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God Jul alle sammen, og et riktig godt nyttår! (Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!)
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*Writes ten words on my exam* Okay, good work! Time for a 30 minute break! *Repeat*
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Instead of writing on my exam, I'm procrastining and listening to a podcast about serial killers. Chilly, but highly enjoyable.


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Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: The Museum - The Archives
Skills: None

The friendly words from Lauren could not keep Mahendra away from the chaos that attracted the attention of everyone in the archives, even if he felt humbled by her kind attitude towards him. After the immense crash of...something heavy, the others too called out asking for each other's safety, signalling that none had actually been hurt. At least that was the immense hope of Mahendra, until he heard Neema's words loud and clear; Haakon had been hit by a crate. "By the power of Krishna, please let him be okay..." Mahendra quietly prayed as he began to follow Lauren. Hopefully he was just knocked out cold.

What he instead found in front of him and Lauren right in the middle of the rows, was anything but hopefull. Beside the apparently randomly placed leg lamp, stood the massive crate. And beside that...well, underneath and all around was a pool of something red. Blood. The hope that Mahendra had prayed for not moments ago, subsided in an instant as the revelation of Haakon's condition came to him. Lauren had already sweared, but that didn't stop him. "পবিত্র শিট, indeed Lauren..." Mahendra said, slowly walking towards the box as if it was a dangerous Bengali tiger that could pounce at him any moment. He had seen death before, but that was long ago so he did feel uneasy. Still, he kneeled down and tried to see what was left of Haakon. "He's dead, I am afraid!"

Alexander Polawski

Location: Near Eden

Alexander nodded to Thalia, acknowledging her last message for Lola, her crazed friend in the Steel Duck. "Decker, this is Mugs. Watch yourselves, we all want to see you alive and well afterwards. Tell Kiwi to be safe." Alexander was unsure of how to phrase Thalia's message, but decided that Lola probably knew what Thalia wanted. Or not, but did it make any difference? If she was crazy, she might as well pull through the coming engagement with the enemy. Thana's message was clearer though. "T-minus 18 Mikes. We're going silent, no comms after this. Mugs over and out."

With that, Alex turned off his radio and holstered it in the belt. Never knew when a clear line of communications was needed. And after grabbing the Colt M1911 and the magazines, he saluted Thana back and waited for two things: Firstly he waited for Thana to get the ordered spacing between them before he started moving too. He knew all too well what a cluttered squad would look like in a firefight, or around a Viet-Cong IED . And secondly he thought about the so-called 'rule' mentioned by her. Quietly he questioned himself "I thought Rule 16 was to always have an extra pair of socks...", hopefully quiet enough for neither ladies to hear him.

Now on the move and armed to with what he felt to be the teeth, Alexander let his eyes wanderd around the landscape in front of the group and to his sides. Even the most well-made plans got ruined within seconds of enemy contact, and this was no different. Well, at least Alexander instinctively thought so at first, before his observations made him change his mind; the coast was clear and was getting to his mind. Not only that, but in the emptiness of his observations, his mind began to play tricks on him. All he could think, see and hear was a very specific song playing on repeat in his head. The one Lola had sung when they first met that day, one that made her look even more wacky than one could possibly imagine without actually meeting her. And what did he do?

Alexander, the old veteran and probably partly scarred for life both from old and new memories, pictured himself on patrol in the humid jungle once again; a melody played over this series of images, "Let's fall in love", and Alexander just had to start singing himself. He pictured it to be a rather harmless situation, seen as they hadn't been hit by Viet-Cong guerrillas all day and their NCO was in a good mood for once. And so he started to sing, lounder and louder for every step. "...Mosquitos, heaven forbid, do it - So does every katydid do it - Let's do it, let's fall in love!"

Yeah, he was losing it again.
The Heavy

Level: 2
Day/Time: Day 3 - Morning
Location: Boo's Castle
Tag: @Majoras End@Tenma Tendo@Lugubrious
Experience: //////////////////// (6/20)
Word count: 521

Heavy's 'sharp' senses - surprisingly no way hampered by years of bloody abuse of violence and death around him - , made the Russian brute turn his head towards the ghastly laugh aimed at them. The rest of Heavy's limbs followed in quick succession towards the spectral voice, if only he had been able to exactly pin-point its location; it appeared to echo all around him, surrounding him and his teammates, mocking them. And then it appeared; He appeared. The Ghost King, floating around them, doing what Heavy could only describe as taunting them. "Stop and fight me then, coward! Make job easy for us!" Heavy shouted at King Boo, throwing a heavy punch towards the ghost, but to no avail as his fist was pulled off his target.

