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Genosha: July 15th, 2021 - 2:20 PM

Veil, Casper, and Sunshine

Location: Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing - Mutant Underground Apartment
Skills: Mediumship

Veil tensed ever so slightly as Max began flexing his powers, creating the magical barrier to protect all of them. It was an involuntary reaction, purely born out of witnessing previous attempts where Max tried to push his powers too far. She had known a lot of mutants like him over the years, those who set their sights on huge impossible feats and could never master the little things - the little things that really made all the difference when it came to life and death. But... maybe that wasn't something they needed to worry about here. Maybe this was a place where it was okay for Max to be a little extra when it came to expressing his powers - a place where powers didn't have to be treated as weapons and assets.

"Why would they spy on us?" Sunshine asked defensively. "This isn't a place ran by stupid flatscans - we're free here, no one's going to spy on us, no one's going to hurt us. I get it, you all just got here, but I promise, this is the good place," she argued. "If they wanted to hurt us, we'd be dead already. So, there." She hadn't seemed very phased by Max's little explosion - if anything, it looked like his mini fit had made her nostalgic.

"Oww, can we keep the volume down? My ears feel like virgins after being on ice for so long," Casper complained, sticking his fingers in his ears for dramatic effect - even though it meant he had to let go of James' hand temporarily. "Ooo, I wonder what else of me feels like a virgin..."

"Casper," Ben groaned.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Ben, I clearly meant my asshole!"

"... How is that any different than what I didn't want you to say?" Ben asked, confused and a little grossed out by all of this - it was definite TMI.

"I thought you were thinking about my dick," Casper explained.

"... Just stop it!"

Veil wasn't sure whether to laugh, cry, or sigh - Casper was a lot pretty much all of the time and it was beginning to dawn on her how very ~go with the flow~ he was. He pretty much just coasted through life, letting himself end up in weird new situations without a lot of conscious choice. It made sense to her that he was so ready to accept Genosha - he already had accepted other things, like even the Mutant Underground. Her attention shifted to her brother and his words - they felt like a brand. They brought up a deep sense of shame, as if he had been speaking directly to her, rather than everyone else.

"You also have me, asshole," Sunshine pointed out to Echo, irritated he had focused on the guys and not included her.

"Yeah, because when I look at you, Plague Doctor, I feel so fucking reassured," Havok muttered. "Also, what do we even know about you?" he added, staring at Jack. "Or even you?" he said, turning his gaze to James. "We barely knew either of you before all of this. And now, who even knows if you're still the same - or if you've become as fucked up and twisted as the rest of the Hellfire Club."

"... I like the exploring idea," Casper chimed in, supporting his beau as always.

Sunshine snapped her fingers after what Andy said - not in a mean way, more of a signal for going 'yass bae' more or less.

" ... Okay. I'm fine with staying for a little bit - goodness knows we all could use a break," Veil admitted. "Havok, if you --"

Havok cut Veil off. "I'll stay - if only to prove to you that this place isn't paradise, it's hell."
Magneto was off with the Quiet Council, attending to matters of state. However, that didn't mean that Miranda had the place to herself. There was another person who lived at the House of M - Lorna Dane aka Polaris, Magneto's daughter. Lorna was wearing a green and black dress with an X motif. Her green hair had grown out to be long, rather than the short cropped look she had gone for before. She hesitated a moment, before walking right up to Miranda, a bit of fear in her face. "Miranda... I need your help..." Polaris admitted.

"... I'm late..."

Skrull Prison Ship

The dolphin reappeared by Maria, staring at her as if trying to communicate a very important message, before swimming off in the hopes that Maria would follow. If Maria did choose to follow the dolphin, she'd find a small lifeboat with Flynn, the Invisible Woman, and Tony Stark. Tony was coughing up water, barely managing to clear his airways, and his arc reactor was struggling to keep on going. "Well, that went somehow even worse than I had expected," he commented.

"Also, what's with the dolphin? I'm not Doctor Doolittle."

Sue Storm rolled her eyes slightly. "We need to focus on finding the others, not making jokes," she scolded Tony. Unfortunately with the baby and the fall she had taken, it wasn't really safe for her to jump into the water to do search and rescue - Tony had a similar medical ailment that eliminated him.

Worryingly though, Captain Marvel wasn't breathing...

Pennsylvania Avenue: Washington D.C.: 12:40 P.M.

