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18 Sep 2016 19:29
Current [@neurovoid] That article looks incredibly biased for one agenda. There are various articles that list differences in neural wiring and anatomy. Not to mention hormones from gender-specific organs
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7 Sep 2016 15:52
@Graviloquence Dutch, I also had German and french for a few years in high school. Other than that, I know a decent bit of Latin.
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7 Sep 2016 2:36
I could sleep... But you know. I can also just write some more.
20 Aug 2016 21:59
When google docs wrongly autocorrects your to you're... tehfuck?


Just some 23 year old Dutchie interested in RPing
I'm in the final year of my masters study biomedical sciences(Medical biology)..

I'm mainly interested in high fantasy and modern superhero(marvel/DC-type superhero-ish) RPs. But I'll basically join anything if it looks interesting to me. ^^

Feel free to talk to me or invite me to RPs.

For off-site contact info, send me a pm. I mainly use skype.

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@BrokenPromise Personally I don't need it. But knowing there's more than two with time constraints it sounds like a good plan.
@BrokenPromise That's some good stuff right there, my man. It appears this competition will get quite heated...

Speaking of which! @Melo, will Noel come to the casino too? It would make for a...very interesting quartet there (considering Daimyon and Mary both want to go there while Davis is already in the area). And some...very interesting interactions. ;)

Most likely, yeah. that seems to be the most prudent thing to investigate
Something we were also doing was comparing our characters to the actual DR3 Future cast xD

Apart from Cyrus being Munakata 2.0, what are your suggestions, ladies and gents?

Marianne is chisa because there needs to be a cute ditzy waifu

Munekata 2.0? Does that mean i can get a katana and slice up waifu robots now?

(Remind me to call someone DEAR BOY sometime)

The Christmas getup had Cyrus frowning, was it time for gifts again? The tiny package hit him straight in the chest, but Cyrus was unfazed. It wasn’t particularly heavy. He unwrapped it to find a small box of cigarettes, they made Cyrus curl his nose in disgust. He had no clue who of the infinites smoked, but it was one of the things in the world he hated most.

”Alexandria is another of those female bots.” Cyrus explained, he had been paying attention to the conversation, but he decided not to join in for now. Surely the rest was capable of asking simple questions. They didn’t need him for that. After his outburst yesterday, he might make the guy uncomfortable instead, much like how Davis was doing anyway. He gave Marianne a quick rundown of what had happened yesterday. Every head that could think about their problems was welcome.

Their conversation was cut short when two others joined their table, Mondatta and Mary. Both of them were there for a different person. Cyrus showed the streamer a polite smile as she presented him the podium. ”That’s… pretty nice” He said. It wasn’t a bad gift, though he was usually the type to make his speeches spontaneously in the middle of the crowd. Setting up a podium would interrupt the momentum. Still, it might find its use sometime. He wasn’t going to refuse a gift given with some sincere thought behind it. ”Glad to see not everyone is… well… unhappy with me after last night.” He said, accepting the suitcase and its contents gratefully.
”Now… I don’t think you’re a smoker, are you?” He said, flashing the gift he had gotten. ”Because I think the only place these are going is the trashcan.”

Noel eyed the sewing kit with a questionable expression. Was there anyone amongst the infinites interested in sewing? Perhaps Bliss made clothing for children sometimes? It would fit with her talent as a nanny. Other than that, perhaps there were some that were interested in trying out the hobby. She’d have to investigate. No secret was going to stay hidden from Noel Amalia Hawthorne for long! She would find out who was meant for this sewing kit. She was also relieved to see it did not contain a map of human organ locations. Remember, one stab is all it takes!

Noel looked up from her gift as she was greeted by the infinite Poet himself. As she was addressed, Noel couldn’t help but to quick draw her camera again and snap a picture of the Poet during his introduction. ”Charmed, mister Londe. She knew she could probably call him Daimyon, but this sounded way better. It kind of sounded like some kind of super spy. ”Noel Hawthorne, and the pleasure is all mine. Is there anything I can do for you?” She wondered, thinking there might be a reason why he had approached her now.

Cyrus calmly made his way to the break room, He had made a noble attempt to cover up his lack of sleep, and he had been quite succesfull in his own opinion. He also slept bad when his mood turned... sour, to say the least. But nevertheless, last night's events had made a rather substantial impact on the poltiician. He had appreciated Shona more than the rest of the infinites, who had shown questionable worth at times. Nevertheless, last night was a good way to show him who were his friends... and his enemies. That said, after his outburst, he could imagine he had made a few more of the latter. He'd have a lot to explain today, but not as much as some others.

