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15 days ago
Current Yankee doodle went to town riding on a turtle, turned the corner just in time to see his girlfriend Myrtle.
2 mos ago
To all my partners, I will be back in the swing of things. Just been dealing with lots of appointments.
4 mos ago
@TheMadAssHatter RX7 or if you can find it an RX3 would be the perfect Japanese tuner, those rotaries can be monsters.
4 mos ago
Wonderful feeling trying to get a group rp going for the first time in a long time and having a person quit. I hate confrontation but also hate having to try to defuse something. FML.
5 mos ago
Hey Lich Queen, give my new interest check a look and see if it piques your interest.


I am a big country boy with a love for all things country, cars and cooking. I am easy going so if you look me up feel free to drop a message, I don't bite.

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the old guild was deleted back in like 2012 by the hosting company after a single missed payment. Mahz is building the guild from scratch so we don't have to go through that again but yes, welcome back, the guild still functions as it did back then.
Welcome to the guild.

Don't sign any contracts here, especially with Arena Snow and only accept food from Mag Lev, Souffle Girl and myself. We are the guild culinarians.
Hearing people in the bar moving about he looks out to see Alexis and Donnie talking, smiling he starts preparing a platter of nachos for the staff before they open. Shredding some brisket he tosses it in the pot with the sauce he was making. As the cold brisket warms up in the sauce he grabs out some nacho cheese and fries some corn tortillas that he cut into wedges. After several minutes he pulls the chips from the fryer and salts them, tossing them on the platter. Pulling the meat from the pot he tosses it in a hotel pan and places it in a holding area scooping out 2 spoonfuls of the meat and topping the nachos with it then tops that with the nacho cheese and serving it with a side of his home made salsa with 8 different tomatoes, the salsa looking like a pile of edible confetti with 5 or 6 different color tomatoes and peppers. "Here is your portion guys, just be careful with that salsa. I added 1 pepper but I don't know how hot it actually is. No pain receptors after all." He said placing the still steaming batch of nachos on the bar top.
Jacob being a night owl wakes up at 2 pm in his medium 1 bedroom apartment not far from the club. Taking the time to make breakfast he slowly wakes up while eating. After an hour he makes his way out wearing his work clothes, carrying a rolled up cloth with a bow holding it closed.

Several minutes walk brings him to the club, down the back alleyway of the place. Entering a code to enter he unlocks the door and heads inside, punching in for the day. He walks to the kitchen and places the cloth on the counter. Untying it he rolls it out and removes his knives from it setting them in place as he begins grabbing pots and pans to start with, filling a large pot with everything he needs to start Soups and stews for the day.

As he is prepping he looks at the menu to see what to make as the special for the day. He realizes that he has been there long enough that everything on the menu has been made as a special and sighs. A thought crosses his mind and he smiles deciding to make a special out of 2 meals. He preps BBQ beef to create a new dish, BBQ beef nachos.

He gets the previous days BBQ beef made for sandwiches and starts cooking more sauce to go with them. As the sauce cooks he walks out to the bar and grabs a few markers, writing the specials for the day on a whiteboard with some peppers and chips drawn on to draw peoples attention to the board. He puts the markers away and walks into the back to continue prep for the day.
cool skin art
@AnaSilan SunjaShould be interesting.

@EjectedLooking gorgeous as always.
This sounds very interesting for sure. I am a huge super powered rp fan, created several superheroes for rps and I love cooking so I would be interested a chef/cook position and I am thinking my characters super power could be impervious to pain and super strength.
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