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Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: The Ferry (Main Deck)
Skills: N/A

The idea of sitting down being able to help with the pain and dizziness had worked better in his head than it appeared to be in reality. Sure it was comfortable to be able to sit, but the comfort gave way to lowering his shoulder and making him relax, which in turn led to his body recieving the signal that it was time to rest his head. While Vera continued to lecture about the differences between the ever growing list of Egyptian gods, Mahendra fought the growing urge to lay his head on the table and close his eyes. As his head started bobbing forward, he janked it back to an upright position, forcing his eyes wide open to counter-act the bigger load put on them. Perhaps partaking in the conversation would help? "Not to take the subject too far off track, but you mentioned finding the original hieroglyps in Bubastis. Where exactly are they? How do you hope to find them?"

Mahendra finished the question in a well thought-out and determined manner, trying his outmost remain on the plane of the awake. As he looked back to Lauren after she offered to help him to his cabin if he felt uncomfortable, he gave her a tired smile but shook his head. "I appriciate the offer, Lauren, but I think I shall be fi..." he began to say, while his head slumped forward more and more until he finally experienced the horizon not being quite as straight as he'd remembered it. That was it. "On second thought, Lauren, perhaps that is for the best. Please excuse me, my ladies."

Mahendra carefully got up from his seat as the Lord Major and George approached the table, just in time to hear the small metal object hit the one-eyed mask, and perhaps more? No, it had to just be his imagination. "Lord Major, you may take my seat if it suits you, Sir. I think I..." He paused as he steadied himself on the chair. "I should feel much better after short rest. Excuse me please. Lauren, would you be kind?"

Richard Barker

Location: Onboard the boat (Second-story rails)
Location: N/A

"You and me both, Doll. You and me both." Richard too hoped that this business could be taken care of quickly, nodding to Faye's words as he took one last, long, good drag of the cigarette between pursed lips. He wanted this whole affair over and done with, but perhaps not for the same reasons as his feminine partner. He didn't like the sun. He didn't like the heat. He really didn't like the looks people gave him, and he wanted to get payed. He didn't feel the need to be a tourist, New York had more than enough foreign sights.

But he did find the gathering sea of people that Faye pointed out worth taking a second look at. Call it proffesional habit or compulsion, but Richard preferred to know who he was dealing with, even if he wouldn't meet them. Richard looked at Faye as she wondered who those people were and what they could possibly be doing, and shot her a short smile before looking down at the people and throwing away his cigarette. "Who knows, indeed. Probably the same as the two of us; looking for something. Some are maybe looking for idiots who are willing to buy their junk. Some are probably looking for escape from God know's what they've done. Some are just plain old bored and need some excitement in their life. But most probably wouldn't give you a straight answer if you asked."

Richard let his New York-eyes scan the various men and women boarding the boat, observing to men standing out in particular; One tall and lean-looking guy walking like there were something wrong with him, something he couldn't put his finger on quite, but he could guess the guy might have been a veteran from it. Those poor bastards that went Over There and came back usually weren't the same afterwards, physically or mentally. The half face-mask was a dead giveaway too, probably hiding a nasty scar. Richard sighed at the thought, though he had seen plenty of nasty wounds himself, as he turned his attention to the other figure; Army guy, presumably British with more attitude than a Broadway primadonna at the ripe age of 40. "What do you think those army boys are up to then, Faye? They too on an adventure?"

The man was out of sight, but the piercing shriek more than filled out the proverbial void he had left. The detective flinched a whole bit at the voice, closing his eyes and trying to get the the ringing out of his ears as if they had been stabbed by a knife. "Jesus Christ, what was that? Sounded like a plauge-ridden old lady getting run over by the subway train on rusted tracks!"

The Heavy

Level: 2
Day/Time: Day 3 - Morning
Location: Boo's Castle
Tag: @Majoras End@Tenma Tendo@Lugubrious
Experience: //////////////////// (17/20)
Word count: 361

Not only had the well coordinated attacks of the Vampire, Teenage superhero, Soviet mercenary and Magical child caused considerable damage to the White Baron of the ghost bourgeoisie, but they had managed to harm King Boo enough to seemingly reverse the tide of power which the tiny ghost warned them of. Like the Soviet engulfment of the German invaders of the Motherland, they had seemingly accomplished something unthinkable. And for Heavy it was glorious enough to be worth a wide smile and laughter. "Hahaha, ha ha ha! We make good team, comrades!" Heavy cheered to the other three, holding his beloved Sasha with one hand and gently carassing in with the other. "Very good team."

