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Northern Lights.
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Up is down and down is never what it seems. Around and around we go on this merry-go-round of broken dreams.
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Current Theme Song -- Freedom -- Royal Tusk

Name: KazAlkemi
Age: Twenty-six
Birthday: Ask me
Ethnicity: Canadian
Location: Mountain Standard Time
Gender: Female
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Languages: Fluent English, Amateur Scottish Gaelic
Preferred RP Section: Casual/Advanced
RP Level:Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Ignorance; Disrespect
My Pets: MEOW!

Song of the Month: Missle -- Dorothy

Books I Am Currently Reading:

Shows I Am Currently Watching:

  • The Vampire Diaries (re-watching)
  • Start Trek: The Next Generation
  • The Boys Season Two
  • Hanna
  • Peaky Blinders

Current Favourite Movies:

Role Plays I Am In:

  • Darke Magyk: CONCLUDED by Morose -- Playing Cuyler Eysteinsson (Alive and well, will he see Ayra again?);
    Amarantha (death by Fyre);
    Ahote Proudstar (Alive and no longing melting inside)

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Ezekiel Kel

Location: Bus Bus Dream World/Zombie Wasteland-- Washington D.C.

Ezekiel crossed his arms, watching the new and improved world that they were in and nodded. This could work, he thought to himself. He squinted his eyes at the mention of zombies and nodded. ”I do believe we are in a post-apocalyptic type world now. What fun!” Ezekiel found it all rather amusing, especially when the daughter of Circe started to freak out and go after the zombies that started to come at them.
Ezekiel didn’t seem to care that he was about to be attacked by zombies. The way he saw it was they were in a dream and he wouldn’t actually be hurt in the real world. It turns out Ezekiel wouldn’t be hurt since the girl who was after them in the first place and attacked Ezekiel saved him. He smirked when she said she’d tell them what they wanted to know but Ezekiel wasn’t entirely sure he believed her. She could easily change her mind again once she was awake and try to slice and dice him again. ”Or you could tell us something now, in good faith,” he said and watched the other zombie try to get at him with mild amusement.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Blackbird Hanger
Skills: Pyrokinetics; Advanced Hand to Hand Combat

Antoinette squeezed Edus’s arm when he told her how he was doing and smiled sadly at her. She could feel they were all starting to get tired and short with each other. Mira did not like Iris at all and that bothered Antoinette a bit. They all had their strengths and weaknesses but what made this team always work so well, was the fact that they could play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Where one failed, another would excel and by that, help each other. This game was tearing them apart.

Iris rolled and Antoinette looked around as the monkeys started to appear from small cracks and crevices in the wall. The magic amazed Antoinette but that was short lived as they appeared to have knives and started attacking. Antoinette gasped and reached out to punch and kick the monkeys before they came at her but they got to her first and made a few cuts on her but Antoinette was still managing.

Not all of them were managing though as Edus was losing a lot of blood and the others were all being surrounded. Antoinette remained near Edus, seeing Carolina and Neil working together so she didn’t worry too much about them.

She returned her attention to the monkeys that were trying to keep cutting her. Antoinette’s eyes started to sparkle and sparks flew from her hands and around her as she shot off multiple fireworks at the monkeys attacking her. She managed to fling most of them off them, sending their knives with them but there were still two being overly aggressive. Antoinette switched tactics to her fighting skills, something her father had trained her on long ago. Antoinette used her skills in hand to hand to knock the last two monkeys unconscious and she even managed to avoid getting further cuts.

Antoinette returned her attention to the others, focusing on Edus mainly since he was so near her. She watched him with worry as he bled profusely from a major stab wound in his stomach. ”Sit down Edus,” she coached. They needed to try and stop the bleeding and he was in no condition to heal others. Not when he was already feeling weak and tired.

Luna Braddock - Glimpse

Location: Outside -- Washington D.C.

