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Jade Cornish

Jade snorted, hearing what Congress' plan was to handle Magneto. She was surprised they had even managed to come to an agreement on a course of action in just over a year. Of course, she wasn't really surprised that their great idea was nuking New York City to rid themselves of Magneto. Either they were stupid or just blinded by their own sense of immortality and the notion that nothing bad could ever happen to them. This was exactly why Jade was going into the city to try to stop Magneto, even if it killed her. There were innocents in New York - kids - who could be caught in the crossfire. But now, it wasn't just the damage to one city that they had to consider.

Jade took the list, her eyes briefly flashing over the faces, before she folded the list up and pocketed it. "Yeah, let's go. Alex, if I die, don't bother recovering my body," she then added, looking at Jakobsen. She didn't care what happened to her body when she was gone. She had died once before anyways, so the idea of death wasn't as frightening as it might have been to someone else. Yes, she had done to hell, but that didn't bother her much either. She probably deserved it.

Guinevere Stark

"Oh, me? I'm fantastic," Guin told Cass, forcing a smile. She knew that she likely needed serious therapy - that and medication. If it hadn't been for the X-Men, she probably would've been using drugs to cope with everything that was going on in her life - or rather, the loss of what had been in her life. She hadn't had the best relationship with her father, but they had been getting closer - and now he was dead and Guin could only blame herself for it. She should've asked for the Avengers to help. She shouldn't have blindly gone along with the plan to have a new team handle a threat of that scale.

Ironically, she was still doing that - she was still counting that they could stop Magneto. The only difference was, Guin didn't have anyone to lose anymore that wouldn't be doing the same exact thing. She didn't even care if she died, as long as Magneto bled. The ground shook and an explosion pierced the air. "They have to run out of buildings to blow up at some point, right?" Guin muttered. "It's not like Magnet Brain's got a construction crew going around building new ones for him to destroy."

There were seven assholes apparently responsible for this explosion. Guin wondered why Mary even asked who was going to go where - they pretty much regularly knew who was going in which group. Case in point, Guin was going to be with Carolina and Lance, the others who struggled with actually being able to effectively fight. "I'm with you too, Lando."

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-blood: Arena
Skills: N/A

Leda hesitated for a moment, considering lying and saying that all prophecies could be changed, that they were all malleable. From what she knew, some prophecies were more or less fate - whereas others were warnings if the wrong path was taken. Andy was looking at her with those sad puppy dog eyes, literally in tears. Arthur looked like he was doing his very best to be brave. "Yeah, prophecies can be changed and all, some of them are just sorta like warnings of things that could happen," Leda answered. She decided that telling a small lie and giving them some comfort now was for the best - and it wasn't a huge lie, more of an omission. Some prophecies couldn't be changed.

But telling them that wasn't going to help them at the moment. "Do you two want some chocolate or something, maybe? I can dash off and see about getting some. Chocolate always helps me feel better, got a bit of a sweet tooth and all," Leda suggested. She wondered briefly where Andy's brother was. Shouldn't he have known how upset his little sister was? His absence was weird. "Or if you got something more specific in mind, I can get that too." Sugar always made people feel better, right?

β˜€οΈ Nancy Parker β˜€οΈ

Location: Camp Half-blood: Senate Tent
Skills: N/A

Nancy was at least mildly curious as to how Daniella would be as a praetor. She had only been co-praetors with Mads, no one else. The praetorship was all about partnership and a new dynamic could have interesting results. Of course, she was only mildly interested because her mind was largely preoccupied with doom and gloom and anxiety - and anger at Leandra, even if it wasn't technically her fault for being possessed by an angry ghost, but Nancy chose to blame her anyways. They had a lengthy uphill battle up ahead of them - a fight against fate in Mads' case.