It didn't take long for Comrade Slayer to issue another order of attack, and Heavy was more than happy to oblige. Heavy lifted up his minigun and embraced it, quietly whispering into an imaginary ear of Sasha. "You do good, Sasha. Kiss me, and make me proud again." Heavy finally gave his minigun a big kiss and lowered it...her?...into the resumed firing-position; Leaning slightly backwards and spreading his legs to give himself enough support to withstand the recoil. First Slayer went in for a strike from above, while Joker went in like a mole to strike from beneath. And when they both had gotten their parts done, Heavy began his own strike.

The minigun opened fire at the absurd rate-of-fire, sausage-sized bullets flying from the barrel and heading for the transparent body of the ghost king. The first volley of bullets were aimed loosely at his target, the same with the second, but the third Heavy saved for somewhere else. From what Heavy could see, Six had managed to blast of a portion of King Boo's shape, a possible weak-spot perhaps? While Heavy couldn't move fast enough to get in perfect position, he moved as fast he could so that he could fire somewhat directly into the gaping wound (if ghosts could have gaping wounds? He didn't know, he wasn't an expert on that specific field.). "Take this!" Heavy shouted at King Boo, opening fire with his minigun into the place where Six had attacked earlier.

Alexander Polawski

Location: Quincy : Inside house (D7 -> Garage - G6)
Skills: N/A

Alexander was torn. Did he enjoy the time waiting for something interesting or important happen, or was as aganozing as some people felt it was? It all depended on two things; if he was with people he enjoyed the company of or just being by himself in a calm place, and if he had anything to do to pass the time. Most time out in the jungle they had nothing to pass the time. Well maybe they did, but playing a game of cards or small-talking with the guy lying next to you in the jungle mud wasn't always the things you wanted to if you knew Charlie could strike any second. Back home it was much easier, being with his wife or passing the time fiddling with electronics. Here though, neither were tragically any options.

He was put on watch-duty by Thana, and keeping watch was what he was going to do. But after a while of standing and sitting up against a wall with nothing happening, Alexander felt the need to stretch his leg. Getting up on his good leg and the walking cane, the veteran limped out of the main room and slowly into the garage. "So this is where Navy did her magic?" Alexander mused to himself, looking around the garage for…something. It wasn't that he was looking for anything particular, but he figured it was worth a shot, just to get moving. He carefully sat down his knees, thankfully possibly since the leg was taken off beneath the knee and not above it, even if it was a little painful.

Alexander quickly went through various containers and corners, and soon had gathered what he figured could be useful later, especially since it would appear that the windows were starting to crack; Nails. There weren't a whole lot of them, but he felt satisfied with his find, and eventually made his way back to Beatrice, Manny and Thalia. "How is she holding up, Manny?"

Nigel "Hadrian" Cooper

Location: Okefenokee: D12 -> D11
Skills: Scouting, Survival

Nigel really didn't know what had come over him, but with every step he and Robert took up the road, the better he felt that it had come and pass. Surely it had just been…something that happened to most people, right? A very temporal mental breakdown. His students had those all the time, and this was the end of the world; if something like that was going to happen, this had to be the right time for it? Right? Right. Nigel "Hadrian" shook the incident quickly off, turning his attention back to the two tasks at hand; survial and talking with Robert.

"Ehm…Like I said, was at a fair when the Endtimes started happening, and this was what I had. And so far, I have to say it has worked well enough for me to keep it. And yes before you ask, it is real." Nigel continued saying to Robert, referring to his Roman gear which some he had made himself actually. Back in the day he was constantly asked if he had bought it, or if it was made of foam, and each time he got more tired of the question. But Robert had been the least judgemental of him and his choice of equipment, so that was something.

While he kept walking, Nigel picked up his gaze and started scouting their surroundings. From experience, and what he had tried to avoid just down the road when they all first met, he knew that the Undead loved following noise. And with Wayne up there clearly Having such a good time, Nigel "Hadrian" worried that they could get swarmed by the minions of Hades anytime. He looked and looked, but the only thing that kept popping up in front of his eyes, taking all the attention that his mind could muster was what he apparently hadn't noticed before.

