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everyone shut up im playing kingdom hearts 3
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back on my bullshit!
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i like to rp. that's really all there is to say.

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Aya stopped a step early, nearly faltering at Professor Pierce’s unimpressed gaze and stern aura. She hesitated as her eyes flicked between the two men. She sucked in her bottom lip. Then -

“It’s about last night.” When no one cut her off, she continued, “The monster we fought - it wasn’t one of Uná’s illusions. It was something called a Sluagh.”

Scythes for teeth, bloodshot eyes, claws ripping into her very soul until there was nothing but fire -

“It was real - but it wasn’t from here. This plane, I mean.” She looked between the professors again, fingers nervously twisting in front of her body. It sounded delusional - some fairytale monster emerging from the pages of a book. “It was here for Uná. And she’s-” The memories were clearer now, of Uná, somehow wrong, darker, full of secrets and threats. “I don’t know how to explain it. But on the other side, there’s... I can feel this... buzzing, or building...” Aya’s eyebrows furrowed as she tried to find the words. All the while she felt like an idiot, like they were going to brush her off as a traumatized girl still seeing nightmares. And maybe that’s all she was. But who else was she to turn to, other than the head of the school that’d taken them all in?

“Whatever that monster was, or wherever it came from... more are coming.”

Rolling smoke and a man with a wicked smile...

She looked up at Dean Ashford, thoughts swimming with worry for her friend.

“They’re looking for Uná. And... I don’t think she knows it, but part of her wants to find them, too.”
@PapaOso welcome back! Remind me to tell you the story of the last haemokinetic named Sebastian that Aya encountered...

Though still tired and weary, Aya managed to keep herself upright during their lecture. Her headache had dulled to a soft thumping, almost easy to ignore -- it turned out that her true issue (beyond the trauma of the previous night) had been dehydration. After waking up in her room, Aya had found her half-filled water bottle discarded on her bedside table and hadn't been able to drain it fast enough. Even now, standing in the danger room among her classmates, her throat felt dry.

Or maybe it was just the way Dean Ashford met her gaze, brown eyes pinning her in place as he questioned their -- her -- motives for being at the school, that had her tongue tasting like cotton in her mouth.

...Why had she come to the academy?

To never use her powers again. Something rang hollow. Ashford and Pierce left the room, words still echoing in the air: Don't squander your opportunity.

Aya wasn't sure why she felt guilty. Opportunity? What about the opportunity to have a normal, uncomplicated life? The opportunity to not have to worry about monsters and criminals, to... to simply live? More and more, it felt like she was chasing something that had never been in her reach to begin with.

Images of the night before flashed in her mind again, visceral and frightening. Aya pressed her lips together. Her dream floated through her thoughts, red eyes, teeth, smoke, and a dark smile. Aya hesitated. Then she turned and slipped through the crowd of students and out the door.

She quickened her pace to catch up to the two figures making their way down the hallway.

"Dean Ashford," she called, trying not to sound timid. "I'm -- I'm sorry, but could I please talk to you about something? Privately?"

Aya blinked through her pounding headache at the figures in the distance. Uná. She was with someone else -- another girl -- and rushing towards her. Something Aya couldn't explain wrapped around her. She wanted to flinch back, away from her roommate.

Flashes of Uná appeared in her mind, dark eyed and wrong.

But before she could react, the younger girl was fluttering in front of her.

"Uná --" Aya cut herself off, catching herself against the wall. "You're... you're ok." Images flashed through her mind -- a pale man. A monster. Uná.

Smoke and a man with a dark, wicked smile. A headache shot through her temple, and Aya brought her hand up to her head.

"What happened?"

It wasn't sleep so much as it was emptiness. A long, aching, consuming darkness that seemed to take up her entire reality, not even the stars of her astral world dotting her vision. It surrounded her, filled her up. Aya couldn't tell if she was in it, or was the darkness herself.

Nothing felt right -- like she was wearing her body wrong, skin stretched odly over muscle that wasn't attached correctly to her bones. With every breath, her organs fought for space in her chest, moving beneath her ribs in an attempt to fit.

