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5 days ago
Current When your world was falling apart, and someone decided to stop being your friend because you weren't giving them attention, but then wanna stalk your rpg profile months later. Good times.
7 days ago
Feel so sick. PMDD, plus acid reflux. My father gave me half a pain pill, and my aniety is sky high. Have had to take half a nausea pill, so I'll be extra drowsy. Wish I could have a hug...
11 days ago
For clarification, he stalked me for two years, made false claims on social media, put a pic of me on a porn site, made retaliation videos, used my name to get views, and claimed false credit.
11 days ago
A few days ago, I found out the man who was once a friend, then became a hateful stalker, passed away. I'm sad for his family, but I feel relief that I don't have to hide. Is that wrong?
21 days ago
Developed a fever. Went to doctor. On new antibiotic. Now off work and plan to use my day off to rest. So tired and feel so sick.
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I'm a multi-paragraph, advanced writer, seeking those with similar interests and capabilities. I do have a large list of ideas that I make over, add to, and change as the ideas come.

My rules may seem harsh, but I started role playing in the Yahoo! chat rooms when I was 14, and we had a similar list. Especially when the site had groups you could form.

-I don't mind sexual content, but the main focus is the story. If the character's have a connection, then I accept it, but I do NOT write it for the sake of appeasing someone's need for entertainment.

-I don't usually do this, but I need a sample of your writing. Too often people have claimed to be what they aren't, and I'm hoping to head that off at the pass.

-Be able to post, at the bare minimum, once every week. I can understand having a busy life. Between my home and work chaos, it can be hard to sit down and post regularly. If you can't, message me and I will happily wait. Though I do ask this; if you're dropping out, don't ghost. Tell me upfront. I always understand.

-I'm looking for someone to play male characters. No story is exactly set, as I have met people who can bring new perspectives to a base idea. I can play background males, but the mains I am looking for.

-My base genres are fantasy (meaning they have powers. Not dragons, orcs, etc), romance, modern, medieval, post-apocalyptic, and historical.

If you can make it past these, I look forward to writing with you.

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Still seeking partners! If interested, comment or PM.
Since my long term partner has had to drop out (no malice here! She was amazing!), I am seeking new partners!

My preferred role play is romance, and I have a Google Document with a list of my ideas.

Let's start with what I'm looking for:

*Able to post a minimum of once a week. I'm a manager at a grocery store. I work four days a week, and when I get home, I have chaos to deal with. There are days I can post for hours, and others where I can make one post, and not do so again for days. That's why I don't mind gaps. If, for any reason, you need to drop out, just shoot me a message. Things happen.

*Advanced writing. Mistakes will happen, but I'm looking strictly for a multi-paragraph writer. I don't mind a single paragraph during conversations, especially when nothing is happening, but without substance, you can't get a feel for a situation. As such, however, I don't want character control; meaning, do not assume what my character would do or say in a situation. Give me time to respond.

*Must play the male character. I can write as one for a background or short term character, but I want someone to play the male lead. You can, of course, have a second character be female.

*Triggers. Be warned that some of my content will contain graphic depictions of bad situations; i.e. death, murder, gore, horror, etc. If you are easily upset, please do not apply. I don't want anyone having to visit a mental hospital because they couldn't handle the topic.

*Sexual content. It can happen, but will not be the main focus. There will be a story attached. I do not mind fade to black scenes, but have no issue playing it out.

Note: Role plays will take place through Discord. It's easier to send photos, links, documents, and although there is a character limit, editing is a breeze,

I look forward to hearing from you!
Still seeking interested parties. Please see to the requirements, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Glad to have you back. Good writers can be hard to come by, and the art of role play needs to be kept alive. Happy hunting!
Still seeking players! I also have a full list in a Google Document if the base idea doesn't suit you!
Still seeking players!
Still seeking players! As I'm stuck at home under quarantine (my father tested positive and my job won't let me back), I have all the free time.
Bumping for players! I do have other ideas in my Google Drive.
Still looking for players!
I have a base romance idea between a girl and guy who will be introduced through mutual friends. A story revolving around character development and romance.

I'm looking for a person to play the male character, can post a minimum of once a week, doesn't have sex as the main focus, and can write multi-paragraph. I don't mind a single during conversation, but I love substance to work with.

If you're interested, send me a private message, and we can discuss anything I may have left out!
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