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Flora Dellaporta

dorm -> oic quad
mentions: andre @metanoia, aria @akayaofthemoon, johnny @legion02

It was still dark when Flora awoke, the gentle chime of her phone echoing through her apartment. Her eyebrows furrowed as she buried further into her pillow just a bitโ€ฆ then she sighed. Her fingers found her phone, and the apartment was quiet again.

She kept the lights off as she padded about, wood shifting under her bare feet. Flora, as she did most mornings, relied on the ambient light from the lamp posts scattered around campus. She didnโ€™t say a word. There was something mystical about the hours just before dawn - like she was keeping a secret, intruding on a time that she wasnโ€™t quite meant for. Like there was someone sleeping soundly just around the corner. Flora had to be up early, but maybe if she stayed very quiet she could grant them a few extra moments of peace, care for them in her own simple way. Maybe she could creep around the corner, up to their bed, and slip under the covers with them. Nestle against their warmth to chase away the fresh autumn chill. Fall asleep to the rhythm of their breathing.

But the apartment was empty when the sun rose.

Flora was nearly ready for the day - sheโ€™d gotten dressed and washed her face, triple checked her schedule, arranged her textbooks and notebooks in chronological order for her classes, had her tea, edited her ESL essay, and texted her parents good morning - when an email alert popped up on her phone.

can you print this flyer out for the tutoring center and put it up on the bulletin
forgot it was rush and coming in late


Flora opened the file from the head of student learning to see a fairly sparse flyer advertising the tutoring center to students while also calling for tutor applications. She glanced at the time at the top of her screen. Then she typed a quick reply as she went to find her printer.

A half hour later, Flora walked through OICโ€™s pristine campus. Her heart beat a little louder than normal - her eyes were trained straight ahead, like they were unwilling to glance around, take in the flurry of activity that was rush week. She was getting better though; after two weeks of classes, it was becoming easier to pretend that the past summer had never happened, that there wasnโ€™t an abandoned (but often viewed) DM thread in her phone, that she was fine, she was fine, she wasnโ€™t going to cry, she didnโ€™t feel worthless -

No, she was just Flora at school. She went to class. She tutored. Sometimes she sat with Andre in the library, or made polite conversation with the new barista at the cafรฉ.

She had moved on with her life. They both had.

Flora pulled the printed flyer (made more colorful with her collection of highlighters) out of her folder as she came up to the bulletin, to see it already covered in photos of students. Titles were scrawled under each face. Flora pressed her lips together. Sheโ€™d seen some classmates posting online about this. Her eyes scanned them, seeing familiar faces. She hated to admit it, but of the ones she recognized, she could see why their titles had been assigned.

Guilt pooled heavy in her stomach. No, that wasnโ€™t fair. Ms Fortune liked to zoom in on peopleโ€™s flaws, narrowing down their characters until the secrets and shames were all that existed. But just because Andre liked to act unmotivated or Johnny was kind of a jock, didnโ€™t mean they werenโ€™t still good people - they were always kind to Flora, at least. And it definitely didnโ€™t mean they deserved whatever gleeful takedowns the gossip blog had in store. She sighed to herself, grabbing a pin off the board that seemed to be missing a photo -

Flora stopped. Her breath froze in her chest. There, pinned in the bottom left corner like an afterthought, was her photo. A single word labeled her.


She could only stare. Her muscles didnโ€™t seem to work. Her mind either, for that matter. Over and over, frantic, half-formed thoughts circled Flora.

That couldnโ€™t be her. Why her? This was a mistake. Or a prank. Flora didnโ€™t stand out, she didnโ€™t really socialize, there was no reason to focus on her.

Beneath this twisting current though, was a single whisper: they know.

Flora pinned the flyer roughly over her photo, unable to look at it anymore. Her hands were shaking. Her breath was coming in shorter and shorter bursts, as her throat tightened. Her skin didnโ€™t feel right, like it was too tight, like it vibrated.

