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Country roooads, let's-a goooo. It's-a meeee, Marioooo! Mushroom Kingdooom, Mama Miaaaa. Take me hoooome, Rainbow Roaaad.
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~looks at her tax forms~ So... I can claim my characters as dependents, right?
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Build-a-Bear is just the Kids Bop version of taxidermy.


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I've been at this a long time and when I say a long time I mean a long long damn time. I started out with table top, ADnD, back in the 80's, then dived into others: Nightlife, Mage the Ascension, Shadow Run, HoL, etc. Moved onto Online in the 90's. I've been running various incarnations of a single RP group for twenty years now. Worked helping setting up, building, and/or admining/modding various RP forums over the years: Adventure Quest, Priston Tales, War Gods, etc. It's been a long road filled with ups and downs. I'm an evil GM, you've been warned.

Outside of RP, I am a mom. Yup, I've reproduced and there are little Lady A's running around plotting their own take over of the world. I am a published author and once upon a time an award winning poet. I've done a lot in my life. I haven't done as much as I would like. I've grown a lot. I have a lot more growing to do. I love to cook, baker by trade currently. I went to university and majored in Mathematics. I've programmed websites, worked as a model, worked as a 3d modeler. Shit, I even used to dance. And have been known to sing a bit. Jack of all trades. Master of like 3, lol.

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This is where I go into my personality. In the past I would normally make some self deprecating remark about how I am a bitch of a GM, pushing my rpers as hard as I push myself and so forth. Not anymore. People change, or perhaps they just come into their own. This can happen at any age. More than that it can happen several times over the course of your life as you discover and rediscover yourself. Everything happens for a reason, usually that reason is ones owns actions. Or inaction's. Right now, I am in a better place than I can remember being in the longest time. I am happy and at peace. I have no regrets. Maybe I should but I don't. I plan on keeping this peace I have found, I went far too long without it.

Currently I am enjoying several things. Some are things I have enjoyed most of my life: Coffee, chocolate, bacon, M*A*S*H. One isn't something I have enjoyed since I was seventeen: being clean and free of poisons in my system. It is beyond description and I love it: One-hundred and twenty days and counting. Music taste is shifting to more mood oriented than anything, strange I am finding a lot of newer Country I am enjoying and I have NEVER liked country. Watching things like Lark Rise to Candleford and being hooked to the point of reading the trilogy. Recently added yoga to my workouts and all I can say is, "Fuckmaste: the fucked up in me accepts the fucked up in you."


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Fucking Tuna Casserole!
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Location: Camp Mexico Beach

Weather Forecast: Dawn at 5:57 A.M. - Dusk at 7:41 P.M. - High: 87F, Low: 72F - Winds SW at 4mph - Gusting to 10mph - No rain - Cloud Cover: 26% - Visibility: 9miles.

Notes: Remember that your lunch schedules and shifts are below. Refer to them to know when your characters are supposed to be where. As with the previous rounds, we are moving through lunch quickly - a round per lunch bell as it were. Now that the majority of the PC's are in the lunch room pay very close attention to when someone arrives, sits, leaves, etc. Both for the PC's and the NPCS

Make sure to update headers each round. (I know it is simple to forget but I suggest deleting your locations and skills each round and retype them even if they stay the same - this keeps you in the habit of making sure they are fully filled out next round.)

Date: July 23rd, 2012
For those that come from other communities before coming to Camp Mexico Beach some things are easier to get used to than others but this amount of people may take some getting used to. The Mess Hall is large enough for nearly everyone to be in there at once, this has been shown at breakfast and dinner where everyone seems to pile into the Mess Hall at the same time, minus a percentage that are most likely on guard duty and have to be rotated out. Then again Breakfast and Dinner last far longer, the Mess Hall is simply open for a couple of hours.

Lunch however seems to be far more organized. Like back in school when the teachers would lead groups of kids in single fire to collect their trays, sit down, eat quickly, and rush back to class. As much as people wanted it to be a major time for socializing it really wasn't. Time to get there, time to get your food, time to find a seat, time to eat, time to get gone. Not much time for anything else, which is becoming clear as one lunch goes to sit down another seems to be filing out. Sure they may have a few minutes left of lunch but it is clear that the rule of thumb is you don't leave for lunch until the bell and you better be back to work by the one signalling the end of your lunch. With that the bell rings signalling the end of second lunch, that third lunch is now half way through, forth lunch has begun. The time is now 1230.

