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A @Venus & @Melissa Collaboration
Featuring Fiamma Giannulli & Aiden Howard


It was thirty minutes since her arrival to the party with Aiden, and so far things hadn’t been as terrible as Fiamma had imagined. Sure: the music was much too loud, and being constantly pushed, elbowed, stumbled on or stepped on had gotten old fast. But there was something liberating about knowing that she and her boyfriend were able to hide in plain sight, and that everyone was too busy focusing on their own fun rather than on anyone else. The feeling, combined with her cherry red lipstick and the double-takes her revealing outfit was causing, had served to embolden the naturally inconspicuous Fi. She’d come into this experience with no expectations of doing anything other than having a good, discreet, sober time with her boyfriend (and maybe even cleaning up after any messes he might have made). But now? She wanted to go all out, and see just how far she could take things. With Aiden by her side ready to help her if anything happened, she felt safe enough to want to do so.

After their first few rounds around the party (that had mainly consisted of talking to people her boyfriend knew, Fiamma was ready for a break. “Babe, I’m getting thirsty!” the redhead shouted in Aiden’s ear, hoping that he’d be able to understand her even in the middle of all the chaos surrounding them. “Wanna go get a drink? I think I saw some stuff in the kitchen!”

Aiden was enjoying himself so far, their evening only just beginning but he was already deeming this a good party. The booze was flowing, the music was good, and he had his girl on his arm. What could be better?

In fact, what he was enjoying most of all was having Fiamma by his side. It was a feeling he hadn’t yet experienced in the time they had dated- being out in public together and not having to hide. It was pretty genius, especially since everyone was too drunk and delusional to care or even notice, and he wondered why he hadn’t thought of it before. As the two meandered through the throngs of people, the blonde boy grinned widely as he looked down at his redheaded girlfriend (who, may he add, looking hot as hell tonight). He may have been a little buzzed already, but he was also just happy to be there with her.

”Sure, babe! Let’s go.”

Beaming, Fiamma took Aiden's hand and guided him along the path she remembered the kitchen might have been at. Her intention had been for them to grab a drink and disappear into the middle of the crowd once more so they would provocatively dance in peace again. However, the sight of an abandoned, familiar red cup and ping pong ball set up atop the dining room table stopped the redhead in her tracks.

A mischievous grin spread across her features. Here was something about herself that she had yet to share with her date-- something that might take him by surprise in the best of ways.

"Oh my God! Beer pong!" she exclaimed happily, turning to her boyfriend with eyes full of excitement. "Can we please play a round of this? It's so much fun!"

The blonde boy’s face contorted into one of confusion. Fiamma wanted to play beer pong? He didn’t even think she’d be interested in it in the first place, let alone ask him to play. But it was a welcome addition to their evening activities, and Aiden happily obliged. “Totally, I’m down.” He walked with her over to the table, which was shockingly empty, so they were immediately able to get started. “You do know how to play right?” He double checked, spinning one of the pong balls in between his thumb and index finger.

The mischievous grin she'd been wearing simmered down to a little smirk. The truth of the matter was that she knew exactly how to play. Her time during string camp and in Vienna with cousin that summer had taught her to be decent enough at the drinking game (even if, during these practice rounds, no alcohol had been involved). But she didn't want Aiden to know that just yet, so instead of answering his question outright, Fi decided to dodge it with a shrug of her shoulders.

"I mean, how hard can it be?" she answered, taking her place on the side of the table opposite her boyfriend.

“Okay…” Aiden nodded slowly, “But just know, I’m not going to go easy on you.” The blonde boy was quite the Beer Pong enthusiast, having spent many evenings with Marcos playing the game just for kicks. With a smirk, he tossed the pong ball and it soared into one of the cups on Fiamma’s end of the table.

"That's okay. I've never liked easy things anyway…" she responded with a sassy little shrug, tossing one of her own pong balls and watching it land straight into the cup right in front of Aiden. Grinning, she looked up at her boyfriend with a defiant expression, silently daring him to make his next move.

Aiden’s eyebrows raised and his mouth popped into an ‘o’ shape. Did she just really do that? Shaking his head and realizing Fiamma’s previous comments were all a front, the blonde boy reached into the cup to grab the pong ball to prepare for his turn. “You’re such a little liar, Fi.” He exhaled with a small laugh before taking a shot, the pong ball sailing into one of the cups on the left side.

The young woman only smiled and laughed. "I learned from the best," Fiamma teased with a small wink. "Though, how can you be so sure I'm lying, babe? For all you know, that first shot could've just been beginner's luck," she fibbed, tossing and purposely missing her next turn in an attempt to throw her boyfriend off. "See what I mean? Totally beginner's luck."

“Yeah, sure.” Aiden sarcastically replied, retrieving the ball from the ground before turning back to his girlfriend. “What else have you lied about? Hmm?” He probed, before taking his turn.

"Well..." the redhead began, pausing for a moment to calculate her chances before aiming and scoring in the last cup to the right of Aiden. She punched the air jubilant before continuing. "This isn't a lie more so than it is a confession. Even though I always thought you were a rude, arrogant, condescending asshole, I still used to check you out a lot during pool parties," Fi admitted, her cheeks immediately blazing scarlet. "But now you have to tell me some stuff too! Two of your most embarrassing confessions! Go."

“Oh really? Did you now?” Aiden smirked at his girlfriend as she blushed across the table, shaking his head as she sank another one of his cups. He placed it off to the side before aiming at one of her remaining cups but missed, the ball careening off to the right. “Dammit.” He cursed, but then proceeded to oblige with her request. “Fine. Well, for starters, since we’re on the subject of alcohol- remember right before we started dating we went out for breakfast at that cute little diner across town? Yeah, I was violently hungover from the night before and threw up right before I met up with you.” He laughed, letting his hand reach up to squeeze the back of his neck.

