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2 mos ago
Spiders are cool as hell, it isn't their fault our brains are wired to be alarmed by many-legged things skittering
2 mos ago
I think it's fine to do real crimes also as long as they are cool crimes.
2 mos ago
just manifest a Tulpa roommate, simple as that.
3 mos ago
It would be profoundly easy to bribe me into doing awful things if your method of bribery was a good Reuben
3 mos ago
anyway y'all ever think about how crazy crustaceans are?


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Apologies for the double post, but a few announcements:

1.) I am TENTATIVELY putting the start date as Wednesday, 7/24. I'm still waiting to hear back from Enzayne on the matter but the start date should be roughly soon, but it could be sooner or later. But just an FYI.

2.) I decided to change my stance on the rules regarding moves. This is how it's going to work:

Instead of Tier _ = Rank _ Moves Only (ex: Tier 1 = Rank 1 Moves Only) rule which I had before, I'm going to have it be based on the Pokemon's levels. So, instead we get...

This way allows it not to be too rigid and allows some variety at certain thresholds. Some Pokemon will have better moves to learn then others at certain points (some earlier than others), but they can be compensated with TMs. And speaking of TMs, some point soon I am going to list the TMs we'll be using on the front page. Mostly, they'll be based off of Scarlet & Violet's TMs, but I will allow TMs from previous games to be available, I just need to know which ones people want.

3.) Bug, Fairy, Fighting, and Dark Gym leader profiles are currently not up-to-date/accurate in regards to the Pokemon moves, but I'm keeping it up for now since it gives people an idea of what to expect, at least. Steel Gym Leader's Pokemon teams should be up semi-soon.

And I believe that's it for now. Really looking forward to the start of the RP! :)

Right on! Looking forward to us starting, but if it ends up being behind the loose schedule don't sweat it. On another note, I went ahead and edited Garamond's sheet to resemble how the gym leaders had their pokemon (with move descriptions included, instead of just the move names).

<Snipped quote by GubGar>

He's beautiful! And I love Garamond. Add him to the front page whenever you're ready!


So, I'll have to check but we might have ONE more person joining us, possibly. But since we have most of the profiles in, when would you guys like to start?

Edit: Added "The Tragic Case of Charlotte Atlas-Stern" to the Lore section of the front page. Not too much new information, but sums up the event decently.

Edit(x2): Added the berry list to the "Discoverable Items" list on the front page. Some of them I added/changed their effects but it's nothing too spicy.

Thanks! Glad he's good to go. As for starting time, I'm really game whenever. I wouldn't be against waiting for the potential fourth, and I wouldn't be against starting before either.
Think he's ready to ship out!

If folks are game for two that sounds good to me, I agree with @c3p-0h's comment about being a bit flexible with it. But if that's too much effort I've got no issue with going with the first path, it seems like it would work just fine.

As far as Pokemon cries go, I have no preference one way or another.

On another note, I've got some solid progress on my character, hopefully I'll drop either today or tomorrow.
Honestly I think I might just play it straight “wanna be the very best like no one ever was” because I can’t think of any creative concepts lmao.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There's a reason it works!
Tossing around a few ideas at the moment as I start work on my sheet. Considering being an independent journalist traveling to the region in search for a good story. Thinking maybe his goal is to make it through the League Tournament in order to try and get an exclusive interview with the Starry Prince.

Rider - Jan Sobieski

Location: An abandoned lot in Kyoto
Interacting with: @Letter Bee @Randomguy @GOATPlumber @Digmata

Jan considers the mystery woman's response evenly. She didn't exactly seem to be as heroic as his two new companions, but she wasn't pretending to be either. The honesty was appreciated, if nothing else. To pretend to be a hero and hide one's true nature would be far more suspect than outright saying that her reason for allying was one of convenience and potentially necessity as well. Once again, Jan thought to himself that this felt rather unsporting. I suppose my sense of honor can take a bit of a battering if it means guaranteeing the safety of the city and purity of the grail.. It still stung a bit, though. He had been eager to test his Lance against history's greatest. Corrupt and evil forces were a more deserving target, to be sure, but they were also less worthy.

Jan tunes back into the conversation as the mysterious woman asks them a question of her own. What did they desire for the grail? Her wish was a reasonable one. Returning to the world.. Jan suspected very few Servants out there would refuse the opportunity if presented. As for Saber, it was clever of her to refuse to answer. Keep her identity close to the chest.

..Something Jan no longer had the privilege to do. But lingering on his unfortunate hand wouldn't solve anything, so he discards that grievance to the best of his ability.