She had to go. She couldnโ€™t do this here, in front of everyone, she had to hide, get herself back under control, move, move, move -

Flora spun and hurried away from the bulletin board. She didnโ€™t know where she was going - anywhere, as long as it was away.
Remi VS Saki

Vareena Gym

Remi eventually found herself walking down the cobblestone paths of Vareena towards the gym. The sun was lower in the sky - itโ€™d taken time (and a whole lot of water, soap, freshly bought bandages, burning pain, a concerning amount of blood in the sink, and a very horrified reaction from an employee in a convenience store bathroom) for Remi to clean herself up after her little encounter with the Shaymin. There were still blood spatters on her black top, invisible but for the stiff circles dried and hardened in place. Sliding her bomber jacket on had been a slow, painful process, each movement sending angry shocks through her arms. But eventually, sheโ€™d managed to hide the bandages under the pink fabric.

She hid her hands in her pockets as she walked, careful to keep her arms still. She watched the cobblestones pass under her feet.

Were theyโ€ฆ multiplying?

Remi squeezed her eyes shut. When she opened them again, she forced her vision back into focus. It wasnโ€™t easy, what with her steadily growing headache. Remi tightened her jaw. She breathed in. Out again. Counted her steps as she walked.

She had to get out of this damn town.

Looking up, Remi squinted against the sun. The gym grew bigger at the end of the path. She wasnโ€™t leaving until she had the grass badge in hand. Her mind flashed back to the first time she and Tack had battled against Karaโ€™s new Leafeon - her sister hadnโ€™t even told her that sheโ€™d evolved her Eevee. Sheโ€™d wanted it to be a surprise. Remi saw her smug expression the first time Tackโ€™s electric attacks all but bounced off of the grass type.

The gym grew closer. If her breathing grew more and more unsteady, Remi told herself that it was just the anticipation.

There was a group gathered in front of the building. They seemedโ€ฆ agitated. Remi didnโ€™t bother listening to their conversation, but whatever it was about, they couldโ€™ve done it somewhere other than in front of the door. Her eyebrow quirked in irritation as she maneuvered around the crowd. Remi had never been a fan of large groups of people - sheโ€™d learned not to trust them after all the times her sister had convinced her friends of some new way to torment her.

Pain shot through her arm. Remi hissed between her teeth, immediately flinching away from the person sheโ€™d accidentally bumped. She threw a half hearted glare over her shoulder at whoever it was, before hurrying along and through the doors of the gym.

She paused. Just for a moment. Felt the warm, humid air, smelled the wafting scents of flowers and fresh dirt, listened to the chirps of grass Pokemon. Echos of fire reverberated through her arms. Her eyebrows furrowed as she forced her vision into focus again.

Then she marched to the back, ignoring the gym trainers to find the leader. She found a young girl - younger than Remi at least - in what looked to be priestess robes. Remiโ€™s hands tightened into fists in her pockets.

Another breath.

โ€œIโ€™m here for the gym challenge. Available for a match?โ€

Saki finished taking care of the flowers she had been attending to before turning around to meet Remiโ€™s glare. She handed one of her attendants the watering can and bowed lightly in respect to the approaching trainer. โ€œOf course, but may I ask who Iโ€™m speaking to first?โ€

Remi lifted her chin slightly. โ€œRemi Kubo. From Galar.โ€ Her right hand was clutched tight around the two pokeballs in her pocket, warming the smooth material with her heat. Her thumb dug into the ridges of Troubleโ€™s luxury ball. She felt her own pulse thrumming through it.

โ€It is nice to meet you Remi, I am Saki Matsutsuki. Now if you wouldnโ€™t mind following me to the gymโ€™s arena. Battling here could cause stress to these flowers or risk harming them, so I must insist.โ€ Saki said as she began walking towards a more official looking arena with chalked lines indicating the positions that the trainers would take. A referee showed up to stand alongside the arena and officiate. Saki took note of the fact that Remi only brought two pokeballs before selecting three of her own pokemon.

After the referee explained the rules and stipulations of the match, Saki gripped her bulbasaurโ€™s pokeball in her hand. โ€œAre you ready, Remi Kubo?โ€

Fighting to keep the pain off her face, Remi slowly pulled her hand out of her pocket - holding a stark white premier ball. She clicked the center button and it enlarged to fill her hand with a bright metallic ting.

She nodded.

Saki nodded as well before sending Bulbasaur to the field. From the pokeball emerged a litany of blooming flowers before the grass type showed itself. โ€œGood luck to you Remi, let us have a good match!โ€

Remi raised her arm (donโ€™t shake donโ€™t shake donโ€™t shake) and her Pikachu emerged in a flash of light. Tack shook out his fur, taking in his new surroundings. His ears twitched as he sniffed the air - then his head turned sharply to look back at Remi. He sniffed again, nervous electricity dancing from his cheeks. The light ball hanging from his collar glowed. Remi clenched her jaw. She knew what he was smelling on her, even if sheโ€™d spent the better part of an hour trying to scrub it off in a public restroom.

