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Current considering I'm already being called out: if you're feeling so arrogant you're calling the story you're making a character for shallow, do everyone a favour and get out of that RP. it's not for you.
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I'd think a professional would be a better place to voice your problems and vent for positive reactions, rather than the status bar of an RP forum. But that's just me.
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Respect isn't given, it is earned.
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Case closed (3)
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I hear french and all I can think about is "Omelette du fromage"


Something something... will write something here later.

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Alexander Vandenberg knew he would be here many weeks in advance. Yet now, in the moment, he was caught up in a simple question: what the flying fuck do I do now? Sure, he was surrounded by a bunch of single ladies and gentlemen and was given free license to mingle to his heart’s content until the actual event started. Yes, it was a good way to make a few friends before jumping into the thick of things. But where should he even start? He knew diddly about these people… but that was kind of the point of this entire exercise, wasn’t it? To get to know the other people caught up in this maritime endeavour.

However, when he looked around he realised that there were a few people he recognized. It was not unexpected. This cruise served many rich and potentially famous people. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise him if somebody recognized him here. But he certainly wasn’t the greatest attractor of the common folk’s limelight. In fact, one of them had even made headlines this morning, Although Alexander had little interest in the daily tabloid gossip, it was difficult to not at least notice the imagery. And that knowledge told him enough to know that he had to be cautious in the presence of a type like Lilianna Reigan. Even association might drag his name through the mud if he wasn’t careful.

Alexander was not the type to believe that that was no such thing like bad publicity.

The other person he recognized was Aries. Alexander didn’t really know his name, as he didn’t really follow the band he sung in actively, but he had heard his music before. Alex listened to many different types of music, as a way to set the mood when he sat down for those long writing sessions. The band Fourdust did appear in his playlists a few times. He wondered if their next album was coming out anytime soon.

But then Alexander got his icebreaker. And the ice wasn’t simply broken, it was subatomically obliterated. It certainly was good to see that someone did have the courage to speak up, though the subject matter was perhaps not really what Alex deemed interesting. Though she did have a good sense of humour. It was a joke… right? The longer she went on, the more uncertain he became. At the very least it caused him to have a good, if a little loud, laugh.

For some reason she reminded him of good ol’ Captain Dundley from Chandler’s cosmic hike (his reasonably well-received attempt at a mix between hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, star wars and alice in wonderland). An old spacefaring captain whose one purpose in life is to find the moon made out of cheese; and believes all other moons are simply, in his words, phony impostors. Yet despite his eratic nature, Dundley somehow gets all the men and ladies.

Alexander wasn’t sure if that was the character from his books he’d have elected to have come to life in some way. But here he was, and that was what he’d have to contend with for a week. At least it might provide interesting research for the yet untitled sequel that he had planned.

After he caught his breath, he stood up and walked to get a new drink from a server. Water. He could’ve waved him over, but this gave him a good excuse to get off his arse and actually move around a little. And it meant he could move closer to someone else to have a talk with. After all, it was probably a good idea to at least get to know some names. Plus, he could at least try to humour their hosts.

Not wanting to engage with someone either too famous or too crazy, he elected to approach someone a little more normal-looking. He didn’t know his name. But later he’d undoubtedly learn that he was called Oliver.

”That… wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a luxury cruise.” He said with chuckle as his head motioned towards where the conversation with the hosts had taken place, on the other side of the room. Perhaps not the smoothest way to start a conversation. But he couldn’t really think of something better in the moment. ”I’m Alexander. What’s your name?”

