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Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Annie, Carolina and October’s Home -- New York City, New York.

Antoinette was up to her arms in paint. Literally. Her arms were covered in paint. After the night’s events, despite all the turmoil, she was hit with inspiration. Particularly with the colour red. She had her sketchbook laid out in front of her along with a canvas that was already outlined and she had started her painting process. Hair like fire rolled out in waves across the canvas but there were displacements in colour to break up all the obvious red. From the hair there was one bird in mid-flight, coming from the hair itself it seemed. It too was in various shades of red, orange and yellow. It was more commonly known as a Phoenix and it was rising from the woman’s hair as if it were ashes. The woman could be compared to Princess Wanda in likness and the bird was to symbolize new beginnings.
October came and gave Antoinette her morning kiss and Antoinette looked over, a far away look in her eyes until there was the mention of a hanging and corpses. ”Poke around? At what exactly. The palace isn’t open to the public twenty-four seven,” Antoinette noted. Hair fell into her face and she brushed it back behind her ear, leaving a trail of red and black across her cheek and into her very white blonde hair. She reached out, grabbing a glass of water and quickly rehydrated before she resumed work on her painting. It always amazed Antoinette how thirsty she got when simply painting.

Cuyler Eysteinsson

Location: The Port -- The Castle

Cuyler gave Halley a bit of a look. He thought she knew that already. ”Ya, what of it?” He placed the thing back in it’s holster and crossed his arms impatiently. He was tingling all over. He felt Arya was near, her Magyk acting like its own compass. Thia pressed her head into his hip and he looked down at her, resting a hand on her head. Right. Arya wasn’t his concern at the moment, or his problem. That had been made clear months ago. But why then, was he so distraught and so concentrated on her he could practically feel her breath on his neck mingled with the summer rain…
”Oh! Um, well that way is Marram Marshes and the other direction is the Castle again. I’m not sure what either could mean…” Cuyler tugged at the collar of his armor, feeling hot and embarrassed by his thoughts. He was certain his face was red. At least, it was until Halley spoke her next words. He was sure there was sympathy in her voice but Cuyler shook his head and pushed Thia away. Arnora spoke up and he snapped his head at her, glaring at his friend. She knew? How long had she know this. No. It was not possible.
”No she is not. I would know if she was… if she… No.” Cuyler shook his head in defiance, his face growing red for a whole other reason now. Cuyler moved forward, completely ignoring Halley’s last comment. ”The Marram Marshes is a couple days water travel from here, one if Freyr is on our side. So unless you can Transporte us there, it is useless going.” What they needed was here. If they went and found Arya, she might be able to get them into this secret palace.


Location: C8 The Palace Courtyard ---> The Entrance Hall G5; The Long Walk H5 ---> Amarantha and Luna’s Bedroom ---> The Parlor H1 -- The Palace

They entered the Palace after Lennox redirected the saved civilian to the barracks. Myrus may have relieved him of service to the Prince but he wasn’t going to leave him still. Lennox stood beside Myrus and surveyed the scene before him. There was so much death. So much. He focused on the vampires ahead though, ready to fight them if he had too. Between the three of them, Lennox thought they would be able to dispatch them all. For Lennox, beheading would be best and then killing the head.

Her resolve deteriorated and she was on complete edge. When Amarantha came across the first corpse she didn’t even have time to think about resisting before she was on top of the body, ripping away flesh at the neck and draining the person of what little blood remained. Once there was nothing left to gleam, she pushed herself away from the body and wiped the blood from her face with her arm. She felt savage and raw but her senses only increased. The person had already been dead, was it really so bad?
Amarantha rose to her feet and proceeded to Luna’s room, checking everything over and saw that she was nowhere to be seen but there was a trail of blood leading from her room. Amarantha then dashed into her room to change from her ruined clothes into something more suitable. Her dragon armor seemed to do the trick. She grabbed a cloak and extra knives just in case. Emerging from her room once again, Amarantha picked up on a familiar scent and followed it with a sense of urgency. She stormed into the parlor and glared at the creature in the room surrounded by more dead bodies. Two ways Amarantha could play this. Kill the thing and be done with it or…
”You couldn’t have saved one for me?” She put on a fake pout before glancing about the room. ”A shame. Have you searched anywhere else for stranglers?” Amarantha managed to get her eyes to sparkle with desire, in hopes to gain an ally.