Her throat caught for a moment as Niah made a motion to approve the quest. Part of her wanted to say no, to forbid it, to lock Mads up somewhere safe to keep her from ever venturing towards certain death. But she knew that trying to fight the will of the Fates was futile. It was in the prophecy - it was going to happen, one way or another. Nancy raised her hand as well, voting to approve the quest, even as it filled her heart was sadness. She was going to have to get used to this. One way or another, all of her friends would die one day, whether it was in battle or due to sickness or old age.

Runa Baldurdattir

Location: Nearing Baldur's Hall
Skills: N/A

"Oh, it's rather beautiful and splendid. It isn't grand in the way that the All-Father's palace is, largely because my family finds no value in gold or coin," Runa explained, relaxing ever so slightly as she talked more about her childhood home. "It is called Breidablik, which in the All-Tongue means broad-gleaming, as my father is the God of Light. To enter the halls, you must be pure - anything unclean will burst into flames for all eternity. When we arrive, I will need to fetch you a protective balm to prevent you from bursting to flames in the presence of my father as well, as he emits more light than your body can handle."

Runa then smiled ever so slightly, thinking about the various rooms and whatnot. "The hall is adorned with flowers and many endangered fauna stay as handmaidens to my godly mother. I have a deer who is like a second mother to me. And when people come to my father's court, the halls are filled with the roars of laughter and good cheer. There is no other place like it on Asgard, a place where anyone is welcomed and all can belong..."

Guin Stark

Location: the Palace
Skills: Telepathy, Unarmed Combat, Agility

Guin gasped in pain, as the werewolf slashed her left arm with its claws. She really hoped these werewolves couldn't spread their disease through gashes - she didn't want to be condemned to a life of Twilight cosplaying. Guin bit down on the inside of her mouth, trying to force her mind to focus through the pain as she cradled her arm, putting pressure on it in an effort to stop the bleeding. The Asgardian outfit Runa had put her in was going to have some major bloodstains, not that Guin cared. She hated the thing anyways.

It took her a moment to stitch her thoughts together, even as she heard Pietro's voice echo in her mind, asking if she was okay - and then as she saw him rip out the heart of the werewolf who had attacked her, killing the beast instantly. He looked dazed and out of it, and as much as she was in pain, Guin wanted to try to help him a bit - he had done the right thing, after all. And he looked like he was experiencing somewhat of a mental breakdown. Hey, babes, I'm fine, really. Scars are sexy anyways, Guin said, trying to reassure him. She concentrated and tried to send a calming influence into his mind, something to just help him regain some control and stability.

Nopenopenopenopetheyarebadandyoushouldn'thavegottenhurtandthatthingdeservedtodie!!! Pietro's words whizzed into her mind. She was hit by an overwhelming feeling of anger and fear, which was only matched by the expression on Pietro's face - he looked like he was one second away from snapping, just moments away from killing the younglings in the Jedi Temple, his left eye kept on twitching and his fingers were spasming, like he was still pulling out the werewolf's heart.

"Hey, you're okay," Guin repeated, before trying again - this time, it seemed that she actually helped to calm him down - mostly. Mostly was going to have to be good enough though. They still had a werewolf and Guin's ability to ignore the pain of her massive gash was decreasing by the minute. Guin turned her attention to that wolf, kicking at it as hard as she could, hoping it would go down easy but she only managed to hit it in the shin - barely doing any damage to it at all. It made sense. It was much bigger than the others and had armor, because that was normal.


EARTH 257 - 9:50 AM Nov. 13th, 2021 - Metro, the Iron

The other!Cass paused for a moment, her eyebrows knitting together briefly, before she relaxed and just started to laugh. She wiped a stray tear from her eyes. "I think this clone you baked is defective, Chase," the other!Cass mused. "Knew you couldn't have been perfect. It's kind of a relief, actually." Her eyes then drifted over towards Sparky, a bit amused with the fire behind her. Ordinarily, she would've beaten anyone to talk to her that way, but she had her orders. For whatever reason, the Director didn't want this one brought in just yet.

"And of course it's your last name, did your brain blow a fuse or something, Novastrov?" Cass commented, laughing at her own joke. "Maybe you ought to let the mechanics take a look at you, change out your oil or something."

