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Current Massive round of updates coming soon! Just gotta finish my physics pre-lecture.
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Perks of my job? I get to play with liquid nitrogen for hours.
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Planning is underway for the next Abandoned Hope Universe Roleplay, the sequel to Horrors of Coventry: the Seven Deadly Sins!
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When you do the rolls and half of the active characters die in one go...
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I got a review on an old fanfic of mine yesterday complaining that the main character had flaws. What do you expect, a Mary Sue? That's boring as fuck.


Name: Morose
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For one reason or another, these people have become rather close friends of mine on the site. I treasure the relationships I have with them all greatly, and I'm so glad that I get to have them in my life.

@Lady Amalthea: My GM idol and RP mother--hands down the sassiest and most confident person the 'Verse has ever known.
@Nallore: My first real friend on the site. :) Nicest and sweetest person there is.
@Pundii: The Asshole Character Killer--beware, ship a character with one of his, and they're toast!
@Charnobylisk: My Other Mother and Tinfoil Hat Co-Conspirator--feisty and quick with sarcasm, she'll never fail to make you laugh.
@Sigil: Definitely someone you do NOT want to mess with. Funny and creative, he's always itching for new ways to kill off characters.
@BlueSky44: The Watson to my Holmes! <3
@Witch Cat: My weird RP cousin. Please don't turn me into a toad!
@FantasyChic: Her characters all adore pink, but they're all so diverse and just a treat to read ^^
@mnkee: One of the most determined shippers on the site, as well as tons of fun to plot and plan with!
@rivaan: Gotta say, I love rivaan's writing style. It's different from most and definitely sticks out--in a good way, of course!

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Upcoming Works:
  • The Seven Deadly Sins - The final in the mini Abandoned Hope Trilogy, serving as a sequel to the Horrors of Coventry and set in the near future
  • Darke Magyk - A Septimus Heap RP. Witches, wizards, dragons, queens, and more!
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Pretty self explanatory, no?
  • Avengers: Next Generation - Again, think this one is obvious :P
  • Danganronpa: Depths of Despair - 16 talented individuals are trapped and forced to partake in a game of Mutual Killing. Inspired by the video game turned hit anime series.
  • Sword Art Online: the Last Chapter - A reboot of an old Rp, GMed with @BlueSky44 and takes place during the last few months of SAO, when the danger is high and people have become accustomed to a virtual world.

Behold, my collection of ships. Some of these sailed. Some of these never had a chance. Others are serious, some cute, and some are plain old crack ships. Either way, I treasure each of them deeply.

