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December 18th, 2020 - 3:20 PM

Dunkin' Donuts -

One of the terrified employees brought over the entire tray of Boston creme doughnuts, kneeling on the ground and offering them up. His head was bent down, exposing the back of his neck, and every muscle in his body quivered. His pants were clearly soiled, likely out of fear. "Th-th-these are all we have, s-sir," the employee stammered.

If Jinx were to look back, he wouldn't see Morgan anymore - they had vanished. The interior of the Dunkin' Donuts was shifting in illumination, shades of red and white. The police had finally arrived on the scene, although Pyro didn't seem to care at all.


Pyro was laughing diabolically, not even phased by his wound. It helped that Anastasia had stitched it up with telekinesis. His attention momentarily waned from the fiery hydra he had created and the flames became wild and untamed, setting all of the bathroom stalls ablaze. The smoke was getting thick, making it difficult to breathe but it didn't bother Pyro at all. Leighton was sequestered behind an ice barrier that was six feet tall, though her only option for escape was a window about ten feet up. It was tiny, by no means big enough for Pyro but Leighton or Anastasia could conceivably wiggle on through... if the window hadn't been painted shut and jammed.

"This is even better than when Emma took me to Disneyworld!" Pyro cackled. He sucked in a big gust of flames and breathed them out like a dragon, trying to melt Leighton's barricade but it didn't work. The maniacal mutant then got another idea. He transformed some of the flames into a gigantic serpent and directed them over the barricade. The flaming beast coiled around Leighton, pinning her arms and legs.

"I TOTALLY STARTED THE FIRE! IT WAS ALWAYS BURNING SINCE THE WORLD'S BEEN TURNING!" Pyro shouted gleefully. The sprinklers in the Dunkin' had activated, but they were nothing compared to Pyro's flames. They couldn't quench them. "You know Jinxy, me and my bro Quicksilver used to jam out all the time! You should kick it with me later."


Location: the Old Underground Hideout
Skills: Invisible Energy Manipulation (Cloaking)
Veil maintained the cloaking cover as Feedback entered the van. She turned in her seat and reached on back, putting a hand on Feedback's shoulder and she squeezed it comfortingly. "I'm so proud of you, Feedback," she told her softly. "And not just because you ordered McDonalds," she added, hoping that a little bit of humor would help to lift Feedback's spirits. She couldn't imagine being presented with the choice to bring a loved one back from the dead. It must have been like reopening a wound that had barely begun to heal.

What happened next took Veil by surprise. Suddenly, they were trapped in by a gigantic dome, a patchwork thing made out of concrete and glass. Warlock's voice was booming and vicious, the sort of scream that a trapped animal would produce. Her eyes widened as Warlock threatened to kill them all if they didn't tell him what they had done to the Ice Queen. She opened the door of the van and jumped on out. Everyone was still invisible, so they had that advantage up against Warlock at the very least. Her brother had produced some sparkling light and Veil's heart was pounding like a stampede of rhinos. She didn't need Glimpse to tell her what Warlock was thinking - he had just said as much himself. "Glimpse is right, Spark Plug, stop it," she agreed quietly.

Sapphire took the direct approach, lashing out with ice at Warlock. The already chilly area was incredibly frigid now, enough to give everyone a severe case of frost bite. Her best friend was extremely claustrophobic. If they didn't get Sapphire out of the dome, Veil doubted she would stop attacking. Warlock may or may not listen to reason. It was a gamble then. Should she trust that Warlock would come to his senses and stand down... or should she take it into her own hands to ensure that he did?

Veil eyed the glass Spark Plug had shot with lightning. She conjured up two discs of pure invisible energy, like two frisbee sized force fields, and she threw them at the glass. The discs bounced off of the glass without doing much damage, only now they were heading right at Warlock. In the blink of an eye, the discs whizzed over his head. Any closer and he would have been scalped.

