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I am interested in this as well. As for tone, I have vague memories of watching season one of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. But as it is set in the MCU as a whole, how crazy can we go with powers? A character idea I have is a part-Asgardian part-New Yorker with portal magic, who steals stuff across the nine realms and space, but is currently hiding out on Midgard in New York while some power is looking for him (maybe the Nova Corps). If that concept doesn't work, let me know and I can come up with something a little more grounded.
Thanks for putting up with my various requests for edits. Your sheet is now accepted and can be moved over to the characters tab.

While your sheet is very much a work in progress, there is one thing right now that I would like you to change. Your character is currently listed at 71 years old, and I was asking for adult dragons, 75+ years. If you could bump up her age by a little bit it would be appreciated. Also thanks for the dragon image drive, it will be very useful.


Announcement. It is now 3 pm EST, so I switching the application tag to closed. The following users can still submit sheets, as they already expressed an interest: @Dead Cruiser, @Nakushita, @mito, @King Of Soul.

For anyone else, you have my apologies but I will not be accepting any more sheets, except from the users listed above. We already have a lot of players and I want to keep it manageable.
Thanks for the question! So humans hunting dragons does work similar to how you thought. One of the main ways will be by setting traps, as immobilizing a dragon makes it easier for slayer to reach its weak points. A skilled slayer would know a dragon’s weak points, and will attack in large groups. Basically if enough pointy spears are present, one of them is likely to pierce through a dragon’s scales. Magic is also very useful against dragons, as illusion casters often find themselves in the profession of dragon slaying. Elemental magic varies against individual dragons, such as fire magic hurting an ice dragon or the reverse.

As for humans pooling their magic, I had the idea that magic power amplification is a subset of magic. Basically only certain human mages can pool their magic into others. So if a large nation, like the Empire of Huldern, were to rally all their amplification mages, they could all focus on one spell, powering it up to insane levels. And yes liberal use of magic is looked down in human culture, unless the magic user works for the ruling class or is in some other respected occupation.

An urban born, blood controlling, bounty hunter dragon? Awesome. I really like your character, so much that she is approved. Please move the sheet over to the characters tab.

@King Of Soul
I’m going to say no to extraterrestrial dragons. While its a cool concept, I don’t plan to have any aliens in this roleplay.

The only issue I have with your character is that you mentioned the Fae still being around. If I wasn’t clear in my first OOC post, the Fae left this dimension several generations back, so no one alive right now has ever seen one. If you remove the mention of the Fae from your back story, your character sheet should be good.

Thanks for the excitement. While I would prefer you come up with a new character, it is okay to take some ideas from other characters you’ve played.


Now an announcement. This roleplay has attracted a lot more attention than I thought it would. As such I will be cutting off applications soon. Anyone intersted in participating must either post a sheet, or at least post here in the OOC with your intent to participate. You must do one of these things by tomorrow: Sunday, September 19, at 3:00 pm EST.
What I meant is that if you reference the events with Rona in the actual roleplay, remember that it is impossible for dragons, without using the glamour, to speak to humans. But as your character sheet is now, it is perfectly acceptable and can be moved to the characters tab.
Thanks for making the changes. I think it will be interesting to see a slow moving, terrible at flying, dragon. You are accepted and can move your sheet to the characters tab.

Very different take on a dragon’s form, I like it. Just a thing to note, Dragons are incapable of speaking human languages, except for when using the glamour of man, but they can still understand it. Also humans don’t know that Dragons are sentient. If you keep that in mind, then you are accepted and can move your sheet to the characters tab.

Finally, a female character! I have no problem with this character, so you can move her over to the characters tab. Also, cool dragon statue.

I didn’t really plan to have dragonkin, or anything similar in this setting. I don’t really have a problem with your character using illusions to change his appearance to appear as a hybrid.

