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Nursing School Rule #2: If it's wet and it's not yours, use gloves.
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Nursing School Rule #4: The textbook and the teacher are always right, even when they disagree.
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Gotta love nursing in college, where you're behind before the course even starts.
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After 38 hours, power is finally back in our neighbourhood. I hate Canadian weather sometimes.


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First off, to introduce myself. My name is Chris. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read a little blurb about my life. I am a 20 year old guy living in the beautiful, arctic tundra known as Canada. I am currently in my first year of Practical Nursing at college. I am also an avid photographer, a role-player (duh) and a gamer. While I started life here on the guild back in early 2018, I am no stranger to role-playing. I started out role-playing in various video games before I got serious and jumped head first into both forum role-play and 1x1s in Skype/Google Docs.

My main preferred settings for role-playing are, but not limited to: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Military, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Apocalypse. I personally don't do fan-fictions, I only write for my OCs. Below, you'll find a link to my character stash for the Guild.

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God this was certainly a week from hell, and making a deal with el diablo certainly hadn’t helped her at all. In fact, it had likely made things worse. Ever since the big announcement to him on homecoming night, things between April and Santiago had been anything but smooth sailing. The day of the assembly--the day she had told her father the big news--April had asked him to come with her to the ultrasound appointment. What she expected to happen was for Santiago to finally get properly involved, perhaps to grow up a bit. What actually happened? Santiago did what he had done at homecoming. Radio silence for a few days. Absolutely no contact no matter how many times she called or texted him.

When he did finally meet up with her, Santiago had wanted to discuss a few changes to keep the child safe. It was a fair and good thought, right up until he actually voiced these changes. While skipping out on Kavi’s party wasn’t the end of the world, Santi had the audacity to ask her to discontinue her favourite hobby. To say that April responded poorly was a gross understatement. “Fuck no I’m not going to stop racing! I’m on a fucking track Santi, there’s very little that could actually go wrong! And what about you? Are you gonna stop taking whatever shit you put into your body? What fucking compromises are you gonna make? Because right now? Right now it feels like this is all on me and I’m so done with your shit. The walking away and going silent is driving me insane! What’s next, are you gonna ghost from the delivery room in 6 months?” Once Santi had burst that damn, there was no stopping his Lils from laying into him.

There was a reason her father called her Tiger Lily.

April replayed the events over and over in her head as she carefully applied the dark eyeliner around her eyes, everytime getting more and more frustrated with Santiago. Maybe it would never really work between them? Was she just kidding herself all this time because of her childish infatuation with the devil of Palm Beach, Florida? “God I hope not…” she muttered to herself. “Its a little late to turn back now April.”

With a quick twirl, she looked herself up and down in the tall mirror that stood before her, the short leather cape flapping behind her. The brunette had dyed her hair in the days before, and her hair was now closer to black than ever before. It was still evident enough that it had once been brown, but it no longer shone in the light like it once had. “And now for the final touch…” April said quietly, reaching down to the case on the table to her right that contained her colored contact lenses. Gone were the innocent brown eyes of April Foster, replaced by the bloodshot and yellow-orange eyes of a creature of the night.

At least with Halloween, she could hide herself behind a costume and no one else would be the wiser about her current...predicament. That is, assuming Santiago hadn’t told everyone by now.

April glanced at the time. Just enough time to make it to Kavi’s before it got too busy. Perfect. She quickly made her way downstairs and grabbed the keys to her signature Maserati before exiting the house into the garage. As she had done hundreds of times before, April slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine. With the quick press of the gas pedal, the arctic-white sports car shot out of the driveway and towards Kavi’s house.

As she pulled up onto the side of the road in front of Kavi’s house and got out of the car, she looked up to see Santiago and what looked to be Lucas just entering the house. “Never fully agreed to not come. His loss.” she shrugged, locking the car before walking up to the house on her own. As Santiago yelled out within, April snuck in behind him and quickly paced off to the side out of his direct view. It was about time she enjoyed herself without worrying about what the almighty *El Diablo* had his dick stuck into.

