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Current Up is down and down is never what it seems. Around and around we go on this merry-go-round of broken dreams.
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I'm in the coup cruzin
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This years New Years resolution: honesty. Honesty with myself and with my friends and family <3
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What else should go in my bio? Does anyone care? lol
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Who here watched Black Sails? Or has knowledge about ships and sails???


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Name: KazAlkemi
Age: Twenty-five
Birthday: Ask me
Ethnicity: Canadian
Location: Mountain Standard Time
Gender: Female
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Languages: Fluent English
Preferred RP Section: Casual/Advanced
RP Level:Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: People who flake on RPs (I may have a slight obsession with RPing); people who disrespect their GM.
My Pets: MEOW!

Song of the Month: Hard To Love -- Lee Brice

Books I Am Currently Reading:
  • War Storm -- Victoria Aveyard
  • The Last Tudor -- Philippa Gregory

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  • Supernatural
  • S.W.A.T
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  • Arrow
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  • The Last Czars
  • The Good Place
  • This Is Us
  • Working Moms
  • Carnival Row

Current Favourite Movies:
  • Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil
  • Harry Potter (all the time)

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Cassiopeia Hood

Location: Cassi’s Bedroom -- Cassi & Layla’s Apartment

”It’s just the same usually over and over. This is good though, has some good comedy. Right up there with Zombieland,” she noted. Cassiopeia looked at the letter, staring at the thin paper and shrugged. ”I guess we could but the thing says to go there in three days. Nothing is going to be there now LaLa. Why don’t we do something fun instead. Go for a hunt or throw knives at the back fence,” Cassiopeia suggested. Cassiopeia had first gotten her love for archery from their last adoptive parents. They had been young but weren't looking for a baby to raise, which was usually the norm. When Cassiopeia and Layla had first met them, Cassiopeia had taken an instant shining to them, which anyone who was in the system, knew that was a bad idea. That time though, luck was on their side and they were adopted. There was no place Cassiopeia loved better than being outside, hunting and gathering. Well, except for day's off and that was snuggled in bed with the cats and her sister.

The current episode ended and rather than allow another to start, Cassiopeia shut her computer off and shoved it away. She grabbed her muffin wrapper and crumpled it up before aiming for the trash can, which she missed. ”Hit the bullseye every time but miss a damn trash can. That’s not right.” She then looked at the letter they received and followed suit. It arched nicely but bounced off the can onto the floor. Cassiopeia groaned and fell back onto her pillows. ”I think that’s a sign I shouldn’t leave the house today.”

Willow Jones

Location: The Diner

Willow blushed from Sierra’s compliment on her name. Relax Will, she’s just being friendly. It’s her job, she mentally chided herself. ”Oh uh, social work,” Willow stuttered. She cleared her throat and busied herself by taking a sip of her coffee. It worked on calming her back to a relative normal and Willow flipped a page in her text. ”Well you can stay if you like. Truth is I’m not a fan of studying but I have a paper due soon and a test. I love what I’m learning, just wish the work wasn’t so intensive,” Willow confessed. She was always a very open person, talked too much for her own good although she hardly noticed that.
Willow leaned back in her own seat, officially distracted and took another sip of her coffee. Her stomach growled in response, wanting something more than just liquid. She looked over at the kitchens, smelling food and wondered when her order would be up. Willow heard paper flutter and turned her head back and saw Sierra look over some paper before slipping it back into her apron. Sierra’s boss came over announcing that she could leave since they were quite slow. ”Well that’ll be nice. Free afternoon and all,” Willow commented.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Inside the Big House/Infirmary -- Camp Half-Blood
Location: Medical Know how

Ezekiel was bobbing his head away to the music pumping from his headphones. He had a tendency to listen to it rather loudly so it was no wonder he hadn’t a clue Rebecca had asked him a question. Not very good spidy senses on Ezekiel’s part. He did however, feel the guest of wind that came through the house and he had a pretty good guess who that was. Ezekiel sighed, pulling out his headphones and slipped them into his pocket. ”What, the ambrosia didn’t work?” He figured Leda had come to her senses or the adrenaline had worn off. When he turned around he gave a start, seeing Rebecca and Rosie suddenly there. ”Holy gods, like drop a book or something next time,” he said, annoyed.

