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Go play, Kid.
Stamp number 2!

Welcome to the game.
Now that Ellri has gone over the force side of things with you In happy to also give my stamp of approval.

Welcome to the Game :)

The Stepstones

By the time Corlys pulled his blade from the last of the assailants, his arm ached with a bone-deep pain which he knew would persist for many a day. Gone were the days where he could spring forth through an endless stream of melee and remain as unscathed as ever. Now each fight was a sacrifice, a piece of his future given for a greater goal.

"Pull us away from her less she drowns us with her." The seasoned sailor called back to his crew, pulling open the guard of his helm to shout the order. The Myrish had been fighting a losing battle the entire time, but not there was no avoiding it. Some were even risking the sharks to avoid any further fighting. The straights were narrow enough that some of them might reach the rocks before the fish got them, not that Corlys favoured their chances. Now would usually be the time to ransack the stricken enemy vessel for supplies, but, this was not a simple engagement or a raid, this was a campaign, and they did not have time to delay.

By the time The Sea Snake had fully extracted itself from the Myrish vessel and pushed on past, flames had already began to lick across the Essosi ship. Daemon's forces had little need for further ships at their current strength, even if they had the men spare to secure it in the meantime, so, instead, none would benefit. Corlys watched the building inferno for a few moments longer, before his eyes cast forwards.

"Stay ready, we're here for a fortress, not a ship." With that the Head of House Velaryon slammed his helm shut. Their intelligence was as good as any, there was little that could be hidden from dragonback after all, not even in the winding straights of the Stepstones. One of the last remaining holdouts in the Stepstones was close, they would bring it to heel. They did not have to wait long to find their quarry, another few twists and turns among the rocky outcrops of the islands to spy the Pirate Holdfast. A sorry thing, a wooden fort perched atop a sea-lashed rock, it's docks far outstripping the size of the fortification itself. Once an outpost for raiders, the Myrish had seized it in their efforts to control the Narrow Sea, for now, it's port remained empty. Daemon had pulled the fleet away, Corlys would strike the blow.

The low twang of Ballista soon filled the air, the Sea Snake banked around to present its broadside to the Hillfort. Many bolts simply threw up salt spray, but among them was the crash of wood and the screams of men. As time went on, the skilled crew of the Velaryon flagship struck home more and more. A spattering of return fire responded to them, but the Sea Snake weaved out of range of the land-based emplacements, and as soon as they revealed themselves, the crew had their primary targets. The Sea Snake's artillery teams ripped gouges into the wooden fort, ripping out the enemy emplacements. When the fort went silent, this was when Corlys ordered the vessel forwards.

The Sea Snakes archers cleared the enemy docks of any resistance, the flagship coming abreast of the docks, gang planks slamming down. No need to risk a boat-crossing when the foe's own docks could be used against them. Then the Westerosi, and all their assorted allies, issued forth, the crop of Daemon's forces sent to subdue a final, lonely outpost. Corlys strode among them, despite the ache in his joints. He wouldn't have it said the Old Snake could no longer stand beside his men.

I am too old for this.
With @Heat

As the Sith assassin watched the Republic supreme commander ascend closer towards him. A smirk danced across his lips at the sight of it, and all of the commotion he had apparently caused. He had drawn eyes away from the infiltration of the temple. The day before he laid his trap he had spent a day around Coruscant, part of it he’d paid a visit to the smouldering ruins of the Jedi Order’s former home. It sent chills down his spine, the sight of it. Even from a distance as it was blocked off by the Republic. It must have been glorious watching it burn on that day of reckoning for the Jedi. Such a stuffy, ignorant group deserved no less.

He did indeed intend to not have to face this fool down, Zes would have preferred if Malcolm had gone up in flames inside of his apartment. Left as a cooked corpse, a proper death for a constant pain in the side to the Empire. Still, he had the advantage here. His identity was still well hidden, he had no need to call upon the Force. No reason to bare his lightsabers, his superiors had told him exactly not to do that. The planet wide city gave a multitude of escape avenues. Plenty of alleyways to disappear down, places where the security did not care to look deep enough. As always, Zes was confident.

He gave a brief glance at Malcolm, then ran to the side where a dark blue speeder awaited him. He climbed into the driver’s side, locked his fingers around the controls and slammed his foot into the ignition pedal. The undercover Sith zoomed away from his position, intending to escape the supreme commander and any of the man’s lackies.

This is a stupid plan.

To say the thought crossed Jace’s mind would perhaps exaggerate the amount Jace Malcom actually ‘thought’ at times like these. He was a man of action by nature, one that could analyse a hell of a lot more data than most while in such a state, but it didn’t change who he was.