April grabbed an icy cold can of ginger ale from a cooler before cracking it open with a satisfying snap. She wasn’t an idiot. Alcohol was off the table tonight. Just as she took a sip, she noticed the other two members of the Unholy Trinity--Julie and Chanel--and that one girl Aaliyah joining the party. With a devious smile, April wandered over to the group glanced across the trio before her. “Evening ladies, happy Halloween! Looking stunning as usual, including...Aaliyah was it?” she looked to the Undead Queen. “Sorry I couldn’t make it to your little get together but, wow! Your costumes look incredible!”

April at on the end of her bed and stared into the mirror. Her eyes hadn’t moved from the ever-growing bulge in her stomach for a good five minutes. All she could think about was how hard this was getting to hide. She was gonna have to tell her dad.


April hopped down from her bed and took in a deep breath, looking her reflection right in the eyes. “This is all on you. You let this happen. Now you have to deal with the aftermath.” she spoke quietly to herself before shaking her head. Well, what better time to let her father know than before school where she could escape? With another deep breath, she turned from the mirror and left her room. Maybe this time she wouldn’t find her father ass-naked with another woman.

“Hey dad?” she called out. No response. With a shrug she paced into the kitchen to pour herself a coffee, her bare feet making little noise on the hardwood flooring. As she picked up the now full mug of coffee, her attention turned to a noise coming from the garage. Turning on her heel, April proceeded outside and around to the three car garage where she saw her father elbow deep in engine bay of his platinum coloured Aston Martin DB11.

“There you are. What gives? You’re never up this early in the garage.” April smiled at him, pacing around to the front of the car where Jamie Foster stood.

“Just felt like the kind of day to work on the car, that's all….Wait, shouldn’t you be at school by now?” Jamie pulled his hand out from the car and turned to his daughter, his eyes skeptical. Well, there was her cover blown.

“Y-yeah..” she stumbled over her words “There’s...something I need to tell you.” April’s hands were like ice and her face was starting to feel the same. There was no turning back now. “Dad...I’m...I’m pregnant.” And there it was. Out in the world to the person she was most terrified to tell.

The silence between the two of them was deafening. There were no words spoken from either of them.

And then Jamie did something that completely took April by surprise. Instead of yelling at her or grounding her for eternity, Jamie Foster stepped forward and took his only daughter into a tight embrace. There was no judgement, no anger and no frustration shown by her father. Nothing but unconditional love.

“I...I don’t get’re not mad?” April asked, only hugging her father a few moments later once the shock had worn off.

“I’ve suspected it for a while...and the look between you and Fernandez was unmistakable back on the first day of school. I knew you two were involved with each other in some way. Admittedly this wasn’t something I was expecting...but I was a teenager way back. I get it.” Her father let go of her slowly, placing both of his hands on her shoulders. “I will be talking to Santiago at some point two have a lot to take care of in the coming months and he’s gonna be a part of it. I will make sure of it.”

April nodded, still looking a bit sheepish in front of her father. “I’m probably gonna need a late note for school too.” She said quietly.

Jamie laughed in response with a nod, going to walk back inside of the house. “This being late to school thing better not become commonplace young lady. Don’t make a habit of it, are we clear?” he called out.

“Perfectly clear, dad!” she yelled out in reply, going to start up her car.

Fifteen minutes later April rolled into the parking lot, revving her engine a bit as Santiago came into view in the courtyard. The brunette hastily parked the car and walked over to him. Part of her was mad at him for ignoring her, but part of her understood. It was a lot to take in at once. As she caught his gaze, April sent a warm smile at him as she tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Buenos días mi amor.” She said, sitting down across from him. “Everything alright?”

