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Guin Stark

Location: Galactus' Ship (Team 1)
Skills: Telepathy, Deduction
Allison was holding the gorilla back telekinetically, with Mary adding vines for good measure. Guin didn't know who Ridley Scott was - she guessed he had to be the director or writer of the Alien movie, with how much Bethany and Pietro were obsessing over him. As Mary instructed Guin to fire with her blasters, she didn't hesitate as she sent two blasts into the vines. The vines soon caught on fire, the flames surrounding the creature and she hoped that this random horror movie was right as to what this thing feared. "Think you can portal him now, Beth?" Guin called out. It was the closest they could get to incapacitating the monster.

Ignoring the little prickling feeling of envy at Pietro and Beth's geek out, she split her focus for a moment to look at the vital monitoring system. Lance's vitals were spiking. It reminded her of Banner's watch when it would start to beep incessantly at Stark Tower - when her father would have Happy and Pepper quickly take her and Lance out of there until Banner could calm down or Hulk out. It's like he's going to Hulk out - fuck, he's going to Hulk out!

He's going to what now?????

Get really buff, really green, and really fucking angry, Guin reiterated. There wasn't much she could do from here.

That's bad isn't it? Also how?

Not sure. Don't have time to figure out the how. Guin then opened up a comm link with Team Two, figuring that they needed this information as soon as possible. "Lance is Hulking out. These suits aren't Hulkbusters. So... good luck!" she informed them awkwardly.

Neil Spellman

Location: Galactus' Ship (Team 3)
Skills: Minor Molecular Combustion
Neil wasn't sure which event to be more shocked by - the fact that the gorilla could talk or that it could move rocks with its mind. It seemed like something out of Dungeons and Dragons. Of course, he didn't have time to contemplate this before one of the boulders collided with him and Neil was sent flying backwards, the suit barely protecting his body from the immense pain. His injuries could have easily been far worse, but that gave him little comfort. Peeling himself up off of the floor, he glared at the gorilla and concentrated, holding out his hand.

He wasn't as practiced with molecular combustion as he would have liked, but his anger and his desire to protect Sara fueled him. Clenching his hand into a fist, the gorilla's eyes exploded, blinding the beast. He tried to do the same thing to the gorilla's hands, but he couldn't manage to pull off the trick a second time. "He can't see - at least not with his eyes," Neil informed his teammates, grunting slightly from the pain. The gorilla was telepathic too - that was something else they'd need to deal with. "Sara... Maybe you can copy the gorilla's telepathy and stop him?"

Washington D.C.: September 10th, 2020 - 1:10 PM

The Penthouse - Shaw Industries...

"Of course - please, have a seat," Reeva beckoned, sitting next to Emma on one of the sofas. Glasses of water with lemon wedges levitated over from the bar and came to a rest on the coffee table - one for each person present (compliments of Emma, of course). "I am not sure what you have learned from Emma, but I am certain the two of us can help to illuminate things."

"You are very perceptive, aren't you Maximillian?" Emma praised. "While it is true that we do not often use pseudonyms such as the X-Men and other mutant groups, this is not mandated. Each member is free to choose how they wish to present themselves. I prefer to use my human name as I spend a great deal of time in the public arena - but of course, the Black King or Lord Imperial are both suitable choices."

"I use my human name for similar reasons - though I would respond to the Black Queen as well," Reeva chimed in. "The irony is not lost on me." She chuckled slightly, picking up her glass and taking a sip of water. "The White King and Queen are in our training facility at the moment, I believe, with a few other members."

Emma nodded in confirmation. "The others are currently indisposed," she explained. "Yet as for next steps... Of course, I would be lying if I said we were without secrets. The establishment of a nation is not a task to take lightly and if information were to be leaked, it only becomes all the more difficult - I'm sure you can imagine that politicians around the globe would hardly be thrilled to find that us mutants have carved out a place of our own. They'll see us as a threat."