Ezekiel’s annoyance faded though at seeing Rosie’s condition. She looked rather out of it and Ezekiel wasn’t sure if it was because she was straight up sick or about to have a vision. ”We’re fully stocked on our herbs and things. All natural items, things she can have if you want to brew her something Rebecca.” The annoyance in his voice was gone, completely replaced with the calm medical voice he had adapted from his childhood. Ezekiel bent down in front of Rosie and started looking over her more closely, looking for any signs of distress. Having Rebecca here or any of the Hecate kids helping out the Apollo kids was a great help, especially in times like this or serious battles. Sometimes one Apollo kid just didn't have enough hands.

Cuyler Eysteinsson

Location: Wizard Way -- The Castle

Cuyler’s head spun and the increasing pain he was feeling was not helping matters. The raw meat thrown at Thia enticed her enough to pick it up and carry it a short distance to tear at it in contentment. For who Sága was to him, he should have reason to doubt her. He hardly knew her but of legend and story and as he knew now, they had a tendency to lie of who the gods really were. There was so much he didn’t know, so much his mother hadn’t shown him. Why had she kept so much from him? All she did was train him in his power. Still, he felt compelled to believe in Sága. He didn’t understand how his role in drinking the waters was going to change the world’s fate but maybe if he did this, he would stand a chance at saving Arya as well. ”Where do we have to go?” There was determination within Cuyler’s voice. Clearly he had made his decision.
The pain in his eye didn’t subside and it was seriously blocking his thoughts and fraying at his nerves. Which may be one reason why he hastily agreed to a possible suicidal plan. ”Is there something we can do about this?” He gestured to his eye, only guessing at the horrid sight he probably looked with an arrow sticking out of his eye. He didn’t even know if he was bleeding from it as all he could feel was searing pain.


Location: The Palace Vault —-> The Palace Dungons -- The Palace
Skills: Resistance; Stamina;

Amarantha continued to hold her head up high even though defeat was coming. It took all of Amarantha’s control not to physically fight her way out of this. Even though she had accepted her fate, she was scared. The darkness, the isolation and not to mention the fact of where they were going. People had more than likely died down in the dungeons and if it were recent, that meant ghosts walked about. Amarantha feared ghosts. She never wanted to see one. It was why she never went into Lyra’s room after Puck had been killed. There were many deaths in Amarantha’s life, most at her hand and she didn’t want to face them in their after life.
Mryus informed Valda of where they were headed and then they were off. Mryus led them while Ahote brought up the rear. Two people guarding her as she was taken away. As they approached the dungeons, people Amarantha fought with and trained stood there, being ever vigilant. It was hard, seeing their faces go from shock to pity; hopefully Titan, would do well in her place. Or Apollodora if she was able to stick around. They stopped walking but Amarantha continued to stare ahead. She looked at the chains sitting in the middle of the pitted cell, measuring their length and their purpose. The curse Mryus spoke of. She wondered what it would feel like, if she would see anything, hear anything. While Mryus posed the offer to Ahote to chain up Amarantha for him, Amaratha stepped forward and into the cell. She walked over to the chains and knelt on the ground. Her combat gear shifted and sighed as she bent down to her final resting place and clamped one manacle on her wrist and then one onto the other. She looked up at the men standing in the doorway. ”Ahote, come and check these are tight please.” She twisted the manacles, taking on their weight and looked up, past Ahote and stared at Myrus. ”I trust you know what you are doing.”

