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@almalthia — 8:08 AM

Aya didn’t know whose idea it was to schedule AP Calculus at 8 o’clock in the morning, but she was fairly certain that person deserved to be fired.

She sat in her assigned seat, rubbing at her eyes as she flipped open her notebook. She hadn’t been sleeping much this past week. Between worrying about Uná and the mysterious man, her school work, her nightmares... but at the same time, the whole ordeal seemed to be growing more and more distant, like a faded picture that Aya might be able to just tuck away in a shoebox and hide under her bed. It didn’t fit into her mundane life, and so was an outlier to be written off.

It was disorienting. Wasn’t she traumatized? Did she want to be? Was she supposed to throw it all to the side and move on, or was that just denial dressing itself up as maturity? A small part of her coaxed, put it away. Let it rest and be forgotten, and it won’t be your responsibility. Ashford is handling it. You can be normal, if you only keep your head down and your mutation in check.

Her power still whispered to her. It still made her skin prickle, like a finger trailing its way up her spine. Something was wrong, something between this world and her world (and the world after that, as she was slowly coming to terms with) was out of sync, overlapping, tearing, phasing in and out of existence. But as her fear and memories muted themselves, and the events of that night replayed in her mind, they became less reality and more a story Aya told herself. Now, she couldn’t tell if that uneasiness she felt was her power actually alerting her, or the result of her own frantic mind.

When she lay awake in her bed at night, looking up at the yellow glow of stars on the ceiling and listening to the slow rhythm of Uná’s breathing, she pulled out her phone and typed in foreign words that she didn’t want to know. Sluagh. Tuatha da Danaan. The things she learned didn’t help her sleep.

There was a knock on the classroom door. Aya jumped in her seat. The students all turned their attention away from Prof. Santos (and were thankful for the excuse). With a sigh, he walked to the door and opened it. Aya’s eyebrows drew together, hair prickling at the back of her neck.

It was Prof. Everose.
Remi pauses as she sees a girl with light brown hair walk over, an Eevee on her shoulder - her roommate. She takes in a breath, stealing herself for whatever kind of attitude is about to be thrown at her. Remi is already on guard after the bad first impression, and then the early morning conversation with Taran. Word’s already getting around about her and Trouble, she knows, and now she’s partnered with some snob who -

Apologizes immediately.

Remi blinks in surprise. Tack’s head tilts to the side. Remi doesn’t know what to do with this new development. This is… a prank, probably. Right? Remi doesn’t think she’s had a single interaction with another student since transferring that hasn’t ended with her wanting to hit something. Her eyebrows pull together as her roommate chats and smiles.

If this girl wants to play nice, then Remi won’t be the first to throw a punch. She’s not about to give anyone another reason to throw accusations at her.

“Other groups don’t have a chance,” she says when the girl stops talking. Remi glances around, unsure what to do with herself - she doesn’t know how to be anything but combative with her peers. After a moment, she clears her throat. She tries for something less curt.

“Remi,” she says, giving a short nod. “Tack, Trouble.” She points her thumb at each Pokémon in turn. She hesitates then, chewing on her lip. “...Didn’t mean to wake you up. Trouble’s… new. Doesn’t know his manners yet.” Trouble flicks his tongue in and out of his mouth.

Kira tilts her head even as a grin pulls at her lips, eyes shifting to each Pokémon curiously. She's seen plenty of Pikachu before, but this new one is interesting. "Kira, nice to meet you," she replies easily, a hand reaching down towards her belt to get Queen's ball. [/color=fff79a]This is Astral, and this is Queen."[/color] She introduces each of her own Pokémon, releasing Queen who lets out a melodic cry and stretches out her body.

She can hear how those around them go quiet, no doubt confused to why her Milotic is such an odd color. Queen waves her golden-orange-red tail, eyes focused on the three before her. Astral jumps from her shoulder to get closer to the other two, pointed ears swiveling this way and that. Queen hesitates before sliding forward, head dipping down as she lets out another cry. Kira pays no mind to the quiet, hands settling in her hips as her nose wrinkles in thought.

“How should we start? I'm assuming we'll be out in the open for this which means we'll need more supplies. I have a tent and a mini cooking set, but I'm guessing we'll need more….” As she thinks she begins to sway slightly, hair swaying in the breeze that glides along the beach.

Remi’s proud of herself that she manages to not roll her eyes at seeing the Milotic, unique coloring fully visible in the daylight.

Probably had daddy buy it for her. (Though if she’s briefly transfixed by the lovely scales, she’ll never admit it.)

