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I lost both a character sheet and a post in a laptop restart.

Working on rewriting the former.
The quarantine stems over three districts, just to point that out, not just the principle focus.

I return.

To mark my birthday I will actually finish the long WIP Character sheet I have for this game.

Consider it my present, from me, to me, to you.
We're still accepting!

In my opinion, the best place for new characters to be would be within one of the three quarantined districts, for whatever reason. Any further GM posts for the near future will take place or at least directly affect those, and it's going to be the focus of the action, with the hunt for the disk 'and' the impact of the chemical outbreak starting to be felt.
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I hope you all like incredibly callous politics.

Mega-City Arcadia
The Linus Lounge

"Heads will roll." The feminine voice purred from behind a cocktail glass, the prelude to the gentle sound of a dainty sip, the barest hint of the Manhatten making its way past her lips before being placed back down upon the counter. The process of doing so stirred the visual display that ran across the whole counter, a miasma of optical illusions spreading across the sleek counter. A visual sensation which captivated many new acolytes to the lounge, but for these two veterans, was barely noticed.

Her companion, sitting across from cocktail-sipper replied with the barest chuckle, bold considering their circumstances, before voicing his response; "Heads 'are' rolling, they're already bouncing off the ground, setting off other problems, none as big as this." The male wasn't drinking and sat forwards, wringing his hands together as a means to occupy them sans drink.

"No one important." With no glass blocking her features, the female set her gaze entirely upon the man across from her. Emerald eyes that were 'almost' feline bored into his, one perfect eyebrow raised in contemplation of him, or their circumstances, one could never really tell. A dismissive wave of her hand accompanied her words before she continued. "How do you plan to proceed?"

"Officially recognising the existence of the disk, and even then, acting as if the rumour of its discovery is true, only compounds the issue. The Corp will need an excuse to keep Ghajotia under wraps and search the district. An excuse that's not an excuse, but a necessary measure." The man was wiry, but in the sense that carried condensed power, leaning back to straighten his tie. A minor tick, but these days, with all sorts of systems working to make human interaction as artificially seamless as possible, it was an easy tell. He was either impossibly proud, or she made him nervous. Perhaps both. She made no response, until she arched her eyebrow a little higher, prompting him to continue past his dramatic pause.

"Outbreak, Quarantine, Emergency Peacekeeper patrols and powers. As always, have the boys in Blue do the Crops groundwork for them." It could work, and it earned him a nod from the female, which brought a smile to his face.

"I take it, given the expedience necessary, you haven't advised them to attempt to 'fake' such a thing." Her voice was almost a whisper as she prompted, not from shame or subterfuge, but merely the minimum effort she wished to expend. As if begrudging even that, she shortly took another sip of her drink.

"Faking a such a thing would be difficult and expensive regardless of time, no, matters are already set in motion." That earned him a genuine look of pensive thought from his companion, studying him, as if for the first time. Her glass was set back down, a finger trailing across the rim.

"Already? Impressive." The Corp employed an army of similar consultants, and one could be assured they were currently pressing on all of them for solutions. To cut through that so quickly 'did' merit attention.

"There's an R&D Biological Barge crossing Mega-City airspace, en route to City University Labs. It is going to experience technical difficulties, that will bring it down into Ghajotia." The man's smirk was beginning to seem unseemly. Personal success at the cost of how many lives? Even she was unused to such, but it was not enough to stir any more reaction from her beyond the barest of nods.

"How long until the Corp is in position?" Her voice betrayed little of the myriad and calculations her mind was running through, altering her own predictions as to the nature of things, running alongside a mounting calculation of the human and economic cost.

"We should only be mere moments before impact. I've been promised footage if you'd like to watch with me?"

She buried herself in her calculations to hide any reaction to that, but nevertheless, her eyes turned to the screen that the man presented from within his suit.


Life in the Mega City can often be a lonely thing. Surrounded by billions, but ignoring all but that which effects you directly. Crime and disaster could occur and be ignored by passersby.

Even for a city such as Arcadia though, countless eyes turned to the sight of the vast atmospheric craft descending towards the city, past the high rises and glittering estates of the grand spires, trailing smoke as the crew onboard fought to level the stricken vessel.

Communication screamed through the air, digital warnings of what was occurring, scrambled efforts to prevent, and contain the imminent disaster. Peacekeeper craft began to swarm the descending, crippled, giant. Metal screamed as the craft attempted to alter its own course at a speed it was never designed to maintain. It was futile, and increasingly the rest of the city was becoming aware of this.

For any who may not have been watching the aerial display before, the concussive BOOM of the City's aerial defences opening up certainly did. Efforts had been made to save the crew, but quickly the situation had evolved to preventing damage to the city. Heavy rail-rounds struck the barge, ripping through the civilian vessel with ease, but calculations appeared to be off, rather than rendering the vessel a crumbled wreck, the shot struck too far back on the craft, ripping free its engines, but leaving it to fall, now without the hint of control it had before, in two pieces. Peacekeeper craft now scrambled to avoid being caught in the descent. A flurry of other weapon fire struck the barge, but it was too late to alter the outcome, a moment later, the shower of wreckage struck into Arcadia. Three districts fell under the blanket of debris. Individual buildings, hab-blocks, warehouses, were pulverized beneath the descending wreckage. Slowed by the incoming fire, the impact casualties would be numbered in the hundreds, rather than thousands. It was the cargo containers, ripped open and exposed by impact, that would be the real killers.


Breaking News!

Following the as-yet unexplained crash of an unknown atmospheric craft, Ghajotia, Troia and Delcos have been quarantined under suspicion that the craft may have contained dangerous contaminants. Peacekeeper cordons are in place both in the air and on the ground, with units even moving into the deep-city to maintain the quarantine. Aid and relief efforts for crash victims, and any potential outbreak are being held back along with all civilian traffic.

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