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Huge shout out to my partner in crime, BlueSky44! Her X-Men RP has been going strong for almost two years, has over 800 IC posts, and has just begun a crossover arc!!!! Excelsior!
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For once, getting an exam score back has lifted my spirits rather than crushed them :)
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I nominate that we don't nominate mods.
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A GM can do whatever they want ultimately - however, it is considered courtesy to give people a heads up before doing something like that.


Name: Morose
Aliases: Mini Me, Major Rockstar, Mor, Wisteria22, Holmes, AliceAdler42, the Tea Thief
Age: 20
Birthday: May 15
Ethnicity: British-American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Chemistry
Occupation: Student
Languages: English (fluent), French (near fluent)
Current Bio Theme: Nico Minoru
Previous Bio Themes: The Frost Triplets; Gertrude Yorkes; Violet Harmond; Clint Barton; Lorna Dane; Selesia Upitiria; James March; Tony Stark; Olivia Moore; Harley Quinn
Years Rping: 8
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Spelling and grammar errors - though I make a fair amount myself
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Yes - though I am still learning ^^

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Age of Ultron - After surviving the HYDRA uprising, the team still has some of its members trapped in the Quantum Realm, prompting some to go to desperate measures to bring them home... But every miracle comes with a price and this price may be too dear to pay... A sister RP to @BlueSky44's X-Men: Darkness Rising.
  • Darke Magyk - Book Two: Chaos Reigns - In a world filled to the brim with Magyk, there are as many foes as there are allies. A Witch Queen sits on the throne as those gifted with Magyk fall ill to a mysterious illness and Darkenesse looms over the Castle...
  • The Gifted - the Mutant Underground attempts to save mutants on the run from prejudice that is often supported by Law Enforcement, but with the increased strength of the Purifiers, will they even be able to save themselves?

Future RP's:
  • The Tribulations of Valhalla - A prequel to Darke Magyk - won't say much for the sake of spoilers but a new threat looming over the Castle threatens its future and only a plucky band of apprentices can stop it...
  • Devil's Night - The final in the trilogy of horror RPs. Witches v serial killers v townies in the haunted Cromwell House. Band together with your faction to survive - or not? Set in 2017 in Earth-666.
  • Infinity Gauntlet - You may have noticed that infinity stones are popping up in RPs. The Soul Stone was in Strange New Waters. The Time and Power Stones in Darke Magyk. And more to come in X-Men and AoS and even the Gifted. This RP would be about the rumored foe, Hellfire, and a battle to save the cosmos itself. Characters from ANY Rp can appear due to time travel shenanigans.
  • Secret Wars - Based on the original, the Beyonder has collected the best heroes and villains, regardless of temporal or spatial location, and has sent them to Battleworld. It's heroes v villains and the winner is promised to make their wildest dreams come true. Characters from ANY RP can also appear here.
  • Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Quest - No spoilers. Harry Potter RP set in the 80s.

Rp's Currently Enjoying:

Theme Song:

Behold, my collection of ships. Some of these sailed. Some of these never had a chance. Others are serious, some cute, and some are something else.

The Big Three:
  • Guintro
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • The OTP
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • Theme Song: Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
    • Guin and Pietro are an interesting pairing, to say the very least. Both of them have uncertain motivations driving their actions, as well as the tall shadow of an infamous father. They both adore 80's music and outdated tech, but they haven't had a lot of time in game to connect with each other on an emotional level. At first, it seemed like they may fizzle out, but their relationship is growing stronger with each and every post. I'm not usually one for shipping, but they're my RP OTP. Let's just hope neither of them die!
  • Luna
    • Runa Baldurdattir and Lance Banner
    • The Quiet Ship
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising Test Collabs
    • Theme Song: Carry You by Ruelle + Fleurie
    • My favorite ships always happen by accident, where two characters just happen to be in the same place at the same time and form a connection. That's exactly what happened with Lance and Runa. Both of them are judged not by their own actions, but by that of a relative. In Lance's case, his father's - and in Runa's case, her uncle's. They're both relatively quiet individuals but when they're together, they create something beautiful. Hopefully we'll find a RP for the two of them to be in together soon...Otherwise, just going to have to wait until it's time for a certain Asgardian to appear in X-Men.
  • Jati:
    • Jack Hudson and Tatiana Korvo
    • The Sweetheart Ship
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in the Walking Dead
    • Theme Song: Everytime We Touch ~ Heavy Metal Cover (Video made by @Lady Amalthea)
    • Perhaps the most romantic ship, it's also one of the most difficult ones for me to write for. Slipping into the utter kindness and empathy of Jati, the two of them holding on fiercely no matter the odds, can be a bit of a challenge. They're pure and sweet, a definite contrast to the easy grittiness found in the apocalypse. Of course, with Tatiana missing and carrying their unborn child, things aren't looking too great for them.... <.>

The Skyrose Multiverse began with the apocalypse RP, Abandoned Hope. This RP, which I GMed with @BlueSky44, incorporated a lot of lore from various shows and books that we liked. At first, we thought that was the biggest connection it would have. It has now expanded into a fully blown universe, with multiple GM's running connected RP, and an established continuity throughout the timeline.

