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Current So I sprained my ankle. That's fun.
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Nursing School Rule #2: If it's wet and it's not yours, use gloves.
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Nursing School Rule #4: The textbook and the teacher are always right, even when they disagree.
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Gotta love nursing in college, where you're behind before the course even starts.
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After 38 hours, power is finally back in our neighbourhood. I hate Canadian weather sometimes.


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A Bit About Me:
First off, to introduce myself. My name is Chris. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read a little blurb about my life. I am a 20 year old guy living in the beautiful, arctic tundra known as Canada. I am currently in my first year of Practical Nursing at college. I am also an avid photographer, a role-player (duh) and a gamer. While I started life here on the guild back in early 2018, I am no stranger to role-playing. I started out role-playing in various video games before I got serious and jumped head first into both forum role-play and 1x1s in Skype/Google Docs.

My main preferred settings for role-playing are, but not limited to: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Military, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Apocalypse. I personally don't do fan-fictions, I only write for my OCs. Below, you'll find a link to my character stash for the Guild.

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For those interested, the link to my Flickr account can be found HERE. I only really publish my action photography there. If you're interested in more traditional/artsy photography, you can find that on my Viewbug account HERE.

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Steelbird Landing

Alright, I've been dragged into this. Here goes.

@Dirty Pretty Lies I have you to thank for even involving me in more than just an RP, but a group of awesome people who I thoroughly enjoy roleplaying with, and just generally having a good time. You constantly bring a smile to my face in VC and I adore the collab posts we write together.

@Altered Tundra I have you to thank for one of my favourite SoL RPs. I loved writing the few collabs we've done and even though it was a bit short lived, I really really enjoyed Sands of Time. You're an awesome writer and even though your characters sometimes frustrate me, I always look forward to reading your posts.

@voltaic I won't bore you with a lovey-dovey little message, because you didn't even bother to write one for me and I know you'll just call me out later for being all mushy. But you're fun to RP with and I enjoy your company in discord.

@Ejected I'm happy to be a part of the Unholy Trinity and I hope we get more chances to collab. I always enjoy your posts.

@spooner I seriously wish we could've kept on going with our characters in the roleplay I met you in, but nonetheless you're a pretty cool guy and I enjoy the few times we've written together. Unholy Trinity ftw.

@Inkarnate I'm not gonna lie, you drive me up the wall sometimes. But, that being said, it's nice to have someone that you know will give it to you straight and not sugarcoated, and I appreciate that.

@TheGrundlesnart Yep, I'm gonna drag you into this. Haven't known you long but I love your style of writing. You bring out a style of writing I don't often use and your style of GMing is awesome.

You guys have become like a family to me and I love you all. I hope that we continue our friendships for a long time to come and continue to write awesome stories. Thank you all for just being great people and amazing writers. GTP for life.
~The Spiciest Meatball~

Location • Herald of Olympus Office, to Ares Colosseum
Interactions • Misspelled Winter @SouffleGirl123

The smooth, metallic surface of the newsroom's lock gave the daughter of Hermes a familiar, almost nostalgic feeling as she worked her literal magic and unlocked it. Apart from the fact that Taylor rather enjoyed opening up locks on her own will, the newsroom had been without a key for a few years now. She really didn’t have a choice. When she first had offered to join up in her second year at the academy, the few people that ran the Herald of Olympus--blatantly and shamelessly named after her father--had but a single key in their possession. The following year, when they’d all graduated and left, Taylor never received the key. Whether it was a purposeful attempt to close the office for good or simply a forgetful mind, she would never know.

Taylor pushed the door gently after turning the tarnished brass handle, letting it open inwards as she paced into the room slowly. She inhaled deeply and moved to the center of the room, running her hands over the rather plain looking printing press--lovingly named Bess for it’s temperamental operation--and stopped at the dull, golden emblem in the center of it. A caduceus, truly a machine of the messenger god himself. Taylor ran a finger down it’s dusty perimeter before she turned abruptly towards the main desk.

“I see you all have slacked off while I was gone.”

The room responded with silence.

“Nonetheless! Slack no longer, your mistress is here!" The small girl proudly announced into the otherwise lifeless room. “Maestro! Your finest record if you will!" Taylor demanded, before sliding the vinyl disc from the desk’s surface and into her grasp. She danced across the room to the bookshelf where a rather dated looking record player sat and gently placed the record onto its surface. Taylor carefully placed the needle down onto Elton John’s Diamonds album before turning the player on. The gentle sound of the singer’s voice filled the room as the piano began in the background, bringing a gentle smile to Taylor’s face. The tune of Rocket Man began. She was home once again.