Armoured boots clanked against the building’s surface as he burst into a run, already, jets that had already burned through their fuel reserves sputtered to a semblance of life as the advanced armour anticipated the advancing drop. He had a moment, the blaster wouldn’t do it, the speeder could take the shot, nor could he guarantee a killing shot in the window of opportunity he had.

This is a really stupid plan.

With a sudden inhale and exhale of breath, the Supreme Commander of the Republic military jumped. What had been solid ground gave way to a sheer drop to the cityscape below, so far one would struggle to even see the top layer of Coruscant's many separate levels of habitation. Traffic blurred beneath him. Jace took in none of this, all he saw was the target and the speeder they were on. Gravity began to take hold of him just a moment too soon.

The impact of what could generously be considered a large man in full combat armour was enough to push the civilian speeder into a momentary downward spiral. Jace got one hand, then two hands, to the metallic surface, losing his blaster in the process, but his suit soon magnetised him to the craft. A good thing too, even with a strong grip the prospect of hanging on to a speeder about to hit its acceleration as it careened downwards wasn’t one even a hero of the Great Galactic War would be likely to consider. For now, before the assailant could gain control of the vehicle, it was all Jace could do to simply hold on.

Zes’ eyes went wide as the armored man clasped onto the front of the speeder, an incredibly bold move. But not one that was entirely unexpected considering the commander’s history of risk in the battlefield during the war.The Sith forcefully lifted the controls up to regain control, breathing heavy as the spiral downwards into speeding traffic sent a chill through his spine. With a frantic yank he managed to level the vessel, avoiding catastrophe. The panic in his veins ceased as he was in full control. A terrible prospect for his target who clung to the hood practically at Zes’ mercy. He slammed on the ignition, as the speeder powered forward into the busy traffic.

He rapidly shifted left and right, doing his damndest to fling Malcom off the hood. If he couldn’t send the man flying off then he’d scrape him against a building. With a quick glance, an affirmation that he had buckled in he shifted the speeder. He watched as the sides floated around him, then smiled as the rapidly moving vessel was now upside down. The Falleen was still in control as he whizzed through traffic. The force guided him, cautioning him of any imminent dangers he could not see. Horns honked and brakes slammed around him as he dodged other speeders, making as many near collisions as he could.

Jace was immediately very thankful he was wearing his helmet. The world spun and lurched around him, but the stabilisation sensors within his armour and helm shielded him from the worst of the discombobulation. Still, it was a disconcerting experience to remain hanging from the wildly turning vehicle in the middle of heavy traffic by only the magnetic force of his armour. His initial instinct was to reach for his sidearm, now magged to his thigh, but the forces throwing him about reduced his ability to aim successfully to practically nothing. Perhaps he had prevented the Assassin from an easy escape, but it seemed beyond him to finish the job himself. The thought brought a growl of frustration to Malcom’s lips.

There was one final parting gift he could leave, however, momentarily bracing both hands on the vehicle, another gesture within his helm activated a secondary module within the armour, a small tracking device slipping from his palm to attach to the speeder. He highly doubted an accomplished agent would fail to notice it for long, but it might give the Republic forces a chance to catch up, at the worst, it was simply another pain for the attacker to deal with, and Jace was petty enough to take some joy from that. Once the tracker was set, he exhaled slowly, calming himself despite the chaos around him. Meditation was a Jedi trick, but, well, it had its uses.

In the next moment, the Supreme Commander threw himself from the speeder, pushing off against it, the magnetic lock of his armour disabling with the motion, and for the third time in one evening Jace Malcom found himself suspended in nothing. This time, however, it was remarkably short lived. The armoured form of the ex-trooper immediately struck a large freighter among the bustling traffic of Coruscant, the force jarring through him, and he half span-away due to the impact. He flailed out with one hand, just about catching the rim of the vehicle to arrest his descent, once again the enhanced grip of his armour keeping him from the plummeting drop below. While he was rather glad to have survived, even with the advanced systems of his armour, the sight of the would-be-assassin was soon lost to him in the blur of the skyline.
@Ezekiel Curious if you have room for another? I'm toying with the idea of a hedge knight seeking service at the Red keep and a possible dragon seed from Lys from a certain clever Targaryen who ran away from home (Saera Targaryen). Basically using the hedge knight to get into positions that amuse her, if that would be possible? As for the hedge knight himself, Viserys was known for holding tournaments and Jasper Wylde was known to have twenty-nine children. I can image one of them seeking such fame. I could take Lord Jasper 'Ironrod' Wylde as well if need be. I can't see him being pleased if a son was toting about a silver-haired witch.