"Er.. my wish. Well, I am no living man. It seems unfair that my wish would come before that of my Master's. But if I were to claim the wish as my own.. Well, it's a bit selfish. Not befitting of a King of Poland such as myself. I'm rather embarrassed to say. But I have no hidden True Name to worry about, so I suppose-"

Before he could reveal his goal, an announcement of sorts was transmitted by thought to (presumably) all competitors. Jan gives a firm nod to Saber. "Indeed, it seems the Grail's corruption has made its move. On the first day no less.. I will of course ride in to battle to meet it, as any proper Knight ought to. But I mislike how bold these corruptive forces are being.. To take to the field so early in a skirmish speaks of confident or desperation. Both of which are dangerous for us."

Oliver Raulot, AKA, Argyros

Another New York City. Hoping he didn't turn into a fish monster in this universe.

Oliver had to admit, he was impressed. Sure, he knew Doc Connors was smart, but smart as a scientist didn't mean smart in every which way. So when the good doctor showed off his detective skills, Oliver was half tempted to applaud him (and was, maybe a little jealous. Seriously, that power of deduction would have been useful in a lot of cases..). The smoking gun being the well-worn costumes on two brand new Spider People was pretty brilliant, and it made perfect sense. Of course, then the conversation continued. And Oliver was less amused. He wasn't mad mad. Well, no he was. But he wasn't mad at the Arachnid or Doc Connors. So his following indignation was not particularly heated.

Oliver flings his hands up mid-swing in mock surrender. "Oohhhkay! Hold on! Let's not act like I was the only Spider in that room who was unimpressed with Anansi's attitude. And if maybe, maybe I pushed him the furthest.. Shouldn't an actual god be able to be the bigger person? After his defense, Oliver re-grabs the web rope in the same swing cycle, continuing on the somewhat aimless swinging path the three spiders were on. He nearly loses his grip and swings into a wall when Doc Connors refers to him by name. Letting out a squawk, Oliver has to take a minute to realign himself before he can properly respond.

"Wha- Seriously..? How on earth- ugh. I knew I should've splurged for a voice modulator. Not that my secret identity really matters in this universe, but- Hey! What do you mean I have a knack for that!? If your Oliver is anything like the Me Oliver, then I am plenty mild mannered and respectful."


After a minute, Oliver starts laughing as well. It was good to hear from the good doctor, even if it wasn't the same doctor he knew. He was similar enough that he still felt familiar.

"Okay, maybe not all the time. But to most people! The ones that earn it. See, Arachnid never sent me through any kind of portal against my will. And I haven't been giving him any attitude.. But speaking of this other me. I'm like- not.. Am I just a normal guy here?"

Because honestly, after the past few hours of activity, being just a normal guy sounded fantastic to Oliver right about now. He wasn't going to punk out and dump the responsibility of being a Spider now that he was one. But it sure would have been nice if he wasn't one to begin with.

Rider - Jan Sobieski

Location: An abandoned lot in Kyoto
Interacting with: @Letter Bee @Randomguy @GOATPlumber @Digmata

Jan found himself rather impressed with his Master. Beyond the wealth of resources, he was clearly cautious and clever. Eager to ensure the beneficial alliance didn't turn into a knife in the back through contracts of a magical nature. Perhaps if Jan had those, Poland would have benefitted more. "It seems I am in agreement, then. Would that I had fine drinks to toast with, but I hope the lack of refreshments does not offend either of you." But.. no, likely not. He'd have never forced the Pope to sign such a thing. It was his duty to act in service to him, even if it netted few benefits. Maybe it simply was not in Jan's nature to be the clever businessperson. But at least he could be a keen General-

A moment later, something descended behind Jan, as Saber shouted, "Rider, behind you!"

Jan (to his embarrassment) yelps in surprise, hurriedly, especially for his size, putting distance between himself and the unknown entity behind him. While he was a bit lacking in wit, he was clearly not without skill due to how quickly he reacted. Of course, the newly revealed Servant was no enemy (yet), so it was all for naught. The new arrival spoke of putting in her lot with the rest of the gathered Servants. This alliance was growing rather massive indeed.. Would there even be Servants left to fight by the end of the night? He gives his answer to the unidentified Servant.

"I have to confess, it hardly feels sporting to the rest of the Grail War to have a collective such as this. But I suppose I ought not to prioritize my battle lust if there is a danger of corruptive forces at play. I've no objections on principle alone to you joining, I suppose. But I'm not so clueless as to join hands with a total stranger."

Saber was a fairly large unknown quantity as well, but she had put forward much more than this newcomer had. Yet it was fair to be cautious when standing down three Servants on one's own, so he could not entirely fault her for skulking. What mattered now was what she did to prove herself.. And it seemed Saber's master had a solid idea of what. A mass incident was an ill thing indeed.. But what had lead him to be suspicious about it? With so few details, Jan couldn't hazard a guess.

He looks to Saber and Shielder, to see what their thoughts on the matter were. And additionally, keeps his own Master updated on the goings-on, as if his familiars hadn't already done so.
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