And once the chorus began, the daughter of Hermes sang along with her soft, delicate voice. She knew the words perfectly and sang at the top of her lungs, knowing full well that the majority of the student body wouldn’t be anywhere near the room.

"And I think it's gonna be a long long time
'Till touchdown brings me round again to find
I'm not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I'm a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone!"

A few minutes later, when the song came to a close, Taylor stood in the center of the room and closed her eyes. With a swift movement, she took a bow to the nonexistent audience in front of her and stepped back. It was time to get to work now.

Taylor swooped around the room and grabbed her camera from its place in her bag, slinging the rather conveniently named piece of equipment around her neck. She grabbed a notebook, an assortment of pens and a specially marked manilla envelope from the desk and slid the bundle into her messenger bag. With her equipment packed and ready to go, she repeated her motions and slung the messenger bag over her shoulder.

The flats of her shoes slapped quietly against the tiled floors of the hallway as Taylor walked hastily towards the colosseum. With one earbud in--playing Queen’s Killer Queen of course--the brunette bopped her head along to the infectious beat as she rounded the final corner. A smirk spread across her face as she arrived just in time as the “special” announcement was being made. Taylor brought the camera to her face and snapped away at the power couple that was Hector and Helena.

“Cover page done.” She mumbled to herself, lowering the camera as names began to be called for the experiment. Oh how this would be interesting.

Taylor couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious as her name was called along with the rest. She’d never really had an official roommate before. Bunking with the Hermes kids was all she’d really wanted. This apartment thing was certainly not for her. The feeling was only amplified as the majority of the students left the colosseum, leaving only the selected few in a now very empty-feeling building.

Being at the back, Taylor missed the initial handout, but quickly retrieved a paper that had been carelessly crumpled up and tossed to the floor. Her eyes shot down the list as she searched for her own name. An unfamiliar name sat next to her own in Apartment 2J. A person she’d never

“Who the hell is Wynter? I think they misspelled your name!” The small girl called out blatantly, and probably a bit too loudly as well, having drawn the eyes of a few of the other students.

Something was off. Sparrow’s eyes shot around the forest from the relative safety of the tree before she arrived at Milk. At first, Sparrow thought she may have just been paranoid, but her feelings were soon justified. In the distance, a figure of nightmarish looks stood motionless, it’s tendrils reaching for the lone and defenseless Milk. Sparrow drew back her bow and launched the already nocked arrow in the creature’s direction before screaming towards Milk “MILK! RUN!” Sparrows senses went into overdrive as she maneuvered carefully and quickly through the branches, her balance never faltering. In all of her years hunting, she had developed an extremely good sense of balance that allowed her to accomplish things most couldn’t. Save the apes of course.

As she got back to the place she’d climbed up, she quickly wrapped her otherwise bare hands in a few layers of cloth before leaping onto the dangling rope below her. Sparrow’s heart pounded in her chest as the rope slid through her hands. Despite the fabric, when she reached the bottom Sparrow felt the sting of rope burn on her palms. With massive amounts of adrenaline surging through her body Sparrow took off in a sprint towards the figure. She pulled another arrow from her hip-mounted quiver and let it fly. At this point she wasn’t trying to hit it as much as she was trying to distract it. She couldn’t lose Milk. She was all that kept Sparrow sane in this world.

“Oh Mother Earth, splendour of life eternal and keeper of balance arise! Come and bring light to those that sit in darkness and dwell in the aura of death. Guide my hand to defend the harmless and abolish this monstrosity!” Sparrow spoke sternly, having stopped to properly aim at the figure that now stood no further than fifty feet in front of her. Sparrow’s once calm grey eyes were now stormy. She pulled an arrow up and drew back her bow fully, launching the vicious broadhead-tipped projectile towards her opposer.

Sparrow looked over to Milk for a brief second, making sure that her companion; her sister, her friend, was not harmed. Then, turning back to the beast and readying her bow once more, she spoke to the beast in a stern, but not hostile voice. “Creature, you have visited this forest once before in my presence. Why do you aim to harm the ones I care for? Who or what has sent you to wreak havoc among the Earth Mother’s forest?” The young woman kept her bow partially drawn, but lowered for the time. If the best even made the slightest movement towards either herself or Milk, another broadhead was only a split second away from flight.

April’s cheeks were on fire as she paced across the dance floor, the spot where Kavi kissed her still extremely evident on her cheek. Her heart pounded against the walls of her chest as she walked. The entire evening April had been psyching herself up to tell Santiago her big news, but in reality she didn’t know if she was really ready. Would he take it well? What if he denied it was him and left her out in the cold? What if he didn’t want to be with her for this? The questions flew through her head, only causing her heart to beat faster.

