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7 hrs ago
Current Roses are red, violets are blue, my feelings are dead, and soon yours will be too.
1 day ago
Wait'n on replys.
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2 days ago
Wake me up, from the dark, 'cause I'm broken inside.
21 days ago
Turns out I have Epilepsy. Who knew, right?
1 mo ago
*Sits back to watch the world burn, marshmallows at the ready.*
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I'm a 18, almost 19 year old RPer who has way too much free time on my hands, and depression. Which is why I'm here so often, role playing keeps me sane. I'm open to most ideas, including smut, horror, gore, 18+ in general, ect. Here's a link to my interest check if you want to know more. If you want to talk to me on discord, msg Shadow_Dragon#0908.

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He sighs softly. "Should...I change my form?"
He smiles, and takes her hand, heading to town.
He smiles. "Let's get some food."
He kisses her cheek softly.
He smiles. "Do you want some fruit?"
"You craving anything in particular, or just a snack?"
He smiles. "Someone's hungry."
He stretches softly.
He smiles softly. "Something on your mind?"
"What now love?"
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