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Current Best X-Men RP? BlueSky44's - it's been going for over a year and is still strong
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Congratulations to the cast of Horrors of Coventry - another RP completed!!!
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Congratulations to the players of Strange New Waters - that's a wrap on that RP!
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What’s my special skill, you ask? Sinking ships by having my character have an incompatible sexuality
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Name: Morose
Aliases: Mini Me, Major Rockstar, Mor, Wisteria22, Holmes, AliceAdler42, the Tea Thief
Age: 20
Birthday: May 15
Ethnicity: British-American
Gender: Female
Major/Minor: Chemistry/French
Occupation: Research Intern/Student
Languages: English (fluent), French (near fluent)
Current Bio Theme: Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
Previous Bio Themes: Lorna Dane; Selesia Upitiria; James March; Tony Stark; Olivia Moore; Harley Quinn
Years Rping: 7
Preferred Rp Section: Casual
Rp Level: Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest Rp Pet Peeve: Spelling and grammar errors - though I make a fair amount myself
Teach New Rpers Or Coach New GM's: Yes - though I am still learning ^^

When I joined the guild, I didn't expect to have any close relationships with my fellow roleplayers. I figured that we'd maybe have one or two roleplays together, have a general awareness of someone else's username, and that would be that. Instead, I ended up finding myself with a close knit circle of friends. There'll all deserving of a shout out, so here goes nothing!

@BlueSky44: The Watson to my Holmes, we've been friends for ages. Like any pair of friends, we've had our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we're there for each other. Thank you for supporting me in all of these crazy endeavors, as well as introducing me properly to comics. I can't wait to see what horrible nonsense we get up to each day.

@Nallore: I still remember thinking of you as "the weird chick who likes to grope people!" Oh, Nally, you have to be one of the strangest people the guild has to offer, but you're also one of the kindest. (Except for when you're throwing limbs at everyone...Wonder if you'll ever run out of ones to chuck?) I won't lie, I was a bit nervous about taking on a new Co-GM, but you've been amazing. Thank you so much for helping me try my hand at different story lines, especially the ones that don't make much sense.

@FantasyChic: I considered writing this in pink just for you. We weren't always friends, but I've seen you around for ages. Remember the good old days of superhero roleplays? Yeah. We go back. You're incredibly spunky and I'm glad that I've gotten to know you. Your characters are becoming my favorites lately and I cannot wait to read what you come up with next.

@Charnobylisk: It's been ages since I've gotten to chat with Char and I cannot wait to see her on the site again. We came up with conspiracy theories together about Lady A's various roleplays, as well as the crack ship Édlana. She's never failed to put a smile on my face.

@Lady Amalthea: There aren't very many people who can GM simultaneously six or seven roleplays and make it look almost effortless. Lady A brings amazing dedication to each thing she does and while she's a hardass, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. She's my favorite GM on the site, as her roleplays are always thrilling and they last for over a year. There's never a dull moment with Lady A.

@mnkee: Ships Ahoy! If there's anyone who ships more than me, it's got to be mnkee. Shipping tendencies aside, she's a phenomenal writer and (in my opinion) needs to give herself more credit. She's incredibly creative, as well as brilliant at writing evocatively. You cannot help but feel for her characters and their motivations always come through.

Rp's Currently Gming:
  • The Horrors of Coventry - Chapter 4 - A supernatural mystery story, serving as a direct sequel to Abandoned Hope
  • Darke Magyk - In a world filled to the brim with Magyk, there are as many foes as there are allies. The Queen has died and a Witch Princess may very well be crowned, as Darkenesse looms over the Castle...

Rp's Currently Enjoying:
Favorite Posts:
Other Places Of Interest:
Upcoming Works:
  • Devil's Night - A spiritual sequel to the Horrors of Coventry and Abandoned Hope, residents in Boston's Cromwell House find themselves being hunted by a succession of serial killers, each more harrowing than the last...
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - An issue based RP based on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - the latest graduating class of the three S.H.I.E.L.D. academies is asked to participate in a research study on latent mutations, but little do they know, HYDRA is lurking within the ranks...A sister RP to @BlueSky44's X-Men: Darkness Rising.
  • First Judgment - Young gods and goddesses are sent to Aesir Academy in the ruins of Altsoba, in which they must successfully get away with murder if they wish to escape...
  • Sword Art Online: the Last Chapter - Individuals trapped in the popular game Sword Art Online are nearing the end, but with rising tensions and the ever prominent specter of death, not everyone will be able to escape with their lives...

Theme Song:

Behold, my collection of ships. Some of these sailed. Some of these never had a chance. Others are serious, some cute, and some are plain old crack ships.

