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The last week had been something of a special event in its own right for Erik Bel Auster. The news of a tabloid having picked up on the latest developments between the future heirs of the new united kingdom that was in the works was cause for a rather phenomenal amount of disarray. Not only did it invoke the ire of both royal families. It was of monumental effect on the public opinion of this plan altogether. After all, who could place their trust in the stability of this union if the two most prominent figureheads were already fighting like children? Indeed, this was not simply a matter of bad looks for the royals in question, this was now a matter of national stability and safety.

King Leopold Bel Auster was not going to watch helplessly. He and King James of Arcenia had worked too hard over the past decades to set this plan in motion. And they were so close.

And as such the king of Austerund had been making a few calls. What started with a discussion with king James quickly resulted in a call with king Robert of Aciras. The good ties between the two nations was once again put to a strong display as the talks were short and effective. Not only would the Austerian intelligence agencies, which were present amongst Erik’s attendants, aid in the investigation into the supposed leaks of information to the Merenia daily. Robert had quickly arranged that many other more reputable news sources reported much more favourably on the matter. Indeed, most sources banished rumours to the realm of fiction!

Finally, Leopold had called his oldest son to let him know his great disappointment. Oh, how the king had expected much more grace from his heir, especially towards his future wife and queen! How did he ever expect to see relations improve if they kept acting in such manner towards each other? And then he had to list each and every person this had brought great inconvenience to. And then the good king made him promise to be more cordial towards her.

Erik’s only solace was that Arabelle probably wasn’t having a better time with her family. And by thinking that, he had already broken the promise in spirit. But perhaps he could just ignore her for the rest of these months? All it took was to shut his damn mouth. Perhaps Arabelle would be kind enough to return the favour.

The rest of the week was filled with more joyous events, at least. While his brothers had to attend to their educational responsibilities. He had no such obligations anymore. Instead he spent his time in the Aciran royal library for most of the time. But there were several occasions where he could find company in conversation with Austerian allies. He even managed to arrange a few games of chess! And finally, his two oversized cats were due a great deal of love and attention that he happily obliged to give them.

Saturday came and with it came Erik’s good mood. He had always been rather fond of amusement parks and the like. A fair like this was bound to be entertaining. Austerian fairs often did include a lot of regional foods in their repertoire as well. From oversized pretzels to sausages to hearty crêpes. He wondered what an Aciran fair looked like. How did it differ from the ones he knew? Much more than amusement, it was a good opportunity to acquaint himself with an allied nation’s culture further.

Erik styled himself most suitably to the hot Aciran weather, if he was allowed to say so himself. His outfit would certainly not disappoint any tabloid when it came to style, and would allow him to survive the heat he was rather unaccustomed to. It would not do to sweat profusely, indeed. He finished the outfit with his newest pair of designer sunglasses and an exquisite silver watch that cost more than the cars waiting for them outside.

Erik, for a short second, considered joining Arabelle in her SUV. But quickly he changed his mind. He had thought he might try to amicably resolve the tensions between the two, even if the compromise was to not cross each other’s paths any more for these coming months. But he thought the better of it. Surely the prissy princess would not hold any interest in discussing their differences, so he was not even going to try!

Instead, sought out Han. Certainly she could appreciate his company? At least so he hoped. With some luck, she would even behave during their short ride! But Erik held little confidence in that thought. Certainly some of princess Han’s trademark comments would pass her lips sometime during the ride. Nevertheless, he relished the chance to spend some quality time with a good friend. And Han could provide just that.

Erik tried to imagine a calm lake in his mind. A scene of serenity to bring peace back to his mind. However, the lake evaporated, and its vapours seemed to leave his ears like steam. How dared that woman talk to him like that! She was insufferable, she was. And how dare she insult his amazing suit like that! Damn her and her entire family.

He considered himself lucky he only had to deal with her and her harebrained sister. He could see Catherine from the corner of his eye. Apparently she, and whoever the woman was that kept her company, had forgotten they were at a royal event and not a common house party. How refreshing it was, to see that she was as ill-behaved as rumours went. A familial trait, Erik was sure.