Ahote Proudstar

Location: The Palace Vault —-> The Palace Dungeons -- The Palace

The walk to the crypts was a quiet one. There was an eerie silence between all of them and even the guards they passed as they watched their former leader walk to her prison. None of them knew what she was now as the royals and him had just found out what happened to Amarantha. Ahote would tell them, if the royals didn’t get to it first. The lights from the torches bounced off the rock walls around them, casting nasty shadows that seemed to take shape and form of creatures who would like the dark and dreary such as this place. Ahote wondered what this curse was and what it would do to Amarantha.
They reached their destination and Ahote looked to Mryus when he offered to chain her. Ahote thought a moment and in that moment, Amarantha walked into the cell and chained herself. He stared at her, feeling admiration and sadness for the now ex Commander. Strength even at her weakest point. There was still a fire in her soul even if it was considered dormant from her condition. Ahote nodded at Amarantha’s instruction and stepped into the dungeon. ”Va où tu as peur de marcher,” he said to her. It was a saying from his land that he often said to himself when he was about to embark on a new journey in his life. Whether that be travel, a battle or saying goodbye. Today, it was a blessing for Amarantha and a comfort for him.

Luna Braddock - Glimpse

Location: The Cherry Bomb -- Washington D.C.
Skills: Telepathy

Luna smirked at the bartenders comment and continued to sip her drink. Along the wall with the various alcohol, where polaroid photos of past people who had sang either successfully or unsuccessfully and had their pictures taken. The patrons in the photos looked liked they had a good time with the time they had spent there. As she scanned she noted the cameras she had been looking for. They could probably get their hands on the footage if they asked the right questions, or created a distraction. As she made her scan, the bartender cursed and Luna glanced back at him and tried her hand at searching his mind again. She couldn’t gather much other than the fact that Leighton and Max weren’t supposed to be down in the basement with the other bartender. Which made Luna wonder, what was down there and what the others had possibly found.
Havok slid in next to Luna which surprised her but she kept that comment on a tight leash. They were on a mission and their feelings for each other did not matter on the mission. She sipped her drink again after his question and eyed the gentleman that Jack was talking to. ”Give me a moment,” she responded and switched from the bartender’s easy mind to the older man’s.
”Didn’t your father ever teach you to not intrude upon the minds of others… Little Britain?”
Luna smirked and saw several flashes of his memory from a life long gone before she was forced from the man’s mind. It was rather violent and Luna felt hot liquid dribble down her nose. She grabbed a nearby napkin and held it to her nose, pinching the bridge of it to stop the sudden nose bleed. ”He seems to know who I am, though I have never seen him before but he isn’t from here. He’s old, like Victorian old and originally from England,” Luna informed him. Which might be another reason why he may know her family.
Luna glanced back to the bartender than the Polaroids on the back wall. ”The bartender is a little worried for the people who just went downstairs,” Luna mumbled to Havok. ”Do you think you may recognize anyone in those photos that you would want a closer look at so I could get downstairs,” she asked Havok. Either she needed to provide a distraction to get downstairs, or he did. There was something down there, even if this bartender didn’t know what it was but he did know they weren’t supposed to be down there.

Cayden Proudstar - Moonwalker

Location: JFK Memorial Hospital -- Washington D.C.

Cayden looked over at Colossus when asked if his sister would like the bear he held. ”Uh, she might but see if there is something more neutral bud. One with less, bows,” he said and smiled at Colossus. Cayden poked around at some of the other gifts, seeing what sort of trinkets they had and just keeping his hands and mind busy. He heard Waverley and wandered to her side. ”Why would it be bad if they are wireless?” He wasn’t completely savvy on technology as he didn’t have much growing up.
Cayden looked over at the clock when Colossus spoke up. The pressure would be on now and Cayden wondered if Waverley worked well under pressure. He laid a hand on Waverley’s arm and gave her a reassuring smile. ”Take your time and breathe. Think it through. If you are feeling rushed or not completely focused, you may overlook something. We got you covered on the outside,” he reassured.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Stark Tower —-> Human Resistance HQ-- New York City, New York.