Ahote Proudstar

Location: The Future Palace ; Dragon Boat -- Marram Marshes
Skills: Enhanced Condition, Trivia Knowledge

Titan shifted uncomfortably on the boat. He was rather on edge with the world crumbling below him. Still the boat did not move and he was growing a bit frustrated.
“Well we better figure it out. Ahote never came through.” Titan answered Luna’s question with a bit of a clipped tone.

A great blue creature, built like a warrior came into view and Ahote shifted back a step. The thing watched him like the hunters of back home watched their prey before landing a death blow. As if the creature heard him, it charge at Ahote. Shoving the glass shard into his pocket, Ahote looked wildly about for some sort of weapon. There were a handful of decent sized rocks that he grabbed up and only took a second to adjust his arm and aim before he threw. The brilliant rock hit the Frost Giant and knocked him off his feet and to the ground where he laid quite unconscious. Ahote relaxed and moved over to the giant. He quickly pulled the spear away, keeping it close to him in case he needed it to defend himself again before he started to look the rest of the giant over. He came across a rune of sorts with a symbol on it that was quite plain. Ahote twisted and turned it but he came to the same conclusion. During research he had learned of an Asgardian named Loki. Loki was more famously known as a trickster and loved grandeur and chaos. Come to think of it. The man who had been sitting on the throne in Ahote’s searching had fit the description of Loki.
”So, in the future, near or far, Loki will come to the Castle and take the throne. This creature here may be in his control then…” Speaking out loud often helped to organize one's thoughts and help gain insight. Ahote looked about until an idea struck him. He quickly stood, putting the rune back on the giant as well as the spear before he dashed off, being careful not to mess up too much of the landscape and he took a position of hiding. His plan, should the Frost Giant not be out too long was to follow it back to wherever it came from. Perhaps it would lead him to Loki or perhaps to more clues about what exactly happened here.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: 6E---> 6F -- Camp Half-Blood

Ezekiel grinned at his brother and clapped him on the back. He could just picture Kristin now, itching and red. Trying to fight as well as scratch. It was priceless. He held back a laugh as the Team Ares leader started to give out instructions. Game time. He nudged his brother, looking forward to scouting ahead together. Ezekiel took the time while everyone else got their assignments to get acquainted with the faces on his team and the new faces as well. There were several new faces but he recognized them from the school they had just been to earlier that day. Man, it had been a long day so far. Ezekiel stretched and yawned a bit thinking about it before he shook himself up, getting ready.
Once they were dismissed he tugged his brother away and they split off from the group.
”So I think we should cross the river here, closest to our side before we get too close to the Athena flag.” The river was close by and they reached it in a matter of minutes. The nice part about crossing now is theoretically they shouldn’t leave any tracks and hopefully they would be dry before they reached the flag. The unfortunate part about crossing a river, was Posiden’s kids were on the other team and one of them was currently itching herself to death. Or at the very least that would keep her distracted so they could cross undetected.

Luna Braddock - Glimpse

Location: Mutant Underground ---> Shaw Industries -- Washington D.C.

