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Current Yuri is all about girls, not necessarily gay.
3 days ago
Pineapple and steak pizza is a gift from god :D
9 days ago
Potatoes are awesome especially mashed with gravy :D
16 days ago
"Dear Rodney, I don't think I like you anymore. When you get to drinkin' you put in places I've never been before."
24 days ago
@Mahz don't know if you have noticed or not but whenever you click on the icons to change the font style like italicize, bold or strikeout, if you add a line break and push the button it jumps back up
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"We can go now. Gonna be a long trip."

He says supporting her.

"You want me to drive? I am sure you are feeling pretty tired from everything."
cool deal :p
Is dark lotus in reference to psychopathic records or some other dark lotus?
He laughs.

"Your jaw will drop when you see my camaro at the drag races. It should be pretty close to the world's fastest street legal car."

Vale says.

"We will find that out later this year officially."

Tyler smiles at him.

"Yeah we will."
"I showed her the way of the racer."

He laughs and pulls Ele in, holding her hips.

"Just imagine, that car is only about 500 horsepower right now, it could be set at 1,200 horsepower with a little tweaking."

Smiling at her he says.

"But you gotta admit, that was fun."
"Love you too babe, see you in a bit."

He smiles as she drives away. He hops into the Viper, driving to Hertz. Vale follows him and picks him up then brings him back to the hospital. They park and wait in the toy hauler.
"So are you babe."

He smirks.

"You know. You should take her for a cruise in the Miata, I need to drop off the viper at Hertz. We could meet up at in maybe 20 minutes."
welcome to the guild, hope you enjoy your time here :D
"Oh come on now, it is completely legal."

He smirks still holding onto Ele.

"Even have a minivan you could race."
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