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Current God, Disney, stop remaking the beloveds and instead give some love to the less-liked films like Atlantis.
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If humans breathed fire when stressed, we'd be even more stressed with paying for new computers all the time.
11 days ago
Thankfully, the last time I was asked it, the player did not show me a chaotic idiot or otherwise-oppositely-aligned character, but it doesn't stop the natural "oh no" instinct.
11 days ago
@Zyx Oh, no, I meant ANY DM. I've seen it asked in regular rp threads too, not just tabletop.
11 days ago
Scariest thing you can ask a DM: any variation on "what alignments are allowed" because it so often means "I want to play the chaotic idiot" or "I sure hope you like evil characters"


I live in the EST time zone. Due to work, unless I think it's important not to leave someone hanging, I will be off by 11 PM. I will rarely post daily, but I can at least guarantee I'll never give you a substance-less post.

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@Double Nice post! I do want to offer a quick clarification to you, though, and everyone else.

Katsuo started as a writing exercise for me, and as such I did a bunch of minor details in his backstory that existed before G3njii suggested we have all our characters be from the US. The biggest one is the detail that he's from Camp Zama - a US military base located in Japan. So, ironically, I was also trying to nip the language thing in the bud by having him chat with Captain in Japanese (and italicized font) and English with everyone else (and non-italicized font).

I, uh, guess I didn't succeed. Sorry for the confusion.

Also, I suppose if @G3njii doesn't mind (though I've been following his statuses, and um, ouch), I'll post a follow-up as well within the next few days?
@Fish of Oblivion Looks like you finished your guys. Feel free to toss them into the characters tab!
It began, as many of these tales do, with a brilliant light in the woods. As the tales go, it was a light so bright it swallowed up the nearby trees and scorched the ground. Silence accompanied it, muting the rustle of wind and the distant singing of bird digimon (or perhaps the singing of some distant village - the tales never are specific). Then the light shrank and flew off into the sky, leaving behind the bodies of several humans. Near each of their hands laid a small ball of light that seemed to burst, leaving behind a small circular device with a screen that blinked its message three times before going blank: 'CONNECTION NOT FOUND'. The wind rustled the trees again, distant song rose once more, and the world held its breath to await the awakening of the new arrivals.

"It was this way! Come on!"

Well, most of the world anyways.

The dark pink ball-shaped creature hovered, insectlike wings buzzing in her impatience. She zoomed forward with a dexterity not reflected in her small, awkward form once her partner entered her line of sight. Her partner took a deep breath, leaning against a tree trunk.

"Please - just a minute-" he gasped, soft feathered wings beating frantically. She zipped back to him, meeting him face to face - she was only a bit smaller, maybe an inch or two.

"I'm gonna lose it soon!"

"The light- or- your temper?" He took another deep breath. His breathing was smoothing out again. He hadn't seen the light, but she swore she had, and he trusted her senses.

"Both!" She gripped at the short pink fur on either side of her face. "It's that chest injury, isn't it?" He didn't answer. She growled. "That stupid egomaniac-"

"It was this way, right?" And now their positions had reversed, the light pink feather-winged creature flying past the other.

"What-? Yeah! Hey!" And now she flew after him. "Get back here!" She only caught up when he suddenly came to a halt. She crashed into him, sending them both tumbling into the scorched clearing. She sat up, rubbing at the side of her face. "Hey! What was that all ab-" And a limb without fingers pressed gently over her mouth. She looked to him, who was silently pointing as best as he could without fingers to the human forms on the clearing ground. She took in the sight, her furless face paled, and she immediately hooked her companion by the golden holy ring around his neck using her spear and dragged him back behind the treeline. He gagged at the sharp movement before his companion grabbed at his shoulders.

"Marineangemon, are those... humans?"

"I... think they may be, yes." Marineangemon nodded with far more confidence than he actually felt. He gently removed her spear from his ring, careful to avoid the linear scar that stretched above the heart symbol on his chest. She looked to the side, at the humans.

"What are they doing here?"

"I'm not certain. Someone, or something, must have summoned them." And that was a reasonable conclusion to draw, if not for the fact all the greater powers in the digital world seemed indisposed in one way or another.

"I mean, yeah. You think they're still alive?"


"What, they aren't moving!" And that was true. Marineangemon glanced over to the still humans. Piximon glowered. "Bro, don't-"

"I'm going to check on them."

