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In this AU, the Versal Nexus is an interdimensional space with thousands of floating crystal spheres known as World Orbs. Each Orb houses it's own pocket universe, and together they form a multiverse of sorts. Many Worlds are based on different settings within various games and fandoms, but some are very closely related with only minor variations. Your character is whatever version of Princess Peach you'd like to create, and mine is Bowser in a quasi-human form who comes from a world where King Mario is the villain. We can hash out the details via PM, but basically my character hops into your world and recruits you because you have the last uncorrupted Mushroom Kingdom Heart, a glowing red crystal that exists in every world where a variant of you also exists. King Mario has been sending his minions throughout the Versal Nexus, hunting for all your variants so he can corrupt their Hearts because he believes that if he can sacrifice all the Peaches at once, he can revive his own world's Peach, who died some years ago while she was pregnant with his child.

Because your Peach's Heart has not been corrupted yet, it can cleanse other Hearts, and so Bowser asks her to set out with him on a journey across the Nexus to rescue the other Peaches and then find them temporary homes in other worlds until King Mario is defeated. Though, they don't all have to be named Peach, they could have variant names and such. We can develop the idea further via PM.
Hello! I am Captain Manbeard, or you can just call me Jeff. I am looking to set up a few long-running 1x1 MxF roleplays with literate partners who can write at an advanced level. I've been writing for most of my life, whether that be school projects, RPs, short stories, or novels. The first story I ever remember writing was back in middle school when I had to create my own Greek God in my Reading class, but I got creative and changed the entire canon to bring the Gods into modern day. Then I wrote a scene about Zeus playing basketball, he went for a godly slam dunk, and when the ball hit the ground, it burst open and inside was a newly born baby God (yes I did copy Athena's origin a little). He was Kazama, and became the God of Basketball, Video Games, and Rap Music. Kinda cringe now as an adult, but as a 13 year old in the 90s, I thought it was amazing XD.

Here are a few of my ideas:

While I'm not ready to resume this RP right now, I may be open to it in the future. But if we're ever at the point where everyone is interested and willing to continue, I think it would be best for us to have a few "session zeroes" in a group PM thread to find our synergy before we attempt to resume this RP publicly. We could have Martian Manhunter create a psychic virtual world for our characters to have practice missions, that would help us learn to write together better as a group. But I dunno, we'll see. I don't know if anyone would even still be interested after three months, lol.
@CaptainManbeard Thank you for posting and updating us. This was the first group RP I played in a long time when it first started. It helped me get back into the swing of things, so thank you for the opportunity to join. I hope everything goes well for you! :)

You as well XD
Sorry for the long absence, all. My old SSD crashed and all my auto-log-in info with it. I couldn't remember my password to get back into the site and had been waiting on the password reset email, but other stuff kept coming up and it got pushed to the back of my mind. I dawned on me that it had been like three months (felt a lot shorter), so I figured I'd regain my access to the site to at least check in with you guys and let you know I'm not dead, lol.

That being said, I'm not returning to resume this RP - with so much going on in my life I don't think I could handle managing a big group thread right now. I know earlier in this RP I was getting a little frustrated by how chaotic that first battle scene became, trying to reconcile in my head contradicting actions playing out between the different posts so that I could keep a clear narrative flow in the subsequent posts. It felt like overall we lacked synergy as a writing group and that made it difficult to meld our individual posts together into a cohesive story. I may reach out to people for one-on-one RPs, but at this point, I feel the time and energy it would take to continue managing a larger thread is just not there. But I still wanted to regain access to the site (finally) and at least give you guys some closure and let you know I'm not dead.
Looks good, everyone! I also had someone DM me with an interest in joining, so we may have an extra person. They're not sure what character they want to play yet. Oh, and Damo may be bringing in a third character, if anyone else is interested in bringing in extra characters as well, shoot me a DM. My post should be up shortly.

EDIT: Scratch that, something came up, post may not be up for a few days.
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