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Current And a Festivus for the rest of us
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Coelacanth should be at the club in my opinion.
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the groceries are so expensive cause they have drugs IN them. I mean have you checked the ground beef? It's 30% lean!
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Yeah we getting that pirate bay alien shish kabab cordycep money
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I dunno if I can suspend my disbelief that far. The odds of EVERYONE Kung-Fu Fighting seem pretty slim to me..
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Oliver Raulot, AKA, Argyros.. AKA, Awesome Suit-Man, apparently.

Still in Times Square, starting to realize he had it pretty good when his idea of a big baddie was only seven feet.

Maybe it was immature to have power envy.. And it was definitely a bad way to sort one's priorities to experience it mid-fight, but Oliver couldn't help it. Seriously.. one of the other spiders could make giant web fists!? He even had color-coded webbing too. Ugh, Oliver knew that was awesome, and he hated it. It was a good thing Oliver had experience compartmentalizing pity parties, because it allowed him to internally gripe without accidentally swinging right into a building.

The raining shards of glass from the Spider-Monkey's roar had been exactly what Oliver was worried about at the start of the fight, terrified of civilians getting sliced. It was an immense relief that they had cleared them out before pissing off King Kong's even more mutated cousin. He moves to dive down and assist Spider-Woman and Weaver, knowing for a fact that despite their strength, trying to play tug-of-war with that thing had to suck, only to halt his descent and cling to the side of a building as he witnesses the arrival of the Arachnid.

That was probably for the best, Oliver didn't have nearly as many arms to assist with. Still, it was kinda.. off. Almost every Spider-Person there was had shown up here, and none of the other heroes that called New York their home. Oliver really wanted to call his suspicion paranoia, but a spider-themed foe versus all spider-themed heroes just felt weird. Either way, not much he could do about that right now, but what he could do, was what Spider-Woman told him to. Granted it took a minute to realize the call to action was for him. In his defense, typically he was either called 'Sea Spider' (dead wrong) or 'The Spider-Man of the Narrows' (also not true, but at least more accurate), or very rarely, his actual alias of Argyros.

"Awesome suit, huh? Shucks, I'm blushing up here. And here I thought the cut of this spandex made me look scrawny!"

Leaping off the side of the building, Argyros flips through the air, firing another bombardment of web shots. This time taking particular care to aim an extra few shots at the area Araltus tagged the Spider-Monkey with her baton. He figured if his role was to keep its focus split, he'd try and aim where it'd sting the most. It was kind of nerve-wracking, drawing this much focus to himself from an enemy this huge. He was really hoping his tentative trust in these other spiders wasn't going to bite him in the ass.

"Pot shots coming up! I seem to be pretty solid at annoying the big guy and I'll try not to read into why for the sake of my recently bolstered ego."
This still alive or making a comeback?

I think folks schedules just got clogged and once things get sorted out posting will resume!
Jun Aubert

..AKA, Exploder Baracle

Having diffused the poor timed argument between two other cruise-goers, Jun is able to double-time out of the Lucky Catch.. Only to stop short, looking behind him to see.. Norbert, his Exeggutor, was still trudging at an extremely sedate speed. Jun jogs backwards to rejoin his Pokemon, waving him hurriedly forward. "Norbert! C'mon! Something's seriously goin' wrong here! You gotta mosey!" After giving his Pokemon the skinny on the situation, Jun continues in his sprint towards the safety of the evac point. Weaving through the ship at an accelerated pace, before glancing over his shoulder to see-

No sign of Norbert.

The Coordinator lets out a groan of frustration, and hastily backtracks again, re-weaving through the ship at the same accelerated pace to erase all progress made towards evacuating. He finds Norbert, sitting in a lounge room. "..Haa.. Okay," Jun takes Norbert's Pokeball off his belt, and with a click, returns the psychic palm tree. Having a psychic type with him would have been great, especially if any pieces of ship fell to crush him. Y'know, like what almost happened earlier with that Machamp. But clearly Norbert wasn't feeling suitably motivated for a quick escape.

For the third time, Jun sprints towards safety. Weaving through the maze-like halls of the massive cruise ship, headed towards safety. And because of these delays, when he arrives he catches none of the sinister monologue. Jun enters the stadium in time to barely clock the presence of masked figures, before the world began to shift, and- FLAASH! His vision was overcome by light.

The next thing he knew, it was midday. The masked figures he barely even clocked were gone, and he was left standing at the edge of the stadium, extraordinarily confused.

"...Huh? HUH!?"
Oliver Raulot, AKA, Argyros.

Still Times Square, wondering if this is a bad dream, with @Duthguy and @King Kindred

Oliver's bit of banter was returned his way with the addition of a chunk of emotional vulnerability he had not anticipated from a total stranger, followed by the spider who delivered it hurrying away. Oliver shrugs, figuring vigilantes had to take catharsis where they could get it, even if it was from talking to strangers.

