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On this day, Jack and Tati finally found each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations to the cast of Horrors of Coventry - another RP completed!!!
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Congratulations to the players of Strange New Waters - that's a wrap on that RP!
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What’s my special skill, you ask? Sinking ships by having my character have an incompatible sexuality


Name: Morose
Aliases: Mini Me, Major Rockstar, Mor, Wisteria22, Holmes, AliceAdler42, the Tea Thief
Age: 20
Birthday: May 15
Ethnicity: British-American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Chemistry
Occupation: Student
Languages: English (fluent), French (near fluent)
Current Bio Theme: The Frost Triplets
Previous Bio Themes: Gertrude Yorkes; Violet Harmond; Clint Barton; Lorna Dane; Selesia Upitiria; James March; Tony Stark; Olivia Moore; Harley Quinn
Years Rping: 8
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Spelling and grammar errors - though I make a fair amount myself
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Yes - though I am still learning ^^

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - The latest graduating class of the three S.H.I.E.L.D. academies is asked to participate in a research study on latent mutations, but little do they know, HYDRA is lurking within the ranks...A sister RP to @BlueSky44's X-Men: Darkness Rising.
  • Darke Magyk - Book Two: Chaos Reigns - In a world filled to the brim with Magyk, there are as many foes as there are allies. A Witch Queen sits on the throne as those gifted with Magyk fall ill to a mysterious illness and Darkenesse looms over the Castle...
  • The Gifted - the Mutant Underground attempts to save mutants on the run from prejudice that is often supported by Law Enforcement, but with the increased strength of the Purifiers, will they even be able to save themselves?

Future RP's:
  • The Tribulations of Valhalla - A prequel to Darke Magyk - won't say much for the sake of spoilers but a new threat looming over the Castle threatens its future and only a plucky band of apprentices can stop it...
  • Devil's Night - The final in the trilogy of horror RPs. Witches v serial killers v townies in the haunted Cromwell House. Band together with your faction to survive - or not? Set in 2017 in Earth-666.
  • Infinity Gauntlet - You may have noticed that infinity stones are popping up in RPs. The Soul Stone was in Strange New Waters. The Time and Power Stones in Darke Magyk. And more to come in X-Men and AoS and even the Gifted. This RP would be about the rumored foe, Hellfire, and a battle to save the cosmos itself. Characters from ANY Rp can appear due to time travel shenanigans.
  • Secret Wars - Based on the original, the Beyonder has collected the best heroes and villains, regardless of temporal or spatial location, and has sent them to Battleworld. It's heroes v villains and the winner is promised to make their wildest dreams come true. Characters from ANY RP can also appear here.

Rp's Currently Enjoying:

Theme Song:

Behold, my collection of ships. Some of these sailed. Some of these never had a chance. Others are serious, some cute, and some are something else.

The Big Three:
  • Guintro
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • The OTP
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • Theme Song: Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
    • Guin and Pietro are an interesting pairing, to say the very least. Both of them have uncertain motivations driving their actions, as well as the tall shadow of an infamous father. They both adore 80's music and outdated tech, but they haven't had a lot of time in game to connect with each other on an emotional level. At first, it seemed like they may fizzle out, but their relationship is growing stronger with each and every post. I'm not usually one for shipping, but they're my RP OTP. Let's just hope neither of them die!
  • Luna
    • Runa Baldurdattir and Lance Banner
    • The Quiet Ship
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising Test Collabs
    • Theme Song: Carry You by Ruelle + Fleurie
    • My favorite ships always happen by accident, where two characters just happen to be in the same place at the same time and form a connection. That's exactly what happened with Lance and Runa. Both of them are judged not by their own actions, but by that of a relative. In Lance's case, his father's - and in Runa's case, her uncle's. They're both relatively quiet individuals but when they're together, they create something beautiful. Hopefully we'll find a RP for the two of them to be in together soon...Otherwise, just going to have to wait until it's time for a certain Asgardian to appear in X-Men.
  • Jati:
    • Jack Hudson and Tatiana Korvo
    • The Sweetheart Ship
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in the Walking Dead
    • Theme Song: Everytime We Touch ~ Heavy Metal Cover (Video made by @Lady Amalthea)
    • Perhaps the most romantic ship, it's also one of the most difficult ones for me to write for. Slipping into the utter kindness and empathy of Jati, the two of them holding on fiercely no matter the odds, can be a bit of a challenge. They're pure and sweet, a definite contrast to the easy grittiness found in the apocalypse. Of course, with Tatiana missing and carrying their unborn child, things aren't looking too great for them.... <.>

