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LOCATION: Nikole's cabin inside The Thousand Sunny



Inside one of the spacious cabins of The Thousand Sunny, the young woman responsible for the planning and organizing of this class reunion sat in front of the small vanity, obsessively examining every inch of her reflection in the mirror for what felt like the hundredth time. It was easy to tell that Nikole Seara-Reyes was nervous. And why wouldn’t she be? She’d been planning this event for weeks: securing the venue with Ty, confirming the attendance of her classmates, coordinating with the vendors, putting her trust in staff she had no previous experience working with… All in hopes of ensuring that every guest had the top-tier, quality service that Lucid Dream Events prided itself upon. With the attendees being people she had known for years, Kole had set herself very high expectations for the night ahead. And like it always happened when such high stakes were attached to an event, the brunette’s anxiety was at an all-time high.

After combing over her flyaways for what felt like the dozenth time, Nikole decided she needed to do something to take the edge off. With her hands trembling lightly, she picked up one of the chilled Pink Whitney bottles previously resting on the vanity, unscrewed the cap and downed the miniature bottle in one go. In different circumstances, she would’ve indulged in one of the magic chill pills hiding inside one of the pockets of her purse. But she needed to be of sound body and mind tonight, and Nikki knew that she’d be able to handle at least four of those little liquor bottles before she started to revert back to the wild party girl of her teenage years.

“Okay. How do I look?” Kole asked the other person in the room, barely able to hold their gaze for a few seconds before starting to fidget with the skirt of her dress.

Laying on one of the many beds in the Sunny, but this one specifically claimed by his sister, Matías Reyes leaned up against her bedframe, listening to classical lofi in one ear and in the other, her anxiety ridden tangent. He seemed checked out of the conversation, focused on reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez. Matty usually seemed uninvolved and uninterested; that was just his nature. Nikole knew better though. She knew her step brother was one of the most present people in a room, sober or not. He was aware of everything that surrounded him. He was aware of her.

Call it a curse or a blessing, Matty saw things and understood people, their personal battles and their bonds with others, without anyone speaking their truths and telling him what they were going through. His intuition was out of this world or perhaps he simply was a keen observer. Whether it was his wits or the fact that he was begrudgingly an empathetic dude, there’s a reason he decided to live off the grid and part of her knew parties and large events overstimulated him. Not in the sense of the wild comings and goings, but more so he could feel others' joys and sorrows, highs and lows, to the point that it drove him to have a dependency on drugs. Drugs and booze was hell disguised as heaven and in highschool, he chased that addiction, he rode that wave and became someone he wasn’t proud of.

No matter… that was all in the past. He had been sober for years, making him see the world with immense clarity, not using the trip as a distraction. There would be no doubt in her mind that she knew he could see right through her. From the fidgeting to her sweaty palms, Matty read her like a book. With a sharp and quick glance, he stared at her, their eyes meeting only momentarily. His male gaze didn’t linger on her form for too long, just enough for him to gather the necessary information, before bringing his attention back to his book. He turned to the next page.

“Can’t believe you’re still putting this much effort to impress him,” Matty muttered. His legs laid out, already in formal wear, with black socks to match. His lightweight, white oxford button-down shirt wasn’t closed fully, showing a glimpse of his muscular chest, while his blue pants had been ironed and his left ear, like a token look since childhood, had a small hoop earring. Relaxing himself, more so than he already was in his sister’s cabin, he tsked, annoyed that Nikki was still doing this dance after all these years, “Does how you look even matter if you’re not gonna’ say shit?”

His sister’s scoff of disbelief was immediate. “Who are you talking about? I’m not trying to impress a specific person!” Nikole quipped, shaking her head in disapproval before taking a seat in bed next to Matias. “I’m just making sure I look presentable, is all.” The siblings knew that there was only one reunion attendee who could make Nikki so flustered, and that deluding herself into thinking he didn’t matter to her in that way was her default way of coping with the unresolved feelings. “I just really, really, really want this night to go well-- for all of us.”

A ten-year high school reunion wasn’t exactly something that anyone would ask for other than those individuals who peaked during said time period. That wasn’t the case of any of the former classmates who had RSVP’d. Yet Nikole, in her infinite, business-oriented wisdom, saw it as the perfect opportunity to get everyone together not just for a fun time, but for some potential hardcore networking as well. Her graduating class had the likes of well-known internet personalities, Hollywood stars, sport MVPs, respected academics, successful healthcare providers… The possibilities for interactions were endless! For some of these very important guests, this was their first time attending an event of Kole’s-- so first impressions would be everything.

