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"I would die for a night of emotion. I would give anything for that look in your eyes. I would gladly jump into the fire, scream I am a liar. Yes, I am a liar." The Bunny The Bear: Lonely
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6 yrs ago
"I can't believe. That when I breathe. There's something good inside of me. Just one good thing inside of me." Hollywood Undead: Believe
6 yrs ago
"This cannot be, it must be a dream. More like a corrupted nightmare. Can't bare this harsh reality. This can't be the end of my story. She's my only destiny." FLW: Voices
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I am Smiter19.

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My crossed out friends. My sincerest apologies for abandoning you.

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@Sylvan Hehe I was hoping you weren't going to see that. Guess I have to get a crowbar now :)
@Sylvan Hey! That’s great news!!I imagine you are feeling better as well!
So what I am hinting at is that the autopilot can get you through hyperdrive lanes but to basically hit the planet, an experienced pilot should be entrusted with the task. Autopilot is to unpredictable to get you that close or pop out of a hyperlane inside a planet!

But agreed and well said @Zora, I would prefer to lose neither and Metal will be missed.

“Captain,” Dalkalo said, “I can set up the autopilot which can get us through the hyper-lanes, but coming out to close to a planet would be tricky without an experienced pilot. We would have to project ourselves safely out of the pull of the planets gravity.”

Dalkalo thought to himself before speaking again.

“If anyone knows how yo pull a ship out of a HyperLane, that’d be great,” Dalkalo said optimistically. The training and investment cost just to get training in the matter is substantial unless your family teaches you, but you mainly find those hicks in outer worlds. Not completely impossible.
@Kale19 Yes, it is still open. Aliens do exist. And I would say as long as your character is... humanoid.
I am still thinking of putting her in a box. Like a stowaway haha@Zora

Dalkalo’s head shot up as he heard the Captain speak and he stood, turning to the captain.

“I can assure you Captain,” Dalkalo said sternly, “I as well as, Ryker, both know that when this ship is in empty space, we only have each other as well as everyone on the ship.” He barely motioned to Ryker when he spoke.

“I would hope,” he said folding his hands, “a prior ISF soldier can tell the difference between friend and foe.”

‘General Patterson,’ Dalkalo thought to himself, ‘I wonder if thats the senior or junior Patterson.’
@Zora Hey yeah! No problem. We can give Sylvan@Sylvan as much time as needed. Speaking of which, sickness sucks! Get better soon!

Oh and I’m playing along with this Ryker feud thing. I can imagine they wouldn’t know each other but this could be great character development for Dalkalo’s Mental state and since just about everyone from Dalkalos home
World look nearly the same, if @HEAVY METAL wants to go a different direction, you can.

Just to clear some misinformation: Dalkalo spoke out due to the introduction of Ryker to Debaker. He was a Navigator for ISF Battleships and he saw the way Ryker spoke to the captain as Immediate disrespect. Ryker did exactly what I thought he was going to as a Professional Member of Security, when he snapped to attention etcetc.

…am I looking to much into this? Or was an explanation necessary?
@Zora@LostDestiny@HEAVY METAL

“Yes…” Dalkalo said pointing his glaring eyes to April, “it is wrong of me, to be annoyed over ten years of oppression.” He tapped the tanks hanging tightly to his back. Taking a breath in.

He started mumbling to himself, before telling April, “Sorry. Got a little sucked into the moment there. Nothing against you.” He pressed a button on his wrist turning a few lights off on his mask, “I’m going to go fix my suit.”

Dalkalo walked to a seat viewing off into the hangar. He used the same three pronged tool to fix the speaker amplifier he had removed. He fixed his eyes on three people staring at him. All standing opposite of April, Steve, and DeBaker. Shadows of people they once were.

‘Not real,’ he murmured to himself, ‘at least not anymore.’ The lights on his mask came back to life as he reinstalled his module. The shadows disappeared out og sight, and out of mind, at least for the time being.

“I’m sure he would want to come aboard, Captain,” Dalkalo said crossing his arms, “not everyday you run into one of the Secfo keeping us trapped on our planet. What was it you secfo’s said, ‘a hazard to life itself.’ Can only imagine what he did, that landed him in prison.” Dalkalo chuckled.

“Where’d I last see you,” he said leaning towards Ryker, “was it before you were arrested,” he coughed, “never been myself.”
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