Raynor groaned, slowly coming back to consciousness inside of the Oval Office. His eyes were a little bit crossed and he looked incredibly out of it. Asgardians didn't normally look like that - they tended to be incredibly strong, able to take a good punch or two. For Raynor to be in this condition, either the skrulls were incredibly strong (true) or Raynor still hadn't fully recovered from his near death experience (also true). "Pappa..." Raynor murmured, his eyes not really interpreting reality correctly as he gazed at the electric light fixtures.

Those close to Raynor would know that him saying pappa likely was an indicator of a concussion - or something worse. His father was dead. He had blown up at the Christmas Party over it, still bearing a grudge towards the Norns as they had promised his father would be restored to life after Ragnarok, that Baldur would come back to the land of the living and rule Asgard in a new age... but that never happened. His father remained dead. And Asgard (a people, not a place) was transformed into something else entirely.

Fortunately, Bonnie's medical expertise meant she recognized a nasty concussion - even when her patient wasn't human. The President returned with the Vice President, and the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She didn't like having more unknown variables - and somehow, it unnerved her even more, seeing the VP be quietly taken to the back of the room while having a panic attack. She couldn't help but wonder how much of it was real - and how much was just an act.

"I've got him," Bonnie said, heading over to Cass and Matt. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, switching on the flashlight mode. "Raynor, I'm going to check your pupillary light reflex. Focus on my nose, okay?" she instructed, before shining the flashlight into Raynor's eyes. She moved the light back and forth, noting his response. "You have a grade 4 concussion. If you were human, you'd have to take a leave of absence for a few weeks... But I'm sure as an Asgardian that time might actually be shorter."

Raynor didn't seem to really focus too much, before suddenly leaning forward and vomiting onto the carpet, narrowly missing Bonnie's feet.

Amelia had to quickly look away - she was one of those people who vomited when she saw others vomit. But she couldn't help herself - she rushed forward to the trash can and promptly threw up. "Oh, god, so sorry about that - it's just a thing, when I see other people get sick, I tend to get sick," she apologized, her cheeks bright red from embarrassment. She hadn't wanted to puke in the Oval Office - although the room looked like it had seen better days, with all the chaos that had gone on. "We, uh, we gotta get rid of them right?" Amelia asked, gesturing at the skrulls on the ground.

Bonnie nodded. "Thanks Sparks," she said over the comms. "Oliver, do you mind using your speed to stash these bodies elsewhere?" Bonnie requested.

"I can do the radioing?" Amelia offered.

"No offense, Baptiste, but I think your voice is too cheery for a Secret Service agent who just watched Captain America attack the President," Bonnie pointed out. Amelia's smile faded slightly - she had just wanted to contribute.

"... Do you have a plan, Alex?" Ricky asked, still shaking and looking incredibly pale.

Runa Johansson

Location: Hotel Valhalla - Feast Hall of the Slain
Skills: N/A

Runa's heart sank slightly as Klara went to go sit elsewhere, but she nodded. She just liked having both of her best friends at the table together, but she didn't say anything - it was her problem, not Klara's. Klara could sit wherever she wanted to and Runa could always catch up with her more later. "I'm good," Runa answered Nadia, smiling ever so slightly. "... Just wish there wasn't such a large crowd..." she then admitted. She understood that it was a serious time and everyone had to assemble, but having so many people in this space made the walls feel like they were closing in around her. She nodded at Arnora slightly in response to her greeting, before paying attention as her father started to speak.

They weren't allowed to kill each other - it was such a strange concept, but it made sense. People weren't coming back to life. It might have been limited to those who had died the day before - or maybe it was still a problem. At any rate, the thought made her incredibly nervous. Resurrections were one of the protections of Valhalla and so many people here didn't know how to express themselves without violence. With the statement about reporting suspicious activity, Runa couldn't help but think again as to whether or not this was an intentional attack.... "... Do you think we're going to be okay?" she then asked Nadia.

Raynor nodded, taking in the path near the guard station. His master was dead. He couldn't deny the part of him screaming to destroy every last droid and Separatist to take vengeance on her behalf. But this was bigger than either of them - and he knew his master would have consoled him that she was part of the Force now. The best way to honor her and ensure her sacrifice had not been in vain would be to complete the mission - to help turn the tides of the battle happening up on the space station orbiting the planet. "I'm not chubby, but I'm also pretty much the same size as a clone, so that way won't work," Raynor told Emzie. "Guard station seems like our best call. It's direct and any droids that come near, I can handle."

"Anything else to be aware of?" Raynor asked, hesitating for a moment. He knew that Emzie couldn't feel things through the Force as he did. "... My master and the others... They're gone," he then said quietly, his eyes shining with pain that he was struggling to allow himself to feel. The Jedi Council always preached serenity, not passion - that they could only find strength through peace and harmony, not rage and vengeance. Emotions had to be identified, understood, and then allowed to fade away.

