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If everyone would post... it would be nothin' but a good time XD.

I'm booked up or might've joined, but just wanted to say, cool idea, man.
We used to watch these movies a lot and they're still a good time - the new one was good too which can't be said about a lot of remakes.
I remember nothing of the cartoon except that I'm sure my bro and I did watch it; played a video game or two, as well.

Thanks dude!

Also, I think I'm just gonna repurpose Trevor Spengler. He is Egon's grandson in the movie, but I'll just rework him as Egon's son instead and say Egon didn't have kids until much later in life. Also, since Janine kind of had a crush on Egon in the movies and cartoon, I'm gonna have her be Trevor's mother. In this RP's continuity, they started dating in the 80s, she was kind of a hippie, and totally loved all his paranormal talk. They traveled and went on adventures and stuff for over 20 years before finally settling down and having Trevor. Now with a child to care for, Janine began to get annoyed at Egon's continued obsession with the paranormal, and also feeling like he had strung her along all these years with talk of some great paranormal event that never came to pass.

Eventually things devolved into a shouting match when Trevor was seven years old where Janine basically said, "None of this was ever real, was it? It was all just BULLSHIT to manipulate me so I'd indulge in your fantasies! I put my life on hold for you! For twenty fucking years! Now we are married, own a home, trying to raise a child... And you're still out there chasing non-existent ghosts... You... You need help, Egon. I... I can't do this anymore... I want a divorce, and I want you to stay away from Trevor and I... I don't want you poisoning his mind with these delusions like you did mine..."

I'll be using Finn as the faceclaim as well, here's a video of him fixing up the Ecto-1:

And them chasing Muncher:

And here's a few clips of them first starting out, for anyone who hasn't seen the old 1984 movie:

And their return in the newest movie:

I have seen the original cartoon back in the early 90's, as well the nineties extreme ghostbusters, which was surprisingly good and not extreme in the wrong ways.

There was even older ones, plus the original movie, then the second cartoon XD.

*kicks down the door* KINGDOM HEARTS!? COUNT ME IN!

Three questions, though:

1. Can we use OCs in this? I'm not exactly good with controlling canons.

2. Can I use a custom CS for this? I think being confused about the standard CS you usually use is probably the reason why I didn't stay long in your other RPs, to be honest. :')

3. Will we get keyblades/equivalent to keyblades after getting shipwrecked/later on in the RP, or will we get/have custom/canon weapons instead? I'm okay with either; I'm just wondering.

1. Sure!

2. I mainly use a standard CS so that everyone is on the same page, but feel free to PM me the CS you want to use and I can convert it to a blank one for everyone else to use as well. I do want us to all have the same CS layout so that all characters are equal in terms of which information is displayed. I always felt it looked kind of sloppy in RPs when everyone is using a different CS style and they don't have the same types of information listed on each.

3. Feel free to have a Keyblade as your weapon from the start. My version of Zack will be using a gunblade issued to him by the Chief of Security at first, but eventually he will get a batter weapon.

The idea for this RP takes place in a custom universe with an original story where a group of teens in New York City begin hunting various paranormal threats. My character will be the son of a custom version of Egon Spengler, who became obsessed with the paranormal and was eventually kicked out by his wife. She refused to let my character have any further contact with his father because she thought he was crazy and getting worse, and he lived the next ten years without him. Now, at age seventeen, my character discovers his father has died in an apparent car crash while frantically driving upstate, and had lived just a few miles away all this time, in an old firehouse in Manhattan. He goes there with his mother to clean the place out so it can be sold and discovers a hidden lab in the basement.

From here, my character sees his father's research and the schematics and prototypes for various paranormal-related equipment. He becomes fascinated by them, and brings his friends (your characters) the next day after school to check out the lab. They end up getting dragged into the mystery of why Egon was in such a hurry to get upstate, what his destination was, and why he spent all these years trying to prepare for some kind of upcoming supernatural event. Eventually, apparitions begin appearing with increasing frequency, just as Egon's journals said they would, and the teens decide to use Egon's tech to become "Ghostbusters."

One way that this RP will deviate from normal Ghostbusters is that once our characters have been exposed to the paranormal energies of the ghosts long enough, they begin to develop supernatural powers themselves. Feel free to throw some ideas around for how you want shape your individual abilities. My character will be able to condense paranormal vapors into a glowing neon green ectoplasm and use it in various liquid and solid forms, sort of like a fusion of waterbending and earthbending. Visually, his abilities would look like green slime whips, green water waves, green crystal spikes and chunks, etc. As he grows and learns, eventually he'll be able to manifest gas and plasma forms instead of just liquid and solid, as well as more complex structures.

Please share your ideas XD.
While the outside of the Gold Saucer Express looks like a gold and white version of Balamb Garden, I'm envisioning the central interior looking like the Gold Saucer from FFXIV:

This RP takes inspiration from Once Upon A Time and Kingdom Hearts - wherein the various worlds of Disney fairy tales and Final Fantasy games co-exist in a larger multiverse - but in this continuity, most of them are aware of the others and travel between them is commonplace. But first, a bit about this reality:

There are thousands of pocket dimensions known as Worlds, each one contained within a Cosmic Crystal that floats in an extra-dimensional space known as the Astral Expanse. Travel between them is made possible by using Astral Airships, which are able to utilize a Phase Drive to phase through the barrier of their World, enter and traverse the Expanse, and then phase into a different World. I'm envisioning the Expanse as similar to the Astral in Allods Online, and will add a video below to give you an idea.

As for the story, we'll start with sort of a Titanic/shipwrecked angle. At the beginning, our characters are in Nexus City, which is its own mini pocket dimension sitting in the center of Cluster A-13, which is a group of several dozen Worlds. Nexus City is a major port hub to catch larger airships to other clusters of Worlds. In the case of our characters, they are participating in the maiden voyage of the Gold Saucer Express, which is a resort and amusement park within a giant airship. It's about to set course for Cluster G-77, which is quite far away. The trip is expected to take three weeks to traverse the Expanse and reach the destination, then another three weeks back. But halfway through the return trip, an unexpected Astral Maelstrom materializes seemingly out of nowhere, sucks them in, and spits them back out in an uncharted cluster. The storm severely damages the ship, and they phase into the closest World just before the vessel crash-lands on a tropical island.

I'm envisioning the Gold Saucer Express looking similar to Balamb Garden from FFVIII, but covered in mostly gold and white exteriors. Here's a video to help you envision it:

I will be playing custom versions of Zack Fair from FFVII and Elsa from Frozen. Zack is a former member of SOLDIER, but after being subjected to Dr. Hojo's experiments, he grew disillusioned with all things Shinra and left that World behind. He now works as a freelance mercenary and has accepted a position on the Gold Saucer Express Security & Defense Squad. Elsa has just abdicated her throne in Arendelle and wants to see other Worlds, so she booked a top-tier suite for the trip.

Feel free to discuss your character ideas below, and let me know if you have any questions XD.
Just gonna drop this here XD.

My CS is up and ready to be looked over whenever you get the chance

Looks good! And I think it's pretty cool that we have Colton and Willa on the same team again XD.
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