Sometimes there was pain. It burned her like fire, turning her to ash, black dust disolving into the nothing around her. It pierced her chest, ran her through, and all Aya wanted to do was scream. But she couldn't. She didn't have a mouth. Or a face, or a body. She had no way to open herself up, no vocal chords to stretch raw.

Bloodshot eyes flashed into reality. Then great yellow fangs. Grey skin stretched too tightly over a grotesque figure. It raised its clawed hand to run her through, eyes hungry for whatever pain it could harvest.

Then there was the steady beeping of a heart monitor, and the too clean smell of hospitals. Her father's withered hand, grey skin laying loosely over the sharp outline of his skeleton.

"W-what did you do?" a voice she tried to forget rang in her ears. "Put me back, freak!"

Pink eyes, yellow fangs, grey skin, panicked voice, it all flooded her nothingness, and she couldn't scream, she couldn't feel, there was only --


Aya stood in a world made of stardust. Smoke like billowing galaxies rolled along the floor. A man emerged, with dark eyes and a smile that turned Aya's blood to ice. Then there was a throne. He took his seat, perfectly at home, but -- no. No, this was wrong. He opened his mouth to speak, his sly smile still curling his mouth, looking to all the world like an apex predator. But he had no voice. Aya's eyebrows crinkled together, and she stepped forward --

Pain weighed her down like a blanket, a steady, even pressure that kept her from moving. Her face scrunched up -- she had a face. Slowly, muscle by muscle, Aya became aware of her body again. Everything hurt. But it was nothing compared to the thunderous pounding in her head, like boulders piled on top of her temple until her skull cracked open. A tiny groan tried to escape her, but her throat was too dry for sound -- instead there was only a weak hiss of air.

There was the steady beeping of a heart monitor. For a moment, Aya didn't remember where she was -- that sound meant a hospital in Honolulu. Her father in bed, covered in wires, too skinny, hollowed out eyes, barely able to move.

It meant looking down at her own body, as Kainoa screamed and sobbed at her to put him back.

It meant she was helpless.

Aya managed to peel her eyes open, only to immediately regret it. The fluorescent light high above her head stabbed at her, and Aya flinched her eyes closed again. Regaining control of her body through the pain and the disorientation was a slow, agonizing process. But eventually, after what might've been minutes or hours, Aya was sitting up in bed, blinking blearilly down at herself. Needles stuck out of her arms, monitoring her, feeding her, keeping her hydrated. The sight of them was too familiar. It made her want to throw up.

She flinched as she removed each needle from her arm, watching pinpricks of blood ooze up from under her skin. When she looked down at herself after pushing away the thin hospital blanket, she found she was still in her wrinkled blue dress, though she was barefoot now. Aya nearly collapsed when her feet hit the chilly linoleum floor. She barely managed to catch herself on the heart monitor, now beeping incessantly to alert her that no data was being collected. The sound pierced her ears, each beep another stab at her brain.

Eventually Aya managed to stand on her shaky legs, and she made her way out of Ashford Academy's medical wing. She didn't know where she was going. She just couldn't be here.
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i'm good with it, and i'd love to see a finished product! (if you need a high-pitched female voice you can feel free to use mine lol)

i'm a creative media student too with experience in videography and sound design, so lmk if you want any help!
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happy quarantine yall
Age: 142
Height: 5'8"
Species: Kitsune -- Sound Family
Physical Abnormalities: 3, 6, 9, damn she fine.
Kitsune Traits:
  • Shapeshifting
    • Kiko is able to shift between fox and human forms at will, holding either one indefinitely. She will however revert to her fox form when seriously injured or under great distress.
  • Fox Fire
    • Kiko can summon floating orbs of blue fire that have a mild hypnotizing affect on those who see them and drawing them towards it.
  • Sound-Based Illusion
    • As a kitsune from the Sound family, Kiko specializes in sound-illusions. Her singing voice also has a similar hypnotic effect as her fire.
  • Soul Pearl
    • Like all kitsune, Kiko's soul is held in a large white pearl that hangs on an iron chain around her neck. Separation from her pearl for an extended period of time would be fatal.
  • Longevity
    • Though Kiko is about as strong as the average human and just as prone to injury, kitsune are difficult to kill. She can heal at a slightly accelerated rate, and she reverts to her fox form to recover from injuries that would be otherwise fatal.
Kiri Hae

Interactions: N/A
Location: Where She Doesn't Belong

Kiri’s staff cut through the air, readying a blow. But she was too late. Samael was gone. Then the portal swallowed Kiri whole.