He took a step towards her and Remi shook her head - sending pain shooting through her skull. Remi squeezed her eyes shut. When she opened them again, she nodded in the direction of the Bulbasaur behind him. Tack hesitatedโ€ฆ then obeyed. Getting down on all fours, he waited for the refereeโ€™s whistle.

It cut through the air, high and sharp.

โ€œDouble team!โ€ Tack disappeared.

โ€œPoison powder.โ€ Purple spores erupted out of the bulb on the grass typeโ€™s back, aimed haphazardly at the places where Tack flashed in and out of existence around the field. The doubling effect of Tackโ€™s speed didnโ€™t help Remi as she struggled to keep her vision in focus.

โ€œThunder wave!โ€ From everywhere at once, electricity crackled through the field. The Bulbasaur was caught in a net of golden light, muscles contracting as it cried out.

โ€œCoat the field, Bulbasaur.โ€ Face tense in concentration, two thick vines shot out from its back. Their movements were sudden and jolting, but still they swept through the air - through the poisonous spores still wafting. Soon enough, the entire field was covered in an even blanket, and Tack had nowhere to hide. In the half-moments Tack was visible, Remi saw him wincing and coughing, the poison taking effect. Her arm shot up to cover her mouth as the spores got perilously close to where she stood at the edge of the field - only to immediately gasp as pain shot through her arm, her fresh wounds pulling under her jacket.

โ€œElectro ball,โ€ Remi called through grit teeth. But Tack was still reeling, blinking the poison out of his eyes. An orb of crackling light burst forth from nothing, fired at the Bulbasaur. It was slightly off-center, though. The Bulbasaur was still struggling to move, but it managed to jump to the side enough to narrowly avoid the electro ballโ€™s impact. It crashed into the ground where the Bulbasaur had been.

โ€œReflect,โ€ the gym leader ordered. Strategies and past battles ran through Remiโ€™s foggy mind as a shining rectangle flashed into existence in front of the Bulbasaur. She and Tack had never battled a Bulbasaur before, but she could guess at its strengths - it had nothing on Tackโ€™s mobility. Reflect made sense - hunker down, soften whatever blows it had to take, probably use a health stealing move. If Tackโ€™s strategy was to hit hard and hit fast, then the Bulbasaurโ€™s strategy would be to outlast.

Everything hurt. Her arms felt like fire. She had to fight to focus on the battle, to keep her mind and vision clear. Reflectโ€ฆ reflect was for special moves, wasnโ€™t it? It was hard to remember past the pounding in her head. It would make sense though - electricity had a harder time impacting grass types, but Tackโ€™s most powerful attacks would be electric. Take away the opponentโ€™s offense, in the same way Tack had taken the Bulbasaurโ€™s mobility.

โ€œQuick attack!โ€ Tack darted forward, finally visible just as he collided with his opponent. The blow was softened though - slowed, as heโ€™d had to push through the shining barrier.


There wasnโ€™t time to wallow in her mistake though.

โ€œGiga drain!โ€ Green vines wrapped around Tackโ€™s form, catching him just as he tried to dart away. His sharp cry cut through the air and the vines glowed, stealing his health.

โ€œElectro ball! Break loose!โ€ Tack growled as electricity filled the air. The ball of lightning collided directly into the Bulbasaur, unavoidable at point-blank range. The two little Pokemon went flying apart, Tack landing in front of Remi. He was panting. His ears were still twitching, but they drooped slightly, like he was struggling to stay alert. Between the poison and the giga drain, he didnโ€™t have much fight left in him.

She felt like his mirror - pushing through pain, fighting to stay upright, raging against a losing battle. It was a familiar sensation. Here, in this beautiful gym surrounded by flowers and greenery, Remi looked across at her opponent. She wasnโ€™t Kara. She didnโ€™t know if that disappointed her or not.

Remi pressed her lips together.

Go down swinging.

โ€œElectro ball again!โ€
Tack heard the force in Remiโ€™s voice, the renewed vigor. He answered it with his own. Tack growled as he drew electricity, ozone crackling through the air. The light orb at his collar turned frenetic, lightning dancing wildly with a near blinding intensity.