"Robert? Do you see…wow, trees. I didn't notice those before. Have they always been there, or have I been blinded in an odd twist of Greek fate?"

What in the name of Jupiter was wrong with him?

Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: Onboard the boat
Skills: N/A

While he despised any thought of taking joy of Mosi's own pain in comparison to his, it gave him some sense of relief that he wasn't alone in his wish for a quick rest so early in their journey. It would be ungentlemanly for him to leave the company of others so quickly, unless it had been night and time for a good night's sleep, but taking all things into consideration a good round of sleep was the best thing he could get right then. Mahendra looked up at Lauren and gave her a tired smile as she reassured him there were somewhere he could rest on the steamboat, thankful for her presence. "That would be most excellent. Just a chair or bench against a wall would be enough."

More of the Fellowship boarded the steamboat to Vera's continuous elaboration of their intended and highly anticipated destination, and this time Mahendra managed to listen in more than before. As she waved them forward to join her at a table, Mahendra took the polite but risky decision to join her. While it was far from laying down his head, he was sure sitting down too would help in some way or form. She spoke the lineage of the Egyptian deities they had been in close contact with those past days, some closer than others. Mahendra, now seated in a somewhat comfortable chair and ungentlemanly resting his hands on the table, felt the double-edged pain discomfort branded on his stomach. The fiery pain was one thing, but what it itself meant was frightening as well. And yet Vera, all respect to her, labeled her own words as "hokum". Mahendra knew better than to speak against his superior, and kept his mouth closed and words back. He was only her assistant after all.

Richard Barker

Location: Onboard the boat (Second-story rails)
Location: N/A

"Two out of three aint' bad. At least we can agree on something." Richard responded, cigarette smoke accompanying his perhaps harsh or rather blunt words as he thought about what Faye said. He could agree that there were something else in the works behind Mr. Gould's death and that they were heading in the right direction by travelling up to Zagazig. But that there was something mystical about this case? Richard let the half-finished cigarette hang dangerously close to falling off his dry lower lip, but never letting the little roll of cheap paper go, like a street dog starved to the bone refusing the drop the bit of dry meat from its bite. He took of the pair of sunglasses, revealing the eyes of a hardened New York ex-cop gone private dick, in desperate need of a good drink or a closed case. "You're right there's got to be somewhere there. Somewhere up there, something is hidden away, tucked neatly behind a safe or a pair of loosely sealed lips. Something that will explain this to the two of us. But like you said, I'm flippant about your intepretation of it."

Richard folded the sunglasses and put them in a pocket, taking out the cigarette and flicking off the front ash over the railing and onto whoever was unfortunate enough to recieve it on their head. Richard looked out at the people boarding the boat, not recognizing any of the different sorts and types of men and women, native or foreign. Not that he though he'd recognize anyone, he was in Egypt of all places. The only people he knew and spoke with on a regular basis were back home, dealing with enough problems to fill a bad year "But hey, I am open for alternatives. I've just seen one hell lot of things out there, so you'll need some solid evidence. No offense, kid, old habit."

Alexander Polawski

Location: Quincy : Inside house (D7)
Skills: N/A

Whatever it had been a few moments earlier, it was certainly a true mess right then. It been brutal, good ol' combat surgery, quick and efficient. He'd seen it before, but the flashback had pulled the worst of it back as the tears running down Aleander's face were slow to cease. But he had to, there wasn't any time for weeping. Partly because she was, as far as he knew and prayed, still alive and safe the infection. Hopefully. Hope, such an easy word that was all they had those days.

Alexander looked at Thana as she started giving orders again, thankful that she was taking charge of the situation and giving it some sense of direction. Manny was to keep Thalia Alive, Alexander keep a watch over them and Bea making sure they didn't do anything stupid. "Yes, ma'am." Alexander said direct and briefly to Thana, almost throwing his hand up in a salute but stopping it once his balance started to falther.

With Thana handing command over to Beatrice and having left the house, Alexander remained at the counter and leaned against it, looking at each person still left with him. They were a rag-tag team of survivors, unlikely to end up together. But they were one hell of a group, and they had survived so far. And Alexander were glad to be with them. "Understood, Bea. I'm not that hungry either way..." he said to her, before turning to Manny. "How long you reckon she'll be out?"