Skyrose Multiverse Lore Guide
Avatar: Out of the Ashes: An Avatar the Last Airbender RP, set in 1 AG
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719
Experiment X: A Marvel Comics inspired RP about Weapon X, set in 1983
The Wolves of Red Lake: A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016.
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016.
Hooked on a Feeling: A coming of age superhero RP, set in Spring 2017
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, beginning in January 2019
  • Brotherhood- January 2019
  • Days of Future Past - June 2020
  • Enter Mesmero - September 2020
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A super powered secret agent RP, beginning in August 2020
  • hail HYDRA - August 2020
  • Age of Ultron - October 2020
The Gifted: A slice-of-life RP about mutants struggling to survive in a society that cannot accept them, set in September 2020
The Unfortunate Thirteen: A sci-fi RP, set in January 2345
Darke Magyk: A medieval fantasy RP, beginning in December 12,507
  • Witch War - December 12,507
  • Chaos Reigns - May 12,508

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Beatrice Decker

Location: Quarantine (W: Conference Room)
Skills: N/A

Beatrice just nodded again at Ash's thanks, finding it to be unneeded. As far as she was concerned, Ash's inability to leave the past behind him would get him killed one day. The world wasn't going to stop turning, as much as he may have wished for it to do so. Any semblance of them truly having distinct groups would have to end now - otherwise, their people wouldn't be able to survive inside of Mexico City. They would brand themselves as outsiders, forming cliques that would cause resentment and mistrust. Given that Mexico City had no qualms about turning people away, if they couldn't integrate and form a new identity as a part of this larger group, then they would be sent away. She was certain of it. "He's weak. Have fun," Beatrice told Ash quietly and curtly, as he mentioned that he would be rooming with Hunter. Was it psychotic of her? Maybe. Beatrice was self aware enough to notice, but not enough to care.

She heard Thalia's taunt to Ash in Spanish, chuckling a little bit. Beatrice hadn't known Alicia, but she had lived in Newnan for a year or so and word got around, especially when it came to the odd love life of their commanding officer. She was curious as to how that line would impact Ash's psyche, since he had just found out Thana died. Though truthfully, Thana died a long time ago. Beatrice had already gone through her process of grief and mourning, writing Thana off as dead about a week after she disappeared. Love made people weird - that was probably why Ash hadn't done the same. She listened slightly to what Atticus had said, his anecdote about getting drunk and vomiting on the eggs interested her. No, it wasn't because it was a gross story but because it meant that alcohol was something readily available here. Of course, it could have been the communion wine she supposed but even then - readily available alcohol to consume at any time? Newnan hadn't had that either.

Of course, the ghost that walked through the door? Newnan had had him. She blinked slightly, wondering if anyone else that was definitely dead was going to come through the door and make an appearance. Would Thana somehow be next?

Jack Newnan

Location: Quarantine (W: Conference Room)
Skills: N/A

Jack shook his head at Jamie, chuckling at the faces his son was making. To him, the smell was obnoxious but apparently Jamie found it funny. He was making a cute little face too - hopefully not one that meant he had pooped his diaper - and he couldn't help but smile more at his son. His son always made him smile, no matter how bleak and grim things got, Jamie was a little ray of hope and light and sunshine and joy and all of those positive hippie terms. It was part of the reason why Jack wanted to shelter Jamie from the worst of the world as much as he could - to keep him the sweet little innocent guy, to keep his soul pure and untainted. They were all damned - but Jamie didn't have to be. He gave Tatiana's hand a squeeze, knowing that she most likely wasn't happy to not be in the same room as Jamie.

"I got this, solovey - you rest up, and if Riley and Thalia don't let ya sleep when ya want to, let me know," he said. His wife deserved a good night's sleep. He doubted Tatiana had gotten one since Newnan fell. Between the apocalypse a newborn baby, shuteye wasn't the easiest thing to come by. However, his jaw dropped as he saw a man enter the room - one he hadn't seen in a long time. Tatiana had never said what happened to Froggy, meaning that he had assumed that the closest thing he ever had to a father had died. It was just a part of this life. He wondered for a moment if he was hallucinating again, having experienced hallucinations of his dead girlfriend before Newnan fell...

"...Dad?" Jack blurted, his mind short circuiting slightly and just spitting up that word to call Froggy by. He had always called him Froggy or Victor, whatever he preferred but... Never did he actually bust out the D word, so to speak. But seeing the closest thing he had to a father, back from the dead, and holding his own son in his arms? It was throwing his mind for a loop and he could only just stare at Froggy. He so desperately hoped that he was real and not a hallucination - but he didn't know if he could trust his own mind right then. "Solovey... You seein' what I'm seein'?" he then asked softly.

Guin Stark

Location: The Palace - New York City, New York (Outfit)
Skills: Telepathy
Guin tilted her head slightly, confused at Allison's words. They were undercover? At first, she figured Allison realized how boring these events were and had decided that they needed to LARP as secret agents - but Allison didn't strike her as the type to pretend to be a spy during a Royal party. She knew better than to risk King Erik's anger, after all. Without asking for permission first, she used her telepathy, managing to get a few flashes of what was going on in Allison's mind. Allison was inside some sort of room with holographic hard light images, training...

"You know what? How about us girls go and talk?" Guin suggested, looking at Pietro and Oshea. "I'm sure you two have loads to catch up on - maybe you could see about inviting him and Ally to go to Robo Death Match with us later? My dad's working on a new suit for it." She smiled sweetly, before switching over to her telepathic link with Pietro to let him know what was going on. There's something weird going on with Ally... I'll see if I can figure it out, but if not, we might need to take her to a hospital for a better evaluation...

Hopefully Pietro wouldn't insist on having her bodyguard come if she was going to go off with Allison to talk somewhere a bit more private. Her suspicion was that Allison was having some sort of mental break - it was the holiday's, people were stressed out and it happened. Or maybe it was due to the engagement stress? Guin could relate - she hated all of the wedding planning she had to do, even though the Palace had hired a wedding planner, she still had to be there to consult with all of the choices made. And if Allison really did have a mental break, Guin wanted it to just be between them for now - and Allison could decide for herself if she was going to tell Oshea.

Casper Theriot

Location: LeBeau Casino - New Orleans, Louisiana
Skills: Mediumship
Princess Fatale, as Casper had nicknamed her, was continuing to freak him out. How could someone so tiny be that scary? Of all of the new people he had met that day, he definitely was a lot more comfortable talking with Bombshell. At least Ben was here - his dead friend looked as confused and freaked out as Casper did, only Ben didn't have to worry about people realizing something was up with him. Casper was the only one who could see him.