  • Guintro
    • Guinevere Stark and Pietro Maximoff
    • The OTP
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising
    • Guin and Pietro are an interesting pairing, to say the very least. Both of them have uncertain motivations driving their actions, as well as the tall shadow of an infamous father. They both adore 80's music and outdated tech, but they haven't had a lot of time in game to connect with each other on an emotional level. At first, it seemed like they may fizzle out, but their relationship is growing stronger with each and every post. I'm not usually one for shipping, but they're my RP OTP. Let's just hope neither of them die!
  • Luna
    • Runa Baldurdattir and Lance Banner
    • The Quiet Ship
    • RPed with @BlueSky44 in X-Men: Darkness Rising Test Collabs
    • My favorite ships always happen by accident, where two characters just happen to be in the same place at the same time and form a connection. That's exactly what happened with Lance and Runa. Both of them are judged not by their own actions, but by that of a relative. In Lance's case, his father's - and in Runa's case, her uncle's. They're both relatively quiet individuals but when they're together, they create something beautiful. Hopefully we'll find a RP for the two of them to be in together soon...Otherwise, just going to have to wait until it's time for a certain Asgardian to appear in X-Men.
  • Jati:
    • Jack Hudson and Tatiana Korvo
    • The Sweetheart Ship
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in the Walking Dead
    • Perhaps the most romantic ship, it's also one of the most difficult ones for me to write for. Slipping into the utter kindness and empathy of Jati, the two of them holding on fiercely no matter the odds, can be a bit of a challenge. They're pure and sweet, a definite contrast to the easy grittiness found in the apocalypse. Of course, with Tatiana missing and carrying their unborn child, things aren't looking too great for them.... <.>
  • Scallum:
    • Scarleth Pevensey and Callum Bowman
    • The Hateful Ship
    • RPed with @Heat in Freedom in the Stars: Deathbound
    • This ship never got much of a chance to sail, beyond speculation in the chat. Scallum ended up becoming a synonym for hateful relationships, due to the incredibly angry and violent natures of these two individuals. Both of them hardened criminals, they were a perfect, angry match for each other. Had the roleplay lasted longer, perhaps Scallum could have been more than just an idea.
  • Ricily:
    • Cecily Ashworth and Riley Ridgeway
    • The Awkward Ship
    • RPed with @Nallore in Darker Than Black
    • Perhaps one of my favorite ships, it's also one of the saddest ones. It also may potentially not even exist. Cecily and Riley work extremely well together, but the thing is, Cecily's asexual. The two of them are awkwardly fumbling around each other, hesitant and uncertain. Does Cecily like romance? Time will tell, but for now, this ship seems doomed to sink.
  • Trarx:
    • Tryke Lockley and Marx Rouen
    • The Ship That Never Was
    • RPed with @Lady Amalthea in The Walking Dead and Alteian Nexus
    • Aggghhh! Of all the ships that never sailed, the Arm Ship has to come to mind. They started off as a joke in the Altenian Nexus, one that never got to be seen through due to the RP ending. And when given a chance to meet each other again in the Walking Dead, LLA reared her head and took both of them hardly a moment later. Maybe third time's a charm?
  • Sutiam:
    • Sutton Smith and Liam Matthews
    • The Ghost Ship
    • RPed with @Pundii in Abandoned Hope
    • Ah, this ship will always have a special place in my heart! Sutton died before anything could come of it, but both Pundii and I had been shipping them without saying a word to the other. They both wanted to travel and to see the world. It's incredibly sad that they never got the chance to explore their passion together, or to even properly know the other person.

The Morose Multiverse began with the apocalypse RP, Abandoned Hope. This RP, which I GMed with @BlueSky44, incorporated a lot of lore from various shows and books that we liked. At first, we thought that was the biggest connection it would have. It has now expanded into a fully blown universe, with multiple GM's running connected RP, and an established continuity throughout the timeline.

Morose Multiverse Lore Guide
Strange New Waters: A supernatural-pirate RP, examining the origin of deviances and set in April 1719
The Wolves of Red Lake - A small town werewolf RP, set in 2008
The Alucard Institute for Peculiar Youth: A prequel to the events of Abandoned Hope, set in May 2016.
Abandoned Hope: An apocalypse RP, set in June 2016
The Horrors of Coventry: A supernatural mystery RP, set in December 2016.
Hooked on a Feeling: A coming of age superhero RP, set in Spring 2017
X-Men: Darkness Rising: A superhero RP, beginning in January 2019
  • Brotherhood Arc - January 2019
  • Days of Future Past Arc - June 2020
The Unfortunate Thirteen: A sci-fi RP, set in January 2345
Darke Magyk: A medieval fantasy RP, set in December 12,507

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@ihinka@BlueSky44@Kirah@rivaan@Nallore@FantasyChic@McHaggis@17th Day@Peridot

Once the Framework simulation has been completed, your characters will be ranked and divided up into two teams as was mentioned previously. Each team will see one individual receive a promotion and they will serve as your field leader. Once the assignments have been made, you'll be taken to the Bus. Your characters will be assigned sleeping quarters and allowed to choose what possessions they bring with them (that means this is when you'll have a chance to update and change out your inventory). We will then have a 1-2 week time skip. I'll be rolling to let you know the level you have reached in your powers. We'll then jump into our next mission.