Mechanics (K): Guy nodded as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Yeah, ain't that the truth but first thing I learnt here was all we's got is time until we ain't anymore. General's more about taking time and doin' it right than short cuts," Guy let Ash know. Part of that made sense. What were they going to do once the job was done? Another job? And another until their shift was over. Last time someone had gotten bored in Newnan a theft ended that triggered a series of very bad events. Work kept people busy and out of trouble. Let to ones own devices people tended to be stupid. Stealing, drinking, sleeping with the wrong blonde. Yeah, work was better.

"Hey, better one room than her moving this to another place in the camp. She ones threatened to start using the one in the Mess Hall... I say ya keep it contained," Guy said towards Hunter with a laugh but there was a hint of seriousness in his voice, as if he wasn't joking about what Rivets had threatened. "And nice to meet ya Hunter. Got yerself a good pair up here. Boss here's kept me going since this outbreak started," he added motioning towards Ash. Guys head turned towards Ash as he started saying who came in. He didn't recognize one of the names, Jamie... Who was Jamie? He'd ask later.

"Damn, that's more than I hoped fer. I came in with Medic and that was the only one I had seen fer ages," he said. He seemed to think of something but let it go. He didn't know if Thana was back or not, if Ash knew, he didn't want to drop that on the man if she hadn't. There was still a standing order as far as he knew. At the mention of Boss Guy started chuckling. "Hell, Boss as in yer a boss, not yer THE boss," he said with a shrug. "They ain't carin' about that shit, stickler fer rank and rules and regs, ain't ones that gotta worry about egos though. Down to earth really, once you get through the brass but ya know about that don't ya," Guy added, poking at Ash and his rank before CMB. "And yeah, gotta adapt, plus see less Walkers in the water, I'm fuckin' fine with that."

Supply (R): Things were going pretty smoothly there. Auntie came out from the back with a cart full of items. It looked to be mostly paper and folders and general office supplies. "Once you two get back from lunch make sure to get these divided up and over to the school and then over to Administration before getting to the other things on the lists today," she said before glancing towards Amelia for a minute before looking back towards Nikki. "And find her something to wear if she is going to the whole funeral thing this afternoon," she added before walking back to the back of supply again, leaving the cart behind for the two of them to deal with after lunch.

Mess Hall (C): Guy and Mizrahi both gave Thana a bit of a nod, Guy waving a bit before he and Mizrahi took a seat with Roy to eat. Well at least he knew now that Thana was back. No need to follow that order anymore. Roy was sitting there chewing on a piece of sushi when Guy made a face. "Don't, you caught it, it's good."

"Should eat it cooked," Guy said as he pointed to his Tuna casserole. Mizrahi was staying out of this debate, he was eating the tuna salad. No need for him to take sides as the two started debating out the better way to consume tuna.

Over at what was becoming the main table Joaquin smiled towards his sister. His smile was crooked before he spoke. "Story?" he asked. "Yes, a story. How I love to tell thee a story at this time. As I love you and can bear to tell you this story true, for as true as it was told to my ear. Listen and listen well my Angel..." he said as he slowly started to stand up. Of course he couldn't just say what she was waiting to hear, he had to make a scene... Shakespeare in the fucking Mess Hall.

"I at each moment pointeth in the right direction. Mine own instructions art writ in black and white. Disobey me and payeth the consequences. I shall nev'r sayeth m're than two w'rds at a timeth," he proclaimed in a way he thought was brilliant. While he thought it was, it was clear that many in the room weren't even paying attention. There was half a glance Tesla and Volts before they went back to their bickering about Swiss Family Robinson versus The King and I. After a moment Joaquin pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to her. On it was written: I always point in the right direction. My instructions are written in black and white. Disobey me and pay the consequences. I will never say more than two words at a time. When you know what I am, find me and you will be one step closer.