The Skyrose Multiverse began with the apocalypse RP, Abandoned Hope. This RP, which I GMed with @BlueSky44, incorporated a lot of lore from various shows and books that we liked. At first, we thought that was the biggest connection it would have. It has now expanded into a fully blown universe, with multiple GM's running connected RP, and an established continuity throughout the timeline.

Skyrose Multiverse Lore Guide
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719
Experiment X: A Marvel Comics inspired RP about Weapon X, set in 1983
The Wolves of Red Lake: A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016.
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016.
Hooked on a Feeling: A coming of age superhero RP, set in Spring 2017
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, beginning in January 2019
  • Brotherhood Arc - January 2019
  • Days of Future Past Arc - June 2020
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A super powered secret agent RP, set in August 2020
The Unfortunate Thirteen: A sci-fi RP, set in January 2345
Darke Magyk: A medieval fantasy RP, set in December 12,507

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Washington D.C.: September 7th, 2020 - 2:15 PM

@FantasyChic: Luke nodded, about to go ring up his things and he brushed by Leighton slightly. As soon as he touched her, his entire body seemed to turn blue from extreme cold. He was shivering to an extreme and he dropped to the ground, looking like he had been exposed to the elements in the North Pole or something for hours. A helpful employee walked by the aisles and screamed, looking at Leighton. "HELP! A MUTIE ATTACKED THIS MAN!" the employee screamed, before booking it at a run as far away from Leighton as she could.

@FantasyChic: Reeva smiled at Anastasia. She knew a lot about the younger mutant, since the Hellfire Club kept tabs on the most powerful mutants that they could find. "You know, you have real potential, Anastasia. My girls and I make it our business to identify the strongest mutants - the ones destined to rule. I work with a lot of people, but very few of them have what it takes to shape a nation - to become royalty. I think you're one of those people." Reeva then grabbed a file and handed it over to Anastasia. "You have to be bored - everything has been so easy for you. Nothing has really presented a challenge... But I think this just might, if you're willing to do this." Inside the file were records on the Mutant Underground - not just the Washington D.C. branch, but all of them nationwide.


Location: Apartment Complex - Balcony
Skills: Force Fields
"Slight problem with that plan, Spark Plug, is that all cars these days have batteries in them - if you EMP the area, then the car battery is done for and we can't drive anywhere," Havok pointed out a bit sarcastically. He wasn't exactly the nicest person around and the longer they were there, the most frustrated he felt with the Purifiers. They had gotten people to safety and instead of engaging them, Veil was ordering a retreat. Then they would have to do the same thing again next week - rescue people, run from Purifiers, rinse and repeat. "We can't keep running. We need to make a stand."

"It is not worth risk," Colossus admonished Havok. "Besides - how will it look if we attack humans?"

Havok huffed slightly. He hated being lectured on optics and Veil pinched her nose again. Sapphire was being silent, something that was both nice and annoying. The Purifiers weren't willing to wait around and they aimed their weapons up at them, firing them off at the group of mutants up on the balcony. Veil threw her hands out, creating as many shields as she could but there were cracks in them. A bullet grazed Havok and the hula hooping mutant retaliated with some fire of his own, his hula hoops of doom and destruction knocking down three Purifiers below.

One of the bullets hit Veil's shield, bouncing to the ground harmlessly below. The next one, however, went through one of the small cracks and hit Spark Plug in the chest, inches away from her heart. "NO!" Veil screamed. Spark Plug was still alive - but barely. Another bullet then almost hit Sapphire, but the ice manipulation queen managed to freeze it in its path.

"Havok, get these fuckers! We need to get Spark Plug to a clinic!"

