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16 May 2017 5:11
Current Hey, 30 is a fun age, I am 33 myself and still love getting older.
11 May 2017 3:22
"Hello me, it's me again."
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9 May 2017 6:34
@kittyluna45 Get some sleep, it feels good.
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9 May 2017 6:18
Senpai, not sempai
6 May 2017 16:25
Welcome to the site @Ferranice.


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"That is why I love color shift paint. At speed they will look psychedelic."

He smiles and mounts the wheels. He jacks up the rear end then places jack stands in place to keep the rear tires off the floor.

"Stand back there, I will get them rolling, you can see it in action."

He climbs in, firing up the car. He engages the clutch and fires it up, shifting into first. He gives it some gas and lets off the clutch spinning the wheels. He gets them rolling at a clip letting the color shift take hold and flash in her eyes.
He picks the wheels and tires up and as he moves them the color changes constantly. He spins them and the colors continue to shift.

"Pretty cool huh?"
"Lets go out and check on how the paint looks on the wheels."

He says with a smile, turning the stove off.
"Liver detox, it works wonders."

He chuckles.

"We can let this sit overnight and have some later."
"Apple cider and high proof rum, my rumshine and moonshine tends to range from 150 to 180 proof."

He takes the jar from her and puts it down.

"The irish cream liquor will be potent but I am guessing it should be around 100 to 120 proof."

He pulls the other jar, having already filled it and puts a third jar of straight dark rum with no spices in it, barely filling it up. He sips the irish cream liquor and nods.

"This is perfect."

He slides her the bottle for a sip.
"Last thing to do is cook the coconut milk."

He grabs one last sauce pan and adds the coconut milk to it, stirring it while it heats up, making sure to keep it from scorching. After reducing it he adds it with the coffee only filling the jar about halfway with everything. He stirs it around.

"Coconut milk instead of chocolate syrup, taste like it has white chocolate in there."

He looks at the jar of spiced rumshine, nodding. He pulls it from the spout and slides the other jar in place letting it fill up. He smells the jar and his nostrils flare. He takes a sip then breathes out visibly. He hands her the jar.

"Hits the spot then wipes it out."
He stirs the simple syrup reducing it down by half. He removes the ginger and orange peel setting them on a rack to dry. He puts a straining in the top of the jar under the spout on the still and adds the herbs and spices followed by the candied ginger and orange peel. Thinking for a minute he pulls the jar away and puts a small jar in place with a cheese cloth.

"First stage is called the head, that has all the impurities so we need to get rid of that first. When you hear stories about people going blind from moonshine it is because they drank the head."

As he puts the jar in place, the booze starts flowing out, though the liquid is brown a distinct layer of clear covers it. He lets it flow through the cheese cloth until the clear layer disappears. He switches out the small jar for the big one and lets it flow over the spices. He finishes the coffee and adds it to a second jar, deciding to forego the spices.

"This first jar will take a bit of time."
He takes the coconut milk and sets it to the side then makes a simple syrup, tossing the ginger and orange peel in it. He tosses it around then starts a pot of coffee. He moves back to the simple syrup and thinks.

"Hey, a daiquiri is simple syrup, citrus and rum. After we candy the ginger and orange peel, we could make a daiquiri with the simple syrup and last of the orange."

He smiles looking over at her.
"We can reduce the coconut milk. Make something of a coconut irish cream liquor with rumshine instead of irish whiskey. I have irish cream coffee."

He smiles.

"One jar of straight up rumshine, one jar of irish cream liquor."
"Yes on the vanilla, I actually have an entire bean and I was thinking candied orange rind and candied ginger earlier but completely forgot."

The proverbial light bulb goes off in his head and he says.

"I have some coconut milk."
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