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Current Out $200+ thanks to government incompetence. Thank you, state of Pennsylvania!!
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Don't listen to them. The Force is strong with this film.
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@Rekaigan Some guy in a wheelchair stole mine. He can hide, but he can't run!


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Carrie walked up to Vivian. The other girl seemed to be alone, which just wasn't right. Not to mention, it was damned dangerous. Sure, she'd never been the most liked member of Justice Heart, what with the villainy and all, but right now, they needed all the help they could get.

"Hey, Viv. I- I think we should work together on this one. Cover each other's backs and whatnot. I recall that was one time we were attacked over by the docks." She left out the fact that it was Vivian who attacked them there with a monster, and it was there Justice Heart turned her good. "If this is Dollmaster- and I will admit to being skeptical on that point yet- it seems she's going back to her old tricks. Maybe there's something left at the location that we can pick up. You know her better than any of us, so you know what to look for."
Okay, will post tonight or tomorrow.
Carrie is willing to fill any hole in the teams, seeing as how she can bounce around between them.
Sorry, but things have already advanced too far for me, and I've got a little more on my plate IRL. My apologies.

"Hmmm... I agree with Isana, as painful as it is to admit," Carrie commented. "We should all go in pair, as often as possible, and keep our cell phones handy. That way, if something nasty does show up, we can meet and take care of it, just like this time."

She thought for a second, sitting back in the oversized chair. "As for how you all can keep track of me, what with the teleporting and all... perhaps some of us could requisition one of those ankle-tracker thingies? I mean, I can keep it in my purse, so I don't look like a parolee."

"This keeps getting worse and worse, doesn't it?"
Would a disguised non-human character, like the ghost of a witch, be acceptable?
Free tomorrow, will post then.
Still here, will have something up Friday.
Carrie teleported into the old lair, and immediately regretted her decision. Any interior decorator worth the name would have whipped up a bleach and cyanide cocktail at the sight. "Ugh. We really need to redo this place. Seriously, I need to keep my eyes closed or I'm gonna go blind."

"If we don't know where the monsters are coming from, then we need to cover ground quickly. Our bait needs to be someone whose abilities make them mobile, but able to fight as well." A disturbing thought came to the blonde as she realized what she said. "Oh, fuck. I just volunteered myself, didn't I?"
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