I actually had plans to incorporate some Saera dragonseeds at some point, so I'd be more than happy to have one of them actually played in this game. The background for the Hedge Knight fits as well. If you want to chat more specifics feel free to drop a PM or hop in the discord :)
<Snipped quote by Ezekiel>


Made another POV character ahead of working on a post for the IC, will edit into my main house sheet, but also posting here for GM review etc.

Will probably place her in KL to give a lever to work that end of the plot

Bish bash bosh.

All of these can go in the character tab now, gg on being accepted.
Will get to reviewing sheets soon.

Also sorry to everyone involved in the Sea Snake scene for my lack of update post. Been very distracted with health things irl and what energy I have had to write has gone into PW Mod stuff, we'll be on track soon.
Aylara Tehoe and Senator Eyri. Senate Building, Offices of Senator Pharliis

Eyri wished to be nowhere but her office at any point of the day now. After Iri’s death, anywhere she went was a test on her emotions. At least in her office, Eyri felt as if she had a sense of peace and security, she could be herself.

The statement to her people had been finished. It was well known that Iri Mosvaine of Pantora had been found dead earlier that morning, the Chairmen himself had contacted Pharliis to discuss what she knew.

It seemed that was all everyone wanted to talk about now, was Iri. Eyri was sick of riding the emotional rollercoaster. She didn’t wish to take leave to grieve, there were important issues to discuss with the committee and important work Eyri did not want to leave to her Junior Representative, Barin.

The senator’s back was to the room, for if anyone did come in she didn’t wish for them to see the tears in her eyes. She cried all that she could that day. Now her eyes simply welled up with tears when thoughts of her friend came across her mind.

The view from her office was something she and Iri had always enjoyed. Eyri stood, wiping tears from her eyes as she gazed out the window at the afternoon setting of Coruscant. She leaned against a support pillar that merged the window into the wall of the office, taking deep breaths, eyes closed as she attempted to rein in her emotions yet again.

It was often surprisingly easy to get into places that really shouldn’t be that easy. Getting out was always more difficult, that was for sure, but you’d have thought with an ongoing investigation into the death of a key member of staff, the former might be a little difficult too. It seems someone important really was that keen on selling the ‘overdose’ narrative.

This was how Aylara found herself in the offices of one Eyri Pharliis, dressed in a rather convincing replica of a Coruscant Security uniform. The Identification she flashed to get in was legitimate, aside from an altered image file. She breezed past others dressed in similar garb to herself, as well as any staff members in the building which hadn’t been sent away. There weren’t many of those, which is why she’d been forced to go with the Security angle. She hated the uniform, no matter how advanced the technology, standardized never really worked for her. Now it was just a matter of finding the right room.

It took her a few minutes of wandering around, but, eventually, she caught sight of the Senator, facing out across the view of the City trailing away into the distance, leaning to one side.

That’s a good angle

She thought to herself, as she blinked twice, the imaging software built into her right contact lense capturing the picture. Not that anyone she might send the eventual file to could use it without the Senator knowing, but it was still pretty. Maybe she’d even like it.
After a few more brief moments of pacing to and fro, trying to see if there was a ‘better’ angle, she moved to open the door, sliding into the room softly, although by the time she spoke, she was already pulling off the outer layer of the security jacket, exhaling in relief as she rested the, to her, unsightly garment on a chair.

“Senator Pharliis? Sorry for your loss, I have some information you might be interested in.” Aylara finally spoke to draw her attention, waggling a datapad at the politician, maintaining an even smile that was warm without seeming at odds with the sombre mood of the office.

“I believe we can help each other out here.”

The unfamiliar voice caught her off guard. Eyri turned her head, frowning a little as she looked upon the stranger in her office.
She saw the datapad, saw the security jacket the woman was taking off. The “information” the woman spoke of caught her interest for a quick moment but was quickly pushed to the bottom of the priority list as she tried to figure out just who this was in her office.
“Um, thank you but-” Eyri wiped the last of the tears from her eyes as she stepped towards her desk, arms crossed almost as if she was cold. “Who are you, exactly?”

“Aylara Tewoe, I work for the Times.” Ayla maintained the polite smile, some situations called for obfuscation, but from what she’d read up on in regards to the Senator, playing it straight might work better with this particular individual. Quite rare for a politician really. Rather than carry on speaking, she instead placed the datapad down on the table, a holographic display flickering to life from the pad, presenting a list of names, some with faces. Originally this had included the recently deceased Iri, but, on a whim, Ayla had removed the woman’s image from the file, instead allowing the presence of the Senator's friends name to simply tell the story for her.