“Oh yeah, yeah. This party will be bitchin’,” Matty scanned the words on a page of his book, not really taking any of it in because his attention was on his sister. “Got people worried I might relapse, and then some think I’m dead - which is hilarious.” He chuckled to himself. “When I found out, I couldn’t stop laughing.” He was making light of the situation and although he wasn’t nervous to see his former classmates, he did wonder what reactions to expect, especially from the Swimmer twins.

Nikole’s lips pursed into a tight, disapproving line. “Right. Freaking hilarious.” While the whole ‘Matias Reyes Is Dead’ rumor had been amusing in the beginning, it got old pretty fast when Kole started getting condolences from people-- some going as far as to make it a point to make remembrance posts or calls to her on his ‘death anniversary’ even when nobody from the Reyes family had confirmed, denied or made any comments or the slightest of remarks regarding his whereabouts. Nikki’s loyalty to her brother meant that, no matter how exasperated the whole thing made her, she kept her lips sealed and put up with it. Thankfully, tonight’s comeback meant that Matty's charade would finally be over. All she could hope for was that those who believed it was true wouldn’t be too upset about it.

Closing his book, he placed it on his sister’s stand, leaned back, resting his head on his hand and looked at the ceiling. “Real talk though, this is you and I got no doubt that this party will be nothing short of amazing.” He turned his head toward her and gave a sly smirk, “What? We gonna’ burn Ty’s boat down just like we did with dad’s billion dollar mansion?”

That last comment earned the man a knowing smile from his sister. When Matias and Nikole were first introduced to one another, their parents were concerned by the initial hesitation displayed by the two. They were two ten-year old kids trying to navigate tweenhood while processing their parents dating someone seriously for the first time since their own personal tragedies. They didn't need to worry, though. By the time the day was over and ever since, Matty and Nikki had been two peas in a pod: inseparable partners in crime. They went to school together, hung around the same friend group… She couldn’t even count the amount of times the two of them had covered for one another, or helped each other sneak around, or conspired on some mischief whenever their parents were away.

“You’re lucky he loves me enough to forgive most of the trouble we got ourselves into,” she chuckled, referencing the many times Kole took responsibility for their misdeeds because she knew Juan Diego would go easier on them if she did. “I still remember the time his and Mom’s flight got canceled and we had to rush to get the place clean and everyone out of the house before they showed up! That was a fucking trip.”

“Good memories,” Matty sighed in response, that unwelcome feeling of nostalgia of the best and worst years of his life washing over him. “You’re pivoting though,” he glanced over at her, taking in her pristine make-up job, with no flaws or blemishes. Her cheeks kissed pink and her natural features more pronounced. “You want this night to go well. Obviously. But what does that mean to you?” There was a brief pause, allowing her to sit on his words and think. He sat up, shifting himself toward her, now completely in listener mode. “Don’t think about anyone else. You got food, booze and a scenic view, that’s more than enough to entertain everyone. Where do you see yourself tonight? In a bed alone or…” Matty intentionally let his voice trail off, not finishing his sentence. He knew deep down, Kole wanted to rant and ramble about a certain topic. It was getting her to that point that took time. He knew her all too well and honestly, in another life they were probably twins.

"Hypothetically speaking, maybe there's a certain superstar athlete I'd like to finish the night with," Nikki admitted, her cheeks turning pink from something other than her expensive blush. "And, hypothetically speaking, maybe the reason I used the yacht as a venue was so I could justify not giving people the option to bring plus ones so there would be no chance of him showing up with one of those instathots he likes to parade himself around with. But this superstar athlete has also been my best friend for nearly sixteen years. Do you know how pathetic it'll sound if I just walk up to him and say: 'hey, remember the night we hooked up after prom? You know, the only one we've ever slept together? Well, that kind of confirmed that I've had feelings for you since I was 15, but I've been too much of a chicken to tell you because I was scared of ruining our friendship'? Imagine something like that backfiring and then having to spend the rest of the weekend around each other feeling all kinds of awkward and mortified. I'd rather get eaten by a shark."