He returns to helping move people, zipping around the area, helping people escape the immediate danger zone, while retrieving abandoned belongings and reuniting them with the fleeing people who dropped them. The Spider from the Narrows looked at home with this part of the job. Before things escalated to a supervillain-y level, he was good about solving small problems. Helping people get out of a dangerous area, returning missing belongings, that sort of thing.

What he was not used to, was having to assist falling spider-people getting flung around by a gigantic spider-monkey, so he was glad another spider was on that before he could move to help, it was probably better for everyone involved. The two other spiders land, with the Spider-Woman (recognized from newspaper articles) speaking to him and the other spider she had rescued. He tilts his head to one side while taking in her words. Teamwork with two strangers, huh? Well, probably better than the three of them trying to go in uncoordinated.

"You've got a plan? That's a relief. I was just gonna send up a prayer and hope what I remembered from high school improv would do the trick."

Mid-conversation, Oliver thwips out a cord of webbing, snatching an abandoned purse before tossing it gently over to the woman he saw had left it behind in the panic.

"I've done just about all I can down here, so I'll run interference while you two go after the weapon. Then we can go with whatever your plan is. I'm pretty good at the whole hit and run thing, although my experience is with people pretty human-sized, instead of full on kaiju. But, y'know, same basic concept.. Probably."

Oliver fires two cords of webbing, one from each of his wrists, latching onto a building to his left, and one to his right. He backs away from the other two spiders, backing up while his webs go taut, and then begin to strain from the pull.. Then he releases, shooting right up into the air, and fast too. See, Oliver wasn't any faster than your standard Spider when it came to his normal speed, but his costume was made to cut through the water, it was designed around minimal resistance. Which meant much less drag from the air when moving at high speeds, and thus more speed.

Building off of his momentum, he quickly fires another line of webbing while in flight, latching onto a building and letting the momentum carry him into a swing, and that swing into another, as he starts to circle the Spider-Monkey, making sure to keep moving and keep his distance. Once he fell into a rhythm, he starts to one-arm swing, using his dominant arm to continue to follow the rhythm, and firing quick bursts of webbing from his other arm at the giant monster. He'd seen what happened when you kept your webbing connected, so he ensures none of the webs remained connected after being fired.

Against something closer to his size, he'd probably be able to restrain them with this strategy. Against something this large? Well, it'd be bothersome for sure. Maybe sting a bit with the force.. But probably not much else.
Oliver Raulot, AKA, Argyros.

Physically, Times Square. Emotionally, back in his bed.

It seemed like the Spiders of New York were coming out in full force tonight, upon his arrival, Oliver already clocked more superheroes on the scene than he'd met thus far through his whole career. A particularly sleepy, seasonal depression-y voice in his head put forward the point that with so many Spiders, maybe Oliver could just go home, Argyros probably wasn't needed on the scene. That voice, while maybe not incorrect, was also going to be ignored. Needed or not, Oliver was here, so he'd help. That was what this whole vigilante thing was about, after all.

One spider had stopped a runaway bus, two more were confronting the monster directly. He didn't know them, but he knew how to break down an issue and separate the solution into sections. It was a good way of working through something as a team, not that he'd had much practice in doing it as of late.

Combating the Spider-Monkey (If God wanted to mess with him, could it have at least been a bit more subtle?) was the right move, but it was risky when there were plenty of people nearby and in danger. They were fleeing, sure, but it was a big monster, and a lot of people. Argyros fires another web from his wrist, clinging to a lamp-post down below, and wrenching his arm back to drag him towards it. He lands on it in a perfect perch, and calls out;

"Alright folks! You're New Yorkers, you ought to know the drill by now! Please exit in an orderly fashion, your exits are here- and here- and here- and here- And just about anywhere that isn't a dead end! Oh, and happy holidays!" Oliver calls out over the den of panic, firing strands of web off towards each exit to grant visual aid, before beginning to swing himself above the crowd, landing to help any elderly, those with disabilities (physical or mental), or anyone else having trouble fleeing the scene properly- scooping them up to swing them over to what he cautiously guessed was a safe distance.

If the Spider-Monkey caused more havoc, or, more dangerously, fell down. Then Argyros was on the case to ensure nobody would be underfoot to get squashed if it came down to it. Glamorous superheroics it was not, but every person he helped get clear was a slight weight off his chest. As he swung another person to safety, he calls out to the other Spider working defensive at the moment.

"Hope you don't mind I get in on the whole 'friendly neighborhood' thing. I'm from a different neighborhood, so hopefully that clears me of gimmick infringement!"

Jun Aubert

..AKA, Exploder Baracle

Interacting with: @Aku the Samurai & @Crimson Flame

Jun gives a two-fingered salute and a wicked grin to the chef that pointed out his good deed, hoping it was just that. A good deed during an unfortunate accident, that would not escalate to anything further. That was, of course, when the Captain's voice came through.

