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Name: KazAlkemi
Age: Twenty-six
Birthday: Ask me
Ethnicity: Canadian
Location: Mountain Standard Time
Gender: Female
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Languages: Fluent English, Amateur Scottish Gaelic
Preferred RP Section: Casual/Advanced
RP Level:Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Ignorance; Disrespect
My Pets: MEOW!

Song of the Month: No Mercy - Zayde Wolf

Books I Am Currently Reading:
  • Ninth House -- Leigh Bardugo

Shows I Am Currently Watching:

  • Seal Team
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Titans
  • Legacies
  • Heavy Rescue: 401
  • Sabrina: Part 3
  • Start Trek: The Next Generation
  • The Witcher
  • Suites (re-watching)

Current Favourite Movies:
  • Frozen 1 & 2
  • Harry Potter (all the time)
  • TAG
  • Little Women

Role Plays I Am In:

  • Darke Magyk: CONCLUDED by Morose -- Playing Cuyler Eysteinsson (Alive and well, will he see Ayra again?);
    Amarantha (death by Fyre);
    Ahote Proudstar (Alive and no longing melting inside)

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Ezekiel Kel

Location: Wendy's -- Atlanta, Georgia

Ezekiel blinked in shock when Leda unleashed on him. He remained silent, eyes hard as he stared her down while she vented all of the gods flaws onto him. If he got her riled up and ready to fight, Ezekiel would take the shit she threw at him and gladly clean it up. Honestly, he was fine with this. He got to see some raw emotion come out of Leda, some truth rather than that sarcastic bullshit they all hid behind.
He gave both girls some space before he followed them out, masking the smirk on his face before he got back into the vehicle. Ezekiel wasn't going to reply back, he didn't need to. They all knew the gods were bad news, assholes and cared for no one but themselves. Ezekiel pushed the bounds of that every day by insulting them and not praising them as the others did. Ezekiel liked to think it was his own mode of survival. He was entertaining and reckless but he knew as soon as the gods got bored or any one of the demi-gods proved to be useless, they would be gone.
Ezekiel climbed into the backseat and waited another moment before speaking. "So, I guess I'll head into the comedy club first, find Marsyas and keep him distracted while you two wait outside. How should I signal for you to head in and get Calliope?"

Luna Braddock - Glimpse

Location: Old Mutant Underground HQ -- Washington D.C.
Skills: Telepathy -- Scanning; Communication

Luna was still reeling from feeling James in her head and then he responded to her. She shut her eyes for a moment, feeling overwhelmed and confused but the connection was so clear between the two of them. ”I… I don’t know. The last time I was able to connect with someone like this was the first time I nearly died and I reached out for my father…” She was genuinely confused about this as she did actively try not to invade people’s minds and she hadn't even been thinking about James. ”Maybe we can talk when we get back. We should almost be done here. James, I’m sorry.” Luna ended the connection after apologizing. She hoped she didn’t just lose another friend because of what she was.
Luna looked up and heard Max still pushing to bring back Waverely’s mom. It didn’t sound like he was going to win this one though, unless he just went ahead and tried it himself. Luna shook her head, ready to get out of here now with the weight of her recent development on her shoulders. ”What happens if it fails Max and we have to kill her mother all over again? What then? Just because we have the ability to, doesn't mean we should.” Luna did not like the idea of playing with the dead at all.

Cayden Proudstar - Moonwalker

Location: Mutant Underground HQ -- Training Room ---> Medical Room ---> Outside Training Room -- Washington D.C.

Cayden felt sad when Ben disappeared but it was for the best at the moment. Capser needed the break and Sunshine needed the space. Still, he liked Ben and hoped he would get to see him soon. Snide remarks and all. Cayden looked at the phone Jack showed him and frowned. Why would a kid be buying stocks? ”Oh! Does this have something to do with that alternate world you guys are talking about?” Jack pulled Casper away and started talking to him in French, that much Cayden knew but beyond that was nothing. ”I’ll just go find some tissues,” Cayden said and slipped off to go and find Casper something.
As he left, he passed Sunshine but didn’t see James with her. He gave Sunshine a polite grin all the same before he raced up the steps, taking them two at a time and made his way through public spaces to try and find tissues. He finally found some in their medical room and made his way back as quickly as he could manage. Cayden hummed a little tune to himself, the Pirates of the Carribean theme, as he made his way back to the Training Room. He came across James this time, who was nearly there himself but he seemed deep in thought. ”You alright there James?”

