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So we'll be able to start...right now!

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Yes the first IC post is up. Your characters receive a note from Dracula, telling you to come to his castle a week later for a meeting of the Council of Night.

Also for anyone else looking at this, I'll keep allowing character sheet applications open until next Sunday. Anything after that will not be looked at.
Night was fast approaching on the ancient roads of the Carpathian Mountains. The sun was receding, leaving a blood like color in the sky over the dark mountain peaks. Since before any ruler had claimed this area, there were legends of creatures that lived among the mountainside, preying on those foolish to walk the paths at night. Even now, when the whole Carpathian Mountains have been divided into different nations, the locals still knew to avoid the dark parts of the peak, for it is said that monsters still yet lingered there.

And these locals would be right. For hidden among the mountains was a massive castle, one hidden behind a wall of Fae glamor. This was the home of Count Dracula, the one they called the Prince of Darkness. For centuries, he has been the true ruler of this land, manipulating local officials into doing his work. And now he has been extending globally, recruiting monsters from across the world, building his Council of Night.

As darkness descended over the land, the massive form of Castle Dracula was illuminated only by a few candles, perhaps more for arcane reasons than for light. It was in this dim darkness that several vehicles began pulling to the front of the castle. Inside said vehicles were some of the strongest monsters on Earth, all members of the Council.

For a week ago, they had all received a summons from Dracula, telling them to meet him on this night. He had left no reasoning on the parchment, just saying it was urgent. That was enough to draw the whole Council of Night all the way to Transylvania.

One Week Ago

For the ancient vampire known as Orlok, party cities like Amsterdam were like a buffet to him. Walking among the shaded streets of the city, Orlok gave off just enough hypnotic powers to make the humans not take a second look at him. This was not his first time in the city, in fact making it a regular thing to go every few years. It was always a very satisfying trip.

With most of the tourists either drunk and/or hopped up on drugs, Orlok didn’t have to do a whole lot to secure a victim. It was quite simple, hide in the red light district, hypnotizing a passer by into thinking Orlok was an attractive prostitute, before pulling them into an alley and sucking all the blood in their body. After that Orlok would usually dump the body into the canals that went throughout the city.

Tonight, Orlok had already fed twice, enjoying the fatty blood of two Americans. Even though Orlok couldn’t eat human food, he was glad that such a variety was now available, as it did affect the taste of blood. And since Orlok was still thirsty, he decided to perhaps try a different type of cuisine.

Spotting a group of loud, British, females, Orlok went on the prowl. While some vampires would deny it, Orlok knew that there was a different taste to the blood of a man as opposed to a woman. He had lived enough centuries to be something of a connoisseur of blood. And those women had a sweet smelling blood.

From atop the roof of a nearby building, Orlok eyed the three women. Fortunately for him, they decided to cut through a dark road. Seeing his opportunity, Orlok pounced off the roof, knocking down the first woman and sinking his teeth into her neck. Another woman tried to pull him off, but he slashed out with his claws, cutting open her neck. The last woman then tried to flee, only for Orlok to jump onto her as well. In less than ten seconds he had taken down the whole group.

However, before he could start sampling their blood, another figure entered the street. Orlok whipped around, prepared to kill them as well, but then he recognized her as a familiar of Count Dracula. Without saying anything, she handed Orlok an envelope, one with the seal of Dracula on it. She then left, purposely avoiding stepping into any of the blood that splattered the street.


Upon reading Dracula’s summons to his castle, Orlok had his familiars prepare a private flight for him. Loaded in his coffin on a small plane leaving Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Orlok would sleep through the flight to Târgu Mureș Transilvania Airport. Back in the land of his youth, Orlok would then be driven into the southern Carpathian Mountains. While it was a tricky drive, Orlok’s familiars were used to it by now.

They would arrive at Castle Dracula just as the sun finally went away, leaving nothing but darkness and starlight. As the truck carrying Orlok stopped by the steps of the castle, Orlok arose from his coffin. The shaking of being in a plane had made the vampire’s blood queasy, though Orlok thought it would go away if he had a drink.

Dracula’s familiars would beckon Orlok into the castle. While protocol stated that the first thing they were to do after arriving was go to the Council chamber, Orlok figured that he had known Dracula long enough to be granted some leeway. So he headed for the kitchen.

