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1 day ago
"It's WAAALUIGI time! WAAA!!!!!"
2 days ago
I has been yeeted. Into the Void.
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2 days ago
I survived! With back and shoulder pain, but no one died!
3 days ago
On my first babysitting job! Wish me luck!
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7 days ago
How many of you watched Phineas and Ferb?


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He nods. "Yep. I'm a Norse dragon hunter."
His eyes glow brighter as they sing.
He notices her rubbing her stomach, and nods to her. "You expecting?"
"Norse dragons. The things you see on viking dragonships." He begins drawing one with the shaft of his hammer.
He begins walking in small circles, humming a quiet song to himself.
He sighs, disappointed. "That explains the tracks. Pity, I was hoping for a lindworm." He begins spinning his hammer.
"Sure. I don't see why not."
He hugs her as they kiss, pressing her to his chest.
His haunted eyes roam around. "To this spot in particular?"
He shrugs. "Depends on who's attending." He sighs. "I'm Devon. Son of Hades."
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