"Attention passengers, this is your captain speaking. For your safety, please gather in the main stadium - again, for your safety, please gather in the main stadium."

His grin rapidly morphs into a nasty grimace, his irritation being highlighted by his face paint, making him look rather ghastly. Jun pats Norbert on the back, and the two start to exit the restaurant, hanging near the back of the pack to make sure the restaurant staff, and the stumbling drunk, got out of the room okay. He wasn't gonna go all big-damn-heroes and start staging daring rescues, but he wasn't built for bystanding either. So he and Norbert'd help where needed, and hopefully it wouldn't be needed at all.. Hopefully.

"MAN! Must've burnt out all our good luck getting an invite! Now the cruise is nothing but bad fortune!- HEYYY!"

Jun belts out a heavy metal scream, pointing towards the two people arguing pretty much right next to the way out of the restaurant. At first it seemed like Jun was going to chew them out something fierce, given his face paint and the fact that he initiated the interaction by showcasing his voice projection, but when he speaks it was with concern more than anything else. After all, if he wanted, he could've just shoved right on by and kept up with the whole evacuation thing.

"I dunno what's got you two arguin', but we gotta make like a Nanab Berry and split! C'MON!! I'm not the kinda guy to run when somebody's behind me, but I sure ain't plannin' on lettin' my coordinator career end in a watery grave! Ain't that right Norbert!?"

The Exeggutor was sedately heading to the exit, levitating a table out of its way instead of walking around it. When his name was called out, he plans his multiple heads over to look at his trainer, and gives a lazy grin. Not matching the intensity of the situation whatsoever. "Eggutor." He declares sleepily.
Oh Hell yes!


If nothing else, I'm gonna read the Hell out of this!

Hope you enjoy the ride! I know I'm looking forward to seeing how this team does.
Oliver Raulot, AKA, Argyros.

Also near Times Square around the same time. Unfortunately.

Times Square was not on Oliver's usual route. He had carved out a nice chunk of the Narrows; Staten Island and Brooklyn were his haunts, not Manhattan. So of course, it was the one time he was nearby that everything went horribly, horribly awry.

It was that Christmas glumness that did him in. No money for a flight to see his folks, and the only other people he'd want to spend the Holiday with were on rocky terms with him. Combine that with the fact that Oliver was already the type of guy to feel glum around the winter holidays, and he felt in need of a pick-me-up. He made his rounds early today, and decided to go see the Rockefeller Center tree. Hoping it would inject some much-needed cheer into his spirit.

When Oliver made it to the center, though. He found himself looking at the large Christmas Tree with a feeling of 'yeah, that sure is a large Christmas Tree.' And little else. He was certain he'd love it if he were a tourist, though. But a tourist he was not, and the charm had worn off a few years into his life in New York. Oh well, time to head home. He'd buy himself something nice for Christmas, see if that did the trick.

Which was of course, when he turned around just in time to see a portal straight out of a sci-fi movie manifest above Times Square, and for what could only be called a monstrosity to emerge from it. With.. webbing.


Oliver presses his fists into his eyes in frustration, knowing full-well they would only exacerbate the dark circles he'd been rocking for a while now. "The one time I decide to head to another borough.. I'd ask if this was divine punishment, but I don't wanna risk a lightning bolt." He grumbles to himself, while working up as much energy as he could muster. Hurrying to the nearest alleyway, he scrambles with his backpack, luckily well isolated and hidden from view since folks were fleeing, not hiding. What good would hiding do when you were dealing with King Kong's half arachnid cousin?

Hidden from the chaos momentarily, Oliver hurriedly takes out his costume, which he ensured to keep with him a despite the risk to his identity. Ever since he had to confront the Human Fly costume-less with a makeshift web mask last month, he had become a lot more paranoid on ensuring he had the option to change available to him. So once he threw his costume overtop his civvies, and webbed his backpack to the wall for safekeeping, he was off to try and deal with..

..Whatever the hell was going on.

Twin ropes of web fire, one from each wrist, that cling to either side of the alleyway he was in. He proceeds to back-pedal in order to pull the webbing taut.. and then snap forward, slingshotting himself into the air, where he starts to swing off to the scene of the disaster. Fortunately for those in danger, and unfortunately for Oliver, he was seriously right there. Primed to arrive on the scene likely before anyone else. "On the job on Christmas Eve? Against something way bigger than my weight class too? Bah, humbug!"
Of all the fearsome things that we could have encountered, the Spy Kids 2 spider monkey is perhaps the most horrifying possibility. And I never even considered it.
Jun's introductory post has a flashback to almost-domestic terrorism and heavy metal screaming, so I feel pretty happy with how it came out.

Not as cool as being able to tackle a full-blown Machamp off his feet, though. Maybe someday..
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