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24 days ago
Current Happy Birthday Haley :D
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1 mo ago
Also, they go in interest checks, not roleplay. Interest checks are a way to get attention for an rp.
1 mo ago
Kaga, you don't put all your info in the title and almost nothing in the thread, you put a short title and give your info in the thread. Your threads will get far less traffic doing what you're doing
2 mos ago
Low Key "I'm another notch in your bed post but you're just a line in a song." has to be one of the greatest lines of shade thrown in a song ever.
2 mos ago
Digimon>Pokemon, no debate from me.


I am a big country boy with a love for all things country, cars and cooking. I am easy going so if you look me up feel free to drop a message, I don't bite.


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Lunnette 12 mos ago
The Lunnette fairy here is to sprinkle a little magic!


A Wrestling Roleplay? I had a friend who wanted to make one of those, but never did. Now that's something you don't see everyday! Talking about thinking outside the box here. How creative!
Rosenrot 1 yr ago
b r o

I just need you to know, I've listened to that song you posted like a 100 fucking times at work today

Shit fucking s l a p s

That is all.

p e a c e

FoxOfTheForest 5 yrs ago
meow :3
Corvex 6 yrs ago
Dasani is not better!
DemonMiyu 6 yrs ago
A frozen Pina Colada at Red Lobster.
FoxOfTheForest 6 yrs ago
dickhole <3
mummble 7 yrs ago
If I could give visitor messages thumbs up, I would.
mummble 7 yrs ago
Yay~ Let's be friends!
Irlanda 8 yrs ago
Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Tyler Night!

I'm always open to making friends which is why I joined RPG in the first place. :)
Smiter19 8 yrs ago
Saw you on chat! Have a good one!
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