Bluntly, Matty answered, “Very pathetic, actually. You’re not wrong.” Cracking his knuckles, he continued, not really caring if his sister was seeking validation or reassurance but answering things in the only way Matty knew how. Curtly and without holding back any of the punches. “Hey, at least the only way he can escape you is off board, amiright?” He humored himself, even letting his handsome smile slip through. “So definitely a strategy to have this party on a boat-- and no plus ones, for sure.”

His earpiece started playing the classical lofi version of Mozart’s Allegro and Matty took it off, only to put his music on speaker so his sister could vibe with him as he waved his arms and hands around to dance with this bop. His sister needed to chill. “But seriously, we’re fastly approaching our thirties and it’s not like anyone else makes you wet like your bestie so you’re either going to end this night with a bang, or go home living through the same shit and being stagnant. How long you want to be bitter? For the rest of your life? Bet. That’s your grave sis, but I’mma do me and just let the flow take me on a journey. The only regret you’ll have tonight is not taking a chance because you’re quote, too much of a chicken, unquote but hey do you boo.”

As much as she hated to admit it, Nikole knew that Matias was right. For someone who always claimed to live her life to the fullest, take risks and have fun, she sure was proving to be doing the complete opposite of that. Nikki was an independent, self-sufficient 28 years old with a six figure bank account, a successful business, no children, no divorces, no psychotic exes or mountains of debt. For all intents and purposes, she was quite a catch. Why he couldn’t see that was beyond her, but maybe she just needed to pry his eyes open with her fingers to the possibilities of what they could be together. They weren’t getting any younger, either, so the time to act was now. And if all else failed, she could always drown her sorrows in bottomless mimosas or disappear on some 3 month-long cruise around the world or something.

“Okay fine Nikki conceded, rolling her eyes. “But that applies to both of us, bestie! If I take a chance on my person, you take a chance on yours. No exceptions.” she added sternly, shooting her brother a pointed look. She didn’t need to say names. Matty would know exactly who she was talking about. Her next comments would clear the air if there was ever doubt about who she meant. “Hopefully she forgives you for the whole ‘I’m not actually dead’ thing and we can all move on from that mess. I can’t wait for it to finally be over with.”

“Woah, woah, woah,” Matty held his hands up in a hold-up-wait-minute gesture. She got his attention; his full attention. She was insinuating something that wasn’t true, that he, of all people, was one to not take chances and two, he was stuck in the same situation as her with a girl he once knew. This needed to be corrected. “Person? Me? Come on, Nik. I’m not some sappy hopeless romantic looking to find my soulmate tonight. That mushy shit ain’t for me and I’m chill being alone. Will I talk to my once-upon-a-partner-in-crime? Absolutely. Will she slap me in the face? Likely. Do I deserve it? Definitely. Will we kiss? Probably. I’m not afraid to approach her, let alone talk to her about hard hitting topics like my death. Not like you are with your boy. That was never something up for debate.”

Nikole rolled her eyes again. "I am not afraid to approach him or talk to him about sensitive topics," she scoffed, standing up from the bed to unknowingly pace around the cabin. And it was true. Nikki and Randy met up with each other in person at least once a month, they texted and video chatted as frequently as it was healthy for two people with such busy schedules. In all these interactions, the two best friends talked about anything and everything: including their love lives. Did Nikole constantly wrestle back feelings of jealousy whenever Randy went off on his soapbox about who he was entangling himself with? Absolutely. Did she try to compete with or one-up him with her own experiences that sometimes might be a liiiiiittle embellished and exaggerated? That was a possibility. But even then, she still pushed her biases and emotions aside and encouraged him to always do what made him happy-- even if it was at the cost of her own feelings. That was the definition of genuine love.

"But this isn't about you, or me, or anyone else specifically! This is about having a night to relive the good ole’ times with the gang and make even more memories together." Kole declared in a pointed attempt to move on from the previous topic and shift the attention back to the real purpose of this event. As much as she loved and trusted Matty, there was only so much venting she could do without it sounding repetitive or whiny. She couldn't afford to be this distracted before things even started, either. She needed to pick herself up by the bootstraps, take a page out of Troy Bolton’s book and get her head in the game. "I just hope there's not too much chaos this time around... I sorta promised Ty that we'd make it back to the harbor with his yacht in one piece. The last thing I want is for any of us to get screwed over by the insurance company suing us for damages or something like that."

