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6 days ago
Current I came to find a part of myself through a role play, but the partner I had has made me feel like a worthless individual Does this happen often, or is this something new? I'm down emotionally...
5 mos ago
Not role playing anymore. Thank you to everyone.
5 mos ago
Have a pocket of fluid under my retina and it's causing a shadow in my vision. Can take up to six months to resolve. Yay....
6 mos ago
Was called, "Indignant", today. I actually wasn't. I'm just a blunt individual.
6 mos ago
Can feel a migraine building. Need a pain aid and a hug :(


I'm a multi-paragraph role player with a list of ideas. Those I'm looking to do will be featured in, "1x1", and, "Advanced".

My rules are simple:

- No sexual content. I don't write it. I am, however, seeking players 18 and above. Most of my content has triggering themes such as ongoing and past abuse, drugs and alcohol, mentions of rape, and dark themes involving bloodshed, war, and gore.

-I don't usually do this, but I need a sample of your writing. Too often people have claimed to be what they aren't, and I'm hoping to head that off at the pass.

-Be able to post, at the bare minimum, once every few days. We all have busy lives, especially with the college semesters coming up, home lives, illnesses, and children, but I would like to keep the story going.

I'm looking for someone to play male characters. No story is exactly set. However, I'm not much willing to change the genre. If it doesn't have fantasy, I won't rewrite it to include.

Finally, all I ask is this: If you fall out with the story, rather than ghost, tell me honestly. It takes nothing to tell someone the truth, but costs everything to lie and shy away.

If you can make it past these, I look forward to role playing with you.

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Lady Absinthia 1 yr ago
Hewwo. Know we don't know each other but just saw your status update. Know that pain. Hope you get better soon.
BeautyoftheDark 2 yrs ago
Hey~ been wanting to get back on this forum. So far there's one thread I'm apart of currently undergoing a reset. I'd like to rp a thread here with you^^ let's do this!!
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