"Shit - Warlock, are you okay?" Veil shouted. She let out a breath and everyone became visible again. Now, with all of her concentration, Veil repeated the trick. Her force field discs slammed into the glass, their power drastically increased over the previous ones, and the ballistic glass shattered. "Sapphire, make an ice slide and get out!"

Casper Theriot

Location: Mutant Underground Hideout - First Floor: Entranceway -> Second Floor: Cayden and James' Room
Skills: Mediumship
As James guided him up to the second floor like a proper gentleman, Casper was hopeful that Ben would emerge in Cayden and James' room to join in on the conversation. Ben had never vanished before in Casper's lifetime when he was sober. From what Ben told him, it was more interesting to follow Casper around and provide essentially a director's commentary track than the options usually given to ghosts. He felt ashamed for a brief moment. He had seen ghosts for ages and he never really had asked Ben where he went when Casper wasn't summoning him. He had no idea what the afterlife was like for Ben.

"Wait, Princess Luna is in your mind?" Casper's eyes widened, a fierce protectiveness growing within him as he put his arm around James' shoulders possessively. "Tell her to get out, that's just plain rude, or we'll be calling the Thought Police on her." His father was the most powerful telepath in the world after Jean Grey. Casper had some bad experiences with telepaths messing in his mind.

"Oh right, you don't remember it Cay-Cay... Well, I'll give you the easy to understand version. The Scarlet Witch is crazy. She has waaaay too much power and rewrote everything in the universe, kinda like those episodes of a TV show where all the characters suddenly are in this make believe fantasy world. Magneto was king there, because I guess Wanda wasn't that creative? I don't know. My dad was dead, one of the best parts of that reality. Umm... Oh, Jackie and I worked in a secret basement of a casino for some thieves! There was this psychopath blonde girl and another psychopathic ginger girl. I guess it wasn't a great year for women's mental health? James, anything you wanna add babe?"

"Oh and I'm fine, I'm more worried about Ben... He's probably off sulking that he can't taste Nutella. He never got to try it when he was alive."


Location: Mutant Underground Hideout - First Floor: Training Room
Skills: N/A
A rip in the fabric of reality opened up, as three mutants jumped on through. Magik had started coming into her own recently, wearing large black spikes in her hair that contrasted with her long flowing black locks. She had on a skimpy black armored top with spiked shoulder pads and her left arm was covered in shiny silver armor, holding her Soulsword. Her brother Colossus still wore his X-Men uniform, perhaps clinging to the glory days when he had worked in the elite all mutant squad. Negasonic had grown out her hair, wearing it up in a mohawk of sorts, and she was wearing a black and yellow uniform with an X on it.

"Hey, Loser," Negasonic greeted Jack. "Sunshine," she then added. Sunshine, Magik, Negasonic, and Feedback were the youngest mutants in the Underground. They tended to end up clumping together at meals and such.

"This is bad time," Colossus observed. "Magik, Negasonic, help me unload supplies, da?" he prompted, before leaving the training room. He had a large sack over his shoulder, as did Negasonic and Magik. He was making his way upstairs to the supply room.

"Do I need to kill someone?" Magik asked Sunshine.

Sunshine shook her head. She had managed to calm down slightly, no longer crying. She untangled herself from Jack's hug and stood up to her feet, holding her head high. She didn't know what she wanted from Jack at this point. It was still shocking enough to know that he was her father and that she actually had blood relatives who cared about her, something she never thought was in the cards for her. "Nah... Marshmallow here is my dad," she told Magik. "So you can't hurt him unless I say so, got it?"

Magik tilted her head. Negasonic was busy texting on her phone, not paying attention. "I don't see the resemblance."