โ€œGiga drain!โ€ Saki repeated, hoping to stop the attack in its tracks. But of course, it was too slow.

Tackโ€™s electro ball shot through the air, quick as lightning and heavy as thunder. The Bulbasaur didnโ€™t try to dodge - either because it was unable to, or it had simply resigned itself to taking the hit.

When the dust and static cleared, the Bulbasaur was charred and ashy, wincing as electricity thrummed through its body. It looked hurt, to be sure - but its vines had still found their way to Tack, wrapped and glowing around the Pikachuโ€™s limp body.

Remi ignored the pain that lanced through her arm as her hand shot up to recall Tack to his premier ball while simultaneously sending out her Dreepy. Troubleโ€™s serpentine body came spiraling out in a flash of light.

โ€œInfestation,โ€ she ordered before Trouble had even finished materializing. He didnโ€™t need any more than that. Trouble darted through the air like an arrow, straight at the injured Bulbasaur. Just as theyโ€™d practiced in the forest outside of town, the eager little dragon swarmed around his opponent, nibbling and using his ghostly body to dart around and through and out of reach. Disoriented and overwhelmed, the Bulbasaur cried out and swatted wildly in the air with its vines, but it couldnโ€™t seem to land a blow.

Her trembling hand back in her pocket, Remiโ€™s thumb rubbed small, soothing circleโ€™s over the surface of Tackโ€™s premier ball.

Sorry. You did good.

โ€œIt canโ€™t dodge a poison powder!โ€ Saki reminded her Pokemon. The Bulbasaur seemed to hone in on her voice, stilling its movements. Then familiar purple spores shot out from its bulb again, filling the air around it.

Trouble darted away, floating in the air above the field. He coughed, shaking his little head, trying to blink the spores away.

โ€œPush through it!โ€ Remi called. Troubleโ€™s battling experience was limited - heโ€™d never been poisoned before. โ€œTrouble, confuse it!โ€

Trouble looked down at the Bulbasaur, angry at the spores it was still trying to get rid of. He reeled back his head before darting forward again, an eerie ray of ghostly energy filling the air in front of the Bulbasaurโ€™s eyes. It seemed mesmerized, suddenly unsteady on its still paralyzed limbs.

โ€œFocus, Bulbasaur! Find your opponent. Giga drain!โ€ But Remi could tell from the Bulbasaurโ€™s wandering eyes that it was no use. Its vines shot out again - only to curve back and collide with its own face. It collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Trouble spun through the air, giving a victorious chirp. Saki recalled her Bulbasaur, holding the ball up to her face.

โ€œWell done,โ€ she murmured. Putting it away, Saki held up her second pokeball. โ€œLombre, your turn!โ€ Quite possibly the ugliest Pokemon Remi had ever seen appeared on the field. They had Lombre in Galar, of courseโ€ฆ sheโ€™d just worked very hard to never be this close to one. It blinked with its dull, sleepy eyes, smacking its lips like itโ€™d just woken up from a nap.

โ€œInfestation again!โ€ Still wincing through the poison, Trouble obeyed and flew down to swarm the Lombre.

โ€œWater gun!โ€ It took time to aim, as Trouble darted around it head, but eventually the Lombre managed to land a clean shot. Trouble was pushed back. He steadied himself in the air, dripping with water and giving an angry chirp. He flew back at the Lombre to continue his infestation - slower, this time. The poison was still seeping through his spectral body.

โ€œAstonish,โ€ Remi called. Still half-phazed in the Lombreโ€™s body, Troubleโ€™s little arrow-point head appeared directly under the Lombreโ€™s face. The Lombre gave a squawk, stumbling backwards and tripping over a bit of rubble that had been kicked up from Tackโ€™s electro ball. Trouble flew up in the air, pulling himself from the Lombreโ€™s body as he hissed with laughter.

โ€œWater gun.โ€ A jet of water shot up at Trouble, hitting him square in the face - and knocking him out of the sky. It was only Remiโ€™s quick (though muddied, at the moment) reflexes that kept Trouble from falling to the ground.

Her hand was shaking as she held the luxury ball. The battle was over. Sheโ€™d lost. But there was no time - no energy to feel sorry for herself.

