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Current I love zombie movies and books, but most all of them are very... immersion breaking to me. Which is sad...
8 mos ago
Busy week, Three finals, all passed, fixed my bike for the season, wrote a rather lengthy character sheet, and going to see the new Deadpool movie. Overall things are going good!
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Kind of wanna join a zombie Roleplay, but none seem to appeal to me anymore.... this is a problem....
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@kittyluna I've been there, I make cookies. I wish you luck though!
11 mos ago
I am in a new Role-Play for the first time in... A LONG TIME! I am excited and can't wait to do some posting.


My name is Remipa Awesome. But if you're reading this you should already know that my now stalker person. Most people just call me Remipa, sometimes Remi, or Mr. Cheese. Though the Mr. Cheese one isn't done here as much. I am slow for most of my role-plays right now as I am working and going to school, but I am normally pretty smart and careful about what I handle. I may take on more as I get more comfortable again but for now I try to keep things limited. My big thing with any role-play is I love characters. I can make most role-plays work as long as I can set up decent characters and character developments. Random action and fighting can be fun, and works well with some characters, but normally I don't prefer that as a basis for a role-play.

I do have some pretty notable grammar and spelling errors, luckily I check most of my things before I post. But those who have been in a chat room with me know that it is really bad, or if they see an early draft to anything I write. In this paragraph so far I have corrected maybe 12 spelling errors and grammar mistakes...

I have a long list of characters that I use for many situations. I find most can fit pretty well in an apocalyptic internment as that is able to support probably the largest variety. Though many science fiction works well. I have a couple mains, Hunter Monroe who is an adult boy that struggles with the concept of people and life. Most of his stories tend to follow him as he screws things up and attempts to make things better again. I have Hank who is a soldier character for the most part who has a pretty harsh goal to remove all forms of evil from the world around him. Understanding that it could include himself in due time.

Other characters of mine include but are not limited to:
-Kathryn: A woman who tend to take up melee fighting, does a lot in fantasy, and tries to see the good in the world, while preparing to protect it from the bad. Her big thing is seeing most issues as black and white, even with context.
-Manny: A doctor figure who will do everything in his power to avoid solving problems through violence, and will always offer to help those he can however he can. Sometimes that is an ear to listen to, sometimes that is patching up severe wounds, sometimes that is standing int he way of a speeding bullet. He'll do it.
-Al': A brute of a man who can be described as a bear and a human screwed each other and the bear lost, creating Al'. Because of his size he tends to solve most of his problems through brute force and violence. He stands out in a crowd, will fight anyone and everyone, and has a soft spot for kids. Growing up he's never really had anyone to call a family, and because of that he has always had to take care of himself. Sometimes drastically.
-Eddy: Eddy is a family man who wants nothing more then to create the best life possible for those he cares about, even at the cost of his sanity and physical ability. Though he is no professional fighter he will not shy away from a fight if pushed, and has been called out on this issue several times. He has issues with seeing the world as "Us against Them." If you're not with him and his family, you're against them. Which makes you a threat.

Despite my saying that I am not a fan of primarily action based role-plays there is a repeating trend of people fighting in the really basic versions of my character descriptions huh? What can I say, I like action. I am weak to my own complaints. A lot of what I like doing on the guild here is exiting my comfort zone. Though for the most part I will shy away against role-plays based one shows I haven't seen (Though a few do seem interesting). When I joined the guild I mostly thought I would stick with apocalyptic stories (Which I have) but I also found myself getting into fantasy, science fiction, superheros, vampires! It's been insane if I do say so myself. But I love it, probably the hardest part about joining the guild (Outside of my poor time management skills) is the fact that my standards for role-plays has.... increased drastically. Role-plays that I would have joined over two years ago I would most likely pass up now. I GMed several my first year and a half on the site, but now I am at a point where I wouldn't even dare to GM one because I can't meet my own standards anymore! (With the exception of a world based one but I lack the skill there too so... also too high of standards).

Outside of the guild I do a decent amount of things. I work as a shift manager, I go to school for computers despite only getting into them my last year in high school, I am an amateur writer ( Or professional if you want to look at the 100% literal definition), and I enjoy long hikes and watching things burn. Though controlled burn, last thing I need is to lose control of a live fire.

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Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Wewahitchka C4 -> D6 (Road)
Skills: N/A

If there was something Manny has always had problems with it was holding his tongue. Normally this was an issue in his youth when he would get into fights with neighborhood kids. Or it was an issue with people who ran hate groups and as Manny would put it, he was 'Giving them a reason to [Insert action(s) here]'. Where he would promptly be reminded how that isn't a good thing. But in this case it was pure lack of self control over the last working rubber duck on the planet. Despite Manny's professional demeanor he couldn't help but blurt out a brief laugh at Thalia's struggles against the tape covered squeaking duck. For a moment the old dentist thought his heart would stop just trying to contain his laughter. Despite not blurting out again the amusement still seemed to struggle to be contained. He would work to keep it in though as Thalia could probably find where he sleeps at night. He stopped pretty fast at that thought. "Sorry. That was... Very unprofessional and not normally like me. Wont happen again." He promised knowing he had no idea if it would or not.