“Some food that’ll last and we can carry,” Remi answers. She’s quick to focus on the task at hand. This is what she’s here for - what she’s good at. “Tack’s got a good nose for edible fruit and berries, so we can forage, too.” Her mind narrows in on the problem, spinning for ways to solve it. Ms. Simone’s words echo in her mind. “She said it could be on or around the island. We should grab some oxygen filters in case.” The students have all been forced to learn to use them in PE class: small face apparatuses that you strap over your mouth to filter breathable oxygen when underwater. “We don’t have anything that can fly.” Remi’s gaze darted up to see Trouble gliding in idle circles. “Er… that we can fly on. I have some climbing gear, but we should grab rope, too.”

Kira's nodding along, phone in hand as she types out what they'll need. Then she's half turning to see Ms. Simone already surrounded by students, humming softly before turning back to Remi. "We should take one obstacle at a time, collecting what we need is half done. Next we should choose where exactly to start looking, if by sea or land-" She pauses to glance around at the gathered group, taking in their Pokémon of various typing. "-and judging by the fact that they're aren't many Water Pokémon almost everyone will go by land." She concludes with a shrug, flying would be easier but they don't have the ability right now. "Rope, food and the filters. Then we set or? Or try to dissect the riddle next?"

They have several different options at hand to take, her eyes glance to the rolling waves with a curious glint in them.

The riddle is as mysterious as this entire region, or so the books she'd read said.

Remi’s eyes scan the group, mouth skewing to the side. It’ll be a bit before Ms. Simone is free, and Remi doesn’t like wasting anything, least of all time. Her sharp eyes flick back to meet Kira’s.

“Bookstore. I want a guide book about the island. The poem she based it off of is ancient, right? Cultural. We can do some research, figure out where our starting point’s supposed to be, and come back when the crowd’s gone. Good?” It’s not a real question. Remi doesn’t wait for approval before she turns on her heel and starts walking away from the beach.

The snort that leaves Kira's throat is sharp, her head shaking from side to side. Instead of feeling anger or annoyance at being left alone, she feels amusement filling her chest. So...prickly Is her only thought before she's recalling Queen and taking off, mind wandering towards the riddle.

Astral wiggles as they enter their destination, easily finding her roommate amongst a large collection of books. The air is cool and few people are currently inside, grabbing a book she settles in the opposite seat without a word.

"Should we make this more of a challenge? Whoever finds a clue first gets free Malasadas from the other." It's a statement more than a suggestion, her attention never leaving her task. Astral settles in her lap with a wag of his tail, the silence a calm balm to their hectic morning.

Remi’s hand pauses, the thin page held between her fingers half-way flipped. Her eyes go up to Kira, eyebrow raised. Remi would be lying if she said she isn’t intrigued. A smile almost finds its way to her face. But then her gaze flicks down again and she turns another page. She reminds herself that whatever game Kira is playing, she’s not stupid enough to be pulled in. Memories of her first few days at school float back to her, of her sister’s friends acting nice and fawning for her, only to humiliate her for a laugh.

“Shouldn’t make bets you can’t win,” she says, voice flat. Tack curls on her lap, nestling in, as Trouble flies up to a bookshelf. He tilts his head then shoots his tongue out experimentally against the spine of a hardcover book. It sticks, pulling the book out to fall to the floor. Remi’s head shoots up at the sound. She lets out a small sigh and gets up. “Besides,” she says as she bends down and picks up the book. She reads the title and flicks it open. “We should be focusing on beating the others, not each other.”

"A little friendly competition never hurt anyone." Is her absent reply, her eyes scanning the pages before her. After that she says nothing and focuses on reading, pages flipping between pale long fingers. Then she's switching to another book, posture relaxing with each passing moment.

She loses track of how many books she's gone through, when she finds a passage that rings a bell in her head. "Remi, look at this." She murmurs softly as she shifts forward, flipping the book to show the other girl. On the left page near the end of the largest paragraph the line stands out almost vividly, easy to miss if one wasn't looking for it.

The singing shells call
Listen to their enticing song

Remi straightens at the call, forgetting whatever it is she’s reading about ilima blossoms. She approaches Kira, leaning in to scan the paragraph.

“Kahuli Point…” she says out loud. She catches Kira’s eye before reading, “A secluded point on the northern end of Melemele Island only accessible by hiking through dense rainforest, Kahuli was known in ancient times as the natural environment of a now-extinct species of mollusk Pokémon. Many chants make reference to the ‘singing shells of Kahuli,’ as they are believed to have emitted a sound similar to indigenous flute music when gathered together in mass quantities.” Now a slow smile finally does make its way to Remi’s face. She meets Kira’s eyes again. “Not bad.”

“Eh!” A sharp cry jolts Remi to attention. A middle aged man, tan and heavy set, waves an angry hand at them. “You kids! Dis one bookstore, not a library! You make a purchase or you go!”