He didn't know how to do that though. All he could do was channel his grief into the task at hand.

Guin Stark

Location: The Kyln
Skills: N/A

Guin didn't exactly blame Quill for the way he reacted over the guards using his walkman - she would've done something similar, especially as her own walkman had been her father's and the current tape in it had been a gift from Pietro. "Babe, mind helping me out with a costume change?" Guin asked, as she located her things. She opened up the case with her Iron Star armor, giving it a quick once over - luckily, nothing seemed to be damaged. She then shut the case and stood back on up.

"Alright," he said with a slight eye roll, before zipping around and Guin would be in her normal clothes.

"My hero," Guin said, before giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"...So now we see about getting off this station right?"

Guin nodded eagerly. "Yeah, fuck this whole place. If we were on Earth, I'd totally use my dad's money to buy it, just so we could burn it to the ground. And I would very much advocate destroying this place on our way out if it wasn't for, you know, all the people that'll still be here. Kinda don't wanna go all Darth Vader with Alderaan." She agreed with Bethany - Guin had hated her brief prison experience here. She had been scared witless at the start and even though the exposure therapy seemed to have worked some, it didn't make her keen on staying very much longer.

Runa Baldurdattir

Location: The Kyln
Skills: Asgardian Magic

Runa was very curious as to how the other group managed to even have a ship with their poor piloting skills - but she was more concerned for Lance. He had fallen silent. They hadn't really spoken throughout this entire ordeal, aside from him chiding her for 'threatening Stark.' Their items appeared to have been unscathed and Runa didn't waste a second, using her magic to quickly change her clothing from the horrible prison garb to her own clothes. She smiled slightly, feeling a bit more herself, especially as she now had all of her possessions on her.

With Gandr's familiar weight in her right hand, Runa then focused on Lance. "Allow me," she said softly, before attempting to do the clothing change spell on him as well - but the magic didn't come together, instead fizzling out sadly like a whimper. Runa's left eye twitched slightly. The gnawing dread that she was losing her powers came back to her - the worry that she was losing her Asgardian nature somehow. Her powers had always been strong, never before had they been so feeble, temperamental, and fragile. However, with a little more focus and concentration she pulled off the simple spell, changing Lance's prison uniform into his own clothes.

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-blood: Big House -> Armory
Skills: N/A

"You don't want to make a spectacle of it, luv?" Leda teased. She was only partially kidding. If she was skinny dipping with her girlfriend, she wouldn't care how private or not that it was - the naiads would gossip no matter the time of day or night anyways. Leda was just one of those people who were super secure with their bodies, she was comfortable with the idea, but knew that Kiera might have preferred some more privacy - although, she had to wonder if even the fish would gossip if they saw Poseidon's daughter skinny dipping with Iris' kid.

Of course, the thoughts of naked swimming had to end as Kiera took her hand and they went to the armory. Despite Iris' more pacifistic nature, Leda loved violence - as in, slaying monsters and undertaking quests. She found them exhilarating, like a nonstop roller coaster of action and adventure. The armory was just the prelude to that sort of epic fun. Leda wasn't really interested in getting any new weapons, as she adored her sword Ultraviolet, but armor was always a good thing to come by - and maybe a back up knife or too. "Anything in particular you're looking for?" Leda asked.

☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

Location: Camp Half-blood: Northern Woods
Skills: N/A

A look of horror dawned on Nancy's face, as Niah pointed out the unthinkable - that Leandra of all people could become praetor after Mads. If Nancy had to work with Leandra... She didn't know if she could stomach that situation, even for the sake of everyone in New Rome. It would be like being forced to work with the devil. She'd rather return to the Lotus Hotel for one hour than spend a minute being co-praetors with the pink she-demon. "Ugh, gag me with a spoon. No way could Leandra win. It'd be you, Niah, easy." She wouldn't let herself consider the possibility that she'd be wrong.

Nancy raised an eyebrow as Mads asked for some time alone with the kids. "I had gone out into the woods here to be alone, but I suppose I can cede the territory," Nancy joked. She wasn't really feeling better - maybe just a little more determined if anything else. She didn't know if they could save Mads... She didn't know if Apollo and her godly half-brother would pull through, if they'd be able to cure Mads before it was too late. There were too many questions unanswered.

But Nancy respected her friend's wishes, waiting for Niah for a second before heading back in the direction of camp. "You holding up okay?" Nancy asked.

