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Current Theme Song: Pretty Distraction -- SkyDxddy

Name: KazAlkemi
Age: Thirty
Birthday: Ask me
Ethnicity: Canadian
Location: Mountain Standard Time
Occupation: Reception / Student
Languages: Fluent English, Amateur Scottish Gaelic
Preferred RP Section: Casual/Advanced
RP Level:Advanced
Dedication Level: High
Biggest RP Pet Peeve: Unchecked Ignorance; Disrespect
My Pets: MEOW!
Fandoms: Grishaverse; Supernatural; Harry Potter; Heartstopper; Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss

Song of the Month: Poison - Hazbin Hotel

Books I Am Currently Reading:
  • The Ballad of Never After -- Stephanie Garber
  • Inferno -- Dante Alighieri
  • Grapes of Wrath --John Steinbeck
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -- Lewis Carroll
  • The Magician's Diary -- C.J. Archer
  • The Fiery Cross - Diana Gabaldon

Shows I Am Currently Watching:

  • Supernatural Season 11
  • The Originals (rewatch)
  • Doom At Your Service

Current Favourite Movies:
  • Wish <3

Role Plays I Am In:

  • Darke Magyk: CONCLUDED by Morose -- Playing Cuyler Eysteinsson (Alive and well; will he see Ayra again?);
    Amarantha (death by Fyre);
    Ahote Proudstar (Alive and no longing melting inside)
  • The Gifted by Morose -- Playing Luna Braddock (whereabouts unknown) & Cayden Proudstar (deceased by gunshot to the neck)
  • Once Upon A Time by Nallore -- Playing Cassiopeia Hood (Living back in the mortal world with her cats and girlfriend, working at her old job, and visiting her father, Robin Hood and twin sister when she can) & Willow Jones (Living in the fairytale world with her mother, Aurora and father, learning all the ins and outs of ruling, and visiting her girlfriend on the weekends)

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Antoinette McCarthy

Location: SPACE! Again…

Antoinette checked on Arnold while she caught her breath. The Tribble seemed to be shaking more than usual, well aware of the situation around them. She rubbed his head gently with her knuckle. ”Hang in there, Arnold.” Antoinette looked up when Pietro and some other mutants arrived. Antoinette decided to hang back and help some of those struggling up the ramp.
A portal nearby started to flicker, the hallway behind it shuttering with a new round of explosions. Antoinette swallowed, watching it as gears turned in her head. Pietro raced off once more, and Bethany climbed into the Blackbird, leaving Antoinette to usher any other people up the ramp. She hoped the Blackbird would be able to take off with all these people.

Annika Falling Star

Location: New York New York

Jack’s words rattled around in Annika’s head. Runa’s voice drifted in and out of the din while Annika tried to make sense of it all. The world was in trouble and was very clearly falling apart, but was Runa’s prophecy correct? Or was Jack’s determination the only course of action?

Annika’s heart tumbled over as she tried to listen to her ancestors. Fate was one thing, but the gift Annika had been given was not for nothing. The ancestors knew of the war the White Man was bringing to their doorstep and so sent gifts to Annika and others like her to help turn the tide and protect their people. Then Annika was taken from that and sent to Limbo, sent to this place in the future to what, watch it crumble? Or prevent the world from slipping away?

This new land was strange, with foreign sounds and smells and very little plant life. Perhaps the White Man had won and turned her homeland into the cold and friendless world it was now. Perhaps this was always how it was meant to be. Did that mean this place was worth saving, or did her ancestors want Annika to help make it fall?

Annika turned her head and watched Jack retreat outside. She stepped back and found herself standing next to Runa and Klara. This place wasn’t her home. Not anymore.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Doors of Death

Ezekiel felt for his boyfriend after Demetri screamed and shifted to try and stop Leandra, but also get everyone to get along. Unfortunately, the lure of power always beats out friendships. Besides, friendship didn’t mean much to the gods. They were a jealous bunch, and one always demanded to be above the other.
Ezekiel didn’t get time to try, and talk to Demetri or help Nancy. He saw something flash and turned his head in time for a Cyclops to knock him down, then hit his torso with a club. Ezekiel grunted from the force and winced. The familiar feeling of broken ribs greeted him. Ezekiel rolled to his side, ignoring the blinding flash of pain from sudden movements. He strung an arrow and pulled back on his bow, aiming an arrow for the Cyclops eye and released.