Nigel "Hadrian" Cooper

Location: Okefenokee: E13 -> D12
Skills: Scouting, Survival

Nigel couldn't help but feel the slightest pull of his smile as Robert threw a joke his way, however small it was. It had been a cheesy comment, and even for a complete stranger it was nice to see some positive attiude for once. Who knew, maybe in the end it would all turn out well in the end? "Hadrian" hoped for that, he and his optimistic disposition from before the Apocalypse, but his hardened shell kept a laugh or chuckle at an arm's lenght.

With Wayne far off doing his Queen-act and Hank a little further behind him, Robert and Nigel stuck together as they walked up the road at a decent pace. "That's a very noble take on it, Robert, I'll give you that. I'm just worried, and have seen it too many times myself, that helping others ends up with them getting the whole deal, while the helpers end up being thrown into the lion's pit. Sometimes people take advantage of others." Nigel said back to Robert, understanding his line of thinking, but knowing all too well how many people ended up helping the wrong people. It gave him a bad taste in his mouth, or was it a knot in his throat? "But I hope helping them helps us, like you said. You might surprise."

As the pair kept walking, Nigel started to look around their surrounding. One could never be too careful, let your guard down and all that. Nigel "Hadrian" turned his head around, looking from side to side and scanning each bush or thing that could mean danger. But as he looked, the nagging knot in his throat stuck. Or did...did it grow bigger? Robert then asked him almost the same question Hank had asked him earlier, and for that matter many before him, but in a much more civilized manner; why did he prefer his Roman gear? At least he asked in a polite way.

"It's a long story, Robert." Nigel started, turning his head back from his scouting to face Robert, trying to swallow the knot before answering. "But short version of it is that it worked before, and has worked so far. Sword and shiels work well against the Undead." The knot refused to go down into his stomach, and instead threw itself upwards and out his mouth before he could stop it. "I was at a fair when this happened, and there were..." Nigel said before the knot realized itself from its captivity like a Phonician slave running for his life. "NO VISIGOTHS IN SIGHT!" He shouted from the top of his lungs straight into Robert's face, clearly shocked at what he had just done as his left hand instantly covered his mouth to keep any more words in. Nigel looked around, even up in the sky as if someone up there in the Panthenon had made him do this, before looking back at Robert.

He was speechless, and it was showing.
Brian "Short-Fuse" Muller

"Me, jinx it? Pfft, what do you take me for? That I'm from Arkansas or something? Don't worry, ya good ol' mummy." Brian said just as good mannered as Marvin had said to him, continuing their ascent up the stairs and into their unforseenable future. Well, it could have been foreseeable if SOMEONE had just let Short-Fuse go ahead and do some proper recon, ol' Texas Ranger style. Then again, said someone had also most likely saved his life, so he refrained from pointing that out. Instead he finally made it out into the acid rain of the surface, already missing the comforts of the metro. At least for a little while, until he too realized what Prism was doing. Not that he was going to stop her, but he'd prefer if he got a piece of the action as well.

What he did not expect was for the blue wall to swallow up Prism's bullet like it was bacon for breakfast on a Sunday. "Roll me in tar, throw me in a barrel of feathers and call me the King Hen, that's a wall." Short-Fuse piped in, lowering his shotgun and starting to fiddle with a certain explosive, just checking it was still intact. "How much you reckon I can blow that to Kingdom come, Marvin?" He continued, leaning in to Marvin to whisper to him.

It was then that the trio of Brotherhood folks appeared from the bank, and their Roman friend started speaking strange again. "Hey, why don' ya'll speak English? We have a bank to camp in!"

Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location:The Docks -> Onboard the boat
Skills: N/A

It was going to be good to get away from the events that had shaken the whole Fellowship in Cairo, even though Mahendra was sure to miss the city for the good memories he'd gotten from it. Mahendra had at least gotten one positive thing out of the whole endeavour so far: Employment, though hopefully it would not lead to the death they'd experienced so far. Once in one of the cars taking them down to the docks, Mahendra watched as the scenery changed from the inside of the automobile. The barracks were replaced by the familair Cairo streetview, vendors and carts littering the street alongside natives and foreigners alike, not having changed between the two times Mahendra had spent there. How long would it be till he once again saw the streets of Cairo? Would he see it again at all? Mahendra shuffled in a state between being comfortable in his seat and being uncomfortable with the thoughts of never returning.