Starring Chanel | April | Julie

April’s signature white Maserati roared through the small suburban streets as she made her way to Julie’s house first, the phone still ringing on her end of the call. “Come on Julie, pick up!” she practically shouted, coming to a stop at an intersection. After looking both ways, she slammed down the throttle and took off once again, only slowing down as she passed her red-headed friend’s house. She looked down at her phone and raised a brow. April hadn’t noticed the voicemail originally, but it looked to have been there for a good ten minutes now. Damn it.

After listening to the rather awkwardly worded voicemail, April pulled a quick three point turn in her car and took off back toward Chanel’s house. As it came into view, she slowed down and drove like a relatively normal person who wasn’t just about to explode with emotions, before pulling into the driveway slowly. She quickly straightened her hair in the visor mirror above her before exiting the car, walking right up to Chanel’s front door. With a deep inhale, she calmed herself back down a bit before pressing the doorbell. “Here goes nothing.” she muttered to herself.

Only about a half of a second had gone by before the door was suddenly pulled open; a freshly showered and neatly groomed Chanel Martin stood in the doorway, her hand placed on her hip and a bright smile spread wide across her face. "Well, long time no see, stranger," the young woman said with a laugh as she quickly pulled April into a hug and pushed the door closed behind her, "I missed you at the homecoming dance, girl. We could've taken some pics together or something." As soon as Chanel had released the girl from her embrace, she began to lead the way back to the kitchen. It was upon their entrance that the pair would be able to spot an assortment of snacks and sweets that Julie and Chanel had laid out on the counter not too long ago. "Julie already told you about the good news in the voicemail, I think... right, Julie?"

Julie’s head snapped up from her phone when she heard the two girls enter. A nervous smile lighting up her face. “Oh, yes… I think I did!” She stood up and walked over to the snacks taking a few skittles and popping them in her mouth. Not really because she was craving the sugary sweet taffy but mostly she wanted her mouth to be busy with something else to do than talk. But, alas the skittles only lasted so long. “So uhm…” she began as she fiddled with her phone. “You said you had something to tell us? Something about your dad’s new flame?” she asked confused to why this was important for April to tell them.

April smiled to Chanel before being led into the kitchen. She nodded to Julie before taking a few Skittles for herself. As the candy flavour filled her mouth, she looked up to Julie and inhaled deeply. She’d had it with the awkwardness between herself and the redhead, it was time to break the ice once again and rid themselves of whatever tension hung between April and Julie. “Before anything, I want to clear the air between us Julie. We’ve been silently avoiding the topic for ages now and I’m tired of it hanging above me.” she’d look to Julie, April’s hands playing with the hem of her own t-shirt nervously. This was not what she had planned on doing and had no game plan to drive the conversation. She was winging it.

“I want to apologize Julie...for taking Santi’s side over yours way back even though he treated you like shit. I don’t know why I did, but I’m sorry.” Hopefully that was enough. It’s all she had.

This was something that Julie had been waiting for almost their whole high school career. And now that it was happening, she couldn’t keep the shock of her face. “Oh… uhm.” She began looking to Chanel for some sort of help. But this was between her and April and it was time. “You know April. I’ve had this conversation in my head so many times.” she looked down at her hands as they fidgeted on the countertop. “But I don’t think we need to go any further. I’ve put it behind me now.” It was true she couldn’t care less what Santiago did or said now, but hearing April apologizing did make her heart lighten. Julie looked at her friend with a warm smile. “I’m just glad to have my friend back.” The redhead whispered holding back the tears she could feel building up in her eyes. She stood up and closed the distance between them and embraced April in a long overdue hug.

“Aw, well would you look at that,” Chanel said with a cheesy grin as she stood by the snack counter and watched her two best friends hug it out, “It’s about time you guys got your shit together. For a while I thought I was gonna have to lock you two in my bedroom until everything was resolved.” And although Chanel let out a chuckle as she stated that last sentence, she was being completely candid and meant every word that she had said. Although Chanel would always try to lighten the mood and contribute positive energy to the group, a certain tension had been lingering heavily in the air whenever the trio would hang around one another; it would’ve only been a matter of time before Chanel would snap.