Of course, the timeskip also will be when I will be allowing people to bring in new characters. Unlike our core cast, these characters will NOT have been Phase Three experiments. They can be any age you like and have any level of experience within SHIELD. They can have powers or they can be powerless. Up to you. I'll be opening up the RP for applications once the Framework simulation ends.

Present Day - The Castle: December 21st, 12,507 - 3:15 PM

There was a huge round of applause for Myth's singing. Her voice truly was a gift, but of course it helped that most of the patrons were heavily intoxicated and more prone to showing their emotional response to the performance. Marya couldn't help but shoot a smirking glance over at her adoptive father, wondering how Bruce would react to the pretty bard singing about the Myth of Four. It was the entire reason she had requested it, after all. Marya's gaze then shifted over to Sylvi.

"I'm not native to this part of the world either," Marya replied with a shrug. "Да јој кажемо? Или нека то сама схвати?"

"Оох, потпуно би требали, било би забавније видети да ли она верује или не." Medea responded with a giggle. Bruce just looked at Myth, but he didn't say anything. To him, it was still a little weird to hear the Myth of Four out loud, though she didn't do that bad of a job telling it.

Marya nodded, snickering along with her twin sister before she turned to face Sylvi. "The Myth of Four isn't a myth at all. It's real," she bragged. She then nodded over at Bruce. "Your so called Master of the Cosmos? He's our dad - technically speaking."

"Marya, Medea, don't go telling stories like that alright?" Bruce said, turning to look at them.

"What? It's true," Marya protested with an eye roll. "Go on, go impress Myth the Muse by holding a star in your hand. Tell her she's your Moon Lily or whatever disgusting pet name your father gave your mother. Just live a little already!"

"Really you two? I can't do that, and you know it," Bruce said, though he was more of meaning he couldn't do it here, in a crowd of people. He wasn't even too sure if anyone around them wouldn't freak out.

Arya Rincewind

Location: The Palace - the Long Walk
Personality Traits: Brave * Stubborn * Intelligent * Impatient * Curious * Lonely

Becky guided Myrus away from the others, retreating to the Prince's room where he could be treated better. It would allow him to receive some privacy, and although Becky made no mention of it, he seemed to be already regaining a bit of color in his face. His vitals were far from ideal but they had stopped in their decline and were slowly beginning to return to normal levels. It was a good an indication as any that the House of Silvers would not lose a member on this day - at least, not to death.

Back in the Long Walk, Arya could not help but blush slightly as Cuyler placed his furs around her. The chill still felt as if it were in her bones, but an instantaneous fix was unlikely and the fur would help in time. Of course, getting out of the elements was going to do wonders for her as well. Not that Arya would have ever admitted that she needed to leave the cold, that it had been too much for her to handle - once she set her mind to something, that was that and it was final.

"My Queen, if you would allow me to..." Arya began, only to be cut off as Valda vanished, transporting herself to the Port, "...I could assist you." Arya sighed, staring at the spot where Valda had been. She could understand Valda's impatience, but it was her duty as ExtraOrdinary Wizard to assist the Queen, especially in matters of Magyk. Her eyes caught flames through one of the windows of the Palace and she peered out in greater detail, Sensing the distant but chaotic Magyk occurring on the Castle Walls.

"It would appear the witch covens have declared a victor," Rowland mused, catching the same disturbance that Arya had seen. "The question is - which one?"

Arya shook her head. "No, the matter to consider is whether that was the first blow in a war against the Castle...It matters little if the Wendrons or the Port Witches triumphed. A witch is a witch..."

Down in the Servants Quarters, Lyra's bedroom continued to be quite the social event destination. Holding Zekarra's mouth shut evidently was not want the baby wanted and no matter what Richard did afterwards, the baby just wasn't having it. The baby stared at Richard, before screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Just Asha will do...And in a moment, I can tend to your wounded ego," Asha told Richard, a bit amused at the fit the baby dragon was throwing. She was a bit relieved the baby wasn't going for her necklace anymore, as she doubted Zekarra would be able to handle the power it was emitting. She then walked over to Lyra and peered at the pages, seeing the writing in a language neither of them understood. "What tongue is this?" Asha murmured.

