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Okay, then. Accepted.

What on Earth would cause the goddess of marriage to cheat on her husband? Explain that, and Helena will be accepted. (Though I admit I have a good guess...)

@Force and Fury

Wow, wasn't expecting 6! It's up to you which one you use, but I will say if you don't end up using Matthew, he's definitely going to be an NPC. Need to think on the others.

Also, IC will start Saturday afternoon.




Accepted. Just know that any Norse gods who visit are probably going to give her a sideways glance once in a while because of her dad. He's not evil, but he's not trusted, either.
@The Angry Goat Accepted

And thanks for pointing that out. That's what I get for CSing while distracted ;)
Post it in the OOC
Interested! If it's still open, that is.

Not trying to be mean here, and I will admit to being sarcasm-blind, but you did see the title, right?…

Name: Camille Robideaux

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sexuality: Pan

Godly Ancestor: Hecate, Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft.

Full daughter

Relationship with godly ancestor: Camille has a decent relationship with her mother, though Hecate tends not to come to New Celestia as often as other deities.

Relationship with mortal parent: Camille's father Robert is a little bit distant; he found who Camille's mother really was at the same time she did, and never quite adjusted to it. He still lives in New Orleans where he does stage magic at one of the casinos, but makes certain to call Camille every Saturday.

Powers: Camille can sense magic, but it requires a calm mind. She can tell what direction a magic source is located, as well as roughly how far away, how powerful, and even get general information about what type of magic it is. She is also telekinetic, and can lift about 250 lbs.

Personality: Camille is a kind-hearted girl, always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it. She's a bit vain, though she doesn't like admitting it. She's a sophomore at the Academy, where she's known as a mediocre student in mortal subjects, and a little bit better at magical things.

Bio: For the first 14 years of her life, Camille was mostly normal. Sure, she often saw strange things out of the corner of her eyes, but it was never obvious. Whenever she asked about her mother, her father told her that she had left when Camille was a baby, not really ready for what having a child entailed. On her fifteenth birthday, Hecate appeared before them, telling the truth of Camille's parentage. They were both stunned, but started to come to terms with it. Camille departed for New Celestia soon after, with a tearful kiss from her father.
Not here, but another site. GM doesn't show up for days on end, constantly misses deadlines by miles, co-GMs are just as useless, and when I call them on it, I "have a bad attitude." It's at the point where I'm really tempted to start a competing RP just to show the incompetent how to do it.
Interested. Do you have a list of classes set up yet?
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