Trouble hisses at him. The man’s eyes widen, then narrow again.

“Sorry!” Remi cuts in. “We’ll be right out!” She grabs her phone and snaps a picture of the page, being sure to capture the old map of the island on the opposite side (which elicits another shouted protest from the store owner). Then she grabs the book from Kira, puts it closed on the table, grabs Kira’s hand, and pulls her back towards the door. “Come on,” she says, a note of excitement in her voice. Tack and Trouble hurry behind.
Remi sees her roommate jolt up in bed and her mouth is open immediately to apologize, or explain, or...

But then Remi catches the angry, cold look on her face, and the way her Pokémon immediately tense up, ready to attack. Her mouth closes. The guilt melts away, replaced by anger. Tack bristles beside her, responding to her roommate's team. Remi doesn't move to calm him. Instead, she stays stone-still, her own glare turning frigid.

Stuck-up private school snob.

If her roommate wants to do some "silent treatment" BS, then fine. Remi can play that game too.

Remi pretends not to see the girl as she walks by her bed glaring. Instead she places Trouble's ball on the bedside table again, runs a hand over Tack's raised fur, and slides her way back under the covers. She goes to sleep that night still bristling with anger, the sound of the running shower in the bathroom filling the air.

Remi's awake well before dawn. She's never been one to sleep much - and the less she can interact with her roommate, the better. Tack stretches on the bed, yawning, as Remi quietly moves about her side of the room. Within minutes she's out the door, backpack slung over her shoulder and Tack scurrying behind her.

The hallways of the hotel are eerily quiet, only the earliest risers starting to get ready for the day. Remi rubs at her eyes as she walks towards the dining area - she vaguely remembers seeing a pamphlet in her room about a breakfast buffet. She pulls out her phone to look at the time.

17 texts.
3 missed calls.
1 new voice mail.

She pauses. Something that feels suspiciously like guilt finds its way into her system, like drips from an IV. Then she turns her phone screen dark again.

The buffet is devoid of people, save for employees trying to not look as tired as they must feel, and a drowsy looking couple at a far table picking at their plates and not talking. Tack scampers in the room, enticed by the smell of food - sweet syrups, frying meat, and the tang of juice make Remi's mouth water. Her stomach growls, reminding her that she hasn't eaten a real meal in over 24 hours. She grabs a plate and loads it with food - pancakes, french toast dripping with macadamia sauce, sausages, a bowl of cold soba noodles, a pile of berries, and an omelet loaded with cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and bacon. She grabs a table in a far corner of the room and digs in, Tack eagerly joining her. She's halfway through the omelet when a glass full of juice is placed on the table in front of her.

Remi jolts up in her chair, Tack mirroring her. Then her eyes narrow when she sees who sits across from her: Taran, one of the students from her school. She'd been hoping to avoid him. He gives her a small smile that can only be called condescending.

"Wouldn't want you to choke," he says before taking a sip of his own juice.

"You could," Remi snipes back. Taran's smile grows sharper. Then he picks up a fork and starts eating from his own plate. "Don't think I invited you."

"You looked lonely." Remi wants to scoff. She'd take loneliness over his company any day. He's one of Kara's friends - they have some exhausting 'will they or won't they' deal going on, and tormenting Remi is an easy way for anyone to get in her twin's good books. Remi just glares for a moment longer before grumpily going back to her food. Tack looks up at her questioningly, then back across the table. Taran's dour-looking Farfetch'd has perched itself beside him, pecking at a plate of steamed vegetables.

They eat in moody silence. Remi refuses to break first - if he's just here to annoy her, then he must have some sort of plan -

"So, I hear you're a thief now."

There it is.

"Can't steal something that doesn't have an owner," she snaps back.

"Oh, great defense. You brainstorm that one? Practice it in the mirror?" Remi's angry gaze shoots up to Taran, but he's just eating his breakfast, as relaxed as you please. "This is just a fair warning," he says, wiping at his mouth with a napkin. Then his eyes turn sharp. "Everyone's going to know. But then, I guess it's not surprising. Liar. Cheat. What's one more mark against you?"

"I didn't cheat-"

"Please. We all know Kara should've been the one chosen." Taran leans forward, voice low and dangerous. "The teachers might be oblivious, but they won't be forever. You'll screw something up because that's what you're good at, and then you'll be on the first flight back to Hammerlocke."