"So? He can change his face. He probably doesn't actually even look like this," Sunshine pointed out to Magik. She really really liked Magik and for whatever reason, it was important to her that Magik didn't try to murder Jack in his sleep or stuff his pillows with spiders and snakes.
February 16th, 2021 - 4:00 PM

George Washington University -

Located in downtown Washington D.C., George Washington University was just a thirteen minute walk from the Lincoln Memorial and half an hour to the Capitol building. As it was in the midst of the capital of the United States, there weren't very many green spaces on campus. It was more a collection of buildings amidst crowded streets, with bakeries next to a law auditorium for instance. Most of the students at GWU were there to study politics or international relations, so the lack of a traditional campus experience was definitely made up for in terms of connections. About half of the graduating class that year were the children of government and military officials, not just from the United States but from Europe and Asia as well.

Its Lisner Auditorium, a tall grey stone building, was even considered a historical landmark. Flyers and posters around campus reminded the students that Dr. Maya Hansen, one of the top scientists at Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) was there to give a talk at 4:00 pm. Food and refreshments were complimentary and all students were encouraged to go ask Dr. Hansen questions about her latest breakthrough in genetic engineering.

Weather wise, it was a rather chilly day in D.C., with a high of about 46 °F and a low of 27 ° F. It had been snowing on and off throughout the day, with plows routinely going through the streets to try to keep the roads clear. The cafes had given up on using their outdoor seating options, the metal tables and chairs covered in a fine layer of snow at least six inches thick. It was about two hours before sunset, so lighting at the very least wasn't much of an issue.

Of course, it wasn't the best time to be a mutant. A mysterious disease had emerged a few days ago across the world called M-Pox. The disease had only been around briefly but the death toll was already sickening (no pun intended). And while S.H.I.E.L.D. was supposedly developing a cure, it hadn't been released to the public yet. Hate crimes against mutants had spiked. The news reported on them hourly, showing horrifying footage of two young children in Arkansas hanged on a swingset, all because they were mutants. In D.C., mutants were vanishing and later found turned into stone, with an X carved into their forehead.

Coming around the corner near the entrance to the Lisner Auditorium, a masked man carried a strangely glowing blue knife. He wore a long black jacket that looked more like a cape and had thick gloves on, the sort that a blacksmith might own. Covering his eyes were what looked to be night vision goggles, making it hard to tell what he was looking at. The students walking by gave him a wide berth, rightfully terrified by the stranger with a knife.

The man hadn't noticed Kristina or Andy. He was walking straight towards Zarina.

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: The Road - Atlanta, Georgia
Skills: Greek Mythology, Driving (Car)

Leda kept her eyes locked on the road ahead of her. They had a full tank of gas, so they didn't need to stop and refuel before getting to Houston. There weren't any crazy drivers on the road and she kept a good distance between her and other vehicles, just as a precaution. She didn't need to nearly get them killed in a car crash a second time that day. Besides, the more attentive she was to the road, the less she'd have to look at her passengers, Kristin and Zeke. However, her mind was still spinning, trying to think of what they could do up against Marysas. There weren't any stories of Hercules fighting him, which tended to be where Leda pulled major strategic inspiration from.

"Honestly, I say we just show up, take out our weapons, and just fight him," Leda said. "Maybe Zeke challenges him to a music contest. He'd probably say yes, he's obsessed with Zeke's dad." Her voice was more level and calm than it had been in the Wendy's when she screamed her head off at Zeke. The subject had been dropped and it was time to come up with some sort of plan to keep them all alive. There was no way she was going to die in Texas.

Guin Stark

Location: the Reception
Skills: N/A
Guin smiled a bit uneasily as Cass asked Mary whether or not she would be welcome at the Xavier Institute again. The ending of the partnership between the X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D. had been messy to say the least, further complicated by the top secret program Cass had been recruited for shortly afterwards. Guin's memories of that time were a bit cloudy, consisting of a blur of grieving over the death of Muscles, the future counterpart of Pietro. Her smile fell as she remembered the way his corpse looked, covered in all of that blood... Her eyes darted over towards her husband. Would he be killed by anti-mutant extremists in less than a decade? Her chest felt a bit tight, the amount of air she drew in with each breath decreasing.

