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Sorry for disappearing everyone. I’ve been dealing with some real life issues that consumed all my attention. I’m still going to move forward with this roleplay.

@Clever Hans
Hyper is accepted.

No problem. I understand and wish you all the best.

As for everyone else, give me a few days to get back into things and I’ll work on putting up a first IC post.
Apologies for disappearing. Real life has taken most of my attention, but I still want to continue with this roleplay. Really expect a post for Eli in a day or two.
Sorry about going MIA. I've been dealing with some stuff in my real life that has taken my attention. By tomorrow or the next day I'll go through the posts I've missed and create a new one for Roger.
Sorry about going missing. I'm dealing with some stuff in real life, but I'm ready to continue with this rp when it starts.
Sorry for disappearing, I was dealing with some stuff in my real life. I am still greatly anticipating this thing starting.
@Dark Cloud
Sorry about not being around, real life has been kind of crazy. In relation to that I'm not really feeling this roleplay, so I'm withdrawing my character, but you guys go have fun with this rp without me.
Expect another post for Eli tomorrow, probably.
Expect a post from me tomorrow.
I'm only really listing the first appearances of characters, so it can be assumed that more Ultrons have shown, getting at least to Ultron 15.

@The Man Emperor
Yay, more mutants. Geomancer is accepted and can be moved to the character tab.

@Clever Hans
Cool. Though if you post it today I might not get a chance to look at it till tomorrow.

Hey, are you still interested in participating? Just curious.
I guess Tibb will start on the red square on the map shown in the hider below.

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