  • Jati:
    • Jack Hudson and Tatiana Korvo
    • The Sweetheart Ship
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in the Walking Dead
    • Perhaps the most romantic ship, it's also one of the most difficult ones for me to write for. Slipping into the utter kindness and empathy of Jati, the two of them holding on fiercely no matter the odds, can be a bit of a challenge. They're pure and sweet, a definite contrast to the easy grittiness found in the apocalypse. Luckily, LLA shouldn't be able to touch them. Hooray for plot armor!
  • Scallum:
    • Scarleth Pevensey and Callum Bowman
    • The Hateful Ship
    • RPed with @Heat in Freedom in the Stars: Deathbound
    • This ship never got much of a chance to sail, beyond speculation in the chat. Scallum ended up becoming a synonym for hate-fucking, due to the incredibly angry and violent natures of these two individuals. Both of them hardened criminals, they were a perfect, angry match for each other.
  • Ricily:
    • Cecily Ashworth and Riley Ridgeway
    • The Awkward Ship
    • RPed with @Nallore in Darker Than Black
    • Perhaps one of my favorite ships, it's also one of the saddest ones. Cecily and Riley work extremely well together, but the thing is, Cecily's asexual. The two of them are awkwardly fumbling around each other, hesitant and uncertain. Does Cecily like romance? Time will tell, but for now, this ship seems doomed to sink.
  • Édlana:
    • Édouard Riviere and Svetlana Volkov
    • The Crack Ship Supreme
    • RPed with @Charnobylisk in The Walking Dead
    • This ship still cracks me up, mostly because I can't believe it was even discussed. It started when Char found a gif edit with Éd and Svetlana, and from there on, Édlana was born. It never would have worked out between them, especially since Éd died--but fuck, those two are ridiculous together.
  • The Arm Ship:
    • Tryke Lockley and Marx Rouen
    • The Ship That Never Was
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in The Walking Dead and Alteian Nexus
    • Aggghhh! Of all the ships that never sailed, the Arm Ship has to come to mind. They started off as a joke in the Altenian Nexus, one that never got to be seen through due to the RP ending. And when given a chance to meet each other again in the Walking Dead, LLA reared her head and took both of them, hardly a moment later.
  • Night and Day:
    • Edwina Fairfax and Mercury Abital
    • The Oddball Ship
    • RPed with @Gilgex in Powerbound, Powerbound 2, And Powerbound: the Story of Edwina and Mercury
    • While this ship may be cliché on one level--two people end up in an awful situation and fall in love--it's also incredibly amusing. The pair of them are so awkward and know almost nothing about love, but they try their best to make things work. Even when they fought, they really cared about the other person. They had a lot of trust.
  • Sutiam:
    • Sutton Smith and Liam Matthews
    • The Ghost Ship
    • RPed with @Pundii in Abandoned Hope
    • Ah, this ship will always have a special place in my heart! Sutton died before anything could come of it, but both Pundii and I had been shipping them without saying a word to the other. They both wanted to travel and to see the world. It's incredibly sad that they never got the chance to explore their passion together, or to even properly know the other person.
  • Quickette
    • Starkette and Quicksilver
    • The Romeo and Juliette Ship
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • A hypothetical ship at the moment, it's exciting to see the pair's paths cross. Both of them loving 80's music and outdated tech, the fact that their fathers are Iron Man and Magneto only further serves to complicate things. We'll just have to wait and see what happens...

The Abandoned Hope universe technically began with the RP that it got its name from-- Abandoned Hope. This apocalypse RP, which I GMed with @BlueSky44, incorporated a lot of lore from various shows and books that we liked. At first, we thought that was the biggest connection it would have. It has now expanded into a fully blown universe, with multiple GM's running connected RP, and an established continuity throughout the timeline.

A Guide to the Lore of the Abandoned Hope Universe
Abandoned Hope Universe Timeline
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719
The Wolves of Red Lake - A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016.
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016.
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, set in January 2019

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@Lady Amalthea Blue and I are nearly done with the collab. It should be up tonight.

Jack Hudson

Location: Building F (The Newnans' House)

Jack nodded at Tatiana's words. They were things that he had thought he had already internalized. Sure, he had an incredibly overprotective nature, but...Well, the Massachusetts native didn't like to think about those fears and those doubts. Perhaps he had been repressing them all this time, but he couldn't help but doubt it. He had gotten married the day before. But then again, with all of the death and the fact that he had heard Dick's voice...Maybe Tatiana was right.

Maybe he was afraid of becoming a father? He never had a male role model growing up. His own father had been a piece of shit. As soon as he was old enough to understand, Jack would refuse to see his father. He hardly ever saw his own siblings, his half-sisters. He had meant to go connect with his half-sister Georgiana before the outbreak - she had made it big in college hockey, apparently - but the undead had gotten in the way of that. His mother died as well. Too much loss.

"Yes, ma'am," Jack responded.

He forced a bit of a smile at Ray. Thinking about his own doubts and fears wasn't easy. "We're thinkin' James - maybe wanna tack on Sally there or somethin'. I think somethin' Russian would be good as well."

Beatrice Decker

Location: Near 545 Corinth Rd, Newnan: In the woods. (Not far from the Coweta County Water Authority)

Beatrice cracked a smile at James' comments. "James, you haven't met my demons yet. I can handle your darkness. The real question is if you can handle mine," Beatrice pointed out. She was from Justice after all. She was publicly a process server, but her real job was finding anyone and everyone. Sometimes it was to help out a gang or an organization. Sometimes it was to help grieving family members. It didn't matter to her, as long as she got paid. Her own preservation came first at all times.

Helping James fight Eden was probably one of the few selfless acts of her lifetime. As James told Gavin about the various weapons they have, Beatrice's eyes swept over the items in the truck once more. She hadn't managed to finish taking stock by any means, but she had been able to assemble a partial list. "This inventory isn't complete, but we have," Beatrice began, before rattling off a partial list of the items in the truck.

