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Current You all just lost The Game
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3 days ago
3 days ago
Vader vs Voldemort.
3 days ago
And Vader had the most telepathic tapeworms ever recorded.
3 days ago
Eat evil space lightning!


I'm a 20 year old RPer who has way too much free time on my hands, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and a severe amount of stress. Which is why I'm here so often, role playing keeps me sane. I'm open to most ideas, including smut, horror, gore, 18+ in general, ect. Here's a link to my interest check if you want to know more. https://www.roleplayerguild.com/topics/180596-im-bored-anyone-wanna-rp/ooc#post-5037853 If you want to talk to me on discord, msg Shadow_Dragon#0908, though I may take a while to reply. Shio vinult wer darastrix plisoic.
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