Up front she was not put, which was probably best all things considered. Instead, Luna sat in the back with the other newcomer Tome, who seemed to have a proclivity for speech. At least it passed the time and Luna was learning something of the others she was pressed upon. In intervals to Tome’s speech, Luna relayed directions through Veil who told Sapphire where to go. Luna had managed to wiggle herself into the corner of her spot, facing everyone in the vehicle so she could see them all easily and yet she looked out the window and sat in silence as they drove. Her interest peaked when Veil explained just who Havok was dating. She looked up at the front then back at Veil as Max went on talking again. Wanda, as far as Luna’s knowledge went was spoken for by someone else so that left Polaris. Interesting and he had the nerve to not trust her when she explained her relation to Shaw.
Tome turned his attention onto Luna now, being able to connect her name to her power fairly easily. She smirked and glanced at the rear view mirror for a moment before she looked at Tome. ”Of sorts. Enhanced speed as well, although nothing close to Quicksilver.” Another of Magneto’s famous brood.
They arrived at Shaw Industries and Luna stared up at the vast building. She had been here a couple of times before but it only seemed bigger. They all piled out and one by one the people who Luna had traveled here with disappeared. She was aware of their presence, only because holes were being burnt into her back but still she knew they were there. On the drive over Luna had been tunneling into herself. She would have to be daft to say she wasn’t the least bit nervous.
”Stay close,” she instructed before she started walking. She didn’t head into the main entrance though. She knew better than that and besides, she was family so she did have some privileges and Sebastian knew she wished to speak with him so around back Luna went to the garage which held Sebastian’s private elevator and less complicated security procedures.

Cayden Proudstar - Moonwalker

Location: Mutant Underground Third Floor E6 -- Washington D.C.

Cayden watched intently as Colossus moved about the spacious room, setting up the training game that they would all be partaking in. He looked over as Negasonic came back with a girl who had been there a bit longer than he had. He smiled warmly at her before looking back at Colossus’s set-up. So the object of the session was to ring the bell. Yes that did seem easy enough but it never truly was. Leighton went first and Cayden silently cheered her on. She took the direct approach after her initial icing which Cayden already had an idea of it not working out. Dreamwalking wouldn’t be of much use here since Colossus wasn’t asleep and Cayden wasn’t even sure he could enter his head while Colossus was all tinned up. So strength would be his best asset.
He was busy looking up at the ceiling, wondering if he could get over that way when James or rather, Caduceus suggested a team approach. That could work. ”I could attempt to strong arm him, act as a bit of a distraction,” Cayden offered. He flexed his right bicep a little and it shifted under the effort. Sure it didn’t look like much muscle but never underestimate a mutant. You never knew what ability they had and that was Cayden’s favourite past time: people underestimating him.

Cuyler Eysteinsson

Location: The Port
Skills: Sense Magyk

As Cuyler worked the wall and Arnora made her comment, he childishly stuck his tongue out at her. Cuyler vaguely heard Halley’s comment that there was some structure beyond the wall as he reached the end of it and gave pause. Her next comment didn’t even register. Something seemed to shift around him and within him. Like a warm embrace, the lingering presence of Ayra’s Magyk wrapped around him securely and he leaned into it. He shut his eyes as the feeling encompassed him and seemed to cement him into place. Complete visions of summer rain flooded his senses as if he were caught in a storm that shifted into the feeling of soft hands. The smell of the sea, so strong it was like he was on his boat right now with the sea spray splashing across his face until it was replaced with soft kisses. His fingers seemed to twitch against the invisible wall as his hands found the familiar guitar chord progressions of the song he had wrote Arya.
Cuyler suddenly stepped back from the wall, reality sinking back in and he looked up and down, then side to side until his eyes rested ahead of him. There was a new determination set to Cuyler’s shoulders, a fierceness in his eyes that only ever followed during battle. ”Arya is here. I can feel her Magyk,” he said passionately. ”We need to get inside.” Feeling Cuyler’s anxiousness and eagerness Thia started to growl deep in her throat and moved around restlessly.
Cuyler shifted and pulled out his axe, turning the handle in his hand until he let it go and it floated. Egil hovered in the air for a moment before starting to spin like a compass. Only this time it spun and spun until it stopped in one direction then spun back in the opposite way. It continued to do this until Cuyler determined it’s two locations. The Castle and the Marram Marshes. Cuyler growled in frustration and Thia simply barked. He grabbed onto his axe so it stopped spinning and gripped the handle tightly. ”Useless,” he muttered.