In the break-room, the dark-haired woman warmly thanked the two gentlemen who had so graciously escorted her there. Once she peered inside, she wasn't witness to a very large crowd, which made her wonder how many people from the video she saw in the elevator were actually present. Two - Calvin and Daimyon. She noticed a third familiar face fairly close to where she stood in the doorway, and was about to approach him to introduce herself, but the man who she would later learn was called Davis (or 'Perfection') slipped out of the break-room in a huff.
Still being left a little confused by the sudden exit, the woman paused in the doorway contemplating going in and introducing herself - the atmosphere was tense. Of course, she had no idea what occurred the night before, but chalked it down to the shock of being stuck in a place like this. She really wasn't alone.

There were a million questions going through Marianne's head. Why was someone in a full-metal suit? Whoever they were, they gave off a peaceful aura. The woman hardly had a chance to introduce herself before they too slipped out of the break-room. Was it always such a come-and-go situation? When she was younger, breakfast was a very important meal that her whole family would make a point to spend together! ...nobody was allowed to leave the table until everyone had finished. Of course, this wasn't her family breakfast table. And these people weren't her family. But in the situation they were stuck in, they were as close as she was going to get.

Following the lead of Lucas Carsen at the espresso machine, Marianne swallowed her apprehensions down and approached the centre of the room. She met his eyes only briefly, and cocked her head at the man with a smile in a silent thanks, though she wasn't quite sure he'd interpret her meaning right away.
", morning, everyone!" her voice began a little shaky in the thick air that hung in the break-room. It was like everyone's collective dog had just died.
"My name is Marianne Roche, and I am the infinite herbalist. I really hope we can get along, like Lucas said, too."

Her careful eyes scanned the scene to see two women chatting away at a desk, pink and black haired respectively, and a lonesome face she had not seen on the earlier video. There were definitely more people in this than she originally thought - and though she didn't know about the rotation (in her case, she was freshly thrown in when arriving at Axis Mundi) - she had a feeling there would be many more yet to come.
She had to fight the urge to go console the lonely woman in remarkably pretty, if dated, clothing, not wanting to appear inherently nosy or rude. Fortunately, the arrival of two new individuals lightened the scene. One of them was a little girl!

"Good morning, you two!" the infinite herbalist approached the new duo at their table and gave them a deep bow and a bright smile. They seemed to be out of it, definitely, but Marianne at least hoped she could make the little girl feel better - though something very specific from the video was nagging at her, in the back of her mind, about this person. She couldn't place just what.
"My name is Marianne, and I'm the infinite herbalist. It's really, really nice to meet you."
Her eyes lit up at seeing Caora, and she couldn't help but kneel down so she was below eye-level to the short boy sitting on one of the benches. Forgetting her lacking range of motion, she cringed as her stitches stung, but she would keep it together long enough. Just enough to give everyone some hope. "You're really cute, haha. I...I know it's really hopeless we're all in here, but I promise we'll make it out in one piece. If you, or anyone else needs any patching up, I'm here to help! ...even if we're in a hospital. I can still help! I won't let anyone suffer if I can help it." Her smile was shaky, but in that moment, it beamed wide.

Cyrus would arrive to the meeting room rather late, but still in time to have a sandwich before the meeting would start. He stopped just outside the break room, preparing himself with a healthy dose of relunctance. He fiddled with his new pair of glasses a little. He tried to imagine everyone, and how they would go about the meeting given yesterday's circumstances. He didn't imagine that he would be the main topic - there were bigger questions to be answered. How did yesterday happen? How was Calvin captured? What would they do from here? Was there anything new they needed to investigate? How the hell was he going to explain what had happened to him yesterday? He breathed in deeply, then exhaled and made his way into room.

Being relatively late, he was met with a rather busy room, though there were some notable absences. He wasn't sure if others were simply late, or just didn't want to come. He couldn't blame them either way. He had caught a glimpse of the rotations yesterday, but amongst the crowd was somebody he hadn't seen. It was rather apparent she was making her introductions, and thus he took his chance to do the same once she finished her conversation with Shaun and Caora. "Good morning, I'm Cyrus Brandon, infinite politician. Did you rotate in with the others last night?"

Marianne flinched slightly as she heard a serious, crisp voice from behind her and immediately went to jolt upright. Unfortunately, this still wasn't written as seamlessly into her plans as she had hoped, and she found herself still kneeling on the ground clutching at her torso in the aftermath of exerting herself. Again, she cursed under her breath. "A-ah, one second..." She must have looked evidently distressed. It still hadn't settled in that she needed to limit her movements if the stitches were to even stay shut.

