthouse. She closed her eyes as she took a sip of her martini, dreading this conversation but it had to be done. She could not allow the power vacuum to be filled by another. "Nathaniel.... Do you have a moment?" Emma Frost whispered into the mind of Mr. Sinister - Shaw's partner in the genetic research that produced the Hounds.

"Of course Ms. Frost, though make it quick, there are a few things that I need to take care of."

"It’s Lord Imperial now, actually - I am afraid Sebastian Shaw is no longer with us."
She smirked slightly, rather pleased of that. She had anticipated needing the Mutant Underground to take care of Sebastian Shaw, but the surprise recruitment of Polaris and Jinx's unforeseen cooperation helped matters greatly.

"I see... That is most unfortunate."

"Indeed. I understand that you and Sebastian had a certain... arrangement. I believe we may be able to come to an accord of our own, beneficial to all parties."

"Oh? And might I ask what it is that you are thinking about with that?"

She frowned slightly, not wanting to play games. "Your pet monsters, Nathaniel."

"I see. What sort of arrangement were you potentially thinking of Ms. Frost?"

"Oh, your research and access to the Hounds... as well as your loyalty. And what would you desire in return?"
She already knew what he would ask for - a seat at the table.

"That is a lot to ask for... However, a position of power that would allow me to continue my research of course would help me immensely. As my research does on occasion as I'm sure you know, require less then willing volunteers. A position of power would allow me to obtain more volunteers and the like. That is my request."

"...You do understand how unusual it would be to have a human in the Inner Circle. Of course there was Leland so it would not be without precedent... Very well. The most I can offer to someone of your lesser genetics would be the position of Black Rook."

"I understand that it is more than a bit strange, however it would likely be beneficial to both of us to have myself be there. You'd have another member of the circle who is loyal to you and would aid you, and I would be able to continue my research which you seem to want. I agree to those terms Ms. Frost."

Her thoughts then turned to another important matter - her niece. Sage had alerted her to the fact that Leighton had gone missing and it hadn't taken Emma too long to discover the reason why - she was a mutant like her dear aunt and had the poor sense to become mixed up with the Mutant Underground. "Excellent, Nathaniel. Now as a demonstration of your loyalty, I understand that my niece has wandered into your complex. She’s terribly confused, mixed up with the wrong sort... Bring her to me, darling."

"Ah, she I believe is one of those who are nosing about my operations, of course, I'd be more than happy to send her your way."

"Yes, though I would not be too alarmed - the Mutant Underground is hardly a force to be concerned of."
They were just pawns.

"No, certainly not. I have kept an eye on their operations a bit myself as of late, as my own son seems to be hanging around with them, I have been curious as to what they have been up to. They are more of just a walking disaster it seems to me."

"I have designs for them - leave them alive. Beyond that, I am flexible."

"Of course, besides, killing them would be such a shame. There are better things to do than that."

"I am afraid I have to go, Nathaniel - I imagine I will see you soon. Farewell."

"Farewell Ms. Frost, it has been a pleasure doing business with you."

Emma opened her eyes again, rising from the couch as she fixed her hair slightly. The flight to Genosha would be comfortable and a small part of her was giddy. Reeva was already on site and Emma could not wait to go see their beloved island in person. It would only be a few months before everything was ready - before the Mutant Homeland could come out of the shadows and move into the light.

The Amtrak Station...

David stepped out of the cage, stretching his neck slightly. He couldn't stretch his arms or legs due to the massive restraints on him - it was all he could do to keep on walking. "Now, if you vould not mind, my bonds," he then added, looking at Anastasia and Jinx. Those two will want to hurry up and free David's sister as well, and rendez-vous with the Three in One. Releasing all of the mutants would be a good idea, as it would help to cover their tracks when the authorities find the massacred staff members.

JFK Memorial Hospital - Gift Shop...

Casper had followed James and Sapphire to the stairs, quickly running down flight after flight until they emerged onto the first floor. The gift shop was just across the way from where they had come out, meaning that they had an excellent view of Colossus and Vulcan's fight. "I think your idea of knocking him out from behind might work well," he whispered, not wanting to draw Vulcan's attention.

"I know it's not the time but seriously, leave the drugs Cas..."

"You're right, Ben, it's not the time." Casper saw Waverley and Moonwalker dash out of the gift shop and he tried his best to wave them over, hoping that they could get the entire gang reunited. He didn't know how Vulcan had gotten there so quickly, but he doubted that the villain would just answer that question if they asked.

Vulcan sent blast after blast at Colossus, laughing giddily as he kicked the metal mutant around. The fight seemed to be definitely over in Vulcan's favor, given the unchecked power that he was radiating. Each time Colossus managed to get a hit in, Vulcan would send off at least three energy blasts. They would need to do something soon or they may need to bury Colossus the next day.

The Cherry Bomb - Basement...

Veil raised an eyebrow as Leighton mentioned the unconscious bartender down here - at least they hadn't killed him. She supposed that was going to be a little victory for their newest recruits, though Leighton at the very least was growing on her. Max she wasn't too certain about just yet. "Alright, let's not have you use your empathic powers when we have Hounds in the field," Veil decided, looking over at Spark Plug sympathetically. Between Max and Leighton's ponchos, and Spark Plug's electricity crackling in her hands, it was essentially low lighting conditions down in the basement. She could make out the features of her friend's face.