Now, Manny moved up shotgun in hands. Though the more he thought about it the more he wondered if the people in the helicopter were hostile. What would their rag tag group do against someone with a helicopter and most likely firepower to protect it? Could they do much other then brief suppression fire? He questioned if they could do that though either. What if they had to run? How far could they go with the gear they had? Or the wounded they had despite their amazing efforts in recovery? How far could they get if Manny's stamina ran out while running? Would the others risk their lives for him? Or once he knew he couldn't keep up could he slip into the shadows and try to buy some time?

Another thing to consider was, what if these people were friendly? What if these people were able to help them? What if they had a decent medical setup and supplies to make a colony work? What if... just if... they had real beds to sleep on. Manny told himself it was for the chance to help another community, but a real bed to sleep on was a great motivator too. He picked up speed now, staying as hidden as he could but the group was struggling and at their rate it was only a matter of time before someone else died. This needed to happen now. Then he saw it. The helicopter. And he stopped in his tracks. He saw... people. He couldn't tell how many, but there were a lot. At first glance maybe more then the four the group he was in had. He was tempted to wave, but he was scared of being shot at. So he just stood there in the middle of the road, in fear, unable to react to what he was seeing.

Private Hunter James Monroe

Location: Wewahitchka D8
Skills: N/A

Hunter saw the gunner talking. He didn't get a word of what he said though, mostly looking at the gun on the side and thinking how cool it would be to use some of Uncle Sam's hardware again. He also thought that if things got sour he should probably shoot the gunner first. Though when the old man spoke again Hunter got names. Even though Hunter got the names, took note of them, and started making a mental catalog of these new people, he was hearing about food. God what he would do for something edible right now. Though he looked at the dog wrapped on his leg understanding that Hunter was tense. She was hungry too. She probably needed at least as much food as Hunter did, and they both have been without for days.

When Hunter snapped back to reality he pieced some of this weird puzzle together. Then Hunter was asked about the MANY new people showing up. "Can't say I know them. I figured the ones I saw before were with you? If that's not the case I hope their friendly. Or you actually have bullets in that turret." He had seen people threaten with empty guns before. He found it sad. But whatever, natural selection and all that shit. "You never know about new people. I've seen all sorts of tricks used. Once I saw someone use kittens. Too bad they were stupid." Hunter vaguely remembers removing a head that day with a hatchet.

Hunter was still hesitant to trust anyone military. Though he still carried an old uniform he wasn't wearing it now. But Maddog made it clear he was military by the way he asked for one of the new people's name and rank. Almost out of instinct Hunter responded, stopping himself before he could say anything. They had a last name, they didn't need more then that. But the soldier called out had a lot to say. Army as well. Hunter wondered if he could make an ally of him. Or if he would be like his old unit near the start of this mess. Then Hunter would need a way to dispose of him too. Granted, he had bullets and he had guns. He also had Izibell who despite being the cutest dog ever could 100% eat someone's testicles off. Though now it looked like instead of a potential 4 to 1, it could be as many as 30 to 1 if things kept going the way they were going. He would need to trust someone otherwise he wouldn't survive a fight with anyone. The helicopter people had a chance to gun him down, but didn't. Maybe they wanted more information from him incase he was apart of a group with lootable supplies. Oh well, too late now to run.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Wewahitchka B4 -> C4
Skills: Perspective

Their little outfit of a survivor family was sorting out their day pretty well. Manny still had his fears, but otherwise things were looking up. He thoughts it was cute, Beatrice's and Thalia's relationship whatever that ended up being. No matter what it was or wasn't he was happy for them. But before Manny could really get his mind around his thoughts for the day, Alexander started talking about a Huey? And all that came to Manny was "What the hell is a Huey? Is it what's making all that racket outside?" Was it some kind of Vehicle? Or was it a term for walkers that Manny hasn't heard of yet? He knew the people he was traveling with pretty well, but overall things still came up that confused him about his newest group. Lucky for Manny Thalia cleared it up with the term 'Helicopter', Manny knew that one. Now that he thought about it, Alexander did say something about a chopper. Thalia soon made her way outside with her pistol drawn. Manny moved to follow, but looking out the window breifly he noticed what everyone had been talking about. Outside, slowly getting closer to land, was a military helicopter. He hadn't seen one of those since... a long time.

Manny figured the best thing to do now would be to follow Thalia and be ready to help however he could. "Come on people, we're about to get some answers." Manny wanted to help, but he also realized he was the only person here without combat training of some kind making it so the others may be better options to help out if things went south. Grabbing his shotgun, and making sure both tubes were loaded, he followed the Thalia ready for action. Though Manny didn't move as tactically as Thalia did, he still tried to keep low and stay close to the buildings. Once he got closer to Thalia he did a partial crouch with the shotgun barrel pointed to the ground. "Do you know what the hell a Helicopter is doing out here? Didn't the military fall years ago? So what the hell is it doing here?!" It might have been something taken from a group of survivors, but how many pilots were left in the world? Probably less then doctors now that Manny thought about it.