Following the announcement of the break was silence primarily. A few people made commentary on the small accident that happened in the back of the room with Diana and one of the servers. But when the most notable interaction was between a lady and a server, a host knew they had to step in. This was nothing out of the ordinary. Every year had the same kind of people: Rich and eager, but completely clueless what to do when the moment was actually there. Others were just so socially awkward they needed a lot of help, or drink, to actually get going. Also, the words “speed dating” often did send them into a panic. The knowledge that you suddenly had to impress one-on-one to a potentially romantic mate did something with one’s mind. Regardless of how many millions you had on your bank. Especially when most of these people only had social interactions with their secretary,

Two minutes of silence were not a worry for them. They’d come around. Jack and Maggie were not concerned about that in the least. But perhaps they needed one additional ice breaker. After all, it was difficult to talk when you didn’t have any idea what to talk about. Everyone just needed that conversation starter in order to start making friends. Something like-

Something like Kimmy Tran, gambler extraordinaire, apparently. Although, it would’ve been nice if she had at least remembered their names.

Luckily for the duo, this wasn’t their first rodeo. Far from it. Though even amongst the things they had heard and seen in the bizz, this one did rank pretty highly. Enough to make Maggie’s eyes pop slightly as she stifled her laughter. But it was Jack that answered first. “Oh Kimmy. The only list we are on is UaH’s payroll. But I don’t think we would be for long if we engaged in such... antics... with our customers.” He answered humorously.

Maggie, in tandem, looked at one of the servers. “You heard the woman. Get her her cocktails.” And the server elegantly glided through the exit and into the bar where they prepared these drinks. That would take maybe a minute or two.

“And we’re not an item. Though, neither of our spouses have sea legs, if you catch my meaning.” Jack told her. And that was as much of a peek she’d get into either of their private lives for now. That said, Kimmy didn’t seem the type that was interested in sharing family pictures.

To the rest of the passengers, they had another message. "We understand that some of you may have reservations talking to one another, but I can say with certainty that you are all here for the same reasons. To find that special someone you're looking for, you need to put yourself out there!" If they didn’t, it would just be one expensive holiday.

Somehow it hadn’t occurred to Alexander until now that his bags were packed and he was ready to leave, that it was almost the end of the year. It was December 19th; the day he would travel to Orlando and stay there the night. The next day he would get on a boat and forget about life for a while. Then, after he was back, he owed Rosie all his time until new year’s. Alexander would do no more work this year. A realisation that he was only coming to terms with now. It felt like a weight dropping from his shoulders.

However, his teachers did say that a writer never truly stopped working. He reckoned that even in his holiday his mind would wander to fantastical places. To realms beyond the stars where the impossible happened both technologically and magically. Realms where humanity had surpassed all their limits for better or worse. That was the exciting work that came with good dreams. But there was so much other work that he had done this year that he only now acknowledged. He released his first book in what would be a 10-book epic. He was halfway through two other books. And finally, the Frontier 31 movie was going to be released early next year. That had taken a lot of his time this year. But he knew the end result would blow the fans away.

Yes, it had been a good year. And this vacation now was well-deserved, even if he didn’t always fully acknowledge how much it was also simply necessary. It had been a long year.

His train of thought suddenly reached a stop when he heard a bundle of soft footsteps and felt a soft tug on his coat. As he cast his glance downwards, he saw Rosie looking at him with eyes as striking as Camilla’s had been. God, if she didn’t have his hair and nose she would’ve been a carbon copy of her. He swore that she looked more like her every year. Although where Camilla had been bolsterous and energetic, Rosie was more muted and shy. He wondered if that would change with time as well? She was already wearing her coat and carried a small bag of clothes and toiletries.

”Are you ready?” He asked her.

She nodded. ”yes.” She answered simply. Though her expression was uncertain. She would miss him. Still, Alex knew that her grandparents would spoil her so that this would not be much of an issue. He knew that next week she would be dreading to leave them too! And he would just spoil her just as much the week after. Certainly that would restore the balance. He had already promised her as much.

Alex smiled and ruffled her hair. ”Did you remember to pack the presents for your grandparents?” He asked for all certainty, and was answered by another nod. And that affirmation meant they were ready to leave their apartment unoccupied for an entire week.

He drove them to his parents then. He came inside for tea and some small talk for an hour, then it was time for him and Rosie to say their goodbyes with a large hug. Alex made her promise to be nice and take good care of her grandparents, which she said she would. Then he kissed her cheek and tickled the same spot slightly with his beard afterwards. That always made her giggle.

