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10 days ago
Current TMW you find out your girlfriend broke up with you and didn't tell you, not even a message why. What a great day!
11 days ago
When you eat one too many bean and cheese burritos and now you're sick x__x
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13 days ago
@headintheclouds after two weeks. If they haven't sent you anything, even an, "I'm sorry" message, I move on.
17 days ago
Posts will come after finals on Monday. My Blood pressure has been high causing headaches, nausea, dizziness, and pressure in my head. Stress is eating me alive. Send hugs! My love to all!
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23 days ago
TMW you got into poison ivy after mowing lawns for cash.... FML


Hello everyone!

My name is Candlelitsoul, you can call me Candle, but I have a confession to make: I am an RP addict.

I started role playing back in 2004 in the Yahoo! Chat Rooms, and my passion grew. What started as crappy one liners turned into a love for writing novels, poems, and short stories. Role play gave me the confidence to create and dream. I'm now able to write in advanced, multipiple paragraph structures.

I usually role play real-life, zombie survival, medieval, school life, and slice of life, all with romance. I don't do sex role plays. It's just something I have never been comfortable with. Call me old fashioned, or even boring. I've heard it all!

My rules are small, but simple.

1) As stated; no sexual content. I don't write it. I am, however, seeking players 18 and above. Most of my content has triggering themes such as ongoing and past abuse, drugs and alcohol, mentions of rape, and dark themes involving bloodshed, war, and gore.

2) Multi-paragraph. I want content to work with. I can understand a paragraph during a slow conversation scene, but the bulk has to be multiple paragraphs. However, do not rush scenes. I want our characters to be able to interact and a story to develop.

3) I don't usually do this, but I need a sample of your writing. Too often people have claimed to be what they aren't, and I'm hoping to head that off at the pass.

4) Be able to post, at the bare minimum, once every few days. We all have busy lives, especially with the college semesters coming up, home lives, illnesses, and children, but I would like to keep the story going. If you won't be on, please let me know. As well, if you fall out of interest, tell me immediately. We've all been ghosted at one time or another, and it sucks!

5) Do not control my character. I don’t mind during a time skip, so long as we hash the details beforehand, but don’t try to change my character’s mannerisms, favorite foods, personal habits, etc. It’s not fun or enjoyable for anyone involved.

I may seem harsh, but after role playing on Facebook for over two years, I've been through every kind if scenario you can think of. In a small way, it's left me jaded. However, I'm thankful for the people I've met here. You all have been amazing and my heart goes out to you. Much love! <3
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