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Current 70F Yesterday, 20F tonight.... Mother Nature is apparently going through menopause.
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Glass of wine in hand, Fantasia on the tv, and working on an update for tomorrow. Damn I know how to rock a Saturday night!
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Cannon: Thing that goes boom - Canon: Event in a story - Both: Destroy ships
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Build-a-Bear is just the Kids Bop version of taxidermy.
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As it is Tuesday, Santa will be getting tacos and tequila instead of milk and cookies.


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Slowly Moving Through To The Otherside Ϋ©
⚘ A Brief History
I've been at this a long time and when I say a long time I mean a long long damn time. I started out with table top, ADnD, back in the 80's, then dived into others: Nightlife, Mage the Ascension, Shadow Run, HoL, etc. Moved onto Online in the 90's. I've been running various incarnations of a single RP group for twenty years now. Worked helping setting up, building, and/or admining/modding various RP forums over the years: Adventure Quest, Priston Tales, War Gods, etc. It's been a long road filled with ups and downs. I'm an evil GM, you've been warned.

Outside of RP, I am a mom. Yup, I've reproduced and there are little Lady A's running around plotting their own take over of the world. I am a published author and once upon a time an award winning poet. I've done a lot in my life. I haven't done as much as I would like. I've grown a lot. I have a lot more growing to do. I love to cook, baker by trade currently. I went to university and majored in Mathematics. I've programmed websites, worked as a model, worked as a 3d modeler. Shit, I even used to dance. And have been known to sing a bit. Jack of all trades. Master of like 3, lol.

⚘ Looking Inside
Overall, I'm pretty easy going as much as I can come off as a bitch. Don't get me wrong, I am a bitch. I am old, cranky, moody, defensive, over-analyzing, and can be down right cruel. I do try not to be but it slips out a lot more than I would like. Having said that, I have no problem admitting fault when called on it, sometimes I am lucky and catch myself before having to be called out: not all the time. I also tend to just suck it up and go "you know what this fight isn't worth it," or "they're not going to listen so don't waste the time." Inner peace is more important than anything to me these days. Gone without it for too long.

There are a lot of things I dislike, even more that I like. Music, it isn't so much the style but the message that draws me in, the lyrics. Chocolate but few people I have met don't like chocolate and I wonder about those that don't. Same goes with bacon. Above and beyond all else, coffee... I must have coffee. I have few vices, coffee is my biggest. Blood type: Medium Roast. Recovering from addiction does that, recently passed the 90 day mark. Otherwise, I adore many movies and shows but all time favorite: M.A.S.H. - You just can't beat the classics. I am currently hooked on Lark Rise To Candleford.


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Absolutely brilliant progress. ^^
>TMW you ask "this" or "that" and the answer you get is "both"

>TMW a long coming update is finally posted
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IC Date: July 23rd, 2012
OOC Updates:
  • Original OOC Post - Fully Updated!
  • Rules - Revamped and redone - reread them! There are changes!
  • Timeline - Updated! (Zeroth IC Post)
  • New Cs's - Fully in Effect now!
  • Grids - Fully Updated!
  • No more plot armor as we have an advancement system now!
  • New Headers! Code in Original OOC
Advancement: Minor Advancement for Quarantine (5D10) for the following characters, those not listed were not present enough for advancement points or are shelved:
  • Ashton: 34
  • Amelia: 22
  • Alexander: 29
  • Thalia: 30
  • Manny: 24
  • Nigel: 25
  • Hunter: 33
Rolls were made in TWD Chat. Points can be used for Existing Skills/Languages Only: No new skills/languages this round. Update by end of day January 22nd, 2020. Tag me in discord when complete!
Date: January 19th, 2020
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Location: Camp Mexico Beach

Weather Forecast: Dawn at 5:57 A.M. - Dusk at 7:41 P.M. - High: 87F, Low: 72F - Winds SW at 4mph - Gusting to 10mph - No rain - Cloud Cover: 26% - Visibility: 9miles.

Notes: It is the dawning of a new day. Under each PC's door a note was slipped: job assignments. You may notice, some characters misunderstood what was said. Recommendations for AFTER probation when a job became open does not mean they are starting there. Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up.