The docks were a madhouse indeed, but Mahendra saw it as a calmer madhouse rather than a fully-fledged asylum. It was just as tightly packed and lively as Calcutta on a busy day, but with less elephants and more ships. Mahendra climbed out of the car, again feeling the dizzyness and burning brand still affecting him like before, causing him to hold onto the car for a moment as he steadied himself. Eventually he managed to straighten himself and board the boat, be it slowly and steadily. Vera's lecture about the city of Zagazig he didn't manage to pick up much from, trying to not fall of the gang plank, even if he would have found the subject interesting. Turning to the closest of his companions, the tired Mahendra asked "There wouldn't happen to be somewhere I could, well, lay down?" Mahendra held his hand to his head, as if to stop the world from spinning further around. "I do believe I'd need a few moments…hours, just to be up and running again."

Richard Barker

Location:Onboard the boat (Second-story rails)
Skills: N/A

"Let me ask you something, Kid."

Standing in-between the number of passangers looking out on the docks and surrounding view from the second story of the steamboat, Richard stood leaning forward on the rail, his gaze observing the military personell unloading their trucks and doing whatever it was they were doing. The detective's eyes were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses and sheltered underneath a wide-brimmed fedora, while the bandages wrapped around his nose made him stick out like a painfully sore thumb in a church. Richard took a good, long drag from his cigarette as he continued to look out from the second story, as if waiting for the young lady's permission to ask a question. Without looking at her, he finally asked it.

"What do you think we'll find up there, in Zagazig, just for arguments sake?" Richard asked, placing the cigarette back in-between his fingers as he straightened himself up and looked towards the lady standing beside him on the railing, Faye Masterson. "I know there's a solid chance that Mr. Gould actually spent some time up there, good job catching that up by the way Faye; say he was there sometime before or after he caught whatever snuffed the life of him. What do you think we'll find? If you ask me, that little sniff of motive that could explain this little puzzle, that would be nice. With our luck, though, I doubt it."

Richard could feel the eyes of the passangers around them stare him in the neck, ice-cold glares that were aimed at him and his sore thumb; his nose. He hated it, the looks, judging him and his ugly nose. It was only made worse by the large number of people crammed around him. In New York he felt that most people ignored you, if you had a cut nose or not. In this foreign land it felt worse. Richard took another long drag of the cigarette in his hand, trying his best to ignore it. It was little reason to get into trouble, especially with Faye around him. She would just get hurt, and he didn't want that. "You think we'll finally have a break?"

Alexander Polawski

Location: Quincy : Inside house (G6)
Skills: N/A

While Alexander didn't understand the tossing around of Spanish words around the table, he all too easily understood the sound of the circular saw that Manny was using on Thana. While the first sighting of it had brought a sense of impressiveness to the old soldier, the following realization of what it meant was anything but impressive. The sound of the rusted metal spinning around reminded him of the rotor-blades of Huey-choppers approaching the DZ, bringing the soldiers into the lush meatgrinder of the jungle. Old memories, bad memories sending shivers up and down his spine.

What followed only made it worse. Alexander caught sight of the first blood as he looked over his shoulding, seeing the medieval surgery Manny performed on Thalia, and instantly regretted it. The sound of skin, flesh, bones and tissue being cut and torn, it was terrifying, even to the veteran. And soon the sounds of Manny, Thana, Thalia and Beatrice morphed and were replaced by events four decades older; Bamboo booby trap, one of the bad ones. Reid, one of the replacements in their squad went out just like one could imagine, not watching his step. Stepped right into the bamboo trap, forcing his foot way down into a pit while a pair of bamboo-sticks punctured his leg both sides. His hysterical attempts to break free only made it worse, hence the comparison to Thalia. Even if Alexander had seen some shit already by then, it made his stomach turn and blood go cold. Gripping tightly to his rifle as he scanned the treeline for VC, while the carnage unfolded in his peripheral vision.

Reid didn't make it. Green ones never seemed to do, especially the good ones. The best ones died early. He didn't want Thalia to be like that.

Eventually Alexander snapped back to reality. His eyes felt swollen, his cheeks wet with something and his hands cold and tired. His hands had clenched his cane and hammer so hard that they were turning white, and tears had run down his face. He couldn't agree more with Manny once he heard his comment about being a doctor sucked, but he had no energy to throw anything back. Once his past caught up to him, in moment like these, it was just too much. He was getting too old for that shit. He only hoped that Thalia would live, that she wouldn't just became a liability like he was; That his friend would be okay.

