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Current Out $200+ thanks to government incompetence. Thank you, state of Pennsylvania!!
2 mos ago
Don't listen to them. The Force is strong with this film.
7 mos ago
@Rekaigan Some guy in a wheelchair stole mine. He can hide, but he can't run!


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Two things- one, my character will be up sometime today or tomorrow, and two, I'd pay good money to see someone wearing Goldenrod's outfit, for the sheer embarrassment factor.
I was thinking something like Justice Heart, but that's just my opinion.
Name: Carrie Martin

Age: 31

Personality: Back in her glory days, Carrie was a fun-loving little girl, always ready to make someone else smile and laugh. The last twenty years have been hell, though, and it shows. Health issues and bad breaks have refined her into a cynic's cynic, the world's biggest pessimist. She longs for the old times, fighting evil and having a blast while doing it, but accepts that her time has passed.

History: Twenty years ago, Carrie did double duty as Lady Lightning, a happy ball of sunshine who reveled in the spotlight. But when the great evil had been sealed away, well, there was no need for champions of justice anymore. She fell into depression, and painful arthritis attacks didn't do much to help. She managed to rally herself enough to barely get a degree in chemistry, but with mediocre grades, nobody would hire her. She now works in the food court of her alma mater, where she gets what little joy she can by reminding students, "Even if you get your degree, you could still end up working here!" In short, she's absolutely bitter and broken.
I'll join.
Okay, so it has been a loooooooong time since I've done one of these. Right now, I am looking for long-term partners to do a specific plot that I have been craving for a while. Seriously, if you sign up for this one and ditch within a few posts, you will be added to my "never RP with again" list. I've been burned too often before on this one, and I am sick of wasting my time. That said, I'm willing to do this plot multiple times with multiple people, as each will have their own styles and ideas to make things take very different turns.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the plot.

MC is a witch who's ended up in a wheelchair after a near-fatal car accident. She summons a demon and makes a contract, but not to walk again. Rather, she seeks a tutor in the Dark Arts, so she can become a demon and start taking her revenge against the heavens.

Any takers?
I have an urban fantasy plot I'd be interested in doing with you.
Ooh, a place for my lamia witch!
Looking at all the various bios, I'm starting to see that I'm not up to the quality of writing of you guys. I'm not sure yet, but I think I'm out.

"It's a beautiful world; shame we're only in it for so long."

Full Name: Jenny Anne Martin

Nickname: None

Birthday: August 5th

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pan

Relationship Status: Single

Role: Witch

Occupation: Vet at the local animal shelter

So trading strength for flexibility. Got it. I'll have a regular witch up sometime tomorrow.
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