"Oh, that is disgusting!" Fiamma cried out as she roared with laughter, shaking her head in disapproval as she remembered that day. "I almost stepped on that puddle of vomit, too! I was walking to the diner across the parking lot, and I looked down just in time to stop my feel from stomping right into it! I can't believe that was you!" she said, taking her turn and cursing under her breath as she missed the shot.

“Another is you know how you wanted me to write you a letter when you were away at camp? And you never got one and I told you the letter must have gotten lost in the mail? I said that because I didn’t write you a letter, I was too lazy to pick up a pen. Wow that felt great to get off my chest!” Aiden exclaimed jokingly.

"Why am I not surprised?" the girl muttered while rolling her eyes. "Honestly? I would've wondered who you were and what had you done with my Aiden if that letter had actually made it to camp," She laughed as she waited for her boyfriend to take his next turn. "Although you've been my first everything on most things, my first kiss actually happened two weeks after I did the purity ring pledge, with one of my childhood friends…" she admitted, her face getting red again. "Not Marcos, though! Definitely not Marcos. It was with a boy named Colin Gallagher. Pretty sure you don't know him, though. He moved away before high school and I've never seen him since."

“First kisses aren’t important. Other firsts are important though, and I’ve got those in the bag.” The boy winked, taking his turn and leaving just one last cup on the table. “Do you think you’ll be able to catch me?” He asked, motioning to how he was almost going to win the game.

The girl let out a sad sigh. "No… But I'm not going down without a fight," she told him with a small grin, picking up the pong ball again and gracefully tossing it inside one out of the three cups remaining on his side. All of a sudden, Fiamma's blue eyes widened, and she pointed in the direction over Aiden's shoulder. "Oh my God! What's going on over there?!" she cried out in panic, frantically waving to a spot behind her boyfriend.

Dumbly, Aiden craned his head over his shoulder when his girlfriend pointed. He was as gullible as they came, and especially around Fiamma he sometimes let his wits slip away.

Beaming, Fiamma quickly grabbed the three pong balls closest to her and began to toss them in the direction of her two remaining cups.

First toss: successful

Second toss: epic fail.

Third toss…


"YES!" the girl cried out, raising her hands in the air to celebrate her victory. Sure, it hadn't exactly been a clean win, but it was a win nonetheless.

By the time the blonde boy had turned around, it was already too late. All he could see were pong balls in the two remaining cups and he pieced together what she had done. “You little…” Aiden started to say but then dissolved into a hearty laugh. He couldn’t be mad at her when she was that cute and excited about winning (even though it was 100% not a legal win), so he’d entertain her and count it. “Fine, you win. But I want a rematch.”

"Sure thing,handsome… But only after I get to claim my big prize," she suggested mischievously, wiggling her eyebrows at him.

The blonde boy meandered over to her side of the table, stepping incredibly close so that only she could hear him. “And what would your big prize be, love?” Aiden asked quietly against the loud and raging party background noise.

The young woman smiled and shrugged, looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to them before wrapping her arms around Aiden and leaning to speak into his ear. " How about… You surprise me..." she muttered under her breath, being bold enough to softly nibble his earlobe.

And with a mischievous grin, Aiden took Fiamma’s hand and led her out of the main room to somewhere a little…. quieter.

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The magical ways in which time governs itself never cease to amaze me. One day, I’m a fourteen year-old girl, staring out at the different sceneries rolling past my car window and about to be separated from her family for the first time in pursuit of a new academic adventure. Three years later, and I’m taking my place in that same passenger seat, now seventeen years old and about to set off on the last leg of said academic adventure.

No matter how much time I dwell on it, I am yet to be sure of what my future holds. I’m of the opinion that seventeen is much too early to be forced to make such a transcendental decision. Some days, I dream of becoming the ballerina of a prestigious ballet company, and traveling the world as I showcase my talents. Other days, I see myself furthering my education by attending university, gaining the knowledge to eventually help shape the minds, bodies and techniques of a new generation of dancers in my own studio. And occasionally, I find myself disappearing into fantasies of caring for beautiful children alongside the love of my life (which may or may not share an eerie resemblance to one sailing instructor from a big island in the Pacific. Although the path I shall take remains one big mystery, there is one fact that I am certain beyond belief about.

I want to live life to the fullest.

I want to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way, and embrace it wholeheartedly. I have spent so many years hiding behind my insecurities, the fear of failure and the unknown, that I know I have missed out on so many opportunities of self-discovery and self-growth. But that chapter of my life is slowly coming to a close. Never again will I shy away from listening to my heart, choose to ignore my gut feeling, or put others over myself. I will make my happiness my priority, and focus on myself and myself alone. I’ll let go of my fears and face any upcoming challenges with the same strength and iron will as that of the woman who raised me. And I’ll strive to always be on a permanent quest for bettering myself-- just like the man who helped shaped me.

The time for a new start is fast approaching, and I am eager to embark on this unpredictable journey.

The short brunette in the passenger seat stared in admiration at her neat, perfect golden cursive for a few seconds before gently closing and locking the large, hardcover vintage diary. She had finished her latest entry just as her father’s vehicle was crossing the iron gates of Marble Academy. The six hour drive had been mostly quiet and uneventful-- something Tatum cherished immensely considering the chaos that had surrounded her upbringing. Occasionally, she snuck a look in the direction of the front seats, and smiled to herself as she caught glimpses of tender affection between her once-feuding parents. A stolen kiss here, the holding of a hand there, and snippets of shared laughter and conversation in between. Secretly, it filled Tatum with happiness and a sense of peace. After so many years of turbulence and toxicity, it was refreshing to watch her parents learn to love each other in the ways they deserved. As naive as it sounded, she always hoped it would last a lifetime.

