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“There’s a difference between Knowing and Having someone’s name Drake!” Natasha called after him as he left.

With a huff, Natasha decided that situation was starting to spiral; Drake going off on his own and them all now being thrown into the enemy’s jaws. It wasn’t her place to judge however, she was a soldier not a general or anything high enough rank to argue really. Not that It had ever stopped her before…

“Well, if we’re going to go charging into the fires of hell, at least let me go and grab something first.”

Keep your bloody mouth shut or I’ll sew it shut. She thought as loudly as she could.

The psychic warrior was an unplanned hiccup and she thought of the time she and her squad had battled a dragon. Natasha recalled carving through the beast’s eye into its skull with as much detail as she could recall, frenzied shrieks from the beast and all.

The doors hissed shut behind her and Natasha stretched up against the wall. The image of Natasha only shimmered slightly and it’s stretched out arms hid her from view, a small shadow the size of a thumb climbing up the walls to the ceiling. From their Natasha piloted the illusion of her down the hall and made it look as if it was entering a room. Natasha knew that while the cameras would show her entering the room the sensors for the door would report otherwise in the ships logs, but given the situation it was highly doubtful anyone was paying much attention to which doors were opening and closing right now.

Natasha scuttled her way across the ceiling towards the hangar luckily without meeting anyone coming the other way, and thankfully no one following her from behind either. Once there Natasha slipped her way as silently as she could towards the ship she spied Drake sitting in. Natasha thanked her stars Gummi ships weren’t made of metal.

Just under the cockpits rim Natasha sat listening to Drake hurriedly flip through the manual. She waited with baited breath, straining her tiny ears to every sound. One, two, page turn. One two, page turn. One, two, page turning, a shadow slipped over the rim and under Drakes seat.

Wasting no time Natasha scrambled up into the seats innards and out of view should Drake look underneath. Amongst the cables Natasha hoped Drake didn’t have some sort of metal eye or something. She’d wait until they had left before she made herself present.


“Holy crap. Their systems are down!”

James stared in amazement up at Blair’s digital visage held aloft above the table. Without losing a second his fingers flew across the keyboards in front of his summoning command boxes into existence.

“Um, Blair was it?” James kept his eyes fixed firmly on what he was typing. “You’re a digital thing, right? I’m about to hijack some of the ships servers and flood Satellite 13 with a crap load of requests.”

James returned a few horrified looks from the crew with an apologetic shrug. “I just need a few hundred IP addresses, we have thousands on this ship alone anyway.”

“Anyway, I have no idea what it might do to you. Possibly slow you down or even get you dragged out as I have no idea where you are currently sitting on our systems so…be careful?

James took a moment to consider what in his life had lead him to this moment where he was treating a computer program like an actual person. To his right a window chimed happily after having found a single sign of life. A grin spread across James’ face.

“On second thoughts, I think I might have something for you.” He began typing into another command window, opening a connection to the thing he had found. ”I have no idea on your file size but hopefully if you strip out what ever OS is in this thing you should have enough room. Hopefully”

Hundreds of miles away a battered and bruised satellite slowly awoke from its long slumber. Like broken wings solar panels unfurled from its sides and sent off small shards spinning around it. If not for the vacuum of space the dishevelled coffin like structure would’ve groaned loudly in protest against the hydraulics inside prising it open. But open it did, and from end several antennae reached out towards the stars and from the other a large barrel pointed towards the planet.

Back on the ship James stared in shock at the image of someone sitting down upon a hillside the satellite was sending him. He could even see what colour their eyes were if he zoomed it in far enough.

“Okay bloody good camera aside. This thing is a cannon of …something. I think.” James frowned at the words and specifications the satellite was sending him. “I don’t know what these words mean but I think it fires an energy pulse of some kind. Like not magic or anything just something hot and fast. Plasma or something?” He shrugged and gave up trying to understand the big long words.

James turned back to his own little bit of code.

“Yeah sure Mai we’ll jump over there in just a tick and wreck some stuff whilst Drake does his thing.” James wore a look of intense concentration. “Just let me add this last little bit…TCP connections established and stream writer set to repeat with no time out and… et voila.”

James slammed the enter button with no small amount of pride at his little program.

“That little station is going to be like an overfilled restaurant and not enough waiters. With any luck their fighters and ships won’t get any readings from it and have no idea what to do.”

From the Ruler of The Sea came a torrent of requests crashing over Station 13 like a tsunami of data packets all clamouring for information. They were already beginning to drown out any information being sent out by the station to its swarm of fighters around it.

“Mai, once we’re on the station we can cause more damage to their systems. Either by smashing everything in our way or hacking in.” He chuckled ion an effort to relax. “Either way works.”
In Torn Across the Rift 23 May 2017 18:34 Forum: Casual Roleplay

“Food smell good.” Shannon explained.

The pair of Agents simply looked at each other. So, these were the ‘visitors’ they’d been briefed on.

Shannon, keeping one beady eye on the Agents, squeezed into the room to allow the others in after her. The greasy frying pan sitting in the sink deftly held her attention with it’s delicious aroma.

“Humans eat food. Darcy and Bon Bon eat food. I like smell food.”

She picked up the frying pan from the sink and gave it a good sniffing.