"Shit!" Havok cursed. There was only one mutant friendly clinic in the area and luckily, it was just about five blocks away. The problem would be getting there without the Purifiers finding them.


Location: Millennium Plaza - the Sewer
Skills: N/A
Sunshine bit her lip, ready to throw measles at whoever was down there with them in the sewers when a small group of people stepped into the light. There was a girl with purple hair, alien green eyes, and a diamond on the side of her face. A step in front of her was a man with a scarred face and an odd eyepatch of sorts covering his left eye. Sunshine's eyes widened, she had heard rumors of a community of mutants living underneath the city but she had never found any evidence that they existed.

"You're the Morlocks!" Sunshine exclaimed, her voice uncomfortably echoing through the tunnels. The green glow around her hands faded away and the man chuckled a bit, looking at James and Gray. He assumed that they were Sunshine's brothers of some sorts. Most mutants tended to travel in families - even if they were not families by blood.

"Apparently we're famous," the woman mused with a slight smile.

"So it would seem, Blink," the man agreed. He looked at the trio. "My name is Erg. I am the leader of the Washington D.C. Morlocks," he introduced himself. "And if you like, you may join our community."

"What happened to your face?" Sunshine asked.

"I took the mark," Erg said simply, before he started to lead them through the tunnels. Blink winked a bit at them, motioning for them to follow. "Come on, we can get you all some food and a nice bath. What are your names? Not your human names but - y'know, your mutant ones."


"Oh, you have light powers? You'll like my friend Glow then."

"Nope. Not at all." Sunshine then shrugged slightly. People made that mistake all of the time, but she liked her name. Her friends had used it and it was what she identified with - Electra just didn't seem to describe her as well as the ironic Sunshine did. "You guys coming?" she then asked James and Gray. At the very least, hiding with the Morlocks for a few hours would keep the police from finding them. Sunshine was also incredibly hungry and not one to pass up a chance at free food.

Jack Newnan

Location: Quarantine (W: Men's Locker Room -> Conference Room)
Skills: N/A

Having scrubbed himself clean and kept a close watch on Jamie, helping his son out as well, Jack was simultaneously relieved and anxious. He knew that it made sense for the guys to get cleaned up in one place and the girls in another - but he didn't like letting Tatiana out of his sight. The last time that had happened, Newnan fell and he was separated from her for a year. He missed the birth of their son and he didn't want to ever miss another second of her life or Jamie's. As they were led into the conference room and Jack spotted a few of the amenities, he couldn't help but smile slightly. God, he missed VHS.

He felt more at ease as he spotted Tatiana, sitting down next to her and holding Jamie. This entire thing felt so incredibly surreal, he almost wasn't sure what to think. His eyes glanced over Tatiana's paper, noting the responses she put down for herself and Jamie, but he didn't say anything. He did however smile slightly at what she had put down for race. He hadn't expected that and if he wasn't hoping desperately they'd be allowed into the community, he would have been tempted to write down First Place 500 Meter Dash 2002 for his own answer.

Once she finished, he gently passed her Jamie and started to fill out his own.

Beatrice Decker

Location: Quarantine (W: Lady's Locker Room -> Conference Room)
Skills: N/A

Beatrice was sticking fairly close to Thalia, observing the area as they were led out of the locker room. For the most part, it reminded her a little bit of Juvi - the nicer, upscale ones that she had been to. Definitely not the ones in Justice. The activities that were outdated, the showers, the regimented routine... Even the use of aliases reminded her a little bit of the nicknames they had given each other. She hated being called Double Decker - but that's what they had called her in juvi.

"I hope you still have your writing hand," Beatrice whispered to Thalia with a slight smirk. It would be incredibly amusing if Thalia had to use her non-writing hand for this and ended up turning in a mess of scribbles. She doubted that they would want Beatrice to fill it out for her and Beatrice had no intention of doing so. The terrible handwriting she would hopefully get to see from peaking over at Thalia's paper was its own reward.

