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not gonna be around from the 12th to the 17th of august 2017
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dying under exams so please pardon the lack of posting
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I'm back and that's that
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Pulling out from roleplays for a while, hopefully not for too long


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Marcus just wants a cup of tea and to put his shopping away
Marcus Finch

It took Marcus a moment to process what was being said, or even going on around him. Even on the best of days his mind tended to wander.

“Yes, I am having a splendid day.” Pursing his peak, he thought for a moment. “As long as it isn’t Thursday.”

There were five of them now milling about the hall and lobby areas and Marcus had to shuffle further into the lobby just to avoid being driven into the old table or, even worse, squishing the loaf of bread in his shopping bag.

“ayup lads, let’s not all crowd here at once I’ve got eggs with me.” The shopping bag landed heavily on the little coffee table as he grumbled. "Come to think o'it, don't think we've all been here at the same time. Kinda nice in a house-mates sorta way."

"Anyone fancy a cuppa?" He let out twittering chuckle.

Deciding he wasn’t going to get to the stair anytime soon he dug his hands into his pockets and gently rocked on his heels. It wasn’t exactly the nicest day, and yet here they all were out and about indoors. Was this level of socialising an American thing?

“If we’re starting a religious group I call dibs on money collection.” His chuckle and waggling of eye brows came to an abrupt stop.

Marcus dug his hands a bit deeper into his pockets, his frown also deepening at the same time. He then checked his back pockets, his coat pockets and finally his jean pockets again for good measure. He made a thoughtful noise.

“I think I lost my keys.”

got a free evening tonight so expect a posty :)
@AngelofOctober Yeah marcus just entered the lobby, I thought Felix was somewhere down the hall by Devons room? If not I'll change it
“Keys.” Marcus muttered to himself, and continued, “Keys, keys, keys, keys.”

He patted his pockets, back pockets, coat pockets and then finally his back pockets again just to make sure. He’d been at a friend’s after work, feathers ruffled and out of place, and hadn’t quite had enough time to completely sober up and swayed gently from side to side.

Marcus stared up at the sky, the clouds rolling with a calm threat of rain, and tried to remember where he put his keys with a thoughtful noise. With a backpack full of shopping and another bag by his feet Marcus didn’t like the idea of being locked out until someone came to let him in. He snapped his fingers as he remembered,


He’d put his keys in his backpack for safe keeping. The tumblers turned loudly in the lock, old and but sturdy like much of the building, and Marcus stepped into the lobby with his shopping in hand. He nudged the door closed with his foot whilst completely forgetting his keys were still in the lock.

There was no post for him, “darn it”, other than bills and with nothing else of interest he continued on his way.

“Mornin’” He nodded to Devon, and another up to Felix further up the hall, as he passed by. “How’s you doing?”

He stopped suddenly, mid stride, and stared at the clock, squinting through the headache at the large hands.

“It’s Thursday right?”
I'll get my posty up tomorrow! :D

so when are we gonna get this train rolling? :)
Whoopsies, cheers for bringing it up bud I'll sort it out in a bit :)
Appearance – image to appear sometime
A narrow but muscular young man Marcus is on the shorter side of the height.
Out and about tends to wear a selection of rings, a silk scarf atop a t-shirt and shorts with equally colourful shoes. On the other hand indoors he dresses in simply shorts and oversized hoodies.

Marcus Finch


Male – tends to dress with a feminine flair


Straight but starting to question

Pole Dancer in a night club

Like a hundred others in HollyWoo, he wants to be a famous actor.

Born and raised in the busy streets of York, England, Marcus enjoyed all the perks of a public school in the old city. But even with all the plays and performances he did as he grew, Marcus felt destined for greater things and so decided to pack up his bags and try somewhere new on the other side of the world.

Sadly, Marcus wasn’t the first person to think this and quickly learned that Hollywoo has more than its fair share of wanna-be-stars and ever-hopefuls waiting for their big break. All too soon Marcus had to trade in his stylish pad for a more affordable option at the Salty Dog apartments and take whatever job he could get.

A year or so later Marcus is still working the same job with letters of rejection sitting on the table by his door. At least his neighbours aren’t too bad…

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