What followed was a ride to the airport, a flight to the sunny south, a text to Rosie that he arrived safely, a text back that she loved him, another text back that he loved her too and finally a rather sleepless night in a hotel. How could Florida be so hot in winter! It was like a cool New York summer day here, and he was sweating bullets because of it. But as he slowly acclimatized to it, he did manage to snore a few hours away.

The distance from the Hotel to the cruise’s terminal was relatively short, and the arrangement he had booked from the hotel even included the ride there. As he arrived, his mind could only barely comprehend the size of the cruise ship. It could fit an entire galactic fleet inside; he was certain. How many people were going on this god damn boat that they needed this much space.

Judging by the line, it was a whole damn lot. But Alex didn’t have to worry about lines. VIP life baby! As he walked by, he noticed a number of faces that seemed to recognize him despite the vacation outfit and oversized sunglasses. Some of these guys probably had a book of his that they’d be reading poolside. He just hoped they didn’t expect him to sign it. Because he wouldn’t. It was his own damn vacation too.

After boarding he was quickly lead to the exclusive upper deck, where he was gathered with the other sixteen VIPs that had booked for this year’s trip. He reckoned this deck could easily fit double the amount of people present, and that included staff. But he had to admit that this place was nice. The view was great, the couches were cosy and the temperature was simply sublime. He wasn’t sure if that made the champagne taste extra good, or if it was simply something so expensive that his uncultured brain couldn’t comprehend it. Despite Alex’s ample wealth, he didn’t usually indulge in such expensive commodities.

Then the hosts introduced themselves, and dropped unto them the many assurances of an amazing vacation. Though the latter half of the talk still made him hesitant. Was this truly a good idea? In a way it felt like he was betraying her memory to even be here. He had wanted to give himself this chance, the possibility to find someone new. But this still felt like jumping into the deep end of things. Like, why hadn’t he tried to take one step at a time? You know, take things slowly.

Of course, the reason was that he’d chicken out otherwise. He was stuck on board here for a week and would do all these activities. He was stuck on a boat with no way out. That was the only way he knew to give love a chance again. Sometimes you needed to blow up your escape route in order to move on. People had loved that scene in Frontier 31.

Perhaps it were the nerves that made the champagne so palpable, then? Yes, that made sense, God damn it. Speed dating, what the fuck. What part of him had thought this was a good idea.

Peering cautiously over his shades he peeked at the others. A varied bunch, surely. A number of females they’d try to match him with; and then a number of males that might prove friend and competition in equal capacity. And then one in particular immediately drew attention to themselves with a small accident. Poor woman. Alexander would likely not fare much better. He rose his second glass at her in sympathy. Thankfully he wasn’t the only one in need of some liquid courage.

”A free pass? I didn’t think we needed one.” He answered the man in black. Odd choice of attire, that. ”And judging by their trays, neither do they.” He looked at the servers, whose trays still held enough glasses for everyone and then some.
@Flower We're just starting up, so don't feel too rushed to get your sheet out. :)

@Myling We definitely still have spots for males!
We are still accepting!

We are tight on female places (6/8 filled, with 2 sheets pending), but we still have 2 male spots open!
What are your ratios at, @Aewin? I may be able to join, but I don't want to throw things off too much.

Awesome to hear you're interested!

The current prospected ratio, going by what people are interested in, is as follows: 6 males to 8 females

Female: Annie, Fab, Ken, Bee, Michi, Komo, Kiki, Fever Dream

Male: Melo, Jordan, Ozzo, Kiki, Xanth, Wind Flower
@Sage Orion 0312

yes, the RP is still open.
As you can see, we have a thread for the RP now. You can find further information there.
There is also a discord to join if you have any further questions :)

@Ozzoquen Absolutely! Same sex relationships are absolutely allowed. The caps are there primarily so that both genders will find plenty of representation in the role play. Relationship dynamics will not be limited in any way.
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