Grinning a tad more broadly he glanced towards Nigel. "On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures!" he exclaimed as he hit the table with the side of his fist. "Oh you are a tempstest true! We will have to duel words and swords my friend if thee should wish to engage!" he added with fervor. Joaquin was figuring he had just found a new friend.

People started getting up. Major was the first to make a move as she finished her tuna salad. Volts and Tesla were still arguing over the movies. Panama snatched a mushroom off Dusty's plate and ran over it as Dusty pouted. "HEY! My shroom..." he grumbled as he stood up and started to bus his tray, tugging his loose fitting pants back up over his hips as he went. Roy and Sheers were talking about Roy getting a trim later that evening after his shift was over as they bused their trays and headed out of the lunch room.

Bass looked up from his seat and glanced around as people started leaving. It wasn't long after that that the bell rang and forth lunch was beginning. Moralez came through the door and glanced around. "Hey, hey, hey,so many new faces!" he exclaimed. "And one back on his feet! Nice to see it," he added looking at Hunter before chuckling and heading over towards the food to get himself a tray.

Cook came out of the back and headed over towards where Cheers was sitting. "Hey, do you think I could put in a request?" she asked Cheers as she sat down across from the younger woman. Cheers, chewing her food, quirked a brow. "There was talk of one of the crews hitting up out west, they bring me back grapes can you do a balsamic?" she asked.

"Yeah, if they get me lambrusco or trebbiano grapes, others I won't waste my time with," Cheers added before taking a bite of her food.

"How the hell are they gonna know that?" Cook asked a bit taken a back it seemed.

"Have them take Sparrow, she knows that shit," Cheers said taking another bite.

"You know she isn't gonna leave camp unless she has too," Cook said motioning towards Ash.

"You want balsamic, gonna need one of those two," Cheers repeated before standing up and heading to bus her tray. She was obviously getting out of there before the conversation went further, still shoveling food into her mouth as she went. Nearly running into Chase and Auntie as they were heading in, the three barely missed colliding before Cheers was out the door.

Lunch Choices: Slab of tuna casserole (Hot): tuna baked with handmade thick noodles, mixed with mushrooms and peas with cream and a hint of sherry ~*~ Sushi (Multiple Variations): Spicy Tuna w/rice and seaweed, tuna alone, tuna and rice with roe on top, tuna with rice/seaweed/cucumber, and plain tuna and rice ~*~ Tuna Salad (Chilled): Tuna with peas/carrots/pasta with olives and a zesty dressing over it.

Thana Martin
Location: Mess Hall (C) -> Hydroponic Gardens (T)
Skills: N/A
There was a slight smile from Thana towards Alexander. "Nothing wrong with fingers," she said as she picked up another piece and ate it down. Granted sushi wasn't her favorite thing in the world but she had spent enough time over in Asia and it was a nice change, especially in this heat. She doubted after being in the green house she could deal with the casserole. She needed to cool off inside and out. Maybe she should have waited to eat that bite though because as she heard about the bowling trophy she nearly choked. "Wonder if it was dads," she laughed as she covered her mouth with the side of her fist to hide the food that was still in there. Chewing a bit more she looked over towards Nigel. "Dad ad Uncle Maddy love bowling... They took a page out of MASH and built an alley in the basement of the church..." she added before finally being able to swallow her bite fully.

Thana knew what was going on with Joaquin and what Thalia wanted to hear a story about. Or at least she thought she did. There was a little something she left for Thalia the night before and she was wondering just where the woman was with it. It seemed that she hadn't finished the first clue yet, that much was made clear as Joaquin went into full Shakespeare in the park. Or in this case, the Mess Hall. The thing was, what the man was doing was not what Thana asked him to do. Nor were it the right words. She asked him to hand over a slip of paper and as he started spouting off his version of her words she felt herself dropping her head into her hands and having to stifle back a groan.