Megan Pendragon

Location: Merlin's Tower
Skills: N/A

Megan tilted her head, torn between fascination with the murderous rabbit and the way Merlin had vaporized the guards with ease. She was beginning to get a better sense of the level of power he yielded - although it made her question why he needed any help at all. The only answer that came to mind was that his foe must have been even more powerful, forcing Merlin to require others instead of simply handling it all himself. But if he was going to be relying on her brother's magic skills, then clearly there was much to be desired... Merlin looked exhausted from his efforts.

Her heart paused for a moment as Merlin mentioned contacting and gathering their parents - even though so far, Megan had insisted that her biological parents meant nothing to her. They were simply strangers to her, people who had had sex and created a child. She didn't owe them anything for that - she hadn't asked for them to make her. And sure, she had dim memories of them but they were just that - memories. She had more meaningful relationships with the corpses in the morgue. "You ought to rest - you look like you should be lying on a slab," Megan told her brother.

Genosha: July 15th, 2021 - 2:10 PM

Veil, Casper, and Sunshine

Location: the Carousel - Stage
Skills: Mediumship

"The Akademos isn't an academy in the same sense of what it is for flatscans - like, there aren't any math tests. Whatever knowledge you need a telepath can just download for you. You'd be surprised how many mutants there are with crazy degrees on Genosha - they just sorta loan out their info and the telepaths copy it for us," Sunshine explained. "It's how I learned to read and write English. So like, what we focus on at the Akademos is mutant knowledge - how to use our powers, not just alone but in groups to make what we call mutant circuits."

"I think the magic people do something similar," she then mused. "But I'm not really sure. Renegade's one of the teachers at the Akademos - not that we really have teachers. It's more of if you figure something out, you share it with everyone else, so everyone learns and everyone teaches."

Havok didn't look convinced at Spark Plug's words - or Waverley's, given her obvious newfound crush on the Three Bitches in One. However, he also knew that shouting wasn't going to get him anywhere. There had to be a way off of this island. He'd find it and he was going to get the hell out of here. Being one of Xavier's X-Men would be better than this.

Casper, of course, had more or less melted into James. It was so easy for him to swoon at James' words, and even though it hadn't felt like very long since he had seen him, Casper was more than excited at the idea of chilling and checking out some of those places James had mentioned. "I don't endanger myself - that's Ben's job," Casper protested, earning an eye roll from his ghostly friend.

"So convincing..."

A little while later, they were back at the Magda Memorial Housing Complex in the Omega Building. They didn't go to Renegade's apartment this time however. James, Sunshine, and Jack had been living in one apartment together. It had six bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. Most of the bedrooms were empty. Some of them would have to double up, but the Mutant Underground would be able to live together under one roof - again.

Veil sat on the table, her legs dangling off of it as she looked around at everyone. Casper was practically in James' lap on the couch, and Sunshine was perched on the opposite end of the couch. Havok was standing in the corner, looking as angry as ever.

"... So ... Who wants to start?" Veil asked.

"What's there to talk about?" Sunshine asked stubbornly. "You all can live here on Genosha and be happy and safe, without any fucking flatscans trying to kill us. It's paradise."

"The views do seem really awesome... Is there rum here?" Casper then asked, as everyone knew rum was key to island life.

"Yeah, I'm sure it's the blood in the fucking soil that makes everything seem so perfect," Havok snapped. "We aren't seriously going to stay here."

Skrull Prison Ship

Maria would spot Captain Marvel nearby, slowly drifting further and further underneath the water - she was unconscious and drowning. Also nearby was... a dolphin? A dolphin with strangely intelligent eyes staring at her? The dolphin prodded her slightly with its nose, as if trying to get Maria to understand something, before diving after the drowning Avenger. There wasn't any sign of anyone else, but the ship was massive - everyone could easily be scattered.

Meanwhile, for a pregnant woman Sue was in remarkably good shape after the crash. She was treading the water just fine, but was very thankful for Flynn fishing her out - and a little curious as to where he had found the lifeboat. "I'm fine, thanks," she reassured him. Not too far from their boat, they'd spot another drowning Avenger - an unconscious Tony Stark.

Pennsylvania Avenue: Washington D.C.: 12:30 P.M.

In the van, Niah and Sparky would begin seeing breaking news alerts - a massive alien spaceship had crashed off the coast of Montevideo in Uruguay. The Avengers were on route to the tragedy, but the death toll was already expected to be in the hundreds of thousands, if not more. On one channel, Tony Stark was giving an interview about the situation while traveling to Uruguay, anticipating that they would be there in one hour's time - a travel time that everyone knew wasn't fast enough.