"You know, if you summoned more ghosts, maybe we can figure things out - they might know more than we do," Ben pointed out.

"...Why don't I feel scared?" Casper muttered. Usually, the idea of summoning ghosts would have freaked him out entirely, causing him to yell and scream and curl into a ball and shoot up - sometimes in that order, usually not. Ever since his father locked him in a mausoleum in order to get over his fear of ghosts, it had been his goal to do whatever he could to keep his powers from manifesting. Ben tilted his head at his friend, surprised as well that Casper wasn't freaking out. He nodded at Ayita though, indicating that she was talking to him.

Problem was, Casper had no idea who she was - he still couldn't decide if the man with her was her brother or her lover. Or maybe both?! "Oi, language!" Casper called out, looking at Richard. "There is a kidnapped child here and you just said bon sang in front of her!" He then turned to Jack and sighed. "I'm not high, Jackie ne t'inquiète pas," he told him softly. He barely paid attention to Gambit as he talked, hearing something about a crown of sorts they were supposed to steal. It sounded very Harry Potter to him.

"...Wait, Val? Really? That's worse than asking me to babysit - not that you shouldn't return this child to her parents," Casper told his brother, raising an eyebrow. Their sister, Val, had been in a mental institution almost her entire life. He didn't pay attention to the little soap opera of the Ginger Clan, having his own family issues to deal with.

Runa Blake

Location: Banner Residence - Sydney, Australia
Skills: N/A
She had been about to tell him that she was wonderful, when suddenly, he kissed her. The warmth of his lips on hers was positively intoxicating and she wished that it would have lasted longer. If only her cousin, Klara, had been there - she would have loved to tell her all about this! Though she imagined if Klara was still Asgardian in this new universe someone had crafted for them, then she already knew all about it. Maybe Klara had arranged all of this somehow for her? Either way, Runa didn't care. She hadn't been happy in a long time, so she was perfectly content for things to stay like this. "Can I not be happy to see you?" Runa asked him, smiling at him and hoping he would kiss her again.

"Yes, I did..." she said softly, her smile fading slightly as the moment ended, interrupted by an engine. She glanced down for a moment, figuring that these pajamas were decent enough and she followed after Lance. He was easily half a foot taller than she was - she estimated maybe even a little bit more, but she wasn't accustomed to Midgardian measurements. Her memories of this world didn't help much there - something with meters and joules and Kelvin?

She poked her head out from behind Lance, spotting the ship - it was definitely from Midgard - Earth? She was getting confused, thinking about the two lives at once and it was giving Runa a slight headache. At the very least, she didn't have to worry about defending Lance from the Chitauri or anything - or Skrulls or Kree. But if any of them tried anything, she was going to... No Gandr here, she realized. She didn't know if her staff would come to her if she called for him. She wasn't Asgardian here.

But her memories did tell her something - she still studied magic. It was Midgardian magic - Eldritch magic - but it would be enough to defend Lance if anyone tried to take him from her. She finally had her happy ending and she wasn't going to let some woman with frost white hair take that away from her.

Dominika Novikova

Location: Red Guard Mobile Unit - Sydney, Australia
Skills: Dimensional Energy Perception
Novikova nodded approvingly of Niah's plan, glad to see that she was still a kind and thoughtful person in this reality. Some people never changed. It made her pause for a moment though, wondering again where Sparks was... and her heart sank a little bit. She missed her best friend more than anything - but hopefully once she had a moment, she could do some digging and see what happened to Dr. Sparks in this universe. But hearing James continue to bully Tinley... Novikova took a breath. She owed Tinley for not killing her after everything she had caused in the other universe.

"Shut the fuck up, Kingston," Novikova told him harshly. "Unless you want to see just how much metal your body can tolerate shoved up your ass before it gives up on healing you," she told him, glaring at him but it was hard to tell with her shades. Mystique then jumped onto the anti-inhuman bandwagon and Novikova took a breath. Even if they didn't shift reality back - she still wasn't sure if that should be a goal or not - at the very least, she could make Mystique disappear for those comments.

Tinley was a better commander in the field anyways. Mystique was just having them go in blind essentially - sending in a group of five to talk to Banner's son. Agent Clarke seemed all too happy with the plan and Novikova wasn't concerned for the ice manipulator's safety. She wasn't really a member of her team. But Niah, Maria, Cass, and Tinley? They were all her people - no matter the reality. They were her family. She glanced at them for a moment, deciding to not argue with Mystique - she figured she was their best bet against the Hulk in the group going at any rate.

Once off of the ship, she was a few paces behind Sapphire. She hadn't really seen Lance Banner before, and he looked a lot younger than she had imagined. There was a short girl in pajamas behind him that she had never seen before. And as if adjusting her shades from the change in lighting, Novikova took off her glasses, staring at Lance. Her body froze up and her breathing became slow as her mind was flooded with a rush of images. Only two of the brief flashes were interesting though.

The first? Banner had never Hulk'ed out in front of Lance in this world, from what she could tell - he didn't know his father was the Hulk.

And the second?

She saw Sparky. Lance Banner, Theresa Sparks... They were the same person, just from different realities...

The Playground - Washington D.C.: October 24th, 2020 - 4:15 P.M.

Sunset will not happen for another two hours, given the time of year it is. The usual heat and mugginess of DC has started to cool down, and in a little under an hour, the roads will start to become jammed up as people head home from work for the day. So many people commute into the city and live outside of it, trying to leave DC by car won't be an option very much longer.

The police are still at the scene, with the CSI's finishing up their work. It won't be much longer until the bodies are removed by the medical examiners and taken away to be identified and examined more thoroughly. Police in this town tend to more or less support the Purifiers, but it seemed that the SHIELD agents have lucked out. The cops working the scene right now aren't crooked. And they don't seem to be coming anywhere near the entrance to the SHIELD base - it is incredibly well hidden, after all.