"Then what?" Remi says, leaning in to meet him. "Kara gets to fly out and you two go gallivanting through Alola?" The smirk Remi gives him is mocking - almost cruel. "You know that you're already dead to her, right?" Surprise flashes in Taran's eyes. Then confusion. He's quick to smother them though, regaining his composure - but Remi latches onto the feeling of satisfaction they give her. "You did the one thing she'll never forgive: you were better than her. Someone decided that you were good enough to come on this trip, and she wasn't. She'll resent you for it for the rest of her life." Remi's smirk widens as she can see the gears turning in Taran's mind. He knows she's right - she can see it in the cracks of his composure. Remi leans back in her chair and picks up a piece of french toast. "Just a fair warning." She takes a bite.

Taran stares at her. Then he slowly leans back in his own chair. His expression is still and angry. Then without a word, he shoves himself up from the table and marches out of the room, Farfetch'd trotting behind him.

Remi lets out a deep breath she hadn't realized she was holding, and slumps a little in her chair. Tack nudges himself against her hand on the table and Remi scratches between his ears. She lets Trouble out of his ball, and the little Dreepy swirls in the air for a few curious turns before Remi directs his attention to Taran's abandon plate of food. Trouble needs little encouragement to dive in.

She picks up the glass of juice and takes a long gulp.

Eventually Ms. Simone sends out a message to the students to meet at the beach for a special warm-up task to "get them acquainted with the local environment and stretch their muscles," whatever that means. Remi stands barefoot in the sand, still warming in the early morning sunlight, Tack on her shoulder, and Trouble swirling around in the air. She sees other students openly staring at her, eyes following Trouble. They whisper to each other, trying to point without her noticing. Taran stands among them, saying something. He catches her eye and gives a smirk and a nod.

Skitty's officially out of the bag.

"Is everyone gathered?" Ms. Simone's voice calls out over the group. Her eyes scan the crowd as she does a quick head count. "Wonderful. I hope everyone had a lovely first night!" Students shift their weight from one foot to the other as Ms. Simone forces enthusiasm. Her smile falters a bit at the lack of response. "Right. Well. After a night of extravagance, it's out into the world! We've set up a little starter activity for everyone! This will be challenging - it'll test your problem solving abilities and skills as a trainer. Somewhere on or around this island, I've hidden a very specific orb. You lot will have several days to try and find it. You'll be out in the wilderness of Melemele Island with nothing but your Pokémon, your partners, and whatever supplies you either sign out from me, or purchase from town. The pair that finds it is to bring it directly to me - and there may be a special prize involved!"

Anticipation mixes with dread in Remi's stomach. She will be the one to bring that orb back. Energy circulates through her, ready to move, to prove herself. The idea of partners though... already, students are whispering to each other, grinning and linking arms.

"This is a treasure hunt of sorts, but you won't have a map. Instead, I've based this item's location off of an ancient Alolan chant." Ms. Simone straightens up again and recites from memory.

"Tapu Koko reclines under the full moon
Resting between us friends.

The singing shells call
Listen to their enticing song.

Ilima blossoms beckon towards you
My love whom I miss dearly.

Tell the story
Of our loved hideaway.

She grins at the crowd. Remi raises an eyebrow at the cryptic words.

What the heck is any of that supposed to mean?

"I'll be sending the words along to each of you in case you have trouble remembering. Oh, and I forgot to mention, you'll be partnered with whomever you share a room with at the hotel."

The flight is long. And boring. Remi spends the first half of it practically vibrating in her seat, still buzzing from excitement. She sits at the back of the plane, away from her classmates. Not like any of them like her, anyway. Tack feeds off her energy, chittering away as he crawls over the seats around her, sniffing at her, the plane, the window. Sometimes Remi thinks she can see tiny sparks flashing at his cheeks. Remi shares conspiratorial smiles with him.

She clutches the Luxury Ball in her hand, thumb moving over the smooth metal, warmed by her skin. She doesn't dare let the stolen dragon out though. Only one or two of Kara's friends qualified for this trip (turns out they're all only half as talented as they act, imagine that) and Kara only just purchased the Pokémon the other day after a particularly potent tantrum, so she likely hadn't been able to show it off to anyone yet... but Remi doesn't want to take her chances. Not until her feet are on Alolan soil, at least.

Remi pulls out her phone (ignoring the notification numbers next to the phone and text message apps) and swipes to see her digital trainer card. She taps on the button labeled Registered Pokémon.

  • Pikachu - "Tack"
  • Dreepy

Remi grins down at the small letters. Kara hadn't even bothered to register it. The first thing Remi had done when she made it to the airport was head to their PokéCenter to register the Dreepy as legally hers.

No take-backs, she thinks, picturing her sister's enraged face. Remi doesn't even really know what a Dreepy is. But this one's hers now.

Remi is practically sleep walking at the back of the pack of students as they first deboard the plane. She'd managed to sleep on and off through the last half of the flight, but even plush, private jet seats were uncomfortable to sleep in for hours on end. The group makes their way to the hotel on the beach lining Hau`oli City on Melemele Island. A breeze drifts through them. It smells like salt. And flowers. Remi can't help the drowsy delight that thrums through her.