And not just his fist. All of him was sucked away from King Boo towards the mansion…castle…thingy building, alongside the others. In a moment of desperation, Heavy grabbed hold of a small shrubbery, but only managed to pull the little green tree with him. "Oh no!" And like that, Heavy flew through the air like a lifeless ragdoll of a man he had previously shot to death with a certain secret weapon, uncontrollably waving his arms around in hopes of grabbing hold of something else solid, or even someone. But all he got hold of was the cold, wooden floor of the mansion as he hit it hard, face first.


Heavy Weapon's Guy could taste something in his mouth. His first thought was blood, but he vividly knew the actual taste of it, and this was different. As he pushed himself off the floor he came to realize what it was; a mix of green leaves from the shrubbery and dust from the floor. His face was covered in both, which he annoyingly brushed off; he had had worse. Heavy looked around him as he stood back up on his feet, taking in the contradicting reality around him. The mansion had looked big from the outside, but this big? Then again he could simply have gotten hit on the head, like always, and see funny things? Who knew?

"Labyrinth? I thought this was castle…mansion?" Heavy's confused words appeared to echo through the first room, which had out of thin air been lit by candles. They only made the scene spookier, if Heavy had felt scary at all; this only made him be further on his guard. Heavy listened to Slayer's plan; go together in the beginning through the spooky mansion, and perhaps then split up. Akira piped up as well, agreeing on Slayer's idea , which reinforced Heavy's approval of what his friends planned ahead."I think going together is good idea, Comrade Slayer and Comrade Joker. More difficult to have ghost sneak up behind. They better not make me and Sasha angry, baby ghosts." Heavy replied to their 'leader' and the mask-wearing teenager, unholstering his beloved Sasha and checking her over as he followed Slayer down the main hall.

"But what are ghost afraid of? Sandwiches? What about Six? Pumpkin man said something about our 'young one' being our best choice?"
Haakon J. Elvsgaard & Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: The Museum - The Archives
Skills: Haakon ("Luck") - Mahendra (Egyptian superstition)

A figurative lightbulb suddenly shined brightly over the certainly sweaty hair of the Norwegian reporter. Of course! Why hadn't he thought of that? Something to write on would be just what Haakon needed to actually assist in their endevour. If Neema could write down and perhaps even draw the symbols they were looking for, Haakon was certain his otherwise keen eyes could be of use. "Yes...yes! Give me but a moment please." Haakon said to Neema, slowing his pace as he began to rummage through his various pockets. He a was a journalist, of course he would have a simple piece of paper!

Mahendra returned the friendly smile to Lauren, approaching her at the cart and listening to her proposal for joining her in the further search. "That would be lovely, Miss Ridgeway. I'm certain there must be more than just that crate there." Mahendra stated, continuning his approach towards her down the aisle. But as his eyes drifted towards one of the shelves, a word stuck out to him. 'Bubastis'. It sounded familiar, even more so once he thought back to what Neema had said; This was important. "Would you look at that? I might have found another crate! Babustis, the center of worship of Bastet. Two down, perhaps many more to go." Mahendra said cheerfully to Lauren, mentally marking where he had found the crate before following her down 23RTS.

Haakon went through the pockets of his pants, but could find nothing. He continued in the chest pocket, but still nothing. Not even a tiny fragment of an old napkin used to clean off bits of a tuna sandwich. As he continued his search, his attention was almost fanatically invested in his various pockets, and not where they should have been in hindsight. About twenty feet up in the air, previously stored safely on top of the massive shelves, stood a crate. A special crate, one which would change Haakon's life forever.

For once, quite literally.

The crate, with a long side and a short side, which previously stood so solid up there, began to fall. Ever so slowly it tipped over the edge of the shelf, before it began its ever quicker descent down, as demanded by the Laws of Gravity. Even for its size, which was quite big actually, it rapidly sped up its journey down towards ground. More specifically, towards an unsuspecting journalist looking for a piece of paper. The very last thought that ran through Haakon's mind as the crate made contact with his head, was something like this; "Hvor er det fordømte papi...". He didn't realize something was happening until his mind stopping functioning due to, well, getting crushed.

Before the blink of an eye, the crate had pile driven itself and crushed Haakon's body entirely. And it wasn't quite either; a deafening crash of the weight echoed throughout the archives, thankfully camouflaging the sounds of bones crushed together. If that didn't catch everyone's attention, what would? Not Haakon, of course, since he was very much dead. All that remained of him was the massive pool of blood forming underneath and around the crate. And as for the crate itself, it too didn't go unscaved by the fall; as if on queue, the crate popped open and expelled out the last one would expect; a lamp formed as a leg.