When they finally pulled away from each other Julie sat back down dabbing at her eyes letting out a small laugh. “Well, So I’m guessing that wasn’t the only thing you came here for. What was so important?”

“Yeah, what did you have to tell us?” Chanel said as she reached for an unopened bag of gummy bears and took a seat next to Julie. “Something about your pop’s new fling, right? He didn’t get her knocked up, did he?” She said jokingly.

April went quiet following the questions from the two of them, looking down at the floor for a moment to collect her thoughts. “Yeah, as I was leaving this morning I caught him ass-naked in the living room with a woman. I didn’t even ask, just got out of there as quick as possible.” She laughed nervously, shaking her head as the images of the morning ran through her mind.

“That’s not actually my big news though.’ she said quietly, looking to both of her friends. “This can not...will not leave this room, promise?” The brunette waited for an answer from each of them. Life-changing news was not something she took lightly and if this spread through the school, it’d only be a matter of time before her father found out from other sources. She had to stay on top of the situation. April nervously grabbed a handful of Skittles and snacked on them, once again breaking eye contact from her two best friends to look at the floor.

Julie’s eyebrows knitted together as she watched her friend twisted and turned where she stood. She nodded slowly and shot Chanel a concerned look before turning back towards April “Sure… of- of course…” she sputtered.

“Of course, I promise…” Chanel said slowly as she returned Julie’s concerned look with one of her own. “You know you can tell us anything. April, what’s going on?”

“I...I may be slightly….pregnant.” she’d say, not even looking up to Julie and Chanel. She felt her heart pounding hard against the walls of her chest and her head was spinning. God she hoped they wouldn’t hate her for this.

As soon as those words had finally come tumbling out of April’s mouth, Chanel found herself frozen in place; her mouth had stopped mid-chew, and her eyes grew wide as they flickered from the stomach of her “slightly pregnant” best friend to Julie’s face, eager to see if her facial expression matched her own. A million thoughts began to race through Chanel’s mind as she slowly continued to eat her candy; She was at a loss for words.

Julie’s hands dropped to her side, dumbstruck her face blank with shock. She didn’t know what to do or say. “Are you...sure?” she asked softly almost a whisper. “I- I mean…” she stopped. What could she say? Her eyes searching April’s face for even a trace of this being some sick kind of joke. She found nothing.

“Y-yeah...I’m sure..” she said reluctantly, her voice quiet. Looking up to her friends, both in some sort of shock, she’d offer a small smile to them both. “I’m going for an ultrasound in a few days.” She inhaled deeply, going to get herself a glass of water. After retrieving a glass from the cupboard, she’d look back to Julie and Chanel as she filled it. “Surpriiiise?” she said in a slightly sarcastic tone.

@Altered Tundra Just thought I'd let you know, but I'm gonna be dropping this RP.

April looked out of her bedroom window, still in her grease-stained jeans and the no-longer-white tank top. Her father, Jamie Foster, was laid out on one of the recliners by the pool, completely unaware of just how much his daughter had screwed up. Literally. She had to tell him. It wouldn’t be long before it would be obvious. April took in a deep breath before nodding to herself. She was gonna need all the courage in the world to break the news.

For now? She needed a shower. Her forearms were covered in black streaks of grease and oil, her hair was an absolute mess after being in the helmet, and while she wasn’t hungover like the rest of the student body of King’s, April would argue that morning sickness was much more of a bitch to deal with. The brunette indulged herself and let the steaming hot water run over her skin for what seemed like hours. She wasn’t going to rush herself today, especially since after this, she’d be confronting her father and April was doing everything in her power to delay that. The only thing that broke her happy little bubble or warmth was the sound of her phone ringing on the other side of the bathroom. There was no way she was getting to that phone. Her hair was still foaming with shampoo and she hadn’t even gotten to the body wash yet. The call could wait.

