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[@neurovoid] That article looks incredibly biased for one agenda. There are various articles that list differences in neural wiring and anatomy. Not to mention hormones from gender-specific organs
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@Graviloquence Dutch, I also had German and french for a few years in high school. Other than that, I know a decent bit of Latin.
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I could sleep... But you know. I can also just write some more.
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When google docs wrongly autocorrects your to you're... tehfuck?


Something something... will write something here later.

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Noel took a bite of her breakfast sandwich as she fervently tapped away on the keyboard. She wasn’t really feeling up for socializing at the moment, and she had been itching to get into this computer for a while. Certainly it had to contain some kind of valuable information, as it was password locked. Why else would that computer be left here? And information gathering just happened to be her forte. As long as there was information to be found, the infinite reporter had a way to uncover it!

Password reset initiated. Please answer your security questions.

Noel smirked as she looked at the computer screen. It requested information? The infinite reporter was more than happy to oblige.

What is your fiancé’s maiden name?

Alice Parker

What is your nickname?


What is the doctor’s full name?

Dr. Monokuma Killgood

Please enter your new password.

Noel smiled contently, then changed the password and security questions to something of her liking. She wasn’t sure how much information Davis and Monokuma had about her, but this would minimize the chances of them making the computer inaccessible in the future. Perhaps they would need it later? It took her some thought, but she came up with the perfect questions.
Nevertheless, the computer was part of a closed system. It didn’t have an internet connection to contact the outside. This didn’t surprise Noel, but it was always a sad discovery when one of your possible outs was cut off. You never knew where the mastermind could’ve left a hole, even if he was ultimate.

Not dallying on the thought, Noel began looking through the files. Most of it wasn’t too interesting, but she did find a folder titled “Hope’s peak assets.” The first file was a contract.

Once the discontinuation of the new hope’s peak academy program has been completed, the following resources shall be acquired by the infinity initiative from the current owner, the principal of hope’s peak:

- Neo world program/psychotherapeutic communication device
- Memory wiping application
- (other, unimportant assets listed)

Shipping and storage shall be provided by the infinity initiative. Upon reception, the infinity initiative holds all rights to these products unrestrictedly.
Signed by: Hope’s peak principal & future foundation head.
Makoto Naegi

The other files in the folder were dossiers detailing shipping to the US and articles describing the rights of ownership now held by the infinity initiative. Noel could make up that the infinity initiative was definitely the last one to hold these legally. However, this computer didn’t hold the storage files. Noel couldn’t determine where exactly these objects had been located.

Noel took the liberty of copying everything into her logbook, then closed the computer. She began wondering who she might be able to share this information with. Who could tell her more about any of those things besides that bastard Davis?

Cyrus rushed to the break room. He didn’t run, he just walked really fast. He needed to inform people before tonight. If this “vigilante” was truly someone amongst them, then there was a chance this person could strike again other nights. The kidnapping of Calvin had gotten Shona killed, that made this person indirectly responsible for her death. Who knows what kind of havoc this bastard could cause if they went unstopped? Cyrus would have to do everything in his power to prevent the worst from happening again. That was his duty as a leader.

Cyrus opened the door to the break room loudly. Not everyone was here, but certainly the word would spread faster if he informed them first, instead of gathering everyone first. ”Everyone, may I have your attention? This is an emergency that cannot wait. Our lives are in danger.” Perhaps not the most convincing argument. Weren’t their lives always in danger here? Nevertheless, he assumed it would be good enough to get their attention.

”I believe everyone new has been informed roughly of what happened in the first night of carnage. As for everyone who experienced it, it pains me to bring it up again. However, I have discovered more details regarding the matter.” Cyrus took the article and put it on the table. ”Shortly before the trial, Marianne came to me and showed me this article. The description remembered me of something Calvin told me… and indeed, this article details Calvin’s kidnapper.” He dropped a silence for a few seconds, allowing it to sink in for a bit before dropping the most devastating details. ”With disbelief I am here to inform you all that this person is one of us. Alexandria testified that whoever kidnapped Calvin with Monokuma was one of the patients in this killing game.”

It was with difficulty that Cyrus uttered the following words. ”We have a traitor amongst us.” However, he kept his expression stalwart. ”I suggest we try everything in our power to uncover who this could be. Right now our only private location is our own room. This would be the first and most logical location we might find clues.” He wasn’t convinced this search was going to yield results, but what other option did they have?

Anora: Aquiantances rerolled to: Alexandre @Aewin@Leos Klien
Narcissa: Aquaitance rerolled to: Geraldvardis @Melo@Leos Klien
Faela: Enemies rerolled to Altaira @Write@Kore

Let me know if these conflict :3

Can nissaxgerald get a prompt please? :3
@Mae Narcissa and Cicero already have a love relationship. So they can't be acquaintances

Also, fyldren and Noora already have a love relationship as well
I forgot to post it, but I changed Basilius a bit. last change I promise <3

In collaboration with @brokenpromise as Calvin

The next day's breakfast was rather drab. How could it not be? Yesterday's events were still fresh in everybody's mind. Cyrus ate, but there was little enjoyment in it. Today, food was just that, food. Sustenance, but no taste whatsoever. Not everyone was in attendance, which wasn't exactly unexpected. There was one person in particular that Cyrus had hoped to see, but he wasn't that lucky. After getting the last few bites down, Cyrus headed out to the place he was expecting to find his target.