”Jolly good show, brother.” Sindri smirked at Erik. And with that, Erik already regretted approaching him. That said, Erik wasn’t fool enough to think he would avoid his sibling’s mockery. But could he not, just this once? No, that wasn’t Sindri. He was someone who could go from sweet to insufferable in the blink of an eye. Erik reckoned it was retribution for putting him in that suit, though it really did suit him. Sindri despised the formality of it all. However, currently it seemed Erik and his betrothed were simply fuel for his boundless love for comedy. His face definitely wasn’t as regret-stricken as it had been on their flight here.
Sindri was a reasonably tall man, barely seeing eye-to-eye with Erik himself. Sindri was broader than Erik, however. His usually messy shoulder length brown hair had been neatly groomed for the occasion. He had a handsome face blessed with an impressive jawline .

Sometimes, just sometimes, Erik had the urge to strangle him. ”Oh for the love of… Please, SIndri, don’t.” Gods, why was his smirk so aggravating. Erik presumed it was time to schedule in far more formal events for him. See who was smiling then! ”Where did you leave Arvid?”

Arvid was the younger twin of the duo that made up Erik’s younger brothers. A much more serious lad than his brother, but no less prone to mischief. Erik felt his wits quiver in his absence. He had left one attendant, Reinhild, to watch over the two. And she was standing right behind Sindri. He feared what trouble Arvid would get himself into alone. Despite being only four years younger than the crown prince, it often felt as if the twins had never really left childhood.

Arvid sniffed smugly. ”Chill, he’s with Radcliffe”

And frankly, Erik did feel relief with that. Radcliffe was a retired general and now Erik’s teacher for military matters. Erik had gotten to know him while he was serving himself, and the man was a drill sergeant that would make the actual drill sergeants shudder. Yes, perfect company for Arvid. With any luck, the man would impart some common sense into him.

Erik sighed in relief. ”Good… yes, good.” God, he was still so on edge. Curse that Almore woman! ”What about you? Is the reception to your liking?”
Knowing his younger brother, he would find the whole thing dull. But his answer positively didn’t quite meet expectations. ”It’s… well I guess it’s alright. Food’s good and I’ve chatted up some nice folk.” The way he phrased it almost sounded like a question, an uncertainty. As if he wasn’t sure whether he was supposed to enjoy it. Perhaps Erik was seeing his younger brother finally mature a little? Now wasn’t that a sight. ”I’ve been keeping an eye out for… well… anyone. You know, I guess I might try to make mom happy.”

One of the primary reasons his brothers had been allowed to go along with him was so that they might make their impression on the royal scene. Not being first in line had given them the God-given luck to not be betrothed yet, and their mother thought that perhaps it was time for them to go out and look beyond the horizon of the Austerian borders. Erik had been given the ‘great honor’ of assisting them.
Their mother didn’t seem as pressed to arrange marriages for them. Erik wasn’t sure whether this was due to lack of necessity, or because of the train wreck that was his own engagement. Certainly, Erik did envy their freedom.

”Shouldn’t be hard to do better than you, at least.” Erik took back the thought about him maturing. The insufferable little fucker. Erik sneered at him, then composed himself.

Erik didn’t really have any good options in mind for his brother. Out of his mind he could only list a few princesses who weren’t betrothed already. Raven and Han both were betrothed already, although he found the choice of men questionable for different reasons. Though that would not be an opinion to share openly. Erik knew Catherine was available , though he didn’t wish that fate upon Sindri. Or maybe she wasn’t, but Erik did not care to believe what the tabloids apparently spouted. He only heard such things second-hand anyway.
Well, Marcela was single, but it didn't take a genius to know that was a very, very bad idea.
Lastly he could think of Gen. That was about the only good option he could think of. Maybe it was worth bringing up to Phillip sometime, as a talk amongst brothers? Finally, maybe he could have a chat with Raven. He imagined she knew every guest at least somewhat? She might know other candidates. It was certainly worth a shot.

”I’ll see what I can do to help.” Erik said tiredly. He required some distraction to keep him from the bad thoughts. If his mind stuck with Arabelle for any longer he might be inclined to punch a wall. And he had a feeling the Aciran castle’s walls weren’t going to spare his hand.