Bonnie Chase

Location: The Playground - Holding Cells
Skills: N/A
Bonnie shook her head, brushing some hair out of her eyes. "Nope, I had no idea either," she couldn't help but say. She liked animals, dogs and cats alike, but she was still a little bit shaken by the fact that Goose, Director Fury's cat, was doubling as some sort of tentacle monster. It put a lot of things into a new sort of perspective - like the fact that if they didn't feed Goose when he meowed at them, he could easily bring out the tentacles and throw them around. That was a fun thought. "I guarantee you that Fury knew about it - his secrets have secrets," she chuckled slightly.

She then bit her lip slightly as she looked at Flynn, trying to keep the heat from rising in her cheeks as she blushed. He was hot - literally and figuratively. He still had the flame retardant lab coat on, giving him a sort of sexy scientist vibe that Bonnie was finding rather appealing at the moment. It helped that the coat was a touch too small for him as well, meaning that it showed off every inch of his muscles and then some. She was about to say something else when Goose came running into the room and flopped on the ground, looking up at her expectantly.

"...Okay, this is probably not the weirdest thing we'll see today," Bonnie said, shaking her head slightly as she bent down and picked Goose up, putting his front paws over her shoulder slightly. She was holding him a bit like a chubby baby. Sure, it was frightening what he had done with those tentacles but... He was cute and Bonnie decided she'd make the cute little demon cat happy, rather than annoyed with her. "At least the HYDRA agents are out cold," she commented, looking in on the pair in the holding cells.

Dominika Novikova

Location: The Playground - Hallway Outside Tinley's Quarters
Skills: N/A
The events of the last several months all flew by in her mind. She had gone into Barton's office, looking through the filing cabinet for any hint of something that could save Sparky (and Raynor, but he wasn't Novikova's priority). There hadn't been any misconduct there. Novikova and the other agents at the Playground had the clearance to access those files. She had found only two files that had been promising.

And both of them had amounted to nothing but electrical burns on her hands and a crushed spirit.

The Ultron file had actually been empty when she found it. Like McCormick, Novikova had found it strange that the file was empty. She started doing research into it herself, making a trip to the nearby Triskelion in order to find the files there. It was the first time she had really broken protocol - she used her powers over earth to simulate an earthquake, causing enough commotion that she had been able to swipe their copy of the Ultron file.

It had been empty as well.

If it hadn't been for the records system that gave the date of project inception, she wouldn't have known who to turn to. She accessed some of the journals of Howard Stark, eventually finding an obscure reference to a Project Ultron that he had been collaborating with Hank Pym on (Hank's journal claimed that it was all his idea and Stark was just stealing it). Given that Hank Pym was also the creator of the infamous Pym Particle, Novikova followed her intuition further, getting in contact with the ex-SHIELD member.

They had met in a nearby town in Virginia at a coffee shop. It was there that Hank Pym told Novikova about his wife, Janet van Dyne, and how she had been trapped in the Quantum Realm decades ago. He still held out hope that she was still alive somewhere. He had attempted to modify the Ultron project into a device that could be used to retrieve her, but it never worked. It was missing one critical component: the ability to perceive dimensional energy.

With Novikova's powers and Hank Pym's Ultron, they'd be able to retrieve Sparky, Raynor, and the Wasp from the Quantum Realm. The probability fields were due to be in alignment soon - tomorrow, to be precise. If Novikova wasn't in San Fransisco to combine her powers with Pym's technology, then Sparky, Raynor, and the Wasp would have to wait potentially decades for the probability fields to align again.

Asgard - Thousands of Years Ago....

Klara had decided on an activity to do that day, and it required her to drag her 10 year old cousin Runa along with her. That plan, was to teach Runa how to swim! "Come on Runa, it'll be fun!" she said happily as she dragged Runa over towards the falls.

"Okay... Setty was going to come over later," Runa reminded Klara, referring to her adult brother, the God of Justice and Retribution. He had recently been appointed by Odin to run one of Asgard's courts and he was taking to it like a natural. Runa's parents had gone down to Midgard for their anniversary, meaning that Forseti was going to come over and stay with Runa that evening.

"Of course he is, the most annoying person in the world!" Klara said with a bit of a laugh, before they reached the Falls. "Now, I so declare that you need to learn how to swim! So that is what we're going to do!"

"Isn't the Falls dangerous?" Runa asked. "Aren't we not supposed to be here?" she added. Her hair fell in her face.

"Only if you don't know what you're doing... And no one's told me not to be here! Not really anyway, they just made suggestions... Besides, how are you supposed to learn how to swim if you don't go to where there is water?"

Runa winced slightly as Klara lied. It was a bit painful when people lied, like she was being poked in the back with a needle. "Okay Klara, whatever you say..."

"So, into the water we go!"

Runa nodded, just jumping into the water without any hesitation. She trusted her cousin to make sure she didn't get hurt. Klara hadn't expected Runa to just jump in like that, her eyes growing wide slightly, before she jumped into the water after her. The force of the water fall had created a large current and since Runa was wearing boots and didn't know how to swim, she struggled to stay afloat. Gasping for air, her lungs filled with water as she went under and didn't resurface.

"Runa?" Klara said instantly, panicking, before she dove downwards, trying to find where Runa had disappeared to. It wasn't hard for her, she could easily breathe underwater, but she was freaking out now.

The current was pushing Runa along, further and further down the river. Even though she was Asgardian, Runa was fairly young and she passed out, the water still filling her lungs as she limply drifted along. Klara was attempting to create a bubble around Runa, in order to protect her from the water, and hopefully slow her down enough for her to catch up and pull her out of the water. She was successful for the most part, the bubble forming around Runa's head and it caused her to drag against the current.

