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o.o; why mash fruit on faces at all?
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Happy Momma's Day
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Had a really good night despite changed plans. I hope everyone else's day/night was good too ^.^


Ugh, this is just about as bad as introducing yourself on the first day of class. Hi, my name's Jess. I like dogs. And potatoes.

I'm a female about to exit her twenties and would prefer my rp buddies to be at least 18+, though 21+ would be even more preferrable. I would only make an exception to <18 if there is a group roleplay going on and all ages are invited to join. ^.^

I usually reply from my cellphone. That being said - I will do my best to match the effort you give. Giving you ten paragraphs from my cell is just probably not gonna happen (unless I'm really inspired and you don't mind waiting awhile for my reply.) However, whatever appropriate length is agreed on, I will always do my best to meet or exceed.

Annnnnnnnd now my interests:
-1x1 preferred
-PM or Discord also preferred
-I'm open to any combination of gender pairing but typically MxF is my go-to.
-I don't like to do fandom rps (I'm always worried I'm not going to do the characters justice so I just avoid altogether)
-I didn't realize there was a stigma around anthro roleplays, but I don't mind doing them.
-Mythology is my jam. Specifically Greek.
-Literally any genre/time period is ok with me.
-I love world-building and character development.
-I love love and all that it entails (the good and the bad) so I want it in my roleplays.
-Also danger and adventure. Lots of it. Plots twists, close calls, anticipationnnn GIMME ALL OF IT!

***Brownie points to anyone who knows what a Dark-Hunter is or who Sherrilyn Kenyon is!***

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*Po-tay-toes!* Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew. ^.^
Well, damn. My curiosity is piqued to say the least.
I'm interested if you're still looking ^.^
Thank you!
I was going through a Flash villain phase when I chose this name. If at all possible, I'd like to change it to Reyna. Thanks a bunch. ^.^
Hey there. I'd like to see if we have any common cravings. Although yours were listed a few months ago, I like the ideas of Dragon x Human, Demon x Human, and Summoner x Monster.

Do you have any new pairings you'd like to explore?

Pairings I've roleplayed before:
Demon x Demon
Mage x Succubus
Nephilim x Human
Werewolf x Vampire
And many others that I can't remember the specifics lol.

Settings have included: medieval, modern, futuristic, fantasy/magical, spice of life, even dabbled in apocalyptic.
I think horror could be fun if we could keep it suspenseful.
Sorry this ended up being longer than I'd anticipated. A simple 'I'm interested' probably would've sufficed lol. Anyway, lemme know if you wanna try anything. ^.^
No worries, I think we're all present and accounted for now!
You've got this! 💚
Character Sheet!

Please note that this thread is already full and only accepting character sheets from AlluringDhark, EldarionI and RockStar86!


Name (& pronunciation): Liliana (Lil-ee-ah-nuh)
Age: 25
Place of Birth: Nykyria (Ni-keer-ee-uh)
Gender: F
Species/Racial Origin: Human
Social Class/Community Status: Warrior/Outsider
Language: English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Estranged father still living in the northern mountains

Physical Description

Height: 5'6
Weight: 9st
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green
Limb Dexterity: Ambidextrous
Detailed Physical Description: Liliana has  dark reddish-brown hair that is typically twisted into a braid or two but cascades to her mid back in soft curls when not in a tie. She is of average build, her limbs appear longer and thinner but are in fact deceivingly strong. Oversized muddy green eyes reign above a long slender nose that trails down to a plump and pouty deep pink pair of lips. Although, her nose and mouth are rarely seen, but that's still to come. Her pale skin is riddled with a multitude of faint freckles and scars from battle. One such scar runs from behind her right ear down to her collar bone as a single thin light purple line.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: She can regularly be seen in her battle gear which consists of an asymmetrical leather tunic, refashioned to make her movements in battle more easily executed. Various bits of brushed steel can be found protecting joints and limbs. Each piece forged to deflect was expertly pounded out and embroidered with a beautiful design. Liliana knew nothing of their origin for she had claimed them in battle sometime in the past. The collection included a single spaulder strapped to her left shoulder, a pair of gauntlets fixed over fingerless leather gloves, and matching articulated poleyns attached to her knees. Thigh length black boots laced up her leg, provide some protection, but if one found themselves close enough to strike a limb, Liliana's long sword would dutifully intervene. Then, if and that's a big if they managed to break past her intial defense, a trio of sharp daggers would be deployed. Secured to her hip via leather belt and garter strap, the set was her most cherished belonging. Given to her by her mother before her death, they never left her side. A simple yet thick scarf is draped around her head from the nose down, covering the exposed flesh of her neck and upper chest. The cloth previously shielded her from the bitter cold of the mountains, but in the south it guarded her against the bitter stares of passersby, curious about her healed wound. It was a story she preferred not to tell or remember for that matter.


Personality/Attitude: Reserved but can be blunt. Not very open to strangers
Skills/Talents: Hand-to-Hand combat/Swordsmanship
Likes: Language and music
Dislikes: Heights
Goals/Ambitions: To find peace
Strengths:From her travels, she gained knowledge of various races and their language and culture.
Weaknesses: Being too solitary
Fears: Losing loved ones - so she doesn't love
Hobbies/Interests:Hunting, swimming, singing
Philosophy of Life: It is precious and shouldn't be taken for granted
Attitude Toward Death: It is inevitable
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Death of her mother
Education/Special Training: Her fighting skills stem from an assortment of mentors in her travels
Place/Type of Residence: Abandoned cottage near the River Ssn in the woods of Va'elen
Occupation: Prior to the Corps, typically a hunter for various villages she'd come across
Memberships: Guardian Corps

Additional Notes: Liliana left her home in Nykyria at a very young age. Her mother having been killed pushed her father to the brink of a drunken insanity. Knowing her life depended on escaping, she fled to the south never staying in one place for too long. The less anyone knew/saw of her, the better she could protect herself. But one can only remain in solitude for so long, eventually the feeling of loneliness and abandonment become overwhelming.
Yayyy it's all coming together! I'll try to get mine done today or tomorrow as well because I'm going camping this weekend and won't be able to log on.
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