“The class that partied the hardest, keeping this boat in one piece? Ha, One Piece...” Matty chuckled, knowing where Ty got the name The Thousand Sunny from. “Yeah, totally. Sounds easy enough.” He stood up and stretched his arms. They had a long night ahead of them. Would it be chill? Only time would tell. The horn of the Sunny went off and he gave his sister a wink, before getting ready to exit and make a stop at his cabin. “That’s your cue, babygirl. Make this party your bitch. Oh,” he snapped his fingers, stopping in his tracks and going to her dresser where he rummaged through her jewelry box. He pulled out a stunning gold necklace with birthstone pendants and offered it to his sister. “This would go great with that dress, unless your goal is to show all that neck. Then nevermind. Do you, boo.” The more he talked, the more he realized how much Ziggy influenced his way of speech. Even to this day, he couldn’t help but speak with the same energy, just maybe less sass and kind of dry. That’s just the way of things when your best friend was a transcendental goddess. “Still gorgeous but it might be best if we go up separately. I doubt you want to hear my eulogy during your bad bitch entrance.”

Nikki took the necklace being offered to her by her brother and glanced at it. She hadn’t planned on wearing anything other than earrings and rings, but Matty choosing to pull this specific item out of her jewelry box to hand to her was a sign. The necklace had been a gift from Juan Diego to his new daughter upon his marriage to Cristina, with each birthstone pendant representing the birth months of her father, her stepfather, her mother and her own. It was a necklace that Nikki had long since deemed as her lucky charm-- one she rarely took off and one that she was wearing in nearly every moment where she experienced having a little luck on her side.

As soon as she placed the chain on her neck and clasped it on, a sense of peace settled on her chest. She knew then that no matter what the night would bring her, she had her parents’ best wishes and luck on her side. Everything would be alright.

Smiling, Nikole wrapped her arms around her brother and pulled him into a tight hug. “Thanks for everything, babes. You’re the best brother I could’ve ever asked for,” she told him, holding him for a few seconds before the Sunny's horn went off again.

Five more minutes until showtime. It was time to go.

Finally releasing Matty from her clutches, Nikki turned on her heel and made a beeline for the door. “I’ll see you upstairs!” she called out to her brother, offering him a parting wave before rushing out of her cabin and into the unknown.

At exactly 8PM, the sound of cutlery sharply clanking against glass reverberated from the speakers across the top deck bar of The Thousand Sunny. Nikole stood on top of the small stage, one hand wrapped around a wireless microphone while the other held a glass flute full of bubbly champagne. With a bright smile that hid her jitters, the brunette watched as the night’s guests were guided up to the top deck and greeted with flutes of champagne. When the final guest had received their glass, Nikki took a deep breath to center herself, and addressed the group.

“May I have everyone’s attention, please?” Nikole politely called out to the crowd. She waited until the attendees settled themselves into their preferred positions before kicking off her small welcome speech. “First of all, I would like to welcome you all to the ten year reunion of Kings Academy’s graduating class of 2013! A round of applause for you all, please!” she exclaimed happily, allowing them a moment to clap before carrying on. “I truly appreciate each and every one of you here for taking the time out of your busy schedules to join us here for this little adventure. While we have lots of fun activities planned for the rest of our voyage, the night ahead of us is all about reliving the good times we spent together growing up and figuring things out while making new, exciting memories along the way.”

“With that being said, I’d like to propose a toast,” Nikki declared, raising her flute in the air towards the crowd and watching them mirror her actions. “To the graduating class of 2013. May we all continue to keep cultivating successes in our lives, without ever losing sight of who we are. Salut!


“Now, let’s get this party started! Yay!”
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I feel that. What do you think caused it to die? Seems like it always had a lot of traction and interest.

Just life in general! A lot of us got burnt out in the first and only iteration where it was the graduating senior year class, and then interest just fizzled out in the first and second attempts at the class reunion version. This third attempt is meant to be very casual and relaxed, so hopefully we keep it going a little while! ♥️

When Paulina Villanueva received her invitation to the King’s Academy high school reunion, she dismissed the whole thing as a well-timed joke. It wasn’t that she had a high school experience that she desperately wanted to forget– quite the contrary, actually. Paulina had obtained a solid educational foundation at King’s, built lifelong friendships, and experienced what it was like to fall in love for the first time. But why would anyone go through the trouble of organizing a reunion so soon? They had graduated only ten years ago. It made absolutely no sense. Any people she wanted to keep in contact with she already did, and with a schedule as busy as hers, what incentive did she really have to go?

