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Current Nursing School Rule #5: If you didn't document it, you didn't do it.
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Nursing School Rule #3: What happens at clinical placement, no matter how shitty it may have been (literally or figuratively), stays at clinical placement.
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I guess its been a while since I updated this status thing. I guess we could go with Nursing School Rule #1: The correct answer on a test is either potassium, airway or handwashing.
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So I sprained my ankle. That's fun.
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Nursing School Rule #2: If it's wet and it's not yours, use gloves.


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While neither of the members of their awkward pair were particularly great at dancing, that didn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining. In fact, it was the most fun part of this school-run-get-together yet. The pregnant girl dancing with her gay date, a sight truly confusing for those who only knew one of them, but an expected sight for anyone going to King’s Academy. The infamous “can’t select your own partner” KA dances, ones which every single student absolutely hated, and yet because of a few select members of the faculty, were ones that always stayed around.

And so even though the pair looked rather out of place and certainly anything but normal, at least from April’s perspective, they were having a blast. It was admittedly not terribly comfortable for the brunette--turns out having an extra bit of weight in front of you while dancing makes things a bit more difficult--but despite all that, she still tried her best to enjoy it. If not for herself, then for Archer.

When they finally went back to their table and Archer said his farewells, April looked to Santiago with a gentle smile across her lips, evidently quite happy to see him once again. She walked over slowly to him, before hugging him gently and putting her head against his chest “Have you two been having fun, mi amor?“ she asked, smiling to Stella before she called out for Carter quite loudly.

“Well...that’s one way to get his attention Stell. Now he’ll definitely notice you.” she grinned, looking back to Santiago. And just as she opened her mouth to say something, Ryland’s voice came over the microphone. A rather unexpected, but also rather unwelcomed voice in April’s mind.

And as he continued to speak, April just got more and more confused before any other emotion crossed her mind. Wasn’t he the one that Julie had just pinned to a locker not long ago? Weren’t we supposed to be hating him… April wondered to herself, looking to Julie now as Ryland danced in front of her. “That’s one way to get her attention… she mumbled to herself, before returning her attention to Santiago.

“Well, since your date is about to be preoccupied with another guy and my date is about to be preoccupied with another guy, I think I’d like to be preoccupied with my guy. April grinned, looking up Santiago’s very clean and sharp looking suit, ending on his ever so charming eyes that had always gotten the better of her. “Our kid is going to be hot.”

April took another sip of the icy cool water as she bobbed her head idly to the (albeit not amazing) music that was playing over the speakers. Inside, she really wanted to get out onto the dance floor with Archer (and eventually Santiago) and just groove to some smooth tunes. She just wanted to relax and enjoy the night, but whoever the school picked for the DJ seemed to have a hard time getting people to properly engage. While yes, people were dancing, the songs that were picked were definitely not great for it.

Well, no better time than the present to dance to some shitty music right?

Apparently not, as just as quick as the idea popped into her head, did Stella and Santiago show up. It was definitely an improvement to an otherwise quiet and calm start to the night.

April’s face lit up as Stella and Santiago walked over, letting out a laugh as Stella complimented her dress. “Thank you so much, you have no idea how much of a pain it was to find! And look absolutely stunning Stella, I love it!” April let out a happy sigh, her warm smile never leaving her face as her eyes looked to Santiago. “And of course, how could I forget my handsome man? April grinned widely before Santiago helped her up and she twirled before him, planting a quick kiss on his lips before sitting down once more next to Archer.

Her eyes slowly sauntered up and down Santiago’s muscular frame, drinking in every inch of his deep, navy blue suit. Damn he looks good tonight… she thought to herself, before snapping out of the little daydream and smiling once again. She couldn’t help but wonder now, that if that was the suit he’d picked for this dance, how the hell was he going to top it for prom?

“Well, before the night is through I would love a dance with both of you...” she motioned to Santiago and Archer as she spoke “...whenever that may occur and whenever the DJ actually puts on some decent music and gets the vibe right.”

She looked to Archer offering a hand out to him “If you’re alright with it, that is. What do ya say?”