”No need to rush it… No seriously.” Sindri said, his voice glazed in unease. He shifted his feet uncomfortably. A funny sight for a big guy like him. However, Erik thought it was quite a good idea to shift the attention of the people to another Austerian’s love life. Arabelle might’ve gotten a lucky break with her sister being in the picture right now, but Erik wasn’t quite that lucky.

Erik smiled at him. ”No, leave it to me.” He took a sip from his wine glass and disappeared back into the crowd.

Finally the Austerian delegation’s eyes fell upon their destination. The towers of the castle peaked over the horizon in proud defiance of the sun behind it. Their mood, tired and travel-weary, was swiftly replaced by a sense of relief. No less could that be seen from the expression of Erik Bel Auster, duke of Turland, protector and master of the river Auster and heir apparent to the throne of the kingdom of Austerund. The dozen hours of air travel had left him weary, for he never slept well in the skies. And Erik refused to step out of this car groggily as a result from a short nap. As such, the king-to-be was forced to attend the first day of Vivian’s celebrations in a state of slightly diminished mental aptitude. However, that was something the world would not know.

Celebrations did nary to elicit excitement from Erik. What enjoyment was there in the presence of so many that all sorts of personal intimacy went lost? But that was only the ball. Indeed, surely there would be enough opportunity for joyous conversation with two people, in the confines of four simple walls. And there was far more to enjoy than personality at events such as these.

Naturally, everyone always had a hidden agenda. Such was the simple truth of politics. It was the world that he lived in, a world in which he would stay a player until the day he died. Naturally, the wedding was important and all. But how could he ignore the splendour that was the great Aciran castle? A true marvel of an age long past languishing in the shadow of the Aciran metropoles that surrounded it. Oh, every moment that Erik could relish its architecture was a moment spent truly living. The renovations the building had undergone throughout the years did little to diminish the enjoyment of the building’s splendid history, for at least it meant he could reside inside of its walls in welcome comfort.

But there was more than enough time to enjoy the antiquity. In the here and now, Erik had to prepare for the spotlight. Erik’s suit, a striking midnight blue coat and trousers, accompanied by a black bow tie, was only proper for an event of this magnitude for it was designed exclusively for him by Hansi Türsten, the most well-renowned Austerian tailor to grace the Savile Row. His younger brothers, Sindri and Arvid, wore matching, but distinctive, suits to make the three of them look like a true set. That was what Erik had demanded of them if they wanted to come with him. Their fashion sense was so boorish even a caveman would cringe. And Erik would not let his younger brothers make him look bad in the eyes of the international society, for shame! There were many other style icons, amicable as they may be, destined to be present at this event. Alejandro sprung to Erik’s mind immediately. He couldn’t let him catch all the eyes, could he? He had a reputation to uphold.

Their vehicle stopped in front of the grandiose entriance of the Aciran palace as silently as it had driven throughout the Aciran mainland. With Austerund’s top-of-the-line electrical cars, gas and diesel would soon be a thing of the past. Here it was a set piece to impress the other nations with his nation’s grandeur. Erik showed it off out of pride. Pride for the nation he would lead in mere years from now, the circumstances around his ascension notwithstanding. Had she not been so eager to procrastinate, the throne would already have been his. Erik could not really complain. His father, praise be to his name for all time, was truly a great king, albeit a very strict father. And Erik could enjoy the freedom of his current station a little longer. Being king left little time for more entertaining matters.

The doors on both sides were opened by their prime attendants. On his side it was Radke Rasmussen. Erik had never met anyone that didn’t have to look up at Radke, so giant was he. He still remembered the one time he had been foolish enough to challenge the man to arm wrestle,. He had sworn his arm was about to snap in two. The man had been in his family’s service for more than a decade. On the side of his brothers was stocky Reinhild, who was never far behind Sindri or Arvid on any occasion. Two other attendants were already unloading the car of all its baggage and wedding gifts and leashing Tiki and Coco. The matured Servals clamoured in their playfulness, but were relatively docile as far as this type of wild animal was concerned. They had been a gift by an allied African kingdom, young kittens at the time, nearly a decade ago.