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Pietro & Guin’s Wedding Reception
Skills: Enhanced Intuition

Antoinette nodded in agreement with Carolina. Those two would soon be bombarded with well wishers and they had gotten Guin all to themselves for a fair bit of the time, being a part of the wedding party and all. Antoinette was watching guests mingle and people drink too much and dance like no one was watching. It was a beautiful thing to behold and Antoinette was suddenly inspired by the idea for a painting.
She followed Carolina’s lead over to Lance, who was standing by himself for the time being and Antoinette gave a small wave once they were near him. ”Would you like a drink, water or perhaps something else?” Antoinette offered. Antoinette’s blue eye started to glow faintly, out of habit more than anything as she tried to gage if Lance wanted to be left alone or not. Some people just prefered their own company at large gatherings like these. It could become a bit overwhelming, even when among friends. From what she could gather though, he didn’t mind the two of them, or a small gathering, just not the large gathering like Antoinette had assumed.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Wendy's -- Atlanta, Georgia

Ezekiel glared at Kristin and rubbed his shin when she kicked him. That was a little over the top in his opinion but what was done was done. He was a little frustrated that Artemis couldn't give him any more information on Marsyas but Ezekiel didn't think it would be too hard to think of things to annoy him. Ezekiel was good at annoying people. He looked at Leda when she yelled at him and he rolled his eyes. "Excuse me if I am not inclined to kiss ass with them all of the time. I give them a portion of my meals and I go on their ridiculous quests that always end in someone being killed or injured so I think that is plenty," he said and stood annoyed, going to the washroom before returning.
Ezekiel wasn't sure if Artemis actually liked him or if it was because her brother placed him on the quest and apparently without him, the girls wouldn't have a chance of getting Calliope out. He walked back to them, shifting his pack to the other shoulder. "Let's get this show on the road. Are you ready to drive Leda or are you still swooning over Artemis." Ezekiel was now in a mood and didn't feel like sitting around here anymore, counting down the minutes before the title fight.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Wendy's -- Atlanta, Georgia

Ezekiel grinned, pleased that Artemis seemed to deem his tattoo concept acceptable. He wasn't sure what drew him to needing her approval but he appreciated and valued it all the same. He didn't see it as being a kiss ass but simply asking for advice. At least Ezekiel's temperament hadn't changed when meeting his Aunt. If he was going to be an ass, he was going to be a ass, if he was to be nice, he would be nice. It didn't matter who it was, it only revolved around how Ezekiel was feeling. Ezekiel put the drawing back into his poetry book and stowed it away in his pack. He watched the girls dig into their food savagely and he smirked. And that is why he didn't wait.
"Ah, so I'll be the bait. Lovely. Still want to keep praising the gods and goddess and saying they are all that and a bag of chips?" He looked at Leda and Kristin with accusing eyes. Apollo had sent Ezekiel to be bait, knowing that Ezekiel would probably get Marsyas going enough to distract him from Calliope so the girls could get her out and to safety. Ezekiel would be lucky if he didn't die or get seriously injured on this trip.
"Alright, I'll play along. What annoys Marsyas or puts him on edge Artemis?" He needed some type of ammunition to beat this guy, words seemed like a good bet. Apollo was also the god of poetry, hopefully that would aid him.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Wendy's -- Atlanta, Georgia