As Cyrus aproched the crematorium, he could hear the metallic clang of a smith's hammer striking steel. It was faint, as the doors to Alexandria's room were thick. Just a little quieter than the smith's hammer was the carnage sister herself, but what she was saying couldn't really be made out. But then she started to speak up.

“Calvin! I think someone wants to take you away again!”

“W-wha!?” The smith stopped his swinging right away. “Are you fucking with me?”

“It's Cute-rus, I see him on the-” Calvin started swinging his hammer again. “Hey!” The hammering continued. After a few seconds, the door to crematorium opened up again. Calvin's hammering was much louder, and Cyrus could hear the flames now. Alexandria was standing in the door way, dressed as a dinner waitress. Just beyond her was Calvin leaning over a makeshift anvil with a back glistening with sweat. “Hi-hi Cyrus!” Alexandria winked. “Is there anything your nurse can help you with?”

Cyrus looked at Alexandria with some confusion. Why did this robot wear a waitress costume and why did it just wink at him? Maybe those questions were better left unanswered. Especially the former. "Just here for Calvin." Cyrus responded, not really willing to deal with the nurse. He quickly scurried past her and approached the working metalsmith. "Good morning. What are you doing?" He asked on a friendly tone. It was more a conversation starter than real interest, but he was curious nontheless.

Calvin grit his teeth and looked over his shoulder. Though he was looking past Cyrus, not at him. “I thought you were going to keep the damn door closed.”

“Oh, boop! I did say that!” Alexandria placed her hands on Cyrus's shoulders. “He's a bit cranky today, isn't he? Yesterday he was so upset, he just crawled in here and fell asleep. He's just been working on weapons ever since he woke up.” She pointed at a breakfast sandwich that was sitting on a stool far away from the smith. “I actually got him to eat one of my sandwiches though. I think parading around with Max really paid off.”

With a sigh, Calvin threw his hammer to the ground and turned to face Cyrus. “The fuck do you want with me?”

Cyrus didn't waste any time. He had little patience for this kind of behaviour, so he figured he'd get this over with quickly. He took the newspaper article from his pocket. "Marianne found this in Shona's room. She gave it to me during the investigation." He explained as he pressed it into Calvin's hand. "Your name's in it..." He had a glaring suspicion that his name being in it was not the real important thing, but that was something he couldn't be sure about.

Calvin didn't appear to be reading the article or listening to the politician. His hands trembled when his eyes locked onto the image. He looked less mad and more nervous now. “Son of a bitch...” He looked back up at Cyrus, then back at the article. “I-I made a lot of swords for Infinity Initiative. I don't even get to know who my clients are half the time.” He stabbed the picture with his finger. “But this is the ass hole who captured me!” He looked at Alexandria. “Tell him!”

“Yup yup!” The carnage sister chirped. “Daddy wanted to take my boyfriend away from me, but I wouldn't let him inside. But you can't order a patient to stay out of your room.” She sighed. “I really blew that one, huh Calviar?"

Cyrus sighed as Calvin recognized the image. "I suspected as much... I recall you mentioning you were caught by someone with a 'big ass gun'. I'm not that knowledgeable about firearms, but even I know .70 is not a normal gun." His attention then shifted to Alexandria as she spoke, and he could feel a shiver running down his spine. "Wait a god damn second. Did you just say that thing is a patient here?" He grimaced. He clearly recalled there had been no mention of the infinite vigilante in the introduction video. But then again, it probably wasn't beyond monkuma to withhold information. "So you mean there is one patient we didn't know about?"

“I'm pretty sure you guys met recently. They were on the roller coaster with everyone.”

Calvin balled his hands into fists. “Yes but WHO!?”

“Oh no you don't!” Alexandria backed away from Cyrus. “A superhero can't reveal their identity to anyone, And daddy would permanently delete me if I said anything.”

Calvin shook his head. “Holy shit.” He said with a sigh. “It was one of us the entire time...” The metalworker sat down in front of the anvil again and picked up his hammer. “I really need to get this done.”

Cyrus stood perplexed. "What the..." He looked at Alexandria. "So you're saying one of us is the armed lunatic that kidnapped Calvin? That's... what the hell!" He gritted his teeth. But there had to be a way to deal with this. "Well... maybe we can get everyone to join a room inspection? If we explain the situation, then surely they'd understand. That's the only place where someone could hide something like that, right?" He wondered out loud, then looked as Calvin got back to work. "So what exactly [are you making?"