Eventually, the vehicle carrying the members of the Paxton family came to a stop in front of The Oaklands residential building. There was small conversation and tearful farewells exchanged, along with many reminders for Tatum to have fun safely, keep in touch, and to never forget how loved she was and how proud she made them. After one last hug and kiss to each of her parents, the young woman grabbed her belongings and set off on her way to her assigned room on the second floor of the building.

Although she’d grown up in a privileged position, it was hard for Tatum to not be taken aback by the sheer size and beauty of the new student building. The school had obviously injected no small amount of funds on the project, but they had been wise in their decision to do so. The spaciousness and comfort certainly made the whole boarding school experience all the more pleasant and inviting. And, Tae was sure, the students would certainly be thankful for the upgrades.

After a short elevator trip and a few steps Tatum reached room 205: her assigned new home for the school year. No sooner had she opened the door and began to take in her luxurious new living arrangements, when she came upon the sight of a shirtless Brodie Driver-Stewart standing right in the middle of her assigned dorm room.

Tae’s brown eyes widened to the size of saucers, and her jaw clenched up instantly. The girl’s breath caught in her throat, and there was no disguising the way she carefully etched every inch of his toned physique in her mind. She could feel her cheeks start to flush, blazing the same shade of scarlet as the blood currently rushing through her body.

Tatum didn't know how long she stood there, staring at her crush in disbelief while trying to process what was happening and the meaning behind it all. Until, finally, she somehow managed to regain her ability to speak just enough to croak out the softest and faintest “Hi”.


To say that the start of Stephanie’s senior year had been a disaster was an understatement.

In less than an hour after stepping foot inside Rosefell High, the young woman had been called into the principal’s office and suspended for the reminder of the week. Shaking with outrage at the injustice, Spice had tried to both defend her actions and demand that Colin be punished as well (he had dented in her car with a sharp kick to the front bumper, after all). But the principal wasn’t having any of it. There was no evidence, he said, of Colin causing any damage to her property. For all he knew, the dent could have been there for a while. There were, however, plenty of witnesses to their little spat and to the solid punch to the face that had effectively broken his nose. So instead of wasting her breath, he told her to be grateful Colin had no interest in pressing charges, and to go straight home unless she wanted to make things any worse for her than they already were.

Furious, the raging Spice had stormed out of the office like a bat out of hell, her mind racing with all the ways she could show Mr. Jameson that nobody fucked with her and got away with it. But any plans she had to get back at the man were thwarted by the presence of her very angry aunt waiting for her at the parking lot. Once at home, she’d gotten chewed out a second time by her aunt, and then a third time by her parents via a very tense video call. In the end, Stephanie Cross had not only been suspended from school, but grounded for the next two weeks with her car keys taken away from her. The only reason she didn’t have her phone taken from her too was so she’d had a way of staying in contact in case of emergency.

Any normal individual would have taken this time alone to reflect on the mistakes made and set off on a journey of bettering themselves. Spice, however, was anything but normal. The more time she spent locked up in her bedroom mindlessly scrolling through the same social media apps, the angrier she got at the whole situation. Why was she the only one lying on her ass, staring at the same four walls and ceiling while Colin was out and about, teasing and taunting her via social media? He had been just as guilty, if not more, of this whole situation happening in the first place. All she had done was tell him a little white lie about her late arrival, and the dude had set off on a verbal tirade against her, and put his hands on her. Did nobody care about seeking the truth and justice? Clearly not, or else they both would have suffered the consequences of her actions. But noooo: let’s put all blame onto the little pothead goth girl of every bad thing that happens, and not on the poor, drunk, local school junkie.

Frankly, it was all fucking bullshit.

Stephanie had had enough. When word came in about some Liberty dude’s house party, the raven-haired girl knew it was the perfect opportunity to get back at her ex. Fuelled by pure spite, Spice had scourged her closet for the perfect outfit, done her makeup as flawlessly as only she knew, and called out an Uber. Twenty minutes later, as she stepped foot in Christian’s opulent home, there was only one word ringing loud and clear across her mind in an endless loop.


A @Venus & @Vicier Collab
Featuring Ariana Mossos & Samuel Mercer

Location: Helios Cabin
Interacting With: Each Other

'I can't wait to see Sammy's face when he finds out I'm here!'

After nine hours spent between car rides, airplanes and airport waiting areas, a black car with tinted windows was making its way down the familiar roads leading to Camp Half-Blood. On the passenger seat, chatting animatedly with one of her many half-sisters, was none other than Ariana Mossos. Telling her boyfriend Samuel Mercer she wouldn't be able to attend camp this year had all been part of her plan to catch him off guard and surprise him with her untimely arrival. After so many months together (going as far as sharing a cabin and everything), Ari and Sam's time apart visiting their respective family had been hell, and they couldn't wait to reunite. Watching the way his face fell when she'd told him she wouldn't make it had broken her heart, but the daughter of Aphrodite hoped that her presence (along with the basket full of home-baked chocolate chip cookies) would make up for it.

Finally, the car came to a stop in front of the cabins, and Ariana's hazel eyes immediately scanned the area for any signs of the son of Helios that had so effortlessly stolen her heart last year. It didn't take long for her inquisitive look to turn into a full-fledged smile as she came upon the familiar features of her beloved. Grinning, the young woman exited the car and leaned against it with her arms crossed in front of her chest, waiting until the man was within ear shot before she spoke up.