Cyrus was taken aback for half a second as the woman knelt down in pain. "Are you alright?" He asked as he knelt down beside her, tenderly placing a hand on her shoulder and looking at her torso as this seemed to be the source of the problem. He then offered her his other hand to help her back on her feet, since it seemed like she needed it.

"H-huh..." the woman still hadn't fully turned around to locate the source of the voice, and half expecting a stern man in his mid-40s, she was actually taken aback when turning to reassure him that she was fine - when she was met with the charming grey eyes of a very mysterious, very inherently charismatic gentleman.
"I-I'm alright..." she swallowed the words down, a little slow to react as she cautiously put her hand in his, trying to appraise the situation. He was in the video! It definitely didn't do him justice though. The infinite politician had asked her a question, but she seemed far from even being aware as to what it was. "...just a little aftermath of a little surgery, aha...ha."

"Easy now." Cyrus said as he carefully helped Marianne back to her feet. Once she was upright, he made sure to support her weight with his arms. He hadn't had a chance to take a good look at her, but being this close Cyrus could smell a faint but apparent herb scent. "Let's get you seated, shall we?" He said as he started to guide her to the nearest available chair.

"I-" the infinite herbalist began, her eyes never leaving his as if there was something she felt like she should be asking or answering to - but it never came. She didn't even realise how suddenly he had helped her to her feet, though she could feel a light blush bleed through her dark cheeks. Turquoise eyes with lips parted in mid-sentence searched his face for it, for some answer to what it was that she was forgetting. They searched the slope of his jawline, and moved up to the gentle curves of his cheekbones (shamefully lingering at his well-kept lips!) and then up to the hooded gray eyes gazing back at her from behind delicate specta-


Trying to take a step forward and having lost all sense of orientation, Marianne's foot accidentally knocked into the infinite politician's, and with the momentum which she eagerly wanted to move forward, she evidently stumbled. With her eyes squeezed shut, she squealed, hands reaching out and grasping for the first available thing and...
...finding her arms bunched up against the strong chest of the man right in front of her. ...the man she had been making a total fool out of herself in front of...this whole time.

Cyrus didn't miss a beat, and tightly clutched the stumbling girl as she appeared to fall.
"Carefull now!" Was all he managed to exclaim before she was promply buried in his chest. Unfortunately, the politician was more concerned about her health than any other implication the scene could have. "Are you sure you're fine?" He asked. "Just take it slow, no need to rush. Just lean on me and we'll sit you down." He told her with a concerned expression, putting an arm around her waist to more easily support her to a seat.

"I-I am! Oh, I'm s-so sorry..." Marianne found herself stuttering, cheeks a much brighter scarlet now in Cyrus' careful arms. Whereas he saw only the practical implications of the scene, our herbalist thought much differently. Her thoughts raced a mile a minute and suddenly every little movement seemed more vivid, more alive than it did a minute ago. She registered every little shuffle, and felt his arm circle around her delicate waist. She wanted to breathe him in from where she was standing like that, but in the flush of the moment, all she could do is stare up at him, eyes wide in surprise, cherry-cheeked and with parted lips.
In any otome game, this would be the part where either the couple would kiss, or there would be some anticlimactic interruption. this case, neither happened. Marianne didn't know, in the edge of her consciousness, whether she was grateful or not for that.
"I' you, Cyrus. M-my name is..." she trailed off, leaning gently into the crook of his arm. It seemed so warm and cozy, she just wanted to nuzzle into this stranger more. Somehow, it took the fright away of being in this strange new place. It would all be okay. Cyrus had that aura about him "...Marianne. I-infinite...herbalist."

Though she didn't seem to feel very good before. Right now the woman seemed to do a lot better. And while she was busy imagining the usual otome game siuations, Cyrus was simply making sure the girl was fine. And thus he was fairly happy the girl was looking more content. Unfortunately for Marianne, they reached the seat rather quickly afterwards and Cyrus carefully helped her to sit down. "Nice to meet you, Marianne." He responded as he took her face to memory, then took a cursory glance at the rest of her to make sure she was fine. "Can I get you something? A glass of water, maybe?" He asked, seeing as he still had to get his sandwich.

"Water sounds good, ac-" she was recovering, interrupted again by the now comical growling of her stomach, empty since lunch the day before. "...actually, if there's anything decent to eat here, I wouldn't mind having breakfast properly. I can't remember the last thing I properly ate yesterday."