Private Hunter James Monroe

Location: Wewahitchka Lower C8
Skills: Perception

The noise what getting louder now, looking around Hunter also noticed he was being surrounded. To the west he saw someone exiting the bank near him. Maybe there were was food in there? Izibell noticed them too. "Stay calm girl. They don't notice us yet." He was pretty sure he saw a firearm, but Hunter had his M4, and he was good with it, so he felt he could hold out in a bad situation. Then he saw the Helicopter. "well go ahead and fuck me in the ass..." He said as he started walking to it. There was no outrunning it, he had already been spotted. He couldn't run or hide from it, and his M4 couldn't really do much against military grade anything. Probably his biggest complain of the M4 rifle was its lacking of power behind each bullet. Once he was in ear shot he stood sideways with his rifle partially aimed but with the barrel pointed to the ground. If he was going to fight he was going to make himself a hard target ready to shoot back. But again, his rifle would do little to stop the chopper.

That's when the thing had properly landed. "no turning back now..." He got a little closer using his sideways strut, keeping his body narrow, and making his center mass his backpack. The man who approached him was old, very old. Before Hunter got a chance to make a comment or ask a question the man spoke, asking about Izibell. "Her Name's Izibell. My Name is Monroe. Can I help you? Are you lost? If so I don't know the area particularly well. I should also mention that I don't taste particularly well. Someone tried, decided to make the comment." That part wasn't true, but why not tell a little tale? "You got a name? Or is this a trap and you don't really care for my name? I can make either work but I want to be sure before choices get made." He kept eyeing the chopper. Seemed to have a full crew, though Hunter was mostly impressed with the fact that they had a pilot. Not many of those left in the world. "Nice piece of hardware, I imagine you have the means to keep it well tuned and armed. Otherwise you wouldn't waste it just looking around. You want to tell me what you're doing out here with enough fire power to level this little town?" He contemplated an escape plan. He figured he could get the old guy first, then if he was fast the pilot. Even if the windshield was ballistic glass the stuff had a shelf life and he figured the 5.56 NATO cartridge had a decent chance, but he wouldn't know for sure. If that worked out though then he would have to avoid the gunner. No way he could push his luck with a third target, but maybe he could get into a blind spot once the pilot was out.

But he wouldn't do this yet. Just having a backup plan in case these people seemed hostile was the important part. But what about the rest of the crew? If they got out could he take them? Not on his own no, but chances are there were corpses near by who would gladly provide a needed distraction. Then he considered Izibell. She would get into a panicked fit if they were in an enclosed building with a lot of corpses. There's no way she could make it through it. As if she could read his mind though, she gave him a look of pity from his left side. She smiled, but it was almost as if she had fear in her eyes, worried for her human. No, enclosed building wont do. If things go wrong, he'd find another option. "You seem military enough. Last I knew all federal military got stretched thin and wiped out. State forces collapsed soon afterwards once they realized they were on their own. So what does that make you?" He's not sure what he was expecting for an answer past 'Nobody'. He hated that answer, at least give a nic name or something.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Wewahitchka B4
Skills: N/A

Manny woke up slow, he considered himself in pretty decent shape for someone of his age, but damn he could feel his age sometimes. The groups sleeping situation didn't help, with a house that had literally nothing in it the floor was the only option. At least the door could still close. He was in pain because of it, but he wouldn't complain out loud, everyone else slept on the same floor. Manny started his morning off as usual, giving his shotgun a quick once over making sure it was as clean as he could keep it without a proper cleaning kit. And making sure that the barrel wasn't obstructed. Both seemed okay, he had been sparing in his use with it due to a lack of ammo, and a lack of a way to properly clean it. Though because it was a break action it wasn't too bad just to find something to act as a ram rod and a piece of cloth and just wipe it down. It wasn't perfect but it did the job.

Looking out the window he saw the store across the street. If things go well, he would like to check that out. It didn't hurt to have some extra food, and with the head they needed to make sure they had more then enough water to stay hydrated. Last thing they need on top of two amputees and an old man who's struggling to hide his age is someone to collapse of a heat stroke. Manny had been trying to pull his weight more to keep things easier for Beatrice, though he didn't want to make himself a liability by getting himself sick. "I think we should make time to check out that store across the street. It's close, and chances are has some decent supplies still." He said just to whoever might be listening. "We might even find some medical supplies. I personally wouldn't mind that." He would also like the chance to spend some time indoors, the outside was going to make someone sick sooner or later. Though if this town had something like a gun store then that might be nice, they still had a severe lack of guns and bullets. Plus food and water were doing okay, but it wouldn't be for too long. So maybe food and water first before guns and ammo. Though, if they needed to use what they had left to get the food and water what then? Would they have enough to get more? Their little group wasn't really fit for a mass melee fight anymore.