Antoinette was highly amused by a drunk Iron Man. He still seemed to think as a genius did but he was acting anything but. To see what it was like inside that man’s mind would be rather interesting. Antoinette remained at Carolina’s side while the discussion continued on what to do and where to go next. As long as Antoinette remained with her friends, the people she loved from this reality and the other, she would be content. Runa and Lance finally came through and Antoinette relaxed further. At least they would all be going to the same place, which was through another portal apparently.
Carolina pulled Antoinette along and she was glad to be holding her friend’s hand so she felt a little more grounded stepping into yet another random building. Different sounds and smells greeted them here but there were some familiar faces from the Palace fight. Including one face that Antoniette knew from what seemed like another lifetime. She released Carolina’s hand and walked over to Sapphire and Niah. Sapphire, along with Flynn, had helped get Antoinette out of that O.M.E.N. building and into the hands of the X-Men. Antoinette watched Sapphire’s quick work with patching up Niah. It seemed like she had it well and under control but still, Antoinette decided to ask if Sapphire needed anything. ”Do you need an extra hand at all?” She didn’t notice the topic of conversation she had walked into but was merely happy to see another friendly face. Antoinette looked back over at Flynn, wondering if he had his memories yet.

Cassiopeia Hood

Location: Cassi’s Bedroom -- Cassi & Layla’s Apartment

”Daybreak. Some zombie show. I don’t know why we were all obsessed with zombie things for so long but it isn’t bad. Pretty funny too,” she noted. If Layla had paid the bill than maybe they were fixing something. A notice of some kind would have been nice but this building wasn’t exactly the four seasons but it was dry and free of bugs. She finished off her muffin and licked her fingers free from any crumbs. Cassiopeia sighed, resting her head on her sister’s shoulder as she watched the show. ”Ya I guess, I was really hoping to be lazy in bed all day though,” she informed her sister.
Cassiopeia reached out and scratched Fuzzy’s head before lifting hers back and looked over at the letter sitting loose on the edge of her bed. She had always been curious about her birth parents. They were older when they were finally adopted out so they knew from the beginning that they had real parents somewhere. Cassiopeia just assumed they were dead. It was better than thinking that her and her sister were unwanted. ”We could always go to Oak Park. I mean, between the two of us with our knife throwing and my archery skill, it’s hard pressed we would be taken if it was a hoax or something of that nature,” Cassiopeia mused.

Willow Jones

Location: The Diner

Willow inhaled the fresh cup of coffee appreciatively and started to add some cream and sugar to take away a bit of the bitterness. She looked at Sierra and shook her hand gently, smiling. ”Willow and sure, if you’d like. I guess you aren’t that busy today,” Willow noted and looked around the diner. She looked back at Sierra when she mentioned school. ”Oh? What are you taking?” Willow picked up her coffee and blew on it a bit before taking a sip. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t Starbucks.
Willow was glad for the conversation, wanting a bit of distraction. The letter had her shook and she worried for her parents. Willow set her coffee down and pulled out her phone. She texted the group chat her and her parents had, asking if they were alright and if they had received any strange letters. Her dad was a well known lawyer and no stranger to hate mail but her mother was a teacher. Why would she be in danger? After sending the text Willow set her phone on the table so she would hear the responding text ring through before she opened up her textbook. ”Sorry, I should be studying. Unfortunately. You can stay seated there if you need a break though.” Willow never really wanted to study but she cared about what she was learning and that meant needing to study. At least she was interested in this stuff.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Outside the Big House ---> Inside the Big House/Infirmary -- Camp Half-Blood