Captain America nodded at Matt. "You might not hear from me for a while - but I'll be with you in spirit. Carry on, soldier," he said, extending his hand for Matt to shake if he so chose. Captain America then jumped out the window, using his shield to make it look like his shield had broken the glass. He then threw his shield at Cass, hitting her in the left arm and leaving a nasty bruise, knocking her to the ground.

The Secret Service Agents on the lawn assumed the most logical course of events - Captain America was now public enemy number one and had attacked the White House, with Cass and Raynor being just two agents he had hurt. The agents opened fire on Captain America, whether they were skrulls or not was unclear, and Cap held his shield in front of him, blocking their fire. Raynor wasn't waking up - he was out cold.

Inside the Oval Office, Bonnie arched a slight eyebrow at Kwassi's comment. "None of us have training on working with children - except for those who are parents," she pointed out. The only parent in the group, that she was aware of, was the President. Maria had a kid, but she wasn't present at the moment. And Bonnie herself definitely didn't have a child. The only thing she had in common with children was an adoration for the animation style used in Tim Burton movies. She had wanted to be an animator before she ended up becoming a medical examiner for SHIELD.

Amelia didn't ever want kids herself - but she felt that kids were fine. They were just like small, mini adults. And in small doses, they could be really cute. It was the prolonged contact with children that got annoying, as they could just be a looot (which was saying something, coming from someone else who was very much a lot). "So uh, do we call someone to report Captain America tried to kill the President? Oooor are we the ones that get called for that? Like, who does the Secret Service tell things went wrong to? Do we tell the President? But like, he already knows? The Vice President? Is there a 911 sorta line for this?" Amelia rambled. She knew a little bit about American politics, but had very little idea as to the emergency protocol they were supposed to follow.

Bonnie thought for a moment. "The President should tell the Vice President, and ideally from there it'll go through whatever the proper protocols are. Or - Niah, Sparky, could you look up what we're supposed to do from here?" Bonnie inquired. "Deviating slightly from proper protocol may be okay, the skrulls might not be as detail oriented as real Secret Service."

In the hallway outside, the kids didn't really seem to recognize Alex as being the President - since they were children and pretty much all white men in suits look roughly the same. "Who are you supposed to be?" one child asked rudely, with the tour guide's jaw dropping slightly. Ricky stood behind the group with his arms crossed, staring at Alex.

"That's President Jakobsen," Ricky explained. "Now kids, I need a moment with the President alone. How about you all go to the cafe and get a treat?" he suggested strongly, locking eyes with the tour guide who nodded and started ushering the kids away.

Guin Stark

Location: The Kyln
Skills: Telepathy

Guin smirked slightly with pride at her expert pilot skills. She really ought to have been the one flying their actual ship too. Maybe she’d use some of her dad’s money and build a ship when they got back to Earth - she and Pietro could visit the moon, it’d be romantic and epic! For a brief moment, her ADHD addled brain started thinking about all the possible names she could give her ship, liking the Anakin Solo the best for obvious reasons. The Ebon Hawk was a close runner up. ”Yeah, I’d like to grab my shit. No one else gets to have my stuff but me you know?”

The idea that someone else could just keep her things felt a little weird. She had grown up in extreme wealth - her things were always hers, the only times they weren’t were when Pietro would steal them from her, but they were married so it hardly counted. Besides, they needed to grab Pietro’s food supply or he was going to be totally dragging the entire time. He was still looking way too pale for her liking.

Runa Baldurdattir

Location: The Kyln
Skills: N/A

Runa nodded, in complete agreement with Edus’ assessment. These people really should’ve known how to pilot a craft. On Asgard, it was more or less considered a life skill - like how those on Midgard ensured that everyone knew how to operate a car (although come to think about it, she wasn’t actually sure if Lance even knew). She made a mental note to speak to him about it. Perhaps they could take lessons together - her heart fluttered slightly at the thought. She enjoyed spending time with him on this mission, but they scarcely had any time alone to get to know each other… There was always someone else present on the small ship - and now in this gigantic prison complex.

Runa was slightly surprised that Stark didn’t crash and that they managed to make it to the next zone with ease. She very much had items that she wished to retrieve. ”As would I. If I have to spend another minute in these flimsy prison garbs, I may suffocate.” She hadn’t been wearing Asgardian armor, of course, but she did really like the clothes she had acquired on Midgard. Hot Topic had quickly become her favorite seamstress to visit.

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