Fifteen minutes later, April emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a white towel, her long brown hair still dripping wet. She paced down the hallway to her room, eyes locked on the screen of her phone. A call from...Julie? Why the hell would Julie be calling her? And if that wasn’t weird enough, Santiago hadn’t responded to her text yet. It had been nearly an hour! What the hell was he doing?

As April changed in to a relatively simple outfit consisting of jean-shorts and a simple teal t-shirt, she heard her father come inside from the pool. “Well, it’s been nice knowing you April. Time to go make the biggest damn announcement of your life.” she muttered to herself. She gave a quick once-over in the mirror before making her way downstairs. As she rounded the corner to the living room, her eyes widened in absolute horror as both her father and a mystery woman came into view, both as naked as the day they were born. Evidently Jamie had forgotten April was home. “Alllllrighty, I’ll just be on my way then. Not even gonna question it. You two have fun!” April called out to them, not wasting a second to quite literally run the opposite direction. I guess breaking the news would have to wait.

As she hopped in her car, April pulled out her phone and listened to the rather awkward message Julie had left. There was yet another hard conversation she was gonna have to have. Mending the relationship between herself and Julie. She stuck her phone to the magnet on the dash and dialed Julie’s number, setting the phone to speaker as she tore out of the driveway. She had no idea where the other two members of the Unholy Trinity were, but April wasn’t gonna stay another second at her own house.

“Hey Julie, where are you? I’ve got some...interesting news to share....something important. That and I may have just seen my dad’s new girlfriend in completely the wrong way.”

“Just a few seconds off, April. I know you can take that lap faster.” The voice of Jamie foster came over April’s helmet radio as she crossed the start line of the track, the engine of her car purring like a kitten. It was a gorgeous day at Palm Beach International Raceway, a track that her father owned a large share in and therefore could easily get it cleared for the day. Her father served much like a coach to her—he had been a formula one driver for a large chunk of his life—and thus was able to teach his daughter on how to properly race.

“Got it, I’m coming into refuel. Tires still feel fine.” April responded, guiding the beautiful McLaren P1 GTR down the straightaway of the track and into the pit lane. As she came to a stop, the track staff began their individual jobs. They refueled the vehicle and ensured that all of the levels—tire pressure, oil, suspension and air intakes—were all at the proper levels, before they gave the all clear and April took off back onto the track. This car was designed for pure performance on the track. No compromises meant that the beast was powered by both a 3.8L eight-cylinder engine and an electric motor. Combined, it meant that the car launched like a rocket and kept up that speed down the track with a whopping 900 horsepower. And April loved every single bit of it.

April took off from the pit lane and the moment it ended, she put the throttle to the floor. The engine roared and obeyed her command without question, sending the car off down the track at a bone rattling 180mph. She took the next lap slowly as the pit stop would cut into her overall lap time, but the next lap was hers. Jamie had held the record here for a while. It was time for new blood.

The car came down the straightaway and crossed the line in a near instant as April shifted the car up. The track-tuned car took every curve effortlessly as April guided it, her eyes flicking back and forth across the pavement. She glanced up ahead and a grin spread across her face. The final corner, and she was on track for a record lap.

April downshifted the car as she had done hundreds of times before, the car revving high as it slowed down for the curve. The tires dug in to the track as it rounded the corner, before April slammed down the gas and shifted the car back up with the paddles underneath her fingers. She glanced at the speedometer that was now just passing 200mph, the terrain outside of the car whipping by in nothing more than a blur in her peripheral vision. The finish line sat just in front of her, mere seconds until that record was hers.

“One minute, thirty-one seconds!” Jamie cheered over the radio, watching as his daughter slowed the car to a stop. From underneath her helmet, April couldn’t stop smiling. All of the hours she’d practiced this track, the hours she’d worked on the car, they’d all paid off. At last, the Foster family record had been passed down to the next in line.