"So please, understand that if you do decide to join our organization, I will then be able to discuss our plans with greater detail. And even if you do not wish to join us, I would like to provide room and board for the both of you - it is the least I can do for my true family, darling," she looked at Leighton with a smile. "At the moment however, we have purchased an island near Madagascar and are in the process of construction. We wish to have housing and essential utilities prepared before the end of the year, if at all possible, but it is likely we will finish in the spring. Once the infrastructure is ready, we will seek out mutants and offer them a place on Genosha. There are many mutants with the ability to teleport - but for the moment, we are using my private jet and other aircraft to transport ourselves to and fro."

"We're also in the process of cultivating relationships with key members of the United Nations, so that way when the time comes we can lobby for UN recognition of Genosha," Reeva added. "I'm afraid it can be a boring job at times, but it's worth it. Our mutant brothers and sisters deserve a place to call home."

The Training Room - Shaw Industries...

Magneto chuckled. "Very well. Sage, stay on the Raft - see if you can loosen those collars," Magneto instructed, before turning his full attention to the women in front of him. His helmet blocked out telepathic influences, including Anastasia's morality manipulation. This fight would pit his magnetic prowess against that of Polaris, as well as Anastasia's telekinesis. Yet as a hardened warrior, Magneto also knew that the fight would be truly decided by wits, not brawn.

"No fatal shots," he told them, setting the only rule for the match. "Begin," he told them, yet he didn't make a move to attack. He was letting them take the first shot.

Lorna hardly needed permission to attack her father - she was working with him now, but it didn't change the hatred she felt towards him. Levitating herself up into the air thanks to the metal bands she wore, she then sent metal rods from the pile in the back of the room flying at her father, completely disregarding his rule about no fatal shots. Her eyes narrowed as the rods reversed direction once they came within five feet of Magneto, only to then be shot back towards her and Anastasia.

"What can you do?" she asked Anastasia, deflecting the majority of the rods, although a few hit Lorna in the shins. Her father's powers were stronger than her own.

The Raft - Location Classified...

For a second, Wanda smiled slightly at seeing Jinx, since the two of them had been friends when he was back with the Brotherhood. Yet at his mention of Pietro, the smile vanished from her face. Wanda glared at Jinx, there was a slight hint of sadness in her eyes that quickly shifted to anger. "How dare you mention him!" She snapped. Odds were if she could use her powers he would be dead.

Luminous smirked at Jinx, looking very much like the cat that ate the canary. "I'm the final stage of humanity's evolution. Some gutter child such as yourself obviously would never have met me before," she bragged. She definitely had the haughtiness of Quicksilver, just the general appearance of the Scarlet Witch.

"I hate it when villains talk like that - such a cliché," Phoebe complained.

"You sound like that sometimes," Esme pointed out and Sophie started snickering.

"Ooo, burn!" Sophie chimed in.

Unsurprisingly, Doom had to boast as well. "I know more about these collars than you'll ever know about any subject in your life, boy," he snapped. In many ways, he was the villainous counterpart of Iron Man - intelligent, rich, and cunning, yet his mask hid the massive disfigurement of his face. "If you think one of your little shows of power will work to free yourself, then by all means, try - yet if I am still here, do you really expect your attempts will have any sort of different outcome?" he scoffed.

"Don't worry, Mum'll have Sage handle this," Esme told Jinx. She tended to be the empathetic one of the triplets.

"We're not supposed to call her that around humans," Sophie and Phoebe reminded her.

New Mutant Underground Hideout...

"Is it sad I honestly expected you to cheer or something that Max and Leighton aren't coming back?" Veil asked, releasing Sapphire from her embrace. She knew that Sapphire was hardly quick to trust. Her words did help to relieve her anxieties slightly, but it was really the fact that they didn't have time to sit there and panic. If they didn't act now, then the window of opportunity would vanish. They had Blink and Magik now to make transportation faster, a blessing with the large crowds filled with Purifiers taking over the streets.