Sunshine was still holding her head and she couldn't help but snicker. "I can't believe your first idea was to make stupid fucking ponchos," she chastised Max. "Maybe your superhero name should be Captain Impractical," Sunshine then added. The private investigator had pulled out his phone and put it on flashlight mode, helping to illuminate the darkness of the basement. She was able to make out features now and she could see a wall of bookshelves on the far side of the basement, with the bartender knocked out by the stairs.

Havok was at the top of the stairs with Glimpse and he squinted on down. Luckily the door was open, since otherwise they wouldn't have been able to see anyone. "Everyone okay?" Havok asked. "Anyone need mouth to mouth?" he then added with a slight smirk, bringing some levity to the situation.

Sunshine pretended to gag. "Gross...." she muttered, shaking her head.

"Havok, Glimpse, come down here please," Veil called up. She knew that it was strategic to have someone up there to cover their escape if they needed it, but she wanted everyone in one place so that way they could regroup and figure out what was so important about this basement. They needed to figure out what to do with Nightcrawler as well - she figured that calling Xavier was likely on the agenda. She didn't know how to treat someone with his condition, they barely knew how to help Magik, but Xavier would have the medical facilities to treat Nightcrawler.

Havok came down the stairs, pulling out his phone and setting it to flashlight mode as well, illuminating the faces of his fellow mutants. "...So, what happened?" he asked.

"Spark Plug and I came down here shortly after Leighton and Max," Veil explained. "This place is definitely connected to the Hounds - poor Nightcrawler here must have been turned into one. He attacked us." She then looked over towards Leighton and Max, waiting for those two to elaborate if they could at all. The more information they had, the better.

Meanwhile, Sunshine was making her way over towards the far side of the room, squinting. She could barely read, so she wasn't there for books. "In movies, these things usually are secret doors or something..." she pointed out, before she started grabbing books at random and pulling them off the shelf. After the fifth book she pulled, there was a click and the bookshelves parted to reveal an elevator. "...Cool."

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-Blood - Zeus' Cabin
Skills: N/A

Leda was a bit relieved that Andy had already broken the news to Arthur - it meant that she wouldn't have to. As empathetic as she was, she also could be a bit selfish at times and she would much rather not have to figure out just how to tell this little kid that his kid sister had been brutally murdered by her enchanted gifts, while everyone looked on as if nothing was really happening. Andy's question though presented Leda with a question - did she tell them the truth? Or did she come up with a version of events that would be a little less painful for them? "Wait, Arthur, don't!" Leda pleaded, her eyes widening as she realized what Arthur was about to do. The resurrection of the dead was never an easy task and she was certain it would only do more harm than good. The monstrous visage of Ash, holding her own head in her hands, thankfully didn't last long before Arthur returned her to the grave - but her body was still there, caked in dirt.

Did she really care about this kid? Not more than she cared about any stranger, but Leda knelt down next to him and gently pulled Arthur away from Ash, wrapping him into a hug. "She's with your father now," she told him softly. She let go of Arthur with one arm and motioned for Andy to come join in on that hug as well. "Hades' Palace is beautiful - your father resides there, as does your step-mother, Persephone. Ash can run and play through those halls just like any little girl - she can dance and sing and feel her father's embrace and a mother's love... I know that it hurts that she isn't here with us anymore, and I know it won't help to say she's in a better place, but she's in a place where she is loved. And I promise you, each of you will see her again and you can laugh and play and tell stories until your eyes grow so heavy that you fall asleep, dreaming of fantastic adventures and triumphs... And then the next morning, you will rise and do so all again."

Her thoughts strayed towards Arthur's powers. Someone would need to teach him to control them, as well as the immense responsibility of raising the dead. There was one girl at Camp Half-blood who instantly came to mind, another person who could communicate with spirits and call them forth... but even if she might be able to help Arthur, Leda didn't want to have to interact with her ex-girlfriend.

✨ Rebecca Eventide ✨

Location: Camp Half-Blood - the Big House/Infirmary
Skills: N/A

"The universe is rarely so lazy for things to just be coincidence," Rebecca murmured in agreement. She believed that Zeke was the child of Apollo in the prophecy as well, mostly due to Rosie's proximity to him as she had her vision. Of course, Rebecca could have easily been wrong - there were at least a dozen of Zeke's siblings here at Camp - but once again, she didn't believe in coincidence. There were so many forces at play in the universe that randomness and chaos were usually anything but that. She shook Kiera's hand and gave her a curt nod.

Her eyes darted over towards Zeke as Chiron and Mr. D arrived. "A Child of Sleep, A Child of Wisdom, A Child of Medicine, to stop an army, to seek the mother of monsters," Rebecca recited. "Zeke and I experienced Rosie's vision. A legion of monsters in the Pit, heading in a single direction as one..." she then added. Her voice was calm and steady as she spoke, as if she was just informing Mr. D and Chiron about the weather forecast for that evening and not the latest prophecy their Oracle had given them. "Olympus should know that Echidna and her children are stirring, amassing a force," she finished. The new child of Hypnos was likely meant for this quest and she imagined Zeke to be the child of Apollo, leaving just one unknown variable - which offspring of Athena would be the third member?
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