Annika Falling Star

Location: New York New York

The magic slipped through Annika’s hands like water. She felt her portion of the barrier crack and break, and it took more with it. Annika looked up at the sky, wondering how long she had left. Runa’s words filled Annika’s head and seemed to hold her soul. If Annika died in this world, would her people live on in theirs? Or was this death one and the same?

Annika raised a hand to grip her mother’s necklace. It was warm to the touch and bore a great weight despite its lightness. This could not be Annika’s time, not in this place.

Jack spoke, and Annika felt an eeriness settle over her. Her eyes widened as realization dawned. ”Jack!” she shouted as Runa’s neck was snapped. Jack would kill them all if it meant saving this world from Ananyma. However, Runa was not dead. She rose, cackling, and looking otherworldly. Annika took an unconscious step backwards. Nothing good would come from this.

Annika stood with her arms loose at her sides, ready to shift, defend, or attack.
Ezekiel Kel

Location: Doors of Death

Zeke winced when Demetri snapped back at Janelle. He really wished this group could just set their egos aside and get along. Ironic because Zeke hated Alexios. But that was completely different. For example, Ezekiel hated that Demetri had just given in to Alexios and started talking about his exes. Truthfully, Zeke was curious, but now really wasn’t the best time. It was interesting to know that the Empousa had tried to kill Demetri that way. Then there was this other ex who sounded like another Greek God. Zeke frowned, trying not to let it affect him. His name was Zeke. Ezekiel’s jealousy quickly deflated, and he looked at Demetri. Who, of course, kept going. Ezekiel started to blush and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably.

Leandra being present was not something Ezekiel had planned for, but before anyone else could say or do anything, Nancy charged in and made quick work of killing her. Ezekiel swallowed, the sound loud in his ears. He shifted his feet uncomfortably. Wherever Nancy went, she wasn’t really present anymore. Zeke knew he should try to get through to her, to bring her back, but he didn’t move to. They needed her. They needed the killer.
Ezekiel tried to distract his mind by focusing on the other monsters in the room, but then something straight out of a zombie movie started to happen. Ezekiel’s eyes widened as he watched Leandra come back to life and get the upper hand on Nancy. Zeke shifted the bow in his hand, standing closer to Demetri. Cassian got tossed through the doors, leaving the rest of them to deal with Leandra and her cronies. Ezekiel kept his eyes on the monsters.

”Nanc…” By saying her name, Ezekiel tried to attempt to remind Nancy she had control, that she was in charge here, and that they were all here to help. Leandra was using Mads against Nancy at the moment. Ezekiel could empathise with how he might feel if he were Nancy in this situation, and it was Kristin who had been killed, or Nancy, or Demi, or Janelle, hell, even Leda. Who else would he harass at camp and would make him eat shit if it wasn’t Leda?

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: SPACE! Again…

Antoinette’s eyes widened as a flock of birds suddenly appeared. She smiled, clapping her hands lightly at the wonder of them. She snapped too, however, when Mary announced they had less than fifteen minutes to get off the space station before it exploded around them. Antoniette looked at Max, unsure if he would listen to Mary. Antoinette started to move, making sure everyone was heading for the exit and toward the hanger.
”Time to go, Arnold,” she told her Tribble. Arnold remained buried under her clothes, snug but obviously nervous from all the action happening. Antoinette hurried to keep up with her friends as they made their way through the halls, dragging others with them to the hangar.

Annika Falling Star

Location: New York New York

Annika felt strengthened after she spoke the last words. She felt stronger and more connected to the rest that had spoken, like a part of her remained with them all. However, Runa’s words fell heavy on her soul. She looked at the older woman and wondered what had occurred when she left her body. Perhaps her soul hadn’t returned at all.

Annika moved to stand closer to Runa. She opened her mouth to speak to the older woman but then shut it again, unsure what to say. This woman was older than Annika and far wiser. Whatever prevented Runa from speaking, there must have been a good reason—soul intact or not.

