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I hear french and all I can think about is "Omelette du fromage"
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[@neurovoid] That article looks incredibly biased for one agenda. There are various articles that list differences in neural wiring and anatomy. Not to mention hormones from gender-specific organs
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@Graviloquence Dutch, I also had German and french for a few years in high school. Other than that, I know a decent bit of Latin.
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I could sleep... But you know. I can also just write some more.


Something something... will write something here later.

Fun fact: I never did

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Zarya Samedra

The orange light met Dereck at face value as he ran, stinging his eyes that were still filled with shock. What would his captain do to him once he told him? If he were lucky, he might be get off with a dozen lashes. Maybe he’d take his finger as a warning? Maybe he’d string him up by his feet on the highest mast for a day? He hoped his mood was well after all the drink that was in him.

Dereck entered the bar signalled by the creaking noise of the old doors opened with force, followed by a gust of dusty wind. The scent of wares outside that were close to their spoilage date did not much good to the taste of the grog, but grog wasn’t Dereck’s concern right now. For a second he found himself addressed by a young woman, but he brushed past her. She wasn’t his captain. No, that honor went to the fat bastard at the frontmost table. The captain was clearly the most sober out of the three, if only because not enough time had passed for him to drink enough to get his fat ass drunk. He’d need about two barrels of this cheap stuff to even get him tipsy.

“Captain, we’ve got a problem!” Dereck shouted, loud enough for the entire bar to hear. “Our treasure got stolen, it did! ‘T was some crazy woman, bit my sword right in half!” He bore his shattered cutlass, as if it was some kind of evidence. Dereck barely held back tears as he feared the fury of his captain’s no doubt merciless response.

With a splash a figure leapt from the water and onto the shore. Her silvery hair seemed almost unfazed by the salty water of the ocean – the most convenient and important of fishwoman benefit genetics, she could tell you. She hoisted her burlap sack of pillaged booty over her shoulder. Gold and glimmer stuck out from several sides, bound to catch the attention of the greedy. Zarya paid it very little heed. In her mouth was a large, pink fish that lively struggled against her grasp. She was also deaf to the fish’s pleas; not that any human could hear the poor fish beg, anyway.

Zarya looked around her, noticing the many vendors that had set up shop by the waterside. Some glanced in her direction, but most appeared to just go about their usual business. There was no bread to be won in staring at some stranger, after all. But they had duly noted her. She looked like a troublemaker, and bounty hunters might pay a fee to whomever pointed them at troublemakers, after all.

With her free hand, she scratched the side of her head. From her filled mouth escaped a few noises that indicated moderate confusion. She wandered about slightly, aimlessly. ”This isn’t where I docked my raft…” she murmured inaudibly. She jerked her head, flinging the fish into the air and swallowing it whole as it came down. She wondered what to do, but decided quickly and approached a nearby vendor. ”Hey you, do you know where I can exchange this?” With this being such a popular destination for pirates, there was no doubt there was someone who would be able to curate and buy the treasure from her person.
@Shadow Daedalus I'm not arguing to make your character absolutely useless at close range, so I think leaving gunkata in is fair in my opinion. ^^ His mother could've definitely taught him some tricks in that.

My problem was mostly with the martial arts part since most of those techniques were far above east blue level and handpicked from a variety of unrelated styles. (which sounds like a very difficult feat, which is why I made that the end goal of my character).

Thank you for understanding. I think I came off as fairly aggressive in my other post, so sorry if I sounded particularly harsh xD
Martial Arts - defenceless without a gun and with an abhorrent detest for swords and other melee weapons, Nero learned to use his own body as a weapon out of necessity. Using a hybrid style incorporating techniques from across the 4 Blues, such as Fishman Karate, Rokushiki and Ryusoken, he can overpower most foes, but those specialising in Close-quarters with win most of the time against him. To give him an edge up, however, Nero can combine his gunplay and martial arts into a special series of 'Gun-kata' techniques.

Let me know if anything needs adjusting

I'm leaving the rest of the character to the jurisdiction of Noodles, but I'm calling this part out. I'm wondering how he got to learn all these martial arts techniques from around the world WHILE ALSO being a sniper and a doctor.

Not only does it eliminate his greatest weakness, which is being without weapons/in melee range, these skills are also way too advanced for an east blue character.
Karakusagawara Seiken has only been done by Jinbe (literally the strongest fishman karate user in the series). The rokushiki techniques are extremely powerful, and he learned himself all the defensive ones (why would he need the offensive ones? He has guns and fishman karate. So he basically knows everything he'd ever need from rokushiki).
Ryu no Kagizume has only been shown by sabo, who is the vice commander of the entire revolutionary army so obviously strong. And this technique took down a vice admiral in one shot.