The Austeran attendants would do all the heavy lifting and animal handling, leaving the Aciran attendant the single duty to guide the way to their quarters. Austeran customs considered it an affront to let a hosting nation take care of such matters when they were already providing accommodations!

Radke and Reinhild accompanied the princes on the walk towards the entrance of their residence for the next two months. Two. Months. Certainly Aciras was showing off with celebrations of this incredible duration. He only wondered how Raven pulled it off. Event management wasn’t something Erik would ever do himself. But if the event was going to be anywhere as fabulous as Raven’s dress choice, then the party’s success was guaranteed. The moment she came in sight, he could only nod approvingly.

And then it was time for formalities. Erik curtsied with a slight nod. His bow was slight, especially compared to is brothers. Of course, that was all according to the etiquette of a crown prince. ”His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen, Her Royal Highness, Princess of Aciras” God, he hated addressing Raven as anything besides just Raven. It felt off being so formal to a friend. ”I, Crown prince Erik Bel Auster of Austerund, express my gratitude in the name of the Austerian delegation for accepting us in your presence today. May the sun touch your kingdom eternally.” He spoke as was custom for ages long before Austerund even existed. Soon the sun would touch that kingdom again. Notably, the woman of the hour was not present at the entrance herself. Perhaps she was in the hall itself? Greeting the bride-to-be was of great prudency, almost as important as addressing the rulers themselves in his eyes.

Once the Aciran royalty finished formally addressing Erik and his brothers in similar fashion, only then were they released from their curtsies and were they allowed entry into the castle. Such was only proper. Erik took great care to not miss a beat all the way to the end. He would not allow himself the embarrassment in front of the Aciran court. What good would his suit do him if he might as well be wearing a clown’s costume? Every little thing had been forcefully pressed into the princes’ skull from a tender age.

Walking inside, even the entrance hall would reveal the incredibly intricate detail Raven and her team had put into every facet of this event. It was a feat that the Bel Auster siblings could only admire. Silently Erik was looking forward to the celebrations, and what they had in store for them. As long as it didn’t involve crowds all too often.

Alexander Shields woke up with a start from his phone’s alarm ululating throughout his room. There was little doubt in his mind that his neighbour would’ve heard his wake-up call just as well. He just had to hope Allison hadn’t been sleeping. (sorry)
Alex felt so rejuvenated. He couldn’t even recall the last time he had the luxury of a common nap. If there was one thing children liked to devour more than sweets, it was daddy’s free time. There was never a minute without Rosie after he picked her up from day care, until he tucked her into bed. Usually around this time he would be cooking- no wait, it was Friday. On Fridays he usually got her some take-away. Rosie had a particular taste for Chinese food. He wondered what his parents were going to feed her in his absence. Knowing them, they’d spoil her rotten.

As if on cue, his stomach rumbled. Considering there was a party starting in barely two hours, it was prudent to apply old student wisdom: No drinking on an empty stomach. With a sigh he got up from his bed and he ordered room service. Today was a day for fish. Yes, tuna should be fine. Alex couldn’t even remember the last time he had eaten tuna that didn’t come from a can. The fresh pepper-crusted tuna steak, with a modest side salad, he received barely 30 minutes later delivered spectacularly, however.

The following hour was filled with frantic preparation. Luckily the dress code matched quite well with what the single dad wore to work every day anyway. His closet was filled with neat button-up shirts and jeans. Dress shoes weren’t part of his usual repertoire, but those had been easily bought. Nobody would have to know how he had spent an hour at home picking which tie to bring, only to realise that ties weren’t exactly part of a smart casual outfit. Oh well. Tonight he settled on a stark white button-up shirt with jeans and brown leather dress shoes.

There was only one more preparation to do before he was ready to leave. He reached for his cellphone and dialled his parents’ home number. The phone rung many a times, making Alex wonder if maybe they had taken Rosie out for dinner. But his wonders were cut short quickly. ”Hi daddy!” Number recognition was a wonderful invention, wasn’t it?