Ezekiel continued to eat, not in the least bit ashamed. He was hungry and fast food didn't tend to keep it's heat for very long. He sipped his drink after swallowing and dunk a fry into his froster. "Would you like to try? The sweet and salty is the perfect combination," he noted, all smiles at his Aunt. He ate the one he had already dunked but offered her the chocolate ice cream and fries for her to get her own if she so desired.
Stealing some courage, Ezekiel pulled out a notebook from his pack and opened it up to reveal some words and a folded piece of paper with the drawing of the moon on it. He had gotten it off the internet and wanted it for his tattoo but was curious as to what Artemis would think of it. In his mind, it was an excellent rendering with incredible detailing. He paused while offering her the paper to look at and grinned. He knew some of Artemis and her hunters and would be honored to meet some of them, if only because of his weapon of choice. However, it sounded like they weren't meant to interfere with their mission, just observe and escort home. "Well, no pressure now that we know an audience will be watching. Although, the trip home will go by much faster. Thanks Auntie A." He settled into the booth and looked at the drawing.
"I want to get that tattooed on my arm in honor of my mom. Do you think that would be okay?" He genuinely wanted Artemis's approval on it, which was normally out of character for Ezekiel but the truth of it was plain on his face. It was one of her symbols after all and he always viewed his mother as a type of hunter and protector, in the like of Artemis.

Cassiopeia Hood

Location: Driving ---> Warehouse -- Wichita, Kansas

”Of course I’m not LaLa,” she said, sounding insulted. It didn’t take much for Cassiopeia to rise to her sister jibs and she always got her too. They pulled up to the warehouse, seeing another car already there and a real nice one by the looks of it. She shut off the Jeep and looked at the building for a moment. ”Well he better be alive because if he’s not, I’m going to use Merlin’s magic to bring him back and kill him myself,” Cassiopeia declared in a fit of emotion.
”Let’s just leave our things here for right now. Just in case,” Cassiopeia said before she opened the car door. ”You two be good alright? You will have your freedom soon enough,” she informed both cats.
Once Cassiopeia was out of the car, she waited for her sister and took her twin’s hand before walking into the warehouse. Inside, Cassopeia saw an older man, who couldn’t possibly be anyone else but Merlin and two girls around their age. One was holding a key out to Merlin and questioning him.

Willow Jones

Location: Willow’s House

Willow watched the woman who told them Merlin was waiting inside, get into her car and leave, following another car that had driven away. She wasn’t sure if people leaving the warehouse was a good or a bad sign but curiosity drove Willow onward. She followed Annie into the warehouse and saw Merlin there, who greeted them with a warm smile. Annie leaned in close and whispered to her to not trust this man. This man however, was the one who told Willow her parents were not her parents and gave her this card. She looked at the card and back at Merlin before stepping forward.
”Do you know what this is?” Willow held out the key she had been given from her mother earlier to Merlin. It was a rather bold reaction from Willow but the curiosity continued to drive her forward and she felt like she was in the right place. That she needed to be here. She seemed to completely ignore Annie’s warning, more focused on getting answers.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Side of the Road -- THE ROAD

Ezekiel took the arrow from Kristin and frowned a little at it. He weighted it in his hands and flipped it over to get a good look at its make and to see if there were any markings on it. All that he noticed was the faint golden glow of the celestial bronze arrowhead and he sighed. ”Well, safe to say whoever shot the arrow is here for us. Celestial bronze is no joke,” Ezekiel said and handed the arrow to Janelle so she could get a feel for it. ”Do try not to cut yourself. Something like that passes straight through mortals but for creatures, gods and demigods, that will do a whirl of damage.”
Another arrow shot out at them but the archer either had poor aim or was giving another warning to them. Ezekiel peered out, following Janelle’s direction of the something big and bad being near the tree line, when he saw the shape of a Centaur and frowned. Mentally he noted how impressive Janelle's hearing was but continued to focus on the task at hand. ”It looks to be a Centaur,” Ezekiel said and stepped off of the bus. He withdrew his own bow and notched an arrow. ”Starting to miss the flesh eating horses,” he noted. The Centaur drew back into the trees and Ezekiel kept his bow ready at his side. ”I’d rather not venture into an unknown forest, especially if there is a herd of them. If we do engage in fighting, I’d like to draw them out,” he said and looked at Kristin. A dramatic option was Ezekiel trying to light the forest on fire, he would leave the less dramatic ideas to Kristin and Janelle.