Taking a breath, Veil glanced over towards where the others mostly were, gathered near Vulcan and Havok in the dining room. She didn't want to risk their lives. She couldn't ask them to do more than what they were capable of. "Okay, here's what I'm thinking. We contact your friend at S.H.I.E.L.D., let him know about Sinister and Shaw - and we go rescue the mutants in his lab. If we all go in as a group and stick together, we should be able to use Blink and Magik to get in and out pretty quickly, maybe before he even notices we're there..." Veil doubted they'd be able to stop Sinister permanently - that was where tipping off S.H.I.E.L.D. came into play, they were better equipped for a long fight, yet she doubted slightly that they would pursue it. "Do you think S.H.I.E.L.D. would go after Sinister and the rest?" she then asked Sapphire honestly.

On the staircase, Magik glanced at Spark Plug and nodded. "Remembering is not my problem," she told her. Her life had been an endless tragedy even since she had been kidnapped by Shaw, worse than her experiences in Limbo at time. Magik hardly even felt human at the end of the day.

In the dining room, Havok turned his head and glanced over at Spark Plug, seeing her standing in the entranceway. "It's all a blank," he admitted, not having remembering anything when Malice had possessed him. He wished that he had more information, but he didn't. He didn't even recognize Vulcan as a part of his family, even though he apparently was his brother. His insides felt like they were twisting up inside and he knew that he ought to call his older brother, Scott, but something kept him from picking up the phone and dialing the former X-Man.

Colossus nodded at Moonwalker's question. "Da - it must." He didn't know what they'd do if it didn't.

Meanwhile in the entranceway on the couch, Casper's eyes widened as James snapped at him. It took him a moment to make sense of it. James must have talked to Jack about his drug problem. He sighed slightly, tugging on his hair as Casper shook his head. He really liked James and he had been comforted by him in the van... but he loved drugs. And he had just met James. His brother was nowhere to be seen. Casper figured that James must have given the drugs to Jack. Most likely, the drugs were in Jack's pocket then - so his prime opportunity to snatch them back would be once Jack went to sleep. He could wait that long. He had gotten a hit not too long ago in the car. And it was pointless to try to pickpocket Jack.

Back on the staircase, Sunshine turned and looked at Feedback. She didn't have too much of an opinion on her, but she recognized the pain she was feeling. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a granola bar and tossed it to Feedback wordlessly.

"You good?" Negasonic asked Waverley, playing on her phone.

🏹 Arthur Twist 🏹 and ⚡John Watts⚡

Location: Big Bad HQ - Lowest Level: ???
Skills: Archery, Superspeed, Molecular Oscillation, Hand to Hand Combat
Watts' eyes darted over towards Andrew - or rather, the unclear creature inhabiting Andrew's body. "Go to hell, Mastermind," he snarled, before kicking off at superspeed to attempt to rip out the heart of Madalyn Pryor, the Red Queen. She was the one behind all of this and the sooner she was dead, the better. If she was out of the picture, then his life would be so much easier fixing what they had done to the Cupcake Eater. Unfortunately, her telekinetic prowess overwhelmed him and threw him backwards. His eyes were glowing red from both the superspeed serum and the rage that threatened to consume his soul, as Watts ran towards Pryor again. Using his speed to his advantage, he punched her with all of his might in the throat, damaging the Red Queen severely - she wasn't going to be able to monologue again.

But Watts wasn't done with her - as long as she was awake and breathing, she was a threat. Carrying through his momentum, he slammed her head into the ground, blood blossoming from her wounds and blending in with her red hair. She was unconscious and he hoped that she would die. He didn't care if he'd be arrested for murder - that thought was far from his mind at the moment. All he wanted was vengeance. "Psylocke, if you value your spine, you'll stop this," Watts growled.

Pryor's words had felt like venom to Arthur, even though he already knew that Psylocke was the one to kill his father, but the Red Queen was the head of the beast. The bloody wound from Psylocke's strike was gushing with blood, and had it not been for those years on Krakoa, Arthur would have collapsed. He didn't care if he died - he knew the person who had to answer for his father's death. Not even bothering to deal with the woman trying to kill him at the moment, he let his emotions get the better of him and he sent an explosive arrow at Pryor. The arrow landed near her, but the explosion didn't kill her as he had hoped.

He couldn't let his rage get him killed before the job was done - he kicked Psylocke back, creating the distance he needed from the telekinetic mutant. He sent another explosive arrow at Pryor, hitting her once more. The woman was incredibly injured, but she wasn't dead - a fact that frustrated him even more. He hated wasting arrows like this, it was a stupid move to just use endless amounts of ammo. His arrows were hardly a limitless resource.

