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Current Updated my bio with the link to my webnovel.
2 mos ago
Part of me wants to return to writing Power Rangers fanfiction just so I can keep JDF/Tommy Oliver alive in my imagination. Currently binging a bunch of his videos on YouTube...
2 mos ago
Like many others, Jason David Frank was a huge part of my childhood. Tommy was hands-down my favorite Power Ranger ever, and my heart is broken that JDF is no longer with us. Rest well, brother...
3 mos ago
Yes, I am absolutely that annoying catdad kinda guy XD XD XD:
1 yr ago
I will be taking a leave of absence from RP Guild for an undetermined amount of time due to some personal matters. Take care, everyone.


UPDATE: I am now posting the Ballad of Mallory Dane little by little online. The story centers around Mallory's introduction to a hidden magical world and I've included elements from my Qrowdell Academy RP into the main narrative. It can be found on Tapas:

Hello, I'm Captain Manbeard, but you can call me Cap or Jeff. I have been RPing in some form since the 1990s, and have been obsessed with fantasy and science fiction since I was a wee lad in the 1980s. English/Language Arts was always my best subject in school, which fostered a deep-seeded desire to write stories for a living. This itch was primarily scratched through RPing on and off for over twenty years as I improved my craft, and I am now at a point where I feel confident enough in some of my stories to complete novels and self-publish them through Kindle. The first of these - The Ballad of Mallory Dane - will be releasing next year at some point. I will update this bio to include a link once it goes up for pre-order, but can share the cover for now:

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Would you be open to co-writing / co-gm? As I've said before, world building and lore are some of my favorite (and most experienced) facets of roleplaying. I'd be more than happy to help organize and consolidate ideas with you.

Thank you for the offer, but my issue lies more in communicating pages of information within only a few paragraphs rather than the worldbuilding itself. When it's just me writing one of my novels, I can create to my heart's content. Worldbuilding, characters, narrative flow - these are all some of my greatest literary strengths. But when it comes to communicating that to co-writers who are also actively developing the story and need to constantly remember everything I created while they are continually adding to the plot, that's where I run into issues. When it's in my own mind and my own personal notes, I can let everything get as bloated as I want and remember everything just fine, because in the part the reader actually sees, they are learning information at the same time the protagonists are. But when it's multiple people at the wheel, all that information needs to be known upfront and all at once to avoid creating plotholes and paradoxes.

I've never been a fan of co-GMing, but for the sake of getting this moving before everyone begins to lose interest, I think it's probably a good idea to hand the reigns over to you, Light. I'm gonna step away from this RP, but before I go, I'll share what I had for my characters and the info in this current re-write I was working on, and then you can salvage what you want from that for your thread.

Sorry it's taking so long, I keep writing, erasing, and then re-writing shit like: "No, damn it, that's still too much information for everyone to remember. I need to get more across with as little information as possible." I'm trying to define the school, the classes, the fundamentals of the three Side Stories and the Main Story, the magic system, the locations of importance, etc. But I keep finding myself with a wall of text comparable to a short story and realize most people are going to skim over it and it will need to be re-explained multiple times when something is posted that contradicts it.

I almost want to just make the Academy much smaller for only a small group of apprentices who are studying under a few mentors. Just have it be something similar to the Xavier Institute, place it in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, and have the students take classes in the attic and go on field trips to various realms across the Mortal Planes. They can still fight in the Battlemancer League, which we can just say is like Pokemon battles but between teams of Magi, and some of the apprentices can still be part of secret dark arts lessons. If we go this route, then I can scrap the walls of text and get this shit moving faster. Otherwise, I am beginning to feel like the cycle of writing, erasing, and re-writing will never end, lol.
And if you're curious, I made the title in GIMP. Here's a screenshot of my desktop, but since the image is so huge, I'm just gonna link it:
And here is the logo for Volume I as it stands now. May change it later.

EDIT: There was a little drippage of color in the image that was annoying the hell out of me so I removed it and reuploaded, LOL.


Just finished the map, figured I'd share it before heading to bed:

Okay, the visiting relatives left today, I should have the place to myself tomorrow (my sister and brother-in-law do live with me, but they'll both be at work all day), so hoping to get some uninterrupted work in and have the main thread up within the next day or so. I'm also using a blank map of Old Sharlayan act as the layout of the Academy and surrounding area. And I changed it from Feywood Valley to Feywood Island, surrounded by the Endless Sea. Now, instead of the forest looping back on itself, it's the sea. I'm also having the community on the main island - Feywood Village - be the headquarters of the Commonwealth and the location of the biggest Battlemancer Arena. I figure, since we're saying Qrowdell is basically one of the most prestigious schools in the Mortal Planes where everyone is super OP, it only makes sense that is also where the Commonwealth and Battlemancer League would be headquartered at XD.
When it comes to being from a plane/world other than Earth, we can just make up our own shit more or less, right?