"Allow me," Puck said, waltzing over to the book and ready to obnoxiously translate - but he hadn't seen that language before either and he walked away again with awkward embarrassment. So much for swagger.

The Port: Port Witch Coven House

Rhys would have quite the long walk home, given that the distance between the Port and the Castle is a fifteen minute trip by barge. To walk, it'll be at least an hour. On the bright side of things, his spell is successful and his wound closes up, no longer bleeding. No one bothers him or stops him on his walk, with most people going to their homes in the Port or sharing rumors about what was going to happen at the Castle. Some were calling it the end of the era, with the cursed child on the throne.

On the barge, Harlianne had gotten them halfway to the Castle when Valda appeared and performed the Reverse. "Ya one of 'em Magyk lads?" Harlianne asked her, not realizing that she was the Queen of the Castle. She figured that the circlet was some sort of Magykal artifact and Valda's hair hardly suggested Queen. Harlianne then glanced over at Luna, noticing that the princess seemed to be waking up. " much coin am I gettin', lass?"

Back inside the Port Witch Coven House, Constance nodded. "The twins around here somewhere? It'll be a quicker trip," Constance added. "You know what, I can find those little buggers," she offered, knowing that Fleur might wish to have a moment to say goodbye, and she left the room. One way or another, she'd get herself to the Badlands. Her Magyk was feeling a bit drained after the encounter, but she could Transport herself there if she needed to.

"Go, Witch Mother," Nera urged, her form starting to fade slightly. "...I do have one request. If you are to bury me, use my true name....Esren Melinda Carlan..." Fleur would then feel a soft chill come over her, before Nera no longer Appeared to her.

Nora Kingston

Location: Museum - Vera's Office
Skills: Deduction, Intuition, Pattern Analysis, Acute Observation

Nora wasn't much of a cat person, but she couldn't help but smile slightly as the cat calmed down. Of course, she couldn't help but find it curious that the cat seemed to recognize her branding, rubbing itself against it and then coiling its way around Nora. There were three explanations that came to mind immediately: 1) it's a coincidence and nothing more than that, 2) the cat had been exposed to a friendly person with that symbol before and came to associate it with safety and friendliness, or 3) the cat knew it was the mark of Bastet. "Lady Munn, please forgive me...But are there any other symbols of Bastet that you know of? I have a theory I'd like to test with our feline friend."

The cat seemed to hate the mark of Set and adore the mark of Bastet. Of course, that could all be pure coincidence in Nora's mind. If she were to present the cat with another image related to Bastet, how would it react? And if she were to have an individual the cat showed no preference towards - such as Lady Munn - hold it, what would happen? "I believe there is a chance that the cat recognizes our brandings...perhaps those associated with them...but I would like to make sure," she whispered, explaining the idea to Mahendra as she looked over at him.

Nancy Parker & Andromeda Aldrich

Location: Ville au Camp - the Swamp
Skills: History (General Human History), Acting, Mimic

"Andromeda Anathema Aldrich..." Nancy said, dangling upside down from a tree that overlooked the swamp. "God, your parents must have really been into alliteration. That name is a mouthful" She smirked slightly at the pale girl, curious to see how she'd react to it. While Nancy was certain that Evelina didn't intend for her to antagonize the Paradoxes, she figured they could use a little teasing. And it wasn't like Nancy was one for a structured and carefully planned out lesson, anyways.

"What sort of name is Nancy Parker?" Andromeda muttered. She was always a bit sensitive about people making comments about her name. She knew every reason behind why her parents had selected it - her mother was an astronomer, so they named her Andromeda. Her father loved the book Good Omens, so they gave her the middle name Anathema.

"The sort of name that I've decided for the moment to use," Nancy replied with a shrug. "You're welcome to call me Ace, however. Or Ailith. Is there a name you'd prefer to go by?"


Nancy nodded, swinging a bit as she did a bit of a complicated maneuver, climbing out of the tree. "Andy it is, then. We'll have to do something about your hair, but where we're going, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Could always just get you a hat or something from Gilbert if we need it."

Andy raised an eyebrow at that. "So the lesson won't be taking place in the swamp?" She had woken up early and spent a bit of time wondering as to what exactly she'd be doing with the most chaotic Emendator in a swamp. Her question elicited a laugh from Nancy.

"Yeah, I asked for the swamp, but I really hate repeating things. Repetition bores me - funny, isn't it, since I live in an actual loop of repeated time? Anyways, I think it'd be much funnier to use it to mess with Faith. Have you seen Star Wars? It's in your time period, so I imagine you must have....Taking a bit of inspiration from the Yoda character in Faith's lesson."