Paulina’s same opinion was shared by her best friends at first. When the topic came up during one of her weekly calls with Amalee and Beckett, the three of them had laughed the whole thing off before consistently expressing their lack of interest in the event. But after what Pau presumed were a few backroom deals taking place, Ama and Beck had become a united front in trying to convince their dark-haired bestie to attend. In the end, after plenty of discussion and a little bribing, Ama and Beck had convinced a very apprehensive Paulina to RSVP. After moving some stuff around the agenda, the Hollywood starlet was able to clear out her schedule for the event.

Doubts and second thoughts about her decision had been at the forefront of Lina’s mind all throughout the plane ride from LAX to MIA. What better way to spend a Saturday night than being in close quarters in the middle of the ocean with the two men she thought she’d be married to by now? Don’t get it twisted: Lina harbored no hard feelings for either of her exes– only love and the best of wishes always. But that didn't make the prospect of facing them any easier. She hadn’t spoken to Cole Young since their breakup over two years ago, things between her and Derex Steiner had been at an awkward point since their last dusk-till-dawn rendezvous, and the sheer idea of playing the dating game again had her thinking of ways she could throw herself overboard headfirst. But rather than spend the evening in a corner avoiding everyone and everything, Paulina hoped to use this opportunity to reassure herself that everything happened for a reason, to remind herself that she was exactly where she needed to be in life, and to give herself some much-needed closure.

Good God… The whole thing felt straight out of one of the corny movie scripts her agent tried to convince her to agree to at the start of her career.

As part of the benefits package Pau had negotiated in exchange for begrudgingly attending the event, Ama and Rora had made sure to fill her suitcase with the essentials. A custom-made Auralee black maxi dress was created for her to wear to the event, perfectly paired with matching pewter shoes, accessories and even sunglasses in an ensemble perfect for the occasion. But even after the full-body spa and beauty pamper session she’d had in preparation for the event, nerves unlike anything she experienced in her acting career sat in the pit of Paulina’s stomach as she walked down the dock to board The Thousand Sunny. At this point, all that was left to do was put the night in the hands of fate and see what came out of it.
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The second they were led away from the entrance and guided around the facility, the redhead’s senses were on high alert. She’d been discreetly examining her surroundings, taking in as much detail as she could about the areas and those around her without raising suspicions or appearing paranoid. Not too long after they had entered what the staff called the rec room, the redhead had spotted the man currently beckoning her attention, sitting on a chair in the corner like a king surveying his territory from an iron throne.

Tall. Lanky. Buzzed hair. Pale skin adorned with tattoos… And the sharpest, coldest pair of ice blue eyes Noah had ever seen. At first glance, he looked like the kind of man she’d take a chance on at the pub, if only to get a fun night and a juicy story to tell her friends later on. But the more she stared out at the stranger and his actions out of the corner of her eyes, the more suspicious and intrigued she got. While his eyes did wander around and momentarily settled on each member of the new arrivals, she didn’t miss the way they always seemed to circle back to her. Something in those arctic orbs tugged at Noah’s consciousness, urging her to keep her alert high and her guard even higher. The realization dawned on her like a bucket of ice water: that lascivious glint in the man’s eyes was the same one she’d seen in Howard Sterling’s pools of shit back on the day that had started everything.

The Cypress girl was still trying to come to terms with the implications of the potential threat she’d identified when she heard someone calling out to her from across the room.

"Hey, Red! I think we might be able to help you get something you'd be interested in."

It only took a second for Noah’s expression to morph from concern and into something that resembled a bewildered resting bitch face as she turned around to face whoever was calling her. A cloud of tension seemed to settle inside the rec room at the sound of the raised voice and she could feel the eyes of everyone in the room shifting from her, to the iron king and his teenage minion, and back to her again. The general consensus of nervous, petrified looks from both the newbies and veterans alike told her everything she needed to know about this man: he was someone it was best not to mess with.

Although she knew that approaching the iron king might not be the smartest idea, what was Noah supposed to do? Ignore him? That would probably piss him off and put a bigger target on her back than the one she already seemed to have. Tell one of the guards? Fucking laughable. They didn’t look like the types who gave a shit, and chances are they’d find a way to pin anything that happened on her (just like they had back home). Get one of her peers to help her? Absolutely not. It was much too early in the game to know who she could or couldn’t trust, and she wasn’t about to risk anyone’s status or safety by getting them involved in something they hadn’t been initially included in in the first place. So what other choice did she have? As much as she didn’t want to, the best course of action was to charge into the situation head-on and hope she’d come away unscathed.

