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i have recieved a total of 69 likes on all my posts life only goes downhill from here
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When the 3 of the role plays you join all die within 2 weeks (Simple Plan plays in the distance)


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I couldn't see anything that looked glaring!
I love how the other two characters are doing compared to Malcolm. One is about to have a friendly battle, the other checking into a pokemon center, meanwhile Malcolm is freezing his butt off and being taken to a holding cell just so he doesn't die XD
<Snipped quote by jeroukoo>

An untrained force-sensitive who knows how to use his powers like this? Seems like a stretch.

Why is this a strech? All the abilities I have chosen are neutral aligned techniques.

Force Barrier is one of the most basic force powers, at least that I could find. So some applications of the ability doesn't seem unreasonable.

I can see an argument for Force speed, but it is still at a relatively low level. Are there not any documented cases of individuals developing a force powers by themselves to low level extent anywhere in the star wars universe? Can the force only be wielded if trained? The mandalorians know of the force, so I do not think it is unreasonable for my character to try and work on this ability on his own overtime. I can change that in the bio, but I thought sometines a person could just have a certain knack for a particular talent and be able to use it, without and prior training.

The battle meditation has little to real effect as of right now. He does not know how to use it, but since only certain individuals can use this ability, I wanted it to manifest in some way. The capability of him being able to use this force power and the difficulty of learning is what drives him to become desperate to learn it.

If the concept of self taught low level force powers are too much, I can get rid of them.

Why did you include 'Sith' in the name?

Sorry, it was a name a friend of mine used for a character, I can change it to something else.

This sheet is very problematic to me. We do not want a Force Using space lizard leading the Mandalorians by way of Battle Medition (a Force Technique which cannot be learned on one's own, by the way).

I said it earlier on in this reply, I just want him to have the capability to learn battle meditation, so I had it manifest in a way that shows he can use the technique, but not in a way to where it has any major effect.

Additionally, Ellri only tentatively agreed on the proviso that your character would cease being a Mandalorian upon joining the ranks of the Jedi or Sith.
Mandalorian Force Users in itself are a no-no.

His association would stop eventually, yes. His desire to learn the force stems from wanting his clan to become stronger. I wanted him to be unassociated with the Mandalorians in one of two ways:
1.) He joins a Sith or Jedi because he wants to learn how to master battled meditation. He does so initially with the intention of leaving and returning to his clan as soon he masters it, but eventually warms up to the sith or jedi way of teaching, depending on how the interactions go with his master.
2.) His clan is just annihilated, completely and utterly, forcing him to try and find a home in the Jedi or Sith. How this is done was to be determined in IC. The battle would involve my character trying to use battle meditation to bolster his clan and failing, then managing to escape somehow. Like I said, to be determined in IC.

If anything, the concept as you have it now is likely to be a target for both Jedi and Sith -

That's the intention. He will be forced to choose a side because if he doesn't, everyone will be out to kill him.

it's an abomination to be cut from the Galaxy.

If this character and it's concept cannot be tweaked at all to fit the PW, I understand. I told Ellri the same thing when we were trying to think of something to work, the base concept I want to keep is an unaligned force sensitive who wields a blaster rifle and had the ability to learn battle meditation.

EDIT: Edited to include some things that Ruby suggested, such as plans for IC and a little bit more backstory.

EDIT2: I also added in the force sense ability because to be honest, I just thought it was a thing any force sensitive could do. I don't intend for this to be very strong, and am willing to get rid of it, but I do like the flavor that this ability could add to my posts.

EDIT3: I realized that tier I might imply it is the highest tier. I meant to mean the most basic form. Again, my apologies for not clarifying.

I've been in talks with Ellri and got the concept of a Force Sensitive Mandalorian approved beforehand, if that helps!
That bastard... Going behind my back.. Malcolm thought to himself as he walked the streets of Casper, his rage fueling each step he took. He was too busy muttering to himself to notice the blue lights flashing behind him.

"Sir. You can't be out here in this weather. You'll die."

"Huh?" Malcolm turned towards the police officer. "Say what?"

"Let me take you to the station. You can stay in holding till the sun comes up."

"Oh no," Malcolm politely began, not wanting to anger the officer. "Thanks but I'm-"

But as Malcolm finished his sentence, the sensation of the freezing cold elements hit him all at once. The anger that was keeping him warm had melted at the police officer's kindness. He began shaking wildly, and grabbed the sides of his shoulders.

"E-e-e-xactly, yeah... Thank you..." Malcolm made his way to the cop car.
"That son of a bitch..." Malcolm gritted his teeth. "Behind my goddamn back..."

Malcolm turned his back away from the male nurse, making his way to the door.

"Yeah you're right," Malcolm said, voice seething in rage. "That is a mistake. Sorry for bothering ya."

Malcolm made his way to the cold, but his burning temper kept him hot. He didn't know where he wanted to go, but he just walked until he found some reason to stop.
Pinged for done.
Ah, shit...

"Malcolm is the first name."
He sighed. He figured he might as well tell the truth and see where that got him. "April 6th, 1982."

He drifted away from the nurse and towards the door, ready for him to kick him out.

I got to head somewhere warmer tomorrow...
"Oh, uh..." Malcolm didn't realize they could look up trainer cards on the PC.

Shit, well maybe I'll just freeze tonight anyway...

Malcolm returned Split to her ball and scratched his head.

"It's ah... Striker. Should be under Striker..." It pained Malcolm to say that. It would have probably brought up his father's trainer information. And wanted nothing to do with him. Malcolm half thought about just leaving the center, considering the trip over a little vacation from the cold.
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