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I tried to write it so that they were just Imperial sympathizers rather than having the Empire's support. If they had the Empire's support, I doubt Miss Tarinai could make it off-planet in one piece after a full-on Empire raid (imagining the raid at the start of Force Awakens as an example of a raid from which one does not simply run away).

Thanks for the approval!

Yup I did see that clarification, just wanted to clear up that point.
I'd probably like a few more details in their bio, after all, they're an 18 year old padawan during a galactic war, they'd likely have been in a few battles worth writing home about.

Secondly, Tutaminis is a restricted force ability, meaning I'd like a few more details on the extent of their ability in this field, how they've come to learn it and how they implement it.

Other then that, it's a really nice sheet with a lot of detail, I do get a very good feel for the character, I'd just like a bit more clarity on those points. Those GMs dedicated to the Jedi may have more specific thoughts.
Just reading through the sheet, at the end, I'm not entirely sure who Haler is, is that the name of the uncle?

My main point would simply be that when the Sith 'recruit' force sensitives, they do so somewhat forcefully (pun intended), if they were on the planet to recruit the Uncle, they would have certainly picked up Issiro at the same time.

Other then that, I just don't see how the character could connect with any other, and is more built around the supporting cast than the main character itself.
The only thing for me is;

San has essentially abandoned her studies in lightsaber combat, making her dueling skills rather lackluster compared to most of her peers.

That might be the case, but for a Padawan, she has lightsaber skills that would suggest that's been her main focus. To play the character that you seem to want to play, I'd tone down the number of forms and her ability in them. Other than that I have no further complaints.
I think a life of 352 years probably requires a bit more embellishment then that, if you want to play them with the wealth of assets and influence you're after. Other then that, there's nothing 'wrong' I'd just like to have a few more details about his rise to power and such.

Going to hold off any further feedback until those rewrites are done, feel free to poke when they are.
I like the sheet, I do have a few notes though, although one is a personal pointer, the other is a GM one.

On a personal note, I find the idea of a military figure putting their political career on hold because of a war a counter-intuitive one. Military leaders are most politically relevant when there's a war to fight! Feel free to keep that in, just something I'd note though.

The more serious note is on the idea of the Republic having a whole Battle Group assigned to unofficially support insurgents. Maintaining the Cold War is really quite important to those calling the shots in the Republic right now, I don't believe a military grouping of such scope would be given such unofficial orders. Your character might take it upon themselves to support insurgencies and may be a part of the building movement within the Republic to kick start the war, but you won't be getting such orders from Top Brass just yet.
Read through the sheet myself, if that's an acceptable correction for @Ruby you also have my 'stamp.'
Just the one thing, you mention that while living in seclusion her family lived on the surface, going with the Legends version of Ryloth (which is what most people are familiar with) during 'hot storms' the temperature on Ryloth's surface outside of the safe zone of the vallies could reach 300 degrees Celsius. I'm sure rather than living on the surface they would instead have lived in the caves closer to the edge of the safe zone, to still give that isolated/hard life feel. Just a detail that stood out to me.

Otherwise, all good from my end.
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