Thana couldn't even manage to lift her head as Ash came over. Just nodding and moving her foot out of the chair next to her. She had been saving him a seat in hopes he would get there with at least a few minutes to spare before her and Nigel would need to leave. Slowly her head came up as Joaquin finished his soliloquies, she was about to chuck a chunk of tuna at the man but stopped right as he finally handed over the note to Thalia. Huffing slightly she looked over to Ash and gave him a thin lipped smile. "Hey," she said with a bit of a chuckle before shaking her head about the whole situation. Picking up another piece of her food she popped it into her mouth and leaned just slightly to the side so her shoulder touched Ash's. At least they had a few moments, granted looking down at her watch it wasn't long. Maybe five minutes before she would need to leave to give her enough time to get back to the Green House before her lunch was fully over and the bell rang.

Swallowing her bite she glanced back over to Ash. Sure he had washed off but sitting that close to him did let her know, even if she hadn't already, exactly what his job was. It sucked, Rivets restroom duty was never a good one. She had had it for a bit before she got transferred elsewhere. Everyone ended up having that job for at least a week, no matter who you were. She didn't want to bring it up but she did want Ash to know at least one thing about the task... "Won't ask how's the job, will just say there is worse," she let him know as she gave him an "I ain't even jokin'" look that would hopefully let him know she was dead serious about there being worse jobs in the place.

Thana looked around the room, seemed that Hunter was there and Manny and Lisa had made their way into the room as well as others. Hunter sat down with them but she wasn't sure where Lisa and Manny were going to sit. Glancing over towards Thalia, Thana couldn't help but smirk a bit as she wondered if she would figure it out. Or if Thalia would just end up chasing her around CMB demanding a straight answer. Turning her attention towards Alexander, Thana shook her head. "Yer stomach is gonna thank ya when you hit the heat and you have chilled sushi on it instead of that," she said pointing to Ash's plate. Shaking her head slightly she chuckled. "And with the duty you got? I hope yer stomach is as hearty as I hear that hallucinating one who sees the unicorns is... otherwise... well, yer gonna be in my prayers."

Looking down at her watch, Thana groaned before looking at Ash and planting a kiss on his cheek. "Gotta run, see ya at dinner," she said before looking at Nigel. "Gotta get back on the clock," she said showing her watch, it was around ten minutes until second lunch was over. Thana wasn't the only one standing up and busing their trays. The place seemed to be making its second mass exodus for the day and clearing way for when the bell rang again. Thana bused her tray before heading towards the door, her limp a bit more pronounced from sitting in the air conditioning for the last bit while she ate. Pushing the door open she glanced back over her shoulder and smiled towards where Ash was sitting before she was out the door.

Walking towards the Greenhouse again, she started going over things in her head. She would need to relive Atlas at the greenhouse and then start the closing up. Normally she would leave it up until later in the day but she had work to do down at the underwater gardens beneath the pier today. So best to close up, lock up, and let Atlas get going so he could get something to eat before all the lunches were over or things got to be sitting out for too long. Last lunch was always the worst, it was whatever others didn't get to, what choices people skipped over. Not that it was bad, just you didn't get the options. Why the place rotated out lunch shifts every so often.

Getting back to the green house Thana headed over to Atlas to see how things went while she was gone. She doubted there was going to be any issues but she wanted to be sure. Especially with her having a new person on hand like she had with Nigel. If something was wrong she wanted to be able to show him so he would know. So far he had been working out well as her help for the week. She hadn't been sure when she was told he was going to be working with her but seemed it was all working out, granted it was only day one, there were many more to come. "Hey Atlas, anything to report?" she asked as she got back to the greenhouse.

Nikola Warren
Location: Supply (R) -> Mess Hall (C)
Skills: N/A
Quirking a brow, Nikki stopped for a second before laughing to herself. "No not bad, glad to know it," she said before adding, "but when I got Auntie up my ass to stay on schedule and Chase starts in on a two hour rant about she spotted nimbostratus out in Kansas six years ago, then you're in trouble." To Nikki it was good to know but not at the cost of getting her ass reamed by her supervisor. "Anyways, this is the south - so heat, humidity, tornadoes, hurricanes are pretty much daily. If she's gonna tell me about snow, then damn, I'll fork over a pack of juicy fruit and listen all night," she laughed. She liked the idea of snow. Granted she had seen snow before when she was younger but not really since. Florida wasn't exactly known for snow.