Alex’s mouth formed into a small smile when he heard her voice, accompanied by a flicker of joy in his chest. It had only been a few hours, but already he longed to see his little girl again. ”Rosie, sweetheart. Are you enjoying yourself with grandma and grandpa?”

”Yes, dad.” She answered simply. ”Grandma told me so! She says she’ll take me to Taco Bell tomorrow!” She exclaimed happily. One compliment could make Rosie’s entire week, he knew. Her mother had been like that as well.

”Taco bell? Daddy is jealous already!” He laughed. ”Daddy is proud of you. Don’t forget your bedtime, you hear?” Alex had been quite strict with Rosie’s bedtime, and he had requested his parents send her to bed at the same times. He didn’t quite feel like arguing with his child about bedtimes just yet. Selfishly, he enjoyed the peace he had when she slept. Luckily for him, Rosie told him what he wanted to hear. Their call then ended with a sweet goodnight kiss.

Then he got dressed, he got his hair in check and put on his best cologne. And so he was ready.

Alexander entered the poolside bar area nonchalantly. He appreciated the fantastically lit area for a second from the entrance. Indeed, he would have to compliment whoever had designed this particular décor. The warm light drew him in invitingly, like a warm embrace. The salsa music guided him along, getting his mood up. He looked around the area, scanning the familiar faces. He wasn’t looking for anyone in particular. Alexander Shields had no ulterior motives in attending this reunion. None in particular, anyway. His aim was to simply have a few good days with old friends.

Then he saw Willow, and was reminded that maybe he had one objective in coming here. Yes, they had to talk at least once during this reunion. If there was one thing Alex had regretted from his high school days, it was that their friendship had evaporated so suddenly before their high school days were over. He wondered if she had resented him, and whether or not she still did. After ten years, that had certainly changed, right?

And then there were a few others already present. It was remarkable how many people he still recognized despite the many years. He still easily recognized Allison and Jace. Naturally, he still recognized Brent. It hadn’t been that long since they had last spoke. Then there was one person he had to scan for a longer time before finally putting a name to the face, sitting with Willow. Was that really Tara? He honestly wasn’t sure. But he decided to move on before he was staring too long trying to ascertain that assumption.

There was only one place where Alex could naturally go from here. And as such he took a seat with Jace and Brent. ”Gentlemen!” He started as he sat down. ”You’ve both made it, great! Let’s hope the rest of the guys join us soon.” He smiled. Certainly the king’s men would have a lot to catch up on. But before that, he remembered he had forgotten something important. ”Actually, I’m going to get a drink. Can I get you two something from the bar?”

There was something unique about the air in florida, as pervaded with airplane exhaustion as it was. Alexander couldn’t tell you what it was, but it felt like home. A nostalgic aura might be the most accurate description he could give you. But he couldn’t tell you how something that felt so homely, so integral to your very existence, still felt to foreign. When was the last time he had been here? His wedding. The last time he had been in Florida, she had still been alive. It had been Everly’s hand in his at that time instead of Rosie’s. The two of them trotted along at a merry pace, the speed of which very much gave away his little girl’s excitement about exploring a new place.

His daughter happily consumed the ice cream he had bought her, a welcome treat against the imposing sun of the early summer. She was so incredibly excited for him to fulfil everything he had promised her. They would visit the beaches, seaworld and even a few days to Walt Disney world. Of course, he’d also take her on a trip to the Kennedy space center. He wasn’t going to let an opportunity go to waste where he could show of his and her late mother’s greatest passion. Not to mention, it was the place where they had first met…

For a short while his mind trailed off. For a few seconds he felt the bliss of early teen love once again. Then he could feel himself being plummeted into the dark depths of loss. The bitter feeling of inevitability that he had felt when… No, not here. He had to pull himself together. Rosie couldn’t see her father’s despair. She was too young for the hard reality of this world. The girl somewhat understood the concept of death, in minor detail. But she had no idea of the immense pain it brought. How could she? And Alex was not about to pull her out of the bliss wonderland that one called ignorant childhood. The wonderland in which santa claus and the easter bunny existed as well. So he had to be strong. Everly counted on him to give their daughter the life she deserved, after all.