Klara swam over to her cousin, grabbing her by the arm and started pulling her towards the surface. Klara was trying to stay calm, but inside she was starting to panic. While she managed to pull Runa to the shore, her cousin still wasn't breathing. Her lungs were filled with water. She started using her powers to pull the water out of Runa's lungs, and now she was really starting to get worried about this, she hadn't expected Runa to just jump in like that, but now she was just concerned with hopefully making sure that Runa doesn't die.

Runa then began to cough, hacking up water out of her lungs and her fingers twitched. Sparks of light seemed to buzz near her as the young Asgardian slowly regained consciousness.

"R-R-Runa? Are you okay?" Klara stammered, looking at her.

"I-I'm fine..." Runa mumbled.

"A-A-Are you sure?"

Runa nodded, still coughing up quite a bit of water. She sat up slowly, completely drenched. Her hair had come out of its braid and was sticking to her skin everywhere.

Klara used her powers to dry Runa off the best that she could, "...Let's get you home."

"I thought you wanted to go swimming, Kla..."

"I-I-I think this was a bad idea..."

"Oh..." Runa then looked down at her feet, little bits of darkness swirling around her. "I-I'm sorry..." she mumbled, tears in her eyes.

"It wasn't your fault Runa, don't worry about it." she said, giving her cousin a smile.

Runa didn't say anything, slowly walking back home. She seemed pretty down and sad, hardly surprising given that her cousin had been so happy to go swimming and then Runa ruined it by nearly drowning.

Klara looked over at her, before giving her a hug, and trying to use her powers over emotions to somewhat make her feel better, she didn't tend to use them all that often. She didn't blame Runa for what had happened, she more of blamed herself for it. She should have been more careful when telling Runa about getting into water, and her cousin nearly drowned because of. Runa instantly cheered up thanks to Klara's emotional manipulation and she hugged Klara back. "Love you Kla."

"Love you too Runa, now let's get you back home."
Asgard: May 11th, 12,508 - 7:00 PM

Runa was rather pleased with her student. Not only had Arnora been growing with her abilities, but she was learning her way around Asgard quickly. She remembered that it had been a few decades before she herself was truly able to know where to go while thinking effortlessly about it. Once, when she had been scarcely thirteen years old, hardly even alive yet, she had actually gotten lost in these very halls. Her brother, Forseti, had found her and took her home. "No need," Runa told Cuyler, before her hands took on a slight glow to them and by Magyk, Cuyler would be cleaned and dressed in traditional Asgardian garb. "Klara, if you would not mind taking Arnora and Cuyler to the hall, I'll go inform Myth and Bruce of the happy surprise."

"Of course Runa," Klara said with a bit of a smile. She was happy to help out with this second chance at giving Myth and Bruce another wedding. Turning, she glanced over at Cuyler, "I guess you could say I might be more of escorting you two over there, so come along, everyone else is likely already there waiting." She then led Arnora and Cuyler over to the Great Hall, where an aisle had been formed out of rose petals. The seats were simple but tastefully done, with a stone alter at the front where the swords Bruce and Myth would exchange with each other were placed. Klara would be officiating the wedding, more or less, as the All-Mother and in her capacity as the Goddess of Love.

Bruce's adopted children were curiously absent, as was his adopted son's girlfriend who had more or less tagged along to Asgard.

Meanwhile, Runa had tracked down her son and future daughter in law in the nursery. Bruce was striking her as rather withdrawn and quiet, which to some might have been a cause for concern, but her son had always been a man of extremes. He was so much like his namesake and grandfather that way. She just hoped that he showed Myth the affection and attention that she deserved. Keeping her voice low so as to not disturb her grandchild, she came into the room and began speaking to the pair, "I have a surprise for the both of you."

"Now please, do come quickly... Everyone is waiting." She couldn't help but smile slightly, not worried if they figured out what the surprise was or not. Assuming that the pair decided to follow her, she led them to the Great Hall, where everyone else would already be seated. "Today is your wedding day. Perhaps this one will be what you have hoped for."
The Castle: May 11th, 12,508 - 6:00 PM

@KazAlkemi@eclecticwitch: At the Palace barracks...

While Apollodora's brother, Caspian (known as Rainbrook) had traveled back in time to this period, he had been careful not to reveal his true identity. He didn't want to mess up the timeline. However, his younger sister didn't seem to have the same concern for the integrity of the universe. Apollodora was of the school of thought that everything was a circular loop - that whatever actions she took simply were meant to be and if she decided to reveal who she really was, well, then that was just how the universe needed it to be done.

"Yes, if you call being her daughter related," Apollodora said cheekily. While she resembled Arya greatly, she seemingly had a more candid sense of humor. There was a certain aura of stiffness about her, similar to Arya's near suffocating formalisms. Baby Dawn started squirming in Mona's arms, and a foul scent would alert Mona that dear Baby Dawn had just promptly soiled herself.

"Lapis lazuli," Apollodora explained, tapping the vial. "It's what is allowing me to not fade from existence. However, that's neither here nor there. Unlike my father, mother, brother... Well, basically everyone else in my family, I'm not out to save the world." She gave Amarantha a slight smile, as if they had a special connection. "But given that my existence is threatened, I'm here to fix the mess that my brother has made. I'll require your help. In exchange, I'll tell you what you need to know about my mother."

"She isn't dead," Apollodora said simply. "What happened to her is far worse than death. She's trapped in a parallel dimension."

@FantasyChic: Over in the Badlands, far from the Castle itself....

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Myrus Silvers

Location: the Palace - Dining Hall
Skills: N/A

Myrus nodded, thinking for a moment before he was struck with a vivid memory once more. He had been in such pain a week ago when it first occurred to him, but now he had an uncanny feeling that it had something to do with their current situation. Taking out the ring once more, Myrus set it down on the table so that way all could see it. "Then there's this... After I prayed to the gods, a-and I was going to hurt myself... I had... had a memory of sorts, of when our father gave me this ring," he began softly. "He said it would allow me safe passage through the hellfire and... I always thought that was a metaphor but..."