Bonnie had caught on, of course, thanks to her heightened intuition. This doppelganger seemed to trust only her and Celestine, as well as only singling out Maria, Raynor, and Flynn as criminals. The others could potentially get out of this, if they just slipped away quietly. "Cass, she's telling the truth. We're not from this world. We're here trying to apprehend two criminals - Luminous and Doctor Doom," Bonnie explained carefully, holding her hands out in front of her, her palms open. "Maria and Flynn aren't from here. They aren't the guilty ones." She couldn't say the same about Raynor. He was from this world. And from the way he was acting, he was incredibly guilty.

"Yeah, mate, it's all been fucking bonkers. There's so much tech stuff here it's making my head spin. But if we could, y'know, agent to agent, I'd LOVE to check out your planes and stuff. Maybe you could even help us catch our crooks that we're after? We're the good guys, really, and in those all black Iron Man uniforms you definitely don't look like villains or anything at all like that..." Amelia rambled. She noticed that Bonnie hadn't said anything to defend Raynor, but she assumed that Bonnie had just forgotten. The entire situation was super stressful - and weird. Mostly weird.

"Yeah, we aren't the--" Raynor said, beginning to lie, when a device sprang into the air. It looked like a mechanical spider or a crab. Its legs gripped around Raynor's head and he stumbled backwards, pulling at the contraption with his arms to try to get it off of him, but it only tightened its hold on the Asgardian. The more he struggled, the stronger it became - as if his own strength was serving as a power source. The body of the machine had effectively formed a muzzle or a gag around his mouth, preventing him from saying a single word.

"What the hell is that?!"

"Agent Hayward, should we call in a psych referral on Chase and Novastrov?" one of the goons asked.

"Yeah, seems like it," Cassandra Hayward replied, before flipping her visor down. "Now let's get to work. I love it when they resist." She kicked off, her suit propelling her forward as she slammed straight into Raynor's stomach, latching her arms around him. Or rather, that's what she wanted to do. Instead, Raynor dove out of the way just in time. One of the goons went in to pummel Raynor, only for Raynor to blast the goon with light, blinding him permanently despite his suit's protective visor. Raynor still couldn't speak but he pulled his dagger and stabbed through the visor, killing the man.

One of the goons went straight for Flynn, or rather, two of them did - one goon went on for a forward attack, while the other went at him from behind. The second goon managed to put a device on Flynn's left arm which paralyzed his left arm completely, embedding itself into his skin. To remove it without bleeding heavily would require a skilled doctor.

Maria had the worst luck of all. Seven goons went after her, all of them blasting repulsor blasts at her from essentially every possible angle, surrounding her completely.

"Oi, leave her alone!" Amelia exclaimed, before sticking her arm out and bringing it in quickly, kicking up a gust of wind that knocked three of the goons surrounding Maria to the ground.

Runa Johansson

Location: Hotel Valhalla
Skills: N/A

Runa nodded quickly, even as her heart was pounding. She knew that it had just been Dalisy falling, but in the moment, it could've been anything. And it really wasn't helping that Runa had discovered she was claustrophobic, having never been trapped in a small confined space like this before as a murderer was on the loose trying to re-kill everyone or something. She was doing her best to take deep breaths, going in through the nose and out through the mouth. However, what especially did not help at all was the actual HOWLING, as if a wolf was trapped inside of the shaft with them.

Klara was braver than most, something Runa had come to expect from her. Klara climbed on up to where Dalisy had been and Runa didn't realize she was holding her breath, staring up for any sign of trouble from her friend. Her mouth went dry as Klara told them to stay in the elevator and try the door. It didn't take much for Runa's imagination to run wild, especially with the howling. Runa hurried over to the elevator door, even though she didn't have any sort of super strength, and she tried to pry the doors open with her fingers. "Please please please please open," she whispered.