A few hours later, April was back home in the garage. From the outside, only her legs were visible, the majority of her torso hidden underneath of the lifted-up Maserati. Though they were fairly routine and extremely basic, the oil change she was doing was a necessary thing to keep her baby running in top shape. There was a reason that she had been doing all of this though, the racing and the work in the garage. It was a distraction. She knew it inside. April couldn’t put it out of her mind. Her other baby. The one that was actually growing inside of her. Soon it would be too late to tell her father as her body would tell all that needed to be told. She put down the wrench on the concrete floor and just laid underneath the sports car, her mind lost in thought.

After a very long few minutes, she slid herself from underneath the car and grabbed her phone from the workbench. April paused the music that had been playing on the garage speakers, before she sent off a text to Santiago. April couldn’t keep quiet anymore. The two of them needed to talk about the extremely large elephant in the room.

You awake? We need to talk about our predicament.

Sparrow grabbed Milk by her upper arm and moved her behind Sparrow’s own body. The stalker’s mind was acting purely on instinct now, the adrenaline coursing through her body. Her heart pounded against the walls of her chest and threatened to break through, her pupils wide as her body had entered it’s fight or flight response. Her thoughts however, were quite calm in contrast to the rest of her. If there was one thing Sparrow had going for her, it was that she was at her best while under pressure. Sparrow may have been a loving individual in Steelbird Landing, but the moment she left the confines of the city she became a completely different person.

Sparrow let go of her companion and returned her hand to the string of her bow. The arrows were doing nothing to the beast. It was like that...creature felt no pain. Nothing. The very same arrows with the same precision and accuracy that had been the demise of countless animals and people alike, had been nothing more than a minor annoyance to this newfound threat.

She didn’t like it one bit.

“Milk, we have to warn the city.” Sparrow spoke in an unnervingly calm voice, her eyes never leaving the slow-moving beast. She took in a slow, deep breath through tightened lips, slowly bringing her heart rate back down. As the beast left her sight, Sparrow turned to face Milk. “Follow me, I know a shortcut to get back. We might be able to make it back before that…thing does.”

Sparrow turned to run, but then paused. Something she’d never considered crossed her mind. Something that, if only for a moment, frightened her. “Milk...why did it want you? It spoke of a womb, but there were three of us present. It wanted you, and you alone.” Sparrow looked into Milk’s warm, brown eyes with her own, trying to read her thoughts and emotions. Sparrow hoped with all of her heart that Milk knew nothing of this and that she was just as confused, but part of her had to be skeptical. She’d learned that the hard way as a child. Never again.
Steelbird Landing

Alright, I've been dragged into this. Here goes.

@Dirty Pretty Lies I have you to thank for even involving me in more than just an RP, but a group of awesome people who I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying with, and just generally having a good time. You constantly bring a smile to my face in VC and I adore the collab posts we write together.

@Altered Tundra I have you to thank for one of my favourite SoL RPs. I loved writing the few collabs we've done and even though it was a bit short lived, I really really enjoyed Sands of Time. You're an awesome writer and even though your characters sometimes frustrate me, I always look forward to reading your posts.

@voltaic I won't bore you with a lovey-dovey little message, because you didn't even bother to write one for me and I know you'll just call me out later for being all mushy. But you're fun to RP with and I enjoy your company in discord.

@Ejected I'm happy to be a part of the Unholy Trinity and I hope we get more chances to collab. I always enjoy your posts.

@spooner I seriously wish we could've kept on going with our characters in the roleplay I met you in, but nonetheless you're a pretty cool guy and I enjoy the few times we've written together. Unholy Trinity ftw.

@Inkarnate I'm not gonna lie, you drive me up the wall sometimes. But, that being said, it's nice to have someone that you know will give it to you straight and not sugarcoated, and I appreciate that.

@TheGrundlesnart Yep, I'm gonna drag you into this. Haven't known you long but I love your style of writing. You bring out a style of writing I don't often use and your style of GMing is awesome.