As the adrenaline drained from her, Remiโ€™s body seemed to remember itself - her breath was uneven and shallow. Fire seemed to burn through her arms. There was a light sheen of sweat on her face, and the world seemed to be tilting on its axis. Like hell she was passing out in a grass gym.

Stay upright, stay calm, donโ€™t shake, donโ€™t fall, donโ€™t wince, move, move move -

Remi hid her hand back in her jacket pocket and turned on her heel.

โ€œGood match,โ€ she said out of habit. Was her voice steady? Were her words clear? Had she been loud enough?

All of her attention was on placing one foot in front of the other, finding a bathroom, or a corner, or a bed, somewhere she could hide and no one would be able to see her collapse, and her time was running out. She looked over her shoulder at the blurred figure that was Saki - only to see a small patch of red blooming on her jacketโ€™s pink sleeve.


โ€œExpect me back.โ€

โ€œWait!โ€ Saki shouted as she noticed the trainerโ€™s state. โ€œWe keep bandages and ointments on hand, youโ€™re free to them and a private room to rest if you need.โ€ It would be irresponsible of her to simply allow an injured trainer to walk out without offering aid.

โ€œI can clean myself up,โ€ Remi managed - stubborn, but not harsh. Maybe not even audible.

Whatever the response was, Remi could no longer hear it. She couldnโ€™t hear anything past the ringing in her ears. Her face scrunched in pain and concentration as she forced herself forward, through the gym, past the trainers, almost there, almost there -

Finally, finally she made it out of the gym and back into the open air.

And then Remi collapsed.

Remi Kubo

Vareena Town

Vareena was nice enough. A quaint little village at the edge of the forest, like something out of a fairytale. Every inch of it was covered in green - climbing vines blanketing buildings, overflowing pots of flowers on windowsills, little tufts of grass growing between the worn cobblestone paths.

Remi leaned back in her chair outside of a small cafรฉ, closing her eyes as she lifted her face up towards the afternoon sun. Her bag was mostly forgotten at her feet. Her pink bomber jacket, too warm for the day, was tied around her waist, leaving her in a loose black top and leggings. The air was clean and laced with the smells of earth - flowers and young sprouts and stray herbs growing wherever they pleased. She listened to the sound of the coffee grinder from inside the building through the propped open door, only slightly hidden by the acoustic song on the radio.

Remi breathed in slowly. Out again. Yeah... this town was nice enough.

The familiar mewl of a Leafeon jolted Remi upright. She looked around with wide eyes, expecting to see her sister Kara charging at her, full of rage and retribution -

A young man cooed over his Leafeon, playing with its long green ears and saying how different it looked after evolving. Remi let out a breath. Irritation zipped through her.

Stupid grass town.

Tack, her oldest (and only, up until recently) companion sat on the iron table in front of her. He watched her with his head quirked, ears twitching this way and that. Remi scratched under the Pikachu's cheek. He immediately leaned into the touch, moving his head to get a better angle as his foot started to thump against the table. Remi's eyes softened, and she gave a tiny smile. It soon turned mischievous. She brought her other hand up to the other side of Tack's face and started squishing at his cheeks, smooshing them up and down.

The Pikachu gave her a fake glare, making a show of trying to escape. Remi felt the air start to charge. She held back a laugh, contorting his face more and more. The little orb of living lightning, worn on a collar around Tack's neck. Finally, bright sparks of electricity crackled out of Tack's cheeks, tiny and sharp into her palms. Remi pulled back her hands with a hiss as Tack charged across the table to nuzzle his head into her neck.

"Brat," she said with a laugh. "Shoulda named you Cheeky."

Something small and flying chirped over her shoulder. Remi turned to look at the newest member of their little group: Kara's Dreepy. Well, Remi's Dreepy. She'd named him, she'd registered him, she'd even paid for him, so he was hers now. Officially. Legally.

He blinked his big, round eyes at her.

Remi lifted her knuckles to the little dragon, waiting for him to approach. He'd been hers for a couple of days now, and they'd spent time training in the forest outside of town, but he was still getting accustomed to having a trainer. She was pretty sure her sister hadn't even let him out of his ball after purchasing him from the breeder. He tilted his head, translucent body waving in the air. He blinked again though, head shooting up to look at something behind Remi.

A small creature, moving too fast for her to see clearly, darted down the path. The Dreepy took off after it.