Yeah, think of it like a multiverse. Each Mortal Plane is like it's own universe existing in the same space as other universes but at different vibrational frequencies. So races, culture, level of technology, if there are multiple planets accessible on that plane, what those environments are like, etc. are all in your hands. We don't need to set a predefined amount of planes - we'll just say there are "a lot," lol. At least several dozen.

For instance, one of my characters will be based on Ian Lightfoot from Onward, and he comes from a plane that has lots of magical creature running around, but magic itself is fairly rare there, so him going to Qrowdell is a huge deal, especially to his older brother, who thinks it's the coolest thing ever that they now have a Magi in the family.
Okay, it's not finished yet, but figured I'd share what I have for one of my characters - Tommy Miyazoko.

Tomayasu “Tommy” Miyazoko

Age: 18
Birthday: January 7th
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan, Earth
Height: 6’0
Body Type: Athletic
Race: Human
Eyes: Brown (Green when powered-up)
Hair: Dark Brown (Green when powered-up)
Pronouns: He/His
Orientation: Heterosexual

Peter Sudarso

Musical Themes


Coming soon…
Arcane Conduits

MagiTech Card Reader (Arcane Runic Cards teleport inside)

Arcane Runic Cards

(Cards teleport inside kind of like this:)

MagiTech Katana (trigger separates blade from hilt so Arcane Runic Tokens can slide inside like loading a shotgun)

Arcane Runic Tokens

Talents & Magical Abilities

Tommy’s primary focus is electric-based magic, which he uses to create lightning attacks and achieve superhuman speeds, but he also dips into other types of magic to bolster his physical capabilities, including strength, endurance, and dexterity. He utilizes his Arcane Conduits for more powerful and complex abilities, for which he has a variety of spells pre-written on Cards and Tokens in the Arcane Tongue. Additionally, they are imbued with tiny memory fragments so that he knows what Cards and Tokens he is touching without having to look at them.

When not in active combat or practice, Tommy has a black backpack in which he keeps all his belongings. The interior space has been expanded to about the size of a large vehicle trunk/boot with a Bag of Holding enchantment, and straps against all four sides inside keep everything from jostling around.

When he is in active combat or practice, he wears a black utility belt with a thick strap reaching up along his chest and over his left shoulder. Square leather cases along the belt hold his Cards, Tokens, herbs, potions, and anything else he might need in combat, all with easy snap-open covers. His katana is held along the strap on his back, which he can reach up over his left shoulder with his right hand to unsheath when necessary.


Coming soon…
When can we expect the ooc thread to go up? I think we can work more on lore and setting ther while also getting things moved forward towards starting like with cs's. I'm all for world building but it's something we can do/decide on as we play too, as we encounter a need to establish lore or meta rules.

Based on the things we've deemed important so far, it seems that our sheets will require the basic suite and a few tailored items:


Arcane Focus


Is there anything I missed?

Yeah, greater lore will come later, right now I'm just focusing on the initial lore I'll have to have ready in my first few posts so that once we get rolling we can go full steam ahead without me having to slow the flow down to come up with too much stuff on the spot. I'm also getting my image folders in order so that I can have them ready to go for my character sheets, the info post, and the intro IC post. My character sheets are not finished yet, I'm still defining the layout I want to use, but I'll post those as soon as I can. I am waiting to post the main thread until I have mostly everything ready to go, but like I said, since it's a holiday week and I have family here, it's been hard to get time away to write and image hunt.
I'm considering using Old Sharlayan from FFXIV as Feywood Valley, and saying there is a giant lake with a town on its shore that services the Academy, kind of similar to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. Not sure yet, but we'll see. Here's a look at it in-game and also from the CGI trailer:

EDIT: And here is a Wiki and a greater tour of Old Sharlayan. I'm thinking the Studium can be Qrowdell Academy proper and the Noumenon can be the Library of Allandia. As for the exact layout of the Academy beyond what is shown in the video, we'll just use our imagination to say there are plenty of halls and classrooms, as well as a Dining Hall and dorms. More info on that when the main thread goes up.
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