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1 yr ago
Current considering I'm already being called out: if you're feeling so arrogant you're calling the story you're making a character for shallow, do everyone a favour and get out of that RP. it's not for you.
1 yr ago
I'd think a professional would be a better place to voice your problems and vent for positive reactions, rather than the status bar of an RP forum. But that's just me.
1 yr ago
Respect isn't given, it is earned.
3 yrs ago
Case closed (3)
3 yrs ago
I hear french and all I can think about is "Omelette du fromage"


Something something... will write something here later.

Fun fact: I never did

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@Flower We're just starting up, so don't feel too rushed to get your sheet out. :)

@Myling We definitely still have spots for males!
We are still accepting!

We are tight on female places (6/8 filled, with 2 sheets pending), but we still have 2 male spots open!
What are your ratios at, @Aewin? I may be able to join, but I don't want to throw things off too much.

Awesome to hear you're interested!

The current prospected ratio, going by what people are interested in, is as follows: 6 males to 8 females

Female: Annie, Fab, Ken, Bee, Michi, Komo, Kiki, Fever Dream

Male: Melo, Jordan, Ozzo, Kiki, Xanth, Wind Flower
@Sage Orion 0312

yes, the RP is still open.
As you can see, we have a thread for the RP now. You can find further information there.
There is also a discord to join if you have any further questions :)
In Love Ahoy! 13 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

@Ozzoquen Absolutely! Same sex relationships are absolutely allowed. The caps are there primarily so that both genders will find plenty of representation in the role play. Relationship dynamics will not be limited in any way.
Link to the Love Ahoy discord for anyone who is interested:
I mean, I'd declare my interest but I think that's rather obvious when my name is in the first post
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