A collab starring: April & Archer

Archer had to bite the inside of his cheeks so as to not burst out laughing at the sight of his parent’s faces. His mother looked like she had seen a ghost, her jaw hanging open in her pale white face. His father, on the other hand, looked like he didn’t know whether to be proud or furious. But before he could take the joke further April took the chance to explain.

When the girl was done his parents both finally exhaled and even cracked smiles. They had gotten used to their younger son pulling stunts like this on them. “Yeah… No, I’m still very gay.” Archer still grinned placing a hand on April’s bump gingerly. “And this little miracle belongs to someone else.”. His mother laughed, shooting her husband a nervous glance, but he just let out a noise that was a mixture between a grunt and a laugh as he turned on his heel waving the teens off. A reaction about 10 times more positive than Archer had expected.

“Well, in any case, you two have a lovely night! And Archie you behave around her fragile state! It was very nice meeting you April.” she tried putting on her stern face for her son before smiling genuinely at April.

Rolling his eyes he nodded at his mother “You ready April?” he asked as he opened the front door wider for her to step out.

April grinned as Archer’s ruse came to a close. It was quite entertaining to see his parents in such a state, especially knowing that Archer didn’t exactly swing her way. Admittedly, there was a tiny bit of regret in her mind for speaking up, but she shook the thought away and just smiled in return. “Yes, little Camilla here does not belong to Archer, you don’t need to worry at all.” she smiled nervously once again, before nodding her head to affirm her words.

As Archer’s father walked away, April nodded to his mother before replying “And it was lovely meeting you as well.” She then looked to Archer with a nod as he spoke. “Unfortunately due to certain circumstances I will not be the one driving us to this evenings get together….we’ll have to endure my dad for the ride. I apologize in advance.” she giggled, before making her way out the door and taking Archer’s hand in the process. She lead him out to the driveway before giving a small wave to her father, before opening the rear door for Archer.

“Dad, this is Archer. He’s a friend from school and my partner for this evening.” she announced in a faux high-class voice, before making her way around the BMW to the other rear door. “Try not to be too embarassing, please.”

“We’ve met once actually… I’m the one with the busted car that makes your daughter want to puke! But it’s really nice seeing you again Mr. Foster.” Archer grinned as he stepped into the fancy vehicle. He always got nervous riding in these fancy cars, it was so different from his own car and he didn’t want to mess things up.

“Good to see you as well, Archer. And I’m suuuure it doesn’t want to make April puke, she’s got a baby for that.” he laughed before glancing back to the pair “Shall we then?”

“We shall!” April announced, looking to Archer with a smile.

“You look very pretty tonight by the way.” he smiled as he turned to buckle his seatbelt.

“And you look absolutely dashing yourself, good sir.” she replied without missing a beat, her faux high-class voice returning before she lost it in a fit of giggles. “Speaking of that car, you still need to bring that over to my place one of these days so I can get it fixed up. Maybe after this mess is over tonight, we can figure something out yeah?”

“Oh for sure… after this mess…” he said tapping on his thighs trying his very best not to stare down at April’s baby bump. The car ride was surprisingly pleasant after Archer’s initial awkwardness. After a while, he warmed up to the presence of April’s dad who turned out to be a very chill dude, contrasting to his own father.

The ride over was more entertaining than April could’ve imagined. Archer and her dad had hit it off better than she had ever expected, and it all made for a good start to a night that was otherwise--as said before--a total clusterfuck. By the time they had arrived, April’s cheeks were already a bit sore from the smile that hadn’t left her face since they’d departed.

When the car stopped in front of the country club Archer helped his date out of the car and bid farewell to the driver “Thanks for the ride, I promise to keep her out of trouble!” he said with a cheeky wink through Mr. Foster’s open window.

“Bye dad! I’ll see you in a bit!” April waved to her father before taking Archer’s hand and exiting the vehicle. She took in a deep breath before looking to Archer “Well, my expectations aren’t the highest for tonight, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to hope does it? I would like to say that I’m glad we decided to go to this together--that you asked me to. Apart from Santiago, I’m not sure there’s anyone else I’d rather go to this with.”

