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Current Rainbows are only optical illusions that have no effect on your life whatsoever
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New avatar and signature up after...I don't know, three years?
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God Jul alle sammen, og et riktig godt nyttår! (Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!)
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*Writes ten words on my exam* Okay, good work! Time for a 30 minute break! *Repeat*
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Instead of writing on my exam, I'm procrastining and listening to a podcast about serial killers. Chilly, but highly enjoyable.


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Alexander Polawski

Location:Eden: End of hallway, door leading to Fitness Center --> Woodhallway before Adamm's Wing
Skills: N/A

"Not in the slightest, Manny." The old veteran said back to other 'old timer', hoping that a proper Army-brass quality plan wasn't needed to get out of the combat zone alive. It would certainly have improved their odds if they had had the minds and resources like they did back in 'Nam - if one looks past the fact that they lost - to win that battle, but Alexander had always been a grunt; he was told what to do, not what others to do. So for now Alexander had just one plan for the two elders to follow. "Just keep shooting!"

That's when it came crashing down on them. Rocking like a hurricane, making them shake all over! Alexander heard it before he saw it, the rumbling and crumbling that was, but as he turned his head away from the door and to his right he saw it; the lack of a floor. A large ass hole swallowed up a large portion of the building, possibly taking with it anything and anyone in its wake. How the Hell hadn't it taken Alexander and Manny with it in the process? One answer for him lay in the rosary around his wrist, which the old vet fiddled with in his hand again, silently thanking God that they were alive.

"New plan, Medic. Regroup with the others and assess the situation. That hole might get bigger." Alexander pressed himself from the wall and began making his way past Manny. Even for miracle of a big ass hole, it was best to not let their guard down just yet. Alexander went up into the other hallway and called out to the ladies. "Mugsy and Baby-Boomer coming in, watch your fire!" Turning the corner to see Beatrice leaning up against the wall, injured but alive, he let out a sigh of relief. "A big ass hole just swallowed the Edenwipes behind us, but we're okay. Where's Thana and Thalia?"

Nigel "Hadrian" Cooper

Location: Okefenokee: E16, dirt road outside building --> D15, dirt road before clearing to the north
Skills: Survival, Scouting, Stealth

Hadn't it been for it being months since Nigel had been around people not out to kill him, he would have taken the voice calling out for him easier. Nigel fought the instinctive urge to jump at the voice, and instead quickly turned around with the gladius pointed at whoever called for him. And when he lay eyes on the man in front of him, it dawned on him what the man had actually said; it wasn't the usual barbaric "Hey!" or "You there, you little shit!". Instead he excused himself like a civilized man. That was new.

"Keep your voice down! You want the undead to hear us?" Nigel answered the man initally, closing up the distance between them as he looked from him and to the walkers he could see. But when they didn't seem interested in them, Nigel turned back to Robert and what he was saying. "Your wife? Can't remember anyone by that description I'm afraid." He continued to shorten the distance between them, looking back and forth between him and their surroundings in case something was afoot. It was then he heard it; a distant sound of a truck, somewhere south of them. Truck equalled people. That was a start.

"You hear that? We can talk while we walk. Follow me." Nigel told Robert, almost ordering him like a centurian would a subordinate. He turned around and began moving down the road, hopefully stealthy enough for the Walkers to be occupied with the truck noise, and hopefully not too fast for Robert. "Robert you said? Call me Hadrian. Haven't been with a group for a while, so haven't seen anyone who could be your wife, like I said. Perhaps the truckers are civil enough to give you a clue perhaps?"

Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: The Museum: Vera's Office
Skills: N/A

"More marks, like sheep marked for the slaughter, or men marked for great things...regardless, I do not particularly enjoy this chain of events." Mahendra said in a tone of restrained nervousness, sweat still dripping from his forehead and underneath the red turban. Those marks on them could mean many things, but the Bengali once again feared the worst meaning of them. Looking from Josephine to Nora with the cat, hissing at him and seemingly keeping him away, before looking at Vera as she turned her attention to him and his own mark.

"Set?" Mahendra repeated after his superior, clearly trying to connect the dots of things he swore he knew. He was certain he had seen the mark in the Museum before, yet the pressing matter of the marking didn't help in conjuring up what he was supposed to remember. And for a man with usual good memory, it was not a good impression to give off to the one he was an assistant. The fever and pain probably didn't help either. Mahendra looked from Vera and to everyone in the room, even the cat Lauren had brought with her...what? "Not to sidestep the more pressing matters at hand, but what seems to be the issue with the cat?"

Alexander Polawski

Location:Eden: End of hallway, door leading to Fitness Center
Skills: Pistol, Suppression Tactics

Alexander was very much aware of where the gunshot had come from, who had fired it and at who. It wasn't difficult when he was standing right in front of the door that lead to the Fitness Center where the Edenites where coming. Pushing the door open from their side, Alexander saw the Edenite lying dead on the floor, shot by one of their own. Those Edenwipes were crazy after all, weren't they? The old Vet was ready to not just make them crazy, but dead crazy.

