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House Arryn and Lady Celena Lannister are ready and awaiting judgment.

Both your section of Arryn and that Lannister lady are approved.

Here is House Stark. I considered making Ellard's wife, but that would probably be another two days of writing for a character that I don't envision myself writing very often, so for now she'll just be an NPC. Let me know if there's anything that needs to be fixed :)

Really nice sheet my guy, feel free to drop that in the Character Tab. Particularly appreciate the Bastard giving you a PoV for the Narrow Sea conflict :)
Ruby forcibly dragged me (but not really) out of my extremely long absence from Roleplayer Guild by dangling this roleplay in front of me. I'll be posting one or more character sheets in the near future, just wanted to make my presence and interest known.

Glad to have you!

I love it, feel free to drop the whole thing in the Character Tab :)
Would it be alright if I at some point elaborated a little bit about the captains and crews under my character's control, as well as a maybe making a full house sheet for the Saan family? Although pretty much all other members are going to be in Lys and hence might not be that relevant?

While past games we've played out haven't really touched the Free Cities, this RP might be the exception, as we already have a few characters (and a few more planned) involved in the Narrow Sea and beyond, so fleshing out characters for Lys might still be useful as well as interesting.

Alright, there we go, let me know if you want any edits.

No problems I can spy! Feel free to drop them in the Character Tab
I am also interested in this, are you still accepting?

I feel like perhaps playing a slightly lower born character, or maybe a foreigner?

Main current idea is a Lyseni pirate, who might have teamed up with Daemon in the War for the Stepstones for revenge on the Kingdom of the Three Daughters after they drove the pirates out in 106AC. Could even be a member of the Saan family actuallu, there's no canon members for this time period I think.

Definitely still accepting.

This is a great time period to go with a character with that kind of background, plenty of drama building up that doesn't just revolve around the Westerosi noble houses, so a pirate would be more than welcome. I'd suggest a pirate of some note just to make it a bit more interesting for you, however.


I believe these are the only two sheets fully finished.

Either way, they're both accepted, you can plonk them in the character tab :)
Nah, I think I'll write up an original Greyjoy character. Or maybe go with a lesser house - if I go Bracken, would anyone be interested in playing a Blackwood?

I can always write up a Blackwood sheet, for a non-GM character.
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