Andy's eyes widened slightly. This one really is mental. It also seemed almost impossible to get a read on her. While Andy knew in the abstract that Nancy was there to train her, to teach her valuable skills used for survival and to combat the Destruere, she wasn't sure what Nancy's motivation was. She didn't strike her as the type to dedicate her life to a cause. "Okay then, sure she's going to love that...But look, if we aren't doing the lesson here, where are we and what are you going to be teaching me?" Andromeda asked, trying not to sound too tense.

Of course, at this rate, she was wondering if she'd be better off teaching herself. Her control freak tendencies were coming out to play and she doubted that Nancy actually had anything planned. This seemed like the beginning of an improvised disaster.

"That'd ruin the surprise!" Nancy protested, before grabbing a bag of clothing and tossing them at Andromeda. "Now put those on. I'm sorry you missed the eighties, but don't worry, this time period is the next best thing. Everything's shiny there."
Location: The Lady Luck - 2521

"They don't call me the Cards for nothin'," Nancy told Andy with a chuckle, as they walked into the Lady Luck. Her accent seemed to shift as they arrived and Andy couldn't help but observe that Nancy carried herself slightly differently. It helped that the Emendator wasn't dressed for the 1940's anymore. Nancy had almost a gypsy like red skirt on, a white tank top, boots, and a faded leather jacket. She had done a little twirl for Andy when she had first gotten dressed, before handing over Nancy an ensemble appropriate for the time period.

"So you took me to the gamble," Andy pointed out with a sigh. She was definitely feeling that she had gotten the short end of the stick when it came to Emendators to train with that day. Nancy just ignored her, going over to the bar and grabbing them two beers, before she sat down at a table in the back.

"Do ya like stories?" Nancy asked, putting her feet on the table as she opened up her own beer. Andy nodded slightly, still irritated and not certain what any of this had to do with anything. "Good. 'Cause ya need to tell one. Ya gotta create a new identity for yourself, a new story - and please, don't use that gorram name Andromeda - and know that while ya gotta be detailed, the more details ya offer up to people, the more ya look like a liar."

Andy frowned. She wanted her to come up with a bunch of details - but at the same time, not? It didn't make any sense to her and Nancy sighed slightly. No one ever liked working in contradictions, but she figured that this was the easiest way to drill that lesson into people's heads - by throwing them into the deep end. "So tell me a story, puhn yoh."

The albino nodded, looking at the drink that Nancy slid over to her as she thought for a moment. She didn't know much about where they supposedly were - beyond the fact that there was gambling and upstairs, she could see what she assumed to be hookers looking for someone to entertain. It reminded her of the wild west - just with a bizarre Star Trek crossover, as if someone had been a little too high and said "You know what we need? D&D....IN SPACE!" Or a bizarre real life enactment of the game from the Office, Belles, Bourbon, and Bullets.

"Ya got your story, kid?" Nancy asked, setting her beer down. Andy nodded. "Alright, introduce yourself to me."

"Alright...Erm....My name is Mary Pittman. I'm a rancher's daughter, but I'm looking for someone to show me the stars - probably oppose an evil regime and --"

Nancy rolled her eyes, causing Andromeda to stop speaking. "Waaaaay too much information. Gorrammit girl, who do ya think actually talks like that? Or tells that much about themselves? Ya think this is like in yer school, where ya stand up and give three facts? No. This is real. Ya gotta get good at lying, kid. Try again." Nancy then got up, grabbing her beer, and she motioned Andromeda to follow her as she went over to one of the card tables. She avoided the one with the stuttering boy at it - she already felt irritated with him and she hadn't spoken to him.

"Deal me in," Nancy instructed the person, taking a seat and grabbing a handful of cards. Andromeda noted that Nancy didn't offer any details about herself, just acting as if she belonged there - and she decided to follow suit, grabbing the last free chair and taking a seat. "Me too, y'all," Andromeda said. Nancy had to resist the urge to throw something at her. Too Wild West - but she'd learn. It was sink or swim. And of course, that wasn't the only reason that she had brought Andromeda to this specific time and place. As if on cue, there was the sound of gunfire and Andromeda jumped, turning around and looking at where one woman was standing over another.

Nancy shook her head at Andy, taking a swig of her beer and continuing to play. Nancy won the hand, pulling all of the winnings towards her with a giant smirk. However, Andy kept on looking over her shoulder, expecting to see another round of gunfire go off. Guess she's sinking... She snapped her fingers at Andy, motioning for her to go back to the game. It was an important lesson - to be able to stay calm, blend in, and leave well enough alone if it wasn't part of the mission. There'd always be some sort of altercation going on, but it was in the flow of time. It was supposed to happen.