Nigel "Hadrian" Cooper

Location: Okefenokee: E14 -> E13
Skills: N/A

Hank, his name was Hank. Or so he preferred to be called, like Nigel preffered "Hadrian". He had no idea of knowing if that was true or not, but the gesture of having a name to call by was a step in the right direction, even if that direction was only temporary. That meant it was easier to coordinate if and when another battle came to be. "Okay, Hank." Nigel said shortly to The Shovel Man, waiting behind alongside Robert while Hank went up towards his drugged companion.

Nigel "Hadrian" bit his tounge in the side of his mouth, biting his words in his mouth as if to keep them from coming out. It was better not to be sarcastic back towards the two odd Greek characters in front of them, even if he didn't see them getting along. It wasn't that Nigel liked either Hank or Wayne, especially not the History Channel-banter, but one way of creating safety was in numbers, and in these days beggars couldn't be choosers.

While Wayne was starting to pull off a rather bad Queen song like this was some bread-and-circus-performance, Nigel turned back to Robert as the two began walking up the road, again not wanting to go the other way due to obvious dangers. "Just for the record, Robert, I think you're right. Safety in numbers. But understand this; you're probably a nice guy, but we just met and I don't know how much I trust either you or the two of them." Nigel "Hadrian" began to lay out to Robert quietly, changing his stern look from the road and back to Robert interchangeably. Robert he liked more than the others, but not by a long-shot. "I'm just being realistic, you understand? You wouldn't begin to fathom how many bad Pompeiians I've come across, or maybe you do?" Nigel continued, before Robert again offered him the choice between two bags of chips.

"...Fine, for the sake of the argument, I prefer Ranch. Just...keep hold of it until later, okay? Somewhere we can actually sit, eat and not worry about the Undead."

Mahendra Huq Zalil&Priscilla Harker

Location: The Barracks (Infirmary) - Shepeard's Hotel - The Barracks (Front Gate)
Skills: N/A

Either it had all happened to fast for Mahendra to react properly, or it was futile for the energy drained Bengali to do anything about it. Regardless of what it was, Mahendra too got tangled up in the mess that was the table, Mosi and Nora, and the sludgy puke that was the cause of all this. Tumbling backwards and over the table alongside the ladies, Mahendra fell flat on his back (again for the third time in a span of less than 24 hours!), punching the air out of him. He wasn't sure if it was more disgusting, slapstick or shameful, but perhaps a combination of the three.

At least the only thing that hit them were the clothes, and not the glass.

"Mosi...I should not say it, but this behaviour suits you not." Mahendra said once he got his breath back, gently pushing himself out of the pile and back on his feet. Before anything else silly could happen, he hurried as fast as his blood-depleted body could carry him to the restroom. He got changed and got back to the infirmary, feeling a little better now that he wasn't losing blood anymore. "Okay, much better. Perhaps it is time we..." he started, catching himself as the world started spinning for a moment again, before continuing. "...went back to the others?"

Once Mahendra went ahead and pulled out of the body pile, Mosi promtly had done pretty much the same and went to get a shower and a change of clothes from the place the medic fellow informed her off. There was an annoying stop for a little while while someone decided to give her directions of what to do afterwers, but overall she didn't waste much time, out of the clothes, a quick wash, then into the new clothes which were plain and simply military standard ones. Just pants of some variety and a button down shirt. She tilted her head looking at her new self and still with wet hair, her previous clothes wrapped in a burlap made of her shirt, she walked out to promptly locate Mahendra.

"Hey, time to return to the hotel... apparently we are 'advised' to join whatever expedition they have in mind for a reason of I assume brands..." Mosi said to Mahendra and patted him on the shoulder." We should return to the hotel and grab our luggage and promtly return back here to the barracks." She explained what she got informed off just as she was about to enter the showers earlier." We are going on an ADVENTURE!" She finally said with quite the happy for whatever reason face and voice." Come on, let's go! The Adventure awaits for the moment, but it won't wait forever!"

"Expedition? Adventure? Oh yes, that of course." Mahendra's recovering brain surmised from what Mosi told him as the two of them were finally clean and re-dressed. Regardless of Mosi's earlier cheerful comments on death, her current attiude towards what was surely an unforgettable adventure into the secrets of Ancient Egypt was welcomed. Mahendra himself was still concerned about the meaning of their brands - and in extension they very lives and death! -, but hopefully it would also answer certain questions. "Just a moment...Yes, now let us go."