Megan Pendragon

Location: Atlantica
Skills: N/A

Megan actually disagreed with Sierra's assertion about winning costume contests. She was an insomniac and spent a lot of time on the internet late at night, and she had read so many stories along the lines of 'RDJ loses Tony Stark costume contest' and whatnot. She didn't have a chance to say as much though, as Sierra decided to start wandering off in the direction of the crates. Megan sighed ever so slightly. "Yeah, might as well," she replied to her brother, before heading off in that direction. Sierra seemed to have a really pure heart and want to save everyone, but it was probably just some illicit drugs and they needed to keep a low profile and --

Megan stopped in her tracks once she caught up with Hansel and Sierra. There were people in cages. "We're not leaving them like this," Megan said. "Either we bust them out of these cages or we see how much money is backing our parents' names to buy them. I can overlook drugs, but this? This is wrong. Those pirates deserve to burn for this."

Genosha: July 31st, 2021 - 5:10 AM


Location: Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing - Rooftop
Skills: Invisible Energy Manipulation

Veil nodded. Kristina had a solid idea - they really ought to bring that last one in and figure out what exactly was going on here. "Erm, would you--" Veil began to ask. Kristina and Jack had just jumped off the roof, Veil assuming that they made a pleasant descent down. Aurora nodded, scooping up the man and flying him down to the ground, only to scream out in alarm.

"Mon dieu!" Aurora exclaimed, looking at Kristina. Jack didn't seem to be hurt at all, but Kristina looked like she was in pretty bad shape. People weren't supposed to just walk off of buildings and fall after all. "Can you move?" Aurora instantly asked, skipping the usual are you alright or what happened? She had seen young mutants drop like this before, usually while they were still young and getting a hang of things. "I don't suppose you have a healing factor?" she then added hopefully.


Location: Hellfire Manor
Skills: Mediumship

Casper swooned at the kiss from James. It was such a simple thing, but it really gave him the energy to keep on going - as well as the energy to do something else, although that special thing would have to wait for later when they had some privacy. "Awww, babe, you really know how to make a fella feel special," Casper said playfully, his hands trembling a little less. His eyes were still unnaturally blue and there was a blue fog of sorts around his hands, as he continued helping Ben cross from one world into the next.

Ben rolled his - well, Serafina's eyes. A moment later, it was like everyone in the room came to life again. People were crying, some of them looked angry, others were just afraid. And all of their eyes fell on their captor, Serafina. No one had made a move yet, aware that Ben was inhabiting her body, but doubtlessly waiting for a chance to kill her and get their revenge.

"... She says she'll talk. She says," Ben pauses, "they're what comes next."


Location: Hellfire Bay - the Mercury
Skills: Disease Manipulation

"Been - trying - that!" Marrow shouted back at Spark Plug. Marrow wasn't brand new to using her powers, she had been in plenty of fights. The main issue was that her bone marrow spikes were breaking off into the clones and new clones kept on taking their place. She could only make so many spikes at once, her body was beginning to fatigue, running out of material to use.

The clone Sunshine had been fighting - the one who killed Waverley - had collapsed onto the surface of the Mercury, little more than a living boil. Sunshine didn't hesitate before raising her foot up and stomping down as hard on the clone as she could, the boiling exploding and pus raining everywhere, getting on everyone. But Sunshine didn't care. The clone had killed her friend. He deserved that. Hell, he deserved more than that.

Bowser went to swipe at Spark Plug, but now blinded, he wasn't able to get anywhere close to her, just clawing at the air! Echo was lucky too, as the clones seemed to be incredibly disgusted by what Sunshine did, momentarily distracted. Marrow benefited from this as well, finally managing to break free from the little circle she had been forced into.


"That almost tickled," Smokey taunted, before chucking fireballs at random. She wasn't aiming at anyone in particular, but the fireballs were large enough that when they impacted, everyone in a five foot radius was at best mildly burned and at worst roasted. Some of the students screamed, until Rain Boy made a cloud of rain appear, dousing the flames that were threatening to spread. Cosmar started warping reality as well, making a shield of sorts to keep Smokey's fireballs at bay.