"Y-yeah..." Guin told Mary absentmindedly, before shaking her head a little bit. It was her wedding day and she was determined to enjoy herself. Her fingers were shaking slightly and her head felt light in spite of her best efforts to remain calm. "I mean... I'm not sure if I ever want kids," she answered Cass, trying to focus on the question and not think more about how the ruby red blood had contrasted with Muscles' silver hair. "I don't think we're going to do things really any different. Probably just stick with the X-Men, save the world from annoying villains who need to be defeated by finding some sort of MacGuffin, and then be called menaces to society on the nightly news."

Pietro sent a soothing sensation through their mental link, clearly picking up on the slight PTSD flashback Guin was having. It's okay Guina.

"You know, actually, my dad looks like he wants to come talk to me and he paid for all of this, so I ought to go do that," Guin said, excusing herself. She squeezed Pietro's hand. Guin then gave a smile to everyone there before walking over to her father where he was talking with Rhodey. "Hey, Daddy."

Neil Spellman

Location: the Reception
Skills: N/A
For a brief moment, Neil realized how surreal speaking to Thor really was. He had been raised by witches, celebrating holidays such as Yule, the Hare Moon, Lupercalia, and Feast of Feasts. His aunties prayed to various pagan deities and he was pretty sure that they had prayed to Thor from time to time. Neil's beliefs were more on the agnostic side - maybe his aunties were right about everything, maybe they weren't. He hadn't made up his mind yet, though he supposed he believed in Thor since... well, he was standing right there in front of them, looking like someone on a bender. Had Ragnarok happened or something?

"It's a card game," Neil explained, opening up the box. "Basically, the black cards are questions or statements. Players pick a white card to answer the question or complete the phrase. The judge then reads all of the cards and decides which one they like best, usually what's the most demented or funniest..." He was suddenly nervous that he had forgotten something important when explaining the basics of the game. For some reason, Neil really wanted to make a good impression on the God of Thunder. "And, uh, you determine the first judge by who.... who pooped last." Neil then turned bright red. He wished that some deity would blast him out of existence.

☀️ Nancy Parker ☀️

Location: Amtrak - Fargo, North Dakota
Skills: N/A

The Mist and Nancy were not friends. No matter how much she tried, scrunching her face up, she couldn't make anything appear. At one point she thought she had managed to make something happen, only for it to have been someone discretely smoking a few seats over from them. She had eventually just given up on it, more or less telling Madalyne that she would just need to rely on her for any and all Mist related incidents in the future. She couldn't get the Mist to do what she wanted and Nancy didn't see a point in trying and failing at it forever. She had plenty of gifts and curses after all, she didn't really need another one.

She got off the train at Fargo with the others, yawning a bit as she stretched out her legs and rolled her wrists some until they went pop!, releasing pent of tension. "It's on the other side of town," Nancy recalled. "Is Fargo a big city? I hope not... If it is, we might want to borrow some bikes or something to make things go a bit faster." Her stomach growled as well. Maybe after they stole from the cyclops, they'd be able to grab a bite to eat as well. And a shower. Nancy was pretty sure they all were starting to smell at this point and there was only so much travel sized deodorant could do.

🗡️ Megan Pendragon 🗡️

Location: High Rise Apartment Building
Skills: N/A

Megan pretended to choke to death as Jack mentioned that Isabella was going to be joining them. "The fairy's better than your partner," she said, her nose turned up slightly. "If Isabella's stiff ever came into my office, I think I'd have to keep her apart from the other corpses. She doesn't socialize well and her manners are terrible." Maybe it was a strange thought, thinking about having to keep corpses apart that wouldn't mix together as if they were alive - but Megan tended to speak to the dead bodies. She also had done it before, separating off a corpse that she thought would ruin the chill and mellow energy the rest of the bodies in the morgue had.

