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Current "They put chemicals in the water to turn the freaking frogs gay!"
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It is Beat boys, not Beach boys.
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@Undead Eyes Macaroni and cheese
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@Vampiretwilight depends on the mood, but 75% of the time hot chocolate.
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I am a big country boy with a love for all things country, cars and cooking. I am easy going so if you look me up feel free to drop a message, I don't bite.

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Charles had taken a few days off after losing the cooking competition to collect himself. After those few days he returns to work, deciding to join in on Thirsty Thursday and Sol mates. Getting the food ready, he completely reworked the menu to be romantic meals for couples or dates to share.

Putting up a sign for drink specials he does the same and creates shared cocktails including a pink Bailey's cocktail with grenadine and rum. A tequila drink and a fishbowl drink. Placing the sign out in front of the bar. He gets the bar up and running for the day, preparing for the dates to come hopefully.

As the day progresses it becomes clear, he made the right decision preparing extra spaghetti, having it become far and away the best seller early in the day. As he watches the various couples come and go he gets a little lonely but keeps up his work and makes it through the day until the evening arrives.

"Alright everybody. Sol mates is in full swing, it is evening so be on your toes. Business is really gonna pick up now." Charles calls out to the staff before stepping out to change out of his chef gear and get into some casual bar wear. He helps the staff get rolling before finishing up for the day himself, deciding to spend the rest of his night relaxing at the bar, hoping for friendly faces to show up.
@SamaraJayne96Hopefully it will be a welcome to the rp for you soon but I gotta say. Nice Ore Monogatari signature :D
Charles had been relaxing, giving his back a rest near the festival when he had received a text being told that his win had been revoked. Charles being a generally easygoing man turns a bit perturbed. He stands up to only receive another text being told that he was being put into a second contest against the man who was to be told to be the cause of his revocation. Hearing the rules be laid out second hand from his employees he smirks.

Charles makes his way out to grab some supplies. After hearing the secret ingredient he gets a cocky grin having cooked with guava plenty of times, his mind going to work setting up dishes to cook. He puts together a meal plan while he prepares his area for the competition during the prep time before starting his actual cooking. Grabbing some liquid nitrogen, several ramekins, square plates for the main dish, a round dessert plate and a hurricane glass.

As the competition starts he brings in his 2 assistants to cook with him, starting them immediately on making dessert, a guava creme brulee, using a thai maroon apple guava for a red hue to the dish. While they whip up the creme brulee he begins chopping the guava in half, choosing a semi soft guava to use in salsa. Grilling it quickly he chops it up and tosses it in a bowl with a plethora of tomatoes in different sizes and colors. As they sit and mingle, he grabs some swordfish and begins grilling the medallion. While the fish grills he pulls out a bottle of apple wood aged rum and some apple cider, mixing it without any guava in a small bowl. Pulling out a juicer he begins running the guava through the juicer, seeds and all. As he steps back and watches the food cook he goes deep in thought. The chatter of his competitor in stark contrast to him and his team's silence.

Stepping over to his swordfish steak, he flips it, the firm fish having deep golden brown grill marks on it from the grate on the grill.
Grabbing a sheet pan, he pours out the rum and apple cider onto it, pouring the liquid nitrogen onto the very shallow liquid, freezing it very quickly. He begins scraping the frozen concoction from the sheet pan. Placing the ice into his hurricane glass, he pours the guava juice in with the slush and finishes it off with a floater of dark rum, placing a bamboo straw in it.

He pulls the fish from the grill and places it on a cutting board to cool while the creme brulee cooks. Checking the time he realizes he has a few minutes to spare he grabs a large potato, cutting it into fries, dropping them into the fryer. He puts together a bacon and garlic salt for the fries. Letting them fry, he pulls out the creme brulee which came out light pink with the thai maroon guava puree. He allows it to rest, sending off his assistants, knowing his time will be spent perfecting the dishes on his own.

As the competition nears 55 minutes he pours the turbinado sugar on the creme brulee and torches it to a very light golden brown. Taking a knife he slices the swordfish and fans it out, pouring the guava salsa on the edge of it, then pulls the fries. Dusting the fries with the bacon garlic salt he plates it on the side of the fish. He puts everything onto a tray and carries it over to the chef and lays everything out before.

"Greetings Chef, today I prepared for you a swordfish and guava salsa entree with bacon garlic salt seasoned fries, a rum and cider guava slush and a thai maroon apple guava creme brulee. The burnt layer being done with turbinado sugar instead of white sugar, think it lends itself better to creme brulee. Please enjoy." He said with a smile before taking his leave, satisfied with his meal.
Surf and turf okonomiyaki, a tempura pancake/crepe with shredded cabbage, noodles and a whole host of other ingredients

Lobster bisque with lots of butter and cream

Jiggly cheesecake

a 3 shooter mix with lots of spices incorporated for a meal accompaniment.

Hearing the request he nods with a smile. "Of course I can do that. It would be about 5 minutes cuz I Have to drop the chips and the wings." He said as he drops the food for her. While he cooks her food he prepares the mayo, having only brought kewpie mayo for the day he pours it into a cup. Grabbing a brown paper bag he dumps some cheese powder into it before pulling the chips from the fryer and immediately dropping them in there. He seals up the bag and gives it a firm but gentle shake to coat them. He pours them out into a carryout container, then pours out some mild sauce for the wings to coat them. He pulls the wings from the fryer, shaking off the grease before dropping the 6 wings into the sauce. He serves her with a smile. "That will be 9 bucks." He said to her.