“You'll see.” Without looking, Calvin reached into his pants and pulled out his E-handbook. He then tosseed it at the politician, only to have Alexandria catch it. "Noooo!" Because Alexandria was behind Cyrus, she nearly knocked him down trying to reach for it. He could feel her breasts coliding with the back of his head as she jumped for it. once she caught the E-handbook, she ws able to get a foot in front of herself to stop herself from crushing the politician under her weight. She looked genuinely flustered. Well, as flustered as a doll could look. Cyrus and Alexandria were both bent over with their heads pointed towards the ground. "You need to be more careful Calvin, I would of had to boop you if Cyrus caught that!" she handed Calvin's handbook to Cyrus before standing up. "I told you he was acting funny, didn't I?" She stood Cyrus upright as well and dusted off his shirt.

Cyrus was somewhat surprised as well, but recovered quickly. "I'll try to get people organised. Thanks Calvin. Good luck with your... project." He said before quickly walking away. He wasn't in the mood to deal with the strange robot or the grumpy infinite longer than he had to. At least he got what he was looking for.

Now he just had gather the rest, and to convince them to help.
Because I wasn't completely happy with Floran's 2-3, I decided to change it. The current version may not yet be final as potential balancing specifics will be further dicussed with Mae.


Noel was one of the few who had been in the court of carnage before. But no matter how often she went in there, she never truly got used to it. On one hand it was a journalistic marvel that made tales worthy of every front page… but at the same time it was death and despair. There was no happy ending in the court of carnage. Somebody died, it was as simple as that. She wasn’t sad Lucas died, he was a murderer. But she could never rejoice at the death of anybody. Instead, she mourned for Mondatta, hoping he could find solace in the resolution of his murder and the survival of the innocent. A man that great deserved that as a final token of respect.

Regardless, this was a case unprecedented. The mastermind himself. The only thing she could wonder why he had joined this killing game to begin with. What was the use of him mixing in with the rest of them and potentially putting his life at risk? She didn’t understand it. But there had to be reason, right? Why had he chosen to disclose his backstory with her if she would either die or forget it anyway? Then why tell it in the first place?

After returning, Noel was slightly angered at someone. And she turned her attention to this person. ”Now I will leave. I cannot tolerate the presence of someone who speaks so lightly about someone’s death. That’s sick.” Noel said to Alice, her glare filled with a strong disgust. ”Good night.” She walked off. The talk of Davis or the new infinites wasn’t something she was in the mood for either. She just wanted to be alone right now.

Cyrus, on the other hand, did stay and listen to Davis’s talk, and he had an amused look on his face. ”Davis please. You know you’ve taken that clip completely out of context. The ‘we’ refers to the entire group. We didn’t say that the two of us must survive, we wanted everyone to survive.” He explained. ”And as long as we all survive, surely an option would present itself somewhere. That is what I believe. Not that I expect an asshole forcing people in a killing game to understand. You’re no better than ultimate despair at this moment.” He felt the rage welling up in him, but he kept it down. At this point, he was no better than those who had murdered his fiancée. He was probably beyond help.

Cyrus sighed when he heard the announcement of the arrival of new infinites. Though the resort was a short walk away from the elevators in the patient quarters, it was probably best to go greet them and formulate how to move on from here. He proposed that as such, and went down to the patient quarters with whoever else was willing to meet their new fellow captives. The first one they encountered was Zachary, the infinite archer.

”Good evening, and unfortunately this is not a prank. I’m Cyrus Brandon, the infinite politician. If you have any questions, I’m more than willing to answer them.”

@MiddleEarthRoze The original mind meld as in Iakobos's CS was able to 'download' skills and abilities. That was considered too powerful for the slot. (Even Mado's 3-2, which is very similar to this ability, can not do that.) So we removed that part.
@ihinka I think it's also of note that your character isn't literate. Your character would not be able to understand scriptures or use a lore diary (which would be scroll or a tablet, so don't expect it to hold endless lore). Also, be wary that clans are still very much primitive. Far from all clans have well-established lore. I imagine a good number doesn't even have scriptures of their lore. (paper in these kind of eras is rare).

I'll also tell you ahead of time that animal handling, animal taming and animal riding are three very different things. Not that panthers make viable riding animals to begin with.

I also question why dragon-like creatures from the ethereal realm would know about survival. They don't have the need for the same survival skills as humans. Also, what they would learn by observing humans do it would be up for interpretation and reliant on their location.
@InertiaTaltrus has a love relationship with Aurelia. He has a crush on Ursine and Narcissa.
Which reminds me - there's a conflict here, Narcissa rolled a love relationship with Taltrus, but Melo was saying it was origionally rerolled from Taltrus. Is that correct?


@Writeoh yeah there's a conflict with Raydon having already rolled Gaia so that aquiantance roll has been rerolled to Eilidh.

Nissa rolled a love relation with Taltrus originally. Then I rerolled it into Tlalli. So Nissa and Taltrus can not be in a love relation. I believe it was now rerolled to Cicero?

So taltrus can have that crush on Nissa.
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