Ezekiel stood on the deck of the Big House, looking over at Mr. D and the others as he debriefed them a bit more. The symbol of Ares appeared over Jason’s head and Ezekiel nodded approvingly before Kristin spoke up. He rolled his eyes at her and walked into the Big House to check on inventory or something. He just needed to get away from her and all the people. Ezekiel was pretty outgoing and a big flirt but every once in awhile a guy just needed some alone time. No one had gotten seriously hurt at the barrier fight so Ezekiel would most likely get some peace for a while unless a headless body showed up needing to be buried. Like that would happen.
Ezekiel shuffled to his usual work station and went through his supplies. He pulled out his medical notebook and took stalk of what he had. Having it all written down in front of him would help him remember what supplies he needed to gather from storage to top off. As he worked, Ezekiel pulled out his iPod and headphones, hitting play before he stuck the things over his head and tuned out the world a little bit. Maybe he would go for a swim later or try his hand a little song writing.

Luna Braddock - Glimpse

Location: The Cherry Bomb -- Washington D.C.

Luna accepted her drink and took a healthy sip before setting the glass down on the bar. She nodded her head as the bartender answered her question. Made sense. No one her age and younger seemed to be able to party without an extra helping hand. ”That must cause things to become right raucous,” Luna noted. ”Everyone hopped up on drugs. Ever had to kick someone out?” She picked up her drink again and sipped it slowly. Maybe they had kicked this girl out before she had gotten kidnapped, or maybe they knew mutants came here and kicked them out. It was a bit of a dive bar, one that suggested 'you mind your business, we'll mind ours' but Luna wasn't certain.
Veil shuffled off, excusing herself to the bathroom and Luna kept an eye on her drink for her while she went. The rest of the group seemed to be mingling and blending into what little crowd there was. Jack was still talking with that elderly man and were engaged in a deep conversation. Luna wondered if that would play into their favour or not. Luna looked back behind the bar again, searching for any pictures or cameras that monitored the patrons. Shaw must have a system and some sort of security in place in order for whoever he placed in charge here to know when and what mutants to kidnap.

Cayden Proudstar - Moonwalker

Location: The Road ---> JFK Memorial Hospital -- Washington D.C.

Cayden mouthed the two names of the drugs to himself several times, trying to wrap his mouth around the large words. Methadone he figured he had grasped pretty well but the other one… Heck, it was easier to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Cayden moved over as best he could for Colossus and his sister to slip in. Thankfully the big guy had shifted into his non-mutant form. That would have been a dead give away if they walked in with the tin man. Cayden wondered who he would qualify as. The scarecrow or the lion. Casper was definitely Dorothy. Maybe Toto.
The van turned over and they rolled forward, heading to the hospital. Cayden bounced his head along, drumming his hands on his legs to a silent beat that was going on in his head. It had dual purpose, calming his nerves as well as getting him amped up. They reached the hospital, having a better plan in mind and all of them bailed out. He smiled at Colossus as he held the door open for Waverley and him. ”Oh, that would be nice big guy. Perfect location for Waverley to do her stuff too,” he noted. ”See you guys on the other side.” Cayden waved to Tome, Sapphire and Casper before walking into the hospital’s gift shop.

Cuyler Eysteinsson

Location: Wizard Way -- The Castle
Skills: Country Knowledge (Land of the Lost Nights); Norse Myths

The victory achieved by Cuyler and Arnora was short lived. The girl who had claimed Cuyler’s eye stood as the ice thawed around her quickly, she smiled knowingly at Cuyler and as he accented shifted to one he knew well, he couldn’t help but find her familiar. A tattoo appeared and Cuyler recognized it as Pisces, the fish and once that was recognized, he understood that this woman was Sága. The arrow sticking out of Cuyler’s eye was getting rather annoying but he wasn’t about to pull it and his eye out along with it. The words Sága was saying made sense but not in this context. ”What do you mean I can’t have two eyes to drink the water of Mimir and why am I drinking it?” He seemed rather calm, given the fact that this woman took half his sight. Cuyler was just incredibly confused and frustrated and perhaps a little stunned to be questioning a god so boldly as he was but Cuyler wasn’t ready to become someone else’s pawn. Rowland and his mother had done that enough already.
Thia stood up as the woman shifted, revealing a different look, a different smell and a different sound. She growled instinctively at the woman since she changed before their very eyes but there was an ancientness to her that caused the Night Transformer to give pause. She seemed to recognize that scent. A scent passed down through the generations it seemed. Thia remained standing at Cuyler's side in a protective manner. She was leery of this whole thing, much like her owner was. Cuyler rested a hand on Thia’s head, seeking her comfort as well as to steady the wolf. The adrenaline was starting to wear down and Cuyler was discovering a rather sharp burning pain in the back of his skull that was accompanied by a rather terrible headache.