As for the whole cult thing, there is a problem, which is my bad as its lore I forgot to put in the first post. Part of the Masque is that humans don’t know that magical creatures are sentient. Because of this, I’m not sure if there would be a desire to get longer life if it meant you had to live it as an animal. Maybe instead your character could promise to turn them into hybrids, like he appears as through illusions. Basically he says that he gets the best of being both a human and a dragon, keeping the mind of a human and gaining the strength, flight, magic, and lifespan of a dragon. So he is lying to the cultists about what the endgame is for them, turning them not into a hybrid but into a full dragon. If this idea doesn’t work for you, let me know and offer an alternative idea.

@Dead Cruiser
I actually had a lore idea about vampires, though I wasn’t sure if it would ever come up, so thanks for asking. Vampirism in humans is the result of a Fae curse, basically a screw you to the humans. While magical creatures were meant to be immune to it, the glamour of man screws that up. If a dragon is fed on by a vampire, then fed their blood while in human form, they become a vampire, both in human form and dragon form.

If your character could find a willing vampire to transform, your character could be a dragon vampire. They would be stronger at night. They would also be effectively immortal as long as they feed on blood. While animal blood could sustain a vampire, human blood is preferred taste wise, and drinking the blood of a magical creature would increase their strength, but that would be going against the Masque.


As for everyone else, I’ve realized that I left out a lot of the lore I’ve come with in the opening post. I'm starting to edit the post to expand on some ideas. While I do that, is there anything you would want to know? Any kind of question is welcome as it will help flesh out this setting.

While Droka is a very interesting character, I don’t think he is what I was looking for, at least how he is currently written. The main problem is his human form being a hybrid (I’m basing this on your description as your picture isn’t working for me). The way I imagine the glamour of man working is that it creates a human form directly based on the energies of one’s soul, so it can’t be altered by magic.

However the back story about trying to turn humans into new dragons is interesting. It would have to be at a smaller scale, otherwise the Masque would of definitely heard about it, and probably just started much more recently. I could see the poor of Nihn jump at the chance to become more powerful. As for if it is possible to transform humans into dragons, would definitely be decided in the roleplay itself.

So if you tweak that second half of his back story and get rid of the hybrid human form, Droka will probably be good enough to approve.

Uerkopulos, a name I am never going to remember how to spell, is looking pretty good. The only two things to tweak is 1) You said he is flightless, but all dragons in this setting can fly, even without wings, because of their natural magic. So Uerkopulos could swim through the sky or however you want to describe it. 2) In your magic section you said he doesn’t have magical prowess while in human form. However, in this setting all dragons do eventually gain magic of some kind in human form. While this is traditionally done in youth, it does sometime occur late into adulthood. Even if you don’t want Uerkopulos to have access to human magic right now, please at least list what type of magic you plan to acquire at some point. If you address these two things you’ll be approved.

Cool character (definitely not an ice pun). Everything seems in order, so you can go post him in the Characters Tab.

No need to apologize. I was aiming for this to be a more relaxed casual roleplay. If that’s not what you are currently looking for right now, that’s okay. Thanks for the well wishes as I too wish you luck in any future roleplays you might find yourself in.
Always ready to answer questions!

1) While I listed them as reptilian creatures, that is more of a baseline. If you want to add feathers or unique body structures, that is fine. Latent magic, such as ice or glowing, being visible is also fine. I want to be inclusive in what constitutes a Dragon.

2) While elemental magic is probably a more common magic among humans, it is not the only kind. Dragons in human form quite often possess more exotic powers. For example, I’m intending for King Bahamut of the Dragons to have gravity manipulation magic. So anything that is reasonable, without god modding or taking away character’s agency (so no mind control), will probably be OK.

3) I am basically leaving it up to the players of wingless dragons to explain how they move through the air. It could be a slither, a swimming motion, or just straight flight. It is up to the players to explain how magic interacts with their dragon so that they may fly.

4) As far as first using the glamour of man, most dragons are taught at a very young age. If for some extreme circumstances there is no one to teach them, they could potentially go their entire life without using it. But the more probable incident would be accidentally activating the glamour by accident, either when practising other magic or in a very stressful situation. But a dragon can potentially be taught the use of the glamour at any age.