Alola. She made it. She looks up to see the stars cutting across the sky, not a cloud to be seen. Her smile grows. Tack rubs his furry cheek against her face, chirping happily. Remi scratches him between his ears.

She's too excited to do more than follow behind her chattering classmates, taking in the sights and smells of this new region. Hau`oli is bright and colorful at night - Remi isn't sure what she expected a tropical city to look like. It's cheerful, music from different shops or street musicians echo through the streets, playing against the backdrop of gently crashing waves. Something sweet and sugary wafts through the air, making her mouth water. Remi files it away in the back of her mind, determined to find it later.

The hotel they're staying in is grand and bright, with a great chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Remi barely listens as Ms. Simone hands out instructions - she's too busy slowly spinning in place, looking at the ornate decorations. Slow, dreamy Alolan music plays through the building.

"Miss Remi." Remi's eyes snap up to see Ms. Simone looking at her patiently. She's missed something. Her classmates are already wandering off, towards the elevators. "A word?" And just like that, the dream is over. Adrenaline spikes through Remi's body.

She knows. Dad called. I'm expelled. They're gonna send me back to Galar and Dad will kick me out and stupid Kara's gonna feel so smug, that b-

"Your father called the school." Remi thinks she might throw up. "It seems you didn't leave your family on the best of terms." Understatement. Ms. Simone gives Remi a gentle smile, almost indulgent. It throws Remi off. "I had a long conversation with the dean. Talked him down a bit." The smile turns the slightest bit conspiratorial. Remi raises a confused eyebrow. "Remi, you are one of our most promising students. And you've made it this far. The permission forms have already been signed, the tuition payments made, and as for your sister's Dreepy..." Remi can't help but gulp. The weight of the Luxury Ball is heavy in her jacket pocket. "It's registered to you. Perhaps Miss Kara could consider it an early birthday gift." Remi blinks at her teacher, mind racing to process what she's saying.

"So..." Her lips slowly turn up into a hesitant, disbelieving smile. "I can stay?"

Ms. Simone smiles at her and puts a hand on Remi's shoulder. Relief rockets through her body. The teacher presses a room key into Remi's hand, then pauses. She gives Remi a sober look.

"But Remi... I would consider myself on a tight leash."

Remi's smile drops immediately. She shakes her head up and down in a vigorous nod.

Ms. Simone gives one last smile and reaches up to squeeze Remi's shoulder. "Get some sleep. Big day tomorrow." With that, Ms. Simone leave Remi alone in the lobby. Remi doesn't notice that her teacher doesn't head to the elevator, instead taking a turn to walk deeper into the hotel. No, Remi is too focused on the Luxury Ball in her hand. She watches the way the golden light of the chandelier glistens off its metal surface.

Suddenly Remi isn't tired anymore. She knows she should be - but the fact is muted somehow, pushed aside with the newness of Alola. She can stay.

She gets to stay!

Remi can't fight the excited squeal that escapes her as she jumps in the air. She immediately stills herself as she catches the bewildered looks of the hotel workers. But still, she grins. In the next moment, Remi leaves the hotel, striding out into the Alolan night. She's too wired now to rest. She needs to explore.

Hau`oli is big, but not as big as Hammerlocke. It doesn't have the same cramped, claustrophobic feel, with imperial castle walls on every side. Hau`oli is open and airy, with wide roads and smiling tourists, the ocean air welcoming all to lay down their worries. A wall of graffiti catches her eye - some sort of stylized flame design carelessly thrown over a skull. Remi ponders it for a moment. Dueling artists?

That same, sugary sweet smell catches her attention. Remi and Tack both turn their noses to the air, sniffing.

"New priority," Remi says, catching Tack's eye. "Whatever that is." Not waiting for further instruction, Tack leaps from Remi's shoulder. He pauses to sniff the air again. Then he takes off down the street. Remi sprints after him, laughing, shoes clapping along the pavement.

Remi's out of breath when Tack finally stops in front of a small pink shop with a sign that says Momona Malasadas. Her mouth waters as the smell overwhelms her. Tack barely waits for her to catch up before darting through the open door.

"Alola!" comes the worker's greeting. A few moments later, Remi and Tack are seated at a table, an enormous mound of fried dough, absolutely covered in sugar, placed on the table in front of them.

Remi takes a bite and thinks it's the best thing she's ever eaten. The brown outside is crispy and soft at the same time, sugar dusting off onto Remi's face, her shirt, the table... but the inside. Steaming hot dough practically melts in her mouth. Remi thinks she lets out a moan.