Though maybe they could lure the undead on the inside outside, and lure them away if they were smart. Two people draw them out and lure them away, two loot in the mean time? Could work. Though who would be the ones to lure? Manny could do that for a while but would it be long enough? Or if it was just a small amount could he just pick them off one at a time with Beatrice's bow? They could probably do some decent damage like that. But what if there were more walkers in town then they thought? Damn, trying to figure this out with the people and supplies they had was hard. They either had to risk it all, or keep going by on minimal supplies. A few trained people with the right tools could clear most of this town if done right. He had seen it in his last community where six people with a couple guns bows and axes cleared out the community house by house with another team providing security for everyone else. This town is a lot smaller then that from what Manny could tell, but there were no real places to build fortifications that would be effective. But that wasn't the goal anyways, it was to get food. Maybe they could clear the building without too much problems, but what if it draws a small horde? That would be a concern for later. For now, the morning dragged on. "We'll either need to get supplies while we are here or keep moving. I don't think its a good idea for us to stay put for too long." Manny also didn't want to sleep on the floor again.

Private Hunter James Monroe

Location: Wewahitchka D4 -> B8
Skills: Perception

Another long night in the middle of nowhere. Hunter now without much of a purpose is preparing himself for the long walk home. He also had reason to believe there would be less corpses up north which would be nice. Though here seemed to have a lack of corpses as well. Definitely enough bodies, and a few of them might be corpses, but none that were walking or standing or moving in any sense. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was when he passed near here a while back and decided to use up some of those sweet 5.56 the local police carried just to see what damage he could do. Though that was a light session, and he didn't think it would do damage to nearby towns, but who knows. His guess was the heat kept them all inactive. He's sure if he decided to start shooting more would show. He was tempted too, because chances are most the walkers would be inside right now, and he was out of food and had only enough water to get to the next town with the gear he was carrying. And luring some outside as an excuse to use some bullets could be useful in lightening his load.

Though the now that Hunter thought about it, if there were any active walkers around Izibell would have probably done something by now. She wasn't really good with inactive ones, but she got defensive the moment she noticed any that moved. So he figured for the time being that they were safe. Though he learned the hard way that Izibell wasn't the best dog for tracking infected. Though she was pushing against his leg again for attention. "We spent the whole night sleeping under a counter as I rubbed you and you want attention now? WE have more pressing matters, like how you suck at rationing so I have to do it for you." That was true, for a big active dog she probably ate more then the average human, and she sucked at taking it slow. Dogs. What will you do. "Just calm yourself, we'll get something to eat today. Or you'll kill some poor animal and I might get to lick the bones again." He said with a grin. This seemed to get her attention, and she sat like she was expecting a treat. "Not now, later." He kept walking, Izibell followed. As he walked he saw some things that seemed off. The colors seemed to blend more then they usually should. He got the Rottweiler's attention and pointed to the weird coloration. She looked excited, then confused. Then back to Hunter still confused. "Nothing, thanks girl." He gave her a rub across the head, she seemed content with it and kept following her ever strange human.

As they walked looking for somewhere that would be easy to clear out and find food in he saw that Izibell had turned her attention and had started acting weird. Was is corpses? No. Not likely, she whines more when she notices them. Though he noticed it too before long. It took him a moment to hear it clearly, it sounded like a loud pressurized thumping noise. Though he had a guess on what ti might be, though he chalked it up to his imagination. But, Izibell had noticed it too. So was it real? Or was he mishearing things? But what the hell would it be doing out here? Or being out period. Hunter was tempted to stay out in the open so that he could find it and be sure of his thoughts, but decided against it. If it was what he thought it was and things turned sour, he lacked what he needed to defend himself. Though he figured his M4 rifle could put up a fight, if his fears were true and it was prepared even partially properly he had no fighting chance. He would wait and see for now. He kept walking, keeping close to potential cover in case things got hot. He started making his way north in town as that seemed like it had more lootable buildings with large open windows. But as he got more northward he noticed two things. One, the space was very open, meaning he would be exposed. Two, there was not much north of his position, not much at all. "We're making great progress girl in the Areas to not loot category. Not unless we can eat cash." The dog just gave what looked like a big smile and looked at Hunter. At the rate things were going, he hoped the people making the noise were friendly. Because he would be too weak to move on his own if he didn't eat soon. TO find food, he would most likely have to back track a bit. He had all day so he wasn't too worried, but damn his gear felt heavier the longer he didn't eat.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Quincy, Florida: E9. House, E9
Skills: N/A

Manny found himself still dreaming and in a deep sleep. In the real world he was very peaceful and seemed pretty content with life. IN the land of dreams Manny and Suzan ran for their lives. Once they made it to the bottom of the stairs infected started to surround them from all sides. The amount of bodies present made Manny want to puke. "MANNY!" He saw Suzan point as she screamed, one of the infected was seconds away from attacking one of the duo, so Manny turned the barrel of his shotgun and pulled the trigger firing the shotgun's second shell into the torso of the infected, ripping it to pieces at near point blank range. Manny froze, but in the chaos realized something important. The only thing standing between the death of Suzan and Manny was the now empty shotgun in his hands. "Shit... Suzan warm me when more get close." He dropped to his knees, opening his suitcase full of shells. He had just under 200 20 gauge shells in the case. Loading the shells into the gun he closed it, then put a few in his pockets. He didn't know how many chances he would get to pull shells out of his suitcase. "Manny He's getting back up!" She shouted yanking a fire axe off the wall.

