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7 days ago
Current a Micheal Cthulhu sword :p
9 days ago
I don't watch contact sports like boxing and mma anymore cuz it is so rigged.
13 days ago
I take my coffee with flavored creamers.
15 days ago
The Game
18 days ago
@Dealdric it was proven that the egg did come first, just millions of years of evolution lead to it.


Clown of the Moment. Fearagen.

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Pokes her belly button.
Has a feeling The Battle Sister wants a hentai scene in front of her.
Leaves them in there as the box fort is still infested with ants and roaches.
Makes a box fort appear out of nowhere.
Welcome to the guild.
That's what she said. Oh...
Hey there, how you doin'? You know wormholes are bad in enclosed places.
Looking for a 1 on 1. I have several plots to choose from that I tend to go to.

I will be adding to this little by little.
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