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A devilish smirk appeared on Carmen's face as the headmistress left to take care of some of her other duties. "Oh, do tell. I love a chance to cause a little mischief." She turned to Melody, waiting to hear what the other girl's plan was. Hopefully, it would be worth whatever effort was required to pull off.
The tour finished without any real further incidents, thankfully. Susan nodded at everyone. "Okay, folks. Classes start tomorrow. For the rest of the day, you have free time. Go out, see the town, and have fun!"

Carmen smiled at Yuki. It was so nice to have a friendly person around in a new place. "Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to make good use of it." She turned and asked, "Anyone headed out? I'd like to see what's around here, and I could use some company."
@kkbird123 Still accepting.

@Jaded No, I just like giving people a couple days to respond.
Susan seemed to have cleared the situation up nicely, so she continued on to the classrooms. Most of the students had seen this all before, but she knew that the new ones would be impressed by the classrooms. It was always nice to see those who had been poor or even middle class drop their jaws at the high-tech learning environments.

"Thanks. It's nice to know I have friends here." Carmen tried to smile warmly at the other girl. "I'm Carmen. First year, earth powers. You?"
Oh, crap. First day on the job and I have to deal with this. Susan gave both combatants a death glare. "Enough, both of you! I will not have brawling in the halls of my school! If you want to have a duel, wait until we cover such in powers training. I will not sanction such after orientation, or any other time. If you do so anyway, you will be held accountable and subject to severe repercussions. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?" The headmistress' voice left no room for argument.

Carmen had been watching the ensuing disaster unfold, clutching her spiritstone tightly. She had been ready to transform, purely for self-defense. When the headmistress put her foot down, the girl let out a sigh of relief. "Well, that was interesting," she said to nobody in particular.
It looked like everyone was here, so it was time for Susan to start orientation. "Welcome and welcome back, ladies! And gentleman, too." Susan always believed that if there was an elephant in the room, it was best to acknowledge it. "Yes, this year we have a boy in our midst." She made a look of mock horror, then continued. "I expect you to give Nero the same treatment as any girl. He's just as willing to be a hero as you." The blue-haired woman made a death glare at Lucy, who she'd overheard making disparaging comments about the boy. That wouldn't stand.

"Come along, everyone, classrooms are up first, then the library, cafeteria, and gym." Susan walked off, waiting for her students to follow her.

Carmen came along obediently, tapping Melissa on the shoulder. "Anything you can tell me about the school? The brochures were... well, a little lacking, to be honest."

Accepted. Move her over

@Shadow Daedalus Two beds, side by side, so that it looks like a double. The teachers are lax, but they ain't stupid.
"All students, please report to the courtyard for orientation. The headmistress will meet you there. The voice came over the loudspeaker, alerting the entire school.

Carmen put the last of her clothes away, as the call for orientation came trough. Just in the nick of time. She came out of the dorms at a dead run, racing towards the meeting place.
Susan watched the students mingle around. It was so good to see her first as headmistress go well; she'd admittedly been rather nervous. She called out to the students, "Orientation's in an hour, girls, and everyone has to be there. Yes, even if you're not new. We've changed a few things since last year." She went inside to get a few last-minute things ready.

Carmen heard the headmistress' announcement, and decided to head to her room to quickly unpack. An hour's plenty of time- I don't carry much.

The dorm rooms were actually more like small apartments, with a common room, dining room with a small table and kitchen, a full bath, and a double bed. The feisty Latina hurriedly unpacked her things, wondering if her roommate would show up before orientation.
@Shadow Daedalus accepted. I'll have an IC post up sometime this afternoon.
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