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Current *draws sword* For pizza!!!!! CHARGE!!!!!!
8 days ago
*life punches me in the throat* That all you got?
1 mo ago
Some people just want to watch the world burn. Others strike the match.
1 mo ago
Roses are red, violets are blue, my feelings are dead, and soon yours will be too.
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I'm a 19 year old RPer who has way too much free time on my hands, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and a severe amount of stress. Which is why I'm here so often, role playing keeps me sane. I'm open to most ideas, including smut, horror, gore, 18+ in general, ect. Here's a link to my interest check if you want to know more. If you want to talk to me on discord, msg Shadow_Dragon#0908, though I may take a while to reply. Shio vinult wer darastrix plisoic.

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He finishes spinning his blade, deep in a dence patch of trees, and his wings retract into his back. He takes in a deep gasp of air, sinking to one knee, trying to breathe. The old man packed a wallop, and that kid was no joke either. He grins with bloody teeth, and wipes at the split on his lip with his thumb. I wonder if Ruby will grow that powerful one day. He spits on the ground, clearing out his throat of the blood. He then drags his scythe along behind him, digging a groove into the soft earth as he heads for the location of Jub Jub's death.
He roars in fury, seeing her blade charge up, and lunges for her, but stops and starts spinning his scythe like a shield, a thick black wall of metal. The lightning arches across it, and he howls as his arms are scorched, but he keeps up his defense untill the attack ends, his body vanishing into darkness.
He raises his blade, spinning it, and swings the massive weapon around like a willow switch, making a massive web of black from his dark blade. He snarls, shuddering from the power of her electric blade. He roars, and swings his blade into the earth, making the ground explode in thousands of shards. "SILENCE!!!"
He spins his scythe in a complicated weave, deflecting her blade so it only hits air, his eyes alight in battle fury. He hisses, his teeth sharp and white like a snakes. He backflips over her sword, and uses the shaft of his pole to spin himself around, his feet slamming into her ribs, sending her flying off.
He hisses. "Die." He swings his scythe into his ribs, silencing the annoying priest with a nasty squish. He wipes off his blade, and picks up the mans hammer, spinning it. "A powerful weapon....hum....." He points the hammer, and frowns. "It's empty. Strange...." He tosses it aside.
He snarls, and spitefully kicks Pip aside, sending him flying into Sarah, bowling her over. He then walks towards the fallen priest, and his pupils narrow into slits. "A lacky? Oh no no no, you don't get it, do you? I have Draygon in my pocket." He laughs, a deep, evil cackle. He looks over at Sarah and dismisses her as no threat. He then looks at the broken, battered priest. "What I want? I want to watch this world burn. For all it's evils, all it's suffering. It's just justice."
He grins, baring sharp teeth. "Oh, I know about the monster." He stops when the ground blows up in a bolt of lightning. He turns, enraged, and snarls deep in his throat. "That foolish priest followed me?" He hisses, a thin, animalistic sound. He roars, the ground trembling from the force. He then uproots a small tree, and swings it like a hammer on the priest. "Silence!"
He hisses in anger as the bolt strikes his chest, and starts crawling down the mountain, disappearing into the shadows. He sniffs at the ground, and hisses, slithering along the ground like a snake. He vanishes into the darkness, and walks out in his human form, carrying a massive black scythe on his hands. The weapon pulses with dark power, rippling like it's underwater. He heads straight for the village, eyes glowing a bloody red. Where's the one who shot me?
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