Location: C9 ---> C8 -- The Palace Courtyard; The Entrance Hall F5 ---> The Long Walk H5 -- The Palace
Skills: Stamina, Resistance, Stealth

Lennox flinched, covering his mouth when he gagged as the skull of the Vampire shattered open. One must remember that Lennox was Palace Guard before Amarantha took over. He didn’t have the same taste for blood as the rest of the former Young Army seemed to. He grabbed onto Mryus, worried the Prince was going to go in again on the very dead Vampire head. The Prince was shaking but still Lennox didn’t let go.
They made their way to the front doors of the Palace in time to see the civilian vomit. This is when Lennox let go of the Prince and went to the civillian’s aid. He looked about the front lawn of the Palace. Places still burned and there were still a couple of Vampires in the area. Options were limited but there still may be people at the Palace Barracks. He looked back at the civilian and gave him directions on how to get there.

Amarantha did not get very far in her travels as a group of Vampires came forth, dripping blood and demanded from her the location of the Queen. She gave them a look and opened her mouth to respond in her typical disrespectful way but was interrupted by the brute with flames. Bruce gave an equally satisfying answer before he lit up a Magykal appearing staff and a swirl of fire traveled with it. Amarantha shrank back from the thing, a fear she hadn’t known before now possessing her. However, the flames were directed towards the other Vampires and Amarantha didn’t hesitate before she slunk back and made a break for the Long Walk.
She came to a halt near the beginning of the corridors and stared around her. There was so much blood. She could smell it everywhere. The Vampires had gotten everywhere, into everything and it ground away at Amarantha’s control. She tightened her hands into fists as they began to shake. The beasts had gotten into her domain and quite possibly killed the second person she only ever let herself love. If anyone who was foe came across Amarantha now, they would certainly wish they hadn’t.

Ahote Proudstar

Location: The Future Palace ; Old Cottage ---> Dragon Boat -- Marram Marshes
Skills: Foresight, Enhanced Condition

Titan was about ready to just dive over the edge and hope for the best when the great dragon boat came into view. He jumped back, holding his sword up and stared at the thing in disbelief. The great dragon head bowed to Titan after a lengthy assessment. He lowered his sword but didn’t disarm and he moved over and looked at the two girls who were smiling at him. He blinked at them then looked back at the dragon head as he inched his way to the side of the boat. Titan looked at the dragon the whole while as he got into the boat.
“How’s it going? Really?” He looked at the two of them and shook his head. “Let’s get out of here.” He continued to eye the dragon suspiciously.

Image after image flashed around Ahote and through his head as the events of the past were replayed in his head. Luckily, he was able to go past five minutes but there wasn’t much detail but just enough to give him a clear picture of who the culprit obviously was. Ahote paused on this image a moment, committing it to memory before he looked at the red head at his feet. He couldn’t determine who it was and wouldn’t be able to for every royal ruler of the Castle bore a head of fire. The glass shard remained firmly gripped in his hand and yielded no more results to him as Ahote looked into the past.
A distance or rather present sound of dirt or some other rubbish shifting under foot brought Ahote back from his searching. He quickly rose to his feet, shifting around and brought the glass shard up in front of him in a blocking stance in order to protect himself. He looked around in front of, beside and behind him as he cued into his enhanced hearing sense to pick up on any subtle changes.
”Who’s there?”

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: The Palace Infirmary -- The Palace: New York City, New York.

Antoinette seemed to relax as her friend took the moment to hug her. She continued to smile pleasantly at Carolina as she explained the Queen was fine, just tired and that she had heard their conversation as well. Antoinette felt a bit ashamed that her half of the conversation had still been heard; however, the Queen didn’t seem to take any offence. Thank goodness. Still, Antoinette bowed her head gratefully to the Queen before she looked back at Carolina.
”I think we should try to get some rest then before we try to tackle this subject of alternate realities further. Everything will keep until the morning,” Antoinette said confidently. She didn’t seem to notice Carolina looking at October like she had some great weight upon her shoulders or the fact that Flynn was slightly upset with all this talk. In fact, Antoinette didn’t seem to notice anything off. Everyone seemed to be well, if not a little tired from the exciting evening. Antoinette yawned and rested her head on Carolina’s shoulder, ready to go to the comfort of their apartment and forget about this night.