"Various reasons, but the most interesting is my connection to Egypt, I would say. I served in this country during the War, and it seems to pull me back. That, and the endless possibilites for a geologist in the Valley of the Ki..." Mahendra said, gladly sharing his interest for Egypt with Lauren. He still found the interest put into him by the others surprising, but even more enjoyable. But before he could inquire as to what brought Lauren herself to the ancient lands of the Pharoes, a deafening crash made him jump and turn around. "What in the name of Mount Kilimanjaro was that? Hello? What happened? Is everyone all right?" Mahendra shouted out as loud as he could, thankfully oblivous to the gruesome sight around that cursed crate.

Alexander Polawski

Location: Near Eden
Skills:Radio Operator

"Ah...that really filled the spot." Alexander said, like a gust of wind that flew out of his previously empty stomach - save from a few, if any, worms hiding in the handful of snow he'd eaten earlier. He really couldn't complain about his current treatment; more than he had expected from an MRE, some peace and quiet, and best of all cheese! He was in his little personal Heaven there in the backseat. Yeah, the world had gone to shits and most of it's people too, but for a moment, Alexander enjoyed the moment.

It wasn't much, but more than enough for the old veteran to get going for a long day. Alexander climbed out of the truck with Thana and Thalia, following to the bed of the truck. With the call for an equiptment check, he swallowed the last remains of the glorious food down and started going through his pockets. " I've got a Beretta, 9mm; two mags. And my fireaxe." He said to Thana, before observing the weapons she had lain out in front of them. "If I have to choose; The Colt. More used to that than the 357."

The crackling of the radio caught Alexander's attention immediately, and he quickly held it up to listen to the message coming through. This time it was neither the Kiwi or the Cowboy, but a third voice; Decker. It had to be the third one going in the Stuart, though he hadn't gotten much of a picture of her before they left. 10 minutes until ETA. The veteran looked at Thana, listening and watching to her explaination for their route. "Mugs here. 10-4. ETA 20 Mikes. Over." Alexander communicated, releasing the transmitter after said message. Then he had an idea. He quickly, but dilligently changed channels in quick succession; if anyone were also using radios to communicate in a hectic situation, like observing something strange or an imminent attack, they would want to check the radio.

Nothing. The airwaves were dead silent, only the static akin to a lone night in the Artic, save from their Brothers in Arms in the tank. "Can't hear anyone else out there. Might mean our cover isn't blown, or that they're keeping radio silence. I'm for the former." Alexander said to his would-be superior, then turning to Thalia. "Any word you need passed on?"
@William CadeOf course! You're more than welcome. Life's just been very hectic the last month, but next week there might be some progress!
Haakon J. Elvsgaard & Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: The Museum - The Archives
Skills: None

Haakon followed after Neema as she walked down the rows of the archive, leaving behind the rest of the group to their own searches for ancient knowledge. As they walked between the aisles, Haakon kept looking sporadically side to side as he tried to see any box marked with some symbols of what he presumed were Egyptian deities. What were they called again? Horus? Haros? Bubastis or belbostatis? The Egyptian names escaped his normally good memory, perhaps due to his lack of Egypt other than what little he had read.

The search of the crates were further put on halt when Neema questioned what he did. Of course, he hadn't presented himself properly to her. "Oh, my apologies for a lack of presentation, Miss Banoub. Haakon J. Elvsgaard, I'm a journalist in a Norwegian newspaper. But I'm not used to be working in archives such as theses, so from my understanding you're much more qualified here than me. I'm not even certain if I know what those symbols you spoke of look like."

Mahendra followed the Lord Major and Miss Clarke, keeping himself a short distance away from the pair. It would appear that the two hadn't taken notice of him accoumpanying them down the long line of shelves. Perhaps the Lord Major's attention been swallowed up by the American starlet due to her overcrowding personality compared to his own calm and humble one? Or perhaps he, or they were actually that focused on their task in finding those crates? Either way, Mahendra decided on keeping himself in the rear.

As for the search itself, Mahendra looked at the rows at his sides, slowly moving his eyes back and forth across the massive amounts of things. He did see a lot of letters, both in Latin and what he knew was Arabic, even if he didn't comprehend the Middle Eastern language. He looked and looked, but the symbols Neema spoke of were lost to him. He wasn't used to working in an archive of this type; his usual habitat was either in an archive with English labelling and geological samples, or out in the open fields doing hands-on work. So far, his knowledge didn't help him.

Mahendra did however catch the whistle coming from behind, turning around to see Lauren standing alongside a cart with a crate placed on top. Clearly she had found something, which she confirmed when she called out to them. Mahendra couldn't help but smile; so far the women had gotten more done than him on his first day. "Very good, Miss Ridgeway! Do you need any assistance with that?"