Archer stuck out his arm for April to grab and they entered the dance together. A look of surprise shone from the tall teen as he looked around the room. “Wow… the dance committee didn’t go the cheesy route this year, bold choice” He grinned as he steered April towards the refreshments. He eyed the punch fountain and the different punch bowls strewn about. Trying to pick the one that wasn’t spiked was like playing Russian roulette, and that was nothing you should play with a pregnant girl.

“I think our safest bet is something that is sealed…” he said jokingly grabbing two bottled water from a pile chilling in crushed ice. “You want to go sit?” he asked pointing towards one of the big round tables decorated with red and white flowers and heart confetti.

“Definitely.” April smiled, nodding before following Archer to a table and cracking open her water.

Once the pair had settled down Archer couldn’t help but look around in the crowd to see if his boyfriend had arrived yet. He could see that the dancefloor was already in full swing where Kavi and thespian queen Chrissie were sharing a dance moment. And since Kavan was with Ariel, Archer hoped that his boyfriend could maybe keep Ariel from breaking another nose. In his search, he spotted the most peculiar scene. Was that Marisol… with her leg wrapped around Ryland?

No… No, don’t get yourself into that mess, Archie… don’t he had to remind himself as he tore his face away from the disaster that was inevitably happening in front of him. Instead, he refocused on April. “Uhm so how are you doing… uh… considering?” he asked rather bluntly. “I mean… How long… uh. Will she pop out before we graduate?” he plastered on a smile while running a hand through his hair.

“Some days are harder than others, but overall I think I’m doing alright. Santiago’s changed so much since this all started and it's all just happening so nicely. From after the Halloween party of course. And yes, I do think little Camilla will be attending our graduation, meaning I will get to walk across that stage with a super normal, not out of the ordinary belly.”

“Anyway, who did the devil end up taking to this shindig?” he asked, taking a swig from his water bottle.

“Now that is a good question...I think it may have been Stella? I’m sure we’ll find out here in a moment.”

April’s day thus far had largely been spent sitting in bed in her bathrobe with music blasting from her headphones, while she browsed through the photos from her most recent day at the track. A part of her was sad that she’d finally conceded to Santiago’s requests to stop going to the track until after the baby was born, but she knew it was for the best. It also wouldn’t be too long until she was back behind the wheel of a race car considering her due date was fast approaching. God that was a terrifying thought. There was nothing that had been on her mind more--not even Santiago--in the past few weeks than the overwhelming thoughts of giving birth.

“Don’t lose it April, you’ve got this. It can’t be that hard, right?” the brunette told herself out loud, the self reassurance lasting all of a millisecond before her mind went to the video about child birth they’d been forced to watch the year prior in sex ed. April visibly shuddered at the thought before tossing her phone aside onto the bed and walking to the bathroom.

“Time to get your butt into gear.

Truth be told, April didn’t know whether to be excited or nervous about showing up to the Diedrikson residence. This whole shitshow of a Valentine’s dance had made her nervous, and she had still yet to have a dance that she could take Santiago to, where they could have the first real dance of their “official relationship”. Regardless, she was scheduled to show up at Archer’s shortly and needed to finish her final preparations prior to leaving.

After a quick shower, the brunette brushed her hair thoroughly before going through her regular routine to give it her signature curled look. Then, a conservative application of makeup that took her way too long to perfect and a pucker of her now lipstick-covered lips finished off her preparations up top.

Now it was the dress. And boy had it been a bitch and a half to find a maternity dress that April liked and that fit her rather small frame--other than pregnancy belly. It had taken her and her father--much to his dismay--two days and a phone call to Julie to finally track down a dress that April would tolerate. What had come of it however, was well worth the effort in the brunette’s mind. She’d eventually decided on a simple long-sleeved, lace number in her favourite shade of burgundy.

Making her way down to the main floor, April looked around for her keys briefly before realizing they were definitely not in their usual place. She spun around after hearing a small jingle, her father coming into view with April’s keys dangled out in front of him.

“Dad what the hell!” she exclaimed, stomping over to grab them from her father, who quickly pulled them out of reach.