Now we are skipping breakfast and moving right to the meat of the day - locate your characters information below and pick up from there. Remember to switch out your characters header code!
Date: July 23rd, 2012
The night drew to a close without incident and all the new comers were tucked safety in their beds with visions of citrus and shrimp dancing in their heads. Well maybe not but some were drunk enough. Come morning we started a new day. Reveille, if you can believe it, blared out through speakers in bedrooms in the top corners of walls around Camp Mexico Beach, at 0600 hours.

All the new comers had lovely bright yellow pieces of paper slipped under their doors over night, some time between when they went to bed and when they were woken up by canned trumpets. On said pieces of papers a weeks schedule was given. Where you were working and who you reported to for the next seven days, as well as when your meal times were, when you were to change out clothing, what your work hours were from and to each day.

Those with required therapy also had that listed out. Those were therapy was not required but recommended there is a note to see Doc during your down time if you wish to schedule therapy. People that were either members of Newnan when it fell or that were part of Team Eden also have an added note: 1400 hours, report to Assembly for transport to the Cemetery if you wish to pay final respects to those that were transported from Georgia to CMB for burial: James/Ryan/Lola/Gavin.

There is a bulletin board outside of the Mess Hall that has a map of the area and is labeled where things are. It also has listings for what is open where and when for people to visit: The Church, Band Practice, Quilting Bee, DnD Sessions, Swimming Lessons, Deep Sea Fishing, Games, Rec Room, Classes, etc. These are all things people can do in their free time. There is also signup sheets for additional hours if people wish to work off debts or earn extra credit for things in supply or to have a buffer if needed: each job is dependent on what a person has access to and this drastically limits additional hours for those on probation. The highest paid gigs are listed as: Runner to ~insert a set of numbers here~ and have a note to see Maddoc if interested. (Those on probation or in therapy need not apply.)

Breakfast is hosted between 0600 and 0730 hours. It is broiled white fish and grits. Everyone is to report to their jobs by 0800 hours. You can work out if you wish with other Rpers what you may want to put in passing in your posts about what happened at breakfast as we are skipping it essentially. The New Day and Posts actually start out at 0755 hours, five minutes before you are to be at your jobs. You are to be at your job and reporting in by end of post, if not you will be assumed ~Late for the first day~ - Individual notes, where to go, who to report to, etc. is all listed below. Everyone that is new to CMB is starting out in supply but reports to a supervisor in a specific area and will get their assignments from them at the start of the day. Those having to report to Assembly at 1400 for transport to Cemetery to pay Final Respects, your supervisors have been informed.

You are now officially welcomed to Camp Mexico Beach! Let the games begin! Those with NPC or Shelved Roommates - they will give general hello's and such in the morning and small chit chat - Bass never made it home last night.

Administration (A): The hub of CMB and as such, even at an early hour is busy. While outside the building people are milling about and heading towards work, people are already at work inside. As one walks in there is a long desk like most reception areas and the walls are lined with paneling and notices. Clip boards hang up that have papers on them, each section and building in CMB has one, the person in charge of said area, their callsign above it. Gunny is standing there being handed one of the said clipboards by an older looking woman.

"These are the final counts on the supplies brought in on the twenty-first, and the balances left on these accounts," she said in a rather overly dramatic southern accent. Gunny nodded as he stood there reading over them. "And here are the requisitions for fuel from the Mess, and Transportation needs your sign off on the voucher for this afternoon. Medical needs Engineering out on the 3rd floor today. Safety is running low here and here. And Operations needs sign off on the trades on the 1st between Shoals and the Mill."

"Mmm-hmm," Gunny said as he kept reading, sighing off as he needed, flipping from one sheet to another.

Medical (B): The hospital is buzzing. People coming in, checking in, and heading to where they need to go. The place is run much like hospitals were run before the outbreak, just with more security as Roy is standing by and keeping an eye out for anyone that doesn't get cleared by reception before they try to head up that isn't on staff. Doc and S.B. are there, going over the new addition to the hospital today. White walls, bright lights, and smells like lysol and bleach had a bastard child in the lobby.

"So? She's mine and now he's hers," S.B. said before taking a sip of coffee from the cup she was holding, caption: Witch Better Have My Coffee.

"I told you I needed someone else for O.R. clean up," Michael said rubbing his face.