He bit his lip slightly, hoping no one would think this was too silly. "What if it wasn't? Maybe whatever he meant by it... is how we protect ourselves from Fleur?"

At least Valda was willing to let them practice against them - that was a relief to Myrus. He knew that Valda didn't have the same scope of power that Fleur did, but they were both witches. It would be a better way to practice defending themselves than just about anything else he'd be able to come up with. Myrus took another breath, taking a drink but his tongue still felt incredibly dry no matter what he did. His ears were ringing slightly from the panic and fear that Fleur inspired in him. She hadn't even made a move against them and Myrus was losing sleep, afraid of what she could do to his family.

Jia Li

Jia Li took a deep breath, attempting to keep her cool herself. The bickering between Ryuu and Yumiko was going to cause them to slow down, meaning that the odds of them being caught went up. Even if that didn't occur, infighting never boded well for a newly formed group. Their only connection thus far was that they had escaped from the same prison together. There was no reason beyond survival for Ryuu and Yumiko to get along, but that should have been enough in her opinion. Her eyes watched as the young airbender went off rapidly and she returned her attention to Ryuu and Yumiko. No one else in the group was saying anything about this, so Jia Li figured it fell on her shoulders to get to the bottom of this.

"Before we continue any further, we need to talk about the flying bison in the room," Jia Li said, pausing in her walk. "You two do not need to like each other - but you need to be able to work together. Our odds of survival and evading capture increase in the group. Once we hit the next village, then we can go our separate ways... But until we get to that point, be civil. If you can't speak to each other and be civil, then don't speak at all," she told them plainly, leaving no doubt that this was an order and not a request.
Professor Walnut
Location: Shadowell Manor: Sewing Room
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 3
"Professor Walnut," the woman replied with a slight smile, as Sister Penance asked to make her acquaintance as she passed by on the staircase. It was nice to have someone to converse with, if even for a moment. Dr. Swamp and Chanteuse Amaranthine seemed to have easily fallen into step as a duo, a pair that she doubted would pay much attention to her unless it was due to an imagined threat of violence. Of course, Amaranthine had to chase off Sister Penance before they could exchange too many words, something that irritated Walnut. She was almost certain that Amaranthine was trying to protect Penance from Walnut - and that it wasn't due to the servants. She then fought the urge to gag at Amaranthine's words about tardiness and slowness. Yes, she did not like the two she was forced to spend her time with.

Quinton then sent the woman away as well and Walnut took a slight breath. She had a slight urge to scream. Punish her, sure, but these two were sickening. Why not just shove them into a room and let them be at it alone? They were led up into the Sewing Room and she found another person there - a girl named Rhoda. She figured that Dr. Swamp would wish to be tended to first and she saw no problem with that. Perhaps Rhoda could sew Dr. Swamp and Chanteuse Amaranthine's mouths shut, that way Walnut would not have to endure any further whispering between the two of them.

"I'll allow them to speak for themselves - or each other," Walnut said, her eyes flashing towards Amaranthine and Swamp.

Washington D.C.: September 8th, 2020 - 11:45 AM

Homeless Shelter - Mutant Friendly:

"Only my friends can call me Hula Hoop," Havok complained. He had a certain image to keep up with the newbies! However, Spark Plug's idea didn't seem too dumb to him. Stealing a Purifier's car? It was more insane. Moonwalker's little manifesto about his insane ideas on the afterlife made Havok want to puke. He didn't know it was possible to find someone more annoying than his brother, Cyclops, but apparently the universe had decided to rise to the occasion and bring this insufferable person into his life. His eyes were practically twitching with each word Moonwalker said.

And quoting movies? That was his thing! Havok had half a mind to challenge the kid to a sparring match once they got back to HQ, just so that way he could assert his dominance over the man. Fortunately, none of the Purifiers seemed to notice that Moonwalker and the kids were stealing their cars, as the Purifiers breached the door and came face to face with Havok and Spark Plug at the back entrance of the shelter.

"Hula hoop time?" he asked Spark Plug, right before the Purifiers opened fire.

The Mutant Underground - Washington D.C. Station:

"I didn't know Xavier was sending us prostitutes now," Negasonic said, prompting a stern glare from Colossus. The teenager shrugged, spitting out her gum into a wrapper and then tossing it into the trash can. "What? He can send us a girl to entertain us but can't give us the funds to get a milkshake every now and then?" she pointed out. The Mutant Underground was perpetually strapped for resources. Negasonic blamed how frequently Xavier's Mansion had to be rebuilt as one of the underlying factors. Colossus sighed slightly, wondering if Negasonic would ever mature.

However, his eyes widened slightly as Glimpse explained that Sebastian Shaw was up to something. He was a public figure - the CEO of Shaw Industries. The billionaire was dating Emma Frost of Frost International. He had connections to just about every political figure and ties to most major corporations, making him one of the most powerful people on the planet. From what Colossus recalled, Shaw even had connections to the Avengers, as he had been friends with Howard Stark. He had ties to the Braddock family as well. "Then we have problem. The police took Veil," Colossus explained.

"We do not know where - I contacted Stretch, he is investigator, very good. Hopefully he can find Veil - if not, Spark Plug is acting leader of Underground cell," he explained, his Russian accent thick and he wasn't using any articles.


Location: Jail
Skills: N/A
She hesitated slightly, knowing the answer that everyone wanted her to give. The scripted answer was to talk about how attending school at Xavier's was a paradise, that it allowed them to live like normal kids and to feel like they could be productive members of society after they left. That was the fiction that was printed off in the brochures, that the X-Men would discuss when interviewed by reporters, that Xavier would testify to Congress about. "It's not what people think it is," Veil said carefully.

