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"I would die for a night of emotion. I would give anything for that look in your eyes. I would gladly jump into the fire, scream I am a liar. Yes, I am a liar." The Bunny The Bear: Lonely
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"I can't believe. That when I breathe. There's something good inside of me. Just one good thing inside of me." Hollywood Undead: Believe
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"This cannot be, it must be a dream. More like a corrupted nightmare. Can't bare this harsh reality. This can't be the end of my story. She's my only destiny." FLW: Voices
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I am Smiter19.

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My crossed out friends. My sincerest apologies for abandoning you.

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I updated my old post to something that gets us closer to space.
Opinions are appreciated. I will post something very soon. I’m going to give us an easy mission then we can discuss Future options amongst the crew.
Let's get a role call. Everyone still here and interested? It's been a while and I've been monitoring. Kind of thinking I'll need to do a reboot.
There hasn't been much activity here for a few days, so I decide I would check in. How is everyone doing?

Could be my fault. Work has been hectic and I haven’t been braining to much lately.
"There is a quick cargo mission we could do," Dalkalo said opening a hologram on his PDA, "we have to travel to "Melting Star System, Sector 1-20-001, Station 1-20-56-026. It's a neighboring system but it's an older station. Might have to use a drone to get the cargo. It says here, that it's going to 1-16-13-004, the Hypocore System."

Dalkalo sent the information to all of the crew members. The offered payment was 1500 per crate equaling out to 9000 credits. There was currently one bidder making a higher offer of 2500 credits per crate. After a quick refresh of the market, it showed a second bid marking 2000 per crate, by Dalkalo.

"It's not truly customarily for me to make the bid," Dalkalo said, "but this request is listed under urgent."


After the crew had introduced themselves to the Captain and the other crew members, they departed, the meeting room, and boarded their ship. The Hangar Master bid them good luck and farewell as the engines of the Nameless ship roared on. Escaping the station, the Communication System immediately sparks on.

"Hello," a voice said calmly as an ISF interceptor strafed across the bridge, "According to ISF and Galactic regulations, you need to register a call sign. I know you are fresh out of the Impound, been wondering when that hulk was getting out of there. I've got you marked for 24 hours before you get fined and have your ship here impounded."


"Captain, I've got a course plotted," Dalkalo said after the transmission ended.
We are right on the cusp of getting out of the tutorial. Hoping my idea works out well.
I made a short post so we can get an idea of how the crew will be ran.

"Really dodged a bullet on that one," Dalkalo said quietly. He saw Stella, and with a breath of relief, he turned to the captain.

"What is the plan for the rest of the day, Ma'am. Will we be touring or will be setting off right away?" He took notice that everyone seemed to have all of their personal items that they needed. He wouldn't doubt that the Captain would want to get out of the impound lot as soon as possible.

"Captain, would you happen to have a mission on hand or would you be planning on winging it?"
@Kale19 No worries! Goodluck!

@Zora Yeah. I got railed by another driver on Friday. Had to help out with removal and replacement of a Sump Pump.
My apologies for being away. My next post will be tomorrow/today!
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