Remi and Tack are on their third malasada when she pulls out the Luxury Ball again. She takes in a slow, deep breath. Then her thumb pushes against the center button. A flash of red fills the store. When it recedes, a tiny, floating green worm is looking at her.

She blinks. It blinks back.

It's huge eyes are close enough to her face that they practically fill her own vision. The Pokémon lets out a soft trilling sound, like a cross between a bird and a cat.

"Uh... hey."

Tack chirps beside her. The Dreepy looks down at Tack and blinks. Then it looks back to her. It makes a little circle in the air, its green body undulating like a ribbon. Remi just looks at it.

...This was what her sister spent all that money on? Remi knew it was supposed to get strong later, but... really?

A server walks past their table then, carrying a plate of steaming malasadas. The Dreepy chitters, then zips through the air. It snatches a malasada up as the server yelps in surprise, before flying back to Remi. It drops its prize on her plate, opens its mouth like a viper, and dives in to feast.

"Miss," comes the server's stern voice. Remi flinches in her seat before looking up at her. "If you can't control your..." She looks down at the Dreepy. Her eyebrows pull together. "...Pokémon... then I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"Uhh, sorry. Just on our way out." Remi hurries up from the table as she speaks, dropping more money on the table. Tack jumps up to her arm and then shoulder, and Remi snatches up the Dreepy, half-eaten malasada still in its jaw. Remi all but sprints from the store.

They find their way to the beach and Remi drops down to the sand. The little Dreepy is still chomps away at the malasada, Tack giving it a curious look. Remi plucks the malasada away.

The Dreepy freezes, like it takes a moment to figure out what just happened. Then it looks up at Remi and hisses.

"You're trouble," she says to the little dragon. It blinks up at her. A sly smile curls its way across Remi's lips. She tears off a piece of the malasada and holds it out to the Dreepy in an open hand. It eagerly snatches the treat up. "I like trouble."

Eventually (after asking multiple people for directions) Remi makes it back to the hotel. When she opens the door to her shared room, she sees a misshapen lump in the far bed - her roommate. Remi can't see features in the dark, but even if she could, she'd doubt she knows the person. Remi hasn't exactly been a social butterfly since transferring to the school - not that Kara would ever let her have a social life, anyway.

Just as well. As long as it's not one of Kara's sycophants, Remi doesn't care who it is. She drops her bag on the remaining bed, grabs her pajamas, and heads for the shower.

She's not sure how, but cleanliness feels like and absolute luxury. By the time she's warm in her bed, wet, dark hair falling down her back in waves, Remi feels the drain of the day pouring over her like water. She flops down onto the mattress, Tack hurrying to take his spot curled up at her side. Remi presses her lips together for a moment. Then she sits up and reaches over to grab the Luxury Ball off of her bedside table. Holding it under the bed's comforter to muffle the flash, Remi lets out Trouble.

He chirps in confusion before Remi pulls away the comforter. Trouble blinks up at her and gives his head a shake. Remi smiles. She offers him a finger. He angles his head down to look at it before his pink tongue darts out against her skin. He looks back up at her and flies in an undulating circle around her head.

Remi and Tack watch Trouble darts further and further away from her around the room, taking in their surroundings. He pauses though, when he notices her roommate for the first time. Remi stills. Trouble drifts down to the form, blinking at it, turning his head this way and that. Remi feels her muscles tense. She starts to lift the Luxury Ball.

"Trouble..." she whispers in warning.

Quick as a flash, he darts down to collide with the body over the blankets, image flickering in the air for a moment. Red light fills the room too late, calling Trouble back to his Luxury Ball.
The night before...

A pair of headphones soars through the air, clattering against the far wall of the tiny dining room.

"Bitch!" The cry is sharp as a young woman straightens from her ducked position, hands grasping for the nearest projectile. She finds an open textbook and hurls it at her twin sister. Remi dives behind the high back of a chair as the book smacks against the wall. Her Pikachu, Tack, lets out an angry chirp before jumping off of Remi's shoulder and onto the table. Tack charges at Kara, electricity sparking from the pouches on its cheeks. Just as he pounces though, an unseen force pushes him back, skidding across the table until he flies off the edge with a yelp. Kara's Meowstic holds Tack against the wall with its psychic abilities, its eyes glowing blue. Kara dashes around the table. Remi's eyes widen and she scrambles to the other side. The sisters stare each other down, anger heating the air between them.

Remi's eyes flick to look over Kara's shoulder, towards the door, and she straightens with a start.

"Dad," she says in a guilty voice. Kara's eyes widens and she snaps her head around to look behind her.

In a smooth motion, Remi jumps over the table to tackle Kara to the ground. The two wrestle there, pulling and scratching, as their Pokémon snipe at each other.