Cuyler Eysteinsson

Location: The Docks ---> The Port -- The Castle
Skills: Sense Magyk

Bind and gag him, that was the plan. It seemed a little simple in Cuyler’s opinion but sometimes simple was the best option. If you went to complicated, there would be more ways to get out of the situation. Cuyler observed his surroundings as they walked to the ferry. He smiled to himself at the familiar sights and smells, although there was still that burning smell. Thia walked along behind them, seeming to take up the rear guard as she looked out for her friend.
They boarded the ferry and Cuyler relaxed instantly. It was no boat and definitely not his old boat the Hefring but it still felt like home being on the water. At the thought of his boat, he wondered if it was still around. Thia seemed to relax a bit with Cuyler as they drifted away from the main portion of the Castle. Once they landed, it seemed to be a short little walk that led them to a stone wall of sorts. Cuyler looked at Arnora and then back at the wall.
”Are you certain? Perhaps your internal compass is broken,” he teased her. But there was definitely something here, Cuyler could feel the strong pull of Magyk within this wall. ”Perhaps it is hiding something.” He moved about the length of the wall, trying to get a good feel for it and see if there was more Magyk in one area compared to the other.


Location: U7 -- The Palace Courtyard; The Palace Courtyard ---> The Entrance Hall F5 -- The Palace
Skills: Stamina, Resistance, Parkour

The vampire was still refusing to answer but Lennox wasn’t about to offer up more blood. Perhaps the vampire was on death’s doorstep already. He looked back at the Prince at the mention of torture. That was what they were already doing essentially. There weren’t many other ways to torture a head. Then he asked about his siblings and Lennox looked off towards the castle.
“They have Ahote and Titan guarding them. They are safer than we are, trust me. But we can go in and see if you wish. I am not sure if there are any vampires inside though. It would be best for us to still be on our guard. As for the vampire here. There isn’t much more that can be done than what we are already doing.”

Amarantha didn’t stick around to see or hear how her words impacted Arya. Her mission now was getting away from this place. Hopefully she would be able to find Titan or Apollo would make a random appearance again. The fighting in the courtyard could have gone better. The interaction with Arya could have gone better but if Amarantha had done her job right, she would have made an impact on the former ExtraOridinary Wizard and that’s all she needed. She came over the wall and jumped to the ground below before she walked into the Entrance Hall of the Palace. She covered her mouth and nose for a moment for there was an overpowering smell of death and blood but the smell was on her hands as well. The enhanced smell was going to be a bit annoying. The sight and hearing were welcomed though. There were Palace staff dead throughout the receiving hall but there was also a convenient trail of blood leading down to the Long Walk. Amarantha felt her mouth go dry as moved to make her way down that hall. She needed to grab items from her room before she could leave but that meant she would be closer to the royals who were still in the Palace at the time of the attack. She had faith in her guards and they would have had the advantage of being within the Palace to get to safety.
As she passed dead body after dead body, they were either drained completely or their blood continued to seep out onto the once pristine Palace floor. Absentmindedly Amarantha wondered if she should take a drink. Her ability to resist was strong but she wondered how much longer that would last. She had tasted blood before, not by choice but merely because of fighting while her mouth was open. It hadn’t exactly tasted good then, what would it be like now? She sighed, running a hand through her tangled and matted hair and looked about the room. Precious pieces that once lined this room had been broken, tapestries sat frayed and covered in blood. How proud she had once been to walk through this hall, feeling a Queen herself. Now she felt every bit the vile creature she was, trespassing on sacred ground.
But duty triumphed over self-pity and Amarantha moved forward once again. She needed to secure the royals before she left but she knew she couldn’t remain. There were advantages to her plight now. For one, she could go undercover herself and take over the job of her spies. In this state of enhancement she would probably get more information on those who were a threat to the castle than her regular spies could.

