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23 May 2017 0:27
Current Nearly done writing up the CS template for Strange New Waters~
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15 May 2017 16:37
And with that, I am finally 19 years old
9 May 2017 22:00
I'm so bad at this focusing thing. Forgive me, molecules! I will pay attention to you....soon. Just probably not now.
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28 Apr 2017 15:00
Current Aesthetic: Special Death by Mirah
27 Apr 2017 18:26
Vague ideas for a 1718~ pirate RP coming to mind.


Greetings! If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm Morose. My real name will remain a mystery to tantalize you for decades. I'm eighteen years old and attending university in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a Chemistry major, interested in pursuing a minor in French. This is all in order to accomplish my end goal of becoming a forensic scientist. Murder is something I'm really interested in, though I'm not too certain you could call it my hobby, as I've never committed it.

My actual hobbies include playing my trumpet (but let's be real, that doesn't happen often), reading novels of extreme literary merit and comic books, hanging out with my friends, Pokémon Go hunting, and pretending to be a wizard on for the past few years. I write a lot in my free time, and I've published two novels under a pen name. My fanfiction handle is Wisteria22, but it's mostly Sherlock and Hunger Games stories up on there.

I enjoy long periods of time spent in the darkness, avoiding the light of day. The sun and I are mortal enemies, as it's always conspiring to make me feel ill. Rain is my best friend, of course, but I also enjoy camping (archery especially!). If I could, I'd scare each person that came to visit our house, but I'm afraid I'm unable to. Instead, I just play with my adorable little kitty. If you're interested in being my friend, just talking fandom with me is all you need to do.

For one reason or another, these people have become rather close friends of mine on the site. I treasure the relationships I have with them all greatly, and I'm so glad that I get to have them in my life.

@Lady Amalthea: My GM idol and RP mother--hands down the sassiest and most confident person the 'Verse has ever known.
@Nallore: My first real friend on the site. :) Nicest and sweetest person there is.
@Pundii: The Asshole Character Killer--beware, ship a character with one of his, and they're toast!
@Charnobylisk: My Other Mother and Tinfoil Hat Co-Conspirator--feisty and quick with sarcasm, she'll never fail to make you laugh.
@Sigil: Definitely someone you do NOT want to mess with. Funny and creative, he's always itching for new ways to kill off characters.
@McHaggis & @HalfOfLancelot: The Secret Narnia Squad! So many rainbows, so much sarcasm, so much passive aggressive statements. Couldn't live without you.
@Esoteric: My stalker *waves* Yes, I see you there!
@BlueSky44: The Watson to my Holmes! <3
@Din: The best 1x1 partner I could ever ask for, the lady who travels through time and space.
@Witch Cat: My weird RP cousin. Please don't turn me into a toad!

Morose's RP Universe - The official timeline for the connected RP's I GM
Morose's Character Mind Palace - A collection of my characters, new and old
Abandoned Hope - GMing - Completed at 8 months - A supernatural take on the apocalypse
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth - A prequel to Abandoned Hope
After Miranda - A Firefly story
Darker Than Black: Retribution - A comical and murderous conspiracy extravaganza
Deeper Than the Sands - An Egyptian crime drama - DTB prequel
Soulless Regency - A supernatural horror story, set in the regency era
The Horrors of Coventry - GMing - A supernatural mystery story, serving as a sequel to Abandoned Hope
The Walking Dead: Year Four - A zombie apocalypse survival story

Behold, my collection of ships. Some of these sailed. Some of these never had a chance. Others are serious, some cute, and some are plain old crack ships. Either way, I treasure each of them deeply.