She followed him inside, noticing how nice everything here was - it was painfully extravagant. She liked the apartment building she and Jack rented in much better. There were cobwebs up on the ceiling there with spiders, meaning that flies and other pests very rarely troubled them. The hallways had dark wall paper that seemed to throw shadows as you walked. The doors were stiff, hardly swinging open, and the floorboards creaked. It was complete paradise. This was just too new and clean by comparison. Megan got into the elevator after her adopted brother with a sigh. "I expected more from an evil witch than some Paris Hilton-esque lair," she complained.

⚡John Watts⚡ and 🏹 Arthur Twist 🏹

Location: Mojoworld - Hobo Camp
Skills: Superspeed, Chemistry, and Perception
Arthur nodded curtly at Sapphire. "My mother was his CFO," he told her plainly. Harrison Snow had had an affair with the CFO of his company, something that comprised a great deal of the office gossip among the higher level executives. His mother's husband was unaware that Arthur wasn't his child, with only Snow, his mother, and an attorney aware of the fact. Arthur himself hadn't known when the Sisterhood tried to kill him, marooning him on the horrible island of Krakoa. It was only after he escaped that he found out his true parentage and how the Sisterhood had known - he had been written into Harrison Snow's will. With his father dead, Serval Industries was legally Arthur's - the only problem was that Arthur had been declared dead years ago.

Watts' eyes widened a bit, hearing Arthur's mention that his mother had been Harrison Snow's CFO. It was eerily similar to Watts' own childhood but in reverse. He too had been the product of an affair, only his father was the CFO of a weapons company and his mother was just a young intern. His step-dad, a news anchor in Seattle, had been more of a real dad to him than his birth father had ever been. Watts didn't say a word to Arthur however. He was about to go make explosives as Sapphire had strongly suggested, only for Andrew to explode at him in turn, accusing Watts of not actually caring about him.

His child's body betrayed him, as tears welled up in his eyes. "You think I didn't care about you?!" he screamed. "...You're right. Why would I care? Go blow yourself up to kingdom come, it doesn't matter. You just want to go back into a coma and die!" Watts snapped, before rushing off at superspeed. He worked as fast as he could, relying on several of his doctoral degrees as he constructed six bombs. The people here didn't want him around, that was fine. He had to make it back home. He had to be there for Stephen and Leda. They needed him - Serval didn't. He then sped back on over with the bombs, his eyes a bit red and his face was contorted by anger. "Here. Six bombs. If you blow yourself up, don't come crying to me about it. Spiral can transport these to where they need to go."

Arthur was contemplating what they could do. "The bombs will serve as a distraction. We don't need to worry about getting in - Spiral can get us to the machine directly. Once the bombs activate, they'll know we're in the building, so we want to have those bombs go off after we've used the machine. Spiral, how long will it be until Mojo notices we're using the machine? However long that is, that's when the bombs need to go off to draw his troops and create a diversion. From there, we stay in one group and fight our way on out to a rendez-vous point where Spiral can transport us away."

Location: the Seventh Floor - Dumbledore's Office ->> Dungeons - the Slytherin Common Room: Fifth Year Girls Dormitory
Magic: Pocket Sneakoscope

Dumbledore pushed his half moon spectacles further up on his nose, his expression grave and serious as he peered at Artemis. He didn't say a word back to the young Hufflepuff student mentally, but there was no doubt that the Headmaster had heard him. Yet a moment later, the tension vanished and Dumbledore smiled at Apollo, nodding at him in acknowledgement. "Miss Crane, we will be meeting here in my office on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 o'clock," Dumbledore said.

He chuckled lightly at Fae's glee over being able to beat people up without receiving detention. "The society is named in honor of an old friend of mine, Newt Scamander. I imagine Mr. Harrington named his cat in honor of Mr. Scamander, as he is a famous magizoologist. Perhaps I can arrange for him to come serve as a guest lecturer one class..."

"Seriously? That'd be wicked!" Paige gushed. She adored magical creatures and if Newt Scamander was going to come talk to them, she was definitely going to get him to autograph her copy of Fantastic Beasts. She'd have to use one of the school owls to let her dad know about it as well, that way he could send along his copy or something to be signed as well. Newt Scamander was his hero more or less, the person who inspired him to go into his line of work.