Though Dracula could consume nothing but blood, he still kept a fully stocked kitchen. But all the organic vegetables and prime cuts of meat would be ignored by Orlok, who instead for Dracula’s secret stash of specialty blood.

Opening the door, Orlok saw what he wanted immediately, a vial of virgin’s blood. It seemed harder and harder these days to find actual virgin blood. Almost all vampires agreed that it was the best tasting. Orlok greedily downed it all in a few seconds.

Satisfied for the moment, Orlok departed to the Council chamber. He was surprised to see that he was the first to arrive, as not even Dracula was here. That struck Orlok as odd, but the Count was known for being mysterious, so perhaps he was planning something.

So Orlok sat in the chair assigned to him and waited. All the while not noticing that he still had blood on his face from that vial. Orlok had learned to not care what people thought of his appearance a very long time ago.
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Major Sone looked very uncomfortable as he stood in front of the growing crowd in the radio tent. By now many of them had whispers of the announcement, the pleading look on their faces saying that they prayed it was just propaganda. Axton had managed to slink away from the Major, integrating himself into the crowd. The Second Lieutenant had neither the mental fortitude nor desire to break this kind of news to his brothers-in-arms.

“Yes, it’s true. Preliminary reports are stating that a treaty was signed between Zeon and the Federation,” stated Major Sone, several of his pilots cursing under their breath in response, “However, we have yet to receive any orders directly so we will follow our last command and defend this area. Thinks should get clearer as the day goes on.”

The assembled crew then made a rabble, as they asked all kinds of questions to the Major. Unfortunately Sone had none, as he was just as in the dark about it as the rest of the Steel Sharks. Knowing that he wouldn’t find any answers with the crowd, Axton left the tent and headed to the landing strip.

If his internal time was correct, the night patrol should be landing right about now. And sure enough they were, as several Dopps had just landed. While not super close to the fighter pilots, as he was a mobile suit pilot, Axton was friendly enough with the other type of pilots.

Axton walked over to one of them and began to ask, “Did you hear the news?”

“Yeah, our comms picked it up about a half hour ago,” replied the pilot, “It’s crazy right? The war actually being over? I mean were still doing a lot of fighting here on Earth.”

“Honestly I’ve heard rumors that the Federation was gaining ground up in space, but I never thought that they were that close,” pondered Axton.

“Yeah, I know,” the pilot replied, “Actually we’ve got to get going. We have some stuff to report to the Major.”

“I’ll accompany you,” offered Axton.

By the time the Dopp pilots and Axton reached the radio tent, the crowd had mostly dispersed. Only a few were remaining by the radio, waiting for more information, including Major Sone. The commanding officer didn’t even notice the arrival of his pilots, instead staring at the radio with a sullen look. The pilot then cleared his throat, getting the attention of the Major.

“Sir, we’ve made visual contact with some Federation activity just due south of here,” stated the Dopp pilot.

This snapped Major Sone out of his trance, “What kind of activity?”

“We saw a Big Tray-class land cruiser and several GM-type mobile suits,” answered the pilot.

Major Sone then turned to Axton, “Second Lieutenant Huber, assemble a small team and assess the situation. If they don’t shoot at you, maybe the war is over.”

The pilot then interjected, “Actually, Lieutenant Thompson has already departed to survey the situation.”

Major Sone swore under his breath before continuing, “I forgot to inform the day patrol about the development. Axton, get in your Zaku and find Lieutenant Thompson before anything bad happens.”

“Yes sir!” exclaimed Axton.

Within a few minutes, several members of the Steel Sharks had made it to their mobile suits. Unlike Crea, they had not left their machines ready to go, so they had to boot them up. While Axton was doing this for his Zaku II, he looked over at the picture of his older brother he kept in his cockpit. The thought of loss of family members caused Axton to worry about what was going on with his family at Side 3. He didn’t trust the Earth Federation and knew that they were capable of anything.