“Urm.” The man; Caleb, began sheepishly. “Do you guys want anything?”

“I could whip up a veggie burger?” Denise spoke through a mouthful of burger.

“I no eat.” Shannon sat down in the kitchen area, taking up most of the space. “I no have stomach.”

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Charles Balderdash

Charles was caught in a small fit of ‘the giggles’ and took him more than a minute to calm down enough that he could actually speak between gasps.

“Nah, nah mate I’m fine.” Charles kept his face against the mercifully cool desk. “I just need a um…. a thing that is uh…a pizza!"
Charles then burst out into another fit of giggles over forgetting the name of a very tasty food.

“My room is a mess too.” He continued, still face down. “Underwear every like, absolute-OW!”

“At least give me the safe word first!” Twain’s ‘pat’ had been a little bit painful. “This is why the sparkler left; you tried flirting and it went badly”


“I Monster.” Shannon said in a manner suggesting it was a well-known fact, and then in a much quieter voice she mumbled. “Gargoyle not Monster?”

A hand on her back sent a freezing chill running up her spine and her hackles rose. One of her eye turned towards Zesiro, her hackles lowering upon seeing it was his hand that was touching her.

“Bad place fishies float.” She turned to face him gestured, using her free arms, to the air around her.

Shannon was about to continue when smell, one that was floating just beneath the rancid stench, caught her attention. Her snake of a tongue wriggled out between her claws to taste the air.

“I smell good smell.” Waving her tongue to-and-fro Shannon strode forward after the smell. “Good Smell come from here.”

Shannon was all too glad to leave the rancid smelling hallway. Proceeding on all limbs she followed a route down a few more corridors that was more left’s than rights. IF the others followed her they too would soon be able to smell the mouth-watering scent of freshly grilled burgers tease their appetites.

The room that Shannon loomed her way into was fairly large though it evidently had once been a much smaller one. On one wall was a large television where a news anchor was declaring this month’s lottery tickets whilst on the other side of the room was a minimalist kitchen with a frying pan soaking in the sink. It what was in the centre of the room however that held Shannon’s attention; two TRIDENT members sat at a metal table, the man still with his thumb in his mouth after cleaning his plate and the woman midway through her own greasy burger, both sharing the same perplexed look.

“I like good smell.” Shannon grinned from the doorway.

Denise held her burger closer.

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Natasha and James

“Well that plan went swimmingly.” Natasha grumbled.

“Ever heard of subtlety?” James called from where he stood, and received rude gesture in reply.

“Make sure you keep in contact with us at all times if you can. Don’t be one of those ‘Most Honourable of Soldiers’ you Humans are so obsessed with.” She threw Drake a condescending grin filled with sharp little teeth. “Plus, use Marks name if you see him. Just like I told you.”

The more magical power a person had the more they could influence a person with their Name, but as far as Natasha could tell Drake had barley any Magical power that she could recognise. Although Natasha didn’t feel that Drake needed to know that last part, after-all he had gotten out of a few tight spots all by himself without magic.

“Wait, psychic?” Natasha tried to hide her unease. “As in ‘can read minds’ psychic?”

The ‘warm welcome’ they received only further darkened her mood and she growled, glaring to the heavens for strength.

It’s either all or nothing round here I swear! Natahsa took a very deep breath.

“Can’t we just hack the prats and be done with it?” Whilst she was asking the room at large Natasha did shoot a glance at James.
James returned her look with a stormy one of his own. “And risk them killing a whole load of people? No way.” He scoffed.

“So we can hack them.” Her tone lifted slightly but more in disbelief than anything else. “So why aren’t we doing that now and turning their own weapons against them?”

“Anything can be hacked given enough time, which is the problem here; it would take too long!” James brought up several diagrams above the table. Some showing messages with red X’s and graphs listing multitudes of data.

“Station 13 encrypts everything, every signal they send out and our systems haven’t found a way to decrypt them yet. Even if we threw our best decryption software at it their systems could hold us off for days. Weeks even!” He ran a hand through his hair with a grimace.
“Like in The Imitation Game?” Natasha liked movies about Human war times. She rubbed her eyes. “uhg, what can we do then?”

James drew in a breath through his teeth. “As I said we can intercept their signals…we could block them I guess? With such a distance between Station 13 and Panem there’s already going to be some latency, just like on Earth or Enchanted Globe or whatever.” James frowned several times finding it very odd referring to Earth as anything else.

“If we’re lucky they’d just pass it off as interference or something? I’m not expert on space so I dunno.” James shrugged with a perplexed look about him. “But I can only really see it giving us a few minutes at the most.”

Natasha turned towards Tocsax. “A few minutes is better than nothing, and could give us some extra time to blow them apart.”

Meanwhile James was already training one of the ships many eyes towards Panem; a fairly advanced world in a technological sense despite its moral shortcomings. It had radio, television, and even its own equivalent of the Early Internet in secluded areas across the planet. In theory he only needed to find one unsecured network and he could slip right into the crowd of twisted bits and bytes flying across the continent. Additionally, there were some automated satellites sitting miles above the planet’s atmosphere, but there old and dead things from an age before Panem became the sole civilisation of the world. A little window sat above James searching over each hunting for a glimmer of life.
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