"We got company!" Alexander shouted down the hallway for the others to hear, before entering the line of fire in the doorway. He really wished he had an M16 right then and there, much easier to lay down supressive fire with an automatic weapon than just a pistol, but it would have to work. He aimed at the closest cluster of Edenwipes that were approaching and opened fire, five or six rounds flying from the barrel. All he managed to see was the one closest down to them dropping to the ground, hopefully dead, before taking cover again.

Alexander pushed his back agains the wall beside the door, breathing quickly after what could have been a mess. But he was alive, his only injuries caused by a damn gun exploding. If it was luck, it was bittersweet. Every engagement he came out unscaved was one closer to him coming out dead. And part of him wasn't ready for that. "Be careful. Still more charlie out there." The old vet said to the old doctor, getting ready for more slaughter to ensue.

Nigel "Hadrian" Cooper

Location:Okefenokee: E16, inside main building, heading west to the road
Skills: Survival, Scouting

What normally couldn't be classified as a comfortable abode in the middle of a Georgian swamp, had been more than enough for Nigel when he needed some shelter from the undead horde following him. The swamp had been an idea of impulse, but when he saw that the large group of Walkers were bogged down in the swampy terrain behind him, he wasn't complaining. He didn't applaude it or bring out the confetti either, but he was alive. That's what mattered.

It didn't take long for Nigel to pick up the noise coming from the outside however, the same noise that had followed him through the swamp earlier. He hadn't been inside the building for very long resting, but when he saw the Walkers just north of his position, he knew he wasn't getting any more of it. Nigel, moving to the west side of the building and peaking out the window, scouted for more of them. The road going west was, thankfully, empty. That meant it was time to move.

Nigel didn't waste any time pulling his boots back on his somewhat rested feet. The rest of his gear he had worn during the rest, so that wasn't an issue. Being ready to leave at a moments notice was the difference between life and death, usually the latter. And when Nigel had mentally checked that all his equipment was where it should be, he wasn't staying there anymore. "Alea iacta est." the man who had time and time again been mistaken for a real Roman soldier said to himself. Armed with his sword Nigel started making his way out of the house on the western side and towards the road. Like he said, the die was cast.
Brian "Short-Fuse" Muller

Brian Short-Fuse Muller wasn't put on edge by the whole situation that was unfolding itself around them. Especially not the prosect of going underground in the old-world metro, dark and ominous as it was. On the contrary Short-Fused found the dark corners, low ceiling and crowded space familiar, even going as far as comfortable. That was what he had grown up in, narrow tunnels and deep mines down South. The radiation, altough dangerous all right - even a nut would acknowledge that - didn't unsettle him. They had the suits and Rad-X for that.

What made him light up like a Christmas tree, possibly a nuclear Christmas tree that had just gone off, was the mention of a "monster". Now normally that in itself would make Brian set off to the front like he did, but something in the way this "monster" was described gave him the feeling that there was a higher need for weapons more potent than rifles and pistols to take it out. And who else in their little merry rag-tag group of misfits was better equiped to deal with power armoured monster than the self-proclaimed demolitions expert Short-Fuse himself?

While some of their group went over to their unnarmed companion Devon, Short-Fuse walked casually up to their unofficial leader Khaliya and the others grouped up around her. It was clear that he wasn't too concerned about whatever horror that lurked inside that metro carrige. In-fact Short-Fuse still smiled like he always did, resting his 12 gauge shotgun under his arm and fiddling with a few sticks of dynamite. "Maybe ya'll should have told the gook to mind his own business?" Short-Fused said jokingly to Emil in his thick Texas-accent, before turning to Bailey as she commented that the passage was perhaps too narrow. "That could always be set straight, ma'am, with a few of these babies. Might scare of the critter in there too?"

Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: The Museum (Washroom) --> Vera's Office
Skills: Drawing

It was a brief relief to button up the shirt and once again conceal the branding that he couldn't idenfity, but that didn't cease the pain though. It was bareable, but far from comfortable. Mahendra, still feeling the fever burning him up started washing his hands and face quickly with what cold water the washroom sink could provide, hoping it would help. But the real issue was not the fever, so he took a deep breath in and finally exited the washroom.

He had to get to Vera. She was the closest and most qualified person to identify the mark, and they had already said they were going to her office just before he himself ran off. But as he made his way to her office, trying his best to remember the directions from last night, he pulled out his notebook and a pencil to start drawing. This was a dire situation, cosmically so, but it would be not appropriate for a man to go off showing his bare belly to everyone. So Mahendra tried to draw the symbol branding him on paper to the best of his abilities.

Mahendra reached the office to find Lauren and Akhmed absent, but the three other ladies remained. Most importantly Vera. He didn't know what type of conversation he had just entered, but Mahendra tried to wait for a proper time to interrupt as he spoke to the others, sweat dripping from his forehead from the burning pain and fever. "I am sorry to interrupt my Ladies, but I must ask a possibly relevant question..." Mahendra began to speak, holding out the notepad to Vera. " appears that this symbol has been branded on...well, on my stomach, just now. Quite painfully so."
Is this still a thing?
I think I'll have to regretfully withdraw my interest here, but I'll be sure to keep my eye on how the story progresses! Good luck, may the best nation win!
@Lady AmaltheaSorry about that, it won't happen again.
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