Luna continued to track the lady bug with a fierce determination, oblivious to Magneto and his group leaving. Luna went to shift herself, losing sight of the ladybug and as she shifted, she could breath. Luna paused a moment before she managed to finally sit up, albeit shakily from her weakened state but as she sat up, she couldn’t help but grin. The dizziness was gone, the difficult breathing gone, as well as the bleeding and nausea. Luna was incredibly drained though and felt like she could sleep for a week straight but she was feeling better and that’s all she really cared about.
Luna looked around, seeing a few people outside still but the Brotherhood was gone. Luna had a vague recollection of them but not much. She couldn’t even remember why they had been here. ”Where did the Brotherhood go?” she asked Sapphire and James. Luna shifted her weight and tried to stand so she could get back into the Underground and have something to eat; hopefully, before she passed out from exhaustion.

Cassiopeia Hood

Location: On The Road Again

”In town for a wedding,” Cassiopeia stated and shrugged. ”Seems simple enough.” She continued to walk with her sister and Rose, listening to Merlin and the description of the city. It sounded like most of the types of kingdoms that were described in books or portrayed in the movies.
They neared the city and Cassiopeia spotted the sign and the walls, announcing that they were nearing Camelot at last. Cassiopeia could see faint torch light and tried to shake off the jitters that came with stepping into unknown territory. She hoped they would be able to find Rose’s mom quickly and save her before she was killed.

Willow Jones

Location: The Road

Willow watched Sierra fall back to walk with Matthew and Colby but kept her pace. She watched the reaction of Sierra’s question from Matthew and was sad that he kept himself guarded, even with her. Sierra was simply trying to extend a kind word and give them another ally to lean on. Willow didn’t fall back to speak with them too though, she didn’t want to crowd them or cause a problem. She continued to walk just ahead of them though, glancing back ever so often.
When Willow looked ahead again though, she saw the sign to Camelot and then the walls that protected the city and the castle. Willow’s eyes widened as she took in the sight. This was all really happening and they were truly here in Camelot. It amazed Willow that something she had read and played pretend about could actually be real. That her mother was a princess, or rather a Queen and she the princess.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Blackbird Hanger

It didn’t seem like Lance wanted to hold the staff though and Antoinette watched him throw it around, even after Klara gave it back to him and told him to keep a hold of it. Antoinette folded her arms, resting her cheek in one hand, watching the whole thing unfold. ”Will Runa be... normal when she wakes? Or should we bind her?” Antoinette asked, looking to Klara for advice. Antoinette simply didn’t want another fight to occur, especially with Iris about to roll for them.
Antoinette looked at Edus and rested a hand on his arm. ”How are you feeling?” He had been using a lot of his power in the last few rounds and Antoinette wanted to make sure he was still doing okay. She didn’t have any idea how long this game was going to last and they didn’t have many healers in the group. Hopefully, Klara would be able to stay around and help them out in that area.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Bus Bus (Dream World)-- Washington D.C.

The way that Janelle envisioned the world was pure. Ezekiel wished he could see the world like she did in her dreams. It seemed so carefree, at least it did before the girl that was out to kill them tried doing it again. Ezekiel’s arm stung where she cut him but he ignored it as the girl informed them about Echidna’s plans for Camp Jupiter. ”That isn’t going to stop us. Camp Jupiter is more than capable of defending themselves and we already knew she was expecting us. Now, why would we keep her waiting?” Ezekiel was growing frustrated and mad but only because he was worried. Not for themselves but for the rest of Camp Half-Blood going to Camp Jupiter.
Ezekiel’s dream was starting to come true and they had ignored the seriousness of it. They had to try and get a hold of the others again but first they had to deal with the daughter of Circe who was trying to kill them before they got the chance to get to Echidna. ”Take us to Echidna.” Echidna acted like she wasn’t afraid but then why would she send someone to take them out. They were getting closer and Ezekiel didn’t want to stop.

Luna Braddock -

Location: Outside -- Washington D.C.