  • Jati:
    • Jack Hudson and Tatiana Korvo
    • The Sweetheart Ship
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in the Walking Dead
    • Perhaps the most romantic ship, it's also one of the most difficult ones for me to write for. Slipping into the utter kindness and empathy of Jati, the two of them holding on fiercely no matter the odds, can be a bit of a challenge. They're pure and sweet, a definite contrast to the easy grittiness found in the apocalypse. Luckily, LLA shouldn't be able to touch them. Hooray for plot armor!
  • Scallum:
    • Scarleth Pevensey and Callum Bowman
    • The Hateful Ship
    • RPed with @Heat in Freedom in the Stars: Deathbound
    • This ship never got much of a chance to sail, beyond speculation in the chat. Scallum ended up becoming a synonym for hate-fucking, due to the incredibly angry and violent natures of these two individuals. Both of them hardened criminals, they were a perfect, angry match for each other.
  • Ricily:
    • Cecily Ashworth and Riley Ridgeway
    • The Awkward Ship
    • RPed with @Nallore in Darker Than Black
    • Perhaps one of my favorite ships, it's also one of the saddest ones. Cecily and Riley work extremely well together, but the thing is, Cecily's asexual. The two of them are awkwardly fumbling around each other, hesitant and uncertain. Does Cecily like romance? Time will tell, but for now, this ship seems doomed to sink.
  • Édlana:
    • Édouard Riviere and Svetlana Volkov
    • The Crack Ship Supreme
    • RPed with @Charnobylisk in The Walking Dead
    • This ship still cracks me up, mostly because I can't believe it was even discussed. It started when Char found a gif edit with Éd and Svetlana, and from there on, Édlana was born. It never would have worked out between them, especially since Éd died--but fuck, those two are ridiculous together.
  • The Arm Ship:
    • Tryke Lockley and Marx Rouen
    • The Ship That Never Was
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in The Walking Dead and Alteian Nexus
    • Aggghhh! Of all the ships that never sailed, the Arm Ship has to come to mind. They started off as a joke in the Altenian Nexus, one that never got to be seen through due to the RP ending. And when given a chance to meet each other again in the Walking Dead, LLA reared her head and took both of them, hardly a moment later.
  • Night and Day:
    • Edwina Fairfax and Mercury Abital
    • The Oddball Ship
    • RPed with @Gilgex in Powerbound, Powerbound 2, And Powerbound: the Story of Edwina and Mercury
    • While this ship may be cliché on one level--two people end up in an awful situation and fall in love--it's also incredibly amusing. The pair of them are so awkward and know almost nothing about love, but they try their best to make things work. Even when they fought, they really cared about the other person. They had a lot of trust.
  • Sutiam:
    • Sutton Smith and Liam Matthews
    • The Ghost Ship
    • RPed with @Pundii in Abandoned Hope
    • Ah, this ship will always have a special place in my heart! Sutton died before anything could come of it, but both Pundii and I had been shipping them without saying a word to the other. They both wanted to travel and to see the world. It's incredibly sad that they never got the chance to explore their passion together, or to even properly know the other person.
  • Prison Break:
    • Chloe Ridgeway and Ryan O'Reily
    • The Bro-Ship
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in the Walking Dead
    • Like Cecily and Riley, this is another ship that could never happen. These two compliment each other so well, to the point that they almost have a bromance going on, given the fact that Chloe's gay. They're two sides of the same coin, and every interaction they have together is just too much fun to not give them a place here. It's not hard to imagine the two of them joining up again in a prison RP and just crushing it.

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@Witch Cat on day 7, remember you cannot post until the above has been corrected
@FantasyChic You're good now
I'm in the wrap up and see the deaths club ^^ We could collab Jati's dance now too if you want
@Witch Cat@Pundii@FantasyChic@Nallore

Alright, I've gone through the updates you made to your CS sheets. A few of you made some mistakes, so I'm requiring that those are fixed before you make your next post. If you have no mistakes noted here below, you are good to post as you are ready. @Witch Cat is on day 6, but everyone else should be good counter wise.

@Nallore: You're all set.
@Witch Cat: Your additional skills need to go under General World Skills, not combat skills. So please move your Gypsy Lore skill and Curse Knowledge skill into general. Eudora should also have an impression listed of Aloise and Seraphina, since they were up in the hotel with her. Unnamed O.M.E.N. agent should be switched over to Agent Keenan, since he was given a name.
Lastly, you need to fill out the clue sheet for chapter two, not just the chapter one clue sheet. Check the OOC for that coding, you can look at Andromeda and Aloise's sheets for examples.
@Pundii: You're all set, thanks hun. ^^
@FantasyChic: Still missing the clues bit of your chapter 2 update.

Remember, for those of you missing things, you CANNOT post in the IC until those are fixed. Any posts made before fixing those issues will result in me requesting the post to be deleted by the mods.
@Lady Amalthea Yup ^^ all good here
I'm never gonna find an excuse to use this gif for Chloe now. :'( It was so weird and beautiful.

*counts off her own characters*


Welp, I've got three without plot armor.

Nice knowing them. XD
@FantasyChic Any clues you've found. Not just ones your character has found. These can be in the IC, the OOC, in the CS tab, and so forth.
@FantasyChic Cool. ^^ Make sure to update your clues as well.
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