"Hello there, stranger. Would you mind being a darling and telling me where Aphrodite's cabin is at?" she asked Samuel, flirtatiously biting her lower lip while shooting him one of her signature irresistible smiles.

That voice.

Eyes closing as the mere sound of it hit his ears, allowing a moment for it to simply wash over him; Samuel's lips broke out in a smirk. That cheeky little minx. A soft chuckle falling into the air, eyes opening so that he was able to lay his gaze on the gorgeous creature posing before him like the very Goddess she was; it was more than clear that the daughter of Aphrodite had each and every bit of his attention. Everything else around him melted away; and despite the ADHD tugging at the back of his mind, it was as natural as breathing for him to tune it out and to focus completely on his woman.

"I could... or I could do ya one better an' show that sexy ass of yours back to the Helios cabin where ya really belong."

Slowing his pace, having broken away from walking with Neisha at some point, though he wouldn't have been able to tell you when; Samuel let his hands fall from where they were resting in his pockets. The gap between them was shrinking, and once he was close enough; his hands made it to her body. One resting gently against her side, pulling her closer as the other drew up. His touch gentle... delicate as he brushed some of her dark locks back. Head stooping down after another moment in order to seal their lips together in what was, clearly, a long overdue kiss in his mind, "... Welcome home, Angel."

It never failed to amuse Ariana just how easily Samuel was able to disarm her. It only took one look from his jewel-colored eyes, one kiss from his honey-sweet lips, one phrase of his masculine voice with that awfully sexy Australian accent… And she was done. Just like that. Melting into a big old puddle of warm feelings at his feet.

Today wasn’t the exception. The second Sam’s lips were on hers, the dark-haired girl's racing heart finally settled back to its regular pace, and her body slowly drifted into that blissful sensation of peace her Prince Charming always brought to her. She allowed herself to get lost in the kiss for as long as he allowed it to, and felt her heartbeat speed up again when he drew away and allowed his eyes to bore into hers. But when he greeted her, Ariana didn’t bother with a verbal response right away. Instead, she gave him another big smile, cupped her boyfriend’s face with both of her delicate hands and pulled him back into another deep, passionate kiss.

She would’ve thought that they’d learned to deal with the time zones and love at a distance by now. But it was just like the saying: absence makes the heart grow fonder. And the time they were separated had only served to solidify Ariana's love for Samuel, while fueling the craving to be between his arms once again.

Her lips were like ecstasy- a drug that he could never seem to get enough of. And it was a few seconds of her lips pressing back against his that he hooked his arm around her back, and hoisted her into the air. The hand that he'd been using to hold back her hair falling to instead to caress her thigh; thumb brushing gently back and forth over her bare skin as he urged her to wrap her legs tightly around his waist. Keeping it there for only a few moments before his hand once more rose up. Fingers disappearing back into her hair; supporting the back of her head as did what he could to pour into each kiss just how much he'd missed her.

With the rather enthusiastic kiss they were sharing, the daughter of Aphrodite knew she and Samuel were making a scene. But since when did Ariana Mossos care about what anybody else thought? If anyone had something to say, they'd get what was coming to them. Unfortunately, though, her lips were starting to get sore. So with all the resignation in the world, the begrudging young woman finally pulled away from Sam, but kept her arms and legs still wrapped around him.

"You have no idea how much I missed you, pumpkin," the brunette cooed with a glossy-lipped pout, giving her boyfriend another quick peck on the lips. "Let's never be away from each other that long again."

Forced to adjust his hold around her shapely figure as one of her siblings held out a bag for him to take, Samuel did just that. Draping the strap of the bag over her shoulder. It always amazed him just how much luggage she could accumulate in such a small amount of time. Without the help of her siblings, at least the ones that had gone to pick her up, he'd be making trips back and forth for the better part of an hour if she'd really gone and let herself loose on her little visit back home.

"Agreed. Never again."

Shaking his head lightly, his hand reaching out to push open the door to the Helios cabin once he'd carried her close enough to it. Sam stepped over the threshold and into the living room. Motioning for the others to just put Ariana's bags down wherever before he did the same. Letting the bag he was carrying drop to the ground beside the couch as he fell down onto it. Holding her gently on his lap, "So... do I even wanna know if ya told ya dad 'bout me or not..? I know he was askin' questions before ya left..."

"Well..." Ariana began, shifting around in Sam's lap to get more comfortable before absentmindedly starting to play with his shirt. "I did tell him, actually," she confessed, looking up at him with nerves painted all over her perfect face. "Was he happy? No. Quite the opposite, actually. He was pretty pissed off that I, and I quote, 'went off to camp to hook up with some random guy' I 'know nothing about'. But when I told him how much you love and respect me, and how happy you make me, he was a little less grumpy about it. He still isn't thrilled about me dating and not being under his supervision, of course. But at least now he's not wanting to chomp your head off anymore!" Ariana told Samuel with a laugh.

Yeah... because that was really going to make him feel better about the situation.

Hand lifting, rising from its resting place over her thigh, Samuel rubbed a little worriedly at the back of his neck. Dating one of the hottest women in camp..? Hell, the fact that she'd even set her sights on him in the first place was a miracle. It was a complete blessing. But he couldn't deny that the situation was a pretty fucking precarious one if he was being completely honest with himself. Did he love her..? Yes. A thousand times he'd told her, and hell, he'd tell her that for the rest of his life if they ever decided to take that particular path, but... mobster's daughter was not something that he'd been expecting when he'd first asked her out. And, it wasn't as though he knew from experience or anything, but he was pretty damn sure that meant he was a dead man walking just for even looking at her.