5) Humans consider all magical creatures as clever animals, as magical creatures naturally speak a universal language that doesn’t sound like a language to humans. Most humans hunt magical creatures, whether to use their bodies for medicine, for other exotic materials, or just to mount on a wall. One of the rules of the Masque is that magical creatures must never seem intelligent to a human.

Hope that answers all your questions.

Definitely room for you. Just head over the OOC thread (link above), read some of the lore, and start working on a character.
@Dead Cruiser@XxFellsingxX@Nakushita@Kidgoat@PrankFox@ZxyxZemon
Sorry about the delay, I was a bit ill. But anyways, the OOC is up! Feel free to head over, read some of the lore and start working on a character.

The world was once a place of magic. Numerous magical creatures roamed the land, living in peace and harmony with one another. But a new race would upset the peace, the race of Humans. They rapidly spread across the land, destroying nature and pushing back the magical creatures. After a few centuries of these atrocities, the Fae, most powerful of all magical creatures, decided to depart this world and find a new home. They offered this exodus to all other magical creatures, with most accepting. A few were too proud to leave, so the Fae gave them a gift, the glamour of man. This powerful magic allowed the remaining magical creatures to transform into Humans.

After the great departure, the few magical creatures left decided to form the Masque, both a ruling council and a set of rules to abide by. The Masque has ruled for countless years now, but their power is weakening. Humans continue to claim more of the land as less and less magical creatures are born. The few remaining Dragons are confined to small settlements, like the village of Whistle Hill in Kaelis. But the security of these villages is put to the test as the Kingdom of Nihn, Empire of Huldern, and United Clans of Azai vie to control the land of Kaelis.

Info on Dragons

Dragons are large reptilian creature, covered in scales. Most Dragons have wings which allow them to fly, but some have evolved to fly without wings, using magic to start their flight. Most Dragons can breathe flames, but some breathe something else like ice or lightning, while in even rarer cases they don’t breathe anything. Dragons can also physically show their innate magic, such as glowing lights on their body, feathers, or other phenomenon. Like all magical creatures Dragons can only speak the Fae language, though they can learn to understand Human languages.

Dragons have a maximum lifespan of about four hundred years. Dragons are not considered adults until about the age of seventy-five, usually remaining with their birth family until then. Once an adult, a Dragon is expected to go find a mate and start a new family. Dragons reproduce by laying eggs, while clutch size can vary from one egg to a dozen. However, in recent years most Dragons are having smaller clutches.

Like all magical creatures gifted with the glamour of man, Dragons can transform into a Human, now being able to speak their languages. This Human form never changes in appearance, remaining the same apparent age regardless of the Dragon’s true age. Dragons can remain in their Human form indefinitely, with their being stories of Dragons who remained Human for their whole life.

A side effect of transforming into a Human is that a Dragon’s innate magic changes, allowing them to cast magic while in Human form. Every Dragon has this power, but the type and strength of the magic varies from Dragon to Dragon. While this magic generally appears during a Dragon’s youth, it has been known to start later, though it is said it will always appear before death.

Info on Nations

Info on the Masque

The Masque is both the ruling council of magical creatures, and the rules all magical creatures must live by. While the Humans are aware of magical creatures, they are not aware of the glamour of man. A magical creature must never do anything that reveals that the glamour exists. This does not include using magic, as some Humans have shown an aptitude for the magical arts. Magical creatures are to never do anything that would reveal their sentience to Humans. Magical creatures are also not to intervene in the affairs of Humans. They are also supposed to aid any other magical creature in danger. Finally they must always act how the council wills.

Info on Player Role

So everyone participating in this will be playing a Dragon. Age wise I would prefer adult age Dragons, 75+ years old. For one reason or another you are travelling to the village of Whistle Hill, in the embattled province of Kaelis. As for back story I’m really lenient. If you want to be from somewhere besides the established nation, feel free to make one up, preferably in the west or a southern island nation.

Character Sheet

This is the basic character sheet. Feel free to add new sections you think are important and you can fancy it up with BBCode if you want. Once your character sheet is done, post it here in the OOC within a hider tag.

Dragon Appearance:
Human Appearance:
Personality Traits:
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