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@Dead Cruiser
Part of what I like about Multiverse RPs is that you can do some zany character choices. I think your idea is both zany, but also wouldn't break the game, so I'll allow it.
Sorry about the wait. I kind of assumed most people expected a Discord as they are more active there. But truthfully I'm not on Discord much and would be perfectly fine communicating by forum only. So for those who have got a grasp on the rules, I would like you to create a high concept and trouble for your character. Basically how would you describe them simply and what is the biggest issue in their life. Once that's done we can do the other aspects, skills and stunts.
@All Might @Dead Cruiser @Crimson Flame @The Muse @Lurking Shadow @Riffus Maximus @Tangy @ActRaiserTheReturned @Kumbaris @Teyao @Mendicant Bias

Hey everybody, sorry about the delay. I’ve posted the OOC thread: right here. Please move all character discussions to the OOC thread. There is a character sheet template there, as well as my character sheet, which you don’t need to go in as depth as I did. Once you have a sheet ready, please post it in the OOC.


Since time immemorial, there has been an infinite amount of worlds. While some were similar, and others vastly different, one thing they had in common is that they were ruled over by Gods and Goddesses of some variety. These higher beings ruled over the lesser beings that called those worlds home, giving them instructions, gifts, and when necessary, punishments. However, most Gods would not be satisfied with just their world and would learn of the other worlds, of the Multiverse.

In time, beings began to travel from one world to another, bringing knowledge and magic with them. The Gods of these different worlds would not always get along, so soon divine battles broke out between worlds. These titanic conflicts would leave whole worlds destroyed, their pantheon of Gods decimated. After the destruction of far too many worlds, a treaty would be signed by the Gods, forbidding their direct involvement in the wars.

Instead, each God or Goddess would pick a Champion, a mortal from their own world. Bestowed a boon known as a Champion’s Blessing, these warriors would swear fealty to their patron God. Alongside other Champions who served Gods in the same alliance, the empowered mortals would traverse the Multiverse, doing the will of their God.

There would exist countless alliances of Gods across all of creation, each one with a different name. However this story focuses on Pax Celestia, a rather smaller alliance of Gods. Following a massive defeat against another alliance that cost it many Champions, the Pax Celestia is attempting to rebuild, recruiting younger Gods and new Champions. But amid this constant battle for dominance, a dark power grows, one stronger than any God alliance.


Each player will make a character who is a newer Champion to a God. As such you will need to come up with a Champion, patron God, and original world, as this is not fandom based. If players want to collaborate and say that they are from the same world, that would be fine, by I just ask that everyone has their own different patron God or Goddess. As servants of the Pax Celestia, these Champions would be traveling to various worlds at their lord’s command.

Prior to being picked as a Champion, all characters were exceptional mortals, whether they be a wizard, knight, or someone else of skill. They are further enhanced by their God’s Champion’s Blessing. This can be a weapon, armor, other type of item, pet or mount, or even an enchantment. Basically a gift from your patron that will help you stay alive.

As far as player race, I’m open to pretty much anything as long as it’s fantasy themed and not overpowered. I’m also really open on how magic works as each character is literally from another world. I ask that you don’t go overboard with it, and try to maintain sense and some kind of theme.


  • This RP is rated PG-13. Please avoid detailed descriptions of gore or sexual situations.
  • Each player is allowed one character.
  • No meta-gaming.
  • All Champions, Gods, and Worlds must be original. This is not a fandom RP.
  • Please post all finished character sheets in this OOC thread. Once I approve them they can go in the characters tab.
  • Also any other rules RP Guild has or in effect here.

@All Might
That sounds really interesting. It would be interesting to see how people from other universes would react to an archer riding a giant elephant.

@Dead Cruiser
That is a very different concept. While I’m tentatively saying yes, I would need more details in a character sheet before I’m fully sold. Definitely an idea I didn’t consider.

@Riffus Maximus
The party could always use a healer. Actually one of the character concepts I was considering was an elf serving a moon God.