House of M...

"Why did you abandon me, Mommy?" the little boy asked, as he started to cry. Only instead of crying tears, he was crying blood. In the blink of an eye, a thousand cuts appeared on his small body and his clothing was soaked in his own blood. "Did you hate us, Mommy?" the girl asked - only she didn't look like a girl anymore. She looked like living charred remains, as if she had been burned at the stake but somehow did not die. "Do you love him more than us, Mommy?"

Someone was standing right behind Miranda.

Roll a d20 in Gifted chat - a 10 or lower and she doesn't notice them. 11 to 15 and she has the feeling of being watched. Higher than a 15, message me.


"Anchor yourself, Warlock. Sink your soul and essence into this plane," Selene advised.

"Be careful, Max!!!" Pixie then shouted. She had no idea how to do anything that would help Max in this situation, her wings fluttering behind her nervously. Pixie waved a bit sheepishly at the newcomer, figuring she must've been Max's girlfriend or something. Hopefully she was an immensely powerful witch, someone who could help them defeat Cripta before Cripta killed them all!

Cripta waved their hand and suddenly, a wave of daggers, crafted from pure energy, flew at our heroes. The dagger flew through Max harmlessly. Maria was hit in the stomach, which'll hurt a fair deal. Selene shielded herself and Pixie with a quick spell of her own, before launching into a counter-hex to attempt to shut off Cripta from their own magic.


EARTH 257 - 9:40 AM Nov. 13th, 2021 - Metro, the Iron

Raynor let out a bit of a weak, pathetic chuckle. "Good luck getting any clothes in the Iron without a chain code. They act like everything is cocaine or a bomb." He had never gone to the Iron before because he liked it there - he hated it. It was suffocating and the entire country made him feel caged. He didn't understand how anyone could stand to live there. He knew now that the things he had done weren't... great, but he wasn't entirely convinced they were wrong either. The Iron was all about control and taking away people's freedoms.

He rolled his eyes at Maria, not making another reply to her Star Wars reference comment. In his world, the main killer was called Luke Starkiller and had no connection to Darth Vader - it was basically an entirely different set of movies. Han Solo didn't even survive past the first one. He froze though as Celestine mentioned Ragnarok. It was the event that had killed his family and destroyed his world. The name Raynor had then used when he took out his pain on others.

Meanwhile, Bonnie couldn't help but notice how fearful Niah was for Oliver. It was concerning, Oliver suddenly having an issue with his phasing when he never had before - but a certain part of it was heartwarming, seeing how Niah was so clearly falling in love. She frowned, though, listening to Oliver's explanation that he was actively trying to be in phase with their world now. The beginnings of an idea on how to cure him were beginning to form in her head. "Hmm. I think if we can temporarily stop the source of your speed somehow, you should no longer have to fight to be in phase - since you're out of phase due to rapid oscillations..."

The easy solution would be to find some sort of inhibitor to give Oliver, only there was the problem as to whether or not 1) this world had inhibitors, 2) would one even work on Oliver, given his alien heritage, and 3) would he be able to remain in phase long enough for them to administer it.

Raynor looked down at Sparky, as she asked him quietly if he was okay. "Yeah, I'm fine," he lied softly.

"If ya need to go slow, maybe ya should go really fast first? Like sorta tire yourself out," Amelia suggested. "That's what my old mans used to do with me, if I was bouncing all over the place, they'd have me go run laps around outside until I puked and then I'd be curled up in front of the telly for a few hours before it started again." She didn't know much about the science of being an inhuman-alien hybrid thingy, but if he needed to slow down, maybe what was going on wasn't that different from a sugar high?

They were all on the train now and luckily (or not) they had the carriage to themselves. All the innocent bystanders wisely went into the other carriages to avoid them. A voice crackled over the intercom, announcing the next stop, as the train kicked into motion. The train was hurtling along and it would sound like raindrops were pounding down on the roof.