But Sapphire was her friend and she was going to tell her the truth. "It was like attending a military academy in the middle of a war zone," she said bluntly. "Every year or so, one of Xavier's enemies would blow up the Mansion, so no one ever kept things precious to them very long... Some nights, I'd go to bed wondering if my room would still be there the next day... We had to train once we were about sixteen years old, learning not just to use our powers but how to fight with them - how to be Xavier's soldiers. We didn't have prom or anything that a normal high school had, though I heard through the grapevine apparently they started having prom last year..."

"The teachers weren't there to teach. They were just the members of the X-Men. I learned science from Beast - Dr. McCoy. History and psychology was taught by Professor X... Wolverine taught gym class and Gambit, for some stupidly brilliant reason, actually was my Sex Ed teacher," Veil chuckled slightly, remembering the Cajun man grabbing a banana one day to do a demonstration. "But for the most part, the teachers weren't teachers. They weren't taught how to instruct and most of them weren't qualified for the subjects they were assigned..."

"Not that I hated it there - I had fun. I felt normal when I was at the mansion. It was when people came to visit or we left the grounds that I didn't feel normal anymore - that I felt like just a pawn in Xavier's game against Magneto and reality..."


Location: the Sewers - Underneath the National Zoo
Skills: Disease Manipulation, Enhanced Accuracy
Sunshine was alone in the tunnels, near the exit to the sewers that Max, Stretch, and Leighton had used earlier that day. She took in a deep breath, blowing out streams of green smoke from her lungs. Up above, the Purifiers were dropping like flies, in the grips of a bad case of influenza. She loved the flu. However, there was one problem - the Purifiers were still alive. She didn't have as much experience with her powers as others did, essentially spending almost all of her time and energy trying to stay alive. And in juvi, she had been forced to wear a power inhibiting collar.

The sewer grate started to move and Sunshine's heart started to pound, hearing the metal scrape against the earth up above and light flooded into the tunnels. She had been down with the Morlocks for less than a day and the light blinded her, forcing her to put her hands up to protect herself. "Blink? A little help here?" Sunshine called out. "Grimlock? Please?"

"You can't let him through!" Grimlock's voice whispered into her mind.

She saw the light of the Purifier's gun before she saw the man himself. She took a deep breath, forming a little ball of the green smoke in her hands and she tried to imagine every disease she had ever heard of flowing into it at once. She thought about measles, small pox, the flu, polio - all of it. Her nose started to bleed from the overuse of her powers and she could feel the energy of the little disease bomb becoming more and more unstable.

"I'm not here to hurt you," the Purifier said, looking a bit taken aback when he was face to face with a teenage girl and not some terrorist monster. "Put that... thing... down," he told her, holding out a hand. His other hand was still securely wrapped around his gun, a finger on the trigger and the safety off.

"You can't let him get any farther, Sunshine," Grimlock's voice urged in her mind. She sent Sunshine flashing images of mutants in pain, lynched by Purifiers across the country, of the rallies and hate speeches. The telepathic Morlock was playing every card she had, in order to ensure that Sunshine did something horrific that she couldn't take back.

"You're human. That's what you were born to do," Sunshine told him. She threw the ball of disease at him, her enhanced accuracy ensuring that it hit. At the same time, a shot went off.

"...Sunshine?" Grimlock called out.

"He's taken care of," Sunshine said, staring at the bullet embedded in the sewer wall behind her. Another few inches to the left and it would have hit her.

Spirit Box

Location: Sidewalk Outside ColdStones
Skills: Mediumship
As if Leighton was the incarnation of Aphrodite, Ward was entirely focused on her and didn't even seem to hear what Jack was saying. He was so focused on this embodiment of female virtues and sex appeal that he didn't even really seem to register that Jack was there. The trunk wasn't closed to the car as he smirked at Leighton, enjoying the slight shiver that went down his spine as she touched his muscles.

"Ewww, this is like watching a porno! I hate straight porn," Ben groaned. Casper had to nod slightly in agreement. "Or a disgusting new ColdStones advertisement," Casper joked to his ghost friend. "... Anyways, you should probably help Jack out of the trunk before Larry the Lobster here comes out of his child molesting fantasies."

However, as Leighton appealed to Ward to let Jack go, he just nodded, putting a strong arm around Leighton. He bent in, grazing her neck with his lips slightly, before pulling away. He had to be modest, after all, they were in public. Ben started making gagging noises at Casper and Casper was having a hard time not giggling. It really was disgusting. "Something funny, druggie?" Ward asked, looking at Casper.

"Well, yeah, you," Casper told him with a smile. "You're thinking with the wrong head and falling for the oldest trick in the book. I would know, I played a female bard in Dungeons and Dragons for three years straight." Ben glared at Casper slightly - was he seriously messing up Leighton's disgusting plan to get Jack to safety? Ward just chuckled slightly, stepping away from Leighton for a second and he punched Casper as hard as he could, sending the wiry drug addict stumbling backwards, holding his eye with his hands.

"At least you wear enough eye shadow that they won't notice the black eye," Ben teased his friend.

Unfortunately, Ward wasn't the only Purifier present. Blink and Erg stuck to the alleyways behind the stores, letting Max and James follow along with them if they chose. By the time they got to the little alleyway that would let them emerge in front of the ColdStones, they saw that Ward had back up with him. There were about three other beefy Purifiers, watching the exchange that was going down. James, since he had taken the sidewalk, would be essentially about to walk into the other three.

"Keep on stepping," one of the Purifiers told James.

"If you guys can get Leighton and Stretch into the alleyway, then I can portal them out of here," Blink explained. Erg nodded, looking at Max. He hoped that James wasn't about to do anything stupid, especially since it seemed that Jack and Leighton might have had this situation handled. If they spotted Erg, there'd be no doubt in their minds that he was a mutant. His M brand on his face ensured it. Blink's case was similar, thanks to her distinctive markings.