You guys have become like a family to me and I love you all. I hope that we continue our friendships for a long time to come and continue to write awesome stories. Thank you all for just being great people and amazing writers. GTP for life.
~The Spiciest Meatball~

Location • Herald of Olympus Office, to Ares Colosseum
Interactions • Misspelled Winter @SouffleGirl123

The smooth, metallic surface of the newsroom's lock gave the daughter of Hermes a familiar, almost nostalgic feeling as she worked her literal magic and unlocked it. Apart from the fact that Taylor rather enjoyed opening up locks on her own will, the newsroom had been without a key for a few years now. She really didn’t have a choice. When she first had offered to join up in her second year at the academy, the few people that ran the Herald of Olympus--blatantly and shamelessly named after her father--had but a single key in their possession. The following year, when they’d all graduated and left, Taylor never received the key. Whether it was a purposeful attempt to close the office for good or simply a forgetful mind, she would never know.

Taylor pushed the door gently after turning the tarnished brass handle, letting it open inwards as she paced into the room slowly. She inhaled deeply and moved to the center of the room, running her hands over the rather plain looking printing press--lovingly named Bess for it’s temperamental operation--and stopped at the dull, golden emblem in the center of it. A caduceus, truly a machine of the messenger god himself. Taylor ran a finger down it’s dusty perimeter before she turned abruptly towards the main desk.

“I see you all have slacked off while I was gone.”

The room responded with silence.

“Nonetheless! Slack no longer, your mistress is here!" The small girl proudly announced into the otherwise lifeless room. “Maestro! Your finest record if you will!" Taylor demanded, before sliding the vinyl disc from the desk’s surface and into her grasp. She danced across the room to the bookshelf where a rather dated looking record player sat and gently placed the record onto its surface. Taylor carefully placed the needle down onto Elton John’s Diamonds album before turning the player on. The gentle sound of the singer’s voice filled the room as the piano began in the background, bringing a gentle smile to Taylor’s face. The tune of Rocket Man began. She was home once again.

And once the chorus began, the daughter of Hermes sang along with her soft, delicate voice. She knew the words perfectly and sang at the top of her lungs, knowing full well that the majority of the student body wouldn’t be anywhere near the room.

"And I think it's gonna be a long long time
'Till touchdown brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I'm a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone!"

A few minutes later, when the song came to a close, Taylor stood in the center of the room and closed her eyes. With a swift movement, she took a bow to the nonexistent audience in front of her and stepped back. It was time to get to work now.

Taylor swooped around the room and grabbed her camera from its place in her bag, slinging the rather conveniently named piece of equipment around her neck. She grabbed a notebook, an assortment of pens and a specially marked manilla envelope from the desk and slid the bundle into her messenger bag. With her equipment packed and ready to go, she repeated her motions and slung the messenger bag over her shoulder.

The flats of her shoes slapped quietly against the tiled floors of the hallway as Taylor walked hastily towards the colosseum. With one earbud in--playing Queen’s Killer Queen of course--the brunette bopped her head along to the infectious beat as she rounded the final corner. A smirk spread across her face as she arrived just in time as the “special” announcement was being made. Taylor brought the camera to her face and snapped away at the power couple that was Hector and Helena.

“Cover page done.” She mumbled to herself, lowering the camera as names began to be called for the experiment. Oh how this would be interesting.

Taylor couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious as her name was called along with the rest. She’d never really had an official roommate before. Bunking with the Hermes kids was all she’d really wanted. This apartment thing was certainly not for her. The feeling was only amplified as the majority of the students left the colosseum, leaving only the selected few in a now very empty-feeling building.

Being at the back, Taylor missed the initial handout, but quickly retrieved a paper that had been carelessly crumpled up and tossed to the floor. Her eyes shot down the list as she searched for her own name. An unfamiliar name sat next to her own in Apartment 2J. A person she’d never

“Who the hell is Wynter? I think they misspelled your name!” The small girl called out blatantly, and probably a bit too loudly as well, having drawn the eyes of a few of the other students.
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