Back in the Supply Nikki glanced over to what Amelia was doing and nodded. "Yeah, you got it," she said before popping a bubble with her gum. "See not that hard. Just time consuming," she added as she got back to writing. None of this seemed really complicated. It was all simple enough. Go get lists from specific people through out the camp, come back, get off each list what supplies they need from which areas in supply, then just fill the orders and mark it down to show which area of the camp is using what. A lot of paper work and numbers but from the looks of things one could tell what was going on where just by looking at what was going on in supply. Or maybe they just liked making lists.

Nikki looked up as Auntie came out. Glancing towards the cart she nodded. "I swear I don't know who the hell goes through paper faster - the preschool or Gunny..." she quipped before blowing a bubble with her gum and letting it pop. At the mention of clothing for Amelia to wear to the funeral thing Nikki's eyes widened a bit. She didn't say anything, simply nodded towards Auntie and watched her walk back into the back. "Well fuck me sideways... She has a heart," Nikki said a bit astounded before chuckling and glancing towards Amelia. "Looks like you get to go clothes shopping after lunch," she laughed. It was a few things for them to do before Amelia headed out to pay respects if she was going to. A lot to do, little time to do it.

Either way, didn't matter now as the bell went off and Nikki dropped her pencil right on her stack. "That's lunch! Let's hurry so we ain't gotta wait in line long," Nikki said as she was already scrambling over the counter and making a break for the door. The girl was mid sprint by the time she was on the other side of the door. One would think that she might have to dodge people leaving the lunch room but not really. The lunch that ended at the bell had already left and was ready to get back to work.

Rushing into the Mess Hall, Nikki came to a sliding stop on her heels. Her eyes scanning the room to see who was sitting where. This was the first lunch with all the new people. She didn't spot Thana, the roman dude, or either of the new ones that were missing limbs. Shealsodidn't see the Dancersand her family or the rock star, or the hetero-lifemates, or one or two others but then she did start spotting new people. The older dude was with Lisa. Thana's main man was there, then there was Hunter... That was, maybe she should have checked the assignments before she came rushing in.

Pulling her gum out of her mouth she folded it back up in its wrapper and shoved it in her pocket before moving over to the line. She was one of the first for this round and was happy to be able to still get to pick. Seeing the sushi she turned up her nose. The casserole wasn't exactly what she wanted either. God what she would give for some chicken nuggets and honey mustard from Wendy's... Sighing she grabbed the salad and started looking around. She spotted Bass. "Shit..." she muttered under her breath before stalking to a seat that looked to be a little more apart from the others and waiving Amelia over if she wanted to join. If not she was just gonna shovel and run.
Welcome to our little slice of insanity. It's a good place to jump back into things. (I know, been there done that.)
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An RPG Valentine

❀ You Are Loved
I did this last year and figured it was time to do it again. Valentine's Day isn't exactly all hearts and flowers. It's a great day for some, horrible for others. Some feel the love, some can't feel anything. We want to feel the love all Lion King style but we get caught up in everything that is wrong and forget to give some props to what is right. Perhaps we are just too cynical and scorned to believe that even the love we see is real. Who knows. Either way, I'm personally pushing that aside for the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours to spread love all over the place like Nutella.

So Happy Valentine's Day to Role Player Guild, this crazy place we can come together, wrap our arms around ourselves, dive into our delusions and fantasies, and create whatever we wish. To each member, you are loved. Some more than others but you are. Without you we wouldn't have the community we have: our little groups and crossovers. Our friends, past and present. Enemies, trolls, thorns in our sides. Each adds a little bit of spice and flavor to the place. So today, note you are loved and well if you can't feel the love from others then give yourself some self love. (Take that anyway you want, innuendo fully intended.)

If you would like to jump in on this, please do! Leave some love! Some for those that are most dear to you or just your friends. Love isn't all about romance. There are different types. Friends, family, your pets, etc. We usually get a smart ass or troll stopping by, let them be, hug them tight, it's great to watch them flip out like the Grinch when his heart grew three sizes. Don't let anything dissuade you, like I said, if nothing else, give yourself some love. Be kind to each other and to yourself.


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and hate none but these are my dearest.

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