Ahote Proudstar

Location: The Future Queen’s Room --- The Future Palace ; Old Cottage -- Marram Marshes
Skills: Aura Sensing, Enhanced Condition, Foresight

The ground cracked open and there wasn’t much time between Valda being separated from Titan and Luna to the two royals being deposited into the dark chasm. Panicked, Titan looked around the crumbling room while Luna’s screams echoed away. He managed to find a rope but it was in poor condition. He gripped the thing in his hand, knuckles turning white from the force and stared into the blackness below him. What were the chances? The thing was, the screaming stopped but it had been gradual, not sudden and there was no sound of them hitting the bottom. How deep was this hole to the center of the earth? Or had they not pariashed at all.
“Valda! Luna!” He cupped his hands around his mouth, creating a circle and called into the earth.

Ahote turned the broken glass in his hand, nothing immediately happened to him but something did all the same. There was a sudden force like he was being pulled roughly forward and he could not stop himself. Things blurred beside him but then drifted back into focus as he was returned to the Palace. Except this wasn’t the Palace he was just standing in. Ahote stumbled forward, his balance a little off but it was also paired with a sudden surge of adrenaline. He looked around in confusion. The Palace where he stood had been destroyed. Brick and rubble laid everywhere, creating more tripping hazards and things that used to be on display now sat on the ground in ruins. As he was turning and looked around, Ahote tried to use his gift of sensing auras to make sense of all this but nothing was produced for him. The only thing he was somehow able to determine was this was indeed the Palace but the future of it. Whether that was the near future or the distant future, Ahote hadn’t a clue.
Ahote stumbled again, nearly falling this time but managed to catch himself before he hit the broken bricks on the ground. He turned, looking to see what had almost taken him out. Colour drained from the time traveler's face and Ahote did drop to the ground. The crown somehow still had a bit of a shine to it and he recognized it as the Queen’s crown but the body itself was so destroyed that he wasn’t certain who wore it. Whoever this was, whatever time he was in, it did not look good for the Castle. He needed to find answers, clues as to what happened and then a way to get back. If he understood what had transpired here, then perhaps he could help prevent it.
Ahote stood to stand but then immediately stopped. ”My grandmother always used to say I was short-sighted. Clearly that hasn’t changed.” Ahote chided himself before he placed his hand on the ground beside the dead body and shut his eyes. He had a greater power, one he seemed to rarely use at the Castle but he only ever used his foresight and enhanced senses like this if he were tracking and he hadn’t much need for that where he was. He channeled his enhanced senses and looked for what could have possibly happened. There was no telling this would work, normally his power only worked for the last five minutes or so but perhaps he could glean more information today.

Ezekiel Kel

Location: Armory ---> 6E -- Camp Half-Blood

Ezekiel shook his head at his half brother before he broke off and headed to the armory. He gathered up what he needed, already going into battle mode and ignored the others he saw moving about the armory. There was a difference in Capture the Flag than actually going on a quest but the principles were still the same. There was a mission and a goal and Ezekiel was busy getting his head into the game. He slipped into his armor, it sliding on smoothly before he covered himself with his usual gear, saving the helmet for last. He double checked his quiver of arrows before he headed out onto the usual battle field. He took a roundabout way to get to his side of things, checking to make sure he wasn’t being spied on or followed before he made it to his position.
Ezekiel went over to Bryan first, checking on the position of the flag as he went before he decided on which way he was going to go. Team Athena was South and on the other side of the river, as most of the matches were in order to give each team enough room to hide their flag. Ezekiel was thinking he would cross the river first and then scout along. Although, perhaps he would remain as defense, using his screaming arrows to fire off warnings of the enemy approaching. He thought of his options as he joined Bryan.
”Did you do it?” He of course, was referring to pranking Kristin.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: The Palace Infirmary -- The Palace: New York City, New York.
Skills: Enhanced Intuition