"... Ya know, second thoughts... Maybe I should take a rain check on the next trip ta see your parents... And maybe the one after that too..."

Ariana merely laughed again and shook her head. "Don't be silly, pumpkin!" she cooed, giving him a fleeting kiss on the lips and rubbing their noses together. "You have nothing to worry about-- pinky promise. He's not going to hurt you. He knows better than to risk me never speaking to him again-- especially since he's already on thin ice because of the whole 'you lied about who my real mother is for my entire life' situation."

"... Babe... You know ya can't hold that against him forever..." A light frown crossing over his otherwise gentle features, Samuel reached across, and with a gentle hand, he once more brushed those few strands of hair back and off her delicate features. Tucking them behind her ear, though he knew from experience that in less than a few minutes time, he'd be doing the same thing all over again. Not that he minded, "... Pretty much all of us are in the same boat. I didn't know who my dad was... Ky and Hay didn't know who theirs was- hell, they barely even know who their ma is. All of us grew up without at least one of our parents..."

A frown came upon Ariana's features. She pulled away from her boyfriend's soft gestures enough to raise her eyebrows at Samuel in a questioning look. "Is that supposed to change how I feel about it or something?" she interjected, her voice as icy as her newly changed demeanor. "You're not trying to guilt-trip me into forgiving my father, are you? Because you know better than anyone that nobody tells me what to do about things."

And he should have expected that one.

Holding himself back, refraining from letting out the exasperated sigh that wanted so desperately to escape, Samuel shook his head lightly. His gaze drew up to keep her own locked. His expression soft, though behind his eyes was a slight firmness, "... Relax, honey-badger. Put those claws away. Merely stating facts, and you know it."

His words, though well-intended, had only served to further upset Ariana. Without warning, the brunette rose from Samuel's lap and stormed away from her beloved. She chose to stand in the middle of the cabin with her arms crossed in front of her chest, staring daggers down at the man. "This is fucking ridiculous. You mean to tell me I haven't seen you in months, and the first thing you do when we're together is try and manipulate me to do something I don't want to do?!" Her voice rang across the room, hazel eyes blazing with pure anger. "What a fucking joke!"

"Enough, Ari...!"

She always had to do this- always had to read further into things than was necessary. Was this really what she wanted..? Geez, there were times that where thoughts crossed his mind about maybe, just maybe, she enjoyed arguing with him. Sure, the make-up sex was amazing; but that wasn't the point. Sometimes it just got tiring. It did neither of them any good, "The camp has enough shit to deal with right now thanks to ya fuckin' mum; so don't go makin' this bigger than it is..! Ya know for a fact that I ain't tryin' ta manipulate shit..!"

Moving past her once he'd gotten himself moving, it wasn't long after that he came to a stop in front of the fridge. Slamming the door of it shut once he'd retrieved them a beer each. Placing one on the bench for her, before his back was turned and his body was leaning against the counter. The muscles in his arms tensing up as he twisted the cap off, casting it aside, "Fuck sake, Ari- ya really think that little 'bout me...?"

No, she did not.

The second Samuel raised her voice, Ariana knew to not press any further and stop with the bratty attitude. The young woman knew fully well that the son of Helios wasn't trying to manipulate her. From the moment they had met, Sam had proven to not only be genuinely concerned about her well being, but have her best interests at heart-- even when she was acting like too much of a stubborn baby to see it. His kind heart, his sweet disposition, his selfless actions, his infinite patience, and all of Samuel's endless redeeming qualities normally inspired Ariana to want to be a better person. But, at times like these, they fueled the mean little voice in the back of her mind. He's much too good for you, girl. You know the boy deserves so much better. The reason why they fought so much was probably her testing how long it would be before he left her like the others did.

And yet, the large sense of pride and huge ego inherited from both her parents prevented Ariana from admitting fault or any of this to herself. So instead of answering his question of whether she thought so little of him or even apologizing for her behavior, the brunette chose to continue glaring at her boyfriend while using part of his statement in an attempt to change the subject.

"What did the bitch do now?" Ari asked sourly about the birth mother she so disliked, unceremoniously snatching the beer from the table and struggling to unscrew the top of her bottle open. She silently fought with the cap for a few seconds, and after a handful of failed attempts, the girl angrily slammed the bottle back on the table and let out a frustrated sigh.

"... She accused Erin of stealing her Godly symbol." Pausing long enough to throw back a swig from his beer, it was a few moments of silence later that his head was turning, and his gaze was lingering on the woman that he was able to call his. The frown he wore etching deeper onto his features; Samuel let out a heavy sigh. And pushing away from the bench, put his own beer down only long enough that he was able to open the one that he'd grabbed out for her. Putting it right back down where she'd slammed it in her frustration, "... The horror Queen has seven days to bring back the damn dove and prove she didn't do the crime."

Ariana let out a disbelieving snort. "So you mean to tell me that Miss Thang is throwing this big of a fit over some stupid bird?" she said, shaking her head in disbelief. "It's as if she cares more about the thing than she ever did any of her kids. That's fucked up, coming second to some bird..." she trailed off, snatching the now open beer from the table and angrily chugging half of it.

Samuel scoffed. His arms lifted to cross over his chest as he once more gave her his back; leaning back against the counter as he had been before he'd gone and the beer for her. Really, did they expect anything less..? When it came to parenting, the Gods were just like mortals. There were shitty parents, parents who were never there for their kids, parents who made the effort; and then there were the rare gems... ones who actively sought to try and be there for their kids, and who could, in all reality, be considered 'good parents'. Aphrodite, very clearly, was not one of the few.

"... Yeah, well... if Erin fails, she gets given to Ares..."