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-Blood - the Arena -> Hades Cabin
Skills: N/A

Leda nodded a bit at Andy's concern - it was understandable. "I bet Ash would be chuffed just to know that you're there, if you can't think of something to say - sometimes people tell stories, stuff like that," Leda offered gently. She had seen a few demigods' funerals in her time at Camp Half-Blood and they were never the happiest affairs. Walking with her younger friend, she headed away from the arena and to the cabins, glad to put her ex-girlfriend behind her. Mary was walking with them and she was being sensitive and kind to Andy, something that Leda appreciated.

The Hades Cabin was a bit on the creepy side - Leda shuddered slightly as she entered. The atmosphere was oppressively gothic, an environment where Halloween never ended. The greys and blacks were saddening, as Leda enjoyed the vibrant colors of rainbows and the warmth of light on her skin. This place looked more like Dracula's lair than a home. Her sister nudged her towards Kiera and Leda considered for a moment continuing to hold a grudge over the reaction to Ash's death, but Kiera was rather cute. She walked on over next to her. "You ever used one of those, luv?" she asked, referring to the parasol in Kiera's hands.

✨ Rebecca Eventide ✨

Location: Camp Half-Blood - the Arena -> Hecate Cabin
Skills: N/A

Rebecca tilted her head slightly at Zeke, disappointed by his skepticism when it came to crystals. She expected as much from younger demigods, but Zeke had been at Camp Half-Blood for a long time. It was a pity to see his mind so closed to the possibilities of magic. Kristin requested potions, something that Rebecca figured would not be too hard to procure for them. Rebecca smiled slightly at the two new demigods. "Blessed to meet you," she greeted, noting that one of them was blind. One of her siblings who arrived recently happened to be blind as well. "I'll go fetch some potions." If Zeke slighted her one more time, she would curse him, her own sort of rule of three.

The walk back to her cabin was pleasant, yet hardly as beautiful as the cabin itself. Its stones all had magical writings on them, the bricks primed to explode if dropped (or to otherwise transfigure bystanders into trees). Of all the cabins, it was the most flexible one, as it could instantly be customized and reconfigured - it was even bigger on the inside! Heading on in, Rebecca waved slightly to her siblings as she went to the potions cupboard, pulling out the potions she found that could be of use to those going on the quest. They were largely healing potions, but some were meant to act as stimulants as well.

Rebecca then next looked for some herbs - hoping for ones dealing with strength, clarity, endurance, and luck. Those were the attributes that she figured would bring them the most success on this dangerous quest. Fortune must have been smiling on her as well, as Rebecca managed to find those herbs exactly and she collected them into little vials, labeling each with its function. "Perhaps Zeke should acquire some clarity now," she mused to herself, taking a moment to be alone with her thoughts before she would go off to find the questers to give them these items.

The Hub - San Fransisco: December 24th, 2020 - 6:40 P.M.

The Common Room...

"Pff, like Stark is going to be any help - you can't trust him," she warned Oliver. Her mentor was Hank Pym, an intellectual rival of Howard Stark and thus Tony by extension. She smirked slightly though as the conversation turned towards making sure that the team wasn't compromised. Roman had been a skrull, so they were doing a fantastic job at that in her opinion. She opened up another bottle of vodka and took a swig, seeing as this was S.H.I.E.L.D. business and she had been fired. It wasn't her problem. "How do you know Stark isn't a skrull, kid?" Novikova pointed out to him, raising that question purely in order to antagonize Oliver.

She remembered when their team had first formed - the HYDRA infiltrating of S.H.I.E.L.D. This was hardly any different than that, wasn't it? To defeat an organization, all you had to do was weaken it. "What if you're a skrull?" Novikova then pressed, taking another drink of vodka. "And this is all just a ploy to get us to trust you, by making it seem like you couldn't possibly be one?" The silver haired mutant then tipped her glasses, staring at Oliver as she fell into a trance, seeing hundreds of his alternate lives rush by.