Charles makes his rounds at the food festival occasionally stopping back at his booth to check with his employees. After hours of this he heads to the festival area, beginning to prep his station. Soon the competition would start and he would be out to show proof of his chops as a chef and restaurant owner.

Some time passes and the competition begins, Charles deciding to create an almost full seafood menu begins by whipping up a tempura batter with ginger beer and rice flour. Having his assistant begin a bisque, he directs him to chop up some red Argentine shrimp and lobster meat to begin with and melt some butter with heavy cream, Charles meanwhile chops up some cabbage small enough to fit in a food processor.

As the festival gets deeper into the competition, Charles begins pouring out batter onto the grill and spreading it out thin before turning his attention to the bisque while his assistant lays out heavy amounts of cabbage on the grill beside the pancake like batter. Directing his other assistant to the fridge to grab some cream cheese and mascarpone. The second assistant begins preparing a cheesecake filling with the cream cheese and chocolate whipped cream.

Working like a well oiled machine for some time the 3 men create a 4 course meal of okonomiyaki with crab, beef and bacon, jiggly cheesecake, lobster bisque and a 3 shot carbonated cocktail that includes an absinthe martini shot with a moonshine soaked cherry, apple pie moonshine with cinnamon whiskey and finishing it off with hot cocoa rum and some whipped cream on top.

As he plates the okonomiyaki he covers it in streaks of kewpie mayo on top of the japanese style barbecue sauce. Setting the plate on a platter, he serves the bisque with it and the cocktails, opting to cut the cheesecake before the judges.

He cheers his assistants and makes his way up to the judging area where he reveals the meals serving the judges the platter then reveals the still jiggly cheesecake, cutting into it with a knife carefully as to keep it from suddenly deflating. Turning it in he smiles and bows slightly, saying his thanks before heading out to let them judge and deliberate.
“Come on guys, we gotta get this together. Show these people what Rainy Days is all about.” Charles calls out, moving about the kitchen, deciding to get a few packages of week old soba noodles. Knowing he had to pull out all the stops to win this competition today he got prepped for a 4 course meal with a cocktail to accompany it. He grabs some crab, cabbage, Red Argentine shrimp, Lobster tail, his house barbecue sauce, some restaurant exclusive rum, whiskey and absinthe, kewpie mayo, butter, cream, milk and several unmarked spices. Putting them in a cooler he sets out to get the rest of his food for the day.

Making his way to the festival in a full size Chevy Conversion van with 2 employees he stops by a catering store to pick up a new cart for holding food. He shows up to the festival a little late but still early in the day. He goes about setting up his employees for working the crowd, giving them the liquor and the license to go with the cart. Leaving them to the cart he heads over to the venue for the cooking competition. He starts scoping it out for later on while the festival gets into the swing of things.
Returning to the Swan Song's Record Shop
Interacting with@Pyxis
Mentions @KatKook

As they arrive back at the record shop he follows Lilith inside chuckling when she rushes over to the girl. Heading over to the bar he orders another beer and makes his way over to the stage, sitting down to listen to the woman sing. Sipping on his beer he looks at Lilith fangirling from a distance.

After the performance, Charles stood up clapping for her. "Wonderful job. That deserves a free drink." He said looking at Aria with a warm smile. "Drinks on me if you are thirsty." Heading over to the bar he hands over a credit card to start a tab and wait to see if the girls take him up on his offer, drinking his beer while relaxing.
At Swan Song's for now.
Going on a ride with @Pyxis.

Standing up he adjusts his hat and jacket. As he is walking he watches her run over to somebody randomly and smiles, standing next to the door waiting for her. As she comes back over to him he opens the door for her, following her out. "It is just about half a block down the street. That big looking go kart thing there." He said walking towards it, the sound of his shoes clacking on the sidewalk as he walks up to it. As it comes into view the machine has skinny tires on the front and fat tires on the rear. Sitting against the curb, the passenger side would be easily accessible for Lilith. "4 point harness in here, just put the straps over your shoulders and snap it together against your chest then snug it down." He told her as he walked over to the driver side. Climbing up over the bars of the roll cage he slides in with a little bit of a tight fit. He gets strapped in, sticking the keys in the ignition he presses down on the brake before firing it up finally. The sound of the supercharger drowning out the sound of the engine momentarily.

Taking off with her strapped in he just cruises for a moment before finding an empty parking lot down a side street. "If at any time this gets too intense for you, that handle in front of you is called the oh shit handle. It is used for exactly what it implies." Turning into it he opens up the engine and sends up a cloud of smoke as he burns out. Letting off he gets traction and stomps the gas to launch it, lifting the driver's side front tire on the launch. He keeps it wide open throttle for a few seconds before getting off of it. Taking off as quickly as he arrived he drives down a different street, taking it a few blocks out of the way before hitting the main street once again. "Just let me know if you want to feel a full launch. This is 135 horse power and only weighs 690 pounds." He laughed and just cruised with her for a few before returning to the Record shop.
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