I also want to point out the dream of my own character is to travel the world and learn various martial arts. Yet here comes a character who basically already knows all prominent martial arts displayed in the one piece world to a pretty good extend. This makes my own character basically moot.

I'm really not sure why you need martial arts. You can be strong enough with just gunplay. Sorry if I'm sounding rude but I just can't agree with this being accepted.
I'm assuming that post was more aimed at the people who haven't posted yet, but I'm indeed waiting on things being moved forward. ^^
Zarya Samedra

It was a beautiful and warm day in the east blue’s Brown Isles. The orange hues of the twilight were a fabulous sight that were of a small consolation to an unfortunate deckhand named Dereck that was stuck on guard duty while his crewmates feasted on the ill-gotten gains they acquired on their latest exploits. It was a well-deserved respite for his crew, surely, but why did he have to be stuck on this ship by his lonesome? It infuriated poor Dereck the deckhand, but who was he to oppose his captain, who was undoubtedly drunk on litres of grog by this point. One day they’d have a new newbie, and he could bully them into guard duty! That was the only thought that kept him going right now. That, and the thought that one day he’d commit mutiny and become the captain of this goddamn ship himself. Such were the lofty dreams of Dereck the deckhand.

Poor Dereck was then disturbed from his dreams by the sound of something shattering. The part of his soul that died inside him told him it was his favourite mug, the one he had gotten from his mother! He wondered who he had to throw overboard for this heinous crime, but then he recalled that he was alone on this ship. An intruder? No, surely someone else had just stayed behind! Someone had stayed behind to sleep, of course! Right? No, he was very sure that he had seen everyone leave for that pub. However, Dereck’s eyes hadn’t looked away from the gangplank even once, how was someone else besides him on this ship?

Cautiously he approached a door that’d lead him below deck. Curiously he noticed the orange shimmer of water reflecting the sunset into his weary eyes. How did that get here? He heard a thumping sound, a cabinet opening and a barrel tumbling, and he was certain now that his mind hadn’t been playing tricks on him. With a haste he opened the door and rushed down the first stairway. His eyes caught the faint light of a lantern accompanied by a moving shadow. Faintly he heard a rustling sound. It was coming from the kitchen.

Without pause Dereck barged into the kitchen with a roar. His eyes fell upon long silvery hair covering a brown cloak of which the hood had been pulled back. The figure looked up, her young face stuffed with the crew’s latest catch of fish. Was she a stowaway, must be. Without hesitation Dereck unsheathed his cutlass, pointing it straight at the intruder. “Who are-“ Before he could finish his sentence, his eye caught something behind her, a huge burlap sack with the familiar shimmer of their rightfully stolen treasure. “Thief!”

The young woman looked at the man with a face most unimpressed. The sound she made was one of the dullest surprise. She looked Dereck into his eyes, her eyes looked dull despite of how they shimmered in the light with a slight violet. But that was but for a split second as her eyes shifted into something more dangerous. Dereck had barely time to utter a shriek as she bared monstrous teeth that snapped around his blade, leaving him with barely the handle. His blade was reduced to mere fragments of iron that now littered the floor. He let out a loud shriek as he stumbled backwards as the woman stood up, who was fingering the last bits of iron from her teeth. Her face was eerily familiar, but he had never seen it before in the flesh he was sure. A wanted posted? Yes, he was sure of it now! And realising that, he fled from the scene as quickly as possible. There was no way he was facing a wanted criminal alone.

Seeing the pirate flee, Zarya Samedra let out a sigh. “Guess it’s time to skedaddle.” She said with a grin as she quickly rounded up the final scraps of food. Her mother had taught her to never be wasteful. She laughed gleefully as she went back on deck. She could see the man running in the distance, almost stumbling over himself as he headed to the only good pub in town. She wasn’t going to wait for him to return.

With little hesitation, she jumped over the railing and disappeared into the water.
I'd like to know that as well. Are we already formed or still coming together?
@Illiren the only thing I'm really noticing that you forgot is the model of your bird fruit. What type of bird can he turn into?
@alexfangtalon My only question is: how could he be a bounty hunter if they also got bounties themselves at one point. You can't exactly turn in any criminals the moment you're wanted yourself.
What's the plan? How long will we wait for more people to write up their characters. Almost a week has passed by since the ooc went up now.
I edited a few relatively minor things in appearance and backstory. I also specified the type of half-fishman she is.

I don't think there's anything new there that'd be a major issue. But if there are questions do let me know.
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