"You're just bitter you weren't chosen!" Remi grits out as she tries to push her sister's face into the floor.

"I'm bitter you cheated!" Kara spat. She shoves her elbow into Remi's gut with a grunt. Remi flinches away, giving the opportunity Kara needed to switch their positions. The next thing she knows, Remi is flat on the ground, Kara sitting on top of her and pulling at her hair. "Everyone knows, Remi! Like you would ever be good enough to -"

In the back of Remi's mind, she registers the sound of the door opening.

In the next moment there's a flash of red, and thick vines are tearing the girls away from each other.

"One day!" their father booms. Remi and Kara are still glaring at each other, chests heaving. "You two have one last day together! You can't go a day without trying to kill each other?"

"It's been like three days since we've tried to kill each other," Remi says. "We're past due."

"Remi." Their father stands still for a moment. Then he sighs, rubbing his hand over his face. His Tangrowth drops them. Remi stumbles as she lands off balance, but manages to catch herself. They stand there in a swelling silence, until inevitably...

"She started it."


"Enough!" their father tries to shout over the re-escalating fight. Remi and Kara try to lunge at each other again, only for the Tangrowth to snatch them up. They wriggle in the air, trying to get at each other.

"She doesn't deserve to go!"

"Girls -"

"I earned my spot, Kara, it's not my fault you didn't make the cut!"

"Remi," their father tries to cut in again, but Remi can't hear him anymore.

"I'm so sick of you always acting like you're better than me! But you and everyone else at that stupid school can hang, because I qualified on my own! Because I'm more than good enough. And I don't need to buy some stupid little dragon to show off to everyone and prove how special I am -"

Kara's eyes widen as she latches onto a new plan of attack. "You've always been jealous of me! You need my clothes, my school - now poor little Remi's sad she doesn't have a dragon of her own?" Kara stops struggling in the air to give her sister a mocking smile. "You couldn't handle it. It'd be too hard, and you'd get bored, and you'd give up like you always do!"

"Thunder shock!"


"That's it!" The Tangrowth drops the girls to the ground, vines shooting out to block the attacks midair. Their father fumes. "Both of you, to your rooms!" he thunders. His eyes shoot to Remi and she can't help but flinch away. "You're not going."

Remi stares at him, stunned. "...What?"

He doesn't repeat himself. "It doesn't matter how good you are. You don't deserve to go." Out of the corner of her eye, Remi sees Kara start to smirk. Remi can feel the burn of tears building behind her eyes. "You need to grow up." His eyes cut to Kara. Remi wants to feel satisfied when she sees her twin flinch, but she's too numb. "Both of you. Go to your rooms." He looks back to Remi. "Unpack."

He pulls out his Tangrowth's Pokeball. There's another flash of red as the Pokémon disappears. Then, without looking at either of his daughters, he marches out of the room. Remi and Kara don't move as they listen to his heavy steps down the hall to his bedroom. They hear his door slam shut.

Remi's eyes are puffy and red as she lays on her bed, Tack curled against her. It's well past midnight. Shame swirls in the pit of her stomach. She's so stupid. She'd been ecstatic when she'd found out that she'd qualified. And proud. That Kara hadn't had been icing on the cake. But then she'd had to go and pick a fight...

Remi groans, bringing the heels of her palms to press into her eyes. Tack nuzzles closer into her side.

I was so close to getting out of here...

The night replays again and again in her mind. The fight with Kara. The anger she'd felt. Her father's decision.

The worst part would be when school started on Monday and all her classmates found out she hadn't gone on the trip to Alola. They'd all stare and whisper, and think that every rumor they'd heard about her cheating had been true. Kara would only confirm it to them. She can see it in her mind's eye, her twin sister smirking at her from across the hall as she whisper's into a friend's ear. That stupid little dragon that can't even do anything yet would be floating over her shoulder.

Remi grits her teeth, another tear flowing down her cheek to drip onto the mattress of her bed.


Remi's hands drop from her eyes to land heavily on the mattress. Remi stares up at her ceiling.

Then she sits up so fast that Tack startles awake beside her. Still sniffling, Remi swings her legs over the side of the bed and forces herself to stand. Tack looks up to her, a question in his eyes.

"We're going to Alola." Then Remi is a flurry of motion, hurrying to stuff her bag full of rumpled clothes that she'd only just put away. Tack darts around the room, grabbing things that he knows she'll need, and then the bag is zipped, Tack is on her shoulder, and Remi is out the door.

She creeps down the hallway past her father's room... then she pauses at Kara's door. Her sister's words echo through her head.