"Trouble!" she called after them. Tack chirped excitedly as he looked between his trainer and Trouble's quickly retreating figure. Remi jumped out of her chair, grabbing her bag as she chased after them. She held out Trouble's luxury ball, clicking the center button to call him back. A flash of light shot through the air towards Trouble... only to fade away, unable to reach him. He'd gotten out of range. Remi grit her teeth and sped up, sprinting like she was back on the football pitch - the one place she and Kara had actually worked well together.

"Tack, follow!" she ordered. Quick as a blink, he darted forward and started closing the distance between himself and Trouble. Remi dodged around people, Pokemon, even jumped over a small fence at one point, Trouble's luxury ball still gripped tightly in her hand. The train of running Pokemon made a sharp turn down an alley, and Remi skidded to follow, her fingertips bracing against cobblestone.

The mystery Pokemon burst out of the other side of the alley, Trouble and Tack close on its tail. Finally in range (hopefully) Remi held out the ball again and clicked the button.

Trouble was gone in a flash. Tack still ran after the Pokemon, caught up in the chase.

A building was coming up quickly - small, white, and covered in flowers. The mystery Pokemon stopped suddenly, meeting the wall. It spun to face Tack. Remi slid to a stop behind her Pikachu, finally seeing the other Pokemon clearly.

It was tiny - smaller than Tack, at least. A grass type, maybe part fairy. It looked like a little shrub with a bright pink flower and a white body underneath.

Three things happened in rapid succession: the greenery atop its body began to glow iridescent purple and green and orange, and every color between them - the familiar shine of magical leaf. Then, seeing the attack charging up, Tack let loose one of his own. He was quicker than the little shrub. Before the leaves could fly, a thunder wave crackled through the air and enveloped the Pokemon. The last key moment in this chain of events was Remi shooting her arm out, Tack's premier ball in hand. The flash of light joined with the energy from the thunder wave and magical leaf, and then Tack disappeared.

The Pokemon was paralyzed, but not quickly enough. Shining leaves cut through the air, towards the space Tack had been. The leaves were charged with the Pokemon's energy, though. They found a new target.

Remi gasped. She brought her arms up to block her chest and face. The leaves cut deep - small, razor sharp, and powered by more energy than she'd expected. They sliced at her shoulders and forearms, even managing to cut through the fabric of her shirt. Remi's eyes shot open. Tears pricked in the corners. Her mouth opened in a stunned expression but she was unable to force her voice out.

Kara's Leafeon never hit like that.

Remi was frozen for a moment, like she'd forgotten how to move. The air stung at her fresh cuts as it moved over the severed nerves in her skin. Blood burned tracks down her arms.

Eventually she raised her head slightly. An eye cracked open.

The little Pokemon was laying on the ground, awake but unmoving. Its muscles twitched. A dark eye was focused on her as faint sparks crackled over its fur. Remi's arms relaxed a bit - pain immediately arced through them like lightning. She hissed in a breath and saw the Pokemon flinch.

"Hey, no no, it's ok," she murmured, trying to keep her voice soft and steady. As slowly as she could, Remi lowered herself into a crouch. "You're ok."

Remi couldn't place this Pokemon off the top of her head. But something about it... itched a memory she could name in the back of her mind. Her eyebrows pulled together. She pulled her bag forward only to see the Pokemon flinch again, muscles tensing as it tried to move.

"Shhhhh, it's ok," she said again. Taking care to move more slowly (while trying to move in a way that didn't set her arms on fire... or smear blood on her belongings) she deposited Tack and Troubleโ€™s pokeballs and retrieved a small bag full of berries. Remi's jaw was tight, hands trembling against the pain. Eventually she had a bright red cheri berry in her hand. She'd learned to keep a good amount handy for when Tack and Trouble played together.

Remi held the berry out to the Pokemon. Sure enough, its little black nose twitched. She plucked off the stem and rolled it lightly towards the Pokemon. It slowed just in front of its face. She didn't know how long they both sat there, unmoving. Watching each other. Long enough for the blood on her arms to turn tacky and dark, staining long crimson lines on her arms. Remi figured she looked like a horror film victim by now - but she didn't dare move.

Finally, finally, the Pokemon sniffed at the berry and ate it. Remi felt tension leave her body. She couldn't help the small, stunned smile that found its way onto her face. It finished eating the berry. Remi remembered where she recognized it from - her world religions class, last year. Her eyes widened.