Leda Storm

Location: The Canoe Lake

Leda rolled her eyes slightly at the Limnade that lapped water at her feet. Her feet would dry off soon enough from a run, but just as she was about to take off she spotted Tammy. She smiled slightly at her sister. It was a bit of an odd idea for her to wrap her head around at first, all of the siblings she had that she never met before, but she was used to it by now. "Totally," she told Tammy. "Though if Zeke trips me, I am stabbing him in the shoulder."

It was one thing that she really hated. And with Capture the Flag tonight, she wouldn't be terribly shocked if someone on her team or on the other team decided to try to trip the daughter of Iris. At least with her siblings, it wasn't too much of an issue. Those who also were gifted with speed tended to understand the immense frustration. "Do you know what the teams are for tonight?" she then asked her sister. It would be fun to start glowing in front of some of the new campers. Leda always did enjoy doing that to surprise them.

Cecily Ashworth

Location: Highway to Hell Grimm
Skills: N/A

Cecily nodded, thinking over what Roy had said. It would be an easy way to kill Natasha - to slowly poison her and make it seem like natural causes. The main issue she was running into was why did they want to kill Natasha so far in advance? Had they known that she would attempt to betray them? Or was murdering Natasha just a loose end that Juno was attempting to tidy up? If Natasha had been working for them... Cecily supposed they might have realized with her personality, she was a risk.

"I think you're right," she agreed. "And if Juno killed her slowly through her medicine, then it has to be Amy Chang behind it. She got Natasha this gig in Justice - she's Natasha's connection to Juno and I'm pretty sure was why Wallace ended up dead... She had opportunity and I think motive... They probably wanted to get rid of Natasha, clean house, make sure that she couldn't betray them like she ended up doing."

Scott Rydzynski

Location: Pike's Place - Seattle, Washington
Interacting With: Isley and the Kids

Scott was about to tear Jace a new one. He was a bit surprised the kid was still alive. He didn't seem to have common sense. This wasn't some sort of drill or a cute little scavenger hunt or an epic game of hide and seek - this was real life. This was kill or be killed. If he wanted to live and if he wanted Janelle to live, then Jace would need to step up and start figuring out solutions rather than problems. Of course, as soon as Scott thought that Jace opened his mouth and gave a solution that made Scott sick.

"How do we know one of her group isn't the one doing this?" Scott pointed out. He didn't trust anyone - he was barely tolerating trusting the kids and Isley, mostly because he doubted any of them had it in them to hurt and betray one another. He then looked back at Isley and rolled his eyes. "No one supports the eagles unless they're from Philly - that team sucks," he explained. "And no one is going to New York damn it! It's probably a motherfucking trap! Do you really think it's a coincidence that after I shoot at the son of a bitch, you get a text saying to come to New York?!"

Jia Li

Jia Li practically beamed, hearing the man assent that he played. She doubted it could be a coincidence. He played Pai Sho and he was there to help them. She heard Rila's question and she glanced at her, wondering if she could trust her, but then Jia Li kicked herself mentally. They all had been prisoners of the Fire Nation. They had broken out together, made a pact, and Takuma was speaking freely.

"My master played Pai Sho - as does a resistance group against the Fire Nation," Jia Li explained quietly. She trusted them, but also was worried that someone nearby may overhear and learn the secret. Takuma belonging to the group gave her hope. They could join up with others with the resistance and use their abilities to bring out real change. The Fire Nation was her homeland, yes - but it had been twisted into something perverse and she intended to restore it to what it should have been.

"I am going to ask Takuma if he knows where we can find the Order of the White Lotus," Jia Li told the others. "Just as with you and your tribe, anyone is welcome to come with me who wants to."
Professor Walnut
Location: Shadowell Manor: Music Room
Skills: N/A
Hit Points: 4
Professor Walnut nodded, looking at Dr. Swamp. It was such a shame, but this was how the times were. "Yes, how dreadful an affair," Walnut confirmed. Master Plum would have done well to avoid calling for a doctor, it seemed. Her eyes then darted towards the door and then to Mr. Titian, making up her mind. There couldn't be any loose ends as she drew her concealed pistol and aimed at Dr. Swamp.