"Don't care. I need the extra hand with meds, so Lisa is off cleaning duty now and the new guy is taking over her position. If you're nice I might let you write off one shift a week," she said with a smirk.

"You're not scary, you're just a bitch," Doc said as he finished signing off and tossed the clipboard back at Mary.

She caught it and chuckled. "Oh hun, that sweet talk makes me week in the knees." Michael gagged and walked off, heading up the stairs mumbling something under his breath. Roy just shook his head slightly and held up a finger. "Don't go there," she said, cutting him off before he started.

Mechanics (K): How I love the smell of axle grease in the morning, and gasoline, and transmission fluid. "Frankie! Where the fuck is 3/8th's torque!" a heavy set woman with closely cropped hair, several tank tops shoved in old covered carpenter pants, and covered in tattoos yelled. It was Rosie, AKA Rivets - the shop foreman

"Bench," Mizrahi said from under a Ford F150.

Looking around, she spotted it and snatched it up, yanking at her pants to pull them up more and leaning back over the engine of the same truck. The sound of the wrench clicking as she turned it could be heard echoing through the shop. Volts was sitting at bench with his hands draped over a clipboard. "How long?"

"Day or two," came from under the truck as Mizrahi slid out from under it. Standing up pulled a stained rag from his pocket and started cleaning up his hands.

Righting herself, Rivets lifted the solenoid out and nodded as she tossed the wrench back on the bench. "Yeah, sounds about right," she said as she set the part down. "Once that is refabed," she added pointing to the part.

Volts sighed and picked it up. "Right, will get it to Tesla. Any word on when the next junk run will be?" he asked.

"Waiting on Dog to get back to me," Rosie said as she picked at the grease under her nails.

Supply (R): "I am about at the end of my rope!" Atlas yelled at Auntie who was standing behind the counter in Supply. The place was set up like a rather organized Good Will. Rows for clothing, towels, linens, things people could earn credits for, etc. The main stuff that actual divisions needed was in the back beyond a door that said - Authorized Personnel Only.

"Then ya tie it in a noose and slip if over yer head! I don't give a shit if ya want a tutu for a dance recital, I am backed up, you'll just have to wait!" Auntie snapped from under the brim of her floppy hat.

"Oh come on! Can't ya just look?" Atlas asked but he wasn't asking nicely, he was growling at the woman.

Tossing a bag on the counter, Auntie shook her head before shoving a pointed finger towards the door. "Now get the hell outta here or next trade with the Mill and I'm getting ya that sandpaper single ply fer you to wipe yer hemorrhoids with!"

"Oh Horseshit!" Atlas gawked before snatching up bag of laundry and storming towards the door cursing not so subtlety under his breath.

Hydroponic Gardens (T): The sun was up, it was shining. The combination of that and the heat already out and one could smell the compost heap on the backside of the Gardens. It was a smaller one. Surrounded by boards to keep it contained. There were plants growing outside of greenhouse itself. Rows of small plants in starts boxes. A shed marked tools was on the side of the building.

The gardens themselves were inside a long greenhouse, not a glass one but one that was mostly sheets of plastic that covered the frame of the garden itself. It was long wide and took up a good amount of space, seemed to just keep going form near the road and towards the beach. Hanging up on the wall at the shed was clipboards, paperwork, lists, etc. for both this Garden, listed as Hydroponic, and another one, listed as Underwater.

Thana Martin
Location: Hydroponic Gardens (T)
Skills: N/A
Thana, if questioned, wouldn't admit it but her mind wasn't on where she was going but where she had been. Thinking back to her night with Ash and even more so waking up in his arms. It was something she doubted she would ever get used to and she didn't want to. When one got used to something it tended to mean they were taking it for granted. After everything that had happened, that was something she never desired to occur. Her mind was on watching him out of the corner of her eye as they got ready, as they headed for breakfast, even the quick kiss before she went on duty and had to head over to see Cook half an hour before others needed to report in. It cut their breakfast together short, that she didn't like but she was in no position to argue. Taking a deep breath, Thana got the lists from Cook and started to make her way out of the mess towards the Hydroponic Gardens.