”Oh, like a reconnaissance mission? I’ve read about those,” Antoinette said in response to Allison. She was a little excited for the change in pace. The party had been rather dull after all. Antoinette was nervous though and wasn’t exactly sure she would be one for this job but she was curious and she had a habit of adapting to almost any situation easily enough. Antoinette listened to Prince Flynn, taking all his concerns into account. They would most definitely have to be careful. There would be a lot of attention on the whole situation. Antoinette then felt her cheeks turn red at Guin’s announcement of creating a sort of bubble around them to prevent them from being heard. She had been speaking so freely, she had forgotten her place. Strange, Antoinette normally wasn’t like that.
She saw movement and heard a creaking as the bed shifted and turned her head to see Carolina awake. She smiled, happy that her friend was alright and moved to sit by Carolina’s side. She took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze while examining her friend for any changes. Carolina had always been a constant in Antoinette's life. They had met each other in school but even then, Antoinette only seemed to have constant memories of Carolina. Their life had been intertwined for some time.
”You missed the most exciting things,” she informed her. She looked over at the Queen than back at Carolina. ”How is the Queen?”

Luna Braddock - Glimpse

Location: Mutant Underground -- Washington D.C.

Today Luna left her leathers behind, leaving them safely tucked away on the packs of her bike. She simply wore her jeans and a fabric tee with jacket to keep a bit of the cold of the night off and managed to keep her hair back with a bit of a bandana she found. It was September on the coast after all. Her nights sleep had been less than satisfactory but efficient enough to give her some energy for the day ahead. She watched some of the training Colossus did with one of the other newbies and then she made the dreaded phone call she had been putting off most of the morning. She placed herself beside Veil before making a phone call, a witness if you would and called Shaw. Voicemail. When she heard his smug voice on the other side announcing that whoever was calling reached their messages, she nearly cried with relief. To say Luna was not excited for potentially seeing the man she grew up calling Uncle, was a bit of an understatement. Still, she left the message that she was in Washington and if he wanted to meet for lunch sometime. After that, Luna excused herself to the garage where she felt more familiar and comfortable with the territory. It was a safe haven, especially when there were still people she had to get acquainted with. Some of them seemed rather nice like Moonwalker and Spark Plug, whereas others were a bit more on edge. With new people coming and going here, one would think they would be comfortable with the different variables.
Supper came and although limited in number, it did the job it was supposed to and Luna was just happy to have something warm in her belly. She cleaned up her share of the supper before following Veil’s call and joined the group that would be going out on the mission. At the announcement of Sapphire being the one to drive, Luna glanced between Veil and her co-pilot.
”I could sit up front and provide directions or would it be easier for me to produce some sort of map?” It could have been construed that Luna simply providing voiced directions would be a trap. They wouldn’t necessarily know where they were going unless they were there. At the least with a map laid out in front of them, they could plan escape routes and other contingencies.

Cayden Proudstar - Moonwalker

Location: Mutant Underground -- Washington D.C.

Cayden was still bright and bubbly the next morning. His traveling out to Washington didn’t always provide the best sleeping arrangements but here, he was just happy to have a dry place to lay his head for the night and as soon as he laid down, he was out. There was a bit of a strange dream with doritos but Cayden had managed to turn it around into something somewhat normal and slept soundly the rest of the night. In the morning he helped gather up the kids and pile them into the van before Cannonball and Sunspot took them off up to Xavier’s. Cayden was rather pleased that they would be given such an opportunity and he hoped it went well for each of them. The rest of the day Cayden watched training and did a bit of his own with what he could find around the building. He kind of bounced around all over the place, creating his own little course and fun throughout the day.
By the evening he was growing a little tired and anxious from being cooped up all day but he was looking forward to a little sparring. The meal today still left Cayden with a rumbling stomach but it went unnoticed by Cayden. He was used to going a few days without a meal so the smaller one they had tonight was still a feast to him. Cayden stood beside Negasonic and watched the recon crew getting ready to leave. They all looked a little worse for wear, especially Veil and Sapphire but they all looked ready for whatever they were about to encounter.
He waved enthusiastically at the crew before echoing Negasonic’s good luck but conveniently left the losers part out. Cayden turned back to the group left behind and smiled brightly at them all.
”Shall we get started big guy?” He looked at Colossus, ready to burn off some energy.
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