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3 days ago
Does anyone know a way to deal with feeling dead inside?
3 days ago
Hello world!
6 days ago
Felling kinda like:…
12 days ago
I'm now an Eagle Scout!


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He points at her, and the cat softly rubs against her face.
He pulls the blanket up, and hugs her softly, drifting off.
"Should I get rid of it?"
He begins twirling his whip, snapping arrows and spears out of air.
"Do you like it?" He smiles gently.
He softly rubs her back, and lays down, doing his best to sleep.
It rubs against her, it's 'fur' warm to the touch.
He pulls up a blanket, and kisses her gently. "Sleep."
Still waiting on the goblin king?
He smiles. "You can touch it. It won't hurt you."
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