"Ya two got names?"

"Maybe," Nancy said with a shrug, looking over her hand. "Name's Ashley," she then said with a bit of a smirk. She liked her hand.

"...I'm Tess," Andromeda said, giving the man a smile. "Pleased to meet ya." On the inside, Nancy couldn't help but smile slightly. She was starting to get it - however painfully slow the process was. Of course, it had helped that earlier, while in transit, she had told Andromeda that if she even so much as kicked up a subtle wind in the establishment, she'd flick her in between the eyes. It was being surprisingly effective, though Nancy may have given Andromeda the impression that she didn't really want to see what Nancy's secondary ability was.

The men just nodded and they continued to play, with Nancy winning hands and pretty much taking all of the petty cash she had given Andromeda for the trip. Of course, had Andromeda not lost it all, Nancy would've confiscated it at the end anyways. She really wanted to get as much as she could, throw it up in the air, and dance around - she wanted to make it rain. By the time Andy was completely out of money, Nancy made her excuses to leave by just taking her winnings and getting up from the table.

"So....was that it?" Andy asked, once the pair of them were alone.

Nancy flicked her on the nose, before she snickered slightly. "Was that what?"

"The lesson...."

Nancy shrugged. "Ya learned how to lie - or at least, ya should have. If it sticks, great. If not, I'll flick you again every time I see you at dinner. My treat. Also taught ya how to blend in - when to act - and ya kept a lid on that tornado of yours. Believe me, gambling with me is waaaaay more fun than whatever Giouse had in store. Now sadly, we gotta go. Come on, girlie."

"Alright...But Nancy, I do have to ask...What is your other power?" Andromeda questioned, following Nancy out of the establishment and into the streets. It had been bothering her the entire time. The Hat and the Dice - both of them had already revealed what they were. The Cards and the Watch remained something of a mystery to her.

"I have the power to make bad movie reboots," Nancy replied simply, not saying another word until they returned to Ville Au Campe and Nancy bade Andromeda farewell for now.
@Lady Lila Hey there. So here's the things you need to change -
  • This isn't officially in the CS yet, but can you make a note of how many years she was at the mansion? Just put it under affiliation or next to it
  • So in her history....It's not clear where she picked up all of those fighting skills.
@rivaan: Day 6 (+3 day extension)
@ihinka: Day 5
@Nallore: Day 5
@BlueSky44: Day 6
@FantasyChic: Day 5
@mnkee: Day 5

Dean Kesseli

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93)
Personality Traits: Protective * Petty * Loyal * Sensitive * Brave * Stubborn

Dean nodded, taking in the information from Carolina and Bethany. With numbers like that, it wasn't at all surprising that it was so easy for mutants to be discriminated against. Political change only happened in this country because of money or numbers - of which mutants sadly didn't really have either. Sure, a few of them were rich but it wasn't enough to just beg Tony Stark's kid to hire a bunch of lobbyists. Maybe they'd be better off, going to the president and trying to get an executive order - but he doubted that there'd be much use with this administration.

He caught Pietro's impressive vaulting maneuver out of the corner of his eye, and a split second later, Dean was standing in front of Carolina and Bethany protectively. He figured that Lance would be able to handle himself, since he had the Hulk for a father. Dean just sort of assumed that it was required for Avengers kids to be good at fighting. His eyes widened as the circumstances under which Magneto had tracked them came out - though he also supposed they could have just checked Twitter, he was certain there'd be plenty of Tweets about the Blackbird coming in for a hard landing at Stark Tower.

"Are you really here to help?" Dean asked, prepared to whisk Bethany and Carolina to safety at a moment's notice. "Or are you just going to take advantage of the chaos to push your own agenda...? I'm Dean, by the way. It's really cool and terrifying to meet you."

Folly Valeska

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93) ---> Sidewalk
Personality Traits: Creative * Quiet

Folly had to go at a bit of a run to catch up with the others. She couldn't help but wonder if it was a good idea for her to be with the group going to talk to Jakobsen, but she had known him before all of this. He met her when she was lost and confused, dealing with the trauma of losing both her parents in the span of a few months. And since her mutation kept her from really aging, she'd still look incredibly like her younger self. Perhaps he'd take pity on them, realizing what he'd be putting someone that could potentially be considered a friend through.

Of course, she was also aware of probably the truer reason why she was going - only Future Pietro could keep her under control and he was going on the mission. If they left her at Stark Tower outside of containment, they'd be putting everyone else at risk. She was likely destined to spend the majority of her life incarcerated in one form or another. "I'm glad you're not dead," Folly whispered to Mary as they walked. It had been a while since she had seen a bustling and busy city. In many ways, this day felt more like a dream than something that was real.