The young woman grimaced. "Yikes... Well, I hope she finds it: for her sake. I don't understand why anyone would steal a stupid bird anyway, or why they can't go look for it themselves, but then I never understand what goes through the minds of those gods anyway..." she trailed off, taking yet another swig of her beer.

How to explain it in a way she was going to understand..? Frowning heavier than before, Samuel's arms broke apart and eventually turned back around. Body hunched over the bench, elbows resting on the counter as he took his beer back into his hands. His gorgeous blues flicking over to meet her own gaze, "... Think of it like politics- or better yet. Think of it like the mafia, babe."

Yeah. That was easier. Make it relatable to her own situation in a way.

"... The Gods are the mafia - so in this instance, Zeus is the equivalent of your father. They are the head of their family. Everyone answers to them. Well, jus' like in all families, there are people who don't agree with the way things are." Standing back up straight after a moment, taking another swig of his beer only to then set it back down on the bench, Samuel rounded it. His hands coming to rest on her hips as he made to stand in front of her, "Those that don't agree, try to manipulate their way into power by undermining your father in some way. But they don't do it in person- they never get their own hands dirty, do they...? They make their little lackeys do it for them. And that's what's happening here. It's a power-play. We as demigods just happen to be their lackeys..."

Ariana could only roll her eyes and shake her head. "Then it's a good thing I don't play by anyone's rules both here and at home," she said bitterly, taking the last swig of beer from her bottle before placing it back on top of the counter. Why the gods treated their offspring like an army of disposable soldiers to do their dirty work instead of their actual children was beyond her. But she would waste no more energy on that particular subject. There were more important things to take care of-- namely, the sweet gentleman currently holding her by the hips.

The way Samuel had so patiently explained the situation to her even after her little outburst filled Ariana with guilt. Why was she so hellbent on pushing away and hurting a man who would do anything for her happiness? It was childish, immature, and outright cruel. She needed to do something about it. Fast.

Before Sam could say anything else, Ari wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's torso and looked up at him with tearful eyes. "I'm sorry about being a brat and picking a fight with you," the brunette shakily apologized, pulling him close. "I don't think little of you at all, Samuel. I actually think the world of you. I think so, so highly of you, that sometimes I think I'm the one who's too little for you."

"... I know..."

Hand lifting from her hip, Samuel's attention was drawn by the gentle sparkle of her tears under the natural light in the kitchen. His touch was gentle as he used the pad of his thumb to lightly brush them away before they really had a chance to so much as fall. He knew that she loved him- it was one thing he never had to question was her love for him. And it really didn't take a genius to know that he felt exactly the same way about her, "... But don't you ever think that, okay...? You are the most beautiful Goddess I have ever met; one with such a big heart... An' I'm always gunna love you, Ariana."

Before she could stop herself, Ariana had jumped into Samuel's arms, pulled him into a tight hug and began to sob on his shoulder. "I'm always going to love you too, Sammy!" she wailed in between sobs, holding her boyfriend even tighter. "Always! There's nobody in the world I'd rather be with than you."

Chuckling softly, unable to stop himself; Samuel's arms wrapped tighter around her shapely figure, "... Well ain't it lucky that ya stuck with me, then."

Smiling through the tears, Ariana nodded and let out a shaky laugh. "The luckiest girl in the world..." she said sweetly, rubbing the tip of his nose with hers for a second before pulling him into a kiss.



Location: On her way to the Apollo cabin- Camp Half-Blood
Interacting With: Zeru @King Kindred

Fiamma Gianulli was finally on her way back to Camp Halfblood-- and she couldn’t be more excited about it.

When she’d found out she was the daughter of the sun god, an agreement had been made by the girl’s parents. Fi would attend Camp Half-Blood for a year, and could return if she liked it, as long as she returned to the mortal world to finish her high school studies. The deal had seemed reasonable enough, and the redhead was more than happy to accept it. But after spending what was probably one of the most educational, bestest years of her life, returning back to her mundane existence in the mortal world had been harder than she’d imagined. As happy as she had been to be with her mother, stepfather and mortal friends, she’d left a part of her heart back in Long Island. While in Manhattan, all Fi wanted was to return to the company of her fellow demigods, her newly discovered half-sisters… And her first boyfriend: Zeru Troy Williams, the son of the almighty Zeus.

The mere thought of being back in her boyfriend's arms sent shivers of excitement and anticipation down her body. She had missed Zee more than anyone in the world during her time away. His smile, his laugh, his voice, the way her name sounded like poetry when falling from his full lips, how he made her feel like she was the most precious thing in the entire universe… In all honesty, falling in love had been the last thing on Fiamma’s mind when she’d embarked on this new chapter of her life. Yet she’d welcomed the feeling with open arms, and excitedly embraced all the new experiences and emotions that came along with it. Although Zeru’s absence had been hard (frequent video calls and text messages could only do so much), it made her value his presence so much more. And frankly, she’d been counting down the seconds to return to him again.

When she had finally arrived on camp grounds, the ecstatic Fiamma hopped off the vehicle, collected her belongings from the truck and set off in the direction of the cabin she shared with her half-sisters. Along the way to her destination, her heightened sense of hearing picked up on the beautiful sound of her favorite rich, deep, masculine, velvety voice in the distance. A beaming smile immediately crept up on the redhead’s face, and she followed the melodical sound all the way to the sword training arena. And as expected, there was her beloved Zee, doing what he did best: kicking his opponents’ asses.

Fi watched in equal parts of admiration and amusement as her boyfriend seemed to, as usual, be coming up on top of this particular battle. But something must have distracted the young warrior, because not only had he just barely missed being sliced in half by his opponent, but had also been knocked down to the ground.