Her mind still on Ash until they came into sight. Then her mind flipped to work as well. There was a lot to do today. There was a lot to do every day but more so today thanks to the Boils down on the beach. Not that Thana minded. It was nice to have evenings like that. Within the walls there was a normalcy that didn't happen outside of them. Sure there was still plenty to show this world was different. People training, open carry by officers and security and safety, and more. Yet this was about as normal as things got these days wasn't it? This little world within these walls was as close to how it used to be as one would probably ever get. Remembering her first day in Agriculture in Newnan, Thana knew that even this wasn't normal. True normal these days was outside those walls. All this, everything else, was just temporary.

Enjoy it, all of it. Getting to the Garden, Thana took the clipboard from the wall and looked over it before comparing it to the notes that Cook gave her. Some adjustments would need to be made but it could work, hopefully, as long as things went smooth enough. She was supposed to have some help today. Her assignments note told her that Nigel, one of the people that came in outside of the groups she knew. "Oh yeah the one two Hetro Life Mates call Sportacus," she thought to herself. She remembered the file now. Fit, educated, smart, and well adjusted it seemed from the file. Good, the last thing she needed today was having to work with some headcase.

Nikola Warren
Location: Supply (R)
Skills: N/A
Nikki wore a shit-eating grin on her lips and had since she crawled over Bass and out of bed this morning. It seemed the Fuck Hunt had paid off for her and she was feeling much better this morning than she would have if she had spent the night alone. Thinking on it as she headed towards Supply, perhaps she could have been nicer when she woke up though. She hadn't been mean but she wasn't all snuggly either. She was ready to get up and get moving. Bass was left still putting his shoes on as she left the place that morning and had to run to catch up with her for breakfast. She wasn't having it though, she grabbed her breakfast and went to bother the Professor about something. Bass had breakfast with Mizrahi, at least he didn't pry.

Yeah, maybe she should be more cuddly the morning after. "Nah," she thought as she skipped towards supply and just barely made it into the place as Auntie was telling Atlas off. Popping a bubble she was quick to move out of the way and slip behind the counter. Signing in and sliding it over to Auntie to sign off on. "Morning Sunshine," she teased as she popped a bubble. She gave a fake grin to Auntie before spinning around and darting to the other end of the counter to check what was on the duty logs for the day. Last thing she wanted was to be within striking range. The woman was old but she was strong, stronger than she looked.

Running her finger down the list she tilted her head to the side some. "New person?" she asked but not really to Auntie, it was on the list so it was there. More of musing to herself. So Amelia was joining in the Main Supply Building with her. That was fine with Nikki. She hadn't really gotten to talk to the girl yet but an extra set of hands around here was more than okay with her, the more the better. She did wonder where Hunter got stuck but it was probably a good thing they weren't working together. Nikki would have been purposefully dropping shit around him after his drinking last night."
Montgomery Broderick Tiberius Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff,
The First
~waves then flips you the bird~
- Anytime someone asks him to speak

⚘ Looking Inside
Montgomery is a man of few words but that doesn't mean he isn't bright. The man has the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome various difficulties and limitations. He is creative and has an ingenious imaginative streak that makes him capable and able to get things done. Sharp and alert, the man is quick to notice things. Every watchful and alert to what is going on around him. On the ball, he is mindful and vigilant. Keeping a careful eye out for possible dangers or situations he can exploit. A bit whimsical, he can be comical and amusing. Tongue-in-cheek and playful about things, he can be entertaining and very diverting.

Being a bit of a jokster, Montgomery enjoys being prankish and is a bit of a delinquent. Causing trouble and showing a fondness for causing said trouble in playful and not so playful ways. Rascally and naughty he can be a bit loony and ever toony. Drawing some mirth from causing harm and trouble for others some moments can be rather nasty. The man does cause some disgust along the way. Being a bit distasteful about things and obnoxious in his actions and mannerisms. Offensive, objectionable, off-putting are just a few ways to describe the man. On top of all of that he tends to cause irreparable harm and damage when he feels like it. Calamitous and lethal if the mood strikes him. He can be antagonistic and show active opposition or hostility towards someone or even something.

⚘ A Brief History

⚘ Connections


Male ↕ 36 ↕ Human
6'2" ↕ 155lbs ↕ Lanky
Gray ↕ Black ↕ Pasty






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