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16 days ago
Current Since we'll probably still be wearing masks around Halloween, this is the perfect time to make a Darth Malgus costume. Definitely want to have fun, but of course also be safe.
20 days ago
When you're at work and end up in the bathroom with bloody diarrhea and you're like, "But I haven't even had Taco Bell this week!"
21 days ago
I'm so disappointed. I've been trying for over a week to see Comet NEOWISE, but there's always either something blocking it or there is too much light pollution. :(.


Hello, I'm Captain Manbeard, but you can call me Cap or Jeff. I'm 37 and have been RPing in some form for over twenty years. I'm a huge geek and otaku, and am currently reading the Dr. Stone manga. I also love video games, and am currently playing Final Fantasy XIV, Neverwinter, and TemTem. Just like most everyone else, I am totally psyched for Cyberpunk 2077 and plan to pre-order it for my PC, a gaming rig I built myself.

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Sorry all, busy week. Hoping to have the post up soon.
Okay, now that everyone has posted, my next post will come along probably on Tuesday at some point. Awesome work, everyone :D.
Well, my Jubilee and Blink characters won't actually arrive in the story for some time, so don't feel rushed. It might also be good to save some characters for later on, in case any existing ones die or are otherwise written out of the story. For me, I will likely only have four active main characters at a time. Some of mine will shift into background NPC roles as necessary, or they may be temporarily written out of the story, such as when Thor and Loki go to the future or into deep space after the Battle of New York.

Kindred, if you wanted to have older, more experienced versions of Professor X and Magneto, they could come back from the future with Thor to fight Loki or something. Once we get to that first instance of time travel, the initial "teenage rookie superhero" part of the story will have been thoroughly explored, so I am fine with older heroes coming in at that point.

Also, just so everyone is aware, due to some switch ups at my job, my free time is going to be drastically reduced. As a result, I will only hop onto this site a few times a week. I have cancelled all my 1x1 RPs on here and the only one I plan to keep going is our Avengers thread. Outside of that, what free time I do have is going to be dedicated to writing my e-novel.
In the meantime, here are the Kings of Evil Disco :D.

Sorry I've been MIA, the last few days we hit record highs here in Portland and I don't have AC, so I was just a useless exhausted sweaty blob with no creative energy, lol. Sincerely (I don't think we ever decided on a chosen nickname for you, lol), the CS and post are awesome :D.

At some point I may bring in two other characters -- Blink and Jubilee, both from outside our main timeline. I'm thinking in the alternate future where the Infinity Stones were destroyed, a surviving fragment of the Space Stone was used to give Blink the ability to open small portals. She initially enters the story as a sidekick to Loki during the Battle of New York, but eventually betrays him and joins the Avengers.

At some point in the story, I want to have a larger time travel arc, similar to the Time Heist in Avengers: Endgame. I'm thinking during that process, we inadvertently spawn off multiple new timelines, including one where a group of scientists get their hands on the formula for Terrigen a lot sooner, leading to the initial Terrigen Crisis happening in 1984 instead of 2023. Out of that timeline comes an 80's Jubilee, and this also opens the door for other types of characters we can bring in from different pasts and futures. I'm thinking the entire saga around these alternate timelines could all be rolled into a giant Secret Wars arc, where Victor von Hassen is trying to get his hands on multiple incarnations of the Infinity Stones to power his Infinity God Helmet. But those are just ideas and that's all still a long ways off :D.

As it stands right now, my main narrative focus is our characters dealing with the Terrigen Crisis and the threat of the five rogue scientists. I still plan to have Cable arrive from the future at some point after the Terrigen Bomb Incident on New Year's Eve, and then Thor and Loki following him back to the future. Then a few months later Thor and Loki return, though for them it's been something like 90 years, the Terrigenesis having severely slowed their aging. That leads into the Battle of New York and our first hint at Thanos and his plans to come. After that initial plan is thwarted, Loki steals the Tesseract and heads into deep space to seek out the past version of Thanos, while Thor hands David a future cube containing advanced technology secrets and then heads off after his brother.

I'm thinking that would then be a good time to bring in a joint HYDRA/Ultron arc, as well as Vision. Rennie, if you want, Vision and Waylon could get together at some point. After that arc, we can roll into a full-blown Thanos saga, and Thor returns to Earth along with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike the MCU, I don't want it to end with half of the people turning to dust and then coming back five years later. But we'll see how it goes.

From there we can delve into the Secret Wars arc I mentioned earlier, and perhaps that can lead into a saga where a version of Ronan the Accuser gets his hands on von Hassen's Infinity God Helmet and launches a Kree galactic invasion, which also spills onto Earth. At that point David -- who mostly likely will have achieved his Smart Hulk form by then -- could trick Ronan into removing the Helmet and then he runs up and slips it on, using a God Snap to achieve three outcomes: the brainwashed Kree are liberated and turn on Ronan; a massive temporal barrier is erected around the existing multiverse to prevent any new timelines from being created and rendering all time travel impossible; the Infinity God Helmet and all versions of the Infinity Stones from the existing timelines are erased from existence. Whether or not David survives this ordeal remains to be seen :D.

These are all subject to change, but I just wanted to give you all an idea of where my head is at currently with the longevity of the story.
Hey all, so I mentioned I was taking aspects of this RP to incorporate into my own webnovel, and I have the first chapter published on Tapas. Figured I'd share it in case any of you wanted to check it out :D.
If the messages in my PM folder are any indication, more people are interested in a slave RP than you realize. But most of the people who PM me are looking purely for 1x1 smut (not all), and that's fine, but I also wanted a group thread with a focus on story. The beginning of the tale where the characters live in Rothenburg would offer part of the slave RP aspects some people are looking for, but as stated in the intro post, the focus would shift to them as refugees fleeing the civil war. There's not much room for a "rape fantasy" when you're fleeing or fighting for your lives to get across a border.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter because I no longer intend to cultivate this particular RP. I have enough people wanting to do 1x1's with this type of setting now that trying to move forward with a group RP on top of that would seem repetitive to me.
I listen to a little bit of everything. My music on shuffle goes from Veggie Tales to Eminem to Phantom of the Opera to Green Day and everything in between.

I’m gonna work on my Iceman character before I post. Figure now is still enough time to work him into the fold without having to backtrack too much.

Uuuuughh I love Phantom of the Opera, especially Nightwish's version. The music calls to me!

I still haven’t figured out what to do with my Storm character.

So far I have

Born and raised in Wakanda
Parents died (Likely in Earthquake)
Taken to Orphanage
Eventually adopted by wealthy family
Comes to America at some point



Sounds good so far :D.
I decided to take elements of this RP and fuse it with my Ballad of Mallory Dane idea to create an original story to publish on Tapas. I'll link you guys once the first chapter is up. Also, here's the old video I did for Mallory Dane, which had me voicing narration over scenes acted out in Sims 4. The quality is shit, which is why I abandoned that version of it, but the training montage leading into the opening credits was cool, and Mallory was partially based on Keanu Reeves, lol.

And here's an older Sims 4 video I did with an anime-style opening and closing. I never filmed any actual scenes other than the footage used in the opening and clothing themes, "Damian's Long Goodbye" evolved into "The Ballad of Mallory Dane."

This awfully feels like a fetish-influenced rape fantasy idea to me.

Any sexual aspects of the story would be in PM, the actual public thread would be legitimate fantasy storytelling. Though I doubt much rape would be going on since our characters eventually become refugees and try to sneak their slaves over the border to free them. In case it wasn't obvious, I intended for our group to eventually join the anti-slavery side. :D
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