Location: Inside the Palace Vault ---> Outside the Palace Vaults -- The Palace
Skills: Resistance; Stamina;

Amarantha rolled her eyes as Luna said they would find a cure. She shook her, exasperated and suddenly very tired. The constant hunger was starting to take its toll and she just wanted to lay down. ”There is no cure,” she told her former friend. Amarantha hoped, for some unknown reason, that Mryus would give her mercy and allow Ahote to escort her off the Castle grounds but she knew it would never pass. It would be reckless of him to do such a thing. He was learning for he informed them all she would be going to the dungeons. ”Make sure you reinforce it with Magik. I am stronger than I formerly was and if I am to be kept starved I am sure it is only a matter of time before I become ravenous and you may have to put me down directly.” It was strange to be so accepting of a death sentence and teaching Mryus what he needed to do if he was going to take the path of enforcer.
Ahote looked at Amarantha apologetically before he moved out of the way and gestured for Amarantha to walk ahead of them all, leaving the two royals in the Palace Vaults. ”I will keep control of her should the worst happen,” Ahote told Mryus. Amarantha looked over at Luna as she passed. ”Don’t come looking for me. Just leave me be Luna. Don’t anger your siblings by disobeying them.” She looked back at Ahote and nodded. ”We best hurry, I’m growing hungry again.” Amarantha turned and pushed forward, ready to accept her fate. At least this way she would be present for the Castle’s destruction. Should it come before she’s killed.

Ahote Proudstar

Location: The Palace Vault -- The Palace

Ahote sighed but nodded, accepting Prince Mryus’s ruling before he moved to escort Amarantha away. He looked at his friend while Amarantha seemed to say goodbye to Luna. At her urgency, Ahote pushed Amarantha ahead and they exited the vault. He noted her posture as they walked. She still held herself as if she were in charge, as if this was her decision but she walked slower, with less purpose. The former Deputy Hunter was hurting, that much was clear but she was no stranger to betrayal and hard decisions.
When they walked outside the Vault, both of them paused as Valda and Apollodora were still standing there. Ahote looked over at Amarantha, she was watching the Queen but there was nothing in her eyes. ”You’ve been here before,” he said. It wasn’t a question but understanding that she had to do what needed to be done multiple times, even with people she knew. Amarantha never faltered and she nodded once. ”Yes, but the roles were reversed. I was the executioner. Many times.”

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Top Floor Baxter Building ---> Stark Tower-- New York City, New York.

Antoinette smiled at her friends, relaxing a little at hearing they were well. For now the fighting had subsided but Antoinette knew this was far from over. Still, she would take the reprieve gratefully. Antoinette missed Allison’s bit on her vision but she did notice two portals being opened and people splitting off. She looked at Carolina, hearing her say she was going to Stark Tower and Antoinette immediately followed suit. She grabbed onto Carolina’s hand and jumped through with her.
It was a bit disorienting going from one place to another but they made it. She looked behind her, still seeing the top floor of the Baxter building. She looked at Lance, wondering where he was going to go now. He had been with the other group who showed up but now that his memories were back and he found them all again, would he return with them? Her nose twitched a bit as she thought this all over and looked away from the portal to listen in on Tony Stark. ”Out of the frying pan and into the other,” she whispered to herself harmlessly.
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