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Current Rainbows are only optical illusions that have no effect on your life whatsoever
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New avatar and signature up after...I don't know, three years?
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God Jul alle sammen, og et riktig godt nyttår! (Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!)
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*Writes ten words on my exam* Okay, good work! Time for a 30 minute break! *Repeat*
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Instead of writing on my exam, I'm procrastining and listening to a podcast about serial killers. Chilly, but highly enjoyable.


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Level: 1
Day/Time: Day 3 - Morning
Location: The Save Point ---> Tetris Castle
Tag: James @Zarkun, Shantae @Guardian Angel Haruki, Taric@DracoLunaris, Sparx@Holy Soldier
Experience: ////////// (0/10)

It was surprising how fast a turtle could be when he just put his mind to it. That, and the fact that said turtle used a high-tech, self-made wheelchair with all the gizmos you could imagine! And he had oiled his wheels just before arriving in this strange, new alternate universe, so that helped too. Bentley wheeled his wheelchair to the limit as he rushed through the twining streets, heading in the general direction of Tetris Castle. But soon he heard voices on the top of a roof, sounding familiar. Slowing down to a reasonable pace, he stretched his turtle neck as high as he could to hear better. And to his luck, it was his friends from the Save Point. From what he gathered, they had caught up with their escaping eavesdropper, who turned out to be a friend of Sparx, who ALSO just so happened to want to save the so-called Spyro. Well wasn't the mathematical implausibilities just racking up?

Once the robot Charger showed up and adressed them the need to keep moving, Bentley couldn't agree more. "Agreed! The best plans are made in a saferoom...or a safe room, but rarely on roof tops! See you at the castle!" Bentley shouted to the others on the roof, before wheeling off again towards the castle. He had wanted to throw in a comment about him not being as good as them to climb, but that was better saved for later. Right now, as he wheeled his little turtle arms to the max, his mind was working on a plan.

Alexander Polawski

Location: Left side of Grand Gallery, alongside Thalia --> First hallway to the north-east
Skills: Navigation

Alexander couldn't help but shoot a quick smile at Thalia himself after she seemed fine with his work. It was an rare instance of appreciation he would cherish, but perhaps at a latter date. For now he was satisfied with her smile and turned back to the task at hand; Taking down this hellhole they called Eden. And then the radio crackled back to life, hopefully a good sign as Lola's singing. Alexander pulled up the radio and heard the voice of Beatrice...maybe? He wasn't sure. It certainly wasn't Kiwi on the radio, and it was the cowboy either, so that left the other lady, if he had gotten her name right back at the meet-up.

They were coming from the south. Which was fine by him, meaning that their 3 and 6 were - probably - covered. Their 9 too, perhaps, now that Thana was out of sight. Even if he didn't like losing sight of her, he was not too worried. But he shot Thalia a brief look of concern when he heard her swear, as if something was wrong. Sure, what wasn't wrong in this time and age, but he still wondered what she was thinking about. But he let it rest, deciding to cover her back as she went into another room and did her thing.

Shortly after when Thalia gave the All Clear, Alexander decided to push up. Little use in bunkering down when the others were on the move too. Sooner or later they would have to group up again, but that was always better on the offensive than on the defensive. So when he heard Lola's break out in song again, this time with Kool & The Gang, he found his oppertunity. Holding his Colt up and aimed down the Grand Gallery, Alexander quickly made his way down the long strip of hall. When he came to the hallway on his left side, he nearly jumped in and took cover at the wall. He heard more gunfire, but nothing aimed at him. So far he still had that fresh magazine, but soon that too would probably be empty. Luckily he still had his other gun. Hopefully that one would be just as effective.
@rivaanYeah, I'm really sorry about that. I should have put in a better effort to have finished my character, and I'm sorry for keeping this RP from taking flight.

Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location:The Egyptian Museum: Vera's office
Skills: N/A

Mahendra's mind tried to wrap itself around the various bits and pieces of information they had come across within the last 24 hours, not paying attention to the map with Vera and Nora, mostly due to him occupied with his Sherlock Holmes'ian attempt at deduction. Which he had very little chance of succeeding at, it just seemed too big for him except being a strange series of divine intervention. Deadly divine intervention, which sent shivers down his spine. Still, it didn't make sense to him with ancient, secret orders...