By the time she slid her glasses back onto her eyes, Novikova was laughing as she stared at Oliver. She was laughing so hard that she cried. "You're worse than a skrull," she snickered, more than a little bit wasted. "You don't even know who you are."

The Park...

Raynor winced, taking a sharp breath as he watched Tinley pummel Deadpool's family jewels. Yes, he was angry with the mutant for stealing the presents - mostly because of the present he had gotten for his Secret Santa - but Raynor was also male. He couldn't watch such a thorough dick stomping without feeling a swell of pity for the Merc with a Mouth. Raynor shifted his stance slightly, just in case someone tried to go and do the same thing to him. He didn't really care too much about being shirtless, even with the evening chill setting in - it was California, things never really got too hot here.

"I'm fine," Bonnie muttered, her head pounding. Cass, Flynn, and Niah were all asking about her - it was sweet. Her ears were ringing and she couldn't focus properly enough to realize that she was concussed. Sparky had zapped Deadpool into unconsciousness and since Tempest had recovered all of the presents, there weren't any objectives remaining to this mission. "Hey, Freddie... Happy Hannukah..." Bonnie then mumbled, trying to get up to her feet but it was hard to find her balance. "Maybe we can play dreidel or something since... since we... we caught Deadpool." She almost forgot why they were there in the park for a moment.

Raynor glared at Deadpool for a moment, thinking over what Oliver said. "He stole something incredibly precious and valuable - and almost ruined this night!" he shouted, completely ignoring the fact that he had punched Harry earlier and had arguably begun the destruction of the party. "Are we seriously going to just let him go? He's a mercenary, a trained assassin, and a completely annoying one too! And weird!" he huffed, running a hand through his hair. "We should book him - send him off to the Raft. He can keep Luminous company on Christmas."

"Let him go, I was the one that got hurt," Bonnie argued, finally having gotten back up to her feet without falling back down to the ground. "It's Christmas Eve - we can be nice to him for once." After all, wasn't that the spirit of Christmas - having compassion for others? Or was it about getting second chances like in a Christmas Carol? Or not shooting your eye out, like in Christmas Story? Or being green and mean like in Grinch? "It's like in Grinch - we have to be nice to him, or he'll just be a dick for life." Bonnie rarely swore - pretty much everyone there with medical training would realize she had a concussion by this point.

Guin Stark

Location: Galactus' Ship (Team 1)
Skills: Telepathy
Bethany's question was answered before Guin could even respond - as Mary had felt the mental intrusion into her mind. Guin had been certain that she had only done a light prod, in order to avoid detection, but it didn't matter now. She mentally braced herself for a fight, only for Mary to give the most lukewarm explanation about her current mental state and that everyone essentially needed to just deal with it. At least the Hulk tended to want to smash other people when he came out - Mary's split personality seemed to want to kill all of her teammates. This was just fantastic.

"What the fuck?" Guin exclaimed, seeing the alien creature - the Xenomorph or whatever Pietro had called it. It looked like the forbidden love child of Jar Jar Binks and a hammerhead shark. "I've never seen Alien before," she then mentioned to her fiancé.

"...Wait really?" Pietro said, looking a bit surprised. "Alright that's it, when we get back to Earth we are watching that movie!"

"What if I wanted to watch Space Jam?" Guin asked with a slight smirk, focusing on the alien creature in front of them as she would prefer to not be killed by it. She was incredibly thankful that her gauntlets were compatible with these makeshift suits, as she fired off repulsor blasts at the alien. It hardly seemed to do any damage though, despite her blasts connecting with the monster's flesh. If technology didn't work, she'd try her mutation. Concentrating on the creature, she tried to make it hit itself, but after her second attempt she was able to get a clear read on its mind. It didn't have much of one, thinking only one thought - kill.

"...Hey, how'd they kill these things in the movie?"

"...Flamethrowers is how they more or less fended them off, blasted them out of an airlock is more or less how they got rid of them... They don't like fire though, like at all."

