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Current I just got out of the hospital after blacking out and hitting my head.
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Just stalking through your nightmares, don't mind me


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He twirls his chain, and his shadows begins following the hook at the end. "In my experience, the only thing a banshee is good for is screaming living creatures to death."
<Snipped quote by Shadow Dragon>

Too much effort for no gain.

Sure there'd be gain. You'd be rid of a "gnat".
<Snipped quote by Shadow Dragon>

No, but he irritates me like a gnat in my ear.

Then squash him.
<Snipped quote by Shadow Dragon>

Because I don't intend to drink his blood again.

Why? Does he scare you?
<Snipped quote by Shadow Dragon>

Because it's difficult to interact with someone if you never have a way to meet them.

If he could contact you before, who's to say he can't do it again?
<Snipped quote by Shadow Dragon>

If we do anything in regard to Dracul ever again.

Why would that matter? You never had anything to do with me, and yet here we are.
<Snipped quote by Meta>

*I turn towards you and Vinashy*
Yes, do tell.

*He grins, baring his fangs*

I seem to run into the strangest entities at the most unusual times. Given this current sequence of events, I would find it highly likely that I would run into him too.
He turns to the rest of the group. "So what are your talents?" He begins spinning his chain, slowly at first, but it's starting to pick up speed.
<Snipped quote by Shadow Dragon>

If you meet at all.

I would find it highly likely.
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