Manny had to give the girl props on her bravery, but he didn't think she was any real special hand to hand fighter. Before She could get close to the figure that Manny had believed to have shot dead he fired the first barrel again into the torso. He wondered if the infected were just that hyped up that they didn't care about pain, even if their bodies have received mortal injuries? But despite the second shell blasting a hole right through the chest now the once whole man stood up, a hole big enough for an arm to stick through in the center of his chest as well as torn ribs sticking out. What... the fuck. Manny took aim again at the figure trying to stand for the second time when he heard Suzan speak again. "SIX O'CLOCK!" Behind them? He turned barrel lowered, then saw the next infected almost right on him. He raised the gun and fired the lower barrel right into her head, taking off the side of her face. After he fired he ejected the two spent shells and reloaded.

He turned back firing into the neck of the first man, he went down, still moving, but he didn't get back up. "JUST RUN! WE can't stay here anymore!" They both ran faster then Manny believed possible. Suzan had taken his case full of ammo and cleaning supplies for his gun, Manny held the gun ready to fire at any infected that got in their way. For the most part, they were too busy killing and... eating the other refugees. Manny and Suzan appeared to have arrived late to the chaos. They had a target though, Jimmy's truck. It was old, and only had a few gallons in the tank. But it was their only option. They needed to get out of the city. Once the duo arrived in the parking lot there seemed to be more infected and torn up bodies then there were inside. Where the hell was the army? How did they let this get so out of control?! Manny decided it was too late for questions like this, it appeared everyone and their mother had the same idea they did.

Even though things seemed to be calmer inside then outside, there were a lot more infected, and they seemed more interested in Manny and Suzen then the ones inside. "Suzen, get the case open and be ready to pass me the shells with the plastic covers on the front. The ones with the metal tip hold off, the chock isn't adjusted right for those." Manny reloaded the single spent shell and started moving forward. "They walk and limp, move slowly and we'll be fine." He didn't know that for sure, but there were too many to run past, and if they stayed put they would get overrun. So they pushed forward. The old dentist fired shot one into an infected woman in the stomach, watching her guts explode almost made Manny puke again. She still went down, moving but down. He turned and fired the second shell, this one hitting the lower neck of a younger man, he still kept walking. SO Manny reloaded and fired again. The process repeated for what seemed like forever, fire, fire, reload, and walk. Fire, fire, reload, and walk. Fire, fire, reload, and walk. He didn't even notice that Suzan had stopped following until she was out of sight.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Quincy, Florida: E9. House, E9
Skills: N/A

Manny sit in his corner in his deep sleep still. No one had woken him up to take over yet so he would enjoy a little more sleep before trying to improvise a blood transfusion. In dream land Manny and company were making their way across the stadium as gunshots ran out. The old dentist could hear the Crack Crack Crack of the military rifles going off over and over again. Other rounds were going off, but he knew the difference well enough. Despite most people going the direction Manny and crew were heading in the crowd seemed to be getting thinner as they went on. Were people just spreading out? Or were they trying to hide? He wasn't sure, and he didn't like it.

After walking a good 20 minutes Manny had realized that most of the people in the crowd near him were gone. It was Himself, Jimmy, and Suzen. There were a couple people who passed by when the trio slowed down but they were out of sight fast. They were running, the trio was moving very slow. Suzan was still processing what had happened on the field and Kimmy was getting sicker by the second. "Manny we need to stop." Suzan spoke. "Jimmy cant keep going like this. He'll only get worse." Manny knew she was right, but the gunshots were only getting louder and he had no idea where the exit was in this place. "Yeah take five. If we're smart we can avoid most of the carnage while Jimmy gets some rest." Not smart. They needed to be lucky, and he knew that.

He could hear the sounds of machinegun fire in the structure around them. But now there was another noise. A noise that to this day haunts Manny in his dreams. The violent buzzing noise of thousands upon thousands of voices all screaming and moaning for the same thing. Living Flesh. For now, the buzzing voices were outside in the field and they were outside the stadium in general. But inside here, they were safe. "Manny..." He heard the young voice speak. Manny turned to see what what happening. Jimmy lay dead still on the ground, Suzen attempting to comfort him in his final moments. "He's.... dead...." The fever would be Manny's best guess. They lacked what they needed to treat and infection like the one Jimmy had. "There's nothing we could have done. At best, we could have only bought him a couple hours with proper medical supplies." He wasn't sure on this but he just needed her to feel better.