Cyrus laughed a little when her stomach interfered, almost protesting to her earlier statement. "Water and a sandwich for you then." He teased her before walking off towards the fridge. He quickly scored two sandwiches and a glass of water and then returned to take a seat next the awaiting female."Your order, ma'am." He jested as he handed over the items.



Enjoy my best valley girl. <<

I'm not sure what to think of this.

My inner Cyrus is confused.
@Melo Awww yissss Mister Charisma!

Because I really wanted Marianne to interact with him and I think I had a scenario in mind for if he was mad that she'd snub him off and call him an "angry little man" but if he's alright, I still totally think they should meet!

Not like I've got the biggest crush on him or anything because he reminds me of a character from another game that I'm obsessed with called Mystic Messenger, of which I binge-bought merchandise this weekend at the local comic-con and was disappointed to find no cosplayers from it but one DR cosplayer who wasn't me but came as Akane because I came as Junko and so many people took pictures I think I also found a couple of monokumas so that was fantastic and someone gave me free junkokuma fanart because they loved my cosplay and

Will you be alright to do a short collab? :) <3

Totally doable.

And don't worry, rage Cyrus will show up more often <3
@Melo Melo! I've been trying to ask Broken to page you find you and ask how Cyrus was doing, for myself!

How Cyrus is doing? Well after a good night's rest I'm sure he is back to his nice, charismatic totally-not-an-angry-asshole self :D

Why? :D
A short introduction to rage mode Cyrus, enjoy people ;-)

And thus they fell into a trap. The trap that had been so obvious to Cyrus, but apparently his hint had not been enough. He cursed under his breath as Felix came running to help. Why could nobody see that they would’ve had a much higher chance of successfully escaping this predicament alive if they had just followed the bear’s instructions? Part of him wanted to act, but something kept him in place. If he acted here, he’d place his own life in peril. The politician wasn’t that much of a daredevil or a martyr despite his earlier acts.

Momentarily Cyrus was filled with hope as Felix and Shona seemed to do rather well, but that all quickly faded as everything went south very quick. Felix getting stabbed by a spike was bad, but that was nothing compared to what happened after. Cyrus let out a low groan as Shona breathed her last. The appearance of the centaur-like Alexandria seemed to just be the last nail in the coffin if this situation of despair. Cyrus could feel the anger from his own helplessness welling up. ”what in the...” was all that escaped his lips as he started to nervously fiddle with his glasses, an old habit of his when things got too heated.

Cyrus saw no beauty or sacrifice, he saw someone who had thrown her life away for nothing. Monokuma even said so himself; his entire game couldn’t work because of that one rule. Shona had fallen for a ruse, and paid the ultimate price. The only comfort was that she died in ignorance of the fact. He could only look and stare at the death in front of him. Everyone’s reactions overwhelmed his senses. His fiddling intensified until his glasses finally…


”Oh for the love of…” Cyrus exclaimed, his voice had changed notably. He looked angry, almost unreasonably so. His voice sounded slightly different from usual. His entire demeanour shifted within a second. ”Yep, I’m done. What happened…”he turned to Calvin. ”What happened is that some people here can’t even see through an incredibly obvious trap. Follow the fucking rules and there couldn’t have been a sacrifice. What kind of pig brain do you need to have to not understand that!?” He said and spat on the ground. ”Nice fucking job on that, by the way, getting your ass captured.” He glared, then turned around. He wasn’t angry at Calvin specifically, this entire situation had gotten him angry.

”I’m done with you whiny asswipes for now. Good night.” He said as he walked off, back to his room, leaving only the remains of his broken glasses on the floor.

Last from the elevator was another young woman. Unlike the somewhat striking dress of the nanny, Noel was dressed far more casually. ”Different day, different killing game.” She said with a yawn before opening her eyes to the scene in front of her. ”… oh” She said as she approached. Within a few seconds she had taken at least fifteen pictures. Of Shona’s body, of monokuma, of the participants, everything. ”ooohhhhh” She continued for a bit before turning to the group. ”My deepest condolences for your loss. I’m Noel Hawthorne, infinite reporter!”

The reporter then turned her attention to Monokuma. And you, how dare you! She snarled at the bear. Rotating me in just so I can see a celeb like Quill Kennedy leave! Think of all the scoops I’m going to miss because of you! She pouted, then put up a smile. ”At least you’ve dropped me into a game with some other big names this time, so I won’t complain too much. She threw a glance at Mary and the back of Cyrus, whose outrage she had just barely missed.
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