Paige then gave Elizabeth the side eye, hearing that she and Fae had managed to get detention already somehow. She had to wonder why Snape had given the job of Quidditch Captain to Elizabeth, since she knew their head of house didn't really like her that much. Snape wasn't keen on muggleborns, one of his nastier traits. And of course, Paige didn't use blood status to question Elizabeth's qualifications, it would have been hypocritical of her. No, she was just more shocked that Elizabeth was already putting Slytherin danger of losing house points before they had even started term.

"Oh, I can do such a thing, yes," Dumbledore replied cryptically. "However, whether I will is another matter entirely..."

Paige flinched slightly as Fawkes burst into flames and died. She couldn't help but stare, watching as the majestic bird crumbled down into ashes. Logically, she knew that Fawkes would just be reborn as a baby bird in a few minutes, but it was still rather unsettling to see.

"Now, I am afraid I am rather busy with the events that occurred on the train and will have to dismiss you now. Please proceed to your common rooms and change into your robes. Prefects, once you have done that I believe Professor McGonagall is planning an impromptu question and answer session of sorts for the first years in the chamber off of the Great Hall that you should participate in. Oh, and, Mr. Harrington?" he added, looking at Artemis. "I would like to speak to you privately once the others leave."

"Thank you, sir," Paige said, as she rose from her stool. She shot a glance at Artemis, as if staring at him could reveal why Dumbledore wanted to talk to him alone. Maybe Dumbledore was really planning on removing his memories and kicking him out of the Scamander Society for being a coward. Or maybe there had been some sort of mistake and he hadn't actually meant for both Apollo and Artemis to be recruited and only one of them could stay, as they had an odd number. Either way, it wasn't any of her business and yet she was dying to know.

She left his office and walked down the spiral staircase, emerging onto the seventh floor. The portraits were looking at her and the others with interest, whispering and gossiping about what must have gone on in Dumbledore's office. The Gryffindors and Ravenclaws in the group were lucky. The entrance to Ravenclaw Tower was on the western side of the fifth floor, at the end of a spiral staircase. Gryffindor landing, the entrance to the Gryffindor Tower, was actually on the seventh floor - not too far of a jaunt from Dumbledore's office. The Hufflepuff Common Room was accessible via the kitchen corridor, about eight flights of stairs down from their current location.

"I'll see you later, then? For the duel?" Paige whispered to Zelda, before beginning the long trek. She had to climb the grand marble staircase down seven flights until she emerged in the entrance hall. The first years hadn't arrived yet, though loads of older students were pouring into the hall, separating off like streams as they went to their common rooms. Paige took the door on the right side of the hall, opening up a dark and dingy staircase that descended directly to the dungeons. She half ran, half hopped down the seemingly endless amount of stairs until they finally leveled off. She continued onwards until she found a seemingly blank stretch of hallway and waited. She didn't know the password.

"It's Merlin, you tosser," Merula Snyde said, appearing out of the crowd and purposefully shoving past Paige. "You better tell me what Dumbledore wanted with you lot," Snyde then added. She addressed the wall clearly: "Merlin!" and the wall seemed to shift, until the passageway to the Slytherin Common Room appeared.

"We were talking smack about you, gossiping - that's all," Paige told her cheekily as she walked down the passage until she entered the common room. The light in the common room was slightly green as they were underground and partially under the Blake Lake. It was long and low, with dark wood and tapestries featuring famous Slytherins such as Merlin. The room was cold and dark, depressing by some standards, but Paige adored the decoration scheme. It seemed like the sort of place where mysteries would happen.

"Bag your face, Atwell," Merula growled. Ismelda had appeared at her side, grinning evilly.