Guin's mind raced as she tried to come up with ways to throw fire at the monster. Her blasts hadn't worked, despite the fact that they were essentially pure energy and that was more or less what fire was. Maybe it was silly to base how to fight these things off of a horror movie because of that. But thinking back on all of the Sci-Fi movies she had seen, ships usually ended up on fire at one point or another? "Fuel... We need to find a fuel source, fuel is flammable, enough so that Ally can probably spark it with her mind!" Guin suggested. "Unless Beth can shadow travel the thing out into space?"

Neil Spellman

Location: Galactus' Ship (Team 3)
Skills: Telekinesis
Neil smiled slightly at the nickname Iris gave him, mostly since it reminded him of his family. Neil was the only one without magic - but his mutant powers tended to make up for that fact or at least that was what he insisted to his cousin Rebecca at the last Feast of Feasts. His heart pounded slightly as Iris alerted them all to the fact that something was coming out of the jungle - he really hoped it would just be a long lost Robin Williams, returning from Jumanji, but that didn't seem to be the case. Life was never going to be kind to the X-Men, that was just a fact at this point.

"It's a little late to be worrying about an alarm on the door," Neil pointed out to Mira, a bit annoyed that she seemed to be more focused on the alarm than whatever was rushing towards them. He didn't understand what she said next, catching words that sounded like Africa and Sahara - but those didn't matter either, as a gigantic gorilla came into sight. The beast threw Iris backwards and Neil took a slight breath, before reacting on instinct. Using his telekinesis, he flung the hefty gorilla backwards some, basically treating the gorilla like Wolverine in a danger room session. If the gorilla couldn't reach them, they'd be safe, right?

"So um, who has done sessions with Wolverine? The gorilla is Wolverine basically - I think we just want to keep him away from us so he can't snap our necks or eat us."

🗡️ Megan Pendragon 🗡️

Location: Oak Park
Skills: N/A

She frowned slightly, noticing the extremely muscular men looking around the park. They were conspicuous to say the very least and she didn't recognize them at all, but her intuition was once more telling her that they were important. She pulled out her phone discretely and Megan took photos of them, that way she could attempt to ID them later using a police database. It couldn't have been a coincidence that they were here at the park right, talking about rounding people up? Maybe this was some sort of human trafficking group - though the explanation didn't sit quite right with her. Why steal orphans so many years after they had been dropped off? Why send them such a cryptic letter?

Though it had worked - after all, Megan was in Oak Park when she ordinarily would not have been. For a moment, she debated texting her brother, but she decided against it. He was far too busy looking up Isabella's skirt. Getting inside of her car, Megan locked it as a safety measure. She didn't really want to be shoved into a duffle bag. She then called up the station on her phone. "This is Junior Medical Examiner Megan Pendragon - in need of assistance at Oak Park. Suspicious activity, potential murder suspects, they seem to be plotting kidnappings as well," she stated calmly.

Washington D.C.: September 10th, 2020 - 1:00 PM

Every channel in Washington D.C. is talking about one thing - Reverend William Stryker's anti-mutant rally. Dubbed "Stryker's Crusade" and largely driven by members of his Church, the Hope of Humanity, the rally has about 30,000 participants. The angry crowd, carrying picket signs as they protest the mutant population is made up primarily out of citizens - especially those who identify as Purifiers.

Outside the White House, the Purifiers have plastered images of those who died due to mutant violence. One image is repeated more than any other - Johnny Ward, their fallen leader, slain by the mutant menace not too long ago. Other images are shown - those lost on 7/15, as well as dozens upon dozens more who the Purifiers claim to have been killed by those with an X-gene. The famous and influential across the country were all giving their soundbites -

"Everyone needs to remain calm during the march. If it turns violent in anyway, the police need to be prepared to defend innocents, both human and mutant as is there duty to do so. No rioting of any kind will be tolerated since it is within their rights of assembly to do this," said presidential candidate and ex-O.M.E.N. director Alexander Jakobsen.

"They're a menace! It's about damn time that we've started to wake up and realized that we have let the enemy surround us!" said J. Jonah Jameson.

"This country was founded on freedom - freedom for everyone, human or mutant," said Captain America.