Though feeling better wasn't an option right now. From the hallway the group of them had came from was now starting to fill with the same buzzing moans of the hordes outside and the screams of those they engulfed. "Jesus Christ... SUZAN RUN!" Manny pulled her up, still resistant to leave Jimmy. Manny was too, but his fear of the infected was much more then his guilt for leaving his friend. The buzzing moans were getting closer, were getting louder, the duo had no idea where they were going in this mess of a building. Some areas were blocked by abandoned improvised military structures, other seemed to bring them closer to the buzzing. Manny thought about the girl in the parking lot, the one with the missing arm. Could he do that again?

In a literal sense he could, he still had almost 200 shells on his person and his shotgun was in prime condition. But last time he fired the gun he had hesitated and Jimmy had gotten attacked. Afterwards still left him a mess and mentally he wasn't sure if he could do that again. Though what would they do if they came across more infected? Suzan was a capable woman but she had only fired a gun once and it was a miracle that no one had gotten hurt. Granted, there's not much point in firing the gun unless it was to hurt something. But as the buzzing hordes got closer and louder the trio now duo had to make a choice. Keep running, or hide. "Suzan, we need to find an emergency exit now. Anything that will get us to the ground." The ground was where the infected all were, but staying in the building they would get to where Manny and Suzan were soon enough. And if they kept trying to avoid them, they would find themselves trapped. Manny tried to convince himself he could shoot the gun in his hands again, just to get them outside and away. But he wasn't so sure. After running and hiding a bit more they found a set of stairs that should take them right down to the ground level. There were screams and moans clearly audible from down below. "We have to try... we stay up here and we will die here." Suzan nodded her head and responded. "I know. It doesn't make this any easier to do." The duo made their way down the stairs, ready to make a run for the truck that used to belong to their recently departed. Back in the house though, Manny was still deep in his sleep. Debating which reality was worse.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Quincy, Florida: E9. House, G10
Skills: N/A

Manny for the second time tonight was back to enjoying his nice hardwood floor of a bed. Though this time when he slept he didn't find himself back in the office he had run years ago, he found himself huddled up in a football stadium filled to the brim with people. Most of whom were refugees, but every now and then he would be able to spot a soldier patrolling the field making sure no one got into trouble. The soldiers all had the same look, the look of oncoming doom and endless fear. He almost expected that look from the other refugees, though not from the soldiers. He was hoping for cheering, professional, and an overall amazing force here to keep them safe. But what he saw were men and woman who looked death int he face, and lived to regret it. That idea scared him, if the military didn't have this who did?

Thankfully, Manny wasn't alone. Both Suzan and Jimmy had made it here with him, though they had to leave the truck to make it this far. Manny would have liked the option to ride it away if things went wrong, but if things went wrong where would they go? Though as of right now despite the poor moral things were okay. Suzan and Jimmy were alive even if Jimmy was struggling to not look like those who had already died. Manny figured that the infected woman who bit him transmitted something to Jimmy, something aggressive. The young boy would never admit it, but he was getting sick. The doctors here did a once over on him to clean his wound but had to move on. Manny had been trying to go at it every now and again since but Jimmy was reluctant to let anyone help him. He still had Manny's shotgun. Manny didn't want it right now anyways. He still had the image of the woman's head being blown apart stuck in his head. He wasn't a fan of Jimmy who seemed to be getting weaker by the moment holding the only gun between them all, but Manny couldn't bring himself to hold it, and Suzan hasn't fired a gun in her life. Manny offered to show her, but Jimmy pushed back explaining how fine he was and that he could take care of the situation if things went wrong.

Jimmy dind't do much since they arrived though, he just kind of sat there half dazed with the shotgun in his lap. Suzan had tried calling her parents back in Georgia still with no luck. Wireless phones seemed to be down. Manny noticed someone with a satellite phone who was able to make a call once, then a fight broke out as several other people tried to take the phone from him to make their own personal calls. Manny has been trying to keep busy since arriving. Helping people with simple injuries, trying to cheer them up, even seeing people he knew and trying to reassure them that the soldiers had this under control. Now, he just had to tell himself the same thing.

While trying to rest Manny noticed Jimmy had collapsed onto one of the many cots. As soon as Manny noticed this he ran over to the young boy and turned him to his side. He quickly realized it wasn't a seizure but something was wrong with him. He had started to develop a rather extreme fever that felt like it would have burnt Manny if he had held his hand there much longer. "HEY! WE NEED A DOCTOR HERE NOW!" Some people had started to gather, no doctors. This was way outside of what Manny was able to take care of. He was a dentist, not paramedic. That was when he heard the all too familiar click of a hammer being pulled back on a pistol. Manny turned to see a man in his forties aiming a revolver at Jimmy. "He's infected. He gotta deal with him now before he turns into one of those beasts!" Manny had trouble believing this nonsense. Jimmy still had the flesh on his face, and sure he was fucked up a bit, but he was still breathing just fine. Manny put himself in the path of the barrel. "He's not infected. And if you don't put that thing down now we're going to have problems. He's just sick, he'll get over it and we'll all move on." The person seemed full of rage and had a death grip on the revolver.

