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[@neurovoid] That article looks incredibly biased for one agenda. There are various articles that list differences in neural wiring and anatomy. Not to mention hormones from gender-specific organs
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@Graviloquence Dutch, I also had German and french for a few years in high school. Other than that, I know a decent bit of Latin.
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I could sleep... But you know. I can also just write some more.


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Yesterday had been incredibly turbulent. It had taken Noel all of the night to record what had happened to the group, down to the last detail. It had been so grizzly, so horrifying, so terrible. How exciting! Well, except for the death. Noel could never really be happy about death. Yet, the more often it happened in this place, the more accustomed she seemed to grow. It was a troubling thought.

She tried to count them all, everyone who she had seen fall. She’d lost count. She forgot names, forgot stories. Luckily she had them all noted down. Noel was by no means mentally incapable, but there were just too many to remember now. Too many bloody memories staining the walls of her mind the darkest red. How had she not broken to despair long ago? Perhaps she was more accustomed to it than she thought already. These were the thoughts she wrote in a different notebook, a special one just for herself. A reporter was an observer, but who ever said the tale of an observer needed to go untold? Unfortunately, she didn’t trust anyone to write her tale better than herself.

She just had to make sure not to die, so she could actually tell it! That part seemed to be getting more difficult lately.

Her stomach’s famished rumble reminded her that there was more to life than writing, indeed. Her one-track mind guided her straight to the dining hall. The young woman was remarkably zippy despite her not-so-apparent lack of sleep. Noel was obviously well-attuned to skipping a night. Though obviously, she hadn’t usually spent those fighting evil tween girl robots of death. Variety was the spice of life, though, wasn’t it? No, in this case it was hell.

The dining hall was filled with plenty of distractions for the distracted mind. Food was one, but people were a much more interesting diversion of her attention. She first looked towards Alice and Mercy, who were talking German for some reason. She wasn’t sure why, couldn’t they both speak English? Maybe they didn’t want to be overheard? Noel did so anyway, but quickly found out their conversation wasn’t really interesting enough to bother.

There was something much more interesting in this room, after all. Eyeing her target, she zipped towards the table with Zach in an instant. ”What is this? Zach! Seems you’re alright, after all!” She said with a large grin. ”Seems that royal bitch didn’t get to your brain after all? Good! Losing an eye can be pretty devastating. Did I ever tell you the tale of the corporal that trained me? Told me he’d lost his bloody eye in ‘Nam. Told me he lost it to a shrapnel grenade that his enemy managed to drop just before he blew his head full of lead.” She rambled. Good ol’ corporal Bloodeye, now that was a true soldier!

Noel then acknowledged Ice. ”Cooking and being a caring worrywart? Who are you and what did you do to the infinite nanny, my man?” Noel questioned Ice’s shift in character. Where had the antisocial thug gone? Not only had she heard he was getting quite cosy with the other ice cube in the room, now he was doting on the archer? ”Oh! Could it be you have a thing for eye troubles?” She deduced, forming the connection between the three persons. ”Why would that be, I wonder? One of your siblings, maybe? Hmm…” She said, grinning widely at the blood donor.

”So tell me, how are you planning on rising to the challenge of becoming the best archer with just a single eye?” She turned back to Zach, gleaming with curiosity.

Cyrus woke up following a terrible night.

He silently stepped out of bed, scooting over to the mirror. It seemed his bags had only gotten worse because of this. As if they hadn’t been bad enough coming in here. Even the long stay in the hospital bed had only reduced them that much. How infuriating it was.
Cyrus took out a small make-up kit. It only took a few motions with the small brush to work away the bags to near perfection. And people thought the position of infinite politician was simply politics? Oh, if only they knew! Cyrus barely lied in politics, but that didn’t mean there were no other ways of deception. It was those methods of deceit that Cyrus was proficient in; the ways that used no words.

The politician then finished to put on his suit and straightened his back. There, he was back to looking his usual charismatic self. He took a minute to paint a false smile on his face. The other manner of deception. The only method by which nobody would find out the mess that hid underneath. Misperception was the most perfect lie. After all, you didn’t even have to tell it! All you had to do was let the rest make their assumptions. Nobody questioned themselves, after all. Cyrus didn’t need to be a liar, people were good enough at lying at themselves already.