Beatrice then rolled her wrists and cracked her knuckles. They were feeling a little stiff and she preferred to have them loose, ready for anything. There was a reason she worked as a trainer in Newnan. She knew how to fight, how to survive. She could've been the poster child for the gritty survivalist, except for the fact that Beatrice would hate for her photograph to be taken. In her line of work, anonymity had been a useful tool. It was easier to find people when you weren't recognizable.

Chloe & Ravi

Location: Building 6 (the Armory)

"Oh? Me too!" Ravi eagerly added, before realizing how poorly worded that had been. "I mean, I investigated crime. I sent a lot of blokes off to prison." But unfortunately, it hardly seemed to amuse Chloe. The ginger shot him a look that basically was a mixture of you said that already and what the hell, man? Had Ryan been there, she likely would've either complained to him about the Brit or asked him to make Ravi buzz off. Likely both on a day like this. She wasn't in a people friendly mood.

"Nothing different than when you were here a few minutes ago," Chloe replied to Riley. It hadn't been long since she had seen her twin - they had just left medical not too long ago. Nothing shocking or surprising had happened, beyond the Brit constantly repeating things she already knew. Honestly, straight men. They could be so irritating.

"Yo, Jim! Need weapons for me and the Brit. On the same detail as Niesha," Chloe said, walking quickly over to Jim as soon as she had spotted him.

"What she said," Ravi said to Riley, forcing a bit of a smile. "The plan is the same as before - pop on over, get the chemicals I need to embalm Miss Sally, and return here in time for supper."

Cecily Ashworth

Location: La Hacienda - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Cecily had to stifle a laugh at Natasha's bluntness. While she hadn't really known anyone with cancer, she never associated cancer patients with sarcastic comments. It was a nice bit of humanity in the doctor - she wasn't exactly who Cecily had expected her to be. But then again, hardly anyone in Justice seemed to be the way they appeared. Her rockstar roommate had killed a serial killer in self defense. The cops were crooked or knee deep in secret organizations. Caesar had a priest for a brother. The only one who was exactly as they appeared was Wallace - the man was dead, but it didn't change the fact that he had been incompetent.

Of course, any humor Cecily found in the situation vanished when she saw the red eyes of their chauffeur. This wasn't a time to make light of anything. Spotting the basket in the woman's hand, Cecily couldn't help but feel like they ought to be the ones giving her things, rather than the other way around. Alicia had been someone important to her, while Cecily and (as far as she was aware) Natasha didn't know her.

She nearly gagged, however, at the question as to whether they were fucking Caesar. Sex never interested her and it generally didn't repulse her - no, the scary thought was the idea of being that with Caesar. Cecily didn't know if she had a type but she was fairly certain Caesar wasn't it. She sometimes romanticized fictional characters but more often than not, she'd rather be friends and family with Wolverine or Hermione Granger or whoever than lovers.

"I'm...I don't know what that means," Cecily admitted. Diving for a worm? It didn't make much sense to her. However, she made a mental note to go and do the candle ritual thing whenever Natasha seemed up to it. They had all night, from what the woman had said. And surprisingly, the fact that the patron saint was Death was a bit comforting - it matched up more with her mental image of Caesar and his background.

Iris Kingston

Location: Justice Asylum

"Mitochondria," Jaina blurted, breaking the silence that had fallen in the room. Iris was standing near the door, a good five or six feet away from Jaina. It seemed to be a decent enough precaution, at least until the orderly arrived with the file. It'd take at least five minutes, Iris figured. With the events of yesterday, she doubted it was a high priority in the grand scheme of things.

"I beg your pardon?" Iris asked.

"It's the powerhouse of the cell~" Jaina said, as if that explained everything.

Iris shook her head slightly, not sure exactly what to think. She may have been educated in England, yet she was familiar with that meme online. For some reason, Americans found a lot of humor in that little statement. It only made partial sense to her, but in this scenario, Iris wasn't certain how it all related. The woman seemed to be bouncing all over the place, going from statements that seemed to be about Cynthia's kidnapping to the taste of strawberry dole whips. Needless to say, Iris' professional opinion was that Jaina was not in good mental shape.