Guin Stark

Location: Stark Tower - Top Level (Floor 93) ---> Sidewalk
Personality Traits: Decisive * Obsessive * Geeky * Impulsive * Clever * Stubborn

"Yeah, my dad shouldn't have any issues keeping the students safe," Guin chimed in. She wasn't going to mention the time he had taken her and Lance to Universal, she pointed out a suspicious character, and he walked off to call Banner - which resulted in the two of them being kidnapped and in a long chain of events, gave her a beautiful scar on her midsection. She doubted that would inspire any confidence in her father, but he was an Avenger. Stark Tower doubled as Avengers Headquarters. And if any team was able to protect the kids, it was them. Besides, with even just Tony and Banner there, they'd have more than enough strength. "And Muscles should be able to keep us from getting captured...However, I do have a small trick up my sleeve."

She didn't show it, but Guin had brought a small device with her. It was identical to the one her father had used to install J.A.R.V.I.S. in the S.H.I.E.L.D. server, back when the Avengers were first assembled to fight Loki. It'd be easy enough to use it in order to read all of Jakobsen's files, in order to get any dirt on him - and it'd double as a way for her father to track them down in case they were captured, as it'd give him camera footage, personnel plans, prison schedules - everything O.M.E.N. wouldn't want them to see. "Do you still carry me around everywhere in the future?" Guin asked Muscles, hearing him complain about being slow. Her Pietro always picked her up and ran off places whenever they had a date or something. "Also...I know it's a horrible future but I have to ask - do we ever learn who Rey's parents are? Because I don't buy the current explanation."

"No, not really... Uh, we don't ever watch movies, or go online, so I have no idea."

"...That sounds horrible. You don't watch movies, ever? No breaks? What do you do in your free time?"

"...Nothing really, we don't generally have free time."

@ihinka@BlueSky44@Kirah@rivaan@Nallore@FantasyChic@McHaggis@17th Day@Peridot
Present Day - S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy: August 14th, 2020 - 10:20 A.M.

"Hold on a second, Miss Isley," Agent Kennedy said, raising a hand to the ginger haired plant manipulator. They had been about to get to the final two that would need help - Griffin and Sammi - when he noticed people starting to exit the Framework. "Ya wanna know what's fucked up, Isley? They weren't supposed to succeed at this mission. Fury wanted them to fail." At least Agent Johnson had a cheery disposition, but he doubted that could be healthy for her psyche.

"Once you've finished with the director, please come see me for a physical," Simmons added, giving Johnson a smile. Ideally, now that they had gotten some experience in the Framework, they'd be able to better handle their powers and not accidentally kill anyone. Of course, that could easily turn out to be wishful thinking.

"They only have ten more minutes," Ridgeway mused, continuing to monitor vitals and charts.

"I'm going to let them go over - it'll count against them in the evaluations for not achieving any of the three objectives before time was up, but whatever. Fury's being a dick to them anyways."

Outside in the hallway, Fury was pacing back and forth. He stopped before he heard Agent Johnson come out and let out a sigh. There were a million different things he could have said to her, but none of them conveyed his sense of disappointment. "Have ya lost your goddamn mind?" Fury snapped, staring at her. "Because if so, I'll help you fucking find it!" He took a breath, pacing back and forth again.

"Is that what top performance at the Bulgarian Military Academy gets me? A cheap fucking weeabo approach to breaking an illusion? What the hell were you doing in your combat classes here, agent? Sleeping with the teacher? Because based on your idea that hurting yourself was a good first choice, I'm guessing that must have been it! Go on, explain, let me hear your excuses. I'm older than I look and bitch, I've heard them all."

The Framework: 10 Minutes Remaining

Team Glitches (@Peridot@17th Day):

Sami would pick up the following powers currently. Any previous powers he detected aren't coming through, unless noted on this list:

  • Super Speed - Extremely dangerous and powerful, almost at max potential
  • Chlorokinesis - Extremely dangerous and powerful, well developed, always holds back
  • Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, and Thermokinesis - Raw power, not much development
  • Astral Projection, Astral Suggestion, Possession - Powerful, highly skilled
  • A Latent Mutant - potential unknown
  • Accelerated Probability, Precognition, Telekinesis - moderately developed
  • Shifting to avian and beast forms - incredibly dangerous and with vast potential
  • Super Speed - Dangerous, moderately developed
  • Photokinesis, Self Sustenance - Raw, no development
  • Tattoo image projection and manipulation - moderately powerful, very developed

Pietro looked at Sammi when he shot at him. He turned the bullet around, and raced over to Sammi, punching him in the face. "Bet you didn't see that one coming, why don't you hold still!" he snapped before using his speed, he aimed the bullet right at Sammi's heart, before flicking it slightly to give it more momentum. The bullet went straight through his heart, and out of his back, making him collapse to the ground dead. Sammi would wake up outside of the Framework, with Agent Ridgeway glancing over at him. "Director Fury's out in the hallway, he's expecting you."