Practicing this false smile was rather difficult, his mirror was in pieces. Shards of glass littered the floor surrounded by all other sorts of objects. Several of them were the frames of broken glasses, there were maybe twenty of them here. In fact, everything in the politician’s room looked knocked over, beat up or in a different state of disrepair. Questioning what had happened to his room wasn’t something Cyrus had to do. He knew rather well what had happened here when he returned here last night.

Cyrus thought of heading to the dining hall, get himself some food. But no, the thought of food right now almost made him vomit. Right now he’d just need to take his mind of something. Perhaps he could use that tape player now? The third floor should have opened up! Perhaps that was the best course of action now. People should be eating right about now, and he didn’t feel like confronting any of them.

Cyrus did cross a carnage sister on his way, however. He didn’t bother to check which one. “You have my permission to enter my room until midnight, nurse. My room needs cleaning immediately. Please see it done.” He commanded as he passed, looking his usual haughty self.
@TheSeriousJoke Unfortunately, I will have to withdraw as well. I am very sorry.

Since it is very close to the RP's start, you can use Poppy should a replacement not present itself ^^
@Typhon your character is on the first post, so I imagine so :)
I'll be reserving the shsl ????
I'm interested. I don't have a specific talent in mind yet. But I'll be brainstorming. Is that alright?

Though Cyrus had expected some disagreement on the matter, he hadn’t expected a full-blown discussion like this. He was happy there were some people as passionate as him on this topic. Last time hadn’t brought this kind of issue. They didn’t make a fuss about the ‘potential loss’ of the Alexandria group. Perhaps it was because they now had a better idea what they were up against? He had just expected a small group of willing volunteers, and the rest to hang back and do nothing. Well, there was nothing to it but convincing this should be done, right? It just happened to be that these kinds of issues were where Cyrus’s talent came into play.

When Cyrus approached the counter, it appeared his opponent was going to be Bliss. Caora was still burying his face in her side, trying to drown out the sound of everyone debating.

“Hello Cyrus.” Bliss was quiet, at least compared to the people debating all around them. “I'm glad you didn't get angry with Jezebel again. I know it's hard.” She placed her wrists on the counter. “I still want to go to the zen garden with you some time.”

“Hello Bliss Cyrus responded politely. ”Perhaps we can go together after this issue is resolved. That’d be nice.”

”As for Jezebel, I do not see the problem. This is a voluntary call-to-arms.” Cyrus tried to make this clear once more. ”I do not hold it against anyone who refuses, and won’t tolerate anyone doing so.” He tried to stay eloquent despite the tension the situation brought. He found it slightly more difficult than usual, it had been long ago he had felt so emotionally involved in a topic of discussion. It reminded Cyrus of the old days, days he had no time to reminisce about right now.”However, I am going to give this a shot, regardless of our numbers.”

Bliss shook her head. “It's not about who wants to go or numbers. Everyone carries someone on their shoulders, even if they don't know it.” Bliss folded her hands over her chest. “Caora is so alone right now. I'd love to help, but if something happened to me, what would Caora do? Seeing Mary's determination every day gives me hope. But if she were to pass away...” Bliss sighed. “And without Mondatta, you're the only leader we have left. How will we be able to function if all of our leaders are gone?”

Cyrus was somewhat surprised by Bliss’s resistance to the situation, but he could see her point. No, this was definitely not the easy situation he was sometimes making it out to be. It wasn’t simply a choice of going or staying, as much as he wanted it to be. ”It’s not that I don’t see where you’re coming from. But I can’t leave Krista to die.” He shook his head. ”What about the people who get their hope from Krista? Or Aleecia, if we are forced to take that route? There are people that depend on her in one way or another as well. It is ignoring this situation that would bring despair to all of us.” Cyrus lowered his head. ”And I sure as hell cannot call myself a leader if I don’t act now.”

“I want to save Krista to. I do but...” Her teeth where chattering. “Are you sure she's going to die? I'm not worthy to judge the value of a human life. I don't think anyone is, but it seems like...” Bliss stopped herself. “Do you rely on Krista, Cyrus?”