Mahendra accompanied Mosi to the best of his abilities out of the infirmary, out of the military barracs and on their way to the Shepheard's Hotel. "I must have forgot it in all of the recent commotion, but may I ask what your profession is again? Was it something to do with the research of the occult?" Mahendra asked her as they walked, hoping whatever her field of study was could be useful in whatever they went out on.

The walk to the Shepheard's Hotel was going to take a little bit, but she was going to tell the reception to prepare a cab for them to ride on the way back to the barracks so it was all good, as far as Mosi was concerned actually." Well..." she started as Mahendra began inquiring on her field of expertise." To be fair by education I'm a painter and a historian..." She admitted with a shrug." My field of education were focused on those two, but aside those, I'm a blacksmith of some skill and I do in fact have done studies into European and North American occultism. So I might not be the most useful person around, but I will make sure everything is well sketched for presentations later." Mosi explained as they walked. She really wanted to arrive as fast as possible, since time was short, walking there was going to be a bother so she stopped and hailed a taxi that was nearby." Let's catch a ride, walking there probably isn't the best idea given the time available and your health, pretty sure you should still be weak from the loss of blood." She smiled as she opened the door of the taxi for him to enter, before hopping in it herself." To the Shepheard's Hotel!" She exclaimed with great urgency as if this was a life or death matter!

Taking the taxi was a much better idea than the two of them simply walking, and as soon as Mahendra got to sit down on the soft(ish) seats and take a breather he felt better. Perhaps it was his stubborness or inclination to present himself the best way that made him walk first, but this was much better. "Everyone has their use in work, a meaning in life. I'm certain you'll be most useful, dear Mosi." Mahendra said with a smile to Mosi, before changing his tune to more serious. "But if I may be so bold, it might be wise not to joke about the dead..."

The pair soon arrived at the Shepheard's hotel and made their way to the reception. It had been a place of safe heaven for the Bengali in Cairo, and now they were to leave it behind. For how long, only the Gods knew, for better or for worse. "No time to lose then. We'll meet here in the reception when we're done packing? I will do my outmost to not stall the time. See you very soon." Mahendra said politely to Mosi, leaving Mosi behind to order the cab while he made his way to his room. Hopefully it wouldn't take too long to gather up his belongings, but then it depended on what Mosi was bringing with her.

Having been left by Mahendra, Mosi quickly told hte cab to stay since they will be in need of a ride in a little while again and quickly headed into the hotel, but instead of going directly to her room, she went to the reception. She told them she will be vacating the room now, quickly arranged anything htat had to be dealt with and made sure to leave a message for her redheaded friend in case she comes looking for her. Mosi told them to inform Rosheen that she's going on an expedition. She had the feeling this might not be the last time she was going to see the woman, but better inform her just in case.

Afterwards she made a direct dash to her room. Well dash was a little bit of an overstatement since she was walking there because of the brand, but all in all she wasted no time in getting to her room, moving out of the military clothing and changing it with her spare clothing from one of her suitcases and threw out the dirty clothing form earlier in the trashbin. SHe wasn't going to be bothering to wash it anyways. Once she was done with it, she was about to head out of the room, but not before she reached over and grabbed the fabrics she bouth yesterday and put them into one of the suitcases. Only then she returned to the reception. All in all she hadn't unpacked her luggage when she moved in the room, so she didn't have much to pack. All in all she was done rather quick. Now all that was missing was for Mahendra to show up.

Okay, what to bring? Looking around the room, the Bengali geologist-brain was thinking out the most important things to bring along. But as he started listing things in his head, he realized he was travelling somewhat light, he simply started packing all his belongings into the one travel-bag and suitcase he owned. Clothes, books, geological tools, you name it. Everything were packed tight into their respective containers, even if it took a little longer than he expected. Nonetheless Mahendra had packed all he needed and soon made his way down the stairs. As fast or slow as he could, mind you, still being a little dizzy.

"Sorry for the delay, Mosi. But I'm ready now, after you." he said to Mosi as he re-entered the reception to see her standing there already ready. Alongside her and with a little help, the pair got their luggage in the awaiting cab and went on their way back to the army barracks. "Like you said, Mosi; adventure awaits us."