Virginia Crypt

Location: Carlisle/Road to Gretna Green
Skills: N/A

"The honor is all mine," Virginia said, turning Ny's phrasing on itself. She paused in her entry however as the carriage slowed to a stop. Instinctively, she was prepared for the worst. There had been far too many Soulless attacks lately and she was ready to take her axes and use them to remedy any sort of situation that developed. However, as the door to the carriage opened and revealed the driver, she realized that the slight worry had been for nothing. They were perfectly safe - if it had been another time, it would have been disappointing, this uneventful a carriage ride. Yet she had Ny's company and was learning so many wonderful things, there was no need for a blood match as well with the undead. "Of course, thank you for the warning," Virginia told the driver.

Taking the journal and pen Ny had given her, Virginia closed them and placed them with her other belongings. She kept one firm hand on her possessions and another on the carriage itself, in order to prevent herself or her items from being sent flying as the terrain became more hazardous. She nodded at Ny's comment, though truthfully she would never know if the other carriage driver would have been sufficient. It was the way of the universe - it was pointless to ponder what could have been, as it ultimately only caused pain. "When you saw my father in India... was my mother there as well?" Virginia asked Ny. She had heard from her father and Ny confirmed that he was alive, but there had been no mention of her mother yet.

Maeve Brennan

Location: House Kirkpatrick - the Parlor
Skills: N/A

Maeve couldn't help but feel a swell of pride that her guess as to the Lady Kirkpatrick's drinking habits was correct. The stiffness of her attitude and persona was matched by the stiffness of the beverage, a general rule that Maeve found to be true. Of course, there were the occasional exceptions but didn't every rule have cases where it didn't hold up? With her own stiff drink, Maeve took a sip of it, before listening as the Lady Kirkpatrick read the contents of the letter to her. Truthfully, much of the letter went over Maeve's head. She knew it was dealing with Millicent's sibling and holdings of her family. The snakes she took to most likely be people who sought to betray or harm her, like the Devil in the Garden of Eden. And the dagger of blood with the lion? That was where the letter lost Maeve.

At the mention of the two common enemies, Maeve figured that had to mean Lady Kirkpatrick's nephew and then... the fiancΓ©? Millicent hadn't seemed particularly fond of him and he was close with the nephew, from what Maeve could tell. It would then fall into the ships not being hers much longer - as she was going to be married. "I take it those enemies are yer nephew an' 'er 'usban' ter be?" Maeve asked, wanting confirmation that she had understood the contents of the letter properly. If she didn't, then there was no point in her thinking more on this now. However, at least she had been right - this did connect into the Kirkpatricks. She doubted that Millicent's note would be sent, but she didn't regret showing it to Lady Kirkpatrick at all.

Cecily Ashworth

Location: Grimm, Indiana (Police Station)
Skills: Cool Headedness

Cecily had to roll her eyes slightly - practically every guy she knew sucked at multitasking. She remembered in one of her gen ed's in college, the professor was talking about the differences between the brains of men and women - how women supposedly were better at doing multiple tasks at once, while men had to focus on a single one. She had a moment where she tried to picture Roy taking college courses and she tried to get the weird image out of her head. She looked around, trying to see if there was anything she could take a makeshift blood sample with, but there wasn't anything really. Sample collection would have to wait then.

"...What is it?" Cecily asked, having heard the cough and it made the hair on her arms stand up. By his quiet voice, Cecily was paranoid that they were about to find the murder victim - someone they knew, maybe even. If it had been a stranger, she doubted that Roy would've been this quiet about it. Holding her breath slightly, as if that could protect her from all of the horror going on in this place already, Cecily carefully tried her best not to step in the blood as she made her way over to Roy and she peered down the hallway. She didn't really want to be in this situation, not at all, but she braced herself to see the worst. She was prepared to see Riley somehow there... Riley... Her heart started to pound more and more, as her mind jumped to the worst case scenario.

Gene Benaszewski & Nora Kingston

Location: Train To Athribis
Skills: N/A
Gene chuckled slightly, spotting the red cat that jumped into J.C.'s lap. She was familiar with a red cat back home that always seemed to turn up when she least expected him to, though that was part of his charm. She turned her head slightly as the Lord Major indicated that she could sit with him, and she smiled pleasantly at him. "Great!" she exclaimed. If he had told her no, it wasn't like she was going to move anyways. She wasn't about to sit alone and the old man was way too much fun to poke fun at.

Nora nodded at Lauren's question, composing her thoughts for a moment. She had so many disconnected ideas on this topic and she couldn't decide which piece of thread to follow to the end of this puzzle. At the mention of her branding, Nora rubbed the branded thumb slightly with her other thumb, reminding herself that the mark was indeed real. She could not discount what had happened, could not wave it off as something impossible - it was just merely improbable from what she understood. She was slightly taken aback by the malice in J.C.'s tone towards the cat - sure, not everyone loved animals but they were innocent creatures in her opinion. However, the conversation quickly returned to branding and Nora took a slight breath.

While they had addressed Lauren, Lauren had not been branded. Nora had been. And of the others branded, Josephine was the only other one that still was alive and she was not currently on the train with them. "I was, as well as two others..." Nora said softly. She removed the covering from her hand and allowed them to see the brand on her. She wondered if the cat would have any sort of reaction to seeing it. "As for why this is happening... From what I can tell, a working explanation falls into line with what we discussed with Neema - that we have been chosen as protectors of sort for the Bastet in some fight... But I must confess, the theory seems shaky at best... but not one that can be dismissed outright."

"Try being more flexible," Gene told Nora, hearing her theory. So many people had it in their head that things had to be a certain way, but that wasn't the way to go about things. Gene believed in keeping an open mind and being open to possibilities, even things that defied one's understanding of reality. It would've been incredibly dull to live in a world where everything was within the realm of the expected. She wanted to be shocked and surprised - and to see these people in such an interesting situation, worried because it didn't adhere to their own sense of reality? It was a bit annoying and disappointing. "Assuming that the answer has to be what you'd expect is probably why you haven't sorted this all out yet."
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