"Maybe I should learn your name after this." Fiamma heard Zeru say as the dark-skinned young man pushed himself up and dusted off his pants. "Now, whe---achoo."

Before she could help herself, Fi let out a little giggle. That seemed to catch the attention of the son of Zeus, because he instinctively scanned the area until his eyes finally found her. Their eyes locked for what seemed like forever-- chocolate brown with stormy blue--, until Fiamma gave Zeru a small, shy little wave and set on back to her father’s cabin.
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Fiamma Giannulli, Aiden Howard, and Liv Howard
A @Venus and @Melissa Collaboration


Olivia Howard was going out tonight, and she was thrilled about it.

With her parents gone for the weekend doing god knows what, the girl’s usual 10pm curfew was decided null and she was free to join her brother and her classmates in their revelries. This evening’s gathering would mark one of the few and far between high school parties that she had ever attended and she couldn’t wait to let loose and raise a little hell for once. She had spent nearly an hour in front of her closet trying to find the perfect outfit to wear, and after a panicked call to Trixie (who would unfortunately not be in attendance), had finally settled on a sweet yet slightly showy shirt and skirt combo. After all, there was someone she wanted to impress and-

“Liv, will you hurry the fuck up? I said I wanted us to be fashionably late not actually late.” Aiden yelled up to his younger counterpart from the ground floor of the house, checking his brand new watch once more. Fiamma would be pulling up any minute to take them to Christian’s and he did not want to keep her waiting.

The blonde boy was looking forward to the party at Christian’s house. It sucked that Marcos couldn’t make it due to a family emergency, but this meant that Aiden could snuggle up a little closer to his girlfriend and no one would be there to question it or act the wiser. Fi never came out with him and the guys on the weekends, especially to parties, so it was an unexpected treat and excitement that he rarely felt. Since they had to keep things hush-hush for circumstances outside of his control, Aiden had to enjoy the little moments where things felt somewhat normal, like going to a party with his girl on his arm.

Moments later, Liv bounded down the stairs as quickly as she could, “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” she exclaimed for each step that she descended with urgency, reaching the bottom and looking at her brother. “I couldn’t decide what to wear.”

As she appeared, Aiden inspected his sister carefully, “...and you chose that?” he stated incredulously. The boy had ears and had heard the whisperings all week from some of his male classmates. According to them, his sister was a hot commodity (which was gross to think about), and ever oblivious and naive Liv clearly had no idea what she was getting herself into. He could have gone off on a tangent right then and there about the things that were wrong with her outfit- like how her midriff was exposed and her skirt was shorter than it should be- but he held back.

However, he knew that because she was a pretty girl and blessed with the same Howard genes that he had, she could’ve shown up in a paper bag to that party and still would receive the same unwanted attention. Anyone who was interested in her would make themselves known tonight when intoxication and ballsy decisions were at an all time high. So, while he was out having his own fun tonight, he would also be keeping a watchful eye on his sister. Swallowing his pride and his choice words, he simply nodded.

“Nevermind, Fi will be here any minute.” Aiden walked over to the kitchen counter where a quarter full plastic water bottle and a silver metallic flask sat and grasped both in his hands. He wasn’t stupid and knew his sister was going to want to drink, so he had taken the liberty of stealing some Grey Goose from their parent’s liquor cabinet for her, along with some of his dad’s good whiskey for himself. He passed the plastic bottle to Liv, “Take it slow and don’t drink it all at once. The last thing I need tonight is for you to land up on your ass...”

“I promise I won’t I-”

As if on queue, the familiar sound of the Fiat’s horn echoed through the Howard household. Behind the wheel was the girl Aiden was just speaking about, looking equal parts nervous and excited at the endless possibilities stretching out in front of her. Tonight would be the very first party Fiamma would be attending that wasn’t a birthday party for one of her friends. Loud, raging events of any kind weren’t Fi’s cup of tea. But it was her senior year, after all, and one of her last chances to not only attend a stereotypical teenage event, but to do so with her boyfriend by her side. With Marcos’ absence, nobody would think twice about Fi sticking to Aiden like glue, or him having his arms around her, or them sneaking off someplace more quiet and cozy for an extended period of time. Although they’d still have to keep up appearances, Fi and Aiden knew it would be easier to get away with things when the people around them would be too high or drunk to notice.

Liv smirked at her brother, “Thank god she’s driving and not you.” The blonde girl skipped towards the front door and didn’t hesitate to throw it open, revealing Fi’s car sitting idly in front of their house. She waved before turning back to Aiden. “Time to go, lover boy!”

The boy rolled his eyes before shutting off the main lights and following behind his unusually peppy younger sister, locking things up behind them as they exited the house. He watched as Liv tried to make the run for shotgun, but unamused tutted and motioned to the backseat. Like hell was she going to make him sit in the back, and in his own girlfriend’s car for that matter! Sliding into the passenger's seat, Aiden offered Fiamma a warm smile before kissing her on the cheek. “Hey babe.”

“Hi pumpkin!” the redheaded girl cheerfully greeted her boyfriend, shifting around in her seat so she could return Aiden’s kiss and wrap him up in a quick, tight hug before turning her attention to their passenger for the night. “Hi, Livvy! You look gorgeous! I love the outfit choice; it really suits your figure!”

Liv grinned widely from the backseat, “Really? I was a little worried it was a bit too much, but I’m glad you like it.” From the moment that the blonde girl had met Fiamma, there was an immediate connection present. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the two had a very similar sweet and gentle demeanor, but they clicked instantly after Aiden introduced them. “Your makeup looks so nice!” She complimented, getting a good look at the redhead’s enhanced facial features.