"Wasn't how I planned my visit here, but might as well go. When will I get the chance to take part of an expedition of sorts otherwise?" She snickered with pleased voice as they were riding along for back towards the Barracks." Granted I would have liked a day or two more to enjoy the sights... visit the clubs, see the ladies dance, but ohh well." She then sighed, this was the second thing she'd regret, but non the less she will go because dammit it seemed fun!

With a car the journey from the hotel to the barracks was rather quick one all things considered. After a while she could already see the building in the not too far distance." You think we will be the first ones to return?" Mosi asked Mahendra with a smile. She wasn't sure on this point since they also spend some time getting ready before departing, but who knew. All in all they were almost done.

Mahendra shuffled uncomfortably in his seat at Mosi's indiciated of a visit to a certain dance, not sure how to respond to her suggestion that she fancied it. Luckily he didn't have to as she put forth another question, one which he was in a much better position to answer truthfully. Like a gentleman. "That entirely depends on how much the Gods favour us." Mahendra chuckled on, before contiuing as the car eventually pulled up in front of the barracks. "But more importantly, how much luggage the others brought. Let us see."

The pair exited the cab, got their luggage from the back of it and made their way towards the front gate guarded by the King's finest men of England. "Excuse me, Sir, but we are expected inside by Lady Munn and Lord Major Keystone. We were allowed entrance earlier today, do you remember us?"

Alexander Polawski

Location: Quincy : Inside house (G6)
Skills: N/A

Alexander felt his conscience being torn apart like a south-east Asian country in a bloody civil war, funded by two global superpowers. Manny was their doctor, and for saving his life a great one too! Alexander looked around the room as quickly yet intently as he possibly could as Manny told him to find something to prop up Thalia's legs with, and was about to start limping into the kitchen to find something. What that something was, he had no idea; it could be pots and pans stacked on top of each other, rollings pins or even a waste-basket racket that could hold up her legs. But then then another order was given.

Thana had ordered Beatrice to keep Thalia's legs still while she handed a...a circular saw to Manny? Alexander knew that she could make things most people couldn't (and probably shouldn't), but he was still damned impressed. But if Bea was to hold her legs, what about his own orders from Manny? Who should he follow? The medic or the sergeant? Alexander looked between their group, torn as what to do, until his soldierly instinct kicked in again; He had another job to do.

Alexander didn't move further into the kitchen, nor over to the table to help with the operation, but instead pulled out the hammer and held it in his right arm, his left arm still clinging tightly around his walking cane. If the three others were focused on the operation, he seriously needed to watch all their backs! A medic could certainly try to run out in the open to help a fallen comrade, but without that handy M60 MG covering your ass, you were a sitting duck. Sitting ducks got eaten. So Alexander held his hammer ready in case something popped in unannounced, while throwing a comment to Thalia along the others. "You're going to make it, Angel! Just think of the fuckin' great mugs you can get down here!"

Nigel "Hadrian" Cooper

Location: Okefenokee: E14
Skills: Survival, Scouting

Nigel wondered what was going on inside the mind of Wayne as he was making his way down that stretch of desolute road, feeling like one of the fortunate ones not to have lost his marbles. As with the distance between him and Wayne growing, at least he had the safety of distance from his violent and incoherent words, which was probably for the best. If one stared into the abyss long enough, the abyss started looking back into you, some said. Perhaps if Nigel "Hadrian" looked long enough, he'd see what or who he was talking to? Then again, did he really want to know what "winged nuts" were?

Hank answered his question, somewhat, but considering the circumstances the cautious Roman was happy with the answer. Down that road, fair enough. And Robert was probably right; they probably didn't have much choice, seen as the direction they came from was a bad place. Bitter weeds. Nigel looked at Robert, giving him a look of telling him "Not now" about the whole naming thing. Yes it was annoying and insulting, but probably not the best time or place to take up the issue. Not when they weren't safe to continue the Athenian course of pathos.

"Can't be too hard to find something that'll drive again. Probably not in the swamp though, too humid. Until then, we'll be civil if you two are civil as well. No use in making this more complicated." Nigel "Hadrian" began to say to Robert and Hank, while he himself made his way to the road. "If we're going the same way, might as well know the names. Like he said, you can call me Hadrian." Standing in the middle of it, he pulled out a pair of binoculars and started scanning the horizon for anything of interest. But he only saw bushes, trees, swamps, a strutting Steve Miller...high as a Germanic berserker. "I'm sure he can take care of himself, but...should he be going out there without you, or us?"

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