Taking a deep breath, Noah squared her shoulders and walked across the room, stopping a few steps away from the iron king and his minion. “What do you want?” she pointedly asked the man, clenching her jaw and crossing her arms in front of her chest. She kept her defiant stare locked on his, wanting to show no signs of being intimidated in any way.

"It's not about what I want yet, Red… It's about what I can give you." He smiled disarmingly. "A little birdie told me that the screws took something from you."

Bubblegum. He could smell it on her now. As well as an intoxicating vanilla scent which was unrelated. He fought a leer down at some of his further thoughts.

"Taylor, could you please fetch us a vape pen for the young lady here. Bubblegum cartridge." His head tilted to the side as if considering the number of spares, as if he were at a store. "Make it a five-pack of cartridges. My tab."

Noah bit the inside of her cheek. Yet. Not about what he wanted yet. That was all the proof she needed to know that accepting this seemingly kind offer wouldn't be without consequence. She might not have the street smarts that some of her peers seemed to possess (hello, privileged upbringing in a middle-high class Washington suburb), but she wasn't naive enough to forget that nobody ever did anything without wanting or expecting something in return-- especially in a place like this.

"A free five-pack vape on my very first day? Wow. That's generous of you," the redhead commented with a fake smile, not wanting to raise any suspicions even if a slight edge of sarcasm could be heard in her words. "I must've made a hell of a first impression on you if you're offering me all of that at no charge."

The irony was, he'd not paid her less mind then at that moment, since he first targeted her. The facility was a system. Not unlike a swimming pool, with everything constantly in motion on the eddies and currents of seemingly innocuous events.

He had moved something within the system, and was now interested in seeing who, how and what would react through entanglement. There was a plain kid in a hoodie who'd been eyeballing him since he first saw him. He made him out as someone who viewed themselves as a "hero–type". Until he could properly be threat assessed he was one to be mindful of, and work around his gaze. Once he had his pattern down it would be no more difficult than working around the cameras. The blonde powerhouse also seemed wary of his movements at the time, but then was distracted by Bulk. Not like him to make himself useful under his own initiative, but Billy would take it.

Others were watchful and wary, including "wings". She might be the way to go, if he could drop her without the kid in the hoodie noticing.

Eyeballs weren't a bad thing if shock and awe moves could be made to exploit them and prevent further action.

Nothing stops a person from deciding to be the hero like watching the previous person get stamped out like a dying flame for attempting the exact same thing.

Already he'd seen another lean boy eyeballing him, and he'd been so intimidated he'd scurried off to hide at another table to play chess with that first inscrutable blonde mystery, where he thought he wouldn't be noticed. Never to look back. Pitiful.

"Something makes me think you make a Hell of an impression in every room you're in…" He replied, smiling his Cheshire cat's grin whilst taking in all of the change surrounding him.

Noah flashed the heavily tattooed man a genuine grin of her own. He could say that again. "What can I say? People just seem to have a blast with me," she teased cheekily with a small snicker, unable to resist herself from dropping the imperceptible Easter egg about her abilities before promptly changing the subject to avoid suspicion. "So what am I supposed to call you? I don't think the Alcatraz Fairy Godmother is a suitable enough title for someone that looks as good as you do."

"Call me Billy." He said with a smile, that flashed too many teeth. He doubted she would for long. But long enough…

"Billy…" she repeated, allowing the name to roll off her tongue with the slightest edge of flirtation. The iron king’s name was Billy. While Noah's question seemed innocent enough or an attempt to make conversation, the reality was that she was also trying to gather her own intel about this guy. FBI-levels of investigating people online was one of the redhead's skills, so she was hoping to get enough information to be able to look up this Billy as soon as she had possession of a device with internet capabilities. For now, she had decided to just play along with what was happening, but staying on high alert to spring to action the moment things seemed to take a turn she didn't like.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Billy," Noah declared, extending out her hand for the man to shake while locking her eyes with his again. There was no way of truly disguising how skeptical she was of everything happening, but she could definitely make sure he knew she wasn't someone that would cower around him like the rest of the program attendees seemed to. "I have a feeling that we're going to be great friends."

He liked how his name sounded coming out of her mouth. Perhaps not as much as he'd like something else of his going into her mouth, but this was a start, not a finish. The day was long.