If only she could see how well she was growing up.

Yes, he had all sorts of trips planned with his daughter while they were in Florida. Two weeks of workless joy. But the first three days of that she would get to spend with her grandparents. Alex’s parents hadn’t seen the girl in well over a year now, and the same was true for Everly’s. He was lucky that they were able to come to D.C. the last few years. His busy work schedule hadn’t allowed much space (ha, astrology pun) to venture out. But he very much needed a way to blow off the work stress. The time had finally come.

His parental home was only one hour drive away from the airport. ”Hi, grandma” He told his mother as the door flung open. He looked at her appreciatively. It was strange how much more she had started to look like a granny after Rosie was born. As if the birth of grandchildren drained the age from grandparents’ bodies. But at the same time, Lydia Shields was still his lovely mother. A person he had grown to respect far more over the years, now that the hardships of parenthood were so much clearer to him. With a small pat on the back, Rosie was encouraged to give grannie Lydia a big hug, and they were invited in.

A very similar ritual repeated with grandpa, who was inside on his chair watching the baseball game. It was as if he hadn’t moved in the five years since Alex had last left him there (of course, he had visited, so this was obviously not true). A big hug for grandpa as well, and then they settled down for a nice cup of tea. Except for Rosie; she preferred the sweet taste of lemonade to the bitter tea. Roughly one hour later, he gave his princess a big hug of his own. The child nodded sweetly to his instructions: Be a good girl, be nice to your grandparents, eat your vegetables, brush your teeth and say hi to grandpa Joseph and grandma Miranda. Every instruction was met with a slightly more sarcastic yes. Ah, she was just like her mother.

She was going to be hell as a teenager, Alex already knew it. He pressed one more kiss against her forehead and left his daughter for a cosy three days with the grans.

The one hour drive towards Florida keys felt much more relaxed afterwards. He loved his daughter to death, but he could not deny the sweet relief that came with being able to have some time to himself for a bit. Between work and parenthood, that only amounted to maybe one hour every day on any normal day. It was so extremely draining that he couldn’t even start to explain it to others. And he didn’t want to explain it. What if they thought of him as a bad parent afterwards? He truly loved his daughter. But some days of rest were exactly what he needed. Even if he was still somewhat sceptical of the company he would find himself in over the next days. Still, a luxury resort was a luxury resort.

That was the main reason why he was going to this reunion, really. Alex couldn’t give too much of a damn about the reunion itself. He needed rest. He needed a distraction from his life, the grind he was in daily. Of course, there were people he did want to see again. He hadn’t seen most of his high school friends in some time. He still had contacts with a number of the dudes, and he still gamed with Grace on occasion. However, Alex didn’t have much of an attachment to the days. The most important person of those days was gone, after all. But still, it couldn’t hurt to reconnect. He didn’t have a clean break with everyone in high school. Willow came to mind especially. Maybe they could talk it out? He regretted how their friendship had gone to waste.

Florida keys was a place of beauty. He never really liked Amanda, but he could appreciate her choice of décor. The resort she picked matched exactly what he had pictured in his mind. It was strange, now that the moment was finally there, he was feeling strangely nostalgic to see those people again. It was like his “not giving a damn” switch got turned to “cautious curiosity”. He had to be wary to not grow excited. Surely setting his expectations too high would only lead to pathetic disappointment. He towed his luggage into the lobby.

The neat interior of the lobby sharply contrasted that of his home, which was cleaned far too infrequently. He forcefully prevented himself from making a mental note of all the stuff he still had to do at home. Relaxation was the name of the game for the next two weeks. He increased his pace to the reception. Alexander presented his most polite smile as he was confronted by the receptionist’s own. ”I’m checking in for the King’s academy reunion. The name is Shields.” And that was that. He forced himself to resign to three days of distraction. Three days of peace, should his former classmates allow him. He thanked the receptionist as he was told his room number and was handed the keys. Surely he could sneak in a short, well-deserved nap before he had to prepare himself.

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