“Ah ah ah young lady. I will be your chauffeur this evening, your car stays home this time. I saw that speeding ticket on your dresser.” her father shook his head, giving her an unimpressed look before shuffling her out of the kitchen and towards the garage.

“Out of all the days to do this on, I swear.” April muttered to herself, stomping out to the car after putting her running shoes on. There was no way she’d be spending the evening in heels. Besides, the length of the dress easily concealed them.

Minutes later, the pair showed up at Archer’s house in April’s father’s blue BMW X5 and pulled into the laneway. With a venomous glare at her father, April got out of the car and slammed the door before taking in a deep breath to compose herself. She looked back to Jamie Foster through the windshield, motioning for him to stay put. She didn’t need even more embarrassment than what was sure to come on the following car ride.

A moment after she knocked on the door, she was welcomed to Archer’s smiling face to which she returned her own warm smile.“Archer! Hi!” she replied excitedly to his greeting. As he ushered her in the door, April saw the looks on his parents drop the moment their gaze hit her waist. With a nervous wave and equally nervous smile, April took in one of what was going to be many deep breaths in the foreseeable future and introduced herself.

“Hi! I’m April Foster, nice to meet you both mister and misses Diedrikson. Now I know you may have some questions so I’m gonna get ahead of all of it by saying this. Yes, I am very, very pregnant. No, it’s not Archer’s. Good?” she raised a thumbs up, cocking her head a bit as she waited nervously for a response, not entirely sure she wanted one.

“Yeah, go on and walk away! Fucking hypocritical btich!

April’s thoughts about the whole situation were quickly interrupted by yet another screaming match, although this time it was Kavi and Julie’s voices that came up...shortly before the sound of Julie’s wicked slap rang out as her hand met Kavi’s face. [color=ec008c]What the hell did I miss?

“Don’t you EVER talk to her like that”

April’s eyes widened as one of her best friends then shoved Kavi backwards before storming off, once again leaving her alone in the company of Ariel, Kavi and this Ryland character, someone she grew less and less fond of by the minute. It wasn’t long before even he wandered off with a simple little "Yeah... I guess, what she said. Best of luck.". Well I guess that problem solved itself.

"I'm sorry about this morning. Hopefully next time we talk it'll be a bit less of… … … this."

April nodded with an understanding, but still warm smile. She wasn’t gonna pretend like she understood Kavi and Ariel’s relationship, but inside she really hoped they could work out whatever issues were happening and be happy for once. There wasn’t a time she’d seen them together where they weren’t fighting or arguing over something, and while Kavi may have earned some of that, they both deserved to be happy eventually, right?

“It’s alright. Next time we’ll hopefully meet under...better terms and better company. April piped up, before smiling to the both of them and walking away towards her first period class.

"I'm not going to pretend like all is forgiven or forgotten. It'll take me some time to move past everything, but I really appreciate the apology and the gift - though you really didn't have to spend that much money. Congratulations on a little girl, by the way."

April sent the black-haired girl a warm smile and a nod of understanding. She knew that this whole ordeal was far from over, but it was a situation that desperately needed at least somewhere to start. A place to begin the reparations that needed to be made between herself, Ariel and Kavi. Hopefully it would be a smooth ride and the three of them could eventually all get along like the civilized adults they almost were.


She knew that Ariel could be a bit of a loose cannon, but if her attitude going forward was anything like today then April felt like things would go well. Assuming nothing happened to ruin it down the road.

"You know, it's been a while since I've had to punch a bitch, and I'll gladly do it for April and my future niece's sake."

April couldn’t help but break out a wicked little grin when she saw both Chanel and Julie roll up with borderline perfect timing. The cavalry's here motherfucker she thought to herself, looking to Ryland with a less than impressed look. She was about to say something when the new stranger shoved back Kavi between herself and Ariel. The fuck was he thinking? That he could come in here without a warning and just shove people around? That’s all this school needed, another dumbass guy that didn’t know when to back off.

"April, sorry for intruding, but I think you should just leave.”