He took her extended hand and saw through her lies. Still. No matter. He wasn't looking for a 'long term friend' from her. Just long enough. He thought again about how his name would sound coming from that mouth again, but now with a twist of panic. His smile broadened. Just have to get her on the hook first…

"Daw– Taylor. My order. For the lady, please."

The younger boy looked within himself - a portal within himself, to be more precise - and satisfied with the other end's location pushed an arm in and came out with a vape pen and five refill cartridges. Both still in their original packaging. He gave them to Billy before turning to the girl.

"You didn't ask for any specific colour or design. This was the first I found. Enjoy." He split without any formal goodbye, eager to extricate himself from this situation.

The way the minion had basically dumped the vapes on Billy's hands and ran off as if he'd just handed out a ticking bomb wasn't missed on Noah. She'd seen the terror on poor Taylor's face, and the way he cowered any time Billy so much as looked in his direction: a clear sign that she should emulate his actions and run while she still could. The redhead knew, however, that backing away now was sure to put a stamp with the word 'coward' on her forehead. She'd been told by someone that being respected in a place like this was vital to avoid being messed with-- and if that meant putting up a front to stay in the good graces of people like Billy, then that was a sacrifice Noah would have to make.

Keeping up her facade, Noah turned her attention from where Taylor had disappeared and onto the goodies in Billy's hands. "That's a pretty pricey stack you got there, Billy. Are you sure you want to waste your money like that and give all of that to me for free?" she asked, furrowing her brow while trying to get the asking price of this deed to be revealed (even if she had a good idea of what it could be).

"Free. Well, what really is 'free' these days. I certainly wouldn't want you to view any kind of 'great friendship' as purely transactional…" He started. She knew full well where he was going. She just wanted to see if he'd balk at spelling it out for her. Not a problem he would have.

"I just thought I'd found someone who looks like they know how to have some fun. And a friend in need, is a friend indeed, so they say. Perhaps they might have some fun at the same time."

'At first, at least.' Were the words left unspoken.

And finally, there it was: the real purpose behind this whole charade.

A wide grin broke across Noah’s face before she could stop herself. Of course that’s what he wanted. The second she’d spotted the Howard look in those icy eyes, she knew exactly what it was that darling Billy was after: some sweeeeeet, sweet lovin'. He didn’t even see her as a threat, just a hot piece of ass he wanted to tap. How… disappointing.

“You want me to let you hit it in exchange for a vape pen and five cartridges?” she asked with a snort, still grinning and unable to keep the amusement out of her voice. “Is that all you think I’m worth?”

His smile turned to a smirk of its own. “Like I said, I don’t want to view this as transactional. I mean, WHO IS ‘only’ worth a vape pen and five cartridges?” ‘You. You are. That’s what’s going to make this happen.’ He thought to himself.

“But I could flip that around as well, and say do I look like I’m worth so little, that time with me should cost more than a vape pen and five cartridges? You don’t think there’d be… quite a bit of fun going around both ways?” He asked.

”Not transactional at all.” He repeated. ”But I can understand how the very suggestion of that would be offensive. I just viewed it as one ‘great friend’ recognising a point of need in another, and hoping to fill it. But this is starting to sound a lot less like your issue with it being transactional, and the point being more that you don’t feel I’ve hit your price point. THAT would be a whole different argument altogether. Like I said, I don’t view it that way. Just… a couple of hot ‘great friends’ feeling each other out, who also may have found something else they could help the other person with. That’s all.”

The more she heard Billy speak, the harder it was for Noah to not roll her eyes and keep a straight face. Did people actually fall for this? What good, genuine intentions could someone have to approach a person out of nowhere making propositions or offering gifts and claiming that all they wanted was just sex in return? Give men like Billy an inch, and they’d take a mile. Consenting to something like this wasn’t just idiotic at best, but could put her in real danger or potentially compromising positions she did not want to be a part of.

Nope. It was time to wrap this thing up.

"As tempting as the offer is to become a pair of ‘hot great friends’ to 'fill my needs' and 'feel each other out', I think I'll pass,” Noah sternly replied to Billy, finally dropping the friendly act. “But don’t worry! I’m sure there’ll be plenty of other girls willing to drink the koolaid you’re selling. I just won’t be one of them.” And with those words still hanging in the air, the redhead gave the man a two-finger salute, turned on her heel and set off in the opposite direction.