"I don't see what the problem is - I don't! And believe me, I'm a smart guy, everyone says so, and I think that it's great seeing the crowd out there! Disgusting mutants need to learn they can't just go around killing people!" said the President of the United States, the Cheeto in Chief.

"They are within their rights to participate in the march. However only together can we strive for a truly peaceful coexistence between everyone. They can do what they will, but I ask that the mutants of DC... Do not attack them, as you will only cause more strife between humans and mutants of the area," said Professor Charles Xavier.

"This march is a tremendous success - a tribute to what we as the human race can accomplish. I'm looking forward to similar events planned across the country soon!" said Benedict Ryan.

The Penthouse - Shaw Industries...

The elevator opened up to reveal the penthouse for the very first time to Max and Leighton. Emma was seated on the couch, with a dark skinned woman by her side. "I apologize for the traffic, dears, but it can't be helped - that dreadful Reverend Stryker has stirred up the Purifiers in the city," Emma explained, standing up and walking on over to the pair. "I would like to introduce you to my associate, Reeva Payge."

Reeva got up from the couch as well and walked on over, smiling as she extended a hand to both Leighton and Max. "It's a pleasure to meet you both," she said earnestly. There wasn't anyone else in the room at the moment, but it was positively immaculate. The bar had been repaired and it was fully stocked. There were light snacks set out at the low table by the sofas. And from the windows, they would be able to see the massive crowds in the streets, carrying those hateful signs.

The Training Room - Shaw Industries...

As soon as Anastasia had returned with Legion, Emma had placed the omega level mutant into a psychic coma and placed him in his room in bed. She had explained to Anastasia that due to his large number of personalities, she wanted to make sure she could study his mind and prepare some precautions first before they began working with him. However, the arrival of Emma's niece and her friend had changed some plans for that day. Polaris, Magneto, and the rest had left Genosha early to return to D.C. Emma and Reeva were handling their guests, with the rest asked to stay out of sight until they had settled in comfortably.

Magneto decided this was the perfect time for a training session. The training room of the Hellfire Club didn't possess the Shi'ar technology of the X-Men, but it did have various pieces of equipment set up. Sage was at the control panel, whereas Magneto, Polaris, and the White Queen were on the training room floor. "Which would you two prefer - spar each other or spar me?" Magneto mused.

"I didn't come here to fight children, Father."

The Raft - Location Classified...

After Anastasia abandoned Valentine, the Three in One, Jinx, and the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, it hadn't been too long for back up to arrive. They took Valentine into custody and took her to the Triskelion, in order to find a family member who could come pick out a new institution to house her in. The Three in One and Jinx had been shipped off by helicopter to the Raft, an underwater prison populated by the worst of the worst.

The Three in One were placed in a single cell, outfitted with collars (as was Jinx). "Jinxy, when we're out of here, want to kill the little blonde slut with us?" the Three in One jeered, speaking in perfect unison even with the collars dampening their powers.

"How cute," Luminous muttered from her cell, directly adjacent to Jinx. She had an uncanny resemblance to the Scarlet Witch, yet her coloring was far more reminiscent of Quicksilver. Was their yet another child of Magneto running around? "Blonde hair, blue eyes - you certainly have that going for you, though the brains seem to be lacking..."

"Would you please shut up?!" Doctor Doom snapped. His cell was right next to Jinx's. "Some of us would appreciate being able to think without hearing Nazi propaganda and the ideals of the Aryan race."

"Says the disfigured failure," Luminous taunted with a smirk.

"I agree with Doom - shut up!" the Scarlet Witch snapped, meditating in the back of her cell - or at the very least, trying to.

New Mutant Underground Hideout...

With the combined abilities of Blink and Magik, the possessions of the Mutant Underground had been relocated to their new hideout. An underground, abandoned mansion, it consisted of two levels. The upper level consisted of ten bedrooms of sorts, though some of them evidently had been used as studies or parlor rooms long, long ago. On the first floor, there was a dining room and a large open area that could be a nice training room. The entranceway took up most of the space on the first floor, with a staircase to the south going up to the land of the living.