"I know other things too," Jaina added. "Liiiiiike this job, this place, it bums you out, doctor~ You ever think about letting loose? Putting your hair down? Just feeling the colors and the sound and the birds and the bees and the knives?" Jaina giggled a bit. She squirmed a bit, but the straight jacket kept her restrained.

"Every job has periods of stress," Iris said politely. There was a knock at the door and after a few exchanges between her and the orderly, Jaina's file had finally arrived.

"But you should just be haaaaaappy," Jaina insisted, as Iris started to flip through the file, looking for the general patient summary, points of contact, reason for confinement, etc. Anything that might give her some understanding of her patient and the woman's use of Russian.
@Lady Amalthea Blue and I are going to collab the ensuing sister v sister chaos.

Jenna Westbrook

Location: Inside Town Hall

The ghost seemed to have vanished, a fact that only served to irritate Jenna. Pulling out her phone, she was tempted to send a follow up text, but she figured that radio silence would likely keep Finn and Dec from coming back to town hall any time soon. It'd be interesting to see how long it took them to get out to the mine - how much of a rush they really ended up being in. If it took them too long, she might even be offended.

"What the hell..." Jenna murmured, as she felt something on the underside of the desk. It seemed to be a button. Pressing it gently, she heard something click. Raising an eyebrow, Jenna scanned over the desk, before trying each drawer. The bottom one gave way. She made a bit of a face as she saw the contents - weird voodoo witch shit. Taking it all out of the desk, Jenna glanced around the room before finding a bag and shoving them all inside. She had flipped through the book briefly and only determined that Mayor Ryder had some weird ass hobbies. There was a shop across town that might have some answers for her. She had considered going there before, in order to talk to someone about the things she saw, but she hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Well, better late than never.

Guinevere Stark

Location: The X-Van
{"The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound - as in, some people appear to be intelligent until they open up their mouths."}

Guin raised an eyebrow at the Ayita conundrum. As far as she was aware, Ayita could understand English while in her animal forms, so there was no reason for her to be in the form still. Something more conducive to traveling, like some type of dog, probably would've been better. But then again, Ayita was rather strange in general. She had asked Guin a while back for a device to help her communicate with the rest of the team in her various forms, before changing her mind and insisting she didn't need help a moment later.

Glancing over as one of the newbies - Francesco - asked a question, Guin shrugged. "I'd need to familiarize myself with the system. Beast designed this and I haven't had the chance to play around with it, only Mary has. So I do know what to do - ask Mary to fix it. Or if she's incapacitated, it depends on how well I can figure out this system in the twenty or so seconds of time we'd have. So it's really a toss up." She did realize that didn't exactly inspire confidence, but it was the honest answer. She might be able to figure out what to do, but that was assuming it was similar to something she already worked with or that the system itself was intuitive, both of which were huge assumptions to make.

She rolled her eyes at Pietro's antics. "Always assumed its armed," she said, before chuckling a bit. "It's like sniffing chemicals - always assume you'll regret it later on, even if benzaldehyde smells amazing. Except for phenol. Never sniff phenol. That stuff smells like a hospital morgue." She had to resist the urge to roll her eyes at Oshea as well. Yeah, they were all incredibly mature.

Nora Kingston

Location: the Museum

For the cluttered office of an Egyptologist, drama seemed to have made its home here. Not only was Nora speaking in tongues, a feat that still terrified her just as it had the night before, but Lady Munn appeared to be in the midst of her own war of roses. Lady Munn's mentioning of Mr. Drake's name, in combination with Lady Munn other suitor, caused Nora to wonder if Lady Munn's love life was normally this high with activity. She had received two deliveries of flowers less than an hour apart from each other, after all. It was not something that Nora had expected, though she did not imagine that Lady Munn had either.

Lady Munn's clumsiness was still shocking as well, though mostly because from what Nora understood, she handled priceless artifacts. Steady hands would be ideal for that job. Had she had the clumsiness of Lady Munn, Nora likely would have chosen to stay far away from anything that could not be easily replaced. The tea clattering to the floor only served as further evidence, though Nora kept her thoughts to herself. There was no reason to question Lady Munn's lack of grace openly, especially since she had taken to the woman's company quite nicely.