As such he finished activating his Zaku II, the massive machine standing up. The Dopp pilots had said the Federation activity was due south of the makeshift base, so that’s where he was heading. From the amount of mobile suits and a land cruiser mentioned, Axton knew that even a skilled pilot like Lieutenant Thompson could be in trouble. With that in mind, Axton’s Zaku II began to walk in the direction of the Lieutenant’s Gouf.
Tomas found that his calls for a cessation of violence were mostly ignored, with Vampires and Werewolves alike still throwing fists at each other. As Tomas watched the brawl, he prayed that no blood would be spilled, not because he didn’t want to see anyone harmed, but rather cause it would fuel a blood frenzy in both types of monsters who were fighting.

While he had his sword in his hand, Tomas was really hoping that he wouldn’t have to use it. While he was a creature of violence, being a Vampire and all, Tomas hated any unnecessary conflict. It made him stand out a little bit among the more blood frenzied Vampires that lived in Lunidio. But before Tomas could rush in with his weapon, a Werewolf turned to him and asked who he was.

“I am Tomas Malik, a respected member of the community,” replied Tomas, “And for the sake of the community I say you should cease this brawl. It’s pointless and just further divides us.”

“You’re just afraid us wolves will shred you bloodsuckers to pieces!” shouted another Werewolf.

Tomas turned toward the voice, only to see a fist flying straight for his face. Thankfully for Tomas, he had the power of it being night on his side, and as such had full access to his speed and reflexes. With a slight turn of his head, Tomas completely dodged the fist, his attacker stumbling into a stall behind Tomas.

“I won’t ask again,” stated Tomas as he raised his sword.

Several of those fighting, both Vampire and Werewolf, turned to Tomas, apparently trying to deduce if he was a threat. Tomas remained on guard, his sword raised, prepared to knock some sense into his fellow Vampires if that was required.

Then another Vampire spoke, “Join us Brother Tomas. Let us show that we have dominion over the night!”

“I’m really getting tired of this talk,” replied Tomas, “We are all creatures of the night, and thus should work together.”

“Yes we are creatures of the night, but Vampires should rule over all,” responded the fanatic.

“Rules over this!” a Werewolf then shouted as he drove a dagger into the fanatic’s back.

With a hiss of pain, the fanatic Vampire ripped the dagger out of his back and then charged his attacker. Clearly the intensity of the fight had grown as both sides began wielding weapons. Tomas was unsure of what to do, as he knew violence was usually prohibited in the night market, and if he got involved his blood lust could take over and he might sever a few heads.

But before this new stage of the fight could begin, a loud shouting could be heard from the other side of the night market. Tomas turned to see a group of Night Guard, the monsters who preserved the law here in Lunidio, approach, swords and shields at the ready. In less than a minute they were flooding over the brawl, grabbing anyone nearby. Tomas would then be surprised when he was grabbed, as he hadn’t done anything. But he guessed they thought he was guilty by association. And it didn’t help that he had his sword out when they arrived.
That’s essentially the premise. I actually haven’t come up with what Ad Infinitum’s actual plan is, so we could do that together as the RP progresses.

If you want you can make a character sheet, or just jump into the RP.
So the problem with there being so many different versions of the Ark is that size isn’t consistent. I couldn’t find official specs anywhere, so I referred to my character sheet from the previous iteration. Not sure where I got such a small size from.

Anyways I’ve decided that since the Ark is meant to be starting a whole new colony of Transformers, it needs to be big, so I’m saying its 610 m, close in length to the Enterprise-D.

Yeah G1 is weird. I think they had some sort of explanation for the whole changing of the size of matter thing in the comics, but I can’t recall what it was off the top of my head.

Here’s my character sheet again, with the new dimensions. Let me know if anything else needs changing.

Alright finished my character sheet. I decided to play around with the timeline more, so instead of being pre-arriving on Earth, this version was rebuilt with the help of humanity. I've also greatly changed up who the actual crew are. Let me know if anything needs changing.

Imhotep is accepted. Please move him over to the Characters tab.

Normally I would want sheets put in the OOC thread before approval. However as I am approving Alasta, I guess I can let it slide.

As for everyone else, since it seems that everyone who was interested in this has made a character sheet, I'll start working on the IC post. Expect that in a few days.
Just letting you know that I should have my character sheet for the Ark and the Autobots up by tomorrow.
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