All Manny could think was Where the hell are the soldiers!? "You can't prove he's not infected! And we can't chance it! If he turns here we're all dead!" Manny was ready to respond when gunshots started ringing out across the stadium. This took the attention of the man with the gun and Manny took the chance to try and grab the gun from him. It fired once in the air, and once in the ground before Manny had a grip on it. Though he had a grip on it the man was a lot younger and seemed to be a lot stronger then Manny. It wasn't until Suzan jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck that he let go. By the time Manny had the gun in full the man had thrown off suzan and grabbed Jimmy, using the semi conscious boy as a shield. "Put down the gun old man." The gunshots kept ringing out, people were running all over the place. And Manny was running out of time before the chaos caught up to them. "Okay.... Just don't hurt him...." Manny set down the revolver on one of the cots. Before Manny could react the man threw Jimmy at Manny and made a dash for the gun. "BOOM!" was the only thing that came to mind as Suzan fired the shotgun at the man. The shot missed, but this got the man's attention. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" She screamed aiming the shotgun at him. It made Manny cringe a little the way she was holding it, but he wasn't going to say anything right now.

The man eventually got the idea, and took off taking the revolver with him. "...did you miss on purpose?" She seemed concerned more then anything. "I... don't know..." Manny just put his hand on her shoulder. "Let's assume the best then, and get Jimmy out of here. Things are getting harsh really fast." Manny slowly took the gun from Suzan, the way Jimmy had when Manny had used it. Most of the chaos was on the other side of the large structure, but how long would that last? The trio made their way for where the rest of the refugees were going. Now Manny could spot soldiers. Better late then never.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Quincy, Florida: E9. House, E9 -> G10
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The fire was cracking, they were warm but not boiling anymore thank god, and they had a rough plan for now. Manny was going to do the transfusion as soon as it was light enough and Thalia was ready for it, this would also give time while that goes on to figure out what to do with the next day. If they were lucky Thana would arrive with a truth full of supplies and a way to get them all on the road again. Or maybe she would bring back some military group apart of NewMerica. Though that seemed like a silly name in Manny's head. But he wouldn't complain about it if it were real. Manny eventually offered the shotgun to Beatrice who offered to take first watch. She promptly turned it down for her own crossbow. Not a bad choice in all honesty, though it's a weapon Manny wasn't sure he'd have the chance to master in his lifetime. Alexander offered to take second watch when Beatrice was getting too tired to stay up, seemed like a good way to do things. "When you're out of it Alexander wake me up. Taking third shift will give me a decent chance to prepare in the morning and make sure everything is good to go. I don't want to chance this at all. And don't stay up all night. If you are going to generously donate your important life juice I would prefer you well rested so if you pass out I know it's because of blood loss and not exhaustion." Nice and simple plan.

Alexander brought up they had to be careful with the windows. If they were open even a little bit with the fire going the glow could be seen pretty easily from the outside. Even if something was blocking the direct line of sight from the flame. Manny is pretty sure Al' told him that once too, though he always had trouble remembering what Al' told him. His fears right now were mostly if they woke up and Thana wasn't here. If that were the case then they had a lot to figure out. Like how long they were going to stay put? Sure they could wait a little while, but how long could they before they needed to get supplies and move on? Or until they needed to find somewhere safer to hold out? Could they leave a note? God... the idea of her not coming back scared Manny a little.

Manny eventually moved himself back to his corner where he tried to sleep before. "Wake me when things get better. Or if things get drastically worse." Manny would do his best to dose off, trying to avoid dreaming right now, though he wasn't particularly good at controlling his mind while he slept. There was just too much to think about.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Quincy, Florida: E9. House, C10 -> E9
Skills: N/A

Things were starting to cool down finally. Interestingly enough it was Thalia who brought up starting a fire so they had light and ventilation. Before Manny could react Alexander was on his way to get the pack as Beatrice helped Thalia to the fireplace. Alexander wanted Manny to help, though Beatrice seemed like she had it, and Manny was still exhausted from earlier, so he would take a rain check on that. "Alexander is the better option for a transfusion, he's an exact match which is probably the most important thing to consider." Though, even with the promise of light from the fire, Manny wasn't comfortable doing a transfusion right now. He wasn't at 100% and a fireplace wouldn't be light enough to do one anyways.

Thana was clearly not getting back tonight. It was too dark to see let alone travel, thrown on top getting inside after they had barricaded the place would be a pain in the ass like no one could imagine. Thrown on top, someone would likely be on guard, and the idea of mistaking her for an aggressive walker was... scary to Manny. "So the next question of the night, who has first watch?" Manny would do it if he had to, but in all honesty, he was pooped, and would rather sleep even if just for a little while. "Whoever is on watch can also use my shotgun, better safe then sorry if something happens." having one fun between them until Thana got back made things tricky, but they had shells, and it was a decent firearm.