There didn't seem to be anything worth adding to the conversation. They were already en route (or would be soon) to Bubastis. Nora simply nodded. She tended to be more quiet and reserved. Yet with the entry of Mr. Drake to the room, Nora felt quite relieved that she had elected to keep her silence. Some show of emotion, negative or positive, was likely about to occur between Lady Munn and Mr. Drake.

Location: Annan

At first, Maeve was a bit concerned that she had misjudged Lady Kirkpatrick and that she should have gone for a softer, milder approach. But after a minute or so, it seemed that she had guessed correctly. She didn't read any signs of irritation or malice in Lady Kirkpatrick's face. The woman appeared to have accepted her, something incredibly necessary for the Cummings plans and for her payment. It was all so that Roisin could have the best education possible in the end. She didn't care much about Clan This and Clan That at the end of the day. All that mattered was that she got paid.

Calum's sigh perplexed her, to say the least. For a liar and someone who employed disguise regularly, it didn't seem to suit him. Of course, it was likely all a bit of the charade he was playing as Father Blair, Maeve decided. When Calum walked away, she didn't turn to look back at him. He was nothing more than a face, a mask. Who knew who the real parson-priest was anyways? Maeve doubted that anyone did, perhaps not even Calum himself.

"Name's Neasa O'Connor, m'lady," Maeve said, introducing herself--or rather, her alias.
Everyone on day 5 or higher has a 3 day extension.

@Nallore@Witch Cat@Pundii@FantasyChic@BlueSky44
Coventry, Massachusetts: December 28th, 2016 - 7:47 P.M. Local Time

~remember, some of you were sent information as to what you know about the Mullo and Hel via PM a while back...~
Outside of Coventry...

The girl with the braids nodded at Carolina, though she didn't appear to be particularly concerned. The entire situation hardly fazed her, as if this wasn't the first time she had done something like this before. But given that Carolina recognized her, it likely isn't too hard to work out what she's doing in the woods in the middle of winter or why she's particularly insistent on giving her things away.

"Got a sleeping bag. It's made for this weather," the girl said nonchalantly. "Besides, like I said, you'd be doing me a favor. You'll give them one hell of a trail to follow." She then turned and got a good grip on the tree, before pulling herself up once more, moving branch by branch. "I'm Guin, by the way!" the girl shouted out. She paused for a moment and flashed a smile down at Carolina, before moving the rest of the way up the tree and back onto the branch her sleeping bag was attached to.

Within Coventry...

Ever since she was a little girl, Folly's mother, Fiodora, had told her Roma folklore tales. Some of them were sweet and inspiring, meant to give hope and peace to those who heard it. Others were horrifying and induced nightmares, warning the Roma children of what they must do in order to survive. The tale of the mullo had been one of the latter. Some hunters had heard of mullos before, but not many. They had become less common due to Roma burial rites improving over the ages. Dhampirs used to be regularly employed to detect them, but their jobs had become irrelevant over the years.

Eudora's mental command stopped the mullo in its tracks, allowing the witch to get a good look at the creature. Aside from the long black hair, the mullo is the spitting image of Folly. And of course, a lengthy scar across its face, marring its features. Yet Eudora's mental control only lasts for a few seconds, allowing the mullo to dart out of the way of Darren's bullets. His second bullet nearly hits the creature, but it moves with unnatural and horrifying grace, nimbly dodging them all. Entirely silent, the creature then darted towards Eudora, wrapping its cold fingers around her throat.

Aloise fired a round off quickly at the mullo, but it missed. She had to aim a bit poorly to avoid hitting Eudora in the process. The marine readied another shot and aimed, watching the witch have her life slowly choked out from her. But a moment later, Eudora fell to the ground along with the mullo. Strong was on top of the creature, attempting to pummel it into submission, but he left the mullo's hands free. They wrapped around his neck and tightened, choking the life out of the strongman.

Before anyone could do anything, Strong was dead. Eudora was the lucky one--though she had sustained deep bruising around her neck. The mullo rose from the floor, before glancing over at Darren and charging towards him.

"Darren, watch out!"
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