Paige just rolled her eyes. "You asked, Snyde," she reminded her, before taking the staircase to the fifth year girls' dormitory. Her belongings were somehow already placed at her bed, with Hestia taking a nap on her pillow. Paige knelt down onto the ground and undid the latches on her trunk, quickly pulling out her school robes and getting changed. She didn't particularly care if any of her roommates saw her changing. They'd all been living together since the first year. She had seen Ismelda's flat chest a million times.

The Hub - San Fransisco: February 14th, 2021 - 10:50 A.M.

Bonnie Chase

Location: Virology Lab -> Fury's Panic Room
Skills: Jack of All Trades (Medicine), Emergency First Aid, Perception, Intuition

Bonnie had hurried after Goose, wondering if Oliver being carried in his tentacles would improve or worsen his shellshocked state. Niah was doing her best to assist Sparky in the move. They went down staircase after staircase, through doorway after doorway, and even a few hallways that were obscured by bookcases and the like that Goose opened by pressing a discrete button with his tongue. By the time they reached Fury's panic room, it felt like they had gone through a labyrinth of twists and turns.

The walls were thick and reinforced with virbanium. Security systems were all over the place, allowing them to monitor everything that was going on. One of them showed the fight going down in the hangar. Bonnie was grateful to see that there was an abundance of medical supplies - which made sense. This room was designed to keep Fury alive if he were in a hostile situation, he needed to be prepared for anything. "Sparky, let's get you onto the bed," Bonnie said, going into high alert as Sparky toppled off of the stretcher and vomited blood onto the ground. She helped the agent up to her feet and got Sparky onto what must have been Fury's bed, since the other was covered in cat toys.

Her heart went out to Oliver. She wanted to reassure him that Cardiff was probably fine, that there were superheroes all over the world and she didn't doubt the people there would be okay... but Oliver had seen it. Cardiff was apparently gone, destroyed. All she could do was move forward with helping Sparky.

Strange wasn't here to repeat the magical blood transfusion. Cass' blood hadn't been made into an antidote yet. Bonnie refused to let Sparky die. A few ideas came to her as to what they could do. They could give Sparky another hit of some Wolverine blood, she bet that Fury would have some on hand in here. The other idea was a bit more unorthodox. Since M-Pox was caused by terrigen poisoning, maybe activated charcoal - what hospitals used for poisoning victims - might help to stabilize Sparky some more. The charcoal in practice would bind to toxins and then excrete the poisonous terrigen crystals.

Bonnie looked through the medical supplies, finding both a few vials of Wolverine's blood and some activated charcoal powder. She went over to Sparky. "I'm going to give you some more of Wolverine's blood so the temporary boost to your healing will help. The activated charcoal powder you digest will help to remove toxins from your system in theory," she explained. Bonnie poured out a bit of the charcoal into a paper cup and gave it to Sparky to swallow. She then carefully opened up the arm of Sparky's suit and injected the full dosage of Wolverine blood.

On the security monitors, Dalisy Bautista would be clear as day.

Dominika Novikova

Location: the Hangar
Skills: Metal Bending

Out of nowhere, the feisty bomber responsible for the explosions revealed herself. Novikova was instantly taken back by the striking resemblance the bomber had to Niah Bautista. The terrorist was aiming a gun at Cass, demanding to know where she was and Novikova put two and two together. She had seen visions of Niah's sister before, back when she first woke up from the Phase Three Experiments. In the vision, Niah's sister had had dozens of copies of herself. Maybe the bomber was able to clone herself at will. "She's Niah's sister - Dalisy," Novikova said coolly, as Cass disarmed their foe.

Her wife had tried to absorb her metal or earth powers from what Novikova figured, though Maria clearly had gotten the dimensional sight instead. Novikova shut her eyes and removed her shades, placing them blindly onto Maria's face. The ruby tinted glasses were the only thing that could stop Novikova's power from running rampant and she wasn't going to let her wife be defenseless. Besides, Novikova had watched Avatar. Maybe she could use her earth manipulation to see. Matt was doing his best to help Tinley off of the stretcher, putting an arm around her so that way she could lean on him for support.