“You may or may not need me to tell you about just how nasty the Senate’s politics can be, but, I think you’d agree with me that this is a very long list for a short time, Senator. I believe you’ve had contact with the homicide division? It’s good to know someone is finally taking this seriously.” Ayla moved her hands forwards, flicking through the hologram, progressing the list. They were mostly aids, actual Senators dying was big news, but this amounted to those who might inform their bosses being knocked off. There were a few names here and there Ayla was fairly sure had nothing to do with this, gambling debts or whatnot she’d manage to dig up, but, a bigger list made for a more convincing tale.

“The thing is, Senator, how far can you trust any part of Security these days?”

Eyri watched as the holographic display flickered through names and faces of people she had heard of, some she knew, and many she didn’t. Eyri was in her first term as a Senator, that was true, but she had also been in politics for a long time before now. Many of the names she recognized, and she quickly made the connection between the list, and the status of all of these names. They were all deceased.
“I’ve talked with the homicide-” Eyri paused, catching her own words.

Homicide division? Homicide?
It had been a detective, but Eyri had never really asked for which division. Leena had only stated that she was a detective. Everything pointed in one direction now, though up until this moment Eyri refused to come to that conclusion.

“What are you trying to say?” Eyri prodded, eyeing Aylara as she placed both hands flat on her desk.

“I’m suggesting that someone is covering their tracks, and they’re doing it in a way which doesn’t hold much regard for the lives of those working to keep the Senate on track and informed.” Ayla’s eyes drifted from Eyri for a moment, catching a specific name on the list. Journalists weren’t exempt from whatever was happening behind the scenes in this sordid affair. She’d need to remember to be more careful, or at least, carry a blaster.

“The thing is, brutal and only passably subtle as they may be, they’re doing a good enough job that they’re not leaving a trail beyond the names, it’s obviously caught up in the Senate, but ‘what’ and ‘why’ I should think the only people with answers to those questions are on this list.” Aylara reached down to lift up the datapad, the holographic display fading as she did so.

“The people of Coruscant, of the Galaxy, deserve to know if someone is steering their representatives through murder and misinformation, but a list isn’t a story, nor is it protection. I’m trying to uncover what it is all these people knew that got them in trouble, and why no one’s caught them so far.”

“And by got them in trouble, you mean, got them murdered?” Eyri asked, her face hardened in anger as she thought of her friend, of Iri’s final moments. What torment was she forced through?
Was this what her message was about the night before her death?

“Iri sent me a message the night before she died… she wanted to talk to me about something. I told her to meet me in my office the next morning but got no reply. That’s the last I heard from her.”

“Exactly.” Ayla nodded, looking down at the datapad she was holding, punching in several digits into the interface, before offering it over to Eyri, her other hand resting on her hip. “Go through it yourself if you feel the need to, I’ve added some contact details there, they’re mine. If you want to help, stay in touch. I can’t tell you what to do, but I’d share anything ‘before’ you tell anyone working for security, even those that seem like they’re trying to help. No one gets away with this much nasty without having insiders with them. Help me, and we can keep sharing what we know, and find the people that did this to your friend, stop, whatever it is they’re trying to do to the Republic.”

Eyri took the datapad cautiously, reaching over her desk to grab it. She watched Ayla for a few long moments before looking at its screen.

Did this go against anything that Eyri held as her values? The young woman searched through her feelings. Nothing about this felt wrong, if anything she was trying to help Iri, to avenge her murder. Right?

“I’ll do what I can.” Eyri said quietly, setting the datapad down on her desk as she looked at Ayla. “I’m not sure if I should thank you, but I appreciate the information you’ve brought me.” she said, giving a weak smile to Ayla in response.

“You can thank me when it’s over, until then, maybe hire your own security.” Ayla winked at Eyri as she turned to go, picking up the Coruscant Security jacket as she did, pulling it on with one movement and zipping it up. She was out the door in another moment, moving back through the building at a quicker pace than she’d arrived, yet still within what might be perceived as normal. She passed the final checkpoint to the outside world with a polite nod to the legitimate Security team, before making her way to the nearest public parking bays. This was a nicer part of town than she usually worked in, the lack of neon advertisements and countless alleys to disappear down made her a little uncomfortable. Still, it was convenient not to have to hide your bike.

Exactly where she left it, sitting atop the highest floor in the speeder-bike bays was the bright red model. Corellian make, which, was ironic given the news lately, she quickly opened it’s rear storage bay to begin stowing the Security uniform, leading her standing in the sun-touched parking bays wearing the white tank and black shorts she had on underneath, sighing with dramatic relief at not being cooped up in the uniform. She then retrieved a second datapad from the bike, flicking through to a list.

“One down.”

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