April couldn’t help but stifle a laugh before looking at him with false disbelief. “Really? You roll up here like you’re tough shit, intrude into a conversation that has nothing to do with you, and then expect me to walk off like nothing happened? Yeah, somehow I doubt you’re really sorry asshole. Back off and get lost, I’m not going anywhere.”

To reassure Ryland of her point, April stepped forward just a bit now that Julie stood in front of her and with Chanel at her side. She shot a look that just screamed Whatcha gonna do about it? towards Ryland just as he called out at Ariel. And just as April’s mouth opened to intervene, her eyes widened as Julie took Ryland all the way to the lockers opposite of the group, pinning him there.

“Don’t mess with the Trinity new guy!” she grinned, looking at Chanel with a grateful smile before hugging her from the side. “You guys are the best. Perfect timing as usual."

For the first time since this whole thing started, April looked back to Ariel to make sure she was alright, because despite the rocky terrain they may have been on before, April found herself giving a shit about the raven-haired girl. She didn’t deserve all this. April nodded in reassurance when Ariel shot her the apologetic look, taking in a deep breath just before Chanel ripped the PS4 from April’s hands. “Hey!”

"You know what, I think it's time that we remove ourselves from this situation, April doesn't need to deal with all of this petty bullshit... the stress isn't good for the baby. And actually, I don't think that all of what this Ryland guy had to say was all wrong. I mean, he shouldn't have called you out your name like he's ya father, that's for sure. But I don't appreciate you being all passive aggressive towards one of my best friends because your man is a trifling ass cheater. Focus all that negative energy on him instead, okay? And April, girl.... what the hell are you thinking?"

“I didn’t know how else to apologize to Kavi for fucking his relationship up. And I know everyone loves to take a side against him, but ultimately it was me who made the first move on him.” April sighed, looking at Chanel and then down to the gift wrapped box she held. “I suppose your point’s fair enough though, sorry Kavi. I can’t match Chanel.” she shrugged with a well shit smile before watching Chanel walk off, talking about giving the gift to someone worthy or something.

April took in one final deep breath before turning back to the rest of the group, particularly directing her...mixed bag of emotions, at Ryland. “You see the shit you stirred up? Are you happy Ryland? Like jesus fucking christ I was just trying to fix shit and you come in here like a frieght train. Take a seat and calm down. April took a breath before turning to Ariel and Kavi “This is not the way I wanted this to go at all, and while it really wasn’t my fault I do feel a certain need to apologize again.

“I’m sorry, Ariel and Kavi.”

April’s heart raced a bit when Ariel showed up seemingly out of the blue. Inside, she’d really hoped that this entire conversation would have happened without Ariel’s presence at all. But, she was here now so it was something April had to roll with. As Ariel spoke, April grew even more uncomfortable at the totally fake warmth she was showing. There was no way in hell that any of the present company involved was over the events of that fateful night. April looked the girl up and down, lingering on her unsettling eyes for a moment before placing the large box onto the table next to the trio. And just as the brunette had finally composed her thoughts once again and was ready to speak, an unfamiliar face showed up and butted into the conversation.

April inhaled deeply and looked at the newcomer with an unimpressed gaze as Ariel introduced everyone. She couldn’t help but think Who the hell invited you? as she smiled with little effort towards Ryland, before turning her attention back to the Kavriel duo. “Now that we’re all super friends, I would like to first apologize to you Ariel. What I did was wrong, and while I didn’t know you and Kavi were a thing at the time it happened, I’m not gonna hide behind it as an excuse. I am sorry.” April wasn’t entirely sure what emotion to show towards Ariel with this apology, and after a rather lengthy mental debate with herself, she landed on a half smiling apologetic look. “I’d heard from someone that what I did had some rather physical aftermath, so I thought it only right to help repair that. It’s a PS4, plain and simple. And while truth be told I only came here prepared to give something to Kavi, I have a Starbucks card here that I haven’t touched. You’re welcome to have it Ariel. I know it’s not much in comparison, but I don’t really have anything else on me worth giving really.”