Vulcan was currently tied to a post in the dining room. Everything was in a state of major disrepair, with vast amounts of graffiti on the walls and floors. Rats and bugs were running by constantly. There were some cool little treasures, but for the most part everything of value had already been taken. Only a few of the vehicles had been in good enough shape to move from the old location to the new, and they were left above ground, hidden under tarps in hopes that they wouldn't be stolen.

Veil wasn't ready yet to be a leader, even though she knew it was urgent. Sinister could easily pack up his entire lab and take his captive mutants away, especially since he knew they were there. Leighton and Max had left, gone off to join one of the most manipulative and twisted mutants out there - Emma Frost. She imagined that they'd be dead or completely wicked within weeks. All of these people at the Mutant Underground were counting on her to guide them, yet also to protect them. Colossus had gotten his baby sister back, that was a win at least. Havok was quiet, staring at Vulcan and tilting his head slightly, as if trying to figure out if they could really be related.

"What do we do next?" Veil mumbled to her best friend, before wrapping Sapphire into a hug. She knew that Sapphire was the ice queen in everything but official alias, but Veil needed someone to lean on. "I mean, fuck... We have to stop Sinister. But we're not a team - we're not the X-Men," she added in whispers, not wanting to freak everyone else out here. Feedback in her opinion was especially fragile at the moment, after everything with her mother. That was at least one situation Max leaving helped - Feedback didn't have to look him in the eye anymore.

Lounged on a moth eaten couch, Casper had a smile on his face and the buzz of morphine in his brain. His fingers were twitching slightly and he reached into his pocket to take another pill, only to notice that his medicine wasn't there. "Hey, uh, James? Jimmy Jimbo? Can you give me back my meds, please?" Casper asked, assuming that James still had them after he had given him a pill. The ghosts had vanished from his line of vision, not even Ben appearing. His powers didn't work until he was sober and Ben always was the first ghost to appear.

Yes, Casper missed Ben - but Ben would understand. He didn't fade out of existence just because Casper couldn't see him at the moment. Feedback's mom wasn't in his line of sight now, screaming about wanting her death avenged and begging for one more minute to speak with her children. Casper wasn't some great philanthropist - some miracle worker like his father. He was a drug addict and he liked his life just the way it was.

Sunshine was sitting on one of the steps of the staircase that lead up to the bedrooms, sullenly playing with her Yo-Yo. Her stomach was growling and she wanted food, but there wasn't anything here to eat. They were at an all time low supplies wise. Her brain kept going over the knowledge that Erg's killer was immortal - or at least one of them was. Shaw hadn't been there, but Sinister had. And her best disease bomb hadn't even stopped him. Then, Leighton and Max had betrayed them, going to join Emma Frost.

"Can I give that a try?" Magik asked Sunshine, avoiding her brother if she could help it. Colossus kept on following her around and fussing over her, acting like she was still the little girl back in Russia and not a young adult.

"No, it's mine. Get your own," Sunshine snapped, not even turning to look at her. Negasonic was sitting on the stairs a few steps back, listening to music on her phone and texting cute pictures to her girlfriend. The stairs had more or less become the young kid hang out spot, especially since the other new mutants had left.

"What if I trade you for it?" Magik bargained.

Sunshine held her Yo-Yo tightly in her hand, looking up at the other blonde. "You don't have anything to trade."

"Sell your body for a Yo-Yo," Negasonic chimed in from behind. "It's how Yukio and I met."


734 in character posts. 3 story arcs. 31 characters. 2 years.

We have finally completed the Darke Magyk trilogy! It wasn't easy to get to this point - in fact, it was incredibly difficult. We worked through losing roleplayers and out of character drama, but everyone showed up once a week and managed to post despite all of the distractions going on in their lives. This roleplay wasn't perfect, but everyone has grown so much since we started it. While we may be saying goodbye to the Castle for now, I don't doubt that the characters will be seen again some day.

For now, our heroes deserve a break - they've earned it!

And of course, a special shout out to my co-GM, Blue. She covered for me when I had exams, listened to my terrible ideas, and kept me calm when I needed it. I couldn't ask for a better friend.

This is the conclusion of the Darke Magyk trilogy! I thought about awarding skill rewards and the likes now, but I decided on something better.

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