When Jack urged them all to speak again, Annika shut her eyes, taking hold of the hands open to being held and reciting the ancient words in her native tongue once more. She let her power mingle with her new comrades and ancestors, praying she would return home to see her family again.

Ezekiel Kel

Location: Doors of Death

The effect of Demi’s kiss snapped Ezekiel out of his confusion. A lopsided grin formed as he watched Demetri walk away. Zeke looked round at the others, making sure they were okay. His gaze landed on Nancy. Ezekiel was worried about her mental state, but it was like adrenaline, in a way. If you slowed the person down too much, the reverse would happen, and they would either feel everything right away or slip into shock. Right now, Nancy’s instincts were to fight, and Zeke saw that as the better alternative to running or freezing.

Ezekiel felt eyes on him and shifted his attention back to Demetri and Cassain, the latter staring at Ezekiel. ”Like what you see, Rudenko?” Ezekiel smirked, resting his bow on his shoulder, in that “I don’t give a fuck” kind of way.

Now that they had the lovely Cassian back, Nancy marched on ahead, clearly ready to get on with the quest. Ezekiel dropped his arm and followed Nancy and Kristin. He looked at Demetri, indicating he should follow them. Zeke heard Alexios’ grating voice and Zeke rolled his eyes as they walked. ”I really don’t think this is the best time to discuss past lovers. Maybe wait to ask on the honeymoon, ya?” Nancy’s armour may have been fighting now, breakdown later, but Zeke’s was sarcasm times a thousand.

They reached the Doors of Death, and honestly, they were a letdown. Ezekiel was expecting some sort of riddle three that needed to be solved or a spooky green light with fog rolling out from underneath the door. Instead, it just looked like a typical set of banquet room doors. Kristin managed to heave the doors open. What greeted the group on the other side had the surprise effect Ezekiel initially sought.

”Leandra? What the actual fuck?” Zeke remembered Leandra's trial with the Romans only because they had refused to meet with the Greeks until they had completed their business with her. It was the first fight he and Nancy had gotten into because Zeke was somehow the liaison between Romans and Greeks. After that, though, Nancy and Zeke’s relationship started to build, and he got some tea on Leandra.

Annika Falling Star

Location: New York New York

Annika struggled to remain present with all the chaos that was happening around her. However, she managed to follow the others inside and looked at the vast building. It felt oddly familiar, but Annika knew that couldn’t be right. She had never been in such a vast structure before… and yet…

A female presenting person started speaking to them, confirming that they were all Sorcerer Supremes and needed to cast a Renewal Spell. Annika had never heard of such a thing, but if she needed to speak it, she needed to be human. Annika transformed back into her human self. She shook out her body and cloak, getting used to being on two feet once more.

Jack spoke the spell first, followed by Madalyne, then Carolina. Annika knew these were words she had never spoken before, but like the building she stood in, they were familiar to her. Annika shifted the words to speak in her native tongue instead --- at least for the words she could easily translate in her head --- but she repeated the spell all the same.

"Through heart and soul of the Fifth Eternity, the world hears my call,
Invaders from horizons unbound, and hunters of the frail,
In the name of Agamotto, son of Oshtur, the Earth rejects your might,
May the Divide of the Cosmos stand tall, and never fall to ruin,
Lest we wither and lament the endless war of chaos everlasting.

May those who trespass these sacred bounds mourn their fate,
And the wicked from lands unseen be banished from whence they came,
The land, the sky, and the soul of Life defy the Great Beyond,
By decree of the Sorcerer Supreme, none shall trespass upon this Veil!"

Antoinette McCarthy

Location: SPACE! Again…

Antoinette nodded as Mary explained the PA system was likely out. She tapped her foot, thinking. Mary suggested enhancing someone’s telepathy, but Antoinette wasn’t sure how they would go about enhancing that. ”I have some telepathy. With needing to make my illusions effectively take hold, I have to be able to enter people’s minds. We could try through me,” Antoinette offered since no one else with telepathy had as of yet.
Antoinette stepped from side to side. She was starting to feel antsy. Standing still for so long after being in a situation where they had all been fighting for their lives made it hard to come down and relax. Especially since they weren’t home-free yet.
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