Then Remi grabs the doorknob and carefully opens Kara's door. Her eyes scan the room. Remi tiptoes her way to the immaculately organized desk, Tack giving a confused chirp in her ear. Remi hesitates. Then she snatches up the Luxury Ball on the desk. She freezes and looks to see Kara still sleeping soundly, her Meowstic curled at the foot of her bed.

Before she can second guess herself, Remi creeps back out of Kara's room, and into the night.

Remi is drifting off to sleep in the airport's waiting area when the incessant buzzing of her phohne finally wakes her up. She opens bleary eyes to see it's already well into the morning. Then she startles awake, eyes going wide. She hears Tack chirping in surprise at his second rude awakening.

Tell me I didn't sleep through it!

Remi clambers for her phone. Then she sees the time and breathes a sigh of relief. She's only 15 minutes late, which, really, the chaperone probably expected. She pauses though when she sees a barage of texts, missed calls, and voicemails from her father and Kara. Remi slips the phone back in her pocket. Looking down at Tack, she rubs down his fur.

"Time to go," she whispers. She helps Tack climb up to her shoulder and then they head to the designated meeting spot.

The small group isn't hard to find. The chaperone gives her a look at being late, but none of her classmates acknowledge her more than a passing glance. She thinks she sees one kid raise an eyebrow at her. Whatever.

One stupid plane ride, and then I'm on my own. A giddy smile finds its way to her lips at the thought. Her phone buzzes again in her pocket. Remi hesitates. Then she steels herself. She pulls her phone out to look down at the cluttered screen.

Her father just texted her, but she can't bring herself to hear what he has to say, yet. Instead, she goes to her sister's text messages and scrolls down to the most recent ones.

Sis 7:41 AM

Sis 7:41 AM

Sis 7:41 AM

Sis 7:42 AM

Sis 7:42 AM

Remi smirks down at the texts, imagining the tantrum Kara must be throwing. She types a reply.

You 8:19 AM

Immediately a thought bubble pops on the screen, but before Kara can finish typing, Remi turns off her phone.

"Whoops, sorry, no devices on the plane," Remi hums to herself. Putting her phone away, she looks up again at their little group. Electricity thrums through her and Remi gives a little bounce on her toes. She looks to the chaperone, eager for them to finally go.

I'm doing this. I earned it.

Remi can't stop the small, excited smile on her face.

I'm going to kick so much ass.

Age: 17

Hey everyone! I've got a massive hankering for a Pokemon RP and was wondering if anyone would like to join me? ^.^ I'm pretty flexible with whatever sort of plot people want.

Some General Expectations

-No set word count you have to meet. I get that sometimes a long post is required and sometimes a short post is required. I'd like at the very least a paragraph, hopefully more for most posts. Just write what you want and think is necessary to add to the scene, and make sure I have enough to respond to. I can write massive walls of text when the mood hits so be able to read all those too.
-I do not expect this RP to be your first priority. Life happens! I'm pretty patient if you need a couple days to post and I hope you're patient with me too ^.^ Just let me know if something comes up. Overall I want this to just be a low stress, fun adventure.
-I would prefer to play as humans instead of Pokemon
-My first character would be female though I plan on taking on more characters as the RP goes on
-Romance is fine! FxM FxF or FxQ are all ok though I'm not really one for smut
-Violence gore and swearing are also ok, but shouldn't take away from the plot
-Be willing to push the plot in whichever way you like. This is a partnership, so we both need to work together to move the story.
-I'm not going to heckle you about grammar and spelling, but please just make sure to proofread your post before you submit it. I don't mind typos or weird grammar issues (lord knows I do them all the time =P) but if it's every other word then it can be distracting, y'know?
-I would prefer to RP in a thread, but I’m cool with pms or emails.
-Be ok with your character not being perfect. They're gonna have flaws and fail sometimes and not be liked by everyone.

I think that's everything for my guidelines. As for plot I'm pretty flexible. The only thing is that I'd prefer not to do a standard gym circuit and I'd rather not limit what Pokemon are available by region. Other than that, the sky's the limit!

Some possible ideas:
-Our characters are trying to deal with some evil gang, either are fighting them or were captured by them or even are part of the gang
-One or both characters are gym leaders or members of the Elite 4 and it can either start off being about one character challenging them or dealing with running a town or the region
-Something more slice of life with the characters in school
-Our characters are trapped in a cave or an island
-There's some super special prophesy involving legendaries that our characters are wrapped up in

We could do something involving any of those plot lines, all of them, or something totally unrelated! And obviously I expect the RP and plot to shift over time so it's not like whatever we pick is going to be the only thing we do.

Anyway, feel free to comment here or shoot me a PM if you're interested! Thanks for taking the time to read all this and I hope to have a fun RP with you ^.^
Ooh sounds cool. Interested!
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