He was only a few paces away now, though he hadn’t noticed her yet as he was facing away. This was the point of no return. April could still turn back now if she walked away. The brunette stood in the open awkwardly, her breath catching in her throat. A cool breeze sent a shiver down her back as she stepped outside. Evidently the dress that hugged her body didn’t serve well to keep her warm and she’d failed to bring a jacket in the chaos of the afternoon. Yet another thing she could kick herself for later.

Focus April, you’re losing it.

As she calmed herself a bit, April looked slightly past Santiago to the oddly familiar face sitting next to him. It certainly wasn't his date Mara, so what the hell was this girl doing with him? "I swear Santi, if you've picked up another girl..." April muttered under her breath, trailing off as the name finally came to her. Penelope. The last name escaped her mind but it was irrelevant. This girl was in the way. She couldn't give her news to Santiago and risk it being leaked across the entirety of King's academy before the next morning. Instead of going the easy route, she'd have to get him away from her. From everyone. Where no one would be the wiser about the entire situation except for the two of them, regardless of who it was.

April took in a deep breath as remained still, her eyes looking Santiago up and down. Every bone in her body yearned for his presence and his company back, but April knew she couldn’t let him off easy. It would be a bumpy road for a bit, until they work able to work things out. Especially when it came time to inform her father. Just the thought sent her even further into a panic. How would he take the news? God knows if Santiago was around, it certainly wouldn’t go well. Of course, none of this would even be an issue if Santiago didn’t even listen.’ve got this…

Even though she said it like she meant it, April was having a hard time believing her own words. As she stepped forward and closed the final distance between herself and Santiago, April pressed her hands to her sides and looked up to him. “Hey Santi…” She said quietly, her voice almost shaking as she did. April took in a breath and took a moment to straighten her thoughts before she spoke again. “I have something to tell you...and it’s important. Unless I'm interrupting something...? I don't believe we've met officially.” She looked to Penelope as she spoke the last few words, extending a rather shaky hand towards her.
Olympus Academy

@Altered Tundra Done!

Not a second after she had made her proposal, April found herself whisked away from the table and on to the dancefloor, much to her pleasure. Having ditched her heels for a pair of simple flats while Kavi had been occupied at the table, the brunette now found herself lost in the music, even if it was yet another shitty electronic track. Her preoccupied mind had been put at ease by the thumping bass and was currently distracted by her rather handsome partner. A handsome partner who happened to be the one person that could get Santiago’s attention faster than any girl at King’s. You’re only with him because you need to be April… she thought, though truthfully April was having a hard time not being attracted to him. Or rather, his exterior.

It was hard for her to ignore Santiago’s entrance. Every bit of her brain screamed at her to turn and at least acknowledge his existence, but somehow she managed to hold back. Instead, April focused her attention to her partner once more, her calm brown eyes sparkling in the dimly lit tent. As she did, she felt Kavi’s hand creep around behind to the small of her back and pull her closer, the pair of them now pressed against one another. April shot a look up to Kavi--a look she knew he couldn’t see, but one he could most likely feel or anticipate-- and spoke just loud enough for him to hear. But the brunette remained silent for now, choosing instead to go along with his lead and sway her hips to the heavy electronic beat. Oh how she wished she could see the look on Santiago’s face now.

“That’s much better, isn’t it?” Kavi smiled.

“Be careful you don’t slip off the tightrope you’re walking and have it snap you in the balls.” She shot him a devilish grin in reply.

April had to admit, this was the most relaxed she’d felt since before her huge fight at the Devil’s den. Though Kavi had his flaws--flaws that most certainly would’ve driven her batshit crazy had she been forced to spend any more time with him at lunch--he was fun to hang around with and the brunette regretted nothing from this evening. Even if he did push the boundaries of her patience, there was way less drama with him than there had ever been with Santiago.

Did I really just think that..? April gently shook her head. Kavi was supposed to be a way for her to get Santiago’s attention, nothing more.

He wasn’t supposed to be a replacement.

A part of her panicked. Had it been too long since she’d spoken to Santiago? What if he thought she’d left him for good? Her steps faltered as her mind raced. Now it felt like instead of dancing with Kavi, she was just trying to keep up. She had to tell him. She had to tell Santi the truth. As much as she had been mad at him before, part of her still yearned for him to be close. For that feeling of safety and pure trust.

Part of April still loved Santiago and that wouldn’t likely change.

@Altered Tundra I'll snag the slot for daughter of Hermes, if you will.
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