What caught his attention was the mention of the time. Mahendra reached into his pocket and looked at his pocket watch. Indeed it was late, and a long time since the Bengali had eaten a filling meal. He failed to stiffle a jawn coming from him, hoping it was not taken notice of in the larger matter of more serious topics in that office, before turning to Neema. "It would be a pleasure, Neema. It's very generous of you, so thank you very much. Is it far away from the Museum?" Mahendra said, looking forward to the prosect of a meal and some distance from the site of severe incidents that day.
@Lady Amalthea Glad he's approved by the two Valkyries ^^ Moving him over now! And as a backup for now yes, but might want to bring him in before something happens to Mugs when I feel comfortable with two characters again. As long as it fits into the story of course.
And just to make it clear; yes, I was inspired by our two previous Viking ladies, so please don't hate me lol

Alexander Polawski

Location: Hallway leading to Lust --> Left side of Grand Gallery, alongside Thalia
Skills: Pistol

No reply. The radio remained silent as he was reunited with Thana back at his position. It could mean several things, but the most logical answer was that the radio was back in the tank. Why? Because Alexander could still hear their beloved Kiwi sing her heart out far off in the distance, having a damn good time. At least she seemed to enjoy it. While Alexander felt somewhat 'comfortable' in the situation, he wouldn't say he "enjoyed it". Then again, what was the difference?

Alexander heard Thalia shout from down the Grand Gallery, needing someone covering her. And he was more than happy to oblige now that Thana was with him. "Yes ma'am! Watch your six!" Alexander shouted back down in her general direction. But from who did she need cover? As he followed Thana down the Grand Gallery, he thought he saw who she meant; the three Edenites at the end. He only had a pistol, but he'd be damned if he didn't try. With the Colt un-jammed, he raised it towards them and fired at them, moving quickly down the Grand Gallery.

He emptied his the rest of his magazine, but it worked. The first charlie went down with a couple of rounds to the chest. The second fell the ground cluthing his crotch - poor bastard, while the last collapsed like a sack of potatoes after getting hit straight between the eyes. Alexander, watching his own handywork as he made his way to Thana at the left wall, couldn't help but remember similar scenes in the jungle. Of course there was a difference between laying down covering fire with a M60 7.62 and his own .45, the image of their machinegunner from LA stuck to him. Oh what he would have given to have a gun like that then and there.

Pressing himself up against the wall beside Thalia, he reloaded the Colt with a fresh magazine - the last one, mind you-, and looked at cameouflaged Angel. "You all right? Where you need us?"

Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location:The Egyptian Museum: Vera's office
Skills: Understanding of Egyptian superstition

It was clear that something bad had just happened, or just been related to the Lord Major, because even for the infamous British stiff upper-lip that he put on for Mahendra's question. It was the proper thing to do. Do your best to not let the emotions take control of you, even if it was terrible. And it was. Someone the group knew from before, not to himself, too had had their lives taken away from them too early. But unlike the reporter, theirs had been an accident. That was at least what the Lord Major communicated to them, but Mahendra had his suspicions; one death in a day was an accident. Two a tragedy. But three, all known to the group? And with the scorpion cloth left behind…

Mahendra smelled something fishy here, and not in a good way. "My condolences, Lord Major…it saddens me to hear of such tragedy." Mahendra said back, his voice somber. Even if he didn't know these people, death was never one to welcome with open arms.

The mystery didn't stop with the deaths, the red cloth or the "Seperumu" however. After Neema too gave her condolences, she turned back to him and continued explaining what this all meant. Garamentas…Protectors of Isis…The cogs in the Bengali's mind continued to clack along. "I've of heard them as well! They were the personal guards for the female part of Egypts ancient royalty. And if I'm not mistaken, Cleopatra was the first of the female Pharaoes to form them." Mahendra almost burst out, saying the words as the information realed through his mind at a surprising speed. But as he said them, his brows lowered into a look of deep thought. "This…this is starting to sound like something…something big."
@rivaanNothing wrong per-say, just been really busy with my exam papers...sorry! But I am still in this, I promise!
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