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2 mos ago
Current I was enduring if I created a fantasy mmo rp if anyone would be interested? ÔwÔ


Hello I'm mimi and my rp character varies, I prefer female roles however I do like a chance to leap at a male role. All my character personas are pansexual all though I don't do sensual rps. All characters prefer pain and enjoy it. Also feel free to pm me to vent or just chat.

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Violet held him close and giggled softly.
Kitsumae nervously laughed and her sister smiled. "Maybe so but we have had much greater opponents." They replied.

Violet punched a guard in the face and ripped skin off the other guards neck.
Then seek help they have online convo for those with depression
Which is?
Violet raced to Leo's cell and knocked heavily on it. "LEO?!" she yelled.

Kistumae shook her head and looked towards her sister. "No we won't let them hurt you." the have him a deafening glance. Then they smiled and led him down the hall to the corpse.
Violet kissed Edward's hand briefly then held his hand with both of hers and placing it to her cheek.
Sorry guys - v-" alot of problems which held me back
Violet stopped momentarily to catch her breath before catching up to Leo and run I've read corpse in her wake.

Kitsumae smiled and gently looked towards briar and held his hand. "I don't want to leave you here alone so come with us but please don't watch us eat." She said warning and then smiled hugging him as did her sister.
Violet blushed and held her hand over her ring.
Violet incoherently talked happily as if greeting someone and she smile giggling a little.
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