"I'd hate to kill you, you seem a decent fellow, but you could betray me," she said, pulling the trigger. Her shot hit Swamp in the mid left side below the arm pit through his vest. It kicked slightly and Walnut stumbled a bit backwards, her victim stumbling and hitting the wall near the door to the Breakfast Room. She took a breath, smiling sweetly at him. It seemed he wasn't quite finished yet.

"This is fun," she remarked.

GM Note: Swamp takes 2 points of damage.
There's definitely people I've forgotten from this list, but I am exhausted so please forgive me ^_^

My Valentine's Day Peeps

๑۩↛You Are Lovedβ†šΫ©ΰΉ‘
  • ☼ @BlueSky44 ☼
    • You've been my best friend since we were in what, second grade now? By my half asleep brain's math skills, we've known each other for about 13 years now. Ironically, I think joining the RP Guild brought us closer together and has been an amazing way to keep in touch with you as I'm off at school. You are incredibly brave, compassionate, and selfless. You're the Banner to my Stark. The Xavier to my Magneto at times as well ;) and the Black Widow to my Hawkeye.
  • ☼ @Lady Amalthea ☼
    • You have taught me so much about RP - more than I think you even know. Before I Rped in your groups, I was doing one liners on Facebook Harry Potter RP groups. But you have also taught me a lot about life and the world - hell, I joined your group as a high schooler and I'm almost about to graduate college and I'm still learning more about what's important in the world.
  • ☼ @LadyRunic ☼
    • You are witty, clever, and humble. I love hearing you rant and I also love your ideas. Plus who else am I going to talk about Lucifer with? :P You are an amazing person and I hope that you can see that too one day, even if it isn't right now.
  • ☼ @FantasyChic ☼
    • The Queen Bitch. You are spunky, sassy, and take shit from no one. Not only have you made my life 1000% easier as chat mod, but you are a really good friend and are someone that I can count on. Though you still love pink so... We'll have to fight to the death eventually (and yes, I realize this text is pink as I write that...Oh well, that's just how it is sometimes...)
  • ☼ @Nallore ☼
    • Girl, you are so sweet you probably make dentists so happy from all of the cavities you'd give people! Jk, but seriously, nicest person I have ever met. You are so compassionate and understanding and I also don't think I've ever seen you mad... maybe once? And even then you were still a doll.
  • ☼ @KazAlkemi ☼
    • I still laugh over the fact that my brother saw your username and assumed you were my boyfriend when I was DMing you. You are so creativity, passionate, and driven. You breathe life into everything you do and all of your characters are incredibly unique. Plus, you have an amazing personality and are a good friend.


Allison and Bobbi luck out. They're able to get through the formal sitting room before anything crazy really ends up happening. It'll be obvious as they walk past that tensions are high - and it's probably a good thing that there aren't too many little kids around. Past the formal sitting room, through the gallery, and then a quick detour through the library finds the pair at Professor Xavier's office.

"Ms. Andrews, Ms. Hobbes, please come in," Xavier's voice called out from inside the office. It was hard for a telepath to not know when people were coming to talk to him, after all. Once inside, they'll see Xavier behind his desk in his wheelchair, looking through a pile of what look like briefing packets.

Neil Spellman

Location: First Floor - Formal Sitting Room
Skills: Telekinesis

Neil glanced at Bobbi and Allison as they walked by, wishing that he could have removed himself from this situation just as easily. He didn't need enhanced intuition to tell that tensions were incredibly high in this room. Jean, the legendary Phoenix, whispered underneath her breath some choice words - and a few quotes of Shelly's thoughts in particular. "Maybe it's time the Mansion starts offering etiquette classes," Jean mused.

"Don't worry, Jeanie, I'll offer a free one right now!" Cyclops exclaimed. He was seeing red (get it?!) having heard Jean relay to him what Shelly had thought about her. No one thought about his wife like that - and threatening his niece?! Scott was practically fuming as he lowered his shades, sending a blast at Shelly. The red energy slammed into Shelly, sending her through the glass window and out onto the ground outside.

"That is not what I had in mind..." Jean said, going to go help Shelly and get her cleaned up.