"Does it rain underground in your world too?" Amelia asked.

Seconds later, the carriage decoupled. The emergency exit hatch sprang open and down dropped, in a perfect superhero landing, a group of ten individuals in black Iron Man-esque armor. The leader's face shield popped up, revealing a familiar face. "Raynor Baldursen, Maria Novikova, Frederick Lensherr - you're under arrest for extreme acts of terrorism and violence. Any resistance will result in immediate termination... Nice work, Chase, Novastrov. Hayward'll be elated," the woman said. Unlike Cassandra, her accent wasn't British - it was American.

"Woah.... Doppelganger..."

Genosha: July 31st, 2021 - 5:00 AM


Location: Magda Eisenhardt Memorial Housing - Rooftop
Skills: Invisible Energy Manipulation

Veil nodded, noticing that Jack seemed a little bit quiet, but she figured he was probably just shaken by everything that had happened. "Is everyone out of the building?" she asked. It didn't seem structurally sound at all. If there was no one left inside, then it was probably for the best for them to abandon it. She was also pretty certain that other people would need their help. This attack, it was never ending. She didn't even have time to comprehend how tired she was or admire the beauty of the sun rising above the horizon, flooding their surroundings with morning light.

Aurora touched down on the roof. "I'll look, cherie," she said, before dashing off faster than the eye could see. She returned only seconds later. "There's no one else inside."

"Then we should get out of here - before this building kills us," Veil advised grimly. They already had more close calls than she would care for. They were lucky to have made it out of this in one piece so far and she didn't want to push that luck, as she had a feeling that their fight was just beginning - that they'd have to combat more and more of these invaders as time went on. Whoever they were, they were powerful, powerful enough to challenge an island full of mutants.

Had they made themselves easy targets by gathering all together?

Was there really safety in numbers?

Or had they condemned everyone on Genosha to die?


Location: Hellfire Manor
Skills: Mediumship

"What if she's Jewish?" Casper asked James, referring to his plan to deal with Miss Colossus by lighting her up like a Christmas Tree. He felt a little tired, more so than usual, and then Casper glanced at his hands, seeing the soft blue glow. He must've been powering Ben so he could possess Metallica or whatever her name was. That was waaaay too much responsibility for him. He really liked James' idea of hiding basically until this was all over. That seemed much safer. Of course, he would've preferred for James to hide with him.

"I don't think that matters, Cas," Ben pointed out. While Casper was feeling drained, Ben seemed to be more or less a natural at this - to Casper's annoyance. Ben had been dead for ages and he was still a natural when it came to saving the day - not that Casper really cared about saving the day, he just didn't want to be the weakest link. "....I think her name is.... Serafina? And she's.... She's from something called the Vault," Ben then told James, Serafina's face scrunching up as if she was deep in thought.


Location: Hellfire Bay - the Mercury
Skills: Disease Manipulation, Enhanced Accuracy

Sunshine turned her head just at the right (wrong?) moment to watch Waverley's final moments. Her eyes widened as she let out a scream, instinctively running towards her friend. Yes, she wasn't always the nicest to Waverley, but Waverley was more or less the closest thing she had ever had to a best friend. The clone who had killed Waverley unceremonious dropped her to the ground, and Sunshine swung a punch at his chin, her fist cloaked in the green smoke of her disease powers.

This clone must've been smarter than the others. He caught Sunshine's fist and twisted it, forcing Sunshine to bend her knees and lower her body to keep her wrist from snapping like a toothpick. But all of that brain wasn't enough to change the fact he had grabbed her fist, the fist covered in disease. The infection spread rapidly throughout the clone's body, as every inch of skin erupted into gruesome hives and blood filled his lungs. "You killed her, you fucking flatscan!!!!" Sunshine screamed.

More clones were appearing - somehow, they were multiplying. One of them punched Echo in the throat, temporarily preventing him from being able to speak or sing (for one round). Bowser clawed at Callie, leaving a nasty gash on her shoulder that would definitely scar. Marrow was currently surrounded by clones, doing her best to fend them off.