"S-stop!" Framework Guin stammered. None of the hostages were in any shape to come and help Sammi, and thanks to his and Griff's actions, the glitches had all ceased. She couldn't help but stare at where Sammi had fallen. Sure, she was irritated that he had screamed at all of them to help him, but she was freaking out. They were running out of time to deal with the virus and humanity itself was at stake. "Pl-please Pietro stop!!!!" She then strained against her bonds and they snapped, as she looked at Griff. "You need to go get the virus now, stop wasting your time with us!"

"It's for your own good Guin," Pietro said, before he tied Guin up again. Mary was having problems, and she finally started to give into her injuries, passing out completely, her skin was deathly pale.

Team Abercrombie (@FantasyChic@ihinka@McHaggis@BlueSky44@Nallore):

Once Hale and Nikolova made their way down to the lower level, Sabretooth decided it was the time to strike. The other three agents seemed to have turned their backs on him but honestly, he was a beast and he was going to act like one. He let out a roar and Tinley would feel a snap, as if a mental leash she had had on him broke. Sabretooth charged at Tinley, grabbing her and swinging her around like a rag doll before letting go. Tinley would land in the staircase and fall down due to the momentum, sliding to a halt in front of Hale and Nikolova at the base of the staircase.

"I wonder if you'll fry like chicken," Sabretooth grunted, snapping Sparky's neck just like he had snapped Oshea's in real life. Unfortunately, her body emanated a massive bolt of electricity as she was going down, knocking Sabretooth down for the count. His fur was smoking as he hit the ground, Sparky's limp body falling to the ground next to him.

In the real world, Sparky would wake up and notice Agent Raynor entering the room. "Hey, you supposed to be up already or something?" he asked, before Agent Ridgeway would give Sparky the usual drill - telling her to go talk to Fury out in the hallway.

Dominika Novikova

Framework Location: Lab Front Entrance ---> Sub Level 1 ---> Sub Level 2
Personality Traits: Resourceful * Stubborn * Clever * Spiteful * Caring * Introverted
Skills: Dimensional Energy Perception (Passive), Strategy

Agent Rivera woke up shortly after Kelley and Reed had picked her up off the ground - as if she had been waiting for someone else to lift her up, that way she wouldn't have to. Novikova was a bit glad that she had woken up, not liking the idea of them dragging around someone that was unconscious in this mission. From her estimate, they couldn't have much time left and they hadn't gotten close to the virus yet. There would be more Brotherhood members to encounter, she was certain of it. "We need a way to make up for the time we've lost..." Novikova muttered, thinking.

No one seemed to be out of place as she made her way onto the first sub-level with the others. "Rivera...Can you get us another level down?" Novikova asked. She just saw another staircase at the end of the hallway and she couldn't help but have a horrible feeling that there'd be someone down there. Rivera nodded, the ground in front of them shimmering as she beckoned for them to jump through. Novikova smiled slightly, before she jumped through, hitting the ground.

"Honestly, Toad, these people are so irritating..." a voice came distantly, belonging to none other than Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. It seemed to be coming from beyond a set of metallic doors in front of the small group. Behind them, the only exit route seemed to be an elevator. No stairs went down to this level. If Novikova was right and the virus was beyond those doors, they'd have ten minutes to retrieve it and gather all of the information related to its use, as well as destroy the lab.

Jenna Westbrook

Location: 052 Forrester Drive

Jenna almost wished that she had a mirror, in order to admire her own poker face. She hadn't let Abe know right away - in fact, she had spent a good deal of time questioning the demon herself down there. Had Lydia and Robert not been present, she most likely would have tried out one of the spells in the book, rather than going for outside help. But they had seemed frightened and Jenna had gotten all the information she needed - so that was enough. "I used a devil's trap," Jenna answered simply. "It's not like it's hard..."

She caught Kosara's look and she just nodded slightly. While they were all concerned about the demon in the basement, her mind was on the next objective. "Look, the Mayor kidnapped Riley Walker. He gave her to this demon, Sig-Bitch, in order to get a host for his master Asmodeus. But I don't think it's working properly. Mayor was killed by a Hellhound as his contract ended. Now if you'll excuse me, Lydia and I are going to figure out who is playing host for Sig-Bitch, that way we can get a probable location for Riley..."
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