Cyrus thought about it for a second, the value of one life. “Indeed, that's not something you can just determine in my opinion.” But it was the second part where things got personal. “I draw strength from multiple people here, emotional strength. I don't really think anyone would believe me if I said otherwise.” He started. “Krista has helped me a great deal as well, yes. But so have you, I can assure you.” He paused for a second, then slowly shook his head. “Please do not think of my motives more personal than they are. I think Krista is a great person, but I'd do this for anyone in this situation.”

“I find it hard to believe you don't feel a little close to her. You were the only person she chose to share this with. But I guess it's possible she just sees you as the leader like everyone else.” Bliss dug her fingers into the countertop. “But even so, you need to consider her emotional well being too. We want to free her, it wouldn't be incorrect to say we'll be risking our lives or even dying for her, but is that something she would want?” Bliss looked away from Cyrus. “Being the one who survives is never easy. Krista was used by Lucas, used by Erin, and now she's being used by Nariko. All killers, all who used her for their own gain. By attempting a rescue, we're giving them exactly what they want.” She looked up at Cyrus, here eyes were visibly wet. “Do you really think we'll be better off if we do this?”

”I consider her a friend, that’s what I said.” Cyrus said calmly. He firmly shook his head at Bliss’s counterargument. ”Lucas and Erin both only used her to get out. They failed. They want nothing anymore. And I do not see why we should take them into consideration either.” He answered bluntly. ”They intended to kill her, and all of us, by attempting to escape. To them, she was a pawn, not a person. This is exactly the opposite. In fact, how different would we be from them if we didn’t try? We’d be abandoning her. If she had any trust in us, we’d be straight up betraying it. ” He looked Bliss square in the eyes. ”Of course, if you doubt she wants to be rescued. The door can’t be opened, but it was ajar when I left it. Unless Nariko closed it entirely, it’s possible to try asking her yourself.”

He then touched on a different point. ”Regardless, yes, we are putting our lives at risk. We will have to develop a plan of sorts, to reduce risk to a minimum. Alexandria was defeated in combat without us suffering casualties, so it is possible. However, we will have to be smart about it. ”

“Hold on, you're moving too fast.” Bliss folded her arms. “I wasn't saying to consider the opinions of the previous two blackened. I consider Davis and everyone he controls a killer to. I think he wants us to try and save Krista.” The nanny sighed. “I'm not really expecting to change your mind. I suppose I was hoping I'd feel a little more sure of this after talking to you. But I guess all we can do is hope things turn out okay.”

Cyrus sighed. “Of course he wants us to. Or at least he isn't against it. But I disagree with the notion we shouldn't do it just because of Davis as well. We don't know his motives, but I don't think it's simply to kill us. There are better ways.” He shook his head. “ultimately, there's only one best outcome. And I'll do my damnedest to achieve it. You have my word,Bliss”

Noel had made herself comfortable against the wall of the room. With that, she was rather far away from Cyrus. The reporter visibly smirked at the call to arms. She wasn’t happy that this was happening, of course she wasn’t. However, part of her simply needed to be exciting about this story. An epic quest to save the damsel, another tale for the great reporter to tell the audience. However, this reporter was not an onlooker. Nay, this reporter would jump into the fray.

”You can count on me!”

The reporter looked around the room. Though there were some arguments to be settled, mainly caused by Davis and Jezebel, there was a buzz of positively in the room. She appreciated how actively people were discussing how to approach the issue. The story would definitely feature Aleecia, the brave maiden so willing to throw herself at the evil robot. What else was she but the great embodiment of inspiration in such a dark hour?

Cyrus was frankly overwhelmed with the amount of support. He wasn’t sure why, but he thought this would devolve into chaos. Of course, there were a few voices unwilling, but he expected that much. But there was, of course, one person that needed to be addressed above all others. Cyrus turned to Aleecia. He appreciated her willingness and bravery, but he could not agree with her. No, not that easily.