The next few moments were a blur. Suddenly Kiri was immovable and fluid at once, not able to control her body and helpless to the push and pull around her. Flits of lights and color appeared and disappeared, strange phantom images that she couldn't make out. And then it was over.

Kiri's staff cut through the air. Samael was gone. Instead, it moved through open space. Kiri blinked at this new reality, fighting to right herself, stop her own momentum. The air caught in her lungs, thick and wrong. She took in a breath, stopped short.

Something enormous shot past her -- white light that grew until it blinded her only to disappear a second later, a roar like thunder that vibrated her very bones, wind blowing her clumps of hair and her filthy crimson cloak after it with such force that it knocked Kiri off balance, her footing uneven on the hard, smooth ground. A smell like smoke hit her face. Kiri inhaled to cough only to find she couldn't get enough air in.

She was six years old, bone thin and pale, sitting up in bed in the dim light of her room, stuggling to breathe as a nurse rubbed her back and held hot tea up to her face, she was wheezing coughing shecouldn'tbreathe--

That same grinding roar sounded again, paired with what sounded like a blaring horn, growing in volume and pitch. Kiri spun, still unsteady, in time to see another bright monstrocity shoot past her. She stumbled back, knuckles white around her staff. Just like before, the light disappeared, the raucous cries growing softer and lower again. There was the sound of someone -- a human -- shouting but Kiri couldn't make out the words.

Another roar. Another horn. Kiri looked up, squinting at bright white light on the face of something as tall as a horse and four times as wide. It was charging straight for her. Kiri's staff shot up across her chest. She tried to jump to the side, just as it swerved in the opposite direction, letting out a high pitched screech. It curved around her before speeding off and Kiri stumbled back. Again, there was that wave of dirt and smoke. Kiri coughed, pressure growing in her chest. She took another step back. The soaking red cloak wrapped around her legs. Her heel hit something hard -- a raised section of the ground, like a stone step -- and Kiri fell back, her spine landing hard against what felt like smooth brick. Her head cracked against the ground.

Kiri gasped -- or she tried to. She laid on the ground, aching, soaked through with mud, blood, sweat, and rotting remains of the battle that wasn't done yet -- she had to get up, she had to keep going she --

She coughed. Kiri tried to breathe in but her chest was tight, under some crushing phantom weight, and she couldn't manage more than a few whisps of thick air. She couldn't stop coughing. Her vision started to swim as she stared up at the sky. There were lights all around her, shining off of smooth metalic cliff-faces -- buildings, or strutures, or --

Her breath escaped her chest with a small, shaking wheeze. She hadn't made that sound in years.

No no no nonononononono

Not again, she was better than this, she'd outgrown this. Her grip tightened around her staff where it'd been thrown to her side. Coughs continued to wrack her body and she squeezed her eyes shut. What was this? A spell? Samael had dones something to her, had made her --

Another wheeze. It was happening almost every breath now, her head swimming from the lack of air. She had to... she just had to get through this. Her frantic mind grasped at memories. She'd had these episodes hundred of times before.

Hot tea. Slow breaths. Meditation. Her nurse's ointment.

The soft sheets of her bed wrinkled in her tiny fists.

Light filtering through the seam where her curtains didn't quite meet.

Her uncle telling her to straighten up, put her hands on top of her head, slow her heart rate.

Her father's voice echoing over the sound of her coughing, ordering that she be taken back to her room.

Tears sprung to her eyes as another wave of coughing overtook her. The roar of those things that'd nearly run her over faded into the background, over taken by the sound of Kiri's frantic heart and the weak sound of her breath.
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