“She’s right, you look beautiful.” Aiden suavely added in with a wink that only his girlfriend could see. If it weren’t for his sister being in the car, he wouldn’t have been able to keep his hands off of her…

Fiamma didn’t miss the way her boyfriend had winked at her out of his sister’s line of sight. It was a gesture that would seem innocent to some, but one that the young woman knew had a very suggestive meaning when shared between them. Her cheeks immediately flushed as brightly as her hair, and she instinctively looked away to compose herself for a few seconds.

“Thank you both so much!” the flustered Fiamma finally replied, offering Liv a beaming smile before turning to face Aiden again. “Are we ready to go?”

“Ready whenever you are!”

With Aiden and Liv’s approval and the help of her boyfriend’s trusty GPS, Fiamma pulled out of the Howard’s parking lot and set out on her journey to Christian Barker’s house. To Fi’s surprise, the distance in between her house, Aiden’s house and the party host’s house were all less than fifteen minutes, which meant that they had enjoyed a healthy five song jam before reaching their destination. A line of cars was beginning to form at the host’s driveway, but the young woman behind the wheel somehow miraculously managed to score an empty spot just perfect enough for her little Fiat to fit in. If they had been driving Aiden’s jeep, finding parking near the house would’ve been nearly impossible.

Once the car had come to a full stop and she’d killed the engine, Fiamma turned to look at both Howard siblings occupying the passenger seats. “Alright, guys. As your super trusty designated driver, I’m not planning on drinking tonight so that I can get us all home safely later on. BUT! If at any time any of you feel like leaving early for whatever reason, just come get me and we’ll get out of here. No questions asked.” The last bit was mostly directly at Olivia rather than Aiden, but Fi wanted the blonde to feel comfortable in reaching out to her if she found herself in any trouble during the party.

And the blonde girl did appreciate Fiamma’s motherly guidance, offering her an understanding nod in return. “You’re the best Fi, thanks again for driving!” Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Aiden motioning with his head to the party, less than politely asking his sister to scram. Getting the message without exchanging words, Liv grabbed her phone and her water bottle before scooting over and opening the car door, the loud music from Christian’s house bleeding into the night. “I’m going to head in, I’ll find you both in there.” Her white keds hit the pavement and the girl took a deep breath before shutting the door behind her and making her way to the front of the house.

With his sister having disappeared, Aiden glanced back over at his girlfriend and grinned like a maniac. “Now that she’s gone…” He leaned over and gave Fiamma a proper kiss on the lips, having been driven mad during the ride over as the street lights highlighted her best features.

As soon as his lips crashed into hers, Fiamma’s hand immediately went to the back of Aiden’s head, letting her fingers get tangled up in his blond locks as she returned his kiss with the same amount of passion. Having to keep her hands and suggestive opinions to herself during the short car ride had been a struggle, but now that they were alone she was finally free to speak the unfiltered thoughts running through her mind.

“You look so fucking good tonight,” Fi muttered breathlessly, having pulled away from him just enough to talk. “I can’t wait to take these off you later,” she cheekily admitted, gently pulling on the collar of his shirt.

Aiden didn’t know what had gotten into his girlfriend- the swearing, the sexual banter- but whatever it was he liked it. He smirked before letting his lips find their way to her exposed neck, pressing gently, “You know, we don’t have to go in,” He kissed again, “We could just stay here, make later now,”

Fiamma let out a frisky little giggle at both her boyfriend’s proposition and the goosebumps covering her skin at the feeling of his lips on her neck-- in exactly the right spot to make magic happen. “If we were at that nice little private spot near the lake, I would totally go for it. But as much as I would love to just climb into that backseat and let you have at it, the last thing we need is to have one of our classmates somehow finding us right in the middle of it,” she said somewhat sadly, reluctantly pulling away from the young man before he could make things any harder than they already were. “However, I do have something that will maybe help from any disappointment you might be feeling right now…” she trailed off, pointing at her trench coat and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at Aiden.

“Ugh, fine. You’re no fun, babe.” The boy groaned, removing his lips from her neck as she pulled away and leaned back in the passenger's seat. But the promise of something else exciting piqued his interest, “Go on…” Aiden prompted, hoping that he was picking up what she was putting down.

Eyes shining mischievously, Fiamma slowly unbuttoned her coat to ultimately reveal a beautiful, long-sleeved white romper with a delicate rose pattern and a surprisingly plunging neckline that reached the middle of her pale chest. It was, without a doubt, the boldest outfit the redhead had ever worn to date.

“I mean, I know it isn’t as sexy or revealing as the outfits that many of the girls out here will be wearing, but I think it looks good. Right?” she asked Aiden with uncertainty, nervously biting her lip as she became suddenly overwhelmed with second thoughts at her daring wardrobe choice.

Aiden’s eyebrows raised and his eyes grew wide at the sight of his gorgeous girlfriend’s choice of outfit. She was hot- never had he seen her wear something that was so low cut, but she looked damn well good in it. He tried to find the words to describe to her what he thought, but instead of just complimenting her, he leaned in for another kiss and simply spoke what was on his mind. “Fuck, I wish people knew we were dating so I could show you off the way you deserve to be.”

Beaming, the young woman gave him another quick kiss. “Ugh, I know. I’m dying to let everyone know you’re mine. But who knows what will happen tonight? We can always get into some trouble together and say the weed or alcohol made us do it if people ask later,” she suggested with a chuckle.

“You’ve definitely got a point… let’s just see where the night takes us. Shall we?’

And with that being said, the lovebirds finally mustered up the will to leave their secret sanctuary and made their way into the party, with Fiamma trailing behind Aiden like a lost, scared little puppy.



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