The flying man who Luna thought to be her father, flew into the Underground and Luna
collapsed, falling to ground and stared at it. She didn’t have the strength to roll herself
over. She barely had any strength left. Luna huffed, feeling tears of defeat as Magneto
returned with his daughter Polaris. Luna glared at them both, realizing that wasn’t her
father now that Polaris stood with him. ”My father will hear about
she claimed, trying to sound tough but her voice was weak.
Luna’s attention span on the two didn’t last long, as an unusual squeal of delight left
Luna’s lips as she spotted something crawling around on the ground. It was a ladybug,
moving rather slow in the cold temperatures but it was slowly trying to find its way to
shelter. Luna tracked it as she would do for a person she was tracking. Clearly Luna
would not make a very good look out at this point.

Cassiopeia Hood

Location: The Lake ---> On The Road Again

Cassiopeia started walking away with her sister and Rose, still a little annoyed with the two they shared a last meal within the real world but Cassiopeia wasn’t going to let herself hold onto that. In high stress situations, one generally figured out what kind of person they were as well as the kind of person others were. She surely wasn’t going to trust Colby or Matthew with her life or the lives of others, like Rose’s mom who they would hopefully be saving soon.
Cassiopeia turned her attention back to Rose and Merlin, awaiting answers on what the outlay of the city they were about to enter would be. Hopefully, they would be able to find a high vantage point so they could take out guards if the area were heavily guarded. Cassiopeia’s mind in these situations worked very much like a hunters. It still made her uncomfortable though that she was thinking this way about people, rather than animals.

Willow Jones

Location: The Lake ---> The Road

It did seem Megan could weild the sword, having mentioned she had done fencing. ”It is beautiful,” she complimented before Megan returned to her brother and Willow returned to Sierra. She followed the girl as they headed out after Merlin. Willow was looking forward to seeing the city and what these old kingdoms truly looked like.
She glanced behind her as they walked, watching Matthew and Colby taking up the rear with Tinker Bell. Willow noted Colby glaring at them all and she frowned. She didn’t understand why he was so upset with them for simply speaking their mind and fears.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Blackbird Hanger

Iris opened the door shortly after Antoinette knocked. When the door opened, Antoinette got a peek in behind Iris to see the charred hallway and yet Iris was completely unharmed, other than the burns on her clothing. Antoinette blinked at Iris a couple of times and noted the joint in her hand. Antoinette smiled and shook her head in mild amusement. Iris then asked who Runa was and Antoinette turned to look at the girl.
”Her name is Runa and she’s Asgardian like Klara, like Thor,” Antoinette explained, remembering how earlier, Iris didn’t realize Thor was truly a god, not just playing one. ”She was in the jungle and has reappeared after Lance and Neil rolled.” Runa was well on her way to attacking everyone now but they were all making a good effort. Antoinette moved forward, ready to help but after Neil and Lance tried their hands at her, Guin managed to knock Runa out and get a hair for Edus to use.
Antoinette gestured for Iris to follow and went to go stand near Edus, but not so close to be in his way and watched him work, while glancing at an unconscious Runa and Lance, holding Runa’s staff. According to what Klara said, only Runa’s soulmate could hold the staff and remained unharmed. Antoinette glanced at Lance curiously before looking back to Edus.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Bus Bus-- Washington D.C.

Ezekiel gave Janelle an encouraging smile as she agreed to try her other power. Ezekiel started to feel tired just as the other two did and he settled against the chair, shutting his eyes and when he woke up again he was in a vivid world filled with strange colours. Ezekiel looked up at the sky with a smile and chuckled at the blue plants. He then located Kristin and Janelle and smiled at her while she ran her hands over the plant life. ”It’s beautiful,” he complemented.
Then turned, heading towards a beach and found the girl with a bunch of pirates and a hot pink ship just off the coast. ”I want one,” Ezekiel declared. Before anything else could happen though, the girl that had nearly killed Ezekiel was in front of them, telling them to leave. He crossed his arms and looked at her. ”Why is that? You weren’t exactly cordial earlier and we still have questions. Are you in distress or something? We can always help you too you know, if you answer our questions,” Ezekiel noted.
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