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6 days ago
Current @Fisticuffs I only like 2 chain pizza restaurants pizza's, Little Caesars and Hungry Howies. Domino's is too saucy and tangy, Pizza Hut's is too greasy and soft. I like a crunchy crust.
8 days ago
@The Mad Hatter That can be said for a Luther Burger which is a bacon cheeseburger served on a donut.
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10 days ago
Lips move very quickly but silently, a second later. "GODZILLA!" is heard.
16 days ago
@Nikki Moonlight I cut myself making ramen before cuz I was cutting onions and different veggies and fruits to make a stir fry with
20 days ago
I just made okonomiyaki with ghost pepper bbq sauce. This is so good.
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Offers her some moonshine.
Sissy Cherry
Kitty Love
<Snipped quote by Tyler Night>

is that a mothafuckin frittata, the Italian god-emperor of breakfast foods?

kind of but not really. Frittata is usually made with herbs and veggies plus it is generally round. This is an egg casserole, bacon, mushrooms, sausage, ham, pepperoni, cheese and garlic bread.

put the link in between the brackets on this [youtube][/youtube] it will show the video.
Tunder Fukk

You will definitely enjoy horseradish then.
horseradish is a love it or hate it thing. It is very pungent.

He braces the crossbow on the railing and sends the bolt down range with a loud thump on the target.

"Everything is there if you ever feel up to it."

He says, putting the crossbow down and out of the way.
He grabs the crossbow and draws it back. He knocks a bolt and readies it for her.

"This is really loud, it shoots like a gun. You wanna try it?"

He asks holding the tiny crossbow away from everybody.
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