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Current @PureHeroine if you feel like saving some money you can fix the double click by opening up the mouse, popping off the switch for the mouse click and bending it back up.
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Quickstart Tavern rp's are fun. I was in the mood for one while I was out getting firewood and now seeing people talking about them I think I should start one.
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Jimmy Hats are condoms
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in Myriad
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@Jarl Coolgruuf There are several times members would go off on tangents and post multiple replies without waiting for a person to post in. One guy in it filled 5 pages just arguing with himself.


I am a big country boy with a love for all things country, cars and cooking. I am easy going so if you look me up feel free to drop a message, I don't bite.

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At Swan Song's for now.
Going on a ride with @Pyxis.

Standing up he adjusts his hat and jacket. As he is walking he watches her run over to somebody randomly and smiles, standing next to the door waiting for her. As she comes back over to him he opens the door for her, following her out. "It is just about half a block down the street. That big looking go kart thing there." He said walking towards it, the sound of his shoes clacking on the sidewalk as he walks up to it. As it comes into view the machine has skinny tires on the front and fat tires on the rear. Sitting against the curb, the passenger side would be easily accessible for Lilith. "4 point harness in here, just put the straps over your shoulders and snap it together against your chest then snug it down." He told her as he walked over to the driver side. Climbing up over the bars of the roll cage he slides in with a little bit of a tight fit. He gets strapped in, sticking the keys in the ignition he presses down on the brake before firing it up finally. The sound of the supercharger drowning out the sound of the engine momentarily.

Taking off with her strapped in he just cruises for a moment before finding an empty parking lot down a side street. "If at any time this gets too intense for you, that handle in front of you is called the oh shit handle. It is used for exactly what it implies." Turning into it he opens up the engine and sends up a cloud of smoke as he burns out. Letting off he gets traction and stomps the gas to launch it, lifting the driver's side front tire on the launch. He keeps it wide open throttle for a few seconds before getting off of it. Taking off as quickly as he arrived he drives down a different street, taking it a few blocks out of the way before hitting the main street once again. "Just let me know if you want to feel a full launch. This is 135 horse power and only weighs 690 pounds." He laughed and just cruised with her for a few before returning to the Record shop.
At Swan Song's Record Shop, having a drink
Interacting with @Pyxis

Sitting at the bar he sips his drink when a woman makes her way up to the bar. As she sips he smiles over at her. "I agree. Fedora just don't look right with a basic suit. Now a zoot suit, the fedora is typically understated in regards to the suit itself." He laughs a little and gives her a bright smile with ample amount of dimple on display.

As he drinks the last of his beer he looks at the woman beside him and has a sudden inclination to show her his keys. "You look like you could handle a little cruise. Would you like to go for a ride in a fast machine? No strings attached, just a quick ride." He puts his glass down and his keys away.
Enjoying his time listening to live music at Swan Song's
Interacting with Nobody

Having spent his weekend working at the bar, Charles decides that his best time spent would be going to the record shop for some rest and relaxation. Exiting his home he heads over to a dune buggy, squeezing himself inside the small 2 seater buggy he heads out for a cruise for a bit, spooling around town the sound of the supercharged motorcycle engine turning heads as he drives by. After driving for a little while he heads to the Swan Song's Record Shop, parking out front but a few spots down.

Heading into the shop Charles wears a blue zoot suit with a fedora and several cigars in his vest pocket. He walks into the record shop, making his way over to the cd's searching for interesting music. He searches for a while before he heads across to the bar area resorting to people watching for a bit and listening to the music. After a moment he finally orders himself a pint of Guinness Extra Stout, sipping it while standing at the bar.
Lovable Loser's Rainy Day Tavern, getting extra saucy
Interacting with @KillBox

"Of course, the sauces are all mixable so we can do anything you want." He said with a smile. As he makes the order finally he drops the wings and pulls out 2 mixing bowls. Mixing up the Nuclear sauce and garlic sauce to start with and in the other bowl making his popular pineapple teriyaki glaze, deciding to wait on the garlic powder. As the wings fry Charles pulls out a sauce pan, melting down 2 sticks of butter in it before mixing it with the sauces.