Alexander Polawski

Location: Going Up the Country

If Thana was correct in her assesment of the truck's capabilities, Alexander was starting to feel that things were actually going to plan for ocne. They had a functional vehicle capable of getting them from point A to B; a decent route planned out to maximise the time used - which included fuel consumption -; a somewhat sound battleplan of what they were going to do once they reached Eden, and Thalia wasn't berating him. All in all, it made him feel comfortable enough for him to lean back and actually take a deep, calm breath for once.

Alexander smiled a half-smile at Thalia's dibs on the matchbook. Sure she could have them, it hadn't faced him to take them himself. All he wanted was half of the half-decent MRE coming his way. "Fine by me, never was a fan of crackers either way. But I really hope there's some cheese in that mystery pack. Haven't eaten that in years." Alexander said hopingly from his back seat, trying to actually think back to when he had had a decent slice of Vermount. He swore he could almost taste the bitter cheese as he thought back on it. Had he been in a comic, he'd probably have a cheese hovering over his head while he drooled indefinietly. But thankfully he wasn't, or he'd appear something like Goofy.
Haakon J. Elvsgaard & Mahendra Huq Zalil

Location: The Museum
Skills: None

Mahendra, not prepared of Neema's initiative to enter the archives first, stumbled backwards as she walked in before him. Sure she had been there for ages, almost as long as he himself had lived that life, but to have her enter like it was a second home was not what he had expected. Mahendra regained his composure however, returning the smile given to him by Lauren and letting the others follow Neema before he walked in himself.

The archive was big, that was for certain. Having just gotten the position as assistant, there was little to no way Mahendra would be able to search this place by himself. But he had to learn it sooner rather than later, in fear of losing the job he so much needed. Mahendra listened to Neema's suggestions for which rows to check, mentally marking their numbers as significant. He could have decided to follow her in order to learn something of use in his new line of work, but Mahendra instead began to follow the Lord Major. "No objection on my part, Lord Major. But I'd like to search those rows as well, keeping anything that happens as my responsibily like you said. If I may?"

Haakon's eyes wandered all over the many lines of rows that lined the archives. How much knowledge was contained within those countless boxes and shelves of books, papers, pergaments, scrolls and god knows what? The mention of KV 62 only stood to strenghten the magnitude of the possibilities within that confined space; The Valley of Kings, the final resting place of eternity for King Tutankhamun, the whole reason the world was engulfed in a craze not seen since...something important had happened. Nero burning down Rome? The discovery of America? The Rape of Belgium?

Something as big as that.

When the time for deciding who should search which row, Haakon was uncertain of who to follow. He decided that it was perhaps not best to accompany the Lord Major, at least not just yet after the little 'heart to heart' they had had earlier. And the Indian man seemed to have more to talk about with him, so they were probably going to have a jolly good time talking about Britain and all that jazz. The choice then stood between the remaining three ladies; Josephine, Neema and Lauren. In the end, Haakon began to follow Neema. "May I accompany you, Miss Banoub? I'm afraid I would get lost down here on my own." Haakon said joyfully, hoping to give off a better impression than he had clearly given off to certain members of the 'Fellowship'.

Alexander Polawski

Location:The Truck

Alexander's eyes scanned over the map again and again, refusing to give up the simple task of finding out where they were. Well in theory it was simple enough, but when you'd never seen the map before or even been in the area, complications always arose. Alexander looked up from the map and at Thalia and Thana as they both offered various bits of assistance. "Okay, so if that's the 85, that means...You might actually do better with this, Tha..."

He stopped mid-sentence. It was as if something clicked inside the veteran's brain; some kind of old instinct or knowledge that kicked into gear. Because he suddenly thought that it didn't look as if they were wrong per-say, just...just in the wrong order of things. Alexander turned the map around, looked from it and out his window, and back at it. He was a genius. That, or an idiot. He had been holding it upside down all this time. "Got it, finally got it. Yeah, that's the 85 on our left, which means we're close to Exit 41. If we keep going down this road, we'll have to take left at the first intersection and keep heading east down Polar Road past the hospital."

The world finally began to make sense again, for once in a world that had stopped making sense far too long ago. Alexander smiled with satisfaction; finally he had done something helpful to others. And no, he did not count the tea-set or that mug, even if that was a nice find. "Keep driving down that same road for a while, we can either take a left at Parks Road northward and keep going, or keep driving east, south-east 'till we hit the 16th eastward, head on the 54th north and just keep going. I say we take the first and head north ASAP." Alexander stated in his new role as designated-navigator, before looking up from the map again and jumping back into the conversation about footbal. "You won't say that when you've got one of those 'Bamas watching your Six. No Einstein, but man how they throw; you can't kick or hit a grenade with a baseball."
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