@Lurking Shadow
Lots of ideas there. For the first one, I could see an altruistic necromancer being fine. Perhaps necromancy is no big deal in their world, but it is seen as evil in the various worlds they travel to. The second primitive culture would also fit this RP. But the third idea with the crystal infection is a little iffy as I’m not sure if Pax Celestia would accept a God who is actively assimilating other beings into its followers.

Morally gray wizard would work.

@Crimson Flame
A Fairy prince would be fine, especially if you already have a world in mind.

Glad to have you. Please send me that PM.

Well if you decide to join this, do you have any character in mind?

So I’ve decided on a character. He’s from an original race of people who wear masks that denote role or rank in society. After a God was killed and his body was absorbed into the ground, it released massive amounts of Mana, causing about 70% of the population to be born with some kind of magic. My character would have lightning and speed magic and would be a professional monster hunter. Eventually he would be noticed by the God of Stars, Travel, and Courage. Given a magical Starlight Lance, my character would become a replacement Champion for the God after the previous one was killed in battle.

Also this RP got way more interest than I thought it would. As such I’ll cut off new players when I post the OOC thread in a few days. Didn’t think this would catch on so much.
Once everyone is caught up with the rule set please let me know. If you have any questions, please ask. Once everyone is comfortable with the rules I’ll create a Discord so that we can do collaborative character creation easier.
@All Might
Great to have you! Any character concepts yet?

@Dead Cruiser
Great question. I’m intending for Pax Celestia to be an alliance of Good or Neutral Gods, if we are going by D&D alignments. Basically mostly heroic, but there is a little bit a wiggle room for darker concepts.

@Crimson Flame
If you do decide on joining that would be great. I wonder if any kind of character immediately jumps out to you based on the concept.

@The Muse
Welcome to the RP! Given any thought to what character you want to play yet?

@Lurking Shadow
Glad that you’re intrigued. As I wrote earlier in this post, Pax Celestia is mostly going to be Good to Neutral alignment Gods, though they occasionally let in darker beings. While I’m trying to avoid any outright villainous characters, deeply flawed and/or troubled Champions would be fine.

@Riffus Maximus
Thanks for the interest. Do you have any character ideas yet?

And another interested party! I didn’t think this idea would prove so popular. Like I asked everyone else, do you have some kind of character in mind?
@Mistress Dizzy
Cool. Do you need a refresher of the rules? If so the links in previous posts still work.

What kind of pilot were you thinking? Also if you don’t know how to play Fate Core, the first post of the thread has links to both the rulebook and Star Wars hack. Also another post has some helpful videos.

Awesome to see someone else interested. Can I get some more info on your Quarren? Also if you’ve never played Fate Core before, please refer to the resources listed above.

Farsight had been on the bridge of the ship, going over star maps, when the mutiny had began. It only took a few nano clicks for most of the Maximal crew to rush into the bridge, shoring up the door behind them. Racing over in his motorcycle alternate mode, Farsight quickly reached the barricade, before turning to a random crewman.

“What in Primus name is going on?” Farsight asked the fellow Maximal.

The crewman quickly said something about them being Megatron fanatics who were trying to take over the ship. Farsight’s optics narrowed at the mention of the Predacon terrorist. This misguided fool was the reason for the conflict brewing on Cybertron, the thing driving all Transformers apart. Part of the reason Farsight had even volunteered for this mission was for a chance to take Megatron down himself.

But Farsight was taken out of his musings by another Maximal, Einhorn was his designation as far as Farsight remembered, that he didn’t know how long the door would hold. Farsight had the impulse to help brace the door but found no room for even his small frame to fit as the biggest Maximals were already in the way. The small green Maximal took a step back, unsure of how to help.

A suggestion came from an unlikely source, a Predacon standing on the bridge. She suggested blowing the door away, using it as a weapon to flatten the marauding Predacons. Liking the ingenuity of the thought, Farsight retrieved his rifle from off his back and turned to Nautica.

“I’m ready to defend the bridge from my position,” Farsight said before looking back at the door, “But if we’re using that charge, we better use it now.”

Farsight then lowered himself to the floor, getting into a sniping position. Currently all in front of him was the mass of Maximals bracing the door, but with his keen vision, Farsight found the small gaps in between his crew mates. With a steady hand, Farsight focused his rifle, ready to fire the second the door went down.
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