"Alright, now just hold up a sec–” He grabbed her firmly by the wrist, as she turned to walk away.

"Hey--- what the fuck?!"

In an attempt to tear herself loose, Noah dug the nails of her free hand on the arm of Billy's that held her other wrist captive, but failed to see how exposed she had left herself to Billy’s other hand in the process, which had gone lower still. She looked into his icy eyes and saw the animal within, revealing a glimpse of its true self at last before disappearing in a flash. His expression no longer matched the situation, a twisted look of confusion on his face.

The redhead looked down and saw why. His hand was frozen in mid-air with two fingers intending to find an unwelcome home in a spot below her waist, as if they’d found only an invisible wall.

The confusion on his face quickly gave way to fear. Billy didn’t know exactly what her power was, but he knew he was about to find out. He’d overplayed his position.

In a matter of seconds, Noah’s face transitioned from shock at the compromising placement of Billy's free hand, to pure, unfiltered rage at the realization of what he had attempted to do. Without warning, the young woman raised her hand, her thumb and middle finger coming together.

"You really fucked with the wrong one."

With a loud snap of her fingers, the table right behind Billy exploded into splinters. The force of its blast propelled Billy's body forward in Noah's direction before slamming him into the invisible wall from earlier, and slowly slumping him down in a crumpled heap.

The redhead stepped back from the pile of a person at her feet, her eyes wide and body trembling as the realization of what she had done began to sink in. Before this moment, she had never deliberately used her powers on someone for harm before, or in such close proximity that the blast could have actually hurt her. Even in the Howard situation, her focus had never been on directly hurting him-- his injuries had been collateral damage from the vehicle's blast. But in the heat of the moment, when faced with the reality that she came so close to being assaulted, her rage, impulsivity and desire for revenge had overcome any sort of logic, rhyme or reason.

However, there was a lingering question fixated on the young woman's mind…

Why didn’t any of it hurt her?

Guards started barking orders amidst the chaos and converged on the site of the explosion, where the seething Noah stood alone over the sprawling boy who couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

The large boy previously engaged in conversation with Brooklyn exploded from the other side of the room, plowing through tables and chairs in the process. Still fueled by adrenaline and rage, Noah spun on her heel to face him and raised her hand again, her fingers ever-ready to fearlessly defend herself. The horrid spray hit him from one side, diverting him, before tasers lit him up. The doors opened and more guards flooded the room. Four guards tackled him before an additional two jumped Noah from behind, securing both of her hands to ensure safety. Two more guards continued to order the rest of the Ju-V kids in attendance into behaving peacefully.

The two attendees under heavy physical guard control were removed from the room, as more guards entered and looked to reclaim the peace, all while they waited for medical personnel to take custody of the injured Billy.
Wow, it's been ages since I've seen this RP, but glad it's still in circulation :)
Awwwwww, thank you! 😭♥️ The PBR concept is like a hydra for me 😂 I try to revive it like once every year since the original rp died and just have fun with it while it lasts.

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Hello, and welcome to the third attempt of Palm Beach Royals: Class Reunion. The premise is as straightforward as the title suggests: adults in their late 20’s that graduated from one of the most prestigious private schools in the country: King's Academy. We will collaboratively write the story of our character(s) as they get reacquainted with old friends, lovers and/or enemies while celebrating the tenth anniversary of their high school graduation during one glorious night aboard a luxurious, one of a kind yacht: The Thousand Sunny.

  • The approach of this roleplay is the lines of a Freeform series: comedic drama between characters, hookups, affairs, embarrassing moments, etc.
  • I kindly ask that no angst or any situation that dampens the mood of the rp take place, since the point of the rp is to keep it as entertaining and funny as possible.
  • Considering we’ll be writing adults, situations including swearing, alcohol, drugs, sex (following guild rules or course), etc. are to be expected.
  • Please use one post per character in both the IC tab and the Character tab.
  • Two characters per player max (2 are not obligatory! Only make what you can handle!)
  • No WIPs are to be posted in the Character Tab, and please make sure to @ or DM me on Discord when submitting your finished sheet.
  • While there will be no relations sheets, all characters must at least know of each other-- small private school, after all.
  • There is no obligation or expectation to go extra on sheets or posts! The vibe is basic + low stress.
  • There will be no posting deadlines, but expect a nudge from me if things get a little too quiet!
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