The paralysis melted away. The Shaymin darted up. Remi stood on reflex. It ran along the length of the wall until it turned sharply, diving into a dense, unkempt mess of shrubbery. Remi watched as the leaves rattled, tracing the path of the Shaymin. Eventually, it stilled.

Remi let out a slow breath. Her arms stung in the open air.

Whatโ€ฆ just happened?

It was a few more heartbeats before she moved, the spell of the odd encounter slowly undoing itself. She winced as she reached down to grab her bag off the cobblestones. She paused though when she looked down. Small leaves, some broken, most bloody, littered the ground around her (along with splatters of her own drying blood, making for a gruesome scene). She held a leaf between her fingers, turning it.

Remi slid it into the pocket of her leggings. Then she grabbed her bag and walked back the way she came.
@bartimaeus i'd also like to be notified if you ever open up to more players! i'm a sucker for pokemon.
Pokemon Hoenn: Make a Wish
Name: Haven Dao

Age: 22
Haven was born in Goldenrod City in Johto, the middle of three sisters. Her father left when she was two, just before her sister, Carol, was born. Haven gained a reputation in town when she was younger as a delinquent, whether it was from petty theft, trespassing, or her personal favorite, graffiti. You couldn't walk three blocks of the city's streets without finding her art staining the side of some old corner store or covering up some unfortunate billboard. Her teachers said she was acting out for attention. Her sisters said she was being a brat. Haven said she was just having fun.

One afternoon when she was sixteen the police hauled her back home by the scruff of her neck (again), threatening her with juvie if she didn't get her act together (again). Haven just rolled her eyes and stomped off to her room as her mother frantically apologized and thanked the officers.

That night Haven snuck out of her room to find her mother and her older sister, Rose, sitting at the dining room table. Hiding in the shadows of the hallway, she heard the most heartbreaking thing she could imagine โ€“ her mother, crying tears of frustration and helplessness because the water was going to be turned off, she didn't know which bill she should pay with their diminishing funds that month, and to top it all off her second child seemed dead set on making an already stressful life even harder.

Shame hot in her throat, Haven snuck back up the stairs and started packing. She left before dawn.

A month later her mother received an envelope in the mail with โ‚ฑ30,000.

Haven had channeled her energy into her art, traveling from town to town for inspiration and selling her art at various markets. Eventually, she even started getting commissions โ€“ first from local businesses needing a painting to brighten up their walls (or sometimes from students looking to get out of doing their art projects for class) then from town councils, asking for some street art ('graffiti' was too crude a term, apparently) to add color to the asphalt and cement streets. She wasn't a spectacular battler (she'd gone to a standard academic school before she'd dropped out, rather than one that specialized in pokemon careers and had learned most of her skills watching other kids on the streets for fun and had stopped by a gym or two on her travels), but she was decent enough to make some extra cash from that on the side and relieve stress when an art block hit.

It took her almost a year to finally work up the nerve to go home. She'd sent an envelope of money every month to help out her mom. She wasn't causing (much) trouble anymore. She'd technically ran away from home leaving no way to contact her and had probably worried her mother half to death. Butโ€ฆ her mom wouldn't be too mad, right?

Haven knocked on the door to her family's shabby apartment. Rose opened the door and stared for a moment at her wayward little sister. Then she smacked Haven on the back of the head and pulled her into a tight hug. Her mom was an overjoyed, sobbing mess.

Haven felt a small bubble of pride rise up in her to see that the apartment, while still old and ramshackle, seemed less like it would fall apart at any moment. There was the same old, dirty refrigerator, but it was stocked full of food. A new faucet had been installed on the sink that had only ever managed to trickle out a thin stream of water before she left.

Her room had been left exactly the same, waiting for her return.

Haven stayed home for a happy week (full of lectures and hugs alike from her family) before she started feeling restless. The wandering life had suited her, she discovered. She liked exploring the region, making art, seeing what the world had to offer.

Her mother was against it. She wanted Haven back home and back in school.

Naturally, Haven was gone that night, out the door with a note on the counter.

Haven still calls her family and sends them a share of her earnings every month. She's sure to visit every once in a while, as well. After she'd explored every corner of Johto she made her way to Kanto for two and a half years before finally deciding to head to Hoenn. The art institute there is famous, even in other regions. Getting something displayed there would put her on a whole new level in the art community, she knows, and she never could resist a challenge. And if not, then maybe she could get some inspiration, at least.


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