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Current Not me, I use adblock
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it is always active, just the bulk of roleplayers are horny on main so they are in private :P
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I hear that Clever
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Pineapple and ham pizza is my favorite
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I have a dig bick. You that read wrong. You also read that wrong.


I am a big country boy with a love for all things country, cars and cooking. I am easy going so if you look me up feel free to drop a message, I don't bite.


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Needing some inspiration right now to kick my butt back into gear creatively.
In the mood for Mining Amusement and Naked and Afraid of the Apocalypse.
Mining Amusement Added
Jason Cruz Grew up near the heart of copper country in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The communities being quiet and clean leant itself well to growing up healthy but little else. Fun was what you could make of it which usually ended up with travelling for hours to somewhere less boring. This often lead to Jason getting in trouble with his parents and his school. For years he would try to figure out what he could do to beat the boredom without having to resort to breaking the law or the rules of his house.

After years of boredom he finds himself at an abandoned mine which lead to him coming up with a plan that would offer what he lacked in his childhood. Fun. Spending many of his early adult years working as a lumberjack, he managed to save up enough money to buy that abandoned mine and the surrounding land and start developing it. Over the years he works on it until he and his 40 person staff have created an amusement park like nothing else in the country. Mostly natural rides or coasters that offer as close to a natural feel as possible.

1x1 Romance in a world's collide scenario, a country boy meets a city girl. A pair who on the surface look like complete opposites but at the core of it all have more things in common than either realize.
Added a Classic Medieval Fantasy rp in the Non NSFW potential section.
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