With another deep inhale to calm her nerves--Ariel certainly intimidated her to quite some extent--April dug the card from her purse and offered it out to Ariel before looking between the pair of them once again. “I don’t want to make either of your lives any harder, so do what you will with it. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it back, I just don’t know what else to do to show my apologies. Maybe Ariel being here was for the better. It gave April the opportunity to be straight with the two of them. What they did in response was out of her control.

April looked to Ryland after she had said her piece, but remained silent otherwise. She didn’t know the guy and right now her attention was on Kavi and Ariel. If he had something to say to her, she’d be surprised.
I'm definitely interested in the idea above regarding supernatural beings. I don't really know what else to say here, other than I look forward to writing with you should you want to write with me.

April took in a slow, deep breath as she laid beneath the silky covers of her bed, staring at the ceiling. Today was the day that the entire class of 2020 would enter into their final semester, and with it their final days at King’s Academy. She felt her heart race a bit as the thought crossed her mind. This was going to bed a hell of a year, not just for April, but for Santiago and April’s father, Jamie as well. Jamie had agreed that he’d help take care of Camila while April was at college so that she could attend fresh out of high school and not wait until a year or two after.

There wasn’t a single other soul that was aware of the plans April had for after college however. On top of raising her and Santi’s daughter, April wanted to keep her family’s name in the racing business, but in a different way. With the financial help of her father, April wanted to start designing her own high performance supercars to compete with the likes of Porsche, McLaren and Koenigsegg on the racetrack. Her own car company for the super rich and for the racing-inclined.

And naturally, she’d try her damndest to get her daughter interested in the family business as well, though she wouldn’t ever force anything on the little one.

With this thought, April scanned across her room at the numerous posters from almost every car brand in the business and smiled contently at the bright future she had dreamt up for herself.

“April, you’re gonna be late at this rate!" Her father called out, jarring April from the happy little trance she had been in.

Right, it was time to kick this final semester’s ass.

April got herself ready in record time, though forgoing the regular school uniform for something more pregnancy friendly with the school’s permission of course. She put her long, curly brown hair up in a messy ponytail and hastily applied some finishing touches to the makeup she had started earlier. With a quick once-over in the mirror--the bright white font reading “Racing for two” contrasting the navy blue background of her maternity shirt standing out from the rest--the brunette pulled on a light sweater to cover her arms from the cooler Florida winter air before she made her way to the kitchen.

April ran her thumb across the trident logo embedded in the key fob for her car as she waited impatiently for the toaster to finish it’s job, muttering “Come on, come on…” quietly to herself. She swore everything decided to work against her when she was behind schedule.

Another five minutes and April was in the front seat of her car, taking a final moment to compose herself. She looked down to the sizeable gift wrapped package that sat on the passenger’s seat and nodded to herself before twisting the key to start the car. With a deafening roar, the Maserati came to life and April shot out of the driveway, squealing the tires purposely to announce her departure.

Not ten minutes later, April pulled into the school parking lot and grinned as she pressed in the clutch before revving the powerful V8 engine as loud as she could, getting a very stern look from the vice principal who was standing at the main entrance. April waved to him with a big smile on her face before speeding through the lot and into her usual spot underneath a few trees. As she turned off the car, she spotted Kavi walking across the pavement and inside, and with a small curse to herself she grabbed the package to her right and hopped out of the car.

With her best effort, the brunette pursued Kavi through the bustling hallways, her heart pounding in her chest as she awkwardly passed between people. Being six months pregnant really wasn’t helping her in this moment.

After a solid five minutes of chasing the attractive young male through the hallways, April finally got close enough to get his attention. “Kavi! Hey! April panted, closing the gap between the two of them. “I know our last encounter was uh, well interesting to say the least. And I heard what happened with Ariel and I really just want to say… April inhaled deeply, still evidently trying to catch her breath as her words came out a mile a minute “Kavi, I’m sorry for kissing you and fucking up what you had going with Ariel. I didn’t know you two were a thing and I feel like shit for doing that to you. She paused for a moment, offering an apologetic smile before holding out the hefty package in front of herself “I also heard that she did some damage in more than one way, so I hope this helps.

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