Zarina was more than a little bit out of it, dazed due to the electricity. While Andy was doing her best to contact the Three-in-One, there was radio silence - it wasn't like Andy wasn't doing it correctly, rather, it seemed that there wasn't anyone listening on the other end. Had something happened to the Three in One during the fighting? Her first-aid training would tell her that Zarina was in excellent shape all things considered and it looked more like she had been tased than anything else.

"Come on everyone, follow me!" a younger mutant squeaked out. He looked ordinary, except for her had a beak where his mouth was. The other young mutants started to follow him nervously, until a gigantic ball of flame slammed in front of them. A ghastly, almost spectral form had appeared in front of them, riding what looked like a motorcycle made out of pure smoke.

"Which one of you is the leader?" the smokey woman asked, before sending another ball of fire slamming into the crowd, hitting poor Beak.


"Squidward?" Selene asked, visibly confused. She took in a breath, about to cast some complex enchantment, when Cripta conjured an athame and flung it at Selene. It would have hit her in the heart, killing her instantly, had one of the Coven members not jumped into the way of the blade - just a child, easily no older than ten years old. So many of them had already died because of Cripta, there were only a handful of them left now, each of them conjuring up their own magic defenses. Pixie made a glowing dagger, others were sending the elements to attack Cripta, lightning bolts circling around Cripta's head.

Cripta cast another enchantment on Max. "FEEL THE VOID," Cripta commanded, before a pervading sense of nothingness would begin to overcome Max. It would feel like everything about him was being erased, as if he was being unanchored from reality, as if he was becoming nothing. His fingers would appear translucent.

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Camp Half-blood: Arena
Skills: Greek Mythology

Leda's eyes widened, hearing the outpouring of emotion coming from Andy. The poor thing had a lot going on. It was really easy to see how little Andy was in this moment, as she cried about her family and being separated from Arthur. Then, Andy pressed for specific details on Tartarus and the Doors of Death. Leda bit her lip for a second, trying to think through how much actual information to give - she didn't want to scare Andy further, but she also didn't want to keep things from her. "We call Tartarus the Pit," Leda began carefully, as more information came to the front of her mind.

"The Underworld, it's down deep and all... The Pit's deeper. That's where monsters go when they die. I only know of two demigods who ever survived the place, by leaving through the Doors of Death." She looked at Andy and Arthur, trying to gauge their reactions. She didn't want to think about those two kids ending up in Tartarus, by they were children of the Big Three. The Fates probably had huge things in store for them, now more than ever. "If you're thinking about going to the Doors of Death, you have to promise me you won't try it alone - swear on the River Styx," she added sternly.

β˜€οΈ Nancy Parker β˜€οΈ

Location: Camp Half-blood: Senate Tent
Skills: N/A

Nancy nodded. She wasn't surprised to hear Madalyne step down as praetor - and she had no right to feel sad about it. Nancy was going to step down one day, once things were calmed down, so that way she could follow Diana. Mads had to follow the prophecy - she had to focus on surviving. She wouldn't be able to run the Legion from the Pit and keep New Rome safe. She was about to make a motion that Niah should be the new praetor, when Niah went and recommended Daniella, daughter of Fortuna, Centurion of the Fifth Cohort. Maybe they could use some luck on their side. And as much as Nancy hated to think about optics and the more silly parts of politics, picking someone from the lowest ranked cohort after demoting Leandra probably would be a good idea.

She stared at Niah, studying her face. She would love for Niah to be praetor. But if Niah wanted to be praetor, why would she have nominated Daniella? Nancy trusted her friend's judgment. Daniella clearly wasn't crazy too, since she had voted in favor of demoting Leandra. Nancy gave Niah a slight nod. Maybe Niah wasn't ready yet to be praetor. Or maybe she was planning some sort of scheme that being praetor wouldn't give her the time to do. "I second Daniella's nomination."
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