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2 mos ago
Current Donald Glover is Childish Gambino. An actor turned rapper.
3 mos ago
Yankee doodle went to town riding on a turtle, turned the corner just in time to see his girlfriend Myrtle.
5 mos ago
To all my partners, I will be back in the swing of things. Just been dealing with lots of appointments.
6 mos ago
@TheMadAssHatter RX7 or if you can find it an RX3 would be the perfect Japanese tuner, those rotaries can be monsters.
6 mos ago
Wonderful feeling trying to get a group rp going for the first time in a long time and having a person quit. I hate confrontation but also hate having to try to defuse something. FML.


I am a big country boy with a love for all things country, cars and cooking. I am easy going so if you look me up feel free to drop a message, I don't bite.

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So Kawaii and adorkable!
Welcome hun :) @BoyMom69035
Looking good as always @BoyMom69035
Well, I don't know if I need help per se...

I'm just reading up on the BBCode thing. Trying to properly format an interest check from another site. Not sure where to post that though

General Interest check or the interest checks that it would fit in.
We are very active here and always read introduction threads :D

Welcome to the guild, we are a mostly friendly bunch and will help you get started, me especially :D
@AngelBites15 Kawaii and adorkable.
@Dread Adorkable.
Welcome to the guild, most of us are pretty nice around here so we will help you out.
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