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Current All I needed to hear, have a nice day.
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I can't remember, what's the rule about advertising discord rps?
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Most vaccines take years - and I mean, like, 7-10 is normal - to develop. The vaccines developed didn't poison people and so despite their limited efficacy, they were sent to market years early.
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Considering the status bar usually is fairly comforting, it IS a little surprising it's being so unsympathetic. Can't comment on the actual situation, reminds me too much of a past shitty roommate.
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This cannot be happening, on this abandoned and neglected website of all places.
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I live in the EST time zone. Due to work, unless I think it's important not to leave someone hanging, I will be off by 11 PM. I will rarely post daily, but I can at least guarantee I'll never give you a substance-less post.

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Sorry that took so long! Did you want to jump to dinner or the next morning?
Jeremiah nodded, said "Thank you", and went into the room Damien had indicated as belonging to him. As soon as both suitcases were inside and the door was closed, Jeremiah leaned against the door. Faecat? What did that even mean? He had been wondering about a few things since he had arrived in Axemouth, but there was a difference between the training mentioning things like ghosts and hauntings offhandedly and seeing something that so obviously did not fit in with any known understanding of the natural world. He doubted Damien would be able to clarify; the man didn't seem to think Vez was remotely odd in any way.

Soon, though, shock gave way to curiosity. Jeremiah pushed himself off of the door and opened the smaller suitcase, musing all the while. True, a 'faecat' did not fit into any known understanding of the natural world. But perhaps he could change that. Study the 'natural world' of Axemouth, see how it differed from elsewhere. If nothing else, Jeremiah did enjoy a good, harmless mystery and a chance to learn new things. If people he talked to even gave permission (such as Damien and whoever had given him Vez), he could publish it as research. And of course if anyone said no - Jeremiah had mentioned he enjoyed the chance to learn new things, yes? He didn't have to share it to learn from it.

As he unpacked, refolded, and put away his clothing into drawers, he began making a mental checklist of things he needed. At the top of the list was a new journal: something beside his work notebook where he could record his observations about life in Axemouth. Preferably one with a lock; it was nothing against Damien, but he had enough negative experiences with people that it was important he had a space he knew was his own. The next thing was his old corkboard - the 'nutter board', as a few less-than-collegiate colleagues had called it. It was in storage, but having it hanging up again would be very helpful if they had any particularly stubborn cases. Third thing... he glanced around the room. A floor lamp, perhaps?

Axemouth was going to be an experience, he just knew it.
Jeremiah nodded at his succinct explanation. He opened his mouth - either to ask who Vez was, or to ask permission to go into his bedroom to start unpacking - but the soft bell noise caught his attention and he closed his mouth as he sought its source. Seeing it, his mouth re-opened in clear shock, and he leaned back against the larger of his two suitcases. It took a moment before it closed, his polite demeanor clearly broken by the impossible sight before him. Finally, he managed to speak up, his flat tone now cautious.

"That's... what is that?" he finally asked. It wasn't clear what kind of answer he was expecting, or what answer would satisfy him. He looked at Vez's birdlike wings and shuddered a little. "Maybe I should go unpack?" he tacked on meekly, as if aware his question was possibly a rude one and seeking to smooth over the whole affair.
Jeremiah responded wih a confirming hum as he followed Damien inside. His eyebrows raised at the marked doors, and his pace slowed to a halt as he noticed the door at the end of the hallway. After a second, he shivered and turned back to Damien, listening to his explanation. Once Damien finished, Jeremiah seemed to have the courage to speak up.

"Thank you for the offer about the furniture. I do have a storage locker with some of my possessions, though, if anything ends up being needed. But again, thank you." He looked at the doors again, consciously overlooking the door at the end of the hallway. "If I may ask what might be a silly question, I see some of your doors are marked. Should I not go into those rooms? Even if I cannot find you otherwise?" The last phrase felt somewhat tacked on, as if it occurred to him that might be some kind of loophole.
Not dead, just doing a good impression of it.
Shortly after Damien came outside, a grey car pulled up - clearly a rental, judging by the license plate frame. It backed into the driveway and, as soon as it was parked, Jeremiah emerged. He waved to Damien, clearly admiring the garden as he did so, and then went to the trunk. Out came two large wheeled maroon suitcases. He was careful to avoid treading through the garden as he brought his luggage onto the walkway leading to the front door. He paused as he stood across from Damien.

"Hello." His gaze kept flickering to the flowers in full bloom - nothing in his expression suggested he knew why they were still in bloom, just that he admired them all the same. "Would you prefer to finish that cigarette first? It's nice enough weather to stay outside." He seemed genuine in the sentiment, if perhaps curt in delivery.
I was thinking to the 'two hours have passed and Jeremiah arrives at Damien's house', if that's ok.
Sorry for the delay in posting.

Just to ask, do you think it'd be reasonable to have a timeskip next post?
"Oh. A cat. Right." Jeremiah sounded a little distant as he echoed Damien's words. A dusting of pink colored his cheeks and ears. "I look forward to meeting her, if she doesn't mind meeting a stranger."

He focused on Diane as she spoke, and managed to return her small smile with one of his own. "Thank you kindly. I shan't be late. I do have one question, but it's more for Damien here." He turned towards his partner. "Could I ask your address? I'd be happy to go with you, but I do need to check out of the hotel I'm staying at, and I imagine you might need some time to prepare a room. I'll be by in two hours, if that's reasonable to you?"
Mission ideas:

Early rp:
-a renovated home is suddenly being haunted
-an apartment complex is troubled by a brownie
-a series of home invasions has been reported, all with the common element of no locks being picked

-a subway car has gone missing between two stops
-the local newspaper office is being beseiged by leaks, breaking pipes, and flooding sinks
-people around Axemouth are getting attacked, drugged, and found with unusual items in their pockets

Late rp:
-a cult with the intent of completely tearing down the barrier between the natural and supernatural world has come to Axemouth

I can detail these more, I just wanted to get the basic ideas down!
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