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2 mos ago
Current “This person is bad, but instead of being critical of their actual faults unrelated to gender identity, I’m going to dehumanize them instead.” 🤡
3 mos ago
Very late, but Happy Pride to all the open, not-open, and people in exploration! We celebrate the courage and resilience of the LGBTQ community, and the love we can offer to the world. ❤️
1 yr ago
Kindly PM me your writing playlists, please 😌 Or any music good for productivity!
1 yr ago
Hi, I just want to wish everyone a positive day with lots of love and encouragement. ❤️
2 yrs ago
Probably because the word “love” is one of the few words in English to describe deep affection and intimacy between romantic partners. Idk that’s just me tho :^)


Hey, I'm Chai, like the tea. Welcome to my profile here on RPG.

If you're a GM or a fellow roleplayer that wants to suss me out for your roleplay, all you need to know is this: I'm pretentious about my tea and likely my roleplaying too. All you're going to find in my post history are pretty things and probably some writing that I may or may not be proud of.

I'm a fucking menace, your favorite villain, so just keep that in mind.

If you want to be friends, just hit me up with a PM to say hello!

" The Island: A Murder Mystery " | Group Roleplay
T H E M E S :: ( modern | murder mystery | horror | psychological thriller )

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Hey girl! A fellow Harry Potter fan (:

Welcome to the Guild! We def have a fun community filled with people that have a lot of writing interests. It's a good place to make friends. Make sure to check out the rules, and if you feel so inclined, join us on the community Discord!

Who's your fave HP character?

That sounds really cool! Yeah, I found Hangul to be a little bit easier than Hiragana or Katakana. Cyrillic looks challenging! I like doing something similar with languages in that I don't learn the language itself, just the diction. I'm fascinated by sounds, especially ones that don't exist in English.

I hope you have a great time here on the Guild (:
...I am however interested in getting to know people, and making friends in general.

Personally, I enjoy worldbuilding, graphic design, and studying various languages.

Welcome to RPG! It's a good place to make friends, yeah If you feel so inclined, join us on the community Discord!

It's nice to see more designers pop in here as well. What's your favorite language that you've learned or are learning?

Welcome to the debauchery RPG! We love new faces (:

Here are some site rules that are pretty helpful for getting started, and if you're feeling chatty (about anything really), feel free to join the community Discord.

What's your favorite part about world-building? And also, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Hello! And thank you for the welcome.

Great question! My favorite things to roleplay are characters getting to know each other, their thoughts, moods, internal monologues and the dialogue that results from it! I love seeing deep character emotions. Also, a pretty big fan of Firefly.

Ooooo nice, that's my favorite part of roleplaying too c:
Character development is such an important part of building a story between two or more writers, and it's always exciting to see how our characters change.

I hope you have a super fun time here at RPG ❤️

Welcome to the casa-- the Guild is very happy to have you here!

Make sure to take a look at the site rules, and if you're feeling chatty (about anything really), feel free to join the community Discord!

If you don't mind me asking, what do you like the most about fighting RPs?

Hey! Welcome to the Guild. We're so glad you're here.

Make sure to take a look at the site rules, and if you're feeling chatty (about anything really), feel free to join the community Discord!

Here's a fun question to start you off: what are your favorite things to roleplay? It can be anything from themes, genres, or fandoms.
We are creating a consistent standard for the community conduct for both site and Discord. The Discord is an extension of the site community. These rules will hold staff accountable for making consistent decisions for the entire community, not just part of it. I’m also a fan of holding staff accountable in all areas where we have failed before, which would include the site since unsavory content also exists on the site.
Hi, it’s Chai, and I’m one of the Discord moderators. If it matters to you guys, I’ve been on RPG since 2010 and it’s related iterations of chat clients for just about that long. Throughout my ~2 years of helping to keep the Discord safe and secure, we’ve had numerous issues regarding the use of racial/ethnic/gender-based/sexuality-based slurs, discriminatory language, and also just some abhorrent statements that don’t belong in a community that values the safety of its members. They’re also things that don’t belong in polite company. Think along the lines of certain groups shouldn’t have rights, or conspiracy theories that perpetuate hate of certain ethnic groups… you get the idea.

My job on Discord is to keep the community safe; my job is to promote a healthy environment in which all members feel welcomed to come chat about their lives, their roleplays, or whatever else. That’s my priority. By all means, please use whatever language you want in your private life, in your private messages, in your Discord DMs — that’s not my business. But in the same way that administration in schools and HR in workplaces limit the use of damaging language, I believe I also have a duty to show that same care to the community that I’m a part of. It should also be common sense not to use slurs and hateful language in a room full of diverse people, most of which are strangers, yet here we are having this discussion.

Another thing to consider is that, on Discord at least (though I have seen cases of it on site as well, particularly in the status bar), it’s been common to see sexist, transphobic or whatever else content said casually. And because it’s not directed at another member, the offenders will argue that it doesn’t break the site rules of “be respectful.” I personally am no longer willing to play the game of “show me where it says that in the site rules.”

I hope this can shed some light on what is happening.

Thank you.
Hi I’d like to apply to be Jace’s proctologist scarred by his patient’s IBS. Thanks. : )
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