Luna Braddock - Glimpse

Location: Old Mutant Underground HQ -- Washington D.C.
Skills: Telepathy -- Scanning; Communication

Luna cocked her head to the side when Veil corrected her. She looked at Veil then back to Max and smirked. ”Is it now? I suppose one will always lead to the other. Power of the tome leading to the tomb.” Both words sounded one in the same with her accent. She narrowed her eyes at Max when he addressed her specifically. He seemed to be running down the list of people he had wronged, correcting them in their thinking and trying to justify the mistakes he had made and provide reasons for why he had done it. Luna looked around them again, reaching out to keep up the telepathic warding that would help her determine if another person neared them. She picked up on no further readings.
When Sapphire started to speak, releasing all her hate in pain into speech, Luna was hyper aware when her name was spoken. She glared at Sapphire and rolled her eyes at one point but didn’t say a word. Quarreling between members of the same group was not something Luna deemed productive at this time so she wouldn’t respond to that. The hate was directed to Luna but it was also an example of why Max was wrong and that he didn’t know anything about them or what he was involved in. Kid or not, they all had to learn and he still wasn’t. Sapphire knew nothing about Luna other than the outer persona she carried, an armor Luna wore all in itself. If Sapphire wanted to continue to project her hate and pain on the people around her that she didn’t respect or think worthy of her time, so be it. Luna would try her best not to rise to it anymore and focus on her ability to help the group she joined, as she had been doing for months now.
The idea of bringing Waverley’s mother back didn’t sit well with her. It was common knowledge that bringing the dead back never worked. Just look at any horror movie or book on the topic. It was a fascination of the dead that made this knowledge available but Luna just shook her head, it wouldn’t work and the only spirit seerer they had was Casper, which Max apparently did not know.
As Luna scanned the area again, she gave pause, momentarily leaving the space around her and felt another presence within her head. She hadn’t felt something like this since she was a child and reached out for her father in her time of need. Ever since then, he had told her to never do that again. The irony of Luna Braddock and even her Aunt being a telepath was her father not liking telepaths, as did most of the mutants Luna came across. It was why she never ventured into people’s minds unless it was defense or she was instructed to.
This though, this came out of nowhere and the person on the other side of her connection was James. ”James?”

Cayden Proudstar - Moonwalker

Location: Mutant Underground HQ -- Training Room -- Washington D.C.
Skills: Empathy

Cayden frowned at Ben’s words and visibly flinched from Sunshine’s outburst. He could feel the anger pulsating off of her and removed his hand from Casper’s shoulder. James went off and Jack fell silent for a moment. Cayden looked over at Ben and sighed a little. Perhaps it was the limited interaction Ben had with humans now, the only one ever being Casper and Casper wasn’t exactly good with human emotion either. Not from what Cayden could tell at least. Casper continued to sneeze and Cayden smiled a little. ”I could find some tissue for you,” he offered. Soup would also be an excellent thing but they had nothing in the way of food and even less for Cayden to actually make soup.
Cayden looked back where James and Sunshine had run off and hoped they were doing okay and James was able to get through to Sunshine. He glanced at Jack and saw he was looking at some charts with numbers and names, he was able to see that it was the Stock Market and then Jack started to speak and Cayden looked at him confused. ”Did something else happen?” He had no idea what Jack was mumbling about.

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: Pietro & Guin’s Wedding Reception

Antoinette had found the wedding ceremony lovely with the twinkling lights and freshness of the outdoors. She had momentarily become distracted with the lights but hurried forward so as not to hold the line up. She had smiled brightly at Pietro when she took her place up front with one of the bridesmaids. Guin was stunning in her simple, yet beautiful dress and she couldn’t wait to see his face when he saw her. She had teared up as well during the vows but tried not to cry too much and ruin the make-up she had on to complement the two toned dress she wore.
The reception was laid out nicely, with more twinkling lights for her to admire and enjoy. She knew they would have been there but she hadn’t seen them in the darkness of the night and was pleased to see how lovely they were. Antoinette stood with her best friend and fellow bridesmaid, Carolina and sipped on a drink. They watched Pietro carry Guin in and Antoinette laughed but smiled. It was such a rare thing to see unbridled pure love and joy on those two faces. ”Come, let’s get a closer look for their first dance,” Antoinette said and pulled Carolina to the edge of the dance floor.
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