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Current therapy sounds like a good investment
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everyone shut up im playing kingdom hearts 3
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back on my bullshit!
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hmm i should get back into this rp thing...
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i like to rp. that's really all there is to say.

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Location: Armadillo


Temp pressed her lips together, her fire already starting to cool as Roz reprimanded her. Guilt was a small, quiet thing that crawled up her throat. Roz was... she was good to her. Patient. Gave her more chances than she shoulda.

Roz was fretting over the cut that Temp had already forgotten about. Temp clenched her jaw to hold back her immediate response – that she’d made it this long without a mother and didn’t need one now. She breathed out slow. Roz didn’t deserve that.

”Ya didn’t exactly hire me for my customer service skills,” she mumbled half heartedly. She took the towel and ice from her boss before Roz could even attempt to treat her. ”...Sorry. Won’t shout unless someone deserves it.” Her voice was soft, tempering some of her usual gruffness. Temp looked down at the towel in her hand, the ice’s chill already starting to seep through it. She tapped it twice against her other hand, listening to the rattle of ice. ”I cost you customers, take it out of my pay or cut me loose.” She glanced up at Roz for the briefest of moments.

Then she moved past her, back towards the front of the saloon. ”Bar’s unmanned,” she mumbled. She pressed the towel up to her brow for Roz’s sake, feeling the ice bite into her skin.

Back in the front, Temp moved to the bar. Her eyes found the woman she’d snapped at. Temp gave a quiet sigh. Looked away. Back at the woman. ”What’ll ya have?” It was the closest she was going to get to an apology.
Location: Armadillo


Temp glanced up at the figure approaching the bar. She raised her eyebrow at the runt, already reaching for a water-spotted glass to get her some water, when a man butted in. Temp’s eyes narrowed at the implication that she'd give a kid liquor. Snatching the money with more force than necessary, she opened her mouth to tell the bastard off when --


Temp's eyes widened, adrenaline immediately spiking. Her hand was quick to find the wooden bat stashed under the bar, and then she was jumping over it to follow the man out the door. She stopped though, in the doorway. Guns were already drawn. A short series of shots. Then there were two new bodies dropped to the ground, to join the two that were already there. Temp's stomach churned. Four growing pools of crimson blood stained the dusty ground. Death. There was something in her gut like nausea... like fear. Then the man from the bar -- the only man left standing -- turned, and all of Temp's emotions were pushed down, remolded into something easier for her to process.

She glared. Temp spun n her heel and stomped back to the bar, walking behind it properly instead of vaulting over it. She all but threw the bat back down under the bar. She grabbed the large bottle of lemonade that rested against the back wall and poued it into the glass she'd set down in front of the kid, wondering how hard she'd have to hit someone in the head with it to drop 'em. The man returned and if Temp could've set the bar on fire with her gaze, then she reckoned she would've been seeing smoke by now. She capped the bottle and slammed it down.

"You killed them, you get the damned preacher," she all but spat at the man. Makes a fucking mess and can't even bother to clean it up. Anger bubbled in Temp's blood. Her hand snapped out to grab the empty glass from his hand and drop it roughly on the counter behind the bar.

"What?" she suddenly demanded of the new face that had perched itself in front of her.
holy shit it's finally Done.

progress is being made, i swear.

ignore this for now, i'm just posting it as i work on it so i don't have to worry about losing the image links

you say pokemon, i come running. i'll get my cs up in the next couple days!
Location: Armadillo

Son of a half-cocked horse fucker, fuck fuck fuckfuckfuck--

Temp barelled through the streets of Armadillo, dust billowing up from her feet like smoke off an open fire.

"For fuck's sake, move!" she shouted at a frail old woman, laden down with packages of groceries. The old woman blinked up blearily behind her glasses, just in time to see Temp dodge around her and continue down the road. Forty-seven seconds of sprinting later, the door to the Armadillo Saloon opend and in crashed a short figure with a flop of short, messy hair, a collared shirt and a waistcoat, and a scabbed over cut at the eyebrow with a purple-green blossom of a bruise sprouting around it.

Temp ran past her boss (Ahh, shit-balls.) to the bar, placed a hand on top of it, and vaulted over to the other side, barely stopping herself from ramming into the liquor cabinet... too hard. Glass bottles rattled precariously...

And then a full bottle of amber whiskey toppled over.

Temp's eyes widened. "Shit!--" Her hand shot out to catch the bottle just in time, turning it quickly in her hand to slam it upright on the bar behind her.

Temp's entire body sagged in relief. Her chest heaved up and down, lungs fighting for air.

There was the sound of a single pair of hands clapping beside her. Temp looked up to glare from under her hair at her coworker, Jessie.

"Not late," Temp muttered.

Jessie raised an eyebrow. "Yeah? Suppose 's why you were so leisurely in gettin' here then."

Temp opened her mouth to tell Jessie to shove it up her daddy's piss-hole. But then she saw Roz's figure out of the corner of her eye. She snapped her mouth shut and turned to the nearest customer, still panting from the run.

There was a whisp of a girl on the other side of the counter, delicate fingers worrying each other, and eyes looking at the ground, the bar, the ceiling... anywhere but at another person. Temp's eyes softened a bit. She recognized the girl -- some stray Roz'd taken in like an underfed cat. She had some.... dumb flowery name. Daffodile or Pansy or something.

"Need somethin'?" Temp blurted. The little flower jumped at the words.

"The, uh... Miss Roz says I need to..." Temp sighed and rolled her eyes, though it was more for show than any actual annoyance.

"Jess," Temp said over her shoulder, interrupting Jessie's conversation with a customer. Jessie stopped and shot a mild glare back at her. "Go show the new girl where the food's at."

"There a reason you can't do that?"

"Someone needs to serve drinks that don't taste like piss." Jessie scowled, but pushed herself up from the bar nonetheless. She paused though, as she passed by Temp, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Keep an eye out," she murmured. "Somethin' in the air today got everyone rowdier than normal." Temp nodded, moving to put the bottle of whiskey back up on the shelf. "Come on sweetness, let's put some fat on ya," Jessie said to the new girl, leading her back towards the kitchen.
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