Manny hoped Thana was alright. He also hoped that she was coming back with something good to use. Maybe more guns and ammo, or maybe proper medical supplies. Or maybe an RV, that would be nice. To be able to sleep, drive, and work all in one safe space! Granted, he mostly hoped she was alright. He would pass on everything else if it meant she was okay.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Quincy, Florida: E9. House, C10 -> E9
Skills: N/A

Alexander had found most of what they needed for a makeshift blood transfusion. A few years ago he would have cussed out anyone for recommending the means that were being recommended. But what else could they do now? Sure Thalia was stable now, but for how long? If they needed to run, that would leave them vulnerable and unable to protect each other. It was getting dark now too, so there was no telling what was outside now ready to move in on them. Alexander had started looking for needles and lights, those would help. Even if Manny had something to use the tubing with it was getting too dark to risk a blood transfusion. A torch might help but an open flame in a building would be asking for trouble. With that, it might not even have enough light to make things safe.

Though, Manny had a doner, and someone who was trained to keep calm under pressure. Though, he would have honestly preferred anyone else to do this, the lack of a limb can have severe issues on blood pressure, though he's never had to do a blood transfusion from someone who was missing a limb. But as of right now, he was the only known doner, assuming Thalia wasn't so high she thinks she got her blood type wrong. "Retraining her might be good for the transfusion itself, but afterwards it may through her in a panic." Manny said responding to Beatrice. "But off the top of my head, I know my blood type. I am mostly going to need to depend on what everyone else knows about themselves." Though he figured everyone knew their type pretty well. His only concern was Thalia. If she isn't the type she says she is, she'll die a rather painful death. Or be so high she wont notice. If it comes to that, he hopes for the latter.

Alexander's search for light and something to act as needle's for the transfusion didn't seem to go well. "It's foolish to try and preform anything like this without a decent light source. It's just asking for things to go wrong." He stopped to think about Thana when she was brought up. "She may be strong, but she is alone with our only reasonable way to escape. If she isn't back by morning we'll need to figure out what happened to her. Seeing as we're in poor state to travel, and we have only one functional gun among us, we'll need to be smart about how we go about tomorrow. Honestly, I think we need to take a good night's rest and start tomorrow getting Thalia some nice earned blood. Then we'll decide what to do about Thana as Thalia recovers." Truth be told, Thana was skilled enough she could show up in the middle of the night with everything they could need. That would be a great victory. Or worst case scenario, they find her in the smashed truck only a little ways down the road. Manny didn't like thinking of worst case scenario, but what else could he do? They had to be prepared.

Emanuel "Manny" Newman

Location: Quincy, Florida: E9. House, D10 -> C10
Skills: General Medical, Perception

Manny thought his comments were rather funny. Based on the death glares he got from his patient, they were not. Humor was not a skill Manny was particularly good at. Though from what he can tell Thalia was doing alright, weak and drowsy sure, but overall fine. A blood transfusion would be ideal but he lacked what he needed for that. To Manny's surprise Alexander came back with tubing, jars, and with his collection of water they could makeshift a transfusion. "Holy shit Alex. This is probably one of the best finds we could have had right now." Manny stopped a moment later thinking about how he would pull off a transfusion. "I'll need to figure out who has compatible blood types here. Also, it seems we'll seem some form of needles just to get the blood going. I could do something simple with what I have but I would prefer to do it as close to the professional way as possible. Let's see if we can find some needles, anything with a point that can allow liquid through it." It would be makeshift at best, but at least it would allow them to make some progress.

Blood types were a huge issue too. Not only where their standard blood types to consider but he didn't have proper medical records on anyone here, nor a way to test if the people here had something transmittable by blood that could cause harm. "Thalia, any chance you know your blood type? If you don't know don't guess. It's not worth the risk." Worst case scenario they didn't do the transfusion. One would help drastically, but messing up would make things worse. If they were lucky at least one of them would be a universal doner. He was A+, which was the second most common type, but he could only donate to A+, and AB+. "Alexander, you were military. Sure you learned your blood type at some point right?" He had trouble remembering what Beatrice was apart of, though he was pretty sure it was law enforcement training or something like that. He wished he payed just a little more attention now. "Beatrice? Any chance you know? Not doing a transfusion is risky with the blood loss Thalia has taken, and the drugs running in her system." Though Thalia had a decent chance to survive without a transfusion, she also had a decent chance to relapse and get worse. Thrown on top, a lack of a transfusion would most likely increase her recovery time. With Thana currently out of the picture, that left it up to Beatrice and Manny to help get Thalia out if things went wrong. Alexander would be able to move a little on his own but not far, and Manny was getting too old for long periods of running. So a sooner recovery was definitely better.
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