"КопилС, ΡƒΠ·ΠΌΠΈ Ρ‚ΠΎ Π½Π°Π·Π°Π΄!" Quicksilver shouted at Gambit, having a feud with the Ragin' Cajun of his own at the moment. Pietro dashed forward, gathering up speed in his fist and he decked Gambit, sending the Thieves' Guild King flying as well. Rogue caught Gambit and kept a tight grip on him. "Knock it off, both of ya!" she shouted. "Honestly, y'all are actin' like toddlers!"

Storm, meanwhile, looked a bit weary of all of this fighting. Her hair started to flow as a wind picked up in the room. "I agree with Rogue. If you wish to fight amongst each other, do so in the Danger Room and train," Ororo said.

Neil glanced at Sara for a moment, before he nodded slightly at her. Jean was outside offering a hand to Shelly to pick her up, and while Cyclops was watching, Neil took a breath. His hands twitched slightly and nothing happened. He glanced at Sara again and then closed his eyes. Neil's own hair started to stand up softly as he gritted his teeth and pulled his arms out in front of him. He made a ripping motion with his hands, as if trying to tear the air itself apart, and suddenly, Cyclops was thrown out the window.

"So... let's do this then," Neil said. He spotted Dean leave the kitchen, having told Carolina that he'd consider going if it was okay with Lance, and the wannabe speedster made a beeline for the stairs.

Guin Stark

Location: First Sub Basement - Chemical Laboratory -> Hallway
Skills: N/A

Lance sent Annie a text back on his phone, eyeing Guin and feeling slightly annoyed with her. "Sure, I'm okay with that." he sent. However, Guin had mentioned that there was fighting upstairs and as Lance headed for the door of the laboratory, he couldn't help but be curious. "Why are they fighting?" he asked her. Guin thought for a moment, trying to get an image of what was going on upstairs through the Mental Link but it wasn't working. Pietro was blocking her out. It was just giving her a headache and she held her head for a moment.

"Honestly, no idea... Pietro is blocking me out so it has to be something big. He really must not want me going up there..." She was about to try again when she saw Richard come down the stairs in search of Mary. She crossed her arms, not really wanting to deal with him after his delivery of apple slices. She wasn't a kid and he wasn't her father, so he needed to just butt out of her life and let her live the way she wants to live.

Guin then glanced to her right, catching a glimpse of Mary in the electronics lab. "The hell is Mare doing with my stuff?!" Guin snapped, a bit mad since no one else really used that lab and it was more or less Guin's personal space at this rate. Beast had given up trying to get any part of the lab back from her. Mary didn't even seem to notice her and Guin flipped her the middle finger. "She better not fucking break anything!"

However, just as Richard was down in the sub-basement, so was Dean. The wannabe speedster paused for a moment, looking at the three and Dean smirked slightly. "I am not a motherfucking puppy," he said, before he started running on the walls and kicked Richard in the head, giving the Adder a bloody lip.

Andromeda Aldrich

Location: Ville au Camp - Carnival Set Up
Skills: N/A

Andromeda had been about to leave, but then she stopped. She had assumed that Peter was just a common name and that it was a coincidence. There had been loads of people named Peter - it wasn't a weird or uncommon one. However, the surname and the fact that the message sounded like a stiff Brit from about the 1920's seemed to match up with what she had been told about Peter. She recalled asking Evelina some of her questions about the body remaining on the grounds... Had Peter's spirit remained behind, then? It sounded horrible, yet she was not too surprised that it was possible. Things like that had happened all the time back in her home timeline.

There was then the notice from Gilbert that the Watch was back - that they could begin to pursue Eve. "... Alright," she said with hesitation. Evelina hadn't wanted to be found, clearly. She had gone to get Drem back herself and Andromeda didn't know if going after Eve was a good idea. At least, perhaps not just the two of them. The Watch had only just gotten back and the Carnival was here... However, Gilbert was the Emendator and she was the Paradox. He called the shots.

"Could we attend to Peter first?" Andromeda asked, before hesitantly adding. "And since they're our guests... Maybe we wait to go find Eve until tomorrow." They still had so many questions to ask these people - and if they had information on Evelina, it would help them find her. "Maybe we can get more help..."
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