"Bro!" With that, Marineangemon left the tree line before his sister could snag her spear on his ring again. He lowered himself down to the side of the nearest human - face down, hard to check for signs of life. He had to admit the humans were much bigger than he expected - he was only 30 centimeters long, and the humans easily beat that. Then again, so did most digimon. It never bothered him and seemed to never bother his sister either, who more than made up for her lack of height with a ferocity few digimon could match. Still, the tales Clockmon told never gave much in the way of scale of the humans. And what their friend said...

Well. The less said there, the better.

He gently pushed against the human's shoulder. Then he pushed much harder, with no effect. It was only when Piximon joined in that the two were able to roll over the human. Marineangemon wracked his mind for the things he had been told. Human chests pounded, audibly, if you listened very close. Marineangemon lowered his head, antennae drooping over the human, and listened.

thu-thump thu-thump

He exhaled in relief. This human at least was alive. He got up to check on the others when he noticed Piximon rise up beside a human, arms oddly full where they hadn't been before and face half-obscured. "Sis?"

"Yeah?" she asked, as if she didn't have both arms full with flat, oval-shaped objects.

"What are those?"

"These?" Piximon shifted the weight in her arms, tilting slightly as she pulled one hand free with the odd device. Marineangemon floated closer, curiosity overtaking him. "Dunno. They were next to each human. Think they might be digivices? Clockmon said humans usually come with digivices."

"You're stealing them?"

"I know, I know, but hear me out." She tossed the digivice in her freehand to Marineangemon, who managed to catch it. "Turn it over." Marineangemon managed to flip the device over and studied the patterns of lines and dots on the back. A pattern. A constellation. His eyes widened as he recognized it. "Yeah. They've got all four."

"But...they're gone. How did they get ahold of these?" He looked at the group of humans. "And who brought them here?"

"No idea, bro, but you know what? I bet he'd like them." She pulled one of the others from her arm and waved it around, showing its own unique constellation pattern on the back. "Might be nice showing up with something for once, you know?" MarineAngemon swallowed. He knew that tone, usually adding a silent 'take a hint' to the end of the suggestion.

"Well... you're not wrong..." But what to do...
@metanoia We chatted it over, and feel free to move your sheet into the Characters tab!
Diarmi seemed giddy, hissing out a small 'yes!' after they'd high-fived. Agmundr meanwhile seemed to share some of Mina's dispproval, but it was more concern than distaste written in his features. He floated a bit closer to her and her spirit, and offered both a careful nod.

"I trust you will help me keep him safe?"

"What? I'm - ow." Diarmi paused, looking at his foot and pulling the sliver of cracked road from where it had managed to lodge itself, horizontally. "Bad timing. I'll be fine. We'll all be fine, I bet." Not that he had much to bet, but he doubted she was like Loris.

"I trust you will help me keep him safe," Agmundr repeated. "And I shall act to help keep you safe as well. I will not witness another child falling in battle." His tone was level, betraying none of the concern still visible on his face.

"Um." Diarmi bit his lip. Yeah, he had mentioned something like that before, hadn't he? The very moment they met, even. He still hardly counted himself, or either of the two he'd witnessed, as a child, but Agmundr did seem older, had probably survived longer than either of them had been lived for. How much longer anyways? That was probably a sensitive question, but Diarmi's filter never was the best. "How old were you when you died?"

To his surprise, while Agmundr did not seem interested in answering, it didn't feel as awkward as he was sure it should've (Filter: broken. Hindsight: 20/20). Diarmi hummed. "Gotcha, moving on." He hefted up the katana and necklace. "So, lifted these off that guy - I'm like 90% at least one of them's magical, but I can't tell for sure." (And his timing made it seem like he was in conversation with Usai as well.) "I don't suppose you can tell? Maybe bear-paw girl's more magic-magic? Being able to transform and stuff-" He nearly dropped the items.

"We gotta still catch up with bear-paw girl!" Agmundr seemed to see where this was going, moving forward. "Let me get a headstart before you flash-step?" Diarmi pointed fingerguns towards the knightly girl. "See you over there!" With that, he ran around the corner and down the road towards the witch and the other fighters.
@metanoia @Fish of Oblivion @Slamurai Checking in on you guys, how's it hanging? Well, I hope?

@JDubs @Mole @The World I intend on getting my first post up this Saturday. I also wanted to ask - you want your partners at the Server Tree, hiding by the Server Tree, or about to come across your humans?
Thanks a ton! :D Working on my own post currently, so it really helps.
Hoi. Hey, @ZombiesAnHyenas we aren't quite to the water witch yet, but we're getting there?
Question, can our humans interact with another's spirit? And related, can the spirits interact?
@The World Well, that joke aged poorly. Based on our talk, May and co. can be moved to the Characters tab!
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