”You are welcome to try and talk to her, but I will not give you up as well.” He replied. Disagreeing with Thomas in the same breath and aligning himself with the cop. But Cyrus had his own thoughts to add to it. ”However, if you were to go. It’d mean nobody would die, thus we’d have additional chances to try and break both of you out. As such, I definitely would like to keep the option open. But only to buy time. I’m not going to abandon either you or Krista. Thank you, Aleecia.” His voice was steadfast, his expression determined. His brain was already trying to develop strategies, but they’d likely need more information. And there was only one that could provide it.

And speak of the (quite literal) devil, there was the monochrome bear. But of course, the other devil had to rear his ugly head as well. Cyrus reeled in his mind seeing Davis. There was some truth to his words, but they weren’t the complete truth. Something that would probably be in his best interest to point out, once the trickster was done with him.

”As well and good as sharing all our secrets sounds. There is an innate risk in that as well. I do not think I have to remind anyone that Mondatta’s death was the result of Krista telling us she had the handbook that could use the phone.” He shook his head. ”I am not trying to say that Krista was right or wrong. But do know: Revelation and secrecy both hold equal risks. Don’t dismiss transparency as the single good option. With how much shit that girl has been through after getting in here, I’m frankly surprised she told anyone at all.” He shook his head.

He then turned to specifically Jezebel. ”I believe I made myself clear. I was requesting cooperation. Nobody here is in the position to order anyone to risk their lives. Not me, not you, not anyone.” His expression then shifted to something slightly more scornful. It wasn’t a face of rage, but of contempt. ”That said, we are discussing a serious life-or-death situation. If you need to so badly, I am more than willing to talk about this grudge of yours after this is settled. I am sorry, but I simply cannot muster the energy to care for it right now.” It might’ve been blunt, but Cyrus, despite his title, wasn’t in a political mood right now.

Finally Cyrus addressed Monokuma. ”Your help would be most welcome.” He said, his tone relieved. ”I think first and foremost, you have the information we can use regarding the carnage chassis and other… obstacles. Besides that, I’d like to know what else you have to offer.” He said honestly. Cyrus wasn’t above accepting the help of his captor if it meant saving a life. ”However, I am not promising the destruction of Nariko. Our only objective here is rescuing Krista. Should we defeat Nariko and thus reap benefits, that’d be simply extra in my eyes.” He found this important to add, just to get everybody’s priorities in line.

Cyrus rushed from the post to the dining hall. For the moment he had forgotten anything else to direct himself on this one singular issue. It was as if the rest of the killing game had just faded away. All the other matters, all the other issues, all the people squabbling about non-issues. All of that was gone right now. They didn’t matter, of course they didn’t. Right now he was dealing with a true life or death situation. He had to save someone. What other thing could be as important?

A loud bang sounded through the dining hall as Cyrus swung the door open without restraint. He was out of breath from the running, but his eyes were still filled with fury. It wasn’t the type of anger Cyrus had shown in the trials of carnage. It was different. This was the determined intensity of someone with a goddamn job to do. The same kind of ferocity, just without the irate madness.
He took a deep breath and regained his posture. He looked around the room, counting heads. It seemed most people had showed up. The rest was either late or decided to willfully ignore his outcry. Simply useless. But whatever, he had no time to waste thinking about the worthless rabble. The ones that arrived here were the ones he could count on right now.

”Thank you all for coming.” He said, as he moved himself from the door to the middle of the room. He didn’t worry himself with the usual fancy speeches or pretty words, he just decided to cut straight to the point. ”As I told you all in the announcement. We have an emergency. Krista has been captured and detained by Nariko in the morgue.” No doubt this would stir up the room. The hows, the why’s. Cyrus didn’t answer anyone specifically, not yet. He had an announcement to finish. With one hand motion he tried to silence the room, and continued speaking. ”Nariko demands we hand over Aleecia during the next night of carnage, and lock her up with them both forever. The alternative is, when we don’t deliver Aleecia to her… that she will kill Krista and herself.”

”I have called you all here to request cooperation. Any type of help is welcome. Whether you simply contribute ideas or will provide manpower for whatever we undertake.” He looked around the room, his expression determined. His voice still filled with an intense fire. ”I hope I speak for many of you when I say I am sick and tired of the suffering and death.” He paused. ”That is why I am going to try and save her, since we have the opportunity.”

”Who is joining me?”
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