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I wanna just be free.......
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*Trips dramaticly*
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Did.....did you kick the hamster?
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*Watches the world falling apart with a bucket of popcorn*
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I'm a 20 year old RPer who has way too much free time on my hands, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and a severe amount of stress. Which is why I'm here so often, role playing keeps me sane. I'm open to most ideas, including smut, horror, gore, 18+ in general, ect. Here's a link to my interest check if you want to know more. If you want to talk to me on discord, msg Shadow_Dragon#0908, though I may take a while to reply. Shio vinult wer darastrix plisoic.

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Michael Jackson
Awwwww, ok
He draws a long, bright red sword, the light shifting and wavering around it. "No idea, but if it attacks, then it dies." He spins the strange blade, motes of red light, like drops of blood dripping off the edge. "So many seems unreal. How did such a small group cause so much death? How powerful were these adventurers?" He frowns, kneeling beside another corpse, and feeling it. "Still warm. He must have died recently."
What sounds good to you? Magic, sci fi, medieval?
Sounds cool
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"Indeed. Those 'heros'-" He spits the word out like a curse, "-burchered helpless residents of this cave network. I want them to suffer, to writhe in agony the way they made your friends. They deserve it for all they've done to you. Make them weap, fill them with the sorrow you yourself feel this very moment." He raises his arms in the air, beckoning them to him. "Join me in a quest of vengeance. They wish to kill for sport? Let's show them how it feels to be hunted."
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