"I wouldn't have detonated the bombs if she were in this room. Bring me my sister Niah!" Dalisy demanded. She then eyed Flynn. "Do I look like I care what you're dealing with? I've been through hell to get here. The only thing that matters is her."

Novikova's eyes were still shut tightly. She remembered where the last flaming vehicle was and even though she couldn't see it, she could still feel the metal. She lifted it up into the air and flung it out through the gaping hole in the hangar she had made. The vehicle crashed into the remnants of the other one, though rather than exploding the fire continued to burn. At least now there wasn't any risk of the hangar exploding, with all of the fuel it contained.

"I'm afraid you aren't in the position to make threats, Dalisy - whichever one you are," Strange said cryptically. He had abandoned the search for Hill. He was floating in the air above the agents, staring down the bomber.

Dalisy gave Strange the middle finger, before she flickered. Suddenly, she was right behind Cass and she punched her in the back. Unfortunately, Cass was both 1) wearing armor and 2) had unbreakable skin. This ended up bruising Dalisy's fist far more than it actually hurt Cass.

🌈 Leda Storm 🌈

Location: Wendy's - Atlanta, Georgia
Skills: N/A

Leda's eye twitched as Zeke returned from the washroom, asking her if she was finished swooning over Artemis. Ordinarily, she did her best to just ignore Zeke and not let him get to her. However, she wasn't in the best of mental states. They were hundreds of miles from the safety of camp, pursued relentlessly by monsters, and they still hadn't managed to free Calliope yet. A switch in her flipped and she let her emotions explode. "You think I kiss the arses of the gods because I think it's important to respect all of them, not just the Olympians? You're both the children of major gods, you've never had your parents denied a throne or told that they were less than. My mother has less sacred symbols than the rest of the gods because she spends all of her time running messages! So excuse me if I think that showing some respect and appreciation to every god is a fucking good idea! And for the record, gods aren't always the most nice and understanding people. My namesake, Leda? She was raped by Zeus in the form of a swan and honestly, she was one of the lucky ones. Hera never turned her into a cow or a tree or anything. She didn't die a horrible and painful death."

"And your father, Zeke? He's one of the worst offenders. Even Artemis has her grudges. Do you know how many young boys have accidentally stumbled upon her, only to be turned into a stag and slaughtered? The gods aren't going to hold off on smiting you just because you scraped some food into a bowl and went on a quest for them. Giving them lip to their faces is just asking to be killed, along with everyone around you! And maybe you're ready to be judged by Minos and the others as to where you get to spend eternity, but I'm not ready to die yet! So forgive me for fucking giving a damn!" Leda screamed. She got up from the table and threw her trash into the trash can violently, before getting into the truck and turning the engine on, waiting for Kristin and Zeke to get buckled up.

Runa Johansson

Location: Hotel Valhalla - Floor Twenty One: Runa's Room
Skills: N/A

Runa nodded slightly, considering what Nadia and Klara were saying. She was always like this around new people, a bit muted, guarded, and shy. It didn't help that she had just been killed trying to save people from the vatnavaettir earlier that day, only to then be told by a mysterious gatekeeper in another afterlife that her father was the god Balder. It would take her some time to adjust and get comfortable, to get used to this life - well, afterlife. She would get there eventually, Runa knew that logically. At some point the axes flying everywhere and games to the death would just be normal, not the sort of thing that would give her a panic attack. She thought for a moment, before sitting down on a couch. She pulled her feet up, so that way her knees were pushed up against her chest.

"So the Norse gods are real," Runa said softly. "Where are they then, exactly? Like... Balder? Where's he?" Runa asked. She didn't want to tell them about her visions, she didn't know if she could trust them yet - maybe they wouldn't believe her as well and laugh if she told them she had just found out her father was Balder. "Do the gods have children here - like half gods?" she pressed on, the term coming a bit unnaturally to her as English wasn't her first language and demigod wasn't something they covered in vocab quizzes.
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