After about 5 minutes of cooking, he pulls the wings from the fryer and tosses them in the sauces, 1 bowl in each hand he starts tossing the wings in the sauces then finally adds the dry ingredients to each, plating them up a moment later, serving them with homemade bleu cheese dressing and a celery stick.
"There you go, just be careful with the hot wings. When I say they are hot, I mean they are brutally hot. If you need some milk or ice cream, let me know." Sliding the plates over the scent of impending doom is heavy but so is the potential for a mind-blowing taste having spent years perfecting the art of wing making.
Lovable Losers Rainy Day Tavern, slinging grub
Interaction: @KillBox

Pulling out a list of sauces they have ready and can prepare at a moments notice. On the list reads sweet, mild, medium, hot, blazing, nuclear, death, garlic, parmesan, peppered, teriyaki, sweet and spicy, pineapple and Nashville hot. "These are all the sauces we have on hand, we also will make combos of any of the sauces and seasonings you see there. As for dry rubs, we can do a garlic, suicide which is our death sauce mixed with dehydrated ghost pepper and we can do Carolina Reaper, sauced or dried. Garlic parm is our biggest seller outside of the nuclear and death wings." He turns and points at the wall to the far end of the bar. "Any of the spices there we can mix up and make a custom spice blend for you."

Smiling he pulls out 6 of some of the largest wings most people would ever see and shows the guy the wings, spread out between his gloved fingers. "So, you going with the wings I am guessing?"
@KillBoxCool beans.
Setting: Tail end of the lunch rush, about 1:15pm
Interaction with: @KillBox

Charles moving about the tavern behind the bar by the grill and cocktail area dumps several orders of wings and french fries for different patrons at the bar, cooking everything in 30 seconds or less having previously cooked them before the rush. He gets them out to the people with a smile. "Enjoy your wings." Charles would say serving 4 orders of the wings to a group at the bar. The orders coming in fast and continuous for several hours, before long Charles would be sweating, constantly standing over his grill, dropping food into the fryer or frying on the grill a number of different meals a bit more involved than wings and fries. As the lunch rush begins dying off he starts to relax.

A moment after starting to relax he notices Ryan walk in and look around. Waving him over to an empty seat directly in front of the grill area he grabs his towel from his coat and wipes his face off, the sweat covering his face in droplets.
"Come on over, I'll take care of you." He would say, still smiling warmly as ever. If nothing else, Charles was always eager to serve people and make them happy with his food. He grabs a menu and places it on the bar for Ryan and pours him a glass of ice cold water before he even would arrive and have it waiting as well. "Just let me know when you are ready to order."
@KillBoxI setup a restaurant down a back alley, never picked an exact location but it is supposed to be a central location. Maybe have our characters meet up randomly, whatever you feel.
4 am on a Saturday, an alarm goes off in a nondescript suburban bachelor home. A man slowly wakes up and shuts the alarm off, yawning very loudly and standing up to get dressed. The man sporting light stubble and a decent case of bedhead. His body soft around the midsection but fairly large arms. This man is Charles Rainer, a 29 year old chef and owner of the hole in the wall restaurant named Lovable Loser's Rainy Day Tavern, a small 32 seat bar and grill that opens at 11am. As he prepares for the day he gets casual clothing on and heads out after eating, heading a mile up the road to a small inner city farm before anybody else was there, setting out to pick the freshest ingredients for the day.

Charles Rainer was a midwest born country boy who grew up loving food, his belly showing the fact but also his passion for cooking. His passion turning into his life, after 3 years of cooking he found Sol City is the place to be for fresh fish and agriculture within the city, having not been disappointed he moved out permanently and opened his restaurant. Setting up down a back alley in a central location.

Making his way to the tavern at 10, Charles carries a box through the back of the place and into the small 4 person kitchen. He sets about preparing the dishes for the day which included the sauces for a dozen different hot wings which had become quite popular during the end of the day rush, meats for nachos and burritos which incorporated beans he had grown in the farm and fresh harvested fish from the waters around the city for fish tacos and sandwiches. The menu filled with standard fair for a coastal bar and grill but if one was in the know was full of off the menu items.

Opening the doors at 11am he is underwhelmed and manages to bring customers in singlehandedly and get their food taken care of and them seated. He accepts that the day was going to be slow for the day only to be overwhelmed 45 minutes later at the 12 o'clock rush. Calling on his staff to come to his aide, they start serving people in waves, quickly filling up the bar area as well as the seating area around it. He settles in, knowing it was going to be a long day after all.

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